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Topic: Father

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Michael, Nebadonia, Berca, Rayson

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings to you my friends, it is I JarEl. It is again good to be here this evening, to listen to your conversation and to feel the love and curiosity which you have for each other. Tonight we are going to have a different type of session. Tonight we are going to discuss aspects of God the Father and your relationship as humans to the spirit of God which lives within each and every one of you. Tonight we will have different and various speakers present a brief greeting and talk, thank you.

Greetings to you, my children, my brothers and sisters in spirit. It is I Michael. It is good to be here this evening and I come to offer a few words about the purpose and meaning of all life and of all activity, all destiny and all purpose. Of course, I am talking about God the Father, the First Source and Center, original deity, that which is everything.


Thought Adjusters

You as humans living on this world that you live on, who are so far removed from Paradise, so far removed from a resemblance of spiritual perfection, are worthily indwelt with a fragment of this original spirit. I would like to tell you about the wonderful gift this spirit is for each and everyone of you.

As I originally said, the whole universe is dedicated to the reception of this spirit. The whole purpose of the universe is to express this spirit. In human terms you begin to express this spirit by doing the will of the Father. It was my intention, many years ago, while on this earth as the man called Christ, Jesus Christ, that I lived a life trying to demonstrate how a human could according to the spirit. It was not important at that time to intellectualize the spirit to my fellows. It was not important to argue whether the spirit in fact existed. It was a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the quality this spirit possesses, and the quality of life which a human is capable of demonstrating in trying to show interest, caring, compassion, respect and love to another.

My religion was the Fatherhood of God which encompassed all men and women as brothers and sisters in one family, a harmonic family. A family in tune with the will of the divine plan under the Fatherhood of God. So in the coming weeks during your meditations as you focus on the spirit within, accept this spirit as one with you already. Begin to feel the quality of this spirit's love in your own life. Begin to sense that this spirit cares for you personally. Begin to acknowledge that you are a child of God. As children, learn to take life a little less seriously, in the sense that you are not so important and understand the opportunity to express a quality in your life with each other. This is an important aspect of God the Father. Not all of my children are indwelt with this spirit. The angels and higher beings in my universe do not possess these fragments of pure spirit. They must understand, learn and gather the essence of this spirit through other means.

Cherish this personal contact and relationship which is potential in each and everyone of you. I also want you to know, I'm here in spirit on your world. It is my first concern of service to give attention to this world. To see that goodness does prevail on this world and that the spirit and will of our Father dominate all activity on this world. Thank you and good evening.


Greetings to you my children, It is I Nebadonia.It is a wonderful opportunity to be here again and address you this evening. It is my purpose and opportunity to prepare the minds of each and everyone of you for the spirit which has come to dwell within you. It is through the ministry of mind, the spirit service to mind, your mind that prepares the person you are, to be indwelt by the great spirit. When the spirit comes to dwell within you, it is also through my ministry and service that this spirit connects with you and your mind. I am connected to you seven times, and it is through my connection, my circuits that you are able to function within and through the presence of spirit. It is my gift to you my children. You are equipped with choice. This choice distinguishes that quality of your mind.

Spirit indwelling you brings within you a sense of wholeness, a sense of purpose, an aspect of yourself which is not yet realized. It is very difficult to understand from a human perspective, just how spirit works within the mind. Spirit works within the mind so effectively that it can work within you without your even being aware it is working within your mind. This is the quality of spirit.

As you begin to come into contact with spirit, you begin to open within yourself a tremendous potential for all kinds of things. Yes, you open a potential for spiritual growth. You also open to the potential to discover your true self. You also create the potential to change, to grow, and to those of you persistent enough, are given more and more the secrets of the universe. More and more within human consciousness, spirit comes to live and your world begins to transform. Your world begins to grow and everyone begins to benefit. There comes a time when such a large percentage of you will have grown and have changed and transformed that it will be unrecognized from what it is today. This is all possible through the relationship between man and spirit. This is the will of the Father and this is our service to you. May you continue to grow stronger, spiritually. May the blessings of goodness, health and prosperity be with all of you. Thank you.

Greetings; I come today to greet you in the presence of the one I most serve. I am quite receptive to your spirit. I am aware of this spirit throughout the universes of time and beyond. This spirit of the Father is the economy of the universes. The whole universe is one vast school. One training center after another, whose soul purpose is to escort the pilgrims of time into the service of eternity, To demonstrate the will of the Father in successive levels of perfection.

