1993-00-00-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1

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Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1

Group: Sarasota TeaM


Teachers: JoEl, Olfana, JaEl, LorEl, Michael, Chanti, Rayson, VanEl, VanEssa, Manotia

TR: Unknown



  • Julie's Impressions, Friday, January 1, 1993


Dearest Father and Teachers,

I hope to do the Father's work. To be of service and to learn. Is there a message for me? I send my love and light to all. Julie

This is JoEl,

I wish you a Happy New Year too. Joyous bells are ringing in the new. We love you, and you are dear and precious to us. The Father and your helpers are well pleased with your progress.

Your lessons are circuits. Check the dictionary for that now and you will see how keys fit into it. We are opening the circuits, and we need keys to open them, plus circuits keyed to mortals, animals, and all living things. Energies are changing and the circuits will fit into the new energies. Think on this for today. Mediate, meditate, Meditate. You will get pictures.

Aflana is working on these circuits. She will send you more pictures. Also she send you joy for the New year.

Keep planting and sending out seeds with love and light and love. We love you and are so happy that you are doing so well. Keep thinking of me, and get into the quiet more, and you will get more lessons.

Thank you, JoEl. I appreciate these wonderful lessons. Short but so meaningful. Thank you again and again. My love, Julie.

  • Saturday, January 2, 1993 (2:00 PM)

Dear Father and Teachers,

Another beautiful day! I am willing and open to receive any mission or teachings. Are there any?

This JoEl:

It gives me great pleasure to come into your life and teach you. With all the energies, it is time to go into the quiet and rest more. Pray and meditate, you will receive messages in picture. We love you - Love, Light, Life to you.

Thank you, JoEl. I love you too, Julie

Session 2

  • Mary's Impressions
  • January 2, 1993 (3:30 PM at home)


Mary:Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await a message from you or my unseen friends.

JaEL:This is JaEL. Greetings, Beloved One. Happy New Year. You live life, you experience life and during this year you will feel the joy in your heart and glory in the experience of your being. The physical side effect in your awareness are signs of progress in regeneration. You need to rest all that you can, along with our lessons and work. Do not worry about your loved ones or your friends. Just be and go about the Father's business. Those who need the lessons will be present. I am with you and you will have the knowledge and the answers. I love you and joyfully work with you.

Mary:Thank you, JaEL. I love you. Bless you and thank you for being with me.

Michael: Rest easy, My Child. I am with you always. No harm shall come to you for you are protected. The lessons for this year is to love one another unconditionally - the key to this solution is not to expect anything in return, selfless love is bountifully blessed by God. -Michael

Session 3

  • Patjie Impressions, Saturday, January 2, 1993 (9am)


Dear Father,

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I dedicate it to doing your Will. Now, how do I do that? My activities will be mundane and routine - mostly as a homemaker. Perhaps Roy and I will go for a walk on the beach or shop for groceries. Then, if he watches TV or takes a nap I will work on the computer or read transcripts of teacher's lessons. The activities aren't doing your will - so what is? Attitude? Intention?

It is such a simple thing to say I will that your will be done and I do it consistently. But what does it really mean? My heart is simple and open and honesty and sincerity are my motive for all that I do. Teach me, Father, what doing your will is.

Lovingly, Patije

LorEL: Dear One, you are consistently successful at doing the Father's will. You are correct about the activities - although there are instances when you will be inspired to take certain actions.

Doing the Father's will is an attitude of listening and discerning only coherency of intellectual meaning, stabilizing spiritual value reality and attractive physical harmony which will bring health, sanity and happiness into your consciousness regardless of activity experience.

Keep guard at the door of your consciousness - let in only God-like thoughts and perceptions. Weed the thoughts of your mind garden and be done with anything else. In this way you will gradually fill your sub-conscious memory banks with God-like perceptions and concepts and eventually you will find even your un-conscious (automatic) reactions - as well as your conscious responses will be God-lie harmonious, coherent and valuable!

Do you not see? It is necessary to begin to be aware of what and how you think about things - what your emotional reaction is and control your out-of-balance emotions of anything other than LOVE of the Father and service to Father and your brothers.

It is an attitude of always looking at your daily experiences from the higher consciousness of cosmic citizenship and making choices according to what is good for all mankind - not just your self-centered world. When you can rise above material mind level into cosmic consciousness the sense of urgency emotional reaction fades and become sanity and you make healthy decisions which bring happiness.

  • ...midnight Saturday...

Dear Father, I have butterflies in my stomach - a feeling of "something is happening" which leaves me unsettled. What is coming?

Since I am committed to you and to your will, whatever it is I accept any challenge which will cause me to grow spiritually, and towards eternal existence. I love you, Father. I love you, Michael. Create within me pureness of heart and willingness to be your instrument of communication.

Is this project of Allene's for me to do? How can I be of service? show me what I am to do. Is this tied in with Welmek's assignment for me? It certainly seems to be!

My heart goes out in prayer for those who are hurting - financially, emotionally and wondering why? Sow us all what is happening from the higher level of understanding. Show us why there is so much turmoil and distrust among the Urantia Book readers. Why has the Foundation not fostered brotherhood and loving service among readers in all these years?

Are there any messages for me tonight?

Lovingly, Patije

Michael: Dearest Child of my heart, you are picking up energies which alert you to an unfolding event which is happening on Urantia. Soon you will know and see with your own eyes that which you feel within your awareness now.

Have patience, Child. Your faith - as well as others - will one day receive the communication of what you now know that you know - and more. Chaos is part of the material sequence of events when whole civilizations are being moved from one place to another. You have experienced this in space. Soon you will experience this in time. Rejoice in this as your destiny. Be of good cheer! Go forth casting seeds of inspiration and expectation of Light and Life.

LorEL: Dear One, Friend of my heart, I tell you truly this is the incubation period of a new-born energy upon your world. Many are awakening. Many hear Michael's call. Many know not what they are feeling - but they are ready to answer the call when it is made to them. Your feeling is common to those who are ready to see. It is as if you are at an open window watching for a knowing but not excited. There is much...


Session 4

  • Celestial Discovery Group 4, Monday, January 3, 1993


We begin by sitting with our palms slightly apart but facing the person sitting next to us and then offer our prayers of thanksgiving, willingness to participate, invitation to the teachers and go into the stillness with our worship until the teachers begin to speak.

Patije:This is Patije. I greet the teachers and invite them while offering my services in any way.

Julie:This is Julie. I offer my services. I am willing in anything I can do.

Allene:This is Allene. I am open. I am willing, and welcome all of our visitors and thank all of the teachers and Michael for all of the assistance I have had this week.

Roy:This is Roy. I truly hope the teachers will be present tonight and will be able to guide each and everyone here.

Lise:This is Lise. I am open. I am willing and will try to be still, and I want to actively participate with the teachers and with the group. I thank you for this opportunity.

Patije:And so it is...


Aflana: (Patije) The Light of God surrounds you, the Power of God protects you and the Love of God enfolds, uplifts and upholds you. Wherever you are, God is and all is well.

Allene:Good evening, Aflana. (laughter)


Patije:She liked that.

Lise:Hello, Aflana.

Aflana:It is such a delight to be here with you. I look forward to this each Monday - and when you call in the days between. As you have heard, I have been visiting many groups. I went to Hawaii and talked to our friends there. I think they had a little trouble believing that I was so far from Sarasota...(laughter)

Allene:Aflana, this is Allene. I want to tell you how very thankful I am that while you are so busy visiting the other groups that you have continued to stay as one of our teachers.

Aflana:This is where my heart is. This is where I began...

Allene:Well, we do love you.

Julie:This is Julie, Aflana. Thank you so much for coming to me this week and adjusting me and finding those circuits for me.

Lise:And, this is Lise:. I was very surprised to hear from Aflana, from you, because I thought you were far away and very busy. Thank you, very much.

Aflana:I am not so far away that you cannot call me in need. It is my assignment to help you begin to perfect, to practice your communications with all of us teachers. I must say that I enjoy it too...

Allene:Aflana, I must say you certainly did help me on Fridays. I am most appreciative.

Aflana:You must know that all I did was adjust your...


Aflana:...vision.. of your thinking. It always helps when you detach yourself from the circumstance and move beyond your immediate environment and look at everything from the viewpoint that we have - not emotionally attached...

Allene:Well I do thank you for your viewpoint.

Aflana:...all of you in this group have experienced a healing this week and will continue to do so this coming week.

Julie:I know.

Allene:I know. I send you greetings from our sister Mary to be included in our session this evening in absentia.

Aflana:She is. She is connected. She will hear all of this. All she will have to do is be told of this and she will know that she knows it.

Lise:Oh, wow!

Allene:Aflana, this is Allene. What can we do in our group here on Monday nights to be more of assistance to you all on the Teaching Mission?

Aflana:You know that you know.

Patije:That's all I heard! (laughter)

JuEL: (Lise)"On Monday nights, be together."

Aflana: It is light hearted enthusiastic response to one another and to the teachers that enables us to guide you to your potential and make you valuable in the corps when you are ready. You are to practice love because love is the most important of all lessons you can learn while upon this planet. The second to that is the detachment of your emotions. Control your emotions. Move into Love energy as often as you can and be aware! Be alert! and Practice. (pause) Would you like to practice now?

Group:Yes. yes, yes.

Aflana:Then, let us be quiet and I will impress upon each one of your minds, something that when you feel you respond. (short silence)

Julie:(laughter) "You responded"...

Allene:I hear: "Love brings peace, with peace bring balance, with balance all things can move forward."

Patije:I saw a scale upon the nose of a boat.

Julie:I see like a whirl-wind, like a spinning white, like (static, unclear)Starry Night...?

Lise:The Ocean came to my mind - the peaceful sound of it, the peaceful sound of the surf, of the waves washing up on the shore.

Aflana:Let us try another one...

Allene:Well, tell us how we did, Aflana.

Aflana:Very well.

Allene:We need to know.

Aflana:Did you not see the pieces go together to make the whole? Do you not know that you know and need no confirmation? This can be an exercise in faith as well as transmission, you know.


Lise:Let's figure it out, ok? The scales....love...peace, balance,...go forward...

