1993-12-02-Tallahassee, FL, Early Transcripts, Part 3

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Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 3

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Michael, Montrose, Maleena, Nubeea, Machiventa

TR: JoiLin

Session 1

  • 12-02-93
  • Design Of The Teaching Mission


Let us begin.

Good morning JoiLin, you had to work a bit in order to step out in faith this morning, did you not? It is I, Machiventa Melchizedek who speaks to you.

You have a question regarding my session with Judi yesterday. You wonder if I were aware that we were being tested. Of course, I was aware child. I am aware of many things on many levels. But it is not my place, nor would I want it to be, to point out those things. (Ed.: This was in reference to a "trick" question that was asked during a private session)



The people on your planet play out a paradox within their own minds; on the one hand they have such abiding faith that makes them true Agondonters, and on the other hand, they have such little faith that makes them question when they already know the answers. Mind you, I am not finding fault, simply stating a fact. We understand; it comes with the territory in dealing with people from worlds such as yours. These things too will pass my child, and one day you will all live in the light of understanding.

Teaching Mission

I would like to speak with you today regarding the overall picture or design of this teaching mission, as mandated by our sovereign, Michael of Nebadon. The ultimate design will bring your planet to the threshold of Light and Life. You and others like you, forming groups across your world, are only the beginning. While you may not see your planet step over that threshold into a settling of Light and Life, you will certainly be able to see the fruits of your steadfast endeavors. Much as one can see the progress of any endeavor by looking back into the history of its beginning.

You will witness the opening of more and more hearts across your world, affecting those in all walks of life, from the lowest man in the street, or woman for that matter, to those in the higher echelons of government. You may witness a reformation within some of the existing churches. You are already able to pick many books off the shelves of bookstores and read our message of love for the brotherhood, peace for all, within the pages of a very diversified number of books. You can hear our message ring out from the pulpits of many churches. From those that are called evangelists you will hear our message as well.

We are not just working with groups such as yours, we are working with a multitude of individuals, and many who have no idea they are being worked with. Michael so loves your planet and all of his children that He will not allow His plan to fail. Each person being worked with and through is a vitalpart of the whole fabric of love enveloping your world. Each plays their part in making the plan a reality. Know within your hearts, not only how cherished you are by the Father and Michael; you are cherished and appreciated by those of us who serve within the teaching core of this mission as well.

Do not falter my children; the way is opening, necessitating the need for more and more service. Use the tools that you’ve been given to the best of your ability, gaining your strength and direction from the Father within first. It is only through this method, through your part, that Michael’s plan will be assured, and allowed to unfold sooner rather than later. The final goal of Light and Life has never been in jeopardy; the amount of time it will take is the only changing factor.

When one begins to work a jigsaw puzzle, especially one with many tiny pieces, at first one may feel a bit overwhelmed at ever finding the pieces to make the frame, the outer edges within which all the other pieces fit. We, those of us who make up the administration and staff of this teaching mission across your world, have taken this mission with your help, beyond that initial stage, wherein some of you certainly did experience this feeling of being overwhelmed. But the good news my children, is that we have gone beyond that initial stage of the framework; the network now encircles your world. The job now consists of putting in all the little pieces, and this my dear students, is the job that you do so well; person to person, heart to heart, mind to mind, Father to Father. Each time you open yourselves to the men and women that pass into your lives, allowing yourselves to be a conduit, the Father is able to quicken them wherein they will be more willing to allow the Father within them to begin leading. If only you could see the fruits of your labors as we can, you would be much uplifted.

I would like to give you this vision my children of a nighttime sky. Looking up it is at first black, now watch for pinpoints of light and see them quicken; each individual you have opened to is now a light in that nighttime sky, showing the way of others in order that they may continue the process, using their light to show the way for still others. Multiply this my children, by all the workers within the mission, by all of the individuals who are helping both those aware and those unaware. Now we have a nighttime sky that is literally blazing with light. That is the vision that your planet presents to those of us who have the ability to see.


