2002-04-07-Removing, Replacing Static Energy

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Topic: Removing, Replacing Static Energy

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Daniel began by sharing an incredibly powerful tool/technique he uses, called "Affirmations," for getting his life headed in a progressively spiritual direction. As examples, he gave each group member a set of four cards, with one affirmation per card, which we students can use to "jump start" our own growth.

I will myself and co-creatively

command the universe and all its

energy and spirit beings to help me

express, demonstrate, and fulfill the

totality of all potential at all levels

and dimensions of consciousness

and being within me in this


Daniel: This took me awhile to develop. I started making treasure map cards where you’d say, "I see myself living in a large house, with a wonderful job, and . all these things. And over the years, they transformed and became less and less material, and I finally realized that "if" I would do Father’s will, and I would express and demonstrate all the potential within me, I would have everything I needed anyway, wouldn’t I? (Student: You might be sleeping under a bridge, but you’d have it all!) And the next one, you have to "put it in gear" and right order:

I command universe energy

and all God’s angels of light to bring

positive, constructive, developmental,

and evolutionary CHANGE into my

life now, according to God’s will and

plan of life for me.

I am open to receive this NOW!

Thank you God!

Takes a little bit of chutzpah to command all universe energy, but you can always do that if you condition it for God’s will, for the highest and greatest good of all concerned. Okay? And you don’t have anything covert in your mind about anything else. And you have to be in a pretty good space to be able to take that on. It took me awhile to feel really comfortable to be able to say, "I command the whole universe and God’s angels" to do that. With proper intent and right conditioning, that helps the change in evolution you don’t want to go from "A" to "U," you want to go through A, B, C, D and you want to have it developmental and evolutionary where developmental goes this way (horizontally) and evolutionary goes this way (spiraling upward.)

The third one is:

I call upon my angels,

teachers, and the resources of

the Universe to provide me

with a continuous stream of

"omens" that lead me to the

fulfillment of my life plan,

destiny, and mission.

Omens are "clearly decipherable signs." Example: Three people, who I know very well, with good intent and concern for me said, "Daniel, you ought to go to the Colorado Public Speakers Association." The third person, a lady I was working for said, "They’re having their annual college this Saturday. You need to register!" And I thought, "Ding Dong," okay, I will, and I was there and I got what I was supposed to at the college.

I felt that it was not enough just to push my own destiny ahead but that I should also actively and intentionally help Christ Michael with the Correcting Time. So I developed the following affirmation:

My will for my life is to help

Christ Michael and The Creator

bring this planet into the era of

The Days of Light and Life

sooner because of my efforts in

this lifetime.

I have heard almost all of you say that in one form or another, even if it is just your own life! They are powerful! If you took one of these, and you said it three times a day for 21 days, I’m here to tell you, you’d better buy new shoes! (Student: Running shoes!)

Student: Will I have to give up my naps?

Daniel: No, you still need to take naps! That’s a prerequisite; you’ve got to have naps!

Let’s take a few moments to come to our center and become balanced and at ease, breathe more easily. (Long Pause)


Rayson: Good afternoon, friends. It is good to be here once again. It is good to be among friends, those who share a common vision, common values, who are earnest in their beliefs and sincere in their dedication and their studies to be "One" with the Father, and to admit the total "Oneness" of the Father into their lives. Consistency between your lives, and your values and your beliefs, and your behaviors are a living demonstration of your maturity. You have been given many chores for learning in your life, and one of the most important ones is to be consistent between what you believe and espouse publicly to others, and how you believe in your behaviors with others. Those discerning mortals, who can examine lives, see this within you and they see it within others around themselves, and so, you do not need to wait for the scrutiny of the Father or the Ancient of Days to examine you, but you can do this with a dear friend, if you ask them. That is a pro-active stance to begin examining your life. And that is really what this and many future lessons are all about Ñ examining your life and maintaining consistency.


You have many wonderful examples of individuals, both famous and those who are not, those who are historical figures of great eminence and those who are your community leaders, even if they are simply and only but most powerfully a consistent leader within their family. You have seen them become effective individuals. And how did they do this? They did it first by being consistent. Second by focusing their energies upon one general activity or area of interest in their lives, and then pursuing that persistently and with perseverance. You, who are here today, you maybe beginning to realize and understand what a powerful dynamo you can become when you focus your energies and concentration upon one activity, rather than being scattered. It is not that being scattered is of no use, but it is most important to use your scattering activities in those that provide more productive living. A scattering of interests in your education provides you with a well-rounded education. You become what you would call a "Liberal Arts" student of life and your culture and your world. But scattering of activities, outward from yourselves, causes you to be fractured and usually ineffectual in the pursuits of those activities where you want to be most effective. That is one of the reasons why in parenting it is important that one parent remain home until the children reach older age, to provide that consistency of values, a demonstration when young minds and young lives and young wills do not have the fortitude of direction or concentration to be focused on a productive life.

