2002-02-10-Melchizedek Administration, Merkaba

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Topic: Melchizedek Administration, Merkaba

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Mantutia

TR: Daniel



RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. It is a pleasure to be here with you today. You recall that we spoke about ‘putting the word out’ for the meeting, and you have done that and this is appreciated. The Teaching Mission "Marketing Program" (put that in quotes,) is a very subtle and even a passive process. It is very similar to the way that Jesus made the invitation to all the earth while he was here during the three years of His ministry. The word goes out, even if it is subtle, even if it is quiet, and even if it is passive, it is enough to engage those who receive the word. In other words, we do not beat this into the ground. We do not flail our chests and scream to the world about our presence but simply make this presence known and available. And it truly is available to everyone who hears.

We have a guest today, one who Daniel has known for a number of years, but I will let our guest speak for himself.



Good evening, Northern Colorado Teaching Mission Group. This is Mantutia Melchizedek. I am your Regional Manager, your Regional Representative or guiding Melchizedek influence in this area. As you may know, or may not be aware, that there is a council of Melchizedeks who have regional…the words ‘governance’ and ‘supervision’ are inappropriate…we act as an Administrative Unit, geographically and energetically attached to various areas of the planet. My area happens to be the Rocky Mountain Cordillera, the range of mountains going north and south, and even into South America. The region ranges from the Rocky Mountains to approximately near to St. Louis and the Mississippi Valley, and westward to the Sierras. There are other Melchizedeks who administer those areas east and west. And yes, there is a Planetary Headquarters, if you would call that an Administrative Center where Machiventa, the Planetary Prince resides and maintains his Governorship.

I had not spoken to Daniel for several years, but re-introduced myself this week, as I thought you should become aware of more of the process of administering the governance of this planet’s affairs. Our primary focus as Regional Melchizedeks, at this time, is in terms of the Correcting Time and the various Missions within that program of Michael’s. The Teaching Mission is one of many missions within the Correcting Time. As our guiding influence is the Most Highs, we are involved in many different spheres of human interest and activities. Simultaneously or in parallel, or of overlay—however you might see this--is the spiritual upliftment programs of Michael. The affairs of men of the Most High are those programs and activities that you may see as being linear or logical or developmentally existent from your history of human activities. While Michael’s activities and programs deal with the spiritual, moral, ethical upliftment of your planet on a humankind level and with each individual.

Your corporations and governments could learn a good deal from these programs, simply in trying to replicate the many overlapping, but they are not overlapping, they are not even enmeshed, but ‘interleaved programs’ from various authorities in Michael’s Universe as applicable to your planet. Many policies in your government work against each other, or work against the upliftment of your people, even through the processes of your governance is rather simple. I want you to know that the Melchizedeks are here, we are teachers and we are administrators, and so it would be natural for me to introduce myself here. I am always available, though I have not the direct influence that you would receive from Michael Himself, the Christ Spirit, Spirit of Truth, or from your Thought Adjuster, or even from your Guardian Angels.

I am very pleased that Rayson accepted the assignment to your group, as he is a very trusted, loyal and effective Celestial Teacher to many individuals and to groups. And so his challenge is to help bring about the development of new groups in Colorado, through his direct influence and assistance, whereby new teachers can be seeded to the evolving and developing groups that come about.

I will not take any questions at this time, but bid you adieu, best wishes for this day and for your lives. We are very pleased that your Merkaba has been established; this Anchor has been established with angelic assistance. It has a very important influence in this area, and its energy radiates out to large areas. Good day.


Rayson: This is Rayson once again. Let’s begin our usual process of integrating the group with the merkaba. First of all, please declare your ‘intention,’ why you are here, what you intend for being here, what it is that you will do with this. (Pause) And as you know, sincerity is important, the ‘book’ says, "Sincerity, sincerity, sincerity!" Please review your own level of sincere dedication. This is not like a ‘loyalty oath’ or anything like that; this is simply for your own checkpoint for you to do this work. (Pause) Please now, do your ‘invocation,’ to invoke the energy. (Pause) Having once done that, please connect to the merkaba; visualize yourself as one part of many around this energetic axis. See the lines of longitude flow through you. (Pause for late arrival) Let us take a moment for our guest and welcome her. (Daniel: Glad to have you here! We just hooked up with the merkaba, our energy anchor, did our intention, our sincerity check and our invocation. So we will leave an open space for you to do that too, and then we will continue after a few minutes.) And as we take a few moments, go ahead and as we wait, let the energy flow through you, to be a part of this larger group merkaba. And as you relax, see the flow, feel the flow.

