1995-07-21-Potentials of Growth

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Topic: Potentials of Growth

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS (TR #2}: Good evening, my friends, I am Tomas, your teacher, guide and companion. I am on-line this evening in lieu of Daniel. His ministrations are here; his comfort is available, but I am given the pleasant task of addressing your group this evening. The thrust of your conversations prior to this transmission has stimulated even those of us on this side, for we are seeing your intellectual concepts expand. And in-as-much as I have been a firebrand previously, I am challenged by the discourse and would spend some time discussing this development with the full approval and comprehension of Daniel.



What I reference is the many mushrooming methods of potential growth among those who have learned from this Mission and who have developed their own verbal communication skills with Teachers. Those of you who are not active in the role of transmitter/receiver see the variations according to the voice and often the mortal is regarded as the one responsible for the coloration of the concept being presented, but be advised that these are in accordance with the expanding awareness the importance of your work. The potential, the future of Urantia is in store for great changes. New thoughts, methods and approaches are required to bring about forward-moving effects in your society in terms of education, finances, etc., as we have discussed, as was discussed at the first formal gathering. How then do these come about without your involvement?

The variations of personality and aptitude are well spread out throughout humanity. As humanity begins to mature, as it begins to seek guidance from wiser sources, as the individuals in faith look to their own future destiny plans and ask that His will be done in their life, then to that extent will these mushrooming outpourings take place.

You regard your Teacher as steadfast, stable, reliable, forthright, conservative yet daring in his proclamations of good tidings, in stillness methods, in all his wondrous words. Also your regard for Teacher Ham is unsullied, for these Teachers focus from a vantage point which is not fear-inducing. And realize that your trust in Daniel and Ham has been developed over a long period of time. Your growth has been carefully nurtured and your own potential has developed and come to some fruition as a result. You now are beholding other Teachers, other groups develop methodologies and philosophies that are not immediately aligned with that with which you are familiar, and some of these may seem abstract or too colorful for your preference. That is as it should be, my friends, for your group meets certain needs which to other groups would appear unfamiliar or uncomfortable to their way of life. Like the flower garden, the daisies, cacti, wisteria, moss, all may grow together.

Also, in those early days of this Revelation, when the light of truth was first brought to Urantia, certain activities were set into motion. Some effects are more apparent than others. There were and have been activations on-going, even prior to this phase of Revelationthe teachers coming to interact with you in your life journey. Those mortals who are eager to serve, who have gifts to give, who are willing to be impressed, will in fact be lured toward acting upon those impulses which at first seem extreme, which sometimes appear like science fiction or Orwelian. There are innumerable gifts that have already been given to Urantia by those individuals who have listened to guidance prior to Teachers coming. With the Teaching Corps now in sway, the processes of responding to the work that will be necessary are amplified. Do not allow these different musical instruments to disturb your trust and faith in the symphony itself. Listen to the instruments with an open mind and know that this age is only beginning.

As you were also discussing this evening in your social time there are great and direct gulfs between the peace which passes all understanding and the chaos which reigns in the collective consciousness of Urantians today. This vast gulf needs to be bridged, for what has existed, that which your world is founded upon, your cultures, your systems that are undergoing great change, have had and do have worth. The gleaning of the tares from the wheat produces chaos, but the wheat stands in harmony with the peace that passes all understanding. The plans and ideations of those human beings who are eager to contribute and who are open to spirit guidance will make their methods and ideologies known to you, for this is the drawing board of a new era, a new age. Far removed from today is the end result, but there will be much shaking up in all these realms which need correcting. One cannot correct the structures of Urantia by remaining in Stillness but must take the strength of the faith and courage which is garnered from that position of sonship into Urantia in company, ideally with others of like minds, for in this way movements begin, blocks of believers are solidified, the community at large works together hither and yon across the globe for our mutual purposes.

(I will state parenthetically that this transmitter/receiver has been experienced/exposed to decades of counsel and guidance from a secondary midwayer and celestial artisan, as well as others, from which there is a product which promotes forward-thinking ideologies. In her respect for the Teachers and fear of self-aggrandizement, she and I have agreed that I, Tomas, will not delve into those matters too deeply which she feels strongly about; her belief is that this is a human effort and not a Teacher project, therefore she opts not to color her transmissions in these formal teaching settings by referencing that product.)

