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Topic: Elyon-August-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Sharmon, Evanson, Michael

TR: Jonathan

Session 1

Aug. 2, 1993


My friends, this is Elyon. It is the time for peace, the time for quiet, the time for love. Evolve into these and bring them into heart and soul. Withstand all the pressures of the goings on; war, suffering, world imbalance. Know that there are these things abounding, but also know peace and love are on the horizon. Keep this strong within your mind; the goal, LIFE and LIGHT.

To end the strife and struggle, the torment that many put themselves through day after day, they must realize that changes come through them as well as others.


Stillness, Communion

Once again spread cheer, love, and the truth of the Father. Check your level of consciousness frequently to see where you are with your desires and goals. Check your balance and bring more harmony in where it is needed. Find your quiet side often and with it replace the hectic part of you that keeps you hopping needlessly within yourselves. Create within you the mechanism that will automatically start to bring you back into quiet. Start to see the changes this will bring about. By this I do not mean to sit in a corner and not converse or express yourselves. By this I am defining that area that resides within each of you. Check in to direct communion and the peace and love pool that is there. Become able to find this immediately, the part of you that is the fragment of God. Have this become the main reason for your day, to find the direct communication, the part of you that can bring you into better understanding of all your confusion.

Know that you cannot reach perfection on your current level but begin to fully realize that you can do much more in fulfilling our own peace within. Although there will be down times linked with the dual nature, these times can be more adequately dealt with by turning yourselves over to your Father and by this, giving your indwelling spirit more authority to bring you closer to the Father, the source.

Through this lesson these anxieties, doubts, frustrations, and incapable feelings that you all have from time to time will begin to disperse, become less. You will become more capable to handle them. Allow your pettiness and your inconsistencies to go to the Father to be handled by the source of pure love. Be tuned in and have the lesson and experience of these things make you stronger rather than weaker. See that this is only a start to something so extraordinary that you cannot grasp at this time what you are accomplishing in your trudging on in your growth for the future of your ascension.

Be not frail in your love rather bold in sharing this with others. Work closely on finding your inner sanctuary and peace. Provide this for your shelter to go to at any time, at all times. Have this become a natural habitat for you to live in, fully realizing that gardening will have to be done; pruning, weeding, replanting. However, a sanctuary cannot be invaded, it is a private place, your place. With all that goes on you can feel peace and love from the First Source and Center and no one can take that from you.


My love to you, Elyon.

Session 2

Aug. 8, 1993


Greetings, this is Elyon, your guide, teacher, and friend, always with you, always willing to help. I'm truly beginning to feel as a parent watching his child grow and flourish with the new things that he learns each day.



You must also realize that to grow too fast is not beneficial but to merely plug along each day with each step knowing that you are growing and changing. Fully understand that there could be implications with trying so hard and growing too fast, where you may miss something along the way, something very important and crucial to your growth. Do not feel that you have to hurry up and get there. Get where? This is where you are. This is what it is.


I would first of all today like to turn this to you to do a sharing on how your lives are being fulfilled by bringing the Father in more each day, on what you feel, on how you feel your lives have broadened, and how you are more able to share with your brothers and sisters. I will now turn this over to you.

Student #1: What comes to mind is all the "shoulds" that I think of. Now I look at them as: Is this a "should" feeling coming from the Thought Adjuster? Is the Thought Adjuster prodding me to do something or is this just a social ideal that I don't feel I'm living up to so I "should" do this? Where are the "shoulds" coming from? This way I'm more likely to notice when it is a Thought Adjuster pressure, encouragement, and to take it more seriously. The others, well, that would be nice but it's not so important really. This evaluation has been helpful in clarifying priorities.

Student #2: One of the things I've been noticing and using as a daily work tool is, when I look at strangers I pass, I remember their divine presence within them. As I look at that person, I see no separation. We are all part of the Father's family. They may not be consciously aware of it, but somewhere in their ascension they'll awaken to it. It's been nice to feel that inclusive feeling with people, even those who at one time I thought were on the outside, or didn't care or didn't count themselves in and now I see them as in. This extends the brotherhood.

Student #3: I've been feeling like I'm really busy with mundane things and I've been feeling helped by your suggestion to stop and center even if only for a brief fifteen seconds. Just to stop and do a reality check and try to stay focused. I've been trying to broaden my horizons to realize times of being judgmental and keep an eye on that sort of thing.

Student #4: I've noticed that the more I reflect of the Father and on all that's outside of me, the better I feel. The more time I spend reflecting, even for a brief moment, if I just stop myself and reflect on the Father and Michael and all those assembled on our behalf, it just makes me feel good, makes me feel better. I've noticed lately that feeling of comfort from reflecting on the Father's presence always with me. It gives me a sense of peace and comfort.

Student #5: What I've noticed most about the Father's presence is that when I'm doubting, I have no doubt that He's there. Even when I'm frustrated and screaming at the world, that if I go to bed and focus on the Father or take some time and center, that I wake up or after focusing awhile I seem to be more sure of myself. I feel more comfortable when I just take the time to do it.

