2003-03-13-Series On Mother Spirit Part 1

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Topic: Series on Mother Spirit, Part I

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Anatolia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo

Session 1


Good evening. This is Anatolia who greets you this evening. Welmek is temporarily on assignment, and will be away for a week or so, and I have been asked to conduct the instruction for this group during his absence. During this period of time, I have been advised that it is now time to embark on a more in-depth course of instruction on the nature, function, influence and presence of our Mother Spirit within your mind.

As you know, there has been a dearth of information on your planet of the aspect of deity that is more feminine in its relationship to humans, as you grow in spirit. And there is a concerted effort underway to bring the awareness of Her exquisite divine presence into your planetary awareness, as you begin to see women who have been submerged in the shadows of male domination begin to take on their own nature and celebrate the gender that they have been created within.

For you, as men in a material body, there is a particular way in which you can come to know our Mother Spirit that will be different in perspective than that of your female counterparts. And I wish now to impart some deeper and detailed instruction to you regarding our Mother

Do you find that this would be interesting to all of you? (enthusiastic agreement) So I would like to hear from your perspective what it is about our Mother that you would like to know more about, or the qualities that you find interesting and helpful to understand? What about our Mother is piquing your interest and curiosity now? I wish to hear your comments.

Student: What comes to mind is can we contact Her and speak with her similarly to the way we can speak with Michael, the Spirit of Truth within us, or indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjuster? Can we also commune with the Mother in this way?

Anatolia: Yes, this is indeed possible.

Student: I felt that was what was happening. But I was just wanting to have your reassurance. Can you see the teacher who has been assigned to me, Elianna, the ascending daughter of the Mother Spirit, at this time?

Anatolia: I relate to her in a similar fashion as you relate to your human friends and acquaintances. (Thank you). (Pause) Have you no curiosity about our Mother?

Student: I'd like some more information on how the word used when Jesus finished on his bestowal here, the Mother Spirit became his consort. It's like an ancient word that had more self-presence and it feels more evolving, sort of like a supreme. Is that almost like a marital union like the divine pleasure of having a loving partner all the way to eternity? Or is it more on a mindal level?

Anatolia: In human equivalency, you would liken this to a sublimely loving and harmonious complementary pairing that would be of the ideal marriage between dual energies and spiritual flow. Think of your highly idealized marriage partners where one spouse is the exquisite complement of the other and you will have an idea of the superb partnership that is Michael and Mother combined. It is in this pattern that forms the foundation in spirit for true human marriage, albeit that marriage in the human form is fraught with difficulties and is not quite the perfect harmony that you find at the level of Michael and Mother's relationship. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, I had a feeling it was that touching. The other part of the question was, in the partnership does the Mother Spirit act like the Holy Spirit, is mindal, everywhere present?

Anatolia: The action of Mother Spirit in your mind is beyond your scope of understanding. Her ability to influence your thought structure is consistently active in conjunction with the Adjuster's work in the mind, as it also congeals with the Spirit of Truth. Think of the Mother as the person of Deity who is actually helping you to correct those thought forms and turning them into the spiritized thoughts that the Adjuster uses to create symbol pictures within your mind of the nature and reality of the Father's personality and of the universe. Her action is beyond your understanding. Suffice it to say that when you rest your mind within Hers, much as a child rests in the arms of his mother, you will find that realm of pure safety and comfort that will fill you with such loving peace that you will not want to leave Her embrace. And in this you will find the way in which you relate to reality will surely be altered and more spiritually uplifting to you. Has this somewhat answered your question?

Student: Yes it has. So it's still very appropriate it as a feminine influence at our level?

Anatolia: This is perhaps the only way that you will truly understand it, for you are so highly genderized in your ability to relate to one another. And so the way in which you relate to spirit is predicated on your experience. But you will grow. Your mind will expand in time and in form as the mind spiritizes.

Student: Anatolia, I was thinking of the Mother before these transmissions, before actually talking with Her. In Paradise, they say that in eternity when the First Person creates the Second Person as this personality, this divine personality, and in consequence Paradise is also created as this epitome of personal reality. In our own lives we are the same kind of being. We have a spirit, our own personality has its own kind of spirit. We have the spirit of God within us. We have Michael's Spirit of Truth. Then we have the physical body that follows eternal patterns-absolute-as far as our scientists have been able to find out, to the billionth of a second.

We also have this physical impersonal kind of chemical/electrical body that obeys absolute mathematical laws. And I've always conceived of the Mother Spirit as the connection. We're living within her being. And by her very being here and being these dimensions of the thought adjutants, all these levels of her mind, that actually enable us to think, to feel, to realize, to have this experience be real for us. This connection of our own spirit and Michael's spirit and the Father's spirit, enables us to realize this unique physical being we have.

So it's taking me awhile to conceive of this as a kind of absolute kind of glue. It's taking me awhile to feel her and experience her as a person. So I have the exact opposite problem of V. For me it's hard to feminize this absolute part of the cosmic mind, this individuation of the Infinite Spirit.

Anatolia: And it is because She is what you might conceive as super-feminine that you would not want to relate to Her in the way in which you would relate to a humanly feminine individual. And all of the ideas are presented to you so you have some contextual way in which to relate to them. But truly, our Mother is a person of Deity that is experienceable, just as is the Father in Paradise and Michael in Nebadon. Our Mother Spirit resident on Salvington, whose being pervades the universe of Nebadon, is equally contactable and experienceable.

But how you will experience her is uniquely predicated upon your ability to step beyond the ideation of feminine qualities, and move into the realm of how Spirit functions in the world that is nurturing and loving and warming and everywhere pervading - just as you might understand or appreciate a tender and lovingly devoted mother to her human children.

We will move into an experience this evening, so that you have a greater range of knowledge of her within your being. And I will lead you in that realm when you have shared with me your questions. Then we will discuss what you have experienced. So are there any other questions before we begin?

Student: Yes, I would like to speak up now, Anatolia. I'm inspired by the possibility that the Mother Spirit is able to assist individual men and individual women to be more effective on the human level in male-female relationships. You even acknowledged yourself a few minutes ago that it is very difficult on this level for that to happen successfully. And thereby I'm making a request, I suppose, to find out if by asking is it possible for the Mother Spirit to be invited into our self, our minds, our integrity, and assist us to be able to be more relatable to the feminine, the women on our planet - even to the extent that we are able to be successful in one on one marital relationships? I'd like to find out if that's a feasibility right now.