We have a new member today, I see, and he is most welcome! Do you have any questions, sir?

New student: I do, but I can’t think of them right now. maybe I’ll remember them a little later.

Rayson: Certainly, you are most welcome to ask them when there is a break in the study here, and there will be a time today when open questions are available.

Healing, Memory

So let us begin today’s session, today’s lesson about Static Energy. I want you to keep this in mind, please: We will only be remotely dealing with energy, static energy, in these teachings, but it is the primary focus of your activities. You recall that in the former lessons we talked about your minds being as software, and that your will is command of that software. Recall also that we spoke about your mind having the metaphor of "ROM," read only memory, that came with you when you were born, and that it is operant immediately and it is resident in your mind all through your life, and it is many ways as a covert program that operates only at times when it is needed, and it emerges at times when it is needed. These are self-protective, self-developmental programs in your mind mechanisms so that you can begin to develop your potentials. Your educational programs and good parenting and modeling assist you to explore this further and to open new areas for learning. Doing so, you would become a well-rounded individual in your culture. I previously alluded to the lesson we are going to be working on today, dealing with the emerging child, the emerging person. You would say "personality" in your culture, but we should reserve that for "personality" as described in the Urantia Book. It is not fully explained by your psychiatrists and psychotherapists yet.

The child comes into the world with this ROM memory, call it heredity, genetics, race mind. And this child, Let’s say, comes into a family of a father and mother; simultaneously, that father and mother are also partners. While they are modeling the Father and Mother, they are also modeling Husband and Wife. They are also modeling Partners. As so many ducklings or goslings, the child is imprinted on these models. Very, very early on, the basic fundamentals of the psyche are being formed. Love is not the first. Love will be defined and developed later in life. The primary one is trust. The child does not know trust, but does know safety, which is fundamental to trust. The child has very limited sense of the outer, being held, or being dropped or being threatened with dropping as one would lower the child suddenly (it feels like dropping to the infant, and feels unsafe and they cry,) they feel unsafe when they are hungry and are not fed; the infant feels unsafe when it is isolated and is not around others. It is a noisome problem for adults when they want to socialize when the child is crying, but children desire and need to be near to their own kind. The child feels unsafe when they are left alone for extended periods of time and neglected. Now, the word neglected is an interpretation, it is a conclusion of this situation. The child does not know neglect,’ wouldn’t have a word for it, but it does know when it is alone and does know that it wants company.

Trust is a summation of feeling safe in all occasions. Your feelings of trust, you adults here, stem from your very earliest experiences as an infant, which began soon after your rude entry into this world. I say rude because you were automatically nurtured, kept warm, you had no chaffing clothes on you, binding clothes that kept you from moving, you were warm and you were in suspension and you felt this warm presence surrounding you at all times, this was your mother. And you were expelled into perhaps a delivery room that might have been at 60 or 65 degrees, into cold, rubber-gloved hands, and wrapped in a swaddling of some sort that was rough against your skin. And if you were fortunate, you were laid upon your mother’s breast and you heard your mother’s voice, which you had been hearing for so many months before. And this is comforting. And you were held, laid upon her chest, felt the warmth of her body and you heard the heartbeat that you had been familiar with for so many months. And this is home,’ familiar surroundings on the outside now, and this develops trust. I spent a good deal of time upon this subject because trust is primary to your parental relationships, both as child, both as parent, as a mortal/material being in a family, and also as an evolving, ascending mortal creature who looks toward their mother/Father/God/Creator to be bonded with that ultimate source eventually. It is no wonder many cultures see God the Creator as the Feminine, for in these historic times of your race, the Father/Husband/male has had to be strong, protective, always seeing outside of the clan and the family to protect and provide for the family, leaving the nurturance, and creative energies and sustenance to the mother.

This intrinsic image and model of God will only change in centuries and millennia to come as the heritage of your race, of your species, changes from that of male domination to co-parenting, where both partners look inward. The child grows, feels trust or not, and there is a rhythm that begins to develop that they perceive. And this is a natural rhythm, it is not one set by the clock, but one that is really principally determined by the child and the household and the family. And there is regularity, a dependency that is sustained and is nurtured. This is dependency that is regular, not the dysfunctional dependency which is typical to some families, but regular, frequent, attended schedule for the delivery of food, comfort, care, warmth, clothing, sleep, bathing, cuddling and cooing are all part of the regular scheme of raising children. Not all of you have had the benefit of that. We are very aware, and you are aware too, though some of you have deliberately forgotten your childhoods.