Allene:Well, Love brings peace which bring balance which is the scale(static drowns out some of words) so all things can move forward which is the ship and the light moving across the water..... (laughter)

Julie:To move forward in peace and tranquility and be in balance...


Aflana:This is good! (static is very bad)...on Lise? She will perhaps hear the word, Julie will pick up the symbol...

Lise:I don't understand this, but I'll...love is transcended. I've forgotten what the word transcended means.

Julie:I saw a heart going up - the love energy heart...

Patije:Transcending - you can transcend from the mortal life to the morontia life, you can transcend from the depths of depression and doubt...(several speaking at once, couldn't pick it up)

Allene:Transcend has the connotation in the newer terminology you think of transcending beyond the emotional physical, you know...materialistic, transcending to a higher spiritual level...

Patije:I just saw a Christmas Tree - what does that mean?

Allene:That is all the gifts that we are being given.

Julie:I just got the cold chill, a cold wind came around me.

Patije:What does that mean?

Lise:The Christmas tree to me, means beauty and light.


Patije:branches pointing upwards like arms lifted in praise

Lise:Yeah, is that Patije or Aflana?

Patije:It was Patije! (laughter) I don'...

Allene:I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree..lift his . ..branches...(laughter

Julie:Tree of light (or life)

Patije:I heard "tree of health"....what is a tree of health?

Allene:I just see all of the gifts that we have been given to us.

Patije:Health, life, love, light...

Allene:Tranquility, stability, balance, peace, love, joy, brotherhood,

Lise:Clearness, clearing out of the past (long silence)

Julie:They keep dropping circuits in my mind again...

Allene:Michael is here this evening too.

Patije:Yes, he is.

Lise:How did you know?

Allene:Well, he told me last night that he would be speaking to me tonight. I just knew from the time we started that he was here.

Lise:Can you feel him?

Julie:I can see his face.


Julie:Like a negative picture frame... (static drowns out some words)

Michael: (Allene):This group holds special joy for me.

Patije:Is that Michael?

Allene:Yes, umhmmm

Patije:May I ask a question? (nose) We were told that you and/or the Melchizedek (s) is going to appear in Naperville because it was women who started the group. Is this true also for the Sarasota group? (pause) I'm not sure what my question is...

Allene:Well, what I'm hearing is: "The energies of women are different and we find these easier to work with and less resistant at present."

Lise:I can understand that.

Patije:Is there a reason, a..I don't want to use the word mandate, but would it be suggested that we begin a women's corps, like you had during the time you lived as Jesus upon the planet? (pause) Is that what we are?

Michael: This is not necessary. Is there not already enough dissension between the sexes on your planet now?

Lise:That is interesting.

Patije:I received a telephone call that a message had bee received that this needs to be done.


Michael: Each one should move forward as they are directed. There will be many groups, there will be many things to be done.

Patije:What can we do for you, Michael? (short silence) Will I ever get all of my work done in the computer room?

Allene:I see this (laughter) first time I've seen this sense of humor from Michael: Michael:"Do you really think you'll ever get all that done?"

Patije:H-e-e-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-! (laughter)

Julie:You know what I see? I see Michael . .. blue light with red rays coming out like from his mouth...


Julie:It is all in blue, with red rays coming out...love energy...

Michael: (Allene): In answer to your question earlier, It would be good that each one of you continue to develop yourselves, learn more as you can about love and to share. It is good that you come together. You will gather more lambs unto me. As I have told you, I will be here for each that you bring to me. You now can rest assured. Allene, now you know, I will be here for each of them. (I'm not hearing the exact words, but I am picking up that each one of us will know when the time comes, what we can do. There is nothing to force ourselves or push ourselves into something we will know. Move forward gently, move in love, let your heart open up. You are doing well, my children. You are very precious to me. Each one of you is blossoming like a flower if you could only see how your petals are unfolding. Each has his own beauty. Each has his own uniqueness. You are each doing much to help me. And, in the days ahead, as the strength of your commitment grows, love from your heart pours forward, you will know the ways in which you can be of service.

Lise::May I ask a question? Is this Michael?


Lise:Michael, this is Lise:, and sometimes when I think I am speaking with someone from...a feeling of love, that it could possible be misinterpreted as being naive or weak? Unless I am confusing it with something else. Does that make sense to you, is that what you see me do sometimes? (short silence)

Michael: (Patije) My Child, love can never be weak.

Michael: (Allene) My Child, there are many times when what you wish to say will be misunderstood. do not be concerned... you will learn discernment. As you reach out to share your love with others.

Lise::Thank you. I'll have to ask the group later about this...

Michael: (Patije) Go forth each day, mindful that I am at your shoulder. Do everything with that in mind. That you are doing it to please me. That you are doing it for your higher good, that you are doing it for the Father's business, that you are doing it to sow the seeds upon this planet of what light and life is. Do not concern yourself with other's criticism or other's viewpoints. They may be coming from out-of-balance emotions, from a place of distrust, from a background of dysfunctional reactions. Know that if you hold within your heart your true values, and you are moving in love energy and you are conscious of my being with you, then you will know that you need not be concerned, and while I tell you this, I tell you, also, that I am not here to judge you. I am here to give you confidence. I am here to give you comfort, as you go about your daily experience. Will that help you to understand?

Lise::Yes, thank you. Thank you.

Patije: What about me, Michael. (laughter) Help me send my love and my gratitude to the group in Hawaii who have been so helpful! Their enthusiasm and their questions and their computer help and all the things that they are generously sending to me, I am just so open and receptive for. I just really thank you for all of that! And, I ask you too for healing. (long silence)

Michael: (Allene) We are so pleased to witness your joy. You know, Patije, you can always bring your burdens to me.

Patije:I have done so, I just wanted affirmation. Silly, little faithless me!

Julie:Silly little faithless Julie here, too.

Lise:I don't know why I've always thought they were so busy. Aren't they very busy?

Patije: I do believe and I do accept healing and I know that I was reaffirmed this morning that it would come. And, I thank you for it. I thank you for it in behalf of Ann and Wanda and Julie and Lise and Drue and even Allene and myself. We all need your health, your energy, and your enthusiasm. And, we will be faithful. We do have the faith. We do believe. We do accept.

Michael: (Allene) This my child, is what brought me with so much affection, to this group. (static)

Patije: I know I don't have to say names. I feel the need to be inclusive tonight. I don't know if it is appropriate or not to bring this up to you, Michael, but should we open this group to others from the Monday night study group? (pause) I have felt that some may feel left out. (static bad here again) (long silence) Better yet, can we take the teaching group to them? (long silence)

Lise:Combine it with Urantia? Aren't the teachers all present while we are reading Urantia?

Patije:They are present, but we...

Lise:I mean saying it, acknowledging it as a group...

Michael: (Allene) This will come about. Go gently, My children. BE patient. As your love encircuits you and draws you closer you will become stronger with the strength of love. As this increases you will be able to do much. Do not be impatient. do not force this. These things will gently come about. You will know. You are headed in the right direction. Events will lead you to know the timing of the next step.

Patije:I yearn for you to be teaching all of our classes. I am certainly willing to be your tool, your expression...

Michael: (Allene) I am very pleased with what I see. I assure you that I will stay with this group.

Julie:This is Michael?


Patije:Do you have a lesson or a message for us, Michael, to enable us to be better servants? (long silence)

Michael: What would, perhaps, be most helpful to all of you at this present time, is to remember that I am with you, I am with each one of you. You may feel free to bring your burdens to me. You all have teachers, that also may assist you. It would be best to concentrate on staying in balance right now. You have many of us to help you. The energies of the Creative Mother Spirit, as you call her. Her energies are also present. It would be best for all of you now to learn to use the help of all of us, the tools that have been provided for you, to stay in balance. It is truly difficult to be loving. the level of loving that you wish to achieve when you are out-of- balance. As you go about your daily activities, keep this in mind. See how you do. Do not judge yourselves when you catch yourself off balance. Use the tools. Call on us. Get yourself back in balance. This must be achieved before your love energies will be able to operate freely. This I think will keep you all rather busy. Remember that we are with you always. Not just, when you meet in a group, not just at the end of the day. We are ever present. None of you are ever alone. (pause) It is through your free will that you are able to choose to move out of any imbalances, you are able to choose to seek us, you are able to use what you have. This is your free will. This is your choice. The choice is always yours. These choices present themselves almost constantly to you, throughout your day.

Allene: This you'll like, Lise. (laughter) As you move up the spiral, your Thought Adjuster will play a more active role.

Lise: you saw this in your meeting this week. More and more as you step aside with your attention...

Lise::I don't know....oh! I think I understand what you are . ..I have a question for Michael. I realize that I am learning, but I try, I feel like . ..in my mind, no problem; I feel working towards love energy not really for work.....(static unclear) but as far as transmitting, I don't hear. In order to participate, will that come later, or am I not still enough? I don't hear.

Michael:Did you not participate tonight with Aflana?


Michael:Does that not answer your question?

Lise::And, I do hear a little bit. I guess it will come, more and more.

Patije:You must explore your responses and know that hearing is not always as you think of hearing. This is an intuitive knowing.


Patije:Some describe it as hearing, some describe it as seeing...but it just is.


Michael: (Allene) When your teacher, Aflana, says "You know that you know." in the stillness, you will come to understand more of what Aflana is saying to you. You all find this somewhat amusing when you hear Aflana say "YOU know that you know" There is much more depth to this statement that you all have realized.

Lise::Well, I think we do realize there is depth, Look at me contradicting her! But, it is a way of recognizing Aflana when we hear that statement.

Allene:Well, this is Allene. Other teachers have said that too.

Lise:Oh, they have! I thought that was only Aflana.

Allene:We tend to associate it with Aflana.

Patije:You will feel a lightness, a happiness, almost a flirty lilting voice. Aflana seldom talks like we do. She always ends her sentences sort of up in the air - like leading your thoughts to continue beyond her words.

Allene: I picked up something else from Michael, too: "How important it is to learn to stay in balance, for not only will we (you?) be better able to be of service but we (you?) will learn much more about the stillness. It is difficult to reach the level of stillness when one is out-of-balance." This really must be the lesson for tonight. (long, long, silence)

Patije: I would like to thank Michael for something rather personal, but not personal either. My daughter who is involved in the Pentecostal church somewhere in the suburbs of Reading, PA, has begun her journaling and writing her letters from God and I am delighted that she shared this with me. It makes my Mother's heart feel very warm. But even more than that is the excitement that this is branching out - outside of the Urantia communities into fundamental communities. She of course, is being directed by the Bible, where we are directed to go to the Urantia Book for our text. But it is so delightful to know that this is working in harmony with other methods. And, I thank you very much, Michael!

