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Topic: Elyon-July-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Cyndia

TR: Jonathan

Session 1

July 7, 1993


I am Elyon. I am pleased to be here once again with you. It has been awhile and I'm delighted to share your company. In all activities that take place I'm happy to see your dedication, your sincere efforts to know the Father. My work with you is for this end, that you may deepen your relationship with Him within. He longs for you and has made Himself available to you ever and always should you so choose it. Making this your highest priority is your assurance of life eternal.


Doubt, Trust

Your awareness of God's presence grows each day as you face your life's episodes sincerely, honestly facing the hardships, the realities, not only joys, not only those things that meet your expectations but those life-directing events that seem hard. You must know by now how your inner guide makes it possible for you to grow by carving channels at times when you refuse to walk forward, and pushing you into those channels so that you may see what lies in store for you in the higher ascent.

If you apply yourself, if you sincerely trust the Father, you will not fail to make headway. You may doubt. It may cause perplexity. You may recoil, feeling that this is wrong. Understand your doubt to be healthy and a tool for unlocking your future growth. Doubt does not mean wrong, it means you haven't understood. The answer may be a yes, it may be a no. Regardless, your task is to understand, and doubt will alert you to this need.

If you trust the Father to work in your life, then you will be willing to accept what may seem perplexing as whole-heartedly as that which comes easy, that which you already long for; for you will no longer condition your experiences with what is pleasurable, and what meets your expectations. You will look with an eye towards your advancement based on Father's plan.

Imagine the many hours spent by a musician. He repeats over and over the same phrase; not for his own pleasure, not because it sounds good each time, but because ultimately he will have attained a level of proficiency that will broaden his ability to perform in many ways beyond simple exercises.


We stress stillness for this very reason. I have learned that without my eye on the Father I become distracted. And now, as I am one with the Father, I have peace for I have a single purpose. I know nothing will take me away. And with this attainment I know that anything that comes into my realm leads me to Him. I needn't worry or suspect that something is amiss. I truly and completely trust that it does all work for the good. And for you it is because you love the Father. And while this is true of me, I must add that it is also because I am now one with the Father. I know the nature of the presence of God that indwells you and I know your eternal destiny is secure for I see in you a permanence emerging. It is graceful and beautiful and it is there. You may find it hard to recognize only because your only perspective is this single life. All around you are beings who know more than one life. Each life opens up the range of experience and the extent of communication and relationship. I wish I could tell you what it is like to see the Divine Presence eye to eye. But I never can, for you must see it for yourself. It is not something to portray.

I love you all. I accept you at each level and every point. And again I say I know your growth is certain for I have witnessed it. And in myself I know that in growth I cannot fail. I say this for you to learn to trust. When you feel above it all and even when you feel below it all you are working toward advancement. Make this focus in your life these days ahead. Trust the process. Do not be scared by your doubts. Use these as the hardware for opening the door and walking through.

Questions are acceptable. I feel Rick fighting them. Go ahead.



Student #1: I feel presence really strongly tonight. It is really peaceful. Earlier you said about witnessing the presence of the Father... are you a finaliter? I don't like to ask stupid questions, but could you clarify?

Elyon: I am not a finaliter. I have revealed to you my status, that I am fused and no longer see or feel separation for I have no separation. Finality I seek and I will attain for now I know I cannot do any less.

You will recognize the Father even in your status as a faith son. He is in front of you constantly so to speak. It is your recognition that will unfold. My greatest longing is finality but I am not a finaliter.

Student #1: Thank you for the clarification.


Student #2: Last night we heard from Michael. I wonder why I didn't feel anything in particular. I felt contentment but here we are hearing the words of the creator of our local universe, spoken to us personally. I can think of it as being a great honor but I'm not feeling it. I'm willing to accept that as my own limitations and not the fault of anyone else. I just wonder why.

Elyon: I know your feeling. Please note that you have felt his presence and that it did not fade after last night's event as a rush of feeling would. Michael's touch upon you has caused you to think this very thought and ask this very question. His ways are subtle. Each feels him differently for his presence is divine and not limited by the conditions of physical or mental qualities and intensity. Since you long to feel the presence you will not be left unattended. But mind you; Michael is a being of relationship. His reach and your reach must coincide. How you reach is uncertain to you, yet, most of all, it is unrecognized by you. You do feel him, you do touch him. You lack the understanding of the manner. Be creative. Don't overlook the possibilities outside of your definitions of what this experience might be.

