2010-03-31-Monjoronson Q and A Session 94

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Topic: Perception & Reality, Talking in Sleep

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): I am here, this is Monjoronson. I am pleased to again engage with you and to be of assistance in your pursuit of spiritual truths, cosmic understanding, and your planetary situation. I am more than happy to address your questions this evening in the hopes that we bond together and work as a team for the betterment of this world and for the goals of Light and Life throughout Nebadon. Let us begin.


Perception, Reality

  • Perception and Reality:

Question #1: First, in the category of perception and reality: in studies of people who are close to death, there have been many reported visions of angels with feathered wings; in some instances feathers have materialized in the hands of some people in their rooms. Although this is in contradiction to the information contained in The Urantia Book about angels, I wonder if these feather materializations are the direct result of those individuals’ mental creations coupled with their perceptions of reality. Could you speak to this?

Monjoronson: You have rightly discerned the mechanism at play. The realm of spirit is far beyond the conceivable range of human consciousness. You are capable of glimpsing the intervening level of the morontia state, but it ‘s not the realm of spirit. When you begin to translate an experience of the morontia form into human intelligibility, you will apply recognizable forms that will contain the meanings in your experience, and it will include your background, that being your education and conceptual preferences.

Spirit, while essentially one, is capable of multiple manifestations. To make contact through morontia to the physical realm it will readily translate the experience into recognizable frameworks. As you know, angels don ‘t have wings, therefore less do they have feathers. But you know in your modern century, there are wings without feathers. It is a legacy of your traditions and becomes translatable meaning to the mind of a human, even more so in the duress of the transition from life in the physical world to life in the morontia realm. Thank you for this question.

Question #2: Your comments lead to another question along this line. You are saying we perceive things according to our own inclination or the things we tend to believe in. Does human perception dictate what spiritual reality we will experience? I don ‘t know if the trappings of spiritual reality, the language of it, may vary according to one ‘s traditions. But the underlying spiritual reality would be consistent? Could you speak to that a little bit further?

Monjoronson: I will use a visual reference. You may perceive in dim lighting a disk, circular and apparently flat, distinguishable as apart from its surroundings. However, if you apply light sources which will shine upon this disk, you may perceive an object which is spherical. The illumination of the contour of this sphere becomes apparent with the assistance of those light sources. However, in this perception you only perceive the surface and are unable to determine whether this sphere is hollow or solid and to what degree of density. Further investigation would give you better information as to the nature of the object.

Spirit has a broad differential of manifestation; it is capable of manifesting all things. Yet the human mind, taught and trained by culture and limited by the evolution of knowledge and the civilization wherein that mind is functioning, must interpret a spiritual experience which may be the perception of a disk or a sphere and will still encounter the uncertainty of further understanding of the true nature, the deeper qualities, of the experience of spiritual manifestation. Having said this, I must emphasize that the experience of the human being with spirit manifestation is nonetheless valid; it truly is an encounter; it is only described by the understanding mechanisms of the human mind. While the description may fail in its thoroughness, it is still all the while a genuine encounter.

As you ascend throughout the levels of the universe you will begin to discern and continue to refine the understanding that each episode and the ones that follow subsequently are refinements of each other in succession. Near Paradise your encounters with pure spirit will embrace all your prior engagements, your earlier experiences being limited in description. Each one that follows has a greater range of embrace of the vastness of spirit. While you at this high level of spirit being realize the singularity of spirit, you will simultaneously perceive the multiplicity of spirit manifestation as it is translated into the experiences of the gradations of creature comprehension. I thank you also for this question.

Question #3: In the category of perception and reality: Lately there have been many books written on the process of dying as it is experienced by people on that threshold. Their testimony has provided a version of this process that is different from The Urantia Book ‘s version. They have described seeing departed loved ones coming to get them. Some have seen Jesus at the foot of their beds coming to escort them to heaven. Some have seen a bright tunnel of light. Since the reconnection of the spiritual circuit on Urantia, has the process of translation been modified or changed?

