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Topic: Healing

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek, Andrea, Afonta, Ba-Kim

TR: Unknown



WELMEK: Good afternoon everyone. This is Welmek. I am pleased to be here with you today. We are very excited about the program. As you know, Andrea will be conducting the session. I wanted to take just a moment and give you my greeting, and tell you that I perceive that you will benefit significantly from today's meeting. As indicated prior to starting, there is much that will be forthcoming between now and your Christmas holiday in regard to instruction. It is not much time for me or you to practice that which will be asked of you. Dedicate yourself to the will of the Father each morning when you awake. Do the very best that you can. You will not be disappointed. I will now turn this meeting over to Andrea.


ANDREA: Good afternoon. I am honored to be here. I am Andrea. As you know, I represent a group in another place. I have been asked to come here today to represent to you a few concepts that will help you understand yourself more fully. By understanding yourself, you will benefit in many ways. With me today are several who will speak. First, I would like to introduce Afonta. She is the supervisor of the celestial musicians who are now resident on your planet. Next, I would like to present Ba-Kim, who is the supervisor of the celestial artisans on your planet. Both guests will take a few moments to enlighten you as to their services and how you may benefit from what they do.

Today's discussion will primarily be more of a philosophical nature. It is important before we go into detail of technique that you understand certain principles of about, if you will, how you work, how you operate. I will begin our session today with a few brief statements. I will then ask our guests to speak, after which time we will then open the discussion for questions.


In order to understand how to heal yourself, you must consider several factors. First, what is healing? How does it affect the physical mechanism? Each living cell within your mechanism vibrates. It resonates at a certain frequency. It is, to our ears, harmonic. When you are out of tune or at dis-ease, it no longer resonates at the pitch or tune that it was designed to. Therefore, the real purpose of a healer is to help this resonance regain the harmonic quality that it was designed to have. In order to do this, the techniques are not really complicated. But it is critical that the person being helped be in a physical, emotional point of view, if you will, that will allow this readjustment to have full benefit. The healer is merely one who channels this help. It is up to the individual to do the real work. In order to help the individual understand what is necessary, I will use two illustrations today. These are only examples, they are not totally necessary for healing to take place; but they are necessary, or helpful I should say, to help the individual focus, to relax the mind as well as the body to allow the healer to fully direct the energy to the parts of the body or the mind, for that matter, that need the adjustment. I will now introduce Afonta. She will have a few words to say to you about music.

Music, Vision

AFONTA: Hello, everyone. I am pleased, I am honored, and I am truly glad to be in your presence today. This is only my third opportunity to speak to the humans of this realm. I have been asked to conduct this portion of the meeting to give you an insight as to what is it that we, as musicians, attempt to accomplish for those who listen to our art. Obviously, what we do is not heard by your ears for the most part. There are a few exceptions, which I am not permitted to divulge, as to whom received the music, how it inspired them to write their compositions; but I can tell you that some of the music that you now listen to and enjoy did not come from human mind. With that being said, I want you to know that on the morontial spheres you will enjoy, at least I hope you will enjoy, our compositions.

Music on the morontial worlds is designed to help harmonize your morontial state so that you may attune yourself more fully in worship as well as prayer. It is essential, even in morontial states, to stay focused. It is easy to be distracted. You must understand that when you are resurrected, you are not perfect in spirit or in morontial form. There are things that will always need attunement. It is difficult to explain the morontial music to humans for you have no frame of reference. But our music is living, it is not as you perceive it on your world. Nevertheless, there are certain forms of your music that we have found to be very conducive to neurological adjustment or calming, if you will. It is essential in the healing aspect that the one being healed be as calm and relaxed as possible. Therefore, this afternoon we are going to encourage you to experiment with music.

I have, through Andrea, asked that a certain selection of music be brought today. We will play this selection later and we will ask you to listen to the music. First hear the notes, but then as you become used to the music, allow the feeling to begin to develop from within yourself and manifest itself throughout your entire physical mechanism.

The music selection may not be pleasing to everyone. It was difficult for me to try to assess this since I am not familiar with all of you. It is not important so much the selection that you will hear today. What is important is that first, in your meditative sessions I now encourage you to pick the music that you find most pleasing to your nervous system. Secondly, try to experiment at different times with this music. Determine if it enhances your ability to focus. For it is not you that focuses on music. The music causes you to focus. There is a difference. In healing, I suggest to you now this experiment. For those of you who practice this art form, ask the one whom you will be healing if they will bring with them the selection of music that they find most pleasing. Have them listen to this selection as you perform your art. Monitor the results over time and see if you do not find a significant benefit. With this being said, I now turn this over to my associate, Ba-Kim.

BA-KIM: This is truly a remarkable occasion for me, for I have never spoken to humans before. I have been on your planet just a short while. I was requested to come today to also facilitate a harmonizing effect within the human mechanism in regards to not only the healing process, but also your worship and your prayer process. Art in the morontial form is also living; it is utilizing the energy patterns in weaving them into a picture or pattern that have movement, depth, length and breadth. It is unlike anything that you have ever witnessed on your world.

Nevertheless, I will do my best to try to help you in your picturizations. As I look in this room, there is the picture on the wall on the north side of the house that depicts a serene mountain. When it is time for us to engage in the experiment, I want you each to look at this picture. I want you in your mind to draw the most beauty that you can from this picture. If you need to continue to focus on the picture during the experimentation, please do so. However, if you are able to focus within your mind, then I encourage you to close your eyes and allow the picture to settle deep within you. As with music, art is also a very healing aspect or reality. For the picture that brings calmness, that brings serenity, to the mind does much to calm the nervous system. And, again, it is this effect that we seek in helping one to heal themself.

As has been said before, the healers of your planet really do little themselves. It is the energy that they focus, it is the energy that they channel that helps to revitalize the cellular structure of the mechanism. The healers provide valuable service however, when they are truly motivated by love and they feel this love flow through them as the energy flows through them. I, too, encourage the healers to consider art as a supplement form of helping to induce the right condition within the one who ails that will set the psychic mode, if you will, for the individual to receive the most benefit on a long-lasting basis from your endeavors.

I want to thank you for allowing me to speak to you. I and my associates will be here to address your questions if you have any for us later. I can hardly wait to share with you the product of my service. It is possible, if things are allowed, once materialization has taken place and you are able to see your teachers and others. We have petitioned the Melchizedeks, who have petitioned our Creator Son and have been given permission, if we are successful in our attempt, to make some of our art known to you while yet you are in the flesh. This has never been tried before. However, your planet is in such disarray, there is so much sorrow, there is so much misery, yet there is so much hope and there is so much love that you have moved the Creator himself. Because of this, the Sovereign has said that much will happen that is not normal. It is good, it is great, that these things can happen. If we are successful, I promise you that which I and my associates will paint for you will bring you so much joy and peace of mind, it will inspire you, it will encourage you to live life faithfully, to live life steadfastly, it will reflect to you a small segment of the Father Himself.

