2001-03-22-Discerning Truth

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Topic: Discerning Truth

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings children. I am Ham and I greet you each this evening with a loving heart and open arms. This evening we shall discuss truth discernment.


Truth, Discernment

Truth is something absolute and eternal and yet the perception of truth, the knowledge by the creature of what is true, alters and evolves over time. Each human being grows in his or her truth discernment capability as one grows in the spirit. The words that resonate truth at one time in life may be very different than the words which resonate with truth at another time. No two humans perceive truth exactly the same way. You each are unique in your own truth perception.

The spirit of Jesus is called the Spirit of Truth. He is truth. He not only perceived truth while in the flesh, but he was truth made flesh. His spirit, as it is poured out upon us, acts to quicken each person's own truth perception. It is His spirit which draws all human beings toward truth throughout life. This spirit speaks not for himself, this spirit speaks for the Father. This spirit always points toward absolute truth, so one need not necessarily be a westernized Christian to perceive his spirit and respond to its truth leading. All human beings are bathed in His spirit. Moslems, Jews, Buddhist, even atheists - every type of religious persuasion, even those non-religious persuasions are enveloped in his spirit and drawn to truth through Him. But make not the mistake of thinking that your truth is identical to the truth of another. Truth is so wide so all encompassing that it can enfold many views and many angles of seeing the same thing. The Spirit of Truth speaks not for Himself, therefore he can reflect the truth of God to any and all.

The human being often asks what is truth? Or how do I know what is true? Just as you cannot give your spirituality to another, you cannot give your understanding of truth to another. Each person must find their own truth revelation, their own philosophy of life. Truth is absolute and yet it is infinite in its manifestation. Have therefore great patience with each other - one person's truth while it may have some resonance for others, it is not the same for each person. Each other human being who hears the truth of one will have their own interpretation of it, bringing to it their own experience, their own understanding. I cannot tell you what truth is, I can lead you to experience greater truth for yourselves, but that is all. I cannot give you my experience of truth, you must have it for yourself.

Then how does one discern truth? One discerns truth with the spiritual senses. When you see with the eyes of the spirit, then you perceive the truth in a situation. When you hear with the ears of the spirit, you will hear the truth of what is being communicated and to do this, it requires the leaving behind of your old prejudices, your old ideas of what is and is not true. The more of your own set ideas you bring to a new situation, the less of the true in that newness that you can perceive. Each day is new, each circumstance is different. And remember that this is so for every other person as well. So you must allow for the changing of perception , the changing of minds. Life continues to surprise us all. Allow yourself the open mindedness to be surprised. Be open to the truth of others and do not always assume that because something was true in the past, that it must be true now in the present circumstance. Always there is change. Always there is growth and widening perception of the truth. What is true and valid for one person at one time may not be true for another person or may not even be true for that same person at a different time.

When the Master spoke in parables, he spoke simple, yet profound truth in a way which allowed each person's perception of truth to absorb it. He did not speak to the most learned and most intellectual, he spoke to everyone throughout all time in words of simplicity and words which taken altogether held great truth. He spoke of the common every day occurrences in life, things that everyone had experienced and so could readily relate to, but there was great truth held within these simple messages. And so, He gave you a way to experience truth, and a way to see the many levels of truth that can be experienced from one simple parable. As you grow in the spirit, have you not experienced these parables more profoundly? Of course you have. Therefore, take his example to heart. When you speak your truths to each other, use gentleness and speak on a level that is easy to comprehend. It is not wise ever to try to overwhelm your brethren with great intellectual arguments. This type of behavior is not worthy of children of God. Be gentle with each other - speak your truths simply and with an honest and open heart. Have no artifice with each other. Great lessons exist in life - they are there for you to learn and to learn from each other. Are there any questions at this time?


Hal - Ham there was an amazing thing you said - He speaks not of himself so he can reflect truth to any and all - that is as profound as I have ever heard.

Ham: This is so.

Personal Counsel

Terry: Can I have a personal message?

Ham: Certainly, my dear. You have come very far, very quickly through much intense fire. This intense fire is part of what will purify and yes, strengthen the metal which constitutes your character. Great character is not born, it is created through the fire of experience. People sometimes take for granted the beneficence of your character, but you are one who understands that true kindness and selflessness is only born through great suffering. Understand that your great strength of character continues to evolve and grow. The tests you are undergoing is a refinement it's hard decisions that help to make your character even more solid. Therefore, be thankful for the difficulties, for this is what is aiding the development of your immortal soul - the character which will survive this life. Have great peace and tranquility and know that all is well. That is all.

Tiffany - I would like a personal message.

Ham: Certainly my dear. Yes, your life is full of great challenges and also great rewards. There are many things which are quite perplexing for you. Great questions which you are searching out the answers to. The great "Why's" of life. Know that you are blessed to be able to discern these questions and that surely as you live your life and time goes on, the answers to many of these things are coming to you. Yes, you are a woman of great intuition a person of great spiritual sensitivity, and your searching involves this sensitivity to a great degree, that is, when you find something that doesn't ring true for you, you quickly push it aside. But I want you to know that everything that is touched by human hands is somehow skewed or changed slightly. Truth is everywhere, it is not found in one book alone, or one doctrine or way of living alone. Truth is big enough to suffuse all of life. So as you wade through and decide what is true and what is not, be careful not to discard large truths because of something that put you off in some way. Every person must discern their own truths, as I said, and do so with an open heart and an open mind. Be generous in your truth acceptance and you will find much more peace in your life. Is this helping?

May I request a message for Aja?

