2003-02-28-Mantutia, Regional Manager Welcome

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Topic: Mantutia, Regional Manager Reception

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Bob, Mantutia

TR: Daniel Raphael



Daniel: (tape started a little late)…of all negative energies. Set aside your agendas, the things you need to do, have to do, people to meet, things to say and teach and do and arrange. For the time that you are here, this is your time with Spirit, a time of quiet, a time of wisdom sharing. (Long pause)

And now I wish you to begin to feel the energy of the group. Let us build a merkaba of our own energies; let us bring the north pole and the south pole of our energies together at the north pole and south pole location above us, above this building and below this building, that shaft of energy that runs from our base chakra through our crown chakra and extends in both directions—bring those together—doing so creates a united body of all energies here. We ask our celestial, angelic, teachers and guides to assist us and be with us and to share in this energy and to help us build it.

And as we are in a circle, we have an equator; a line of latitude, a parallel, and this is the heart connection between and among us, as we connect one to the other. So we have joined each other in heart and in mind, and we are sharing in the “oneness” of universe energy as it flows through this merkaba and us. And now let’s qualify this space for energies of light only, and I ask each one of you to qualify this space in that way, so that only light and only love occupies this space where we are. And as a light is turned on in the center, it explodes and sends away all negative energy from this group, from this space, so that the intentions of “oneness,” the intentions of our being here are fulfilled without challenge.

And now let us invoke the presence of Divine Spirit, whatever name you use, to be here with us, to be with you, so that the greatest wisdom, greatest love expression and its receipt and sending is done. Take time, now, to send the energy of the merkaba to anyone who is in need of it for healing, prosperity, abundance, harmony, for divine and perfect outworking and timing. Send it to whomever and whatever situation where it is needed, whether it is global in scope or individual in scope, this energy does not know the difference and can be applied equally as powerfully. (Pause) And as you send this energy forward, a continual rush of energy fills its place; there is no vacuum of energy here; there is a continuous flow through you and through this group, for these perfect purposes. (Pause)

And as you do this, feel the peace of the universe; feel the harmony of the universe, and the flow of love and energy. For with this love and harmony and energy and peace, there is completion that is palpable. And feel the joy! And as these things are perfectly accomplished, we give thanks, great thanksgiving, we feel immense gratitude; gratitude and peace and joy that passes all understanding. (Pause) Now bring your attention to center, please.


Correcting Time

MANTUTIA: Good evening, this is Mantutia Melchizedek. I am one of the Melchizedeks in this region, and there are other regional Melchizedek managers as myself. You have been invited here tonight to participate, and we are very glad that you are present. [This is Daniel. It is going to take me a few minutes to get centered here.] (Pause) This is Mantutia. For those of you who are new to the Teaching Mission, it is a conscious effort on the part of the Creator of this planet, and other planets in this nebula, to organize it in a manner to overcome its immense, spiritual disabilities. Yes, there is an organization to the universe; yes, there is a structure. I am a part of that, and a reciprocal part of that structure is service. My service as a Melchizedek is to teach and to administer.

It is not as though this planet has never been under management or governorship, for it always has, but it has an immense history, a legacy of default by prior managers, and spiritual individuals who came here to uplift the efforts of your species. Thus, there is now in place a conscious plan to bring about the healing of your planet. We do not say “reformation,” as it will not be reformed, because this will be a co-creative effort on the part of mortals and the part of spirit, to heal this planet together. Whereas you are sons and daughters who are ascending, there are sons of service who are descending in service to your planet, reaching down to you to assist you to grow. And although the Most Highs have a design for healing this planet, it will only be accomplished one person at a time, for that is the ultimate test—this is how we assay the quality of our work, by its delivery of service to the individual.

