1995-08-11-What Is Social Fragrance?

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Topic: What Is Social Fragrance?

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Van El

TR: PamElla, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Daniel(TR #4): "Greetings, I am Daniel, your teacher, guide and friend. It is my supreme pleasure to address this group of individuals whose foundations are indeed solid, who have learned their lessons well. You make me proud as a teacher. You show me off well and I thank you.

It is my pleasure to open this meeting tonight. Tomas will address you first and provide you with a lesson, and, then, my friends, you will be given the platform to express your concerns. We will address this issue that is foremost in your minds following our lesson time. Thank you dear students, loving friends, for your generosity of heart. Now, Tomas, please proceed."



Tomas(TR #2): "Thank you, Daniel, co-teacher, and good evening friends and loyal students. We have evolved to a point where it is desirous that we address a new facet of our Teaching Mission community. The growth of this family of believers has been on a steady course. The initial discourses focused on our existence in your realm and an ensuing process of assuring you of your value and in encouraging your understanding of love with subsequent related lessons of a spiritual nature.

Once you became comfortable with your spiritual authenticity we began to delve into mindal matters and subsequent emotional dealings where we have spent considerable time undergoing great healing individually and as a group. Of course, the lessons you embark upon and socialize become part of the exterior arena of Urantia. Thus it is natural now and oddly timely prior to a birthday party and another conference that we should bring to you the topic of social fragrance. We thus now flip into the more physical aspect of those mighty messages of spiritual truth and psychic harmony which have been the thrust of our efforts so far. You are now taking what you have learned into your greater community, the Teaching Mission of your immediate neighbors and thus this community of believers is being fruitfully expanded.

What is the meaning of social fragrance? Of course the earlier lessons on spiritual aspects and psychological aspects are part and parcel of your social composition. Your mastery of social fragrance is yet to come, but your courage is adequate to begin bringing to your superconsciousness the impact of your interrelatedness with others--not that you will be in a position, particularly, to set an example, no, but that as a neighborhood you can intermingle more fluidly with your extended neighborhood. Thus those lessons of growth which you have worked on and which you are assimilating in your deep mind are going to be projected outward into your brothers' and sisters' presence.

I am visualizing a dance, a synchronicity, a choreography of souls united in fellowship. The dance which you invite others to partner with you is a movement which is both conjoining and uplifting. It is a method of bringing out the best in each other, in luring forth your more refined and sensitive selves for the refreshment of your coworkers.

We will spend more time, much time throughout our work together, on the more physical aspects of your ministry. But it is important to go slowly that what you have gleaned from the earlier lessons are integrated into your path. In time we will discuss how to become such a mortal being that your well-unified personalities, your social fragrance, indeed, will draw to you those who would seek to discover what you have. In your presentation there will be many enjoyable facets to dwell upon, in our lessons and in your own personal recesses.

In view of the program for this evening I will not extend my lesson further but will plant this seed of social fragrance in your mind. The essence, of course, is a love saturated soul in a working arena, a harmonious loving environment with others. It is a critical facet of teamwork, and that, as you know, will be the lesson you will work on for many aeons. The isolation age is over, and it is time to bring forth that which you are becoming into context with your peers. I look forward to variations of discourse on this subject, but for now, dear students, I eagerly look forward to all things and return you now to the ministrations of our friend, Daniel."

Daniel(TR #4): "Yes, friends. I apologize for the delay. PamElla became aware that Rutha is perfectly capable of receptivity, at this time is, in fact, in tune. And with that awareness and lack of need for her services she began to weaken and worry about usurping Rutha's position and began to doubt her abilities as a TR. She tends to function best when she has the belief that there is no one else and that it is up to her. However, I have her agreement and cooperation to proceed as we began with my dear friend PamElla serving as my mouthpiece this evening. She may consider Rutha a backup if, indeed, for any reason she herself is incapable of continuing. [Ed. comment: PamElla was not feeling well that evening.]

Van El(TR #1): "I am Van El. The purpose of Rutha's attentiveness at this time is to bring her back on line in the coming weeks. It is more or less a practice session. However, this vehicle has consented to remain in receptivity in order to fine tune abilities of the past and as assistance. That is all at this point."

Daniel(TR #4): "Thank you Van El for your gracious words. This information has indeed benefited all of those gathered and may have further benefit as well.

And now my friends I know you have concerns on your mind. I ask that you again read me the letter although I am, of course, familiar with it. However, there are those that may perceive me as not being in your presence unless I am in TR contact, so I request that you read this letter now and that its contents be placed into the transcript in this manner." [Ed. comment: The letter was read, is printed as written, and regards the group meeting held 7-14-95.]


