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Topic: General

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Machiventa

TR: Eric

Session 1

  • August 9, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.


Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. I have heard many worthy ideas expressed in your group tonight; reaching out across the generations, individuals to embrace each other; returning good for evil, I commend you. I commend you further on your efforts over the past two weeks to listen perceptively to those you meet, to observe the requirements of our ever expanding assignment, to honestly engage and love those we meet along life's path. You are all making good and sturdy progress in your ability to listen and we see signs of new growth in your efforts to allow the Adjuster to lead. It is not an easy thing to do. Particularly so when mortals tend to interpret their roles in the cosmos as individual sovereign and yet you are all growing daily in the understanding that renunciation of sovereignty is not what is asked. What is asked is the new and growing faith partnership with the Father fragment that indwells each of you. You all know intellectually that you are not being asked to forego anything. You are asked instead to expand your powers, to adopt a higher and more noble means of negotiating your way through this life.


There is no instruction available on how to more closely attune yourself to your individual Adjuster's leading. Response to that leading does not lend itself to mechanistic type descriptions and terminology such as a process, it is rather a relationship. Each of you has a relationship with God who remains unseen, who speaks not to you in words that you understand. The Heavenly Father reveals Himself by methods which suit His purposes, yet His influence colors your every waking moment and fills your dreams with desire for attainment of perfection. Each person on this planet is on a unique path following the blazes laid down by his or her Adjuster far ahead, out of sight. We, the members of your instruction team, your humble teachers, have consistently encouraged you to follow the Adjuster's leading, to aim high.

By your consistent and strenuous effort, some little opportunity may develop for one of us, one of the celestial ministers to slip through and say a word or two within your realm of conscious understanding. Last week we had just such an exercise. We counted it as quite fruitful. Now we ask that you seriously consider taking up this mental, every mindful of the fact that two things are required-ability and conscious willingness. This communication cannot take place with only one. Both are required. Enough of that for now.

All humans of the material worlds are faced with two apparently irreconcilable demands. Those who know God and would live the life that He has made possible are faced with the competing and conflicting demands of the material world. Compromise with the material world is inevitable, yet compromise from the path of spiritual progress is impossible. You must each be mindful of the fact that you pass through this life with two minds. You are growing and when you find yourselves in compromising situations, remember that you are becoming increasingly spiritual creatures and you are using this material life experience to become progressively spiritual. It is not the other way around. You are not growing in spiritual strength to become more successful in any material sense.

This material life experience is denied to most of the orders of creatures in the Universe. You are those selected by the great God to see the entire scope of creation-from the lowest to the most infinite. The fact of material life inevitably creates some severe restrictions upon your time yet, particularly in your modern society, we feel that sufficient time exists to devote meaningful units of daily organizational time to spiritual growth and honest, direct, loving service to your fellow humans as the opportunity arises. We say to you that you need not go to any particular place to be about the Father's work. There is work to be done here in this room. How much more so there is beyond the door.

You are lucky that Michael has passed this experience. You are lucky that he has grown in the character in which he possesses. You are lucky that he chose to live his life in a darkened world such as yours. Never again to be shrouded in blackness. We have not time enough to list all the reasons you are lucky. Use this material life to advance your spiritual growth. The Creator will be happy. Take time during the week for daily silent prayer. The Adjuster does great work during the week while you sleep, yet true spiritual growth requires conscious endeavor. By your regular stillness practice, you are opening a door. The light of your life is not yet strong enough to fill the vastness beyond the door. What matters is that you have opened the door.


That is all I have to say. I am gratified that you all approached our experiment last week in good humor. God bless you and keep you.


Session 2

  • August 16, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Counted are they who serve in the name of their Lord.


Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Now that was almost too easy, wasn't it. [Editor's note: Will is talking about the group's present to Michael for his birthday on August 21 - that is, preparing a dinner for the homeless and serving it to them, which the group did prior to the meeting] There is a lesson contained therein. It is a lesson that we wish for all to learn, one we have been edging closer to in our teaching group. One person alone against the forces of the world is frequently overwhelmed. Sharing the load two-by-two is a great relief and a solace to all. But when we see you people get organized, it seems too easy. A little food here and there will not be the answer to the world's problems, but it is a good step along your personal paths of spiritual development. We think that this group has the resources to transact rather sophisticated relationships with those in need of the solace of the heavenly Father's love.

