1993-04-17-First Arcadia Group Session

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Topic: First Arcadia Group Session

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Argon, Signa

TR: John Roper



After this, it was time to meet Bertrand and Signa. John sat down and quieted himself. We all waited quietly and then the transmissions began. The following transcript is of this session where for the first time we were able to participate in the Teaching Mission.


Teaching Mission, Correcting Time

Prince Machiventa: Children of Time this is Prince Machiventa. I wish to welcome you to the ever growing Teaching Mission that has been established on Urantia to uplift mankind out of darkness and into the light of living Truth. I have come with many Teachers to assist you. . .....on their path through life and their ascension their career. This is a mission that has been ordained by our Creator Son Michael. Special care is being rendered to this planet to help those who are willing to be brought into Light and Life. You are each beloved children of our Heavenly Father. You are each cared for and administered to by an increasing number of the Children of the Third Source and Center.


As you progress through life from this moment on much will change not only for yourselves, but for those that you contact in your daily life and for the planet in general. We are about a great business here. It is much different than when I walked as a man on your planet 4,000 years ago. The Light of Truth had almost gone out, but now it shines brightly. And we are desirous of enlisting your help in spreading this Light abroad across the land. As more and more men and women find this Light in their hearts the whole of society will change. It will move in and uncharted directions, but do not be afraid. The new directions are carefully guided and lovingly administered every step of the way.

For you here today; those of you who find this experience new and exciting; we welcome you. We encourage you, and we pray for you; for much of this work is on your shoulders. But it is a joyous service; the most joyous service of all service that mankind can render to mankind. Look forward to the days ahead. Look forward to your life in this Light. Look forward to your service to Michael on his planet, and look forward to the day when Michael himself will stand before you and recognize your wonderful works. Thank you for this time of being here with you. I will depart and turn this class to over to one of our learned teachers. Farewell.

Argon: Good evening my friends. This is Argon. I am a fused mortal who has come with the Teaching Mission to assist in their work. In the establishment of a new class it is always appropriate to have opening remarks from our Planetary Prince. We thank him for being here with us today.


I would like to carry on his thought of spreading this Light of Truth to those that you meet in your daily life. Each of you knows the spark that is within you. Each of you has had more or less contact with your Thought Adjuster. And each of you is following to the best of your ability the leadings of the guiding spark. That is doing the will of the Father. In being here today you are allowing your Thought Adjusters to interact with one another; to share; to interact with Spirit of Truth that is present. And they will energize you to go forth with a new heart; a new vision; a new feeling. Something different is occurring with you; something unexplained, unpredictable. And this feeling is a new love. A new vision that will allow you to see the Light of Truth in others.

When you are in your daily life, do not hesitate to share your beautiful smile; your helping hand. Do not hesitate to share from your heart your knowledge of the Father; your knowledge of Michael; your knowledge of your own inner Spirit. Because it is through your own personal life, and sharing your personal experience that others will be drawn to their Light within. Share with them the Truth that they also can experience the profound joy that you have, because of your personal knowledge of the love of the Father in your own heart. Shared personal feelings are very powerful.

I would also speak to you concerning your future as a class. For those of you who can meet on a regular basis a teacher has been assigned. There are several among who are being prepared as Transmitter/Receivers. It is an exciting process. Look forward to the day when your Teacher will speak to you and give you guidance. Thank you for these moments. Thank you for joining together in brotherhood and sisterhood. To move one step forward on the mighty path toward Light and Life. Another teacher will wish to speak at this time. Farewell.

Signa: Good evening my old friends and my new friends this is Signa. I have no direct message this evening. I am here to answer whatever questions that are on your hearts this evening.


Jane: Hi Signa. How are you doing?

Signa: Very well. Thank you. And you?

Jane: Good. We are wondering what you do when your not at meetings.

Signa: You have asked me that question before.

Jane: I know. I wanted to hear the latest.

Signa: We have been visiting our class members. We have been planning our work (^for the^) April 24 experience. And there has been a time for rest and relaxation.

Colita: Signa, every time your here I have a certain physical sensation. What can I attribute that to?

Signa: You have the ability to sense the presence of either Teachers or your Guardian Seraphim. I am now used to your human recording devices.

Lucille: Signa, this is Lucille.

Signa: Good evening, Lucille.

Lucille: We would like to start a group.

Signa:You have already done so.

Lucille: What do we do now?

Signa: Meet regularly. There is among you a person who is prepared to become a Transmitter/Receiver. A Teacher has been assigned. You must gather and seek the stillness together and nature will take its course.

Tammy: Signa, hello. I met you once before.

Signa: Yes. Good evening.

Tammy: I've been reading some of the transcripts, and I got a couple of questions that I can't answer.

Signa: Of course.

Second Coming

Tammy: These were from some other papers--Welmek. It was mentioned in the papers of the coming birth of the Master. Can you elaborate on that?

