2002-10-27-Our Contribution to the Greater Reality

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Topic: Our Contribution to the Greater Reality

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, What About Bob, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

“Master Teacher, We bring ourselves to you in recognition of who you are, and in appreciation for what you bring to our hearts and our minds, and the purpose of the Teaching Mission to enlighten us, as well as others, as a reflection of your glory and that which you brought to our awareness for the presence of the Father within. We are grateful for each and every opportunity that you present for us to become more learned and more astute in our spiritual origins and to be able to share that with all that we meet. You know the needs of our hearts and our minds and those you’ve entrusted to us to be cared for along life’s path and that we continue to be true to that. We ask for the teachings that you will make know to us and that we are alert and positive in our outlook and intent on fulfilling the will that the Father has for each and all of us. And for all that is yet unspoken we place before you as a need to be addressed. In appreciation for all, we remain faithful.”

TOMAS: Amen, and glory be. I am Tomas. How marvelous to once again comport myself in your arena. Your graciousness extends itself into the cosmic neighborhood and it invites the celestials to join you in your home, your sacred sphere of filial association in recognition of the Universal Father and his infinite creation.

Welcome, one and all -- specifically those of you (who are) material beings, including the dogs that have graced our room today. Tectra, your travels through Albuquerque and environs are a welcome addition to our base of operations here. And daughter Linda, how wonderful (that) we get to see you again and embrace your vibrant presence. Precious travelers, sojourners, one and all, we gather together again in a search for quality of life that embraces the realms of reality which you are discovering as you continue to assert your souls into consciousness of Divinity.



Let me speak to those of you who have been disheartened, who have known discouragement, who feel we have not come along as far and as fast as hoped from that individual point of view that reflects itself on the whole – the civilized whole -- and the quantity of humanity at large. You are judging over which you have not adequate understanding and you are a victim to your own sentence. Be done with that approach, and give credence to the reality that has come about and in which you have played a vital part. Just because you are not aware of how you contribute to the unfolding of the greater reality, in no way lessens the fact of your contribution.

You who deem it desirable to do the will of God in your life, do contribute to the greater reality, simply by your striving. That element of your essence that continues to seek, that reaches, that desires, that yearns, that prays, that continues to seek and find, is a part of the onward movement of spiritual evolution on and for your world and for the greater Universe. Rest in the knowledge that His will is being done, in and around you, sometimes through you, but it is advancing.

And those of you who are not weary, who are invigorated by the opportunities and challenges presented, those of you who feel the urgency and the cry of the lost, those of you who run out in front in order to help the Spirit of Truth pave the way for the greater reality, those of you who have access to such a fountain of living water and divine energy, be kind to those who follow, who cannot keep up with your stride but who find their niche in the evolving ways of goodness, truth, and beauty, and walk therein.

What a beautiful time of year! What a marvelous opportunity to see how evolution unfolds, as you behold the seasons come with such vivid demonstrations of change. Now the leaves turn, and in their turning, complement and contrast each other, just as you individuals, who are of like mind, contrast and complement one another in changing from that which was to that which will be. Be at ease in that which you are, and rejoice in the associations you have, that give greater dynamic to that color which is representative of you as a whole.

Overall the season is changing and all of you are changing with it. None can be left behind. None go unaffected. But how much more beauty is delivered when you realize who you are and how you are true to yourself in the context of a human being, a man among men, as well as an agondonter on a mission -- and in some cases, fortunate to enjoy associations of others of like mind who can augment your strength and energy as you set out to do that which is before you.

Let me pass this over to Bob, who would like to send his regards to this group and those are curious about the celestial appreciation for the effects of, which are such a part of the the Divine Minister’s adjutant mind spirits growth of life such a foundation for your world. I will return with Anatolia in a moment.

WHAT ABOUT BOB: What About Bob?

Janet. Who is Bob?