In these sessions today and to come, it will be necessary for you to reach back into the earliest years of your childhood, to find out who you are at the deepest core of your being. Who you are for those basic, fundamental structures, values in your life. Have you always felt unsafe? Is it difficult for you to trust? Are you affectionate? Are you distant? Some of those factors are to some degree predetermined by the ROM that you brought with you, because each of you had a compliment of pre-disposed dispositions that came with you that would affect your ability to feel safe, to be affectionate, to be caring, tender, supportive, generous, patient, tolerant, loyal. Think of all the values that are supportive of a good psyche, good family, good community and society. You will need to list these one day. And this is something you will need to do, surely you will need to do, for yourself, to list the values that are inherent in a functional society, and see how you fit with each one, and if you have difficulty with one of them. Do you have difficulties with loyalty? Why would that be? Are your orientations more social than material? Or are they more spiritual? Or do they combine all three? Are you well balanced or do you have a penchant for one area of activity or interest? Are you a recluse or are you highly social and must be with others to feel complete?

This second phase of the Teaching mission syllabus has to do with changing the inner you, those aspects which are unproductive, which cause you to be unproductive, hurtful toward yourself and towards others. If you are hurtful to others, you are always hurtful to yourselves. And if you are hurtful to yourself, then you are not releasing or unveiling the potential that is within you to be in a relationship as a social being in your society. This second part is about self-examination. The first part, you were taught all the wonderful lessons by the Celestial Teachers and these usually were completed in a two-year period, perhaps three if the group had difficulty moving quickly. What were pointed out to you were the things that were delightfully functional and joyful in a society that works. If you look at the lessons, you will see that the members were not chastised, were not shamed, and were not cajoled to do well, but only shown the example of Christ Michael, Jesus, as the example for your lives. You were told about the wonderful values that your society and you would need to use and apply to your lives, to produce a life similar to Jesus.

You seem awfully solemn this afternoon! Are you solemn? (Yes) Thoughtful? Introspective? Perhaps, you are a little bit fearful? Anyone feel courageous enough to admit to that, not that it is necessary to do so? But it would be only natural, if you were. For if we are to unlock your potentials, that which is yet to develop in your lives or to expand or explode into being, those potentials which you have begun, then we also must release the harnesses, the restraints that hold you back.

This is Daniel: Rayson says he would like to take a break and would like someone to fetch the sticky notes on the table please? (Student: And do we need pens or pencils?) Yes, Celestials have sticky notes, but they don’t have pencils!

Welcome back, this is Rayson. You noticed today that we did not go through the motions, did not go through the procedure of connecting to the merkaba. We anticipate that you will do this automatically when you come to group, that when you have your preliminary still time before the opening, that you would connect to the merkaba, that you would link up, exercise the heart and mind lines, and to connect your own merkaba with that of the merkaba of the group here. So please do not wait for us to lead you to this, but do this automatically each time you come here. Okay, let us continue with the lesson.


So as you see these sticky notes in front of you, these will become your reminders of consciousness. There is really no easy way to enter into this other than just to leap into it. We have had enough preliminary discussions about what is needed and what we will do, and now it is time to do it! One of the "slipperiest" parts of your being is your mind. It is part eel and part trout in hand; hard to catch and once you catch it, hard to cling to, for it is slippery and it wriggles and it moves and it will leap out of your hand of consciousness. So how do you grasp this from moment to moment if you are not able to do this on your own, until you train yourself? How do you train yourself to do that? It is most difficult! You recall as a child that your mother may have tied a ribbon on to your left hand, around your left wrist, saying, "This is your left hand." And she may have put a mark on your shoe, saying, "This is your left shoe." And put a mark on your big toe, with a marking pen, saying, "This is your left foot’s toe." So you put your sock on and remember that you put your marked shoe on your left foot, and you would know your left hand from your right. Similarly, we will use these little sticky notes for your consciousness, to become aware of; It’s a reminder! Okay?

Even advanced minds have difficulty maintaining continual consciousness. Consciousness is self-awareness, awareness of self. It is as though you are the observer of your life. We are not talking about a psychotic, hallucinatory break with reality; we are talking about being the intellectual spiritual observer of your life. And not as a critic, not as a harsh critic, not as a dominating ego, patting you on the back all the time, but simply an observer, a reporter of your life’s activities, moment to moment. This is consciousness. The evolved mind is able to observe itself, observe itself as thought, speaking words and actions, and differentiate them, and eventually to integrate and to understand the continuum of flow of these thoughts into action. Less mature minds are not able to do that. Less mature minds live moment to moment without consciousness, without self-awareness, without self-guidance. For you to become an evolved mind, a morontial being, this is a prerequisite. Training your mind to the morontial level begins now, in the mortal lifetime. You can approach the morontial level during this lifetime. You can even show evidence, morontial living, of the mota. morontia mota are the sticky notes of consciousness, of higher-minded living.

