1993-02-23-Gabriel Relays Michael's Message

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Topic: Gabriel Relays Michael's Message

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek, Gabriel

TR: Unknown



WELMEK: Greetings to all of my friends. This is Welmek. I wish that you could see from our perspective what just transpired. So many humans gathered together in the Father's name, projecting love, wishing others well. It literally creates an energy that is beyond description. This is just the beginning of what we hope you can accomplish as a group.

Rather than take the time now to discuss your personal experience during this time, we will see if there is any time after the meeting to share. Otherwise, please confer with each other when this meeting is over and share your experiences. What David said prior to your worship is correct. It is our desire for you to learn more fully the techniques of effective worship. In the past we have talked about worship and we have talked about effective prayer.

We will, in the near future, begin to endeavor to enlighten your minds on effective worship. For now, we have much at hand. As was understood, we will conclude last week's meeting. I hope that this session on worship has helped you to understand fully this feeling of the Father's love. More on this later.

Please let us begin where we left off.


Feeling, Love

B: The subject was feeling God's love and how it impacts you or us. Welmek wanted us to recount an experience that we had in our life that he wanted us to share, whereby you have felt the presence of God within you and shared it with another individual. He wanted us share the impact of this experience on you.

Last week we went through about half the group; and what I thought was specifically asked for was a personal experience rather than more of a general, so if we can think of something that, and perhaps today's exercise or the worship that we did where we were to envision some account in our lives where we were to feel the Father's love and think about that as we were holding hands, perhaps this could be the experience that you would like to share. With that, let's go around and pick up where we left off.

K: There's one experience that stands out most in my mind. When this mission first began, my father was very ill. I asked Welmek what I could do to help in healing. His comment was that some illnesses have gone far beyond what we can do to heal; but he suggested that what I do is gather my feelings for my father and write them down so that my father would know what an impact he had on my life.

One afternoon, amongst 12 children running around my house, I stood at this bar with a notepad and a pencil and the words just flowed through me. I knew that they were my words, but I knew that I was being inspired, that the Father's love was definitely coming through me.

And then again, when I presented the card and letter to my father, it was an experience I'll never forget. I will take it with me through eternity as well as I was told my father will take this experience to eternity with him. To be able to have him realize what impact he had on my life and to share that love with each other was so incredible, you know my father was crying and I was crying, and it was a bonding that I don't know if I'll ever experience another one like that again in my life. It was the most beautiful experience. I know it was the Father's love flowing through me, absolutely.

W: It is a fact of the universe that when you share the Father's love in a true and sincere way as you have just expressed, it will literally bond you much deeper than you have felt before; and it is one of those experiences of spiritual value that, as you say, you will remember throughout your universe career. You have much opportunity in the life in the flesh to share such feelings and thoughts with those around you. Do not let the time pass you by. Whether you communicate verbally, non-verbally, through writing or other techniques, the important point is to communicate, to share.

M: I can think of two incidents that stand out in my mind. I'll tell the one that's really on-going. I've shared this with some people before anyway. I'll try to make this short.

My grandfather got married at the age of 86; and he married this lady about 7 years ago. She's 15 years his junior and comes from a big family and all; but we were all like, she's just not his type.

Anyway, after they'd been married for a year or two, she began to decline in her health. He's now 93 and she is 76 or 77 now, and she has just really been very ill over the last 4 or 5 years. Actually, he's in better shape than she is.

The sad part is that her side of the family, her children, are not very supportive of her at all. They live in Muncie and of course we're here in Indianapolis; but they don't come to see her. They have never done anything to help defray her costs. She was in a nursing home until they kicked her out because her son, who had power of attorney, was taking her money. It's a long, sad story.

So she wound up back at my grandfather's house, really needing care and therapy, and that sort of thing; and it fell upon my father and his brothers and whatever grandchildren were willing to help just to take care of her. She has a history, I guess, of being a manipulative person in her life, sort of grasping and using and that sort of thing. She turned a lot of us off over the years because of the way she manipulated my grandfather and different people in the family.

Well, when she got back from the nursing home and obviously needed help and was also very obviously glad to be back with him and he with her, it was clear that if they were going to stay together and do well, they could only do well if they had help. They could also only do well if they stayed together. So everybody pulled together to do what they could to help these two old people.

I kind of became involved as much as I could with checking up on them and helping with meals and whatnot from time to time. And what started out as kind of a chore and really a sense of duty in the old-fashioned sacrificial sense of the word evolved really into something that was not just a service, but something that was just easy to do.

Fairly suddenly, it's become very easy and something that I want to do, to go and check up on my grandfather and my grandmother and spend some time with them, cook a meal for them, do whatever, just to help them out.

My grandfather has always been very loving and gentle and it's always been easy to do things for him, but my grandmother has really kind of become a grandmother, someone who is easy to love and easy to care for and to share my life with and to share her life with me and with my family.

The benefits are, it amazes me it's so easy to feel this way about someone and that the kind of giving that she has received from our family has had a benefit on her. She's not just grateful, I really don't think that word is appropriate, but that's the only one I can think of. She's happy in our family, knowing that she has the kind of love and support that she can get. At the same time, I notice that my father is really grateful for any little thing I can do for him.