Adjutant Mind Spirits

BOB: I am Bob. I am a cherubim. I am a student teacher. I am on an assignment here and I have found worthy of my attention to your growth to help you understand the Adjutant Mind Spirits, which are a part of the creature life of all animal existence. You will appreciate, I’m sure, when I tell you that you share many of the mind spirits with the animals of the realm. These two beautiful canines here with you today are recipients of the Mother’s gifts of these circuits of value such as those we’ve discussed already, having to do with Instinct and Intuition. They, too, have instinct and intuition and they, too, can respond viciously or kindly, depending upon their conditioning and the stimuli presented. The discussion of the seven adjutant mind spirits is a way of you understanding your nature as a material entity -- a noble beast, indeed, and capable of great things.

I am of the seraphic realms, angelic orders (although I am on a low rung of the ladder), the point being that I have never been a human being. I have never been mortal, nor will I ever be mortal. But I have observed mortality and humanity for millennia, and I have observed how you interact, and where you fail, and where you succeed -- as animals, as social creatures, and as evolving civilizations -- and thus I have some observations that are pragmatic, perhaps, but providing merit to those of you who choose to know about the Mother and her gifts to the worlds of time and space.

The overview of this course, which I will give over a period of time as a parenthetic to your other teachings and teachers, has a goal as a course of study. You will bear in mind that as you continue to use the adjutant mind spirits in your life, in your associations, and in your personality expression, your ultimate goal in knowing yourself will be to discover a certain self-mastery. And with the accomplishment of mastery of your animal nature, the Spirit of Truth is able to operate fully and without constraints built into the human animal, conditioned by circumstances of your existence.

So there is merit to understanding the mind circuits of the animal and understanding how you are like other animals. If we are to have peace on earth, it will be necessary for these understandings to become common knowledge. The colorful causal connection I have used before in enlarging your understanding of the seven adjutant mind spirits has been to introduce the ancient (for your world) chakra system. There many who are familiar with this ancient method of discerning cosmic reality in the mortal being and there are equivalents and parallels that can be drawn to help you understand the impetus of life and human responses to (as we said last week) better understand your neighbor and when you can better understand your neighbor you can better love them, and so this is a part of the evolution of Light and Life on your physical planet.

Intuition, Circuits

I am happy to see a great deal of current interest in the theory of intuition. The circuits re-opening and bringing about a new degree of cosmic consciousness and the inter-galactic communications that are taking place … (galactic may be the wrong word – I don’t mean to imply “Star Wars.” I mean like “my galaxy” as compared to “your galaxy” for I certainly do have my own realm in which I live, as do you, and yet I’m not part of a solar system, as it were) -- the circuits opening and new impetus being flooded upon you who are open to growth, your vortexes are stimulated. The awakening commences not just from the spirit down into the material, but also from the bottom up, from the life force that is planted in you up through your being into and through the Evolving Supreme into the eventual Absolute.

Intuition is now a topic of interest because it is said that those who engage in these kinds of communications with celestials are tapping into an area of intuition which is a new definition of intuition as it has been understood. And additionally, you who are aware, are also aware of the level of comprehension that involves the Superconscious Mind, not only the subconscious or conscious mind.

And so there is much to be gained from an understanding of these words, which are a part of your cultural advancement. You will become well versed in that which interests humanity. And while humanity may not have all the answers to the spheres, in terms of cosmology or geology such as you have come to know through your studies (primarily through the Urantia Book, the Urantia Revelation), are even so awakening to the superconscious mind and its potential.

Therefore, you who are the avant garde of spirit reality are once again in a position to help augment and guide the growth of your planet’s development as a world whose potential is Light and Life. You will benefit from these studies, not only in such a vast social context, but in the most intimate of your associations: How to get along better with your spouse or your partner or your best friend. You will learn, then, from a new vantage point as we persist. Next week, if the occasion is propitious, I will go on from the first, the Spirit of Intuition, to the second adjutant mind spirit and compare it to how it seems, to me, to be the state of evolution on your world to date. I return you now to your teachers. Janet: Tomas, you have me thoroughly confused. If you were never mortal, what were you?