Monjoronson: No, it has not. It is still functioning as it has since the bestowal of Michael and his attainment of sovereignty[1] wherein human beings who are translating to the morontia realm by way of the passage of death are resurrected according to their progress as a spiritual being. What is occurring that is different is the ability of humankind to share their near death experiences and to preserve those sharings for decades and centuries to come. What will accumulate, as we have been discussing this evening, will be the human descriptions, and you will find many descriptions, varied descriptions, all of which appear to indicate a wide range of encounters that seem to defy being coordinated into a description common to every one. When the soul is taken up into the embrace of spirit and is assisted in this uplift by the angels it must be extracted from the circuitry of mind and its emplacement in physical form. The mind and body are being disrupted, displaced, and discarded and as these systems are shutting down or going idle, what you would call death, there is a great release of historical personal experiences. Many of these things are perceived in these encounters at the edge of translation. When a soul does not cross over but returns to the human status, these experiences are further interpreted based upon background.

Our resurrection attendants who receive those who do shed their physical form to enter into the morontia state are performing the same tasks they have done since the first human being shed its form. It is the accumulation of your informational database of encounters or near encounters with death that has added to the manifold descriptions of that experience. I hope this helps.

Mary: There is a time between the human perception and the reality we experience and how we describe it.


  • Direct Path to Truth:

Question #4: Here is a question about a more direct path to truth: I know there are many paths to the top of the mountain. I have been on a lot of them, some with dead ends and sharp rocks, potholes and brush, and some impassable. There are gurus galore, a plethora of preachers, massive amounts of ministers, tons of teachers. Some call themselves Melchizedeks channeling different teachers with all kinds of conflicting and confusing teachings. Is there any way to avoid so much exercise to provide ourselves the pearl of truth without so much debris around it?

Monjoronson: I am charmed by your description and find your phraseology delightful. As you have recited that there are many paths to the top of the mountain implying the mountain of truth, I must draw your attention that it is not at the apex that truth is found but found at all times at every point on the mountain. This is why you have the wide range of wisdom.

Truth is an encounter; it is not a verbal description of reality, of what is. It is a living interface with reality, a conscious engagement, an energetic entanglement. How you can dispense with all the confusing forms, descriptions, and paths is to simply stand in your own shoes and realize. Of course the pondering philosopher would say, “I am not interested in my truth; I want all truth,” and begin again the desire to ascend to the apex of the mountain. But all truth contains every single truth. To discard your truth at your present level of unfoldment is to discount a valuable element of all truth.

The living of all truth is occurring throughout the entire universe; the living of each truth is occurring in each creature. You do not need as a single personality all truth to be truth. Every flame within a forest fire is burning; no one single flame is the entire fire, but each one is nonetheless performing the same function. There are those who, if I may use your expressions, “hang their shingle” and teach a way to truth, and we accept these personalities so inspired to do so. But they are a presentation that is orchestrated and perhaps contrived in the sense that it is organized in its presentation, not in the sense that it is trickery or deception. But everyone of you are doing the same thing when you comprehend truth, that is, engage in the living experience of truth and then manifest your comprehension of that experience to others. All these sharings are subsequent expressions of an encounter with truth; they are not the truth itself.

I will use one more image before we proceed to the next question. As your earth rotates the sun takes an appearance of moving around the world. In the segment of this rotation wherein the sun shines its light upon your planet you have daylight. Some individuals are experiencing daylight at dawn, others at noon, and others near dusk. It is still daylight, and that is what the experience of truth is to the personality. Let us continue.

Correcting Time

  • Missions Outside of the Teaching Mission:

Question #5: This is a question about missions outside of the Teaching Mission. What other efforts aside from the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are being taken by non-human personalities present on Urantia to bring awakening to large numbers of people? Is Abraham just teaching in the Teaching Mission or is he assisting elsewhere?

