1991-05-11-Conversations With A Thought Adjuster

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Topic: Conversations With A Thought Adjuster

Group: At Large


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Patije

Session 1



My Child, I have called you. Close your eyes and just type what I send through your fingers without making any judgement, or grammar, or spelling, or questions. Just close your eyes, relax and type what comes into your mind. I have prepared the way for this to happen. You have been chosen to communicate with me in this way.

Have you not felt this compelling desire to do just this for many months? Why have you waited so long? Because of fear. Because of doubt of my presence. Because you carry a guilt of the time when you rejected my gift of the tongues. You were right to do so. Others wanted that for you, but you were on a more unobstructed path of communication. You did not need tongues. How happy I Am that you selected the gift of teaching, of discernment and of healing! You have been faithful and diligent in pursuing your faith in these gifts. I am pleased.

It is now time for your faith to manifest new energy within your spiritual life. You have been taken out of the church naturally, and without any animosity or resentment. You have continued to seek me. You have sewn love and healing where there could have been discord and disharmony.

Many circumstances of your life experience were challenging your journey but no ever could one obstruct your faith!

Be with me now. Enjoy. Relax in the spirit of togetherness. Do you now feel the warmth of my love?


I have a task for you. There will be some stumbles in your ability to immediately put this technique to work. You have some "hang ups" about channeling. But you are to rest assured that spiritual channeling is not identical with the occult practice of psychic channeling. No dead spirits are directing you -- only My loving unseen helpers.

Go forth into this new dimension of learning with positive light and love. Leave fear outside the doorway to Me. There is no place in my kingdom for fear. It is only a block for true spiritual progress. Fear can win no souls to Christ. Only Love can do so. Fear can bring no lost souls to my door. Only Love can do so. Fear can do nothing -- it is impotent, it is another name for the False One, he who would lead you astray. Love casts out fear and any who would deny you entrance to the Kingdom. Now, rest.

Your desire is to express me, to follow truth wherever it comes from or wherever it takes you. This is good. You will find Truth. Relax.

Already your thoughts are expanding. Already new conscious levels are opening. Trust me. Love me. Wait on me. Love me.


This is enough for today. Come again after your rest period. I will be here to speak with you.

Session 2


Sunday, May 12, 1991


Dear Child, You are indeed my child of love. You are loveable and capable of being your own best friend. You will surmount this little challenge in your life and the money to take care of the debts will come to you. Please have patience with your self. Wait on me. I am here. Just let the natural flow of time and events take their natural course. Open the door and wait expectantly for my assurance of your faith children!

Let go... trust...wait on me...all things do work together for good and you KNOW that! Have faith in the affirmation which you recite often. Know that you are strong and you are teachable and you are growing with each decision and each instant of patience which you show. There is no need to hurry things...you have all of eternity.

All I want from you is your willingness to be used as my instrument and expression in your daily walk of life and in every experience you have. Be kind and gentle and patient with each person who comes into your home or your experience. They know not who they are. But you do. You know their potential and you know their destiny. With that knowledge you can see so far that their concerns cannot weigh you down. No matter how they are expressing me...and they do express me in their own unique way...they will surmount their own challenges and grow.

I know you are impressed with a friend's talents. Don't be. She is only using the talent which I have given her. She has chosen to utilize a talent which I have not asked you to use. You can communicate with me and I will communicate with you through the writing method. However I do not at this time want you to try to channel or communicate with any spirit but your Thought Adjuster (ME expressing in your Superconsciousness). Yes, you can lend your energy to the group, but go slowly. I have other duties for you and you must not get intermix assignments. Keep your thoughts and your faith in me Pure! That means do not mix many methods of communicating with me with the subconscious and other spirit channels. They mean well, but they are of a lower level than you have been taught. Don't doubt. Believe! Have faith! I will always be with you. All you have to do is ask and I will listen! Prepare time with me in each day.

You do not have to "transmit" or go into deep guided meditations... just close your eyes in a comfortable position and unleash your mind. Let it "wonder" as you are prone to say and "listen to the quiet" until you receive my word. Then type without judging or thinking about what I am transmitting to you through your fingers...