TOMAS: You mistake, my child. That was Bob. I am Tomas. Unfortunately, both voices emit from the same piece of equipment. But right now, I am Tomas and it was Bob who was speaking about the Adjutant Mind Spirits and who indicates he has never been mortal. He is what you would call an “angel.” I am certainly not an “angel.” (laughter)

Janet: And who is Bob?

TOMAS: He is a cherubim who is a visiting teacher.

Linda: Bob said that he was not from this galaxy. Where does he dwell?

Thoroah: He used that as an example … that he’s from a different “realm” – an angelic realm.

Janet: So there are angels, then?

TOMAS: Heavenly hosts abound! Yes, angels are very real, and perhaps soon we’ll have more information to augment your understanding of the Orders of Angels, which also organize to serve the needs of the Universe, including you mortals. But for now I will relinquish the podium and remove myself that Anatolia may hold forth.


ANATOLIA: This is a fine state of affairs that we find ourselves in today. And I welcome each and every one of you to this auspicious occasion, given that the turnout for these Sunday afternoon meetings is supplied with those who are most steadfast, as well as enhanced by those who are attending as frequently as they can, as well as welcomed guests. Each and all are guests in the Father’s house as well as children in the Father’s house. This can be perceived as a mystery, but it is part of the aspiring ascendancy that we both inherit, as well as admit, that we are on the aspirant path.

It is with great pleasure that I add to your understanding of who you are as aspiring mortals of the realm. You choose a life of your making, if you will, by electing to involve yourselves in this form of a life that you currently inhabit. It is a life that has been described by the other teachers as “a process of enrichment and a process of continued growth along the paths of spiritual enlightenment”.

This can be described in the very textual nature of understanding as is presented to you, and for those who are not feeling comfortable with the teachings that you are receiving because of their elevated nature, I wish for you to know that even though your conscious mind may not perceive that which is presented, you, nevertheless, are able to understand at the more subconscious levels. So this need not be an exercise in frustration by any means, that you are not perceiving that which is being presented, for all understand at their own level, in their own time, and nothing is wasted.

Be reassured, as well, that as you continue on your path of understanding and being who and what you are, you are as natural and as spiritual as any of God’s creations. Take any incident or example that you will choose to determine your presence and your rightful place with your realm, and I’ll show you a counterpart that is natural and spiritual in its own realm that will be its counterpart.

In other words, what I’m saying is … Imagine, if you will, something that is of the environment, that is a pristine example of that which is natural, true and a part of its surroundings. Perhaps it would be a lily that bloomed on that Easter morning, that was part of the surroundings of what you would imagine the entombed body of your Master had overcome with the springing-forth of the Risen Christ. Notice those lilies that surrounded the tomb, those which were natural to that habitat, that perhaps arose that morning with the event, fit in the natural landscape, were part of that surrounding, were just standing brilliantly, majestically, with and honoring that landscape at that moment in time.

Your place, where you are, is as honored and is as natural to your being as was that mountainside with the lilies that bloomed on that morning. You belong where you are and when you are, right here and right now.

This is not your final resting place, however. Your true self, your real self, is alive and well in spirit, as you are a manifestation of that reality here and now. So know that as you live and move and have your being, so has your higher-self, your God-self, your spirit-self, made it possible for you to encounter and to experience what you are experiencing. Your place here is as natural as was that lily on the Easter morning. But never forsake, or fail to remind yourselves, that that which you experience is that which your Creator-Father has enabled you to experience, at all levels of experience.

So your experience, here and now, is being experienced in your spiritual mind, in your heart mind, and in the mind and heart of your Creative-Father, simultaneously. There is more than one way to experience reality!

This is one opportunity for your continued growth and ascendancy to Divine Nature. Be informed that each opportunity that you have for experiencing life and its myriad experiences are as colorful and festive as any fiesta you will ever attend. They are true and colorful and spicy and truly the experiences that will survive even your conscious mind.

