1993-04-04-Unconditional Love

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Topic: Unconditional Love

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Unknown



Iruka: . ..the love of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. I am happy to see so many here. I am also pleased to see new faces. There are many who are seeking the truth and by showing your love you will draw them in.

Your assignment last week was to show love to a group of people. This was much more difficult than your first assignment of showing love to one person. It is more threatening to show love in a total group because you think you are the only one. You think it is you against them. If you had the opportunity to show this love you have learned that this is not true. Unconditional love is rare, once you have felt it from the Father and start showing it to others, they recognize it as something special. They may not know what it is or put their finger on it, but they recognize a warmth, a love, something that draws them to you. Now I am going to put you on the spot and ask if anyone had the opportunity to take a negative conversation and turn it into something positive. The assignment was it could be anywhere, at home, at work, wherever you are with a group of people. I will stop and give you an opportunity to share your experiences.




Iruka: Thank you for sharing, this is something new that I wanted to try and start an interaction within the group, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as you thought it was. The first step is always the hardest. You are taking the love that the Father is giving to you unconditionally and you are sending it out to someone else unconditionally. When you keep in mind that nothing may come back to you at all from this person, but the Father's love will come back to you by giving out this love and letting the others receive it. Then they change, they notice the difference and of course the first step is being aware, being conscious of your words, of your attitude, and becoming aware of your flippant remarks, little funny sayings. Start to think about things that are in your conversation, that to you may be funny little remarks, but think of how someone else could take them. Could this remark be misunderstood, is it really a negative remark, is it sexist, is it racist, could it hurt somebody. Many times we say things that we do not even realize can be interpreted negatively. When this love flows through you and you wish to send it out, you don't want it to be misinterpreted. So I am asking you to think about your remarks, your comments, words can be very destructive or they can be very uplifting. So my assignment for this week is to think about what you are going to say before you say it. And think would this hurt anyone or would this be negative in any way. If you are showing the Father's love would He say this? Would Christ Michael say this? Becoming conscious, becoming aware will help you in many ways, but right now we are going to focus on your conversation, on your words. So think about this and be aware. I will now answer questions.


S1: Hello Iruka, I would like to introduce some new faces, some new folks here. Three new people are introduced.

Iruka: Thank you, and welcome back (to a group member) and welcome to the new people. I am aware that you are truth seekers and have come to learn.

Attitude, Barriers

S2: Iruka, I have been leading seminars the last six years and I have been biting(?) my words every day. Last week I, at the end of these seminars they pass out critique forms and people write down how they feel about me, as well as the course. And occasionally I get this criticism that I am condescending and I know when these events occur, these words occur, is it always words that can be interpreted wrongly. Can it be a pause, can it be body language, can it be a glance, can it be some expected behavior that is not exactly words but they interpret it wrongly? and they see me not as loving but as condescending.

Iruka: It can be all of these things of course. And they can be misinterpreted. My best suggestion would be to check your attitude. And possibly change it to be loving, and helpful. You are acting as a teacher to teach and not put off the students. And this is difficult with a large group of people, because they are at different levels. So finding where they are and teaching them is difficult because you can't meet everyone's needs exactly. You have to find ranges, find out or assume what they know and go from there. Do you ask questions to find out what they know or where they are? With the topic?

S2: Iruka, I do, this last...two weeks ago where this event occurred, I did not have a chance. My computers were breaking, it was very hectic before the class and it is in these turmoil times when these kinds of criticisms occur. When I know, I know this is happening. And I also know that it is occurring when I am inwardly focused, I am not outwardly focused, I am frustrated, trying to explain something. I am struggling, trying to find the concept, I am struggling to try to remember everything about that person, and I am focused on myself and not the class. I do know that, and I do know how important it is to talk to people before and figure out where they are...one of the things I love reading about the teachings that are going on across the country is that uniformly you are all such great teachers. You are all so uniformly kind and the way you solicit questions is incredible. And I am trying to pattern myself after you and it is just amazing, that is all. I don't know if that is a question....