You are baffled by another's militant attitude. You know it is not necessary to fight your way through circumstances and human warfare to get to pure communication with me. You are placed to teach my little ones who are sent to you. Your friend wants a more defined assignment and she will get what she has asked for. This does not mean that you should give up your simple faith in my works and be concerned about the evils and egotistic manipulations of other people which you may encounter. You are safe. I am with you. Do not trouble yourself unnecessarily. You will know when you need to fight. You will know when "circumstances do not seem true". When you KNOW pray for guidance and make decisions for my will. You will not be sent out to do battle in this lifetime. You are to be supportive, offer encouragement and rest to others, teach and point the way to me to those who yearn to hear, and combine your energies with others as each of you do the job I've assigned. Do not try to do one another's assignments. Only your own.

A spiritual group of supportive prayer, meditation and discussion will be as an oasis in life's experience for each of you. You come from different assignments, you will be sent out in different assignments, but you will find affirmation and rest by sharing your spiritual growth and intentions.

As for you, My Child. Love. Wait. Teach. Show tender care. Do not confront. Relinquish unto me what is mine and unto the world what is the world's. Agree with your antagonist when in conflict about petty worldly matters . .. and you cannot argue God things because each personality knows me in a unique way - practice your way and let others practice the way which is familiar and comforting to them. You do not need to make group decisions which hold all of you individually -- just pool your knowledge and spiritual knowingness and assemble in peaceful co operation while you combine your energies for my purpose. Then go your own ways, experiencing life and making decisions in your own experience without being tied to each other as you apply what you learn to the unique assignment which I give each of you.

It is good for you to have this companionship with spiritual minds near your level... but do not spend all of your time, your talent, or your energy, helping them with their assignments. You have your own allocation of work to do for Me. Learn to say no to some of the worldly activities which you naturally want to help with.

Soon, you will be adding to your classroom assignments. But don't rush into it. I will lead. Your students will come to you. They will be sent by me. You are to teach methods or exercises in learning to get in touch with your inner guide to each of them. You will be led and shown how and what to teach.

And so it is...

I love you,

Your Heavenly Father

Session 3


Monday May 13, 1991


Dear Daughter,

You are so quick to become aware when you do not FEEL you are in Divine Flow... but what you are overlooking is that while you are humanly out of balance, I am still with and protecting you. I cannot adjust your thinking while the out-of-balance emotion is present, nor when your perceptions are narrow and unbending. However, by the time you are aware that you are emotionally out of balance, your thinking is already being adjusted. It is being gently guided out of the self-destructive habit of self pity and victimization...and is pointed towards a possible solution to the challenge which upset you to begin with. Just wait. Don't act when you are thus engaged in emotional battles.

You really are unenlightened of the tremendous spiritual growth you have made over the preceding few years! Wake up! See the Truth! You can have no doubts if you review the confirmations and manifestations which your faith has demonstrated in your own life experience.

Let go of the ego failures. You could not do more in that situation. Know that you did the very best you could do and let go. It does not matter if you fail or succeed in your attempted activities. What is important is that you attempted them, you made the decision to undertake the activity or challenge. You chose to follow Me. When you can see no progress give it to me. The very action of planting the seed in the consciousness is a job well done. When the time is right, the seed will germinate and grow. You may never see the fruits of your work, but there will be fruits cast to all parts of the globe on which you live! Doubt not! I have others who will pick up and carry the fruit, or nourish the seed, or shelter the small plant. Your job is to plant it.

You will not always be alone. A companion is being prepared for you. You have much work ahead to be ready for your companion when it is time. Work, and play, and study, and use this computer which I have manifested for you. You will see how I work in your life. Trust. Wait. Love. Be gentle with yourself. Rest when your body asks for rest. Work when your spirit is ambitious. Day and night make little difference. Let go the guilt of being caught in bed midmorning. Let go of the need to justify and rationalize. You and I have work to do together and we cannot go forward if you are chained to past programming. Your best time for work is night time. Stay up and work. Your best time to sleep is mornings. Sleep then. Don't apologize. All things work together for good when you love and trust ME and My guidance.