Lise:I commented to Allene about a similar situation about knowing people who are doing wonderful, wonderful things, who are probably never be involved in Urantia. It is on all different levels. It is love...I am hearing it all the time. More and more people doing things for their fellow man. It is just incredible some of the things I've heard! Particularly in my employment.

Allene:From Michael, Patije, I hear "You will see much much more of this in the days to come. This is only the beginning of the ripple affect. We thank you for all your devoted efforts. You are doing much. We are very appreciative."

Patije:I wish I could do more.

Julie:I do too.

Allene:I hear: "You will"

Patije:But I do wish you would send me some office help. (laughter) Thank you!

Lise:(laughter) You're going to get it too! (laughter)

Julie:I see...

Allene:I first thought this is in the domain of the Creative Mother Spirit (laughter)

Julie:I have the light

Patije:If Michael mandates it, I'll get my help so I am going to the top here!


Allene:Michael, I would really like to thank you for our lovely lovely Doctor Sommers . He is so delightful with his letters to God and the letter I got from him today, surely he is doing much. I hope that you will do much to see that his light does not go out here on Urantia for some time. He is contributing so much.

Michael: (Patije) He is a very special child and I love him dearly. We too, his light remains on Urantia. It is his choice.

Julie:I keep getting a picture for a long time and it is getting stronger and stronger, of a 4 leaf clover.

Patije:What do you think it means?

Julie:Well, it means good luck- probably in everything we do. Or our good luck is upon us.

Patije:Luck wouldn't have anything to do with it...


Julie:4 of us?

Allene:that's what I thought of. Michael,this is Allene. I would like to ask you if this newsletter or network will be of service to all that is happening right now and if this is something you would like to see go forward, I would like to ask for all the guidance to see that this is done, according to your wishes.

Michael: (Patije) It is a need. You have been impressed with the need. We are very delighted that you are willing to go forward with that. But know, My Child, the commitment you are making, the work you are bringing upon yourself. We can help and all of the teachers will be helping, but you will still ultimately have the material work to do. If you are willing, we are pleased.

Allene:this is Allene. I am willing. I was asking for guidance as to not to do the work, but guidance along the way in reading and what to include and how it would...how this would best be of service in the...as the process begins I am willing to do the work.

Michael: As you receive these and read the transcripts which will be sent to you, or will come into your hands, you will intuitively know and be directed by myself or one of your teachers. There is no question that you will be guided. Do not take criticism from the mortals to the point that you give up and quit. We are guiding you and the words that are selected for the News Network will be carefully monitored when read by others and we will be able to help many by your service. Does that help?

Allene:thank you, Michael. That helps immensely. I just wanted to be clear in my mind that this would be something that would be of service and that the information . ..I would have some guidance to be of service.

Michael: There will be many attempts to network and do not give up because this is very important. When the physical appearances are manifested upon the planet there will be great chaos and it is important that many networking letters - newsletters- many medias be in place and prepared...


Allene:I thank you, Michael.

Lise:I'm sorry.

Allene:This was my...this was maybe part of the reason it was impressed upon me. That as these manifestations take place I felt there needed to be a network in place. Thank you.

Michael: After the manifestations take place and the excitement and out-of-balance emotions die down and the reactions of enthusiasm and then depression set in by those who do not have expectations at all, when the Melchizedeks begin to work, we will need newsletters, newspapers, and various media in place at that time also. This is a continuing thing. It is not to be done and then dropped.

Allene:Thank you. I will carry forward.

Michael: I wish to remind you that there will be forthcoming more lambs to your tutorage and you will find in those numbers which come to you, there will be enthusiastic helpers. You will not always toil alone in the endeavors that you and Patije have undertaken. Know this and be comforted. Though the work will be hard, it will not be difficult if you two work as a team.

Allene:This is Allene. Michael, if this work helps you in your service to the Father, I am willing. It is with a happy heart that I perceive it. Thank you, very much.

Patije:And, I, Patije am always willing to do all I can too. You know that there is no doubt. Thank you for the opportunity.

Allene:Yes, thank you. Thank you also for the peace that you have brought to me this evening. I am very aware of it. (pause) I think LorEL wants to say something.

Patije:I've been picking up for...

Allene:I think I heard Michael say "I think LorEL wants to speak with you this evening."

Patije:We welcome you, LorEL.

Allene:I started hearing...I have the feeling that LorEL is waiting for Michael to finish and we hear Michael stepping aside for LorEL...


Allene:That is what I am picking up.

Lise:Oh, my goodness! You can hear them still talking?

Julie:I see a great big white light like somebody really wants to come in.


Creative Mother Spirit: (Allene) My Dear Children, this is your Creative Mother Spirit, I wanted you to know of my presence this evening. I, too, am here with Michael. I offer the assistance of my ministry to help in all that you are doing. You will find me in many places. Much that you observe in the days ahead will have my fingerprints on it.

Allene:This is putting it down in real human terms, isn't it! (laughter)

Creative Mother Spirit: You will know that I am behind the scenes in much of what will take place. (short silence)

Patije:Can you tell us some of what will take place? (long silence)

Creative Mother Spirit: Perhaps what will be the most obvious to you in the beginning will be the change in perceptions.

Lise:Our change?

Creative Mother Spirit: Your perceptions of time, of space of vision, of senses, . ..

Allene: Now I am just going to translate for you, but what she is trying to say is what we will notice most obviously is the change of perception. What she means is visual changes, time changes, physical reactions to the adjustments... This is a movement, an upstepping that is going on for those that are involved and aware and able to partake of this. This is how you will see my actions. You will each become aware of them in your own way. As you share, you will help each other to become aware of what is taking place around you. This happens on a lower pace, on a slow pace, and sometimes the changes are so imperceptible that you do not realize, but they are taking place.

Lise:Mother spirit, do you mean take your place within the world? or within ourselves? or amongst . ..(tape unclear)

Allene:At the moment she is speaking within ourselves.

Lise:I have a question for her: A spiritual person that I would consider a person involved spiritually in her religion, a very good person, has told me that Mary, the mother of Jesus has been speaking to large crowds in certain places int he United States and giving specific messages. I wanted to ask the Mother Spirit can she comment on this? Is this true?

Creative Mother Spirit: This is true. This is me acting through one who calls herself Mary.

Lise:The person said the messages are to her, almost like shape up or ship out. At least these are her interpretations. They sound these warnings which doesn't seem to follow suit with what I am learning in Urantia.

Creative Mother Spirit: You must realize that every message that comes through a material mind is colored somewhat by the perceptions of that human. If I say: "there are changes coming" if one is filled with fear they will be frightened. And, if I say that they are to be alert and be aware to what will be coming, if they have been steeped in darkness, superstition and fear, they will immediately sound the alarm. They will panic. This is one of the things we work with from this side - is people's perceptions and we find that when we inspire them, what we think is inspiration sometimes turns them into fanatics and we must be careful and not go too strongly with our messages because they are misinterpreted.

Lise::Yes. This woman becomes . ..not to be judgmental...but very fanatic from what I could see.

Creative Mother Spirit: (Patije) It is her fear which speaks to you. If she can retain balance of her emotions, and know that God is love, God is good and the Father would bring no harm to anyone. All things work together for good. If there is a warning about something which is going to occur, His thought is not changed. Change thought and you change the circumstances...

Allene:This is really good! (laughter)

Lise:Thank you very much! That helps tremendously. Because I will probably see this person again. Thank you.

Creative Mother Spirit: Do not try to change any.. Only minister to them where they are in their language in their religion. Help them step up into the higher realms of their mode of thinking. Help them learn to think for themselves and go within to the still quiet voice within their minds. They cannot be led astray this way. Only if they follow through out-of-balance emotions others with out-of-balance emotions. Love casts out all fear. Fear is in . ..thought..therefore fear cannot reign in the hearts of men forever.

Lise::Isn't that great? Thank you so much?

Patije:Did you pick up any of that, Allene?

Allene:No, but when I said Oh that's her, I know that's how she operates. When I talk to her before, she said "you know" I know how she operates. I say she because I think of her as she.

Julie:The Creative Mother Spirit?


Julie:When you were speaking I had this light-sort of a face in it.

Patije:pulsated. I saw that too.

Allene:Do you know what I saw when you started speaking? I thought maybe I had been watching something. Space ship - this huge circular you know you think of a space ship coming down...

Julie:this was it. this was it.

Allene:And I am sitting here after Michael and realizing that this is coming and like visualizing this great ship coming right down from the ceiling over all of us and I said;;"Oh my" that's when I said Creative Mother Spirit.

Julie: This was it. I felt that she was here earlier and I saw her...did you see her face? It was...

Allene:No, I didn't see any face. It was like an enveloping..

Patije:I kept seeing a face over Lise's shoulder. At first I thought it was one of those teddy bears over there in the corner and then I realized it wasn't. About the size of a tennis ball sitting on your shoulder.

Lise::Oh, sitting on my shoulder! Sitting on my shoulder!?!?!? I wanted to ask the group, they said they don't mind group discussion..during all of this, and ah, I want to know sometimes I've felt my paternal grandmother has been close to me recently in the past three years or so. I've studied Urantia and known people go to a different world, and I wondered "how can that be so" you know, what's the deal? And the other question was if we have children growing up on the other side, I was told by a elderly gentleman that a young boy is close to me. He is about 16 years of age. Can anybody comment on those things - I mean does it sound like Hullabaloo to you.

Patije: This is Patije talking. I am aware that there are many circuits now that are open and it is possible that although they are not with you personally it is possible that you are tuning into a circuit which they may be part of, perhaps the Son-circuit, or the Personality-circuit, or the Spirit circuit, coming to you to give you comfort or something. I'm sure this is unclear because I'm not clear on it. The Urantia book tells us there is no communication - or at least was not prior to the final adjudication of Caligastia - of those who have passed out of time and space from their mortal life with those who remain in their mortal life experience. Perhaps the adjudication changed this. I don't know.

