1993-10-31-TR Needs To Seek Deeper Stillness

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Topic: TR Needs to Seek Deeper Stillness

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: It is wonderful. So many mortal minds in unity holding fast and focused upon a single thought. I am with you this day. Greetings to all.

Group: Greetings, JarEl



JarEl: You have observed the infants as they have weaned themselves from their mothers. They attempt to venture out and explore the vast world. First with rocking, then with crawling steps, then they learn to support their weight and balance. From the sense of balance they are able to step forward and backward and side to side, secure in that growth. You, dear ones, have made crawling steps. You have ventured to test the abilities of your minds in the techniques of communication through prayer and seeking the Stillness. The mere fact of your participation is achievement in itself. For to do so, each of you proceeded from a place of insecurity to a level of trust. Your trust was in the process and in one another. You held expectancy for great results in this endeavor. Think not, that you were not indeed successful.

The exercise required your participation. Sacrifice on your part to arise in the early morning hours and seek first the Father of all. In the stillness, to daily be in His presence and to wait patiently, expectantly for those glimmers of insight and words coming collectively from your fellows. This is quite an exercise. Now look back on the words that were transmitted and the images received. You will find the spiritual thread that runs through them all. At some point each of your perceptions pertained to those words that were transmitted. Close further examination will reveal this fact to your hearts. So be not despondent that it was not syllable for syllable; word for word at that particular time.

Did you forget that the impression was to last throughout the day? Had you been conscious of mind enough to record throughout the day, I can assure you that each of you would have received the transmitted word or its equivalent to the 80% factor. So feel pleased with yourselves. You have crawled using all fours as our infant does. You have mobility. You are not confined to an area to sit and observe and be pampered. You have the ability to move about in your environment of learning. And use all of the faculties that you have been blessed to receive from the Father. I thank you for your participation. I trust that you will reflect upon it and verify to your hearts content the truth of my words.

This time we would like for the new transmitters among you to seek the Stillness a little deeper and focus upon a lesson that we shall endeavor to project. Look not necessarily for accuracy, but an attempt must be made on the part of these new ones to receive that which is imparted and upon receipt, to share with all present. So let us try at this time to focus our minds for a moment.

Everyone became quiet and focused for a few minuets.


JarEl: Why say you that this cannot be me? It is so. Question not, speak the words dear one.

(Transmitter -- Donna)

This group here gathered is much loved.

(Transmitter -- Douglas)

When our impressions come to the forefront of your thoughts this is the time to seize them. This is the opportunity you await; to open your mouth and let the words flow. It is in the effort. Is there doubt that we are with you?

Stella: I see eyes looking at me. Is this true?

JarEl: We observe. What do you hear, dear one?

Stella: We're having a tough time with this one!

JarEl: It is because of your belief. You say that this cannot be the words.

Donna: Maybe I can share something that happens with me since I am certainly a new one. And this is coming from me, I think, right now. When a phrase comes to my mind and I am not sure if it's from a transmitter or if it's just a thought, I just kind of hold it and see if it will go away. If it doesn't go away and it keeps coming to me and repeating itself to me, then that's when I think I better say it! Maybe that will help.

JarEl: This is so. This is a criteria that has been set that works well for you. It is our desire that all should utter. Let not the fear of ridicule from your fellows hold back your utterances. You're amongst family. You're amongst friends. You are all amongst your loved ones. This body is much loved and nurtured and cared for. It is our desire to uplift; to encourage; to enlighten. Exercise and practice lifts you from one level of spirituality to another. The accomplishments that you have in the future are what you would say beyond comprehension at this stage of your development.

However, with practice--a little practice--your faith is increased. Your ability to transmit and receive our message grows. So step out in faith, dear ones. Believe in yourselves. Believe in the love that we have for you. Believe in the love that the Father has given. Act upon that love and you will step in faith and be supported. This is a support group. This group supports each and every member, because each of you are vital and unique and of value to the whole. The development of one affects the development of all.

(Another transmitter -- receiver Lucille)

I am Verona, and I thank you for your efforts this last week for the whole group in carrying out the exercises. I would like to try it again this next week choosing different words and trying it in your quiet time.

