1995-04-21-Catching the Waves of Change

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Topic: Catching the Waves of Change

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Welcome my dear ones to our ongoing adventure of seeking the First Source and Center and in the spiritual quest of expanding knowledge, wisdom, and in pursuit of righteousness. Tomas and I are on board as usual to bring you some thought from our perspective that will cause you to think, to perhaps strive a little harder, to prepare you for the unfolding of life. The unfoldings of this past week have been personally for each of you a time of stretching. Nationally it has been a time of stretching and globally likewise for life is never static. There is always flux, always the waves of movement and progress.


Cycles, Experience

A wave is an interesting phenomenon for it rises and crests and as the crest falls away it recedes back down again, the high time and the low time of your personal life, of the life of all mortals collectively on this planet. And so understand that because you are a part of nature there will be always this ebbing and flowing; and this knowledge can benefit you when you are on the underside of the wave. Always when you are on the crest and riding high is there great joy and little thought of the low times. But it is through the experience of those low times that you appreciate the high ones.

The surfer paddles out on the great ocean, waits and watches for just the right wave and then begins to ride the top of it, the curl of that wave. You, my friends, are like surfers in a spiritual quest, always paddling out into the vast unknown relying on faith that the wave on which you are about to embark will be the one that will bring you to a higher and more gratifying perception of the purpose of life, of the grandeur of God and a greater understanding of all that encompasses living.

Crisis, Preparation

From Romans it is said, "let us pursue peace and upbuilding"[Ed. note: Romans 14:19] In times of crisis, in times of chaos, and in times of disharmony it is important to seek and find peace and to pursue that which can be upbuilding. My friends, it is not possible to come away from crises on top of the wave if there has not been some manner of preparation along the way. Those who prepare daily will meet crisis with a firmer surfboard to ride the waves. It is an unwise surfer who goes out on a bellyboard in waves of tremendous height. It is the unwise surfer who handles these waves without experiences on the smaller waves of life.

How, then, do you prepare to meet crisis? Crisis cannot be met totally from an outer perspective for that which you come away from often, then, are not lessons that can nurture your growth but are more like a hollow shell. It is more productive to meet crisis on the premise of being prepared, for by that means the experience garnished will be more fulfilling. To pursue peace and upbuilding requires knowing an inner peace. Inner peace and harmony transforms the individual. There is courage, there is confidence, and there is a general knowledge that that which surrounds, that which is on the outer life can be managed, can be worked through. There is hope. There is faith.

Those who are hollow within suffer greatly the vicissitudes of life. The falling away of the wave for them spells doom, creates fear, brings about intolerance, impatience, and misunderstanding. Those who have worked to fortify themselves and who have inner strength do not come away from the fallen wave in despair and remorse. They see that what has transpired affords opportunity to bring about a greater purpose. Tomas and I ask you to consider this avenue of inner peace. It is this that we have strived to help you build. It is the foundation upon which you can ride the waves of life. My friend has some added words."

Spiritual Pressure

Tomas: "Good evening friends and loyal students. Indeed, have I words for you who are present. However in acknowledgement of those who are not here this evening with us in body and those, too, who are not with us, in spirit we send our greetings, our love, and our great faith in the ultimate unfolding of all good. I have words to contribute also having to do with waves for you in your growing reality are becoming as a wave in your joint effort.

The small stirrings within you all are, as has been reviewed by Daniel, part of the ebb and flow or your mortal experience. In this season of spring there emerges a swelling of new life which takes hold, rises, and wells up to the high crest of summer's great wave falling in the autumn to sleep quietly on the shore. The wave to which I refer now is that wave which is emerging from the deep waters of your most primal birth, your most original coming into beingness.