Have I helped you?

Student #2: Yes, thank you. I tend to reach to the Father and beg and plead with you teachers to make yourselves apparent and forget about reaching to Michael. So my feeling him is proportional to my reaching out and attempting it.

Student #1: I was thinking how much your presence and Aaron's has touched my life. Sometimes I want to make it a grand and exciting thing. I'm glad to be your friend. I need to continue my focus on the Father and Michael.

Urantia Book, Teaching Mission

On the subject of relationships; sometimes it seems like our various study groups have a hard time defining the relationship between this mission and the Urantia Book. I want to thoroughly understand both. Some have more enthusiasm for one than the other. I'm concerned that interest in attending these groups will fade as our interests diverge. How should we integrate these two facets in our lives?

Elyon: May I say that this project on Urantia is of universe significance for it concerns Michael directly. I want to express that I am pleased to be part of the party.

We recognize that for you mortals manifestations are extremely important. My superiors have provided you with a wonderful revelation, one that does manifest much taught to you when you leave here. With this book you have the potential to proceed beyond the limitations found in the status of this sphere. You are not bound by its handicaps. It is important for you to understand it.

Our presence is for the reason that learning is not static. It is not concept. In spiritual growth it is experience and relationship. Without us the book becomes formula for what may be. We know your world is not quite able to understand what is all out here. We are going to ease our way into your life making you aware of what was lost so long ago. Michael knows. He lived as you live.

In your perplexity regarding the mission, the book, and what to do, take a long look at the master. For did he not walk and talk as a Jew? Did he not teach the people of his time in a manner which they could understand? For you here is where the book is important. And yet Michael knew he was not alone. He received contact even while young. This was a great catalyst in his mortal awakening. And he went many years between episodes.

For you the teachers are here to provide this sensitivity. I'm amused that you go a few days and then wonder. But my efforts are nothing if you do not look to the Father foremost. Michael has created this universe to manifest the Father, to lead you to Him. Nothing else in your view is anywhere as important.

Tuck your book under the arm and take a walk with us an go to the Father. It is an age-long walk. It is beautiful and shortly you will know what it's like to be fully embraced by Him.

I hope I have done you good in response.

Student #1: Yes, you have done very well in helping me sort out some of my thoughts. Last night I was saying to my friend how you listen to Jimi but you don't hear Jimi. It's a crude correlation but you can feel the book but you can't touch God through the book or through the teachers. You've helped us to touch God a little bit. Thank you.

Elyon: Yes, and do remember that even if you touch us, you still must feel Jimi.

(group laugh)

Student #1: Thank you very much.


Elyon: I will leave. I've enjoyed our visit. It has been interesting this avenue of approach. I am curious how this manifests in each of you. It is fun. Of course that is why I volunteered. Good night.

Session 2

July 11, 1993


Greetings, this is Elyon. I have prepared a lesson for you today. I did not mean to change your plans. If you wish to have a circle this can be done later. However, it is important to bring through a lesson a week so that you can continue to have something to work on, to have a goal each week, to improve upon something. Do not ever feel that you cannot do this, for there are many who are around that love doing this as much as you do. There are many who want to bring messages through who need practice, who are waiting for the opportunity to do this. By your opening up you help us on this side also.


I watch you throughout the week and you are all growing by leaps and bounds. You are all choosing higher paths, though they may sometimes seem so very difficult. You continue to remove the obstacles, the huge boulders and continue up the higher path.

I am most grateful to be working with you, this group. Your persistence in your growth leaves us in awe, for you may not notice what you do on a day to day basis. You are all constantly trying and bringing about changes in your lives in your personal growth. This will help you all down the road . We the teachers encourage you to continue on your paths and know that you are all going up, reaching higher and higher each day.


Today I would like to talk about love. I realize this has been discussed a lot. There are so many facets of love, so many different understandings of love. Love is the goal. Love is what is going to bring Urantia into light and life. Love is what the Father wants for all His children.

Many do not understand love and see it as a way to control others through their understanding of what they feel God wants; that, as I have spoken many times, God loves (un)conditionally. This is so important that people understand that this is not the true meaning. When everyone will lay down their arms, lay down their judgments, lay down their prejudice, when they can all open their hearts and fully realize that they have been in error. To truly love another is to allow, to understand there are many differences among the people, many different colors, many different cultures, many different ways to look at things. What works for one culture will not work for another.