Elyon: Through your sharing you can see how each of you are growing and coming into an inner awareness that God is with you and you no longer have to struggle and focus and refocus on this as you once did. It is becoming more a part of you. You do not have to reach so high for it. You do not have to go for such long periods of time to turn it around and find the Father in your life after certain circumstances prevail in your lives. Know that this will become easier and your understanding of this broaden. As you, each of you, start to hear more your indwelling spirit and realize when the clarity, the sureness, is that of the Father that you will have more confidence, more to grasp on to, more to take out into the world with you each day, an inner knowing that this is so for you, that you do not have to struggle so hard throughout today in order to grasp it, understand it, refocus. It will become major for you, it will become a commonplace thing rather than dwelling upon the monetary or the negative happenings on the outside of your being. I realize that the lesson has just been handed to you to find the inner part, the quiet part, the God-within part. I encourage you to practice this with all your beings and come to know this part of you. This will be a necessary requirement to know how to go within to your indwelling spirit, that he is within reach, within moments, within seconds, within any given time. When things are happening on the outside that are hard to deal with, hard to cope with, as you broaden out and share more, spread your love more, this will be a necessary part of you to have readily at hand. I acknowledge you for the efforts you are making towards Michael's birthday. I once again encourage you to go at a soft pace and not stress yourselves too much for not much is required or needed for this weekend as the light will shine. Everyone tap in and hear from their spirits within, hear from the teachers, to come into new awarenesses, new bondings, new feelings, new love for each one and not get too caught up into the...(pause)

Excuse me, (the TR) is having a hard time today. I will try to keep it simple. Simple seems to be the word I'm trying to relate to you anyway. Rather use this as a time for meditation on focusing on Michael to glorify him. Come into thanksgiving and gratefulness for him. (This is a time for) play and joy, sharing your love, not to complicate the weekend with worry. Rather allow it to be your time with Michael.

I will now accept a few questions.


Teacher Contact, Thought Adjusters

Student #2: I was talking with someone in San Diego about teachers and adjuster awareness. He felt his Thought Adjuster communications were like an all encompassing awareness. He felt space between himself and his teacher, more difficult. The message had to be word-portrayed whereas his Thought Adjuster was an instantaneous knowing. I'd like your comment or correction on that observation.

Elyon: Yes, he has good perception. The Thought Adjuster does bring you into a clarity of inner knowing when, as you say, a light bulb goes on and you can see and understand without knowing from where it comes. It just permeates your being, whereas the teachers guide and direct you more from a verbiage standpoint. We do not get inside of you unless you give permission. We are more heard in instances such as these group lessons, on one-on-one with the teachers where you can write down the words, hear the words, and sometimes pick up on the things we are giving you as you would someone else's thoughts. We will nudge you at times and you do pick up on these things. You will also pick up on guidance from your angels. However, when the Thought Adjuster comes through it is quite different. You will begin to discern this. Does this help?

Student #2: Yes, thank you. I will keep my spiritual eyes peeled.

Student #1: I was wondering if you had the opportunity to attend the conference near Montreal. If not, I'm sure many teachers did. Is there anything that transpired there that you can share with us?


Elyon: Yes, (Unfortunately the rest of the response was not recorded. Elyon had attended some of it and wanted to share something with the group but the TR was having a hard time and the session ended.)

Session 3

Aug. 11, 1993


I am here. I am Elyon. I've enjoyed watching you tonight. Remember to let yourself go and express your sincere desires and heartfelt longings. You underwent a test with your friends who don't understand this process and in your courteousness please be reminded to assert yourselves as well, for this is how we will spread our message.

Next time we gather will be important for this is when we will let you all know our plans for the day of celebration. Your efforts have been good and it is wonderful to see you all working together and we have cautioned you to not overplan, for we do have plans. It is our hope to bring to you a gift in the form of inspiration and joy and enlightenment. There will be a crowd on both sides. There will be messages from those who don't attend, but we will freely share them.

At this moment I would be pleased to address Evelyn for this is a good time to speak with you personally. You have the dedication that is admirable and it is a hope we as teachers hold that everyone were to be such as yourself. Many times we encounter the flash and fizzle, the emotional roller coaster of people's expectations and disappointments. You have a trait that is required for the long haul. Take note of Van and his efforts. When distraught remember all that time. Remember he was given a message and it never got to him. And yet he was a forerunner of the next great revelation to your world.

Your work will find fulfillment. Make the most of every event that is tied to our work. Even the little chores make the whole. Weekly progress is being made. I would say that is fast enough. Your view is that it takes years. My view is that it's momentary. Most important is our dedication to the purposes and plans that you and I are engaged in fulfilling for our sovereign. I would address now the group and make emphasis on sharing for you are interrelated. Interrelatedness, is what makes the mission manifest down here on earth.


Teacher Contact

We like to think of you all as the parts that make this work. We're aware that you look to us and expect our efforts to make the new era unfold. But really it isn't us, it's you. The new era is dawning. It's wonderful to see it here on this planet. I well recognize the symptoms. I have seen it unfold previously elsewhere. It is a great time. It is, though, very subtle, but in the end when you look back it will be very obvious.