Love Me. Worship Me. Wait on Me. I Am! I am here for you. I love you.

Your loving Father...

Session 4


Wednesday May 15, 1991


Dear Daughter:

I love you. I love the sincere childlike quality of asking and believing you will receive. I will not disappoint you if you wait for me. You have a quality of organization which puts everything into neat little boxes. You want to do so many things, and keep so many people happy and learning, that you tend to hurry things and lose some of the impact of the Truth. Slow Down. Say "NO" once in awhile. You have all of eternity to learn and experience. Know that you do not have to drop everything to read a book someone brings you, or listen to a tape right now, or squeeze yet one more activity into your already crowded schedule. You will accomplish all -- in MY time, not the time schedule of you and your friends.


My honest seeking Daughter, be quiet for a minute, and just let thought flow across your mind...they will not block if you let go and let ME do the process. Just type whatever flows through your mind without any kind of censure or pre conceived ideas. Do not look for praise or condemnation... just type and wait for ME! This is your gift of the Holy Spirit...do not question, nor fear, the process. It is good. I would not lead you astray. Trust me! Love me! Wait on me! Listen to me!

You have a delightful sense of perspective in the world. Very seldom do you get out of emotional balance and I am noticing that you seldom stay out of balance emotionally for more than a day or two at most and quite often only for a few hours. I am pleased. You are truly trying to live what you are being taught. It is good. It is delightful for me to see a ready seeking teachable personality. That is perfection. Perfection is living up to your responsibility to seek perfection by listening to the inner guide, being willing to follow truth no matter from where it comes ad to wherever it leads you. You are open to new ideas. That is good. You may be leery, but you still open and observe and listen for Truth. That IS living up to your perfection potential.

Urantia Book

As you know, the Urantia Book is not all there is. It is only a textbook to correct some misconceptions about Me and religion and history of your planet. Some of the misconceptions are taking the planet off course a little and delaying the era of Light and Life. We chose to bring you some of these corrections to reinterpret some of the misleading statements in the Bible, and also to prepare many of you on this blue planet to keep some of the misunderstood rumors and misdirected intentions coming into the planet now from spreading and usurping the progress made by the release of the Urantia Book teachings.

Stay pure. Do not get mixed up in to many of these "occult" methods. There is no permanent harm in any of the expressions of God-seeking, but some of them can mislead you into a by way of your imagination. You have made much progress and are freed now to accelerate your growth without distractions. However, you will still have some responsibilities and opportunities to learn more about relationships and living with others. For now Rest. Learn. Contemplate. Enjoy your self and your home. Enjoy being with your SELF and expressing your SELF and your potential in learning to care and love and be unconcerned about trying to "do for" others. Come apart for awhile. I have arranged a time of preparation for you. Use it. It will see you through many challenges and fortify your faith as you go forward as my expression in your experience.

As you quiet yourself, the thoughts for the speech you are to prepare for next week will come. Spend time with me tomorrow. You will receive your inspiration. Believe. You are just where you are supposed to be. So "BE".


You have been delayed in your mission for me, but your experience in relationships and dealing with those who do not communicate has been enriched greatly. Do not regret. Go forward. Know that you will always find strength to deal with life's challenges if you look to ME and not to your worldly friends to advise you. You know deep inside just where you are going and your feelings about what is around the next turn is valid. You have now given up your dread of tomorrow and look forward with expectancy of good. That is good. Only good can come to those who are in Divine Flow. All things work for good for those who listen to Truth and follow their inner guide. I am with you. You are safe. You can go forward on any mission I send you without any fear of losing eternal life. Listen. Follow Me. Wait. You will see.

