2002-02-24-Energy Manipulation, Preparations for Light & Life

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Topic: Energy Manipulation, Preparations for Light & Life

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



RAYSON: This is Rayson, good afternoon people. It is good to be here with you once again. As you take these few moments in the beginning to settle yourselves, you begin to feel or see the particles around you, the energized parts within you that begin to settle and the tumult, the tensions and stresses become settled. This is a time of learning, a time of relaxation, of inner/outer relaxation, of being at peace. And as you become more and more grounded, and centered in this activity, we wish you to connect with the merkaba as you have in the past, that shaft of energy, which is in the center of us here. See yourself as parts of the lines of longitude around this. As you connect your own merkaba cores to the merkaba before you, you become one globe of energy and all of you participate in it. And as you do this, please indicate your "intention" for being here, for your participation. This is not like a loyalty oath or anything of that sort. This is a very personal part of your participation, for you come here for reasons of your own. (Pause)

Now to energize that intention, each of you should "invoke" the energy presence in this, and ultimately it is most productive when you invoke this energy co-creatively with your Thought Adjuster and your Guardians, and all those Celestial Beings who are with you. And having done that, qualify it by the Father’s will. (Pause) The most powerful form of that is to "will" that the Father’s will be done, in your life and in all your activities, both as an active energy that moves you ahead, and also as a protective energy to guard you from your own miss-directions, which may occur in your life unconsciously on your part. (Pause)


Merkaba, Inner Life

Today we will continue our lesson on energy, but today it will be much different from the lessons in the past. You may remember where in one of the lessons in the past where we used our conscious thought working through the merkaba energy to direct its energy to individuals, groups, families, communities, states, and even the whole world for its betterment, whatever that may be. And so you were a manipulator of this energy through the merkaba, sending it to those individuals whom you had determined were in need of this. And again, not according to your will but according to the Father’s will, for that person’s or that individual’s, that family’s, that nation’s life, for the course of their well being. And you recall that we did this knowing that although God cares for all of us, very generously, our individual discernment and determinations of how to assist that most directly is needed, and this give conscious thought to the direction and healing of yourself and your families and communities and your world. And this is necessary for the days of light and life to come into existence.

Today, we are going to begin the inner journey of the manipulation of universe energy, that energy that flows through you and that energy which flows through the merkaba and through your planet and through the universe. Just as you become aware that your friends, families, communities, and your world has needs, how did you come to that determination? What was it that brought your attention to the issue, which you prayed for, to direct universe energy towards that healing and the "right order" of that situation? This is not an idle question. This is very important. What was it? And as you look within yourself, I am sure you will find that you drew your own judgment, your own estimation of what was not right. You said, "This family is in distress;" "This individual is in distress." And so you came to that estimation, I would imagine, from a comparison between a healthy, ordered life as an individual, or the healthy ordered life and functioning of a family process. You have this picture. Now in the picture, if your picture is not accurate, you will have a bias. And this bias may be unknown to you, and usually they are. So that is why we pray for the outworking of divine order and also why we pray for the diminishment or elimination of that which is not appropriate for that family or individual so that God’s mind, God’s Action deals "rightly" with that individual. In this case, let us examine within ourselves. You may find something that you are ill at ease with. You know from past lessons by other teachers and myself that you are exhorted to forgive your enemies, to forgive yourself. But here today, we are going to use a more analytical approach to this tool. We will devise a tool with you that you can use. We realize that mortal minds operate very simply and that there are many skills that which you have not learned in how to manage your own mind. We will teach you some today.

As you look within, do you have some prejudice, bias, or a negative emotional feeling toward someone or some people? A group, family, nation, cultural group, religious group, political group, whatever it may be? Let us focus now upon an individual, because what we want to do is to eventually apply this to ourselves. Now, you’ve heard me say "ourselves" and "we" and in this case as a Celestial who has been through the Mansion Worlds and the Teaching Schools, (most of them,) I have come to correct many of the flaws in my being, and yet, there is still work to be done. There is only a finite amount of negative things to overcome, but there is an infinite amount of potential for good in myself and in yourselves to develop. Here in your case, we need to eliminate those things that deter you and hold you back, that cause impediments to your spiritual and emotional growth.

