1994-03-06-Lack of Enthusiasm

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Topic: Lack of Enthusiasm

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Ambrose, Will

TR: JoiLin

Session 1


Will: I enjoyed listening to the camaraderie expressed tonight. It does give us much joy to listen to you when there is such an obvious amount of love that fills this room. That is what family is all about. That safe port from the storm. That area, or place, we all feel comfortable enough to bear our hearts and our souls, without the worry of how it may sound to others. Knowing we are accepted is such a big part of this family we build - you build. This is your family - treasure it my dear ones. You are building a family you will remain a part of for a very long time.

I heard you mention tonight, the fact that you might set up practice sessions for those of you interested or who desire to become transmitters. I think this is a wonderful idea, certainly something worth pursuing. If the desire is strong enough, the goal will be reached through a commitment and a consistency. These practice sessions might make it easier for those who have not the confidence yet in their ability to do so. So, if my vote counts, I vote that you do this.

I am going to turn this meeting over to Ambrose, who has waited for some time in order to meet with you again. Know, my dear ones, that you are always in my thoughts, that I do look in on you during the week. I like what I see.

I would ask you, as always, to continue working toward making your commitment to your time with the Father, an on-going commitment, a number one priority commitment. I will step back now and allow Ambrose the floor, leaving you with my blessing and my love.


Ambrose: Good evening, it is I Ambrose, who come to speak with you and share some time with you this evening. I thank you one and all, for allowing me this opportunity. And I thank my superior, your teacher Will, for allowing me this opportunity also.


When you go about your day, and look at the people within your day, those people you contact out in your community, as well as those at work, what is your understanding, or your impression of them as a whole? Is it more negative? Or do you feel or sense more of a positive essence coming from them? (Silence) This is a question put out to the floor.


Annalyse: I think I see more of a positiveness. I feel more positive myself, and I thought perhaps, that was making me notice the positive more than I had noticed in the past. I had not said to myself that people around me were being more positive. I had, in the last two to three weeks, listened as people with whom I was socializing, talked extremely negatively, that they feel our society is going to collapse - that the crime problem was going to get so severe that we have to almost barricade ourselves in our homes. And so, in a sense, I've heard a lot of pessimism expressed, but from just people around me, it seems like they respond to my smiling more than they used to. So maybe, more positive.

Ambrose: But it sounds to me, as if you are recognizing your part in this scenario.

Annalyse: Yes.

Ambrose: Your ability to extend a positive feeling. And it's being reciprocated?

Annalyse: Yes.

Ambrose: Good. Anyone else?

Judi: I've noticed over the last two years, that I'm much more accepting of other people and their action and much less judgmental in a negative sense, which has - the act itself might not have changed, but I think my perception has changed from a negative to a positive.

Ambrose: Yes, good. So you think also, that this is directly related to you and how you perceive, or how you project into your environment?

Judi: I hadn't thought about me projecting or influencing the environment before, but more my perception of it. But if I perceive it more positively, I must project a more positive and accepting attitude as well.

Ambrose: Yes, good. Is there anyone who senses a more negative attitude as a whole? Or is the consensus that of a more positive attitude?

Vincent: I think a lot of people have a globally negative attitude, but when you get on a personal level, they're really generally pretty positive about things.

Ambrose: yes, thank you.

Judi: Although, it is real easy to get down and dirty with gossiping with most people.

Ambrose: Yes, unfortunately, down and dirty gossiping is highly contagious. But then too, is a positive outlook, an uplifting outlook, also highly contagious, as I know each and every one of you here, have personally experienced this to be true in your lives. Those times that you reach out to others, with a smile, with an openness, with a willingness to help with no understanding of recompense on your part. Many people don't know how to react to you when you behave toward them in this light. Many are astounded, it's never happened to them before. But I'm sure you've noticed a change within them within a short time, due to your projecting the Father's love toward them.


