1989-03-20-Hope & Tolerance

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Topic: Hope & Tolerance

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Unknown



JarEl: The last few sessions, we have been discussing aspects of tolerance. The ability to go beyond one's limited boundary is to shift identity to a much greater spiritual dimension into spirit mind. Along this same concept tonight, I would like to speak a little bit about hope.



Hope is the ability of God the Father to indwell the mind of a mortal human and patiently wait and intend greatness for that particular human. In the same respect, hope is the ability of the human to see beyond the partial and incompleteness of the present situation and to anticipate wholeness, oneness and completeness and all of the aspects which attend to this.

Hope is a desire, a yearning, practiced with patience and loving guidance. In a sense, it is the ability to understand and to comprehend a larger picture in which you can view the small part you are now.

From the spiritual perspective, there is tremendous anticipation and hope, that you as individuals and as mortal men and women in society will open up to a greater consciousness of respect and understanding amongst each other. Also that you cooperate with the guidance that is lavishly and freely given to you. The universe, in it's ability to function spiritually, endows a world such as your with tremendous spiritual resource in the form of angelic hosts, spiritual helpers who willfully and dutifully go about their daily work and tasks in hope and anticipation that this may be the day that you allow them to help and allow them to serve your decisions. The spiritual circuitry of the Universe Mother Spirit, the Spirit of Truth and the direct circuit of God himself anticipate the cooperation from the mortal will. They hope and anticipate mankind to awaken to that spiritual dimension of their own mind and little by little begin to comprehend the tremendous resource that is available. It is unfortunate that much hope has been dashed upon the rocks of despair on your world.

I am here to tell you now, that a new day is upon you. Your hope does not fall upon false ears or an unopened heart, neither a closed mind. That your ability to see the greater part of yourself in your life can be realized through the willful decisions you make now, and through the attention you give to the spiritual counterpart of your mind. Of course I am speaking of the spirit within and the practice of contacting the spirit.

As a mortal, what do you hope for the most? When you are young, you hope for someone to love or someone to love you. You may hope and dream for a family, a job, a career, maybe it's a business, a home, a group support. You may hope for much needier and immediate things, like clothes, food, medicine, help, assurance, respect, care.


There are spiritual aspects to hope as well as material aspects. The spiritual counterpart brings man to a closer realization of his or her ability to help others realize their dreams. The ability to help and practice in service that all may fulfill their hopes and dreams. There is tremendous hope for peace on this world. This is certainly an attainable goal. But, while politicians are brokering peace around conference tables, God is brokering peace within your heart and within your soul. God is brokering peace within your own mind, and you have the ability to identify yourself with the greater, the ability to move beyond the limiting self and to see yourself as a much greater part of the service of mankind. This is hoped for. It is also the challenge of spiritual awareness.

When you align yourself with the spirit, hope becomes undying. What that means, is that hope becomes alive, living. It is an anticipation, a certain knowingness, knowing that someday in the future you will grow more spiritually and more godlike and one day you will approach infinity and eternity in the abode and presence of the great and Almighty Spirit. Hope that the universe is great and acknowledges all potential, that you will have the ability to experience everything that you desire, and at the same time know that you will be asked to serve in the capacity in which you are able capable. As you grow and your capacity for your responsibility increases, the challenge of service also is met.

In this day and age in which you live, in the time which is upon you now, hope becomes a resource. Many on the world tonight go to bed not knowing, some even despairing, because they are not certain. They do not feel connected to the wholeness and oneness that is available to each and every one of you. It is hoped that you begin to display the ability and to share this wholeness and completeness with others, that you will make available resource that others may know that all their strife, their struggle and their pain and suffering is not in vain. There is reward at the end of the human tunnel. That reward is directly proportional to the ability of each and every human to take upon a transformation of identity and a transformation to spirit, to align with the will of the greater guide. Your future is uncertain. In that uncertainty, you are not quite sure which decision to make and which direction to take.

So, in your ability to deal with your everyday life, it's struggle and it's ability to overwhelm you, learn to take some time to connect with something that is greater than yourself, something that will help you see yourself more clearly. This is my lesson for today. I thank you. I will now attempt to answer any questions you may have.