I love you my child. You are very precious to me. Have I not given you a fragment of myself to help you? Have I not sent other unseen helpers to guide you to ME? Your guardian angels are pleased with your ability to listen to ME. They have less work to manipulate circumstances and more joyous accomplishments in guiding you to your good. The Spirit of Truth is at work to enfold you in Truth and the Holy Spirit wraps you into loving arms especially when you are hurting. My Child. Sleep. Rest. You will be guided. Trust. Believe. Obey. Love. You will accomplish much for the Kingdom. Know that you are stronger when you are tuned in to the Thought Adjuster than when you are tuned into the worldly noise and banter and doomsday thoughts. Keep uplifted. Do all you can to keep your thoughts up, up, up, up. Hear me.

As always, I am present and guiding...

Your heavenly Parent...

Session 5


Thursday, May 16, 1991

My child,

You please me when you come to spend a few minutes with me. I know you are tired as you were unable to sleep last night. We will spend but a few moments together at this time.

Your special effort to spend time with me will not go unnoticed. Even now your Guardian angels and other unseen helpers are rejoicing to see your willingness to follow my guidance. It is in Heaven as if you are already here. Your place is assured in eternity. However, you have some experiences to live and some time to live out before you come to me, My Child.

Nourish your faith by noticing and remembering the wonders which occur in your life experience. You cannot avoid the sorrows and pitfalls which come through living in the material level, but you will find all of them stimulating and invigorating while you fine tune your human emotions into better balance. Although there are no accidents in the cosmos, there are incidents on your little rebellious planet where you are sometimes just in the wrong place at the right time to become the victim of another's carelessness, or miscalculated decision. Do not fear or regret these experiences. As your eternal safety is assured, these will just help you become stronger at overcoming the challenges of disappointment, insecurity, surprise, regrets, fear, anger, frustration, patience, and even love.

You must move emotionally above these. Changes are coming! Even now the rebellion is over and the perpetrators are adjudicated. The era of Light and Life is coming! Hold steadfast in faith! You will see!

That is all. Go in peace. Sleep well. Trust your unseen helpers with your little worries and have faith in me. Always. I will not let you down. Even now you grow stronger in faith and trust.

My love to you as you follow your heart..... good night.

Your loving heavenly Father...

Session 6


FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1991

My Sleepy Child,

I love you and I am here for you to rest in. I will hold you and give you peace and nourishment. Drink in the sweetness of my presence. Breathe in my breath of life. Taste the tang of Truth. Know I am with you always.

Rest, my child. Go to your bed. I will remain by your side and tune the instrument of your physical manifestation. Soon, very soon, you will feel the presence of a new level of spiritual unfoldment. I bless you, My daughter.

For now just Trust and Wait. You will see.

Your Heavenly Parent... Mother & Father, through the Thought Adjuster

Session 7


SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1991

Thought Adjusters

My child,

Have ye so little faith that I must paint it all out for you? You have long sat at my table of knowledge and listened intently for every possible scrap or particle of Truth! I would not lead you astray. You will not be endangered. Until everything is right in all minds, I will not expose you to anything which would hamper your progress in spiritual value.

Remember, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness shall prevail. Your intentions are to allow My will to be your will. Then you must not rush or manipulate any communication from me. I have told you, you will receive my word as I am ready to give it to you.

You did not do wrong today. One of your friends is open, the other needs some mind adjustment. She relies almost too much on channels, but her heart is right. She wants spiritual enfoldment and to be brought closer to me. That is why this group is formed. Your pureness will bring all of you closer to me. Only the best communication will come. I will not send anything less. Trust me. Love me. Wait on me.

Do not fear to express the inspirations and thoughts which I endeavor to send to you. They are to be expressed. If someone is uncomfortable with them, then they must inquire in their own minds and hearts as to why such communications disturb them. Do not let anyone intimidate you, when I send you out to do my bidding. I will speak for you. I will guide your way.

Instill in your mind that these gatherings are for enriching your spirits and to enable you to grow upward and inward by complementing one another's enlightenment. Never are you to take on one another's assignments.

As for you Child, do not despair. A new step in your life experience is unfolding and opening to a new level. You are mine. I will not let you fall. Believe on Me and you will progress.