I am aware that when you all met for your Teaching Mission Gathering last summer, many of you were amazed at the array of personalities in attendance, and that many of you, if not all of you, had reservations based upon your preconceived notions of what your brother or sister looked like. Such a simple truth. And by the conclusion of that conference your hearts had opened a hundredfold and your capacities to embrace humanity as siblings in this spiritual family and in this mortal endeavor was greatly enhanced. Your plates were full. Your hearts overflowed with the abundance made apparent.

In this same context then, you will hear of many attempts, ideas, concepts, interests, ambitions, strategies, programs and endeavors which in truth are part of the solution and not part of the problem, for Michael's children are banding together to bring Urantia forward. These different ideas, different factors, different nations, different races, different sects, are not different at all. They and you and we are all interdependent upon one another!

Love one another. Love that within yourself which is becoming, that which is childlike and inexperienced, for it is what can be taught, can be led, guided, lured into the next plane of contribution to Urantia.

Truly this is a very exciting age. In spite of your difficult moments, your weary hours, your discouraged instances, in light of truth, the flowering of Urantia is well under way. You indeed will hear reports of activities outside your community. Next week you will hear of the Mission Gathering in Hawaii. So many activities on going can only indicate that growth is running rampant, for you, beloved students, are paragons of eagerness to merge with your Indwelling Spirit. You are believers and followers of our Creator Son, Christ Michael. You are forerunners, and as you see your growth you may be assured that the whirling eddy of growth around you and around others who are dedicated to this same cause is changing the face of the world. Be of good cheer. Be refreshed in the knowledge that your isolation has ended and that you are being supported and encouraged by celestial hosts of time and space.

Thank you, dear students, for your ears this evening. Perhaps there are matters on your mind which were not covered by my lesson. I would love to respond to your concerns in that context or any other. I also remind you that Daniel is available; should you ask, he would respond.



Tonya: Good evening, this is Tonya. I -- let's see if I can get my question out right. It kind of popped into my head midway through the week -- concerning the mansion worlds. And first of all, how do we graduate from one world to the other? Is it like here when we die and we ascend or is it in some other fashion that we make our ascension? And then also, as we ascend, as we attain perfection, how do we know when we have attained the perfection? I mean, how do we know when we have reached that level? And when we have, then, in a sense, as I was thinking of it earlier this week, in attaining for perfection I was wondering if in attaining perfection, in a lot of ways we possibly lose a lot of that which is very specific to our own identity, if we almost don't become very much alike when attaining perfection. Or is there a perfection that is different for each person?

TOMAS: Thank you, Tonya, for your power-packed question. I wi1 of necessity divide that into two parts, two questions, and first discuss your ascension through the mansion worlds. You will be pleased to know that your transitions from one world to the next are very apparent for we are big on celebrations and there is always a party. You also will have been given to you, although not as literal as you are familiar, a certificate of completion. The acknowledgement that you have attained what was necessary to have been attained will be made clear to you and you will know this in your being that you know.

There are actual physical realms on the mansion worlds and it is necessary to touch upon all of these worlds, even if you are not required to stay, you must touch base with each of the mansion worlds as there is order in the universe. When and as your ascendant soul is made ready for the next level of growth, so will you then move into a new realm. There are instances even now which could be given as a vague example of what I mean, for your work has begun on Urantia in the flesh that is also necessary to be dealt with on the Mansion Worlds, yet you have not yet physically gone from here to there. Yet your guardians have up-stepped, your energies have up-stepped, your realm is in many ways different than it was before you made those decisions which have placed you in the realm where you are today. Although you may look across and see former realms of your existence, you no longer live there. And in like manner you will see the differentiation in the mansion worlds.

In addressing question number two, part of you is correct, for your ego as you know it must alter and diminish as you ascend. Your identity, however, is made more pure and unique. So whereas on one hand you become more homogenized with other finaliters in function, in harmony, in purpose and so forth, your personality aspects which are incompatible with others have been gradually eradicated so that your individuality is pure and totally satisfying yet compatible. Does that answer?

Tonya: I'm trying to decide. I think I'm still a bit confused concerning perfection, but I'm trying to figure out where. So, in a sense, just to try to repeat: it's a two-fold thing. In one sense we're diminishing and in another way we're increasing.