Now, before you, you have these pads, and you will take them home with you; and when you run out, I wish you to buy more, to help yourself become whole and complete. What will we write upon these notes? We will write two things only: "Got milk?" (That got a laugh!) We must have levity. One of our group fell asleep earlier, so we must have levity no names mentioned because we don’t embarrass anybody here! Blessings to you as we work on this. This is hard work, and it is hard to keep in mind because we are talking about mind, and not material, objective realities. They are not like this table (thump, thump!) They are not like your cup of coffee; they are not like your knee. The issues we are dealing with do not exist except as you define them and think about them, or write about them. You can put them in words but they do not exist as material objects. What will we write? We will write the things you want to write into your mind. That’s one! Two: We will want to write the things you want to remove from your mind. When you write one to remove, then you must also write one to emplace. If you were a person with a problem of prevarication, fibbing and lying, and deceiving, you would want to remove that, and then you would want to write, "I am truthful in all dealings, I am revealing in all appropriate situations, that do not require secrecy or confidentiality."

Now it is hard for you if you are in your 40's or 50's to think back to when you were a four-year-old. Some of you cannot remember that at all. Some of you have very vivid memories of that. So what we will do is we will use your life today, contemporarily, to examine and to determine and find, much like Detective Sherlock Holmes, evidence of earlier issues or problems that cause your difficulties now. I would like you to think of a recent thought that might have come into existence during a conversation with another person, or with yourself, that is most distressful, that is very difficult for you; one that you have dealt with all your life, it see’s. Let’s go towards those, as they are more persistent and the ones that need rooting out most of all. The superficial ones that come from time to time, also leave from time to time, and are more easily dealt with.

So, I wish you to now write on the pad, maybe just a note it may not involve any one particular thing. It may be just a global issue that you are working with, one that you do not like in yourself. Or maybe you have not even determined if you like or dislike it, but it see’s to nag you, always present. If you are having difficulty, think of those situations where these feelings arise. Suppose that you are asked by your child’s teacher, "Would you please come, in two days to our class in the afternoon and present a topic to the children?" At that time, you freeze. You think, "I can’t talk to children, I can’t be in front of a group even 8 year-olds!" What does that have to do with? You walk into a grocery store and there are large people, tall people there and you feel diminutive. You feel less-than. What is this feeling about? It may be that you look in the mirror after you prepare to go to work at the office or into town, and you think, "my, aren’t I lovely! Aren’t I beautiful? I’ve always been this way; everybody loves me; there’s nothing wrong with me." Is that evidence of a superiority complex? Is it a façade for feelings that you are less than others are and you use this to cover something up? We don’t have to determine that now.

Let us deal with the things that nag you and bother you, some of the old things. Does everyone have something? Real questions? (Yes) This is really practical, these lessons are practical, these are not classroom lessons where you pay your money and you can decide whether to learn or not; you have signed up, you have agreed, and so let us work on these things. If you have not written something, that means that you either are totally into the master consciousness of Jesus, or you have delayed answering and do not want to examine your life, and that says something as well. I do not mean to be critical, and I think that if you examine the words so far you will find they are not critical; these words require you to do self-examination, to become conscious of that which you do not want in your life, and become conscious of that which you do want in your life. Let us keep in mind, two things: What is this for? This is to remove those static energies, those blocks that keep you from exploring and developing your potential; and two, to develop the potential that is within you. And what is that? Over and over again, MASTER CONSCIOUSNESS! Jesus said, "That which I do, you can do and more." I don’t think he was "foolin’," as some of you would say. I don’t think he was putting you on or trying to cheat you out of something that really wasn’t yours, but telling you truthfully, honestly, that you are already master consciousness in potential.

For truly it is so. You are masters in potential. It lies within you, dormant. Some of you have seen it within yourselves in those moments when you saw the grandeur, the grandness within yourself, for there have been times in each of your lives when you have demonstrated this grandness, where the superconscious mind reached down to your conscious mind and brought you forward into a larger perspective of where you were and what you were doing. And that is what these lessons are about. The intention of these lessons is to bring you into master consciousness. If you were to come into master consciousness as fully as the potential that lies within you, my friends you could test out, so to speak, from the schools in the mansion worlds quickly, and proceed farther ahead rapidly. Are you interested? Should I put up a poster and say, "We want you!" (Student: We want YOU!) You bet! Certainly! How do we do that? We are here; we are really going to be slugging in the trenches here, a shovel-full at a time, making the way clear. You will be protected, and receive the sunlight of God, God’s love at all times, and uncover those things which hold you back, then remove them and instill in you those wonderful aspects, those potentials within you, that each of you has, to move forward.