Let us take one minor feeling. We don’t need to deal with strong feelings of hatred or loathing, for I know that you have worked on those yourselves already. These are mighty feelings, they are like a boulder in your path, and you cannot even trip over it, but you bump into it, and some are so large, you can hardly find your way around them. And the way to deal with this is to eliminate the boulder, and many of you have done this. Now, let us get to the smaller details, those indicators of work yet to be done. And these are energetic, emotional impediments to your spiritual growth. Let us say for instance, that you have a grudge against somebody, not a depth grudge or a grudge about some major economic thing, but something that in the past has rankled you in a wrong way. This grudge could also go by the name of resentment or some kind of negative emotion about that individual. When you think of them, you may think in terms of sarcastic comments. You may think in terms of some feeling or some thought and it recalls you to a time, an incident in your memory that takes you to that incident. It may be a former partner; it may be a former family member who has been out of your life for a long time, a former employer or employee- it could be anybody. And it could be any one incident. What we are looking for is that incident itself and the feelings that you have about that individual. Today’s lesson is to help you fine-tune your inner workings within yourself. This is homework that you will be doing in preparation for going to the Teacher Spheres, the Schools of the Mansion Worlds, where you will overcome those resistances, those impediments that came with you. There, you will complete training program’s that you were to learn on this planet.

So I would like each of you to identify some feeling you have about an individual. (And I feel quite safe in saying that each of you has at least one that you can think about.) I will draw a metaphor for you: You are sleeping at night, the house is quiet, and you are awakened by a sound coming from the bathroom drip, drip, drip, drip . And so you think, "I could just go to sleep and forget about it, or I could get up and turn the knob a little tighter." So you get up, knowing that you must, for it will drip all through the night and may awaken you again, and you go to the bathroom and turn the handle a little tighter and it stops. And you return to bed and your sleep. Now how is it, my friends, that you can hear the drip, drip, drip of your negative emotions, those things, which have been a part of your mind action, ever since the incident occurred. And though you may have forgotten it, it is still there, and some incidents that occur during your days, at work and at play, and at home, remind you of that incident? Yet, you could go to that faucet, turn it tighter and say, "Aw, forget about it. It’s not relevant, It’s not important, It’s not a big thing in my life." And thus, you turn the faucet a little bit tighter. What we want to do through this lesson today, and other lessons, is to "repair" the faucet, repair the water-stop in the faucet that lets the water past. But let us go back to the drip, drip, drip. What is it my friends, in your own mind, that can awaken you to this negative incident so that you do not pass by it and disregard it, but helps you to recognize this negative emotional response and deal with it?



Now, I know you are in a meditative state and you are listening intently, but what I would like to do is to stop the TR at this time, and ask you to share your thoughts about how you come to consciousness, in other words, of the drip, drip, drip of your negative emotional state. When I count to five, I would like you to become awake and aware and begin to engage this discussion. I know this is a stop action, which we do not often do in our TR sessions. What we are trying to do in this group and in other groups is have you become much more of a co-creative, conscious team with us. It is a more evolved state of the TR process. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

This is Daniel. I guess for myself, what I do is to always be aware. It’s like a part of my own being to be aware all the time, to be self-monitoring and self-observing, and to note what’s going on and It’s only in myself. It’s only when I am really busy with somebody, when we are having a group discussion that I forget and gloss over that. Anybody else? How do you remind yourself?

Student: It [the memory] is still energy charged. I ran a whole series of them that I wasn’t aware of, just the other day. I was talking to somebody about when I missed a bus in the Navy and I had my sea-bag on my shoulder and I stepped off the curb and really wrenched an ankle, just tore it up with the full weight of the sea-bag and everything. And I still had to take that bus 30 kilometers to another base. By the time I got to the base, my ankle was that big and so I was crawling along the sidewalk, dragging my sea-bag but I remember the first time I ruined my ankles it was a "double dare" from a neighbor kid to jump down at a construction site. But then I became aware that all through that relationship with that child, he was always goading somebody into damaging the ’selves. That was his favorite thing to do.

Daniel: So okay, where’s the energy to remember?

Student: I never forgave him! And I never forgave me, because one day he pushed me too far and I slapped his head off. So, that’s still open on both ends, so I see the energy.

Daniel: How do you become aware of that?

Student: There was a tickler when I was telling about the sea-bag, and during the week it led me back to those times, and let me get this guy, whose name was Rodney, and then I got to see other examples of how that worked. And other people of the playgrounds that he would do that to, over and over. And there was an incident in high school, we were both in band, and we had our instruments, and he made some kind of suggestion that I knew was an absolute failure, and I said, "There it is again!" So, finally, I was onto his game but It’s still open.

Daniel: How are you today? We could go around the room and many people would have memories and how do you become aware that this is work that needs to be healed? I mean, that’s a real simple thought but sometimes these visions come past our mind and we don’t even think about it, they’ve passed our minds so many times.