It's like if you do one thing or a few things for someone, and they might even be small and insignificant, you really don't take that much effort on your part, but they have such an impact. It's not so much what I'm doing for them, but the fact that I do it that means so much to them. Also it means so much to me, I guess. I really think that that's the Father's love. I think it's the Father's love that just kind of reverberates through me when I'm with them and when I talk about them with my family, or even with you. It's a wonderful thing. It's not work, it's not a chore, it's not a hassle, it's just a nice thing to do.

W: The more you share this love, the more you will look forward to sharing it. That, too, is a fact of universe experience. Take heed in what I say; for when you do share His love with another, you feel good. Do you all not like feeling good? It does not require great acts of kindness. It requires a sincere and concentrated mind and heart to do the best that you can in sharing this love.

L: I've talked about this very briefly before because I've asked you to pray for this person. Like Bob, I'm not very emotional; I find it difficult to feel deeply with any real deep emotional content. And so something surprised the heck out of me Christmas Eve when I met a person who was terminally ill with cancer. I looked into his eyes, and I have never been so moved by an individual in my life. It was as though I was looking at his soul, and his soul was in agony. I knew he had a great physical pain; I could tell because he couldn't walk very well. But it was the face; it was something in his eyes that just got me so upset.

I went home and I immediately started praying, not so much for a physical cure, but I couldn't stand that look in his eyes. I prayed to Michael, and I felt this very strong surge of love for this person; I wanted to do something to help him. So I started praying, and I've prayed for him every day since. He was supposed to have been dead, actually, by Christmas; that's what the doctors thought. He's still going, and he went back to work last week. I don't know his physical..I know he's better. They've taken him off some medications. But I think what moved me was, after some time of doing this on a regular basis, and there are others who have prayed too, I got news that he said for the first time in his life, he was beginning to feel that God loved him. He thought that this cancer was punishment from God, and he thought that he deserved it. He has turned around mentally and emotionally and spiritually. He actually said "I really feel that God loves me, for the first time." And so it's getting through to him, this love is getting through to him. And I never felt like I did that to anyone or for anyone before. So that makes me very happy.

W: Please elaborate briefly on your sense of feeling when you looked into his eyes.

L: I don't think I have ever seen such unhappy eyes. They were almost dead... there was no joy, there was no life. All there was, was pain; and it was spiritual pain, it wasn't just the physical pain he was having walking. It struck me like a slap in the face.

W: To a degree, when you experience this in your lives, you can understand what our creator, Michael, experienced on a regular basis. He, too, was able to see into the soul and understand the real need of the individual. This, with practice, can be accomplished by all of you. It, however, necessitates feeling and expressing love. You will be great helpers if you are able to look into the eyes and see the soul. There is nothing mystical about this, my friends. You all have souls. Some are morontializing faster than others. But everyone who walks this planet has a soul. Look for it, hear it, love it, and whenever you can, help it.

G: Well, one experience I can recall was in 1978. I was in the hospital in Greenfield; and I was very sick. I had pancreatitis. My aunt, who at that time was in her 80s came over from Ohio to see me. She was a very spiritual person. When she came up to my room, she took my hand and prayed for me out loud there in the hospital. When she did this, I had this feeling of God's love; and it was something greater than I had experienced. I knew at that time that I was going to get better; and I did. I think it was because of her prayer that I did so.

W: Would you say it was her prayer, or would you say it was her sincere attitude of love for you that you responded to?

G: I guess that could have been it.

W: I would ask you all to think of this. How many gathered in this room would verbalize such an expression to another out loud? Never hesitate to express the love of the Father. Do not be concerned with what others may think of you. There will be those who may laugh, who may ridicule you. Be not concerned with them. They will have their own help in their own time. What is asked of each of you is to share the blessings that you have been given, to share the knowledge that you have been given, and to share the love that you are now experiencing more fully. It is a duty and a privilege to love one another. Do it with a light and glad heart. As I said earlier, it makes you feel good.

M: I was thinking of a couple of different times, but there's one story I'd never make it through without crying. So, I won't tell that one. But one that's more recent is, my sister came to visit during Christmas time. I'll probably through that one too. Anyway our childhood was such that we were never close. It's just that for the first time, she and I talked; and we're nowhere near being perfect sisters, but we've done some groundwork. Since her visit, she has sent me a couple of cards and I have sent her a couple of letters; and the communication's starting. After she left, the point is that I felt at peace. I guess that's the difference.

B: Good experience.

M: Well, that was the first time I had seen her in 8 years too.

W: When you look at the life of Christ, in his material existence you see the pressure that he endured, not only from raising a family from an early age, but his mission in general. What a task at hand, to reveal to a universe the love of God, the will of the Father! Yet was he not always lighthearted? Why is this? Have you ever asked yourself this question? How is it that he accomplished such monumental feats, and yet maintained such composure, such a graciousness in attitude?

I tell you now, my brothers and sisters, it is through expressing the love of the Father that will lessen the burdens of material existence. There is no other way. Money will not do it. Fame and fortune will not accomplish it either. Blessed is he who is poor in spirit, for he is the one who hungers for righteousness, for truth and goodness. These are the treasures that await you. They are but for the asking. Ask. Ask every day. And when you find an opportunity to share what has been given to you, do it. As soon as you share something of yourselves, something of this love, more is added to you. This, too, is a fact of the universe.