Signa: Did you say birth?

Tammy: Yes.

Signa: I would assume that would mean re-personalization on the planet. There would be never an occasion where the Master would submit himself through the birth experience. That is a completed part of his training. Though he is and has promised to return to Urantia. It is our current belief that this time is close relatively speaking. Most probably within the lifetime of many in this room, but it is conjecture at this point. We are not privy to his thinking concerning revisiting Urantia though we do know for a fact that it is recorded that he has promised to do so.

Tammy: Thank you. I have one more question.

Signa: Yes.

Tammy: In the papers it also said that the Thought Adjuster were gone a lot. In the Urantia book it says they seldom leave. What is your answer?

Signa:Your Thought Adjusters are very rarely absent from you, and only those who are highly experienced and those mortals who are well within the third cycle circle are stable enough for that to occur. It is a rare occurrence.

Hal: Signa, this is Hal. I'd like to follow up a little on the question that when they said Michael will be visiting us. Would it be similar to the visitations that we have had from Machiventa and the Teachers, or does he have a different plan?

Signa: Of course, we do not know the specific plan. But I understand his statement to mean I will return to mean I will return in the flesh. He will return as a visible being.

Hal: That would be visible to those who are capable of seeing him then I would gather.

Signa: There is conjecture on that point. Many believe that it would be visible to all. Some believe it will only be those who have acquired spiritual vision. It is my personal conjecture that it would be a physical manifestation to be seen by all.

Hal: Then we are speculating then that could be a dramatic appearance, dramatic effect which could shall we say hasten Light and Life. Speed up that process.

Signa: That also has been discussed. And no firm consensus has been established concerning that.

Hal: Thank you.

Anton: Signa, first all, I would like to thank you and all of your fellow teachers for volunteering or otherwise making yourselves available. It's very much appreciated whether we fully understand it or not. We do appreciate it. And I particularly appreciate your working as much as you do and encouraging the partnership idea of working through couples. I'd like to follow up yet again this business of reappearance however that's done. In some frameworks we're told that Michael comes again he will appear through media in all languages to all people on the planet at the same time. Not necessarily a physical appearance, but to get everyone's attention at the same time. Can you comment on that?

Signa: Much has changed since he walked on Urantia. You have developed technology to the point to where what you suggest is possible. But I must again say we do not really know. It will happen in accordance with his desires. We do not have what you would call a rumor mill. We only know facts, and generally those facts are known as they occur. It is not normal that we are told far in advance of special events of that nature. Did that answer your question?

Anton: Yes, thank you.

Signa: And I welcome you to this group, also. And thank you for the time to be here.

Thought Adjusters

Doug: Signa, this is Doug. Prior to your arrival I related an experience. I would like to know if that experience was an incidence of my Thought Adjuster communicating with me.

Signa: May I have permission to discuss this with your Thought Adjuster?

Doug: Yes.

Signa: Yes. It was an occurrence of direct contact of the Thought Adjuster-your Thought Adjuster with you. In general many times when a mortal is truly aligned his will with the Father's will a down grasp can occur. And that down grasp can take many parts. In your case it was your Thought Adjuster's affirmation that the Father was indeed right with you all the time. He wishes to also relay this message.

Do not ever fear my parting you. I am with you through out your entire living moments. I am joyous at your attempted contacts, and only wish that you would do so more often. We can share our experiences you and I and together we shall march on into eternity and stand before the Father himself. My love is with you always.

Doug:Thank you.

Jeff:Signa. It's good to see you again. This is also my second time.

Signa:It is good also to see you.

Guidance, Fanaticism

Jeff:I've noticed in the transcripts and here that the Teachers seem to get a lot of questions about the nature of their individual experience. I was thinking...I don't know quite how to phrase my question exactly. I wrote it down...too long, but....

In the Urantia book there is a statement in the Urantia mota section to the effect that the act is ours and the consequences is God's.(48:7.13) It just occurred to me that we often have experiences whether we think they are Adjusters leadings or sensations or other spiritual experiences, and then we often in turn question perhaps we are being cautious in trying to avoid too quickly...grasping that experience and assuming that it's from the Father. The caution often seems to be part of that on the other hand it also gives us the opportunity to turn away from the experience if it does lead us to do something...to say no that was just me. I wondered if you had any advice on how to approach that morontia mota statement? How do we obtain the immediate faith grasp of our own understanding of the will of the Father in a given moment without fearing that we're going astray?