Student: Because they keep coming by they’re not finished. In terms of Gestalt, It’s still open, if you want to look at it that way.

Daniel: So is it like you get tired of that going on and on and on? I’ve had ENOUGH of this! Let’s heal this! Is that what happens?

Student: I think that’s what I am asking for, for me to do, is to finish that.

Daniel: So what Rayson was looking for, the drip, drip, drip, the tickler,’ that says I have work to do?

Student: The electrical charge, the energy. There’s still emotion.

Daniel: So you are self-observing, "I’m still upset with this."

Student: And here’s another key, it goes on back to my brother, because that’s what he would do with everybody and everything.

Daniel: Does anybody else have this "energy," these "ticklers," this "stuff" that you remember or become conscious of that means you have work to do?

Student: With me It’s not so much an energy but a lack of energy, our minds seem to be geared towards noticing differences, and so my differential mechanism is telling me that, "Gee, I Haven’t heard from my brother, John, for awhile and I wonder what’s going on there? And every time I try to call, It’s like he doesn’t answer the phone what’s going on there? And so I think that means there’s something needing attention, and that’s his way of crawling into the shower he doesn’t want to deal with it. It’s been very much a pattern his whole life. That’s something with me, I notice not so much that something is there, but that is "not there." And that’s where I am noticing the drip, drip, drip.

Daniel: Yeah, now that you mention it, It’s what I’ve been working on for the last couple of years, and particularly last year, I’m pretty conscious about what is going on, but it is what is NOT going on that I need to be conscious of! What am I missing? It’s becoming aware of a lack and that is really subtle! It’s like, "I don’t have this skill why don t I have this skill?" For example, some people don’t have a mechanical acumen to change their oil or fix something. It’s even something very simple that they don’t have the tools to do, but if you’re not aware of it, then you’re not aware of it. How do you get that skill?

Student: I don’t know, the alarm clock just goes off, somehow.

Student: You learn that through comparison. But you see somebody with the skill, and you see that it is so easy, something that has always been hard for me.

Daniel: Are we ready to go back? (Group: Yes.)


Thought Adjusters

Rayson: You see my friends that there is something going on in your minds that you cannot even state yourself. And this is the connection, which is most important in your lives as mortals who are infused with a Thought Adjuster, and accompanied by a Guardian Angel. When you think about this tickling process, or the energy, or the dripping faucet activity in your mind about how you become conscious, aware of your deficits or your difficulties, and you become conscious of your thinking about your negative emotional states, which you have mentioned, how does this occur? And it is here, my friends, that you enjoin and empower your Thought Adjuster to bring that into occurrence. Your Thought Adjuster will do this, first in your early lives as the mystery monitor, and then as a Thought Adjuster, and then as the Thought Controller. And so, the Thought Adjuster, the Father fragment in you, is that empowering consciousness. I know these words are very large and they are much removed from the physical world that you live in, but consciousness is foundational to the Father’s existence as a Creator, and your existence as a Creator-becoming.’

Your Thought Adjuster will do these activities on its own because it has enjoined your life voluntarily, and has a purpose to fulfill during your lifetime and thereafter. However, knowing that you have a Thought Adjuster, you can now co-creatively empower that relationship to a degree, which is unheard of in those individuals who do not have this consciousness or this awareness of having the Father Fragment within them. And how you do this, most simply, as the Urantia Book explains, is simply to "will" to do the Father’s will. And as you get older, as you mature out of the state of childhood when you had no awareness within yourself, but you had an awareness outside of yourself, and you wanted all of the universe, all the world to conform to your thoughts. And this, or course, is a very narcissistic perspective, very normal for childhood. Yet, you grew out of that and you began to work with your environment on the outside, and soon, you begin to learn to manipulate that environment, and to form yourself and to fit yourself into living in your external environment. You went to school, you went to college, you gained some skills, you gained some professional acumen and abilities, and soon you had a job and were earning money, and had a place in society and a family. And in the later parts of this journey, you go back within your mind, within your being, in your consciousness to engage this unknown territory. Where once conquered the outside, now it is time to conquer the inner. And this is a major aspect of your journey as a mortal on a material world.