It is also a part of what is meant when Christ said "Come to me and I will lessen your burdens." When our Master spoke, it was not to be taken in jest. There is such meaning to his words that many time for beings such as yourself, it takes much experience, much tribulation, in order to understand the real meaning behind these words. This would make a most interesting discussion topic. Perhaps we will consider this in the near future also, taking your burdens to our Master. What does that mean, and how do we do this? Thank you for sharing your experience and expressing your courage. Please continue.

S: About 21 years ago, I was nearing the end of my first marriage; and it was kind of a low point in my life. I was going through a lot of despair and shock, I guess, feeling a failure. All this misery forced me to reach out to the Father and try to figure out what love was. And in the process, over a period of months of struggling with this, one day I started receiving ideas about love that kind of excited me and gave me hope and compelled me to write them out. I think that was one of the highlights of my life, where I experienced the Father's love and it kind of renewed me.

B: Since you brought it up, do you mind if I read that?

S: I don't care.

B: I have it here someplace.

S: I didn't know anything about the Urantia Book or any of these things we know now, but I was 29 at the time.

B: This was written in 1972 by Stan David(?) Hamilton.

"Love is the unifying force of the universe. It is the glue that holds the planets in orbit and holds the cells of our bodies intact in the most stupendous way, all the result of love. Love is no respecter of persons. We humans do not create love. Love already exists throughout the universe. The most we can do is express it. Some people have more ability to express love. Our unifying force lies somewhat dormant within us, and at times we are able to permit by our own will to be a channel for this love to flow through us.

"With love there is no opposite. With love there is no suffering, no fear or hate, no anxiety, no feeling of loss, no pain. Love is silent peaceful stillness and movement at the same time. Love is spirit. Love has no beginning or end. Love is geometrically like a circle. Love is like a vibration, but higher than any vibration. Love is the highest form, says "I am all in all."

We humans may tune in to love occasionally. If we do, we know it and strive for that experience from that moment on. I believe we've all had a taste of it and instinctively searched for it, even though we end up experiencing attachment. Jesus was able to tune in to love at a great level. This is why he was proclaimed the Christ, which means "love manifest". He deserved the title, Jesus, the Christ. In the point of eternity, we shall all express love like Jesus, sooner or later."

B: That was beautiful. We were talking about this earlier in the week; and I said, "Stan, can I have a copy of that?" And I didn't realize that you were going to do this as your experience.

M: I had to re-type it.

W: It is of record, and I have been given permission to share this with you. When these moments occur in your life, where the thoughts or the feelings are expressed in such a manner, there is communication on a level transpiring which you are not aware of, yet you sense it. You seem to know it, and it moves you deeply. This particular experience was motivated by your spirit, was recorded by your angel at the time. If you can only learn to attune yourself more to these feelings, these communications, you can begin to imagine how much smoother, more of a peace of mind and heartfelt love your life would be. It is all there waiting for you, and it is literally true, it is yours for the asking, coupled with effort. It is not found easily, nor achieved lightly. But once you do get a taste of what this means, you thirst for more. This is the effort of the spirit within you to constantly seek for these things.

S: Thank you.


J: When I think about the Father's love, it's brought about a real change in behavior for me. I've sabotaged many relationships and friendships because of my insecurities, needing to be in control. A couple of years ago, I determined what was really going on in my life. I feel its through the Father's love that He gave me the keys to allow Him to take the wheel and to relax my need for control, to allow openness and (?) so that I don't need to feel that I need to be in charge all the time. It's made a real difference; and it's made me very much more open and I'm having a lot more success in communication with people that would have been troublesome before. I feel that that has made a big difference in my life, that He could really love me, to allow that.

W: Interesting to note, for I have witnessed this many times. This word "control". I will tell you this. To the extent or degree that you express God's love is in direct relation to the extent that you are in control of your life. Those who believe they are in control and do not express the love of the Father have deluded themselves. It is in this delusion that hate, greed, and all other undesirable characteristics manifest themselves.

B: When Welmek an experience when you felt God's love, there was no doubt in my mind when that was. About 25 years ago, a long time ago, like Toni, I never doubted the Father's love. It was always there. My mother used to accuse me of going through life with rose-colored glasses. I was accused of being a Pollyanna when I was kid. I was an adult with children, and I had a dream. The contents of the dream are not important except that I was in communication with some part of God and I was being given a real active gift of God's love. I was sobbing. And I woke up, and I was sobbing. And the room was full of this pouring golden light. It was so beautiful. For all the rest of that night and for many weeks afterwards, God's love was like a physical cloak around me, that I could touch. And it's still there. It's not as primal in my consciousness as it was at that time, but it's true, I literally live in His love. It's always around me and it's always there. I can put my metaphorical or spiritual arms out and gather it up and either wrap it around me in a difficult situation or reach out mentally and wrap it around someone I love or want to love or even a whole group of people. In any situation, it's always, always there.

W: It is an energy that is felt. It is that which fortifies your very being. As you progress in your understanding and expression of this love, you will begin to experience this fortification. You will not tire so easily, you will feel renewed, you will feel as though you cannot hold this love in. You will seek out opportunities of expression through wise discretion. It is the most thrilling universe experience any one of us can possibly have.

B: Can I add something else? Because it's always there, I have been accused of doing what you were talking about earlier, seeing souls instead of seeing bodies. It's not easy to live with because people either love you or hate you. Many people are afraid of you.