[Unknown speaker]: This is Michael's message. Those things that you do in my name are seen by the Father. Service is the way to show your love for one another, your respect for and your desire to be like the Universal Father. There is no way but His way. We thank you for the deeds which you perform in our place which demonstrate that you are beginning to understand how light is the Father's yoke. Amen.

WILL: We are grateful for your assistance. You must do it again sometime. That is all I have to say. Until next week we will watch you for new developments. Keep up your regular stillness practice.


Session 3

  • August 23, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God enfolds you. The love of God supports you. Wherever you gather, He is.


Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Michael of Nebadon is the greatest, finest, purest and most powerful creature in this local universe excepting those occasions that he plays host to visitors from afar. He is in person the perfect representative of the Universal Father, the First Source and Center. When we look at him, we see the Father.

The human experience is now and ever shall be a part of Michael and when you perform modest services and gather in meetings as you have recently done in celebration of his earth experience birthday\anniversary, it touches the human part of him. Therefore he sends you this message. I quote, "You who have loosed an arrow at Michael have hit the proper target, the throne of the Heavenly Father on Paradise." end quote.

Members of the instructional team hope that you incorporate the exhilaration of providing a benefit to your brothers and sisters. We hope that you recall how easy it is once you turn your group's attention to such an endeavor. We make no requests other than to ask you to keep this ember alive in your hearts, for the time will someday come when that coal will be fanned to a flame - one that will never be extinguished.

Now let us commune with the Father for awhile. I bid you goodnight and I thank you for your company and your attention.


Session 4

  • 08/26/92 message


Thank you Lord, for the endless chances that you give us to show the growth of our understanding of how you would have us live. Thank you for the treats and challenges you place for us -- like gumdrops beside a trail, we need only reach out to take. Thank you for zapping me when someone says something with insight and growth potential. With faith in you, I know we will all make progress.


Machiventa Melchizedek: You are remiss [in your regular stillness practice, however, that arrow has flown. Let us go on from here. We wish for you to serve your companions in the period between now and the development of another who will assist in the communication of the teacher's message. It is not an onerous duty.

Although legitimately and continuously open to challenge and question on grounds of accuracy, we think the ministry stands solidly, unassailably secure on the grounds of faith progress. It emboldens the people, and makes them feel closer to their God. Therefore we freely admit the problems of accuracy, colorization, and consequent error. We are, after all, engaged in a ministry -- not a Restatement. Books lend themselves to static policy statements of principle. This ministry takes advantage of a quality only hinted at in books -- the dynamic, ever-growing, thrilling nature of the relationship between God and human. We make no attempt to secure ourselves from error.


You people question Perfection itself. Why should you take faith-offense at inaccuracies of communication? How reliable are your own scientific communication systems? Very -- in theory and design, but putting such designs into service introduces undreamt complications. So it is with us. It is the price of forward motion, friction. It is a law of Nature. If the friction is unbearable, retrogression is an option. So far, none have elected to abandon for reasons of too-offensive error.

We are far from the realms of Havona. Our efforts are inescapably rough of technique, yet ever pure of intent, and productive of progress toward Perfection.

Press on, then, in search of your own destiny of glorification - identity with the [[First Source and Center]].

Session 4

  • 08/28/92 message


[Following a visit to the homeopath doctor for myself and Jade, and the doctor's immediate diagnosis of a complaint that I had thought improbable.]


Machiventa Melchizedek: As in matters of health improvement, there are many areas of information which either have non spiritual consequence or are easily discoverable by you without hardship or deprivation. You must live your own life, most especially must you fully live and control the material aspects of your life. We will not guide you, nor will your Adjuster guide you, in material decisions. Still, the developments which you seek are legitimate and are implicit in the path of [[spiritual progress]], but only as incidental benefits - not as achievable goals. They are by-products of a more complete, more spiritual, and more fully human life. You yourself seized on this idea in the past with the expression Better to aim high, if then falling short the result will still score higher than if the original point of aim was excessively modest. More simply, Aim high, and even if you strike low, you still hit high.


The high mark for you people is to maintain the spiritual presence of mind that allows you to remember to appeal for illumination of the better choice. The Adjuster's work is effectively blocked by the animal responses of fear, anger, and combat stress. None of you are capable or ready yet to hear the Adjuster's voice. You should work, for now, on achieving the equanimity and faith that replaces your typical descent into emergency status when you encounter some impediment or threat in daily life. The universe is not so unfriendly that every situation screams crisis. Try to lift your sights a bit.