Anatolia: While you will never in your gender relationships truly understand one another, you can come to a mutually accepting appreciation of the qualities that the genders bring into a relationship. And instead of being antagonistic with one another, they can actually be a source of harmony and complement one another because they are based on the qualities of Michael and Mother as the universe pattern of gender relationships.

The most important element to bring into a human marital relationship is love and acceptance. And when the one spouse does not understand what the other spouse does or says, it is not appropriate to condemn that individual, but to go into the realm of Spirit and ask for enlightenment and a deeper perspective awareness of where that individual is operating. This is what is so sorely lacking on your planet. Men and women consistently try to evaluate the other from their own perspective. And this is a certain recipe for disharmony, discord, and divorce.

In your approach to those who are different from you, look to those differences and ask for the harmonization of those differences that you see within you to be afforded a higher understanding, so that the differences become unified and strengthened to create a new truth reality in the relationship that will be mutually beneficial, and will keep the relationship growing in a healthy manner. Does this answer your question?

Student: It helps. I get a sense from what you said that the key is to be open and expressive with the other person. And that it would be most desirable for both to take advantage of your suggestion of when there are differences to rise above them and make an effort to be in tune with the example of Michael and the Mother. And to accept differences that may not be able to be understood, but to go ahead in some manner that is more spiritually able to happen as the result of rising above it as a mutual activity. I can see that as a great opportunity in becoming involved with somebody to discuss and agree on even right from the very beginning.

Anatolia: The essential element is that you love this individual. And by that I am not referring to the sex attraction that you feel for this individual, but from a deeper and more committed affectionate response of wanting good - and doing good - for that individual. That this individual is so highly regarded by you that you seek everything that is good and beautiful and true for that individual to happen in her life. And this is the fundamental building block of a healthy relationship. Do you understand?

Student: I think I do. It sounds like that's applicable to any connection, male-female.

Anatolia: It is applicable in all situations. But when you are in an intimate liaison with an individual, it becomes increasingly more striking.

Student: Is it possible to ask for Mother Spirit to guide us in discerning another person who would be able to be matched in this capacity with us?

Anatolia: You may approach Her in this manner if you feel so compelled. (Thank you.) (Pause) Are there other questions before we begin?

Student: I'd just like to ask a quick question. I once thought I contacted the Supreme Being. I got a sense I actually delineated the Supreme Being evolving deity. Now I'm beginning to wonder if, possibly, it was the Mother Spirit. You have permission to scan my mind to see if I was on track or not.

Anatolia: I am sorry. I will not be able to honor your request for this is beyond the parameters of what I am permitted to disclose. (Okay, thank you.)

Student: Yes, Anatolia, I notice that you were speaking as a woman speaking, and within me, my body, what I was feeling was confusion and resistance. And I guess uncertainty about the Mother's place in my life. And maybe that's one part of my life where I am lacking. Could you speak upon that?

Anatolia: I believe the experience tonight will open you more than my words can convey at this time. My only comment to you would now be: Are you captivated by the idea of having a relationship with this person of Deity, and are you open now to her revealing herself into your mind, so that you can avail yourself of the Divine Minister more fully to aid your growth?

Student: Yes. I feel like I need to be softened, and to be less judgmental and critical of others whose lack of being spiritualized, in a sense, for lack of a better word, kind of spills into my life and other people's lives and causes people discomfort and harm. I guess I feel a strong sense of anger toward those kinds of people. So I do need to soften my judgmentalness and criticalness. I do desire to come from a place of love, for I know it is their own ignorance and lack of understanding.

Anatolia: You have correctly ascertained that she can indeed soften you and make you more loving and gentle with people. So let us now go into her domain, into her womb, as she has invited you in the past.

Mother, your sons now are ready to be encircuited within you, seeking to come to a greater experiential awareness of the love that you have for your children. Ask her to reveal the quality that is important for your growth, and allow yourself to experience that which she delights in giving to her beloved children. (pause)

I call you back into the awareness that as you bring your attention present, allow her ministry to continue to work within you as you share with me what you experienced as you grow in relationship with our Mother. Please share with me when you feel so moved to speak.

Student: For me, Anatolia, I had a feeling of softening in my ability to communicate to my brother, who is having a hard time in his marriage, and who doesn't understand or appreciate who I am, spiritually and from his perspective the way he lives his life. So I had a sense that I could write a letter and have a greater chance now than ever before of getting across in a way that speaks to his heart.

Anatolia: Thank you for sharing that with me.

Student: Anatolia, I liked your way of asking or praying to the Mother from her perspective what qualities would she recommend I bring into my consciousness. The first quality of that was discipline. That through Welmek, through yourself. I remember a wonderful dance you and I had years ago, Anatolia; leaving these meetings with you and Welmek and feeling reborn. The night air was just fresh and this wonderful thing of getting in touch with feelings. It's like advancing my left foot and now it's time for my right foot now to come along and now that I'm getting in touch with my emotion, it is time for some discipline to start putting into practice what I am actually able to know now.

At first I thought it was because we associate discipline with the masculine. But with your caution that this is beyond gender, I think the Mother Spirit wants us to be strong and healthy and discipline is what I got as the main thing I need now. And from the Mother!

Anatolia: And you may be very surprised as you continue to develop your relationship with her at the ideas and ways she reveals herself to you. Break down your constructs of gender that you are used to dealing in as you open yourself to a greater range of understanding your Mother's presence in your life. Do you think you will be able to do this at your will end?

Student: Oh yes, Anatolia, we males, even on a human level, are living through a marvelous time of the last 20 or 30 years, maybe of the last several hundred years, where our females are really coming out and just realizing all their various natures. It is a great time to be alive. The females we are surrounded with now are just blossoming out of all these centuries of being repressed. It is a marvelous time. And it is easier and easier for us to be degenderize, in a sense, all these qualities. I see Mother and Michael, beyond this complementarity they have, their shared divinity and beyond our genderization, as you call it, we share with our females a common humanity. It's a marvelous time to be alive. I think the Mother has a big hand in it all.

Anatolia: Oh yes, she does! And it is true, many new facets of her are emerging now on your planet. It is, indeed, wondrous to behold.

Student: Anatolia. The quality I believe the Mother is trying to reveal to me is her simple, beautiful, gentle, soft love that she has for me and each individual. And as she was doing this, I felt a sadness inside of me. It was real light. I felt like I was almost floating, floating in her presence. This is the experience I had, different from the one I had when she first revealed herself to me about a year ago, actually. I actually felt a transformation taking place in my consciousness. She has many different sides.