I went through and have been through, I've discussed this with some of the people in this group, a couple separate kinds of hells; and I've always walked in (?) footsteps. And when questioned about it, because people doubt it, I always told them "I just know it's there." But it is, literally, the one outstanding and wonderful experience in my life.

S: To preface my experience, growing up I was always very insecure, very unsure of myself type of person. (laughter) Here I am trying to talk about my insecurities and nobody . .(laughter)

B: Speak up. (laughter)

K: We'll just call her Mrs. Reagan.

B: Well, I want it on the tape. (laughter)

L: That's right. Have you noticed the question marks on the transcripts? (laughter) That's where you don't speak up, folks.

S: Go ahead, Ronnie.

S: Should I stand up in the front of the room? As I was saying, my childhood was not always one of encouragement or self-esteem, whatever. I was very insecure in myself. Up through high school, the first couple years of college, all I ever did was look and look for whatever would give me that security. I found some, some level of it; I suppose you could call it fantasy and in fantasy role-playing, what-have-you.

It wasn't until one summer when a person I'd only known for probably a day at the time, did something that she probably didn't even realize that she did. It made a very profound effect upon my life, because my life, being here, doing what I do, being what I am now kind of vectored off from this particular experience. This was a person that I was trying to gain the respect of, gain the love from, told me that the reason that she liked me was because I was who I was, not because I was somebody else or anything like that. It didn't sink in right away. It took a couple days, 3 or 4 days, to understand what it said, a little longer, a lot of self-reflection, more than I had ever done in my life up to that point. To discover exactly what this meant to me said that I was, as a person, okay. I don't need to be insecure. It's okay to be me. And that kind of set me up for my future.

Looking back on it, I think, you know, I've never seen this person since then, where my life was up to that point and where it's gone since then, it's been wonderful. It set me on the right path because before I was able to love anyone else, I had to love myself. This person, by what she said, gave me the ability to do that, gave me the confidence, told me it was all right to love myself, that I was okay.

If that isn't a feeling of God's love, I don't know what is because you can't feel God's love unless you can feel your own. You can't express God's love unless you can feel your own, love yourself.

W: Understanding yourself is important, for it is difficult to effectively share the love of the Father if you do not feel love to yourself, not only by the Father but by yourself. I have noticed that most humans, sincere humans, tend to become overly self-critical at times, even to the point of not feeling worthy of the Father's love. Nothing could be further from the truth. You must always remember that you are not perfect. You will continue to make mistakes. As you do, simply acknowledge the fact that you have erred in your judgment or action and that you will do your best to attempt to correct this situation and then move forward.

Do not allow much time to be given in thought or feeling regarding past mistakes. Learn and move forward. This too is something you will constantly experience in your ascending career. Those people who tend to stay caught in the so-called rut of remembrance are souls that hurt deeply.

A: I had a couple of experiences that came to mind, too, but one that I think I'm going to share with you all is a recent one. I was having a conversation with my husband, and he was expressing some of his concerns with my involvement with the mission. As he was talking, my first thoughts were defensive thoughts, thoughts of angry feelings. Then as he kept talking, before any words came out of my mouth, I thought about it, and I had a total switch in my thinking. I thought how wonderful this is, what a fabulous blessing this is when somebody that loves me so much, that wants me in their life so much, and cares, doesn't want any harm or hurt to come to me. So when this feeling came to me, it helped me to turn around the conversation totally into a positive conversation, where we didn't resolve everything, but we didn't leave it on a negative note.

And it also helped me to express myself and my thoughts and feelings more fully. So not only did we have a better point in our relationship after we talked, I felt better about myself too. Since then, I've been able to do that to my son, too, in conversations; and it's helped us to grow stronger as individuals and stronger in our relationship together.

So to me that's feeling God's love because it helped me shift my perspective and get a hold of different angles to look at the situation.

B: A lot of us can relate to that experience.

W: Your point is important. It is all in your approach to another individual that will determine, in the long term, what the outcome will be. I say long term, for even your best intentions may be misunderstood in the short term. Always remember the individual you communicate with has the spirit, has the angels, has ministry helpers as well as the Spirit of Truth, Christ Michael and the Father, just to mention a few. (laughter)

There is much help for all of you. Do your best to always draw upon this help when you feel down. It is not unusual to feel this way, and I am beginning to understand you more than ever in this regard. My heart goes out to all of you. At times I would, in a sense, what you would say, weep, for you, for there is so much hope, there is so much desire, yet is it not interesting that within the very experience of all gathered here, that you must think of those occasions, sometimes in the distant past, to recall feeling God's love and sharing it with another.

You are beginning to see what part of our mission is. If I could help just one of you to gain a better perspective, a better appreciation for what this love is, how to feel it and how to share it, then you have enriched my life. It is such an opportunity for me to be able to do this. I feel as though you are very fortunate that you have this opportunity ahead of you every day, and I also feel very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to come here and learn from you.

Is there anyone else who wishes to express a feeling or a thought in this regard? Then I will share my experience.

B: I was going to ask you to do that. That leaves you and David, and I was wondering if you would relate an experience that you can recall, either on the planet on which you had your nativity or in morontial life or whatever, and if you can scan David's memory bank and if he has an experience that he could share.


