2003-02-23-Values, Violence, Citizenship

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Topic: Values, Violence, Citizenship

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Master Teacher, you hear our cries, of your children in need and in all but despair. If we were to despair, it would be a sin of unfaithfulness. Times like these call upon us to be true soldiers of Christ. To be one in spirit with you and with all deity for which we are a part, as I understand you came to demonstrate God to man and man to God, of which we are in that loop of infinity. Strengthen us to be of one mind and one spirit, to know that all will work out to cause holiness and oneness, in your spirit and in your being. Enable us to be steadfast and true to that purpose and that outcome.

We ask for the teachers that you present to us today, to continue to enliven and excite us in our spiritual unity and purpose. For all that you know of our hearts and our minds that are of need for your address, we place them before you now.

In appreciation now and forever, we are yours. Amen.

TOMAS: Gracious group of listeners, it is I, your teacher, Tomas, glad again to be among you and part of you, in this relationship we share and which we are enlarging as we continue to gather in this way, in order to become more than you were and to exalt that which is the Source of our being.

We are touched by your concerns for the world condition and understand your chagrin in light of your aspirations for humanity. In your chat before our session, as always, we took note, and I bring to your attention the fact of those of you who protested the war have been dubbed a 'focus group.' Well, yes, you needn't argue with that. Jesus and his apostles were a focus group also, and we see the effects of their teachings among you today.

Lest we be short-sighted, remember too, that Machiventa and Abraham were focal points at one time in your global history, and the effects of their lives upon your planet also impact the greater consciousness of Urantia. Those of you who are in line to foster this New Age in which we walk, and who realize a degree of Light and Life, are a focal point for that value. Thus we are representative of the goal,… and that which is the prevalent reality is the current and unfortunate paradigm.


Let us focus on that 'focus group.' What do you suppose they represent together, across the globe? They represent those who choose to support non-violence. There are those who, perhaps, have witnessed Violence and have sworn against it. There are, perhaps, those who have Adjusters of previous experience in worlds which were war-torn, and thus they carry within them an awareness of what effects war releases upon a world-society. Perhaps they are people who have imagination, whose imagination tends towards Hope rather than toward Fear. Perhaps they are the Artists. But whatever they are, they are a statement for reconciliation, cooperation, and qualities far reaching beyond the current global conflict to a vision of Utopia or an Ideal, which helps to balance the other focus, that 'focus group' which adamantly asserts itself in defense of its position to eradicate evil at any cost.

In terms of eradicating evil, this is our job as teachers in the teacher corps. And I am giving everything I can to my assignment and I understand, and believe, that there are those who are also working with, and for, those who support the opinion that war is a form social surgery that simply eradicates a deadly disease so that the organism can regain strength and thrive.

The Master Teacher will prevail with each of these individuals, regardless of their political persuasion, or the role they play, in the unfolding of the paradigm.

I, however, will amuse you. For it has been pointed out that in this past week, while so many are focused on the global concerns, the broadcasts of Michael Jackson were a point of interest for so many individuals, proving that there is a need for diversion. I will thus be your diversion. I will encourage your diversion from this oppressive atmosphere of war and violence. For whatever reason, for whatever purpose, and to whatever end, it is a far cry from the Elevated and Ennobled state of Light and Life that we aspire for - these attitudes which are appropriate for children.

Children should not be exposed to violence like this. So those of you who are children at heart, come along, and Tomas will tell you stories, Miriam will fluff up the pillows and let in the fresh air, the Artisans will encourage you to be creative, to color pictures that depict Ideal Values for which we can reach.

"They" accused Jesus of being ludicrous and not grappling with reality. "They" said he was beside himself and, as Peacemaker, was weak. But we who know the Master know more of his nature. We know his strength. We know his Faith. We know his Trust, in the Father. He placed his Trust in Father regardless of what transpired on the world scene. He chose to go about doing good. He persisted in seeing the Good in people. He persevered with his vision of a Loving Father and a Brotherhood of Mankind.

You who are of a joyous countenance, because of your Faith, are called upon to 'be of good cheer' in this time of stress for the Nations. Rise above the cultural concerns to devote yourself to the ministry of the individual. Help remove them from the Fear that overwhelms them. Be amusing. Provide diversion. Use your imagination. This is, for some of you, a way to do God's will, because, as you know, all of life is a balance, and you should counter the strain of living with a certain amount of play. When you gather together to play together, you keep a spark of Light alive. You go against the persecutions. You resist the darkness and the down-pull of the Ages. And you Witness to the Light.