You have heard…and you have been called and you have moved forward —you have grown. You understand this process. Each individual is invested with what we call a “Divine Fragment” of the Creator, who is always calling the individual forward to strive to contact It. What a sublime chore of such a being —to subtly lead an individual to yearn to communicate and be in contact with the Creator, without ever coercing, demanding or commanding that individual to do so. Many of you have heard this “calling.” Though you live in this nation, state, locale, and city, I want you to be aware, and perhaps you are aware, that in many nations throughout the world, others are called as you are—everyone is being called—and some respond. This effort of the Teaching Mission is worldwide. It goes by many names in many countries, in many cultures. In some places it has a very specific religious tone to it. Nonetheless, that effort is there to infuse new teachings, new thoughts in old ways, helping individuals reinterpret those old traditions in new ways, so that their lives may progress more completely.

Each group as this has a group angel, and also a celestial teacher. Angels and Melchizedeks are created, whereas celestial teachers, those who have volunteered for this effort to heal your planet, are prior mortals from other planets, who have passed through the mansion worlds and teaching worlds and have completed those stages and have volunteered to assist on this, your planet. In doing so, they receive tremendous additional experience and soul growth. And you receive the assistance of former mortals who understand what it is to have lived in the flesh. Some of you hear your teachers; some of you do not. It is much like the Stillness, it takes practice, and you can hear. It does not matter whether you hear a celestial teacher or angel, or Melchizedek, or a Most High, or whomever—but the message will always be clear, always be one of compassion, of love, of positive nature. There need not be any confusion about who participates in your life so intimately, for only the creatures and beings of Light work for the Creator and work for the Creator Sons. And this is the primary criterion that you would use to discern whether the wisdom that you receive is “good” or not. Would this assist you in your mortal growth? Would it assist you in receiving your soul growth information? Would it assist you to gain wisdom and experience in moving forward?

This mortal lifetime is just one of many lifetimes that you will have; the afterlife is rich! And the experience base that you have here, as a mortal, is extremely rich. We count your time here as very brief, though you may live 80 years. That time to us is very brief, but it is filled with the capacity and opportunities for making hundreds, thousands, millions of decisions of ethical, moral and social value, that will assist you in gaining the experience that will fill your soul with right decisions, and give weight to your soul as it passes on.

Know that I am a permanent member of this region, and that I assist many groups to form and to come into their own. As I said, each group has a teacher, and this group also has a teacher of its own, who has volunteered some time ago, to assist in the group’s formation. This individual comes with good credentials of much past experience in his mortal lifetime and during the mansion world experiences, and has served well in the Teaching Mission. I will introduce you now to…he calls himself, “Bob.” That may sound rather casual, but he will explain why he has chosen this name. Thank you for your time. I wish you well and if you have concerns, you are welcome to address them to me, or to any other being of Light. I will bid you good day, and good evening, and leave you with this capable being, Bob.

BOB: Good evening, I am Bob. You may wonder about such a funny little name, but were you to say my full name as I know it, my name starts with a “bŭ” sound [as in butter] and ends with a “bŭ” sound, but there are enough syllables and vowels in-between to occupy approximately 4 seconds of your time, if you were to pronounce my name. And rather than call me “Bab” or “Bib” or “Bub,” I have chosen “Bob.” So please excuse the informality. I hope it does not demean your respect for my achievements and my ability to assist you, and this will be proven out over time.

I am so pleased to see this group meet tonight, and I am in very deep gratitude to Shoshone, who has volunteered to assist in this formation. The offering of this space is greatly appreciated, and it is commendable. The energy in this space is, as you would say, “delicious!” And we will continue to fill it with “delicious energy” of our own.

I have no expectations for this group, but many anticipations I wish to share with you. First, I would anticipate that our numbers will grow. Second, I would anticipate that each of you will grow in some way from this experience, whether you are here one time or many. I anticipate that there will be other leaders to come to the fore, besides this one who TRs now. And though you may or may not TR, which some of you call “channel,” you may wish to volunteer to do other functions. (This one is not overly comfortable or does not feel well trained to lead others in the preparation for TRing.) Preparation of meditation, of music and of movement, of sharing, and preparation for this time and for the deepening of your silence, is an immensely important function. To assist mortals in the contact of the sublime, the Divine, is certainly more valuable than even these words that I speak. And were you to be in the silence with your Divine Fragment, to be in contact with your Masters, it would be more worthwhile than my speaking.

