1997-11-09-Choosing & Crisis

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Topic: Choosing & Crisis

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): This is Elyon, one among you today in equal standing before the Father. I would drink of this cup offered; I would pass this cup on and add a small contribution to its thoughts.

Father, smile upon us today as we join in fellowship, as we seek further and deeper to discern You in our lives, Your character, Your presence, Your attributes. May this encounter here today in searching for you collectively provide each one of us with an enhanced capacity to appreciate these attributes and, having discovered new meanings in Your presence, provide us with the unerring direction to follow Your guidance, as this is the sincere desire of our hearts, collectively. Thank you now and always, Father.


Stillness, Prayer

I join in this prayer with you today to reinforce the significance and the value of such honest, sincere sharing of the soul with the Father. As you have been told, the actual word phrases used are rather insignificant in this regard. What is significant is the intent, the desire, the expression that emanates from your soul directly to the Father. It is this expression that provides the Father with your experience, with your encounter with the created world. It is at such a time also appropriate to cease your petition and to remain in contact with the Father, allowing no thought/words to clutter the airwaves so that you can then receive these impressions issued from the Father as a response to your petition. If your are sincere in your petition and can cease your dialogue and listen for His response, it will be forthcoming.

This is, of course, the stillness, although prayer is distinctly separate from the stillness. Prayer can be thought of as aligning the attitude for the reception of the response from the Father, but the response of the Father invariably occurs in the space of the stillness. You will receive this direction, this response, whether or not you are cognizant of this fact. There are many levels on which you can discern this feedback from the Father, not all of which are conscious on your part. Nevertheless, the practice is well worth the effort, the energy, that it takes to attempt to align yourself thus. When you are in the presence of the knowledge that you have received this direction, this guidance, it is then your choosing to act that brings full circle to the cycle.


You must continually make choices in this life, and you must choose based upon the highest ideal you are aware of. If you continually seek guidance from the Father your ideals will be elevated, your principles will be raised, your expectations will be enhanced. But choosing to act upon your highest thought of how to conduct yourselves in a given situation is the gift you give to the Father. Your making your every choice based on the highest ideal you are familiar with is the truest gift you can return to the Father; to act in wisdom, to act in peace, with harmony.

You are indeed very active, constantly making choices, constantly reevaluating your positions, reexamining your stances. This provides you the opportunity for continual reexamination of your principles and provides you with continual opportunity of either recommitting yourself to a previous choice or altering a choice to be more perfect. But it is the choosing that keeps you active. To not choose to choose causes stagnation.

So look about you and seek out choices, seek out opportunities, each one there for you to express and unfold and manifest as yet another expression of the Father's characteristics indwelling your very life.

This concludes my remarks for today, however I remain yours in service if necessary.


Mary: You can look at choosing from several different perspectives. Choosing affects longterm goals and future plans. There are also choices that are made in the moment. I need to make a greater effort to be aware of the choices I am making in the moment, like the choice of language I use, the tone of voice, attitudes I choose to have. I'm not always alert to the fact that I am making choices in these basic modes of going about my business. When we talk about the spiritual significance of choice, I tend to distract myself with thinking about longterm choices. I think I need to recognize the significance of choices I make daily like attitude, language, approach.

Elyon: Indeed, it would be well seen if all of you were to realize that your lives are one continual series of choices. Every aspect of your material existence is a choice you have made. From when you rise to what you ingest, to what you wear, to who you see, how you speak, what you devote your time to; all of these are choices which can have a spiritual impact as well if applied appropriately.

The fact that you all make all these choices routinely can become habitual, can go unrecognized as the potentials that they are. But I would point out to you that, from when you first open your eyes to when you shut them at night, you are in a continual process of choosing. I would then suggest that if you are in this process continually it might be helpful to access the choices being made and attempt to spiritualize these choices whenever the option presents itself, whenever the possibility exists to change the dynamics of the choice to include certain spiritual gains or benefits. Again I would say that each time you seek the Father, you may not be aware, but your highest goals and values will be enhanced by contact with the Father. When you return to these high spiritual ideals to make your next decision or choice you will find that you will be operating on a slightly higher premise each time, almost unnoticeable at times and at other times obvious in your spiritual growth.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): This is Lantarnek. I also greet you today. I have the assurance that we are being successful in our work together as a team for the records indicate recognition of progress on all your parts. The efforts are made at discernment and applications of lessons. In regard to our topic of 'choice' today, I would add some more thoughts.