Anatolia: And it will be your joy to open yourself to appreciate as many aspects of her as you humanly can while you still walk in the mortal flesh.

Student: I can call on her every day to experience another side of her.

Student: Anatolia, I am glad you mentioned the words Divine Minister. It has helped me realize that the work that D has been doing with me, the gardening of my mind, is really the Divine Minister. The feeling I got was a renewed desire to help people with their loneliness.

Anatolia: Let her speak deeply into your heart. When you feel so engaged to minister to humans in their loneliness, call on her and ask for her pervasive mind to come into the realms of that person's loneliness, and to uplift them into her embrace where they will be able to receive in the spirit the comfort, the safety and the warmth of a loving mother. Everyone needs this touch. And it will be your delight to provide them with this experience. When you are conversing with them, hold them in this prayerful communion with Mother Spirit, and they will benefit greatly. (Pause)

Student: What I notice, Anatolia, was that beneath this judgment and criticism of others was how my own heart was guarded from really totally and fully loving and expressing the truth, my truth. I saw how I keep myself at a distance. I noticed this the other day that I can see, I can feel the joy, but it only goes so far. It's like I don't allow myself to swim into it, that I guard myself, that I don't feel safe enough to swim into the joy completely, to celebrate life completely. And I wish to feel safe, to totally, completely, celebrate life and feel it without fear of being judged or criticized.

Anatolia: In the coming days come into her presence, and allow yourself to be uplifted into that realm of safety. And she will soften all of those places within your mind that you are steadfastly guarding, to help you realize that through her embrace and Michael's love you will no longer need to be so vigilant in your guard. For they will replace the hurt you have felt with a self-reliance and confidence that will make you strong and give you greater capacity to lovingly appreciate other people. Do you think you would like to achieve this?

Student: Yes, very much so, especially now that I know that I am being stretched beyond what I had known. I need to feel that sense of safety, that I am being protected, as I reach out beyond my own limitations and boundaries therein.

Anatolia: And you will be held in the most loving arms you can possibly imagine. My dear brothers, what more can I say? I leave you in the loving embrace of our Mother: for you to experience her more fully tonight has been a privilege for me to share with you. And I leave you in the full recognition that her ministry is continually creating a wonderful place within you that will make you even more spiritually unified and glorified, as you emulate our Mother in the unique ways she will reveal herself to you.

We will continue this instruction next week as I rejoin you. And in the coming weeks please spend your stillness time, or a portion thereof, with her, in asking her to come to you and reveal herself to you in the ways she knows will benefit you greatly. Good night, my dear friends.

Session 2


Good evening, this is Anatolia, and I am very happy to be here with you again this evening, to continue our instruction on our Mother and Her holiness, righteousness and purity of being. As we began last week to go more in-depth into Her nature, you were given an enhanced encircuitment of Her presence within you.

And now I would like to ask you to reach deep within yourself, and ask you to share with me one quality that you feel is unique to Mother and special in Her relationship and ministry to you that is distinct from the Father-like aspect of divinity. I am very curious to hear your comments and opinions as to what you perceive as the feminine aspect of deity. And so spend a moment in reaching deep within you, seeking guidance, and then please share with me your perspective on this. (Pause)

Student: Anatolia, one time I saw the Mother, a term kept popping into my mind, as some existential philosophy, that a philosopher tried to put this feeling of what surrounds us as the encompassing. We were encompassed by a living presence, almost like a fish swimming in water. This is how I feel the Mother, even especially when She refers to us as being in Her womb, being in Her. Someone once said that God's law is what we call time. The absolute reality of what is happening, is God's law, along with freedom, and the freedom of other beings. But in this sense Mother is space. She holds us. There's a dimension in which we can feel and think. She gives us these abilities. These are like dimensions of Her mind that allow us to experience and realize things. So in this she nurtures us and supports us. As you can see, I am just beginning to get a feeling for Her as a person, rather than as a dimension.

Anatolia: But you have begun, and that is the important first step in having an interest in knowing who She is. And the way in which you have communicated your perspective is quite apt of Her. And as the fish swims in the sea, it recognizes the environment in which it lives, even though it is not necessarily conscious of it at all times. By that I mean paying mindful attention to the water. It is taken for granted that this is the environment in which the fish lives. And so there is an element of being in Her environment that you do take as a matter of natural movement. She is all around you, and you hardly perceive this, because it is as natural as breathing.

But I say to you that when you come into a more mindful awareness of Her presence pervading your living space, then you are able to perceive the tender affection and devotion that She has to your well-being, and the continual nurturing that She affords your mind and growing morontia soul, as your mind begins to receive that information that Mother wishes to bestow upon your mind.

And so what you have articulated to me today is that you have this growing awareness of Her, of how she pervades your environment. And now it will be your delight to come to a full and sweet appreciation of Her love for you that is just as personal and intimate as the love that you felt from your human mother, although I will say that there is a higher dimensional quality of this love that is more innately satisfying than the mere appreciation of human affection and regard.

So I encourage you to ask Her to help you experience Her love for you as Her son; and begin to, in your mind, see yourself as having a spirit mother, just as you have a human mother. And let her continually reveal how She loves you, and how She tends to your needs each day, each moment, in Her sacred space that permeates your being. Do you have any comments on this idea?

Student: Only, Anatolia, that these meetings here are phenomenal. I can't imagine any human being who has an appreciation of who Michael and Mother are, and then be told they can actually talk with these individuals. Who would not envy us and give who knows what just to be where we are? So it's overwhelming in the sense that we actually talked with Mother, in which she said was exactly what you have said, Anatolia, that this person-ness of Her, this personal part of Her, we know, because only a person can love as She does. And this is a palpable, real thing. Thank you.

Anatolia: It has been my pleasure to be here with you and giving you this instruction.

Student: Anatolia, two aspects of Mother that I cherish this time are: first, the depth of beauty. As a photographer, I always find myself attracted toward macro-photography. I would get closer and closer to nature, and look at it through a greater and more powerful lens. And the closer I got the more beauty I saw. It just seemed to be endless. This is aspect of Mother is something that I didn't realize at first what I was seeing. I just craved the beauty of nature, whether it be a large landscape or just a close-up of a beautiful flower. The second aspect of Mother that has a profound effect on me is the wind. I consider this to be the Mother's breath. The gentleness of the wind, the way it moves the trees, the rhythm. It's something that I have a very strong attachment to. And of course, the physical enjoyment I get out of the sport of windsurfing. Those are the two aspects of the Mother that I respond to.

