2010-09-16-Accruing Experiential Wisdom

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Topic: Accruing Experiential Wisdom

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



UNNAMED VISITOR: Choirs of angels are singing. Celebrating existence.

Welcome all of you to this configuration of students of the ministering hosts of space, including the Teachers you have come to know and love and any other personalities and influences that impact upon your mind and your spirit so as to induce you to choose to advance in cosmic consciousness. This cosmic consciousness is not merely related to cosmology, but also to your increasing reality, your morontial reality – that aspect of you that will live beyond the mortal life, that which makes you real in a celestial sense.


Free will

So many of the things we say to you are misunderstood because of language usage. It is our intention to speak simply so as to improve our chances of understanding one another. But when you do not understand, ask questions. Asking questions is a method used to advance your consciousness. The desire to know, the curiosity aspect of humankind, is a part of your make-up. It is a part of the mother Spirit, through the adjutant mind spirit of knowledge, which ever seeks to know more, and it is this seeking to know more that lures you by your own design into fields of investigation and endeavor that become your eternal career as you choose which way to go.

There are so many more paths to take than the simple “good or evil.” There are so many good paths available. And there are so many of you who are eager to take the path best suited to you. It is sometimes very busy, like an anthill or Grand Central Station or Times Square at New Year’s Eve – everyone wanting to do something, often wanting to do it with others. And so sometimes it gets very busy.

Sometimes, too, you find yourself stuck. Which way to turn? Which way to go? Which choice to make? Which car to buy? Which path to take? Which friend to develop? Which philosophy to adopt? These are the adventures that are spoken of; the deciding is part of the process. Your free will is what gives you those options, and you get to experience the effects of your own cause. In this way you become educated.


You educate yourself in the ways of the world and in the ways of the universeexperientially! The experiential path is surely one of the most adventurous in all of creation. And I stress this point as I remind you that there are many, many forms of life which are created in such a way as to not have these choices, not have the options that you have. The bulk of the evolving worlds are like a control planet. Nine out of ten are fairly well established and one out of ten, such as yours, is experimental, which gives rise to so many more options. Sometimes it is almost as if you have too many choices to make. You become paralyzed by the many options available, to the point where you cannot make a choice at all.

What is my point? It is to celebrate your being. Celebrate the options and the opportunities -- the opportunities to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, to learn from your mistakes so as to set an example through your own acquired experiential wisdom. The fact of experience is respected throughout the intelligent universe, even though it is often overlooked on the evolving worlds, particularly those during their early phases or their periods of rebelliousness … not necessarily rebellion such as you are familiar with Lucifer, but rebelliousness as in youth. The young often defy the status quo simply as a part of their need to find their own way, even as toddlers will often put down their foot and say “No!” as if they had authority, because they are finding their way and developing their will.

The privilege of free will is a great gift. The opportunity to exercise that will is a tremendous power. How you utilize your will has long-range effects, not only on your life but on the lives of others, for as you surely know by now, you are all connected. You all benefit from each others’ good and you all suffer from each others’ lack. In a perfect world, this would be a cause for compassion and camaraderie, but it seems here it gives rise to a great deal of competition and strife.

I am encouraging you now to adopt the attitude of compassion and understanding, knowing that you will indeed feel the pull, the tug, the compulsion to join in the fray of the competitive spirit and even the hostilities that arise in the backward worlds. But you have the capacity to learn to know yourself and to quickly withdraw from those situations that can serve no good will. Allow the blind to lead the blind and the dead to bury the dead. Pull yourself up and out and move away from that which would bog you down and hold you back from letting your spirit free to choose the higher path, the farther view, the option to sing with the angels on high.

It pleases me that you have come here today to join with me and your fellows and my peers to engage upon the approach to morontia reality, to exercise your soul’s reach into superconsciousness, to give yourself a holiday from the comforts and miseries of the mortal estate.

It is rather like moving, relocating, or remodeling. You get into a routine, and circumstances conspire to change your outlook. And making the choice, then, you need to go through certain machinations in order to bring those changes about. They can be laborious, and many times you will wonder why you have opted to change when it was working so well before. But then you take a moment to pause, and regain your strength, and you persevere in faith that it is a good change, and eventually you find yourself in the new environment, in the new paradigm, in the new belief, in the new dimension, and it becomes your home, it becomes your comfort zone, it becomes the place then where you function and find your joy --ever advancing, ever uplifting, ever refreshing, leaving behind that which no longer serves --grasping on to that which awaits you, all in due time, all in good course.

Yes, the motto of your movement has been “Welcome to Change” and change will continue and you will continue to appreciate what changes you will make and what changes you will not make and why. You will begin to be able to put your conscious power into changes for others and changes for your world by prayerful application, meditation, and thought.