I am having a hard one with this one. She doesn't want to speak.

(Another transmitter -- receiver Marlies)

There is much to learn. There is much to be done. There is a lot to overcome.

(Another transmitter -- receiver Hal)

May we crawl around as active babes in the spiritual world. Crawling and striving to learn to walk.

(Transmitter, JarEl -- receiver, Douglas)

How well it is that we share together. Can you see, dear ones, how your faith is growing? How your love enfolds all that are here? Such wonderful experiences in this group! There is another who desires our words. Encourage them.

(Another transmitter -- receiver Dora)

We will bring forth new light and learning with this Teaching Mission. This small group is an integral part of the Teaching Mission. You all have so much to give. Verona's practice words are a beginning of sharing. The transmitting among each of you are our words. Not just one Teacher wishes to speak, but all the Teachers wish to speak. They all wish to be part of this group.

(Another transmitter -- receiver Marlies)

We are always with you; continue to ask for our guidance.

(Another transmitter -- receiver Hal:

This could be the start of the chain reaction of the atomic explosion of the Father's love. Each one expressing the Father's love; expressing the words; one moves to another and moves to another. May it spread to the world.

JarEl: Join with me, dear ones, in prayer to our Father for this occasion.

"Dear Father of all Light, bless these dear ones who come to you in faith, in love and sincerity seeking to do Thy will. And to be vessels for Thy will. Bless them, dear Father, as they crawl along into steps of maturity. Bless them as they lift their hands and heads high to You seeking Thy guidance. Bless them, dear Father, in their doubts. Reassure them; comfort them; aid them along their path dear Lord as we your Teachers endeavor to guide them ever toward You. Amen"

Let this spirit of love pervade your beings, reassure you, and comfort you well in the knowledge that the Father of all indwells each. His love is unconditional and cannot be bound by any boundary. It is unlimited and you are in receipt of His unlimited grace. I thank you for your participation; for your sharing; for your venturing out in faith. You stand at the entrance of the new world. One day these communications will become commonplace as we come further along the path toward Light and Life. Your individual trials are becoming more easier to bear. Is that not so?

Betty: Yes, JarEl



JarEl: As you focus your beings upon the lessons and the text; as you seek much the Father's presence, the small discomforts of your mortal existence are set aside to allow you to bathe in the goodness, the truth and beauty of this Mission. When again you turn your attention to those problems and tribulations, you do so renewed with new vigor and determination to solve these issues for yourselves. This is growth, dear ones. This is moving ahead and developing that spiritual character, those spiritual tools that will carry you through this existence with the minimal amount of discomfort. It is good for us to renew our dedications to our God and this Mission.

It is reminder that we have a place and in that place we have responsibility to share our experiences and the knowledge of truth with those who yet stumble in darkness of the false traditions of this world. The event that is upon us, referred to as the Hallowed-ween is such an area of darkness. It appears trivial to the mortals, because of its long-standing as a tradition. So we say what harm does this practice give? I say to you the harm lies in taking your minds from the divine characters, to the undivine. The nefarious ones are given credit and praise on this particular day. All praise and credit should be to the Father, and the Son, and the Infinite Spirit.

This is not a time for believers in truth to practice iniquity. This is not an occasion that will strengthen your spiritual beliefs nor aid or add to your spiritual growth. This is a time of darkness for those who continue to seek the darkness of pagan traditions; of primitive knowledge and experience.

Let us share the light of Truth that our Creator Son has given upon Urantia. Turn this time of darkness to a time of Light and encouragement to seek the higher and nobler spiritual characteristics. During this time when others in darkness are celebrating the baser animalistic characters, seek ye the Father, His presence and enlightenment.

When you observe these dark creatures--the faces and masks of grotesque beings, see in this;see through this;look past this to the indwelling Spirit and truth, beauty, and goodness that comes from a knowledge of the Father. Pray and ask the Father to bestow Himself upon these who give homage to the darkness. Pray that their hearts and minds are opened and enlightened to a truer knowledge of the Father. Let your example be a light unto them. This is the time that you should share the experiences of growth, truth, beauty and goodness with your fellows, that they may take your hand and walk ever towards the Father. Does this help you all with this time of concern, that we perceived?