Anatolia: The quality of reverence for the domain of the physical world is an important recognition of the sacredness of the place that has been created to harbor intelligent life. And in Her circuitry lie all of the worlds of the universe of Nebadon. Each planet, whether they are architectural or evolutionary, are totally immersed within Her mind of energy. And so as you are living in a material body, you have an affinity for things of nature: the sun, the water, the air, the plants, the soil, the rocks. And the appreciation for that speaks directly to the exquisite overlay of the spiritual reality that your world is patterned upon.

This affinity for beauty is predicated upon those inner yearnings that she has imbedded within you through your mindal endowment. As you see the beauty in nature, think of the spiritual source of the patterns that you see. Know that they have been created with an intelligent design, and it is by the action of our Mother that these designs spring forth into abundance and glorious life upon all the worlds in the universe. And if you enjoy the beauty here, can you imagine the delight and joy when you see the architectural worlds that have been designed and are rife with beautiful spiritual life and morontia life? Can you imagine how much pleasure and intensity of feeling in appreciating the patterns and harmony that you will explore as you grow?

These gifts that have been woven throughout the universe through our Mother are all waiting for you to experience. And can you only begin to appreciate the joy She must feel when her children delight in what She has given them to appreciate? Creating a home of beauty delights the soul, and offers that safe haven from all of the pressures of a disjointed material life. And so you can begin to appreciate the home-building aspects of the Mother, and why that is so integral to a growing individual's well-being, as it provides that rich environment to grow in safety and appreciation of these things. Do you have any comments on this idea?

Student: Well, first to answer can I imagine the beauty to come? To be honest, no, I can't. I've asked the Mother to give me a glimpse every now and then. I do thoroughly enjoy the beauty that is upon me now. As I tell my youngest daughter, Elena, that the fragrance from a rose is the perfume of the Mother Spirit. Thank you.

Anatolia: Breathe in Her perfume, each day. Let the essence of Her beauty permeate you to even deeper places within your yielding mind and body.

Student: There is one more question that I would like to ask at this time. In a book I recently read, the gentleman talked about an experience in which he felt the Mother Spirit in the form of a young lady. And on several occasions he felt this was the Mother Spirit coming to him. This doesn't make sense to me. I didn't feel that Mother Spirit does such things. I guess that the question is: at this time that She brings herself, Her presence, more to this planet, will She do such a thing as appear to someone in human form?

Anatolia: The embodiment of Mother is able to be captivated in certain forms of personality expression. There are those circumstances that would allow for a personality to manifest in material form that would speak of the essence of the Mother. And while I cannot comment on this particular instance that you are talking about, I will share with you that there are times when (unknown words) and angelic personalities so downstep as to render an impression of the Mother within the human mind so as to convey the reality of Her being to upstep the ideation of divinity on this planet. Can it happen in physical, material form? If circumstances are propitious for this, it is possible, under certain conditions. But I would be very cautious to presume that this is what is actually happened in any one particular circumstance. Has this answered the question?

Student: Yes, it has.

Student: Anatolia, I must confess that at the beginning of this evening's consideration of your question I felt completely unable to respond, having consciously a sense of no idea of what the Mother Spirit is in my experience. And it was somewhat difficult at times to follow everything that was being said, because I was struggling with discovering what do I really notice that could be in that category. And then I heard some things that were mentioned that sounded pretty real to me, that maybe that is how I experience the Mother. In nature. We have that term 'Mother Nature', in which I have a great affinity, as does my friend here: the visual, the feeling, the aesthetic, of all aspects of the natural setting - a feeling very much in harmony with the plants, the birds, the animals, and other forms.

And then there's the feminine quality that I experience with some women around, who inspire me by the grace of their being, and the perspective that they have that contributes to a gentling on my part. So l find myself somewhat in awe at those times that I am now beginning to recall. So that is the second occasion where I'll experience the Mother.

And the third, I heard something mentioned tonight about the home. I have a very strong interest in all forms of home: dwellings, the coziness of the home. And I realize that that is the Mother's influence. And so I'm very pleased to be able to report at this moment that there is a great deal of awareness and appreciation and connection with the Mother, rather than the sadness and almost an irritation at 'gee, I don't even know'. And now I really do have a sense of that. So I'm very appreciative of your asking that question tonight, and the responses that you have given to the other gentleman here. Thank you.

Anatolia: Reach deep within you, and luxuriate in the affinity that you have for nature, and for that coziness of the warm and loving home. Savor your appreciation for this. Let Her speak to your heart, as She now begins to enlarge with an enlarged ideation conceptually of Her being, Her magnificence, Her pervasiveness, and Her divine action, as She orchestrates life, and moves light and brings light into reality. There is a quality of Mother that is particularly important for you as human men to perceive. And that is the quality that you have come to understand and appreciate as nurturing. This nurturing comes in many different dimensions.

One of the ways in which you can relate to this is through the understanding of nurturing the physical body with food, and Her life brings into existence all forms of food substances that you can avail yourself of, and to feed your body to sustain it. Let yourself feel how important this nurturing is to your physical sustenance. You would not be alive should you not eat and take care of your physical needs. But yet the divine part within you also requires this nurturing substance that is Her mind, so that your mind can be given the true substance that it needs to continually feed your consciousness with heavenly substance.

And so come into a greater appreciation of that nurturing that She gives to you through endowing you with the ability to be conscious, to have a mind, to have a means to appreciate spirit. This nurturing is ever present all around you, interwoven throughout your entire physical body, emotional being, intellectual capacity, and spiritual endowment from the Father.

And so when you think of Her, ask for an expanded awareness of this idea and quality of nurturing that She gives to you, and let Her speak to you of Her love and delight. And so tending to you in this way. Do you have any comments on this idea now?

Student: I feel inspiration, both for the future possibilities of graceful living, developing a cozy home in conjunction with someone who is similarly inclined. And for those times in the past when they existed in my life. It's a greater appreciation of those elements now. And I choose to reflect further on your words in the ensuing days, because I sense very clearly there's a great deal of warmth and expansiveness of nurturing itself coming through you. And for that I am also grateful.

Anatolia: Words to ponder are an excellent means of stimulating the intellect to greater ideations of divinity. But more and more what the tender human soul needs is the experiential nurturing that comes when you lie in your Mother's womb and ask for Her nurturing to overtake your being, and to grow you into a strong soul. And this is what you can do in your stillness each day. And you will know then, not only of the idea of nurturing, but also of being nurtured, and appreciate even greater Her love for you, which will only make you love Her more. And you will have solidified such a warm and loving relationship that you will never feel a lack of love and nurturing in your life.