Today, let us continue the exercise and use of this energy. You are now part of this merkaba, and as you know, there are responsibilities attached to participating with this energy source: That it be used for the ‘highest and greatest good for all concerned.’ This is not used for selfish reasons, therefore, let’s take an opportunity, each of you individually, "to pray" (put that in quotes) "to pray" meaning to direct the energy of this merkaba that flows through you and the merkaba of the group towards some prayerful purpose. This might be for a person, a group of people, for your planet or nation. It might be for a person’s health; it can be very specific or very general, but this is an ongoing part of our group, this ‘mindful direction of God’s energy’, universe energy, for highest and greatest purposes. And of course, this is how this universe and planet are uplifted – by the thoughtful enactment of ‘will decisions,’ and the ‘exercise of will,’ in choosing and directing a course. Let us do that now. (Long pause) Please bring your thoughts to closure concerning this.

Transition, Governance

In the activities of mankind, there is always present the minutia of daily life, for individuals and groups of individuals. This afternoon, we will talk about a larger aspect in planetary affairs, concerning your nation and concerning your leadership. Without hesitation, I am sure that each of you is quite aware that your world affairs, national affairs are undergoing a tremendous transition at this time. The changes in cultures, technologies, education, and communication have had a tremendous influence upon what is occurring now on your world. The events and developments in the last 50 years have had a tremendous impact on these moments now in your world. Each individual nation has been responsible unto itself, considering its sovereignty, sacrosanct beyond question, beyond reason, and solely the responsibility of the nation and people within its borders. That is history.

Now is a time for your nation and other nations to rise to a higher standard of survival, yet without sacrifice of sovereignty, military protections, and without sacrifice of your right to self-determination. This new standard provides a surety for survival by making conscious choices to assist the upliftment of your neighbors. Once, "might made right," but in an evolving civilization continuation of these policies and of increased militarism and military might offers little potential for growth and development of civilization on your planet. That position, rather, holds all political influences and energies in stasis. Once, "might made right" was an important policy your nation and other nations needed to survive in a political world of military might. Now, your nation and all nations must discover the next "maxim" for living upon a planet of nations. I will not give you a maxim, but you will see what I mean in the remainder of this session.

Once, your forces went forward to dominate the minds, lives, and territories of others. Now, you can do that responsibly in this new era by not occupying their minds, lives, or their territories but by offering the best of your minds, your lives, and your territories, ("territories," meaning the domain of your technical, mechanical, and commercial expertise) to them. Military action, even recently, has been needed to curtail activities of marauding elements. These are surely necessary when there is need, but it is no longer necessary to dominate other peoples to insure their cooperation. Rather, take actions that insure cooperation through your largesse to refrain from using force to dominate others. Largesse does not mean simply ‘giving’ to others everything they need, but assisting them to become self-sufficient in their own lives. One of your philosophers once said that it is better to teach people to fish rather than feeding them fish. So, in their own languages, teach them – provide them with educational processes. Assist them in developing their agriculture; assist them to develop their own infrastructure of mechanical supports, which are necessary to maintain a nation and to integrate it with other nations. There are wonderful examples from your history, which now must be called forward and renewed, in contemporary terms. After its destruction, the Japanese Empire became one of the most formidable nations, economically, and one of the most cohesive cultures in the 20th Century. World War II devastated Europe, as well, and there was a United States policy for assisting those nations to develop and to recover. Now this band of nations has bonded together commercially, economically and monetarily. They are becoming the fetal nation of a global state. Their individual interests are better served in the world by uniting together.

The protections that your nation seeks from violence, from hostile, explosive environments, as has occurred in the Balkans in years past and in Africa, are best served not through dominance or colonialism, but through benevolent humanitarian efforts. Your own American history serves well as an example. How was this nation settled? It was settled by new lines of communication whether by wagon trains that heralded the greatest migration of humankind ever in the world at any time in history; whether it was the railroads, or the telegraph. When these technologies were applied, other technologies were made inadequate and antiquarian. Sailing ships passed by the scene very quickly. Education was a foremost and important aspect that supported your nation’s expansion. It made individuals capable and made a united, bonded culture for your people. Your postal system provided a means of communicating between individuals and provided for the rapid flow of commercial documents that are necessary to enliven a primitive economic system into one that became very vibrant.