I know that to look at the whole picture it becomes so overwhelming. To create a vision, a picture of, if for only one second, if everyone would look at their neighbor, at the person they meet, with love, it would create a balance, help to offset the negativity, the negative energy that surrounds the planet. Each person you look at with love helps to create this harmony, this balance.

If another is warring against you, you may not reach him by looking at him with love, but you do create a positive energy field about him. This energy field is felt and stays to be felt by another also. So think upon this as you go through your day, to put out this love, to create an energy field, to tap into the source that it comes from, to draw upon and pull into you and to give it out to others.

This is a different aspect of love, to realize by loving your are creating an energy, you are putting out a source that others can feel, that this energy field will surround you if you feel this and continue to feel this. Keep positive and allow the negative thoughts to leave. Continue to keep this surrounding you, it will definitely make a difference. You will not get caught up in the negative and surround yourself with it. Rather turn it into positive and love quickly. For this in itself is a mission, this in itself will help to turn it around. For as we have said, by smiling, by being generous to others they will want, they will see, they will feel. They may not understand it but it will make a difference for them. Allow yourselves to, if for one day, be out of the norm. Take yourselves to a region where on one can stay for long and that is to surround yourself with love and share this with everyone. It takes a concentration, a focus. You know you have all experienced this. You know how good it feels for you.

Have it be your focus this week and the more you feel it and understand what it can do for you, the more you will want it. The more you see your love grow and abound, the more you will want an energy field around you. By helping others and this will be helping others. I will now accept questions.


Energy, Aura

Student #1: I'd like to understand this energy field. Do we think the thought that we would like to extend an energy field and it takes itself from there? How do we do that?

Elyon: Love is created from within, from your love for yourself, the open channel to receive the love from the Father, from your Thought Adjuster, from Michael, the love that others give you. It is all within, and this love creates an energy around you. There is an energy around you that I believe you call the aura. This is much the same thing. And it is felt by others much like when someone is very negative. Although they may not speak, you will pick up on their negativeness. This is the same.

Does that help?

Student #1: I hadn't thought of an aura as something you could extend to someone else. It was something that reflected where we each are. Are you saying we should willfully, consciously direct our love to someone who seems to need it without necessarily making a display of that, especially if they are so negative that they wouldn't appreciate it? We can still have a beneficial effect just by willing our love to go out to them? If I understand that's what you're saying.

Elyon: Yes, by feeling love within you, within your heart, by drawing down God's love and by having this love be larger, greater than any negativity you may feel, allow it to dominate within you, you automatically create an energy field around you that is love and this love is felt by others. You also give out your love, send your love, feel love for someone. This also creates an energy field. Does this help?


Student #1: That sounds a lot like prayer. Is there a difference when another person is present you can extend your energy field around them and when they're not you can convey love through prayers? Is there a correlation?

Elyon: Yes. As we've said, prayer also creates an energy as with thoughts. Thoughts that are negative put out an energy which is negative. Thoughts that are positive put out positive energy. This too puts out a field that surrounds you. Whether you extend it or not, when you are about your daily affairs and you keep yourself full of love, you would not have to consciously extend this love. It would be felt by those that pass by you, hear you, that are in your presence.

This is a focus to come into this exercise. Once you do it and realize how it affects your life it will become second nature for you. You will be doing this without thinking. It will just be there for you. The same with putting out good thoughts. It takes an effort at times to do this, to push the negative thoughts, the unwanted thoughts out and fill yourself with positive thoughts. Once you have done this and realize how good it makes you feel and you choose to do this more and more, this too will become second nature for you. Does this help?

Student #1: Yes, thank you.

Teaching Mission

Student #2: Hello Elyon. Thank you for the lessons of the past week. Today we discussed about possibilities for the future. In the mission there are certain aspects we need to be concerned about, new people, how to share the mission with them. Should we check in with you?

Elyon: There is always room for discernment. However this will be an excellent time for all of you to learn to turn it over and learn to hear your answers concerning some questions you may have. This will be a good time for you to get past judgment and into: Is it, would it be really workable? Right? Is this what this person really needs? or what you think they really need?