My presence here is to assist the group to grow, to assist others who are in quandary about their lives, their life’s existence, it’s purpose and it’s meaning. As you may guess, this is an educational forum, but the setting must be made so that the educational experience matches the individual, or meets their needs in a way where they feel comfortable. Certainly the beginning of that is the inner yearning to know more. Whether one begins to want to know more, must be decided by him or her, and we will do what we can to assist each individual in feeling comfortable to enter into this space. As our group grows, its functions will grow too, so that the needs of more groups of individuals will be met.

Tonight is an evening of getting acquainted, of introductions, of orientation. I anticipate that as the weeks pass, you will share your knowledge about other religious practices, where individuals who have a yearning to know about, for example, the Bahais, Sikhs, Judaism, or any other religion, may be acquainted with those places where they can go to find out more. Seeking is important, whether it is God seeking or higher seeking, inner seeking, the seeking to become “one” with other than themselves, meaning the other of the Light, of the All, of the One.

Let us chat, if you wish; do you have questions?


Student: Good evening, Bob, and welcome to Denver.

Bob: Thank you. I have been here some time and I have been long acquainted with you.

The Teachers

Student: My question is, in your life experience, are there parallels with our life experience, as on this planet?

Bob: Certainly, there are many. I will not presume to know what you have in mind, and will not complicate my answers. By doing so, you may think I am simple minded, and perhaps I am, so if you have more questions concerning that, please ask.

Student: On our planet, we seem to struggle for a spiritual identity, and so much of our life is seemingly separate from that awareness and that consciousness, and in that it makes relationships sometimes difficult or missing in communication, and I guess in my dreams, I dream of a life where spiritual communication is as easy-flowing as every other kind of conversation. Is it like that in your life experience?

Bob: Somewhat. The planet that I came from quite some time ago was more evolved than your own—much more evolved—and there were not the disparate differences between cultures, or what you call nations. But there was also the seeking, what you called, the “conversation.” There was not the great difference between those who know about spirituality, meaning life beyond the mortal phase, and how it is affected by your mortal existence. That was a “given.” Yet, there were individuals who had chosen not to pursue that. Sounds rather risky to me, but it was their choice.

You see spirituality as separate in the phases of existence, whether it is economic, commercial, or whether it is in your healing arts. On our planet, we all were aware of the spiritual “influence” in all of this. Yet there is an intimacy that you share here that was often absent and missing on our planet, and that is the joyous discovery of commonality among your brothers and sisters of the flesh. You take great joy in these coincidences, the happenstance meeting of like energies, like souls, where you compare life courses and you discover that you have so much in common. I must say this gives me great joy to see! And I resonate with the energies that emanate from your hearts. And when this occurs in you, I also register those early memories in your childhood and infancy, when this felt so natural to you. And so your joy is from current meetings of like members, like interests, those on the spiritual path as you say, and also how warm it feels from those memories of your childhood and your early adulthood, when you had those occasions of quickening, where you felt such “oneness” with others. (Thank you for sharing.) You’re welcome. (Long pause) Are there other questions?

Student: Hello, Bob. (Good evening.) My question is will we be meeting other beings from other planets in the physical plane here on earth, in the near future?

Bob: That is always a possibility. These people you call “E.T.’s”? There are those who travel on your planet who, however, do so with consciousness, rather than as physical bodies. We do not wish to speak too much in depth about that, as it seems to be a great distraction to your people. It is what we call, “Hobby Talk,” talking about your hobbies, whether they are E.T.’s or making money. Certainly, that exists. (Thank you.)