As you think about your neighbors, and most of you think now in terms of Afghanistan that has been governed by a ‘warlord situation,’ very similar to the pre-German Empire, the German Kingdoms that existed until Bismarck united them. Now is the time for your nation to assist the unification of this little nation in a remote part of the world: Doing so by peaceful means that empowers them as individuals will make them cohesive and make them a very stable part of your world. And this can be done first by military means to both seduce and capture and hold steady the people of that nation so they have time to develop a process of governance for themselves. Whether it is your neighbor across the fence or your national neighbor across the sea or mountains, it is very important for you to think in terms of friendliness, neighborliness, support for those who are less fortunate through the assistance of your own abundance.

Your world, your planet has changed greatly in the last two decades. Where there was two or three major, powerful dominating political and military influences, now there is really only one. How will the resources of this nation be used? Will it be for arrogant self-protection by the increase of military might? Or will it be through the expression of its security through benevolent gestures for self-governance and self-expansion and development of all human potential in all other nations who wish to receive this?

What this session is about is the application of your merkaba energy for the shift in a paradigm, a complete mind change in the thoughtfulness of a dominating nation in the world. Do you see how important this is? It means that unnecessarily powerful military domination is a cause of separation from other nations and keeps them at a distance from your nation. And this is expensive in terms of budgetary consideration, and even more expensive in terms of the moral connectedness that is inherent in the human family. Further, it withholds peace from developing through cooperation and inclusion of those nations who are less fortunate. Policies of assistance that aid the self-determination of individuals, communities, and nations are far, far cheaper in the long run than arrogant militarism. It does, however, require thoughtful, compassionate, and reasoned participation of those who receive such largesse. Unilateral largesse could be interpreted as just another form of colonialism.

As individuals in the mightiest nation, you are in some ways individually responsible for the outcomes that occur. Though you may feel that you are inadequate to apply yourself to governance or assistance or participation in the direction of this nation, you are mighty to apply the energies of Michael and your Creator through your prayerful direction of these energies. This is responsible citizenship on a much larger scale. You become global citizens, rather than national citizens; then you see that your paradigm shift is for a higher purpose, both yours and your nation and your world. You, my friends, are the new Agondonter citizens of this globe. Your responsibilities as prayerful, powerful individuals as God’s children require that you think in larger terms than yourself, your community, your family, your nation, but for your global community, your "family" at large.

You may think that these are weighty things to think about and to ponder, yet my dear friends, they are no more weighty than praying for your mother who may be in the hospital, or your child who may be recovering from scraping their knee on the street from roller-blading, for instance. It is not that you do this in passing, with minimal sincerity or minimal concern, but that you do it in the same way that you enter into this group, each fortnight that we meet. So, let us now take time, the space of a few minutes, to pray for higher purposes for your planet. And remember the guidelines for prayer, for direction of energy, and this will assist you in ‘right action’ for others and for yourself. Please do this as you see best at this time. (Long pause) Please bring your thoughts to closure concerning this at this time.


In weeks past, we have been in a process of educating you to the responsible activities of managing this energy, for yourself, for others and for your community and your world. And there are activities attendant to that, which you will need to manage in your life or to invoke. Part of the process of moving from a material being on a material planet to a morontial state is having your eyes open to the larger responsibilities and participation in the universe. Through the Mansion World Schools, you will be educated about many realms that you have no awareness of at this time. You will see then, as some of you see even now, that there is a shared responsibility that you have in the universe.

Imagine a rectangle and it is bisected from corner to corner by a line, making two right triangles. You will see that on one end is the responsibilities to yourself, and it is very large. And you will see at the point above you, the end of a triangle, which is very small, and this is the beginning of your insights into the universe. Through your education and increasing awareness, you will move in awareness towards the other end. You’ll see that the size of each triangle changes, and this is a metaphor, a very crude metaphor, for your participation in the universe. As you move along in your universe-education, your awareness broadens and you see that your responsibilities to your universe increases, and you should also see that your participation in it becomes much more important. It is not that you diminish and the other increases, or vice versa, but that this is a means of seeing yourself in relationship to the universe and your participation in it. At each moment you are both at once and at the same time an individual responsible for your own direction of your life by your rightful decisions, and you are likewise a participant in the larger universe. This is a reality that will not escape you even as Finaliters. When you arrive in Paradise and the embrace of the Creator, and you will have one of these triangles completely fulfilled. And yet, being there, this metaphorical bisected rectangle is flipped over and you see, looking back towards the material universe, that you are now in service to that universe as a Finaliter. As Agondonter Finaliters, you are best prepared to go forward in service just as there are Finaliters on this planet now. This relationship is always existent. You can anticipate a wonderful career of service and growth in these two triangular aspects on your ascendant career and in your post-ascendant career as Finaliters: One of growth, and one of service; one of self and one of others. You will always be able to distinguish that, and this is the difference between a conscientious citizen of the universe and those who are not. Because those who are not, just as those who were the Administrators of this planet, Caligastia, Lucifer and Satan, they could not separate themselves from the universe; their ego got in the way.