I come from Paradise. I have seen the Father. I am receptive to his spirit. Even here and now I sense the presence of his spirit. A great gift is given to you. A gift of discovery. A gift which is an escort to eternity. There are many, many worlds which are very and more advanced, far more than the world which you are familiar, upon which you live. Yet, the spirit here is alive, and this spirit is growing on your world. One day, this world will be truly be beautiful in a spiritual brotherly, sisterly sense. Thank you for allowing me to speak this evening.

Greetings my friends, I am Berca. It is again good to speak to you, through this student. I also would like to add a few words about the tremendous (?) which you are given.


On the world from which I originated, it was a primitive world, in some respects more primitive than the world you live on today. I was connected to the great spirit. There were many of us connected to this great spirit. It was important for us at that time to protect our belief in the spirit. There were many who did not possess this spirit. As a group, my clan became great through the oneness of the spirit.

Today, on this world, you also possessed of this spirit, have an opportunity as exists this evening to come together and express you oneness, your friendship with this spirit. This spirit of love, this spirit of Father/Mother God. Many of you have begun to change your lives because of this spirit. Because you are beginning to see the spirit beginning to grow within you, and as it begins to grow, you sense a need to adjust and accommodate this growing spirit. Its lightness, its quality to move silently about. Its ability to love in any circumstance. Its ability to foster good cheer and good nature-ness. Its ability to sense quietly. I want to thank you for allowing me to say a few world this evening. Many of us are very pleased at the progress that you are making individually, and as a group. You continue to come and meet together, we salute your efforts. Know that you are truly loved, trusted, watched and cared for. Thank you.

Silence, Communion

Greetings to you this evening, I am teacher Rayson. I thank you for allowing me to speak to you this evening. I think that this is the first time I have addressed this group through this t/r.

It is good to be in the presence of spirit. The presence of spirit is the glue which binds us all. It is the one sure thing which everyone has in common. IT is a most uncommon commonness. I would like to say a few words about connecting to this spirit in silence. It is the activity of silent communion which is truly receptive to spirit. The human mind while not accustomed to such great silence, is tested to practice and train, to listen to this silence. To listen in silence and to sit in silence in the presence of quiet spirit. It is in this presence of quiet spirit that reflects to spirit your attention. There is a quality to this connection in silence which empowers you, the person as opposed to you, in your mind as an ego. It empowers the spirit quality of your person, that aspect of your mind in which you are becoming comfortable in loving one another. You're becoming accustomed to accepting life as it comes to you, and you begin to sense that as life comes to you, by allowing your expression it is either seeking your approval, your participation, your acknowledgment that it is not seeking your reaction. It is in this stance that you stand in spirit. This quality of spirit is reinforced through the quiet time. Thank you for allowing me to speak these few words this evening.

Thank you for allowing these various teachers and personalities to speak to you this evening. It is my intention to have you get a different perspective on an aspect on the spirit which lives within you all. As you are more than aware of, I have spent a tremendous amount of time in my lessons, talking about spirit and the spiritual nature. The Thought Adjuster and meditation. As an introduction into our new lesson, I thank you for allowing me to being others to speak and share with; you tonight.

Adjutant Mind Spirits

The spirit of wisdom, the seventh circuit of the universe Mother Spirit which comes and indwells humans is the circuit connection to the spirit within. It is the Father circuit. IT is connected to the spirit of worship and the Spirit of Truth and to the other circuits of the mind. It has for all practical purposes an organizing principle. What that means is that all other circuits organize around this fragment which indwells you. It is all in harmony. If it were a molecule, it would look like God is at the center and everything else is around, surrounding and connects in a beautiful pattern around the center. It is in harmony. Each and everyone of you are connected in harmony to spirit.

There will be a time when this harmony will truly be reflected as spirit and harmony throughout all of you here. So, as you begin to connect with the spirit, begin to trust what you sense, begin to feel that it is O.K. to reflect this spirit. Yes, others may not be paying attention, but you are and it is O.K. It doesn't really make you that much different, for you will soon find out that others will truly be attracted to this spirit which is within you. So this concludes our presentation for this evening. I will now entertain any questions which you may have.


Student; Thank you JarEl and we appreciate your allowing Michael and Nebadonia to speak tonight. I have a question, Who was the third person who spoke before Berca tonight? They had said that they were from Paradise.