  • 5 August, 1995

Two weeks ago you and I had a discussion. I had come to the Urantia meeting feeling very upset and unhappy. The new circuitry which had been installed on Monday that same week was causing me distress, both physically and mentally. The left side of my head was hot to the touch and painful. It felt unbalanced. My dreams were all about laboratory animals with sections of their skull removed and electrodes in their brains. At the meeting, I shared most of this with the group. I was certain that all I needed was to bring this to your attention. I trusted that you would do whatever was necessary to rectify the situation.

After our talk, I was certainly no longer under this delusion. You have often referred to us as "creatures." Perhaps so, but all the transcripts I have read indicate that even we lowly "creatures" are children of the same Parent, and deserve to be treated as such. You compared me to a person born with a clubfoot--perhaps to infer a spiritual handicap. You also compared the circuitry to a prosthetic device. Any medical professional will adjust a device to avoid discomfort for their patient, because they know that pain is a deterrent to healing. You refused to discuss removing or even adjusting the circuitry, except to recommend Life Carrier healing. Why would I need such healings if the circuitry was causing me no harm? What did you fear?

Then Daniel, you avoided the issue when I complained that this additional circuitry was installed without asking or informing me. I go to the dentist for a checkup, and he tells me that I have a cavity which needs to be filled, that does not give him permission to do a root canal and put a crown in once my mouth is deadened. Even though I cannot feel exactly what he is doing because of the anesthetic, he still has an obligation to inform me of any changes he may wish to make once he has begun. On our world, this is professional ethics. Should we expect any less of you who call yourselves Teachers? My free will is being violated when you assume permission.

After that, you slyly asked whether anyone in the room could see any of the circuitry. Of course, there was no answer. You told me that I was over-reacting. I refused to reply, for that was when I knew for sure that you were only toying with me. For three years you have encouraged this group, praising every small evidence of their faith in you and your cohorts, though none of them is able to see you. Daniel, it cannot be both ways. I, too, believed in your existence and trusted your words. yet because we were unable to see the circuitry, you inferred that it could not be in my awareness, nor cause me pain. At that moment all the fine and caring words I had read in the transcripts became a mockery. My hopes for spiritual guidance and growth turned to dust. First I felt hurt, and then, anger. I can be patted on the head and told that I am over-reacting by any garden variety oaf on the planet. From you, Daniel, it is most disturbing, for it implies a total lack of respect for a being placed in your care.

I felt that you were treating me like a child, and said so. You called me "pal". Finally, you told me that the new circuitry was really a reward because I had just made a big leap in spiritual growth. This made no sense to me at all, for spiritual growth should lead to less need for aids or devices, not more. Down through the centuries there have been a few shining souls who could see and hear what the majority could not. Many were persecuted. At best, they were misunderstood. But their reports have given hope to those who have followed after. None of them, to my knowledge, needed circuitry to enable their vision. If our planet is indeed on the brink on Light and Life will we not see for ourselves soon enough? The Christ I believe in does not need electronic devices to communicate with anyone!

In my fifty-three years, there have been many groups who came on the national or international scene wanting to change the world. Most often, whatever was emphasized in their propaganda was exactly what they wanted to take from their followers. Groups who promote peace find themselves in the thick of the battle. If you sign on the bottom line for hope, be prepared for despair. Churches preach God's love and then manipulate their congregations through guilt and sin. Though the Urantia Book repelled me, the transcripts spoke of love, of trust, of having free will. All those nice nominalizations. I should have known better. The "hook" was the opportunity for spiritual growth. That made it very hard for a seeker to walk away. All the signs were there. I didn't want to read them. When a group which talks about free will teaches you that you have a "Thought Adjuster" who will, if you're good enough, become a "Thought Controller"- You are in trouble! When they tell you to trust- plan on losing your initiative. If Daniel's tender mercies are any example, love is about doing what you're told and not questioning his authority. Have you noticed that not one of them can do a thing without asking permission? I have a sense that their real Mission would have us all like little robots in their circuitry, marching in lock step through eternity. Believe me, Daniel, when I tell you that I will not be so deceived again. Since you are already in Hell, I'll see you when it freezes over. J. M.


Daniel(TR #4): "Thank you Isaac for reading this letter as requested.

My first words are again to you, this group, as I stated earlier. I am most pleased with the love and concern you have expressed for your sister, for a member of your more intimate community and a member of the family of Urantia. This love is most necessary. Continue to build your foundations by coming into understanding of what unconditional love truly is. Thank you loyal, faithful, hardworking students.

Jane, my dearest friend, thank you for bringing your anger, upset, beliefs, and understanding directly to me that I may address these. Dear friend I am extremely saddened by my failure to communicate to you my love, my compassion, and my understanding of the distress which you feel and are currently undergoing, and by my failure to respond to the technical aspects of your question, your request of that evening. You asked me to take off, remove, the circuitry. And, my dear, I did not address that directly, which was my failing.