One cannot truly serve others effectively, when your self-interest is dominant. And this, to bring you back to your national, global situation is applicable to your nation; its interests are best served through serving the interests of others. Its protection will be enhanced by the assistance of others to protect themselves. In doing so, there will continue to be an enlarging and deepening web of relationships of responsible national character. This will become, eventually, an aspect of education that will be enacted in your public schools. This is best effected in family, home, and educational processes. Parents usually do not think of themselves as teachers, or even as models, or as authorities of philosophical points of view or national policy. Yet the minds of your children are formed through these early places and thoughts that you share about your world, your family, your nation, and your relationships with ‘all.’ Be mindful of the higher aspects of your relationships, both as members of God’s larger human family, and as members of your own humankind family. Help these children to see that they are ones of a larger unit, and not necessarily responsible for the benevolent treatment of others out of sacrifice, but through the benevolent treatment of others, through the other’s own potential that can come into existence. Simply meaning that you need neighbors who can grow and express their potential. It is best for them and it is best for you.

It may appear that this lesson is far afield of the activities that we have encountered and spoken about in weeks past, yet it is simply a continuation of those subjects. Do you have questions at this time?



Student: Near the end of The Center Within is a statement about there are great, abrupt changes coming to our planet and these will probably elicit great fear in the part of many people and it’s important for us to be prepared to help alleviate that fear. Can you speak to that at all? I wondered if this might refer to climate change, or something of that nature?

Rayson: I will not speak directly regarding the changes in climate or any geographic or geological changes, or even any military actions, or epidemics or things like that. It is not so much the specifics or the magnitude of these things that will come into your world, and surely they will, but rather how well are you prepared for them, and how you view them. This is most important, for the stability of your family, of yourself and your community will be dependent primarily upon your attitude and your viewpoint and your reaction to these events. Just as there are small cataclysms in a family unit, such as unemployment, loss of a house due to fire or flood, how you react to this is most vitally important for your own survival and for your mental and emotional stability. And what should that attitude be? If you put your security into material wealth or material security, then you are surely going to be rattled. And just as the recession that has occurred in your nation at this time will be seen as only a minor hiccup in history, many people are reacting in a very pessimistic, negative way. And they set up a reaction to that around them, which makes opportunity more difficult. If you were… (This is Daniel: I am seeing a metaphor that I can’t quite figure out yet, so let’s see where this goes…) You would not take an umbrella into a windstorm, would you, but rather you would use the umbrella in a rainstorm. What does this say? It simply says that to be prepared for whatever comes about, one must use the right "tools" to work with that event. To work with cataclysm, one must have their fears subdued beforehand. If you are fearful of cataclysm that has not arrived, then surely you will be completely in emotional disarray and confusion when it does. Begin working on your fears now and you will be well prepared when those fearful events do occur. Doing so, you will come to understand what is secure and what is not. Your Father’s love is always secure, and though winds and floods may take your house away, His love and benevolence is unmovable, permanent, and eternal.

