2010-04-04-We Are a Team

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Topic: Teamwork, Planning

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Gerdean



MONJORONSON: Good afternoon. I am Monjoronson. Thank you for opening the door for my presence among you. You have been visited by the Master and he remains in your company, even as we speak. It is true that he is with you always, and also true that he can be everywhere at once, so it is not like you’ve got to wait your turn. I am not here in his place but to supplement.



I am working through some history with this T/R and, in the spirit of resurrection, hope to find the means by which to find yet another voice by which to promote, proselytize, produce, provoke, and proceed with great and wondrous realities for Urantia. Consider me your Coach, and my staff as your associates. In the spiritual sense, in the cosmic sense, we are a team. We have a united purpose. We have a goal we share.

It is fully understood that many of you are unaware of how you contribute or the extent to which you contribute and how your contribution affects that of your fellows. I assure you that is none of your concern. You will be advised on a need-to-know basis. You have a saying, “Ours is not to wonder why; ours is but to do or die” and this is how it is when you act in faith. You follow the voice of the Master, the Shepherd, when he calls. He leads the way. This is the wonder of his creation. He doeth the work. You follow him.

In creating new worlds and new ways, in the spirit of renewal, allow yourself the luxury of letting leadership come to you to show the way for you to follow therein. It is the way of the world to aspire to be the leader and to lead, thus assuring yourself and others that your good works are pleasing to those On High and to those who would benefit from your services. But the ways of the Lord are not so self-centered as they are God-centered.

Just as the Spirit of Truth leads you to an awareness of Michael, Michael leads you to an awareness of the Father and so you are always looking beyond the obvious to the unperceived, the untouched, the unimagined, the ultimate, and the unrevealed. Acquirement is experiential. It is not a destination or a reward; it is a leg in the journey. But having attained a certain point of ability – and this realm needing so much attention, so much reclamation and rehabilitation, so much rehabilitation and recovery, refurbishing and remodeling – it does give us much to do.

And all of you are eager to take a task upon yourself in order to be a part of the process of life as it is being revealed day-by-day in your faith walk and in your community awareness of one another. As far as what is going on with others, and yet others beyond that contribute to what we are about, one of the things that has had to be overcome regarding my presence here is a history of “foreign potentates”[1] and so-called spiritual supervisors and overseers who have done you more harm than good.

There is a certain inherent distrust in cosmic personalities. The very fact that the global consciousness – in part, thanks to Hollywood – and in general thanks to the primitive ghost cults and so forth still very prevalent on your world – there is much fear as to the spirit world and/or “aliens” coming from other parts of the universe, be they material or spiritual, and what influence or negativity they may bring to bear upon you. Much of this is due to naiveté … some to ignorance and some to genuine defense to that which is unproven and unknown.

As I have been with you and becoming known to you as the seraphim and ministering spirits of your world have been working with me and my associates here On High, we have been able to put your mind at ease. We have been able to settle the thrill and stabilize the energy of the consciousness of my involvement in your current phase of planetary development.

No harm is going to befall you as a result of my efforts. No judgment will be rendered as to your worth, your value, or your status in the universe. That is not my reason for being here. That is not my purpose; that is not my purview. You are safe with me. I am a Magisterial Son and one of the roles the Magisterial Sons engage in is the judgment of the dispensations. That is as if to say an engineer would come in to judge the stability of a building to withstand hurricanes, or a bridge to withstand earthquake.

Is Urantia capable of withstanding yet more evolutionary traumas? Will its spirit hold up under the pressures of change? Will the changes making waves now in your collective consciousness be supportive of further spirit revelation or will it be required to buckle down and reassemble at a lower vibratory level, so as not to lose everything that has been accomplished, without crystallizing or providing the opening for chaos to prevail or destruction to consume?

Student: Aren’t we supposed to be rising up to a higher vibratory resolution?

MONJORONSON: That is, of course, the overall plan.

Student: That you are here to help with.

MONJORONSON: That I am here to help with; that we are all here to help with. That is appropriate for this phase of your development. My assessment as to what is possible will provide guidelines for what work will be underway and what will be shelved until the foundation is better established.