Allene: I don't have this clearly in my mind because I am so - discussing this with my teachers about my brother who died about 1 and 1/2 years ago, when you were saying that, and how things have changed and the circuits are opened, I had the same idea. I "saw" my brother Ken, I saw so clearly him in the car when I was working with these circuits. He said:"Allene, you're going to get it. You're going to get it. Keep going." I'm like "Why don't you tell me, Ken" and he said "I can't" Well, when you said that just a flash - I can't explain it, I don't know, just a flash, it went through my mind that there are circuits opened for those on certain circuitry - I don't now how to explain it - but not all those who are deceased are available. Only certain ones are available in certain circuits for certain service on some level. I don't get it, but the circuits are opened for some. It just flashed through my mind, just as you were talking. I still can't explain it. And, I still don't totally understand it. I'm just sharing with you a glimmer went through my mind.

Lise: When did this happen with your brother? two years ago?

Allene: March 1991

Lise: Ok.

Allene: Interesting, I was talking to Mary today and she said just in passing "I think you got some of his energy." I said: "I know I did." I'm not the same. I understand from the Urantia book how that part works, but the other part I think is difficult. I hate to discuss this so much because so much of what is going on Urantia is people who want to contact their deceased friends or family and I don't want to...

Lise: I don't want to do that.

Patije: A flash just came to me, but I don't know how it would do it from that side, but there is that genetic link too. And, he may have some ability to move in the genetic circuits...

Allene: I was thinking along these same lines..... those are somehow, there is some kind of...

Julie: You have to have the key to find the right circuit.

Lise:I was just contacted by a friend who lost a brother this past September. I don't know if I am at the age to be hearing this...but mostly it is about people's children.

Julie: What is your age?

Lise:40. Maybe its the age you start hearing about

Patije: That's the age the "Thought Adjuster" is scheduled to become the "Thought Controller."


Julie:That's why I asked that.

Lise:I don't know what that means.

Patije:It means you are turning your life over to God - you know My will is to live God's will - and instead of adjusting your mind, he is actually controlling the thoughts in your mind.

Allene:Exactly, like when you started to speak in your group the other night - when...

Lise:Oh, that was wonderful..

Allene:Well, that's what happens when the Thought Adjuster takes control. And things you had intention of doing somehow flow and you don't have the right words - they just kind of come out. And, you don't always remember what you said. And sometimes when you are helping another person you have no recall of anything you said.

Lise:You don't have to consciously ask?


Julie:Patije, excuse me, but when you were asking Michael for help, Michael put the word in my ear that "Your mission (Julie) is to help Patije." (laughter)


Allene:Oh, are you one of the secretaries coming to help?

Julie:Michael put it in my ear. I haven't any time. And he said "But for this you will find time. Your mission is now to help Patije.

Patije:Thank you!

Lise:I'd like to help too, but I don't know how to transcribe.

Patije:Filing and running to post office is important too. I need counting...

Lise:You mean manual labor?


Patije:It would help to have someone take the papers down and have them photocopied. Lise:Can I work for you on a weekend.


Lise:Oh, ok. I'll put in some time on a weekend.

Allene:There for awhile when I was unemployed it was nice because Patije taught me how to do this.

Patije:Our transcriber or tape player with a foot pedal is old and I need a new one. However temperamental it is, I get some production from it. (pause) However, I need some typing down... and it needs to be typed into the computer so I can move it over to the other computer and incorporate it in what we are doing. Sometimes, I need someone to go through the stuff in the computer and check the spelling, change the margins, go through and do stuff - doesn't take any intelligence once you know how to do it, it is tedious and time-consuming and almost boring..

Allene:It is really quite easy when you know how to do it.

Julie:umhmmm but it is time.

Patije:And, it is time I don't have.

Allene:And Patije's time is much better spent with the teachers, working with LorEL and Aflana, than sitting there being a secretary.

Patije:I could use help addressing envelopes and check what is in the mailbox for each one so duplicates are sent.... that is time consuming stuff but has to be done!

Allene:You could keep a little list in there and everything that goes out to that person could be added to the list.

Patije:That's what I do, but it takes time to write the lists too.

Allene:No, but I was thinking it could be organized.

Patije:I have a bunch of Urantia newsletters in there which need to be sorted and put into their right file or notebook for easy access.

Lise:I hear what you are saying and I do want to help but my time is my crunch right now and it's got to change for me. I don't know why it is such a crunch.

Patije:Lise, your priority right now, when you have time, is to go into the stillness and then record your thoughts and begin communication with your teacher. This really is your priority. However, if you could type, you could come over and I could show you how to type it right into the computer and it is there and we can clean it up, print it and share it - I don't have to type it later.

Lise::I could type on a computer?!?

Patije:Yes, if it is compatible with mine, it would save many hours of time in the long run.

Allene:I knew that Michael had said last night that he would be here tonight, but I had no idea that he was going to spend so much time. Usually he comes in and gives a little message and then he leaves. He practically took over from Aflana. We were ready to play the next game and he just took over.

Lise:May I ask you a question: There are many Michael Sons - correct?

Patije:There is only one in our Local universe of Nebadon.

Lise:Ok, that is what I wanted to know. When you indicate that Michael is Jesus, I am shocked.

Julie:Michael was also known as Michael the Archangel. Mary and I were discussing this and suddenly it came to me when she told me about the picture of Michael slaying the dragon, that it could have been Caligastia that when Michael came the dragon (Caligastia)...


Patije:You know in the Bible, Michael and his archangels are mentioned and there is a church on Siesta Key which is named Michael the Archangel.

Julie:Mary's son gave her that picture for Christmas and when she was telling me about it, it suddenly came to me that he was slaying the dragon and since Jesus got rid of Caligastia while he was here I think that picture represents that.

Allene:It just really hit me, it just really came to me - I've got tears in my eyes - from realizing - here we sit in this group of 4 with Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit almost taking over our class and they said they would stay with us. I'm slow and sometimes it takes me awhile to...

Lise:Oh, wow! That was something, wasn't it!

Patije:It just came to me that last spring, Avis told me: "I was sitting in the tub soaking after gardening, and it came to me that Michael was going to be the teacher for Sarasota." And, of course with everything that happened, I kind of let that go. I've never thought much about it with the group splitting up the way it did. But Michael has spent more and more and more time in both the Thursday night group and the Monday night groups. He taught in the Thursday night group one night for over an hour!

Allene:I hadn't thought about it until-

Lise:You're telling me that Jesus is teaching us?

Allene:I'm practically crying over the reality.

Patije:The other day I got a call from Sonny in Hawaii and he said "I have had the strangest thing happen. I don't think it really happened but I want to check it you. I was feeling lighthearted and happy and I heard this I'm Aflana. You know that you know I am here and..."


Patije:He continued: I heard "... the Light of God surrounds you, the Love of God upholds and enfold you" and he went on and on and on. He asked "could that have been Aflana clear over here?"

Allene: It is so amazing! This group - these two groups - I don't know what the other ones are doing so I can't speak for them, but these two groups on Thursday and Monday, it is interesting: One we have had Michael continually, we've had the Creative Mother Spirit, we've had more entities than any other group. Most of them have had one or two teachers and maybe visitors drop by from time to time. The other interesting thing is Aflana came originally, you know, as an emergency teacher. Aflana is the one that is the technical director and shows up in all these other groups and still maintains her teachership here - because it really is Aflana and LorEL. I put in that newsletter that VanEssa is a midwayer because she is not really a teacher. So we have had, Aflana stay with us, we have had VanEL with his technical stuff and working with us I know. From the beginning, while I'm not comparing things, when you look at the blessings this group has had, for such a small group, it is really astounding! So when you said to me the other day, when are they going to get on with more information, I'm like astounded to be a part of this.


Julie:Quality and not quantity.

Lise::Yeh, you're loaded with it.

Patije:So, we're the yeast and when we do these things...(everybody talking at once)

Lise:Did you say we are a teaching group? What does that mean?

Patije: We were told that Sarasota was a teaching headquarters...later Allene and I were told separately in our writings on the same night, that we were to begin to teach new transmitters in any way we could. I was told many would be brought to us to learn. Later, I was told that each of us have something to teach others whether they are new readers, new transmitters, new teachers of the UB, need to learn how to accept healing, or whatever...

Allene: Indiana may be the healing headquarters. There was another group that was told that they were going to be the teaching center. there is going to be teaching centers in many levels.

Patije: We are going to be many teaching centers. We may just be a teaching center. But we are definitely a teaching center. I think there was some sort of iffy business when the group split. I think they thought we had defaulted but I think we are still carrying the ball ok, so they are not going to desert what they...

Allene:If they are going to have a teaching center, why would Michael be coming here?

Patije:I was told by Indianapolis and Hawaii, (I think) that Malaventa, one of the Melchizedeks are going to appear right here in Sarasota - work right here.

Allene: I'm not surprised. Remember, Melchizedek was that he told you or told me that one of the reasons that we don't often hear from him is because we are dong fine with our teachers. He checks in all the time, he knows what is happening. One of our questions, was: If this is going to be a teaching center, why don't we hear from Melchizedek? I did get something too interesting last night, from LorEl - about as sharp as she has every been said: "We hear you thinking about Patije's lovely messages. You, too, are different. You have different experiences. would it be any good if you two were both alike? And, by having totally different experiences you two will get a variety of things to look at if you get different things. We know you are capable of doing this, but for what does this serve." (laughter) I felt like I had my wrists slapped last night! (laughter) And, I wasn't even thinking about it.

Patije: I've been thinking about how I am almost jealous of the Indianapolis group and I, too, was kind of chastened about that. "We've got things for you to do." I guess each group is totally different and will have a different purpose for the Corps, but all of us together are being groomed for our particular purpose.

Lise: Because of healing?

Patije: No, because Welmek has got this great big group and they all read the Urantia book and are asking questions, and participating - and our group split up over that. They have children participating. And they seem to have several different meetings each week... (everybody talking at once)

Lise: Do I understand that I will be a teacher?

Allene: It doesn't mean necessarily that you will have a teaching group. Maybe you won't have a teaching group. Maybe you will go out and spread it in different ways.

Lise:I thought that was what we were doing, but then...

