2002-09-15-Building Your Soul

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Topic: Building Your Soul

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Music: Dorenda on Piano: 1st selection, "Marching to Zion" 2nd selection, "Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated" Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus the Christ.

Master Teacher, presenter of all that is true, sublime and holy, we place ourselves within your presence to ask for your being to be among us as you have always promised 'where two or more are gathered.' This occasion is as auspicious and as simple as any can be because we are here as true believers, true worshipers, and true pilgrims along the path of that which you present to us as a way to perfection and a way to eternal life. We ask for whatever teachings you make manifest through your teachers today, we ask for the fulfillment of health and well-being of all here and all who are known, affiliated and loved by those who are present here, for all of us are family. All of us are one with you and our eternal Father. For all that you know to be true within our hearts and our minds, we ask for its fulfillment and bless you, honor you and worship that which you represent because you represent that which the Father is, now and always, forever we are grateful. Amen.

TOMAS: Hello and greetings to you all, I am Tomas, as spokesman for the celestial sphere in attendance with you this afternoon in your own abundant gathering of souls united to develop further in the greater reality. What wonderful Lights you are this afternoon. I welcome you, one and all.


This afternoon we'd like to continue, for a while, with our discussion of the soul, that which you are becoming, that which you are, yes, and that which you are nurturing and developing - to the extent that it begins to grow in its own right and 'carry' you, as it were, in your ascent. We are essentially discussing your efforts in soul-building, in eternalizing your reality.

Loneliness is a word that is a part of the frame of reference of the mortal, this stemming from its innate sense of gregariousness. Loneliness is a sense of 'aloneness,' a lamenting aloneness, as compared to the understanding that even though you may be alone, existentially speaking, it is not a lonely place, for you are aware of your connectedness. Those who are not aware of their connectedness, and those who are unaware of the relationship of the cosmos, or those of you who temporarily forget your cosmic connection, are no strangers to that attitude and atmosphere of aloneness that is felt as loneliness. There are a million and one reasons, then, for those who feel lonely to reach out and to grasp something that will relieve their isolation. This provides a million and one opportunities for personality to represent itself, even while it seeks and while it temporarily finds, something that will absolve them of that sense of inherent loneliness as a result of cosmic or spiritual deprivation or disassociation. This is a terrible heritage you have globally been born into, with the sense of isolation extending abnormally into the very pores of your world.

On normal worlds there are relationships based on the supreme values brought to "earth" because of the natural revelatory scheme of things. Adam and Eve would prevail. The Planetary Prince would reign, and in his reign would bring civilization which the children, then, of Adam and Eve would inhabit. And poor Urantia. How it has been beset by long extended isolation in the universe. It is well-known that many of you have lamented the "gods" for allowing you to languish in isolation for so long, but this is because of your short-sightedness, your short-term thinking as time-space creatures. You must recognize the mercy-delay involved in your planetary circumstances and recognize, too, that you are now being feted and encouraged as a long-lost family member who has come home.

Hopefully we will help you develop your table manners and introduce you to our customs and culture, but in the meantime it is our pleasure to rejoice in your presence, to bask in your young Lights, which are turned on and glowing, allowing your light to be seen by others ~ and attractive. Like moths are attracted to flame, you have seen one another's Light and you have yearned long and hard for this Light that now reveals itself to you in each other's company. The reaching out that you have practiced for millennia … and you personally have practiced in your lifetimes … are found in each other's presence, for within the presence of each one here is the presence of the Universal Father. The Father Himself has elected to indwell you and be one with you, to be in you, and He rejoices to reveal Himself through you.

How different this is from the individual who comes from a point of loneliness and reaches, blindly, for something to ease the pain, from the one who reaches consciously for that which has given him/her, life itself, in thanksgiving and acknowledgment of its being. The soul, hence, is gratified to experience the Father, its goal, in those of you who long to know Him and become more like Him. Thus you, yourselves, are becoming more God-like. And, as you study the qualities of God-likeness, it adds to the depth and breadth of your very soul, for you are becoming even more, as is the Divine.