Think of me in terms of a Contractor hired by the architectural firm of which I am the chief architect. One does not build a city on a marsh without a full awareness of what will be required to fill in the bog to stabilize the ground. I am counting the cost, if you will, of the undertaking. We are constantly counting the cost here in the Correcting Time, as to what to proceed with and what to delay.

We have a plan, but there are so many myriad possible diversions, distractions and delays due to the vagaries of free will. The vibratory level is rising, the construct is being created, the new world is formulating, but it all depends. The speed with which it develops, the effectiveness of its development, the joy of its accomplishment, are all contingent upon the workers. There is no point trying to make it work faster than is possible.

If you are all earnest and sincere, as we perceive you to be, we know that you are all willing and eager to do what you are called to do, what you have committed yourself to do, what you have been trained for, what you are destined for, when it is time and as you can, given the many variables of circumstances that you yourselves must deal with. For as we make these plans and create this reality, the realities of the finite existence are concurrently running, and these include your own human existence and relationships, your healthmental, physical and spiritual health -and that of your families, your loved ones, your associates, your competitors, your contemporaries, your communities, your communications, your countries, your continents, and your cosmic consciousness. All of these are operating all at the same time in a forward-moving aspiration that will culminate in goals you have not begun to perceive.



You had a question.

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: Someone asked a question about the visitors from other worlds being hostile.

Student: Being portrayed as hostile.

MONJORONSON: Portrayed in what?

Student: In television shows. Visual effects.

MONJORONSON: Well, this is what you know. This is what you are familiar with. You know about battle. You know about hostilities. These are familiar to you; they are comfortable for you. The good guy winning over the bad guy is classicgood versus evil.”

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: They don’t know what else to think of them. If they think of aliens and space visitors as coming from advanced worlds, they then must acknowledge how primitive they are here, and that is difficult for you to do here -- having been an isolated world – unwilling, unable to accept the fact of your isolation. Such a fact will bring on a sense of abandonment. Why would God forsake us and leave us here on a cold orb in space without a connection to other worlds such as these spaceships have. As if to say, “What are we? Chopped liver?”

Thus much propaganda will need to be provided on the affirmative side, and thus we have a team of workers working on just that precept. We have the Galactic Federation as well as the Battlestar Urantia and other sci-fi films and fantasies designed to reveal the universe as an enormous playground, a huge expansion over the small, back-lot ball field you’ve been playing in. What our team has been doing is presenting space ships that your Air Force is still trying to copy and worlds that Muslims would die for, with the beautiful women – virgins all – and the gardens of such luxury and largess that the seed-keepers of today’s crops cringe to behold.

There are so many ways for people to lose power if the universe were revealed as the dynamic, industrious and friendly place which you know it to be. And so it is yet another matter for the Correcting Time that these prejudicial approaches to galactic neighborhoods must be torn down. In time you will become conscious of your intergalactic neighbors, and while there is some time before you will be able to “ship off” to go to other inhabited worlds, you will soon be accepting those which drive by your neighborhood and shoot messages of hope and light and humor … capriciousness … and scientific expertise.

Crop Circles

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: They are certainly messages from the netherworld, but they are not necessarily the product of ships … UFOs.

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: The consensus is that they are the product of physical controllers through the mechanical abilities of the midwayers. The midwayers are able to move the physical aspects of your world. They have that ability, but they are instructed and shown how to do what they do by others. The midwayers themselves are not the engineers of the crop circles. They doeth the work. They are like subcontractors, if you will.

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: There are many designers. There are – (in fact, I will carry the analogy through) – cosmic corporate beings that compete for your business, but they are operating in a different value system so they seek to share rather than sell you something. There are vendors, cosmic vendors, who want to make contact with you and share with you their consciousness, and so there are many venues. They are higher intelligences, certainly.

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: Right. No, these are not worlds or companies sending their logos, but they are sending symbols, messages. They are sending values and ask you to examine their values.

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: They are to benefit you. They are teaching you. It is very clever how they have been able to bridge the gap between the two worlds, but it is like getting a new game. You need to learn how it is played. You need to read the instructions. And so the instructions are being written by the creators of the games themselves. And as you learn to read their instructions, your mind is expanding, your consciousness is spreading. Their insights enter into you, which you then share with others, and so the light comes on. You are being reconnected. You are being rehabilitated. You are being made ready for re-encircuitment among the many worlds of the local System.