W: For me, Welmek, my experience took place on my home world when I first experienced the Father's love. I remember it very clearly, and I will never forget this. My mother was holding me in her arms and she was very sad. I asked her what the matter was, and she said not to be concerned. However, being somewhat inquisitive, I pursued the issue. I wanted to know what could possibly cause my mother hurt.

As she explained to me, she had just lost a child; and while she understands the nature of these things, it still saddened her. When I looked into my mother's face, I saw into her eyes this beautiful person, a feeling came over me. It overwhelmed me. I put my arms around her. Then I withdrew. I held her face in my hands, and I said, "God loves you as much as anyone can be loved. What has happened is unfortunate, but it does not in any way diminish His love for you or my love for you." She held me close in her arms and thanked me for sharing this feeling with her.

Ever since that day, I have been very close to my mother. I, on occasion, am assigned duties with her. It is a very rewarding and enriching experience to know that as time goes on, we will always encounter our loved ones and be able to share our experiences. In case you are interested, I was 3 years of age when this happened.

M: Skipped kindergarten, then. (laughter)

M: Kindergarten. Skipped the 7 mansion worlds. (laughter)

W: You must understand on my planet is a little different than it is here. (laughter)

A: I think though a lot of times we can really share, or we can really appreciate the insights of young children because they see it very purely where sometimes our vision is clouded by our materialistic living.

B: Our experiences.

W: Our egos. You see, in my experience with my mother, my words and my feelings shared did not change the situation. But it enhanced a relationship between she and I and the Father and that is what sharing His love is all about. You will never have a negative experience when you sincerely share this love. Now I should add to this that the one you share it with may not understand fully. But be not dismayed by this lack of understanding. Always refer to your mota: the act is yours, the consequences God's. This is a deeper meaning of what that means.

In the response to David's situation, there was an occasion where he was involved with one whom he loved very much. This person was going through a most difficult time in her life. She was being consumed by thoughts that evil was overcoming her, that entities were beginning to invade her mind at times. This, at times, spilled over into his consciousness.

One night, on his journey to her dwelling, these feelings began to invade his mind, these thoughts of evil ones. By the time he arrived at his destination, his mind was somewhat distraught, his energy was scattered. When he entered the apartment, he realized that what was transpiring was not right. He called upon his angels to fortify him; and when he reached his loved one, he held her in his arms and said "By the power of my angels, I share their love and God's love with you; and nothing can hurt you in any way whatsoever."

This experience created an impression in his mind that he will never forget. It was an energy beyond description. It was a feeling of love that has not since been surpassed. It was a complete and whole-hearted knowing that the Father had intervened and had overcome a difficult situation. After this encounter, both individuals never experienced this problem again.

You see, it is true that in certain circumstances, there are those of us who can become involved and provide help. But it is up to you to ask for it and to use it wisely. It is up to you once given the help, to share it with others.

As you can see, there is much work ahead of us. If we are to find the opportunities each day to share God's love, then we must first begin to perhaps be a little more aggressive, insightful, determined, in finding these opportunities. Many times they present themselves to you in ways you are not yet conscious of. You tend to busy yourself with your daily activities; and when someone comes to you for help, it is easy for you to overlook those signals. It seems to be a human characteristic not to overtly ask for help.

The petition made this evening was on behalf of all of you in this group and has been granted. There will be more of an active part on ourselves, by ourselves, to lead those individuals to you that, as in the case of Johann, can look into their eyes and see their hurt. Do not be on guard. Simply allow life to go by. And when these opportunities arise, be more sensitive to them. Be more aware of what you can do.

Do not concern yourself so much with what you will say. You all have guides, you all have spirits, you all have angels, you all can pull from the Spirit of Truth. You all have good minds. Draw upon yourself your own strengths. Be not afraid to say or do those things that you feel you should do at the time.

Most of you have expressed sentiments of the past where you have shared the Father's love with another loved one. What about those who are your enemies? These too are opportunities to express God's love and is a commandment from Christ himself. However, let's take one step at a time. Let's strengthen ourselves first in understanding, sensing, knowing more about this love.

Then, as little ones, begin to take the first step, to reach out to more people, more frequently and offer a helping hand. As you become more comfortable with doing this, you will then be on the look for those who disagree or are not in harmony with your thoughts or feelings. There is nothing greater to turn an angry heart toward the light of love than by your expressing it. This, too, is a universe fact.

Some individuals may not realize it at the time; but in time, they will take heed to your words, to your gestures. They will see a kind act in the face of contempt on their part, and they will begin to understand the inappropriateness of their behavior, their attitudes. They will begin to understand that by these attitudes, they realize that they cannot achieve what they want, which is happiness. For I can tell you, there are very few humans that I have witnessed that do not truly desire happiness above all else. Yet this lofty goal seems to be so far out of reach, at least in the minds of many humans.

Once again, I tell you, it is right there in front of you. It takes work, it takes effort, it takes prayer, it takes worship, it takes action.

Does anyone wish to ask questions?

B: Welmek, last week you said you would have a special guest. I was wondering if that special guest has arrived and will be here this week.

W: Yes.

B: Also, two weeks ago you said that Ham would be here and Ham did not have a chance to speak last week. Would that be possible this evening if Ham is available?

W: Ham is on assignment tonight. But my special guest has been in observance this evening. Be patient. (laughter) But thank you for asking.


D: Welmek, I have a question. Two weeks ago, in response to one of our prayers, it was alluded that you have a New Generation team that is going to be working with young people. Could you elaborate on that?

