1997-02-11-The TR Process

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Topic: The TR Process

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Abraham, VanEl

TR: Gerdean



DANIEL: I am Daniel. I am a teacher in the Teaching Corps. You may have heard of me. I am a friend and co-teacher of Tomas. I am out of the Pocatello group and I am glad to be here, glad to touch base with Gerdean through whom I have transmitted before. I have indeed spoken to your group before, also. It is a pleasure to open this practice session this evening. It is a celebration for those of us on this side who observe your coming into awareness of the spiritual circuitry and making attempts then to access these circuits of communication and come on-line for the celestial party.

I am here this evening by way of the circuits. That is to say, I am not "present" as you would understand, but we will not worry about those details for now. It is, again, a pleasure to be here and to see your joint efforts toward learning the art and science of communication with your spirit helpers. Carry on, friends. I am Daniel.

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. I am also glad to behold your stalwart spirits in action. It is always a pleasure for me to see yourself apply yourself to the work at hand. We are many in our support of you. We are observing your progress with great delight and have taken perhaps as many notes as you have in our observation and study of this Correcting Time process, and we are heartened by you who will carry the torch of truth through the fields of chaos and conformity, in communication with spirit beings. We hold you up as vanguards for Michael of Nebadon, young teachers in becoming. Do not be intimidated by my words but rather carry on in the joy of knowing your flag flies for your Creator, our Friend, Jesus. I will step down now and allow your host Tomas to bring your session into its more familiar realm. Beloved friends, Shalom.

TOMAS: Yes, I am Tomas, and it pleases me to be among you. It pleases me to share my teacher base with any and all of the workers who give their encouragement and strength and love to these configurations of believers and striving workers in the field. We are many this evening. I did invite you, remember, to avail yourself of the circuits. Loreenia has sensed the increased "energy" and you may rest assured that we have turned up the volume for you, for your access, as you are prompted. This opportunity is obviously for your benefit as well as our benefit. Remember there are teachers who have yet to become proficient in the practice of transmitting through a mortal and as you avail yourself to these new and/or inexperienced teachers, you learn as they learn.

Greetings also formally to Jasmine, Jay-Orzj, Judith and Trieste, as well as Adrian, who are beaming brightly beside you all. Before we access the circuits I understand there are a question or two regarding this process. Hunnah?


Hunnah: Yes. I had the privilege of having a transmission – for me, I call it that – with Ruth and Iyana, and I … it felt rather like walking on water. I suppose it is a tremendous exercise in trust. I wanted to ask if you can somehow or other know what happened. I had a very powerful presence -- we failed to record it successfully, but -- a very powerful presence. And the words, I felt, were electric. I felt like I was in bright and gold light. And I guess the quality of the message should speak for itself. And there were not any names. Was this continuously coming through Jasmine? I was seeing another aspect of her? Or was this a. guest? A name isn't particularly necessary but I would like to have some comment about that, if I may.

TOMAS: One moment. I am advised that you would do well to realize that the personal teachers are quite capable of lifting you higher than you might think, and yet your energies and atmosphere the other evening were augmented by a number of personalities in addition to Jasmine who held your hand through the process. The administrators of the Teacher Corps often stop by to observe the sanctity of the situation and lend their blessing.

Depending upon the context of the session, it is common for the angelic hosts to participate to some extent, and Michael, of course, has been known to come by and render his regards also. The administrative presence you may have felt at your recent gathering would have included a Mighty Messenger who was in attendance and they are quite dazzling. I was present myself for a time, but your transmission was through the auspices of your personal teacher.

I repeat: do not underestimate their gifts. They are very much experienced and advanced. Their role as personal teacher may even well indicate a greater sensitivity and therefore adeptness than the group teachers, for they work so intimately with your personal situations, whereas we are by-and-large alleviated from that responsibility. There are a number of personal teachers who have begun to gain some prominence as teachers. Indeed, there is no limitation, only as you perceive the need to keep your teacher to yourself.

As you investigate the milieu of transmitting/receiving, depending upon your own constitution, your electro-chemical system, your skills and your opportunity for audience, your path will unfold, customed to suit you and your willingness to serve.

You indicated a lapse in the mechanical contrivance and this is unfortunate and yet it is not uncommon in early transmissions to forget, to overlook to record the session. You should know that recording the session is not a requirement, such as a term paper might be a requirement, but it is for your benefit to help you, your confidence, and your comprehension of what is going on, for as you listen to a replay of the session, you yourself then get to be lifted up by the truth, beauty, and goodness contained in the lesson, in the context.