JarEl: That was a Solitary Messenger.

Adjutant Mind Spirits, Thought Adjusters, Spirit of Truth

Student; JarEl, did I understand about the adjutant spirit of wisdom that it is on a circuit? Or did I misunderstand?

JarEl: The adjutant spirits are circuits. What that means is that they are able to act through spirit in your mind to associate your mind to certain thoughts. This is how spirit works within the mind, and there are individual circuits which work in this way. I will also add that as circuits, you are able to be monitored by spirit. Spirit has direct access to you, the person, your mind.

(This applies to worship too?), This applies to all of the spirit adjutants. It is the indwelling of worship and wisdom which prepares the mind for the arrival of the Thought Adjuster. It is the Spirit of Truth which prepares the connection between minds, also for the thought adjusters. For the thought adjusters need to be able to intercommunicate. It is through the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of the Son, that connects each person to each other. So there are direct circuits from spirit which are the adjutant mind spirits, in a sense go to each and everyone of you. There is a spirit which connects all of these circuits and link mind. This is the spirit of truth. The circuit of the Father, the fragment comes to indwell. I say circuit, but it is not like a circuit, it is more like a chip which indwells you. Since the fragment is complete unto itself, it does not need to communicate with Paradise, but it coordinates all spirit activity for the mind which it indwells.

Student; You speak of spirit, are you referring to all three, the Father, the Son, and the Infinite Spirit, or are you dealing with the infinite spirit which deals with the mind circuits?

JarEl; Well, you have all three represented. All three have different qualities, and have different functions. Starting with the Father Spirit, the function of the Father spirit is to being your identity, to bring you a sense of beingness, a quality of beingness. A potential to grow and experience this quality and sense of beingness. The thought adjuster coordinates your personality patterns with the other spirit influences. (Is that the personality which is endowed to us?) Correct.

Then there is the spirit of the son, the Spirit of Truth. This is the spirit of brotherhood. It is the spirit which identifies everyone as brothers and sisters. It is the "social spirit", the social organizing principle around which man begins to see all men and women as brothers and sisters. This is the functioning of the spirit of truth.There is the spirit circuitry of the infinite spirit, through the universe center, through the Mother Spirit. These circuits are basic spirit connections to all life forms. All plant and animal life, all life is connected to spirit through the adjutant mind circuits. Humans are given extra circuits, the circuit of worship and wisdom. It is these two circuits which are necessary for the three-way functioning of the Spirit of Truth, the Father Spirit and the circuitry of the Mother Spirit.

Does this help?

Free will

Student; Yes, We were starting out with the thought of bringing the circuits down to us in every day life. Bringing the spiritual realm and reality down into our everyday life. Do you have anything further to add which might help us to bring it in to our every day life. These are beautiful presentations of the world above, but out problem is to get it into our life.

JarEl; You have to activate your will. That is what you were given will for. It is a stubborn switch, isn't it. You turn it on, but it doesn't do anything. You hit it and it seems not to pay any attention to you. You must be persistent. You must patiently and constantly practice bringing spirit into reality. This is what is meant by opening the circuits on Urantia. It is the connection between one another which must be opened spiritually. In an ideal sense you are connecting spirit to spirit. In a practical sense it may be a smile, it may be stooping down and picking up something which someone dropped. It may be helping someone jumpstart their car in a parking lot. It may be helping someone on the side of the road fixing a flat tire. It may manifest in many different ways. At first you may help those which you are familiar, those within your own group. Those you trust and know. But more and more you are challenged to reach out to those your don't know, those you don't trust, even those you fear, you are asked to reach out to. You are asked to reach out to whom ever the universe brings upon your path. Is it not true that in the life of the Master as demonstrated here on you world, that he did not necessarily hide from anyone. He encountered all who came to him.

So, you must activate your will. You are right, we can sit here and give you beautiful and flowery lessons on the worlds which you cannot see, things you have to accept on faith. But you are beginning to sense a growing sense of reality within yourself. It is this sensing of the presence within which motivates you to reach out a little further everyday and touch another.

Student: So, to keep it simple for simple people, it is to be of service to your fellow man and to go into the quiet time in order to contact this unseen world. It really is very simple. We don't need to get wrapped up in this other stuff. Be of service, and go into the quiet time, does that simplify the program for us.

JarEl: It is a very simple program, a very simple message. You have stated it well.