I will close by sharing with you, more about your planetary journey. First, is that this mortal lifetime is but one experience of many, many, many that you will have throughout the duration of your existence. And as you travel and pass this lifetime, you will enter other lifetimes. Some of you may choose to re-experience this existence; some of you will wish to continue on. The universe and its operation are always accessible to you, to your will, to your needs. Few things are ever denied to you, as you choose to grow. There is an immense, almost unfathomable patience about the universe and its operation, to allow the individual variances at the individual level. Some individuals choose to remain at one level, one experience, for which you may think to be eons, but that is their choice. Of course, they are always urged to move on, to grow, to reunite with the source.


The universe is not stagnant, but dynamic. Just as you know and you see and you feel energy of the universe flow through you, it only pools in the stagnant areas. The health of the universe is in movement. Never do you see blood within your body ever pool in tissue that is healthy, and so, in the universe, energy always flows; consciousness always flows; love always flows. And this thing called “love” is the positive quality, the constructive quality that pervades the universe. You would see this as omnipresent beneficence. To the growing mortal, you see it as overwhelming love. When you are able to overcome your difficulties in seeing the universe and its operation as it truly is, many of your experiences as mortals has clouded your ability to see beyond the pale of this existence, or even to imagine a more positive world, a more positive universe. And so we call this energy, “love.” Love flows; love grows. And as you grow, you become a larger vessel of love; the wisdom-seeking individual grows to have a greater capacity to love, to receive love, and to give love, to be part of the great flow of beneficence of the universe. And in doing so, you begin to emulate the All, the One, the Source.

You have had Masters come to this planet to teach, to show example; they were never stagnant, and never proposed a stagnant, static life, but always one of movement. And even in Stillness, there is the flow of consciousness, the melding of your consciousness with the consciousness of the All, the One, the First Source and Center. And the wonderful aspect of all this is that you will always remain precious and unique and individual. You will never be lost in this great universe, for you are known as yourself, unique among all the trillions of beings in the universe. Your value is beyond measure; your worth is incomparable, and you can only add to it; and in adding to it you become more and more like the great consciousness that enfolds all of us. And so, when our Creator Son viewed this planet and others as being stagnant in the receipt and discharge of loving energy, it was time to begin a correcting plan to heal the stagnant energy that was here, to overcome the darkness, which is stagnant. Then, to instill and infill this space, this world with light, light that moves and is most particularly precious as it moves through the minds and hearts of each individual. When you experience and see in the future the brightening of your planet, it will be because each individual has that light and love and energy, flowing through them.

I have volunteered to be here on this planet to experience this process of conscious upliftment of civilizations on your planet, to the moral and spiritual quickening of the minds, hearts and lives of individuals, to assist individuals in choosing, consciously choosing the way that leads to oneness, that leads to trust-worthiness, that leads to service. My contributions will be small, but it will be a contribution. Yes, you can make contributions too, and you may think they are miniscule, even to the point of being meaningless, but they are not meaningless. As long as they are measurable, they count for something, and they are very important. How you live your life, the decisions you make—those are important contributions—though they may or may not be of service to others, they are nonetheless contributions that assist this world. One person at a time, this world will be healed; this world will come back into Light, it will grow into its path of producing survivable souls, who grow and continue on into the afterlife.

That is what this Teaching Mission, Correcting Time is all about. It is very large, on a global scale, but very simple on the individual level. But also there is a multiplicity of assistances that comes to each individual from many sources, for the same purposes.


I thank you for being here this evening. Your group is very enjoyable to be with, and though we have had a rather one-way conversation, it is nonetheless, an introduction, it is a beginning and I am very excited for this beginning. Thank you for being here. I wish you well, and as we close, I wish that you would take several minutes, if you wish, to participate as you want to, within yourself, with your spirit guides, with your Divine Fragments, with angels, and perhaps… you are welcome to speak with me as you wish. Good Evening. (Good evening. Thank you.)

[This is Daniel. When you are done, you may open your eyes and be at peace while you wait for others.]