Student: You mentioned politicians brokering peace, and God brokering peace for us. I think it is important to find that peace with God.

Student; I have the same question only phrased differently. Could you enlarge upon how peace within us will make peace within the planet.

JarEl: There must be peace within the mind first. A mind in conflict is a mind in doubt. A mind stricken with fear cannot function properly. A mind vital with the ability to grasp and comprehend is a mind that is fertile for the recognition of God. It is also true that for many people, it is not until they hit the bedrock, the hard core, exhausted all resource before they attempt to turn to God for help. And, yes, God is there and God is ready. But it is also hoped that one does not have to go through such drastic measures to find God, but one can just be a peace, and in that peace the ability to identify with God reinforces that which you are already are. Your ability to find peace within yourself is your ability to find that peace within others. Many times a man or woman at peace can approach another who is distressed, and through that peace offer comfort and compassion. In the face of anger, can offer an alternative. One needs to experience this peace within one's heart and mind connected with the divine resource to know that all things can be dealt with one at a time. This is how peace is formed. Many people think, there is too much conflict and that there cannot be peace. But, peace is acquired one person at a time. At this time, this is the best I can explain it.

Student: Are you saying that we won't have peace until 6 billion people on this earth have peace within themselves, and if God is brokering through us, how does my individual peace with myself affect the planetary peace.

JarEl: Not all have to be there for peace to happen, but there is a threshold that happens when reached all of a sudden, it becomes much more profitable for society at large. For example, in your country America, there is a tremendous resource to be utilized and gained with the peaceful inner working of the county, city, state and federal levels of governments, the inner acts of organizations, business transactions. This hopefully could be a model for the whole world.

If all of a sudden you go back a 100 years during a civil war in your country when it was in conflict, everything was disrupted. Yes, a tremendous amount of good came out of this conflict, but true peace, the ability for man to govern himself takes intelligent and willful act. Hal, it does preclude that all people find that peace within their own hearts. Unfortunately many people cannot find peace within their own hearts and minds because of many reasons. Many people have many troubles. And, some of these troubles are not always brought upon by the individual. But at least you can acknowledge in your own life having found peace within yourself and within your heart. For example, you have been able to live with a physical tragedy and you have negotiated life and have continued to live and prosper even with a compromised physical condition. And you would not have been able to this had you not had a resource. Is this not correct?

Student: Yes, and does this have an affect on the international peace. Is there a circuit?

JarEl: There is no direct response at this point Hal, just that you have touched many people around you, near you and in your community. And yes, in a sense you are touching a much greater social constituency in a subtle way.

Student: I guess what we are all yearning for is peace in this planet, so that there is a radiating atmosphere of peaceful negotiations between people. Is this what you're referring to when you say when we have peace within ourselves we are helping to build this peaceful atmosphere or circuit.

JarEl: Yes, this is what I am saying. And this is greatly hoped for. It should be a human desire also.

Student: In our quiet time are the prayers we give recorded in the planetary system of some kind to help further peace.

JarEl: No, they are not recorded, they are to help change the pray-er. It is you who brings peace. Your prayers help God the Father know that you are paying attention and that you care. It is through this prayer, hopefully, that you are able to perceive peace when it does happen, peace within yourselves and within your own families and communities. Peace is very fertile for the establishment of a much greater spiritual kingdom.

In seeking a balance, your ability to function is greatly increased, you're much more efficient and your ability to effect those around you increased. You certainly benefit in the long run a much greater part of yourself, but by first bringing yourself and having a clear notion of yourself in a state of balance and in a state of peace, your ability to project this to others is greatly increased.

God is peace, and as a thought adjuster, he adjusting the thoughts of your mind, sending you thoughts which will bring your mind to a balance and a realization of harmony, peace, love, beautiful decision, patience, all of these things. God is the common denominator, the spiritual fuel of the planet. So, if this fuel, this spiritual connection is within the ability of everyone's mind and heart to grasp, then yes, we're speaking of a movement, a plan that God has for each and every one of us to function as a large family. And as a large family to function effective and efficiently, possibly even balance and hopefully peacefully.