It not only is a record for later use and a method of holding in abeyance until the words are transcribed to be read and absorbed for the intellectual appreciation, but it is a way of confirming for yourself that it was not you in your mortal personality who availed yourself of those words and concepts without assistance.

And finally, it is not for the glorification of the ego to have a shelf full of contacts with celestials or supernals. That idea is deplorable to a God-knowing believer. Name dropping and such are incompatible with the purpose of the Teaching Mission. And so it is for far greater purposes that these sessions are brought into being, experienced, and retained for further study and savoring. Do not beat yourself up for a mechanical lapse. Sometimes machines wear out. That is not necessarily a divine intervention, as I have discussed before, but be mindful of the advantage of a record, for you, and for the benefit of those you will teach through this process. Have I answered sufficiently?

Hunnah: You always answer sufficiently and so well. I appreciate it. I think you touched on many things and it was sort of as I expected, but I really appreciate even being given the courage to do it under the circumstances, and thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome, my dear, and I too thank you for your integrity in your progress in this practice. You are doing well. You are becoming familiar with the leap of faith, the level of trust. It is being shown to you that your faith and trust are sufficiently real as to impact other lives. You are becoming, through being a vehicle of teaching, a fisher of men. The joy of being able to perform a service for the Lord in this context and remain stable, emotionally stable, is commendable, and you are doing well. We are pleased.

Hunnah: Thank you.

TOMAS: I am curious now to see if those here this evening can touch base with your willingness to transmit their words and concepts through your own language centers. Let us call upon our communication expert, Van El, to plug in the cords for our circuit. One moment.

VAN EL: I am Van El. Greetings. You know me as the one who comes to adjust the circuitry, as is always the case when new transmitters come on-line and/or when they are up-stepped and/or when a circuit needs bolstering of some sort. It is put in these terms for your understanding, knowing that you are very literal-minded beings, but the concept remains that there is spiritual circuitry that connects you, one with the other, and in this connecting, the circuits are established. Thus, your augmented awareness of spiritual "electricity" is flowing through the conduits of time and space, even to Havona.

Now, you see, we are "plugged in." I feel the connection. There's a bit of a gap remaining between Hunnah and Leah. (Pause) Very well. The balance is fair, and so I will withdraw to see how well the circuits hold up as the personalities impact upon your plugs. Have fun.

JASMINE: Good evening. This is Jasmine and I wish to acknowledge that the evening is waiting before you, and that I do not intend to dominate, so please be my guests.

TRIESTE: I am Trieste. I will make my presence known. I am glad to be here at this party. I do feel that I have been invited, and I am grateful for the occasion to present myself, to greet you, to encourage you, to smile upon you, and to share with you my understanding of our loving relationship. I will not linger. I will--

JASMINE: Do not leave. TRIESTE: Jasmine?

JASMINE: I would like to have you share some of the experiences you had with coming through for Gerdean. Is there anything that you can say that would be beneficial to us this evening?

TRIESTE: Well, that is a matter of your perception. I can however speak to the subject, providing I have Gerdean's permission. One moment. (Pause) Yes, I can tell you stories. I have known Gerdean a very long time and we were reunited in our conscious contact of each other as she began to investigate what you would call recovery and when she began to look into her issues. I will tell you that she was having a discourse with her inner child on her computer and it became clear that she was the child and I was the one who was leading her to know who she is. That was our first introductory conversation and we have grown from there.

There are those who might think I am a psychological creation, but I am an entity, a personality apart from her, but I know her well.

I will tell you, too, that I became useful to Gerdean, and we became closely associated when she asked Father to remove those blocks and barriers that stood between her and Him that she was unaware of, and that those hidden blocks be revealed, for although in her super-consciousness and in her general conscious state she was quite willing to do His will, she was also willing to discover what might be submerged in her deep recesses that could be blocking her joy, her happiness and her ability to manifest her own beauty, goodness, and truth.

It was in that context that we began, and it is in that context that we continue. I have spoken to her regarding her fears, what her primary fears are and so forth. And I have been able to give her pieces of advice along the way that have significantly impacted her in terms of her behavior patterns. We will continue to work on these "subterranean palettes" but I am very happy with her progress and we are truly co-workers in the spirit.