In these times of spiritual awakening the coming togetherness in your budding spiritual reality begins to move in a forward direction. Your movement is then joined through your mutual purpose to align itself to the reality next to you in spirit. This coming together of spiritual energies and reality is now forming a powerful movement, although the movement of the waves in creation is not yet powerful, the stirrings are deep in the ocean of life and it is formulating. The swelling of new spiritual life on your planet, on Urantia, is now compelling the fishes and driftwood to move in a certain direction. It is, as yet, temperate but as you become more trusting of the natural force of this swelling of spiritual water your willingness to ride with the wave will create a true tube of power which will be compelling and tremendous for all involved.

We look forward to the ride. The waves that you begin to activate by your decisions will one day carry life to the shores of Paradise. How glad we are to take part in this initial stirring. For those of you now who are here this evening we urge you to be aware of the pulsing movement of the being beside you, to rise with that energy and bond in a way which is fluid and cleansing.

Acknowledge your interconnectedness to that forward swelling wave. The wave will traverse the craggy rocks and shoals and will prevail."

Daniel: "Thank you Tomas for your extended comments.

Connectedness, Peace

The necessity of inner work allows, then, for you to understand and know the connectedness of those beside you, around you, with each individual on this planet. Indeed are there timeless truths that prevail. There must continue to be neutral striving for peace and upbuilding for you cannot separate yourselves from one another. You are one and the same.

Our analogy this evening has been to use the wave, the ocean. You are but a drop in that ocean. You are part of the whole, and like the ocean you are part of the nature of ebbing and flowing. Certainly the tide, the wave crashes against the sand and the rock but the waters pour back into that which falls back into the ocean, only to be recycled again into another place, another time, another part of a wave. Even if you should be the drop of water that is flung farthest from the beach and evaporates, that evaporation still rises to the clouds and again falls, and at some point connects again back to the oneness of the ocean.

Our words to you tonight are to remember who you are. Strive to know inner peace so that you can understand your connectedness and you can ride the vicissitudes of life with confidence, with courage, with understanding and the wisdom to know how to act. Tomas and I are joyous teachers when we witness the strength with which your foundations are bonding and cementing. We open this now for questions."



Nancy: "Daniel and Tomas. Thank you for the lesson. It gives me much to contemplate. In particular at the moment I am trying to understand further how it is that as we do our inner work and we know inner peace we see our connectedness to the whole. And even as I ask this question I guess I feel rather foolish because I suppose as we do our inner work we get to know who we are; and as we know who we are we see we are part of all. But that is in kind of real general terms, I guess. And I'm wondering if you can talk about it in a more specific manner?"

Daniel: "Certainly my friend. It is he who truly knows and understands himself who is able, therefor, to love himself, who is therefor able to drop the trappings of an egotistical being. When the individual is able to put aside ego he is open to understanding others, to accepting others, to the understanding that he, his brothers and sisters, are very much the same. Does this help?"

Nancy: "Tremendously, Daniel. Thank you."

(long pause)

Tomas: "While you wrestle with your minds to formulate academic questions to that which you are feeling and sensing in your heart let me tell you a story. Actually it is another movement.

You have all heard the analogy of the symphony, that in the swelling of the musical notes many emotional crescendos are met on the way to the conclusion. The wave of oppression which has flooded over much of your nation has been the kind of wave which I refer to in some respects, for so many people have tapped into their feelings of outrage and sadness that the content is viable, is almost physically noticeable in your atmosphere. Others are affected consciously and unconsciously by the grave concerns focused on one devastating incident. The human is a highly sophisticated instrument. That is all."


Nancy: "Tomas, as I was listening to your story the conclusion that I came to, or these were my thoughts, is that you talked about people being tapped into their outrage and whatever the other thing you said, and I really manage to keep myself fairly insulated from other events. And so I really don't know what happened in Oklahoma City. And I am seeing shocked looks on everyone's faces! But I have been feeling stuff this week. And I guess my understanding of part of what you want from us as members of the Teaching Mission is to maintain that sense of peace, to maintain that sense of love, to not allow ourselves to drown in those waves or to become a part of those waves, but rather to be bearers of light and be spreading a different wave to counteract the waves of outrage and whatever else it is. In a minute I will ask you if that is a correct understanding.