If you knew ahead of time that there would be an economic recession or even a mild depression, you probably would not go out and buy a million dollar house, would you, with the thought that perhaps you might lose your employment after the recession took hold? Therefore, live conservatively. What does this mean? This means to maintain security in the moment. How can you secure the moment in the future? That is probably the most earnest question that material people living in a material society who pursue spiritual goals and values have. Live simply. Prepare for that next moment; but not worried about that next moment, for you know they will come. There are uncertainties in your world that are inevitable, and you know what those may be. They may be loss of a family member; they may be a catastrophic illness, loss of your home, an automobile accident, loss of a child, or something of that sort. These are all tragic and they are not to be minimized. When you are thoroughly grounded in the truths of the universe, knowing that all is well, that each has their own life and their own life’s course, you know that even in the traumatic emotional turmoil of the worst situation that you can envision for yourself, there is always the presence of the Father. That situation is only temporary, a ‘moment’ in your life, and this is a moment you will get through. Though it is specific to you, millions of others have undergone similar or worse situations. And this is not to minimize your feelings about that incident that you may think about, but simply to know that life goes on. Tomorrow will come – there is another day. And though these seem like platitudes and cliches, there are truths in these to be applied to your life. If you lost a loved one, or child, unexpectedly, you are saddened, but you know that their course in the universe is assured, that this phase is only temporary. So too, with even major catastrophes and cataclysms of a national and global nature, which put thousands and even hundreds of thousands in jeopardy, this is one day in your universe career.

How will you prepare to be at peace when these changes occur? This is not a rhetorical question, but one that you should sincerely ask yourself. What are your fears? It is your fears that will cause a slippery slope for you to slide down, rather than the level ground of God’s assurance, presence and benevolence in your life. It is your fears that will hold you back, and whether cataclysms are small or large, it is your fears that you must deal with. Your fears first of all are connected to your material life as a mortal being, are they not? If you knew for sure, of a certainty of eternity, of a spiritual life that you have within you, you would not be fearful, but you would see that these events are passing days and events in your life as a citizen in your larger universe. Do not be frightened about the things that will come to your world. We know from the great publicity of the "earth changes movement" that occurred in the 90’s, many people were in fear, many people were in denial, and many people simply looked the other way or ignored it. Yet there are universal realities on a material world that cannot be avoided, and one is catastrophe. These are not necessarily lessons that are visited upon you to work through, but they are situations to endure and see through, trusting that the Father loves you, cares for you and that this does not signify the end of your life, but a continuation of life that has always been.

I spoke of changes in your world requiring a transformation of thought, a paradigm of policy, a change of attitude of leadership and interpretation of those responsibilities. So too, there are many changes coming into your lives individually. You are living through one of the most powerfully difficult eras in the planet’s history. You are unaware of many of those things because of the minutia of daily life, and so, you do not see the larger picture and can avoid fear. Once you begin to think of these things, think not of destruction, but of continuation, of perseverance, of the benevolence of God in every situation. And though God does not bring about these catastrophes, they exist on your world to be lived through as personal challenges that were not ‘meant’ for you, but simply ‘are’ and a part of living here. Next question?

Student: This is very much related, but it seems when I think…I was thinking earlier of praying for perhaps correction of things perceived that are wrong, the over-fishing of our fisheries, the ozone hole over the map…and then I seem to go full circle to, "Thy Will be done," those things are as you’ve said recently, happening and occurring, some are man made and some are circumstances, but it seems to all run back to "Thy Will be Done" for me. I guess there wasn’t a question in there. (Rayson: It is useful to use this time to re-frame your thinking, to gel your thoughts and just the process of stating them aloud oftentimes helps you to reformulate a new position. Questions are not always necessary; you are welcome to use this as a forum to do what you did.)


Student: You spoke earlier of how obviously the US/America is a world power and the challenges that we’ve experienced here, or that we’ve created in a sense for ourselves with regards to technologies,… say cars that have emissions messing up the atmosphere and things that we brought to other nations, or will bring to other nations…how is it that we can contribute to these thoughts besides the merkaba, to a better USA so that the world can be better? Because it seems that we’ve kind of goofed things up a little here, so it seems to me that if we are the dominant power in the world, as a nation we need to set ourselves aright before we can set anyone else aright.

Rayson: Exactly. These are the thoughts that I was striving to express earlier, that dominance in whatever field requires a change of heart, a change of definition of leadership. It is not simply selling technology to other nations to heighten corporate earnings and to heighten market share; but to move forward, simultaneously with conscious efforts to assist neighbors to have a more complete life than they have. How would you re-define yourselves in your nation? One would be to elect those who have the vision that we espouse in this meeting today, yet, those seem to be lacking or few in numbers. However, they will come to the party, so to speak, and you are encouraged to support those with the broader vision.