My dear, there is no new electronic circuitry installed in your head, and therefor there is nothing for me to remove. Let me try to explain for you in more detail the nature of the circuitry of which we speak.


Circuitry is the natural inheritance of planets who have a normal evolution. Circuitry is, perhaps, a misnomer in this situation. It is a word that we borrowed from your language but it is by no means meant to represent electrical wiring. In fact, the nature of this linkup is love. The circuits are made of love. As we are all a part of the creation of the First Source and Center, we are His love manifest and thusly is the circuitry flowing out from Paradise Isle a connecting link to Infinite Love. Circuitry cannot cause pain, for it has no power. It is only the pathway through which beings (all of God's creations) are able to enrich spiritual development and reach further potential.

These circuits have not existed for over 250,000 years. These circuits were not here at the time of your birth. They are, in fact, new and are part of the Correcting Time that is designed to bring this planet back to its natural state had there not been the rebellion in heaven. At that time, although love remained the fact of the essence of individuals, the spiritual circuits were severed, for not only could they be used for good but they would have been used by the celestial rebels to continue to spread the falsehoods to other inhabited worlds.

Jane, I recommend that you read in the Urantia Book about the Lucifer Rebellion. I invite you, suggest that you, indeed, read Lucifer's proclamation, for I believe you will read much that stirs your soul, that you will say..yes, perhaps Lucifer was right after all! And yet another part of you will say..no..there is greater truth than even that. And I see you now as being torn between the truth that you feel inside and the residue of the Lucifer Rebellion. If you read the Lucifer Manifesto this may bring this issue to a head for you at which point you may more clearly decide.

My dearest friend, circuitry whose essence is love is incapable of causing pain in and of itself, but it is possible for the opening of circuitry to cause pain when the increased flow of love coming across the circuitry is resisted or when one has conflicting ideas that must be dealt with. An example of such a conflict is knowing and believing that one should be tolerant but being unable to be so in daily living.

Think, if you will, of a stream with a large boulder in the middle. When the runoff is low, the water parts harmlessly around the boulder with little agitation. As the water's flow increases with the melting of large ice fields above, the friction created by the existence of the boulder in the stream increases, and water now crashes into the boulder creating turbulence and--if you will--pain.

Additionally, the mortal being is not capable of experiencing the full love of the First Source and Center, the full love Christ Michael/Jesus, or the full love of the Mother Spirit. The mortal being would, indeed, be blinded by the full force of such love. Others of your fellow sisters and brothers can share experiences with you of opening to love and finding it almost painful in its intensity and needing to have that love volume turned down.

And, so, the opening of the circuitry increases the flow of truth, of love to the individual. The individual's response to that increased flow determines their experience of it. In this sense, the opening of circuitry can hurt.

My friend, I am not in charge of your linkages. You, yourself, through your free will have chosen that link to the First Source and Center, have chosen to be linked with brothers and sisters, have chosen the path of love. You, yourself, have put the circuitry into place. But you see, to ask to have those linkages, those loving circuits severed is the same as asking for personality isolation.

[Ed. Comment: Consequential error made, corrected, and deleted. The nature of the error is discussed in the questions and answers. Transmission continues through TR #1.]


Daniel(TR #1): Growing into spiritual awareness and God-consciousness brings you forth in a higher plane of enlightenment. Your desiring to remove this channel would set you back in your evolutionary process. It is never easy to grow. It is never easy to face changes. It is very difficult to have trust and hope when you are in the process of change and growth. It is often easier for individuals to desire that which is comfortable, that which is status quo, that which is known.

The support that you have around you, my dear Jane, will uphold you. Know that the layers that you have peeled back can remain peeled through your continuing forward. If, however, you are unable to continue, then these layers will again fold back in on themselves.

All spiritual growth is not painful for spiritual growth produces inner joy, peace and serenity that is felt when one is in the understanding of love. However, human growth does go through various stages, and the undoing of the past is, indeed, painful. And these shards that have been exposed for you now will in time be worn down like the grains on a rock such as sandstone if you can continue to put forth the erosion necessary to break them down.

It is necessary for one who has already exposed themselves to the shards that they continue to break down those layers. For, you see, the shard is like the nerve of a tooth. If the tooth is healthy, then the nerve will be as well. If the enamel of the tooth breaks down and the tooth begins to decay and the nerve is exposed, pain ensues. It is an unfortunate and a dismal part of human life on this planet that far too many of you reached adulthood damaged, abused, confused and fearful. You, like the tooth, have had your enamel worn away and broken down. Some are able through work to move on. And, while there is growth pain, they maintain. That is, they fill the cavity, and, with proper care, the nerve is not exposed. Others are not so fortunate; the cavity enlarges, and the root is exposed. In this case it will require more time and work to fix the problem. Simply filling in the cavity will not do; extraction of the root is necessary to cease the pain. What this means in human terms and not in dental talk is indeed hard work, painful remembrances, and learning to love, forgive, trust, and risk beyond what one feels they are able to do.