And then I want to speak a little bit further about some thoughts I was having this week which is that in order to do that I have had to insulate myself from the news and from the situations. Otherwise I tended to get sucked right into and tended to become part of those waves. I was thinking to myself just this week that maybe I was ready to become aware of what was going on again without becoming immersed in that. I have been considering allowing myself to know more about what's going on, but I don't really want to tap into the news because I don't like the negativism of it. I guess I would like you to comment on my first statement. Is that a correct assessment about a part of what this Teaching Mission is and what you have been asking us to do? And then if you have comments on my personal thoughts this week that would be great also. Thank you."

Tomas: "How avid a student you are, my dear! You have seen through me for I deliberately created a contrast of an emotional wave as compared to a spiritual wave. Yes. I am going to make a brief remark and then offer Daniel opportunity to further respond if he opts.

The desire of your teachers is that you keep a finger on the pulse of the true swelling. It is possible, too, through your alignment of what you know to be true within, it is possible to 'insulate' yourself by understanding the safety of your Source. It is possible to be aware of the many vagaries of existence occurring on Urantia without being sucked in to the emotional backlash.[Ed. comment: I fumbled with the tape forever it seemed before finally getting it inserted properly on side B so Tomas commented further] . .vagaries throughout the world and even here!!(laughter). I jest! (more laughter) And I relinquish the floor."

Daniel: "I have but one note of caution. Being a hermit or living in a monastery shielded from the outside and doing hours of prayer does not necessarily mean soul growth. You are a part of this world. Knowledge and understanding bring higher levels of knowing how to deal with situations. Being, as Tomas as stated, sucked down does not solve problems either. Here again, balance, tempered with inward tuning will help direct those who speak answers down pathways of finding solutions."

Nancy: "Thank you both for your answers and comments."


Virginia: "Good evening Daniel and Tomas. I'm sitting here trying to equate three words you have used tonight and probably interdependently, I'm not sure, but as we recognize our interdependence as a human species, I am thinking in terms of the planet, when we think of our interdependency and peacemaking and reconciliation, is it recognition of our interdependency that will cause us to reach out, to reconcile both with nature, the planet itself, with our human brothers and sisters that will surely bring peace, Light and Life to this planet?"

Daniel: "This certainly does not hinder the situation. It is, in fact, the strong who are able to relinquish and see the viability of other ideas. Dogma, strict political boundaries, etc., tend to alienate. Certainly pride in one's country, in personal areas of one's life as well, is tolerable to a limit. When pride overlaps and blinds one's ability to see beyond, when pride overlaps and cause one to tread on another's feet then the ability to see beyond, to reconcile, and to be able to cooperate is endangered. Does this help?"

Virginia: "Yes, Daniel, it does. I am thinking further that as our human pride reveals itself in human hurts or emotional insults...(I am trying to make this personal to me and I shouldn't)...perhaps it shows a weakness in that you are saying that if we are strong in ourselves, the powerful and purpose and motive are able to reach out in cooperation and try to recognize that other person position and to be very willing to acknowledge their position, is really a strong place?"

Daniel: "Yes. Of course these are ideals but those who do not hold ideals are willing to settle for the humdrum, and the humdrum does not bring about progress, enlightenment, or the planting of morontial seeds, of planting the seeds of love. And so even though this seems like a plateau or platform beyond your reach never forget that in any ascent no matter how difficult, no matter how steep there is always help and support. For every step that is gained there may be some regression, but from that regressing point another step will be made and from there on and on always in a forward motion. Never give up on your ideals."

Virginia: "Thank you Daniel."