This is not suggested as an excuse for silliness and immaturity. It is not my way of suggesting that you keep your head in the sand, for I know you better. I know you are intelligent people. I know you are sensitive and caring and deeply concerned about the world's condition. I know that you know well the answers to all these problems are indissolubly linked to the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, and that you live this philosophy as a way of life. So, no. I am not worried about you, but there is no good purpose to overmuch focus on that which you can do little about. Rather, turn the other cheek, as a community. Become that focal point which sees Truth, Beauty, and Goodness as something to exalt … as a way of life! Imagine the Ideal and strive to attain it; inspire your fellows by your actions, indicative of your Faith.

Matthew: Anatolia is here.

Gerdean: Greetings.

ANATOLIA: This is a day that brings cheer and renewal to all of us who witness your way of coping with difficulty. For there has been, in your experience, good and bad, of course -- either personally or collectively -- in times that have gone past in your individual and generational experience. However, for the most part, you all remember times that have been good, and with little, if any, oppositional pressure upon society at large. This is not to say that recent years have been without societal pressure, but there was a time, either in youth or adulthood, that the American Experience was the Eagle flying high with an Olive branch in one claw and Arrows in the other.

This time of uncertainty and lack of clarity -- in terms of where the Eagle flies and what it carries -- is a time of transition, for yourselves, your nation and the world-at-large. It is a time to recognize that a Greater Truth bridges all understanding, surpasses all national goals, and is of Universal Truth. It is being illustrated at this time. It is for those of you who see the wisdom and the value of collateral action, that is of a 'peace-movement,' and the unison that takes place within a worldly movement calling for the Brotherhood of Man, to lend all of your support, aid and energy in this direction for the strengthening of this work.

It is within each and every individual's call and capability to strengthen this world-wide collective response to the Humanity that is shared by all. Regardless of any doctrinaire, or purpose for living that may differ from one locale, or region, to another, and the vast differences that may be apparent, it is of certitude that the Oneness of all Humanity within your Father's house is Very Real.

I offer an alternative perspective to your cares and concerns -- those of you who see the Brotherhood of Man and the Unity of all Humanity as more than just a dream or a goal that may never be achieved, least of all in your lifetimes. Picture this as the action, as well as the outcome, of whatever may occur at this critical point in time. In other words, instead of being so concerned about the apparent lunacy, or lack of clarity, in terms of a National Message -- one which you have been used to, as a message of being 'American,' (this will take you no where, dwelling on the negative image that you perceive, that is being portrayed). Rather, raise your vision, heighten your perspective and broaden the horizon for what IS at hand, for what IS being demonstrated, and for what the ultimate outcome will suggest. Focus on these world-wide efforts to raise the energy and consciousness of your brothers and sisters throughout this vast worldly domain. This will enable a heightened awareness, of which you are a part, and you may take Eternal Pleasure in having raised the level of activity and level of conscious awareness, and that will be improved upon.

This is what I encourage you to partake in. Anything that you can do that will enable this perspective to prevail, will supercede international borders. It will wash like a soothing and cleansing tide of perfection across the barriers of hearts and minds which resist - that which damns up or prevents the flow water from occurring. This, as the water-cleansing action, will bring your planet to the heightened source of energy that it has been all along. It is as if your world fights itself, defies the law of nature, and says, 'We are yet unworthy' of that which, in our Truest Being, knows to be Real - and that is that a Heavenly Presence that is at the Center of All That Is - cannot NOT be within me as well, and that this dualistic nature that exists within the human psyche can be improved upon and raised to new levels.

This is what I suggest that you focus your collective attentions upon - to help raise this International Brotherhood of One People to its new height and awareness. Knowing who each of you are, in the Creator, is your beginning point and Focus. Reaching out to include the Brotherhood of Man is the Outcome.

I encourage you to entertain this idea on a daily basis. When you hear the news that seems to be taking the world to new depths of despair, focus your attention upon the Unity of Purpose of all of those millions who committed themselves to being one in mind and spirit, that day and everyday since. You get the thought, the idea, the message. This is where I wish for you to plant your flowers - under the Rainbow of Humanity - the many colors, the One band. That truly is the way it is.