ANDREA: This is Andrea again. What I want to do in our attempt of this experiment is to initiate the music as well as the conception within your mind of the picture. Now, as we begin the music, I want you to think within the area of your body, the area that you reference as your solar plexus, with inside your body, I wish that you picture a large diamond. Then I want you to feel energy moving around this diamond in a clockwise fashion. Then I want you to picture the most brilliant white light possible shine through this diamond from the ground up. As the light penetrates this diamond, the diamond will refract the multicolors. From your solar plex area up, I want you to be able, if you can, to visualize the multicolors. As the energy spins around the diamond, soon the lights will also turn. This we will try throughout the course of the music.

I believe this selection is a little over ten or eleven minutes. Again, remember, these techniques do not require the participation of one in order to be healed. But, we have found, given the human nature, it is easier for you if you have things to focus on that facilitate the flow of this energy and thereby creating a much greater and more long-lasting effect. This we do not mean as an attempt at any form of mysticism; it is only a more focusing approach. If you find something that you like better, by all means do that. I have practiced this technique with two humans once before and it seemed to work well for them. As I said earlier, if you do not like this music selection, find that which you do like and then try this again. Also, I would caution you, as with anything it takes practice. Those of you who have been healing for a while know that you must persist, you must dedicate your energy and your time in order to be really successful. I hope today, however, will launch you on a path that will not only create the vibrational level within you to help reconcile the dis-ease that you may feel, but also facilitate, or prepare you for more profound feeling that will be discussed later by your teacher in regards to our Father's love. For I tell you now, there is no greater healing energy than that of our Father's love. This should prepare you to begin to understand and feel this love. Before we begin, are there any questions as to what is required of you?


Q: I have a question. Are we focusing on both the painting and the diamond, the movement of energy and the change in the color of lights?

ANDREA: Thank you for asking. First, I want you to focus on the art as far as how it creates a feeling of serenity within your mind, in other words, a relaxed position of mind. Hopefully, this will only take a few seconds to generate. Secondly, as the music permeates your body, I hope that you find that it relaxes your nervous system. Allow this to happen more or less subconsciously. Do not worry about what is happening to you, do not overfocus, if you will. Simply allow the experience to take place. Once you feel somewhat harmonized or relaxed within your body, then picture the diamond within, the energy flowing, the light penetrating and then the color. Allow the balance of your time to be focused on the internal experience of this light. What I hope we will accomplish is that you feel throughout your entire body an energy flow. Does that answer your question?

Q: Yes.

ANDREA: If there are no other questions, then I wish to begin.

Q: Andrea, do you mean that we should see a diamond shape, is that correct?

ANDREA: Yes. Let's before we begin the music, if you have not done so, look at the art. Get a picture within your mind and in a few seconds, if you would commence with the music. (Period of about 10 minutes of musical meditation. The musical selection was by artist John Serrie from the Tingri album. The selection was "Annie by the Sea".)

ANDREA: I almost regret having to speak, for many of you are quite relaxed and at oneness. Why don't we begin with a few reactions to this experiment. Before you ask, I will share with you what I observed within David. It was easy to picture the diamond and the light. As the light spun within the eye, he seemed to see this color of purple, which is more or less a culmination of these lights as they manifest themselves in this area of the brain. There was a strong physical sensation of a unity throughout the body, a tingling as you might describe it. There is a strong urge to worship, to feel the love of the Father. Why don't we now share with each other some of your experiences. Did no one have an experience? (laughter)

Q: I'll start I guess. I just felt a movement of energy, really strong surges of energy. I reason I asked the question at the beginning was because if I'm going to focus, you gave us a number of elements to think about and I wasn't sure which you wanted us to focus on. I had a little trouble picturing everything all at once, so I took things kind of one at a time.

ANDREA: Perhaps it was my error in describing this technique. You should have pictured the art within your mind first to begin the sensation of relaxation, of calmness. Then, as the music began, the music will hopefully cause you to focus deeper on this feeling of relaxation and calmness. As the physical sensations begin to take hold, then picture the diamond, the movement of the energy and the light. It is not necessary once the initial process of relaxation has begun, to try and hold within your mind the picture of the art.

Q: I realized that. I was trying to picture the diamond, the light and the movement of energy in a circle, and then the movement of energy further up all at once. Is this what we were supposed to be doing?

ANDREA: It will not happen all at once.

Q: It didn't.

ANDREA: First focus on the diamond, then the light, then focus on the energy in a clockwise motion. As what I hope will happen, as time progresses, the movement of the energy will accelerate. As this movement of energy accelerates, the colors will also move quicker. As these colors move quicker, they seem to manifest themselves into one color of purple. It is not reflective, as some of you are inclined to think, that colors represent spiritual presence. For the most part, colors are a physical phenomenon indicative of energy manifestation within the human mechanism. While I will say, however, there are times that some of us do seem to be made known to you by a color. For the most part, it is not so. Does anyone else wish to share their feelings or thoughts?

Q: I seemed, when I visualized the diamond and the light coming up through it, I could see the purple and green bands rotating in a clockwise formation in my mind. In actuality, it was more like I was watching the colors than the diamond and the light. I kind of watched that for a while, and then I went back and thought, "Well, maybe I should be focusing on the diamond." But the colors were sort of intrusive. It was almost like they were there. Then of course I got sleepy, like I always do.

ANDREA: Ultimately, this exercise should cause you to be focused on the color itself. We start with the relaxation, we move up through the crystal and end within your mind's eye with the color itself. This focalization on the part of one who is requesting the healing will, as I said, facilitate the healer's ability to make permanent, or at least significant temporary, change within the vibrational level of the one receiving the help.

Q: You know, for me, I concentrated on the diamond and the light and the rotation of the light; but I never actually saw it. I think I have a difficult time with actual visualization. However, I did have purple, and I could feel my body, yet in a sense I couldn't feel my body. I was very relaxed. I knew my hands were there, but I didn't feel like I could actually feel them. But I very rarely ever actually see a visualization. I can concentrate on it and feel it, but I don't really see it.

ANDREA: Then you have been successful. It is not as important as you see so much as you feel. What you've described as a feeling within the body is exactly what we are after. The energy that is channeled is very pure; and it is necessary to be efficient and effective, once again, that the human be in this state of receptivity if, that is, the healing is to have a positive and hopefully long-lasting effect. One such performance of healing, however, does not mend all dis-ease. Much of what you experience as disease has been an accumulation of many things over a period of time. However, once you start this process, if you continue to use it, coupled with proper diet and adequate exercise, as well as daily worship and prayer will do wonders. It will literally make you whole, it will give you an entirely new perspective about your cosmic citizenship and your relationship to the Father Himself.