You have a game where you place cards face down and flip two up at a time in an effort to match the face of each. Choice, when coupled with direction, amplifies its value in your life, for you know the skill required in playing this game is one where you recall from your past an association that applies to your future intent. Random flipping of cards will not win the game. When you begin to perceive choice as a matrix you will encounter less difficulty, less dilemma in arriving at a conclusive avenue in which to apply yourself.

Two of your religious phrases: "Seek the Father's will" and "Strive to be like Him" appear vague because of the reality of individual choice. When the Father initiated the creation of the universe He established principles through which all things operate in harmony to fulfill His purpose. You can count on, with assurance, continuation of the universe scheme because it is designed and conforms to these principles. When you encounter the crossroads of choice, assurance can be had in your moments of doubt by faith-grasping the longlasting qualities of the principles the Father has established by which reality configures itself. You do not choose to wear a coat on a hot day for given reasons. In matters of spiritual import, of crucial impact upon your personal destiny, there are given parameters by which you can discern and thereby choose.


But I must remind you that coupled with choice is creativity. This is a reflection of the Father Himself in your own personal life. He chose and creation is. You choose and create. Creativity is choice with direction; it is choice where the personality applies itself with a purpose that does not merely react to environment but intently pursues the outworking of a cause that may augment, rather than respond to, the environment. To become more like the Father is to become creative in your decision making processes, to project situations in your life that are based on realistic parameters and deep personal goals. Every choice is like hand-over-hand in a rope climb to Paradise. In order to become skilled at the tantamount decisions of eternal import, make every little decision of seemingly trivial matters with the application of the ideas I have presented, that both given parameters and personal projections combined, made in good choosing, you will be prepared for those momentous decisions for the soul. I am finished with my comments.

Mark: Thank, you so much. Those were great.

Lantarnek: You are welcome, my friend.


Bill Brock: I am in a situation where I have choices I need to make where I have no idea what the answer is because there are very divergent pulls. I'd like some comment on how to live in the uncertainty without getting fearful or hasty.

Lantarnek: The complexity of your situation reveals a threefold nature that is evident in so many factors of life, in this case it is involved with your desires and potential choices, the desires and choices of others, and the will of the Father.

You are capable of the Father's embrace and receive the assurances of His will. You discern the desires of others. When you encounter situations as the one you are in, human beings discover the limitations of their realm of choice power. With sensitivity and your discernment of others and their wills, you have all reason to value your will with equal import.

Sometimes it is required for one to choose and resolve firmly to hold to the decision and patiently await the point of arrival of decision making that others must attain, knowing full well the Father is willing to wait upon His children. This resoluteness is valuable, but you also have the ability to refrain from choice. By this I mean weakness is not a factor in the suspension of drawing conclusion if all situations and evidence are not present. Where I indicate you might be forceful to decide on your own and proceed with some independence of the volition of others, you can equally be as powerful in withholding choice during the interim in which others must undergo the process of choosing such that you might better integrate with them in the matter at hand.

You know the phrase that conditions the value of any experience, that is, "Does it draw you closer to the Father?" I also provide a corollary, "Does your decision allow others to draw closer to the Father?" This can help clarify whether you need to patiently wait before deciding or to decide and proceed.

This perhaps does not give you a specific thing to do, but I hope it provides you with leverage whereby you may make our decisions. Has this helped?

Bill: It does, thank you.

Melchizedeks, Rebellion

Jonathan: I don't know if Malvantra is present today, but I have a question for him based on last week's lesson. He mentioned being involved with other Armageddons, crises. What can you tell us about your service in these emergency situations?

Malvantra (Jonathan): I have served in some capacity on each planet in the Satania rebellion and have witnessed the results of the teachings of rebellion on these worlds, each of which has had a varying degree of beneficial and disastrous effects. I, being a Melchizedek of local universe status, am also experienced with other insurrections. During one is where I met your teacher Elyon.

Crises, as I encounter them, are much different than how you would define a crisis. As you know, when a child falls from a bicycle, a parent is often more concerned with the inner state of the child through the calamity than with scratched paint or even scratched elbows. Your 'end times' scenarios are composed largely of scratched paint and elbows. We encounter crisis when it effects the well being of a world's inhabitants. I am therefore not able to convey what is our task at these times any more than to illustrate that we behave as would a child's parent during the crisis. We seek to make personal contact and provide assurance of overcare and of future certainty.