I wish someone to give an example, please, of what has been bothering him or her.


Self Evaluation

Student: Well, I was listening to a television program last night that our new President, George Bush has signed an executive order abrogating all previous orders regarding rights of the public, access to any government information. In running this all the way back to his Father’s administration, we would, in order to get any information from government now, we have to sue. It’s no longer a right, the bill for freedom of information is null and void, and I’m really upset! It kills all of what I believe to be the freedoms of this government, that It’s open and above board, and accessible to all the people, and I get angry! It just boggles my mind that that hasn’t been on the news, more than that one time.’ And so I get angry at the news folks, They’re not doing their jobs anymore! I don’t know how to explain all that, and I just become incensed. I get angry at the pharmaceutical companies that spent billions in advertising products, that most people don’t want or need on television, and jack up the prices on pharmaceutical to old people who can’t afford it, to pay for the advertising! I get too many causes, too much anger. Righteous indignation, I am guilty of.

Rayson: Is this a virtue?

Student: It was in my mothers family.

Rayson: Is it inappropriate to be angry at things, such as this?

Student: That comes down to yes and no.’

Rayson: These perhaps you missed the point of the question Ò questions have to do with you, not your government or your pharmaceutical companies. But you! And this is something that will not change, has not changed, whether the administration changes, or the economy of pharmaceutical companies changes, but you. We are looking towards the core of you, and what it is that you do not like about yourself. We are looking for more than that, that which runs against master consciousness that holds you back. I do not, will not describe what we see within you, for that would thwart the purpose of these lessons, the lessons are for consciousness, development of self-awareness. What in you is holding you back from master consciousness? And what is it in you, reciprocally or oppositely that would unfold that master consciousness? Is it forgiveness? Is it forgetfulness? Is it tolerance? Is it patience? What are the opposites of that? If you are impatient and intolerant, then this is something to work on. For that would hold you back from being in touch with those who are slower than you, have less developed potential, and who are not as quick of mind.

Student: I have had trouble with impatience, yes.

Rayson: I was not necessarily speaking to you, but to the group, so that you could get a way of interpreting the concepts I am trying to convey. Have I missed a point here? As this member, and I apologize for using you as an example, but it is a good example, have I not made clear what it is that we wish you to examine? (Yes, you have made it clear.) Thank you. Are there any here who do not feel clear? Good.

Student: I would be willing to bring forth an example. (Please.) I feel that in my life, I am too sensitive to other's criticism, or perhaps to my own criticism. (Thank you.)

Rayson: This is a good example of what we are striving to have you perceive. Being overly critical of yourself is the other side of perfectionism, high expectations for imperfect mortals. One is to recognize that you are overly sensitive. The first part of your statement would be, "I recognize that I am overly sensitive to the criticism or others." Now, what would we write as the positive statement? Because it is not the lack of sensitivity that we want, but something different that develops the potential that we seek. Can we guess? It may be patience. It may be tolerance. It may be giving yourself permission to appraise the other person’s statements objectively. And when you do that, you may determine that the other person is overly harsh, as well as you being overly sensitive.

Student: I suspect that a positive that I might try is having more confidence in my own beliefs and thinking. (Good.)

Rayson: What may be needed, and we will be very flexible in this as we wish you to be too, is that you become aware that you have just felt like you have been attacked, you realize that you are overly sensitive, and then you need, kind of a time out, a parenthesis in time, time to discern this before you come to judgment and come to tears or come to anger. Okay? So, you will create in your mind a time to discern and weigh these statements. To do that, you must suspend your mental, emotional action at that time. And your statement would be, "I give myself permission and time to evaluate this statement or evaluation or opinion, by the other person." "I give myself time to evaluate and discern this statement that I feel is critical." Then, in that time, you would give yourself permission to evaluate this as the outside observer. And the best outside observer that you can use is Jesus. And Jesus is the mortal of Christ Michael, of course, so he is most closely related to you as your brother. And you would say to yourself, " I now call upon Christ mind within me to weigh this statement." Or you could say, " I now interpret this as Jesus would interpret this." And what this does is get you out of the groove in your mind, were 1 is followed by 2, by 3, by 4, and give you time to have a side track, where you go from 1, over to the track A, B, C, and D, and then finally you go over to 2 and you have a reaction, an appraisal that is appropriate, that is discerned, that is objective. So, we want to add some additional steps to your thinking process.