You, my dear, have been very courageous in the past. You have struggled through many emotions, many ideas, many intellectual debates concerning the purpose of life and all of what seems to be the unfairness of life. My understanding of your character gives me hope that even though this too is a challenging time, you will persist, for it has been part of your underlying pathway to seek and know the Father, to seek and know God.

Therefor look into your heart. Know that for sure there is no need for the true seeker to need any outside source for spiritual growth. Spiritual knowledge and understanding of the purpose of life is from within. All growth must come from within. There can be no blaming or putting to fault anything that has come from within. That is to say, humans cannot blame or find fault in outside appearances if they come from within.

The mind is essential in bringing the voyager of time into the reality of the journey of ascension. It is what you seek and strive to do that is most important, my dear. The fact that you desire to know the Father and His Will is the very fact that opens you up to growing day by day in His overcare.

The circuitry that flows into this planet now is one that has opened up this planet to receive all of the knowledgeable and giveable aspects of the First Source and Center. The purpose of isolation so many years ago was to protect those who were held in the isolation. While this appears almost contradictory, why isolate an already torn planet? Why not support it with the spiritual circuitry, spiritual energies?..the contradiction is in appearance only. Spiritual support remained, and isolation of this planet and the others involved in the rebellion allowed time for free agency to play itself out.

Free agency is that which has been given as a great gift to humans and many other types of beings. Had God created all planets in perfection, then there would have been no need for free agency. For all, then, would in a sense be robotic. All would just naturally follow and be a part of. Free agency allows each individual to determine and choose. Free agency gives you the choice between many options. There is good, and there is evil.

Had there not been default, evil would not have had as great a chance of perpetuating itself to the degree it has on this planet. But just because there has been a perpetuation of evil does not mean that there has not been a perpetuation of good! For within each human being there is an Inner Guide. That Inner Guide is not One that should be taken lightly. It is the actual Fragment of the First Source and Center. It is your connection to God! God is love manifested. In each and every one of you is that gift of love. God also gave you that mind that you could choose to reject or to open to that love. My dear, you know what that love is, for you have given it many times over to the people who come to you, the broken bodies, the hurting bodies. You know that love, and you know how often you, yourself, wish you could help those that are lying there hurting and crying out for the understanding of that Inner Guide to be made known to them. In your essence, in your being, you have known all along that there is more than just one planet, that this was not just an accident. Yet you have seen many whose understanding and whose hope was on the wane, and you have given them a different sense of purpose by your loving ministry.

And so that aspect which is called a Thought Adjuster is known to you. When you open up to love and to service and to wanting to see the bigger picture, when you turn yourself over to that First Source and Center how else can you spiritually grow unless that First Source and Center grows with you? Thought Controller only because you want more. You are hungry for more. You are hungry to be more.

My dear, all of the teachers in this Teaching Mission have been given for one purpose and that is to help each individual on their own pathway to see with brighter vision, to feel the love of the First Source and Center, to be able to project that aspect by their own lives. It is by their fruits that they will be known. Our mission has been geared to helping you realize your fruits, to realize that each and every one of you are a son and daughter of the First Source and Center, and in being that son or daughter you are never alone, you are part of the One, you are part of the Whole.

Spiritual circuitry enables you to freely move around in that whole, in that one. Growing through the steps of humanness, of the human condition is the aspect that causes pain. And pain can be manifested in many areas. It is always a matter of regret that this must happen. Please know, my dear, that if you have any other issues you would like addressed, the teachers are here. It may take time for questions to be answered because of language and because of TR resistance and because of TR fear, but that is part of growing. To know the answer to a math problem does not mean that you know what that answer means. It is the process of working through that answer that validates and gives meaning to that answer.

From Michael, from all the teachers, from myself, I give you my love and my peace. I ask you to come back. Do not be concerned. What has been written represents only a certain stage, represents an aspect of growth. In the aeons of time, from the dawn of this planet on through to its completion, the one thing that has been constant has been Truth. It shall continue. And now if there are further questions from this group the floor is open."

PamElla: "Daniel, I do. I am concerned about the earlier part of the transmission and how much of my own `stuff' was mixed into it. And I realize that this can or may not be put in the transcript. I just want to make sure it's as clean as necessary. So I guess I would like you to make any other corrections at this time that need to be made."

Daniel(TR #1): "Thank you, PamElla, for not only being a willing transmitter/receiver tonight but for asking this question.

Please strike this portion also from the transcript. [Ed. Comment: The decision was made with Daniel's permission to leave this portion of the transcript as is, because it answers a question posed in the last T/R News Network (pg. 6-7, Vol. 3, No. 4, July 1995.) It is hoped this answer will be helpful to others.]