W: The assignment of this corps of teachers and angels is to assist in the communication amongst these individuals and their inner spirit, just as it is with you. However, there is an influx of teachers whose primary function is to work on a silent, if you will, communication with these individuals. It would be as though they were whispering in their ears, just as your angels would, just as your spirit does. The intent, or at least partially, is to encourage spiritual receptivity to help mold the individuals into a more receptive mindset. There are actually many facets that this part of the mission contains, of which I will not share with you this evening.

Be it known, as I have told you before, this mission will not fail. There are many safety nets that are being laid that will help ensure upliftment of the spiritual status of this planet. We recognize the length of time it is going to take in order to achieve the desired results on the planetary scale. We realize that it is through the youth of today that our message will be delivered to their children of tomorrow. I'm sorry, but I cannot give you more details at this time.

D: Could I just ask, then, if more young people are being targeted as opposed to some of the adults with this kind of special equipment?

W: I would not say more. What I would say is that, as the members of this group and the other groups progress, the outreach to adults will take a different form than what we have plans in the immediate future for the youth. Does that confuse you?

D: Yes, it does.

B: Welmek, I have a purely scientific question. When we look out into the sky with, not just with our eyes, but with our radio telescopes and like that, are we seeing just our local universe or are we able to see beyond it?

W: I am waiting for confirmation that I can reveal to you more than what is already in your text....I suggest that you read your text in this matter. I am not able to comment, or rather permitted to comment on this subject beyond that which is already been given to you.

L: I'll help you, Brenda, but I warn you, the text is very confusing on this too.

W: I would like to respond back to the previous question. I indicated to you that the teachers coming who are designated for the youth are using a technique I refer to as "whispering in their ears". You will not be whispering in ears to your brothers and sisters. You will be looking into their eyes and offering this love of the Father and words of comfort and wisdom. That is the difference as far as the mode that is being utilized at this time. As to the question of more, I would say, no. Our intent is to encourage as many adults as we can in this outreach program. Do not misunderstand what I say inasmuch as not all of the youth of this planet have spiritual teachers whispering in their ears. It is simply a different technique being used at this time. Does that help you understand a little more fully what I meant?

D: Oh, I don't know. I have a lot more questions, but I can see you'd rather not talk about it. I guess we'll wait a couple more years, and then maybe you'll be permitted. I was just curious about that, because to me, I see so many youth who are disenfranchised. It's very disconcerting although I know you've got everything under control; but it still bothers me when I look at these young people who have no concept of spirituality. I think our society has really failed them, in a sense. The materialism they've grown up with is just...it netted them such a negative outlook on life, it's just been very painful to watch these young people grow up who feel they don't have any kind of direction or purpose. You see the violence these days. I'm glad to know there are special efforts being directed towards them. So that's why I was asking, to see what you could get a little more specific about what that team was going to be doing to assist them.

W: There are 10 primary objectives of this team. I should not probably even be sharing this information, for it will only solicit your questions as to what these priorities are. However, you should realize that whenever something is done, whenever plans come from Salvington or directives, I should say, come from Salvington, there must be considerable thought and planning given to these directives in order to ensure the outworking, for as I believe we have discussed before, if Michael were to give you an assignment, would you want to fail? (laughter) And so it is with us.

You must still have faith and trust in what is happening. Regardless of any future events, never doubt the Father, never doubt Michael, never doubt your spirit. Always follow what you feel in your heart as well as your mind is the very best guidance that you can have. Live your life according to the life of Jesus, the principles upon which he built his universe. You will never fail. You will never mislead another individual. These things, my friends, are what is most important.


By the way, I am reminded to ask you if there are any jokes you wish to share with us. We are always willing to entertain, or rather be entertained. Sometimes these meetings tend to take a serious nature; and it is literally true, reversion is important in healthy spiritual growth.

D: These three basketball NCAA coaches were traveling on an airline, and they crashed. They went up to heaven and went to meet God. God was sitting in his chair. God asked the first one what he did, and he said his name and "I won.." so many championships, and so on. God said "That's fine. Come and stand by my right side."

Then He said to the second person, "Who are you? What did you do?" And the other guy said what his name was a recited all the championships and all the games that he won. God said "That's great. You can come and stand by my left side."

He said to the third guy, "Well, who are you and what did you do?" And the third guy said "My name is Bobby Knight, and the people in Indiana think that you're sitting in my chair." (laughter)

W: Who is Bobby Knight? (laughter) Just joking...Are there any more questions? A quiet group.


M: I have a question. I'm trying to remember the context. A couple of weeks ago when we all stood and projected our love towards Cheryl while she was in labor, and it was sort of a beginning for us for directing our love and you guys utilizing our energy. I believe, I'm trying to read through the transcript real quickly, but the impression I have is that you said or Andrea said that our group was going to be tuned so that we could work better at directing this energy. Actually, Linda and I were discussing it; and I was wondering how is this tuning going to go about? Will our attunement to one another occur as a result of our growth in spiritual values or will our attunement be done on a more physical level? What did you mean by attunement?

W: Primarily, on a spiritual level, and this all centers on the expression of love. The more you practice, the better you demonstrate these abilities and manifest them in your daily life, the more "tuned" this group will become in projecting spiritual energy, or love, to others who are in need.