Iruka: We have undergone much training and it is not easy. It is something that we have had to learn. But I think that you have hit upon the problem, about being inner focused instead of outward. I think you know the answer, I think you have identified the problem. And that is half of the battle. My other suggestion would be to spend quiet time with the Father before you have your class. Ten, fifteen minutes, help you become in line with the Father, become balanced and centered and then of course knowing your material, and then going out. Try this and see if things are smoother. Of course it always happens when things start breaking down, and there is chaos. That happens a lot, but I think you will find if you spend time with the Father, and feel loved and healed and feel His peace, that you can go out and send that out to others. Let me know how this works and if things improve for you.

Teacher Contact, Guilt

G2: Hello Iruka, I seem to have come not to an impasse, but more like a change in direction or a stopping with my teacher. I was in class once and I took a quiz and I didn't do as good...that is not it, I accidently cheated. I messed up and I feel kind of sick, after that point it just seemed like everything was going bad between me and my teacher. We weren't connecting quite as well, I wasn't feeling quite as good about the class. I knew the stuff I just wasn't feeling right. Can one event like that go into how you feel with your teacher, or how you connect, because I have been having problems meditating and feeling the presence of my teacher when I meditate.

Iruka: Yes, it can effect it. You will receive no condemnation or judgement from your teacher. But I think you are receiving it from yourself. You must forgive yourself for doing it and of course the Father, who has already forgiven you. You forgive yourself. Your guilt has put up the roadblocks, so now your class is not enjoyable anymore and you are not communicating very well any more. With this burden of guilt, as fast as you can forgive yourself, start anew and go again. Everyone makes mistakes. Just put it behind you and go forward. Think of it as a lesson. Does this help?


G2: Yes, it helps a lot. Also, I was wondering, I know the information is in the book but I was wondering if you could talk a little bit more about the seven psychic circles and how it relates to the group. I want to get a feel for people we know that are progressing, not necessarily in our group, but examples of people in the past how they progressed. Does that question make any sense?

Iruka: Somewhat. I think that you have a lot of curiosity about others. However, you should be concerned about where you are and the growth that you want to develop. And where you want to be. It is curiosity to want to know where someone else is or isn't, and to become judgmental just a little, but it is of little importance. What you should be concerned about is your own personal path to the Father. And that your are indeed taking steps one after the other and not worrying about anyone else. Because the paths are so different and so varied, you cannot tell from the outside how well someone else is progressing. It is confusing enough to know where you are. Does this answer?

G2: Yes it does, it wasn't the question that I was thinking about, but it does answer the question I was feeling about if that makes any sense.

V: Hi Iruka, I hope I don't ask questions that are inappropriate or...I think they will be OK. I have two questions for you. Do you, since this is my first visit and I didn't ask ahead of time, do you have the ability to know me as an individual even though I haven't attended before?

Iruka: Only in general terms. If you become a member of the group I would visit you throughout the week and see how you are doing, and that way I would get to know you. But to know something specific about you or your past or what you are doing, no, I don't.

Correcting Time

V: Thank you, The second question I have is actually two questions in one. I feel very deeply that the world, that the earth, is in a serious and precarious situation. And I was wondering if you could tell us the primary reason that the earth is in such a serious and precarious position and what you would envision as being the primary solution to possibly overcoming this serious and precarious situation.

Iruka: That is a very long and complicated story, but in very simple and general terms, several things have put it into this situation. The Adam and Eve default, the Lucifer rebellion before that. And what can change is if every human being on this planet knew how much the Father loved that individual and could in turn give that love away, show love to others, that is the solution. Of course this is a very short and simple answer, but basically the humans on the planet today have no idea how much they are loved, how much they are cared for, and watched over. They act in ways as if they are totally alone. If they knew they weren't, and they felt the love, then it would change how they perceive each other and their planet. Short and simple, but certainly not simple. Does this help?

V: Yes it does, thank you very much.


J1: In keeping with short and simple, could you talk a little bit about soul growth and what the aspects of it are?