Was this the type of response that you sought?

Hunnah: I had in mind... I'm Hunnah right now. I had in mind a mechanical type interest. When you had asked her permission to speak of these matters, what happened? Is there a dialog in her head? that she can understand? that you can talk to her?

TRIESTE: That was by way of understanding and acquiescing. No words were necessary in that situation.

Hunnah: You just were allowed to go ahead and speak.

TRIESTE: No. I consulted with her being, without words, and she acquiesced. She gave permission . ..

Hunnah: Was she consciously aware?

TRIESTE: . .. without words. Very much.

Hunnah: I'll have to experience that, I guess, before I can appreciate it. Okay. That was one of the things, because when I was doing this, I felt like I was sitting there in a blank, and wondering what was ever going to be said, or trusting that something would be said. Perhaps the others have a question. I guess it's like describing how to swim when you don't know until you're in the water. You find out you won't drown so you go ahead and try it, the motions, to see if you can stay there. Thank you.

TRIESTE: Yes, Hunnah. (Pause) For your understanding, I am removing myself from your circuitry now that another being might greet you. Thank you for my time with you this evening.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. Are you having difficulty feeling the prompts? I know there are a number of presences. Perhaps they are not yet well versed in accessing you. Perhaps, too, you feel reticent, for you have not been introduced. There are some mental peculiarities of the mortal that are temporary stumbling blocks in this process.

Loreenia: Do those on the other side have pain, Tomas? I feel pain in my left hand. Ow!

Hunnah: The circuitry.

TOMAS: No. I will not--

Loreenia: What is that?

TOMAS: I must tell you that . .. and it is very important that you understand this. There are no real mechanical contrivances.

Loreenia: I didn't think so.

TOMAS: There are no mechanical contrivances; they are energy. Morontia and spirit circuitry and energies, but they are not mechanical. The mechanical terms are used for your understanding.

Loreenia: I comprehend that. I couldn't understand why the pain was in my left hand.

TOMAS: I must also clarify one thing more about the process of transmitting/receiving, and it differs from what you know as channeling in that the channeling experience appears to be a full-bodied experience, and the transmitting/receiving experience includes access to the mental bank only. It is indeed rare for any manifestation to indwell a physical body without the full permission of the mortal and we do not ask permission to invade your tabernacle. That is a practice that is used in some of your cultures and some of your sub-cultures, but it is not a standard in the Teaching Mission.

Loreenia: Well, is it a nerve reacting, possibly, to the energies that are coming through? This string?

TOMAS: Let me ask Doc, then, to come in and address your question. Would that be amenable to you?

Loreenia: Yes.

TOMAS: One moment.

Loreenia: Basically it's gone now, but there is a sore spot. Tender.

DOC: Greetings. Long time no see.

Hunnah: We've been so frisky and well that we haven't needed you.

DOC: Ho, ho. You just get so busy you forget to be mindful of your own condition. There is a line from a song in your culture having to do with that. "I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in," and I like that, for it is typical of mortals to drop into their own awareness of themselves sufficiently cognizant to see how things are going, but rarely. It is part of the busyness of your nature. Might I remind you of the ants who are industrious and constantly swarming here and there? Electro-chemical systems, to me, are reminiscent of these workers. But I digress.

Tell me, dear, what seems to be the problem?

Loreenia: Well, when the transmission started, just a few minutes ago, it was a rather running pain in my left -- not in the palm, but in the … near the wrist -- that ran down. When I touched it, it was sore.

DOC: Emanating from the center? from the heel? from the thumb?

Loreenia: No, from the heel but closer to the wrist, on the other side of the top. It's not as sore now, and the pain has gone away. I thought -- I was asking if those on the other side -- I've been sensitive to other physical beings' pain in my life, so I didn't know where it was coming from, if it was just the energies or what, but it became rather strong.

DOC: It is personal to you. It is a mere physical quirk. It will not develop into a problem, but do pamper yourself somewhat in this context. Apply a good lotion to your hands and begin to wear a charm bracelet.

Loreenia: I've been thinking of you lately. You said something about balancing, about the healing and balancing the financial, spiritual, mental and all the other bodies of the physical bodies and that surprised me that you also worked as a doctor of finances. I certainly could use quite a bit of help.

DOC: One moment please. [Tape turned] Let me proceed now, if I may. Having had half-time entertainment. I will not . .. I am so distracted by your preface that I neglected to hear the core of your inquiry. I apologize. Can I . ..? You are surprised that I work in the physical realms, is that the question?