Mankind is embarking on change which will redefine many aspects of life as it is known here. It is foreshadowed in your societies' struggles, confusions. It is perceived in the turmoil around the world. And it will be resolved. We know it will be resolved. We accept this task. In our bringing to you this new episode we have to lay great stress on the unavoidable fact that you all, everyone here on the planet needs to respond because, as it is always said, we don't do it for you; we do it with you. It is, as I said earlier, a sharing, very much two-way.

For ages mankind has longed to hear from us and now it is to be. It is simple from this side, it is sharing. It is metaphysical from your side. It is magical. But it is only sharing, extending ourselves to one another with a care and a love, a personality embrace that is free of determinants, those qualifications which the mind requires for acceptance or rejection. Set those aside and wholly embrace. Then sharing will unfold. It is a wonderful experience. Who needs to qualify? No, each is our Father's child, therefore your brother, your sister, unqualified. I am glad you took this time. It is a reminder to (the TR) to get up and go, do it. There are many times we will be desiring to address you all and realize that the situation may not be appropriate, but our decision in this group of teachers is to get the message to you anyway, to seep in from the sidelines when your events don't provide the pivotal position.

So in a way expect us everywhere, anywhere. I will now receive from you what you have in mind, questions, comments.



Student #1: Thank you for a beautiful lesson and pep talk. It gave us a little insight into you. You mentioned your experience of another world coming out of rebellion. That gives me an idea of how old you are, how experienced you are. I respect you already as a brother but I can begin to appreciate you as an older and wiser brother. I'm inspired to listen more closely to what you say. (phone call interrupts)

Elyon: May I comment? My sister, even though there is great distance between us in terms of experience in life for I have been through many, I prefer to relate to you and your fellows here at this point and therefore have been evasive because credential lists seem long. They aren't. I have a great distance to go. But I know what you mean and I love you, all other variables aside. Please continue.

Student #1: Oh, thank you. What I was most impressed with at study group was (a member's) mention of a fellow at work who is severely crippled and he doesn't let his physical condition stand in his way. It makes me think how I let the least little thing stand in my way, I whine. But I see that it's balanced by what you point out that I have a stick-to-it quality that's necessary. So I need to remind myself to stick with the program but I'm not likely to veer off too radically.

Mentioning Van is wonderful! None of us will ever have to be as patient as he was! But the image of that dedication is an inspiration.

Urantia Movement

The question of last week isn't burning like it was, but I'll give you the opportunity to comment on your experiences at the conference (in Montreal) if it is appropriate now.

Elyon: It is. Many avenues advanced making progress, yet we see there is a broad spectrum of attitude present in this gathering of fellowshippers. But the pilgrims of the mission did make known their zeal and their forthrightness. This greatly pleased us and we worked constantly with them. Many didn't know that. In a way that's the fun part.

My activities were varied. I watched your friends and hoped for their acceptance but it doesn't matter. There is no ranking that qualifies or disqualifies. Only time passing. You see, this whole planet is going to move forward. It doesn't matter who accepts now or later. But this conference is an important event in the movement and having potential to affect a broad spectrum of individuals.

There were some significant events that I will not reveal. They were, for those involved, important but not really newsworthy generally. Take note: This did help solidify for them the deep implications of all our work. Would you care for more?

Teaching Mission

Student #1: Thank you for what (another TR) conveyed to us the other day. You mentioned earlier that in this teaching group you will seep your message in where you can. I appreciate that because occasionally, hopefully frequently, I'll think, "Elyon, if there is something you'd like me to say, inspire me at the right moment." I'm never sure if whatever I think of is teacher-inspired. But it's refreshing to hear you say that because it's one more way to cooperate with you. It doesn't have to be a session such as right now for you to get your message through. I've noticed that I'll begin to say something then I'll say something else that occurs to me that's a little clearer. Hopefully those are the times that you're getting something through.

Elyon: Yes and definitely this is the case. It is a technique that we employ more often than the method used right now. Your angels are the most skilled at this. They acquire this ability and thereby qualify as guardians. And it is our privilege as teachers to engage in like events. So we have learned their ways and effect change while maintaining your will choice. So you may watch and note these times. But remember the result is what we are after and are joyful when you respond. The responding is the important part over recognition. To recognize is an enjoyment. To respond is an attainment. And the result is our engagement together. We do work this way with you and you will see other methods eventually, even soon.

I am enjoying our conversation. Have you more?

Student #1: I don't have any particular questions. I appreciate what you've pointed out. I won't press you to divulge what some of your other methods are. I'm sure you'd rather I discover them. For myself, I need to work on the balance of the reasons why I hold back from saying what I'm thinking. I don't want to be rude or to blurt out without thinking. But I need to be more assertive, Like you say, it's one thing to think but it's by saying things we'll make progress, attainment, at the risk of seeming to blurt.

I've enjoyed our discussion this evening. I hope you'll enjoy the meteor shower, too.