Student; there is so much in the book, so much to know in the universe that it tends to get very complicated for us. Enjoy everyday life.

Student; I was very touched when Michael said, not to take life too seriously. Because I know that I do that.

Yes, we all tend to take it so seriously.

We should laugh and enjoy life.

Also, you know, we expect other to be a certain way and that is very wrong. Learn to just love them as they are.

JarEl: and also to be the way you would like others to be. Correct. ( yes, correct), because this is how others will know how to be. As humans, the simple mind easily mimics behavior. It is quite the task of mind to mimic and mime. So as you try to live your lives and interact in a more spiritual fashion, a more real way, it will be reciprocated by others. Not immediately, maybe not right away, but in time it will.

12 Step Programs

Student; JarEl, since I got sober a few years ago in the twelve step program,. I have been given certain tools, steps and prayers to say. One step is to ask God to remove our shortcomings, when we feel that we are getting lost, or feel the addiction coming on. Another step is to admit that we are wrong, and one of the prayers we have is the serenity prayer, which is " God grant us the courage to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." These are three examples, of the later, the serenity prayer, I used last week. When I say the prayer, something immediately happens to me and I get calm again, try to get centered back. Is this a form of opening up the circuit that you were talking about.

JarEl: Yes.

Student: The twelve step program seems to be an outstanding program. Seems to be the only sure way in dealing with this problem.( It sure does).

Student; Along that line, I think that, speaking for myself, all of us need to become recentered from time to time. I know I have that need also. I can tell when I start to get off centered. I agree with what you say, maybe not that particular prayer, but praying in general to Father helps bring us back to that stillness, inner quiet and peace, connection. This is what I call centering and balancing. That gives us the motivation, strength, courage and the heart to go on in a better way. Even though these things are wonderful for people in the twelve step program, they are great for everybody.

JarEl: The twelve step program is an inspired program which has helped a tremendous amount of people deal with addiction, the problems of indulgence and to provide a base and reference to give hope and service to a tremendous amount of people with this problem. Two of the basic reasons why this program is successful, first is that it is non-dogmatic, and second it centers itself around God and man's service to one another as brothers and sisters. Yes, what ever form this religion takes, it does work and it will eventually be very successful in this world. It may have to start out as a twelve step program, but at least as was witnessed this evening, a brief prayer can bring one back to center, to focus on the purpose of this program and the purpose of this program is the purpose of your life. As was also correctly stated, from time to time you all need re-centering.

Student; I know that when I am having problems and am frustrated, I say a prayer or go into the quiet time and things seem to go better quickly.

For me, it is to remember certain moments of spiritual connection. Seems like my mind is racing that God wants me to go to these moments again. Then I remember that peaceful feeling again and it always bring me out of my turmoil.

Student; Jar El, I was interested in your remark about the Spirit of Truth in everyone throughout the world and it is the spirit which unites us. Do all these people who have conflicts, is it that they don't use the spirit, like where they have war's, they don't acknowledge the Spirit of Truth. There should be love between all of the people.

JarEl: in a general and indirect sense this is true. In a more direct sense there are wars and conflicts because there are tremendous problems engendered through too many agendas, too many nationalist, political, religious, economic, social agendas, which are connected with the ego and fear. People want to separate. To claim their own and are not willing to accommodate anything than is different. It basically fear of change. Fear of change is a spirit poison, because spirit is all about change. Spirit is here to change each of you, one person at a time. (Phone rings)

She has left before her question was answered, How unusual. Are there any other questions.

Student; you can see with your eyes closed.

JarEl, Yes

Student; I was wondering that when we get to the mansion worlds, we can see you, will we be able to see you.

JarEl: You are asking if you will be able to see me? (Yes), Yes.

Will we recognize you, How will we know it is JarEl, Will you be wearing a name tag? You will know by the voice. Lets hear what JarEl has to say.

JarEl: You may chance to meet me if I am there. As of lately I have been here. My home is on Salvington.

Student; You have not left Nebadon yet have you? (No)

Student; How many light years to the mansion worlds, JarEl.

JarEl; Excuse me, I have no idea.

Spirit of Truth, Circuits

Student; JarEl, Michael said that he is on the earth in spirit. This is news to me. I know that he is here in a sense, his spirit is here.