Ham: Certainly. Yes, my daughter. You also have some confusion and some fear about being able to discern what is true and what is not. Rest assured that you do have this ability to ask of the Master and ask for his truth discernment to be granted into your soul. In this way, you can help your own truth discernment to expand. Human beings all have a tendency to want to see things their way, to see reality with their own particular rose colored glasses. Then when the reality is different and the glasses are removed, human beings have a tendency to be very hard on themselves and very judgmental about their own ability to see the truth. Everyone is the same in this regard. Your slant on a situation is not the same as someone else's. Each person has their own way of interpreting and seeing the same thing. Know this and take this into consideration. No person knows it all. No mere human being sees all of reality the way it really is. This would be impossible. Be gentle with yourselves, therefore. Pray and rely upon the best truth discernment you can muster. But then be easy on yourself when things don't turn out to be exactly the way you had thought they were. That is all. You are welcome my son, you do well.

Joan: May I have a personal message please?

Ham: Of course. Be greatly at ease, my dear. You are doing very well and you must be assured that you are growing greatly in the spirit. This growth is not always comfortable, it is sometimes quite the opposite and yet this is the very thing which allows you to know that you are growing in the spirit. If you were always completely on an even keel, you could not be growing and changing the way you need to be. You have much to be thankful for and some new developments that will make things more calm for you in the future. Don't worry about anything for all is going well and is as it should be. Fear not - for you do well. Is this helping?


Hal: Question from George Barnard.

Ham: This is fine I understand the question. Yes, my son, you are asking that I should verify the veracity of a transmission and this I cannot do. All of the human participants in this mission are sincere and fully committed to transmitting the highest understanding they can conceive. That being said, all transmissions contain some elements of the transmitter. None are completely free from human input. You, therefore, must discern for yourself what resonates truth for you at this time. The transmissions are always some mixture of the word, thought, image transmitted and the receptor's interpretation of it. The beauty of this is profound, in that every person involved must actively and continually use their own discernment of truth for each transmission. As I have said many times, all things with human input contain some measure of human error. This includes even such icons as the Bible, and the Urantia book. Therefore, my son, rely on the Spirit of Truth which guides you yourself, not on the discernment of another being. Be at peace, my son, for you do know truth. Dwell within it. Follow it, and you will be fine. Questions?

Hal - Esmeralda?

Ham: Certainly, daughter you do well. Be increasingly at peace and know that you are discharging your duties honorably. Expand your compassion, expand your tolerance and your love for yourself and for others. Forgive yourself and forgive others and find that peace that comes with forgiveness. That is all.


Ham: Daughter, yes. Be open to new understandings and friendships. Do not arbitrarily turn away someone because of past prejudice. Be open and honest in all your dealings with others and expand your forgiveness to include yourself. That is all.

Charlie Beyer:

Ham: My son, you do well. Have the tact of a politician and seek the good will of your fellows. There are times when you are tempted to dismiss some people, but like a politician in times of election, seek the good will of all. Not in a cynical way, but in truth. This will help you. That is all.


Ham: Yes my daughter, you are going through some periods of changing concepts of yourself. Do not worry about the future, for you have great angels working beside you. Seek instead, the small things find again your voice again in writing - don't worry about what to say, rather speak and the words will follow. That is all.

Hal - Myself

Ham: Certainly, My son, you do well. You are gaining great balance and strength in that balance. You have great endurance and have achieved a great measure of strength through this time of endurance. Be at peace during times of rest. Fear not for there are great angels working with you. Be open to all possibilities and be at ease. You do very well.

Tiffany: How are we do discern what is the absolute truth - it is developed through instinct? I'm confused by that. How do you know when you hold something to be true, how do you know that it is true - do you go with your instincts?

Ham: Yes, absolute truth, in it's complete infinite eternal form can not be discerned by a mortal being. You can discern parts of it, but not the entirety. The Spirit of Truth serves to act like a little bell in your heart. When you come across truth, this little bell will ring and you will be drawn to it. It is not something which you can say ever in your life that I have found the absolute complete truth, but you can say for certain, I have experienced truth, I have experienced truth in my soul.

Is it like more of a harmony - when the bell rings would my spirit know?

Ham; And this is not to say that that truth that you are responding to might not contain some dross with it, but you are responding to the core of that thing. Most human beings go through many phases in their spiritual development You can experience truth in many different areas and circumstances in life. You can experience truth reading the Bible, you can experience the truth by reading the Upanishads. You can experience truth looking into a child's eyes. Truth is everywhere. So simply be open to responding when that bell rings and experience it as much as you can. Don't worry about the baggage that might be attached to truth wherever it may be. Is this helping your understanding.

Stress, Growth

Terry - Can you help me with the stress of the lawsuit I'm going through?

Ham: Yes, it is hard to feel grateful for the hard lessons of life but all of these difficult situations tend to focus the mind back to what is really important and true. Experiencing this in a marriage is difficult, but in the long run, it makes the marriage stronger. It gives you a unique perspective on the fleeting nature of all things man-made. With human eyes you look upon a person who has had their home destroyed by a tornado, and a person who has just won the lottery. The one being seems terribly unlucky, the other terribly lucky. That's the human perspective. But the Father sees things differently. The Father sees the person who has lost everything as one who is being prepared for the next life. One who is learning that all things earthly evaporate and you cannot put your faith and trust into things of this world. He sees the one who has won the lottery as being unlucky, for having gained unearned ease that person actually is having a setback spiritually and will have to have many hard lessons to make up for it. Life is full of ups and downs - disasters and triumphs. Both are equally unreal. The only reality is spiritual growth - nothing else really matters. So ask yourself, are you growing from this experience? Of course, the answer is yes. You are gaining something much more valuable than any material damage you may have sustained. Be of great cheer, for you do well. That is all.


Are there any further questions at this time? Very well, then, as always, my love, and my prayers are with you each. Be at peace my children - for you all do very well.