Does this mean you rebuke that which you have been, the one who has known loneliness? No. It rather, reveals to you the opportunity within to recognize your frailties as an animal and your strengths as a survivor, to place value on that which you have been, and which has served your evolution, forgive it its trespasses and its debts, in order to show mercy, then, to those who, like you, have been imperfect, even while each of you have grasped the Source of all that is and seek to climb up to greater understanding, greater greatness, greater love.

I rejoice in your presence. I celebrate the Light that shines within you and that you yourselves are choosing to foster. We can literally see you grow.

Let me subside my space at the podium and allow for others. There are many here and we'd like to also have questions. Proceed.


Janet: This sure applies to Carl and me because each of us wondered if there would ever be somebody to share our lives with, and by some miracle we found each other. For this I'm very grateful. I'm very happy. (pause) How about you Carl?

Carl: Yes. I know something about loneliness. I think it's gone away.

ANATOLIA: This is a wonderful day that we are able to join with you in celebration of your renewal of spirit ~ and your renewal of mind, body and spirit~ for in a sense, perhaps without your even knowing it, you are celebrating a new beginning, as of today, because of the renewal that all of you are secretly or inwardly developing as a result of the change in season and the change in attitude, and the openness and realignment, if not reviving, your soul's purposes and your being's.

There are many reasons for this, not the least of which ~ on the conscious level to some extent, but primarily subconscious level ~ is that which you and your environs currently are renewed in spirit … due primarily to the renewal of energy brought about by some renewed precipitation. This brings a new attitude, a new approach, and hope restored that you needn't watch vegetation wither, lakes, streams and rivers dry up, and all that you hold dear and precious … not in a materialistic sense, but in a light vibrancy sense … watch be devoured before your very eyes. This renewal is brought about in large part to your faith, to your commitment, and to your evidence witnessing to the power of hope eternal.

I say this not just in purpose of those who are in attendance but because you are witnesses to that which I speak. You are able to verify within your own hearts and minds, that to which I speak. You among many others in this valley are witnesses to that which you have believed all along is possible and can be accomplished, yet within this season before you, I speak of this not so much in a physical, evidentiary way of speaking, but rather more in an illusory, imagery type of speaking. Boiled down, those of you who live here, who have been witnessing this set of circumstances, can join in with others that you know (or many not known, but en masse), have brought about a renewal of spirit, a renewal of purpose and a renewal of your minds at the same time, that you've allowed the earth to go through some rejuvenation as a result of your faith, as a result of what you have not lost hope in, and have seen the benefits of.

I send this to you only with the encouragement that you continue to think and to be positively oriented, because your beliefs, your patterns of believing and portraying life as you know it to be, has positive results. This is something that you can do at the micro level as well as the macro level. I encourage each and every one of you to 'wish' your futures into being. Putting it more deliberately, I wish you to practice that which you know to be the case: that you can materialize the changes needed within your lives, much as the renewal of rain has brought about to the physical world and environment in which you inhabit.

I encourage you to do this at all levels, starting with your own inward life, your own inward renewal and to see the fruits and the renewal of growth, as a result of your decision to move in this direction, because nothing is accomplished without the generation of the idea and it taking root and becoming a part of you through your own initiation and ultimate self-mastery. This I leave with you as an evidence of that which is possible as a result of that which you have already witnessed, yet, this past week.

I encourage you along the way and know that you have many who have preceded you in this life, in this world, as you know it, but in many paths, many worlds, many planets, far beyond your vision and your imagination. The millions, if not trillions, of those who have preceded you as spirit and faithwalkers, join you in your aspirations to know what the full imagery of faith made perfect is all about.

I leave you in good stead and in good company, among yourselves but, more importantly among the teachers who are here, individually and collectively. Peace be with you this fore-coming week and know that you always have the full support of an entire working and humming universe, made for the glory and honor of the Father who has made all manifest. Peace be with you and let love guide your way. Amen.

TOMAS: Thank you sister and co-worker.

