1993-02-09-Group Interactions

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Topic: Group Interactions

Group: Indianapolis TeaM


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



WELMEK: Good evening to all of my friends. It seems as though a week is too much time to pass before we are able to share this type of communication. For me a week is not the same as it is for you. However, given the restraints of maintaining your existence, I realize that this time is the only time we will have for a while to share in this manner.

After April some of you may (have) decided that once a week is not enough. We will discuss this when that time arrives. For now, on behalf of all of my associates I want to tell you of the joy that we are experiencing this evening as we will be able to witness the birth of a child into your world who will be raised in an atmosphere of love. This child will come to know of this mission from the very beginning. It is the children of the planet that will carry on the mission which you have begun. Rejoice with us as this child comes into the world and be willing to do your part, when asked, to help share the truth and the beauty and the goodness that exists within your very souls now. This is indeed a time of great excitement.



As promised, our meeting tonight will focus on group interaction and the dynamics involved therein. I have spent much time in consideration of this evening's lesson. My first inclination was to more or less dominate this meeting with my ideas and concerns. However, in counsel with Ham and the Melchizedeks and a few other close associates I have decided to alter this somewhat.

First, let me say that the purpose of this group is manifold. There is much which will transpire in the next two years which will become more evident to you as to the importance of group interaction on a spiritual level. You will be able to provide much help as a group in enabling us to carry out our work. This has been suggested before. Tonight we will touch upon some particular instances that you will be able to participate in that will help us in this mission.

In order to achieve the goal that has been set before us, it must be accomplished on an individual basis. Each person must do their duty to seek the will of the Father and to live accordingly. But life is not meant to be lived alone. It is meant to be shared with those who have things in common with you. Those of you gathered here tonight have much in common with each other. While your backgrounds and lifestyles may vary, the spirit that leads you from within is on the same path. There is no denying this.

As you progress forward in your spiritual journey, the closeness between each of you will continue to grow. For now, this unity is more or less unconscious on your part, for as your text tells you, spiritual growth is an unconscious process. As time proceeds, as you have the opportunity to reflect upon what has happened over the course of time, you will begin to see patterns developing that you are not yet aware of. These patterns are what is important for us in the group interaction.

There will always be, to more or less degrees, some friction within group interaction, for there will be differences of opinions. There will be differences in conceptual analysis of the information disseminated not only in our meeting, but in other teacher group meetings. This is understood and actually encouraged. You are all encouraged to express your will, express your mind and express your soul.


However, it is also encouraged that you remember one of the primary rules of universe living, and that is, tolerance for one another. As you progress in universe ascension, you will encounter many diverse and unique types of personality. There will be that type that will not be cohesive with yours, yet you may be assigned with that type specifically in order to learn certain lessons and always to learn more about yourself.

Take advantage of the opportunities before you now. Whenever you find yourself in discordance with ideas or personalities within this group, in a manner consistent with that given to you by Christ himself, follow his guidance and always seek to come to an understanding of what it is that you agree and disagree on. There is absolutely, in my opinion, nothing wrong with disagreement. Actually, I find it stimulating; for I am not always in agreement even with my superiors. However, I am always respectful of their position and will do my duty as a universe citizen.

Be mindful that whenever you encounter one that you are not in agreement with, that they too have a spirit fragment of the Father within them. They too are a child of God. They have the right to live just as you have the same right, and they are loved as much as you are loved. Always, whenever you engage in conversation, keep these thoughts foremost in your mind. Practice patience, practice tolerance, practice love. I cannot emphasize this enough to you.

Opportunities, Exercise

You will have many more opportunities in the future to be tested. There will be those who will come to you and ridicule you. There will be those who come to you and question you. There will be those who will disagree wholeheartedly with you. What will your reaction be? Will you exhibit typical human manifestations of personality characteristics, namely impatience? Will you exhibit a frail type of personality, bury your shield, and hide behind that? Will you exhibit a weakness of selfhood, of self-realization and not stand for those things which you believe to be true?

Our lessons so far on character have had many purposes of which you are not yet aware. I had suggested to each of you that you take twelve characteristics and once a month practice the understanding and application of a characteristic in your daily life. I would remind you of this challenge and encourage you to continue.

Before I came to your world, I was required to practice with a group of Urantians. However, it was not quite the same as actually being here, for these Urantians had already left the planet and spent many years on mansion worlds. Their training had substantially exceeded the mental and emotional status of most humans on this world. Nevertheless, the purpose of this exercise was to encounter those situations that may cause friction as well as harmony. It was interesting to hear the perspectives of some individuals as to how I should go about doing what I am doing. I perceive that my experience, for the most part, was most beneficial. However, I say for the most part because there is nothing quite like actually being here.

Energy, Materialization

As I mentioned earlier, there will be several things as a group that you will be able to do in the future if you are able to maintain the cohesiveness of the group in the spiritual ministry. One of the things that I am permitted now to share with you that will happen in the future is this. As a group you will be asked to focus your minds as we did tonight and help other individuals throughout this planet. Your efforts at first will be more or less localized and very focused. However, as time progresses, as your skills sharpen, as the energy generated from this group increases, we will be able to focus this energy wherever I or others choose to do so. We will even at times solicit your input and make it so.

As to the exact nature of this energy and how it works, for now this is not important. What is important for you to know is that you will be instrumental in helping this mission through its initial phase after the materialization. This will be a most fascinating period in human history, for there are many souls on your planet that are ready to hear the words of Jesus and this will begin through groups like this on an accelerated pace. Which leads me to the next point.

As a group, you will also be called upon to go out in groups of two to speak to individuals on our behalf. This will come at different times and for different people. It is not something that you should be fearful of. It is something that you should look forward to. You all have guides, as I have expressed to you before. You will have them with you when you go out and talk to others or when I or my associates bring others to you. All that you will be asked to do is to share your personal experience, to share the Father's love, and to express this love in a way that you know Jesus would want you to express it.

There will be those of you who will be called upon to do certain functions. There will be those who will be asked to help us in the healing ministry. There will be those of you who will help to teach. There will be those who will be asked to help in the area of communications, in the area of ministry, in the area of publications, and in the area of education, which will be closely associated with teaching; yet we have diversified these two areas for certain reasons.

