1993-02-16-Oneness With Father, Abraham Tells of Meeting Machiventa

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Topic: Oneness With Father, Abraham Tells of Meeting Machiventa

Group: Indianapolis TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Welmek

TR: Unknown



MACHIVENTA: Good evening brothers and sisters. This is Machiventa. It has been a while since I have been with you in communication of this nature. Your teacher has allowed me to open this evening's meeting and I am appreciative of that. Your teacher regards this group in the highest esteem, and is at times reluctant to allow anyone to take his role in the opening phase.


Teaching Mission

I have been here for many years. I have lived the life in the flesh as you now live it. I understand your doubts and your confusion at times. I also understand your hopes and your inspiration. Do not ever in your mind or in your heart doubt the existence of the Father Himself. Our creator is real. While you do not see me or the others at this point in time, this is no way should deter you from the fact of God within your life. You know my words are true. You all can sense a presence within you beyond the normal consciousness of mind. Rely on your faith more than you do. When you experience times of confusion, never hesitate to call upon the Father to sustain you during these periods. He loves you as much as you can possibly imagine.

There are those who doubt my existence. There are those who doubt the entire mission. I am nonplused by these doubts. In time many things will be made clearer to you. There will be those whose doubts will not be overcome and will not continue to partake of this mission. This is totally a free will choice on each of your parts. Do not feel less spiritual than anyone else in regards to your attendance or participation. Each person is entitled by the fact that you are all potential universe citizens, to choose your own path in the manner and time of your liking.

Each of you in this room has a spirit of God active within your daily life. Call upon this spirit to guide you, to lead you, to help you, to inspire you. Call upon this spirit to show you the way to a better life, to show you how to love yourself and others. This spirit is ever ready to hear you and to share with you its experiences. It is only a matter of time and hard work on your part in order for you to attune yourself to the leadings of this spirit.


This leads me to a point I wish to make, and that is the effort that it takes in order to achieve oneness with the Father. You were not made perfect. You are evolutionary will creatures. As such, you must, through hard work, find God. God has already found you. Now you must consciously become aware of this presence, for it is this presence that is the real you. God, as I have said and as you know, is everywhere. His love is all- pervasive. There is no denying this. I have traveled our superuniverse many times and have seen this for myself. You all more or less in daily living have experienced this yourselves. I am not telling you that which you do not already know.

Practice, Faith

Be more happy in your daily life. When you find yourself aggravated, when you find yourself irritable, when you find your fuse burning short, stop a moment and ask yourself this question. What am I doing? Is life so serious that I must poison my mind by the distress of these thoughts or actions that I lose the contact that I have been striving to achieve? I surely tell that it is not. I experienced frustration in my times and I understand how you feel. By practicing this small technique, it will not eliminate anxiety or stress from your life. Material existence has a way of tearing down the energy you are trying to build upon. However, it is your ability by choice to overcome this stress, this breakdown. You can circumvent much of that which troubles you by simply calling upon the Father. Whenever these moments occur in your life, simply reflect for a moment, catch yourself in thought, realize what is happening to you. Be patient. Be understanding of those who seem to perpetrate these misgivings, this misconduct upon you. They are like you, my friends, and God loves them just as much as He loves you and me. Never lost sight of this fact either. Do your best not to judge anyone. As you have been instructed, assessing a situation in a wise manner is obviously advisable. But you never know the full circumstances of that which you are engaged in. Your goal obviously should be to try and understand the motives of the one that you are dealing with, but I have experienced human nature to the point that even I have encountered those who do not seem to be ready or desirous of truth. As such, I find it unadvisable to associate with those individuals.

This however, does not preclude that I am better than them in any way whatsoever, for I do not view reality like this. And I would encourage you not to do it either. What is most important is to see the Christ, to see the Father, as best you can within each person that you come in contact with. When you go through your daily life struggles, try and find some pleasure even in the most routine and mundane things that you do. Remember, you are in service of God; so whether you are doing mighty works in this mission or whether you are simply helping someone through a difficult time, you do serve the Father, you do serve Michael. Even if you work with little ones, even if you are in no contact with people at all, remember it is your attitude of faith that penetrates to the Father. He knows when you are sincere and when you are not. Do not fool yourselves, my brothers and sisters, for you indeed only do just that if you pretend to show love but yet within your heart you do not feel it. Allow the love of God to penetrate your very soul. Whether you realize it or not, you have already begun the morontial life. It is a matter of time and hard work before the full realization of this process will dawn upon your mind. I promise you this: once you do become more aware of the fact that you have begun this new life, the more each day you will whole-heartedly, sincerely, and with love, dedicate your will to His. And the more you do this, the more joy you will find in doing even the simple and routine things in your material maintenance. I have watched over you for many days now. I feel that all of you are truly within the camps of the kingdom.

It is now time for each of you to bravely face the life that you now are in. Do not hold back in conversation, if possible. Be discrete, always use wise decisions in your conversation. However, let this love of God flow through you. Allow it to touch the individual and let us do some of the work also. The spiritual pressure that has been and still is applied from above, from us, is very real. It touches the hearts of most humans. The time of openness has begun. We are able to do much in helping individuals realize that they are children of a God who loves them, who wants them to love Him. I am deeply moved by your compassion, by your consideration, by your hopes, your desires and your willingness to participate, your willingness to accept that which you cannot see. There is one who will speak to you in a few moments who has been through this. He, too, understands the dilemma of material existence, for you must faith-grasp without seeing, without touching, without sensing at all in the normal sense of the word, that God exists.

Take the challenge as your teachers have given it to you and as I now give it to you. Be brave, my brothers and sisters. If doubts enter your mind, then let them be there for a time. Do not discharge them. But be honest. Look at what has happened to you personally since you have been engaged in the communication of this mission. Understand the words, re- read the spiritual truth that has been shared with you. Let the fruits of what the teachers have said by their words penetrate your heart and your mind; and may that fruit grow fully within your life and blossom into the beautiful individuals that you all really are. You just don't fully realize it yet.


I will be amongst you in many different forms in the not-too-distant future. I look forward to this opportunity. There is much that even I am not fully aware as of this point in time regarding Michael's plans. Even Gabriel does not share with me all that is yet to come. But I can assure you of this much. Regardless of whatever happens in the future, you have more help now than you realize and more than you ever need. The angels minister you unceasingly. The midwayers love you and are devoted to you. There are all of us, and most importantly, the spirit that resides within yourself. No matter what you think of me, no matter what you think of the teachers, call upon this spirit. Let this spirit lead you to the Father. Never doubt its reality, and always love one another.

WELMEK: Good evening my brothers and sisters. This is Welmek. I am pleased to be with you again and to take note of what my teacher's instructions are to you. What the Melchizedeks say to you in these group meetings applies to me and all of my associates also. As I have told you before, I will remind you again tonight, we are not perfect, we are not that far removed from yourselves. There are those things in our experience which we must find and at times, struggle with to understand more clearly its meaning and how we can relate and understand the meaning and messages contained therein.

