1993-06-27-To Be Human

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Topic: To Be Human

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer

Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide. I am, as always, filled with much pleasure, and am always glad for the opportunity to be able to speak with you and to be a part of this plan which Christ Michael has put into play. It is always exhilarating for me to be in communication with ascending beings of your caliber, ones, who, despite the trials of life, despite the unknownness, are able to let your faith guide you and be the force that propels you to seek the will of the First Source and Center. Know that as you continue to open yourselves to the channels of divineness; as you continue to search and seek out the will of the Father; as you seek to know what your life's purpose is; you will evermore be brought into greater insight.

While you struggle with your daily ups and downs, it is often difficult to see beyond the immediate. However, if you will remember that the greatest thing that you can be at this time is human, then through your time spent in the stillness, you will begin to bring your human nature into more spiritual realms. And, so, while you may at times be disheartened and uncomfortable in your life, remember that it is through this life that you are being prepared for a grand adventure. Use this time, even though it may not be a time that you fully understand or a time that you can be so comfortable with, complacent with.


Humanity, Transformation

This week I would like to bring together some of the lessons of the past weeks into a package so that a more understandable living pattern can be set up for you. While we have spoken in the past about your humanness, let us remember that part of your growing into greater divinity requires that you begin here on this plane, that you begin here, now, as a material ascending creature. Use your humanness. Do not avoid it. Do not feel that it is inconsequential. For you see, that would be a mistake. Part of the ascension plan for you, and myself as well, is that you start on this level and continue through various other levels to greater heights to become morontial and, at some distant time, spiritual.

As you start out in your humanness, you are starting out as that imperfect being that will, through the eons of time, grow toward perfection. And, so, in order for you to be transformed as a person, you must begin to realize and to accept your humanness. By acceptance of it, you begin the transformation to grow toward perfection. In order to also be transformed as a person who is willing and ready to follow the will of the Father, you need to take the time to grow in understanding of your nature, and, through time spent daily, to understand the Parent of us all. And by doing this, you will begin to grow; the transformation will have begun.

As you walk through life, my friends, look at each individual that you meet; each relationship that you are involved with; each situation as it presents itself, whether at home, at work, or at play. Look at each situation as that opportunity that provides and gives you another form of experience. You all have in your understanding that life is a school. If life is a school, you must then see that everything that life presents is a lesson for you to grow from; learn from; experience from; and in doing so you are forming that inner soul for your divineness and for your future ascent.

Growth, Destiny

If you are always in a comfort zone, then you cannot grow. If you have your feathers ruffled, my friends, you will do what you can to grow. You will allow the ruffling of the feathers to bring you into action. And, if you desire, my friends, if you desire to grow, to change, to become, and to fulfill your potentials, you will welcome the ruffling of the feathers, and you will work to bring this ruffling into a greater understanding for yourselves and, thereby, ascend.

If you are open to this positively, then the trials of life will not affect you adversely, but rather you will thank the trials as a means of giving you the opportunity to learn. As you have read in the Urantia book, your angels are your constant guardians. And as they see you are in growth they do what they can to promote it. As they see you slide into laziness or comfort, they work to bring opportunities that you can become alert again, that you can take another step up that ladder for your growth.

See life and the following of the Father's will, the Mother's will, as that opportunity, no matter how it presents itself, as a way of following the will of the First Source and Center. As you are in constant prayer and constant search, you will be guided and directed correctly. When you can divorce your own motive from what you are doing, when you can truly say `Thy will be done', then you will indeed know the path to take. The road will be brightly lit for you. Follow that Inner Guide in that direction. Seek the Inner Guide always, for in doing so you will be led correctly.

Know, my friends, that as I have spoken before, in order for you to truly change, to truly grow, you must be the one that empowers this. Growth and change cannot come from without but from within. So empower yourselves daily through the time spent with the First Source and Center. For as you take the time to know the Father, the Mother Spirit, so shall you know your own humanness and so shall you begin to realize, without any limitation, without any hesitation, your true divinity, that you truly are a son, a daughter, of the Parent of us all, that you truly do have within your own being all that is necessary for you to succeed in this life, to succeed in coming into the understanding of the purpose of life, success in being able to make that decision on this plane, to forever go on to be a part of the Supreme plan.