As a group, we will from now on start our meetings with a moment or two of worship. It is important that we begin to harmonize our minds and our energies in this fashion. As a group, it is my hope, it is my anticipation, it is our desire to harmonize your vibrational level to the point that, from my perspective, as I look down upon the humans gathered in this room, I will see a single beam of energy transmitted from you. We will be able, as I have told you, to utilize this energy in many ways.

You will benefit from this energy feeling. It will begin to re-align the cellular structures. It will begin to synchronize more of your thought pattern. It will enhance your memory pattern. It will, in a general sense, begin to make you well. This is no substitute for judicious eating habits and wise exercise habits. However, you will all, as I said, benefit from this experience.

This is a great time for all of you, for you are going to be called upon in ways you have never been called upon before. As was mentioned to you last week, at the materialization you will be filled with an energy. You will be fortified. You will be ready to go out and do what is going to be asked of you.

It is important, however, that you maintain your own identity while functioning within the group for it is your uniqueness that makes you special; and it is your uniqueness that we will be calling upon in different situations to help us. No one is forced to do anything which they are not 100 per cent willing to comply with. As I have told you before, I will remind you again. It is not our desire to coerce you into anything which you are not comfortable with. If an assignment is given to you and you do not feel you are ready, then simply express your feelings and it will be so noted.

This will in no way be reflected upon as your inability or unwillingness to serve in this situation. It will simply be a recognition of your wish not to perform in a certain capacity. It is as simple as that. There is no hidden agenda when it comes to things of this nature. We do not function like some of your corporate structure where when you turn down a request, you are many times, I believe you say, black-listed. It is not so in the kingdom of heaven.

Of course I encourage you to take challenges. Step out of the arena of familiarity and enter the area of the unknown. Once you leave this planet, I have witnessed many of your comrades who openly and actively seek to step out of the area of the known into the unknown. For once you pass the portal of death and realize that there is much more to life than just what you see around you now, you are no longer afraid. As a matter of fact, you look forward to these uncharted adventures.

There have been different approaches to the group so far this year in our meetings. We have found merits in the different approaches. Keep in mind, those of you who will be moderators in the future, what is one of the primary objectives? As I see it, for our group, one of the primary objectives is to allow each individual to express their mind and their heart. It is true that by the time you go through 20 or so people, those who respond last seemingly have nothing new to add. But nevertheless, I would challenge you to still search your mind and heart and speak it. Even in a relay race, if you are losing, it is best not to still try your hardest and run as fast as you can, knowing that someone else is going to get to the finish line before you? In the eyes of the Creator, you are doing your best; and as I have told you before, that is all that is ever asked of any of us.

Before I continue with the second part of my lesson, I would like to entertain some of your questions about what we have discussed so far.



M: Welmek, I'm curious why you had us stand to worship?

W: I find that when you are more relaxed in your sitting position in this meeting, the energy level is not quite as intense as it is when we all are doing the exact same thing and focused on a certain function, in this case, worship. Throughout the meeting, some become restless, even at the early stages. I find their thoughts wandering, their eyes wandering, their attention span lessening. It is important in the process of worship, if you are to do it as best as you can, to be as concentrated and consecrated as possible. This is not required of you in your own time of worship, but in group I do find it is beneficial.

J: Welmek, in keeping with that, I have on several occasions gone to Gethsemane, which is a monastery; and when I walk into the church there is a real feeling of peacefulness. It's almost like the energy has changed. I've been there and prayed in that situation. Is there something similar going on at places like this? It has occurred to me that because people pray there so much of the time, and they do nothing other than pray there, that I can feel some energy shift. Is that accurate?

W: It is most accurate. There are certain edifices that are existent on your planet that are designated temples of worship that truly are this; and the energy level within these buildings is substantial. You can feel it if you are at all spiritually sensitive, immediately upon entrance. These temples, as mentioned in your text, one day will become buildings of great joy and tidings, for they will not only be the place where you will get together in worship of God, but also in seeing your loved ones and your friends translate from this world to the next. These are times of great joy, for you realize that death is in reality non-existent. It is only a transfer of consciousness from one sphere to another.

In our room here, or wherever we happen to be, it is hoped that we can create our own temple of worship, to at least for an hour or so, generate the energy, love for the Father and each other, that will once again harmonize the vibratory level of not only your mind thought patterns, but also of the love-feeling energy that flows in you during this period. If you find that this is true, whenever you worship outside of this room, try to reflect back upon the feelings that you have here. It may help you recapture those moments and sustain this feeling longer.

J: You mentioned that the Indianapolis group would be sending out these prayers to those in need. What about those of us who are meeting in southern Indiana? Will we be called to such an exercise, if you want to call it that?

W: All groups will be called upon to serve many different functions. All groups will be called upon to worship. All groups will be called upon to focus energy and to pray as well as serve in other capacities, such as group healing.

You do not understand yet, and this is understood. I will come to you throughout the course of the year and have in mind individuals who are in great need of spiritual help; and you, my friends, will help provide the energy. You will help provide the insight that will be able to revitalize these individuals so that in their consciousness the spirit within them will become more known. You will be able to serve the Father in many ways. Look forward to this opportunity, yet realize that there is work involved.

Emotion, Expression

D: In discussing the mission with someone who was not in agreement with what was happening, we found ourselves in disagreement; yet there was a certain air of cordiality in the fellowship that still existed. I could feel myself reacting in the same old ways that I would when I would get into a situation and know that peak of emotionalism and try to be calm and listen to my guide tell me, and I really didn't hear any specific words come. Are we going to be able to listen to their words, or is it more of that they will be making heavy impressions on our mind and that will filter into our consciousness? It seems that when you are going through a very passionate discussion that it's very hard to attune yourself to the actual words of your guides.

W: You are correct in your assessment that if you are engaged in a very passionate discussion, you are more or less closing yourself off to any outside, or should I say, inside influence. It is not hopefully your intent to always become passionate, for as you know, many times the degree of argument is inversely proportionate to the truth contained.

As regards your question, do I hear the words and then speak them, or heavy impressioning, I would say that one of three things is more than likely to happen. Yes, you will hear certain words, or you will simply know of certain words and then speak them. You will get an intuitive impressioning which is a result of the impressing upon your mind a certain thought pattern.