We bless you for your contribution and send our love as a gentle rain to enfold each and everyone. I leave you now, encouraging you as always, to seek Him first in order that you might feed yourselves the essence of Paradise.


Session 2



Let us begin.

You know it is I JoiLin, your teacher who loves you.



You are beginning to develop a more receptive stage in your ability as a receiver. This receptivity makes the message come in a much more fluid style. You no longer have to grope for our words, they come rather quickly. Those times that you doubt yourself child, those are the times that you stumble, you then begin to doubt your ability. Allow us free reign child and the message will come clear and true. There is much less chance of the message being contaminated when you allow us this freedom. The more quickly the message comes, the less chance of contamination by your thought processes.

You have been wondering regarding your ability to use certain words, you seem a little intimidated by Eric’s ability to transmit. Eric’s ability is along those more receptive lines we were speaking about. He doesn’t have to think, he simply allows the message to come. You are working toward that level child, continue as you are and you will reach the goal, sooner than you may think.

I was on hand for your session with Judi and Machiventa the other day. You handled yourself quite well; we are proud of you child. This is a service we appreciate, as do your group members. Never fear those trick questions JoiLin, they will always be dealt with in one way or another. And there is no need for you to fear at any rate, since it is we who are being questioned, and we who are answering.


These highs and lows that you exhibit, these emotional scales you seem to go up and down on, are all a part of the growth process. Do not be overly concerned. Each time you come out of what you call your low, you come out at a higher level. And so you can look back and see your upward moving path, always upward, always inward toward the Father. You do well child, we congratulate you on your perseverance and on your faith.


And now JoiLin, I suggest you go and feed your physical vehicle. I bid you adieu. Shalom.

Session 3


Christmas, Receptivity

Today’s lesson will refer to this holiday season as it begins to unfold among many people on your planet. This is a time when many hearts begin to open to the love of the Father. This is a time filled with much emotion, much expectation for the future, wherein individuals are both vulnerable in regard to their emotions and yet receptive in regard to their opening to the Father’s will and a willingness to meet their brothers and sisters in a more loving, receptive manner.


In many businesses [the] whole main trust is [in] the selling of a product, there will be found within the calendar year, certain times that might be termed their "peak season", wherein those products move more quickly. If we carry this analogy into the teaching mission arena, this would be the opening beginning of the peak season; beginning with the Thanksgiving weekend, and carrying through the New Year celebration and continuing on through the Easter season. This is the time, my children, when your brothers and sisters, as well as yourselves, are more open to the Father’s love.

I ask that you take every opportunity afforded you in reaching your brothers and sisters and help me to activate the spirit of the Father within them. You know this method well my children; I simply ask that you make those opportunities for yourselves wherein you may touch their lives. This of course is not easily done unless you step out among them.

I would have you know the depth of my love for you, it knows no bounds. JoiLin is having difficulty in accepting that it is I that speak. I am both your father and your brother, I am Michael, and I love you each with a love you will one day truly understand. Know that I am with you always, that I do walk beside you and would hold your hand, would you but allow it.


And now my children, I leave you with my blessing and the light of the Father’s love through me. I am the door through which you will walk. Fill the world my children with His light, with His love as you meet your brothers and sisters through the platform of love.


Session 4

  • 12-07-93


This was really later in the morning of December 06, however for the sake of my computers inability (or perhaps it’s my inability) to log two files with the same date, I have given it the following days date.]


Good morning JoiLin, it is Will, your teacher who loves you.

You were taken by surprise this morning, as was I. I am not always privy to Michael’s drop-in calls. Your mind child is too excited for us to continue. I’m not leaving you child, simply putting this lesson off until later when you are feeling less excited. Know you are always in my thoughts and I am always available to you.



Session 5

  • Addendum Insert from November, 1993
  • Learn To Recognize Your Worth



Accept your own unique roll in this unfolding drama of service to your world. You sought this experience many years ago. We have been teaching you, working with you for these many past years. You have not yet learned to recognize your worth child, much less your role in Michael’s plan. This service project JoiLin, will continue forward spanning many years. This is a project that you will not allow to fall on the wayside as you have many projects in the past.