It is important for myself to listen to Machiventa and the others, for their information inspires me. They have experience beyond mine; and even Machiventa having lived the life in the flesh can add much to enhance and enrich my life, especially when it comes to my communicating with all of you.

I could not say it any better than what has already been said as far as taking the material life that you are faced with now and living it to the fullest extent. I have watched many of you over the course of this past year. I have seen your triumphs and I have seen your failures. I have seen you rejoice, and I have seen your despair. I must say that my heart goes out to you during both of these times.

In your times of despair I am most intrigued as to how you respond. There are those who tend to allow the time of despair to perhaps linger too long. Do you not realize what this does to you? There is no one in this room not desirous of seeking God's will. This is plainly evident. Also, everyone gathered desires to feel His love more fully and completely in their daily life. Yet when you allow despair to linger, it truly does devitalize this energy.


We have discussed this before, but I felt it necessary tonight to re- think this somewhat, to talk to each other perhaps more from the heart than the first time we discussed this topic. It is true you must accept what is happening on faith, as far as my existence. But you do not have to accept on faith my message, the spiritual truth that we convey to you. There are many teachers who talk. You are at liberty to read any of the transcripts that are available; and I am certain that you will find consistency with all teachers in regards to seeking God's love and making it manifest in daily living. Beyond that, yes indeed, there are discrepancies, some of which we have discussed, some of which we have not discussed. I will remind you again, I am not all that concerned about these discrepancies. Yet I know that you are. My advice to you is to let it go. If you focus on apparent discrepancy, you lose sight of the spiritual truth that's contained within the message. And once you begin to lose sight of the spiritual truth, you stop your growth, at least by conscious level.

Put your uncertainties aside, those of you who feel them strongly within your mind and your heart, for a time. As I believe our teacher was saying this evening, regardless of materializations or other acts pending, what is most important? Is it not seeking God, trying to be like Him, and sharing this with others? Is this not what we have discussed from the very first communication?

I will be with you for many years if you so desire to be with me. We will always, always focus upon this central theme. We will never vary from this. If you get tired of me talking about this, then you should re-examine yourselves. There is nothing more important than seeking God in your life.

Before we begin, there are two other visitors who have come as I have told you; and they would like to take just a brief opportunity to express a few thoughts to you. Then I would like to allow Bob to begin the meeting on God's love in daily experience.

DANIEL: Greetings to everyone gathered. This is Daniel. It has been too long before I have come to speak to you. I have been here on more than one occasion, but never been able to get a few words in. (laughter) It is funny to me also.


You know of my group, at least most of you do. You know that I have traveled around the country, even the planet and have spoken to different people at different times. I am continually impressed by the human will of survival. Your desire to seek more than what you have is strong. It creates an energy that is yet to be harnessed within yourself. Do not despair as much as you do. Be more joyous, as Machiventa has encouraged you to be. I can tell you from my association with humans, that if there is any one thing that I think mankind or rather, humankind, should focus on, it is just that. To be more happy. To allow God to become more a part of your daily life. This is the only way to find happiness. There is no other way.

I know that some of you have questions. If you like, I have been permitted to take a few moments of my time and respond. I was unaware of Machiventa's message, which my words would more or less copy, so why don't we take this time to talk to each other.


L: I have a question, Daniel. Welmek has told us to . .don't take ourselves so seriously; and yet we have all these things that we are being urged to do. How do we find the line of reasonableness..or sanity in determining when to stop being so serious and just enjoy things?

D: Speak to me of these things that you have been asked to do.

Busyness, Priority

L: Well, most of us, I'm fortunate in this, that I have a lot of spare time so it's not as much of a problem for me, but most of the people here have jobs. They have family responsibilities. They try to find time for worship and prayer and meditation, and just recreation in some way; and they really genuinely want to do the best job they can. We all do, with the time we have; and we reach a point some times when we are so busy that it's difficult to enjoy ourselves and to take it lightly. If we don't want to miss our meditation that day, or we don't want ignore our family because we're doing something for someone else...it's difficult to explain in a way, but we want to be sure we're doing the best we can. And that means we take it seriously, and sometimes we take it too seriously, and we need to know where to let go.

D: This is something that each individual must find for themself. There is no question, for even I, at times, find the pace of living to be so rapid that I lose sight of what I am doing. I suggest to you that the same is happening. Look to Michael for an answer. Did he not live his life in such a manner that he was never really in a hurry? He found, even in the simplest things of living, pleasure and happiness. Yet his life was full. He raised his family. He took on the entire universe that he created as far as instruction on spiritual living. I daresay he had as much on his plate as you do on yours. Yet it is not easy, I can attest to what you are saying. This is part of experience. This is part of spiritual growth. As you ascend you begin to change in priority. You begin to become more spiritual and less material. As a result, your focus changes. You're not quite so concerned with things that you used to be. What I believe our teacher is telling us all to do is to simply not be in quite the rush that we have been.

What you said was most important. We are trying to do the best we can. Has it not been said throughout this mission that that is all that's being asked of anyone? Yet what happens when we live our lives, especially humans and material maintenance, is we get preoccupied with those details that must be attended to. As a result those details tend to overtake our spiritual thinking and we feel isolated. We feel overwhelmed. We feel as though there is no recourse. We feel frustrated. We feel anxious and the list goes on.

As the Melchizedek advised, I too would encourage you to follow. Whenever you are engaged in a situation where you are feeling overwhelmed, simply reflect for a moment as to the importance of what you are doing relative to God's love. If what you are doing adds to God's love, then do it more. If what you are doing distracts from God's love, but yet you find you must continue to do it in order to maintain your material existence, then maintain your existence but work on your concept. Work on your [thought]. Work on your heart. Begin to bridge the gap between what you once thought of as that which keeps you from knowing God into finding God in that which you are doing.

D: Daniel, Machiventa mentioned something about being brave in approaching others with the love of the Father. That's one thing I'm still struggling with. In talking with people, when do you know it's appropriate to bring that up. I still have a struggle; and sometimes I want to say things to people and I'm still struggling with what is the appropriate time to bring that up. Are there some signals to look for, some "buzz" words that people say that we should be looking for? Is it more of a feeling or an intuition? Can you give me some guidance as to that?

Service, Action

D: It is all of what you said and more. It is a matter of maturation on your part in order to be able to perceive when the person is ready to receive higher spiritual insight. However, when we talk about sharing God's love with another, this does not say "talking" about God's love. Do you see the difference? By sharing God's love, it is through acts of kindness. It is through friendliness. It is through a smile, a warm handshake, an embrace. It is through service that you share God's love.

Sharing God's love in and of itself does not necessarily have anything to do with speaking. It has everything to do with action. This is what is most important for you to understand. In time, as you begin to feel His love more fully, and see how others respond to you, you will begin to know what to say and when. You will begin to know how to look for the signs. But many times what will happen is people will simply start asking you why do you feel the way that you do?