We must realize that as a group we are in the very early stages of experimenting with these things. It is because of your curiosity and our love for you that we share these things with you, even at times when you are not yet ready to fully either understand them or to experience them.

L: Welmek, some of the other groups have been given visualization exercises. Will we be given something like that?

W: We already have had a few. Each group has a teacher with a specific agenda. While the spiritual content of our messages should be complete and replete within the groups, there are certain aspects of instruction and experimentation that are allowed to exist; and it is not my desire to experiment in the visualization arena perhaps as aggressively as other teachers. You are only beginning to understand the direction in which I am inclined to lead us.

M: Getting back to what we were talking about a second ago, when you say attunement, I think of being "in tune" as in harmony. The analogy that came to my mind..well, on my job, I work in the operating room; and there are usually about four people with different educational backgrounds, different experiences, coming together to achieve a certain goal, which is to get some person through some surgery. We all might be different in different ways and have a different approach. Even the work that we do in the room is different, yet it's interrelated.

Somehow that seems to me to make sense as far as our group is concerned. We might not all be the same, but because we have a unity of purpose, so to speak, or will have a unity of purposes in these kind of things, more or less our efforts will be harmonious even though we're coming from different backgrounds or different directions. Is that what you're wanting us to do, or am I thinking a little off the track here?

W: I am not sure if I am clear as to what you are asking. If you are asking me, does your self-expression as it relates to a group, culminate in an action of wholeness to the point where that wholeness can then be directed, I would say, yes. Each of you are a part of the wholeness. As you understand, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a group, once we become more "whole", if you will in our spiritualized thinking and acting, we will then be able to, in the exercise given with Cheryl, do things that are of more substantial value.

M: So, let me try to bring this all together here in my mind. As individuals, the more we learn spiritual values and enhance our own personal characters, or morontialize ourselves, the easier it will be for us to become part of a whole.

W: The more functional you will become as part of the group, yes.

Ascension, Mansion Worlds

S: Welmek, I have a question I had asked probably a couple of months ago. It's strictly a curiosity question, but I think everyone in the group is probably curious also. That was, originally I had asked you if you would be permitted to let us know, on average in Earthtime, how long it takes to transit the mansion worlds? You had indicated you would check on this to see if you would be allowed to tell us.

W: The length of time that it takes to traverse the mansion worlds is varied substantially by the effort put forth by the individual in their attempt to communicate with the spirit and to live according to the will of the Father. There is on record a time span of Urantian mortals who have ascended to Jerusem. It ranges in Earth time from 572 of your years to several thousands of your years.

Worship, Energy

D: Welmek, I was curious about the energy we generate when we are in the worship session that is not directed toward the individual. What do you do with it? You must do something with it. I would hate to think that that energy that we generate is not going somewhere in particular. Do you just use it wherever you see a (?). And when we are in individual worship, we generate the energy too. Is that put to good use also?

W: When you worship the Father and you feel the love, you feel this energy, correct?

D: Yes.

W: Most of the time this is something that is simply felt by you to do with what you do with it. What is important is that you feel it often. As you increase your ability to control your life, you will find opportunities to use this energy more wisely in sharing it with others. Do not mistake in your concept of utilizing this energy that it must be used whenever you feel it. What is most important for each one in this room now is the simple fact of experiencing it more frequently on a regular basis. This will begin to fill the gaps within your lives. It will begin to make you more complete as universe citizens and it will then, if you will, make you as a magnet, so that others who need this experience will be drawn to you.


L: Welmek, I have a question about your use of the word "control". You mentioned it earlier. When you say we should be in control of our life, are you referring to more control over the circumstances of our life, or more control over our reaction to the situation we find ourselves in?

W: Both. And I am saying that in order to achieve the wisdom necessary to gain this control, you must do it through sincere and effective worship, sincere and effective sharing of this love you have experienced in your life with those you come in contact with, with the attitude that you approach life with, even the so-called enemies.

When you understand more of how this love can be effective in your life, it will become clearer to you how more effectively you can control certain situations. That is not to say that things are not at times random and that accidents can and do occur. But it is to say that you will be more in tune, more in control of the spiritual growth which you now seek.

Energy, Timing

D: That question that I had a minute ago. Could you just respond to the energy that we generate in a group. It was one of the aspects to my question.

W: Both aspects. There are energies that are generated that are simply the experience of love itself. It is not that this must be necessarily channeled. The energy that is generated from our group tonight compared to what I hope we can experience in the next 60 months will be substantially different. As you have time to reflect back upon tonight in the years coming, you will more fully understand what I am trying to share with you now.

D: So you're going to be hanging around for a while?

K: At least five years.

W: My agenda for our group I will tell you now. As it is laid before me in cooperation and approval with the Melchizedeks, calls for a 12-year program. This is not to say that after that period of time our relationship will cease. I would imagine, knowing the need for help and the desire for us to be successful and for you to be successful, that our relationship will continue for most of your lives.

M: So we're in the first grade now.

W: Respectfully, I would say that we are not yet that far. (laughter)

K: Then we can call you Big Bird? (laughter)

S: Mr. Welmek's Neighborhood....(laughter) Won't you be my neighbor?...

W: Based on the looks of a few of my associates, I feel that this label will stick with me. (laughter) I must think of a way to thank you. (laughter)

K: Nobody sit next to me, 'cause lightning could strike.