At the same time there are many who do not wish personal growth but to only make life miserable for others. There are many human factors involved here. Part of your mission is to love all, to understand them and, as people come into your life that you want to share this with, be open and listen to guidance on how to share it with them, on what that person needs to hear. Yes, most certainly you can ask us, the teachers, at any time. This is not considered a judgment but and act of love for you do want to share this with everyone, naturally. There are many searching, many who really want and need this. Also be open to know that you will be led and directed to those as each of you come into each other's lives to start this group. The same goes on and on.

I hope this answers your question.

Student #3: Hi, Elyon. So if I were to talk with people about this, is it okay if I do this in my daily life? God will send people who want to hear? In my life I don't know very many people who would be interested. I don't want to have to go out and sell this. I's rather soft shoe it with people. By what you say people who need this will automatically come into our lives? It's hard for us to reach them.

Elyon: This is a yes and no question. There are those who will be directed into your life. There will be times when you will, if you choose, have to risk in order to share this with others. And through this risking you will also grow and experience new wisdom. This is not meant to go out and to get on your soap box at the end of the street with arm raised, Urantia Book in hand, calling all to you. No. There is within each of you a growing need to do this. And through this growing need, through the openings that are happening with each of you, a better understanding of the guidance that is coming through to you, you will have an inner knowing at times when someone is brought to you to share this with. At other times you will question and it will be your discernment on whether to risk sharing the book, the teaching mission. However, many times by simply sharing your life, the love you feel, your personal relationship with God the Father, what it has done for you, that you can indeed have a personal relationship with the Father, that you can communicate, that you have an indwelling spirit that you communicate with, this in itself may help. Does this help?

Student #3: Yes, it helps a lot.

Student #4: Good afternoon, Elyon. I can imagine the teachers and angels drawing someone into my life who is ready to learn more spiritually. They may not know that and I may not recognize that either. So risk involves us reaching out enough to find out if that is what we are together to accomplish.

Elyon: Many will benefit simply from your personal growth on doing your daily lessons and opening up to the love as with the lesson today , many will benefit by just being in your presence, by your actions of goodness. through this alone they will seek they will ask, they will seek you out, they will ask you rather than you seeking them out. this is what Michael did. He had through his actions helped many and they came to him seeking answers rather than giving them advice.

As each of you grow and become more secure in yourselves and you feel secure with your relationship with the Father, with your open communication with your indwelling (spirit), as you become more confident, you will begin to see this happening. It will not be done through arrogance, self-centeredness, self-righteousness. It will be done through the action of love, unconditional, non-judgmental love.

Does this help?

Student #4: Yes, you've clarified that the risk is being observed as a spiritual person rather than risking telling them about the mission that they may reject.

Elyon: Yes, sometimes the risk is by living these virtues rather than the accepted norm.

Student #2: Thank you for being here. I felt like I was zapped during the lesson. I hear you saying things I appreciate but don't quite understand. I still feel a little dazed. I apologize for my seeming inattention.

Student (#2 later said that he had had some strong sensations at the start of the lesson. He had also been snoring!)

Elyon: Maybe you needed the rest more than the lesson. My love to you.


I will leave you now. I am feeling like there may be some questions regarding the lesson today. I will be available Wednesday night to answer any questions or complications that may come up from this lesson. It is a very simple lesson which I feel is being made very complicated.

My love to you all. I will be with you. Good bye.

Session 3

July 18, 1993


Elyon: In the understanding of yourself you can come to realize that you are a personality of power, and that you have many available friends of interest that are willing to play a part in your existence. But you are the one to decide your own choosing. You must come to realize yourself as your own best friend, and realize your own personality potential and your feelings, both the ones that you are admiring and the ones that you would like to shove beneath the carpet.


Free will, Flow

This comes today to set you free from your outward frustrations, not just in the communication process but with life and with the courses that go on around you. You have to realize that you are in a relationship with the different myriads of things that come in and out of your life. When the plans you choose do not go the way you would see for them to go, then it is a bruising or a frustration of self that causes the feeling of hurt. Realize that a path can go any way and that you must react to the pattern that plays before you. This will help you to realize your relationship with life. When you see the happenings for what they are, just variances in a plan, in an idea, then in your relationship to the occurrence you can realize that you can have a part in developing the variance to follow some course that you would choose. But as we act sometimes, we realize that still the course goes another way. This is not a mockery of conviction, it is just the random flow. When you see that the course changes, move past the initial bruising or hurt or frustration. See the course for where it's going. Decide how you can make a difference in deciding where the course would go.