Monjoronson: This question fits well within our discussion this evening, for the celestial ministers attending to this planet are working with the variable cultural contingencies existing upon your world. You are discerning in your questions that there are many avenues wherein these beings are engaged to bring about change upon the planet. Abraham and others are contacting individuals throughout your world through the means most receivable by those human beings. While I regard my mission here as a form of an umbrella mission in that it has a span of outreach that embraces all missions of contact, I regard all these efforts in whatever form that they are encountered to be of equal value, for we are functioning as a unified force. Our goal is not to be recognized by our mission but to bring each one of you into a new era of refined thinking, of improved relationships, of keen discernment, and a peacefulness in living your life.

You have many forms of stories in your literature; the episodes, the actions, that take place are variable, but oftentimes the plot has a moral that would be repeated over and over again. That ‘s what these missions of contact are doing, expressing the same moral to the story through all the variations that are comprehensible by human beings. Thank you for your interest in our work.


  • Breakdown of Our Educational System:

Preamble: The next set of questions are in the category of our education system and its breakdown. Preamble: In a recent session with you, when asked about the continuing and future failure of our education system you said, “I agree there will be a breakdown of your educational system. You are quite literally seeing it now in action. Evidence is all around you in your educational system on the failure to educate those who are capable of learning with self interest of educational groups, whether it ‘s management groups or labor groups, these all work against the upliftment of your society out of selfish interest."

Question #6: How do we avoid making the worst choices when putting a public education system back together again? Any hope that we won ‘t put back the same thing that failed to begin with because that is the only model we have recent experience with? How do we make the best choices?

Monjoronson: Forms of education will always be defined and redefined based on the cultures an educational system is supported by. Ancient forms of education were merely learning the rituals of the tribe and soon the doctrines of the religions, as we have discussed earlier, education currently addresses the needs of management and labor from in the economic business sense of training.

Be not concerned about avoiding the worst decisions because they have been made and are recognizable. It is through this that you can construct an improved system. But first you must look at the needs of the culture before you construct an educational system which will address those needs. To merely develop a system of education without giving attention to the cultural needs will orphan itself from purpose. So look to what civilization needs now and then construct that system of teaching. Next question.

Question #7: One person cannot do all that needs to be done when starting over again to educate for a sustainable society. Who or what can we put into place to help direct rebuilding public education which may prevent those interests that will stubbornly attempt to use the old ways that brought failure before?

Monjoronson: I must caution you about the tendency to see a clear-cut end of one system and the beginning of another, for this will not happen. You will have overlapping efforts. You will have educational institutions that will maintain the original paradigm and other institutions spring up to bring up, to foster, a new approach. Humanity doesn’t change quickly, and both orientations will serve purpose for quite some time.

Question #8: [Mary] Our educational system will continue evolving through the stages it has made and building on its successes and hopefully becoming renewed rather than a complete failure and a rebuilding?

Monjoronson: Yes with one further clarification. The perceived mistakes that were made were not mistakes. When they were initiated they served their purpose and have only become outmoded or irrelevant and therefore perceived as a mistake, as would be through my example of education of primitive times, merely being the comprehension of the rites of the tribe. One might call that a mistake because there was no curriculum incorporating reading or mathematics or science of any sort. But it was appropriate as an educational system of the time.

Question #9: Is it not of great importance to educate individuals about how to be good citizens? Would it be a good idea for all citizens regardless of age or other education to be required to undergo such instruction before they are granted citizenship privileges? Should the day be over when being born in a country automatically grants citizenship privileges such as voting?

Monjoronson: This addresses a valuable new development that is possible upon your world, one not likely to be well received at your current level of evolution in civilization. It is fitting that a country will fully accept a native-born as a citizen, for this is the creation of home on a national level, just as a newborn is accepted into the home of the family. You have asked about educating one in citizenship. This can introduce a higher level of citizenry and could set the stage for those who have reached that level to have greater input into the national trends. An example would be perhaps two votes in an election, one as a natural citizen, one as a citizen graduate. Let us continue.

Question #10: Should a spiritual education precede a public and secular education? In the turmoil of the present society there ‘s no general agreement to do any such thing. Is this turmoil not created by sectarian religion? Is the only solution to a really good education based on waiting for the appearance of Light and Life on this planet?