Signa: First, you can understand that describing a certain incident ^leading^ a voice within to celestial source. It has led in the past to many men and women to become fanatical. To go off in directions away from the will of the Father. And so it is always important to have a measure by which to judge an occurrence of that nature. First seek to understand the value of that message or occurrence. Try to understand or see the future in that decisions ability to enhance the fruits of the spirit. Also, seek the quiet time, stillness, to listen for confirmation from your Thought Adjuster. And if your decision concerning that event leads you to feel that it is a leading of the Father then proceed. But always be on the lookout to make sure that your proceeding with the Father. If you should discern movement away perhaps cease. It is not always easy for the human mind to discern the will of the Father as you all know. Have faith; continue to seek the guidance of your Thought Adjusters, and more times than not you will be doing the Father's will. Does that help?

Jeff: Yes. Thank you.

Hal: Signa. Are these other Teachers still with us. Are there others in this room unseen friends here?

Signa: Yes. There are many here tonight.

Tammy: Do you work in liaison with other celestial personalities......?

Signa: We work with our other Teaching Associates. We are also working from time to time with your permanent resident of the planet--midway creatures. We, also, work jointly with your guardian seraphim, your Thought Adjusters. But it is not as you would work with a business associate. It is much different, and unfortunately I do not have the language or the experience to draw from James to express how this working relationship progresses. Of course, also, we work with Prince Machiventa and several other orders of celestial beings unknown to you.

Celestial Contact

Tammy: Can you somehow materialize yourself if you wanted to?

Signa: I cannot.

Tammy: What do midwayers look like?

Signa: Not too different from you?

Tammy: Even the primaries.

Signa: Yes.

Tammy: Can you be more specific?

Signa: In what way?

Tammy: More descriptive.

Signa: I'm afraid there are no words in James' vocabulary to share that information.

Tammy: Thank you.

Hal: They would have a material body of a less dense nature than ours? Is that what your saying? I think that's what she is asking for.

Signa: It is invisible to the human eye, of course. They are bipeds.

Hal: Can I pursue this question of liaison with other ^beings^? Is it possible for us to understand the mechanics of the procedures whereby you know there is a meeting? You know where to be? Where we are gathering? And when?

Signa: Once a group has a requested a Teacher we are assigned. And at that point we monitor the individuals that make up the group. When they gather, we are there. There are occasions when there is an isolated group: such as those who are outside of the Urantia community who don't normally associate with each other on a regular basis as in a study group: such as occurs and has occurred and is occurring in other parts of the world: the helpful guardian seraphim will relay a message to us announcing that a group has gathered for the purpose of gaining more spiritual insight. At that point a Teacher is assigned.

Hal: By what means do they communicate with you? We are accustomed to radio, TV, and letters. How do you communicate?

Signa: There are many methods of communication among celestial beings that are only outside of your ability to conceptualize.

Hal: In pursuit of this new study group. Again we are new and rather lost. Would it be for us to offer an invitation...to set a night for this group, because we come different areas?

Signa: You may do so. That would be appropriate to set a particular night that you plan to gather. If you do so in my presence this evening, I will pass that information on.

Hal: Thank you. How about Thursday the 22?

Lucille: Signa, we have several people that come from quite a ways, and others that work. Would be a Sunday afternoon be...maybe we should....

Signa: I can tell you without hesitation if it was important to meet at 3:00 a.m. on any day we would be there.

Betty: It's very reassuring.

Signa: But please not 2:00 a.m. That is a joke. I am learning human humor from our friend and Teacher Andrew.

Colita: I was listening to a tape. The tape said something about "play of forces". I started talking out loud, and I said, "Oh, alright! They really have horses there." I thought they said play of horses.

?er: Do they have horse there on the mansion world?

Signa: We got large animals of sorts.

Lucille: Are there flowers on these mansion worlds that are like we have here? Like rose? Do they have a fragrance?

Signa: All and better. All and much better. It is difficult to describe the grandeur and beauty of just the mansion worlds. And as you progress to the local capitals on to the system capitals the gardens in their splendor are said to improve a hundredfold. So it is true art taken to the highest level of gardening, horticulture. There are many beings who have volunteered to attend wonderful and beautiful gardens especially those that surround the resurrection halls. (Signa: I am looking for the word in James' mind. Ah! the resurrection halls) Your first visual stimulus will include a visit to the gardens that are an integral part of the resurrection halls.

Hal: Will she get to dig in the soil up there, too?

Jeff: Is there a challenge to the art?

Signa: Yes.


Betty: Could you please tell me where emotions come from?

Signa: Picture in your mind a dam holding water. Picture in your mind a dam that is not full yet, but is filling. And your experiences are the water that fills the dam..the lake behind the dam. And occasionally you have another experience that opens the dam momentarily and outflows the unified mind experience of your entire life in a mind rush. You can feel the tapering off as the spillway is raised. The water begins to trickle and then it stops. Your emotions are very similar. They are born from the totality of your life experiences. When you have an occurrence in your life that opens the dam much of your past experience that surrounds that occurrence flows from the safe keeping places, within your mind into your conscious as indescribable flood of feeling. Does that help?