Always act inwardly first to understand yourself and to offer your Father and guidance the chance to converse with you on whatever level they may. Then take your heartfelt guidance forward into your existence and choose the best method of action for yourself, keeping in mind always the relationships with those around you, for sometimes a positive action for self can cause a bruising or hurt for someone else. If you can see where I am going with this lesson today then you can understand that in your weighing of options, in your decision making you must trust yourself and your inner guidance to give you understanding. Then you must take the relationships you hold and see with that understanding how best to work within your relationships. Then you can go forth and understand the variances as they come along. Don't feel you ever have to go it alone. There will always be someone working with you. You will not always understand that they are working with you, but always are they working with you. From the Father to Michael to even the celestial guidance such as ourselves. Take this forward and know this in yourself.

Teaching Mission

When we came here in this mission outreach we didn't decide to see how it would go and then back out if it didn't go our way. We decided to come in and establish a relationship with the willing participants who would offer themselves for guidance. We are in this for the long haul. This is not a short relationship for us. As you develop your understanding and your hope and your inner desire to realize your potentials, then you will better admire the course that is being taken. Sometimes in our plans we have variances that come before us as well. Realize that spiritual desire will overcome obstacles in the long run but that certain adjusting factors will have to take place to come into this relationship on a clearer level. With your dedication you have all shown great patience and desire to be of service. We would certainly grant you that admiration from our side. Know that when things don't go so clearly and that misunderstanding comes about, or no understanding comes about, that you as a part of this relationship must see that bruising and frustration for what it is and let it go. Realize there will be the next time and the next time that this clarity of understanding will be achieved.

Take yourself for what you are. You are the first step in a long line of progression to the Father. The desire of heart that you have is very sincere and it is noted through the entire chain of command to the top. But still there is much for progression that must take place for you to come through these steps to the Father. Realize that you are human and that every thought you have will not always be perfect. Then realize your own forgiveness for being less than what you desire. Always know that your desire will be above where you are if you are in mind of progression. Always know that in time your desire will be answered and you will find the progression.

Take this inside of you today that I am your friend. I see you as family. There is none of you is more special in my eyes than another for you are all part, even those who do not feel the chords of truth at this time. It is a beginning you are in and we have a long way to go for progression in this mission outreach. So take the time to be where you are. Realize that you have the inner desire that holds your future secure. And then take a little time to enjoy the life that you are in and the relationships that you hold around you.

Hello, I am Elyon, your guide, and I'm glad to speak to you today. I will accept a few questions.


Manifestation, Relationship

Student #1: Since I will be typing this up I'd like to clarify what you said. Was it that there are those who don't "fill the courts"? "Feel the chords"?

Elyon: Chords. The spirit of truth. This was a play on words and I'm sorry for a misunderstanding. It was an analogy.

Student #2: I appreciate your lesson. I visualized a jigsaw puzzle. How things unfold differently from what we might expect. How there's the right unfoldment and the wrong unfoldment. There's what I want and don't want both when I'm feeling altruistic and when I'm feeling selfish. When these all come together with everyone else's desires it's like a jigsaw puzzle. I appreciate your emphasizing that we need to go ahead and piece this puzzle together. Thank you.

Elyon: Thank you for this acknowledgment, friend. I'm glad to bring this lesson forth. It may seem as a jigsaw puzzle to decipher the entire message for I felt a free-flowing attitude today.

Take the time to see what has come forth. It is necessary for progression. Take the time to strengthen your relationships you have and to realize the goodness in each other. Be kind with each other's frailties. This is what family is about, to understand without judgment and to offer caring and support to each, even when annoyed at times.

Student #2: Your comment speaks directly to my current psychic climate. I know you know how specific that was. Thank you. I have to leave.

Elyon: Farewell, friend. Enjoy your day.

Student #3: Hello, Elyon. As you know I had a tough week. At one time I felt you or my teacher there. When I'm into my own problems and I don't take the time to sit with you, it seems life just goes upside down. It's hard when I'm in the middle of stress to stop and talk with you. I had to go through that time of great sadness alone. I've done that a lot in my life. I appreciate having you there but I'm not receptive at those times. Can you suggest how I could settle down and be able to talk when I'm upset?