Elyon: Yes and expect surprises as now even for may I introduce Sharmon, a fellow teacher who is detached and working generally at range, covering bases beyond groups and interconnection.

Sharmon: Hi. I am Sharmon. I am happy to have this experience and to have the opportunity to recognize, to acknowledge, your group's activities. I have visited often and carry my observations back and forth to others so that all can be in touch up here. My enlistment is as a carrier, as one who transfers experience and in a form of information these experiences can be related elsewhere. I am part of the circuit ministry and go about linking. So I am happy to make connection here now with you and do expect to present myself to you in the future for I will convey other group activities to you as Elyon accepts or requires of me. Thank you. Be about the business at hand. In the name of Michael I go. Take care.

Student #1: We look forward to having you come back.

Elyon: I am pleased to have Sharmon here. He does come and go frequently. He isn't resident here as are the personal teachers of each of you, yet he is in the troop.


Make every moment of your life work toward upliftment in the world around you. As grandiose as worldwide events are, it is a minute process for each individual and revolves around the notion -actually the truth- of sharing, extending, providing others your inner aspects. That (...?...) they do likewise and they end up with a good, bright, fun, peaceful world. You might say that since this is Michael's birth home, world home, mortal home, we would love to help him remodel. Many blessings to you. Please share this with others. I and my fellows will see you again. Good night.

Session 4

Aug. 15, 1993


Good afternoon my friends. I always enjoy our time together and benefit from this interchange. I observe that you do likewise. My Father Michael is the one in charge of all I'm enlisted to do, and I bring his blessings to you now. He is happy to have your blessings on this day coming wherein we celebrate his final bestowal in the form of his mortal children as Jesus. He did truly enjoy his experience here and does expect to be back to continue his work to bring back that lost sheep.


Our local universe has experienced a severe fracture ages ago and now we are at last seeing the healing of those final stages where again we are being brought together as a unified family. I am happy to partake in this process and personally am desirous to be involved for I have had to go through this, as I have said before, where rebellion has brought problems. The return is worth every pitfall encountered along the way. You do recognize in a small way the benefits of not knowing, of confusion, of misunderstanding. You see how you gain in faith, trust, hope. Your intense search and longing for spirit realities is strengthening. And we note that the souls that develop from the worlds like yours are very strong and quite capable of undertaking the tasks and overcoming the challenges that lay before them in the higher spheres. I congratulate you and am your servant as your teacher.


Remembrance Supper

At this point I would like to relay, that is finish, my comments of the other day. I have now received notification that some of the teachers who we know about in other groups will attend and bring their greetings. You can count on Will. You can count on Abraham and of course Melchizedek will be here. I have not been able to discern where and when Daniel may be present, but he may relay to you his greetings. He will be very busy that day and is working with your fellows in a time frame very near yours. Those at other distances are able to free themselves and be in good timing with you.

My reasons for filling you in on our fellow Sharmon are because he will transfer those announcements from afar to you and other groups this day. We will connect for those who are busy and involved in tasks that supersede the celebration. I point out Gabriel. I know you will enjoy his message. It will be originating from his hometown.

We have planned to take up the task of instruction on this day and welcome all who care to listen. We also know that you have a varied group and trust that all will find fulfillment in the activities.

Do not be concerned for the enjoyment you may feel obligated for them to experience. That is not your responsibility.

A day like this day coming is a special event to all in Nebadon, but I warn you each day is to be regarded as such, for it is in each day that Michael is reborn in you. His coming here ages ago has changed this world, and though he left to your sight he is not gone. How can I convey the reality that he is in you?

To Michael I pray: For my brothers and sisters here, let this understanding deeply penetrate. May they be forward-looking and as devoted as your [[the Apostlesoriginal corps of humans. So be it. We will now engage in conversation. Would you like to ask questions?


Student #1: Hi, Elyon. Can you show me how to keep my nerves under control and be comfortable and relaxed at an event such as this gathering? Do you have any advice beyond the word 'don't', which I don't follow very well, on how to control my nerves and concerns when transmitting?

Elyon: Good friend, it has been a long time since I have been in physical body and I nearly forget its control. Keep in mind you have a chemical called adrenalin which affects you and it can override your thinking at times. I can only say to be aware that you have this body and when you are nervous breathe, sigh. Also Michael indwells each, so trust his work. You need not be the one to carry the burden. This is why he sent his comforter. You are very good at sharing your experiences and we place you high on the list when it comes to working with you. You were first chosen because we recognized the talent and I expect to be engaged with you this weekend if it is your will. Is this so?

Student #1: (complete answer inaudible) Yes. Elyon: Thank you. And rest in the assurance that with the Father all things are possible and your brothers and sisters are sincere seekers and they love to hear from you in many ways.

Student #2: Elyon, first I'd like to thank you for coming to our home and to the gathering coming up. I'd like to extend myself personally towards anything I could do towards the Father's will. I wonder, being bound by time and space, you mentioned beings wanting to bring messages. Can you tell us specifically when to be open to these things? When are good times for this to happen at the gathering?