Student: What helped me recently is the realization that God is in a constant state of bliss and he wants for us also to have that. As Hal was reading earlier, God is stillness, God is calm, and if we can tap into that, we become very peaceful and calm and then service becomes a joy. For me, it was like becoming detached from the way I always related and I have a new and free way of relating.


JarEl: This is very good. So, then in a sense, what you are also say, is that God is everything we could ever want to be, and this certainly is true.

These spiritual practices take a certain amount of time and development, the ability to hold to this practice, the ability to little by little attempt to discern the greatness and the power of the spirit within you. For it is through these many small steps that the muscles are developed to begin to take larger strides and much more confident standing. So be happy and joyous to take these small steps.

Student; I understand this works like the hundredth monkey. The more and more people that show peace and joy and become the examples of this peace and joy, the examples of what God is, then more and more people learn it, then evidentially we will get to the hundredth monkey and all 6 billion people will have this understanding. I have had a recent experience, that despite my intuitive knowledge, I was still not feeling any joy, and then after this experience I was able to feel this joy and it stuck with me since. Before this experience, I had a difficult time despite my knowledge of what God is and what my mission was, of getting rid of the fear. I think, the point that me change from fear and doubt to joy and love was realizing that I am an equal and important part of God. I hope you would expound on this.

JarEl: What really happens is that you create within yourself this ability. It is like there is a lock, a combination to your psyche, and when the right key comes along, it slips right in unlocks it and opens it up without you even noticing. Your yearning, seeking and desire has reached a threshold and when it reaches that threshold, all of a sudden it becomes automatic, you shift, it takes time. It does not happen as soon as you think it. It is almost like in a certain sense, God is just waiting to see how badly you really want something before he gives it to you. You yourself are really not sure you can have this. But then you realize that I can have this. I deserve this. You yourself have said that I am a daughter. I am deserving of this. I am equal because God has made me so. When you become aware of this, you are becoming aware of your own personal relationship and spiritual development. God seeks to work with each one of us individually first. Some of the common denominators would be the search and yearning and your own desire for such and then life experiences bring you to a point of grace almost where you momentarily shift. It is a very core shift. All of a sudden it affects all of the extraneous aspects of your mind, its capacities and nuances. This core shift happens between you and your own mental ability to connect with spirit. Just that awareness alone is a core connection. Does this help?

Student: Yes


Student: I have to come in because the particular trigger for this was a plant that we both ingested call Ayahuasca, actually Nicolette had an experience also with a different plant. We both ingested the juice of two plants used by Shamans in South American in the Brazilian jungle. This triggered a very powerful experience for both of us. For me, I felt a great surge of energy moving through my body for one of the effects of this. I felt it was opening my chakras and I was experience life more fully. You talk about the surge, the desire and making your own decision of accepting you are part of God, but we also did use this plant. What would your perspective me on using plants such as this?

JarEl: In a round about way, I would like to say that all of life's experience is somewhat based upon plants in terms of it's consciousness, its ability to bring sunlight into your body chemistry. It's ability to alter the chemistry of your body, food for example. Almost all mental thought and shift within the body is chemical. On some level it is cellular which is particularly chemical and encoded in the DNA sequencing within your own particular genetic inheritance, so it is not unlikely that certain substances induce certain states and certain moments and predisposition's to certain awareness' within yourself.


Don't mistake the ability of the plant and its chemistry to bring you to a place where you can then consciously make these shifts within your own mind. It is only because you have prepared yourself to make these shifts that they happen. The only thing that the chemistry does that it is more pronounced in its ability to possibly bring you into a greater focus on this. I guess what I am trying to distinguish is how much is you and how much is the plant although there is a relationship there. A person who eats very poor food and has very poor nutrition is not going to be mentally sharp and alert. Also, just because you eat the best foods and have the best lifestyle doesn't mean necessarily that you are going to be the greatest person. What I am saying is that one does not necessary qualify the other. They can both be symbiotic. And, from what you have described, you have had a fortuitous experience.