A most urgent, necessary thing to do is to speak with your Thought Adjuster as a friend, as one who is empowered to help you as a big brother or uncle, aunt or sister, one whom you rely upon, your mentor. And truly, your Thought Adjuster is the best mentor for your spiritual life. So we enjoin you, encourage you, to empower this relationship so that it works at a very practical level of your self-awareness. Self-awareness is very similar to consciousness, or course, but the consciousness that you have joins the window of consciousness of God within you. God is total consciousness. Were you to have total consciousness, this subject, this conversation today would be superfluous, unneeded. Think on these things for a few moments and I will leave you with time to engage a discussion with your Thought Adjuster, if you wish. I would encourage this, please. (Pause)

Thank you, and thank yourselves for the maturity to move ahead with this courageously. For now, your Thought Adjuster will bring more of these issues to you, and you will get to that chain in your history such as has been discussed that will lead you back to original causes of these feelings that developed. And it is necessary to heal the most immediate, and continue to work back to the original cause that has similar emotional states that need to be healed. To make clear once more, you are enjoining, engaging, encouraging and co-creatively willing your Thought Adjuster to heighten your self-awareness, your consciousness, your self-observation, so that you become more aware of those negative emotions within yourselves that have not been healed. We will speak another day about how to heal these, metaphorically and literally, and both of those processes are very powerful, how to heal those situations. Today, let us continue on with this lesson.


We will take a bend in the road of this lesson, but it is very similar. You recall in the Urantia Papers where Jesus and Ganid were walking in the hills and they came upon a stranger, and they engaged the stranger and then left. And Ganid said to the master, "master, why did you not share with him the glories and the wonders of the universe and the love of our Father?" or words to that effect. And Jesus replied, "He was not hungry for truth and he was not open to hear it, (132:7.2)" in a simplified version. How was the master able to tell these things? The conversation did not disclose or provide a way of revealing these things, which the master determined. But we know the master saw in his heart,’ that he was closed. How did the master do this? The master sees within. It is becoming aware of the energy within "the heart" (and let me put that in quotes, "the heart", for it is not literally "the heart", but more in the deep character of the individual.) The master has become aware of what is in "the heart" of the individual. How can you tell if a person’s "heart" is hardened? Then what does that look like? It is here that you will need to take a step out from your unbelief, to "believe" that you can do this also.

You have spoken to clerks in stores or to other shoppers in stores, strangers who you do not know, and you come upon them and engage them. And you come away with certain conclusions about that person, with very few words passed between you. Here, in this instance, we ask you to become self-aware by observing what is in the heart of another. This is not a violation of their self-will, this is not a spiritual intrusion. It is simply much like looking out the window and observing the scenery outside. So if you do this, with intent, to observe within the heart of another, you can, as the master did. This is not magic, this is not slight of hand, this is not mental illness, this is none of those things. It is simply your becoming aware of the emotional state of another person, that which lies deep within them. As an aside, is it not "odd" how you can, how we can observe that which is in others, but it is so difficult to observe within ourselves? This is true. And it is because you must discover those issues on your own to overcome them. You have very little appreciation of observing what is common and ordinary and you just come to accept it. And so you came here in this lifetime, you have certain chores to learn, certain issues, skills, as a person, as a personality, as a creative willful being to learn in your journey here on this planet. It is one of the reasons why you are here, is to learn those lessons. Some of them you learn easily, others you do not. So the earlier part of our lesson today was to become self-aware of that which is within your self. And observing that which is in others is not a means to denigrate them or belittle them or think less of them, for you. If they were to look within your heart, they may come to those same conclusions. This is very normal for people who are incomplete on this planet, it is just part of your journey. But to become self-aware of this is the heightened part of the journey. And that is how you become masterful at living your life.

When you think of the merkaba, and your projections to others to heal their ills, to correct the wrongs, to put order in that which is in disarray, think also now, of applying that energy to yourself. This is not selfish work! This is not a means of garnering energy and storing it away, for the energy of the universe is non-storable. It can only be used. It is not that it goes to waste if you don’t use it, it is simply not used. So you may pray to your Thought Adjuster, with your Thought Adjuster, to empower your own healing. "Physician, heal thyself." You have heard that before, now you must apply it to yourself. You are being given advanced instruction on healing and coming to masterful leadership in your own life! This lesson will be repeated hundreds of times throughout your infinite spiritual career, as you ascend from one life to another.

Yes, this is very subtle, and yes, this is very tenuous, but this is the heart of mind work. mind and Will. It is Will that is directed, from inner conviction of rightness through your Thought Adjuster’s participation, conscious, or unconscious, to guide your life to its higher levels of achievement, to growth. You do not grow by accident, but by "willfully" engaging your Thought Adjuster to participate most powerfully and empower that process. It is not selfish to call upon God to invoke those energies for your growth and your healing. You have been taught only to pray for others in your churches. Here, this is not a prayer for yourselves to help yourself but a request to empower your Thought Adjuster, universe mind, to aid you in your growth, for "right action" and for "right living."