Cathy: We had a touching thing happen this week. One of our parents died in our school. It was a long-term illness, so it wasn't completely unexpected, although we didn't know it was imminent. And we were discussing whether we should go to the funeral or not. Our boss was saying, "Let's keep this really low key, and not get the kids involved, but do whatever you want to about going to the funeral." But made it sound as if it wasn't really necessary that we make a show. But from our viewpoint, it was like we see the children in our school as part of our family, because we're often with them for several years. And even though we weren't personally involved with the mother that much, we had grown very attached to the child through the mother's illness. So my immediate boss and I decided to go to the funeral and when we were there, making contact with the father and grandmother, that we had been involved with, they were just so grateful for us coming. And I think it made that bond even tighter that they knew that we were going to be taking care of that little girl for them. And later, when they picked her up, after the funeral and all, they were just desperate for information of how to deal with this with the child and I don't think we would have known that if we hadn't gone to the funeral and let them know that we cared. It was more of a - it was sort of unexpected for us too, like we just did it out of our own sense of grief and wanting to be connected. And it was like it was met with an even greater connectedness on their part.

Ambrose: Yes, Many times we may feel moved to do something, and we pull back, more because we don't know how it will be taken, we don't know what the other person will be feeling, if we reach out and do this, will we be rejected? Will we be accepted? But when these things move inside of you, quite often this is either your Thought Adjuster prompting you in a direction, or it may be one of your teachers, either personal of otherwise, prompting you. Trying to give you that little push, that's yours to either accept or reject. In your case, you accepted and you found that it was helpful, that it was needed, you were able to give them a gift by acting on that inner impulse.

Over the next week, I would like for each of you, when you feel those little inner nudges, when you come across someone on your path, whether it's a homeless person, whether it's someone struggling to carry their groceries, no matter who or what the incident may be, when you feel that inner nudge to do something, don't disregard it, act on it. And then watch to see how it changes both you and that person. Many times we have these feelings - we don't act on them and then we feel that little inner sense of loss - did I do wrong? Should I have done it? There again, is that little nudge from your helpers, trying to lead you, trying to help you. But you are always in command - it is always your choice to either accept or reject.


I want to thank you all for allowing me this opportunity. I hope to be able to join you again in the future when my superior wishes me to do so.

Go from here this evening, knowing that you are all cherished, loved and watched over by your teachers, and always by your Father.


All: Shalom

Session 2

March 20, 1994


Will: The love of the Father surrounds us. The strength of the Father upholds us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.


Sharing, Service

You gather here tonight among your brethren sharing among yourselves the ups and downs of the previous week. It is through exercises such as this, that you may come to realize what a strengthening effect you can have on each other. It is through this very kind of sharing with others you encounter on your walk of life, that you will utilize the skills that you have come to recognize as being those necessary to walk the life in the light of the Father. He asks only that you share a little of yourself with others. It is not always such a difficult task. There may be times you hold yourself back, fearing what others may think, not sure you have the correct words to say, but as you fine-tune your relationship with the Father, you find it easier and easier to share a little of His light with others. It will indeed continue to be this way throughout your universe career. You share and others share with you, whereby each may gain knowledge and understanding of a position previously unknown. The exchange of useful information may be nearly imperceptible to the receiver at the time of the transference; remember, all things work toward the greatest good. Most times these exchanges of information are beneficial to both parties in that each may take from the encounter some kernel or two of truth that will return to their consciousness at a later time, when it is needed. This is why you must never trouble yourselves over what effect you believe you are having on others as you openly share with them. If you are earnest and sincere in your efforts, much more will be accomplished than you can see. It is the same old story of service, the variations are endless, as are the possibilities and the opportunities. You are free to pick and chose; we hope you will stretch yourselves a bit further, and actually put forth some effort into these endeavors. Your growth should be your only goal.

You have all come far in these few brief years of consciously observing and trying to change your own behavior. We are pleased with the results we see. Continue to strive forward, you are stronger than you think, stronger than you know, and the Lord upholds all.

We continue to ask that you strive week to week, we know that your lives are busy, and simply maintaining the balance is difficult enough - we are pleased when you make the effort to go beyond and exert yourself outside your normal activity. Think of Jesus of Nazareth; know that He too, walked a similar path to yours - He understands. That is all I have to say.


Walk in His light. Continue to share openly with others; no thoughts of self are to intrude; you are simply a conduit. As always, I leave you with my love. I shall continue to visit with you during the week. Remember, I am available to you always.


All: Shalom

Session 3

March 27,1994


Let us begin:

Will: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, my blessing on all of you. I am your Teacher Will, who loves you.