Have you not noticed that one who is sincerely happy and at more or less peace of mind seems to stand out in a crowd? Yet those who are sincere of heart are usually humble. They realize that they are children of the Father, and their egos are for the most part settled. They no longer struggle with self-identity. They know that they are one among many. Do not be overly concerned about making mistakes. You and I will continue to make mistakes for many, many eons. What is important to note, yes there is laughter on my side also (laughter) even a few jokes about speaking for yourself (laughter). Your humor is contagious.

As you continue to progress in your spiritual insight, you will be able to discern what to say to whom. Read the Master's papers again. Get into his mind as well as his heart. You know from studying so far that not everyone would he share with. He could tell at a glance whether or not that soul was ready for information that he could impart to them.

Do not be afraid to take risks. Gamble, or as I said, make mistakes. If you find in conversation you have perhaps exceeded what the individual was prepared to receive, do not be concerned or most importantly, do not let that keep you from trying again, either with that person or another. We have all told you, your text has told you, never be afraid to talk about God and His relationship with all of us.

Even if the individual reacts negatively toward you at first, remember, they have the spirit. There are angels who oversee them. There are midwayers who can influence them. There are the teachers. There are unrevealed helpers now on this planet that can also have an impact upon these people's lives.

What is most important? What does this planet need more than anything else? In my opinion it needs the living truth of Jesus of Nazareth. How else can this truth be disseminated but by your actions and your words. As you know, your expression well states: by the fruits you will know them. Actions speak louder than words. Allow your actions to lead the way so that when one is ready to talk to you about spiritual truth, the ground will be fertile for the seeds that you plant. Allow the love of God to nurture the seed, to water the seed, so that it may spring forth from the soil of humanness into the air of spiritualness.


M: Daniel, when I talked to you the other night you told us that you liked snow, but you didn't have to bring so much with you. Can you tell us what the difference is between teaching out in the west part of the United States and teaching here is?

D: I'm uncertain as to what you mean by a difference in teaching; but I will share this. In my encounters with humans across this planet, I have seen commonality. I have seen the oneness that your race exhibits. Unfortunately, your race does not see this amongst each other.

If you could only see with my eyes, you would see that you are not so different than anyone else in this room. Yes, you have a unique personality; there is no duplicate throughout all creation. Yet, when it comes to experience, you have much in common with every person on this planet. You know what it's like to be happy, you know what it's like to cry, to hunger, to thirst, to be hot, to be cold, to be liked, to be hated, to love and to hate. You have all of these things in common, yet you do not in your encounters with each other seek the sameness.

Human nature tends to automatically seek differences. It is this that needs to be overcome also in your behavior. Rather than finding what is dissimilar, look for what is similar within each other. This will do much to strengthen your own character and your insight into others. Do you have another question?

M: No, Daniel, thank you.

D: I'm surprised you do not. (laughter)

M: After the other night, I think I'll just sit back and be quiet for a while.

D: Is the fact that we always tend to look for the dissimilarities in one another just inherent in human nature? Is that part of our animal...

D: Yes. Part of your inheritance is the concept of self. As the young babe grows it realizes that there is an "I". It is "me" who tastes things, it is "me" who wants the toy, it is "me" who wants in front of the line, not "you". It is this concept that is good at first, for it is important to realize that you are unique. There is no duplicate, as I have said. But spiritualized thinking transcends the concept of the ego as being the center of the universe into the realization that God is the center and that you and I and all of creation are a part thereof.

I do not wish to take any more time. I do again want to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed our few moments together. I look forward to the time in the not-so-distant future when there will be the opportunity to communicate amongst the groups in a fashion heretofore unknown. This will be a very interesting time, for your teacher will be able to speak to groups as I will be able and the other teachers will be able to, in a fashion, as I have said, unknown so far. We hope that this will encourage you, inspire you and enlighten you more so than what we have endeavored to do so far. Human nature is most curious. That which you desire the most you tend to keep from by your own actions. Peculiar indeed, yet the longer I am with humans, the more I began to perceive the reasons why. You have another expression that I find interesting. You are your worst enemy. There is, I perceive, some truth to this. Think about it.

Think about everything that has been shared with you so far in your transcripts, these meetings, and other teacher meetings. Always look for the spiritual reality and how you can experience it in your life. There is no substitute. Thank you again.

GROUP: Thank you, Daniel.


ABRAHAM: Good evening. As one who has lived the life on this planet as a mortal such as yourself, I find words inadequate to describe what I have experienced since I have passed the portal of death, ascended the mansion worlds, and have fused with my spirit. There is nothing, brothers and sisters, that can compare to this experience that you can even begin to imagine.

I am Abraham. I am one who has lived on this world. I know how you struggle. I know about doubt and uncertainty. When I first began my spiritual trek, I was wholly uncertain as to nature and scope of God Himself. I knew of certain things within me, but beyond that, I was a most cautious individual. I had many of the qualities of the apostle Thomas within me also.

Yet you cannot doubt God's love within you when you feel it, can you? It is real, it is whole, it is complete. One of the things that I wish to share with you tonight is the importance of on each day trying to seek this love. I will also tell you it takes many years of hard practice and constant faith. This is not an instantaneous reaction. You cannot say "Father, I believe in you and now I'm ready for all of you." It does not happen this way.

Life on the mansion worlds is beyond anything which we could imagine on our planet. Yet it is only the beginning. I have had opportunities to visit several constellation worlds as a visitor. I am in awe, and yet this is only the constellation. I have heard stories from many visitors and personalities who talk about Salvington, who talk about Uversa, who talk about Paradise. It is so . .. overwhelming, it is so enriching, it is so inspiring.

If there was a way that I could reach your mind more fully, I would do so; but I cannot. And it is wise that I cannot. As I, each of you must find your own way to God. But always remember as your teachers have told you, there is much help. There are many ready to serve you. As I mentioned a minute ago, I had much doubt as I know you have doubt. Do not focus your mind so much on this doubt. It is a poison of the mind. Allow yourself to be perceptive, to be open-minded, to be loving; but when doubt comes into your mind, in regards to the Father, then dispel it.

Each day, in your busy life, find the time, take the time, owe this to yourself, to worship, to find the stillness and to begin to communicate with the angels, midwayers, the guides and other teachers who have been permitted now to communicate with you.

I, like Daniel, find it difficult to reiterate the words of the Melchizedek, so I will also take my time to allow you to engage me in questions.

D: Do you see any big differences in human nature from the time you walked the planet to now?

A: Not much. People are people, as Daniel suggested. In my day, not everyone had the spirit of God within them. The variety of people was not as diverse as now, but the spiritual insight was much less than now.

D: Why were you allowed to come back?


A: A multiple of reasons. First, I had petitioned Michael himself to come back to my native planet, having had a experience similar to yours, for I felt that I would be a good counsel to the myriads of teachers who were arriving on the planet, to instruct them in the area of human nature and how to best understand the reasons why humans tend not to respond to revelation the way in which the relevators expect them to respond. I will say it is most peculiar to many of our unseen friends why mankind is not more responsive to the messages that have been given thus far. I also have been able to witness the history of the planet up to this point in time. I have grown very much in love with the race from which I evolved; and I will do anything within my power to help transform our world into the garden that has been talked about.