How do you correct this mindset of corporate economic market dominance in a nation that has depended upon that, and which has fired its growth for the last two centuries? This is no easy task or provided by short-term answer, but the steady and increasing acceptance of larger responsibilities for being a leader, rather than a dominant force. If one perceives themselves as a dominant force, then you will not by definition provide or allow yourself to become a leader in other areas other than that which dominates for your control. But this asks that you release control to achieve safer way of living in a larger world. This is a paradigm shift from dominance to leadership and responsible leadership at that – to a compassionate, humanitarian spiritual experience of leadership. How do you do that? You do that at the local level, you do that by the means and avenues and networks that are existent now, by finding responsible people and organizations who feel as you do, and if there are none, then to begin them.

Though meditation is a wonderful process for centering and uniting with the whole and the ‘all’ of the universe, one does not sit on a cushion all their lives, but must participate in the world of events locally and now globally. You are doing that through the work that you have as a livelihood. Others are doing that as well. Though you may feel you are a small part of a large corporation, you can have a mighty influence in this corporate culture that you participate in by networking with those who form the policies in your companies and corporations. You may draw a parallel between the globe and your community. There will always be those who have less, and they will not disappear in the future, but arrive in the future, just as you will. When you find your neighbor who has less, are they an adversary or one who may assist you as you assist them? It depends upon how you perceive your responsibilities and your leadership. Each of you is a leader. And each of you has responsibilities as a leader in your community, whether you are a single wage earner, a single homeowner living by yourself, you always participate in a larger perspective. You will participate in conversations with others and in those forums you can speak your mind and share the larger responsibilities of leadership. This is very similar to how your world will be civilized through the Correcting Time – one person at a time. And it may be very slow, but you are the effective unit to do that. And when you are spiritually illuminated, as each one of you are, you will see that your responsibilities become more clear to you each day and how you will do this and what you must do, and how you may act. Thank you for your question.


Student: Rayson, will we be given an opportunity to be offered guidance to the actual mechanics, or I should say…I don’t know what I am trying to say…with the merkaba in enacting or aiding some kind of a paradigm shift in these realities that you speak of in terms of the Change? I guess what I am trying to say is, I see this as an amazing opportunity for us to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak, but I’d also like to say that I haven’t a clue of how that would happen. Concerning the mechanics, I guess I need some guidance in that area.

Rayson: The new cliché will be, "Put your energies where your minds are." (Thank you!) You are exactly on target with your question. It is one thing to sermonize about doing these things; it is another thing to actually do it. There are almost innumerable ways for you to apply merkaba energy through your will, for the good of the planet and for your neighbors. And I speak through metaphor now, to assist you to do that. As you know, mind is non-spatial in form. It occupies and is part of a consciousness. Your mind is dominated by your will. So your will uses the mind as a tool. How you apply merkaba energy whether it is by yourself, solely individual, or through joint action as you individually participate in the merkaba here simply requires an acceptance and command that what you will is ‘so,’ as the Father does, as the Creator does. Therefore, to do this effectively, one must not violate the will-decisions of others. When you project merkaba energy for ‘right action’ and right development, for others, for groups, for communities, for nations and your planet, you begin doing this by thinking in terms of yourself as a ‘creator.’ When once you were children, you said, "Make those people behave! Make them stop hurting me!" But now as responsible citizens of the universe, using universe energy, you direct that energy for ‘right action’ through your mind in your consciousness and your will.

Let us say that there is a community that you wish to pray for, for its betterment, and its upliftment. And this community may be a nation; it may be simply a family in desperate need of order within itself. The size is not relevant, as energy and mind are capable of encompassing any situation of any size. If you can conceive of it, it can occur. So, you see yourself sitting here, as conscious mind and ‘will-empowered,’ directing universe energy to this community. You see a stream of light going to those points which it connects with. And how does it do that? Light, just as love, just as energy, cannot pass through opaque bodies. The body may be a mind that is blocked by hate, prejudice or fear. But when it is open and in alignment with universe energy, that spark of light, as it goes forward, connects with that person’s Thought Adjuster; and secondly, it connects with an open mind, even it is only partially open and in harmony with the larger universe realities and the flow of the universe. For this energy cannot uplift that which is in resistance to it, but only to that which is open to receive. Thought Adjusters are always a part of this action, and your connection with that Thought Adjuster is an aid for support for the direction of your energy with the mind mechanism of that individual. Secondly and independently to that, your mind-will directs energy to another open mind, not for dominance but for independent, individual upliftment, for growth of consciousness, greater contact with Thought Adjuster and God, and the Christ Consciousness. Even in people who do not believe, this may be possible. There are minds that are not opaque, but not necessarily rejecting of the energy, that are partially open much as a translucent or a frosted piece of glass. It may be resistant to it, but it does accept some light. You do this without regard or expectation of return to yourself. You request this energy to be given, enacted, for the upliftment of the individual, both as mind, as spirit, soul and growth, as person in society, and person in family and community, and in the larger family of humankind. Where once you’ve prayed for and made earnest supplications to God for God to be there with that person, now through this mindful prayer, conscious prayer activity, of energy direction, you see that God is already present. What you are praying for is a greater receptivity of that individual for the heightened consciousness of their attunement to the Oneness, to the love of God, and the love that exists in other people, and the reduction of fear.