There is much more to be experienced, but let me not preface your experience with undo introduction, but rather I simply encourage you to look at life, perhaps, differently, as an adventure and nothing at all to be dread, to be downplayed or discouraged, but rather each phase and each element is as if you were Peter Pan and your accompanying Fairy, or Tinkerbell. All of these realities are interspersed and co-exist. You are part of a marvelous and multitudinous plan of being. Rejoice and be glad for you are aware of this level, but be mindful of the other levels for which you will become mindful.

Be at peace with yourselves and know that, that which you consider to be good, true and lovely, are part of the artifacts, the current opportunity for experiencing part of the reality of your Heavenly Father’s nature and that which goes beyond your mortal existence. Be true and faithful to your inner urges for truth, beauty, and goodness and all else will unfold in due time.

Peace be with and forever be happy in your hearts and your minds. Amen.

TOMAS: Anatolia and I thank you for your focused attention on our discourses this afternoon and we invite you now to extend yourself into the arena and indulge in the quest for truth through questions or commentary on what meets your mind’s eye. The floor is open to you. Proceed.


The Teachers

Janet: I have a question for Tomas. If you were never mortal, what were you?

TOMAS: You misunderstand. I, Tomas, am an ascended son, a former mortal of the realm. I am like you, only somewhat older, more advanced.

Janet: Well, what are you now, an angel?

TOMAS: No, I am an ascending son. I am a potential finaliter. I am a pilgrim. You will be like me when you’ve reached my age. I’m very much like an uncle to you, or an elder brother. We share most experiences. I was born of woman. I was indwelt by God. I made my decisions. I died a mortal death. I resurrected in Mansonia, as I have discussed. I have been through several, but not all, of the mansion world experiences. I am thus, advanced. And yet I am not fully fused. I am thus a morontia being but not full-fledged spirit.

As an entity who has had experience, such as I have had, I am granted this opportunity to become a part of the reclamation of your world, which has suffered setbacks, and, as such, I am given the privilege of becoming your associate. I am assigned to teach those who will hear me, and thus you have become my intimate companion, since we have sojourned thus far together in our friendship.

Mansion Worlds

Janet: Well, what’s going to happen to the rest of us who are not as intelligent and so forth as you when we die? What happens to us?

TOMAS: You will resurrect in Mansonia in the resurrection halls, as we have discussed. You will begin the study of reality on various planes of existence, similar to what Anatolia discussed today. There are many lessons that must be learned en route to Paradise. As you know, this is a classroom in the Melchizedek University and you are learning the initial steps toward understanding who you are as a child of God.

Even while you have feet of clay, you have spirit, indwelling and luring you forward. All of you are thus indwelt and all of you will be brought forward as you allow your own growth. Thus I will assume that everyone has what it takes to come along and ascend as I have done so far. I have not finished yet. But I have, and you will, spend time on the mansion worlds that each have their own sphere of learning.

Those who have not experienced parenting, for example, will spend time in the Adam and Eve schools, on the first mansion world, appreciating the values of home life, the principle of parenting, the importance of the parental relationship, the values of cooperation that create the home environment that provides the nurturing atmosphere for raising children in a home that is over-seen by the desire to know God and to become more like Him.

You will become better individuals as you visit this sphere of learning and there will be no one here that bypasses that sphere entirely, since it is a part of your experience to know the Ideal. You will understand more about the refinements of the sexual nature, gender identity, and cooperation between them. You will learn the language of the Universe. You will learn teamwork and various other, very important qualities that are necessary in your growth.

Fear not the future. There is a path outlined for you. And it will be the same path that I have followed, for the most part, even though there does reach a point where you have the opportunity to, shall we say, sign up for some elective courses instead of having to take all these required classes. You will be able to, for example, sign up to spend a period of time with the celestial artisans. Those of you who choose to be creative and develop your creativity will have a thousand years to spend making music or creating art or developing creative methods of thought that contribute to the truth, beauty, and goodness of Universes upon universes.