Thank you, too, Paula (Janet), for your testimonial to matrimonial bliss. This is certainly a well-contemplated ideal, that which you supply to the group and to your community by your affections, one for the other. The loneliness you realized, Wayawahili, is a prayer. And behold how bountiful is the heavens to grant your wish for soul companionship. The pairing relationship certainly depicts the universal balance, but the nature of the growth of the Supreme requires yet more than the male and female configuration to deliver the full range of value to its existence. The entire community is at issue here, and the planetary government is also an integral part of the birth of the soul, the growth of the soul and the combined forces of souls united in intent and purpose to do the divine will.

There are those among us, here, even now, who look upon your group as you might consider in your world … Dani (reference to the attending midwayer) What phrase is it? [Dani: A ward?] Yes. A 'ward.' A political ward. Thank you. A conclave, a voter block, as it were. And so when Anatolia discusses 'wishing' your way into fulfillment, wish your way fully and not only in so far as your immediate soul needs, but beyond … into the community soul needs, for this is the development of the Light and Life that you seek to enjoy and we seek to promote.

Are there questions or commentary? I am, and we are, eager to hear from you. This is your opportunity to steer the boat.

Esmarelda: I thought it was interesting that Anatolia mentioned our rain that we received this week. It was so welcomed, and we are so grateful that we did receive it. It is a cleansing type thing. My trees enjoyed it! They were covered with the accumulated dust of the summer and looking droopy and they even look happier.

Tomas: Such is the torrent of Living Water your soul enjoys. There are, indeed, elements that are in response to an electrical storm which activate your atoms and brings about a renewal in truth. While you are encouraged to keep your soul alive, alert, awake, acknowledge, activated, it is also true that your very being is largely physical in nature, very material, and all the elements are conspiring to add to your material experience -- the senses, the elements, the density itself are in your best interests as a material creature. Enjoying your material self as well as your emotional self, immeasurably adds to the enjoyment of your soul self, each augmenting the other and allowing its appropriate alignment.

In this balance you are enabled to experience the great cosmic connection even when alone. Indeed on your walks away from the finite life, when you get away to enjoy the autumn leaves or the cloud formations, the sunsets or sunrises, then is a good time to appreciate the full perspective of your reality, the full nature of the human and the divine in one. And then you experience the true riches of your being. Your spiritual growth is tied up with your own mortal happiness, your mortal happiness is tied up with your own spiritual growth. Behold, your cup runneth over.

Elena: Tomas, you were talking about the blending of souls together, and it conjured up a picture in my mind of, certainly our own soul, but I think last week you were talking, too, about something that you liked - seeing another's Light or something like that, I don't remember exactly what it was, but appreciating one another. But this thing you were talking about of the souls blending with one another conjured up a question with me about after you get past this world. Because you also talked about trillions, or Anatolia did, about trillions and billions …. Are,… Was she speaking of souls then? Is that the blending of souls at that point? Or the gathering of souls?

TOMAS: Anatolia.

ANATOLIA: I was speaking of that vast array of helpful mates that you have, and I use that in the euphemistic way. Consider it the Australian meaning, or help, or assistance. Those with whom you are akin in this world and in the world's beyond your vision, or even imagination. This was my meaning of what was intended. The blending of souls would be Tomas's presentation. Was there more on what I was speaking of?

Elena: No. Actually I think it was probably more … about blending of souls. I was kind of curious about if we go past into … after we pass from this world, if we … If it goes into soul groupings …or how …?

TOMAS: This is, indeed, celestial sociology. The Bible will tell you, even, that 'angels do not marry or are given in marriage'. The matrimonial state that you know is strictly a device of the material world for procreation and association, which association is allowable and natural in all the worlds subject to the material. Therefore your groupings, your gatherings will have purpose, will be based on purpose, and that will change depending upon the service that you are undertaking or the interest that you are pursuing.

This is well exemplified in your cousins the midwayers who operate in varying configurations depending upon how they are ministering. And even in accepting group ministry, there is also always the opportunity for personal ministry. And so there is variety in your work; in fact, more variety for you in your work when you leave here than you have known in your mortal life.