TOMAS: Question mark?

Tonya: Yeah.

TOMAS: Yes, but let me preface my remarks here by comforting you in your dilemma that you are having a hard time comprehending perfection, for the vantage point of perfection that you are seeking in your question is far removed from where we are today. The issue of your perfection today is actually more appropriate as a subject for discourse, for there is something you can do today which will take you into the perfection of eternity; but I understand your eager mind wants to project and discover for itself whether all this work is worth it, whether you will still be there to know that you have attained perfection when it has been ultimately attained, and yes, you will know perfection when you have attained it. God Himself will tell you so. Would you like to pursue anything at this point, Tonya?

Tonya: I think that pretty much has helped me. One thing I'm trying to decide is, when I think of perfection I try to put in my mind what I see around me [that] might be perfect and as I have done that, I have found that everything that I look at and look towards for perfection is inherently imperfect. Perhaps I was wondering: is perfection a right word to use or is there another word that would be more appropriate?

TOMAS: I am inclined to agree that there is hardly anything more appropriate than perfection, for we seek it constantly. The thing that caught my attention in your words was that you 'looked for perfection' and I would suggest here that you, rather than look for perfection, begin to perceive perfection as you encounter it, which makes it more personal and more reliable. There can be unending criticism with the material universe due to personal tastes and so forth, but the feeling of alignment with Divinity is something which will remain with you long after you have abandoned your mortal tabernacle.

It would therefore behoove you to focus on the perfection of the Indwelling God Fragment of your fellow human beings and yourself. In recognizing how your God feels inside you and observing how your peers feel with their God in them, is yet another connection. Begin to sense and perceive that God Fragment in other individuals. You will recognize that quality in them. Of course the perfection of your friends is shrouded by mortal imperfection, but the reality of that individual lies within, and the potential of that individual also lies within. Therefore, do not mistake appearances for perfection, for these external realities are constantly undergoing change and growth. Take the obvious with a grain of salt but rather seek for that within which is permanent and unchanging. Recognize that element of God within your peers and trust that feeling. That is a fragment of perfection. Seek it. Nurture it. Foster it. In yourself and in others.

By the same token, do not be misled or dismayed by outward appearances and behaviors and voicings which you hear, for these are the composite of that individual which has been born and bred on a planet fraught with difficulty. Therefore have patience with the imperfections of others and yourself. Yes, you do well to be interested in perfection, but remember the relativity of your circumstances, your growth at this point. Respect that about you which is perfect and become comfortable with that element. It will raise you up to pure perfection. Enough said.

Tonya: Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you.

Rutha: Tomas, this is Rutha. Not to belabor this issue of perfection but while sitting here listening to this, it appears to me that we as humans really are so tied to our ego that we cannot truly comprehend what perfection is because we're going from a material existence. And is not perfection something that is so divinely attuned with spirit that until we become pure spirit the ego will still be attached in some way? Well, maybe not ego as we leave this planet but some other aspect will be somewhat still reserved in understanding perfection until we become pure spirit?

TOMAS: Yes, however, do not disdain the relativity of your perfection, of your own emerging identity. It is error to assume that personality manifestation is singularly egoistic. The being who allows the influence of God in his or her life is a reflection of those attributes of Deity which embrace those altruistic qualities which are shared by the higher orders of beings. Being of animal origin does not discount the sterling qualities of the human being.

Rutha: Thank you, Tomas. That cleared up a lot in my mind. Thank you for your words tonight.


Kent: Greetings, Tomas. You addressed one of my concerns that we had talked about earlier and you added a lot of beautiful color to it and I thank you. The other question I have is on 'soul trust.' Putting the 'soul in trust'. Can you elaborate or clarify or help my thoughts along that line?

TOMAS: (One moment)

Kent: I guess my question is: how does one's soul be put into trust? Especially during the rebellion?

TOMAS: Your question is a challenge and it is a challenge largely because of your language, but based upon your understanding of the word 'soul' I will address your seeming need to understand the phrase of keeping your soul in trust. Let me ask you to go within now and recognize your soul and ask if it is even now being held in trust. Can you perceive that you yourself are holding your soul in trust of the Father? Can you also perceive that the Father is holding your soul in trust of your decisions to become one with your God Fragment?