Now as you go forward in your week, I ask you to take this exercise with you, and that is to engage with strangers, as Jesus and Ganid did on the pathway, and to discern and see within the heart of that individual. It is not to look down upon, or to look up to that individual, but to observe. You will find it most engaging in an office, where you have seen an individual, or in a work situation besides an office, where you have a co-worker whom you have seen, but have not met. You may have been given certain opinions about that individual by other co-workers, but you do not know this person as him/herself in your own observation. Engage that person and look within their heart, and see what you see. What you will probably see, are metaphors. You may see a blackboard, or writing board of some sort, that has words on it. You may see a fortress, locked away behind a moat with its drawbridge up. What would that tell you? Or you may see an open heart, a valentine that is open. You may see a blitheful spirit dancing in the meadow with birds and bees around them. You may see a number of things. Trust these metaphorical visions that you see, and then get to know that individual and see if your observations, your original esoteric (to use that word) observations are valid. I think you will find that more often than not, they are.

And why would you do this? There are many reasons for doing this. This is not just a curiosity activity in your life, but one that will assist you in learning and applying those higher values that are so necessary for you to work with and live with in the community of humankind. If you look within another and you see a sorrowful individual with head bowed and bent and tears running down in a stream, you will have compassion for this person. And what will your response be, once you observe this? Surely, you would engage their Thought Adjuster and empower their disheartened feeling to be uplifted. You would call a blessing upon this individual in silence within yourself as you talk with them, or as you pass by. This will put you in much greater, grand contact with your fellow brothers and sisters and their lives, and give you a personal approach to them which you had not before, and give you an understanding of them that softens your own heart towards others.

Likewise, it will empower you to become strong to aid those in your lives, those who are lesser, and those who are more, those who have nothing to give and those who have much to give. And as you practice this throughout the years, you will come to know yourself in a new way. You will see yourself and observe yourself and look within your heart more truly, more objectively, and determine and assess your weaknesses, your strengths and how you might apply yourself to heal yourself. Healing your world is a wonderful thing, but truly, the healing of your world will only occur one person at a time. And so this lesson today is most personal to you. We wish you to apply it intimately to yourself.

What is required is for you to empower your will, and the humility to know that you do have issues that need to be healed, even if they are minor. This process also does not call upon you to be passive and a pebble along the road of life where other people trod. But to empower you to become equal to others to live equally with others, neither being grander than they nor less than they are. This lesson is easily applicable to your morontia life on the Mansion Worlds. As you are able to apply these lessons to your life, over the coming years, you will find in your next life on the mansion Worlds that there are contained within these lessons the seeds of the morontia mota. We do not directly teach those lessons of the mota now, for they are rather removed from you. Your business is much more material and hard and attached to this material world, so living these lessons of the mota in your actual lives, you will come to recognize them easily in your next phase of living. Let us pause for a few moments.

And now we are ready for our questions.


Light and Life

Student: Rayson, you mentioned our preparation for light and life. I’ve had this question in my mind for some time, you can decide if it is applicable to this session or not. Is the term "light and life" figurative as well as spiritual in nature? What I mean by that is "the Light" part. Does it mean that we are going to be in "light constantly?" I know that sounds very childish but it is also very simple and straight to the point.

Rayson: No, it does not mean that you will be continually bathed in light, for your planet will continue to revolve around your sun and it will revolve on its axis, causing the phases of day and night. What it refers to is an evolutionary state of your societies and your world to the place where the light of God is more predominant than the darkness that is in the hearts of mankind, humankind. It is a status of life where the preoccupation and fear of death has passed and there is an anticipation of the present from one moment to the next, leading to the infinite life and eventually to the side of the Creator in Paradise. The days of light and life is an evolutionary status that all planets, most planets achieve in the normal progression of their maturity in evolution. On your planet it has been retarded in many, many ways and it will be a tremendous challenge for your world to achieve that status. It will not be achieved in the normal order or the timeliness that other planets achieve. But rather will be much like an experimental planet that has gone awry. And so it will offer challenges of the greater type to the administrators of this planet and to Nebadon, to assist in the healing of this planet, in a most natural way that is most productive to the soul growth of individuals. (Thank you.) You’re welcome.


Student: I recall as a child that it was so much easier to "read people." I remember children that after being with them a few minutes, you knew exactly "where they were" and "what they were about." I’m thinking that that was probably the Spirit of Intuition at that age of 6 or 7 years old.