Now, the sticky notes obviously are too small for all of this, so you would take notes about the process separately, but the notes are to put on your wrist, on you lapel, on your notebook you might want to paste them on the inside of your glasses on your wrist watch (how often to you look at your wrist watch?) Paste it wherever you look frequently! So this becomes a conscious, observable part of your reality from moment to moment. What we are teaching you to do is live moment to moment, not in the past, not in the future, but in this moment. For only in this moment, can you evaluate your life objectively, as Jesus would observe it and evaluate it. We are striving toward master consciousness for you, and the master consciousness model of course, is Jesus. If you are Buddhist, it would be Buddha; if you are Taoist, it would be Lao-Tzu; and so on including Krishnamurti, or even Meister Eckhart; it might be any number of the masters. Eastern masters are as valid as the western masters, and won’t it be amazing when there is an American or Western Hemisphere master? You have yet to see one, Haven’t you? Plenty of California gurus, but not too many masters. Place this note where you will see it frequently. And if you have it to the side of your computer, for instance, the peripheral vision of your eye will see it, your mind will become aware of it. Because you can program your mind, you say to yourself as you sit down at your computer, "I call my mind’s attention to this note, to be ever present of its awareness. It is in my consciousness moment to moment." It is amazing what your mind sees in the periphery of your physical vision; when you become aware of it, when you command your mind to do that, you will become aware of those things.

Since this is an issue for you for your lifetime, then this is an issue that has caused much grievance to you; it has aggrieved your life, most of your life. It is a part of your waking-thinking. It perhaps hearkens back to past injuries, which are even more toxic. memories of past injuries may continue to grieve you even if you have tried to forgive and forget, and this is evidence that they continue to exist in your mind. If this is the case for you, and it is usually the case for most mortals if not all mortals, then it is time to get that behind you. And you know the reference about "Get you Devil, behind me!" It’s what Jesus said to temptation, from Lucifer. It is time to get rid of that. So let us write a statement, a powerful statement, commanding your mind to remove that from the record of your consciousness, both conscious mind and subconscious mind. It is not only forgiving and forgetting, but also removing those memories from your mind. And as you go back, thinking about these injuries, if you have not forgiven them, have not employed the co-creative power of Michael in yourself to forgive these, then you must do this first. Part of master consciousness is to forgive, as the master forgives. So having forgiven this event, sincerely forgiven this individual, then let us move towards removal.

You would write, "I now command my mind to remove these memories from its record!" And you would say it powerfully! And you would say it powerfully three times. Further, you would say, "These memories are no longer part of my conscious mind! These memories are no longer part of my unconscious mind!" If you want to develop this further, you could say, "I have learned the wisdom from these experiences and I incorporate that into my life and I move on." And if you Haven’t mined the wisdom from those experiences, then please do.

So Let’s take a little side-trip here into wisdom-getting.’ Wisdom-getting can only come from experience, and if you are an experiential learner as Daniel is, then you have to do it first-hand. If you are adept and less willful, more easily taught, then you can learn vicariously from the mistakes of others, from the experience of others. First, go back to a hurtful situation and ask, "What was the lesson for me to learn from this experience?" Two, "Was this lesson for me or was it for the other person?" Sometimes the experiences you were involved in but were your lesson to learn from. You were an agent, as a teacher is an agent, of someone else’s learning. So it is important that you discern this, for you may be suffering unjustly from an experience wherein you were a victim, rather than the aggressor. This is not to mean that the victims do not have lessons either. So, what is the lesson? Was it mine? What was I to learn in this situation? What is the wisdom from this lesson? It may be as simple as buying someone’s used battery and they say, "It works fine," and you take it home, and sure it sparks across the two poles, but when you put it into your car, it doesn’t turn the engine over. What is the lesson? Don’t buy it until you test it. Some of your lessons are very, very simple. Some of your lessons have come to you repeatedly. But you have not discerned the wisdom and have not incorporated that wisdom into your life. You cannot go on to the morontial life easily, unless you incorporate the wisdom in your current life! There is wisdom abounding around you! If you are over age of forty, you have a tremendous amount of experiences you can draw wisdom from. Begin incorporating that into your life. And the affirmation is, "I now incorporate the wisdom, (and state the wisdom) into my conscious mind now." And you last statement is, "I am thankful for this wisdom!" "I need not repeat this lesson again."

Now, going backwards again to review, what’s the sticky note for? It is a reminder of consciousness, to keep the slippery mind on track. It’s there for you to remind yourself what the problem is and what the answer is; what you need to overcome, and what you will get from it. You cannot learn anything until you learn to become aware of your pain! When you say, "Oh, this hurts! I don’t want to do this again," that’s good! That’s a good start. I believe that Alcoholics Anonymous has a series of examinations that will help you through this, the Twelve Steps, I believe. You must become aware of the pain, you must become aware of what you are doing, and you move from there. And if you don’t recognize the pain, you cannot overcome the problem!