There is another perspective available -- a grand horizon -- if you are only bold enough to peek over the walls of your prison-rut of habit. Make an effort, now, to break the habit of dealing with people and problems in the same tired, unproductive manner. Live a little! You are all young in the spirit, no matter how many aches you count in the mornings. You are too young to settle on policy practices, especially where human relations are concerned.


We have covered this before, in the guises "Bare your breast", and "Not problems, but opportunities". Pull the curtains back, let some light flood in. Work in tolerant combination with your brothers and sisters. Get control of yourselves -- it is not a static thing -- you can feel your spiritual muscles flex and relax, flex and relax. And when you can maintain a stable point of view for a few moments, then ask about the higher path. First things first.

In order to be fully human, you must build on the animal foundation -- not deny it, not repress it, not disguise it. You can see the trail in your own physiology: first, reptile brain; then mammal brain overlying; finally, homo sapiens structure atop all. Get your hands on the wheel, then start looking for signs. It cannot work in reverse order.

This is my advice for you: Govern yourselves, only then are you participating fully with God, in partnership.

Session 5

  • AUGUST 30, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. You do not know how long this group was under observation while we waited for things to develop. It is good to hear the jokes and laughter. It was not always this way. This is a happy crew and we are glad of it. Tonight we have a new friend to join our group. One who comes whole heartedly and enthusiastically. You, Dennis are welcome here.



Faith and service are what we are about and we have spent many weeks now discussing what is faith. Perhaps we should take a few moments and discuss what is not faith. The idea of faith is not fully satisfied by a mere belief. For example, if a person should say, I believe there is God. He lives in heaven far away. That is not faith. Or if a person should say, I have felt the presence of God in the church or one time when I was alone in the mountains. That is not faith either. Faith is walking down the street and knowing that no matter what happens, you are in God's hands. Faith is assigning all your cares and problems and letting go of them forever. Faith is when you go to sleep at night with a free and relaxed conscience knowing that you will wake up again tomorrow and it will be the same world. Faith is having goals that are worth working for and improving yourself, for your own benefit and for the benefit of others. Faith is having the doorway swept so that you would not be ashamed to invite God in any time. Faith is allowing God in by the back door as well as the front. Faith is calling on God for company not because you have some problem, but just for the companionship. Faith is showing your true self candidly and sincerely to your companions in the life experience because you know God would not turn out a bad product.

In the old days, there were ecstatic descriptions of God. People would go on for pages and pages about His fine qualities. Everything that was good, everything that was just. They call Him omnipresent and omniscient and all forgiving. All those things are true. But He is a personal God also. He desires your company. Although admittedly, it is not easy to discern exactly when, from what we can tell, He desires our company always. He is actually interested in the things that we are learning, the thoughts that we have, the insights that we have gained. He especially likes our exhilaration with a new discovery. He is apparently always thinking of us. His kind and indulgent attention supports the smooth operation of entire universes. He hangs the stars in the sky and yet at the same time He desires to live in partnership with us every moment even while we sleep. All these things are expressions of His kindness and His love for us.

By faith we open the door to His love and let the light come in. He is a generous God. He is kind to even those who deny His existence. He is fair to those who work against all that He stands for. He desires us as His partners; just Him and you, two by two. He has time enough for all.


The trick for you to take advantage of all of this is to attune yourself to the better way. You can think of it like tuning a radio. This time, to the goodness station. No bad news, only good or even the bad news seems good. This is what Melchizedek was referring to about maintaining the certain presence of mind. It takes some effort. All of us go through life in the state of diminished presence like a daydream denying many things. Our Father would have us open our eyes, look around, listen to birds. Don't just shuffle along with your head down. It is possible to be alive and awake and in partnership with God even on a sweltering muggy Friday afternoon at 3:00 out on the sidewalk. You should try it. We think that you will like it.

He has given this chance at life even though this life is clearly not the perfect life. We are not ready for a perfect life. You should enjoy the life that you have. Make living an active event, not just something that happens to us. It is not a passive process. We should live our lives affirmatively and in order to do so, it is much easier if we invite God to share it with us. He relies on us to show Him things that He would not otherwise experience. So during this coming week, let us all try to spend more time alert and alive, a little closer to the edge and, by living our lives this way, we will be demonstrating faith.

That is all I have to say. I look forward to our meeting next week and making new friends. We invite your participation and stand ready to communicate with you while you entertain your friends from afar. God bless you and keep you.