Q: Andrea, I had the same experience that Karla knew. I can't visualize a diamond, but I had like a bright cloud coming in with a purple light, and as that came in, I felt waves of tingling sensation all ways in my body. I felt very relaxed with it, comfortable with it.

Q: Well, for some reason, I really got (?) visual picture. And I visualized a community in the painting; and to me, it symbolized a community that was settled (?) and comforting to look at. It gave me a visual that the other speaker referred to, this will give you, to paraphrase it, a feeling of God's love. And that's what I felt when I looked at that. I also visualized the diamond, and I also felt it went inside of me. It kind of went inside of me. I visualized these images that went inside of me, and energy that flowed through.

ANDREA: Did the music cause disharmonies in anyone? . ... What would anyone add that may improve upon this technique?

Q: I know I was a little confused, as well as Linda, as to where to begin. Once I got listening to the music, settled, I began to feel a definite strong tingling sensation, particularly in my hands. I felt very relaxed. My confusion, initially, was where to focus first, on what. I just allowed it all to sweep over me, I guess would be the word. I found it relaxing. It all came together.

ANDREA: When you found yourselves relax, peace of mind, can you see how this will facilitate worship?

GROUP: Yes, absolutely.

ANDREA: Do you begin to perceive how you will start to feel the love from within? No matter what technique of focus you use, this is our objective. It has many aspects which I will not go into this afternoon. We will stay more focused on healing. I will let Welmek address these other aspects at another time. Those of you who are more advanced within this group in the healing technique, please describe for me your experience. (laughter)

T: I could focus the diamond. That technique has been used with me for a number of years in the heart chakra. Lowering the diamond, I believe the advantage of that would have been more of a grounding technique, in my case, which a lot of times we all forget to ground when we're working on our energies. I did get very relaxed, of course; but you know, the grounding was a little bit confusing to me because I like to stay in the outer limits I guess. When I ground, I ground the crown chakra down. I wasn't used to grounding from the earth up, and it was kind of new for me, doing it that way.

ANDREA: This technique is not exactly as you think of grounding. It is different somewhat than your training. As time goes on, we will add new techniques to your repertoire of your ability to work with individuals who seek your help. My question to you is, in your practice to date, have you used visual forms of facilitation in the relaxation of the person who requests your help?

T: Yes, we do. We do that in our group meetings when we teach that the music and sound and relaxation is part of the relaxing and the trust to let the energy flow. It's a very beneficial approach on relaxing.

ANDREA: Do you use visual aid also?

T: I've meditated to visual aid personally, and you know there is a number of different ways of looking at that, whether visualizing a candle or picture, or I've used a picture of an angel, that visualization in different forms like that to set my mind in a relaxing state. It has worked in a number of different ways. I'm trying to think how to say this without blowing everybody's mind as far as . ..I've hadout-of-body experiences doing this. I have been able to generate the light body you're talking about. In the beginning, what Welmek was saying in the beginning, there is the initial shock of some fear that can exist in that. When you think that you're seeing a light body, it's one thing; but when you have the light body touch you and you know it's for real, it's another thing. And being on a spiritual path, you know, mentally, what an individual has to do is really focus on their faith and what they really believe in because there's so much hokey-pokey out there. So you want to be guided through this experience so your mind is at rest and will accept this; because if you have any doubt in your mind, it's just like their efforts are lost because of your mind energy. So I have experience with a lot of different techniques with the light of the Holy Spirit focused on (?). That's been my experience with different energies.

ANDREA: Does anyone else wish to comment?

B: I'll just describe some of what happened for me. It was very easy to see the diamond and the light and then multi-colors, lots of multi-colors moving. But I think once I became completely relaxed, it's a little hard to describe but there was a spiral of energy flow that, honestly, as I kept experiencing it, was much as I picture a galaxy. In other words, the motion was through my whole body and it was from the center. I think it was the solar plexus. And I really felt at one with the flow inside me of this spiraling energy. I experienced it more as white and sparkling with some tinges of the purple color, but it was unique in how really good it felt. It would have been easy just to stay with that for quite some time.

ANDREA: Therefore you would agree that if you can get the one that you are trying to heal in this frame of mind and state of body, it is good?

B: Yes. That is exactly what I had been thinking about. I am impressed with, there are some elements of the technique you're describing, that I have used; but to put it together for someone that I'm working with I think would really add to everything I've learned so far.

ANDREA: Anyone else?

Q: I have a question. Mary mentioned becoming drowsy, and that's something I experienced. Is this something that we should resist, when drowsiness shows up, or is this a sign of something that our body needs?

ANDREA: I would not resist the sensation of sleep unless you want to engage in worship or prayer. I perceive that you will find as you practice these types of techniques, it will actually make you more alert. It will help you to focus specifically on what it is you wish to say to the Father for whatever petition you want to make. It is this focusing, this being very specific, that as you have discussed already, helps in the outworking of your prayer as well as the attunement with the spirit within. The spirit within you is very much aware of what goes on during these times; and if you can calm your mind as well as your body, you do much to lay the groundwork for communication.

Q: I have a question. As I was experiencing this spiral of energy and flowed within it so I felt I was just part of it, thoughts would occur to me of individual people. At first I thought perhaps it was a distraction; but now I'm wondering if in fact, in that relaxed state, some thoughts were occuring that could be the basis of some prayer and worship.


ANDREA: Hopefully this is so. I would add this. For those of you who wish to attempt healing, if you perfect this state of mind for yourself, it would benefit the flow of the energy if you focus your thoughts on the source, the Father Himself, for you are directing this energy that emanates directly from Paradise itself.

Q: Are you suggesting then, that the focus technique is a good way to start off prayer or worship, (?) in the stillness?

ANDREA: I am doing more than suggesting, I am giving you technique. It will benefit you substantially now that you know the difference between worship and prayer, that you first set the stage, if you will, to make the communication more beneficial to you and more effective for us to utilize.

Q: And then also this technique should be used prior to a healing session? Is that correct?

ANDREA: Anyone who wishes to channel energy should always prepare themselves to allow this energy to flow through them, yes.

Q: When I got relaxed, I could feel the energy flow throughout my body but my visualizations were somewhat different. I attempted to focus on the diamond, but that image seemed to..I could not hold it, it seemed to be replaced by another image. It was of a . .like on a cloudy day with rays of sunshine break through the clouds and come down. I felt myself totally enveloped in bright sunlight or the white light; and I just felt myself wanting to be lifted up into that light. And almost sort of I felt the Father reaching down in that light, trying to reach to each other somehow.

ANDREA: This inspires you, does it not?

Q: A tear ran down my cheek, so I would think so, yes.

ANDREA: It, again, does not matter, the specific technique. It is the objective that is most important; and the objective is that, an attunement with the feeling of oneness with your spirit fragment. This is the whole bottom line of the teaching mission. We will continue to do those things that, in our opinion, our assessment, leads you to more understanding and hopefully, communication with this spirit. There is much activity around me. There are many who are here witnessing what is going on. There is actually several requests to speak. (laughter) However, in order to stay more focused, and since I am in control, I wish to first engage in your more general questions before we turn this over to others. Do you have any general questions about healing or the general techniques?