Elyon: I sense your feelings and realize where you are at. You have much that happens in your life. Some will be good, some will seem bad, some will seem dreary or average. We come as a relationship of spiritual guidance to offer you support and understanding in whatever need be. But you have to realize that your relationship can be strong above and beyond your spiritual ties to us as well. Realize that God is there with you and that the spirit, His indwelling will be with you and will understand you not just for this life but forever. When you are down we gladly come forth to speak with you, to offer support. When you can't offer the time because of frustration or lack of availability, realize that you do not need to speak with us. And that is why you sometimes look away. Realize that your comfort comes from your inner support. As you just say "help" or "hello" to this friend inside you, that even though you may not directly feel a vocal response to your problems, that as you go on in your day and your life that you will feel an assurance that you will not necessarily be able to understand. But this assurance will tell you that you will be okay. This assurance is that indwelling adjuster and the link to the Father. But gladly as well we enjoy your relationship with us. Know that you can come whenever you desire.

Student #3: Yes, I really learned a lot from that. I had been thinking of the adjuster as out there somewhere rather than within. I'll try to listen better, I think that would be healthy. Thanks, Elyon.

Elyon: You're welcome and know that your adjuster friend, your God-friend, will always be there to communicate to you even when you don't know how to communicate with him. And realize when you tell him you don't understand the relationship, that in doing this you are communicating. Thank you.

Student #4: I used to be less fearful of social interactions than I am now. When I look back on the times when I was more bold, I regret a lot of my actions as foolish. Naturally I don't want to be that way now yet I don't want to be timid either.

Elyon: Take heart in yourself for you have all the steps before you that you need to take. You have the inner assurance to realize that you are growing. As you face your feelings instead of bottling them up, and as you see where you want to go though sometimes they seem difficult that you will, in your desire to reach that, certainly progress to that understanding.

I give you my love and my appreciation for you determination and your desire. You have no reason to be down on yourself. As you realize this, that you are as free as the next person to express your desires and your understanding in a loving manner on whatever level you decide to share, that this is okay and this is what your Father desires for you. Know that as you express yourself vocally, in writing, in thought exchange or expression, then you will realize the presence of myself and you will understand me. As you continue in your path wherever that may go from here, you can know that it is just the time for understanding this relationship will take.


I will go now today. I will leave you. I will share your love. I will embrace you all as my friends, as my family. Take the time to love each other and take the time to be understanding of one another. Farewell.

Session 4

July 21, 1993


(The teachers did not always identify themselves this evening.)



TR #1: I would like to invite you to the opening that is taking place, to register your focus upon this, to encourage you to become closer to the Father, to the God within. This can be a happening for you all. I speak the truth.

TR #2: Hello, friends. This is Evanson. I'm pleased to be here among you. You're doing so well. I'm overjoyed by your sharing and your caring. I'd like to point out to you that you are not just this little group here. Your family extends beyond this neighborhood and incorporates many individuals who you may never meet while you're in body. We are your link to them. We are your assistants. We love each and every one of you and work daily for you. I would like you to take time now to extend your love to your unseen yet human brothers and sisters. Send them assurances. Send them recognition and be receptive to their return.

TR #3: To give the understanding of the presence of a guide is the first step and I certainly say that all in this room have one waiting to share. I know this seems difficult to believe or comprehend at times with your efforts but feel the presence and know that the presence is there.

As you can know that the presence is there, you can feel the understanding more and more as a part of your inner awareness. Share your life with God but know that in family there are many different varieties of beings that are there to support and to give you the caring, the nurturing, and the ministry that you so need. Feel free to reach to them through your Father's love.

TR #2: All of us are very pleased by the response that we have received from you. It is as if we had stepped into a meadow resplendent in bloom. It is quite breathtaking. From our perspective you are colorful and very radiant. As you watch for the awakening and wonder what will be as a result, know that we share in this excitement and wonderment for as things open we too are able to see more clearly and more deeply into you all, your condition, your status, and the potential that lies within you.

TR #1: Feel the presence. Feel the awareness within you. Arise to the threshold of advancement, the awakening of new power, of new reckoning of who you truly are, what you are about. Go beyond the everyday matters of life and excel onto the wing of faith and love. Cherish your new life to its fullest. Realize your missions of love and christenings of others into this love. Feel joy rather than pain. Feel fulfillment rather than sorrow. Feel gratitude to just be. Feel this happening within you. Step into the new metamorphosis. Bright colors, brilliant light. Look only up. Do not conceal the Father from your lives anymore for He is only waiting for you to open to Him. Open the encasement that holds you back. Surround yourselves with the light.