Know, PamElla, that your TR abilities are strong. The aspect that needs correction is the point that was stated regarding that once one is encircuited and then rejects that this is like one extinguishing themselves from not only this planet but for all of Paradise. And the aspect of personality extinction is not one that can be so easily placed in this context. This planet is not one of Light and Life. This planet is in turmoil. And there can be in one's life many times when one feels and opens up to the love of the First Source and Center only to shut it down at another point and open it up again later. So you see to state that once knowledgeable and once closed down equals extinction is incorrect at this juncture."

PamElla, do not become distraught. Hold your trust and faith. Understand that emotions play a big part. Your love connection with Jane was interfering greatly, and yet you pulled through; you hung in there. And so know that all gross errors are corrected; non-essential things are not necessarily corrected.

We value your presence, your service and your work. To all of you is love given. For you indeed have formed a tight community that is strong. You have individually grown through many things. Your willingness to ask questions, your willingness to send transcripts wherever and whenever called upon has vicariously aided many as you have been told. The enormity will be witnessed when you reach morontial worlds. Are there further questions?"

Transmitting, Judas

PamElla: "Thank you Daniel. I don't mean.. yes I do mean to hog the mike. There are a few more things I need answers to, perhaps not now, but I prefer them now. I have some concerns about other of my transmissions. There has been a request for the Judas transcript. I want to know if that was, indeed, Judas. Also can you straighten out the question, the whole flub-up with CorElla? I know I have complete inconsistency in transmissions concerning CorElla, and I know I have one, two, or three inconsistencies, and they seem to me to be major inconsistencies and errors concerning Carla's teacher and the teacher CorElla. Could you give me an answer for that one and also about Judas, please?"

Daniel(TR #1): "First your question regarding Judas. Let me question you a bit. This is in regards to a transmission you received regarding Judas' status? Is this correct?"

PamElla: "More than that. During Easter I thought I transmitted Judas at our TR practice session and Ham also confirmed it. So both Dad and I, I suppose, are..right now I am having severe doubts about anything I have ever transmitted so..therefor I am concerned about important ones like Judas and whether that was, indeed Judas that I transmitted, and if that was, indeed, Ham that verified it."

Daniel(TR #1): "It is part of the human phenomena to desire to know, whether it be from curiosity, or out of sincere intellectual wanting to know, or from the aspect of concern which could be linked to that aspect of growing love, that one questions what has happened to certain individuals. And it is truly not important for your own spiritual growth to know these answers in 99% of the cases. But because of the variety of human thought processes, pathways, and experiences, some knowledge or understanding regarding these personages of the past gives the human of the present a basis for further choosing, another nuance of knowledge from which to filter and to make choices in their lives. And while it has been the policy in the past to not give information regarding these types of things, this is lessening.

Judas was a struggling human as you all are. Judas loved the Master. However, he was often confused regarding which master to serve. In the Jewish tradition that `Thou shalt not have graven images before me [1] Judas often held the god of greed and self importance above that which he knew to be truth. Ask yourself how many times have you erred in light of the truth you have known. When Judas committed his final act, he was acting out of real guilt, a sense of real loss, and a sense of not being able to undo what had been done. He lost touch with his true God-consciousness. He lost his touch with that aspect of love. From that vantage point he chose extinction on this planet.

Through many years and much work Judas has regained his understanding, has reconnected his essence to love. Your transmission was not directly from Judas but rather from a carrier speaking for Judas on this occasion. Ham validated this message, not the messenger."

PamElla: "Thank you Daniel. What do you mean by a carrier?"

Daniel(TR #1): "In this instance it was a midwayer who spoke the words, the message from Judas. It is not yet part of Judas' career to be a teacher, but rather does Judas still carry a love for his planet, does he still wish to give back to the people of Urantia from his grief for his action. Do you understand?"

PamElla: "Yes, Daniel, thank you. I am still a little bit self absorbed here. What I am understanding in addition to the very significant message is that the error I made was in thinking it was from Judas when it was, in fact, a midwayer bringing a message from Judas."

Isaac: "Ham implied that." (referring to Judas' limited participation in the transmission moment)

PamElla: "Well Dad, I didn't get that. It felt like Judas to me, and the emotion felt like that."

Daniel(TR #1): "Indeed, midwayers are able to affect much for humans. They are your link to the morontial and the spirit world."

PamElla: "Thank you Daniel. Could you now clarify whether CorElla is Carla's personal teacher. Should I set up a personal meeting with you to go into some of the details of the errors that I am concerned about in my transmissions?"

Daniel(TR #1): "This would be a good idea, yes, for there are other questions here this evening and this TR is just regaining connection and understanding. Another time, my dear."

PamElla: "Thank you."