Q: Andrea, I always say a prayer of protection in the process of meditation. How necessary is this protection prayer?

ANDREA: What is it you wish to be protected from?

Q: Evil influences or anything like that?

ANDREA: Do you seek evil?

Q: No.

ANDREA: Do you believe in the Father?

Q: Yes.

ANDREA: Do you believe that the spirit resides within you?

Q: Yes, I do.

ANDREA: You have all the protection that you need. If, however, it makes you feel more peace of mind by saying this prayer or petition, then by all means do so.

Q: I get the sense that this is sort of step l, which is to prepare the person who is going to attempt to be the channel for the healing energy as well as to prepare the person who is to be healed. When each of those individuals has reached that state in which the energy can flow the best, are there further techniques as far as things like placement of hands, or things of this nature that we will be given later? Or is this basically it and those other types of things will not matter?

ANDREA: The other things that you mention have some significance, but most important is the underlying principle of setting up the stage, allowing the conditions to be as perfect as possible for the harmonization of the energy flow throughout the person that you wish to help.

Q: But will there be any instruction in those other steps?

ANDREA: As required, yes. However, I nor my associates plan to give this information without your assistance. You must, if you are interested in these things, practice. You must also research. There is some information available on your planet that has direct relationship and meaningful relationship to what we are talking about. There are those gathered here today that already have some understanding of the importance of what we have discussed. Share this amongst yourselves. Help each other come to an understanding that will, as a group, elevate the consciousness of healing. I have heard it said by your teacher that many of you wish to focus in the area of healing. As you know, when more than one is gathered, the healing energy is amplified. I will tell you, it is not an arithmetic proportion, it is a geometric proportion. Just as it is with worship.

Q: If that were true..or I don't mean to phrase it that way, I know what you're saying is true (laughter)..I'm trying to make analogies to what we've recently learned about prayer that while the effect of an individual prayer if once said sincerely and effectively does not truly have the cumulative effect as it is registered. Yet if several people make that same sincere and effective prayer, it does have a greater effect. Will the same be true in healing then? If there were several individuals participating as the channelers of healing, would that have a greater effect on the individual who is to be healed?

ANDREA: What does your sense of reason tell you?

Q: My sense of reason says "yes".

ANDREA: It is as you say.


Q: I have a question concerning the kind of energies. The Urantia Book mentions that living things are governed by electrical energy, chemical energy and "other energies". Most of us, I think, are thinking Reiki energy, which is one form. When we concentrate and focus like this, those here who are not Reiki practitioners..can energy flow through them of some sort? If it's not Reiki, is there another form or forms they can channel to a person that they may not need special instruction for? Will just the desire to heal allow this energy to flow through them?

ANDREA: The energy that flows is available to anyone. It is not, as you say, a Reiki energy. Reiki is a technique used to channel this energy. It is advisable to study. It is one way in which the healer will focus themself and channel this energy. There is much information that has value in studying this course. However, if I understand your question, the Reiki practitioner does not channel a different energy than one who is not a Reiki practitioner. The energy that flows is the same.

Q: As healers, do we have access to any other kinds of energy other than this energy we've talked about?

ANDREA: No. It is not needed. The energy that we reference that I am referring to is universal and more than adequate to sustain any living mechanism.

Q: Did I understand you to say earlier that this energy is actually the Father's love?

ANDREA: It emanates from the Father, yes. And as you experience more of the Father's love in your being, that is as close as you can come to understand this energy.

Q: Is this the same energy that the Life Carriers use when they help in a healing?


Q: How is this energy related to the traditional approach here on this planet as far as taking medicines and even, if a person who is a doctor or someone wanted to utilize this energy in their practice, what kind of significance would it have? This is a real broad question because I'm not really sure how I want to formulate what I want to know.

ANDREA: I am unsure if I understand the exact nature of your question. Are you asking me do the medicines that these doctors prescribe interfere with the energy, do they facilitate the energy? I am unsure as to your question.

Q: It almost seems as if it's understood well, that a lot of the medicines that we use would be superfluous, that we wouldn't need them quite so much, or at all in some cases. And I was just wondering if this were true or if conventional dispensation of medicine facilitates the healing energy?

ANDREA: If this energy were better understood and manipulated, most, I would say most, of your medications would have no use whatsoever. As a matter of fact, they tend to interfere with the proper functioning of the cell itself. However, there will always be a need for your doctors, for there are things that even the healing energy cannot take care of. For instance, if you were to fall from a high place and damage your spine, while the healing energy will do much to facilitate the healing process, it will still require another human, a physician, to set the cast, to mend the break, to help the energy. Do you understand this?

Q: So you're saying that traumatic injury to the body will always of course need to be repaired somehow by human hands.

ANDREA: Repaired or replaced, yes.

Q: Okay. I'm wondering now about, it's not really traumatic injury but injury that we do to ourselves, I guess, through our ways of living, oh for instance, heart disease, vascular disease, things like that that are caused because of our eating habits, lack of exercise. How does healing fit in with that?

ANDREA: Healing is a natural process. It will do whatever it can to correct the dis-ease, the disharmony within the body. However, if you continue to eat incorrectly, if you continue to think incorrectly, if you continue not to exercise the mechanism the way it was designed to be, you will not live a happy and healthy life just because you can channel this energy. As you see, it takes balance. There is no one thing that can cure all.

Q: Along those same lines then, going back to I guess surgical intervention in an illness such as we have now, how would the healing technique help someone who has undergone surgery for, well not necessarily for traumatic injury, but maybe because of the conventional approach that we have to some illnesses now?

ANDREA: One thing that it will do is to accelerate the growth of the tissue. It will also allow the body to focus upon the area affected, maintain the other areas without much energy draw.

Q: Andrea, along the lines of what Mary was talking about, I have a back injury from a car accident, and I have metal pins in my back; and I know that Linda and Tom here ask you to take your rings and watches off, or some do anyway. I was wondering if the metal pins in my back could stop the flow of energy or does it interfere with the flow of energy?

ANDREA: It does not stop it. There are unfortunately a certain type of refraction, again, if you will, of energy around these points. However, it is not significant to the point that this healing will not benefit you. It will just take longer and more of a concentrated effort.

Q: Andrea, when you talk about proper diet, that's somewhat controversial in our society right now. I was wondering if you could be more specific in the nature of meat and things of that nature and also the use of pesticides on a lot of our fruits and vegetables.