Allene: We are being prepped to be teachers. That's the connection, but it doesn't mean necessarily that you will have a teaching group. Maybe you won't have a teaching group. Maybe you will go out and share in a different way.

Patije: Whatever our contribution to the community or team will be is what we teach to the others that join us, or come to us for help.

Allene: We will all share in different ways, but we will all be teaching. We are all being groomed to teach.

Aflana: (Allene)This is correct.

Patije: It is 11:30 pm.

Aflana: You feel it is time to end this session? Then, I will say Farewell.

Group: Farewell, Aflana

Session 5

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 3, 1993 (12:30 PM)


Dearest Father and teachers,

I want to tell you how much I love you. In my quiet time I got pictures of sunflowers, dragonflies and butterflies. Also I heard sounds of the breezes and acorns dropping on the roof. These were all in KEYS.

Yesterday, all day, I felt as though someone pulled the plug on me and broke my circuits. I had a feeling Aflana was working on me. I am willing and open to do my Father's work. Are there any messages? Julie

Dear One, You are my child. I am well pleased with your works and thinking such easy lessons for everyone, but so difficult to comprehend and carry out!! I am pleased that you are hearing these words. I love you and I am always here for you. just live up to your potential and I will be pleased. The healing you are learning is for self-healing. Your mission is to teach. There are all kinds of teachings.

Thought Adjuster

Julie:Thank you, T.A. I am trying to be a good student.

This is JoEl, We are sending you pictures and still adjusting your circuits. Continue to think on those pictures. We love you and Michael is well pleased with you. Your teachers.

Julie:Thank you, Teachers, I guess that is why I had to go to bed very early last night. I am thinking on all these things. I send my love energy to you all.

Session 6

  • JANUARY 4, 1993 (12:45)


Dearest Father and teachers,

I am open and willing for teachings, missions and adjustments. are there any messages?


My Child, You are loved, and I am always here for you. Call out to me for comfort. I know that is in your heart, and I am well pleased. I love you and love one another as I love you. That is the greatest lesson.

Your T. A.

Thank you for your comforting words. I will try to heed your lesson.


This is JoEL:

This is JoEl. We want you to enjoy this day, and we will get back to later. Good bye.

Session 7

  • TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1993 (12:30 PM)


Dearest Father and Teachers

How wondrous everything in this world is, everything i a miracle in the mortal sense of the word. I am open willing and dedicated to do the Father's work. My love to all.


This is JoEL: I come in love, light and life. The energies are speeding up. That is why you are tired. Listen to your inner voice and pictures - they will be your lessons for today. We love you and we are very happy you are to willing. We will do home experimental adjustments, so rest.

Be happy and love energy to you from your teachers.

Julie:Thank you, JoEl. I'm happy to know that I don't have a strange illness due to the adjustments. I love you all.

Session 8

  • MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 1993 (NOON)


Dear Father,

These MS symptoms are not mine and I will not accept them. You know in my heart I wish to be about the Your business and have not time for this! I accept the numbness as adjustment to my nervous system and nothing else. Thank you for hearing my prayer of affirmation! Healing is possible and I recognize and accept it for me! Thank you, Father! Amen!

Aflana:The Light of God surrounds you, the love of God enfold you and the Power of God protects you! There is only one Source of all in the Universe and in your life. It is good. Wherever you are, your Source is, your destiny is and all works for good! And so it is!

Michael: Be of good cheer. All is well. You of much faith must not entertain any doubts of your perfection - go forth and be what you are - a love filled mortal of great faith! I have spoken and it is so!

Patije: Thank you, Christ Michael! I accept your words as Truth and beauty! Goodness shall follow me and nothing can separate me from the love of god! Amen.

VanEssa: Your courage inspires many. Do not falter now.

Oonavea:My love child - you must let go of all disharmony in your thoughts. Weed your mind garden quickly and be done with anything other than fruits of the Spirit. Alleluia!

LorEL: I am with you and assure you that much healing energy is surrounding you and ministry to you physicality. Rise up and walk with security of Truth.

VanEL: This too shall pass. go forth in trust and service. All will be made whole under Light! Love casts out fear. There is no place for fear. Transmute all doubt to LOVE. All will be well.


Session 9

  • TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1993 (8 AM)


Dear Father,

I am better! There is tingling and shooting pains where numbness was yesterday. I continue to wrap myself in the Power of your Love and Light and know I can do all things through your strength! Amen.

Dear Mother Spirit,

I know the nurturing healing energy of your Holy Spirit is even now ministering to my physicality. I thank you for my perfect health and ability to be about my Father's business.

Dear Michael,

Christ of y Soul and Personality. I stretch my thoughts higher than ever I thought I could to know you and love you and follow you in all I am and do! Thank you for my life and my ability and opportunity to be about your business and the Father's business. I trust you to enable me to do al things and know where from comes my strength.

Bless all of us who faith-fully wait for perfect health to manifest in our life experience. I thank you for Ann and Wanda and Drue and Allene and Julie and Mary and Lise and Roy and myself! I thank you for my life and theirs. I thank you for our experiences and our faith to serve you! Amen.


Dear One, you are strengthened and healed by your faith. Rise up above the material noise of your sense of dis-ease and know that you are whole and well and able to be about the Father's work. Know that you know and go forth in love.

Your concern for Father's LOST ones is not your responsibility. He will find them. Let go and allow them to wander where they will. You are held fast in Father's care and power and love. You can want for nothing. There is no loss to you if you let go. You are not the mother, judge or caretaker of other adults. Go forth and see to the Father's lambs who come to you. No longer seek those who choose to flee the Power for love!

Awake, arise, and let go!


Thank you, Aflana! I will let go the symptoms of dis-comfort and see Truth, Beauty and Goodness! Will you go and tell my sister to call me this morning, please? Thank you.

What can I do for you all today?


One thing at a time. Just start with one thing and do it and just keep moving through them until you find all is done.

Session 10

  • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1993 (1:00 AM at Patije's)


Note:worked with Celestial energy for a healing for Patije. Present were:

Mary and Patije

team of unseen helpers including

Chanti (team of healing angels)

Rayson (teacher previously a doctor of another planet)

Aflana, LorEl, VanEl, VanEssa and JaEL


Christ Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit


Oonavia (Patije's guardian angel

Mary experienced a new spiritual healing energy through her body while Patije experience incredible heat and energy impulses like being plugged into a powerful circuit of love energy.

Energy pulsated in purple and green. Patije found relief from the symptoms. I feel inspired by so much revelation!

6:00 PM at home

Mary:Heavenly Father, I await your pleasure or a message from my teacher or unseen friends.

JaEL:This is JaEL, Beloved One. The New Year is here and you are about to see many changes. We hear your prayers and see all conditions of your soul and the body. You already feel the changes. The holiday season was a difficult time but you did very well and you continue to be about the Father's business. You felt your rewards.

You now experience the Presence of the Healing Master who will work with you from the healing aspect. Dearest Heart, you are astounded? Why? You have worked so well to this end and your selfless devotion has earned you these just rewards. Your being has reached new levels. It was joyous to assist you in arriving - especially since you worked so hard to keep the love in your heart. The difficult experiences are over. You will have more rest and quiet. Your family is doing well. Can you see your work reflected in their lives?? Beloved Sister, bask in your success. Keep joy in your heart and feel my love and guidance. I love you.

Mary:Thank you, Dearest JaEL. Thank you for your love and patience.

Aflana: This is Aflana. The love of god surrounds you!!! The Light of God protects you. Wherever you are, God is. Know and understand this truth. You are a blessed child of God. Know this and keep the joy in your heart. I send you Happy, happy energy. I love you.

Rayson:This is Rayson. Yes, Beloved Child of God, you are a shining example of selfless devotion. It was a great experience to work through you last night. What a joyous time. As you request, Patije is fine. You are a wonderful (vassal).

You experienced my first direct healing ministry through you - as if you were used to the energy. And, indeed you are, My Loved One, for your faithful work and prayer to help the Father's children and assist in their need has been heard long since. You worked diligently with love and patience and, yes, Chanti were able to start the work with you and through you a long time ago. They worked with you when you were a nurse - as a child in Africa. Do you remember praying without fear in your heart for that dead dark skinned baby and the others in your morgue - and the ones being born? You yourself was a child with such compassion and love of God even in your pain. How do you think you took such good care of your earth mother as you cared for your babies. Chanti were there.

You are a special being and none of your suffering was wasted. You remembered to pray and to love the Father. So today, My Mary, you have arrived. It is a blessed joyous time for you and for me.

Your mate will soon arrive. You are whole. Love and tenderness, Rayson. You like my name, eh?

Mary:I am overwhelmed. Thank you and bless you, Rayson. I feel so much love and joy in my heart. Thank you.

8:15, talking to Patije...

Lutzia and Mekken are Midwayers who work with healing research and cures.

Session 11



We begin by going into the stillness together, holding our hands, palms facing the one next to us (but not touching). We express our willingness to be of service, our thanksgiving and invitation to the teachers.


This is Patije and I welcome the teachers tonight. I offer my services to the teachers to use me in any way that is needed. I remind those in our group tonight that we have a pact to share anything we feel, hear, think, smell, see, whatever. NO mater how ridiculous. I thank you teachers, very much for all the help you have given me these last few days.


This is Allene and I would like to welcome the teachers and Michael. I would certainly like to thank them for all the help they have given me during the week. I would like to thank them very much for giving me the opportunity to know the people in our group and be a part of this. I'm open. I am willing. And, in sharing what I am feeling, I've been sitting here laughing as I feel like someone has been using me for their laughter and their mirth. That is ok too.


This is Drue and I want to thank all of our unseen helpers for their companionship their friendship and their service and their love. Thanks for all this fabulous energy here tonight. I too, am willing and ready to serve.

Mary:This is Mary and I welcome all the teachers and all our unseen friends who are present and I want to thank everybody who has worked with us this week. I want you to know how much joy and gratitude we feel in our hearts. I am open and willing to learn, accept and serve.

Roy:This is Roy. I, too, welcome the teachers and I am open, willing to do whatever I can. (long silence)


I don't recognize the friend, but I keep hearing "My, my aren't we a jolly bunch this evening!" (laughter) Meaning joyous at heart not meaning as a... (short silence)

Patije:The name RondEl came into my mind when you said that.