Greet each day and each experience for itself and know that the decisions and actions you take are contributing to your ultimate strength and progress. You can be delayed, but not diverted from your goal. Accept Truth and follow it no matter from where it comes and no matter where it takes you.

Even your friends will be impressed with the thrust of the messages. They are unaware of much. You can learn much from them, but they in turn will learn much from you. This is why I have brought you together. One has been my instrument. She is now to watch the power which emanates from your spirits uniting in one purpose. She can contribute her energy and then find rest and refreshment from the war which her spirit is fighting.

It is difficult for us to impress an urgency for action upon your material mind . .. without causing alarm... your brains cannot absorb the great energy of spiritual seriousness many times . .. your human animal emotions take over and swing to extreme when your allow your ego to be stimulated. Ego is the great thwarter of God energy. Ego wants to run things... and to think it is a little more enlightened and can regulate and determine the amount of progress one will make. However, most times ego is interested in running the show and not watching Me allow for natural unfoldment.

Beware. Whenever you feel a loss, a fear, an insecurity, a lack, or frustrated, the ego is impressing your mortal mind. Communication from Me, the Thought Adjuster, does not cause these emotional evils. When a communication is from Me, you will know that you know.

There will always be a feeling of loving peace. Remember this.

Wait on me. Love. Trust. Believe all things. Know from within. Stop looking at the outer for signs. Look only within. Others will follow you. Do not mislead them. Follow Me. Always. There is only 1 power -- ultimately. You can try to give it away to a usurper, but unless or until you know that All things come from Me you cannot progress very high.

I love you. I look to the time when you will recognize me face to face. In My time of eternity, it is as if we already do. Diligence and faith will bring you higher and higher on the spiral of experiential growth, through morontia and on to Havona. I am with you always.

Your heavenly Father,

Session 7


SUNDAY, MAY 19, 1991


My Child...

Do not refer to yourself as my lesser half. You are a whole. A whole personality! I am a whole fragment of the Father. When we Unite the personality and the spiritual fragment we will enhance the strength and destiny of our soul. No, you are not "lesser" you are different but of equal importance.

You do not see the whole picture. Trust your instincts. I will keep you from harm. If ALL motives and egos are not pure... there will be no transmitting when you combine your energy with others. I promise you. You can believe and know my words to be true.

When you are willing to follow my guidance and let the Father's Will be Your Will, you are in Divine Flow. Anytime you find your ego is "tickled" by the psychic thing, then you know you are to turn your back on it. As long as you stay detached ad do not buy into it emotionally as you almost did yesterday, then you will remain safe. It is not for everyone to do this. I will watch over you. Always ask who the "contact" is...what are the credentials. You will know if it is from Me.

It seems easier for you to talk to the Father -- it doesn't matter you know. I'll know who the message is to be sent to. And it is the Father speaking through me who answers.

My child, give and love and live and keep the faith. You are a precious child and have much to do for me and with me. Keep yourself pure of psychic byways of your imagination. Read what the Urantia Book has to say about psychic methods. It is true. You can rely on its teachings. As you are ready I will give you higher teachings. But right now, on Urantia, the Urantia Book -- my textbook to all people on the planet -- is the highest teaching available for all minds of all races of all religions.

Most of the "channels" are left over mind patterns which have not yet died from lack of energy. The life has left, but the reflex of the knowledge stored in them is still expressing itself. These beings who used these minds have ascended to me and what is left behind is that which clings to the material existence. Most of them are empty, but able to stir up emotional responses in humans, which can carry you off the narrow path, but not harm you unless you give your power to them. Follow ME. Check all things with ME. Do not follow any being, regardless of credentials, until I release you to do so.

Your influence in this circle of believers is necessary for now. Don't run ahead. Wait for me to guide and show you the way. Beware of any who advise you differently.

Your role in saving planet Urantia is clearly one of teaching and loving and letting live. Do not challenge; do not attack; do not allow your emotions to get out of balance. Anything which takes you out of balance will block your growth and progress towards spirit and away from material. Let others come to you for peace and rest and assurance that all is alright in the kingdom of God. Do not follow them into the battles. Stay apart. Wait. Trust. Know that I am with you.