L: Abraham, during your life here, you were a great leader of people. We are being told that we're going to go out and try to lead our brothers and sisters into the kingdom. You were in a sense a master of psychology in your mortal life; and you've learned a lot since. Is there any advice you can give us on leadership qualities?

A: Be fair in your dealings with all that you come in contact with. Always keep in mind that there are much, many things within an individual that go unexpressed. Many times people are afraid to speak their true feelings, for they fear rejection. They fear the insult or the hurt that may derive from such expression. Draw out the best from each person that you come in contact with. The best way that I perceive that you can do this is to begin by sharing of yourself. That way, the more you give, hopefully the more the other person will feel that they, too, can share. Human nature is not so disposed to begin discussing personal events. You take the lead. You take control of the situation.

Now, again, you must use discretion. I am not advising you to go out to your friend and reveal all of yourself immediately. But be wise in your perception, in your conversation. Look for signs, listen for words, watch the body language of the individual. Begin to know when you should say what. This is something that each of us has to learn and I must say, the best teacher is the trial and error method. You can be given some guidance, but it is through experience that you learn things. It is through effort that you begin to understand the wisdom and meaning of reality.

Remember those that you come in contact with are also children of God. We are all brothers and sisters and whether or not you are rejected on this planet should have no bearing on your purpose, on your incisiveness to do the will of God and to share His love with everyone you come in contact with. History has shown that many people have been persecuted even to death for their bravery in showing this love. Fortunately, in your day and age, this is rare; but it is imperative that you take this challenge that is being presented to you and move forward.

This does not mean that you have to lead many people. It does not necessarily mean you have to organize groups. What it means is, in your life each day look forward to the opportunities of service and of life itself. There will be many situations or as I like to say, opportunities, that will confront you.

There will be those decisions you will have to make regarding your reaction or action. If you decide to get mad, to get upset, this is your decision. But remember, there is a consequence to it. To the degree that you react in this way, it is directly related to the degree that you de-energize this energy consumption that you are still partaking of.

Be kind, be gentle in your approach with people. Yet be firm, be steadfast, be sincere. Never allow people to make you want to be weak. Even though you have weaknesses, you must realize that you are human and that it is okay. What you are endeavoring to do is to build upon the weaknesses and turn them into strengths; but this takes time and it takes hard work.

It was very difficult for me on certain occasions to hold on to the faith that I had, for I was challenged in many ways. And so it is for you also. But I am living proof of the reality of the resurrection of Christ. I have experienced death. I have been reassembled. I have been made one with the spirit, and I know whereof I speak. And my friends, as I said before, there is nothing in your experience that can remotely compare the joy, the happiness and the love that you will experience when this union with your spirit takes place.

Thank God each day that you have a part of Him within you. Pay homage to this spirit. Talk to your spirit each day. Your spirit longs to hear your words. Your spirit desires this communication. It is not, however, a spontaneous event where you hear this communication back. You must, through faith, proceed. You will not be disappointed.

Pardon me if I get off the track sometimes in response to your questions. (laughter)


M: Abraham, you mentioned that you instruct the teachers and why humans don't respond to revelation in the way they like to think they should. I would be curious as to some of the reasons that you give them.

A: One is as I have just said. Humans, for the most part, have no patience and no tolerance; and as a result when you are asked to do something and promised a certain reward for doing it, most people will make an attempt and if the results are not forthcoming almost immediately, will give up. I have been hopefully helpful to many teachers in the aspect of patience with their students.

You must realize these teachers love you and are anxious to help you in any way they can. Do you know how you feel when you are in a similar mode and you reach out to a fellow human and that human does not respond in a manner in which you were hoping they would? It can create feelings of sadness, loneliness, frustration and many more. These teachers are not wholly exempt from such feelings.

Another thing that I counsel teachers is on the fact that since this planet has been in isolation, humans are for the most part wholly unaware of spiritual realities that are existent now on this planet. Humans do not understand morontial life, morontial energies, spiritual energies the way in which they really exist. Yet humans want God in their life. This is apparent. Michael has seen this when he walked the planet.

I advise the teachers to look for the goodness within the individual and pull upon that experience from them. Teachers tend to lose perspective, I hope am not offending anyone by this comment; but when you grow up on a planet that is more or less settled in Light and Life, it is difficult to understand what it is like to have someone hate you, to have someone despise you, to have someone covet you, to do these things to someone else. There are many things of human nature that are foreign to these teachers; and as I have said, I believe my insights, having lived such a life, has been able to, if for no other reason, give them a shall we say, shoulder to cry on? We could actually spend hours discussing your question. Unfortunately, I do not have that liberty at this time. But I wish I did.


B: Abraham, when you first met Machiventa, did he explain who he was and how long did it take you to get rid of your doubt of his mission?

A: When I first met him in regards to a literal interpretation of what you have asked or in regards to the mission on our planet?

B: The first meeting that you had 4,000 years ago.

A: I would say my reaction was not unlike what some of you experience. While I had faith in the Father, as I mentioned, I, too, was one who was very skeptical of things outside of myself. Yet, there is no denying the reality of an existence beyond ourselves as humans. It didn't take me long because for me in my position in life many people looked to me for strength. I was able, fortunately, through the love of God, to draw upon that strength, and as you would say, not look back. I simply accepted things as they were and each day looked for the Father.

My first reaction to a full realization of the Melchizedek's presence was overwhelming. I cannot find any other words right now to use to express this. You cannot imagine the energy, the greatness, the love, the experience, the joy, of such an experience. These individuals are here, they are real, they are desirous of serving you and helping you. It fascinates me to watch one as great as a Melchizedek work with a human. It is truly a father-child relationship. Yet, to the Melchizedek, it is a brother-brother relationship.

Most interesting, as I have ascended through the mansion worlds and met the many diverse personalities, how the common thread of God's love pervades everyone. People are at different levels intellectually. They are at different levels morontially and spiritually in their understanding of universe reality. Yet, there is a very significant commonality amongst all ascending creatures that God's love pervades. When this attitude takes hold of the mortals of this planet, things will settle.

Machiventa has a way of making you feel at ease, very comfortable. There is such a stillness of his presence, yet such a great energy, it's difficult for me to describe to you..I believe some of you have sensed this. He is truly a remarkable personality, and I can tell you with full confidence he truly loves each one of you, for your desire to help inspires him, encourages him. It is also interesting for me to note that one such as him can be encouraged by humans. It is fascinating to watch God's plan unfold. You, as I, have everything to look forward to. Our journeys are just beginning. Hold fast to yourself, to the love of God within you. Hold fast to each other what it is your teachers are telling you. There is nothing, there is no better advice that can be given to you than what has already been shared. But, once again I will say, it takes hard work.

These things do not come easy. But my life taught me that nothing worthwhile ever did; and I'm sure you all agree and can attest to this in your own experience.

I wish to thank you for this time. We must move forward now, for we have done much talking and now it is your turn. Thank you.

GROUP: Thank you, Abraham.