It is not the things you do in life that matters to God, to your companions, or to you. It is not the things that you do, but your way of doing them that matters. The great mistake of the modern christian religions is the mistake of scribes; they looked upon the events of the Teacher's life and recorded His actions, but not His way of acting. For the thing that sets the true Son of God apart from all others is His way of going about the things that express the will of the Heavenly Father. It's not the actions themselves, and the goals, while significant, are not the basis for deciding the worth of an effort. We've said before, that the only useful rule for determining which path among the number of choices is the most likely to be the path preferred by the Heavenly Father, is the path with the most love in it. That path is most likely to be pleasing, it is also the path most likely to be productive for both actor and observers, for both giver and recipients. Our Teacher lived a fully human life that was remarkable not for the event, but for His manner of living. His life was remarkable for His method of dealing with people. For His solutions which required all His creative intelligence and his willingness to deal with people as individuals, to look into their lives and hearts for the answers to the problems which confronted them. This is how He went about doing good. Each of you has your own life to live. Each of you will live that life in some greater or lesser proportion of cooperation with other people. In some cases intimate and in some cases remote. We request that as you live your lives, you also go about dispensing good, not in the form of material things, but in the form of proper, loving, respectful, concern for the sensitivities and needs and spiritual progress of those whom you meet in the ordinary course of events of life. That is what is asked. You do not need to go somewhere. There is work all around. It is not necessary for you to do any particular thing, but what is asked is that you go about these things in a way that is responsive to the leadings of the Adjuster and your best appreciation, your best intellectual appreciation of what most closely conforms to the Father's will, regarding any proposed course of conduct. It is not what you do, but the spirit in which it is done. That is where we will look to see the will of the Father.



All: Shalom

Session 4

April 3, 1994


Greetings, I have asked Nadine to speak on my behalf, for which she feels apprehension. She lacks the security of knowing who I am, but I come in peace with a simple desire to speak to your group.



It has been said of Jesus of Nazareth, "This is my son in whom I am well pleased." Let these words be a comfort and a guideline to you as you also seek to have the Father be well pleased in you. It is on this celebration day of Easter that we can experience the renewal of our soul's commitment to the Father and may witness the rebirth of the world around you with the coming of springtime, the blossoming of the flowers, the birthing of babies in all of nature. The passages of time throughout the seasons awaken and stir the souls of men in somewhat symbolic expressions of renewal and rebirth, through growth and blossom and the Fall of your years, followed by the end of your material life. However, this is a material phenomenon, you well know that your life does not end here on earth. It is during this time, you are most able to identify with Jesus the man. You have studied His life, you know He lived a truly human experience, filled with heartache, pain, joy, growth and service ( ? ). The end of His earthly career culminated in His rising from the dead, passing beyond the grave into eternal life, appearing again before believers, to assure them of the truth of His teachings while he lived amongst them. There can be no better example for you to follow and oft times you do well. Those of us here, support you, send you our love and look for ways in which to guide you as you press onward through your earthly careers. You would be much heartened if you could only but see the amount of help available and already working for you. Give thanks to God, his plan is a great one, encompassing all things. There are no rocks left unturned, no path left unsearched in our quest to guide souls. You do much to assist with your openness and your willingness to put yourself to the side and request and welcome our help. The Father Himself wants to give you these things, in fact, is waiting many times, when all that is required is turning towards Him, letting Him know of your desire. For it is in the humbling of yourselves, by making the request, that allows Him to give this to you. As a wise Father, He awaits your growth, before He burdens you with a gift you may not be ready for. He longs to be your friend, seek Him often and you have all to gain. True peace and tranquillity can be had, in spite of your hectic, stressful lives, if you will acknowledge Him and seek His strength. Rejoice and go about with a glad heart. All is given you and you will be fulfilled.


I thank you for the time allowed to speak, and wish you much joy in your lives. In this way will you be known as one of His children. My love I send to you all.


Session 5

April 10, 1994


WILL: The love of the Father enfolds us. The strength of the Father upholds us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, it is I, your teacher, Will, who loves you.


