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Topic: Magisterial Mission Update

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Mantutia, Archangel Michael, Malvantra

TR: Ron Besser


Section I

  • Introduction

Mantutia Melchizedek holds the office of what we might call the Dean of a College. His work is from the Constellation worlds situated a distance from Edentia, and located on world Number 4. This is the location of the Melchizedek College to study the Lucifer rebellion and the consequences of the final bestowal of Michael on your world.

  • The Second Urantia Book

Second Revelatory Commission

Today, Mantutia wishes to address the subscribers and other readers of these papers about the contribution the Archangels are making to the effort to quantify the revelation of Michael of Nebadon. This document is to introduce the idea that all things are consistently done with the Creator Son’s caveat that none of this information is to be treated as revelatory until it is finished a prepared in a subsequent document to be known as the Second Revelatory Commission’s update of the present Urantia Book. It is anticipated that the second volume will be commissioned and indicted in the English language sometime in the second quarter of the Magisterial Mission’s stay on Urantia.

The Second Volume of the Urantia Book is to be bound and produced by the agencies of the Ancients of Days working with humans assigned to the staff of Monjoronson. Its dedication will be to Michael of Nebadon for his exhilarating and dedicated work to overcome the Lucifer Rebellion at all costs with all the resources at his disposal made available.

We now turn to a discussion from Mantutia Melchizedek and the Archangel contribution to correcting and solving the problems still existing on the evolutionary planet of Urantia.

Section II

  • The Archangel Work with Monjoronson

[Mantutia] The second section of this document will deal with the Archangels and the way they are serving alongside the Magisterial Son and the many celestial personalities at this juncture and the role they are now playing in the dispensational process.

The Urantia Revelation does not speak much about the Archangels and their service. We will be expanding this information to the children of Urantia to bring to light their interworkings presently alongside the Magisterial Son.

  • The Archangels Are Dedicated to the Mortal Ascension Career


Archangels are one of the few groups of local universe personalities who are not normally under the jurisdiction of Gabriel. The Archangels are dedicated to the work of creature survival and to the furtherance of the ascending career of the mortals of Urantia as one of the many facets these loving celestials are undertaking.

One of the aspects of service the Archangels are availing to the children of Urantia is to help the transforming spiritualizing mortals the knowledge and tools the morontializing human may need to reach to higher levels of God consciousness or self-realization, which is essentially personal contact with the pre-personal fragment of the Paradise Father, knowledge of you inner divinity.

The Archangels are also work alongside the Melchizedeks in helping those ascenders who are tardy in the spiritual and morontia transformation. This includes those ascenders who are finding it difficult or are unable to realize that knowledge comes from within through stillness and meditation practices. They work lovingly to guide you inward to the answers that will help spiritualize and morontialize the emerging soul, your morontia self and they help guide all those to understanding higher levels of divine realities, the divinity of God consciousness. This work encompasses helping those understand and utilize the morontia senses, balance of mind, body, and soul which is integral in self mastery.

  • These Superangels Attend to the Ministry of Lost Souls on Urantia

The Archangels also are working with the morontia souls who have been unable to move on. This aspect of service is of a jurisdictional nature at this juncture, as specialized units are assigned to specific areas. The Archangels are organized in divisions of twelve and hold all efforts made previously by the Seraphim and the Melchizedeks as necessary and evident of a process they deem essential. The universe personnel under the direction of Michael of Nebadon are determined that not one will be lost to the ministry and love of spirit, no matter if they are among the trapped souls still on Urantia, or one of the many kinds of beings still working for Monjoronson on other spheres which have not been able to ascend either due to inconsistencies within the jurisdictional agencies operating on Urantia and elsewhere.

The Archangel circuit on Urantia is a divisional headquarters. They therefore have other business to conduct on the remaining 612 evolutionary inhabited planets now existing in the Planetary System of Satania. This work takes them to Panoptia where the vestiges of a rebellion have left the earthlike planet bereft of a Magisterial Son under the same circumstances as may be found on Urantia. Interestingly, the combined effect of the Lucifer Rebellion on Urantia has left as many as 35 millions souls and other orders still not able to ascend. No where else in the Satania is this problem as severe as it is on Urantia.

  • The Archangel Contingent of 100 Accompanying Monjoronson

Monjoronson will be accompanied by 100 Archangels. The 100 Archangels are assigned to the service and ministry to the Magisterial Son. These brilliant celestials have passed through extensive preliminary training in all phases of the work of the various ministering spirits and have been rebellion tested.