Or you will experience on occasion something rather unique, which I believe most of you at one time or another have experienced. When you are speaking with someone, you seem to give them information, especially if we are referring to spiritual matters, that at the time, you're not really sure where this information is coming from. You know you believe it yourself, yet the words seem to just flow from you, after which you have reflected back and wonder how it was that you orchestrated the words in the manner in which you did, knowing that it seemed beautiful. This is a reaction to the leadings of both the spirit fragment as well as your guide.

Much has been permitted that has not been revealed yet in regards to our interaction with you. The strings have been loosened, so to speak, but yet the mandate of non-interference with will will always remain.

D: This was the first time I had really been in a position of having the guides and trying to find ways in which I could better discuss this mission; and I don't know, what can I do to be more in tune and how to keep that passion level down, ways to improve that?

W: You have at your disposal now all of the information that you need in order to achieve what you are asking me. Now it is a matter of time. It is a matter of practice. It is a matter of prioritizing within your life.

It will not be so important to discuss the mission, per se. What will be important is to help the souls that you encounter gain an insight of God's love for them as individuals. This is what is so desperately lacking on your planet. It continues to amaze me, although this word is inadequate, that so many hungry souls on this planet do not feel worthy, do not feel accepted, do not understand the concept of God, as you and I are beginning to understand this concept.

Your religions have perpetuated and perpetrated upon the minds and souls of the Urantian mortals throughout time a God of anger, a God of control. It is not this way, as you and I understand. The God that we know is a God of pure love, unconditional love. This is not license to be or act irresponsibly. Actually, it is quite the contrary. The more you are dominated by love, the more responsible you become, for you realize you are in your relationship with you brothers and sisters as well your creator.

By work, as I mentioned earlier, it is just that. There is no easy street to the road of perfection. You will make mistakes throughout your entire career. However, a mistake can actually be turned into an opportunity to advance. As long as your motivation is based upon love and the desire to serve, then when you do err in judgment, no one will hold this against you.

S: Welmek, I have a question about when we started to worship, you said to visualize, I believe, and focus within the center of your mind. I have a hard time visualizing things, I guess. Is there anything that perhaps you could explain to help me visualize and focus this love?

W: Each individual is somewhat unique in this area. What I suggest to all of you is within this mind's eye, as your eyes are closed, you see this blank dark screen. Is this not so? As you see this dark screen imagine that as the love within you begins to build, this screen begins to illuminate. As the love intensifies, so will the illumination. Once you feel the energy building stronger and stronger, then as you have focused upon this illumination and this feeling, within your mind think to yourself "Now I will transfer this energy, this feeling, to the one so designated." And allow us to help with the rest for now.

Energy, Telepathy

In time, perhaps not on this planet, but that remains to be seen within each individual, you will have more or less control over the actual energy manipulation. You are not ready or prepared for this yet, but it is possible yet in your life span.

B: Welmek, when you transfer this image, this energy, do you need to visualize the person you're transferring it to or is the simple name enough? How does that work?

W: As a group or individually?

B: As a group, and individually..but let's start with the group first.

W: As a group, we are all more or less familiar with Cheryl. Therefore, by acknowledging your conscious awareness of her, you have so been able to open the channel directly to her. If you wish to visualize her body, her face, in your mind then do so; but it is not necessary. As an individual, you will be called upon many times to do what we have done tonight for people that you do not know. Therefore, it will be almost impossible for you to visualize them within this mind's eye. Once again, being aware consciously within your mind of the individual and whom we are asking you to transmit thoughts, energies, feelings, towards, will be sufficient. Remember, there is your Thought Adjuster. There are the angels. There are the midwayers. There are beings such as myself and many unrevealed personalities here, now present on the planet, who have been asked to help in this regard also; and we are all more than willing and capable of helping in this manner.

In the aspect of healing, it does seem to help if you can visualize the individual somewhat and more specifically, locate that part or parts of the human mechanism that are malfunctioning. But this is a technique that we will discuss at another time when we are ready to ask you as a group to engage in group healing, which by the way, will be happening in the not-so-distant future.

M: Welmek, is this sort of practice, this group-directed energy, is this done normally on other planets, or is this something special for our planet at this time?

W: The nature of your question I'm not exactly sure..when you say "done on other planets" do you mean as I am instructing you now or do you mean do groups get together on their own and do this particular function?

M: I'm wondering if this is a regular practice where groups know how to direct a unified energy force toward a person or a group of people.

W: On normal worlds that have developed beyond yours, most of the inhabitants have innate abilities to direct energies and thoughts to others. You would call it telekinesis, telepathy, mental projecting, and there are other names which you are not familiar with. It is something that is taught from birth. It is something which most Urantians have the potential, but is totally or almost totally undeveloped. It is not necessary to conduct a training class quite like this on other worlds. Does that answer your question?

M: Yes. My next question is, I'm wondering what the purpose is. Why are you using our group, first of all; and second of all, why are you choosing to have us do this practice at this time?

W: As I have said, all groups in time will be engaged in this. As you know, our group tends to be one that is experimented with, and the time is right. Is that vague enough? (laughter)

M: That's pretty typical. Thank you.

M: You say that we might be able to obtain control over energy manipulation. I just heard you talk about method or modes of energy manipulation in terms of projecting energy in thoughts, mental projections, that Urantians have potential for doing that. Are you saying that we will become more skilled and adept in projecting mental images to others?

W: I hope so.

M: In the sense of mental telepathy?

W: Possibly, yes.

M: Will this be just with people who are, so to speak, acclimated to these practices, or people who are more sympathetic to us or people that we know? How would we do this on a regular basis? What would make it easier?

W: First of all, it will not happen on a regular basis. I am unaware of any mortals who have the energy potential and capabilities of projecting their thoughts to another on a regular basis in this fashion. It does require a significant energy flow through you in order to achieve this. Those individuals who have achieved this at different times are more or less wholly unaware as to exactly how it works. They simply know that it does for they have had real experiences in this manner.

L: As you were talking about the potential for us to (?) energy, the potential for abilities that we aren't tapping, I recall reading a book that talked about abilities that our children have that we train them away from because we do not perceive that; and included in that was the ability to visualize, perhaps, temperature differences or perhaps even some of the less material forms that might be around. Is this true that we have that ability and we do teach our children not to see these things?

W: You, through a lack of training, do not utilize your full potential in the arena of mind. There are certain abilities that are inherent within mortal will creatures, that once developed, can add significantly to your experiences beyond your regular sensing mechanisms. This is something that we hope that we can help you with in recognition thereof first, and in utilization secondly.