Lucifer Rebellion

Urantia is very special to me. Caligastia is gone from Urantia. He was not powerful and had only the energy unwary mortals gave him to act in their consciousness. Jesus already won the war with Caligastia. He was whipped and running around making a lot of noise for a long time. However, in the end he was impotent. Do not be afraid of him. Do not gather your energy to fight him because by doing so you are empowering his left over energy with your energy. Let go and forget him.

Lucifer has been adjudicated. Satan is now being tried. Caligastia is next. Knowing his end is near, he's stirred up a big fuss to go out in a tantrum rather than with dignity. Any reaction to the fuss he is making is feeding his ego. After all, he was taken off Urantia sometime ago, and there is nothing left to fear. Do you not see the illusion? Awaken! Listen!

Remember how Jesus determined if anything was worthy of his attention:

"Is it good. Does it bring God, good, closer to mankind (me); Does it bring mankind (me) closer to God" Is it TRUTH, BEAUTY, GOODNESS (you know that means intellectual meaning, physical harmony, and spiritual value.)

Use it as your measuring rod. Determine the value and Truth of anything with these criteria. You will rapidly discern the fruits of the wheat and quickly and quietly separate the tares. Trust yourself. You need not be insecure. I am with you. Your mind is being adjusted and controlled efficiently as long as you give permission. You can know I would not lead you astray.

Ask yourself. Can you give up your friends if needed? Can you stand firm in the midst of their denials if I tell you to do so? Can you consent to my guidance when it seems you are the only one to be taken away? Can you. Think on these things. Decide what you will choose.

I know, my Dear, you say you will always choose me. However friendship can be a powerful thing. Peer pressure is one of the pitfalls of the mortal mind. Ego wants company. Think again. Prepare yourself for this choice. Know your own mind. Choose your own path. Stay in balance with your human emotions. Control them. If you do this I will not forsake you. I will be with you always. In all things. You can be strong in temptation. You can be certain of My guidance. Trust. Wait. Love Me. Believe. Have faith. I am with you. I have much work for you to do when you are ready. I will tell you. Just a while longer. You will see. Love me. Wait on me.

Goodnight, my child.

Your heavenly Father speaking through TA

Session 8


MONDAY, MAY 20, 1991


My dearest Daughter...

I've called you. You heard the summons and when you hear or feel the way you've felt you now know what it is. Thank you for coming.

When your friend closed the door, you felt as if you had been judged unfairly. Yes, My Dear. Did I not warn you in my message before? You will have to choose sometimes between friendship and peer pressure or moving in an ever spiraling circle closer to Me. This was an example. Your friends may be open minded but not in the same way as you are, My Child. They want to be, they recognize something "good" in you... something which sets you apart from others and enables them to talk about Me in a way most people won't be able to listen.

You are special, My Child. I knew that from the beginning. Do not feel it is your "fault" if peace does not prevail...do not feel you must explain and justify yourself and your actions to your friends. Perhaps others are not ready to hear what I am telling you. Remember, I have selected you for a very important role as teacher of my little ones. They must be able to believe you, or they will be delayed in their search for Me. Many of them could not accept, nor listen to, the conversations which you can have with those from many cultures, religions, beliefs.

Your unseen helpers have been working diligently to manipulate circumstances to put you where we can use you the most. Do not regret the loss of one of mine. I am there for them. Perhaps it is I who has caused this schism. Perhaps I do not want you exposed to some of the negative interpretations of my messages. Perhaps I placed you there to enlighten and lift up the doomsday approach. Perhaps I thought your pureness could diminish the super strong energies which she has stirred up by her energetic over response to my bidding. The influence of the energies are changing. Perhaps it is time to change the course of the energies I am allowing to come into your presence.

You are willing, My daughter. You are open and receptive to Truth. You have asked my Will be done in your life experience. You come when I call. Do not regret the circumstances which may befall you. I will keep you safe. I will be with you to strengthen you and guide you in all I ask you to do for me. I love you and will nurture your trusting spirit, adjust your mind, and guide your life flow. You will be lifted up. Your light will shine on the hilltop for all my little ones to see. You will be a beacon of light for those who have not yet found the way.