And you can do this because you have become experienced. You no longer need to deal with so many of the trivial things that were necessary for you to learn to walk and step out the first time and the third time and the eighth time, for now you have done it so many times you can’t count, and you know that the results will be effective before you make a mistake and go too far into the wrong direction. This is acquired wisdom, experiential wisdom. It is so good to see you develop some, to gain confidence in this fact, and to see you also looking for yet more wisdom, rather than assuming you have already acquired all the answers and have no need for further development.

Always does the teacher remain the student. There is always something more to learn in this great and wonderful universe, even in the humble universes of our own existence. Each moment is a miracle, each configuration of reality is a study, a still life work of art that has its own balance and tone and value. When you can begin to perceive life as a work of art, you walk in beauty. When you hear the cacophony of life as a symphony, you have learned to walk with truth. And when you can walk with each other, each being unique and different, without finding objection or taking exception, you have learned to walk in goodness.

I am a visiting Teacher. I am glad for this opportunity and I give you now to your host, Tomas, who will field questions. Thank you for your attention to my words and the opportunity to use your forum. Good day.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I am glad to be with you and glad also to have been able to provide a platform for our visiting Teacher. It is a practice we like to provide when possible because there are others who come here who would like to participate in this format who enjoy having the practice, as you all no doubt enjoy having the opportunity to practice something which your friends are doing and which looks like fun … challenging, but interesting.

And so here we are, my friends. I will pause now for you to collect your thoughts. You may or may not have questions regarding the afore-spoken words. If you have questions that you have saved up for us, that would be wonderful, and we would be happy to entertain those. Or, if you have commentary, we are always glad to hear from you. Therefore, if you want to be heard, un-mute yourself and come forth.


Eva: May I make a commentary? This is Eva.

TOMAS: Hello Eva.

Eva: Hi! I loved the aforementioned Teacher! The words that were used. I made note of a few that were very inspiring. For example, if you look at life as a work of art, you walk in beauty. Very inspirational. And I do find sometimes that when I stop and allow myself to be in the moment, it does refresh me very much and puts me in a healthy perspective -- I guess what would be called “rightmindedness” and I can solve whatever issues come to me and it helps to lift the film from your eyes for a moment but you haven’t left the material world. I just wanted to say thank you. That was very beautiful.

TOMAS: Thank you, Eva. I wish I could have heard you more clearly. Your transmission was wavering, like the light waves that rise up from the pavement on a long drive ahead of you. You know what I mean?

Eva: Yes. I experience the same thing.

TOMAS: That is how your words are appearing, but I understand the essence of what you are saying and would comment to the core of your statement, that being, if you are Still you can find this beauty. It is only when you get caught up in the chaos that you become lost to that calm that allows you the divine perspective. And so the ability to stop, or to glide through life with the perspective of a divine child of God rather than a spurious, scattered and erratic child of nature allows you a better view and a much better opportunity to act wisely in that moment. In fact, the clarity that you will give off will be seen by others and they will recognize your anchor of peace and draw from it.

Remember when the Master walked down the street and felt someone draw energy from him? (Yes.) It is like that. You will be able to walk down the street and feel people draw energy from you because you have an abundance to share and they have a need, and so you serve as you pass by without even having to say a word, because you are whole. You are one with yourself, with your spirit.

Eva: Yes. Yes, that is beautiful and I think I have experienced a little bit of that at moments, when I calm myself and I center myself, it radiates in ways that neither myself nor the other person who is with me can explain, but it is definitely a change in perception and in the way that we are scattered. It seems to … the interchange between both of us shifts and we become as if less material and more in tune with the spiritual without even being aware of it, or perhaps one of us not being aware of it.

I have noticed that and I hope to be able to make that more and more of my experience, without seeking accolades and without having to explain it. Just having it be there for when it is needed.

TOMAS: I invite you to participate in the conspiracy to uplift humanity (laughter), and in this work we will stay alert and stay aware so that when those moments come, we will be there already, we will be one foot away from where we have to go to bring them with us into the fold, as it were.

Eva: I accept! Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you! You know the harvest is great but we need more workers in the field, and when people like you step up willingly and assume their place, it is gratifying to those of us who are your elders as we like to see our work passed onto the next generation as mortals like to see their efforts appreciated by the next generation here. You help us feel some peculiar sort of parental pride when you conspire with us to enlighten humanity.

It sounds like a very heady, even egoistic, undertaking but it is really simply agreeing to be a hand of the cause, a helpmate of the Sons of God and Daughters of Divinity. Another ministering spirit is budding. A star is born. No wonder the angels sing!

Eva: Thank you. That is so beautiful, and I will do my very best to always be of service and to remember that I am in aid of a very divine mission. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you. And already I feel the vapors surrounding you clarify and fall into place, as if already you are controlling the energies of your environment, standing whole and calm, and affecting all that you survey.