ANDREA: In regards to the last part of your question, you have done much to hurt yourselves in consuming these chemicals. They were not meant to be ingested within the physical mechanism. Many of these chemicals now reside within the cell itself. However, this technique will do much to help free the chemical from the system. You may experience many what you may consider adverse reactions first, but in time this healing process will take hold. But, if you continue to consume these chemicals, then what good does the healing do, for you will continue to injure yourself. Your dilemma is where do you go to find food that is not so affected. It is a planetary dilemma. It is of serious nature. It is something that we are now working with some humans on your world to initiate beginning phases of an intelligent, economical and hopefully, fruitful, if I may, no pun intended (laughter) process will uplift the quality grade of the food that you consume. So many humans suffer from this one thing. In regards to meat, this is a personal decision that you must make. I will tell you, however, that it is not necessary to consume animal flesh to maintain a proper electro-chemical balance within the human mechanism.

Q: Andrea, is there anything we can do to remove the toxins from the foods? If we employ healing energy on the foods, will that remove the toxins?

ANDREA: It helps, yes.

Q: But it won't get rid of all of them.

ANDREA: It depends on the degree of saturation of chemical and your ability to channel the energy.

Q: How about water?

ANDREA: The same.

Q: How is the person's ability to channel the energy determined?

ANDREA: By their understanding of technique and by their ability to feel from within. As you felt relaxed today, you now begin to glimpse what is required in order to be a good channeler. Plus, I will add this. We will add more to you as time goes on. It is not necessary to have Life Carriers present in order to heal. However, there are many Life Carriers now resident on this planet who will engage in a more substantial and planetary form of healing. We do much on our side to help, but we need your help.

Q: If we have a very difficult case or someone that's very ill, can we request a Life Carrier to help us?

ANDREA: You may request. However, we have to entertain many aspects before we can engage a Life Carrier.

Q: How many levels of human energy is there? I mean, we're talking beginner level here, in essence, compared to Christ Michael.

ANDREA: I do not perceive a specific number of levels, but I understand your question. It is more a grade of understanding. It would be interesting and perhaps you may be asked to do this at a time, to try and differentiate one's understanding of manipulation. I understand within your form of healing, the degrees. This is fine, but there is much more to healing than what you understand now. You do your brothers and sisters a great service, as well as yourself, in your attempts; and as you know, you have met with some success. This will be enhanced as time goes on. As regards to our Creator, he has prerogatives that none of us have. Too bad, is it not? (laughter)

Q: I have another question, Andrea. When we are taught Reiki or taught how to use it, I was told there are three times that you do not use it. One is before a broken bone is set, and that makes sense. Another is to use it directly over the heart with a weakened heart condition. And the third was not to use it for six weeks following a stroke. If a person who does not take this official Reiki course were to do one of these things out of ignorance, could the energy then do harm to a person, or would it simply not be effective?

ANDREA: I am unaware of any record where harm has been caused by channeling the energy that I refer to. However, this is interesting to note, for I would tend to agree with what you have said. I would probably not have considered altering the time factor in regards to a weak heart, for the intention would be to build the heart muscle as quickly as you can. But your advice is somewhat well-taken. Ultimately, this energy is positive and beneficial. It requires your understanding as well as the recipient's understanding as to what the outcome will be. That greatly enhances the outcome.

Q: How can this healing energy best be used in the practice of dentistry?

ANDREA: In any practice of medication or, in your case, as a doctor, most of what will be accomplished in the technique that we practice today is in relaxation, eliminating the fear of what will come. It is important to try and do this, because the fear sets within the nervous system a certain tension; and this tension has many negative effects, as I'm sure you have witnessed already. I do not encourage you not to use those chemicals required to force relaxation on individuals. However, I can tell you that on other planets where the physical mechanism is similar to yours, that this type of anaesthesia is not required. It is all done through the manipulation of these energies. Practice what you have been shown today. First, get yourself in order. Then start working with others. I would encourage you to work with them after the technique has been performed on them to, again, facilitate, to actively progress the rehabilitation of the tissue structure. Does that answer your question?

Q: Yes, but I have a follow-up question. Are there materials, restorative materials, we are now using that would best not be used in order to facilitate the overall electro-chemical use in the body?

ANDREA: One moment.....It is interesting if you could only hear the debate on my side. (laughter)

Q: You ought to hear the debate on our side.

ANDREA: The issue is, do we share with you information that may change the way in which you do things on a scientific level, or do we allow you to discover this yourself? The answer is, the silver amalgams used do not facilitate harmonic resonance within the physical mechanism, and at times can actually cause harm. This is all that I am allowed to say. As a matter of fact, I have probably said too much. (laughter) Do you understand what I have just told you?

Q: I'm trying to understand what you mean by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colloidal_silver silver amalgams].

Q: Silver fillings.

Q: Andrea, I have a question. You mentioned that for some injuries, traumatic injuries, that humans need to intervene as well as the healing energy. I work with physical aspects of dysfunction and looking at alignment of bony parts and other tissues, there are some techniques that are practiced to align those that are beginning to be used, such as myofascial release, that kind of thing. Are those things helpful or necessary in conjunction with this healing energy?

ANDREA: I believe at this stage of your development, yes, they are helpful. However, the individuals that you work with would benefit significantly if you were able to channel this energy through them. There is no question: all of you would benefit from the proper utilization of this energy.

Q: I am aware of that. I think that becomes a problem of acceptance at times, at least in my service delivery. I also have a question about, I don't understand why we would not use the healing energy in the case, say, of a stroke, or many of the children I work with have had brain injury, to facilitate cell regeneration and help what recovery is possible. I recognize we're learning more about the brain, and at this point in time we believe some centers are unable to regenerate or to take over for other centers and maybe that knowledge will change with this information and these healing techniques. But why is that not something that should be done?

ANDREA: In regards to stroke?

Q: Yes. ANDREA; The only possible negative ramification is if the healer is able to significantly charge the individual, so to speak. If the heart tissue is weakened to the point, the charge may actually short-circuit the muscle itself. But this has never, in my information, been made of record. It is more of a theory. That is why I would suggest that it is probably a good idea to allow some time for natural rehabilitation before you begin the energy flow. In regards to your comment that it is difficult to use this technique in your organization, I would suggest to you that you practice this to the point where you will find your abilities to channel almost automatic and non-obtrusive to the point where those around you really do not realize what it is you are doing. You will cause no harm to the individuals that you are (?) it through.

Q: I've been trying to look at that. Unfortunately, in the areas I work some of the things that are accepted nationally within our field are not accepted, so they're questioned as being related to Satan.

ANDREA: Tell no one of what you do.

Q: I'm just saying even in how I'm putting my hands on, I have done some techniques that are accepted in the country, and people have accused me of that, which is something that makes me apprehensive, that I have to be careful and when and where and how I do it.

ANDREA: In your Reiki technique you are taught how to project energy without using hands.

Q: I'm anxious to learn that technique. I still don't fully understand, I want to go back just one more time and then I'll leave it alone if I don't get it. I'm trying to understand in the case of the difference of an anoxic injury to a brain or other injuries, why, in the case of the stroke or heart attack, is that going to be a different impact on the heart in terms of administering healing energy?