Service, Opportunity

Tonight we will talk on the opening of channels between people. For some this is a frightening thought, although it is integral to life on your planet. In all meetings between persons, there is a connection made, however fleeting. In your quest to be channels of love to those you encounter you can do much to assist in the process by maintaining an opening an openness, an honesty in your speech. We have also mentioned before the importance of eye contact. There is energy constantly surging through each body and it is projected outward whenever a connection is made between yourself and another person. The energy you project may be light and uplifting or it may seem dark and stifling to the person encountering it. Much depends upon you, how you choose to react and therefore act with events occurring in the natural course of your day will indicate what type of energy you will project. You have all encountered people with whom no connection is possible as they have closed down and leave no openings for you to reach them through. Your stance of openness allows you to reach out with even a small gesture, a smile, a nod of the head as an acknowledgment of the other's identity. This greatly increases your chances for opportunities to connect on a deeper level. But first the opening must be there. You may continue to give of yourself in this manner without end so long as you are replenished spiritually in your meetings with the Father. It is not so daunting a task to give in this way. Your lives will be enriched for it.

As you have grown spiritually, your responsibilities have also grown. Your knowledge prompts you to treat others with kindness, to seek out the good in others and to take action when you can to assist another in need. Remaining open to these opportunities is all that is required. Many times you recognize these opportunities for some small kindness that you can perform and you do recognize it as service. Other times even you are unaware that your small kindnesses are a service to anyone. Rest assured that good is still being done whether you are aware of it or not. The example presented earlier in the group of not the recipient but another being touched by an act of service shows evidence that someone sees. Someone always sees the good.

When possible engage your fellow man in talk. Reaching out, making a connection is good practice for you will continue to encounter new people throughout your career. The skills you practice here will serve you well. Remember that the key to giving is to replenish yourself on a daily basis in time spent alone with the Father. He is always there waiting at your heart's door. Waiting for you to see Him there.


Go about your day then with a sense of purpose - a game plan. You can make a difference in the world today. Lean on the Father's strength and know that my love goes with you as well. Until we meet again.


ALL: Shalom.

Session 6

MAY 15, 1994


Mantouba: Greetings, it is I Mantouba.



I wish to thank those present who are among the group practicing in their ability to communicate with both the teaching staff and their personal teachers. I wish to congratulate those who have pushed themselves to speak out and begin this journey. I would once again, extend an invitation to those present who have not joined us in the hope that you might decide to do so. I think once this journey has begun, you will understand on a personal level the growth it produces when you step out in faith. Your connection with your Father is strengthened, as well as your receptivity to this communication process. I think you will also discover that this stepping out increases your productivity in the work field and in the everyday life. Too often, it is our reticence that keeps us from living to the highest levels that we might. So once again, my children, know that we appreciate your efforts, all of those efforts, not just those that have to do with communication.


I leave you now, with my peace.


All: Shalom

Session 7


Will: Good evening and greetings to you all once again. I am your teacher Will, who loves you.

At our last meeting, I invited you to be alert for opportunities in the coming week to provide loving service to some particular person. We will continue this exercise through the coming weeks. The point, the purpose of this exercise is not secret. I will share it with you all.


Service, Attitude

We invite you to provide service. We think that you will see as you look around in your own popular culture that a life devoted to self examination is a life whose potential is wasted. Even guided humans rarely possess enough judgment and enough foresight to benefit from an exhaustive examination of their own faults and strengths. Even more unreliable is the assistance of so called professionals who bring their own slate of faults and strengths. Rather than to pursue betterment through the sequence of problem identification and problem resolution, we recommend to you that you provide loving service to your companions in the life experience, that the benefits to -you- from engaging in this service are inescapable. The benefits to you from service will make you a better parent, a better friend, a better acquaintance, a better colleague, a better employer, a better employee. I could extend this list out indefinitely, but I think you understand where I am headed. A life devoted to service cures all, sooner or later, usually sooner.

We have been meeting like this for some time now and I think that you are all beginning to understand that devotion to the Father's path, exhibited by devotion to a life of service, is not a financial commitment, it is not a professional commitment, it is not a family commitment, it is merely an attitude commitment. You need not quit your jobs, or take on additional jobs. You need not give away all that you own, or accumulate more. You need not change the nature or the number of your relationships with other people. What you need do to walk this path is the same thing done by the Master. To freely, honestly, and spontaneously engage those people whom you chance to meet throughout the life experience.