Rayson: Yes, children have an uncanny sense of truth about others. Children have a way of knowing whether an individual is safe or not. And you will see very young infants, very young children who are able to make decisions about whom they want to be held by or in whose company they want to be. They will turn away, they will frown, they will go out of the room rather than be with that person. There is a definite link of higher mind with these children with that of others. There is a deep sense of awareness in larger parameters and states of consciousness than is apparent in yourselves. You lose this as you get older, but if in your older years, you become more conscious of your approach to the passage of your life on this planet, you will become aware of those things also, but in a different way. It will be much like children perceive others, but in this case, you will be perceiving yourself and the work that you need to do. many of your older people, the elderly, have not led lives, which are instructive to their growth within their later years. This is most unfortunate, for these can be the most productive years of all, as you go within and you heal those issues which have bedeviled you during your lifetime, those issues which have caused spears of darkness to run through your life and to pierce your heart. It is time to be aware of that, and so you are going to be well prepared for your aging in your lifetimes. You will be able to move forward without regrets, without regrets or spite about others, or about your inactivities or activities that cause you difficulties. You can anticipate that through application of lessons that come through this group, through this teacher, and through other teachers in other groups, that you will be able to lead a life of happiness, even in the simple manner in which you find yourself. One of the grand things of life is that you can live a life of fulfillment that is also simple.

Student: Rayson, I have a question related to today’s lesson. In past lessons you said that when we direct the merkaba energy to heal another, that we need to take ourselves out of the equation, have the energy go to the greatest and higher good, but not to reflect back on us, for our benefit as well. And then today, you’re talking about using energy to heal our own problem’s or discords. Is it not possible to combine the two together to heal some of your own at the same time that you are directing energy to another?

Rayson: It is possible but I would recommend that you keep these two activities separate, simply for the reason that one does not become dependent upon the other. When you pray for the healing of another, it is due to an observation that there may be some discord whether in their body or their emotions or their social situations or their living situations, and then you drop back from that and do not become invested in the outcome. You call God’s attention, the Thought Adjuster’s attention to this area and call for healing according to the Father’s will for that person’s life. This is a rather distinct activity and then you do not associate any rewards for yourself. It would seem to be that there could be developed a conflict in yourself as you pray for your own healing also in conjunction with praying for another. Your question is quite complex but I would give you a simple answer and strive to keep them separate. (Thank you.) You’re welcome.


Student: Rayson, my new husband and I live in very close proximity to a poor woman who is quite mentally unbalanced and who torments and tries to make life very unpleasant for others. my current battle, and it has been for six years, is to contain my own anger and to try to live a life that’s normal, against this powerful energy. Do you have any suggestions on how to do that?

Rayson: Yes. We will harken back to a former lesson some weeks past, where we spoke about a I strive not to use this word, for there are so many connotations in your language and your culture against this word, but use "psychic mirrors" to help yourself and to help this individual. We spoke about using, projecting a psychic mirror as a cylinder around this lady’s house, (not her specifically, but let’s use it in this case,) to project and visualize a psychic cylinder, a mirrored cylinder on the inside that now surrounds this lady’s house completely and it goes into the ground, say 50 feet, and it goes up in the air 50 feet or higher, whatever you feel is necessary to protect yourself. And within this cylindrical mirror is her house and her property and all the rest. And you empower this mirror by empowering it to reflect back the negative emotions of that individual and that it comes back to her to deal with. And though she may be mentally ill, and according to your laws, not responsible for her actions, yet as a spiritual being, she is always fully responsible for her actions. Though her mind mechanism is at fault, there is an inner spirit within her, which is yet in command, though not dominating the mind action. Build this mirror around her and see it working for her highest good. This is not a punitive mirror, and not to function in that way, but to protect you and also to assist her in healing herself. Do not worry yourself about the greatness of your request, but just to empower it for her highest and greatest good and for your protection.

Further, I would also create a mirror between yourself and her property. Now this may be very uncomfortable for you, as it will reflect back to you, your own anger. It will give you a deep inner picture of yourself. It may heighten your discomfort, so it will also cause you to call upon the Father’s work, your Thought Adjuster, to heal yourself. That is probably part of the equation you did not want to hear, as you are already self-aware. So, how would you do this most powerfully? Surely, you do not want to agonize over your anger, do you? We do not want you to; neither do your angels. Empower the mirror so that it also reflects back to you, the grandeur, and the love of your Thought Adjuster to your mind mechanism. As these thoughts of anger come back to you, you become aware of them, but simultaneously and encapsulating that anger is the love of the Father, the Creator. The Father’s will and love is all-powerful, and it is all-powerful in this situation.