Iruka: Yes this is also not a simple or short topic. But basically when you spend time with the Father, you get to know Him, you feel the love, His peace, His joy, the goodness, the beauty. And the individual strives to become like the Father, to follow the Father, to do the Father's will. Each decision that you make to become like the Father or to follow His will causes soul growth. At this point, as a space-time creature, as a material being, you cannot detect very easily your own soul growth. Of course you go by the fruit of the spirit, but from day to day it is difficult. One day you are making good decisions, the next day you are nasty to a neighbor, and the next day you are fine again. It is hard to tell how much growth that you have. But there is growth, there are pauses, I wouldn't even call them setbacks, just pauses. When you are physically down or not feeling well and you say unkind things. But as soon as you feel better you are back on track and regret the words. That is more growth. If you are stagnating, you have no regret. You are becoming aware of how to be, of how to live. And the stronger you become, the more soul growth. Does this answer?

J1: Yes, thank you. This is April, how are we coming on the appearance?

Iruka: The appearance in Indiana? Naperville, everything seems to be on schedule. There is much excitement on this side. We are looking forward to it. Does this help?

J1: Sure, one last question, in your lesson you talked about pausing before shooting from the hip, and considering whether you would cause an individual harm. I can see you spending a lot of time trying to worry your way through that. Could you add a little bit more guidance on what one should consider while pausing?

Iruka: Merely does this remark sound offensive, something that you think is funny might not be funny to someone else. An everyday remark. To just be aware of the words...of what the words mean. Does this help? [yes]


S1: Iruka, a few times in prayer I have requested that if it were possible for me to help some people who were suffering from real illnesses and illnesses that they perceive in their mind, that I would be granted the capability or somehow the association of the healing or Life Carrier angel. Do you have any idea how that request is going or whether that is going to be granted to me?

Iruka: The Father has made available to anyone who wishes to heal, to be able to do that, and you have requested to do that. This is in preparation, this is happening, it takes time. But it is in the works, possibly in your time this would take weeks, several weeks. It depends, a more specific four to maybe eight weeks, depending, but yes there is a Life Carrier who has been assigned and preparations are being made. Does this help?

S1: Yes, it does, thank you very much, it is quite an honor. One last thing. I have a friend, John, who is not feeling well, not so much physically as more emotionally. Do you have any words for him that I can relay. He does believe in you, that you are who you are. Do you have any words for him, encouraging words, anything I can say to him from you?

Iruka: Reassure him that the Father loves him. That the Father wants him to be whole, to be balanced, to feel joy. That things that could inhibit this are selfishness, guilt. The Father loves all of His children, no matter what they have done or who they are or where they live. If you could communicate that to him, this one simple truth, if everyone knew that, we would send this planet into Light and Life. So communicate that to him, that he is loved.

S1: Thank you very much, I will.


G3: Hello Iruka, I have a question. I'm trying to really to formulate the question in my mind. I know what I would like to say, but I don't know if it is going to come out correctly. I have a friend and the two of us talk daily and a lot of times recently we have been having spiritual discussions about what is right and what the will of God is for our lives, or how we will know what the will of God is through prayer. She has related to me that she feels that...if you ask God for something that His will, will be shown to you but she also feels that there is a wrong way and a right way to ask and if you ask inappropriately then God will not grant your request. Also I feel that sometimes you can ask God for something that He will give it to you even though it may not be the best thing for you. And I was trying to relate to her my feelings of God's perfect will and God's permissive will. Can you explain this or am I off track or is she on track or what is the correct answer for how God answers prayer, when we pray and ask Him for something.

Iruka: Another intricate question. The Father first of all loves His children. And He wants the best thing for them. Now if they ask for something that is not good for them, He is unwilling to give that. He sees the overall picture and what seems like an unreasonable "no", when you look at the bigger picture might make more sense or it is more understandable. It is true He allows His children much leeway, He respects our wills. Sometimes a mistake or a failure is necessary to teach. If you could give me a specific example of what you are referring to I perhaps could be more specific in my answer.