Hal: Yes, it gives a new light to this. However, most of us treat it as a trivial, non-important, fun event without any serious implications. Do you feel that we should completely discontinue the so called pagan ritual?

JarEl: It will fade away from you. It will fall away from your belief system as you practice less of this thing. Remember, repetition brings about a familiarity of comfort in all things. So if you repeat these negative things, you become comfortable in this iniquity. And although you have light and wisdom and discernment, you still have this appendage that needs to be cut away from you. True it is trivial, but yet in that triviality the potential for continued error exists. Each must find in his heart and development, that which will take him beyond such practices.

Lucille: I have a happy pumpkin on our table with a big smile and it's filled with flowers. Tonight we are giving the children pencils as just a gift of love. No candy.

JarEl: This is wonderful. This is truly an act of kindness and a gift that the young ones will find useful. This is an example of turning about into something of lasting value, A practice that has no value other than to pull mortals down into the depths of superstition.

Horror, Fear

Betty: Why is it that we liked to be frightened? I enjoy reading Stephen King and mysteries. Can you comment on this?

JarEl: I think this may be one of the great mysteries of this civilization of mortal beings. The element of fear and uncertainty creates a chemical reaction in the body. Heightened senses and emotions, expectancy and shock brings heightened feelings of anxiety, akin to a physical pleasure. Yes, why do we seek to be frightened out of our wits? This is a mystery.

Betty: I certainly don't enjoy real danger and to be really frightened. But when you are watching a movie or your reading book, you feel somehow you have control of it. You can lay it down or turn it off or go away.

JarEl: Control. To experience fright, danger, excitement from a controlled environment, I think these are the human thoughts. I can relate it to the adventure we have in morontia living, of going to new worlds and experiencing new things and new knowledge. We go forward in a spirit of expectancy that's heightened, but it is not fear, for we proceed in faith. And that faith coupled with expectancy allows us a surety of mind that we will experience grand and wondrous events; grand and wonderful beings that we are unfamiliar with. But when we do experience these things, it is not from a position of fright. It is from a position of welcome, and enhancement of new knowledge, and new associations.

I would venture to speculate that your senses of fear is yet a still carry over of those primitive times when fear was a predominant factor of your everyday living. Fear is a emotion and it must go somewhere. It must find a vehicle of expression. So I would venture that it has found itself in the genes of mankind. Fear also serves a healthy purpose in the development of mortals from primitive times, to the present age of increased spirituality amongst you. It is our desire that the stages of development be enhanced as much as possible. Now that the quarantine is lifted and these means of communications are available. You may proceed.

Donna: I was just going to say. Sometimes I have had therapy sessions with children who perhaps were having trouble sleeping at night, because of their fear of death. And their fear of death was brought to the forefront in their young child minds, because perhaps of a close relative or a friend who had died. So I understand what your saying about the fear thing and the ghost cult thing and all that. Now these children that have these fears that prevent them from sleeping at night usually have had no religious instruction of almost any kind. Because I find that out by inquiring of the family. So I think that perhaps that it's safer for children to participate in the Halloween ceremonies and or to understand the playfulness of it if they do have some kind of belief in God and life after death.

And those children who have not been instructed or taught or exposed to other positive beliefs about God or life after death are perhaps more in danger with the negative aspects of Halloween. That's it.

JarEl: Thank you for your comments.


Hal: Along this line of ancient cults. We were talking earlier in regards to these word messages we were giving and receiving as though this is bordering on telepathy and ESP which has bad connotations in the past of relating to cults. Could you comment on that in relationship to it's position in the Teaching Mission?

JarEl: Communication is the object. Communication has long been the object for mankind. Before the time of the Creator Son in the flesh, wise men, magis were impressed through words and visions and signs. And these things were interpreted as divine revelation; divine communication.

Hal: Impressed by whom?

JarEl: All impressions during these times were from high celestial beings to aid in the formulation of ideas for the development and furtherance of civilization and the concept of the Father.

Hal: Then these oracles of old did serve a purpose from on high?