You have found what you have been searching for, the teachers you have been seeking are gathered together to help you. You spend much energy pursuing negative thoughts regarding yourself and your worth. All of the Father’s children have worth JoiLin, and those that have accepted roles in Michael’s plan while they are not loved more, they are certainly guided and protected in order that the future goal be secure. You must work at self love at this point JoiLin, for when you love yourself as you love others, you may be able to have more faith in yourself and your role.


We love you child, understand you are never alone; some of us are always available if you need counsel. Do not neglect your time with the Father. He is your life’s mainspring. He is the source of all that is. He cannot give to you JoiLin, if you do not actively seek Him. Stay in His light; try to master your fears through this seeking of the Father. Remember our nearness, our availability, and our love for you.


Session 6



Let us begin.

JoiLin, this lesson will be for you; there is no need to tape it unless you want to. Child you are a wonder to us. You have such a deep abiding faith in the Father, and yet so little in yourself. You must work JoiLin at loving yourself. Accepting the fact that you are in fact deserving of much happiness, of much love.


These connections you have with the Father and Michael are real child, you doubt them only because you doubt yourself. You will one day come to accept that you are a much beloved daughter, a true Agondonters and one upon whom His blessings will continue to fall. God does not play favorites JoiLin, but there are certain laws of the universe that you do not yet understand, that come into play automatically upon certain criteria being met. You are a good and loving daughter of light; you will continue to grow and become filled with even more light. Trust yourself my child; trust in the Father’s guidance and love, as well as ours. We are here for you; when you doubt, seek within. When you need support, ask and we are here.

This season of doubting JoiLin is all part of the growth process. Do not strain so at gnats, let them go. With each season of doubt you emerge a stronger faith child of the Father. And now go little one. Remember the Father is always with you; you have but to seek Him. You have much help and support JoiLin. Avail yourself of it child. Give yourself peace.


Session 7

  • 12-09-93TR
  • (School) Responsibility


Let us begin. Good morning JoiLin, it is I Machiventa Melchizedek who speaks with you this morning.



You have many questions flowing through your mind. I would answer first the question regarding what is your responsibility to this school, and your participation therein? Your participation child is dictated as much by your willingness to serve as by anything else. Your question relating specifically to your morning lessons, your teachers are available to you not just at 10:30 in the morning, but throughout the day. You need not lock yourself into a specific time of day. I do not however advocate a slacking off of your personal lessons; these hold much growth potential for you JoiLin, and are helping you to develop a strong habit of turning to your teachers and the Father for guidance. Do not take this as criticism child, but your personality type is such an enthusiastic one that it is necessary for you to develop deeply entrenched patterns of thought and behavior in order that your energies not be scattered, but more focused. Your lessons have now become such a habit and one that we feel certain you will continue to pursue. Try over the next week scheduling these sessions at a time best suited to your daily schedule and see if in fact, the pattern maintains itself as a daily priority. You have come far child, and will go yet further still. We your teachers, appreciate your diligence.

And now child we sense that you are beginning to move out of this current season of doubting into a more accepting, faith-led manner of thinking and perceiving. This will grow stronger over time. You will begin to sense within when you have allowed the Father to engage another. You must first seek actively JoiLin this awareness, it will then be made known to you. We have much faith in you child, we are glad to see that you are beginning to have that same faith in yourself. Each day adds another layer of growth, another strengthening rod to the fabric of your being.


And now I bid you adieu, admonishing you as always, to seek the Father and His strength, wisdom and love within.



There have been a number of very personal sessions designed to help me do inner clearing that I felt would not have been of any particular help to anyone beyond knowing that they did occur.]

Session 8



Good afternoon JoiLin, it is I Machiventa Melchizedek that speaks with you today.