Isaac: "Hello Daniel, this is Isaac. I really appreciate all the questions that PamElla asked because I had the same anxieties. This whole question of transmission error has been discussed on the internet and etc., and you know this because you know our minds pretty well. The problem is that we think if we make one small mistake or something that we are totally incompetent and that we have done nothing but make total errors. I know that this is an extreme position. I would like this next section to also be off the record for I do not regard this as serious error. But I wonder if it is error because you stated that if God made perfect worlds that people would be robots. I am concerned how people who read that might react, if they would think along these lines: `Well God did make perfect worlds, the Central Universe, and the beings there are not robotic. Daniel must be making an error.' Would you address that statement you made and tell me what to do in terms of this incredible [transcript]. Perhaps if you could be personally present when I am working on it, that would be helpful." (laughter)

Daniel(TR #1): "Indeed, you know I will be there."

Isaac: "I figured."

Daniel(TR #1): "The term robot was used as a phrase taken from Jane's own letter stating that the teachers are robots, having to ask permission to give information. And so my phraseology certainly could be misconstrued. You know, you as humans understand your language better [than we do]. I ask you now to dialogue with me. How could we best express this aspect that there are . ..express the concept that in a perfect world people or beings would be so in awe of the love of the First Source and Center that to react any other way except that way which reflects this love would be impossible?"

Isaac: "Well, Daniel, I think the problem in our language is really there, because when I read the stuff about the Central Universe I get those same kind of questions like..they say there is freedom of choice but in a perfect world there has never been rebellion, never been anybody make an error. And I just don't think any of us have the language or the thoughts to imagine such a situation. You see, I am not seriously concerned about your statement exactly. But someone who is critical of the Teaching Mission might look at that and say that obviously Daniel doesn't know his Urantia Book very well. And that is the only reason I brought it up. I honestly don't know the answer to your question."

Leetah: "Is it possible..I am sitting here thinking at what time, what periods in my life I have thought in terms of doing someone else's bidding with total awe. And I think it must be at times of limernce when you are in that first phase of love and you see no imperfection. I am not sure this carries over, but there is that part of humanity where you look at another person and are so willing to do what that person wants because of a love, I guess. I don't know if that is a good illustration or not."

Daniel(TR #1): "Yes, Virginia, it is. Perhaps we should phrase this aspect in this way. If there were a perfect world then the people on it would appear to be acting like robots, because when an individual or being is so imbued with the love and the graciousness of the First Source and Center, they choose to only pursue that which reflects this love. Would that help?"

Isaac: "I think so!"

Love, Ideal

Tonya: "This question is for anybody. I was wondering concerning unconditional love that was mentioned earlier. My own teachers have been trying to help me accept the love that is there (if I am understanding it right), not to search for more than is present. In myself I am having a hard time with that, because I am the one to always look for the love that is present and not worry about that which is negative. So I am having a hard time just accepting what is there instead of asking myself to give more and asking to see more and perhaps being disappointed when it is not there. Could you somehow help me with that?"

Tomas(TR #2): "I am going to interject. I understand your devotion to Daniel and your eagerness to hear his words, yet his vessel is not strong, and I am going to respond to your question in order that the TR may absorb the energy and gain strength while I put some out.

The situation regarding understanding of unconditional love is founded in understanding the ideal love of the Father as it permeates you. In your growth, you always may return to your Inner Bastion of Spiritual [Strength] and see that the loving ministry, the understanding, the Parental concern always overshadows the failings of the child. In your attempt, then, to accept your peers with unconditional love, it is necessary to sustain an ideation of them from that same standpoint which the Father Fragment has for you. And this is no easy order, for what is evident is not always true. What people present is not always the reality. What your expectations are is not necessarily what they are willing to put forth. The many lessons on diversity and variation of personality indicate thatthe Source of unconditional love is above and beyond those considerations of gender, culture, age, and etc., which makes for the difference in individuals.

Unconditional love is a spiritual ideal and can only be sustained in the ideal. Your working relationships with your fellow human beings are the arena wherein you may reflect unconditional love relatively, for always will the truth seeker see himself in his fellows, will walk in his moccasins, and will recognize the human frailty which flesh is heir to. The love of Spirit is the love which enables you to accept yourself and your fellows with all their foibles unconditionally.

Keep up your struggles, your striving to understand unconditional love, to develop the ability to maintain your ideal perspective and to not allow the variations, diversities, and emotions of time and space to detract from the vantage point of our Parent which we aspire to have as our own perfect viewpoint: that we are all loved, that we are all indwelt, we are all growing toward that ultimate goal of ultimate perfection. Has this answered?"

Tonya: "Yeah. I am still a little mixed up. I am mixed up, I think, on receiving love. I am not certain when or how one receives when they are searching for more. I am not sure that makes sense."