The lines of administrative and spiritual authority on Urantia up until recently have been through Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince. However a short time ago, these lines of authority have been revised to include Monjoronson, the Avonal Son of record for Urantia’s [[Magisterial Mission]]. The Magisterial Son has become temporary ruler of the planet, and in recognition of this change, these Archangels attending Monjoronson are now acting as the directing heads of all celestial life on this sphere. The Archangel circuit is handling many administration functions at this time. Their work is of a highly sensitive nature as they deal mainly with spiritual unity values, or what you would call cosmic consciousness. They handle specific unrevealed circuitries that will not be elaborated on further in this documentation, for it would only serve to perplex those whom are reading this.

You must remember that the prophets of old in your world’s religious literature were being guided and handled by the Archangels. They have been around for quite a time on your sphere, and know what the human ascenders on Urantia can and cannot handle, and more specifically what you need, even though you may not know what it is that you need.

It is stated in your current revelation37:3.4 that Urantia is a divisional headquarters for the universe administration and direction of certain Archangel activities having to do with the Paradise [[ascension scheme]]. This, children of Urantia, undoubtedly presages a time of concentration of other ascendant activities on the bestowal world of Michael and lends a tremendous and solemn import to [[the Master]]’s personal promise, “I will come again!”

We will not elaborate on Michael’s plans further, but only state that the Archangels are working lovingly with all those who wish to further their ascending careers on Urantia, and to more fully spiritualize and afford every opportunity the knowledge of the Love of the Paradise Father.

  • The Resurrectional Roll-Call by Archangel Michael


When the Magisterial Son has completed the judgment of Urantia and the dead are called to record (the resurrection), the seraphic guardians of the slumbering personalities respond to “the voice of the Archangel.” The dispensational termination is promulgated by an attendant Archangel. This is the Archangel of the resurrection, sometimes referred to as the “Archangel of Michael.”

Spoke your prophet of old: “For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the Archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.”[1]

This is important children, and even though many of you may read and intellectualize this information from the Urantia book text, it eludes the proper spiritual understanding that so many of you seek but do not spiritually fully understand. This is in no way a judgment; it is a statement of fact. They are awakened, and they live again. Judgment is delayed until there is a final acceptance by the resurrected that they shall be present at their destiny as a finaliter in service to all. I cannot stress enough the magnitude of this information and the spiritual measures being taken on your behalf to afford you all the proper understanding.

Urantia is undergoing many changes and these changes may only confuse the ascending children on your sphere to achieve proper understanding, because in part Urantia mortals are spiritually inept. The Father’s love will reign on all that seek it, and those with the proper intentions and spiritual inclinations will recognize what is happening.

Spoke our Creator Father in his final bestowal:

“My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. And to all who follow

my teaching I give eternal life; they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given me these children, is greater than all, so that no one is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. The Father and I are


The Magisterial Son’s chief of staff, Serena, spoke in previous documentation that you would slowly start to see what is transpiring about you, as spirit will make “known” things that mortal minds will be able comprehend and understand.

Archangel Michael will be handling the next section of this document. I will advise all of you to remember that the Archangel Michael is an office through which the various jurisdictional heads of departments headed by Archangels are rotated through to hold this title. Always, is the Archangel Michael made the commanding head of the Archangels on your sphere.

Section III

Encouragement to Release Spirit Poisons

  • How To Aid Your Ascension Career

Ascension Career

[Archangel Michael] Beloved children of Urantia, I come to you today in Love and service to Our Father. It is my sincere privilege to work alongside of all of you, as well as with the many other beings of light that so graciously love you all so much.

To the ones that hear my voice, I am so proud of your courage, strength and love. Display these divine qualities to all those whom you connect with, for this magnifies God’s Eternal nature through you.

There is nothing that can hold you back from receiving the grace and love of the Infinite Father at this moment in time if you are asking for guidance and direction.

The only things that can thwart this divine love are the spirit poisons that make it impossible for the divine light to work with and in you. Holding energies such as conspiracy, egotism, anger, hatred, fear, envy, violence, turmoil, anxiety, confusion, entitlement, and greed make it all but impossible for the divinity of God consciousness to work through and in you.

I pledge to you all, if you recognize that you are holding these energies and you are willing to release them from your energy field and consciousness, we will help anyone to release these things that are not for your highest good that asks. Through your free will, call upon us, if you seek a greater knowledge of divinity and light. Call on us if you feel confused or hold fear in anyway, for we are so very active now on your beloved planet in this most exciting time.