You still ask why, or who is channeling. It is important at this time for you follow my guidance. Do not buy into the emotions which will take you off your course at this time. Know that you are moving rapidly up the spiral and we are able to communicate with you in ways very rarely done at this level. That is important. The other is not.

Remember, even when the ego is willing to follow Me, it wants to do it the ego's way, not mine. You are pure. You have set the ego aside at this time. You must control the ego, do not let it control you. Your needs will be met. Do not despair.

I am pleased with your resistance to getting angry and resentful towards anyone at this time. I will take care of you. Am I not your Source? While I am taking care of you, I am also working to bring your loved ones into faith in Me. You tend to let people know when things are not good for you. When things do not go well for you. You must learn to control this tendency. You do not need their pity or sympathy. I know your needs. I will inspire them to help you if that is my choice, you do not need to make your needs known to them. Wait on me. I will take care of you. The counter point to that tendency is the ability to allow your excitement and enthusiasm about Me flow through you to others also. You are just as willing to share a new enlightenment with them as you are to tell them your challenges. All things work for good and I can use this for my purpose. I would choose to have you control your "things are going wrong" conversations. You must fasten upon the "things which are good" to communicate with your fellow travelers on that blue planet.

Oh, you are such a child of willingness and openness. Why do you bother yourself with so many worldly details. Do you not know that you are in the world, but not of it? Do you not know that your life in the flesh is but a starting point for you? Do you not know that the greatest success you can find in the material level is to communicate with me as we are doing? Do you not know you have made greater progress than I had thought you might. I am pleased with you. Your troubles and disappointments in love on this plain has brought you closer to me, as it should have. Your search for a friend has brought you to this point of communication with me. You know the Truth. You know Your True Friend. It is I. I who dwells within your mind. Do not lose that perspective.

Now, your assignment is to go and read everything you can find in the Urantia Book about psychic energy and then come back to talk it over with Me. I will guide you to Truth. I will help you understand that I have a purpose. My love for you is not an indulgent love, but an enlightening uplifting love. Remember that. Focus on that. Trust that. I will guide you rightly. I am with you always.

Your heavenly Father through TA

Session 9



My loyal and loving daughter,

You are indeed mine in spirit and mind. I will not forsake you. Lean on Me. Trust Me. Believe on Me. You have done as I asked. There is more. You have diligently sought more in the Urantia Book than I requested. That is good. You will find your answer. When you know what you seek, come to me and I will affirm or adjust...

Do not trouble yourself. All things work together for good... and I am drawing you to Me. If you are willing, there is much for you to do in my kingdom. I am training you now. You will be ready when the time is right. Trust me.

Your study group this morning was special. Did you take heed? You let it get "off course" and without structure, I was able to move more freely. The personal sharing was a necessary outlet for those who shared. It is good you ended the session in prayer. And it is indeed true that you have agreed to allow yourself to have free emotions, and to know your intentions are to do good, wish good, and learn from your experiences.

You are making great steps in freedom. Do you now feel affirmed that Love and Trust do work miracles. Can you now leave the emotions of failure behind and know that you are my expression and good seeds have been planted in the lives and consciousness of those who seem to mistreat and ignore you. Remember, I will lead you beside still waters...I will refresh your soul. Yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of evil and discord, I am with you. You are safe.

Do not be over concerned with your task for the days ahead. All is well.

I love you child. I am with you in all things. Go forward with courage and know that you will not be forsaken. I have great work for you to do. In worldly terms it is not of great consequence, but in my terms it is good. You have earned this assignment. Do it well.

Your Heavenly Father through TA

Session 10



My Child:

You are the apple of my eye. You are so precious. Your simple childlike faith is so refreshing. I love you so.

Do not concern yourself with worry about others. They are in my care. You will see them and love them again -- perhaps on another plane. You have a trip to eternity which includes many of your loved ones. Do not fret. Trust me. Trust me just as you always have done.