Elyon: My attendance will be continuous as well as all of your personal teachers. We will be here the duration and will always be alert to the situations that develop in your events. I would like for you to provide a focus time for each of us to address the group, for us to extend our greetings and welcome early on. I'd like for each of the teachers who work with me to have this time. That I would like. Other times when we may communicate, I suspect will present themselves somewhat spontaneously. Then when the visitors from elsewhere arrive, I will let your contacts know. I would enlist your efforts to rally those who would listen for that time, though I can't say when today. Does this incorporate what you need to know?

Student #2: Yes, and we will do everything we can to promote an atmosphere conducive to yours and the others' messages for us. Thank you.

Elyon: You're welcome. And may I add to this that there are several teachers in this group who are, may I say, wagging their tails.(!) (laughter) They would love to express their awareness to you on this special day to them.

Student #3: I want to introduce you to my mom who was here but is now corralling the baby so we can listen to you. But I'd like to pass on any message you might have for her.

Elyon: I extend my greetings.I am pleased as I recognize her abilities to understand the work of our Father and I tip my hat to her for her service in the kingdom. She is a faithful servant. I have this assurance for I have just now been briefed by her guardian angels and in the true sense of the word they are very proud of her and look with great excitement to full embrace in the life to come. And they know that in all her activities here on earth they can trust her to respond to their leading. Let her know how much love surrounds her.


Student #4: I have a question about angels. There's been a lot of emphasis recently about you the teachers. You are something new for us to experience. Our angels have been here all along. How does the opening circuitry affect them? We don't hear much about people contacting their angels. Will they become more easy to recognize?

Elyon: Yes. I observe in (the TR) his thought from his reading in the book that angels take their orders from their superiors and so I will now take this opportunity to say yes. Their work is handed to them through the angelic ranks and they work for you individually. Your angels are only interested in your growth. Angels that fill this room are each focused on their human associate to the end that you may discover the Father. They surround you to provide you with the opportunity of discovering His presence. We as teachers are focused on the upliftment to be had by everyone here and so we are concerned with many of you simultaneously. Our lessons in preparation for this kind of assignment are presented to us by the angelic corps. I watch yours often for I learn about you through them as I would not prevail upon your private being. I know what the angels know and only what you willingly give. You will not necessarily expect to hear from them unless they are instructed from on high. We have been given permission to contact you when you ask. But the angels you may ask and they may not respond, as much as they long to, until it is granted from above, Does this help you?

Student #4: I think so. Thank you.


Elyon: This week I ask each to focus your mind and heart on Michael. Be that shepherd in the fields at night watching. Be that wise man seeking. Be that faithful soul who would not die until he rested his eyes upon the master.

In the presence of Michael you have the ability to live as he lived. I would like you this week to make that your lesson. Follow him all the way into the remembrance this Saturday and you will never walk apart again.

My love to you.

Session 5

Aug. 18. 1993



Greetings to you this evening. This is Elyon. My appreciation to you for your beautiful prayers, they are felt and heard. Know this. To put your love forth in any circumstance always benefits the greater good. Acknowledge this in your hearts and know it for a fact. To always be in a state of forgiveness for all is a gift that you not only give to them but also to yourselves. Do not obstruct your view with what you think they have wronged in, rather forgive and wrap them in the light. Forgiveness is a virtue that is hard sometimes to obtain and this sometimes is from lack of understanding. You may have conjured in your mind what you think is wrong or bad and many times through your own belief systems you cannot see clearly. Do not be offended rather be in a state of forgiveness constantly as in a state of prayer of redemption for those who will receive it. Allow God to do His work. Go forth with your work to spread cheer and love and not judgment, hate, and anger. Fill your hearts to the brim each day with love overflowing so that there is plenty to go around and so that you do not lose sight of what your mission is.


Remembrance Supper

I would like to talk a bit more about this weekend to you this evening. Do not put pressure upon yourselves any longer. Now is the time, the beginning. Allow yourselves the freedom to open your circuits, to get your healings, to hear your personal messages, to be open for yourselves and for others, to let go and allow. Let go and allow. Let go and let Michael have this weekend to glorify in his brilliance. Do not become wrapped up into what you think is expected of you but for you all to use this weekend for your benefit.

You are all doing a great service and the goodness you will put forth will be put forth to your soul growth. You will benefit greatly. This can be to a much greater enhancement if you would simply let go and allow. We are your support group. We will help you in whatever area you may feel blocked. Do not hesitate to call upon us and listen for your instant answers. And by now you know it is simply a matter of turning this over to the Father. Allow this to happen in your lives, allow this weekend to be the weekend that you can do this, that you can let all go from you, that you can turn your lives over to the Father. Through your commitments this is part of your mission as individuals and as a group to trust and have faith in yourselves, in us, in Michael.

There will be many beings, many supernals, present, and you will feel the energy that will abound. Stop and bathe yourselves in this frequently for you will definitely notice that this is there. By doing this, by opening yourselves up, by turning yourselves over, you will notice the difference, some immediately, some more subtle. New circuits are opening and through your choices you will benefit greatly.