Do not misunderstand what I am telling you, please. I am not saying that you will all be telepathic in a few short weeks. (laughter) What I am telling you is that you have the potential to do this; and if you continue to work on the path that you have started and raise your energy levels through the feeling of the Father's love, then these things will..how will I say this...trigger within you and you may be able to communicate to those who are sympathetic on a vibrational level to receive your communications. You will not, more than likely, be able to possess the ability to channel the energy to those who are not also sensitive in the same way you are. It does not mean that they have to be consciously sensitive, but they do have to have a certain awareness in them of the "otherness", of God-ness, that is resident within them. Mary, does that help to further answer your inquiry?

M: Yes, it does. Going back to what you said about an awareness of "otherness" or God-ness within, you're talking about anyone who would want to develop this particular ability would first of all have to have basically a cosmic awareness, an awareness also of the Adjuster within us, correct?

W: Yes, but they may not necessarily know it by the name of Adjuster.

M: Right. They might call it the spirit within or the still small voice or something. Along those lines then, especially when we're talking about children or young ones, will we be able to teach or develop certain techniques to teach our children? I've got two young ones who are pretty, you know, they're pretty malleable right now and I have an older child who used to exhibit that tendency to pick up on my thoughts and reflect them back to me. It was a little disconcerting. He doesn't do that any more, thank God, but it would be interesting I think to maybe help him redevelop that ability.

W: There is already available in your parapsychology training fields, certain techniques that do actually work in developing an individual's technique of receptivity and projection. If you are interested in this in the short term, you might pursue some of these techniques, some of this information. Please acknowledge that this is not a high priority for me. It will more or less be a by-product of your ability to focus your energies. Will it not be fascinating, however, for you to be sitting at your desk, projecting a thought to someone and they call you on your telephone and answer your question? (laughter)

K: I get this vision in my head of sending a message to David "I need milk." (laughter)


M: Welmek, as we try to develop this higher energy level, you make mention of diet, exercise, etc. in terms of stimulating the physical mechanism. How really important is that? How much of a role does your physical health have to do with the ability to harness more energy?

W: On a scale of l to 10, with l being minimal effect and 10 being most effective, I would rate it as a 10.

M: Do you feel like we as a group are taking that aspect of your advice seriously? Do you think we perceive the benefit of it, I guess, to the degree that you just said?

W: I believe that more or less the desire is there. You wish to put me on the spot. (laughter) I would only add this. I love each and every one of you as though I had now spent many, many years with you. I have come to know you very well. Is it not so with anyone that you love that you only want what is best for them? And when you see that they are in need of help, do you not do that which you can in order to help them?

I will say as clearly as I can to you now, my friends, proper exercise and diet is essential in the full conscious awareness and utilization of spiritual energy. It is necessary to have a balance on the physical, mental and spiritual levels in order to achieve true Adjuster-conscious communication. Does that suffice?

M: Thank you.

A: Welmek, when we talk about the group sending up energy, to me it seems like a simplified look at that would be a comparison to our prayer energy when we've had group prayers, but this is an intensified and more focused process. Is that an oversimplification? Is that correct?

W: It is adequate, yes.

A: Also, will we be able to use this energy for situations as well as people?

W: Please define "situations".

A: Well, like some of the things we put in our prayers, problems within our world like Somalia, for example.

W: As with your prayer, yes, we can do this; but always remember, we cannot take control of another person's will. No matter how sincere your petition is, no matter how focused your energy is, if the one whom we are concentrating on is totally unwilling to cooperate or to receive this gift, if you will, there is little we can do.

A: One more question. When we talked about impressions or telepathic messages, usually whenever I've had some kind of feeling like that, it's been very subtle for the receiver. Is that still probably the case, that it would be something that would be very subtle?

W: It depends upon the receiver. More than likely, yes; for as we have discussed, not many people are well-trained in this area.


D: Welmek, when you talked about the importance of a good diet and exercise, we've had discussions about the tainted food supplies, I think most of us, with the literature we read, know what constitutes a proper diet. But is eating that kind of food, even though it's tainted, still going to benefit us. Do we have to worry about ingesting the toxins even though the food that we try to eat would be healthier if it weren't tainted with all the toxins.

W: Given the planetary condition at this point in time, I see virtually no way for any of you not to ingest certain toxins, be it through your food, your air or your water. However, we must live in the world as we find it, it this not true? Therefore, even though you are ingesting certain amounts of toxins, and even though sometimes these toxins may accumulate to a point where it creates a disease within the body that is beyond repair, for the most part if you do your best in eating those food groups which sustain an healthy immune system, exercise to release certain chemicals in the body that will also sustain the immune system, and enhance the spiritual progress that you are making as well as stimulating your mind, these factors combined with the love of the Father flowing through you will prove to be a mighty influence upon your overall well-being and your ability to receive and transmit information.

In other words, never allow an excuse to get in the way of doing that which you feel is the best that you can do.

J: As an environmentalist, one of the things that I have noticed or see or have become aware of, is that as people demand or ask for foods that are not tainted, it then makes it possible for farmers to produce food. Is that something that people should be concerned with or is it just something that doesn't go anywhere or mean anything?

W: I have found human nature to be such that when an individual takes an attitude that their opinion can make no difference, then nothing happens. I should re-phrase that. Rather than saying nothing happens, things tend to go in reverse rather than progress forward and better. Do what you can do to make your planet whole. If this means speaking out to your government rulers, then do it. It is, after all, your planet.

[[J: We are having a meeting with farmers and environmentalists to talk about the future of farming in the state. Would it be possible for people in the spirit world to pray for us and for a good outcome for that?]]

W: This has already been done. As I have shared with you before, I will remind you now, we do have this under control. Again, we cannot coerce any one person to do that which they are not willing to do. We can certainly suggest. We are permitted to make impressions. But we cannot coerce. However, your planet will not perish. This is, after all, the world of Michael.

D: Is there ever going to be a time when this planet will be free of the pollutants?

W: Yes.


M: Welmek, earlier this evening you said something about when we gathered here, we did group worship or focused our energies, that there would be an effect of helping to make us well. Can you elaborate on that? Did I misunderstand?