One massive eternal career extends in front of you, precious child, all prepared with loving instructors and associate teachers as well as the priceless opportunity for literal laboratory experience, that wherein you viably realize that which you have learned. That is to say – having it in your head accounts for nothing except that it accompanies you in your experience of living. Thus, like Helen Keller, you can put the concepts together with that which you can appreciate as a sentient being, and suddenly your world is enlarged and cosmology begins to make sense and you find you are a child of the Universe and you are well loved and enjoyed by all your elders, and all of us have your interest at heart and we will continue to teach you and guide you in and through your eternal career, as the Father sees fit to give us these assignments that continue to allow us to develop and grow in our capacity to teach and preach as you are learning to teach and preach as you pass by.

Is this helpful?

Janet: It certainly is! It makes me feel a heck of a lot better! I never was afraid to die but now I know there’s something more there … to keep going and growing.

TOMAS: You are just at the beginning. You are very much like the -- how does it work here? The moth that will one day enclose itself in a cocoon only to awaken on the other side as a butterfly.

Thoroah: I think that’s the caterpillar that does that.

TOMAS: Fine. (group laughter) I have not studied science in a long time. (more laughter) I appreciate your help. Indeed, I appreciate all of you when you become a Teacher’s Assistant, for as you begin to partake of this process of learning and teaching you enhance and augment our ‘lecture series’ and elevate them into sessions that become actualized, that can be extended into your own arena, then become a part of who you are and how you comport yourself.

You can begin to work with the morontia companions to develop the art of living and communicating in such ways that create the atmosphere that is conducive to the quality of life that invites communion and worship. This is a process that we invite you to participate in with us. These lecture series are only for the freshman. When you become sophomores, we will hear your sophomoric philosophies and have more to discuss, perhaps debate. But be assured you are not left to struggle alone to discover the ways of the universe and your place therein.

It’s very much like those grandchildren, Linda, those little ones who are just beginning to emerge from the cocoon of the womb and discover the new life that awaited them here in this bigger world of your environment. The adventures that lie before them are more than they can conceive. But over time they will indeed, live these growth experiences so that they become pubescent, and adult, and mature physically, emotionally and spiritually before resuming another cycle of growth in Mansonia.

This is an on-going, experiential, expansive way of life that stimulates you all along the way, that provides challenges, gives opportunities for service and for the invigoration of learning. No one wants to worship a boring God. Nor does anyone want to follow a God who is mediocre or mundane. Rather, we choose to follow that which has substance, regularity, order, vision, potential, promise and a future.

We are advised that even as we are conjoined into the ranks of finaliters, we will encounter new, unformed universes of time and space and of other realities that await our attentions. And so we never finish. We never have an opportunity to grow bored with life, to become dull and stagnant. Always does resurrection follow death. Always does dawn follow the darkness. Always does light follow upon sadness.

Light and Joy we wish for you forever, dear children of our beloved Creator.

Janet: Well, you certainly are a cheerful person and you make everybody feel better.

TOMAS: I am trying to be nice so you’ll come back. (large group laughter)

I am learning the art of graciousness from the Master himself, who has taught me much about sociability. I fail occasionally, and speak my mind, having less tact than I might, but I don’t mean it to be brusque, I simply forget how tender babies are, how sensitive children are. And I would not discourage you by manifesting myself as on old grouch. Even though sometimes I feel much like you do -- weary, at the end of a long day. But again, I am here to encourage you, to assure you that, even though eternity seems like a long time (and there are many who ponder the idea of eternal life and become exhausted by the very idea of it!), always are there stopping places and oases of restful beauty which provide sustenance for the soul, peace for the mind and strength for the spirit.

This skill is begun now in the grasping of the stillness practice, that moment where you begin to engage in a personal relationship with Universal Father and all His wonders, to be embraced by the Spirit of Grace and made real in the process. It is the greatest adventure in town.

Janet: So it’s going to be a constant learning experience That’s interesting.

TOMAS: That is the key.

Are there other questions?


Linda: My friend, Dorothy Baldwin recently passed away. She was 101 and finally got her wish in passing. Is she awaiting another dispensation or is she perhaps on the mansion world frolicking? I’m a little confused about dispensations and so forth.