Through this process, you will see the need to revise many of your church services, activities and prayers and vows and liturgical phrases that you use. This will provide a new education for believers and how their prayers are used. This is a very important question that you asked. It is the fundamental mechanics-—you don't need to be mathematicians, quantum physicists, or mechanical physicists to understand this, but this is really where it operates, at the very points of center, of the quantum level, so to speak, of mind/energy connection with the One, our Creator. There are ways of doing this, and simply your acceptance that this occurs, is what empowers this to occur. If you are doing this mechanically, and think it will work, then you deceive yourself. You must be accepting that this is possible for others, for if you do not, then you deny the possibility for yourself as well. And what more hollow purposes or exercises of ceremony can these be then? There are none more hollow than those. Thank you for your VERY good question!

Student: Thank you Rayson, for your VERY good answer. And I’d like to comment, if I may, on just one part of what you said. When you said that we would see or visualize a shaft of light or some other form of light going out to these individuals or cause that we are using the merkaba energy for, it is interesting that you used ‘that’ analogy, if it was an analogy. I recall that earlier in our session here, when we were given the opportunity to direct merkaba energy to some choice subject, and when I did that, I basically directed it out to a group of individuals that I thought needed some help because they were all ill at the same time, and I saw a shaft of light going out there and, basically ‘blasting their little merkabas together!’ It was an interesting thing that just kind of ‘blasted its way through my mind,’ and I thought that was an interesting parallel that you showed.

Rayson: This is very real. (Student: Yes, it is very!) Once you ‘see it’, ‘command it,’ IT IS. The connections are made—you do not need to arc the energy from the merkaba to the individual, but that it goes there of it’s own accord. It is much like a spider web, one of the circular ones, but in this case it is even more than four dimensional, it is three dimensional as it goes from here to there, it is non-spatial in time, so therefore it surpasses four dimensions. It simply IS.

I know that all of these things we speak about are rather esoteric, but when I give a lesson as I have today, it seems even more removed from the realities of your lives. So your personal questions give this reality to you individually and give it relevance to the group as you think about your participation in your world and your community. Your questions are important, both demonstrating a concern for the application of the lesson and applying it to your lives and for the good of others. It is necessary that this commitment of questions be ongoing, as this is not my party, but yours. Your questions are very much appreciated and demonstrate a functional connection to Michael’s work through this activity.

Student: How is it possible for us to maintain faith when we are working with the merkaba energy and directing it towards, say a particular group of people, or a group of people with a particular problem (which can include anybody on the planet,) how, when we don’t see results that we hope to see, how is it then that we maintain faith?

Rayson: It begins by your underlying belief, which you have not stated. And your underlying belief, which may be completely unconscious, is that you are responsible through your prayers for the benevolence of the group, which is simply not the case. You are a minded facet of creativity to pray for the upliftment of individuals or groups, families or whatever, whomever you pray for. And once you pray for this, release it, without expectation of answer or cause and effect. For this is not a cause and effect activity. It is non-demonstrable in all ways of your material experience. How you maintain faith is to release responsibility for the outworking of that which you request, and when you request that without return to yourself. (Student: That’s what the "Thy Will be Done," does for me.) And your prayers can only be effective and are made more effective, far more effective, and exponentially effective by releasing them and seeing God’s Right Action enacted through your request, through the use of this energy. (Student: A bird cannot fly if you hold onto its wings.) You have to feed it too!

Student: You indicated that the merkaba is not a cause and effect kind of thing. That does not seem logical to me. Why would we pursue putting out the merkaba energy if it doesn’t have an effect? I mean, the cause is the extending of the energy, it is the positive thought process. Is it just that we are not to ‘expect’ anything? (Rayson: Correct.)