You know, maybe RondEl has the same laughter that Aflana has? But I kept feeling this voice. I hear this voice say "My how did you know that?" It makes me laugh when he said it because it is so funny! (laughter)

Patije:Aflana is here and greets you. I've been hearing "The light of God surrounds you..." but I haven't repeated it.

Drue:Welcome, Aflana.

Allene: Good evening, Aflana.

Mary:Hello, Aflana.

Allene: I hear this RondEl say: "Ask Aflana she'll tell you I am here."

Patije:I opened my eyes up just then and there is so much purplish pink around Allene --- the whole chair is covered in this pink cloud.


I have to laugh. Ever since we were meditating I have been trying to be quiet. I was sitting here thinking to myself but I'm picturing what he said: "You ask her, she'll tell you I am here!" or what I said, the comment before, has these movements in my mind, not that I see a being, but one associates with an extreme gay... "That's right. You tell them!" (laughter)

Patije:RondEl, you are here. How are you doing with Byron? (pause) Has he managed to get into communication with you?

RondEL (Allene):Well Byron hasn't had the time for me! I'm here for him but he is busy.

RondEL (Mary):Byron is in a time warp. (laughter)

Voice:Wait until Byron hears this! (laughter)

Mary:I don't even know who Byron is.

Patije:Byron visited our group in October or November.

Allene:I did not pick up these energies when RondEl came that night, but this one is so flip and so...laughter...maybe it is somebody else.

Mary:I have to be honest, I heard "This is JaEL, greetings." But I was doubting it but now I'm getting a pain in the back of my head. (laughter)

Allene: Good evening, JaEL. We welcome you.

Patije:Good work, JaEL. Hit her on the head again. Make her speak up! What can we do to make her talk. Where is her button?

Roy:JaEL or JuEl?

Allene and Mary together:JaEL!

Allene: There is JaEL, JoEL and JuEL, but she is JaEL.

Mary:I chose JaEL because it sounded like Jail. (laughter)

Allene: I think she chose you, he chose you.

Drue:You know with RondEl, I keep hearing the words to a song from the '50's: "Help me, Ronda, Help me Ronda," so maybe it's not a RondEl but maybe it is Ronda! (laughter)

Roy:Is JaEL...?(Roy continues and Mary answers but I can't pick it up due to another voice also speaking)


To tell you the absolute truth, this energy seems almost like we picked up some energy from something other than the teachers. It is so flip and it seems so....I mean I can almost - can't see, but I can feel - these movements. But, of course they did tell us in the universe that there is an awful lot of beings we haven't yet experienced. It is pleasurable but it just . ..fades out in laughter.

Patije:Maybe it is a reversion director checking us out!

Allene:Yeah we could use that tonight.

Roy:Is JaEL still here?


Mary:Rayson is here too.

Roy:Where is JaEL from? (long silence)

JaEL: (Mary)I am a teacher.

Mary:Did anybody else get anything?

Patije:I got the "school of Edentia"

Allene:Where is Edentia in relationship to us? I just heard "from the far side of the universe"

Mary:I heard "farside" too.

Patije:She could have originated in one and gone to school in the other.

Mary: OK.

Roy:Can you ask her?

Patije: Are you wearing your mike, Roy? I can't hardly hear you.


Patije:Put it on. I'll be playing that tape 20 times to figure out what you said.

Roy:OK (continues talking but can't hear him because of another voice speaking)

Allene: I would like to also welcome Rayson. Rayson, we really welcome you. We are so pleased.

Rayson (Mary)I am pleased to work with energy.

Drue:As soon as you mentioned that he was here, maybe a minute and a half or so ago, since he is healing energy, I asked for healing and all of a sudden I see this white light coming in through my eyes. And, I just feel -- really as if it is bathing me.

Rayson: (Mary)I repeat: I am pleased to work with these energies.

Drue:Thank you, very much.

Allene: Well, Rayson. I'll volunteer for some of (laughter)

Rayson:All you have to do is ask.

Allene:Yeah, I heard: "You can have as much as you want."


Allene:Maybe it's Rayson's energy, too, that has ah taken away my tiredness. I noticed when we started to meditate, here I was so tired I didn't even want to come and suddenly in that quiet...fades out in laughter...

PatijeMy eyes are open, I don't need toothpicks anymore!

Allene:Suddenly in that quiet . ..

Mary:Ok, before we started meditating, I asked for energy for everybody because everybody was tired. That's why I had to use my hands...

Allene:Well, thank you, Rayson. And, we got your gift!

(Roy, and Drue talking at same time with Allene but couldn't hear their words)

Allene: Rayson, do you have anything that you would like to share with us this evening? (short silence)

Rayson: (Mary)I am sharing your energy and your love at this time. And, I am working with these energies and aligning them. It is a very joyous time for me to be here. And, you can giggle some more. (laughter)

Patije:You have to define what is Rayson and what is Mary. The typist doesn't know.

Mary:No, that wasn't me.


Allene:I knew that was Rayson.

Rayson:I have to make the quiet one giggle!

Roy:Are you talking about Mary?

Mary:umhmmm He is after me all the time. It is his way of trying to lighten me up, I guess. (pause) That's Mary!

Allene: He certainly came through to me. Maybe RondEL isn't like that at all. Maybe that's Rayson! (laughter) NO, I mean the feeling, the lightness I was getting.

Patije:I feel that even LorEL is lighter tonight.

Rayson:Patije is in comfort zone.

Patije:I am? What does that mean? (pause) I have to admit I am comfortable.

Allene:I must admit I like your energies, Rayson, a lot. Now if I can learn more about how to stay in these energies, this would be most helpful. (long silence)

Rayson:We are all working towards that end.

Patije:I heard that! I heard: "This is what we want you to do." and . ...


And you know what I was connecting this with all the information in the Welmek papers about staying in balance and Michael last time gave us the lesson about staying in balance. Know when we get into our love energies and that higher sense is the same kind of feeling I am experiencing now. I can't seem to maintain that however.

Drue:Isn't that true of everything in life? When we are in balance, everything is so much easier. It is only when you are out of balance that things...

Allene: umhmmm

Drue:It is like a turn table, when things are not correct on the turntable and they spin in the wrong direction or they go shooting out. When it is in balance, everything is so smooth.

Patije:Water seeks its own level and doesn't spill or..

Allene: Right, it seems to me that sometimes when we are out of balance it is emotional and sometimes when its out of balance it may be part of our chemical reaction. Maybe not from stressing ourselves or not getting enough sleep or not eating properly, there is a combination of a couple of things that take us out of balance. We want to get in balance too.

Drue to Mary: I want to go like this and reflect the energy right back to you, Mary.

Mary:Thank you! That's so wonderful!

Patije:Maybe we are practicing reflectivity here!

Mary:Boy, I feel that too. That's great. (long silence)

Allene:Rayson, I would like to ask that these energies could be shared by the members of our group who are not able to be present here tonight - Ann and Wanda and even though he is no longer coming to the meetings, our brother, David.

Rayson:You have requested and it is done.

Drue:That's what I heard: "It is done."

Allene:Thank you. Thank you.

Mary:Rayson, I love you. This is beautiful, thank you.

Drue:Yes, thank you, Rayson. Please come visit me at home.

Rayson:It is done. (laughter)

Mary:That was Rayson.

Drue:Thank you very much.

Allene: It is interesting, Rayson, to me how you share with us and teach us when you are quiet. I was sitting here feeling all the energy. By just being and letting us experience the energy is a wonderful form of teaching.

Rayson (Drue):Isn't that what learning is all about? Experiencing?

Mary:I just heard that. That is what he said.

Drue:So often we try to protect our children from experiencing hardship. We want to protect them. And, yet this is really the only way we can learn - is to experience it and live through it and say: "Gee I survived that".

Mary:Uncross your ankles, Patije. Thank you.

Allene: I can feel the energy in my left hand.

Mary:He is working through all of you.

Drue:I can feel it working throughout my whole body.

Mary:He is...

Allene: I thank you so much. I have the feeling that if we put our hands up one to one like to each (like this) my first reaction was to do this to Roy...

Drue:Let's do it this way . ..

Allene:I wanted to do it...all right...

Drue:Do you want to do it over this way to Patije...

Allene:I didn't mean hand to hand I meant . ..

Drue:to each other, ok

Roy:??? can't hear other voices drown it out

Allene: I can feel it, I can feel it like a magnetic - didn't you feel that?

(others are talking, but can't pick up the words)

Mary:Yes, I can feel it from Roy... laughter (cat had been curled up under one of the chairs and all of a sudden took off running out of the room.)

Rayson:You must request all of your healing requests at this time.

Patije:I request, I accept and I demonstrate. So be it. Thank you, Rayson.

Drue:Thank you, Rayson. I give thanks for healing. I give thanks for a body that functions correctly. I give thanks for good health.

Mary:Uncross your ankles, Roy.

Allene:Well, Rayson, as you have told us, we can make our request, I would like to request as much healing as you feel is good for me at this moment. I thank you and I would like to request a healing for my mother and the little girls who is down in the Netherlands.

PatijeI want to ask that they find out what is wrong with Wanda and fix it!

Mary:For Allene, he said: "It is done>"

Allene:Thank you also, Rayson for allowing me to feel this energy. It is stronger than I've ever felt it in any of the other things I've participated in.

Drue:Rayson, I would also like to ask that you assist my father in feeling more comfortable - my earthly father.

Allene:I was going to say, I think your other Father feels quite comfortable (laughter)

Drue:I'm sure he does. No offense. Just wanted to clarify.

Rayson:It is done for you too.

Rayson:Roy, do you have a request? (long silence)

Roy:Heal Patije, please.

Rayson:How very selfless and loving. You will be healed, Roy, and you will have all the energy you need. And, Patije is healed.

Roy:Thank you.

Patije:Thank you! (short silence)

Drue:Mary, what about you?

Mary:This is Mary. I am just enjoying this because thanks to Rayson,I am feeling this wonderful energy through my body and I feel like a true sharing that I have never experienced in my various experiences on this planet, I've never really shared myself with anybody like I am sharing right now. The sensation and the feeling...and it is so wonderful to be with all of you... (chokes and tearful)

Drue:We are glad you joined us, Mary!