Tomas: "It makes great sense, for always is there more love to be received depending upon how real the individual is. As you become more real you, yourself, are able to give and receive more love. Therein is your relative reality, the impetus for further growth, that as you crave greater, deeper love from your peers, from your fellows, more tender loving kindness, you are reaching for yet more perfection. In your reception of love, it is wise to acknowledge that you and all mankind are in the process of learning what love is, that only in knowing the Father/Mother is true love perceived, that all other loves are variations. In order to receive love you would do well to recognize the type of love that is being directed toward you and accept the gift of love as it is presented, until such time as greater spiritual depth of love can be reached and manifested. There will always be that yearning for more. Do not be disappointed in your fellows, that their love is not that which you seek to satisfy your big thirst, for this is the goal of us all, to attain that place. Be grateful for the love which is able to be manifested and given, and pray that your capacities and theirs for receiving greater love will be met."

Tonya: "Thank you very much."

Tomas: "I want to add one more remark to the group, to the community in general, and that has to do with, oddly enough, social fragrance. If anyone feels that we teachers do not practice what we preach, this evening's discourse of how your human fragrance and our morontial fragrance has worked together to create a step forward into socializing our communal beliefs to the betterment of a larger community is evident. It is, indeed, an honor to be a part of this Teaching Mission and to have the challenges and rewards that are presented. The inroads that are being made are measurable. I am sure that we have gone well beyond the socially appropriate time for tea, and yet we have worked shoulder to shoulder on some good heartfelt issues. I feel satisfied that we have worked in the field this evening. Thank you for your cooperation and contribution in terms of your committed energies to your teachers, to your fellows, and to truth."

Daniel(TR #1): "Thank you Tomas. Before this session is ended this evening, I ask each of you to pause now for a moment and in your own mind think of any aspect of the letter received this evening that you feel may need further address."


PamElla: Daniel, I guess I'm still concerned about that earlier part of the transcript. I am concerned about all of it. Was that aspect of the circuitry explained well enough and also the aspect of sometimes opening to the circuitry in itself being painful? Was that correct? Or was that my stuff getting mixed in because I was remembering the time I first felt Nebadonia's love at the time that I was speaking those words. Did I mix some of my stuff in there that you would like to take out?"

Daniel(TR #1): "The circuitry is in a sense love, for the First Source and Center reigns on Paradise, and all that comes forth from Paradise is created out of love. Of course circuitry has also been defined by teachers as being like energy or like microwaves or radio waves in which broadcasts can come from Paradise and the other universes, and, essentially, that is what it is. It is the information that can come from all these other areas. But this information is all an aspect of love. And so in this regard you were correctly hearing my words and then putting them through your consciousness. What has been said is not incorrect.

The aspect that you all must realize is this. All of the quarantined planets were not cut off from the love of the First Source and Center nor were they cut off completely from the broadcasts. For, you see, there have always been visitors to this planet, and these visitors brought to this planet the updates and the ongoings of the universes. What was not here was the spiritual pressure that can be applied when a planet is not in quarantine. So these messages did not get through. When a planet is in normal circuitry it is not just a few such as the midwayers or the angels or the others, Planetary Prince, etc., that are getting the messages. Rather it becomes a more open arena for any who choose to allow God's messages to come in. So you are now witnessing more and more people understanding and hearing and being a part of the information from afar. Do you see?"

PamElla: "Yes, Daniel, I do. I am just wondering if you would want to retransmit the first part through Rutha at another time, or if the transcript can go out as it is? There are a number of sections I am concerned about.

Daniel(TR #1): "This question you pose is most difficult, for as a teacher one always wants to be very clear and precise. As a teacher one always has in their forethought the feelings, emotions and the knowledge of what the information that is given can do to a student. I am in such a bind. I am feeling that you are and have grown strong, PamElla, that you do know that your transmissions are for all practicalities on line. It is with that in mind that I would say this. It might behoove Jane to have some aspects cleared up and restated a different way, but this does not undermine what you have said. Your condition this week is physically down. You were emotionally attached, and in this aspect, then, the direct wording was not amplified enough for you to grasp the dialogue as I would have stated. However, I will not make this call. I ask you, or with the help of your colleagues here, to ascertain an answer. The words held truth which cannot be refuted. The way of presentation could be more elaborated or brought into a greater understanding, perhaps. Perhaps not."

PamElla: "Daniel, I agree, and that's why I posed the question. I have felt the hookup much more strongly in the past than tonight. I know I am feeling weak, and as soon as I could tell Rutha was on line, I felt I should cave in and give it to her. But I felt like it was caving in, so I felt like I would go ahead and try. And so I would prefer you redo it, because it is of such great importance."