Eva: Thank you. I feel very humbled by what you have said and very happy that I am here. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you.


  • Pass On What You Have Learned

George: Teacher Tomas? TOMAS: Yes. George: This is George. TOMAS: George.

George: Yes. Recently I have begun receiving T/R sessions from a teacher who also calls himself Thomas.

TOMAS: Yes? George: And I was just wondering whether it was yourself or somebody else. TOMAS: Or another Thomas. Has your friend spelled his name for you? George: Yes. I assume it’s T-h-o-m-a-s.

TOMAS: Well, you may know I spell my name T-o-m-a-s, but that may not matter. What is more important, George, is what the essence of the message might be. Are you asking me if I am the one who speaks to you? Is that your question?

George: Yes.

TOMAS: I do visit you, George. I visit you through the auspices of your indwelling Adjuster. Your indwelling Adjuster can take advantage of any of the Teachers or any of the heavenly helpers. We all work for the Divine. As I was discussing with Eva, we all conspire. And so you may say I have been to visit you, for in truth I have. I have spoken to you and with you as would any of my co-conspirators, and yet, by the same token, there must be hundreds of Thomas Teachers available in the universe and any of them, too, could persevere into the consciousness of a man like yourself who is eager to hear a message from on high that will engage you, encourage you, edify you, enlighten you and enlarge you and your capacities and your abilities to feel and perform that which you might be able to do on behalf of greater reality. The entire gist of this mission is to do good to others, and so spirits will do good to you knowing in turn you will do good to others, and so everyone benefits. In time even your society, your culture and your government will benefit. Tell me, George, what have we been discussing?

George: We’ve discussed mota. We’ve also discussed levels of consciousness. I have posted whatever we discussed on the Monjoronson website, under the active seeker. It is my goal to make whatever I receive immediately available to all. We have discussed also-- We have also discussed personal growth and how it is acquired and how experience is transmuted into personal growth, how it is required, how service is required with meditation. In order to jiggle up higher level of consciousness, it must be service. The experience must be acquired and it must be transmuted into personal growth because meditation alone will not increase anyone’s level of consciousness. It is a combination of meditation and service. That’s the idea and impression I got; that’s the impression I transcribed on the Monjoronson website.

We’ve also discussed how we’ve described mota insight as a stream where you can bring ideas into it and allow it to reflect, as a mirror, just like a mirror, into other people’s consciousness and this is how you gain insight in comparison to human philosophy. It’s so subtle, so amazing. I have posted some of this information also. I have also received a transcript from my Thought Adjuster which I also placed on the Monjoronson website.

TOMAS: You do well. It is good to share what you have learned. This is a basic principle -- Pass it On -- to give out what you have received. This also provides an option to share and receive feed-back from your society, your friends, and give you a reality check on what you are transmitting, to see if it may be wishful thinking or true mota. It also opens you to more. When you hold it to yourself, you are blocking the path for new transmissions to come through. And so, to put it in a repository where it can be shared with others is wise … and generous!

There are many who are not willing to do that because this is a very personal process; to some it is excruciatingly personal, and yet it need not be so personal as to preclude others from appreciating the same values that you are deriving. It is as if it were a gift in Confiding Trust. You are saying, “This is what my soul is experiencing and I am happy that my soul is experiencing this. Let me share with you my reality, without shame and without pride.”

This enables you to walk among men with clear vision, clear eyes, un-deceptive, undiluted. It will keep you young, this process, at least until you have found yourself ancient from your own wisdom, but this will come later, after many moons. And the boyishness, the youth of your spirit will ever remain young, for you are still a beginner in your paradise ascent. So enjoy yourself, George, and I do appreciate your conversations with me and with those others who avail themselves of your desire to know more about yourself and your relationship with the Creator of your universe and all universes. This is a wondrous thing upon which we all embark. We uphold each other in this. I am pleased to call you my friend.

George: If I may. It seems like when one is truly dedicated to doing the will of the Father, it seems there is truly no wrong thinking. That’s what I’m finding out more and more in Stillness. Because your mind becomes, or your soul, I should say, becomes fully immersed in the universe and everything that you see, everything that you-- See? There are no words to really explain it, but there is no wrong thinking. What you are getting, that’s what is. In a sense.

TOMAS: Yes. Understood. It is as if at your very core are Light itself, and that which interferes is not real. It could be considered error or it could be simply considered in the way of the Light. It is not wrong, but when you see it you can get rid of it and the Light shines yet brighter. (Yes) It is a process.

George: Well, I will leave the floor for somebody else if they have something they want to say.

TOMAS: Thank you, George. George: Thank you, Tomas.