This is easier for some than for others. It is easier for some meetings than for others. You live in a sea of uncontrollable variables and we suggest that you pin down one variable and exchange it for a constant. We respectfully suggest that that constant should be the provision of appropriate service to those in need. This will be an excruciating exercise for some of you. It remains however, the best training for the afterlife, which is devoted to this and nothing else.


For those among you who have little interaction with other persons not within your circle of acquaintances or colleagues, we recommend that you take your lunchtime or any period suitable to your schedule of one hour per working day, and expose yourselves to opportunity, while simultaneously exposing the rest of your society to the matchless concern and solicitude that our Father intends. Try to stop thinking about yourselves, try to stop thinking about the results. You are all getting ahead of yourselves. In order to get to the later point, it's necessary to deal with the situation as it exists. You are creatures of the present although you possess the mental power to envision the future. Yet you all persist in concentration on the future without paying proper respect to the present. No matter how powerful your minds are as they are presently situated, you will never reach the future as you foresee it.

You must live in the present, you must at all times, live in the present. Try not to think so far ahead in your dealings with the people you encounter. Try to pay attention -now- to the messages that they are communicating to you -now-, through their posture, through their facial expressions, through the things that they say and the peculiar words that they use. You must experience the present before you can reach the future. This is one of the life lessons which must be learned solidly by the creatures of your order. The joy of life, the experience of love, and satisfaction and respect from living in the light of the Father, your children, family members, workmates, must all be experienced in the present, it is not for the future. The future for creatures of your order is the domain of plans, you, like us, are working toward the fulfillment of those plans. However, no matter how sophisticated and refined your prospects for the future may be, your vision is not great enough to encompass the things that will actually happen.

You cannot spare yourselves this lesson. You must live your lives in the present. It is a tool. You must learn to use it. Wield it effectively, and you will begin to learn to use the present and live in the present, by remaining alert to opportunities that present themselves, many by chance, some by our guidance, some by guidance of creatures we do not comprehend; not within our realm of vision or awareness. You cannot come up with a plan that can effectively deal with these opportunities, yet by practicing that which was originally taught to you and employing in a spontaneous fashion the technique of dealing forthrightly with whomever you are engaged, as if the Master were standing by your side and by your every thought, word, and deed, you are displaying to Him the depth and breadth of your understanding of His teachings and that you do so as a pure conduit, allowing heavenly power to flow through you untempered, unchanged, and unrestricted, to pass to your companions, and that you do these things without self effacing or attempts at levity or in any way diminishing the importance of these things which occur.


You are not capable of coming up with a plan to effectively employ this lesson. Give it up. Open your eyes. Your hearts are prepared to -be- open. Pay attention. Remain alert. When you sleep, -sleep-. When you are awake, -be awake-. Opportunity is all around you, time is wasting. We have work to do. You do too and you -know- it. We will be with you. We will discuss this again. That is all I have to say.


All: Shalom End

Session 8

May 22, 1994


Will: Good evening, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

We are indeed a small group tonight. JoiLin wondered if I would stay, but she should have known better. I will always be here when as few as one of you are present.


Teaching Mission

We come together each week reiterating over and over again many of the same principles we first gave you at the very beginning of our sessions together. Some here wonder why there is no new information. I wonder why they think new information is necessary. You have been given sufficient tools, tools with which to change your own lives and those around you. You will do this either slow or more quickly. You will do it in your own time.

This mission moves as quickly as the total of its participants move and are willing to put forth effort. There are many on your planet who are being worked with who are not formal members of this Teaching Mission. The changes being made are a result of the total input from all those being worked with.

When you look at yourselves on an individual basis, you may think that your input does not increase the total by much, and while that may hold true on an individual basis, when we add together the input from the total, we have change of great proportions.

There will be those that will fall by the wayside, either due to a waning interest or because of a lack of sensationalism. But for each we lose, we gain more. Many new members are joining with us. You each know people within your community who would join us if they but knew of our existence.

You will all find yourselves in the near future, more able to speak of these spiritual beliefs that you have to others. This is part of your evolving spiritual development. This is not a mandate, it is simply a fact. You -will- find yourselves more able to share with others those truths you hold within you. You all have the 1-2-3 lesson and know it well. This will serve you over these next months in doing the Father's work.