Let’s move on to anger. Some of you harbor anger deep within yourselves. This is a very common issue with most mortals who come from difficult social and personal and family situations. Anger! We will take this up more fully, at another time. Let us deal with that next week. We have covered a great deal of territory today. It is very practical I’ve said a lot of words about a very few things so I want you to discern and distill this for yourself. In the transcript, you may want to highlight those aspects and separate them out for yourselves, for your own lesson plan for your life. I look forward to visiting with you during the week, to see the sticky notes all across your foreheads! On your bathroom mirrors, on your speedometers, on the window next to you, on your clocks, computer screen, on your wrist watch I’d stick them on your tongues too, if I could, but that’s most difficult! (Student: A clothespin would work!) Yes! Put them places where you will be always aware of them. There are many sheets here. Use them over and over for the same thing. These are free if you want more, we will get more for you. Improve your lives, you are in charge. You are responsible! This is your life, make it what you want. You’re in charge; you’re responsible! Can you remember that? Please do. God is not responsible for your life. While God always deals with the consequences of all actions in the universe and has to clean up your messes in eternity, you are responsible. You also are the willful commander of your mind. You are the commander of your mind; you are responsible for what your mind does. Only you can change it! We cannot we will not neither will God, neither will Michael, or Nebadonia. Yet all of the resources of the universe are here to help you, if you want.

Last note on this before questions is static energy. Now you can begin to see where static energy is stored. If you have this persistent, perennial anger, It’s stored there. If it is in resentment, it is stored there. Spite, vengeance, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, shallowness, superficiality, they are stuck there. You all came into this world with a quart jar of energy some of you have 90% of it stuck into anger, resentment, hostility, and passive-aggressive behavior. What would happen to your life if you were able to free that 90%? It would then be yours to use as you wish. Un-stick the static energy blocks and put that energy into dynamic energy, which is love, and have love flow through your lives. Love is dynamic energy; it is God energy; it is God in action. So when you free this static energy, then you can fill yourself with God’s love, and being dynamic, it will flow through you to others. Now, we have an open forum, open field for questions, whether related to this or other things.

Student: I did remember my questions from before, Rayson. (I knew you would!) It feels like we are being lead in this direction and this may be answered in time, but my question simply put (and please forgive the primitiveness of my question), but when I was small, I had the hardest time with not being able to be in two places at one time.. (Darn!) and so I think that has contributed to the scatteredness of my life. When I get a lot of energy, I scatter myself, trying to do as much as I can, make sure It’s all different, and when I lose that energy and I try to reflect, then I realize that I am too scattered and I didn’t do enough for causes in one direction, so I was wondering and the answer I got today was very good and so my question is, is it possible, are we going to be able to train our ability to be in two places at one time? One where when we go to sleep, retain some sort of ability to be someplace in a slightly physical manner while we are asleep, or something like that?

Rayson: I don’t thoroughly understand "being in two places at one time," you have only one consciousness. Can you give me more, please?

Out of Body Experience

Student: Well, when I was small, maybe five years old, I had a very vivid dream and I felt like I actually did something while I was asleep, or had an out-of-body experience. I felt like, my dream, in my vivid dream, I was floating around in the clouds and I was in this silver spaced gelatin envelope, very sharply pointed on both ends, and I was flying at a very fast rate through the clouds and blue sky and other people couldn’t see me because the silver envelope around me was very hard to see and was thin, and I flew through the clouds and any time I changed my view, with my eyes and my head, I zoomed off in that other direction I was looking at, and it really felt like I was there, and I don’t know what to make of that, but I felt I was actually able to have some sort of an out-of-body experience while I was sleeping there, where I was actually doing something, even though it may have just been a dream I was just wondering if, while we were asleep, we could also affect some sort of physical eventuality or something?