You are processing much information child, on many different levels, some of which you are not even aware. Give yourself some space in which to incorporate this new knowledge into your being. Too much information at one time will create a backflow of information. The mind can only take in and process so much information at one given time. You will see many similarities in this new book you have gotten, (Mary Speaks- an additional student present ). . . parallels with our teaching mission. As I have said in times past, we are reaching many different people in many different ways across your world. We will reach people to facilitate the opening of their minds by whatever avenue is open to us.

Using your Spirit of Truth, you will be able to discern those things within each vehicle (book, etc.) that are truth. Those kernels of truth will resonate within your being and you will simply know them to be true. Use this mechanism child; it is a part of Michael’s gift to all mankind, that His message would not become lost to the world. We are all working very hard to up step mankind’s ability to recognize and accept this message, and as we have said, the tides have turned. The good news is on the flow, spiritual darkness is on the ebb.

I would have you know how loved you are by those of us who know you. Keep up your stillness practice, you are building that place within; you are making progress. Continue your work in sharing with the Father those things in your heart and know that the tears you shed are a necessary mechanism of cleansing and opening those areas that are blocked.


I leave you now with my blessing and the understanding that you do indeed walk in the light of the Father.

Shalom, my little one.

Session 9

  • 12-21-93
  • TR Process


Let us begin.

Good afternoon JoiLin, it is I your teacher who loves you.


We have not had an opportunity to work together on a personal level lately, so I will take this opportunity to tell you I have missed our sessions. I know you have been able to benefit from your meetings with Ambrose; he too loves you very much.


I would like to speak with you today regarding your desire to have more lengthy lessons once again. You also wonder why the information, when it comes through Eric, seems to be of a much higher intellectual standard. This is no reflection on you child, but Eric does have one of those minds that you so admire. He is one that has the ability to understand many concepts on many different levels and his retention of what he has read is phenomenal. That is not to say that the information when it comes through you is not also valid, it is child. I could say "I’m opening the door" using very flowery speech, adding many additional words that are really unnecessary to get the point across. Or I could simply say, "I’m opening the door". In either case, the message is essentially the same. When boiled down, it is the same. Coming through one receiver or another, there are some slight differences, depending upon the terminology that is understood by the receiver. You will come to understand this as time goes on. You also wonder about what appears to be slight discrepancies of similar information coming through different receivers. We have explained m any times; the message cannot help but be somewhat tainted, depending on the mindset of the receiver. But it you take all of the messages and put them together, reading them all, at the end, you will come up with the general flavor, the general message that was intended to be transmitted; the consensus if you will. So do not belabor these small inconsistencies, they will even out in the long run.

And now child, if you are willing we would like to allow a guest to speak to you. (I agreed).

Good afternoon JoiLin. My name is Montrose (big interruption, dogs barking, etc.) Do not concern yourself with interruptions; they are very much a part of your life, are they not?

I would like to speak with you regarding your ability to make yourself available to those of us on this side. There are many who are willing and waiting to make themselves available to people on your world. If you are willing, we would like for you to help us train them in learning this communication method. If it would work for you child, at the end of each day’s lesson, we would allow one or two of these volunteer teachers to speak with you. These would not necessarily have to be long periods of time, it is in doing this communication that the method is learned, not the length of time. Is this acceptable to you? (I replied, "Yes it is; I feel honored to serve.) We are much appreciative daughter, of your endeavors and your faithful service. I have watched you struggle from afar; I know what is in your heart. You must learn to love and to give yourself more credit. You are making progress; you will attain the goal of lifelong service to the Father.

I leave you now child, with my blessings, thanking you once again for the service you will render to Michael’s mission on earth.


Will: And now JoiLin, we would introduce one more teacher volunteering to this mission.

Good afternoon JoiLin, my name is Maleena. I have been waiting for one such as you to give me the opportunity of learning this method of communication. I am very thankful to you for this opportunity. I hope I will soon be assigned my own students, but my superiors must first find a suitable receiver in order that I might begin teaching. Would you mind if I began with a small lesson through you? II said I would not mind.) Thank you JoiLin.