Yes, there are difficulties in living in close proximity to those who are mentally anguished, for it is one of the most trying circumstances upon your world. Think of what the situation would be if she were the mayor or a councilman, or owned this property. The torment would be greatly increased. So think of her as a yes, we know you estimate her as a pitiful individual but one for whom compassion is required. Think in terms of what it would be like to live within the body that she has, encapsulated as she is with this mind mechanism running rampant, out of control. Certainly her anguish must be intense, and there is something going on within her that is causing her and aggrieving her life immensely. She is a spirit in torment; she is truly living close to the Dante-Hell that is described by that author. She is in great torment. And if you look within her heart, you will see a great deal of a ravaged heart, a ravaged life that is in great decrepitude due to her mind’s inability to manage her life, and her will unable to correct that. This is a life that is being wasted due to mechanism’s within her mind function. You are also encouraged to call upon your Thought Adjuster’s direct assistance to you, to minister to you in the difficulty with your anger.

Urantia Book, Revelation, Teaching Mission, Archives

Student: may I ask a question? (Certainly.) It is on a completely different topic. I have wondered why the Urantia Book has not made mention of the Teaching mission, and I have speculated as to the answers to that question, but I would dearly love to hear you comment.

Rayson: Certainly and I would be glad to comment. As you read the Urantia Book, and it is a voluminous document for mortals to encompass, read it for consistency within its pages. You will find that the Urantia Book came into existence to give mankind a clearer picture of the cosmology and hierarchy that exists within the universe, like a corporate structure that makes sense on a spiritual plane for everyone. The book was written with the intent that it would be consistent, whole, and that it would stand as a hard copy reference for all mankind for the next millennium or longer. Within those pages, it also describes itself as being a part of a larger revelation. Daniel was fortunate to attend the Fort Collins study group last week, wherein they read in a paper that said that very thing. UB Paper 159, section 4 Of a revelation, this book is a part; this text is a part. That is very subtle, but if you were a grammarian or a Sherlock Holmes of language, you would see in it that it is talking about two things. It is talking about a revelation in more than one part. Often because of personal experiences that develop into personal prejudices, there has been within the Urantia Book community a decided bias that the book is the "end all, be all," of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Yet the book itself says that there is much going on that is outside of itself.

Further, the Father’s revelation is not for any one generation, or any one issue, or any one people, but for all, for all time. What this says, we can interpret, is that revelation continues. maybe not with the same organization, the same striving effort of the midwayers, but revelation continues. What form does it take? It takes many forms, in many places, with many people. Revelation continues to go on, even within the Islamic faith, there is revelation going on. You will find though that within this religion, as in most, that is has become institutionalized and a self-validating authority. Therefore, new revelation is rejected. What is necessary is a process for new revelation to validate itself. The Teaching mission is indirectly doing that at this time. Independent TR’s are bringing through various teachers, unbeknownst to each other, (that is the mortals are unbeknownst to each other,) discussing topics of similar nature with similar revelations. This is mutually validating. The compendium, the archives, of your transcripts will one day be organized in a way that if you wanted to look up a subject, such as "faith" or the "adjudication of the conspirators within the Lucifer Rebellion," you would be able to cross reference those by teacher, by geographic location, and by time. And then you would be able to read those topics within those texts, which disclose what was given. You could, through comparative analysis realize that independently of others, that new revelations have been coming forward that are very similar. This is not much different than scientific discoveries that are made independently almost simultaneously, within minutes or hours of themselves on opposite sides of the world by your scientists. This continues on, and as we spoke earlier, the mind consciousness, the cosmic mind operates equally and is available to all.

To get to your question more specifically, yes, the Teaching mission is not mentioned but "a new revelation will be forthcoming, is forthcoming," and the book speaks to this. Your world could not be on the brink of a new revelation without the process that brings this about. It was not mentioned within the Urantia Book as a means of protecting the integrity of that document. Had there been thoughts about a continuing revelation, it would be much like an unfinished work, like one of the composers, I believe it was Schumann whose wonderful symphony was not complete. And so, in order to come to the finale, there must be a way of bringing the book to closure, and so it was. And so the Teaching mission is not mentioned, but is really a faith movement that validates itself over the days and over the years, through multiple transcripts and sessions such as this.