Presence, Feeling

WELMEK: As discussed last week, I and my associates are desirous to hear more from you as to your experience of feeling the Father's love. As we go around the room and share, if that is Bob's agenda, I may or others may or may not make comment. I would encourage you to remember this. We are a family. We are all brothers and sisters. No one in this room, human or otherwise, is any better than anyone else. Keep this in the foremost of your mind. Share with each other your intimate personal religious experiences. That is what this is all about. Do not be afraid. Allow the love of God to flow through you. And now, John, Bob, you may begin.

B: Well, tonight's subject is feeling God's love and how it impacts you. And Welmek wants you to recount an experience that you have had in your life whereby you have felt the presence of God within you and shared it with another individual. He wants you to share the impact of this experience on you. And I think he chose me because he knew I was going to have a tough time. (laughter)

I'll start. As I discussed with some of you, and some of you have apparently have had the same type of experience, when I go back into my experience, there isn't one single incident that I could surface, that was feeling God's love. The word here is "feeling". Being a person who doesn't emote very well, it's difficult for me to get this sense, this feeling. I can feel heat, I can feel some energy, but I don't equate that with God's love. Although it's a form of God's love, it's not encompassing me as I generate it to somebody else. So I'm going to ask for some help because what I'm looking for is somebody's experience, your experiences to help me, how I can grow to feel this God's love.

The only time that I felt different or felt this feeling of love or God's love was many years ago when I was in Raleigh, North Carolina. There was about a month's period of time where I just had this sensation, an overall feeling of warmth, of happiness, complete total happiness, nothing could break that barrier down. That was just a general feeling that lasted for a long period of time. It was around the time we had the Urantia group down there and it had blossomed to 16 or 20 people, and we had gotten introduced to Reiki and it had a profound effect on me. I don't know when it came up and I don't know when it left. That is the closest thing I can recall of a "feeling" of God's love. But specifically onto another individual, I don't have a specific incident.

I know when I'm talking to somebody or when I mention to somebody about a third person, I will bring that subject up. I know God's there with me, but do I feel Him, no. I know the presence is there, but I just don't feel Him. So, with that, we'll go around.

D: I've noticed a difference in the way I look at people the last few weeks. I'm feeling more of the love that the teachers have been trying to talk to us. I'm starting to feel it more in all my relationships from my most intimate to my most superficial. The relationships that I think have probably had the most impact on me are the superficial relationships, especially co-workers. I don't have a real close affinity with them at this point, but it's beginning to become a little stronger. I always looked at people who didn't have a Urantia Book perspective as them versus us kind of mentality, and that was wrong. But it was like I felt that I knew something that they didn't know; and not I'm beginning to look at them to see what they know and to get to get to know them better. And to want to get to know them better so that we can have more of a sharing kind of relationship. I never really felt that way until a few weeks ago; and I think that's really been one of the most profound impacts on my life as far as feeling God's love.

B: Is there a sensation that you feel or is it just the knowing that the presence is there?

D: Well, I'm a real emotional person, so I feel very, very . .. I just want to hug everybody. It's a very warm, fuzzy feeling..? (laughter) It's just a beautiful feeling, and it makes me want to go out and share the love.

The answer that Daniel gave to me really had an impact. It's that feeling that's starting to come. It's really beautiful. I feel very fortunate to feel that.

B: I wish sometimes I can feel that. (laughter)

K; You'll have to hug her.

B: You'll have to extend some of that stuff to me. Mark? Let me state the question here as Welmek stated it: He wants you to recount an experience that you've had in your life whereby you have felt the presence of God within you and shared it with another individual.

M: It's difficult. I find myself something like Bob, where I sit down and I think about my worship and my prayer. My goal is to start out feeling God's love, and I think I'm looking for something specific. I'm looking for a specific feeling or something that's very narrow, in particular, if you will. I have a problem with that. I can't identify with what that is. So what I try to do is think about times in my life when I've been touched by events or relationships where I was very moved in my heart, for instance, watching a Jerry Lewis telethon or something like that, where people out of love and kindness are charitable to others when they don't have to be, when they give of themselves in a way that gives happiness and fulfillment to someone else without asking anything in return, helping people who are so much less fortunate than themselves.

Any type of..whether it's a show or being somewhere where that is happening is very touching to me. If I'm not directly involved, it makes me realize that we talk about service, that's what it really means. Whether it means being a friend, helping someone with a task, trying to think of how I can do that for someone and in how many different ways I can do that for someone. I've realized that it doesn't have to be something as moving as that. You know, you help a friend with a chore, or you help mom with the dishes, just to help someone and to do it out of love and respect, out of mutual kindness, I guess.

As I sit and I try to feel that feeling, I reflect back to those times when I've maybe been brought to tears watching an experience similar to what I've explained that really just touches me inside. I try to feel that goodness, that outpouring of emotion, I hope emotion is the right word, because it's human. Emotion is human, and I guess you're looking for something that's not so much human. Then I try to, since I'm looking for something specific that's a feeling, I try to hold onto that. I try to, in my own mind and in my own heart, express that or feel that for everyone, everyone that I can think of in the universe, creation in general. I try to just keep that. It's a difficult thing to do because I think I'm like you in some respects, I'm looking for something specific.

B: And maybe this is where we fault. I don't know.

M: Oh, I don't know. I think you and I have a lot in common, Bob.

K: It's a man thing. (laughter)

B: I was just going to go up and down the line and see what kind of a pattern was developing. (laughter)

M: There's obviously some truth to that statement, albeit was a little bit unintentional there.

K: I mean it in a very loving way. (laughter)

M: I think that's what I try to do. And as far as an experience, I can't think of a particular experience where I've purposely tried to take that feeling and flow it to someone else other than just when I see an opportunity to be a friend or to be there for someone, whether it's emotionally, or just to help them with something, I try to do that and be as open and listen to their problems, try to be all these things that the teachers tell us to be. It's not an easy thing for me to do. With my personality, it's a revolutionary change that's taking place. I guess I've probably not had as much experience or depth as a lot of people...like these right here. (laughter)

L: My name is Luanna. My origin is not important for this discussion. What is important is you understanding what is meant by feeling God's love, for I perceive so far in our discussion that perhaps clarification is important. Let me direct this question to Bob. When you held your children in your arms, did you feel love?

B: Yes.

L: Can you remember that love now?

B: Vaguely, yes.

L: I would suggest to you to draw upon your experience of those times in your life when you felt that kind of love the most. Allow that feeling to swell, to build within you; and you my friend are feeling God's love. When you first met your wife, did you feel love for her?

B: Yes, but that's physical love. (laughter) Aren't we supposed to . ..

L: You did not love the individual for being a unique and beautiful person?

B: Yes, obviously, yes.

L: Do you remember those feelings?

B: Yes.