Those who truly do wish to change, truly do wish to grow, truly do wish to know themselves and the First Source and Center, will keep this in mind, to always accept your own responsibility for your own growth, to always accept yourself for who you are, the son and daughter of the First Source and Center. Even though you are human now, you eventually will be as the Father, the Mother, is.

Look at life as the greatest school of all, that it provides you with the ingredients, at just the right time, for you to take what is given and to produce a meal that will nourish yourselves, nourish your growth, nourish your brothers and sisters around you. And as you have all begun to take those steps, necessary to understand the Father's will, the Mother's will, as you continue to view life in this regard, then you will see that the gifts of the Spirit, the gifts of the First Source and Center and the unfolding of life is not one of grief, one of turmoil, but rather as those steps that will bring you to greater joy, greater glory. My friends, you have begun to take those steps. You are internalizing these aspects within your being, and as you continue to do so, so do you grow.

That which was but a seedling is, indeed, growing into sturdy mighty oaks, and you will be able to be a grand support mechanism for many. Only those who nurture and feed the soil and give water to the soil can allow their own roots to grow. You truly do write your own pathway. You truly do decide your own destiny. While the unfolding of life may not be known to you, day by day you are creating who and what you are. Day by day realize what you are creating. I will now accept questions."


K3: "Good evening Daniel. Thank you."

Daniel: "Good evening K3."

K3: "This evening we have a couple of surprise guests from Oregon. I will let them introduce themselves and the group they're from."

D5: "We offer our apologies for disrupting your meeting and disturbing your comfort zones. We're sorry we are a little late to get here. It would have been nice to get in on some of the sharing and get to know you and give you a chance to get to know us. My name is D5; this is P5. We're part of the LinEl group in Corvallis, Oregon. We were in Yellowstone this morning, and we just barely made it here, and we really are honored to be here and be in on this. I appreciate D3 continuing."

P5: "My name is P5, and I just wanted to say thank you for your patience with us. Daniel it is nice to be in your presence, and we bring lots of love and hugs from L2 and B1. We helped unpack their truck. We understand you helped pack it in; we helped unpack it."

Daniel: "Greetings D5 and P1. It is my great pleasure to have you here this evening in our presence. I am indeed aware of you and your group, and we are pleased that you have been a true brother and sister in welcoming our group members into your hearts and to be of help to them at a time when they were indeed needing friends. Part of the gift of the Father is to be able to reach out to welcome others and to be of loving kindness to your brothers and sisters on this plane. Indeed are the words and the love of the Father beginning to shine through in more and more avenues such as this then you all can realize. When you look at the remorse, the sadness on this plane, you can be moved into despair, but take heart and realize that within each individual is that Father fragment, and that Father fragment works continuously and does well in bringing forth many, many gifts, many, many wonderful contributions despite all that are not seen. Again, I say welcome to our group. We are always very happy to have visitors, and we are especially fond of the Oregon groups, and wish to meet more and more from these areas. Welcome, my friends, and please take a personal message back with you to B1 and L2. My love to them. I have been in their presence recently, and I am still a guide and friend forever for them. Thank you."

Acceptance, Opportunity

N1: "Daniel, thank you for your lesson. When you began, the problem that I have been having with my humanness became more clear to me. I associate humanness with human emotions like anger and jealousy and those sorts of things, and I know they are not part of our divine nature. I heard you say that we need to accept our humanness, and yet for me that means accepting anger and jealousy, and all that sort of stuff, and I'm still kind of in a quandary about that. Could you address this for me please?"

Daniel: "Yes, but let me ask you a question, my dear. When I opened my discourse with you this evening, did I not also use emotion when I said that I am always happy, pleased, exhilarated to be here? Do you see that emotion is also a part of divineness, that it has a positive affect as well as negative affect? I understand that when you consider your humanness that you consider all things negative to be of humanness only. Realize that even as you leave this plane and work through the morontial worlds you will also at those times need to further work through all of those things of which you are on this plane. For, you see, you are starting on a bottom level, and you are ascending to that great height of perfection.