Peace be with you and may all of the Force for Oneness within each of your lives, and that of all lives, be true and real and felt today. And all days. Peace be with you now and forever.

TOMAS: Welcome now to the segment of our sessions wherein we have the free exchange of ideas in this gallery of human and divine. I'll be divine. (group laughter) You be human. (laughter) What's been going on in your lives that you would bring to the attention of your mentors?


Elena: Well, Tomas, I got identified as a Project Manager last week and it's something that I'm really excited about and I'm not really scared about it, as such, but I wanted to see if you had any advice because I'd like to do a really good job with this.

TOMAS: I probably do, but I won't presume to advise you unless and until I know what it is that you need advice about. Give me some background information and set out your challenge. From there we can perhaps ascertain an approach that would benefit you and your group that you affect.

Elena: Ok. It's a project that … because of a lack of funding is not hiring a 'professional' project manager, and I'm the 'volunteered' Project Manager for it. It's combining and working -- coordinating -- the resources that are in my department - from a technical nature - and different groups that don't talk to each other that much. There are a handful of departments that are committed to this project and it will be contingent upon me or someone that I work with to get other agencies onboard. So there are a number of different parts of this project that in some ways seem undoable. Is that enough?

TOMAS: Let me ask you a couple of questions in order to ascertain your integrity level in this project, for there's no point in counseling you to behave in a certain way if it is against your nature or if your heart is not in it. I am hearing you say you need to do a 'selling job' (Elena: uh-huh) but you won't get the cooperation you need by 'selling' something - you need to have them 'believe' in it in order for it to receive the enthusiastic support you yearn for. Do you, thus, 'believe' in it…or have you been 'sold' on it?

Elena: Yes, I do.

TOMAS: Then you should have no trouble expressing your enthusiasm and the contagiousness of your exuberance ought to spill out and impact others to think accordingly. As long as you believe in what you're doing and can see certain results, not necessarily gigantic support but even some support, you will feel you are succeeding. Keep your expectations within reason or you will set yourself up for failure and disappointment. To the extent that you believe in the project, convey that to others. As they respond to you in kind, take heart from their response.

It is a transitional situation. It is growing and, therefor, must be malleable and open to adaptation. Let not the naysayers overwhelm you nor the grumblers discourage you. You have a Pollyanna attitude, an 'Unsinkable Molly Brown' approach to much of your life. I have every confidence that you will be able to drum up the necessary energy that will keep your boat afloat.

Elena: Thanks, Tomas

Paula: Well I've been thinking a lot about the war situation again, and I've been thinking very seriously about sending Bush a letter and telling him how I don't want to see war start. I have four grandsons - all in the age group that would go (to war) - one of them has a little boy, 3 ½, and I don't want to see them go to war and perhaps get killed. What he ought to do (Bush) is to get some of the smartest Dead-Eye Dick spies that we've got and dress up in those robes they wear, and get close enough to that they can kill Saddam.

Because once they lose their leader they'll become all confused and discombobulated and maybe that would stop things, because then they'd be too scared to get started on anything knowing that the United States is pretty strong and they'd probably get whooped to nothing. Don't ya think that'd be a pretty good idea to get him (Saddam) good and dead?

TOMAS: Well let me put it to you this way, how would you like to have to deal with that when you wake up in the Resurrection Hall and find him sitting there, next to you? You are going to have to learn how to have a relationship with this man one way or another, sooner or later. He is indwelt by God. He will very likely resurrect. Just because you 'pick him off' does not mean you are done with him, you see. It is so easy for you short-sighted individuals to think that "if we just 'off' the fellow we'll be done with him." But that is not the case because you are forgetting that you are eternal, in potential, and you are not the arbiter of how long someone will live. You can only govern this world. And 'picking someone off' is not really governing. It is playing a game of tit-for-tat.

For who is to say that some wise-eyed old grandmother in some foreign country isn't also thinking, "Why don't we send over to America one of our sharpshooters and just pick him off? And then they'll have to re-think the situation and then we'll be done with 'em'." What that would do is you would have a country without a leader on this end, just as you propose on the other end. It doesn not solve the problem, to 'off' an individual, even if he is the leader of the country, because the essential ideologies of the people are unformulated adequately that they can be self-governing. It only opens an opportunity for another to take their place and there is no guarantee that another one would be a better one.