Student: Well, more than that because both of us had set a certain intent before we ingested the plant. We had different experiences that were in line with that intent that we had set up. So that does fit in with what you're saying, is that the plant simply sets the stage.

JarEl: Yes, that you had already set up the intention and it enhanced the intention, it helped focus the intention. This is why one must be cautioned to oneself the use of certain artificial stimulants. Though they momentarily bring you into realms of awareness, your ability to walk the same awareness without the dimension of the plant substance brings it into a different dimension and it brings you closer to a greater ability to connect truer with the essence which dwells within you. The mind of God is much greater than any plant chemistry. It is much greater than any altering. But, there is a humbling shall we say, of the mind and the self's ability to, in a sense crawl to this presence, to humble ourselves in the awesome and subtle dynamic of that which is the presence of God within the heart and mind of the individual. To be able to bring yourself to God in God's presence is quite powerful and quite profound. All of a sudden one day, you realize He is there, that this Spirit truly is within and you actually contact the essence of this presence within yourself. You may have this same practice continually everyday for a long time and one day something shifts because the presence is quite subtle. Do not underestimate the practice of meditation and breathe in your ability to contact this presence. Just because it give you first real access, give it some time and this will develop for you.

Tradition, Spirituality

Student: I would like to know if our celestial teacher discernible evolution going on in our religious institutions and if there's much hope and effort in that direction.

JarEl: There is tremendous hope. There is a direction. And, there is some progress. Religion is not going to take the place of spirituality for man and religion is not necessarily at this time going to bring man into a state of spirituality. The ability of the spiritualized mind and the ability of a spiritualized religion to become dynamic as a movement on Urantia is quite possible. Such a movement is not very different from we are prescribing here in our lessons to spiritualized your mind and begin to bring it out into the world through acts of loving kindness and service to one's fellow. The best at this time that can be hoped for is that the major religions and religious institutions on your world begin to take into account their relationship to the service of their congregation at large rather than trying to dominate and direct the ethical and so called moral social behavior of their constituents. But what I think you are asking and what I am attempting to answer, is yes, there is a tremendous amount of celestial help and influence within the institutions of religions all over the world. And, like any human and celestial relationship the majority of the outcome depends upon the ability of the human side of the relationship to acknowledge and therefore respond. In the face of many religions on Urantia, the tremendous arrogance at this time inhibits a lot of the celestial help. But, there is hope and there is progress and many times you may find that people can be moved not so much by an authority of religion as much as through one of their own kind, someone who is closer to them. This is why the religion of Jesus strongly urges you as individuals to grow and change yourselves and therefore go out amongst the many. Does this help?

Student: Yes


Student: Would explain or address whether it would be important as a human race to work on the linking up of or the reconnecting of the DNA strands. Learning that the majority of humans only act on two strands of the DNA of which there are supposed to be twelve and that through the linking up this would be truly benefit the raising of our consciousness, the raising of our vibration and facilitating our ascension process to the God state?

JarEl: It is my understanding that this does help and what that means is that it provides a much stronger foundation upon which to hold and act upon intention and your spiritual connection. The realignment of the chromosome and DNA constituents of the cells help in bringing the human life constituency, the human life form, into a truer alignment with spirit. At that point, it is the willful mind which helps to insure the ability to ascend and yes aiding therefore in ascension into God consciousness. The distinction I am drawing is that one does reinforce the intention of the other. One does not preclude necessarily the intention. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you. I have another question. Why would it be that if the human has DNA with the twelve strands that at this time we are only operating on two instead of twelve? Is there a reason for this?

JarEl: You are pretty close of being aware of the situation. At one time on the planet, of course the alignment and the activation of these strains was held complete. There ensued a time in the recent history of mankind when man degenerated genetically and now mankind genetically as well as spiritually are entering into a new age and dimension in which many are being reawakened and reminded of abilities that have been dormant or lost are being reconnected and yes, the reason for this is because now it is necessary to activate man's full spiritual potential on this planet. The potential genetic consciousness is ripe. The ability for spirit to take a firm foothold in humanity is tremendously ripe at this time. Many people and individuals are receiving information which are helping to aid the human race in its ability to reconnect spiritually and vibrationally with the upsetting with the of the frequency to this planet and the ability of certain human beings to move up to these frequencies. So what is happening and what you are speaking of is a dawning of a new era on this world. Some have called it the "new age", that which it is. And, many of the connections which have been lost to you as a race and individuals are being made, to reacquaint and to re-associate and to reconnect to what is rightly your heritage. Does this help?