W: No, you understood correctly. It is that which we have discussed already. The more you focus on the Father's love, the more you realize God's energy is literally within you. I believe our Creator said the kingdom of Heaven is within you; and I perceive this, too, to be one of the most substantial statements in your text.

You will become more real. You will become more alive. You will become more aware. And as you become more aware of true reality, then things change within you. Is this not so? You will automatically do those things which will benefit you, not only in diet and exercise, but in thought as well as the spirit. And the more you focus in these areas, you will automatically begin the regenerative process of the cellular functioning within the human mechanism. There is a direct correlation between sincere and progressive worship and human health.

T: You said the planet would be free of pollution and toxins. Some people still worry about it, like a nuclear holocaust or blowing ourselves up. You said this is Michael's planet. Could that, then, not happen? Or is it a matter of the person who is there could push the button? He has free will, right? So can that not happen to us, then?

W: This nuclear holocaust wherein the planet would be destroyed will not happen.

T: But cities could be blown up with the atom bomb? That's still possible?

W: There might be those situations that could occur that would, as you say, eliminate a city. I am not saying that it will, I am not saying that I "see it in the cards", so to speak. But it is possible. But mass destruction will not take place on this planet. Too many of the world leaders realize that there is too much to lose. It is only those isolated individuals whose egos have become distorted and have no regard for themselves or human life in general that may decide to release havoc in isolated areas. It is of my opinion, if I were a citizen on your planet, that if this happened, it would be a planetary responsibility to put an end to such an isolated incident. (tape turned)....not a specific regimen in this regard. I had suggested previously that it may be beneficial to formulate your prayer after your worship since you are already in the mood, you have already generated an energy flow. However, if you find that the energy generated from worship tends to subside because of your mind patterns engaged in the process of accessing memory patterns in order to determine a specific formulation of a petition, then don't do this, because I will tell you what is most important for you now is worship and feeling God's love. Pray at a different time. As you become more adept in being able to sustain consciously this feeling of love, then you will be able to engage in prayer at the same time. Actually, you may find it almost automatic.

K: Are there any other questions right now?

W: Then I wish to turn the next few moments of this meeting over to an associate of mine to talk about another aspect of...

Harmony, Dialogue

ANDREA: Greetings to the Indianapolis/central Indiana group. This is Andrea. I wish to express my love and my gratitude for being allowed to share with you this evening certain thoughts and feelings regarding the near future and group participation in activities forthcoming.

Before I talk to you about harmonics, I would like to ask a few questions. What do you perceive is the most important function of this group?

M: To help you to pass this mission on to other people in whatever capacity that we can. Also to enhance our own spiritual growth and learn more about the Father and feeling the Father's love within us so that we can, once again, pass it on to others.

A: Please elaborate for a moment "enhancing your spiritual growth."

M: The way I see it is to help us to gain a deeper understanding of our own personalities.

A: By what technique?

M: I think through worship, through group interaction and through service, as I understand it right now.

A: Please elaborate on "group interaction".

M: The way that we learn to love one another and the way that we understand one another and help one another to grow and become aware of our own relationship to one another as spiritual brothers and sisters.

A: When you say "the way" in which you do these things, can you clarify that?

M: Our interaction.

A: Can you give examples?

M: Yes. Supporting one another. Try to see one another in a different light and more charitably, I can't think of a better word right now other than loving.

A: To see in a different light.

M: Instead of looking at each other superficially, instead of looking at what our personal accomplishments are or our backgrounds are or our educational backgrounds are, to look at one another more as brothers and sisters whom we can harmonize with, because we have things that even though we may not be completely alike, I think that we can all enhance one another. And our differences will make us all stronger as a group if we can learn how to deal with those differences and look at one another cosmically as brothers and sisters.

A: Do you use any specific technique in order to disengage prejudice as you look at individuals?

M: Tolerance is a technique that I'm working on.

A: And when you use that word, tolerance, when you are speaking or listening to another individual, does this concept dominate your mind?

M: When I think about it. I have to start at the beginning of the day, actually, and remember when I come in contact with another individual...it's easy with these guys here because I believe we all have a common goal. So I'm speaking generally right now when I say that when I start out at the beginning of the day, when I come in contact with different individuals, I'm working on feeling tolerance the way that I understand the Master Jesus would feel it and to try to bring this through me the way that the Father would put it as if I were a channel. I'm not using very good terminology, but it's another way of passing or channeling the love that the Father has.

A: And how do you perceive the Master Jesus would respond to an irritable personality type?

M: In the book it said that he would always get their attention by asking for help. He was always very tolerant, loving, understanding. He put himself in their place so that he could possibly see where they were hurting or irritable or afraid.

A: Explain further "asking for help."

M: Well, he was good at it. I'm not as good as he was. When you find someone, I guess when you know a person well enough to know what they're capable of or get to know them well enough to know what they're capable of or what they know, or what they're experienced at. That's sort of your common ground. You start with the common ground and ask for assistance in their area of expertise.

A: What if you do not know their areas of expertise? Do you still ask for help?

M: Yes. You can always ask someone to help you in a task, whatever it is that you're doing at the time.

A: Are there other ways of asking for help?

M: People in our group are very sympathetic to problems. If you have a problem, depending on how much you want to open up, people in our group are really open to listening and giving advice if you ask for it, so that might be another way, letting them know that you can help with a personal problem.

A: This seems contrary to human nature, though, doesn't it?

M: What does?

A: To open up and ask for help with something personal.

M: Oh, yes, that's real tricky.

A: Yet, you perceive that our Master did this?

M: Yes. He was good at it.

A: Do you feel, and when I say "you", I am speaking to this group, do you feel that you are capable of doing this? Asking for help?

D: I think we're beginning to learn that.

A; Do you recognize there are those opportunities that may confront you whereby you may actually already know the answer to the question you ask, but in soliciting help, when in reality what you are trying to do is find this commonality between people, you ask a question that would require the opinion or advice of another individual. I have found this to be a most effective technique, not only on this planet but throughout my part of my ascension career, especially when I am dealing with those who are not as experienced as I. It seems to work. You might consider this. Do you understand what I mean?

D: What would be the next step after that? Your response.

A: Of course, it would depend upon their response, but I have observed human nature such that most people are more than anxious to give opinion and advice.

D: Well what do you do when you have two very divergent opinions?

A: You begin to break down the diversity and find the commonality, for in all of your experience, there is commonality inasmuch as you all have a spirit fragment of God within you.