I want to commend each and every one of you, those present and those not, for the strides you have all taken. For the changes that have been wrought within your personal beings over these past years. You all have a growing light within you that grows daily whether you are aware of it or not. Your lights are being seen by those on other worlds and they are being drawn to your world to lend support and loving help.

I have but one thing I would request. JoiLin is thinking right now that this of which I am about to speak, is a hidden agenda of her own. Hear me well, when I tell you it is not. This is coming from myself, as well as from those above me. We would request once more that you begin to work more consciously on this family bond that holds you together. I heard talk this evening of a proposed social. This is of course a good thing, but there are members within your group who are less verbal than some, who would benefit by some more ongoing smaller groups. These members, when within a smaller group are more able to share what they hold within while in the larger group. You will decide how to handle this request that we make.

Know always, we are here for you and support you in all of your endeavors. Continue over this next week in your active seeking out of those opportunities we present to you. They are many and varied and more times than not, not recognized. We are however, always gratified and filled with pride those times that we see you recognize your opportunities, as you know by now, you grow each time you do so.


I leave you now with my peace and my love. Know always my dear ones, that you are held most tenderly within the embraces of your creator parents.


All: Shalom

Session 9

June 5, 1994


Will, or possibly a personal teacher:

This is an unsure process for you at the moment, but continue forward.

There are those amongst you who are here to observe and learn as well. Your hardy band of adventurers continues to grow and spread out, each in the field that interests them. The service that each can provide others is many fold and varied.



We've seen this group begin tentatively, and now more courageously, step forward into the community to exhibit the teachings that we have provided. This is a natural progression of learning, then experiencing the lessons provided. There are those who are influenced by your activities that you may never know, yet your circle of influence widens as your paths intersect with those you encounter. These paths you are on are not straight and flat, but always bumpy and hilly, yet inclining, as they should be for proper growth. You are all well loved and assisted, yet each must make their own decisions as the crossroads appear. We watch anxiously as you ponder your paths, but we know full well that whatever path you choose or select will bring you growth and additional crossroads. Variety and diversity of the experiences you encounter is the mosaic upon which you learn. Not all of the experiences will be happy, not all of them will be onerous, yet all will have a common ingredient, that of experiential knowledge. We hope that you will all keep that in mind when things are not going your way. And we pray that you will look for the best in all that you encounter. Exhibiting by your every thought, word, and deed, the message that Michael desires you deliver, that message of love for all of your brothers and sisters, of faith in the Father, and in truth, exhibited by your reactions to the adversity you may face.


That is all we have to say at this time.


Group: Shalom

Session 10


Will: The love of God surrounds us. The light of God enfolds us. The might of God upholds us, and gives us strength.

Greetings, my dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.


This message will be brief, due to the fact that you have already in essence had a lesson for this evening. We thank you Vincent, for being willing to step out and commit yourself to this service. We welcome you aboard as one of our newest TR's. You have long since provided this service although, you have in the past, not given credit to both yourself and to us in the order that it was due. We thank you once again, for this service you have provided both in the past and now.

You are once again a rather small group this evening, and as has been mentioned in the past, there are times when small groups serve to allow for more openness where matters of the heart are concerned. Your conversation this evening was helpful on many levels, not just to those present, but to those of us listening in, as well. We quite often will use your input to factor in for future lessons; for the help we are able to provide you during your home time, during your work time. Help we provide you that you are most often not even aware of. So we thank you for this evening, in sharing with us your thoughts on these matters. (Ed.: We had been talking about whether group sharing of deeply personal matters was conducive to group bonding, or if it made some members feel uncomfortable. We discussed what "family" means to different members.) You have one member among you who will go home tonight with her load much lightened.



I leave you now, reminding you as always, your time with the Father needs to be your number one priority. You already know the benefits you gain, the growth it produces, the long lasting, far reaching benefits that are provided to both yourselves and to those you interact with, so of course, I won't repeat it! JoiLin thinks this is funny ( TR smiling ), it was meant to be. I leave you now with my blessing and love as always.


All: Shalom

Session 11

June 12, 1994


Will: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God supports us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening and greetings to each of you, I'm your teacher Will,who loves you.