ANDREA: I encourage you to administer the healing energy. What I understood the question to be earlier, should there be time before you initiate the healing energy? It is advisable, again, to allow some time, six weeks? This is something that you must decide. If I were in human form, utilizing this energy, I would initiate almost immediately; but I have an advantage. I understand the energy manipulation far greater than you. In your abilities now, you are going to find there are times when this energy flows through you like a mighty power. If, by accident, this happens, if, I should say, rather than accident, if uncontrolled by you, it could possibly have an effect upon the weak muscle itself. I do not perceive this happening; but, as an advisory caution, I would entertain and recommend that you do allow some time.

Q: Would that apply to an infant that has had injury..(?) his birth process as well?

ANDREA: Only, again, if the heart is weakened, you might consider some time. Or, better yet, what I might suggest to you, those who have a better understanding of channeling this energy, to control down, to step down somewhat the energy flow, to allow the child to receive a modified amount of energy. As the child begins to strengthen, open yourself more fully that this energy power increases, and then you will find many benefits.

Q: I have one more question. On a couple children that I have been I felt I could do this, one is a very severely involved little boy. I know that he is functioning differently when I'm applying the little bit of energy I had at the time. I feel that I'm learning more about that, so that'll increase. But he would vocalize, and be able to make movements that he doesn't normally do. Over time, is that something that could become a volitional thing on his part, or is it just a result of the healing energy that's present at the time?

ANDREA: I would say both. As you free his mechanism, his will, his ability to assert himself will become more fluid and automatic.

Q: If in our theory right now, we believe that unless someone can have motivation behind that, they're not able to maintain that level, make that a permanent part of them. Is that true? If they don't have enough brain functioning, would it..I guess it depends on how much healing we can do in the brain. But self-initiated movement is essential. It's what we understand. Is that true?

ANDREA: Self-initiated movement is essential if there is going to be permanent long-lasting results, yes.

Q: Andrea, if we are using other means of manipulation of energy besides hands, for instance, the radionics machine, in studying the frequencies for healing, does a particular disease, for instance, lung cancer, have a particular vibrational rate that's the same for every individual regardless of who it is?

ANDREA: More or less, this is true. What your science of radionics does not know yet, are the exact vibrational levels. This is going to require much experimentation and research.

Q: So then the resonancy rates of certain organs are pretty much the same for all individuals?

ANDREA: In a general sense, this is true. However, certain individuals do seem to have a level of resonance different. You will find there will be testing that will be done on the individual before you apply such techniques as radionics. You do not wish to attune a vibrational level within the machine that you think is healing lung cancer when, in effect, it may actually affect a kidney or other organ. This is the dilemma of radionics right now. I perceive it as a valuable tool, but you must understand, you must be wise, you must seek advice when using such techniques; for you are literally doing more than just manipulating energy.

Q: In regard to plant remedies, it would appear that certain plant remedies have certain symptom pictures, that they elicit certain symptoms if a person were to ingest them in either large quantities or in the natural state. However, if they were to be somehow energized, are they also going to...have the kind of neutralizing effect on the specific ailment in the body?

ANDREA: Yes. However, once again, your science of homeopathy, of natural healing with herbs, is very rudimentary. There is much value, but there is much research, again, required.

Q: Would you say then that the most efficacious form of healing is the direct placement of hands or through mental energy?

ANDREA: The greatest, most efficient form of healing is the channeling of energy, whether it be by hands or mental projection or other techniques that I will share with you in the future. This will serve as the greatest form of healing. I do not wish to say that your forms of medication have no value. They do, many times, cover the symptoms. They do not necessarily have any direct effect upon the cause. Your healing by energy manipulation, by radionics, by naturopathies, these types of healings tend to go more directly to the source and that is why they are more advisable. But you must live within the day and time that you find yourself. If indeed a medicine must be used to calm the child, to heal the adult, then by all means use it. It will take us time to educate you and for you to do the research necessary to make perfect these other techniques.

Q: Our medical science is starting to understand a little bit better the link between a person's mental state and their emotional state and the effect on the physical body. Do, and I'm beginning to see a pattern here, however, I have a couple questions in this regard. Do some particular emotions have direct links in affecting specific organs, the dysfunction of those organs if the emotions and the mental thoughts are not positive?

ANDREA: Is your question does anger affect the liver? Does greed affect the heart? Does jealousy affect the spleen? Is that your question? (laughter)

Q: Yes.

ANDREA: My response would be no. My response to you is that emotion is a reaction. It usually devitalizes the positive energy that has been built up within your entire physical mechanism. Wherever the weakest link is, that is what is affected the most. Therefore, if you are angry and let's say for example you have a weak kidney, the emotion will devitalize the energy most in the kidney area.

Q: Do people who have a focus for those feelings...I've heard people discuss..I've felt a sense of feeling in different parts of my body and it isn't always the same between people. Is that true?

ANDREA: I'm unclear as to the nature of your question.

Q: The tension you're talking about that we build up in our body with those emotions, can that be located more intensely in some areas? Is that the weakest spot you referred to?

ANDREA: What I referred to is the devitalization of energy within your mechanism created by the reaction of these negative emotions will always affect the weakest area of the mechanism. Do you understand what I am saying? I do not feel I'm answering your question.

Q: I think, two things, from some psychology kinds of perspectives. People have taught me that depending on where you hold your emotion, you can experience physical problems. Also, with the Reiki and the chakras, there's different feelings that are tied to different areas of the body. Is there validity to that?

ANDREA: First you must understand the difference between feeling and emotion. Feeling originates from within yourself. Emotion is a reaction to an outside stimulant. It is essential and your teacher will discuss this more in detail within the coming weeks. But this does get to the core of true healing, for in order to truly be a healer or to truly be healed, this feeling will originate from within. It opens up the channels, or as you call chakras, that allow this energy to flow more freely and directly, even can be specifically isolated to a particular area.

Q: Are they tied as we understand to the kinds of feelings and emotions as we are learning them?

ANDREA: If in your mind this facilitates progress, then I will not do anything to take that idea away from you. However, in the future I believe we will add information to you that will make clearer what you are asking.

Q: When you talk about chakras, the locations of channeling the energy, I think that was your terminology, within this myofascial technique that I have trained in, they talk about the transverse planes that we work with and they seem to be in the same locations. Are those somewhat of a physical structure within our bodies?

ANDREA: That is part, yes.

Q: So there is a correlation between the physical as well as other aspects to the structure within the chakra areas?

ANDREA: Indeed.

Q: Thank you.

ANDREA: Your physical design is quite remarkable.

Q: Say a healer is working on a person who harbors negative thoughts and has a certain disbelief for the healing that is going on, which power is really stronger, the healer's channeling of the healing power or the negative emotions of the person they are working on?

ANDREA: Ultimately, the negative emotions will devitalize that which the healer has tried to vitalize.