  • Set An Example By Your Behavior To Inspire Others

I encourage you all to hold the love of the Eternal One in your hearts and to be an example for all those around you. The Archangels work with and through the pure of heart and with those who seek for the deeper spiritual meanings and full understanding of what it means to master all facets and aspects of your consciousness.

Inside each and every one of you lies a precious piece of untold glory. Indeed children, this piece of the Eternal Father waits ever patiently to be found in you and holds all the facets of divine wisdom and cosmic divine consciousness that so many search for. Each and every one of you contain the wisdom of the Cosmos within you and you have come to the time when you are being asked to listen to this inner wisdom and to share this with others through loving service and action.

The Father within is your best guidance. Each and every one of you holds the keys and knowledge inside dear children. Each of you needs simply to look inward to find the inner place on peace within. You can never go wrong when you listen and hear the divine guidance from within. All the things that so many search for outwardly bring not lasting happiness. It is the unconditional love and peace that our Creator Father instilled inside that brings eternal happiness and joy.

  • Make Resounding and Positive Choices For Yourself

Claim this beloved ones, claim this power you all hold inside yourselves! Every moment is Eternal dear children of Urantia, for you hold a piece of the Eternal One inside you. Know that each action you formulate through intention provides a reaction in the Cosmos. Choose to create abundance, divine sovereignty, mastery, self realization. Choose to create unconditional love, joy, peace, beauty, bounty, harmony in your reality. It is available for each and every one of you, for you only need to look within, and ask for assistance if you know not how to look.

If you are struggling with judgments, misconceptions, illusions, delusions, fears, confusion, ask yourselves, is this of the divine Father? Would The Infinite glory of light of God hold such things in His life giving light?

We are so active at this moment on your sphere and will come to attention when you but call on us in your heart.

There are many that work in correlation with us that eagerly await the time to work will all the willing, especially those ones who seek a deeper connection to spirit. If you ask for guidance, it will be supplied abundantly. If you ask for help then it will be provided. Remember to listen to the inner wisdom from within and to not give into doubt beloved children, for this is in direct opposition to faith. With God all things are possible. If The Eternal One is with you, then who can stand against you?

I love you all so very much, more than your human emotions can presently comprehend. We are at the service of all the willing, you simply have to ask. I only ask each of you to open your hearts to as much love as possible, and give it away freely. At the end of each life what will matter most, you will realize, is the answer to this question. How much did I love?

Section IV

  • Reminder to Have Patience

I hope this clarifies to those interested in the interworkings of certain aspects of the [[Magisterial Mission]] and the Archangels undertaking that is now being supplied abundantly.

Not excluding all of Urantia’s troubled past remember that there are many undertakings underway, many of which you are unaware of regarding the service the Archangels render. Remember that divine knowledge is revealed slowly so as not to confuse you. These things take time, as you know time, and it is proscribed in an orderly way. Please be patient, as we are so patient with so many of you.

Section V

Additional Information About the Energy Grid Matrix

  • An Update:


[Malvantra] I will be undertaking this portion of the paper. I will not expand too much on the grids and all the interworkings therein, because most of this would serve only to confuse the human mind. I will state what you all will be able to understand on the matter concerning the grids at this juncture.

The energy grids in place on Urantia hold a particular spiritual energy that can raise the vibration and hold the energies of divinity and all that encompass it. I am using the word energy here as a term you can understand, but these things are outside of human understanding due to the physics and mathematics involved. It would be absolutely impossible to explain to the mortal mind the way these grids are constructed.

The energies through the grids can be focalized to a particular area, nation, state, or even down to a single human being or morontia form. I can state to you that they can see every living energy pattern be it morontia, spiritual and even unrevealed orders of energies we have encountered on your sphere.

Nothing is hidden from the eyes of the One whom searches all things, and makes all things known.

The energies manifested through the grid matrixes, especially when concentrated, can change the vibrational rate and release ascension energies that will free up lower energies that may be impeding the proper ascension processes. This has and still is being attuned so as not to cause confusion or changes to vibrations too quickly. These energies affect every living energy system on your sphere.

There are so many variables involved in these grids that if only I could elaborate to try and impart understanding to mortal mind I would, but it would be totally futile to undertake to the human mind. Imagine if you will having to assimilate and introduce divine energies to seven plus billion people on your sphere which all hold different levels of consciousness, not to mention the many other morontia and spiritual variables that also have been effected by the Lucifer rebellion.