Loreenia: In the financial realms, yes. I mean, I know you work in the physical realms. Even though you may be spirit. When you spoke about the financial realms, I need quite a bit of financial healing, a balance in my life--

DOC: Let me . ..

Loreenia: --and a firm foundation for working from spiritual work that must be done.

DOC: Let me interject. I am not an expert in finances. I am able to counsel in some regards, but I constrain my practice primarily to those realms which are spiritual, mental and physical. In the mental realm falls emotions and certainly behaviors. Between the behaviors and the physical aspects there comes a need for financial considerations and therefore, to some extent, financial health, but I am not an expert in that field by any means.

If you will indeed study the chart that I have just drawn for you, you will determine for yourself that the well-balanced personality then provides the foundation necessary for all offshoots to grow in accordance with that triune reality of spirit, mind and body. Make not the mistake of assuming that because you are spiritually well, mentally fit and physically healthy, that you will also be financially prosperous.

Loreenia: Well, I need the emotional balance to handle the . .. whenever the financial balances are not--

DOC: Indeed.

Loreenia: --satisfactory. So that I do not create more sickness in myself and get high blood pressure.

DOC: I understand that dis-ease.

Loreenia: Yes. Disease. It is a dis-ease.

DOC: And a common one. Even your emotional state, my dear, comes closer to the bone in terms of falling under the banner of mental, for how you think about a situation will determine how you react to situations having to do with that. And so it is back to the drawing board of the mental structure and here we are talking about mental health, thus good emotional health and social fragrance, and financial balance as well.

Do not go out on a limb and discover your sorest spot and then hope for a miracle, but rather return to the core reality and determine wherein there is a leaky valve or a limp and straighten it from that core reality. To side-step your core reality and give all your attention, focus and energy to that which is out of whack merely puts all of you out of whack, you see?

Loreenia: Yes, I should trust mostly in the Source and not . ..

DOC: Truly.

Loreenia: I know that. Now putting it into operation, please? I need your help to get completely balanced in all these physical, mental, spiritual, emotional realms.

DOC: But these are all possible, for the tools are already within you. The practice of conscientious stillness, bringing your concerns to Michael in prayer, investigating your mental twists and therefore your emotional glitches through the help of your personal teacher, and being aware of your tabernacle of flesh and listening to its messages to you of its needs also. All of the ingredients are in that recipe for a well-rounded, nutritious, home-cooked meal.

I hear you say you need financial help.

Loreenia: I've received quite a bit of financial help, but I have a need to be able to be on a firm foundation for myself of support, to come into direct alignment for finances and take care of business with more to spare and share.

DOC: You need to ascertain your fundamental skills and abilities.

Loreenia: Each time I've gone to different jobs, I've . .. I've learned so much, so many different things, and each job situation doesn't seem to pay off like it should.

DOC: You need a private session. You need to spend some time on this. This is not something we can clear up in a few minutes. If you are amenable to that, I would be happy to work with you on some of the matters of balance and prioritizing your skills, abilities, as well as your wants and needs, in order to balance that facet of your life. Yes, there have been great studies done in the context that an individual cannot attain heights of spiritual awareness or mental poise when their bellies are hungry or when their bodies are in pain but that is not particularly true, for sometimes he who has need has also great appreciation for what he has.

Loreenia: Well, I can't really say I've ever gone hungry, for I was always fed.

DOC: Indeed, but it is disturbing to you and as it disturbs you and takes time away from your creative approach to life in service then it is drawing away from your happiness and the happiness of others, so we will have another chat down the line. Make an appointment.

Loreenia: Thank you very much.

DOC: Thank you, daughter.

Hunnah: I have a question. I would like to know how our personal teacher answers a question if we don't know how to ask the question if we're transmitting. In other words, if I had questions that I wanted to give to Jasmine that she felt needed to be addressed, I don't know what they are in order to ask. I would like to get on with the transmitting, but I'm hesitant to speak up because I want the other girls to have a chance to demonstrate their opportunity.

DOC: Forgive me, for I cannot respond to that. It is not in my realm of expertise.

Hunnah: I'm sorry. I forgot.

DOC: I am going to depart, then, that you might take up another matter. I have been . . .

Hunnah: I apologize,

DOC: No apology necessary, my dear. Please carry on. I have been so pleased to be with you and look forward to our next encounter. Be well.