D: Unfortunately, as humans, we always seem to try to find those points at which we diverge rather than the points we have in common.

A: Most peculiar, I have found, yes, this is true. (laughter)

D: Can you give us some techniques that would help us to focus on finding the commonality and to break those old habits of looking for the points where we differ?

A; Technique. I find the most simple way, again, is by the use of questions. Try to ask your questions so that they are not a closed end question, that is, can be answered by a yes or a no. Try and ask a question that is more open and that must solicit some thought and reflection on the part of the person that you are speaking with. Ask them, once again, whether you know the answer or not does not necessarily matter, to give you their opinion on anything. Obviously I would suggest that you direct it toward higher thought patterns an see what their response is. It may take a few questions in order for you to determine exactly how they think, but then use the technique of our Master and find that truth contained within what they say. Extract that bit of truth and then begin your questioning on those lines.

D: That's just so difficult for us. A lot of times we just don't know what the right questions are to ask, and we kind of flounder around a lot and are not focused on the kernel of what is being said.

A: Perhaps, then, as a group, you should practice amongst each other.


M: I don't think the problem for us is so much asking the questions. I think our problem is that we become too preoccupied with wanting to say what we think and we are more interested in saying what's on our mind than asking questions and soliciting the view of other people.

A: And as a result, you tend to learn very little about the other person.

M: Absolutely.

A: This is something that I want you all to practice, for it is going to be most important in the future as you engage in this mission, to learn about others. Let them do the expressing. You be the healer, be the listener. Once again, our Master was an excellent example of one who ministers to the poor of spirit, the weak-hearted, those who really do need the guidance. Most of his time was spent listening, not speaking. Many souls have been healed by simply allowing them to be expressed in a way that the one listening is not condescending, judgmental or at all negative.

Do not be afraid to talk about yourself or ask questions about yourself. By this I mean if you find an individual that you feel is hurting, ask them for their help with a situation you are faced with. Let them be the one who at first is the stronger, who is giving the advice, who is being the healer. Then take something from their comments and be able to, in time, manipulate back to them so that they may become more self-reflective and actually realize that the answer to their question is similar to the answer to your question. Ultimately, in my opinion, most all questions of a spiritual nature will revert back to God and your relationship with Him. As you teacher said earlier, it is quite amazing to all of us that there is such a poor attitude, poor conceptual framework that humans have in regards to their relationship to the Creator. This will do more to heal the souls and minds and bodies of Urantians than anything else.


There are no particular questions that I can give you that you don't already have. What is required of you is application, which leads me to one of the points that I wish to make. In order for this group to be strong, you must interact more on a whole-hearted spiritual level. Continue your efforts to learn about each other, to tolerate each other and to communicate with each other. There is much strength within the group; whereas if we fragment, we will lose some of this strength. Your teacher, from the very first communication, has prayed that the group will remain strong and as one. So far, it pleases us all to see that you have been able to accomplish this. Do not let this go. It is most important, not only as a group, but for you as individuals.

Welmek mentioned briefly about the vibrational level that is generated within a group as you focus on worship and prayer. While these concepts are most difficult for us to explain to you because you have no frame of reference to really conceptualize what we say, I can tell you that as you become more adept at group worship, you literally create a harmony that resonates throughout space. It is recognizable by any spiritual being who understands this process. It actually is something which can be heard by us as well as seen. It is very beautiful, it is very pleasing to our sense of hearing. Once again, our sensing mechanisms are far superior to yours, so this is difficult to explain.

Try to imagine a wave pattern that on your oscilloscope fluctuates at a regular beat. This would be one person's brain wave pattern. Now, as a group, imagine that you're all gathered together in worship. This pattern now will substantially change. Rather than one pattern at a regular beat, there is now a new pattern. At first it is scattered because there are many minds trying to act as one. However, if you continue to practice not only within yourselves but also within the group, in time this group pattern will become one. However, it will be substantially amplified and it is this amplified pattern that we are seeking, that you will be able to help us in from my area of concentration, healing, but also in the areas of communication and ministry.

L: It reminds me of a principle of physics that's taught called (?). It's something that's begun to be used with some of the techniques we already use in healing. Is that something related to what you're describing?

A; Something. However, the physics of this is somewhat more complicated than what your scientists are aware of, but yes, there is a correlation.

I feel that enough has been said on this subject, for I perceive that we are not yet in complete understanding of what it is we are talking about. This is fine. What is, as Welmek said, most important now is that we begin to start the group mobilization and no better place to start than that of worship. Do you have any other questions for me?

M: Are you trying to help us conceptualize what happens when we focus in the group on a thought or prayer or an individual?

A: I was asked to say a few words about what will happen as the group becomes "tuned" as one. Specifically, my role in helping your group will be focused more in the area of healing. Once again, imagine this energy tuned as one, amplified as such, sent out to an individual. You will help us substantially, for you are able to channel energy just as we are able to channel energy.

Our goal has been and remains to be that which is first to help you attune yourself with the spirit of God within. In addition to that, we also want to be able to help you recognize the full potential within your beings. In order to do this, this planet needs to be made healthy. We hope you will be able to do this if you follow our instruction. You see, we are not permitted to do all of this ourselves. You must do the majority of the work yourself.

J: Is this something that is just going on here, or is this, are there other teachers like yourself who are teaching these new methods?

A: There are other teachers like myself that are more concentrated in certain areas. However, in my group we do not always focus in this regard. But each teacher has a priority assignment.

Melchizedek Schools, Materialization

B: Will the Melchizedek schools also teach these techniques?

A: I am inclined to respond, but restricted (laughter) because the details of the schools are not allowed to be given at this point in time. However, I do believe I am within my safety circle to say that after the materialization, there should be much information forthcoming about the schools.

You must understand that sometimes you are frustrated by the lack of information, and we are somewhat required to be patient by not being able to give it to you.

There is much which you do not yet perceive in the initial discussion that I and Mary were engaged with. I want you to review these transcripts and I would suggest that you have much conversation about the areas that I was trying to get her focused in. I believe that as you understand more of this, it will become apparent to you why I chose this course and how important it is.

Once again, it is not for us to give you all of the information, for at times we do, and nothing happens with it anyway. We find that what seems to work most beneficially is when you, in your own way, come to an understanding. It's as though, as you say, the light goes on. It is also human nature that people do support what they create, or at least believe they create; and therefore, it is important for us sometimes to take an approach of giving a framework to think within and then allow you to follow that framework to come to your own conclusions.