L: Then draw upon that also. You express that you seek something almost outside of your experience and then try to incorporate it within your experience. You already have what you look for. What is being asked is that you build upon what you now have to the point that you feel this love. You see, all love, all truth, is God's love. There is no other love. You are, or have, experienced it in the past. You just simply did not realize it, perhaps, its source, its origin. You obviously thought that the feelings come from you completely, when in reality the exchange that you felt between your spouse or your child was an exchange of love between the two of you and the Father Himself. Does this help perhaps clarify what it is you are looking for?

B: It's not a matter of realizing. I know that God's love is there. It's the sensation that, when you say feeling, that I get hung up on.

L: Let's pursue this entanglement please. Reflect back then on your life to the single most (...) incident with inside of your very soul, the most love possible. I'm not asking you to recount this to the group, but simply to reflect upon it yourself. Do you have it?

B: The single most...okay.

L: What does that do to your soul now when you think about this feeling?

B: I'm not getting it.

L: Because perhaps you are not allowing the transfer of the feeling. In other words, you are still

B: Blocking?

L: . ..thinking about it rather than allowing the feeling to become part of you again. In feeling God's love, as others have suggested tonight, this too takes work. The most work that I see involved for you is in maintaining this feeling on a constant basis so that it becomes a part of your very conscious experience.

Each of you I would encourage to do what I have asked Bob to do. Think about times in your life where you have held someone in your arms or whatever, and you have felt, not thought, but felt love for that person. You have felt within your very being an overwhelming desire to do good for that person, to serve them in any way that you can. Allow these feelings to surface. It may take a while, for I have witnessed most humans do tend to suppress these feelings and not allow them to be present on a regular basis.

Most people are what you would call nice or friendly. So there is indeed a measure of this love, this feeling. But what we are searching for, or rather, what we are trying to help you search for is a conscious realization that this feeling that you once had or maybe now still do have is something which is one, a part of all creation, that you have been allowed to experience by the fact that the Creator has made you into something which you can, with practice and effort, sustain.

Can you not imagine for a moment what it would be like if you, recounting this experience of true, intense love, even if it lasted for just a moment, to be prevalent in your life every waking moment? Your love of life, your love of humankind, your love of God, your love of yourself, do you not see that this is the way that the creator Michael lived his life on the planet? This is what you strive to do now. This is why your teachers are placing so much importance upon this very fact that if you are to live a whole and happy life, it must be based on love. I hope what I have shared with you you will be able to reflect upon and find some help. Thank you. Please continue.

L: This has stirred up so much. I think one of the things that's been on my mind a lot about feeling the Father's love is how to sustain it and how to avoid whatever it is I do that cuts it off. I think that over the course of the last 5 or 6 months I've really grown to understand more about what I had experienced of the Father's love before. I don't think that I...I was aware of the differences but I don't think I understood the differences before.

There were a couple periods in my life, once as a child and once as a young adult where I really think that on some level I understood the feeling of the Father's love. It was a real active part of me, but I didn't know that's what it was. At one point as a child, people commented on me, they recognized seeing that in me even though I didn't necessarily see it. I had a teacher once comment, and my father actually once commented on something (?)

And then I guess when I was a young adult, I think that it kind of was a sense of an unending ability to share love with others. I reached a point where I stopped feeling that. Still, I think, I'm trying to understand fully what happened in me to cause me to stop feeling that. The intensity of what I feel, I think, is more pronounced in the last six months; but I'd say probably the most profound times in terms of intensity were at Michael's birthday party. I really felt an incredible personal experience with the Father's love. I was speechless. I couldn't even..it was just so overwhelming to feel that amount of love and to realize that I'd never felt it like that before in any situation. I remember in socializing afterwards, I found myself unable to even talk to anybody at first. (Words lost)

The times I really felt it and shared it with other people I think there are a few times that stand out a lot to me. I guess they tend to be around gatherings of people who are involved in learning, in searching to understand the Father (?) and to grow spiritually in some worship sessions that we had.

As a youth, there were some retreats that I went on, and I think that I felt this kind of feeling then and again, I didn't understand it, nor did we even talk about it in that light. But it was an incredible sense of oneness, of belonging. The differences of us as youth at that time were pretty profound and yet we were all really pulled together in a way I can't even put in words.

But in May when I went to the Cincinnati conference for the Course and the Urantia Book, one of the women from the Course in Miracles led us in a religious or worship session at the end of our workshop. It was very profound for people who hadn't allowed themselves to have much sense of feeling the Father's love, be a part of their experience or be open to it. Every person who participated, even now when we talk, it comes to mind. At that time, someone said that they could just see the love flowing through me; and it was so profound, I guess even then I didn't fully understand as I do now. I think some of the closeness and the love I feel for the Cincinnati group, many of whom I met during that process, I think that one experience is one of the pieces of our bond. We've talked about it.

I guess now I've been through some pretty hard months. I think with the help of the teachers I've been able to go through at least a couple episodes of difficulty and to feel what it means to be sustained by the Father's love. But I struggle..again, it's something that comes and goes. I know (?) control, when it's there and when it's not. I don't understand yet what those differences are, what I can do to make that different. And sometimes I (?) for me because I know it's in our grasp I know it's there, but I don't know it in a way that I feel in control of it.

B: Well, I think we're all experiencing a renewed sense of love from this entire mission. And I think something that Luanne said that I completely ignored because I was thinking of more immediate since this whole thing was going back to just the birth of Michael and Gina just alone, going back to that experience. I think we have a tendency to do a lot of good to other people and just slough it off. I don't think we stop and think about the things that we do with other people, or share with other people. I think this is now surfacing, right now, in the last couple of minutes.

M: I certainly think, especially these three ladies here, I'd like to be able to have the intensity of emotion that they feel. Sometimes I think they're on the far side of these hearings...(laughter) I'd rather be there than where I'm at, which is just trying to get some of that, you know..

L: Actually, emotion isn't really..I guess that's what I'm expressing, but I can't share with you the feeling. I can't put that in words for you. And even as we said in the meeting tonight, I have just felt love so strongly and at different times I've felt it, but I think it's more a matter, for me, of being able to open myself up for that more of the time, and to draw from it when I'm really most needing it. I think that's inconsistent right now and that's something that I know that's expected..

B: But we're human.

L: I understand that. I'm not expecting myself to be there already, it just seems more random than I think it should be right now for me because I feel like I've had enough times when I'm understanding it, and yet I don't feel like that..I'm succeeding in either dealing with the tests that I'm being faced with and bringing them in there strong enough or if I'm not living my life the way I really think that I am trying to and therefore that's blocking it and all the emotions I still let into my life. I'm just not as good at all that as I'd like to be, I guess.

M: If I thought about that all the time, I'd be insane. (laughter)

B: We're going to go to another male. How about you, Larry?

L: You guys are making me feel real fortunate. I've been reflecting on what I think I'm feeling is God's love, and it's all the good things that I've experienced in my entire life. I just maybe didn't realize that until recently because of the surroundings and the teachers who have defined what I have been feeling for me. The more I understand that, the easier it is to look back and see that I don't think I've really appreciated the gifts that I've been given. I've been busy blocking out the good things and letting the bad ones in.

B: I think we all have a tendency to do that.