JarEl: Yes, thank you very much. And one more question if I may? Can you explain what is happening with the aids babies whom a very large percentage aids born babies that are after being studied, have been found to have 24 codons instead of 20. And, these babies who have 24 codons have been studied and have been found to not have any sign of having aids at all, maybe some a few years after birth the aids disappears. So they were aids born, but then shortly thereafter the aids disappears. They are calling this a mutant. Can you explain that?

JarEl: I will attempt to give you a reference. What you find is that the ability of health to manifest within the human electrochemical energy system within the human body is much more potent in childhood because the mind does not have the ability at that point to interfere with the out workings of the patterns of health in the body. And, these so called mutated strains are the mechanisms of health in the patterns to manifest and to compensate that. There is intelligence within the system of the body below the conscious. Not all intelligence is conscious and what I mean by that is that as man's mind begins to expand, quiet down, accept and listen, there is an ability to comprehend tremendous intelligence all around. To get back to the specific issue of the codons and the babies that were born with these mutated diseases, what we are seeing is the ability of the genetic strain to correct itself. Further evidence that we are living in a time of tremendous potential in growth. Does this help?

JarEl: Very much. Thank you very much.


Student: There is much talk about the new era and how it going to come about. Several theories that earth on a dimensional will divide and there will be one earth where the spiritual enlightened continue and advance and the other earth where the ones refuse to spiritual recycle or go through another cycle of the same cycle that they just came through. Other theories, that we'll be taken off the planet to another planet by angelic or celestials and that the old earth will have a demise. Other theories where we would just go through dramatic earth changes and all the survivors will either be those that didn't make it spiritually and were left here to deal with their destroyed world or there will be the ones that were spiritual evolved and all those that weren't spiritually evolved were destroyed in the earth changes.

Several, several different theories of this division between those that spiritually evolve and do not spiritually evolve. And perhaps in a dimensional sense all the above will occur. What is your take on this? Which one of these ways will it be or is it all of the above. How will we perceive or is the perception of the end of the old times and the beginning of the new times an individual perception.

JarEl: The material state is never dictate to the spiritual state. Your work is the same no matter where you are, where you go, or what you do. When you enter into a relationship with spirit, you enter into an attitude. No matter what happens to the world that you live on. No matter if you die and translate into another world, you will be given another body and you will continue just where you left off here. In a spiritual sense none of what you said matters to the spiritual effect of the human. Though circumstances may dictate a certain attention to the physical life you may be living, nevertheless the spiritual work remains the same. If everything around is dying and being destroyed, as a spiritual human being you have a tremendous responsibility to uphold with love, peace and respect. You have the responsibility not to break down in the face of fear of impending tragedy.

This does not mean that one should not be cautious. It just means that one should not adopt a mode of panic. What we are trying to prepare you for is an understanding of the depth and dimension of spiritual mind and the ability of spiritual mind to deal with any and all predicament and relationship that may arise. There just may well and eventually may be that tremendous things, such as changes physical radical drastic changes may or may not happen. The human population may or may not have to be removed to another similar world. It may be that everything continues just like it is until eventually enough people begin to change the way they live and relate to everything. So, in answering your question, it is not that I am avoiding a specific designation of possible future scenarios for this planet, but that as a son and daughter of the Most High and one who is born of the spirit, your responsibility during these times of changes would become much more pronounced.

Student: I understand what you are saying and I realize that the physical reality truly matters not, because the spiritual evolution is more important. I'm considering a program to help people in that spiritual evolution but I'm wondering about the physical reality of these up and coming changes in order to plan the physical situation that these spiritual evolutionalized people would be in. How do I gear the program?

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