TOMAS: It is not necessarily restricted to the dispensation. I am not personally familiar with your friend. However, there are many who are awakened on ‘the 3rd day’ and begin their Universe Career at once without the sleep of the ages. There are conflicting reports in the media, these days, about the ‘roll call.’ There are those who say the roll call has taken place and there re those who suggest it is imminent. And this, in my perspective, is another one of those peculiarities of the human mind frame that is conditioned by time and space, that looks at daylight savings time as a reality. A dispensational roll call is not done in 15 minutes. It is an epochal event. And since each individual is awakened, and one at a time, it is not something that is done as if it were a Mardi Gras event.

It is, however, one of those occasions that is generally experienced in a two thousand year cycle. This happens to be a cycle that is experiencing the change-over from one dispensation to the other. But it is not done, say, “on October 27th” - it is over a period of many of your years. Even though, yes, in Paradise it is instantaneous, it has already been done, and on and on. But you and I are not from Paradise. Our Adjuster may be from Paradise but we are on the ascent of experiential acquisition of our everlasting reality. It’s a part of the wonder of the Creator who gives us the opportunity to grow our reality rather than creating us perfect, as some are created.

The essential reality that I am hoping to convey, dear one, is that the lady has made her terrestrial escape, and to her consciousness, she is now awakened, she is in Mansonia and embraced by her spirit helpers, face to face with her guardian seraphim, speaking freely with her indwelling adjuster, rejoicing in the reclamation of her youth and her vitality in the morontia life, recognized as a vital child of destiny. You may assume that she is awakened now, for to all intents and purposes, that is true.

Is that helpful?

Linda: Yes. Thank you.

Janet: Where is Mansonia?

TOMAS: It will be an address for you at some point in time. It is like a new realm of reality. You, here, know your reality realm as “earth”; it is a material realm. There, in Mansonia, you will have a morontia form. You will live in morontial reality. It is Mansonia.

Morontia Body

Janet: What is morontial?

TOMAS: Morontia is a material that is not yet completely spiritual but is no longer completely material.

When Jesus rose up, he appeared to his followers in the morontial form. When he said, “touch me not for I am not as I was,” he was indicating that he could not be felt with the fingers as he was once felt by his followers. But he was real, certainly. And yet he was visible. And thus he had his spirit quality as well as remnants of material reality, though he was no longer a material being.

And this is how you will be when you are delivered from the flesh. You will be provided a morontia body. You will live in your morontia body until such time as you become full-fledged spirit. You will be revealed in your morontia body as a young woman. You have many millennia-to-come, now, as a vibrant young woman. Won’t that be fun? Janet (and everyone else agreed and bubbled over at the thought of regaining one’s youthful vibrancy): “Yes!…wow!…I like that!…the lame can dance….the blind will see…and all those wonderful things.”

TOMAS: “…and all those wonderful things.” There will be no more physical infirmities such as you have here. There will certainly be animal qualities that will need to be diminished as you ascend and become more spirit imbued.

Linda: Are we clothed?

TOMAS: You will have raiment, yes, appropriate to your environment. And it’s not for shame that you are covered but for adornment. And in truth, this raiment is more of an energy appendage than clothing. The idea that angels have wings comes from the energy that emanates in their movement.

The raiment that you will wear will be much like that (I dare not say ‘like angel’s wings’) but you will not find yourselves exposed in your new birth, but clothed in that new body that you will be provided.

The question answer period this afternoon has ventured into quite a realm of interest for you mortals, those of you who are more closely viewing your future and seeing the transition sleep ahead of you. These are welcome questions and I am happy to provide you with some insight into what’s coming, but there is still much to be done here. And so I bring you back to the moment, to this afternoon in your base of operations with your friendship and your camaraderie, to experience the nature of God and the association you share with each other, as we in the Teacher Corps share our camaraderie and our joint efforts in what we do, as well.


Let us be about the Father’s business. Blessings on you all, be of good cheer, happy travels, embraces, and see you next week.