Rayson: The answer is yes, though affecting a physical performance requires a conscious physical manipulation of material around you. What we spoke of in the group previously was the ability to "travel" as consciousness. Consciousness is without dimension, consciousness is without temporal bounds, consciousness is an alignment with the "ALL," with the consciousness of God. Though your body remains in your bed, your consciousness can be elsewhere. You can have the vision, call it psychic or morontial vision, or the sense of being in other locations, and this is "real," but "real" in quotation marks because "real" is personal. Existence is multi-dimensional. I wish not to go farther with this. I suppose all of this sounds "New Agey," but these experiences are part of the universe experience. Consciousness is, as I say, multi-dimensional and non-temporal. You can "travel," (and "travel" is not the right word), but you can be in consciousness with alternative "realities" (and I do not like using the word "realities" because, there is only one reality in the universe, and that is of course, all that emanates and is encompassed? held in consciousness by God. These ideas that you may identify as "New Age" are concepts of consciousness that have been known by minds for millennia on your planet. When you are in conscious contact with God, and you feel the oneness of God within, around, through, by and on you, you are in more than the reality of simply sitting in your chair. And this requires "Whole mind." [Not explained.] The ultimate reality is the reality that God’s essence, your Thought Adjuster, is within you. And when you strive to be in alignment with your Thought Adjuster, even if you are able to achieve this in only small way, you then have access to know far more about your universe than your five senses will ever give you. This is not psychic hocus-pocus; this is fundamental to cosmic mind, to God awareness, God’s presence in your life to the degree to which you are open to accept and experience it. These lessons are imminently connected to all of that. We do not want to mislead you that we will take you on a kaleidoscopic journey of some grand carnival in the universe. That is not the case at all. For the harsh realities of the universe are that you are responsible for your life, and what you do with it is determine by your values, your beliefs, and your decisions. Having access to universal mind is not meant as a diversion; it is not given to you for entertainment. You have asked a very potent question, that people who use hallucinogens have sought to experience repeatedly. We share this with you simply to make you aware that your world is only one small facet in its material existence, and the five senses with which you perceive it. Your simple belief, faith and hope and knowing that God exists, surpasses those five senses. Yet those who are conservative in their beliefs would deny the developed concepts that we have given you, yet they practice them daily in their prayers.

Student: Rayson, may I ask a question? (Oh, certainly.) Are you saying that our minds are non-temporal, non-spatial, and non-dimensional?

Rayson: That’s correct your consciousness. Consciousness is the shared window of God consciousness. It is through consciousness that your Thought Adjuster is able to be in you; it is your consciousness that you are able to be in its presence. It is the window and doorway that you travel to see and be with God in your life. That is why, when you have finally removed these distracting issues of being overly sensitive, for example, being hostile, resentful, angry, and you have removed those, you can live more freely and consistently in that window. You are then able to hold God consciousness, master consciousness, potential in your life, moment to moment. And my friends, that’s where all your potential can be developed; that is the only place it will become developed. That is why this second series is so fundamental to your morontial development. You will do these things anyhow on the morontial worlds and schools, but let us do this now. Would you not like to have a more satisfying, happy, carefree life? To be less worrisome and guilt-ridden, less spiteful than the life you’ve had, by removing all those negative things, and to fill your life with fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, joy and contentment peace in the moment? (Student: Indubitably.) Indubitably!

Student: I have a small question that’s related to my fellow student’s question about being in two places at once. I wondered at first if that related to some difficulty in making a decision? What came to mind was perhaps being in a situation where there are two interesting conversations going on, one to the left and one to the right, and It’s hard to know which one you want to concentrate on, because they are both so interesting! I don’t know if that has any bearing on your question, but it was just kind of what was going through my mind when you were speaking.

Rayson: Then I encourage you to be proactive and embrace both sides and bring them together and receive all that you can. I don’t suppose that answered your question, but embracing the moment in its fullness sometimes can be challenging.

This week, as you go forward, be mindful, and keep this pad with you, to write down the next issue that you would like to work on. How much time do you spend in thought, as a percentage, on some of these issues? It will boggle your mind to think of how much you worry; how much you regret! Those must be eliminated in order to live more fully in the moment. We hope that our lessons will help you do that; not only to eliminate that, but help bring a fuller process of living and thinking and feeling into your lives, moment to moment, day to day. It is daunting and difficult at first, but it can be done; it has been done, others have done it you can do it too. You can transform your life, and this is what this is all about, transforming your life from what it was to not only what it could be but to what it really is in its fullness. Last questions!


You are blessed children in ways that you do not perceive. You are surrounded by light that you have yet to see. You know darkness far more intimately than you need to, to grow wise in your universe career. Do not become immersed in the darkness; strive to see upwards and to invite the light into your life. Know that you have the support, intimate support, of Christ Michael with you at all times, to be with you, to fill you, to advise you, to guide you, to befriend you, to be beside you when you are lonely it is a matter of consciousness. He holds you in his consciousness; begin to hold him in yours. Begin to invite his friendship into your life moment by moment. And this is not a hollow, traditional invitation, but a very practical one, for the circuits are fully opened for the Christ Spirit here on your planet. Each of you has an intimacy with Michael that was not available years ago. Enjoy this! Be open to it, invite it; transform yourself and if you do not know how, ask for guidance open yourself to the possibilities of what you may become. Good day. (Thank you, Teacher Rayson!)