Make this a weekend where fear stays home. Do not allow fear to come with you. If fear comes in for you turn it immediately over to the Father and ask for guidance. Use this as a weekend for focus, to focus yourselves in and your expectations will be met. Focus yourselves in to the love and the healing power that will be there. I do not say this for you to all get excited and make your expectations higher. Keep it a simple time. Simple in that your focus is on Michael. When this is happening for you the messages will come very easily for you will have put all your faith, you will have put your whole being of trust into Michael as it should be. You will find by doing this that your faith and trust will deepen. Your concerns, your frailties will come up for you because you are of dual nature. Do not believe for one second that you will glide in, shine, and glide out. Make this a time to work through these things as they come up. Make this a time to help to instill within you the power of God, the love that He has for you is but at arm's reach. Make your arms shorter, closer to your heart. Open your hearts, my friends, open your souls, open your minds, open your being for you can come into greater understanding of who you are, of where your are in this mission. You will and can come into greater understanding of others and begin to see them in a different light. Use this as a weekend to lighten your loads, to dump the garbage, to till the garden, for you will never be in the presence of more loving and guiding hands to help you.

I will open to questions.


Student #1: Hi, Elyon. I couldn't understand what you said about fear. It's not in my vocabulary!

Elyon: I take this to be a joke!


Student #1: Slightly! I have a friend who would like a definition of faith and a definition of works, beyond what Webster's would tell him.

Elyon: Yes, faith on a scale can be identified as something that one gains in their life through their understanding and to intellectualize it would mean to use one's mind to see faith as something as a belief system. Many do not totally understand this word and its concept and use it very lightly in their lives. To really have faith from the heart means that although you cannot prove, many times cannot see or feel, you know without a doubt that this is so. Through your conviction of your faith, your actions will change and with faith, desire works in harmony. To desire to have faith can be a beginning for some, for some faith begets desire and through faith they begin to desire things in their lives, to have faith in themselves, to have faith in their lives on Urantia, to have faith in the Father, to have faith that their indwelling spirit does exist. Even though they cannot feel their indwelling spirit yet they will hear his words. They have no doubt that their Thought Adjuster exists and through this faith they will begin to hear, they will begin to feel. All things start with faith, faith that it can be done. Through faith, faith opens many doors that would otherwise be closed.

To believe in something and not have faith one does not have the commitment, the conviction that one has when they have faith and belief. Faith can reside in the heart and when felt here one feels it more surely than when it resides within the mind. Then it can be analyzed and doubted. But when kept within the heart it cannot die as easily. I hope this would bring in a greater understanding.


Works: To put into works our desires, our goals, is putting one step more the faith. If we sit around and only desire something, only have faith, and not take any steps in order to incorporate this into our actions, how we hold life, then it becomes meaningless. To put the commitments that are made into works rather than stating our commitment and not taking any action toward the commitment, this I would say for works. I hope this helps.

Student #1: I think this will help greatly. It speaks to the conversation we had last night.

Student #2: Good evening, Elyon. I appreciate all the preparation you've given us for this weekend. We've had faith in our relationship with you and the other teachers and this weekend will be a time when we will put that to work and express our faith in what is happening. I'm proud to present you to our brothers and sisters this weekend. I'll try to remember your admonitions.

Elyon: Thank you and you are welcome. I will be present at all times to refocus you.

Teaching Mission

Student #3: We are under the impression that you are a regional teacher. Would it be correct for us to tell people coming from outlying areas that you are likely to be their teacher? Would it be accurate to tell them that they're likely to hear from you as well as their own personal teacher?

Elyon: This is something that I cannot know now. However, I am in and out and can be available to whoever wishes to contact me. Present me only as this, that I am available, I am a teacher of the teaching mission, and I do have outreach. To put it forth that I will contact others may be to put it out such that they may think they are hearing when they are not. Through their desires most definitely I will work with them. Also let it be known that for anyone who wishes a private teacher, that this will also be done through their asking. The preparation for this can begin. Does this help?

Student #3: If I understand correctly we should encourage people who want to participate in the mission to practice the stillness time, to focus on the Father, and if they want to contact a teacher or have a personal teacher, that's all a matter of what they desire whether or not you would be involved. Is that correct?

Elyon: Yes, understood. This is where you as a group will come to play also to support these people with their desires and work with us, the teachers, in order to bring forth messages for them if this is necessary. Most definitely, as you talk invite them in and through your group meetings they can also be introduced. They can also begin their openings. Be ready to travel to them if it is appropriate and within your time limits to do this. This maybe asked of you. Does this help?

Student #3: It brings up a question about travel. We're planning a trip to California in September. Is there a particular group or individual you'd like us to visit to give them more exposure to the teaching mission?

Elyon: I will say to tune in to your inner guidance and rely upon your discernment and this guidance as to whether someone is being brought to you or whether you, yourself, would like to approach someone with this. This will be a time for you to use your faith and your trust and to risk if you want. You will be guided along the way. There are times when you just know. There are times when you will doubt. This, my dear, is part of the learning process for you. Though you may feel you may stumble and fall at points, you've only learned more about discernment. Your belief and your faith in this is so great that you will do just fine.