You will be sooner or later in contact with your sister planets, which were also isolated with you in the wake of the Lucifer Rebellion, who have also been quarantined. You will also be coming in contact with the worlds that have not been quarantined, those what have enjoyed the connection with the greater universe all along. And indeed the many messages that you have been receiving through the Harp of God have been from many sources, primary of which have been through the Teacher Corps, which, as you know, has been amassed from many worlds. And so you are being enculturated, even as you sit around your living rooms on lazy lovely afternoons like today chatting it up with the celestials.

You have been learning about your place in the universe and how to comport yourself among your celestial peers. You have so benefitted from the gifts of the morontia companions, even though you may not even be aware of how many there among you and how many of them work with you in other social paradigms than ours, to convey your spirit fragrance and your altruistic attitudes in your efforts to uplift and implant truth, beauty and goodness as well as ideas and ideals into your environment -- the work of your realm.

Student: (Inaudible)


MONJORONSON: What’s your hurry? You want perfection now!

Student: And I want it the way I want it.

MONJORONSON: Well, that is why it takes so long, I guess. The fact is you do have perfection now. It’s relative, of course. And as for your sense of insignificance, let’s look at that as an appropriate sense of smallness. If you look at a leaf through a microscope, you will see a leaf cell comprising a part of the leaf, that leaf which supplies chlorophyll which contributes nurturance and oxygenation, and these are very small matters until you discover you are starving or asphyxiating and then they suddenly become very important.

Each small thing contributes to the large thing and makes the large thing work. It’s working together that enables this to become more powerful, and learning to work together takes time. In truth you work together now, although much of your working together now results in chaos rather than harmony, only because of your lack of experience, your impatience, and your confidence that you can do it yourself if they would just leave you alone. These are all very normal, standard attitudes for the evolving worlds and all mortals upon them.

When your child was small, when she took her first step, did you not rejoice that she took her first step, but did you not also grieve the fact that she would soon be up and running and would no longer be an infant, dependent on you for her every need. We experience something similar when we observe the worlds developing. We rejoice when they have attained a certain level of function and yet we remember fondly those days when they were so frail and wobbly they depended upon the over-controllers to provide the cocoon, the womb, the construct that would support it in the incubator while it grew, while it developed.

Each stage of existence is its own reality, is its own delight. Even as you at each phase of your development understand the distance you have come so far and the new adventures that lie immediately ahead. This is a gift, this everlasting life, this eternal adventure, and when you say you want it all done now, you are saying I don’t want your gift; I want to do it my way, because the gift is in the moment to moment unfolding. The relative reality of each step of the journey includes it being relatively slow and relatively imperfect and relatively insignificant.

Try to see it from the farther view. Transcend your perspective as often as possible. Not to become someone other than whom you are, but to see it, perhaps, as the gods may see it. Try to see it from the omniscient point of point of view, from God's perspective, from a divine vantage point. That will help lift you up out and out of the insignificant sense of smallness. It will help you appreciate the joy of being just where you are. It will instill in you a sense of gratitude for the peculiar comforts that this stage of your development provides: good food, parties, new clothes, sweet dreams, good coffee, spring days, good friends and all that conspire to make you who you are, having the experience you are having. After all, what is your hurry? Enjoy life one day at a time.

Student: Life’s really a blast (inaudible).

MONJORONSON: True. But try to be a producer as well as a consumer. There is really much work to be done. We are looking forward to the day when people sit around and develop a taste for new creations, new paradigms of reality, new values to espouse and aspire toward, new mores to cultivate as altruistic, a new approach to law and order. There is much to be said for the adventure, but again I reiterate the joy that comes from intelligent effort as compared from the joy that comes from being a passenger.

Have you had enough of me for the day?

Student: Not at all! I can’t think of any questions. (Inaudible; something about perspectives on crop circles)

MONJORONSON: You are welcome. It is really not something I intended to get into but that is the thing about working with you mortals. You do come up with some mind constructs that are challenging.

Student: What was your original plan?