The lesson I would like to impart to you my dear student today is one regarding the opening of our hearts to all of God’s children. The eyes of humans see these children of God, as encompassing all of mankind, however, on a universe level, there are myriad members of the Father’s family that we also embrace and accept within our hearts. In a general sense, all beings are children of the Father.

There are many spiritual beings working diligently on your planet for the upliftment of mankind and for the correction of those wrongs committed to your ecological systems. Throughout your planet earth, many of the fruits of this work will not be seen or recognized by mankind for many, many years. There will simply be a warming of the spiritual temperature of your world that might be perceived by one such as yourself. Each time that you and your brothers and sisters are able to open your heart and direct the Father’s love at another, the seeds of this warming are planted. How long it will take for those seeds to germinate, sprout, and bear fruit we cannot say in your time frame, but from ours, the length of time it will take is appropriate to the task that lies ahead.

I ask you child to continue on the path you have begun. Continue seeking the Father, speaking with Him, opening your heart, bringing all things to Him; He would share every aspect of your life child, it gives Him much pleasure, and brings you much help. Remember dear one, your teachers are within calling distance; you have but to call, one of us will respond. I bid you good day.



Will: And now JoiLin, I recommend we close this session as you have become quite chilled. (She was alluding to the fact that our heating system went down yesterday, and we are still waiting for the repairmen to come) Remember the love we have for you child; and remember to include the Father in your daily thoughts actively, include Him child.


Session 10

  • 12-22-93
  • The Spark of God


Good morning JoiLin, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.


Thought Adjuster

This morning I would like to address the general population's understanding of the Temple within, or that Spark of God that they were told about in their Sunday school classes. To most unschooled people, this temple is a kind of nebulous unknown; thought to be more a fantasy than a reality, when in fact, as you well know, it is a real place. A place you are beginning to create with your indwelling God Fragment. When you come to that place JoiLin, and bring those precious things that you hold close in your heart, as well as when you talk with Him about those things that lie heavy on your heart, you are building a relationship child, one that you will continue to build forever and anon. You have not yet discovered the full joy that will one day be yours each time you go within, but you are working toward this end JoiLin, so do not lose hope of reaching this goal. You will achieve it with continued perseverance. Is not well known in your world that a goal worth having is a goal worth striving for?

When you speak with others regarding Michael’s life and work on earth, when you speak to them of seeking the Father within, speak to them of your own difficulties, your beginnings at seeking that place. Share with them your personal story; it will make the idea of attaining that goal more of an approachable reality to them. It won’t seem so far fetched when related to them as pages from your own life; it will give them the understanding that it is a reality, and not some mystical mumbo jumbo. And now, if you need to check the house, please do so, I will wait. (Much commotion going on in other end of house, dogs barking, etc.) These interruptions JoiLin, are no problem for us, we will always be waiting for you to return.

And now child, if you are ready I would like to bring in one of the teachers in training.

Good morning JoiLin, it is I Maleena, come to speak with you once again. I enjoyed the opportunity you gave me yesterday so much that my superior has agreed to let me give another short lesson today if you are willing. (I said I was) I thank you JoiLin for giving me this opportunity.

Focus, Service

The lesson I would like to give you today regards a person’s ability to hold in the focus of their mind the image of the brother or sister they are speaking with as a child of the Father. It may be easier if one began with a mental vision of Christ Michael, see in your brother or your sister’s face the image of Jesus. It is oft times most difficult to maintain a loving attitude toward someone who has closed themselves off, who is negative or even verbally abusive toward us. In the beginning the most that you might be expected to achieve in your early development of this practice, might be acknowledging in your mind that this person is in fact, a child of the Father, as are you. Mentally tell them you love them, the essence that they are, but do not love the behaviors they are exhibiting. Say this aloud if you can, but in the beginning you may not be able to. Then simply close the conversation and withdraw from the situation. You will have allowed the Father to access that person if only for a brief moment. Each time you or someone else contacts that person, using the same technique of openness, love and acceptance, that person will be changed from the inside. Step by step, day-by-day, contact-by-contact. It does not happen overnight; certainly it takes time, as all nurturing takes time. But the change does take place.