Thought Adjusters, Thought

There are numerous references within the text of the Urantia Book, to the deficiencies of your earthly languages, to convey accurate information about spiritual phenomenon and spiritual personalities and spiritual developments. When we first sought to identify a useful term to encapsulate the functions performed by the Father Fragments in each of you, we faced a problem because of the unpredictable vagaries of your languages. We proposed for example, to originally describe the Thought Adjusters as Spiritual Receptivity Activators, which sounded altogether too mechanical.

The term Catalyst of Spiritual Progression was proposed, but sounded too chemical.

We liked the term spirit led, which in your society, is generally construed as complimentary, but when we attempted to convey the notion of "led in thought", the connotation to that suggestion was overwhelmingly negative. Even now, certain people automatically resent the connotation expressed in the term Thought Adjuster. It is a conundrum. Because we sensed that people were largely disinterested in reference terms which emphasized the majesty and only barely understandable miraculous qualities of this function of the Father, even in the book, we only occasionally refer to Thought Adjusters by a term which we prefer, that of Mystery Monitors. But the term monitor does not accurately convey the prime function of the Thought Adjusters, which is to elevate the quality of the spiritual component potential in your thoughts, when you have them.

Practiced expressions of long- standing prejudices do not qualify as raw material with which the Thought Adjuster can intimate any progress. For there to be a thought worthy of adjustment, there must be a necessary quality of spontaneity. It is not required that the subject matter or the reaction be new or unknown, it is only necessary that you -see- with new perspective, approach even the same tired subject matter with new receptivity, with a fresh and spontaneous potential. In that situation, there is a thought and the Adjuster from natural talent and long-standing familiarity with the human of the in- dwelling, is uniquely suited to draw out the spiritual component which after all, is the only part of any value what-so-ever to the Heavenly Father.

And it is possible then for the Adjuster to exercise his unique skills to illuminate for the in-dwelt human, the germ of progress, the germ of connectedness with all of creation, the potential for communication between human and human, and a mirror image of communication between God and human. In order to do these things, there must be a thought. The Adjusters cannot and will not place thoughts in your head. They do not trick you to -see- things or to imagine things. They do not plant notions. They are totally reliant on you to make the first move. Until there is motion, the Adjusters can do nothing but wait. They spend a great deal of their time waiting for an opportunity to do what they do best, to illuminate for the human what there is of spiritual growth potential in any event, thought, word, or deed. They only do the Adjusting, not the thinking.

For some years now we have emphasized stillness practice as a means of attuning the human to their closest range of activity possible for communication with the Heavenly Father. You have all shown great progress, with or without regular practice, with or without sincere practice. The entire experience has been a good experience and each of you has learned things whether consciously or not.

Now, we desire to expand your range of activity and awareness through thoughts. We clearly see that your days are nearly totally consumed with work and family and other material concerns that are all necessary and good. Yet we also see that each of you retains a substantial amount of free time, daydreaming time, free mental time. So we propose that in your free mental time you now make an effort to direct some thoughts, not practiced thoughts, not rote thoughts, not ritual thoughts, not prejudiced thoughts, but just free-ranging, spontaneous thoughts in your spare moments. When you put down your pens at your desk and look out the window, perhaps you see animal activity, or human activity. Instead of thinking about your opposite gender partner, or your automobiles, or your sports interests, or your entertainment pursuits, or your business worries, we propose that you take some of this stillness training that you have now accumulated; practice thinking -clear- thoughts.

Extend yourselves and react genuinely and spontaneously to that which you -see-. These kinds of thoughts give the Adjuster something to work with. Primitive as they are, they will be genuine thoughts, unrestrained thoughts, unrehearsed thoughts, un-routine thoughts. And we suggest that by engaging in this effort, you can begin to open the door to genuine Thought Adjuster activity with glorious consequences for all.


It will not be easy for you, anymore than any new course of conduct is easy. If it were -easy- it would probably not be worth much. We will speak about this again. In the meantime, thank you once again for your polite and kind attention. As always, I enjoy your company and admire your devotion.


All: Shalom

Judi: May I ask a question?

Will: You may.

Judi: Can you help clarify what a clear and genuine thought is? Is that the same thing as a musing about some important meaning to an incident?

Will: Good. . . . I depart.