MONJORONSON: I really wanted to make friends with Gerdean and get to know you all better. I have not had a chance to make much of an impression on this teacher base. The elders, who have pretty much gone on now, had no need for me. And I was, in fact, a bit more than was necessary to accommodate the capacities of the Rio Rancho TeaM, which is and has been a mature group comprised of many folk who are retired or semi-retired, who have little interest in setting out, embarking on ambitious undertakings and far-reaching excursions which seem to be inherent in my ministry.

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: There are many who like it the way it is and who conservatively aspire to maintain stability and the idea of change is anathema to their sense of well being. It is said that the human animal balks at being weaned from its reliance upon the ego and the status quo, but it is also true that there are conservators of value that are similarly reluctant to latch onto any new fad or fancy that comes along simply because it’s there.

The young people tend to go through these fads like Epsom salts, and your culture is known to be a “throw-away” society, and so the tendency would be to snatch a celestial out of the consciousness of a T/R, unwrap it, gobble it up, and throw away the wrapping, eager to find out what the next one tastes like. This proclivity makes it very difficult for us to settle into anything of substance, with your cooperation, unless it is something that will excite you and titillate your sense of adventure … such as crop circles will do, or disasters – which we have talked about often enough -- but frankly it is a way of getting your attention. We do have our challenges here in this mission. And we are learning with you, which is appropriate when dealing with an experimental planet like this one.

But I do want to say that just because you are an experimental world does not give either us or you carte blanche. There are universal laws that must be adhered to. Michael is very liberal in his overall management of his universe, and allows great latitude in the minds of his children. The creative breadth and depth is generous. The possibilities and plausibility of accomplishment are sometimes impressive, even mind-boggling. But even so there are over-riding rules that we are all required to adhere to, built in.

Laws are not just to provide you with freedom; they also provide you restriction, and there are many in existence that you didn’t vote for but you must abide by. So when you think in terms of this being an experimental world, don’t take advantage of that. Don’t think that means you are without restriction. Certain things are unlimited, yes, but not everything. There are boundaries. There are parameters. There are limits to how far you can go.

And so when you, in your insignificance and your smallness run up against a road block or a difficulty around which you cannot pass, accept it as being a message that you may be trying to press into areas that are none of your concern. Find another way to go about doing what your destiny calling may be. You don’t want to break God’s law to do God’s will. That would be rather self-defeating.


Student: (Inaudible, about doing God’s will)

MONJORONSON: You all think of it too academically. It is not like it was set down as the Bill of Rights or the Ten Commandments. If you are learning how to perceive the presence of God you will become familiar with God, and he will convey to you what his will for you is and you will experiencingly feel it. And you may never be able to define it or put it into words but if you are living within it, that is what matters.

Student: (Inaudible)

MONJORONSON: They will be advised if they are in cahoots with their spirit of truth. If they pause to ask, they will be confirmed. Yes, this is the way. If you are not conforming to God’s will as God sees it, God will let you know. You will be able to read the signs. But you must be open to be taught, to be led, to be guided, and there is still so many, so many on this world who so often do still believe they are required to do it all – to think it up, to plan it out, to work it through, and to make it happen.

I tell you, all you need to do is count the cost. And I am not talking about money, here. I am talking about what kind of investment you can make in doing His will. Can you stand behind your faith? Will you become a man of your word? Will you be seen as a personality with character and integrity, or are you deciding what you want people to see you as and creating your own persona such that they cannot see you for the affectation you have placed upon yourself? Are you genuine or are you a construct of your own imagination?

We will use any and all of your contributions. There is no failure here. But be advised, there are no surprises.

There is a great deal of peace prevailing today in the collective superconsciousness of your world. Even though there are trouble spots on your planet, the Prince of Peace prevails in the hearts of many, and Deity reality is a conscious fact in the minds of most. And so taking time to appreciate Deity reality can only contribute to the Evolving Supreme, to the march toward light and life, toward your goal for Urantia.


From this sense of peace and the underlying principle of purpose, let us rejoice in the possibilities that lay ahead, now, at this time, in this space, on this orb, in this dimension, along the lines of resurrection – resurrecting hope, courage, ambition, altruistic intention, fraternity, and all the fruits of the spirit that will support and egg us on in the days and worlds to come.

Thank you for giving me your ear this afternoon. I am happy to step down to join with you as we step up to do the next right thing. Enjoy!

Good afternoon.