DNA, Rebellion

Eric: This is Eric. TOMAS: Eric. Yes, my friend. Good to hear from you. Eric: Good to hear you, too. I hope my sound quality is able to come through. TOMAS: I am so far following you. Eric: I have a question about the Lucifer legacy he left here. TOMAS: The Lucifer legacy? Eric: Yes.

TOMAS: Perhaps if you speak more slowly, the garbling will be less noticeable.

Eric: Okay. My question is about the Lucifer legacy and I understand that many of the angels, Satan, Caligastia, were (indistinguishable) I wanted to ask about some of the physical legacy.

TOMAS: I’m sorry. What?

Eric: I was wondering if our DNA … (very bad contact) can reduce our capacity for spiritual communication … (indistinguishable).

TOMAS: I have to confess, yes, it has affected you, but it is not irreparable. And much of it is simply because of habit. If you were, for example, to be put in cold storage and frozen for 50,000 years and emerge, you would be frozen until you were thawed and your original pattern would return upon your thaw. But for all that time that you were in an altered state, or under unusual circumstances, even during the time that you are thawing, you are affected, your cells are affected, your DNA is affected. Does this awkward analogy make any sense to you?

Because eventually your DNA gets back to where it was and where it should have been. Still, it cannot be denied that it has been altered by the fooling around that was engaged in by the Caligastia 100. That is not necessarily a bad thing. The influence of Caligastia is much more social or mental than physical, and DNA is a physical component. We’re not worried about your DNA. We are worried about how you have been habituated to the Lucifer mentality, as it were, and when that is gone, when it is thawed out, as it were, when you are thoroughly warmed by the sun, if you will, you will be whole and your body-mind-and-spirit will function at full capacity.

You were created with a plan. Your DNA was implanted in the salubrious waters at the time life was put here, far before the nefarious deeds [at the time] of the first epochal revelation, and so that is what you have been created to be and that is what you will be, even though there may be a period of time in here where you are operating in an altered state, a distorted condition. The more you can work toward overcoming the negativity of 500,000 years of bad habits, the better your chances are of tapping into your potential. Ultimately you will all come around and you will have gained in the process so in the long run it it’s nothing to worry about but it does require you to extend yourself and invest yourself in your own thaw, if you will.

Are you familiar with the sculptor Michelangelo? (Yes.) Michelangelo sculpted the four “Unfinished Captives.” He had a large piece of marble and these captives, these men, forms were like trapped inside the marble and he simply took away what didn’t belong there and the figures emerged from the marble as if they were physically pushing their way out of their bindings. This is how it is with you. You are literally pushing your way out of the confines and the bindings that were put upon you by the limitations set when the legacy came down and then exacerbated when Adam and Eve were unable to participate appropriately in the up-stepping that would have been beneficial to your plight.

Yet none of this will stand in the way of your coming to know God and be more like Him. The Father’s will will be done and He will find a way and we will find a way. We have already made great strides and you have already made great strides. And so, yes, we see there are things to overcome, and as we work on those things that need to be overcome, we celebrate our victories, we celebrate the triumph over our captivity. We celebrate being able to break loose from the bondage that someone had the nerve to superimpose upon you long, long ago through their own error. In the end it will not diminish your fate.

In some ways it could be said that it simply adds color to the palette of your life. There is a uniqueness that you will have throughout eternity, having been born on a planet such as this and having experienced and undergone so much of the travails such a world offers. It is not every world that has experienced a double setback, or that experiences a Creator Son, and so for many reasons you have cause to celebrate the precise life that you’ve been given to live.

And look at the frosting on the cake! You have been given the Urantia Papers so that you have this information to study so that you comprehend so much of what so many have no clue about. This gives you tremendous opportunity for joy, for understanding, for happiness and for opportunities to share what you know with those who have not yet found these colorful truths.

The harvest is great and the workers are few. Pick and choose carefully those troubles that you want to work with, those issues that you want to clarify, those complaints and concerns that people pick at, because in many respects it will also limit you by focusing on the limitations. It is good to have a working knowledge of what you have to deal with, yes, but it is also good to have a perspective that will allow you to step out of that captivity and enjoy the exuberance of your DNA as it is and your morontia reality as it is and your very life as it is. There is much to celebrate, much to exalt. It is not all a vale of tears and an uphill struggle, even though it often feels that way.


Which is why it is good of you to remember our sessions and dial up and come out and join with us on this wonderful plateau of camaraderie where we can let our hair down and bask in the alliance we share regardless of our form or our finite composition. We are truly brothers and sisters in the spirit, equal and one. And it pleases me so much to be here with you this evening. My peers have also enjoyed the session, and yet we come to the time when we must close for the day with the time constraints put upon us but we look forward to the next gathering and send you forth with good tidings, good wishes, and good will for the morrow. Amen and farewell.