Bill: "Hello, this is Bill. I trying to restrain my pessimism today and maybe it is the mood of the country that we are all feeling this way whether or not we were aware of the actual details. There was a section of the Urantia Book that Virginia and I read this morning that puts in words one of my major concerns. I am going to quote it here. "Polyglot culture can be preserved only if the superior stock reproduce themselves in a safe margin over the inferior. Unrestrained multiplication of inferiors with decreasing reproduction of superiors is unfailingly suicidal of cultural civilization."(79:2.7) And we have been bemoaning the deterioration of our children, their behavior levels, their functioning, etc. in school. I just felt like I need to express the fact that this kind of thing..I see it happening! And it is discouraging! So it is kind of like..those are the downhill waves or those are the waves that we are counteracting, if I understood what Nancy was trying to say. My understanding from Ham is that one of the aspects of the Correcting Time has to do with environmental improvement. Since this is Urantia Day and we are talking about some of those topics I though at least I would mention of it. I think you have probably dealt with this kind of feeling before and maybe you don't even need to say anything but, I think I express a feeling that is not just my own but shared by others."

Daniel: "Indeed is Urantia heavily laden in many backward modes. Many characteristics of this planet could be seen as those of a dying race, a dying planet. However, one must remember that the First Source and Center is well aware of this far flung planet. The Mother and Father of this universe, Michael and Nebadonia, are Parents of great wisdom. Wise parents allow that which is necessary for there to be experience upon which growth can occur. During times such as you are now feeling these fears of gloom and doom tend to rise. One of the goals of the Teaching Mission is to stress to all students far and wide the necessity for foundation building that will be strong enough, big enough, to support your human life in times when disharmony abide upon your planet or within your individual life. Certainly the electro-chemical makeup and your body will feel the effects emotionally and wearily but as each day brings forth a new dawn so, too, does the body change and rejuvenate and clearer thinking will bring you to understand that, again, faith has carried you through.

There is no easy answer. There are no magic wands. There is the day in and day out of living, of experiencing, of growing. Those who build a spiritual foundation will find that the vicissitudes of life are manageable, not likeable at all times, but manageable! Spiritually you understand joy and you will understand, also, the necessity for working through challenges of day to day living. Be assured, all of you, that work is being done on this side and on Urantia by many humans who are called, who heed the call, who are working to bring about change. Recall Abraham's words of last week. Fear not, you are not alone!"

Bill: "Thank you very much. Just one last question on this. Does that mean I give no thought to the fact that there seems to be a problem with birth rate in this country right now, and that it isn't the more intelligent or able people who are having the most kids, it is the other way around. Shouldn't that be something that people become aware of before we can do anything about changing it? I thought that this was a fair thing to point out just because it is a reality that isn't promising. Should I not worry about that or what?"(110:4.6)

Daniel: "Are you going to live in a monastery?"

Bill: "No."

Daniel: "Then of course you need to think about things. You need to pray about them. You need to seek guidance. But to carry the burdens of all only adds to the negativity. Seek and ye shall find that in your own way you can contribute some aspect that will help generate the movement and the pace toward bigger and greater change."

Bill: "Well, I will certainly not try to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. So...everything you said I fully agree with. Thank you for reiterating that. I am sure we all share this gloomy mood this week. It is certainly true of my friends at the school where I work. So thanks for your encouragement, Daniel. I appreciate it."


Tomas: "I would add that earlier in the evening's discussions reference was made to the powerful energies which were resident and emanating from your political capital, your government center. And that political power is captivating and intriguing. Many have succumbed to its power and you are in some sense feeling a strong alignment with that aspect of yourself which seeks action and resolution. This is an innate part of the politics of the human animal.

The subsequent discussion this evening in our communication has evidenced another instance of discourse which could be acted upon by the technique of political power, the feminine reconciliation ideal as compared to the method of trade and commerce as a way of bringing about interdependence, interconnectedness and forward movement as one example. Your concern for the general malaise of intellectual striving and the same power again politically which might fight this battle on the fields of your country's arena, the issue of procreation of select representatives of humanity, these two examples are, indeed, mortal concern which have been taken to your leaders. And you as citizens are given not only free reign but encouragement to involve yourself individually in those issues you feel strongly about. As my co-worker indicates we are not here to encourage you to hide yourselves away from the very real issues alive on Urantia.