The thing about soul is, you have your own. It is who you are becoming, it is your personality, and even when you have become full-fledged spirit you will remain your own identity, even as it is assimilated into the oceanic pattern of existence. You will lose your personality essence, your soul, for that precious moment when you stand and are one with the Father, but when you have been with Him, you will return to your own identity, your own soul that you are now developing, that will be you, continually, henceforth and forevermore. That integral element of you is that which gives you your uniqueness and which, with its uniqueness, is an essential part of that which it is part of.

When you have a team at work, on the job, to produce a product or bring about a system, you have varying parts that must be played, different roles that must be fulfilled, and this team can accomplish the job. What you understand in the material is a shadow of the reality in the spiritual … which is in the same nature, in that, differing values are needed for certain configurations and, in this, your soul will be a part of the project, the undertaking, the service, the creation, you see? Even while it remains indissolubly, uniquely, its own self. The evolution of the soul involves letting go of those animal vestiges which keep you tethered to your material origin as you reach for your spiritual origins and destiny.

Janet: You know, Tomas, I'm not afraid of dying. I don't think that's going to be anything very bad. And everyone talks about a white light? Or those that have had a near death experience. I'll probably be scared blue if I see it but I'll probably get through it, too, because I manage, usually, to overcome those things. And then when I get up there I hope to …. Some of the angels will be my father and mother. They forgave me every time I messed things up and probably they'll take me by the hand and say, "Well, look, you can't just go trotting right up to God because He's busy. But there will be things that you're gonna have to answer for that you did that were wrong in this life" -- and I'm sure I've done plenty of them, but I've tried to do some good things, too, and maybe when I get up there to the throne of God and He's had a chance to talk to me, He'll probably look at me and shake his head just like my dad did, and say well "You managed to mess some things up pretty well here and there, but you tried to do some good things, too,... And we did give you Carl and Carl took you by your hand and managed to love you and promise to be a good husband, so I guess that's what you needed. So now that you're up here, you can meet the angels who helped you in life and if something doesn't feel good maybe I can send you to help them out a bit and then you can make yourself useful up here," because that's what I'd like to do and that's why I'm not afraid to die. It's going to be a whole new experience up there.

TOMAS: I have picture of you, my child, as a coy and precocious, curly- haired, jabberwocky on my knee looking up, telling me, your uncle Tomas how you see Daddy God -- and He's not a bad chap in your eyes, I am delighted to see. You have a delightfully childlike perception of where you are in the universe, one which I will not take issue with, but rather will bounce you on my knee and enjoy with you the vision you provide, for you are not at all wrong, for the most part.

I would spend just a moment indulging these visions for the truth therein, as you will, in fact, have your angels as they have helped you and will continue to help you through the ages, and that you will, in fact, see those who have preceded you, they will come to greet you. But perhaps, more immediately, I would share with you that when I went through the death experience and saw the light, it was not a frightening thing at all. It was as if my soul had been fine-tuning itself all my mortal life in anticipation of the opening of that doorway which allowed the light of the new world to enter in. For indeed, it was a new world for me as it will be for you, blessed, indeed, as we have discussed before. And beyond which I will only suggest that while it is customary for little children to anticipate the authority of those who are older and wiser, it will be you yourself who makes those determinations in your heart and in your soul as to how you will become a better daughter in your attitudes and in our acts as a result of your own live reflection and not because God has wagged his finger at you. It isn't in Him to shame you, little girl. You are too much of a treasure for him to scold. You who are meek and humble are already on the job of chiding yourself as to how you can live up to your own best image of yourself, which is, indeed, the image of God.


Thus, I remind you again of yourself and of each other, that, in truth, you are made in God's image. You need merely only to reside therein and worship that which you long to become, for in that reaching and yearning, your soul will surge on into the divine and it, and you, will become one, this oneness which we now anticipate and enjoy in each other as potential. Encourage the potential in each other, as you even now enjoy that actual self which you are, material sons of God, material sons and daughters of the living God.

Run along, then, and play with each other and enjoy the season. Anticipate the exhilaration of the season and that which we are all becoming because of him who has sent us and who has engaged us in the eternal adventure. Farewell. [[Category: Anatolia