  • Urantia Is The Most Seriously Affected Planet in The Lucifer Rebellion

Lucifer Rebellion

We have yet to encounter a planet that has been so affected by the effects of rebellion as Urantia. We can only conjecture that the rebels did what they did because of Michael’s promise to return. It seems to us that they did everything that they could possibly do to make sure that when Michael ever did return to Urantia that they would try to forever tarnish all good ever done by infecting everything they could with manipulation, rebellion and untruth. They have used the most despicable and vile tactics we have ever encountered, all at the cost of human lives. The rebels even went as far as placing dark energy systems or energy points under the earth’s surface in the most remote areas that cost innocent children and human their lives. This could be likened to a smuggler digging tunnels underground to transport their nefarious livelihoods, to get them from one place to another.

We would entertain to you all of the facets the rebellion has had on your sphere and the consequences that Lucifer had on so many throughout the entire universe, but let us focus on the positive now children. Think about this children, how one single celestial personality has affected the whole universe. You are not as separated as you might think; you are a part of the whole, and even the ones that are not privy to this information shall be reassured of their continuing destiny as a child of the Most Highs and to reside in the Bosom of the Father, forever.

The Melchizedeks will all agree when I tell the children of Urantia that there is not one thing being spared for this war torn sphere so affected by the effects of rebellion. The help that has been proffered from all through the Grand universe is overwhelming. Know this children of Urantia, everyone from Urantia to Nebadon to Orvonton to Havona and even on Paradise know about your struggles here. I can speak to you about the negativity that has resulted from the rebellion, but let me speak to you about this.

We have seen more courageous acts of legendary conduct on your sphere Urantia then throughout all the evolutionary worlds of Nebadon. There are indeed names that will forever be etched in the history of Nebadon to be glorified not only in our universal history but in all Creation. Even as I speak there are children standing up to oppression and tyranny and behind their eyes looks the Eternal One. The resulting Supreme values that come from rebellion will outweigh and over shadow the darkness that was sown. The Paradise Father’s light shines and makes known all things in the dark, for indeed the light that is shining is freeing all from the darkness of separation.

No matter what happens around you dear children of Urantia, know that you are being looked after as if you were the only children in all creation.

Section VI


  • Conclusion and Summary

[Mantutia] Today we enter the last of a series of papers having to do with the dissemination of the Reflectivity Circuit as it is being used on Urantia. Know that it contains all that is needed on Urantia for communication purposes. We also wish to make the statement that however it may be used in the future, we will have important and additional information we wish to disseminate with it. Those who have provided the information for the ABC Summaries are now being more fully directed to use the reflectivity gift of grace to entertain yet another development we wish to make available in a very short time in the future.

  • The Planetary Broadcasts

We wish to announce today, the Urantia will begin to receive the Planetary Broadcasts within the week. This development has been facilitated by the Universal Father who has asked all of us on Urantia to become attuned to the daily broadcasts as soon as possible. When they start we will use the Reflectivators being used herein, and it is they who will provide the details of the broadcasts as soon as it can be worked out as to format and style acceptable to the human agents and the Melchizedeks who shall be the controlling influence on how and when the broadcasts will be applied to Urantia.

Magisterial Mission

  • Selection of the Human Staff for the Magisterial Mission:

Be likewise advised that all human personnel are either approved on high by the special Committee announced earlier through the Master Spirits headed by Master Spirit Number Two, Kuwaya, and many have now been brought before the Council of 24. This last approval pertains to those humans who have yet to announce their intentions to ascend and become finaliters or some other destiny reserved for the people whom Monjoronson applauds as the spiritually best suited on Urantia to so serve.

  • The Next ABC Summary

Our next Summary may be short, but it will contain an announcement all Nebadon has been waiting for. Please be advised that all personnel who are to be assigned to the Magisterial Mission have received information by either dreams, thought inducers through transmitter/receivers, and other means not entirely clear to we Melchizedeks as to how it was done, as to their acceptance to work for Monjoronson, but in some actual cases, where on Urantia that assignment will be fulfilled by human staff.


At present there are over 100 BCC List subscribers as of the release of Document -G-. These subscribers are for both the Official Updates and my Unofficial Summaries known also as the ABC Summaries.

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None of this material is confidential or secret, but it is not widely distributed either. All of you are encouraged to discuss these things with others, or on discussion forums on line. You may use and quote from these Papers freely. There are no legal restrictions on what you may excerpt, disseminate, or publish. They are meant to reach the widest possible audience that can use them and know them.