Student: Yes, Anatolia, I have felt that nurturing that you are talking about, for the past year or so. I have felt it really strongly, from within, where I felt so nurtured that I don't need a certain time to eat or to sleep, that my whole body is so alive with life. I feel this richness and beauty inside of me. I felt safe and secure, that I am being taken care of. It was like my sanctuary, very real, very palpable, like I could almost taste it.

And it is interesting what has happened over the past week or so, since we last spoke. I remember I was feeling not safe or secure, in my own being and also in my own home. I wasn't allowed to express my truth. And it was interesting, I think it was last weekend, C. and I were talking together, and I was expressing how I felt, this density, this stuckness, not feeling nurtured, not feeling safe. Like my whole sanctuary was invaded, in a sense. There was no peace. And then C. started talking to me, and it felt as if the Mother was speaking through her. And she kept on touching my heart. This went on for about a half hour. And it was really profound. It's like, right afterwards, I kind of in a sense left my body, and C. wondered where I was.

Then I came back and something shifted inside of me. And I felt my own inner sanctuary again. I felt nurtured, and that has stayed with me since. And I reclaimed my home, within myself and my own home. And some changes were made from that in a loving, nurturing way. And so I experienced Mother very clearly and deeply. It was quite awe-inspiring.

Anatolia: Are you now sufficiently inspired to tap into this nurturing energy that you have delved into, to share this with others, to find that aspect of Mother that speaks to your soul, and to lavishly pour that out through your appreciation for Her into the lives of others who lack this nurturing love in their lives?

Student: I think there's no other way for me to be. I a sense that is who I am now.

Anatolia: And as I have heard you share with Welmek, over these many months, of your desire to live and to be expressive of the Father's love, so then allow yourself expressive of the Mother's love, and thereby avail yourself of a deeper and more expansive love that will so greatly improve the quality of another person's life. For if you truly wish to share the love of God, then these two dimensional qualities should ideally be present, and let them continually feed their love through you, so that the Fatherly love and the Motherly love can be articulated through you to fill the needs of that hungry soul that will heal them and make them feel belonging and cherished and wanted in our universal family.

Let Her now begin to teach you the way in which to share this nurturing aspect of divine love that is so soothing, so calming, to the spirit and the soul, and renders a person quite infant-like in their yielding to receive that exquisite love that will make them strong and vibrant in God's love, in God's plan for them.

This is the delightful challenge of mortals who grow in their comprehension of the Father, to be able to dispense equal portions of the feminine and masculine aspects of love; so that each person can grow strong and balanced in the ability to receive and give love, and to be in that flow of love as they grow in their comprehension of God in personality identification. Do you have any comments now on what I am proposing to you?

Student: In a sense I've had some practice on a human love in the raising of my two children, because I've had to express both father and mother's love to them, to nurture them and to provide a home for them, and stability and security. And also discipline and guidance, in allowing them to see life for themselves, to experience their own feelings. So I've had that earth experience. And even lately with my roommate, where I felt both the Mother and the Father's love. It was really quite beautiful.

Anatolia: All aspects of divine love are indeed beautiful beyond the expression of mere human bonds.

Student: Yes, and also the unconditional love, the unconditional. It's just seeing each person for who they are, no matter where they are in their lives, what they think or say or do.

Anatolia: Lie down in Her womb, let Her engulf you in Her presence. She will knit within you a new substance of soul; and when you become more conscious of this, your capacity to love will be richly satisfying beyond what you have known and shared with others. (Thank you.) It has been my pleasure.

Student: Dear Anatolia, I had a really busy week, but I was starting to notice intertwined the Spirit of Truth, maybe the gregarious parts, conviviality with the Holy Spirit that the Mother Spirit offers. Then as we were talking tonight I realized what I am grateful for is my mind. I studied the mind for a long time, and I know it's separate from the brain, and it's on loan to us.

But as we were talking tonight I realized that Mother Spirit, along in conjunction with the Thought Adjuster, has been really the fabric of my soul, and with free will decisions and everything. And it's accumulating and the gratitude is becoming superhuman, I believe, in some aspects. And that what used to value and still do value is the gracious-ness of Jesus. It had that Fatherly component to it.

And then I realized, as my emotions try to understand the character of Jesus, some of those emotions are simply super physical. Like I at first thought all emotions had to come from the cascading down from our ductless glands (65:6.6) that's mentioned in The Urantia Book. And now I'm starting to see that because values are feelingly experienced, that those are theMother Spirit that are creating those enhanced emotions of a Urantia type Father, helping to pad the environment of our soul.

So I'm glad that to be more increasingly aware of the Mother Spirit, especially because I'm trying to relate to more females. And I notice it with my children, as I talk with my boy trying to learn how to put a wall of sanity around people, like his friends, when they are playing or shoplifting, or anything they are doing. As a creative alternative to that kind of loyal gregarious instinct. And he seemed to respond. So I feel that the Mother Spirit is always there, and growing; and along with your help in these meetings and everything and the mindal work working with D., getting a better grasp of this personality of the Mother Spirit which was very out of grasp before. So, along with the gregariousness that I was sensing this week that these others qualities are starting to come into focus, and I thank you for your help.

Anatolia: As you speak of the gregariousness of Mother, does it not engage you to want to be in a loving and intimate relationship with Her? (Yes, it does.) And so, as you bring yourself to Her in your mindal environment, present yourself to Her as you would present yourself to a human woman, in asking to come to know Her. But as you have a tendency to assess the feminine gender from your own vantage point, this will be an opportunity for your Mother to reveal Herself to you through your mind, and to actually re-configure some of the ways in which you hold your capacity to formulate ideas. And in Her gregariousness of fraternization with you, She will lovingly help you to expand the parameters of your ability to capture and analyze information that comes through your mind and spirit.

This will be a way for you to expand your awareness on many levels, particularly in the way that you have come to use your mind through the intellect, and to render your emotions more compatible with that of divine love, unconditional love and acceptance, for all of the differences and the similarities that you share with another person.

And so, in presenting yourself to Her, offer up your willingness for Her to expand your mindal faculties in a way that will render you more sociably desirable to your fellows. Let Her expand you in ways that you cannot imagine or have heretofore conceived. Open yourself to Her in a yielding surrender of your mind, to take those aspects of your thinking, your mentation processes, and to add something new, original, unique and expansive. And you will find your capacity for growth to be augmented exponentially with greater satisfaction, self-confidence and an enriched capacity to love others with an open heart. Do you have any comments on this idea?