JarEl: It is their records that have been recorded scripturally,that was carried down through traditions from generations to the time of the bestowal. It is these records that the Creator Son recited in the synagogues of His time. Mankind has ever been in the watchcare and under the guidance and direction of midwayers, seraphim, and other celestial beings. Communication has always been the desire. Experimentation in communication also played a part in finding the best means of influencing the mortal mind. The Adjuster has always sought to impress and communicate spiritual knowledge and characteristics to the beings of His indwelling. Does this help you?

Hal: Very much so. Then we need not fear this being associated with so-called occultism?

JarEl: These are word symbols of this time. The connotations and the images lie solely in the minds of men. For us it is communication.

Fear not possession of evil spirits of destructive forces. Their day of influence has passed. The messages; the enlightenment forthcoming this time, you judge through discernment of the Spirit of Truth that was poured out upon all humanity.

Hal: Thank you. You cleared up another one of the so-called doubts that we always have enter our minds and concerns.

JarEl: All are welcome. Restatement is necessary. As we mentioned earlier, it is good to rededicate ourselves to those beliefs that the text has allowed us to receive. Rededication, rejuvenation will help you to be better tomorrow and understand more clearly the lessons of today. So each of you in your mind and hearts rededicate yourselves to seeking further the knowledge inbound in the text of the Urantia book and the lessons of the various teaching Missions. Rejuvenate yourself in this knowledge. If there are no further questions, . ...


Hal: JarEl, would you care to comment on the relation of pagan rituals we carry on with of Halloween with the tradition of Christmas which we understand came from pagan rituals? And has become very much commercialized.

JarEl: This is true. The original concept of participating in Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Christ Michael was good. The mixing of that of pagan customs and practices was not. Your choices today are to take this holiday and honor not only Christ Michael, but all the teachers, prophets of old, who have brought to Urantia the truth concerning the oneness of God the Father and the brotherhood of His children. Honor not one, but one and all at this time. Take the emphasis off the commercial Jesus and show to your fellows the loving Jesus.

Hal: By the way of curiosity do they have holidays of celebration on the morontia worlds?

JarEl: Yes, there are numerous occasions that call for rejoicing and coming together in special conclaves for specific jubilees of groups. This you will find upon the morontia worlds. The group of ascenders that you belong to at the time of your translation will be a group that will often come together for the purposes of celebration.

Hal: Will they be as much fun and exciting as our Halloweens' and Christmas' and Thanksgivings'?

JarEl: Much more. During these times you will celebrate with a new spirit of love, a new concept of unity and peace. Dear ones, we will leave at this occasion.

Hal: Thank you, JarEl. It has been wonderful.

Group: Thank you, JarEl.

Stella: Thank you very much for new inspiration.

Betty: JarEl, I don't think we are going to meet next Sunday. Several of us are not going to be here.

JarEl: All are welcome for your thanks and appreciation of our meager attempts at sharing these lessons and experiences. In the week to follow, we would like more participation during the morning prayer, in seeking the Stillness. Let us try specifically to be present Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the prayer option. All of the days if you are able, but please make a special effort for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for all who are a part of this group. Please neglect not your impressions throughout the week. These impressions will be a source of great pride and enlightenment to you. Should you like to continue with the word association and transmission experiment, please do so. Remember you can only go forward. You can only become proficient in all aspects of this Mission.

Hal: Are you suggesting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday individually at a set time or gather together?

JarEl: I am not understanding your question.

Hal: You wanted us to continue our prayer on particularly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Is this an individual prayer together or should we gather to gather for it?

Lucille: In our quiet time.

Hal: In our quiet time?


JarEl: In your quiet time in the early morning, but specially on the days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As we told you at the last meeting, much is required from those who receive much. My peace I leave with you. My love and my concern for your growth and development. Truth, beauty, goodness abide with you, the gift from our Father. Farewell.

Group: Farewell

Word Exercise from October 24, 1993

Shannon was the keeper of the words.

Monday Violet sincerity

Tuesday Lucille love

Wednesday Donna liberation

Thursday Marlies desire

Friday Betty luminosity

Saturday Dora learning

Sunday Hal Christ Michael