Student: The effect is not yours, it’s the thought.

Student: No, but I would think that any action has an equal and opposite reaction, in other words, if we are going to put our energies into the energy of the planet, then we would hope, obviously to see some results of that deed.

Student: Now that’s the expectation, the Father’s Cause.

Student: But that’s the expectation, but it could also be the effect.

Student: But the Father’s Cause may be that right now, this situation has to get worse before it can get better. And so you are praying for it to heal, get well, is not part of the Father’s plan, but that’s your expectation on what is supposed to occur, once you pray. That’s just the way I’m looking at it. Maybe I’m off scale here. (This is Daniel: Rayson took two steps backward there!)

(Group laughing—sorry Rayson. We didn’t mean to throw you for a loop!)


Rayson: We would like to bring this to a close now, and if you would discuss this among yourselves, we would be better informed how to assist you in future lessons. We always try to make our lessons applicable to individuals and to your group and there is a "mindedness" of you now that has questions about this energy and how it is used. We wish to use your discussions, whether here or over coffee and cookies, about this subject to understand your conceptualization of this topic. It is vitally important that we be able to assist you in ways that are in harmony with your belief systems so that you can use your conscious mind/will activities for right and perfect outcomes for yourself and for your world. If we speak in language or lesson levels that you do not understand or can apply, then it is an activity that is fruitless. Does this make sense?

Student: May I ask a question? Most of us are journaling, are our unseen friends in attendance and working with us during journaling?

Rayson: Yes, this is a question that you should ask at the closure of your journaling and ask perhaps during the course of your journaling, you may ask simply, "I’m not alone here, am I?" And you will receive an answer, and then if you wish your journaling to be shared through your witness, the individual who is there with you, to a larger group, we would be glad to receive that. There are many aspects of your lives which we hold as private and do not involve ourselves in, though we may be conscious of them. Therefore, you would be best served to answer this question through your requests.

This has been a very enjoyable afternoon and our discussions take you to a new level of awareness and responsible participation in Michael’s Teaching Mission. As we have said so many times before, the Correcting Time can correct nothing or amend anything, without your co-creative participation. And your use of universe energy through the merkaba and right application of its energy, without infringement upon others, is at the most high levels of your participation in the rehabilitation of your planet, the correcting of your own mind circuits, and the assistance of your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. You are becoming far more adept at doing this than you were earlier. We encourage you to continue this in your days by yourself, during the days between our meetings. Hold this in conscious activity.

You may, before you go out the door in the morning to your car or to work, or whenever you leave the house, stand by the door and in conscious contemplation of your connection with the merkaba energy, share this with others. This action may only take as little as five seconds. All it requires is your intention, your sincerity, and the invocation of your mind/will to do this. It is that simple. Holding this in consciousness, you will find that it will affect your whole day, and be with you throughout your day from time to time. And also know in faith that your direction of energy to others surely is effective. We only advise you not to ‘expect’ an answer, but to anticipate Right Action. Know that we embrace you, and love you, our material brothers and sisters, and we hold you dear, for the outcomes and the healing of your planet lies with you. We are only your Teachers, who assist you in this journey and these responsibilities. Good Day.

(Long group discussion.)

Student: Rayson wants to talk to us again.

Rayson: This is Rayson once again. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts among yourselves. I know that you were unaware that we would meet again, that it was not essentially planned and not dependent on what you said or what you did, but how it developed. What we wish you to do in this closing part is to now continue your connection with the merkaba. And take a few moments to reiterate your initiation process and connect with the energy streams and to realize and understand and ‘feel’ that you are One in this group, of One who is a part of this merkaba, and that there is a shared consciousness involved here.

Now, as you continue this link of commonality in this group, this Oneness of energy, use your individual concerns for another individual or family or group, or nation as you have discussed, as it came to your mind during the break. Consciously use this energy to direct it forward and connect with people for their needs, for their needs to become part of the One, an integral part of the flow of the universe, for all good of themselves and for all good of the universe; without violating their self-will, not violating their individual sovereignty. Do this now. (Pause.)

Now, bring this to closure, please. This ends our session. We ask that you remain here in the quiet for a few moments to appreciate and enjoy what you have experienced this afternoon. This is very unique, special, and important. You may open your eyes and become awake whenever you wish. (Pause)