In the many long ages prior to dawning of civilization the soul had not developed. In subsequent ages, souls made appearances but many remained unconscious of their own existence. Those souls, however, which assumed sufficient potential to warrant survival are held in trust that the mortal will make those efforts which are necessary to evolve the soul.

There is some concern and confusion regarding this matter of soul survival and there are many theologies surrounding such an issue. I am limited in my scope of teaching about what warrants your survival; my capacity is to trust that your soul growth is compatible with your needs, which we attempt to address and foster and encourage toward certain success. Only powers greater than you or I can ascertain whether a soul is sufficient to continue.

You may look at the example of a garden where many radishes are planted and many radishes come to fruition while many are thinned and discarded for they have not sufficient strength to overpower the soil, to gain a foothold, to withstand the living waters, and they perish. Most assuredly your indwelling Adjuster and the Adjusters of all who have been indwelt since Pentecost have had great opportunities and great growth. Bear in mind that Michael is merciful and the plan of ascension is overwhelmingly in favor of the ascendant being, so any effort, any flicker warrants survival and fertilization of the soul.

That there is now an abundance of souls ripening into the fruition of knowing itself, of consciously making the choice to allow those experiences and growth steps [that are] necessary to refine the soul, to (as I said earlier) eradicate the negative ego and replace it with the morontial personality, is an awakening which has been long overdue on Urantia. We anticipate that these bursts of soul acceptance, of destiny acceptance, will be greatly accelerated. And so in that light it could be said that your soul has been held in trust, in trust that you as a race of people would attain this level of evolution which would allow for the outpouring which is now coming into being.

Has my circumference been sufficiently broad to convey to you that understanding of soul trust, as 'soul held in trust'?

Kent: Yes, it has. Thank you for the colors that you presented. When you asked me to go within, I had the answer. Thank you.

TOMAS: Certainly.

Kent: Thank those that put the thought there. Thank you.

TOMAS: I, too, thank those in charge.

New Age

Angel: Tomas, I recently read in a transcript that a new dispensation had - we had entered into a new dispensation. Would you comment on that please?

TOMAS: Daughter, yes, I will comment, for the new dispensation is under way. Your recognition of the import of that word is certainly appreciated and understood, for these Teachers get rather liberal with their pronouncements at times and yet the dispensation is under way. Our catch-all qualifier here, if you will, is that whereas to a creature of time and space an event such as a dispensation surely occurs on a specific date and time, in the less material realms and therefore frame of reference, time is not as specific, not as set. Indeed, the opening of channels takes time, the fruition of any unfoldment takes time. So, yes, there is a new dispensation under way, but I would not be so foolish as to give it a date for your calendar. Does it disturb you that there is a new dispensation under way?

Francyl: No. No. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you for your question. :

Mansion Worlds, Reality

Rutha: Tomas, this is Rutha again. I have a question and I'm wondering if when we ascend to the morontia worlds if we have as difficult a time as we do on this planet, in the material body, in the fact that as we live here, we're of dual nature and a material being and a spiritual being. It's real hard in this capacity to sometimes be real. One of our lessons a few weeks ago was to be real, and it just seems like some of the things you spoke of earlier tonight on blossoming into a morontial awareness and yet at the same time we're human and we're trying to be real and we're trying to live a full human experience, it just seems like ... it's just real hard to be real; I don't know what real is ... my question though concerns, is, when we do ascend, do we have that dichotomy, two things pulling at us?

TOMAS: Yes, child, you do, but not to the extent that you do here. Also you are benefited greatly by the release from the fetters of your mortal body. Your senses are greatly increased, your perceptions are more easily developed, your contact with your personal teachers and guides and guardian seraphim is apparent and other tremendous benefits ensue upon awakening in the Resurrection Hall. The assurance of survival, yea, the gladness of knowing that what you had faith in has indeed transpired is sufficient to make it all worth while, at least until such time as you have adjusted to your new realm of operation, have visited with your friends and family, have been assigned your work and then, as you do here, you will naturally fall to complaining that it is difficult. This is a typical characteristic of ascending beings.