Loreenia: Thank you for coming.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I know sometimes these situations are such that you cannot tell the players without a program, but it is part of the wonderful adventure of ascertaining an individual personality not by how they look but by recognizing them in truth. You were asking questions, Hunnah, having to do with transmitting. Would you like to have a personal teacher available for interview and if so which one would you like?

Hunnah: Well, I think that would help, because if — if Jay-Orzj wants to speak or another wants to speak, then perhaps one of their own teachers could ask questions so that we could experience answering something that perhaps we are not familiar with.

TOMAS: One moment. (Long pause) One moment.

JASMINE: I am Jasmine.

Hunnah: Hi!

JASMINE: I have been selected. We were having a conversation and thought of calling in the troops from long distance for they are more experienced, but it was ascertained that I am close to you and as you need to know I will help you. Tell me now what your concern is.

Hunnah: I would like to make myself available to you to attend to an area that you feel would benefit this arrangement, and sometimes I know that when someone who is asked to do something, approaching them head on, it kicks in their human reaction, but I would like to avail myself to you, that I can accommodate you. In your role. I don't know how to . .. What can I do?

JASMINE: I would suggest that what you do is live your life naturally, for you cannot force a flower to bloom. As your leaves reach a point of being ready to spread, they will begin to spread, and as that creates difficulty, it will then be there for you to work through, and I will be there with you.

As far as inner work is concerned, I have outlined the same procedure for it is a natural growing, a developing, a flowering, and as you are ready to take another step into fullness, that leaf which needs pruned will begin to shrivel and you will become aware that it is dry and brown and uncomely and sapping your strength and stealing from your beauty. That is when we focus on that little pruning job, but it is not necessary that you do anything to stir up the water. It is a natural process, similar to childbearing.

It is not perhaps a good analogy because you construe childbearing as being painful and these growths are not necessarily painful. They do require a certain exertion and perhaps we will say, for metaphor sake, as you learn to breathe with the effort, you will be able to ease through, not glibly perhaps, but relatively painlessly.

Growth takes effort. Even as you discard your more troublesome character defects, you enter into the realm of insidious yet acceptable defects, and this is a condition of all mankind and it is not bothersome for it is the norm until it is time for you, in your own perfection attainment, to suddenly see that that no longer pleases you. At that point then in your growth you will experience a poignant pang of regret and then a stalwart resolve and you will go on; thus your growth changes flavor.

And from the wrenching painful struggle of your early growth steps, you evolve to accept these changes willingly and graciously. You even learn how to fail with good humor. Disappointments no longer hold for you such sorrow. And so on. You begin to perceive that growth is natural, that character development and spirit fragrance is an inherent part of your divine birthright with your dignity and all intact. In short, you mature.

Well, did we . ..

Hunnah: You surprised me. I really thought there was something-- In other words, I'm simply aware that you exist, and that things are just going to take care of themself, but I have the satisfaction of the fulfillment of knowing that I have a teacher.

JASMINE: I will tell you that there are things that you can do that will encourage your own growth and therefor our working relationship.

Hunnah: All right.

JASMINE: And that is to not always do what you have always done, but to seek out things that are out of your normal range. Not in a weird sense or an unreal sense, but in the sense of stretching your interests, stretching your boundaries to include those things which might stress your comfort zones. As you stay in your bubble of light and life, you are perhaps perfect therein, but it is necessary for you to enlarge or you will become disgruntled in boredom of relative perfection. Read a different kind of book, perhaps; watch a different kind of movie; visit with a different kind of personality, for they act sometimes as catalysts to awaken things in you that you had long forgotten.

Hunnah: Sounds like an adventure.

JASMINE: This is the adventure.

Hunnah: You mean I'll be going to basketball games? (Laughter)

JASMINE: It is an option. Do not be afraid.

Hunnah: I have many invitations to places that I consider confusing, draining, demanding, noisy and not my cup of tea, thank you, and I will find some new adventures that will . ...

JASMINE: Allow the experience to affect you.

Hunnah: Take a cruise.

JASMINE: Allow it to become a part of you so that it can stir that in you which would call for some fertilizing or hoeing, some nurturing for your growth.

Hunnah: I'm sure that the opportunity will present itself now that this has been mentioned.

JASMINE: You have asked.

Hunnah: Yes. That's funny. JASMINE: One moment.