G3: OK, exactly I was thinking of an example of a friend of ours recently took a position, started a new job, and she adamantly claimed this was the will of God for her to start this particular job. So she started on the job, initially things looked like they were going great and then I'd say within a matter of two months time she had already quit her first job to take this job she thought was the job she was supposed to take. So she quit her first job and she started on this other job which she felt was the will of God and in about two months later everything started to fall apart. Her employer was no longer able to pay her, she couldn't make ends meet and all of a sudden she found herself in a really bad situation, like what am I supposed to do now? Was this the will of God or was this my will. The question in her mind is, or in our minds, is did she take this job thinking this was what God had for her, or did she make a mistake and assume that this is what God had for her. And was that the will of God or was that just her will, that was the question, I guess, sometimes it is confusing when you are in a situation like that. That is the question.

Iruka: And this I cannot answer. It may have been the will of God. If she feels that it was then it may have been. The Father lets his children fail, He lets them get into situations to teach, to help them grow. If life was easy, if everything fell into place, there would be no growth. Indeed you would not ever look for the Father, because why would you need Him? People, humans, and most space time creatures turn to the Father when they are in deep trouble. If they are never in trouble, He is ignored. It could be that she wanted this job so badly she just wanted it to be the Father's will. But this is not a situation I can comment on or tell you what really happened. There are many possibilities, and He lets us fall, and then He gently picks us up. Does this answer?

G3: Yes, so in a way the job could have been the will of God. She did claim that, and my friend claimed, that as a result of her being in that position that she helped my friend come closer to God, that she was reading her Bible and she was experiencing. She didn't understand a lot of spiritual things and now they were more clear to her, because of meeting this person on the job and that she had helped some other people become closer to God also. I can see in that aspect that it was definitely a benefit for her to be there. On the other hand, however, her financial situation was very taxed to the point where she didn't know how she was going to feed her children. But in the meantime she has found another job so the situation seems like it turned out very good for her and other people involved.

Iruka: And of course you are aware of the phrase: "All things work together for good for those who love the Father"[1] that is roughly paraphrased,..right. If you love the Father things will work out towards the good, no matter how hard the lesson was. Does this help?

M1: Hello Iruka, I have a question about death and how the Father looks at suicide considering that there are people on this planet who suffer from diseases and go through great pain in their physical bodies on this planet. Who have either wished for or actually committed suicide and I was wondering, how was it looked upon. Is it looked upon as a relief for pain on this earth, is there life after death, the eternal life after death something that should be looked forward to by a person who is in this position? or is the suffering on this planet something that someone should have to endure.

Iruka: This is one of the topics that I cannot comment on. But know that the Father loves you very much, you have free will and whatever you plan to do in the future, pray about it, consider the options and make your decision, and that is really all I can say. Does this help? (yes it does)

S2: Iruka, these questions are about this group. How should we refer to this group when we talk about it, in our lives with other people. Should we refer to it as Iruka's group or S's group or...how should we think of it in our minds.

Iruka: As the Father's group maybe? A group of people who are seeking truth, who are trying to grow spiritually. Who are learning about God and moving towards Him. You can usually tell by who you are talking to what they would be receptive to. You need not use my name, I don't think they would know what you are talking about. But something to describe the group, that you get together to learn, to grow, to study. Does this help?

S2: Yes, how does one become a member of this group? By just attending and studying?

Iruka: Yes, just by coming. And let me add more, by coming and by learning to care for each member of the group. To consider them friends and to support them and to draw your support from them. A small community where you can be yourself and receive unconditional love as you give the unconditional love to them. Does this better explain? [yes]

Free will

V: Hi Iruka, I am anxious to get involved with another group seeking the truth and I have been involved with two groups, I guess over the last four years. Some of the most pressing issues facing me right now are the issues of suicide, and health, disease because of acquaintances I have in my life. And it seems to me that a framework is essential to..and some direction is essential from one who calls themselves teacher in a group that I would be committed to learning from, in those very, very difficult areas. So even though you can't give us information on whether suicide is right or wrong or the reason for serious disease or illness, do you feel you can still give us direction with respect to maybe particular incidents or particular situations. There is no doubt in my mind, well from the various religious materials I have read, that suicide would incur a pause in your spiritual progress. Can you not go as far as maybe just affirming that? That is my question.