But the deficiency of human interaction is many times, there is no action beyond the conclusions drawn. This is critical. This you must do. You must follow through. It is one thing to think it through. It is another thing to then act upon those thoughts. Somewhat like a maze, is it not? For you are given things that tempt you to think about, yet not always given conclusions. Is there anyone else who would like to respond to my initial question of the priority or goal of this group?

L: I think the priority of this group is what you pretty much said a minute ago, to learn what you're teaching us and to apply it. But I think we have to first in some respects apply it within our group and our own immediate nucleus before we can try to share the teachers with others effectively. To help be an impetus to stir others to think and seek the same kinds of things we are seeking through our teachings. And by that inner network..we can see a big web of relationships, networks, and not like a string of relationships. I think that's where each individual can play such an important role, in the inner connections of those webs, cris-crossing over. I think that's where the overall planetary change will come.

A: And I agree. It is important that we begin this now. I believe your teacher is wise in starting this far out of the time of the materialization. You do not realize yet how important your teacher is to the overall mission. His lessons are read by many, and he is well-respected. You are his students. You are his friends. You are the ones who attend these meetings weekly and experience him to a more or less personal extent. You will be called upon during this time of visitation to recount your experiences, your hopes and your dreams.

You will be looked upon as leaders in many aspects. Is it not wise that as a group you work even harder to find the unity in spirit before this time?

Once again, I want to thank you for being here. It is always a pleasure to serve wherever I can. I will pray for you that each of you find the courage within your souls to bravely face each situation that you encounter and always without hesitation, allow the light of love to shine forth.


WELMEK: This is Welmek. Please take a moment and give me your impressions of what has been said tonight, individually. Please try to be concise, for time is short; and there are many gathered. But unless you do not wish to respond, I would call upon each of you to give a few thoughts as to your perceptions of our information. Let's begin with Bob.

B: We need to concentrate more on working within our own group, learning more about this mission and preparing ourselves for the future, to go out and teach other brothers and sisters what we have learned.

J: I'm going to expand on that by saying that we talked about worship and the importance of aligning that energy as a group and that ultimately we'll be focusing that group energy to solve individual and collective problems.

K: I think we are important as individuals, but as a group it seems our power, if we truly work together, is more powerful than we can comprehend at this point. I think that what has been said is that we need to work together and harmonize our personalities and devote them in the direction of energy, the Father's love and that energy to help other people and that we need to listen to one another and not judge each other and become one as a group. There's one woman that I love. She says she hates the idea of the melting pot. She says we're a tossed salad. We should rejoice in our differences, yet work together as one; and I think that's what our goal should be and that's what I perceive from this evening.

D: Well, I think I've been taking a lot of things that have been said to heart and see the ways I can work to (?). I think it was a very thought provoking meeting and there has been a lot of information given to keep up with. I'm waiting to read this transcript, to read it over and really try to ascertain the depth of the meaning that's been shared tonight.

B: I think the meaning of what you came across with tonight is that it is extremely important that we resolve our differences while remaining individuals so that we can function as a unit in order to further the mission and to help you and our brother Michael and our Father, God, here in this world, in this plane of existence, to help our fellow human beings and to advance cosmically, to expand our own consciousness to cosmic consciousness and help those around us to do so as best we can, but do it both as a group and as individuals.

A: I think it's really a wonderful opportunity to think that we can all work together and send energy to help people. I felt that in our group prayer. I think it's a very unique opportunity and I feel that it's a blessing. I also felt, and I believe it was Andrea that said this, that opportunity to work with individuals and practice techniques and being able to communicate better and build relationships I felt was the key, because I could see instances in my life where I could perhaps have put this to use. I'm going to try and work on that.

M: Well, I found that there's going to be different avenues for all of us. Not just one of us or two of us or four of us are going to have expertise in healing or any of the other avenues that are going down here, but that all of us are going to be expert at something and it's going to be interesting to see how he pairs us up to go help somebody else.

M: I see the stress, or the emphasis that you've placed on the group. Each of us realized that the group is made up of individuals who are all unique and have a unique contribution to give to the group, that we all need to respect and love each other and each other's contributions so that we can grow together through these contributions and be more whole and more united to serve these purposes that have been stated.

S: When you first mentioned this last week, the quote that came into my mind is the whole is greater than some of the parts. I think along with that is that if one of us stumbles and falls, there are others to pick us up and help us along. If we have problems with anything, and when we go out in the world, it will be even more important for us to help each other.

D: For me, group interaction also comes home to me. Where I work, in my office, that's where I'm really trying to apply the information that I have here, and that's trying to be harmless, trying to be able to interact sometimes at a very deep level with someone that I work with even though I may not agree about their course of action, but try to be harmless and to find out what's important to them. It's really the ultimate challenge, but I really think that's where the greatest possibility for soul growth is.

M: I get the impression that there are several functions or several benefits . . if we can learn everything that has been said tonight, there are several benefits to what has been said for us individually and as a group. The first thing that comes to my mind is getting to know one another better and serving one another, for want of a better phrase, and getting along with one another will not only make us stronger as a group. It will also enhance what your purpose is, or what you're wanting us to do as a group with focusing our thoughts and sending an energy pattern. I think that by doing this and learning to send an energy pattern and enhancing that ability by the way we get along with one another, we'll also learn more about how group dynamics is strengthened and enhanced by our ability to see around our differences and to work together for a common goal. I get the impression that not only are you wanting us to function to help with the mission, but also setting us up to learn something about ourselves and about one another and about group dynamics so that, once again, the mission will be enhanced but also that we'll grow spiritually in a way that we couldn't function as individuals.

A: I guess mostly what everyone else has said, like the group working together with each other and trying to help other people outside of the group and many individuals working on this.

L: I just think there's a lot of work to be done. When I think of even tasks at home, I think about how like washing the dishes, if you do it alone or take turns, you get it done and it's shared; but I think at times if you share it with somebody, it makes the work seem lighter. It's almost fun and there's support and companionship. I kind of look at the group that way. I look at our tasks in that fashion, and our job won't seem so huge at any one time.