JUDITH: Greetings, I am Judith. I have been here, embracing my child, my charge. Her mind is dancing. I have not yet established with her a recognition, a symbol, a signal of a desire to hold converse. We will work on that. We have been communicating. How do you like how I tell tales on my lovely girl? I tell tales only to the extent that I am part of her and she is part of me and we are part of you.

Loreenia: Are you the one who makes my heart feel like it expands and pulls down so large? Are you the one that always opens me up like that?

JUDITH: No, darling, I am not the one who--

Loreenia: Is that Father?

JUDITH: That is Father, and Mother.

Lorenia: And Mother, of course.

JUDITH: But I am aware of how it pleases you to feel their embrace. I am jealous, in fact, of the singular attention you devote that discounts my presence, my place by your side as your helper. I long for you to include me in your spiritual life but I confess to you I cannot provide those same blisses and comforts so I fully appreciate your preference, and I also fully concur that their attentions are of prominence, but come with me, little one, and we will venture to them through the language of the heart, through the workings of your Inner Guide, that you may know repose and contentment and peace prior to partaking of your departure hence.

Ah, how I now embrace you. I feel your loving response to me. Now I nurture you and comfort you in an intimate and personal way, not to exclude our Mother, no, but as an adjunct of Mother and designedly close to your human experience.

I understand your pain. I understand pain, yes. I only feel pain as you feel pain. Not physically, but as you hurt, I hurt, for I am aware of you and as I love you it hurts me that you hurt; I feel pain that you feel pain; but it is not of a physical nature. It is other. Now, however, my sweet, I feel no pain, for I am with you and you are with me. I embrace you.

Loreenia: All I can say is, "Jump in feet first!" I don't know how any other way.

JUDITH: I will swim in your ocean; I have, however, long since discarded my feet.

Loreenia: That is just an expression. We both know that.

JUDITH: Indeed.

Loreenia: Don't be jealous. You're loved. It's just that I don't know how, you know, to go any further in that realm, more than I have already.

JUDITH: In fairness to you, and to you others who seek contact with your personal teachers, it is not uncommon for the mortal to forget us, to take us for granted, as it is for all the spirit helpers including Father, but we are patient. We observe your growth and we are one of the first to be ready for you to return to your quiet spot, to wonder what's happening or why that happened or what's going to happen, so that we can work with you and give you peace and direction and attend you in your adventure.

Loreenia: I feel like I'm always being led, and when the Father opens-- (and when I say Father I mean the Mother also, for I cannot separate the three, at all) when I follow that leading, I feel that that will help me to comprehend all things, all beings.

JUDITH: It will, over the course of all eternity. For today, it is only necessary that you begin to understand you. As you understand you, you can begin to understand relationships, with yourself, with Father, with others. We bring you back to yourself so that you may be friends with yourself. Best friends with yourself. And so I say to you: be good to yourself, and as Doc has suggested, buy yourself some good lotion and get yourself a bangle bracelet.

Loreenia: I have big wrists. It would have to be special made.

JUDITH: There is nothing wrong with that.

Loreenia: Thank you for being there, and if I seem to neglect you, know that you're in my heart there somewhere.

JUDITH: I know that, for we have already made good strides. Until later, then, farewell.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. One moment. I am bringing it back around to the open circuit for one further moment to see if any of you can feel a prompt. I'll tell you what. I myself will go around. You all know me. I access clearly through Gerdean through the left temple. If you feel, then, something inside your left temple, or in that peripheral area, perhaps it is me and perhaps you will assent to let me say hello to you.

Lorenia: I feel you.

Leah: I feel you.

Gerdean: Tomas wants to know if you can feel him.

Hunnah: I felt some tingles in my right toe!

TOMAS (Loreenia): Greetings. You clearly can see the difference in how the voice sounds as they are spoken through the subject. She feels a difference in the voice nodes, the larynx. I am ready to depart.


TOMAS (Gerdean): It has been a marvelous evening. I thank you all for sharing this platform with me, for our adventurous experimental attempts and assays into teacher contact and soul growth. Delightful ones, be of good cheer, be well. Good night.

MULLERIN: I am Mullerin, and I just want to say "Hello!" I came a long way. I waited in line. I took a number and yet I didn't get a chance to say hello. I wanted to greet you. I am Jeremiah's personal teacher. I knew about this soiree through the grapevine, and asked to be in attendance and so "Cheerio, Friends"!