Student: Only that I will start on that right away. It sounds delightful and perfect.

Anatolia: And as we did last week, I will lead you in an experience now to present yourself our Mother, in a way that I suggested you appeal to Her that will augment the ideas that you offered this evening. Prepare now your minds by opening your intuition to feel our Mother as she pours forth Her spirit luminosity upon you.

Mother, your sons have come to You with an open desire to experience You more in the mind and in the body. These deprived sons of Urantia crave to know You. Your Mother's heart is so tenderly devoted to them. We appeal to you to touch them, and help them experience You through greater soul satisfaction. (Long Pause) The cosmic loom weaves through You, in holding You in an essence so wondrous and luminous, that the crystallization of the lightness of your being will spark new connections within you, to connect you with spirit and grow your desire to follow the Father's will. Give thanks to your Mother for what she is doing within you this evening. Although you may not see it, Her presence is wondrous indeed. Honor the holiness and the sanctity of the mind that allows your humanness to become Godlike. The blessings of the spirit are upon you now. Her holiness washes through you, purifying your mind, preparing the way for ministry of your Adjuster to continually guide you to your Divine Source, to your home of love and safety.

The universe is your home, my friends; and She provides a safe place for you. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome into the home of our Mother. Feel Her embrace, keeping you safe and warm. Rest well in Her arms this evening, my friends. Sleep safely and securely, and awake refreshed and renewed for another day of sharing the love of our Parents to your brothers and sisters. I bid you goodnight.

Session 3


Good evening. This is Anatolia. I greet you this evening with the love and the devotion that our Mother is enmeshing this entire room within. As you sense this presence, let your hearts be light. Let your soul be uplifted in the security of the environment that you can live and breathe and move in that is our Mother. Her actions qualify your capacity to receive the divine information from which to lead a spirit-led life, and renders you more socially fragrant to your brothers and sisters.

As you anticipate the gifts our Mother shares with you, you will come to appreciate Her action within your mind, thereby making you more amenable to allowing Her ministrations within you to change your actions and to lift you into that realm where you begin to be more actively doing God's will throughout your day. Hers is the action in your mind that changes your comportment. Hers is the action of loveliness in helping you to transform yourself from that ugly duckling that you sometimes feel, into the beautiful swan that glides through life with effortlessness and grace and beauty that captivates all who see it.

In presenting yourself before your Mother, she cleans you. Just as your human mother delights in cleaning Her children, so does our Mother delight in cleansing all of the hurts and wounds and dark places within your mind that you dare not even go. But she likes to give Her children a good scrubbing when they present themselves. And so all of your desires to be made more beautiful in spirit are by Her action within Her mind.

Think now of those places within you that you feel still harbor specks of dirt, or shadows of darkness. Do not be ashamed of them. Do not hide from them. This is all a part of your pre-existing human nature, and it is in there for a reason. But you no longer have to be dominated or influenced by these ill effects. So in your mind, find where that place is. Invite Her presence in as the purifying energy of holiness and righteousness, and ask Her and Her love for you to cleanse with light and love that which is unlovely to you, and to make that beautiful in spirit. We will spend a few moments in doing this. (Pause)

Mother, your children have presented you with themselves this evening. They know that there are places within them that they still want to be hidden. But you see beyond that. And it does not matter to you. So as their willingness yields the opening and invites your presence into their minds, so does your actions of holiness rain down upon them, cleansing away all that is impure and unrighteous. And we ask for your grace now upon these your children in the flesh. (Pause)

Let Her wash over your mind, like the Mother bathing Her child who has spent the day playing in the dirt. Let Her wash over every place seared by error, tinged by darkness. (Pause)

Your minds are gradually being purified of the erroneous thought forms and ideations that have been distorted by the evolutionary process that went awry on Urantia. No longer are these distortions welcome on this planet. But it is only through the minds of spiritized men and women will the distortions be expunged, for the identification of these false precepts will no longer hold any influence over the thoughts or the feelings of such highly Father-identified individuals.

Know that your mind is growing in the capacity to absorb spiritual influence, and to be more fully dominated by the benign energies of love and truth and goodness and beauty. I encourage you to never hesitate to present yourself to your Mother in this fashion as you have done this evening. For more and more will she cleanse you of the thoughts and the feelings that have plagued you. And more and more will you find yourself more desirous of thinking the way in which the Father would wish you to think, and speaking the words of the Spirit of Truth, the words of Michael. And behaving in the way Father would have you behave through the influence of the Holy Spirit. I will pause now and seek your comments and questions to further help you appreciate Her devoted ministry in your minds. And if you feel so inclined to share with me what you experienced during this exercise, I would be most happy to hear what you have to say. Who would like to begin?

Student referred to sadness and pain in his life, then finished with the comment: I really enjoy having your gifts presented to us.

Anatolia: You have a devoted Mother, R. She has never left your side. And although the abandonment that you have felt in your life has been genuine in the human terms, there always has been something within you craving for that spiritual connection that is a quality of the Mother Spirit down-grasped within your mind. And now that you know that you have a Spirit Mother who loves you, what do you find is the significance this means for your life at the present moment?

Student expressed an awareness of greater connection with the helping powers in the universe.

Anatolia: You will find in the days to come a greater impetus in you to purge the destructive feelings that you have had within you more fervently. Know that your Mother will purify of all of these feelings that have plagued you. You only need to call on Her and ask for your bath. She will bring the soap and Her wonderful tender but efficient scrubbing hands. (Thank you.) You are also to be thanked for your gifts of faith and for your efforts at perseverance. Never lose hope and faith, my friend. They are serving you very well. Indeed, they are transforming you even as we speak.

Student: Anatolia, I've been working recently on improving things on the material plane, such as physical health, financial health and an improved residential situation. I realized tonight that the practical balance needed to succeed in this material realm is largely a result of the Mother's efforts. Although the Father's will and design of the individual's destiny path and personality are present, and Michael guides us through this process and is an inspiring example, it is the Mother who clears away the blocks that create all kinds of aggravation.

I can now appreciate the greater reality and significance of the role our Mother plays in our lives. I am grateful to Her, and ask Her for whatever she wants to accomplish in my life. I thank you for your communication that allowed me to put that piece to get Her tonight.

Anatolia: Can you sense now within you a swelling of efficiency of life? Do you understand what I mean by that terminology?

Student: At least partly. What I was focusing on during the silence was the clearing away of obstacles keeping all of those realms of practical materials from functioning efficiently and being fully effective. So perhaps you were referring to that?