But I certainly encourage you to write to the president and let your feelings be known and do not negate your opinion. Your opinion does matter, Paula. Your opinion does matter.

Paula: He'd probably say 'Who do you think you are?' and I'd say "I was one of the people who helped you get yourself elected. I was dumb enough to vote for you at the time." (group snickers)

TOMAS: Do not be discouraged when you discover, as a human, you make mistakes. That is how wisdom gets acquired.

Elena: I'm glad that you asked that question. I really am because I'm glad to hear what Tomas has to say about it … because a lot people say that we wouldn't have the problem now if we had 'finished the job' back then, the first time. Lots of people think that if we'd killed Hussein then it would have solved the problem and I'm really glad to hear how Tomas looked upon that idea. That really helps.

Esmarelda: I was watching Washington Journal one morning, early, and this lady called in and her wish was that George W. Bush and the whole Bush family be wiped off the face of the earth! So I guess we all have our different wishes.

Thoroah: It shows you how ridiculous it is to wish someone was wiped off the face of the earth.

Paula: Well, I sure wish that he were gone because once you lose a leader it kinda undermines things and maybe that would be the answer.

Matthew: Well,there was an email I sent out that included information that apparently some person had a vision in a dream that Jesus came to him and said that if a million people across the world prayed that Saddam step down, that it could actually happen. So perhaps it's possible and the whole idea of him going into exile, if somebody would take him, seems like a fruitful outcome to me, so I haven't given up yet that something like that could happen.

Paula: He's so full of pride he just won't step down. He thinks he's the biggest thing that ever happened. He'll never step down.

Thoroah: Are you talking Bush? Or Saddam? (group laughter and comments)

Paula: Saddam will never step. That's just wishful thinking.

TOMAS: There is something very intoxicating about power. Anyone who has ever had power understands that it is not something your relinquish lightly. Even if you are impotent, if you hold a Position of Power you hold onto the Illusion of Power. And in many ways what you are dealing with is the Illusion of Power and the threats that Illusion will make in order to sustain itself as a reality, even when it is not possible for such a reality to exist. These are mere men. They know in the privacy of their heart that they are weak, but they are driven by the Illusion of Power that has put them in the position that they are in today.

I speak not just of these two leaders you speak of but anyone who is in a Position of Power. They have been PUT there by someone. And to the extent that the group who put them in power has reality, that's how much reality the leader has. He has only as much power as his people. If he has destroyed his people, he has no power, only the Illusion of Power.

This is why the email, Matthew, has merit. Prayer has Real Power and Illusion does not. It's not necessary for people who genuinely pray to take up arms. Their Power is inherent in their Faith . .. Living Faith. The adage is true that 'love is more contagious than hate.' It is augmented by the fact that Prayer has True Power and politics is an Illusion of Power.

Even though all of you play politics and all of you subscribe to political theories, in part, or whole, because of you being residents of this world, you must also realize that Spiritual Reality is Greater Reality than political reality. And that is why we call upon you to call upon your Spiritual Nature to direct your energies in this situation.

Politically speaking, write letters, yes. Make phone calls. Picket on whatever platform you choose. But Spiritually speaking, set-aside all those considerations in favor of the philosophy of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. The world is your home. It is the home of all peoples. All people are citizens of this world, this globe. All the children should have enough to eat. All the water ought to be potable. All the fields should be fertile. And all the temples should be patronized by all people.

But these are Ideals that we strive for. As religionists it is possible for you to persevere because there is that element of Divinity within you that can prevail even when you are weak, give up, become discouraged or submit to fear yourselves. Just keep coming back to that Source of your Reality. Make the acquaintance of the God within you. Hold fast to that Reality. It is eternal.

I suspect that for the duration of the crisis I will be, perforce, your cheerleader. Your team leader, encouraging you to remember who you are and what your real purpose is for being here. It is the development of your soul that is my assignment and I, like you, will need to plow through the vagaries of existence that consume your hearts and minds to such a great extent, that crowds out that joy of living - that well-spring of purpose - that sits within the seat of your soul.