When the course of life unfolds, and in the unfolding there becomes this emotional surge where there are feelings felt, negative feelings of which you speak. Do you not see that this is the time for you to stop and say, but why am I feeling this guilt? Why do I have this anger? What is it that this opportunity is trying to teach me? This is the ruffling of the feathers I spoke about. If you were never brought into anger, would you not know that you could not become angry? If you were never confronted with intolerance would you not know that you are capable of being tolerant or intolerant? Life will present itself in many ways. There will be many ugly heads that will raise in front of you. If you can face each of these in a mode that helps you to grow, then that which you have felt, guilt, shame, jealousy, intolerance, unforgiveness, will take a different course if you can but face it and analyze from why and where it is coming.

And during this time of discontent, do not try to walk the path alone. At this time, when it is often the hardest to let go and allow the love of the Father in, this is the time when it is most necessary, most needed. And, so, when the trials of life are upon you, allow the Indwelling Spirit to help guide and lead you into greater understanding, into greater perception of the situation. Realize that emotion, feelings, are not just contained in this life plane but go on. And part of the greatness of the First Source and Center is that deep feeling of love for all of the creatures of the realm for who He/She has created. Do you see?"

Fear, Guilt

N1: "Yes, Daniel. I know I need to spend more time in meditation on this aspect as you have suggested. I still struggle with this aspect of humanness versus divinity, and I had written it down as humanness is emotion, and you have told me that this is not the case, so I need to spend more time there. I am also... and maybe I also just need to turn this over, and there is nothing more you could say here either... I've been noticing an awful lot of resistance in myself in [not] wanting to spend the time in the quiet, and maybe that is something I need to discover in myself, and maybe that is really where my unwillingness is -- is to look at that. I was wondering if there is anything you can say to that?

Daniel: "In this regard, at this time, my dear, I would ask that you let go of the fear and the guilt you have attached to your humanness. You, as many, have within their framework a hesitancy of not being able to let go; a hesitancy in realizing that just because you might error that you are of no consequence; a hesitancy in realizing that part of the life plan is for you to go through and work through your errors that you can use these as the springboard to grow and to learn from. It is only those who continue to make the same errors that back slide. Those of you who look to your errors as an opportunity to enhance and to reach that potential will continue to grow. Let go of that fear. You are not expected to be perfect. You are not created perfect, and, therefore, because of this, God understands completely, fully, far more then you can even imagine. Look to the Indwelling Spirit within as the wellspring for bringing about love. Look to that Indwelling Spirit to provide for you the resources necessary to let go of that fear and that guilt. Do not be ashamed of who and what you are and the human things; rather, embrace who you are, a son and daughter of the Parent of us all. If you can keep this thought in your head, then that which transpires in your human life will not pull you down, will not prevent you from seeking that stillness with the Father. Has this helped?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel, it has. It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by and I still hold on so tightly to the need to be perfect. We've talked about this before."

Daniel: "Little time in the eons of time, my dear. It takes much, much to bring about a total understanding. As you are but babes, realize that the Parent of us all is there to pick us up, always, always, realizing that with each step you take there is this potential being ever given more reality for you. As you embrace each concept and re-embrace it in many different packages, in many different forms, then you are learning; you are growing; you are becoming. Remember the circle and the many radiating degrees around it. You, all of you, will have areas where you may have to have a certain lesson presented 360 times, from many different angles, in order for it to become understood, for you to be able to grasp it. This is not a problem. It is only a problem if you should stop wanting to know. It is only a problem if you decide it is others who must change and not yourself. It is only a problem when you do not assume the responsibility for yourself. It is only a problem when you give up. Remember the Indwelling Spirit and the First Source and Center are not ever going to give up on you. Don't give up on them."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel. That was most helpful."

Free will

T3: "Daniel, I have a question. In your discourse this evening, you said that when we need to grow we get our feathers ruffled so that we will grow, but you also said that we need to watch what we do because we create each day and moment for ourselves. So are we the ones creating the ruffled feathers, or is that put there divinely? I need to have this cleared up, if you could do that for me."