TR #3: In your desire will your answers be known so don't stifle desire. Let your outreach fill you and watch in wonder and amazement as the possibilities come to you. Take this time to listen to the heartbeat of a universal machinery that is oiled by the currents of love from your Father. It is denied to no one.

TR #2: Michael, I am Elyon, your servant. Bless these, my friends, my children, my flock that you give me. They trust you sincerely. I seek and hope that I may fulfill my trust to them. May we be for them all we can and lift them toward ourselves that we may present them to our Father glorified, that we may be proud of what comes from our little Nebadon. These are wonderful people. I thank you for your gift to me by letting me be here. Bring blessing. Thank you.


TR #1: This is Cyndia. My love to you all. And I want to express my happiness, joy, and love to be a part of this group, to be a part of the energy circle that is taking place within each of you. My dedication is toward your growth and I see this happening rapidly. We will now close this session and we all send our love to you. Good night.

Session 5

July 25, 1993



Greetings, this is Elyon. On a beautiful day once again the birds singing, go with the flow, as a bird flying. Find your wind pockets that you can float for a while and sail upon the breezes and allow yourselves the freedom to simply be, to simply do. Find your pockets of air as the hawks do to allow yourselves to simply float at times, to daydream, to find the beauty, to meditate. Meditate to simply relax. Use meditation not only for your silent times with the Father and your communion, communication, but also to find relaxation in your lives. Meditation does not have to be done at certain times. It can be done throughout the day, even with others. Find that quiet spot within you and do a quick relaxation. Floating helps your being, helps your health, helps your soul growth, helps to refocus you back in. This I brought up as it goes along with your sharing today. Know that you can and remember to do this. Take a few minutes here and there to meditate, to come into silence. And always set aside your regular time of silence to be with the Father.

Bring your days more into concentrating and focusing upon the Father, upon the silence within. Through this you will find your answers much more easily, find that your days will not be so complicated. You will find that by doing this you can come to the silence much quicker, find your inner sanctuary much faster. Know that you do not have to find a certain spot, a certain time, a certain condition in order to find this meditative silence. It can be had at any time throughout the day or night.



There are so many tools to help you to make your life easier so that you can, in turn, help your brothers and sisters to make their lives easier. (You can help them) to find the love, to find their sanctuaries so that they need not feel so trapped, so confused, so helpless. It is about taking responsibility; for each one, each individual must do this in order for the world to be a better place. All will begin to find within themselves that they are willing to step forth and do what it takes to make it a better place to live and not to stand back and wait for another to change, for a situation to change, a condition to change. But each individual can do what they can however great, however slight, to make a difference. Through your actions, your experiences, you can be way-showers for others by always taking responsibility for what happens in your life, for the actions that you do. When you feel you have done something to another that was not fitting, you can instantly turn and change this and come into instant forgiveness and instant gratification for having these experiences, these lessons. How much better your days go when you are not running and hiding from your actions. Rather go straight into them and know that, no matter what happens each day, you can take the responsibility to make the day to day complications easier and easier. Know that you are not in a place that is easy, that you are not in a place that is going to be free-flowing with no complications. These will continue to come up for you day by day. You cannot escape this, cannot hide from this.

There are many who are living their lives this way and need your help. They need to see the brighter picture. They need to see that they, too, can come into acceptance and take responsibility for their lives, for their individual, personal, relationships with God. They, too, can find their guidance, know that their indwelling spirit is with them also. Everyone has this perfect part about them and it is not that difficult to find.

Go forth this week and know that with each situation you can take responsibility for maintaining love, maintaining a positive attitude. Do not be victim to any situation, rather turn it into a learning experience in order to further your growth and better see what you can do to lessen the complications with this the next time it happens. Bring yourselves up off the ground, to flow, to fly, to bring joy in more and more each day. Find that inner part of you where the joy resides, it is there for you. Find it, see how it feels, and come into greater understanding of this joy, of this love, of the happiness that is yours.

Pain, Joy

When Urantia was back in its first stages of creation, it was not meant for so much suffering. Individuals bring suffering upon themselves many times without realizing it. Being trapped within the suffering, they cannot see past this to all their options. And you all know from your experiences that there are always many options and risk factors involved.