Q: What if that person is unaware of the healing being channeled to them?

ANDREA: All the more reason to practice worship and prayer.

Q: Can genetic diseases be treated with this Reiki energy or this energy we've talked about. For instance, can a person with sickle-cell anemia, which is a genetically programmed defect, benefit from this energy and how would that work?

ANDREA: It can; but genetics as you know goes very deep into the actual structure of the mechanism itself. Your science understands very little as well as your healers. This is a more complex problem. Focus more now on more of the outward symptoms than the deep complex problems. There is so much work as healers you can do in a positive way. We will not be able to, as you say, clean the mess up in a day or two.

Q: What if a person understands about the physical body and disease. Is that person more effective as a healer because of their understanding..for instance, like in what Linda said about the sickle-cell, would that knowledge facilitate that person's ability to heal a person with that disease?

ANDREA: The principle is true no matter what you do. The more you know about raising children, are not you more effective in raising children? Your question is significant, but it is also very simple to answer.

Q: Andrea, what if you want to remove the graphs of predispositions in your own body. Are there ways to do that through some of the techniques that we've discussed?

ANDREA: Any type of predisposition, as you understand it from your training, can be adequately removed by a more effective way of looking at reality, again, through worship, through prayer, through a more positive interaction with your brothers and sisters, as well as a balanced utilization of the energy, your diet and exercise. You must be somewhat cautious when you say "predisposition". This is not well understood. There has been much written about it, there is some legitimacy to what you have read. However, do not become preoccupied with trying to eliminate the predisposed capacities, the predisposed disease, the predisposed the emotions or however you wish to pursue it. More focus on your daily living, more focus on the righteous way of living, this will go far in eliminating any type of what you consider predisposition.

Q: Andrea, because of our limited knowledge, you earlier alluded to the fact that, perhaps I'm wrong but..something to the fact that using these channeling techniques or using homeopathic techniques, because our knowledge is so limited at this point that there might actually be some negative effects (?) or are you referring to the fact that in using this, is the healing removing toxins which might cause some temporary negative effects?

ANDREA: The homeopathic techniques used cannot, in my perception, cause harm. Radionic techniques do have the ability to create dis-ease if not well understood and used. Channeling of the energy as I have perceived at your level of understanding can really do no harm either. However, how else will you learn if you do not experiment and try?

Q: Can I ask one clarification question? As we attune ourselves and practice all of the things that you're saying, we are in a sense in the process of healing ourself. You mentioned that because of the chemicals we ingest through various means they are in ourselves, and I thought I understood you to say that as we go through this healing process, is this healing process actually removing these toxins, these chemicals, from the cells and if they are doing that, might that manifest in some temporary symptom of illness or something during the process?

ANDREA: That is as I have said, yes. It is, however, not always the case. There are many people who go through this process and feel no negative ramifications whatsoever. It will be experienced on an individual basis.

Q: I would like to touch upon not physical healing and maybe a little bit on mental healing, there's a lot of sorrow, a lot of abuse, a lot of things happen to people on this planet; and this is an area that is of great concern for me. If I were to try to help heal, say, an abused child of those feelings of mistrust and unlove and that type of thing, is that going to be a different process than a physical healing?

ANDREA: More or less, no.

Q: When you are doing the healing, do you try to concentrate on something different than the physical healing?

ANDREA: The physical healing will go far in helping the emotional healing. In tandem with physical healing will be required an understanding, hopefully an education, of a relationship, a very personal relationship, with the Father Himself. It is becoming God-conscious that heals emotional conflict. Can you see this?

Q: So would it benefit us then to have our therapists work in a different way, our psychiatrists, psychologists? Obviously, they don't bring God into this, into their sessions; and those who do are then run out of practice. How can we better use this in our therapies?

ANDREA: It is a difficult problem, for you even now try to eliminate prayer from your schools, at least some do. This is a perplexing problem for us. How is it that you can keep the source of your creation out of your life? We do not understand this. However, it is a part of your daily experience and you must deal with this. I will encourage you to not only practice the healing technique, but to also help the individual feel the love of the Father. This will take time, as any emotional or psychic healing will; but it is the best advice that I can give you now. There is more on this; we will discuss it at another time. You would do well to encourage any of your counselors to rethink their position, to take a stance for the recognition of the source of all creation. The problem becomes how do they express this source? If they express it as a vengeful father, as one who creates war and creates disease to punish or teach, this will have no positive effect as you have already seen. If, however, they project the concept of the Father that the gospel of Jesus talks of, then this will go far in the rehabilitation of emotional conflict, which, many times, is the actual cause of most crime as well as disease.

Q: Do you think our process of education now, for instance in the abuse area where we have different shows using our media to express what has been happening for years and years, do you think this is the best way to stop the cycle?

ANDREA: "Best" is an interesting word. I would say, it is fortunate that you are doing at least this, for many people can receive education in a fairly short amount of time. Unfortunately, those in power are not motivated in the way that you are. It will take time, it will take individual effort to make these changes come to be. However, I will tell you that we are aggressively working on our side; and there are many of us.

Q: To bring that all down to a personal level, may I assume that as my own God-consciousness increases, that my own epilepsy will begin to dissipate?

ANDREA: It will lessen. As to total cure, I cannot say.

Q: Is there anything that Bob and Linda or Tom can do in the administration of Reiki healing to focus on one part of his body to lessen it?

ANDREA: In this particular case, I encourage you all to focus strictly upon the nervous system itself. You must be aware, when you ask me specific healing remedies, I am restricted. It is not for me to really diagnose and give a very specific technique or if you will cure your problem.

Q: Is it helpful if we have a particular illness and we are trying to do as you've instructed, to try to bring this energy through our own body, to just let it flow through? Or should we, if there's a particular part of our body that needs help, once we feel this energy flowing through us, should we visualize in our minds or in any way focus on this specific part of the body that we wish to be healed?

ANDREA: Do both. Until your abilities are enhanced, as I have said, by sharing with you the techniques earlier, it seems to benefit human nature to have these focal points.

Q: Andrea, will you share with us a method of correcting or channeling the energy without visible contact?

ANDREA: I was waiting for direct technique questions. I will say this for the time. Ask those that are more involved in the healing technique. They have a technique that is adequate for the time. I do not wish to dodge your question, but for the level of understanding which I am permitted to share with you now, as I say, there are those who can give you this information. It primarily revolves around a picturization of the individual surrounded in light, projected out through space. They will elaborate more fully.

Q: Andrea, are you working with our health-care system now in making some changes?

ANDREA: I am more focused as a teacher.

Q: Are there beings working in that way?

ANDREA: There are people, if you will. There is something about this word "beings"...that doesn't seem quite descriptive. We are, as far as you should be concerned, people also. We just simply have a different mechanism. To answer your question, we work on all aspects to facilitate the evolution of your planet so that it may engage in an era of Light and Life.