Daniel: "As you work through life, there are many paths that you can take. As you work each day to know your being, to know the First Source and Center, you are creating within yourselves, and your path, an overall picture of who and what you are. And this is what I mean by saying you are creating your own destiny. If you should decide to sit like a rock on the side of the road, that is creating your own destiny of never growing. If, however, you decide to be that pebble that rolls down the hill and continues on the journey, then you are creating that destiny for ascension and for growth. To say that life is pre-ordained is to say that you are not a creature that has free will but rather a slave of a god. Let me explain. While the course of life is such that at some point in time you will arrive at Paradise Isle does not mean that each and every breath, each and every move you make has been decreed. Rather, it states that in the course of your own free will you have chosen that path that will eventually lead you to home base, to the loving Parent. As you work toward this goal, there will be unfoldings, there will be opportunities presented to you. How you act and react to each opportunity is your own choice. To use the opportunity to let the ruffled feathers stir you into action is your choice. To think that you are like a puppet on a string is error. You control the strings; the opportunities await you, as life unfolds, that you can control that destiny. Is this clearer?"

T3: "Yes it is. Thank you very much."


T4: "Hello Daniel, this is T4. I have been spending the past week or so trying to teach myself to meditate and to silence my mind to the point where I can hear beyond..I can listen to things beyond, the general noise around me, and to silence my mind enough to listen. Could you give me some advice on how I can help begin the process?"

Daniel: "The process of stilling your mind?"

T4: "Yes."

Daniel: "This is not an easy task for any, given the makeup of the human. But it is not impossible either. What it takes is a matter of first learning to still the body, that the body itself can become comfortable, can relax. If there are any discomforts within the body itself, then silencing the mind is difficult, so the first step is in bringing the body into that relaxed state, which can be done through many different avenues of which D3, or others, can speak to you at a different time.

In stilling the mind, then, after the body has become relaxed, it is best if you begin with prayer. Going into the quietness, that is necessary for understanding the Indwelling Spirit and the First Source and Center, is an opportunity that is presented to you and a time that is given over for prayer, prayer and thanksgiving and worship. As you turn yourself over to the Divine Presence state `Thy will be done as You direct'. [This] will be the avenue for silencing the mind. As you end your prayers, sit quietly. If thoughts should randomly occur, do not become stressed or agitated. Rather, allow these thoughts to wander by and [then] refocus.

Often it is necessary at first for you to create a focal point of being. Often thinking of a circle or a ball at about the third eye position would and does help one to come into a stillness. As you concentrate on this circle of light or ball, you are not allowing other thoughts to come through. And, over time, then, you can let go of this help, and the quiet time can be achieved.

Realize, my friends, all of you, that you are human. You have electrical chemical makeup, and because of this makeup, your quiet time will be different day to day. Some days you will be able to sit for greater lengths without random thoughts. Other days your mind is overly busy, and it is not possible. When you have a day like that, do not become discouraged. Rather, sit for just a few moments; allow the presence of the Indwelling Spirit to emanate through your being; thank the Father and Mother Spirit for their guidance. Other days you may sit for longer periods. This is a time when the work of the Indwelling Spirit can become more encircuited into your consciousness. You see, it is only through the stillness that the Indwelling Spirit can come through. And, so, as you daily practice that stillness, it becomes easier and easier to flow in and out of. If you are one who has trouble doing it for greater lengths of time, then just sit periodically through out the day; quiet the body; quiet the mind, and over time you will become able to freely sit and meditate.

D3 is allowing me to use her as an example. For five years she meditated. For five years nothing happened, except that during this time there became an avenue that opened, that brought her into firm resolve that whatever would be would be, and that everything was on a right track.

And, so, this is not a skill that can be learned overnight. It is a skill that takes time and practice, but it is a skill that will bring you rewards. Even if you do not hear direct words, remember that there is within you this Indwelling Spirit, and the communication that is given to you will be understood by you as that God language that will direct you. Not all people hear words. Not all will come in contact or understand when they are being spoken to. This is not a prerequisite for gaining your ascensionship. What is important is your intent, your desire to know the Father and follow His/Her will. As you sit with the Father/Mother you will begin to know and perceive that which is God language.

Do not become frustrated at times when the mind is overly busy. Rather, bless the mind, thank it for all that it does for you, and at a time when you are better able, later in the day, the next day, try again, and you will be successful.

You will have times when you feel your meditations have been off. They are only off if you can not sit in prayer and be in the presence of the First Source and Center . Even if you feel, on a human level, that you have not been successful, it is not for you to judge what goes on or for you to know what transpires for soul or spiritual growth. Only know that you are willing and ready to follow His/Her will. Does this help?"

T4: "Yes, thank you Daniel."