L: Maybe we don't give ourselves enough credit for the things we do have. The times when you try and you don't make it, at least you've tried. Recently, I had an opportunity to talk to a girl who's having a similar-type problem. I don't think she realizes what she has within her. I felt like I was able to make a little difference, just to start out. I hope so. I'm looking forward to maybe being able to further that. I'd like to bring her with me some time if she wants to come along; and maybe you all could help her too.

B: That would be nice.

L: I feel that that's something worthwhile. It's a good feeling to feel like you've made a difference. All in all, I'm just realizing the impact of what I have been given; and it's a good thing. It makes you feel real good. Besides just when my son was born, and people I've met along the way that have helped me (?) It's part of the gift of God's love.

B: Every Friday and Saturday night, do you sense God's presence? (laughter)

L: There's a lot of opportunities.

B: With all that loud music and the (?) (laughter) I mean, you could talk to God and nobody would ever hear you. (laughter)

L: I do a lot of that lately. I doubt if He could hear me with all the noise going on. I try to keep it from going inside, but it's outside.

ANONYMOUS: May I speak please? I have postponed my attempts to try and get David to pronounce my name. My suggestion to humans is, do not spend much time trying to live in your past. Learn from the experience you have gained, this is true, but I have witnessed in the short time I have been here too many times people get stuck in a dilemma, or you would say, rut, whereby you get entrapped in thinking a certain pattern. When you live life each day as courageous universe citizens that you are, when you find you cannot resolve a situation, do what creator Michael suggested. Bring your burden to him. Tell him of your dilemma. Allow this time of communion with him to be as a sedative to the tension that you feel within yourself. This will not, in and of itself, resolve the dilemma. Nor will it necessarily give you insight into corrective action. But what it will do is stop you from deteriorating yourself. Give up, at times, and simply acknowledge your limitations; but never give up on trying. Thank you.

B: You are not going to make any attempt to tell us who you are?

ANON: I have made attempts. (laughter)

M: Can you spell it?

ANON: It's not important.

B: The subject is feeling God's love and how it impacts you. Toni?

M: You sound like a radio talk show.(laughter)

B: For those of us who have to remember, Toni do you have an experience you would like to recount in which you felt the presence of God within you and shared it with somebody else?

T: I am at the opposite end of the spectrum, Bob. I am kind of gooey with feeling. I guess I've been real fortunate too because in my whole life I really don't know any strangers. Most people that I meet I tend to feel a lot for. I don't know that I've ever done it consciously. I can think of camping trips when you were a kid on a school thing and you talk about God.

Doing it consciously, most recently would have been with my mom, perhaps, when I came to some of these meetings and I told her how I felt about it and how it moved me, what a difference it had made to feel you had an opening to further your relationship with God, personal relationship, that was a crying session. And then maybe with Troy, when we talked about the meetings and how I felt about it. He made a comment, "Mom, do you know how crazy that sounds?" (laughter) So we talked about it and I was able to express how I felt about it. I knew that it had to (?) So I've always been real fortunate to be almost stupidly happy. (laughter)

B: Well, let's face it, when you talk to somebody about what's going on in this room, you have to have a love of the Father because you've got to realize that you're going to be looked upon strangely. All of us that venture out and have tried it.

S: You get the "You gotta be crazy" look.

T: It's always been something that's come easy for me.

B: What, being crazy? (laughter)

T: I've had a lot of people in my lifetime tell me that. How can you be so happy all the time? I don't think that I..now I know why. Maybe you do subconsciously, but not consciously. But now, consciously, I know why. For probably most of us, it's something that you knew you didn't know. And that's what I've come to realize is that. So those, I guess, are my most recent experiences. (?) And when it comes to you and feeling like that, don't..there's some things you just can't worry about. That's not saying you don't have bad times. All of us fall. You fall flat on your face sometimes. You do things wrong, or there are bad emotions that come up. I'll tell you, I finally came to a point in my life when I went through a period like that when I felt sorry for me. No one else in the whole world is going to feel sorry for you the way you can feel sorry for you. (laughter) But the thing is, once you've done that, get up, dust yourself off and walk forward. That's what you've got to do.

L: I think for me it's more knowing, recognizing what I'm doing to block it.

K: That's the first step to change.

L: That's what I'm not doing, that's the point.

T: You have to realize that it'll flow naturally. Just let it.

L: I've experienced that. It's just that it's the extreme differences. It's not sinking in as to what's different in what situations.

B: We all regress. We all have goals that we strive for and we're going great guns, and the next thing is we've taken two steps backwards.

S: Listening to everyone else, I think the first time that I realized looking back, I asked a friend of mine why he was happy all the time; and he explained it to me as love of the Father. At that time, I hadn't really thought about it or even started searching for it. It really kind of didn't make any sense to me. As I've been through this group and learned the things that the teachers have said, I start realizing that God does love me. He loves all of us; and I thank Him for that every morning. I just keep that in mind and I get such a feeling of joy that I have to smile. I can't help myself. The best time I feel is after I leave this group. Unfortunately, it only lasts until 6 o'clock the next morning when I walk into work. (laughter) But I'm trying.

B: You haven't shared it with...?

S: I'm trying to pass that on to a couple of friends. The windows of opportunity, in talking about church and everything, well, here's what I think. That's what I always start out with, is that God loves everyone no matter who they are. I think that's the most important thing we learn. As far as sharing that, that's where I need to work on.

ZHURI: (?) My name is Zhuri. When you met this person who seemed happy all of the time and they expressed that it was feeling the love of God, would you please elaborate more on your exact response?

S: Kind of disbelief, I think, because I said I hadn't really started searching for what I thought was missing in my life. Now I know it was the love of the Father.

Z: So is it fair to say that you did not believe that the love of God could create happiness within the person the way in which they were describing?

S: I knew that he was happy. Maybe I just didn't think that believing in something or someone like God could do that.

Z: Did you find this individual odd?

S: Kind of, I think. I don't remember, exactly.

Z: Do you remember not thinking much about the incident shortly after it happened?

S: Yes. That's exactly what happened.

Z: I would suggest to you from conversations earlier when you asked the question what do I say to someone about God's love to take heed to this illustration. Even though the timing may not have been right for Steve to penetrate the truth of what was being shared, now he understands. Through the ministry of many personalities, he is here by his decision and willing to understand or penetrate the deeper truth. This experience helps him understand more fully what it is like to share this with another who does not understand and hopefully will give him patience in allowing that person or persons to grow in their own way and time. For you see, God works in many ways. This is an excellent illustration of why it is important to share what you know and how you feel and not worry about the consequences. Sooner or later the individual will awaken to the reality of the truth which you have imparted. Thank you.

A: I guess the one thing that sort of comes to me thinking of this is when I babysit for kids. I just sort of feel the Father's love through me.

B: There you're dealing with children and pretending like you're a parent? I don't know... (laughter) I never babysitted.

M: See, that's where the women have the upper hand.