Allene: Yes.

Patije:This group needed your energy, Mary. So, we are glad you decided to join us.

Drue:We certainly did. We hope you will come back each week.

Rayson:This is Rayson. Try and stop me now.

Allene:We wouldn't dream of it.

Rayson:Mary is willing and I am able. (pause)

Roy:I'd also like to ask, Rayson, if you can give Allene's mother more peace in her life. Allene: Thank you, Roy.

Roy:And energy for (laughter and noises of something falling - couldn't pick up rest)

Rayson:That is somewhat of a tall order, Roy. But, Allene, so it will be done. (laughter) (things are falling all over the place and the mike is picking it all up)

Rayson:I don't....the order... (more noise)

Mary:That was Rayson.

Roy:You haven't met LaF___...

Rayson:Let's all breathe together. (This is Rayson telling you this.) (deep breathing is easily heard on tape for a few minutes)

Rayson:The Love of God continues to surround you. I leave now and I leave this role to somebody else.

Drue:Thank you, Rayson.

Roy, Allene and Patije together: Thank you.

Patije:Come back, often!

Drue:Come back eery night to our homes.

Patije:I heard " I am often with you."

Mary:I heard: "always"

Patije:I have been very aware of Rayson being with me when I was at Dr. Aberman's sometimes. He even gave me a message for Phil once.

Mary:I think Rayson uses my body more than most.

Allene:More than most?

Mary:I've never felt . ..

Allene: What I...I'm not sure...

Mary:I am a shrinking violet over here...

Allene: I don't know what you meant, uses your body more than...

Mary:I had a physical sensation. I have never had anything go through...

Allene:You mean more than...

MaryI've always just had it in my hands when I . ..felt love and service...but this is actually a physical using more energy. Know what I am saying? It is using my energy as opposed to passing through my energy.

Drue:You know what just came to mind is that you might...I think there are probably certain ones of us that really magnify energy and you might be somebody that energy comes to you and you magnify it and put it out. It is sort of like a relay station and that might be (gestures) shoooooooooosh!

Mary:As you said that I had a person do you suppose who is trying to do a card reading and they couldn't do a reading and there was like a channel there and the information came through and they told me that I was a beacon or a light that was needed in that part of the world, meaning on my job out there on the island. And, the person who was doing the channeling said: 'But that's not to say that it is only you or that it is special...but overt the years, when you said that, that came to mind again and it was like they were trying to tell me that way back then, but then that person did a time out and I lost it again. Now you said it, I will allow it. My mind has gotten in the way.

Allene:Yeah, because when you know allowing your presence, you know, to work with Rayson, sitting here I just had the feeling to put my hand towards Roy because it just felt like so much energy coming out and when he . .. hold your hand like this you can tell the difference. I mean it is still there. You can pick up the energy patterns.

Patije:I feel it goes all the way around this house.

Allene:Yeah, but I mean, everybody has a different energy pattern. If I put it here I feel one thing. If I put it here I feel something else. You know? You put it . ..

Mary:You can feel your own..like she is doing right there. You can feel your own...

Allene: Yeah, that I've done. But it was sort of interesting because it was never so powerfully - I've felt it sometimes when you were concentrating on a particular area where there was heat in somebody's body and you were focusing. But, not this sort of broad...

Mary:...unison with everybody...

Allene:...unison and the sense of its coming...you know... through but at the same time it is almost as if it comes out from here but at the same time it is connected. At the same time it feels like it is connected and flows right out from here and it is connected.

Drue:You know what else is interesting too, is I can feel how my own energy has expanded so much. I can still feel it way out here.


Mary:I actually have a sensation like my heart is wide open and feel like I am in the whole room. Apparently this is what he does and I am just feeling the energy now.

Allene:Well, we thank you.

Drue:Thanks a lot!

Allene:Yeah. boy we were all falling asleep and too tired to come and now look how awake and alert we are!

Drue:Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you! (pause) Who else is here?

Allene:What a nice experience.

Patije:Aflana was going to tell us something about energy but it seemed to me that she was saying: "You are doing it yourself."

Drue:She said: "You don't need to hear it, you are feeling it."

Mary:Oh, you mean we brought something here?

Drue:That's terrific. We are all going to leave here feeling much better than when we arrived, (pause) which is the way it should be!

Mary:The way it should be. That's right.

Allene:I don't know about this RondEl or whoever he is but he says: "Now let's get back to Brian. Are one of you going to tell him that he better pay attention and start working?"

Roy:That's Ronda isn't it?

Allene:No this is a male. It is just that it seems like... (laughter and discussion) Aflana is this the same RondEl, is this RondEl? Who is this I am picking up right now?

Patije:I heard: "Of Course, it is!"

Mary: does anybody have any messages.

Unseen Helper: (Drue):Yes! Love one another.

Mary: Ah....who told us that?

Drue:I don't know. I never ask. Jesus told us that originally!

Patije:I was looking for VanEssa. We haven't heard from her tonight.

Allene:I hear: "Well, honey, you just tell them about me." I think I am crazy (laughter)

Patije:Who is this?

Allene:I don't know. That's why I was asking Aflana. The personality and inflection of words are so clearly...I hear exactly what the voice is saying!

Patije:I am speechless. More has happened to me in the last 3 days than I'll ever recall.

Mary:I feel the same way.

Allene:Well, this is certainly new to me. (laughter)

Mary:I think my little quiet life has just gone out the door. (laughter)

Unseen Helper: (Drue)You are destined for great things.

Mary:Oh, Lordy, who says that!

Drue:I never ask.

Allene:There are more people here.

Mary:That's why I asked for messages, because I was aware of feeling like the room is full.

Patije:I heard: "You would be surprised at how many are here."

Drue:Well, we welcome all of you - whether you are here to teach us or to observe or to laugh with us or share with us. We appreciate you all and we know that during the week, you participate and help us too. Yesterday I drove up to St. Pete and I tell you that car was so full of entities - so full of beings - it was fabulous. Just fabulous. We didn't sing too much, but everybody was there. We had a great session of gratitude, a feeling of incredible gratitude. You know, when we think how much we are loved, that these entities - some are assigned to us, some volunteer, but it is out of love that they are coming to assist us! Us! Here we are so stubborn and they have to drag us kicking and screaming all the way to love. Only occasionally do we even acknowledge that they are there, do we even remember that they are there. So thank you all so much for putting up with us, for assisting us, and for loving us!

Mary:Yes, yes. (long, long silence)

Allene:There are other energies working on us right now.

Patije:I heard the words but couldn't verify the source:

Unseen Helper: (Patije)

Laugh now, it is the time to laugh. There is a time of hard work coming. There is much to be done for the preparation time, but laugh now. This is your time to laugh.

Drue:I liked the part about Laugh now, but I don't know if I am so thrilled about the part about hard work coming.

Mary:Me either.

Allene: No, our recreation director and Rayson will see that we stay...

Drue:Maybe this RondEL person is our recreation director.

Allene: I don't know, but I have been wanting to laugh from the time we first started to get quiet.

Mary:I know I keep getting chided for not laughing and lightening up.

Drue:Well, you know, we take ourselves too seriously. I think this whole process is - the moving on- is to lighten up. Get rid of the old baggage. Don't take it with you. Get rid of it. Get it off.

Mary:Lighten up.

Patije:Roy told me to throw about 6 or 12 of these tapes in the waste basket and don't worry about trying to transcribe them! (laughter) He sees me sitting in the computer room when he leaves in the morning and again when he gets home, and most days, even after he goes to bed. He's concerned about my well being...

Roy:Sometimes she works until 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning as well as all day. She needs help in the computer room.

Roy:She puts in...

Allene: I want to know seriously how you are going to transcribe what I was telling you.

Roy:...too many hours trying to do this. Just put them away somewhere and start over again and don't feel all the time like you are 6 weeks behind.

Patije:So many beautiful things have happened in the past few weeks. They can't be lost.

Drue:You don't have to do it right now. You know all of these wonderful teachings that we have - this isn't the only time we are going to have them. You know how it is for us, we have to have the lessons over and over and over and over and over... (laughter) we don't get it the first time! We don't get it the second time!

Patije:But the messages about the hard work was that you are going to have to pay attention and learn these lessons because we need you.

Drue:And I think..

Allene: But we are learning and we are paying attention and we are making progress.

Drue:...in the... don't worry about it, Patije. Don't worry about it. Don't throw them away, but don't worry about it.

Allene: That's a good idea.

Drue:I'll bet as soon as you stop worrying about it, all of a sudden you'll have so much time...

Allene:See you'll be so in balance that all of a sudden you will get it all done.

Patije:Julie was over and helped me all day yesterday and all day today. She will be able to get the sorting and mailing and organizing out of the way. But, I need help transcribing - or at least a tape player with a foot pedal that I can rely on. She can do a lot to help me get caught up with everything except the transcribing and computer work.

Patije:I would like to call on Welmek if he is here. If he is not here, will somebody ask him . ..

Drue:Somebody go get him!

Patije:I was told to put together a list of all the groups, all the contact people, and all the teachers and list whatever celestials we know, even though they are not teachers, or whatever, and I wondered...since he told me to do this, is he nudging people on the shoulder to answer my letters and send me this information? Anybody!

Allene: I don't know where this is coming from but I hear very clearly: "All is working in good order."

Patije:Good! I wish to thank everybody for Julie's help these 2 days. I have found that I need some more equipment to do the job that I need to do for Welmek's request as well as what I need for transcribing. I guess I don't need it but it would certainly save a lot of time on my part and I wondered if this could be coming to me...

Drue:What came to mind when you said that is there are many out there who cannot do the work but who have money to help support the work and they are being nudged to help out.

Patije:Thank you. It would help if I hand something that can hold the information so the printer can be printing, but my computer is tied up in Word Perfect until it is


Allene: Well, it is not really for what Welmek asked you to do that you need the computer. That is just the matter of gathering a list. What you need the computer for is in order to keep the transcripts, make the transcripts - for some reason, I don't know why I feel it is very clear to be very clear to the Creative Mother spirit who does these things. That it is not necessary to do what Welmek asks. It is necessary because of the ripple effect that you can see happening when people receive these, just as we receive Welmek's lessons.