And so you can see that building forward from the worse case scenario, your job becomes easier and more joyful. Joyful especially when you contact someone whose heart and mind has already begun to open. That makes your job so easy and such a joy to help this person blossom and open as a rose to the mornings dew and sunshine. And all those in between contacts, from the worse to the best, you will access using your best judgment and the most love you can bring to bear depending upon each individuals receptivity. The next time you are confronted with what you think of as an obnoxious person, instead of acting in kind, try your very best to see Christ Michael’s face; allow Him to reach out and begin the change within that person. Maintain this feeling of love toward that person for as long as you can, then gently withdraw, understanding that you have indeed participated in the beginning process of change.

This then ends my lesson for today. I leave you with my blessing and my thanks again for this opportunity. Shalom.

Teacher Contact

Will: JoiLin it is I will who speaks with you now. Are you willing that another of our teaching mission volunteers speak through you? ( I said I was.)

Nubeea: Good morning JoiLin, my name is Nubeea. I thank you for the opportunity of speaking through you. I would like, if you don’t mind, to simply chat. I would like to ask how this process feels to you; would you mind telling me?

JoiLin: No, I wouldn’t mind. It feels kind of tingly. I can tell you are here. I can no longer tell with Will or Machiventa, but I’m able to tell with you new volunteers. I suppose it’s because your energies are different and I’m not yet used to your particular frequency.

Nubeea: Yes, I wondered if you could tell on a physiological level. It must seem very strange to speak words that feel as if they are you own and then give ownership to someone else.

Strange is not what I would have said; a little scary perhaps. Mostly because it does feel like me. There is no mechanism for me to be certain that the words are yours. Or for me to be certain that I’m not coloring them in some way. I usually try to remember to pray before I sit for my lessons that my thoughts, that my personality is allowed to stand aside and leave the channel open and clear. I have to admit that I forgot to do that today. I think the Father knows that that is my mindset; that that is my prayer.

Second Coming, Materialization

Nubeea: Yes child, of course He knows. Where do you think this teaching mission is headed JoiLin?

JoiLin: Ultimately, I thin we are preparing the way for Michael’s return. Certainly for the return of the Melchizedeks.

Nubeea: Do you think this will happen in your lifetime?

JoiLin: the return of Michael? Probably not. Possibly the materialization of the Melchizedeks during my lifetime. I do pray for this; UI would so much like to be a part of it!

Nubeea: Oh, child you are a part of it. Never doubt that. You are very much a part of it.

How do you talk to people JoiLin, about those things that have happened within this teaching mission in the past that have caused negativity or doubtful skepticism? Such as the non-materialization of the Melchizedeks, or the healing that were attempted that did not happen. How do you explain these things?

JoiLin: Well, I haven’t been asked to explain them. I think if I were to explain them today, I would have to say that in the beginning of almost any endeavor there would be some mistakes made. When a corporation or a school or what have you is in the beginning stages of development and mistakes are made, one doesn’t simply close the doors and say, "Oh, well, we might have had a school or a corporation that would have provided jobs for many people. Too bad, we made a mistake; have to close the doors. No, it continues and learns from its mistakes, and grows, hopefully into a viable institution contributing to the good of the community. And so too, the teaching mission. One has to look at the overall fruits, and they have been many, people are changing for the better, they are becoming more loving, more open, more understanding, more tolerant, and they are stepping out on their own spiritual paths and purposely, actively seeking the will of the Father in their lives. These are all good things. And so that would have to be my answer to them. I would also encourage them to read transcripts; to observe a group and see how the members are all open, loving, accepting individuals who are pursuing spiritual paths.


Nubeea: Thank you child, for your insights. They will help me when I have student of my own to work with. I will leave you now asking you to add your prayers to all of ours for the continued success of this teaching mission. Remember the Father in all things; to share with Him what is in your heart.