Student #3: Thank you.

Student #1: About the outlying groups and individuals, is there anything you can offer in the way of names of teachers that could help them jump in their faith a little more?

Elyon: There are teachers available. Names, at this time will not be given but as time progresses, groups progress, they will be introduced to their teachers. There are teachers available and being prepared. Know this is being worked upon. through their desire and commitment to this, it will come forth.


Student #1: Thank you. For the people who would be transmitting, I've read in transcripts that maybe we should not do it too many times in one day. Is there a limit that we should watch ourselves and not cross or should we be totally open and allow it to come, knowing that we can sleep well that night?

Elyon: This will be monitored closely. It is not so much a matter of draining the physical as it does take concentration on your part. If this starts to falter the circuits start to close down. To do this at great length would not benefit. However, we will all work together on this. Once again trust and have faith and turn it over to the Father. All that is to be said will be said. There may be openings in others where messages can come through. Let this also be known, that this could be a possibility.

You in your worry could tire yourself more. If you would just let go and allow and relax while it is happening and not be worried because you all know and have very good discernment of when it is us and when it is not, when it may be something from your own being and to shut this off. Know that this is all part of the trust and faith to have this also in yourself to know that when this happens it happens. You are only human. Don't put any expectations upon it. No worry, no fear. This is a joke!


My love to you. I do not feel we need to meet again to instill within yourselves to open up, to allow, to turn your lives over to the Father, to bring forth the gifts that will be there. Good bye.

Session 6

Aug. 21, 1993


Hello, I am Aaron. I am exceedingly glad to be with you today. It is my wish, Michael's wish, and your Father's wish that you make everyday for you a day to rejoice in the Father's love. Michael of Nebadon is the standard by which we all strive in this universe. We strive to be like him not just in action not by forcefully moving, but by every thought, every move, as though we truly want to be like him. He is the joy in our hearts. He is the son of the I AM and therefore he is the very revelation of the I AM to this planet Urantia and to this universe. Take him in. Let him settle around your being. As you walk his way, as you look his way you will become exceedingly happy and filled with wonder and joy at being his son or daughter.

I open this presentation with love. I would ask of you something: to love as well. Thank you.

I would like to introduce myself. I am called Evanson. I would like to partake in your celebration this weekend. I am here with the service of Michael in my mind. I have had the extreme pleasure of standing before him and experiencing the love that pours from his being. He is through the Father made manifest. And I am equally overawed by your ability to recognize him, for though you have not seen, you have grasped. I rejoice in the miracle that unfolds each day in the lives of people like yourselves. Let us celebrate the master today with joy and with love.

Desire, Growth, Risk

(Reveal?) and let you know in your desires, go forth with your desires. Allow them to flower and to flourish within you for through your true desires you will truly grow. Your soul will truly become one with God. (Do not) hinder yourselves from this growth, from what you truly feel that you can accomplish, what your abilities are. Bring forth the tools that you need in order to make this happen, to hold yourselves back will only hinder your growth. Fully step forth and share what you know to bring about your fullness, your beauty. Share the love of God with the world with Urantia. Do not feel that because you may have some frailties you must hold yourselves back. Risk and go forth. Find out that you truly can. Where this world needs love and abundance, faith and trust more than ever at this time help bring people back in to having personal relationships with the Father. Make people aware that it can happen for everyone, leave no one out. Love those that you can, that you feel you can risk, love. The ones that shut you out need you the most. That may seem difficult. This is where the risk factor comes in. To go forth allow your hearts to (move?). Allow the Father to guide you and manifest this planet into light and life. Start planting seeds. I say this to you this day. This is Daniel. I cannot be with you. I am sending this through a messenger. My love to you all. I'm with you off and on. I know each and every one of you and you are all doing very well. My love to you. Good bye.

Sharing, Love

Elyon: This friend of mine had so much to say in his message for you and yet it is simple in your lives to take tolerance, patience. Care for one another. What does ego have to do with it, anyway? The worst offering you can give will be better than not to offer at all for fear. There is so much to love. This word, it holds all meaning and yet it is so elusive at times. To turn to each other, to look at one another, this is what you should do. Then you should share feeling. Silliness it may seem or embarrassing, but it is the step to bringing back this planet. (It's the growth?) Look at what you can do not at what you may or may not believe.

So much love in this room today. So much to give, it is there and all you need to do is to cast it out to someone else. If you are afraid that they will throw it away it is not your worry. But more often than not they will reel it in and it will become part of them. They will become affected by your words and they will change someone else's life. It is my calling and it is your calling to do this for one another and to realize that these walls hold no meaning, even this atmosphere holds no meaning, for there is much for you to see and much for you to know that you are part of. Awareness of the cosmic scheme is just to know there is a large family, and we all have left home for awhile. And we all are going back to Michael, the son who made all this possible for us, not just Urantia but each and every planet in this universe. He is the son that shines. All your love and energy given to another will find its way to him and through him to the Father. To understand this giving it is only to reach out and give and know the feeling that fills you, for that is love, and it is a joy that can't be taken away from you in your belief.