Q: Too bad and is David Kessler going to get booted out of the FDA? I know you're not going to answer that.

Q: She was joking.

Q: Andrea, you've talked about giving us more information at a future time several times. How far into the future should . ...well, obviously, at least I am, going to practice these techniques now. When do you think another visit to us would be helpful? How long should we work on these and then you'll be ready to tell us..

ANDREA: That is difficult for me to say. This depends upon your dedication, your practice and your recognition of the abilities that you have acquired. I am not even certain that I will address your next session. There are many qualified. I am here because I was requested to be here. I am pleased to be; but as I said, there are many who can address this group in regards to healing.

Most interesting, however, for once again you ask us to add more to you or wonder when it will be added when you have to much to do. (laughter)

Q: Well, we're impatient.

Q: It was impatience, I was just curious.

Q: It was one of those curiosity questions.

Q: Well, no. To what degree, then, should we consider ourselves...you know when we go practicing this, how do we know when we are ready for the next level up.

Q: They'll let us know.

Q: I don't know. We asked for this. Were we "impressed" to ask for this?

ANDREA: This group, in conjunction with two other groups, seems to be more focused on the aspect of healing. This has been noted, and we are here to help you. I'll let you speculate as to whether you originated the idea or we impressed it. (laughter)

Q: Andrea, it would be so much easier. Can't you just put all this knowledge and information in a pill and make it materialize and let us swallow it?

ANDREA: It would be a hard pill to swallow. (laughter and clapping)

Q: Touche.

ANDREA: There is so much love that we have for all of you. We see you not as our children but as our friends. We see you as companions, we see you as associates. While it is true we have a greater vision than you do, you have something that we do not. We are brothers and sisters. We will always do what we can to help you. We will always do what we can to guide you in the direction that, based on our judgment, we feel is advisable. As your teacher has told you, we are not perfect. We learn each day also. However, with your help, we will effect the changes that our Creator has asked us to make.

If there are no further questions, we will adjourn this session. I feel that the time is such that it would be wise to do so. You have much food for thought. I would encourage you to digest the information, assimilate it, and then ask your teacher some specific questions. I understand your desire to know more, for if I were you, I would do the same. However, you do have much think about and much to practice on. You can always learn more. Never assume you have all of the information needed.

Are there any further questions? If so, I will entertain questions for approximately five minutes.

Q: I have a personal question on healing. Five years ago I was entertained with the idea to build something that was given to me in a meditation or a prayer. I was wondering if you people had anything to do with it.

ANDREA: "You people" do not seem to fit either. (laughter) One moment...I will say this. You know what you know. You know the meaning of my response. You may, if you wish, address this further Tuesday evening.

Q: Andrea, is this group going to be going more into a healing group and progressing that way more than . ..

Q: More than another area?

ANDREA: The group as a whole is comprised of its members. Each person may decide which direction they want to go. However, with in this group there are many who wish to head in the direction of healing. This does not preclude in any way whatsoever if you desire to become involved in another aspect. Is that what you mean?

Q: Yes.

Q: Is there a word or a phrase that we could use to refer to "you people"?

ANDREA: I am getting much stimulation from my associates. (laughter)

Q: As long as it's not "creature".

Q: How about "home girl"? (laughter)

ANDREA: Again, think of us as your friends.

Q: Unseen at this point. Hint, hint.

Q: I have one more that may be really tied to what Marty said. I was thinking of individuals who develop a deformity such as scoliosis that sometimes we see surgery as an only option. Are those situations in which the healing energy can be a factor or do they fall into the category such as fractures that you say you have to combine that with other procedures?

ANDREA: At this point in your development, it would be best to use both techniques. Much disease, much deformity, even while in the womb, will be corrected through proper healing techniques.

Q: I was wondering about the relationship between growth and healing. It seems that as a person is growing properly applied healing techniques would facilitate them outgrowing things like scoliosis and other deformities.

ANDREA: As your science becomes better educated, you will also understand how diet directly relates to the healing process.

Q: That was my final question. You talked about the healing energy, and you talked about the homeopathy, will you comment on the use of vitamins and their importance to try to stabilize the energies in the body and provide all of the basic chemicals or minerals and nutrients that we need?

ANDREA: If you are not able to consume the nutrients that you need from your basic food groups, then I encourage you to supplement.

Q: What about heavy doses of vitamins as a therapeutic technique? Is there any value in that?

ANDREA: I am not allowed to comment on that.

Q: Andrea, what about cholesterol? I was recalling a passage from the Urantia Book about Eve using the milk of the coconut as a source for nutrition, or not a coconut, but nuts, I guess, was the way it was phrased. But coconuts are high in cholesterol and I don't know of other nuts that would have milk.

ANDREA: Two comments. First of all, Eve is not like you. She has an energy level that is far transcendent of yours. Therefore, the physical effect of cholesterol would not be the same as upon your mechanism.

Secondly, cholesterol in and of itself, is not the evil factor, if you will. What compounds or makes the situation bad, is the additional intake of non-productive food coupled with lack of proper physical exercise. Then, overlaid upon that would be the lack of good, effective worship and prayer. Especially worship, if done properly, will automatically channel energy through your system.


Q: I have one more question. What you said about worship and prayer makes me wonder about..studies show nowadays that different ethnic groups or even different countries have different mortality rates and have different levels of occurrences of some diseases like heart disease and all that. I was thinking of Japan in particular, how they seem to have a lower rate of heart disease in their population and a lower rate, also, of some cancers. They've related that to diet, for the most part, but I wonder if maybe the Japanese have a, are a little more attuned to seeking the Father. I don't know what their various religions are, but I just wonder if that might be the case.

ANDREA: I can say this. Their diet, their physical structure, and their practices of meditation do aid in less stress.

Q: Andrea, we've talked about the healing idea and that's as I understand should be our highest priority, but in terms of the other things that we have mentioned, for example, homeopathy, the use of vitamins, perhaps even diet and so on and also radionics, it's very hard for us to study everything. Would you be able to at all, from your point of view, prioritize any of these things for us in terms of if you were to suggest to us what might be most valuable to study, where our time and efforts might be most beneficially used?

ANDREA: The three aspects most beneficial to your balance would be in my opinion, worship, in conjunction with channeled energy, diet and exercise. Beyond those, there are many courses of study which will be left up to you to decide which you want to pursue. But the concept of energy channeling, of manipulation coupled with your diet and exercise will do more to bring you in harmony than anything else in the short term.


I wish to conclude our session. On behalf of all who have gathered with us today, which by the way I may say, are still looking at me in hopes of transmitting (laughter) I will say to them "Be patient." (laughter) I am not getting all smiles.

I want you to practice what you know. But most importantly, seek the Father in your life. Of my answer, that is the most important. Go in peace, love one another as our Master loved you. And thank you again for this opportunity to share myself with you.

GROUP: Thank you Andrea