Anatolia: It is. Once those obstacles are removed, your life proceeds forward with more buoyancy and energy and a greater capacity to do things productively. Those goals you set for yourself can proceed apace, because your mindal environment has been adapted more according to God's laws and to God's plans.

There is a marvelous compactness to this energy that helps you stay focused on what you must do to achieve that which is part of the plan for your growth. It is, as you say, keeping you on the straight and narrow; and you find more enjoyment in leading a life that has this definition to it. I am presenting this to you as an idea that I know you will grow into in time, as you are already beginning to glimpse the marvelous level of coordination progress that underscores her efficiency in bringing the universe into a state of being that is in accordance with the Father's plan.

More and more you will come to identify with this. And as you identify, pray to live in this way, and you will find a life that is highly productive and highly enjoyable. Has this stimulated an interest in you?

Student: Most definitely. I think I had a preview of that earlier this week when there was a possibility of getting a little sailboat that I would live on in a very compact manner that was completely set up for cooking, eating, sleeping, and so forth. It didn't happen, but I smile because I sense that the experience was a gift from Michael, based upon his having been Jesus, a master ship designer and builder. The boat that someone was thinking of offering me may have been one of his designs. I link all of that to the Mother, because this particular opportunity was of the material plane.

Anatolia: Rest easy in Her embrace. Ask for your life to become more effective and efficient, and She will create that environment within you for this to occur. You have Her assurance on this.

Student: Anatolia, what came to me was a problem I've been having the last couple of weeks. One of the benefits, is getting in touch with emotions again and not being afraid of them, and trusting that this is a good thing. And recently I've been very uncharacteristically kind of short-tempered. I yelled at someone in traffic the other day, which I usually don't do.

As I become more emotional, anger and some other things are much closer to the surface. At first I thought it was just going to take a lot more of rigid self-control. But this evening I got a notion of an even better and more efficient way of doing this. It's just through a generosity of spirit. When rushed in traffic and someone cuts you off, the best way to get rid of that anger is to go way out of your way to be generous with the next person who wants to go in front of you, or whatever. Just ground the anger and evaporate it through generosity. Just give it away. So I'd like your comment on that. It seems to me this is a better way to go about handling this excess emotion that won't just be stifled again.

Anatolia: You have made a significant advancement in your understanding of how to deal with problems of life as they come your way. There is an idea in your culture of self-control that when a situation occurs and it makes you angry or frustrated that you do not register the emotion. You try to control it, as you say, by not letting it affect you. This, my friend, is somewhat of a counter-productive move on your part. For you are not expressing this emotion genuinely. But yet the idea of self-control is valid, and we cannot have a world where people simply react out of their angry emotions, now can we?

So then, what becomes the stimulus for self-control, if you are then to acknowledge what you feel as genuine? It is to go into a still state of mind and ask for that which the Father has to give you and wants you to react, to replace what you are feeling. You will always be given something of patience and understanding, and something of a more positive nature that has the capacity to absorb what you are feeling as the negative emotion.

Thereby you are expanding your capacity to feel greater empathy and compassion for the individual who angered you in the first place. You are gaining greater mental and spiritual habits to handle the situation in the future. By just trying to exercise self-control on your own will not afford you the level of skill and advancement you need that would put you in the place of a very negative situation and let you handle it with great poise and spiritual grace that was so exemplified by our Master.

And so what you are experiencing now is the capacity to genuinely feel. But the question then becomes: How will you manage this emotion? Do you try to control it on your own, or go into your spirit and say: 'This is what I feel. What is it that You want me to experience now?' And thereby you are increasing your capacity to act in a God-like manner. Does this help clarify your awareness now?

Student: Yes. It strikes me as the way out of so many problems and stressful situations. I think a lot of them happen to let it help us to accept the notion that a good part of this problem is that we are somewhat asleep, when the way out of this problem is just action and reaction on a physical level. The way to get out of that is to wake up and create. This is what you are saying, Anatolia, I think. This puts you in this increased capacity where you've got to grow, you've got to wake up, you've got to create a way out of this. You are using your God-like personality, which is enjoying the Father's power of creativity and make something new happen.

Anatolia: The Father has the plan, the Mother brings forth the creative process. And so what you are implying in this is that you must awaken to the joy of living in the ways of Spirit. And this is so. But how do you awaken, if you do not even know there is something to embrace as you rise from your slumber? What is the alarm that awakens you to this possibility?

Student: To me it's twofold. Part of it, I think a critical part, is accepting the responsibility, the ability to respond. If you are in a negative situation you are co-creating it. It breaks the projection that it is always someone else's fault. Then, Anatolia, you were pointing out something that I forget, which is to call upon this other power of Michael or Mother or the Father to help.

Anatolia: Why would you want to do this on your own, when the help is so readily available and so lovingly rendered to you? Why would anyone wish to deprive themselves of this wonderful assistance. It is because they do not know it is there, or they are only trusting it at very rudimentary levels. So what you are learning, my friends here is all the process of growing your faith. And the more you present yourselves to your [end of side one of tape] so must you, too, start out as spiritual infants and learn and grow under the watchcare and gentle impressions that your parents in spirit make upon your mind. And this is so, this is what occurs each time you present yourself to them.

More and more the world is growing hungry for these experiences. Share your experiences with your friends, for they, too, are hungry for this. And even though they may not truly appreciate the words you say, the seed of truth that you planted could be the actual alarm bell that awakens them from their spiritual slumber, to seek this more actively in their lives. Do not hold back sharing these experiences, my friends. Ask for the opportunity for this to happen, and let the Spirit of Truth sing through your soul the joy of the love of being a child of these wonderful parents who love you so exquisitely and perfectly.

Student: Thank you again, Anatolia. It is always delightful.

Anatolia: You are most welcome. (Pause)

Student: Anatolia, I would like to ask you a question about the realm of Mother Spirit. It has to do with the process I've heard about that is referred to as 'kything' where one individual contacts another individual in a faraway place, for the purpose of sharing their love and their life with that one. I never heard of this before. Is this a process that is made available to us now through the Mother Spirit?

Anatolia: As you know from your text, the mind operates outside of the conditions of time and space. Do you think then this could be possible under those circumstances?

Student: My faith tells me and my understanding now tells me that it certainly is possible. And I hope to attempt this experience. I'm just trying to understand if the Mother Spirit is part of this process, which I would have to presume she would be.

Anatolia: Is this not an exchange from mind to mind?

Student: Yes it is. It is an exchange of motivation and loving another.

Anatolia: And is not the Mother Spirit the universe mind? (Yes, she is.) Then what do you think my answer would be to you?