Iruka: I do not understand a "pause". Could you elaborate on that?

V: Yes earlier you mentioned that people never, in their soul progression, they do not go backwards, they do not relapse. If anything they just pause. So I was using the term you had used earlier because it was very clear to me and I thought that it was a good word to use from your description. A pause in your spiritual development, so from all the literature I have read, and the sacred texts going even outside of Christianity, to Hinduism, Sophism, and maybe different ancient religions, I understand that...well I understand that suicide would incur a pause in your spiritual development although you would learn from it you would basically set yourself back. I guess there is actually a bigger question, than that specific question, and the bigger question is these are really important issues to us right now or at least to me and I know to many people who are trying to deal with...maybe they don't have disease in their life or in their immediate family like I do or see somebody who is suffering. But certainly anybody who is extremely sensitive to what is going around us can see in Europe right now the terrible things humans are doing to one another, just trying to get some direction from you, knowing that we could get direction from you would encourage me to come back to the study group, and I desperately want to get involved with a spiritual study group. But if you are going to side-step the issues of whether spirituality is right or wrong or abortion is right or wrong, I am asking you to give us some indication of what it is you can offer us, maybe you would be willing to comment in a less direct way possibly, but I see those issues are very big for me right now how to deal with the suffering and you gotta put your foot down and say genocide is wrong and I guess, I don't know. I guess it is sort of a comment and I was hoping you could comment further on my thoughts.

Iruka: Yes, and it involves a few different answers, a few different areas, parts if you will. On one level, we will take the free will topic. Humans have free will to make their own decisions. I am here as a teacher, a guide, a helper. If I told you, if I specifically said one thing, that would be crossing your will, that would be influencing you. You go to the Father and ask Him. My purpose is for you to become closer with Him. You do what He says, in your quiet time you ask Him. I will not interfere with that, I would be in error to do this, to cross your will is not part of my assignment. I have strict instructions not to.

OK the other topic, was when I was referring to soul growth. An individual who was slowly growing and could not see their own because of good days and bad days. But generally were going in the right direction. So generally you make good decisions towards the Father and a bad day here or there just slows it down, does not get you off track. You are talking about something that may or may not get you off track. OK, you are talking about something much more serious. In that application a pause does not apply. Is this understood at this point? [I think so] Then you brought up the topic of genocide in Europe and of course "Thou shalt not kill" is valid in this case, that is not the Father's will. Do you understand the different levels that we are addressing here now? [Yes, I believe so] Is it becoming clear because I think there was some confusion. OK, are you sure, is there another question in your voice.

V: Well, when you get to know me better you will find out I am the source of never ending questions but I was just hoping that as a teacher how can you help...well I was hoping that concrete direction would come from you and not necessarily sway our will, but at least set us straight on what the options are and what the consequences are. And I think you have made it clear that it is not your position to speculate on the consequences and that it is our responsibility to get that information from communing with the Father. And that is how I interpreted your response.

Iruka: Yes, that is correct, it would be so easy for someone to say, do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that. That would be giving your power to someone else and you don't do that, you stay with the Father. These decisions are tough, absolutely they are not easy. It is a part of being human, it is a part of learning about God, it is not easy, I agree with you. It is tough.

Afterlife, Sleeping Survivors

D1: Hello, I'd like to ask a question about, is there a period between...well I've heard that after I die as a human that I become a part of another world. I have a new body you might say but the same soul. Is there period between that?

Iruka: There are two things that can happen to you after your body dies. If you have progressed and have much soul growth, you will go directly to a Morontia world. By directly what I mean is three of your earth days. If you have not attained a certain level of soul growth then that part of you which identifies you and which is you and is part of your growth, is kept. They are called the sleeping survivors and at some point in time they are all repersonalized and go to the Morontia worlds. So the two options are, to sleep until a dispensation or to go directly to the Morontia world. Does this explain?

D1: Not entirely, I've have trouble remembering the question but is it like shameful to become a sleeper?