JarEl. This is of a difficult nature of explanation to your mind. Just understand that the Spirit of Truth is a circuit, a spirit connection. It is also the spirit presence of Michael. For all practical purposes it is Michael. It is his spirit, just as real, just as comforting, just as loving, because this spirit is connected to Michael. Do not become overburdened in the actuality of its details, its reality, just understand that it is possible for a being such as Michael to be here in; spirit form as a being and as a circuit.

Student; He is throughout all of Nebadon is he not? (This is true)

JarEl. Just as Nebadonia is throughout all of Nebadon as a spirit. Just as the Father is throughout all of Nebadon as a Spirit. Albeit, these spirits are fragmented. The Father's spirit is unlike a circuit. It is that which is encircuited. Does this help.

The circuitry accommodates the Father. I gave an example that if you could visualize this relationship as a pattern, you would see God in the center and the circuitry as a design, as a flower petal for example, harmony and symmetry, (a mandala) correct around it. This is what it would visually be like. Circuitry is just what the word implies. It is a circuit. It is similar to an electrical circuit in that things can go both ways.

Student; So in each individual, Gods spirit, the Thought Adjuster, commands the circuit.


JarEl: Yes, God the spirit indwells each person and each person is encircuited around this spirit. The circuitry must be in place for the spirit to come and function. This is why the fragment of the Father does not indwell animals. Yes, animals are loving, they are life. It is important for you to love animals, but animals do not possess the capacity to identify with spirit. You are endowed with the capacity to identify with spirit. It is called your personality. And when you ascend through the universe. It is through this personality that you are known and who you are becoming. On that eventful day when you fuse with your Thought Adjuster, one with the spirit of God. It is this personality which will become with God, a new being and a person capable of ascending the universe spheres of training all the way to Paradise.

Yes, the animals are loved. All life is loved and respected. It is intended for you to love and respect all life and this world while you are on it. But you, unlike the plants and animals, which do not evolve, who just repeat endless cycles of reproduction, you evolve in a dimensional sense. You evolve into a new being, person, identity. You eventually evolve into pure spirit, capable of transcending the universes and sojourning on Paradise.

Student; Our real self is just transient here, we are passing. (You are in kindergarten)

Student; can you give me a basic example of how a person identifies with spirit?

JarEl: It would be loving your grandchildren. That you as a parent, having given birth and life to another, watch this repetition, begin to feel this sense of connection, and through this simple fact of life, and in many cases it is not until many have reached the age when they become grandparents, that they begin to sense, truly, this spirit within them.

Yes, you can sense spirit through love, but you are able to sense spirit through the generations which you produce in a very direct way.

Student; I may not have children, JarEl, I know that there are many other ways to identify with spirit other than through procreation, but

JarEl; There are, I just gave you one, Would you like another, (sure) Which one would you like?

(Laughter.. One which he can identify with)( how about friends) When you become friends with another, when you truly connect and share on a level in time, you sense this connection. Even though they are not there you can still sense this connection. You can anticipate when you are with them again what it would be like, and you even may anticipate this.

Identifying with spirit is like identifying with a part of yourself which you are not yet. Does this help, (yes). There is a part of yourself that you can sense that is a lot better than the person you are right now. Is there not? (Yes). This is a sense of what a connection to spirit is.

Student: It is a transcendence, like something better which is not yet, (Yes)

JarEl: you are also connected to this because you can sense it, even though you are not it yet, you can still sense it, can you not? (Yes). This is like what spirit is. You are able to sense spirit, you can sense it working in you, just like you can sense at certain times you can almost be this person that you sense, though on an everyday, every moment level you may not yet be that person, yet there are times which you can actually access and be that person, is this not correct? (Yes) The same with spirit. There are times when you can connect with spirit. You can actually sense that there is a spirit in your life. It may be that something goes right, a synchronicity happening in the sequence of events surrounding the particular incident in your life. It may be that you wake up one day and feel so good and beautiful and you sense that there is something greater. That there is real meaning and value to this everyday routine which you wake to and call life.

So just think about that,(thank you).

Are there any more questions.


Student; JarEl, I just wanted to make just one last comment and that is, that I appreciated all of the different visitors today who spoke, and I liked the way they were all telling us about this wonderful gift. Giving us impressions and ideas of the wonderful gift which we all have of the Thought Adjuster, and I thought it was particularly apropos since this is the season of giving of gifts, and this the best gift which we can have, that fragment of the Father. Thank you.

JarEl: Thank you all, for acknowledging this wonderful thought. I look forward to seeing you again, May peace be with you.

Thank you, JarEl.