Student: You know how us mortals are. We always need a little reassurance. These wonderful gifts are now becoming open to us-open to me-the beauty and wonder that is possible.

Anatolia: But my friend, you have a mind and you have the capacity to think and to correlate ideas. And this is a wondrous gift that you have been given by our Mother to take these thoughts and to find the correlation and the coordination within them that is the domain of the Mother: to help you take facts that you perceive, and to associate new meanings, and thereby assess and see deeper into the values of them. And so you see the fact that a thought is a component within the consciousness, and it is 'minded'. And when you bring intention to sharing love with another person, is that not then, adding meaning to the fact of mindal association? And then, if you sense that in sharing this communication with another person that you would feel love and tenderness and a bond that was very satisfying in your soul, would that not add more value and depth to your life? And so, when you approach an idea in this way, I encourage you to begin to engage your spiritized intellect in going deeper into the associated meanings and to have an experience that will add the value to what have identified through the correlation of the facts. Do you understand what I am suggesting to you? (Student: Yes, I do.)

In this way you will gain more confidence in your capacity to use your mind in a productive and highly unified way that is the antecedent for true wisdom to prevail; the wisdom that comes through your mind at its apex of spiritized thinking. And you are growing a capacity to do this now. I encourage you to step out onto that realm where you render yourself less desirous for corroboration from an external source, whether it is human or celestial, and coming into that place within that teaches you how to use your wisdom circuitry that is an endowment of the Mother Spirit, and to gain more of the effectiveness in your own capacity to think at the highest levels. Has this stimulated something within you this evening?

Student: Well, I think you know it has. Yes, I hear you very loud and clear. I appreciate your words of wisdom. It is good to hear these things again and again and to take the next step. I would also like to share with you my feelings on tonight's lesson. I will call on my Mother for a good scrubbing at least once a day to clean out those areas. A lot of sadness and pain seems to prevail at least deep down in my heart. I need Her to remove the shackles of the lack of self-confidence so I have the lightness of being my mind is capable of. That's what my experience has been this evening.

Anatolia: Each day let her bathe you in Her light. And let the waters of Her love remove all of the grime that you still feel within you. And each day as you present yourself to Her, the water that receives the dirt of error, shame, anger will become less polluted, until one day when she bathes you, the only water that you will be in continually is clean and clear, reflecting and receiving light, and you feel clean and clear inside, and you know no more of those scars nor any emotion that you would consider detrimental to your spirit. This will happen, my friend, and you only have to present yourself, as you say, once a day for your scrubbing, and She will make you clean and smell so sweet, just as that newborn baby smells after she has been bathed.

Are there any more comments before we conclude this evening?

Student: Anatolia, Welmek spoke to me about meditation and keeping a spiritual diary which I find useful. How can I get deeper into my meditation? I've been unable to fight off some of the restlessness; how can I control this more? I would like my meditation to stay with me more of the day.

Anatolia: What you are experiencing is quite normal and part of the growing interest in continuing to be on the path of spiritual living. There is a distinct imbalance at this time between the ability to stay connected to Spirit after your stillness is over, and your desire to live in this state, is this not so?

Student: Yes, I do get caught up in the busyness of the day.

Anatolia: This is an important consideration for this imbalance does serve the purpose of acting as the stimulus for you to continue to seek out times of quiet meditative communion with your Spirit Source. If you lived in this state all of the time, you may not have the necessary desire to continue to grow. And so there are lessons that you must learn that are underscoring this imbalance, so that you will continue to seek out times of meditative reflection. You will find that as you spend more time in this state of stillness, more of the imbalance growing within you as you seek to prolong these phases of connection. But this is not something you can arbitrarily control on your own. You must allow the necessary time to evolve and the necessary conditions within your mind in the various levels of your consciousness to reconfigure around this idea of being connected to Spirit throughout the day. You cannot control this-it must happen naturally and gradually over time. The question now to ask yourself is 'can I be comfortable with this process and trust that it is working on my behalf, and to stay the course and now lose patience because I am not feeling all of the connection that I want at this time?' This is the pivotal question now to ask.

Student: I feel committed to growing spiritually and staying on a path and knowing that the difficulties will make me more determined to try doing better.

Anatolia: I would only suggest that when you feel this frustration swell within you, take a good five minutes, if you can, to breathe deeply and to tell your mind to be still and to open your heart in finding this desire to be with your Spirit Source and to ask that to open and feed you now. Say to your Mother and Father in Spirit, "I am ready to receive your love and guidance." You will find that once you begin to do this for these short breaks throughout the day, your capacity to receive this will increase dramatically because you will have begun to train your mind to respond. And this is a spirit habit that you are now cultivating that will move you from moment to moment in between those times from your major or prolonged meditative states of mind. Practice these short intervals for three to five minutes as much as you can through the course of the day. Then I would like to hear your feedback, or you may present that to Welmek, on how you feel this is facilitating your overall capacity to receive the blessings Spirit has in store for you. Does this help you?

Student: It sounds like very valuable and prudent advice that is also very doable. I will definitely try it. Thank you for answering my question so completely.

Anatolia: You are very welcome. My friends, pray that the bath of light that Mother washes this world in to continue to find those places of darkness and to wash all of the evil, poverty, depravity completely away-expunging every shadow of darkness, every echo of sin. Let us join hands as we pray and ask for Her encircuitment of this world in Her light. Hold now before you in the center of the room the planet that we call Urantia, Mother Earth. See how fragile, how beautiful is this world. See now the impressions of wounding and scarring as we call forth from the very center of Nebadon the Spirit of our Mother.

Mother, may your holiness pour forth on all the places we see that are scarred or openly seeping the blood of war, the woundedness of soul. Pour down upon this world your love, your healing balm. Bathe each soul with your light. (Pause) Instill the peace of Michael upon this planet as you weave your love around all of the minds and hearts, trees, rocks, animals, flowers, vegetation, all life forms, all inanimate objects receive your embrace. This is Michael's world. Make this world a fit place for Him to be received in holiness and purity, preparing the way for your children to come into a deeper relationship with you and Michael and in knowing the Father in Paradise in bringing His will to this world.


In closing may Her blessings be upon you this evening. As you go to your homes, think of Her this evening. Ask to be knit within Her being as you fall asleep. Ask Her to knit you deeply, firmly, safely within Her being. You are well loved, my friends. Rest easy in this assurance and wake renewed and refreshed as begin your day consecrating your life to doing the will of those who love you in perfection and divinity. Good evening.