Lift up your eyes from this place beneath the cross of Jesus and find yourself risen, along side him. Having found your way out of that tomb that fear would love to see you buried in, alive. 'Be of good cheer,' is not a simple salutation.

Matthew: I have a question about, what sounded like, in your lesson, Tomas, about those who took part in the anti-war demonstrations last week made themselves 'focal points.' It sounds like I'm fearful but I'm just partly playing with the idea. I was watching the news that evening and saw myself on the very last clip of the News coverage of the Santa Fe demonstration. So I'm just wondering if those cameras are keen enough to know who I am and where I live. What did you mean by 'focal point?' I guess I missed the point.

TOMAS: I certainly did not mean to instill paranoia. I do not like the fact, Matthew, that you would feel as if someone had their sights pointed at you, as if it were an occasion to set you up to be destroyed. If this is your underlying sense of self, we have work to do.

Those who support Value serve that Value. They fight their good fight of Faith against that which is antithetical to the Value they hold as worthy of holding up and fighting for; indeed - living for. If you are afraid of being seen, or of the possible persecutions that might come about as a result of your having put yourself "on display," your heart isn't in it. And perhaps, as the Master told the multitudes, you should reconsider whether you want to "follow me or go home in peace", for those who fight this fight are called upon to be immune from such fears. They have no bearing on what your motives are.

I am going to be your cheerleader now, because I understand the conditioning under which you suffer -- the thought that you are one of humanity, with humanity, yearning for survival. To mind your own business, to live a good life, is also wise, for you are not raising your weapons. You are the meek, inheriting the earth, tending to the nature of things as they are and not seeking to change them.

Those who opt to follow in those footsteps which lead them into the public eye, are vulnerable, certainly, to persecutions, but those who are driven to follow their Holy Grail into the battle of Faith, are impervious to the threat of what might happen to them, for they are willingly laying down their life for that which they believe and for those that they love.

And this is the case, no matter what side you are on -- as a wager of war or a wager of peace.

I encourage you to step out. To see and be seen. To make your presence known. To be a voice in the wilderness. To rise above the throng. To reveal yourself and reveal the Father by your loving activist ways. The Spirit needs supporters. The way of peace needs a voice. Creativity requires workers in its field. Drama needs actors and directors. Music needs conductors and players. Readers need writers. The realm of Liberal Arts is hungry for the words and work of those of you who will reinforce the Value of Life in the face of the down-pull of death.

When you band together in support of one another in what you do, you do create a 'focal point.' A bigger 'focal point' than each of you individually. And this is how it is that millions of people, the world over, without "leadership" are able to make such a statement. Know that you are a part of that part of humanity that seeks to live in Peace and seeks to raise its children and its grandchildren and seeks to raise its crops and seeks to learn and dance and work and sleep and play and live, for whatever purpose Life presents. For Life is Good. Join the side of Good and speak out on behalf of Goodness, and Truth and Beauty. However you see it. And do it fearlessly.

What does it matter if you get "picked off" if you are doing what you are doing with complete and total commitment to its Value? Now that might sound like the cry of the infidel or the heathen, but Passion is a part of Life's experience. Either LIVE it or go home quietly to pursue the dreams of Walter Mitty. The choice is yours.

Paula: Well, my so-called soul doesn't want to see my four grandsons picked off and killed before they've had a chance to live their lives. It'd be so much better to see have that evil man destroyed anyway we can do it, and then maybe, without his leadership there won't be anymore. I hope.

TOMAS: I will not argue with you, woman. You have a right to your opinion.

Paula: Well, that's mine. If I knew how to shoot a gun I'd go over there myself and see if I couldn't pick him off. But I don't know how to shoot a gun. I never did it.

TOMAS: I will empathize with your passion on behalf of your grandsons and pray with you that a resolution be discovered to curtail their having to go sacrifice themselves for a bloody cause that could be worked out if Reality were injected where Illusion prevails.

Perhaps for the balance of the afternoon I might better serve by praying in my own fashion and seeing how I might direct my energies through the Divine Process, rather than through my willful ways, as we discussed last week.


Carry on, then, in your laboratory experiments as experiential children. And we will resume again next week in our familiar, intimate and loving fashion. Peace be upon you, each, and Peace abide with Urantia. Amen and farewell.