Iruka: Not at all. There are many on this planet and most people do become a sleeping survivor because they never knew how much the Father loved them. They never had the chance to grow, it is not shameful or embarrassing or bad. When we speak of eternity, the short time that they spend is not lost at all, this is not a race it is merely a growth process and everyone who wishes to grow towards the Father does and eventually gets there. In his own time, determined by his own personality, so no there is no shame or embarrassment. It is not a punishment. Does this help?

D1: Yes it does. When I was born, was my soul created? I refer to it as a soul, was it created then or..because I don't remember at all but did I have a body on another planet before I was born on Urantia?

Iruka: This is the first place that you have been. You will grow and develop and become...you have a spirit that grows and you have a soul. They both began growing on this planet. They will continue to grow throughout eternity no matter what kind of body you have. But this is your planet of origination, some of the traits that you have here will be with you for eternity. This is your home planet so to speak. Does this answer?

D1: Yes it does. I also want to ask, how did you get to become a teacher? Did you like...were there certain requirements that you had to pass, did you have to reach a certain planet level?

Iruka: Yes, I have been through the Morontia worlds and a little beyond there. Then they sent a call for volunteers to come to this planet and help teach humans about God's love. They only wanted a 100 at first, and there were many, many, many volunteers. Because by volunteering you learn. I have learned much on this planet, much that I did not know from my own experiences. It was an honor to be chosen, I am very thrilled and excited about being able to do this. Now recently they have expanded the 100 to many, many hundreds, thousands, millions so that every human on this planet can have their own teacher if they want one, if they ask the Father for one. They are going through the same training that I went through and new ones are being made ready every day. Does this answer?

D1: Yes, but what is the Morontia world.

Iruka: The Morontia world? [yes]. There are several, six or seven although depending on your growth you don't have to go through all of them. And it teaches how to be spiritual, it is an intermediate place. It is a combination of what you knew as a mortal about physical life and a combination with that with spiritual. There you learn how to be spiritual, how to be a spirit. So its an intermediate ground where they are combined and much learning takes place there. Does this help?

D1: Yes it does.

S2: Iruka, that was my son. Is it appropriate to have kids, I don't know if I should call them a kid, come to this group?

Iruka: If they are seeking truth I welcome anyone who wishes to grow and learn, absolutely.


M1: Iruka, I was wondering I guess wondering if the fact that I happen to be living in this particular point in time, in this particular place on earth. And the fact that I have found the Urantia people and the Urantia book and the people that I have met through it. I was wondering if this was somehow predetermined or did this all happen by chance?

Iruka: Nothing is really predetermined because you have free will. However, opportunities are always put in front of you so that you can choose yes or choose no. The very fact that you are here means that somewhere along the line you were introduced to the Urantia book and you chose to read it or at least look it over. You were told about this group and you made the choice to come. There are many opportunities surrounding individuals and by choosing yes or choosing no determines what happens in their future. Every day you make decisions so to say something is predetermined, no, because you could have said no, you could have chosen not to read such a big book, such a heavy book. With no pictures. So it really depends on your will, does this answer?

M1: Yes, it does. I also remember a preacher or minister or whatever you call themselves say that God knows everything that a person will do even before they do it. And how does that fit along the lines of free will and us determining what we do?

Iruka: There are many sides, many dimensions of the Father. There is an experiential part, He may or may not know what you will choose. This is not something that I know very much about or understand. This is something that even I do not fully understand, the more you learn about the different aspects of God, the more complex this becomes. We will both have to wait and see.

D1: How are you able to hear us, because I see earphones right there and...how do you hear us through the microphone, I mean why do we need the microphone?

Iruka: I can hear you just as you hear each other. The microphone is to record this session for you, for the people in your group who write this down on paper. I don't need the microphone, I have sensory devices like your ears and they pick up the sound waves just like your ears do. Does this answer?

D1: Yes it does, and are you actually in this room or do you have a communication device or a voice that speaks through that lady.

Iruka: I am in this room, I am towards the middle, up above. There are many others in this room with me, many others. Ones who are learning and ones who are just observing to see how it goes. They learn by your questions and your reactions. I am very close. Does this answer?


If there are no more questions we will end for today. I look forward to our next meeting. Good Evening.

Group: Good Evening.