I bid you to find your joy within. This, my friends, is a risk, for many will not understand your joy in a world full of suffering. But cannot you see that by being joyful and full of love that you will show others that it can be had here, that it is okay? You have your days when things are not all right, when you are at your lows. This does not mean that you do not experience the complications of living on Urantia. It only means that you can rise above them, that you can take full responsibility for your days, that you can see the whole picture, that you can see beyond the right now, this instant, which seems to be oblivion, which seems to be a dead end.

Start rising above and begin to desire to see the whole picture. If you cannot get a glimpse at this time, know that years from now you will have the opportunity to look back and see from whence you came and what part you played.

You are all doing very well. With the recent awakening you have all had flutters and awareness come in, some new to you, some so subtle you do not feel them yet, but know that this is happening. There will be major growth within each of you. You will experience this as you have been. Do not be frightened but full of joy that this is happening, for this is not true for so many. Feel grateful that this is happening for you, that you chose this. It is because of you that this is happening, through your desire and commitment. There are no magic wands coming down doing this. You are doing this for yourselves. I will now accept questions.


Student #1: Elyon, I would like to introduce you to our friend.

Elyon: I welcome you and you are growing and doing very well. You, as with the rest of the group, are at the beginning of your ascension, so do not get discouraged. Keep your days full of what your goal is and do not lose your focus. My love to you.


Student #2: Elyon, you have mentioned in the last couple of lessons about awakenings. I'm curious whether these awakenings are on a Urantia-wide basis or are they on a larger, universal scale?

Elyon: There are more circuits being opened upon Urantia. As these circuits are able to be open, there can be more direct communication with the Father for any who desire. They can begin to have greater understanding, greater knowledge, and not be so locked up in their tiny belief systems. You cannot begin to realize what all is taking place in order to change the suffering and the beliefs of Urantia. There is, as we have said, a quickening. Michael is giving permission to have these things so, so take advantage.

Teacher Contact

Student #1: Elyon, last week in our lesson there was a discussion on working with the teachers during the time when we are off center, not on target. You were encouraging us to go ahead and tune you in. I feel like it is tough at those times when we are feeling out of sorts to turn to the teachers and I tend to turn away. Could you provide some more insights into how we might better open up to your presence at these times?

Elyon: What timing for me to give you this lesson today on meditation and finding your center! This will keep you in tune and for you to take responsibility for these times. Know that you and only you can do something to pull yourself out. We cannot do this for you. We are there for you, to guide and support you and to help you to refocus. However, it must be you that calls. It must be you that takes the steps that pulls yourself back into line, back into the light. We can pull and try to budge you out but you're the one that must pull yourself back in. Does this help?

Student #1: Yes, it does and I'm going to have to be the one that pushes myself out of the hole. Thank you for that.

Elyon: To you all, you must realize that through belief systems, through society dictation, that it is hard to comprehend that there is another side to this picture. One does not ever have to be in these places (the down times) to start with. It is acceptable to be in these places at times when you go out and socialize with others. The main topic, as you were sharing earlier, is to pull yourselves out, have these things, that were so commonplace to you, become foreign. As I have talked about that, it will pull you more into a lonely place. This, my friends, in itself puts more responsibility upon you as apostles to go out and spread cheer as Michael is always saying, "to spread good cheer", "to be joyful". As you begin to see this other side, see more of the whole picture, can you begin to understand more of what your mission really is? I ask you this. Are there comments?

Student #3: What comes to mind is something I read the other day. All the interactions we have with individuals we will recall in our Morontia life. That puts in perspective how important interactions are over all the other activities that we carry out during our lives.

Student #1: I'm led to understand, realize, the significance of our part. That each of us as human beings are instrumental in the outworking of the Father's will. We aren't just to sit back and expect that it will be taken care of for us, but the very process includes our participation.


Elyon: Yes, you are all ready to begin another level, to take more, fuller, responsibility through your choosing, of course, your desire, of course. You are not being told you have to do this, this is because you want to. We are here in full force to help you as you are doing this, for you are instruments for us, channels for us. However, you are your own being, you have free will. But it is something that we can work at together very compatibly. As we come into greater understanding, you come into greater understanding. We are growing as you are growing, so do not feel that we have all the answers. It is, as you would say, a marriage, a very compatible relationship. We will work closer and closer with you. Are there any further questions? [none]