Weather, Control, Consciousness

N1: "Daniel, I have a question about...Well, my question is, is there a link between the collective consciousness and weather patterns?"

Daniel: "The collective consciousness is indeed a vast resource, and is indeed an energy source that does bring about change. However, to state that the collective consciousness has bearing on weather patterns is very borderline. The weather is that which is not under the control of humans. Rather, it is part of a universal energy that cannot be solely directed by human thought. However, there are, and have been, times when the thought and the energy generated by many has indeed brought about local change. The weather patterns often are cyclical and are not under the control of human thoughts, per se. When we are speaking of this type of energy, it becomes involved in a much greater energy and power than can be changed by celestials, as myself. The overcontrol of weather is one that is not readily understood, for those physical controllers and universal energy controllers are involved in these specific types of things. Let me say this, that when the collective consciousness is in force, there can be brought about in very local areas, certain changes. But to think that the collective consciousness could change global weather would be very, very suspicious and very doubtful. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel, it does. Thank you."

Daniel: "Let me address for you, T3, the question behind your question here in this regard. (Editor's Note: T3 did not ask her question aloud.) When you as individuals use the gifts of the Spirit; when you put out your thoughts; when you proceed in the positive, that all will be taken care of; then often times there are given to you opportunities to bring about that which will be beneficial for you, as in the case of your recent trip. Had you not listened to those inner voices, not followed certain intuitions, then you could have found yourself in harm's way. However, because of your positive demeanor, your opening up to all that is available to you, you followed a path that led you in a different direction, that brought you into a safe haven. This is possible for all of you. You are given, in your daily lives, many opportunities, many routes to follow. When you open yourself to divine following; when you turn your life over to the Father; when you put out the positive; then, remember, you are creating thoughts that can generate that which will unfold readily for you. Do you see?"

T3: "Yes I can see that, Daniel, and thank you very much. The problem that I have right now and it was that... I guess that there is still so much doubt that you feel, and that day when that situation happened I felt more that I was... I felt doubtful and yet.. I don't know. I guess I can't discern when something is a message and when something is just my own fear, and I kept saying the words `Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world' and I was hoping that that would settle me, but... that's the hardest... I guess could you touch on discerning between fear and discerning between getting the direct message that you need to take time to decide the proper route to take?"


Daniel: "Everybody here says `Yes, tell me that answer'. And again, let me say this. This is part of that being the free-will creature. This is that part of not being the puppet on the string. This is that part of saying and holding such great faith that through Him all things are possible, that through Him all that unfolds will be correct. When you hold that faith; when you truly strive to put aside your own motivation and ego; when you truly work to follow the First Source and Center, you will be led correctly. And even on those days when the path you are taking seems very incorrect indeed, hold tight to that faith. Work to bring the completion of this situation. Pray at that time for guidance. Remember that the Master has said that He will always be there for you. When you find yourselves in those situations which are not comfortable, turn to that Inner Teacher within, and hold in faith that what is presented to you is the correct path to take given that you are not seeking your own motive, but, rather, truly desiring to follow the First Source and Center.

Faith in that which is not known is the test of all time. And time and time again you will be called upon to show forth that faith, to allow and trust that the First Source and Center is indeed the Overseer of all. My dear friends, this is a very difficult, difficult thing for you on this plane. As you progress you find that because of the knowledge that you gain, that you are able to embrace and hold greater faith, but to think that it becomes easier is in error. I know from where I speak, that while I have a few years on you, in experience and knowledge, I also understand the importance of being able to trust and hold faith. This is a continual part of the ascension career. You are beginning now to really come into understanding regarding this great gift, and gift it is, from the First Source and Center. Pray daily that your faith can increase, your understanding can increase, and the trust that you have will always bring you through each and every situation in your life.


My friends, it is time for me to take my leave. I ask that you take the time during these next few weeks, since we will not be together, to consider my lesson tonight, to consider whether or not the importance of and willingness to change. Consider that it must be an internal conviction, one that you alone are in control of.

I send my love to the Oregon group, and to you P1 and D5, that you can continue to grow on your spiritual paths, that you will be given the tools necessary for coming into greater and greater personal relationships with the First Source and Center. I send you my love, and all of you go now in the ministry of following the will of the First Source and Center. Good Evening."