Daniel(TR #1): "My daughter, your courage this evening cannot be doubted. Your willingness to serve is applauded. It is an awkward time for this group, for you have been dealt here this evening with a letter and with the dealings of working with transmitter/receivers! Please, all of you, hold together and realize that transmitting/receiving is an awesome responsibility. Anyone who would refute that can sit in the throne next week!! (much laughter).

Isaac: "No contention!!"

Daniel(TR #1): "You must not, must not judge one transmitter/receiver from another. Rutha has made errors as well. Gerdean has made errors as well. Isaac has made errors as well. Bob has made errors as well. And in your own private dealings with your teachers there have been errors. Only when real truth is violated by what is stated is there immediate [corrective] response. PamElla, you need to know that you are able and capable and do receive. You must know also the agony and the war that went on within Rutha when I poked her with a hot iron to speak. It was not a nudge.

This is a new business on this plane. Have patience with one another. Support and love one another. Hear the truth, not just words. PamElla, do not be discouraged. You spoke truth tonight. Know that."

PamElla: "Daniel, thank you, I do. I am not that discouraged, I am mostly humiliated. It is a different thing. It won't stop me in the future."

Daniel(TR #1): "Those who have grown in the Spirit, those who have become God aware realize that human weaknesses, human frailties, are part of the human existence and that it is okay. For truly God-conscious people act quickly to rectify, do not hold themselves in low esteem but rather are self aware to the point that they know that in God's care, in God's hands, all is well.


The night is late. Go in peace. Our love to you. Good evening."

[Ed. Comment: PamElla and Rutha worked with Daniel in elaborating sections of Daniel's response to Jane's letter. In so doing, several questions that had not been asked or addressed during the meeting occurred to them. These questions and Daniel's responses follow.]


PamElla: Daniel I think an elucidation of the term "creature," would be helpful, not only for Jane but for me as well. In the past I have felt offended by its use. It seemed derisive, a put-down. Although I am no longer bothered by this term, I remember how I used to feel, and I am curious about the decision to use it. If you will address this, I think it will be helpful.

Daniel(TR #4): Yes, PamElla, I am pleased to respond to this for you and for Jane, and I appreciate you bringing this oversight to my attention.

The term "creature" is definitional only. It is used to refer to those beings who are created, who have a beginning, and is used in no other sense. It is unfortunate that your slang has used the term to refer to that which is "less than human" which is perhaps even evil or nasty such as the "creature from the deep." In no way is this meaning associated with either my use of the term or the Urantia text's use of the term.

In the Urantia Book there are two types of being/s: Creators and the created. All created beings are referred to as creatures. We ascendent beings are creatures. Melchizedeks are creatures. Angels are creatures. Midwayers are creatures. You human beings are creatures. The term is used only definitionally; it has no ulterior meaning.

Does this help?

PamElla: Yes, Daniel, that is very clarifying for me. Thank you.

Rutha: Daniel, would you address Jane's remark about Life Carrier healing and what did you have to fear? Daniel(TR #1): We have nothing to hide or to fear. Healing was offered to her as a means to help her physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This healing is a gift from the First Source and Center, and Jan knows full well that she has been a channel of this healing energy for her clients. No human is ever so advanced as to not derive some benefit from these healings. There was no hidden agenda in offering the healing ministries of the Life-Carriers and, might I add, the Infinite Spirit.

Rutha: Thank you Daniel. I have another concern as well. Would you please address Jane's statement about her [[Free will|will (free will) being violated.

Daniel(TR #1): All spiritual growth is developmental and progresses as the human mind grows in its desire and understanding of the First Source and Center. You are not fully aware of the spiritual growth, for it involves the growth of the soul--the uniting of the human desire to do the Will of God and the joint effort of the Indwelling Spirit, the Mystery Monitor, the Thought Adjuster.

This union opens one up to spiritual enlightenment. When you say, "Thy Will and not mine be done," you are giving permission for spirit to lead more fully. Remember that the Thought Adjuster never forces one to do something that they have not freely chosen, nor does He guide you to be conscious of Himself but of Michael. Hence, as you grow in your understanding of Michael and his examples and as you live by these ideals, you are allowing yourself to be lead. Your will falls in line with the Will of God. This gives permission; this is the joint effort of God and the human.

Jane's comments, however, refer to additional circuitry that was installed that she had not asked to have put there, hence free agency was violated. It is hoped that Jan will come to realize that no circuitry was installed, no devices placed in her head. We are teachers and guides whose mission is to support all of you in love and to present ideas that invite you to strive for truth, understanding, and proper action. We encourage you to pray and seek God in your stillness that you will know and become wise. We delight in your joys; we sorrow in your discomfort. We are on a spiritual quest just as you, and our aim is spiritual, not anything magical or supernatural. We are grounded in the love of the Father, and I am hopeful that Jan will find some comfort in the love your group gives her and that she can accept the fact that I, Daniel, and all the teachers love her.

Rutha: Thank you, Daniel.