Betty: Yes. Thank you.

Mansion Worlds

Jeff: Signa, the last time I was with the group. I believe that I had learned that you and Bertrand were residents of perhaps the 5th and 7th Mansion worlds.

Signa: That's correct.

Jeff: I am curious about the technique of how you get here? Basically I assume that it's by seraphic transport. I am just curious of the nature of the morontia body that you might have had on the mansion world, and is that body enseraphimed and brought here? Is there a re-personalization to some physical or morontial form here?

Signa: We are enseraphimed and transported here from Mansion World Number..for me..5. You do assume a transit sleep that is not too different from the transforming transit sleep from Mansion world to Mansion world and on up through the different sphere on toward Paradise. But we do not lose our physical body at that point in coming here. It is essentially the same as we had back on the Mansion worlds.

?er: Where did you land? Where is the transport station?

Signa: LAX!

(Group laughter! You have been here awhile!) I have grown to love this area. We came in to the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite.

Discernment, Growth

Doug: In our desire to become more spiritual and to attune our will to the Father can we overdue it, is there a limitation, to become too zealous?

Signa: There is always the danger of becoming overtaken by one's desire to transform his environment. As long as you continue to seek the will of the Father. As long as you continue to seek the stillness so that you can listen for the perfect guidance of your Thought Adjuster. And as long as you view your progress with the measure of the fruits of the spirit you should be safe.


Doug: Thank you. Second question is regards to the phenomenon that we have here of people mentioning past life experiences. I have surmised that this is merely an instance of the experiences of the Thought Adjuster, and not of that actual life experiences of an individual. Am I any where near correct in that assumption?

Signa: That is nearly correct. You are here for the first time. This is your inaugural voyage shall we say. This your first experience; your only experience as a human or any other being or animal. There is no reincarnation that would bring you back to your sphere of nativity. Though you are reincarnated many times in your onward progression toward the Father, but you never stay at the same level in your reincarnation you always progress. Much of the past recollections of the human mind are resident in the knowledge and experiences of that human mind occasionally some recollections can be partially Thought Adjuster-can possibly have Thought Adjuster content. That is also possible. Does that answer your question?


Doug: How did the human mind acquire these recollections when this was the first time he experienced?

Signa: There is much, very much that the human mind can accomplish that has yet to be explored and discovered through your science. Sooner or later you will discover much about the functioning of the human mind that will allow for these anomalies.

Hal: Could that be in touch with the Universal Mind of the knowledge of these things that comes down through the individual?

Signa: Possibly. Are there any further questions. James is beginning to tire this evening.

Dixie: Signa, this is Dixie.

Signa: Good evening.

Dixie: Good evening. You and the Teachers are domiciled on this planet at this time.

Signa: Yes, we are.

Dixie: I have been having headaches since I've been reading the transcripts. Is those headaches caused from tuning into most of the teachings?

Hal: Overload!

Signa: You are experiencing eye fatigue.

Dora: Signa, this Dora. I also have been experiencing headaches for the past month and twitching of my right eye. Very unusual occurrences for me. Is that eye fatigue, also. I teach.

Signa: I have been asked not to comment.

Dora: Thank you.

Signa?: I'd like to thank you. . ......


Teaching Mission, Light and Life

Signa: It is truly my...it is wonderful to be here. It is exciting to be in the presence of truth seekers. Bright shining spirits. We are encouraged in our jobs by the continued pressure from you human for Teachers. In our original call for Teachers there were nearly 250,000 who volunteered to come to Urantia for the first 100 places on the Teaching Mission. Bertrand and I along with the 98 others were the fortunate ones who were able to come and begin this mission of the reclamation of Urantia for Michael. Since we arrived on Urantia it has been decided to bring many more Teachers both for class sessions and for individuals. Believe me when I say there will never be a shortage, and there will be never a shortage of those who have volunteered to come to Urantia specifically. Your planet sits in a most unusual position of having been chosen as the bestowal planet for our Creator Son. Few on the planet today truly realize the might significance of that fact. It means literally that your planet is special. It means that you are receiving incredible help to right the wrongs of 255,000 years. It is Michael's desire that this planet proceed at a pace quickened not only by the appearance of many thousands of Teachers, but also by the reconnection of the circuits to proceed toward Light and Life as fast as humanly possible. It is up to you. It is up to each of you individually. You are to bring that Light about in those you meet in your life, and they in turn do the same. This geometric progression will spread and Urantia will become a planet settled in Light and Life in a incredibly short time. Much is happening and much will continue to happen. Continue to seek the Father within in your daily life for that is the perfect guide. We can only help and share our knowledge and the knowledge that we bring with us, but you have perfect guide within you. Do not hesitate to call for his help at any time for it is always there. For this evening I'm going to bid you farewell. We pray for you. We encourage you. We love you dearly. Farewell.