Monjoronson: No because that would be impossible. A spiritual education begins at the arrival of the Divine Spirit at the functioning of free will and will not end for all of eternity. If you were to wait that long before public education most of you would remain uninformed. You must begin your public education based upon the society in which that institution is functioning. The needs that are to be taught that that individual may contribute to society, these will change as society evolves.

I hear the spirit of your question. It would be beneficial for spiritual guidance to steer education, and, yes, that would be beneficial if it preceded written curricula. However, every level of growth brings new spiritual revelations and spiritual unfoldment, so they must occur simultaneously. Thank you for asking.


  • Soul Heritage:

Preamble: This harkens back to something you said in February when you used the term “soul heritage”: “The genetic social family heritage is one, but the soul heritage of the individual is another.” “Some individuals seem to come into the world with something to do, an agenda, before they are an adult. They have capabilities innate and complete, whereas with other children they seem to be completely absent. These emanate from the soul experience of the individual prior to conception.” Another quote from that session: “It is not a matter of reincarnation, for your ignorance about historic or preceding memories do not necessarily include ideas of cultures and reincarnation as you think they are. You rather have had an overly simplistic and in some way illogical approach towards karmic experiences of individuals, which stems from those earlier memory patterns given to the soul carried by the soul into this experience.”

Question #11: Please say more about the soul heritage you alluded to. How does it affect our souls? Is the heritage composed of ancestors ‘ souls all the way back to the Andonites? Please clarify the term “heritage”.

Monjoronson: I will attempt to be brief. There are two factors, major factors, that contribute to this perspective of soul heritage, the first being the presence of personality in any individual. Personality is a pattern bundle. I use the word “bundle” to create a boundary around that pattern; the pattern is not infinite. Each personality while unique is also an adjustment, an alteration, of another personality pattern, and this continues on infinitely within the personality potentials of the I AM. This is a heritage that the soul grows up within.

The other large influence upon the soul, another heritage, is the degree to which the universe Supreme has manifested. That which has already manifested contributes to the heritage of the soul. That which is still in potential waiting to be extracted, activated, by living creatures is not a heritage. It is the future of all souls.

I hope this contributes to your ongoing investigations of this concept of a legacy to the soul.


  • Talking in Sleep:

Question #12: What is the brain doing when people talk in their sleep? Is it discharging and clearing itself for its own health?

Monjoronson: It is common to perceive that sleeping is a function that is extremely passive. The body appears to be at rest, but the mind is quite active. Mind does not need the twenty four hour cycle that the body does. Mind as you know it is the lowest form of a morontial state that can engage in physical form. It is a transitional dimension which you call consciousness. Physical form is very receptive to, accommodating of, and adapting with the influence projections of the mind. The brain will naturally signal the body to carry out the will, desires, of the mind. In this nocturnal activity your body may often act out. Talking in your sleep is the example you gave, and there are other forms as well such as movement. Some of this is a discharge of tension and some of it more often is just a demonstration of how integrated the physical body is with the Adjutant mind.

I thank you for all these questions this evening.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson and if there are any further comments you would care to share with us we would certainly open the floor for that as well. Thank you for being here.


My final remarks entail encouraging each one of you in your pursuit of what is right, of what is better, of what is noble, of what is true, that while you look about you for discernment and guidance please accept that power within you. Be creative and present for the first time on your world of a new and better way. There are great personages in your history who have done this very thing and have benefited mankind. That need not be few and far between. Your accumulation through observation of the world about you of what could be better must also be infused by the spirit of your own creative resources.

You need not become a figure in history. You can in minute ways accomplish the same function. Those who are noted for their brilliant infusions weren’t solely benefitted by their own individual creativity but were able to absorb and coordinate the contributions of those who had gone before them. So I encourage you to look out and look within and blend the two. This will help your world if you all do, your world would rapidly improve and expand. Thank you.

Mary: Thank you so much for your comments Monjoronson. We appreciate so much your being here to work with us this evening and always. My thanks also go out to the transcribers who make these sessions available in print. Good evening.