You're talking about tolerance a lot, and I guess I feel more comfortable thinking about it in terms of acceptance, kind of bridging the differences in understanding rather than just tolerating and recognizing that each person is an individual and has their own will and respecting that, I guess. We can see behaviors in others, but we don't know, we don't understand what's behind that behavior unless we take the time to get to know that. I think a lot of times it's surprising when you do that to find out what's really behind there; and many times the differences melt away. They really don't exist. There's really common ground where you think there's differences.

I think that just goes along with recognizing that we're brothers and sisters. I think that's where we get into a problem in this world with people being competitive rather than combining efforts. I guess what Steve said about our results being increased by combining our efforts.

For myself, people were talking about it's easier to function sometimes within the group than outside; and I think sometimes when something is very important to me, I sometimes have more fear at making mistakes than something I see as less risky, and so I find myself (?)

L: I can't add anything to all of this that hasn't already been said. I guess my impression is to keep re-dedicating ourselves to what we have been learning and discussing here so we can better serve our Father's will, learning to grow not only individually but as a group, where we can share the importance of all we have grown to learn.

M: I was thinking of the idea that it's not so much in our words with other people that will have an effect upon them. What is stressed is that the worship and the prayer and all the things you're teaching, the point is to allow more of the Father's love to flow through us; and that's what will have an effect upon other people. And I sense that so far we've really be focusing that on our individual selves in trying to learn to bring that about within ourselves.

Now it's time to maybe elevate our consciousness and begin to focus that more upon each other in the group, because if people come into this group and they see us being unkind to each other or backbiting or the other typical types of group behavior, what then is to make them think this group is any better or any different than any other?

So I think we have to begin to take this concept of feeling the Father's love within ourselves and to expand that and begin to show that to each other and to work harder at being responsible to make this group the loving entity that we're trying to make each of ourselves individually.

T: I guess whenever I think about it overall, it takes me back to God, to our Father; and I think of Him as in a light that shines in all the universes, that holds all of us together. When I think of us as a group and the need for us to work together and to stick together and to be together, that makes me think of a light that shines. As our love grows, then the light grows stronger, then our light touches other people and brings in more light until I think of it as a light that grows and shines. It's a wonderful thought for that to spread and be over this entire planet.

S: I think that the class tonight was very interesting and inspirational. I was impressed with the tremendous importance of worship in our daily lives, and I feel that we are about to approach a new, higher phase of spirituality, formulating and intensifying the bonds of love between us and learning more of how to project this into our actions in our daily lives.

G: I think as the group strives to become God-loving and doing the will of the Father, that each individual is going to grow that much faster, rather than trying to go out an do it on his own.

G: You've all pretty much covered it here. For me, I have enjoyed being with this group. I'm a person who is usually always home, and my family is my family. Now there's just more family. It's been very interesting and I've learned a lot; and I think all of us should love one another. It doesn't make any difference who we are or what we do or anything else. We're human beings and we should love one another.

J: Speaking as one who doesn't have regular access to this group, I suppose my comment would be I'm deeply impressed by the power and the focus that this group is able to generate. I don't know if you realize that, you come here every week. But if you're out in the hills, it's an impressive experience. Sometimes when I go back home I can't remember the content of the meeting and I have to read the transcript. It has occurred to me from time to time that the content may be approaching irrelevance, but part of the value of this experience for me is that I leave here feeling energized and focused and re-dedicated.

M: Hearing all the comments tonight, I'm struck by how far we've come since July 3l of last year and that initially when we met here, we had a lot of concerns about what's going on here, is this valid, you know, human curiosity questions. Clearly we find ourselves now moving on to a new phase where we're going to be actively involved in carrying on an impressive mission that's never occurred before. Personally, I look forward to the, and I'm excited about the possibilities. I'm looking forward to the adventures ahead of us.

WELMEK: When you speak of looking forward to adventures ahead of us, you do not yet understand the true scope of that comment. (laughter)

M: I'm sure that I don't. But it still appears to be exciting.

W: It is even more than exciting, for I have told you before that whenever you're in service of the Creator, all good comes your way. It may not seem that way at first, but given time, given maturity, given wisdom, you will begin to see the patterns of growth develop and you will begin to understand the wise and loving parent's motivations and ways of doing things.

Always remember my brothers and sisters, the Creator of the universe of universes knows each and every one of you by your name. He loves you as much as anyone. You do not go through time alone. God is always there with you. He is your best friend. She is there to always hold your hand and nurture. The Creator is one who never forgets.

I am well pleased by your responses. It is clear to all of us that this meeting has had an impact not only upon your minds, but also upon your very souls. This moves us deeply and we appreciate you and your efforts. There will be many rewards that will come to you because of your participation in seeking to do the Father's will. It is not because you are some group of chosen people, for you are not.

You freely chose to participate in this. It is because you are willing to serve God that you will reap the benefits thereof. These benefits, as we have mentioned, are joy, happiness, peace of mind and good will toward all that you encounter.

We have much to learn in the next few weeks. We have obviously much more to practice. Be diligent in your efforts. Always seek to find truth in your fellow brothers and sisters. Always be willing to lend an ear. Always be willing to share God's love within each of you.

Next week, who will serve as the moderator? Better yet, may I select someone? Is this agreeable?....Somehow, I thought you would agree. (Laughter) I select Bob and the topic is going to be "Feeling God's Love." Only this time, we are going to ask each of you to recount an experience you have had in your life whereby you have felt the presence of God within you and shared it with another individual. I would like for you to think deeply on this and even if possible be able to share the impact of this relationship. Beyond that, I will allow Bob to do as he wishes in formulating or structuring the meeting.

I have been advised that Machiventa will be present, that Abraham will be present, that Ham will be here and I believe, also, my dear friend, Daniel, will have a few words for us. This is an important meeting. We wish to know more of your inner thoughts and feelings about God's love and how it impacts you.


In conclusion, I want to re-emphasize our love for you. You do not know us yet as we know you, but that will change in the not too distant future. I know you love me and I appreciate that; but as you get to know me better, I believe your understanding will enlarge your capacity for knowing and loving as mine has been enlarged by knowing you.

In conclusion I wish that we all stand again. We will worship as we did before. However, this time I want you to feel God's love within you and then allow yourself to be a sponge absorbing this love. Once you feel that the love has swelled within you, then simply radiate this love toward the other members in this group. I believe you will find this exercise to be most interesting and stimulating.