Rutha: I don't know if that is a relief or not, but I guess truly being in the moment, taking what's dished out to us in the moment is where we need to be. And maybe I shouldn't say what we're "dished out," but just … living where we are at the moment. Thank you.

TOMAS: I would like also to speak briefly about your comment about being real and that you still are not certain what that means, to be real. The most acute example of reality, morontial while in the flesh, would be that of Jesus upon his baptism and thereafter. No more radiant a mortal ever walked. The fact that he had not ascended into his morontial form did not preclude the fact that he acted in harmony with a morontial nature as you, dear people, dear friends, can also do in your life [as you] become more understanding of yourIndwelling Spirit's needs and desires for you in this life.

Your life is not in abeyance until you wake up on the other side of the translation, no. Your life here is real and is made even more real by the ability you develop to integrate those elements of yourself which enable you to put forth your best effort in terms of maintaining your spiritual connection while intermingling with your brothers and sisters. This includes the full range of association which Daniel and I have spent innumerable hours discussing; it includes the realm of feelings and emotions; it includes the God-like qualities and the animalistic aspects of your humanness; it includes the cultural heritage and the dysfunction of Urantia and your being affected by it. All of these are included in our assessment of your ability to be real. Being real on Urantia today is not being an ascetic, not being in isolation, not being in a mystic trance or without challenges, without creative expression, without growth opportunities, without grief, without difficulty. All these elements constitute reality.

Consider how many individuals there must be who, without being intimate with their God Fragment have not been able to develop an understanding of their personality sufficient to even allow themselves to understand where their feelings emanate from. Your reality is truly substantial. You are very real individuals and your rich lives are a testimony to your reality, for one of the things I hear you lament is not being able to relate harmoniously with other God-knowing beings, people, not being able to feel at peace in the environment of certain individuals and situations. The fact of your understanding of your connection to reality and divinity gives you the canvas upon which to paint your personality/your beliefs in such a way as to present real pictures to other beings for their comprehension. Reality, like perfection, is a relative condition and you all here are relatively real and relatively perfect in eternity, but delightfully real and delightfully perfect here this evening.

Rutha: Thank you, Tomas. I'm sure all of us here this evening take comfort in the life of Christ Michael, especially the life He led from the time of his baptism to the crucifixion. Knowing what He knew and yet staying on this planet took a lot of courage and endurance and I take up your challenge in the rest of your statement. Thank you. Your remarks make me feel humble.

TOMAS: Thank you, my daughter, and I also want to commend your endurance and stamina and your attitude for you are a priceless worker in the field. How stimulating this student is! She throws words at me which light up my circuit board of lesson plans. For humility now strikes a chord and I would spend one moment on humility.


These conversations we had earlier regarding the many parachutes of proposals coming to your attention are all offered in humility, for not one individual who aspires to improve the status of the whole speaks from selfish ambition but from a desire to serve. The problem, indeed, with Urantia's systems today is that humility is not regarded as an asset, a character asset, but rather as a weakness. And perhaps in your own personal comings and goings, in your own relative perfection and your own relative reality you would find greater effectiveness in your dealings with your chaotic moments and your chaos-loving peers if you were to have and manifest consciously more humility. It is not for us to do all the work. Others are assigned work as well, and in humility, then, we can call upon those higher beings who will distribute the work accordingly and thus establish those avenues which will usher in the new age of Light and Life.


Your time slips by me. I am not sufficiently cognizant of your clocks. As they say in the vernacular, I am rather inclined toward 'Indian time,' but it is apparent to me that I have talked all evening and that there is reason to not talk further, for there is need now for prayer and healing. Yet I will allow you to relieve me of further discourse by addressing me as to whether your plate is full, whether your questions are answered, whether your heart is light, so that we may draw this meeting to a close. [No response.] So be it.

Dear friends, loyal companions, my parting remarks this evening are in praise of you and your steadfastness, your consistent strength even in the face of your weakness, your consistent faith even in the face of your unbelief, your dogged determination to pursue truth even to realms which confuse you and cause you to wonder about your own reality. Truly, my sons and daughters, my sisters and brothers, loyal students, you are deeply loved.

In anticipation of next week's joyous reunion with many of our absent members and in further anticipation of a week of warm weather and much activity, go in peace, in harmony within your self and within your fellows. Good night.