L: You're welcome to join in. (laughter)

M: In the last 15 or so years, I've had the experience of being involved with people whose lives were in tragedy or who were experiencing a great deal of turmoil in their life. I can remember many, many occasions when interacting with people, when I thought I had something that maybe would be of some assistance and felt an interchange take place.

More recently, since this mission has taken place, those occasions have been more conscious on my part. I remember an incident maybe several months ago where clients of mine experienced a great deal of trauma related to their daughter and their grandchildren, where we ended up talking about God and ended our session with a prayer by holding hands. That was the experience for me and rather unusual. I found that I've been willing to take more risk recently. The experience I've had when that happens, I do experience a physical sensation. I feel somewhat of a thrill or an electric current that runs through my body, through the legs, hand and arms, scalp. And when that exchange takes place, frequently I'll feel at peace, peaceful. It'll feel as though there's a communication. After the experience is over, I feel as though my level of interaction with the people is different and we had a different level on which we interact thereafter.

I had a disappointing experience recently where previously I thought that I had communicated with some people who were involved in a stressful situation. It regressed for them; and one woman became very, very angry with me yesterday and screamed at me to the extent that everyone in my office could hear what she was saying. And I heard a little voice "Patience, patience"; and I know 6 months I would have thrown them out of my office. (laughter) But I didn't. And I listened. And she'll be back, and we'll try again. This is something that has been more (?) conscious for me in the last 6 months.

B: Something that you had said that surfaces..I remember just recently Welmek gave us an assignment where we were to go out and look at somebody as if that person was Jesus of Nazareth; and that didn't work for me. But I changed it around and looked at the person as if I were looking through the eyes of Jesus of Nazareth upon this other individual; and when I did that, although the effect on the other individual really wasn't as what I would have liked it to be, that did have a calming effect on me. I sensed some sort of God's love there.

M: It's amazing, the strides that we've made in 6 months. So many of us have struggled our whole lives to find any kind of sense of whatever it is we're finding.

B: Feeling God's love. Any of our guests like to comment?

T: I like what my mother was saying. When she first told me about this,

I was like.."No, I don't think so..." I thought it was kind of crazy. But before she told me about it, I was depressed; and I tended to beat on myself a lot. When I do get down on myself, I think of God and it helps me out, like, everything is going to be okay, you know, because He's looking after me.

B: It's going to be just as bad as an adult. (laughter) You're right, that's a good way of getting out of it. There are times when you get frustrated, I'm not sure depressed is the word, searching.

M: And then there's that famous question..is this another test?

B: Yeah...(laughter) Always the question..are you testing me again?

M: Well, I feel like I've had some very profound experiences in my own meditation and worship over the years. I feel like I feel the Father's love in varying degrees of intensity, sometimes stronger than others. I feel it now, and as I look around I sense that everyone in this room feels it right now. Some of the questions that it raises in my mind is perhaps more along the line of Linda's, which is why is it that we feel it now, but yet when we wake up in the morning, we seem to shift to another gear and we race through our day and struggle to keep that feeling.

As I think about it, for me it seems to be much related to the ability to be relaxed and to not feel pressure or overly stressed. That's difficult because the way most of us have to make a living is somewhat pressured and somewhat stressed. There are many demands put upon us every day. I guess, certainly the daily worship is a big factor in helping to maintain that; but what I'm seeking is ways to keep that feeling that we all have right at this moment and to be able to get through all day without losing that, be able to not succumb to that stress and pressure that we experience during the day. And so any advice that you have to help me do that would be greatly appreciated.


W: Practice. You all already have the answers to your questions. Do not always look to us for this information. You have been given much which I perceive will help you in this regard. It takes practice and more practice. It will not happen because you just wish it so. Throughout the course of your day, when you feel pressured, will this feeling of pressure change anything? I daresay not. Therefore, accept the fact that your workload perhaps one day is heavier than another and that you will do the best that you can to get through that day and make your way as honestly and sincerely as you can. Do just that. Do not let the burden of a heavy workload overtake your consciousness. Always keep things in perspective. In universe reality, your workload has very little meaning. In material reality, your workload is important, for you must maintain your existence on this planet. Yet you ask the question what can you do to maintain the feeling that you have now during your busy day?

Another suggestion that we have already shared with you is if you need to write yourself a note, then do this. Keep the concept in front of your mind at all times that you will do whatever you can to keep your consciousness relaxed, your mind as quieted as possible. You see, Christ had a quieted mind; yet it was very active. This is not a paradox. It is rather simple once you can master the technique, as anything is once you understand it. A quieted mind is simply one which more or less recognizes the fact that no matter what you do, you maintain the communion with the Father. You maintain the reality in your mind that what I am doing now, while important for the time, is not as important as me maintaining my relationship with God, with my family, with those that I love.

There, once again, is no magic wand. There are as many techniques as there are individuals. Each of you must find your own level. Each of you must realize your own shortcomings, accept them for what they are, and then look forward from that. Do not look, or rather, make things more difficult than what they already are. You are not perfect. You will do amazing feats if you even attempt to get close to fusion while in the flesh.

What is important is, as I have said before, that you try to do your best each day. When you find that the burdens of daily maintenance have overtaken your mind, your consciousness, then start anew. Do not reflect to the point that you de-energize yourself because you are in a mode of self-condemnation that you are not perfect.

One of you have mentioned earlier in a meeting that the favorite quote was not to be discouraged when you realize that you are human. This is a most profound statement. It is literally true. There are sides of the human nature that are very animal-like. You must learn to balance the animal with the spiritual. This does not mean that you ignore the animal. It is a part of you. It is part of your reality and therefore you must and should continue to experience that part also. What you need to learn to do is control it perhaps a bit more and make sure that it is more or less dominated by the spiritual.

I don't know if my words have helped you at all; but I would challenge you all to think about what has been said not only this evening, but in the past, when you look for advice for what you can do to maintain a more conscious communion with the Father during times of otherness of work or relationships that may not be conducive to God communion.

I am, as I have told you before, very much in love with all of you, as I know you are more or less with me. Some of you will love me more (?) this is understood. What Luanna said tonight is very important. Her insight even helps me in trying to help you. It is your nature to try and see things or understand things that maybe are or are not there, to read more into what is being said than what is being meant. What is important and what is meant by feeling God's love is the recognition that all love is God's and you nor I create love. You and I may simply feel it and share it. Draw upon your human experience of love, whether it is with a spouse, a parent, a child, whatever, recount this experience. Realize the feeling that you felt toward that individual was a feeling of God's love that was being shared and experienced at the moment.

Then your challenge, your work, is to take these feelings that you know are a part of you and make them (?) within you so that each morning when you awake and throughout the day you can take this feeling that you have felt before and maintain it throughout the course of the day. The difference is, however, rather than feeling the love for, say, your child, now begin to transfer that same love intensity toward your brother or sister. How wonderful this will make you feel once you are able to master this.


You have much to think about again. I am pleased so far with the progress of this meeting and with our group. We will continue on with the same subject matter next week, and we'll have another surprise at that time. Go in peace my friends. God loves you. I love you, and Michael sends his love to you also. Good night.

GROUP: Good night.