I will refer to yet another anecdote, that being the twins which Daniel spoke of; which twins grew up having the same ideals, yet manifesting diverse ways of bringing about the desired effect. Half of your life experience is adventure. You are free to engage in these adventures of formulating the evolutionary path of your planet to the extent that you find a positive wave of others with whom to surf. You will be assisted in your efforts. We are teachers in Correcting Time and our position has been and consistently is that of maintaining a strong hold on spiritual reality and potential, for as that energy is directed and focused on the overview, on that mighty spiritual wave which is now stirring, we will ultimately crash upon the beach of Urantia in a powerful, triumphant surge of bubbles and joy. Either and/or several avenues are available. You come here as students of a frame of reference which you will repeatedly be brought back to. That is all."

Bill: "Excellent and complete. Thanks for the reminder about the twins. I rest. You have done a great job, both of you, with my concern!"

Tomas: "Your concerns are our concerns. We hold you all in deep esteem and affection."

Nancy: "It's getting late. So I realize that this may not be the time to answer this question, but I would like to ask it now while I am thinking about it and maybe you can formulate an answer for me later. I had some confusion. And maybe I need to speak to Dad who is clear. I had some confusion about what you were tying to communicate about. Politics is one place where I would like clarification. And the other was your comment about masculinity, commerce, and trade.

The way I interpreted that was in my own framework of thinking (which may totally have perverted what you were communicating) which is that the masculine/feminine balances of this planet have been way, way out of balance toward the masculine, and that our economic system as it exists today reflects this imbalance.

In fact it was Karl Marx that taught that the rise of the use of money hides our interdependence while it makes us more and more dependent. For as we work for wages instead of our own livelihoods we become very interdependent because every aspect of the economy has to function; for if there is a breakdown we get unemployment and crisis and it spreads. We truly are very interdependent in our current economic system but the nature of money hides our interdependence. Because we think of ourselves as being very independent and separate from one another we have our whole independent ideology.

So what you said really struck me. And it strikes me, of course, because you know my background in economics. Some of my apathy is because I am not working in an area where I see anything useful to do other than earn a paycheck. And I often think about what kind of an economic system would work as I find our economic system severely flawed because of some of what I just said about the breakdowns and also the power relations. There are so many, many things that I find it almost...well anyway, I'll stop there. Were you suggesting that as masculine/feminine comes into greater balance our economic system will change and that perhaps our patterns of trade and commerce that rely on power and a lot of other things will change also? What were you saying there?"

Tomas: "Yes."

Nancy: "Okay(outburst of laughter). Thank you.(more laughter) Yes does not answer my first part which was to ask what you were saying about our political system where you mentioned succumbing to the powers! But then it sounded like at the same time you were suggesting that Dad get involved in these issues. And so I thought I heard contradictory stuff there that was confusing. Can you clarify that?"

Tomas: "Only somewhat, for as you say, the hour grows late and we are dealing with limited vessels. However our enthusiasm and appreciation of your stimulation is now such that we would like to start all over. The discourse which you presented is, indeed, stimulated by a single word that I used, to wit, 'feminine'. I have full faith in your ability to carry on that theory at length with those of you who have similar excited concepts and create, indeed, a wave. For you have certainly room in your life to become involved in something which stimulates yourself and which contributes to the overall correction of a subject which you have personal and professional interest in and qualifications to address."

Nancy: "Thank you."


Daniel: "As Tomas has stated, the vessels through which we speak are growing weary. And so as this evening is brought to a close we ask you to build your surfboard, your foundation, that you prepare and know what precautions to take that you can ride the waves and meet the crash at the bottom of the wave with the same measure of elation as when you are on the crest. In spiritual reality you can do this. In human terms the reality is that you will feel and have emotions that will trigger a downside. But he who has built and she who has built that foundation will be able to be sustained spiritually during times of human struggle. Let us now pursue peace and mutual upbuilding. Good evening."