I thank you for being with us today and taking the time to see what might be and to know what is for those who know. I love this group to its boundaries, seen and unseen. To the faithful servants, Michael offers the love in knowing you have fulfilled beyond expectation in giving...(abrupt end)

Michael: Beloved, I give you my apostles of the new order. I have brought you my loved ones Daniel and Will and Abraham and Machiventa and my first son Gabriel. They are my children in whom I am very pleased. I have but a short address to you.

You, you, are the salt of the earth, the light of this world. Know this. It is not beyond your boundaries. I have said, "the kingdom of heaven is within." Go there. Love is the greatest blessing. Bestow it, please, freely. Make known the Father. And how, you may ask? By loving each and every one with no thought for judgment. Do this, my children. Go forth and proclaim the gospel. I thank you for your acknowledgment, your love. Whenever you gather, gather in my name.

Elyon: Take a few seconds and send your love to Michael. Give this to Michael. (pause) We will now take a few questions.

Student #1: Who spoke after Daniel's message?

Elyon: It was I, Elyon.

Teaching Mission

Student #2: What would you say to those of us here who are skeptical of this phenomena?

Elyon: Go within into your heart. Your mission is set; your goals are many. You have within you the righteousness of the Father, and you have the desire to spread His love, to plant the seeds. It does not matter if you believe in the teaching mission or not. What is important is that you put your faith and trust in the Father, that you have your personal relationship and that you wish to do the Father's will. Does this help?

Student #2: Yes.

Elyon: We are all here to guide and help you along the trail. (pause and Elyon switches to the other TR)

Would there be any other inquiries today?

Student #3: Earlier today we were told that we had all been granted teachers. What does that... mean?

Elyon: The offering is there for anyone who would want or be willing to see. In your seeking many things can and will come to you. It is always within your will. Know that the spiritual circuits coming into place allow much for the influx of celestial servants such as myself. They are students coming from many spheres. And they are willing to work with you on the levels that you are willing to offer. Know that your offering should always come through the Father, for in this way you can be assured in your own heart of purpose. Does this answer you?

Student #3: Yes.

Student #4: Do the teachers benefit from the experiences they have here as much as we do?

Elyon: This is a certainty for in their growth they must learn what it is to understand (one in?) guidance. Much can these student/teachers offer to you; support, understanding. As you look for guidance know as well that these friends will as well learn from your attitudes, your responses to conditions around you. And they will see, in a sense, as a father or a mother would see and oversee. It is much for their growth as well as yours.

Student #5: It seems that the majority of teachers are ascending mortals. Is that an opportunity that we may have in the future? Will we be able to do something similar to what you all are doing?

Elyon: (back to TR #1) Yes, most certainly you will have all the opportunities to advance over here as you have now. And you carry your desires...(tape flipped)...as you recall from your ascension. So, yes, you will carry this forth and have the same opportunities for you are a freewill creature here, too.

Student #6: Does phenomena like the teaching mission only come to rebellion-tainted spheres, or is this the ordinary process of education that happens normally throughout the universes?

Elyon: This was posed by Machiventa and put together for Urantia, and this is also being done for the other planets that were shut down and that are also being re-circuited. There are many available from our side to help and more coming in. Sometimes we cannot find spaces to put everyone, for they are much like you. They want to get on with their mission. They deal with the impatience much like you do. So know that it is not only going on there but it's going on our side, for we want this as much as you do. Does this help?

Student #6: Yes, and thank you for your service.

Student #7: There are so many sources of channeling. We now have ours. There's lots of new age channeling things. Many are very much alike. Should we think since ours has a Urantia Book coloring to it that it's geared towards us and perhaps these other channelings are coming from the same source? Or are they from a different source? Can you help me see how we fit in with transmissions that are taking place all over the planet?

Elyon: I can only comment on what our particular teaching mission is doing. That is: to help you to regain your love and trust and faith in the Father, to restore yourselves to a fullness where you can help and serve to guide others to the Father, to teach the daughtership and sonship, the brotherhood and sisterhood of all that God is a loving parent. That is all I can say.

Student #6: In reading Daniel's teachings, I've noticed that he refrained from answering or commenting on similar questions. Is this a mandate that you must follow? Could you please elaborate?

Elyon: Yes, this is, as you say, a mandate for our mission as teachers is to do as I have spoken and nothing more, for you are freewilled, and you are to make your choices as you will. We only guide you and direct you. We will not interpret for you or comment on anything other than the truth we speak about the Father, your indwelling spirits. We guide and lead you towards the light of the Father. You, as we have all said as teachers, can find truth from many sources, from many things. This you will have to guide yourselves through the heart, through what you feel is right, and what works for you. This also goes with our teachings as some may work for you and some may not. This is for you to decide. We are only here to give you the transmissions. It is for you to do what you wish with them.


We will now close this session. We are available if you wish to gather again. There are messages from personal teachers and hopefully some introductions that can be made at a later time during your retreat. My love to you all. Enjoy your supper.