The Father’s truth will not be withheld from you, no matter who on earth says it is not valid. Truth will always be revealed, and now you have the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Christ, of Jesus, that validates this so well. What humans disregard is the questioning of the Spirit of Truth to see if it is true or not. Oftentimes because of an individual’s bias, they do not like to ask questions that may overturn their apple cart, which may turn them around in their thinking. It is much easier to maintain old beliefs and keep them safe. Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you very, very much!) You’re welcome.

The Teachers

Student: And I have a girl friend who wants me to ask you about the fact that we are told that we cannot return to our world of origin during this dispensation and so we conjectured that you are from another world, that where you lived your mortal life was not on Urantia. Is that true?

Rayson: That’s correct. (Can you tell us where you lived?) Yes, we journeyed there some weeks ago. [(This) Refers to an extracurricular activity the group took with Rayson to his home world.]. It is approximately one-third of the way across the galaxy, lying much closer to the center than your solar system does to the center of the galaxy. It is a warm world, whose architecture requires different configurations to keep the people cool, and the body types are much different as well, much more thin and stick-like and able to maintain body temperatures more easily, rather than your dense bodies. Your bodies are made to retain heat and to keep you warm. Our body types were made to dispel/disperse heat within the body mechanism to stay cool. (Cool!)

Teacher Contact, Guardian Angels

Student: Would Daniel be able to talk to us about how to acquire a teacher, or is that something that you would like to talk about?

Rayson: I would be most happy to assist you. Simply it is a very simple process. In a thoughtful time of reverie, of meditation, call upon Michael and Nebadonia to be with you in mind and spirit. And ask for Michael to assign a teacher to you, if that is for your highest good. And surely, just as you have a Guardian Angel, you will be assigned a teacher also. It is hard to think of an individual who has the intelligence to request a teacher, who would be denied one. It see’s incongruent. It is quite a simple process, and this has been in your mind before, has it not? Then you have a teacher, Dear One! (I have asked, some time ago.)

One thing that continues to be an issue in the Urantia Book/Teaching mission communities is why you need a Guardian Angel and a Celestial Teacher if you have a Thought Adjuster. You might as well ask, "Why do I need seven mind Adjutants?" The answer is that each type of being operates on with a different aspect of your growth and evolution of your being. Simply, let us examine the seven mind Adjutants; they are to help, they are of assistance to your mind function and the elevation of your being. Your Thought Adjuster is concerned about your over-all growth as a spirit being leading you to Paradise. Your Guardian Angel is there to assist you with this life’s journey, yes, to protect you and also to push you ahead when you need to learn your lessons, when you have resisted that, and to entice you into lessons where you need to grow also. Your Celestial Teacher is with you to help organize your life function and your life’s being and how you live your life and to what purposes in the outer form. For example, this may be as a nurse, a farmer, a diplomat or some other life’s work. Your Celestial Teacher will assist you with this. How would you live a life as a nurse, or someone in the health community, to bring about a higher functioning of God’s energy in this area? It is an open question.

You may be interested in growing some other way, and so you would wonder how you could be of assistance to the Teaching mission, to the Correcting Time. Thus, you come with a repertoire of skills, and of course you come with a repertoire of lessons you need to learn. Your Thought Adjuster, Guardian Angel and your Celestial Teacher somehow orchestrate this so that you learn all your lessons through this lifetime, or have the availability to learn them. It is rather simplistic to think that God rules all and is totally involved in all aspects of your life and that there is only God who does that. Truly, God is the source of all energy and whose presence is continually constant in your life, yet God is very generous, and there are beings such as yourself, who need to learn lessons to grow. This is a bountiful universe and the Father is most generous. The Creator is most generous to create many types who can achieve this status. God is not selfish to create only God and mankind, and mankind comes to God in an instant. You die, you go to heaven, and you are in Paradise instantaneously. This is a rather simplistic perspective, and we do not think less of that perspective, but that it provides only a simple perspective of how you grow. So likewise, there are many beings besides who, in helping you, have the opportunity to come to Paradise, including Thought Adjusters, including Guardian Angels and including Celestial Teachers. We all dearly look forward to, and work towards, your growth and our growth, to enjoy the embrace of our Creator in Paradise one day.


I sense that our lesson today is complete. There is much work for you to do, and that is done in consciousness through the moments and minutes of your life every day. And when you lay yourself down at night, when you pray to the Father, to your Thought Adjuster, engage your helpers to be with you during the night, that you may grow in unseen and unheard ways. Be at peace during your days, and as you sleep. Good day. (Group: Thank you, Rayson.)