S: Does this mission have anything to do with the coincidence of the turning of the millennium?

W: The timing does seem coincidental, and there is some relationship, yes.

Teaching Mission

L: Does Columbus, Ohio, have a teacher assigned?

W: Yes.

L: Is there a name we can share with them?

W: Do you know how many individuals are ready within this group?

L: I have not had someone tell me the exact number.

W: Rebecca.

M: And what about Denver?

W: Darin, D-A-R-I-N.

There are cities throughout this planet that are beginning to receive teachers. This is very encouraging to us. The efforts that have been put forth so far on your part and ours are already beginning to reap benefits. As this progresses, I will share with you more as to the growth of the networking.

S: Are there teachers initiating contact with individuals say in this section of Indiana or even in this area that you may not be familiar with or closely associated with?

W: Possibly. No one can make contact with you without my prior knowledge, however.

B: By you, do you mean us specifically, or any individual?

W: The members of this group. Most of you have had some form of contact since my being formally assigned as your teacher. Part of this assignment requires that any individual who desires to seek communication, aside of course, from your angels and your spirit, must report to me of their intent and content. I have yet to deny contact.

If there are no more questions, then it is time to allow my visitor, a special visitor, to say a few words to you. I believe I will allow this individual to give you salutations. Therefore, my remaining words are, first of all, for next week. I believe it would be wise to talk about turning to Christ with your problems, with your burdens. How to do this? We will touch upon worship once again, as well as prayer, as well as actions, as well as decisions. Who wishes to moderate this session?

B: I will.

W: If you can, throughout this week, with the help of your husband, research some specific quotes from Michael himself in your text, and we will use these quotes as our springboard into discussion. Once again, I wish to reiterate that I love you all very much. This evening's meeting has been especially impressive to me, for whenever I see my friends gathered together, willing to share their experiences, willing to share their love and their hopes, their desires, it moves me. While I see you as little children on the one hand, I see you as great universe citizens on the other. If only you could see yourselves as I see you. Your level of self-respect and self-love would enhance substantially. In time, my friends, you will begin to really understand the words that I say to you.

For now, worship each day, above all else. Feel this love that you have felt in the past and bring it to the present. Hold on to it as though there is nothing else to hold onto, to hold on with. Express it as freely as it has been expressed to you. Thank you once again for this opportunity of service. I will now turn this over to one greater than I.

GROUP: Good night, Welmek..good night Big Bird...

GABRIEL: Good evening, Urantians, brothers and sisters, citizens of the universe of Nebadon, children of Michael. This is Gabriel, his assistant. I wanted to share just a brief message with you. From the reports that I have been given, it has been noted that you are sincere of heart and wanting to help in this mission of ours, to heal the planet, to mend the wounds of the souls of the citizens of this world, to reach to the Father and express your desire to serve Him, to be like Him, to dedicate your lives to His will. It has been noted. You are on record within our universe for which I am responsible. I wish to extend my personal gratitude to each one of you in your efforts. I wish to extend my personal love to each one of you. And I wish to, once again, bring you a message from he who is greater than I, Michael.

(Michael's message) Over time, we all have gone through periods in life that have caused us consternation, have caused us concern, have given us room in our mind for doubt. As your Creator, as one who has lived the life in the flesh as you are now living, I wish to reassure you of the reality of my existence and the existence of my Father and your Father. Never doubt this, my friends. I feel that I can call you friends because I have heard each one of you call to me and ask for my help and express your love. I send this message through Gabriel so that you can understand the importance of your existence to me and my desire for you to know me more fully. I am with you always. I have told you this before and I will continue to remind you of this fact. I am pleased to know you the way that I do. I want you to live your lives as though you were living my presence, for I tell you, I remind you, you are. I love you deeply. You are my children. You are my friends. You will meet me one day and we will be able to share this more fully.

Go about your business now. Go about finding this love that your teacher has been talking about and willingly, freely, give it to another. When you give this love to a brother or sister, I want you to give it as though you were giving it back to me.

It is important for you to begin to realize the significance of what you are, what you are going to be doing, and how important you are to me in this mission. You see the condition of your world. I see the condition of our world. Our Father has awakened the energies necessary to make the change. It is now up to you and I to see that this change takes place. And it surely will.

You do not realize the importance that you play in the outworking of this mission. It is understood, for you have just begun. But I stand here in full authority as sovereign of this universe and tell you all gathered here tonight that if you do these things in my name, I will remember you.

Go forth again each day and find those opportunities that present themselves. Reach out in love to one another. Let nothing keep you from this. It is I who created you, it is I who want you to return to me and through me, to the Father.

Never stop talking to me. I love to hear your words, your hopes, your prayers. Go in peace, my children. Be happy in the knowledge that I am with you and that no real harm can come to any of you.


GABRIEL: Once again, it is my privilege to extend to you a message from one who is so beautiful, so loving, so generous, so full of truth and beauty as our Creator Son. I am honored and privileged to serve on his behalf.

I am also honored and privileged to serve you. For you see, my brethren, it matters not your status in the universe. What matters is your desire to serve and to do it. On behalf of Michael, myself, and my administration, I welcome you into this mission and look forward to a long and productive relationship.

Thanks be to our Father and thank you. I will return before April and will receive a few questions. Until that time, practice what you have learned and let fear dissolve within your being. Peace be to you. Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening, Gabriel.