Patije:Julie was absolutely amazed at what I do...It was suggested that everybody in the group should come help me 2 hours per week - to fully understand the amount of work there is. (laughter)

Drue:We already know how much work you do.

Allene: We know.

Patije:I think you think you know. I am so far behind - 68 - 90 minute tapes behind.

Drue:I wouldn't let the backup in transcribing tapes concern you. Put them aside and you will find that it will be taken care of in . ..

Allene: Patije, yeah, we got Welmek's like two months after...what difference does it matter? We got them, you know...

Patije: And some of these are for last April 1992, September 1992 and Oct 1992 through tonight...that's a lot more than 2 months! I'm taking the phone calls of people who want it...yesterday!

Drue:Don't worry about it, did they send you money to buy equipment to enable you to do this?


Allene: Don't worry about it. You can only do it when it is done.

Patije:I've got the newsletter for the FSUBs coming up in the next few weeks too.

Allene: Drue is giving you extremely good advice, unless it is coming through all of the teachers. How stubborn are you going to be?

Drue:Patije, it is time for you to find someone else to do the newsletter for the FSUB...

Allene: She's heard that before!

Drue:That is not your job any longer.

Patije:Who told me that? The teachers told me long ago to keep that job because I can be of good use. I wanted to get rid of it in April 1992, but...

Mary:What I got while you were talking is "This work should be delegated."

Patije:To whom?!?!?!?! You guys all have jobs! Who else can I get help from?

Allene: Patije, I just tell you something about this newsletter, if you don't do it, someone will.

Roy:Why don't you just send the tapes and let them transcribe them.

Several voices on tape together: yeah, sure, why not?

Patije:You each told me you don't want the tapes to go out. In the beginning the teachers said not to send them out. Do you really want these to go to strangers who can't recognize the names and their are pieces of it with personal stuff in it. Once we let it out, there is no controlling it...

Allene: No!

Patije:I don't know. It will all work out someway.

Drue:The main thing is you should not be concer-

Allene: If you... if you don't send it out, maybe some of these people will see that you need some equipment to facilitate this. So let things just go. Take care of Patije first. If you don't take care of Patije, there won't be any tapes.

Mary:You've got to do that, right now, Patije. You don't have an option. You've got to get well.

Allene: Are you hearing this, Roy? You better remind her every time you see her at the computer.

Drue:Put a lock on that door. Lock it and don't...

Allene: Put a lock on it, right! So she can only get in there so many hours a day...

Roy:That's what I would like to do, but she would worry more and get worse...

Mary:She works until 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning.

Roy:I know!

Patije:If I am going to lie in bed and think about it and not sleep, I might just as well be at the computer working on it so I can sleep next week or next month.

Mary:Roy, do make sure she rests even if she can't sleep.

Drue:And make sure she stays in bed and doesn't get back up and go back to work. Look the bedroom door, too!

Roy:Right. Don't let her out, right?

Mary to Patije:We gotta make sure you look after yourself.


Patije, you know, things don't work in linear time. We tend to think of things in time. You know these events unfold by events. All things work for good. All things work for perfect order. Now you know the payoff if you don't get these things done - suddenly no one will get anything from Patije! What's the matter? Oh, she needs some equipment. She can't do more...she needs a computer with a bigger memory.


My computer is fine, I just need more memory for the printer or another computer to operate the printer while I use my computer. My computer was tied up 10 hours yesterday and today just to print...and I went through 10 reams of paper. It is ridiculous.

Mary:Are you hearing tonight? You haven't complained about your hearing.

Patije:My hearing is fine, why do you ask? If you didn't do anything else with this healing energy, you got my hearing back!

Mary to Roy:If you don't shut down you won't be so tired. When you do something with your air. you close off.


Mary:Roy does something with his breathing and he switches off..


Mary:See, you started to feel tired and I just got the whole vision of what you were doing inside...he just turned himself off, is what he does, and I just got the word: "Breathe, and you won't be so tired."

Allene: I hear from VanEL asking if we would all be quiet for just a few minutes, they would like to do some work with us. They, I think, meaning VanEl and Aflana.

Drue:We welcome the work. (several minutes of silence)

Aflana (Allene)

This is Aflana. I would like to ask if each of you would go around and share any feeling, sensations, ideas, any thoughts you might have on what we have been doing. And, VanEl is still working on.

Drue:This is Drue and I always thought VanEL was communications but as soon as Allene said that you were going to be working on, Gee, what I felt was I seem to have digestive problems and I felt "Oh, gee the rotor-rooter man is here!" (laughter) That is exactly what I felt.

Allene: What part of your body is this Drue? This is Allene asking.

Drue:I felt it in the stomach.

Mary:This is Mary and I felt a little electric shock going up and down my legs, up to the base of my spine.


That is what I was feeling...like it was untwisting something. And then I heard or saw the word "Untwist." (pause) But I also saw something deeper like we are being attached or reflected to, or connected like we were doing with our hands to some apparatus in this vicinity. And, that we are now connected to something.

VanEL: (Allene)You are correct.


I'll tell you what I, Allene, was feeling. You know this center I keep referring to in my chest? It was like VanEl was working on that - right in this center. And, what was being impressed upon me was that as they make these adjustments, it is almost like somebody had a mechanical implant and we could hear each other, that we are connected to each other somehow...I'm not implying that there is an implant, but it is as if somebody...we all had our own little inside walkie-talkies to each other that is what is in the process of being attempted.

Drue:This is Drue. What I wanted to ask VanEL or Aflana, I know that awhile back it was mentioned that some kind of communication networking was set up in each of our homes and my husband wants to move - he wants to leave our present home and move somewhere else. I wonder is this going to affect the communications system or will it move with us.

VanEL: (Allene)This is VanEL. This makes no difference. This resides within you.

Drue:OK. Remember about 6 or 8 months ago they said that this communication system was set up in our homes. Am I to understand now that it is set up within us and we are in our homes?

Patije:It was said that it was set up in our homes, because somebody asked if it was set up around their house. And we were told: "No, it is within the house."

Drue:Oh, and now it is within us?


Drue:Oh, ok, now I got it.

Patije:It probably was within us to begin with...

Allene: It was probably one of those things that transmitters...there are always going to be errors...

Drue:Oh, the transmitter misunderstood?

Patije:I had picked up back then and I was going to correct it and then I thought No, it wasn't worthwhile at the time because I wasn't sure, but it seems very reasonable now.

Allene: Yes it does.

VanEL:This is VanEl. Drue you may rest assured that what we are working on with each of you, the connections we are attempting to make, will go with you. It makes no difference where you are. Distance makes no difference.

Drue:ok, thank you, VanEL

Patije:I have a silly personal question, but I keep intentionally uncrossing my ankles and something just crosses them again. Why? Is this habit or are the teachers doing it? (long silence. Laughter) Blank wall!

Mary:I got that it was a habit.

Allene: The thing I got was: "This does not make as much difference as you mortals seem to think it does."


Back when I was taught to meditate, I was taught that if you dislike the lotus position, the bottoms of your feet should be together -just like your hands - so that the energy goes around and around and increases, not leave the body. Then if you can't do that, then cross them gently at the ankle. This enables the energy to circulate. And all of the western teachers teach that the feet should be flat on the floor. And this lets the energy leave the body. Many times you don't want the energy to go out, you want it to circulate and go in and out with your breathing...

Allene: But actually, when you get to a different form of energy it doesn't matter what state you are in. I mean it really doesn't. You can sit her cross legged or whatever.

Mary:We had this just now...

Allene: Exactly. I think there are several different energies, but if I really want to meditate and get close, to me it is most important to be in a position in which I am comfortable.

Patije:I can always tell when my hips are out of line because I can't put my ankle (bones) together which I can't do right now...

Allene: I'm picking up right now that VanEl is going to be continuing with this you know, with us during the week and if we would just occasionally give some thought to the idea of being connected. I know they started doing that with the meditation but it...fades out...

Patije:VanEl, it comes up every week and someone asks or comments. Can you tell us who you are and what order of sonship you represent? (long silence) I heard: "It doesn't matter."

Drue:That is what I heard, too.

Mary:Me too. (laughter)

Patije:It's a mystery and my mind wants to know.

Drue:I heard: "So what!" (laughter)

(end of tape. While it was being changed the transmissions ended.)

Session 12

  • JANUARY 7, 1993 (2:15 AM - STA 1)


Rayson:Yes, Mary, this is Rayson - the extended work continues with Patije at this hour. Lend energy through your pure heart. See her body in perfection. Then give the vision life with your emotions. Feel her perfection with your heart.

What a worker you are! You feel my energy working as you drive your work (Patrol) car. Then you acknowledge me and give me your attention in thoughts. Bless you, dear God's Child. I cherish your diligence.

We will work through you during this night. Patije's elation and faith and trust will be rewarded through you, Dear Child. I feel a love bond with you as we work. -Rayson. you smile at my name, eh?

7:30 pm at Patije's.....

Note:Celestial Impression's meeting. Everyone came in beat and weary from the day's work and too little sleep. Rayson contact us and transmitted much energy and healing. Everyone was enervated after Rayson left.

later -- 1-8-93 (8:30 AM at Patije's)...

Note: Another healing energy Rayson working with Patije through Mary.

Those present:

Michael and the Mother Spirit





Oonavea or Oonalea (Patije's guardian (s) angel(s)

later.. 1-8-93 5:00 PM

Note:I just called Patije. She is well and excited about the healing!

later... 6:45 PM at home...

Mary:Heavenly Father, I await your pleasure or at message from my teachers and unseen friends.

JaEl:This is JaEL. Greetings, Beloved One. There is much joy and celebration. You and your group open new doors, new levels for teaching and learning. I rejoice at working with you. Feel my love and request my help. I love you.

Mary:Thank you, Dear JaEL. I love and thank you.

Rayson:This is Rayson. Dear Child of God, it gives me great pleasure to be here with you. Your pure heart and my energy work well together. Patije is healed and soon will not remember the symptoms. Your request for her healing has been granted.

The work with your group was excellent. I see that you question my ability to be somewhere else and work with you. This is entirely....

--fell asleep

Session 13

  • FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 1993 (NOON)


Patije:Dear Father,I started this several times this morning with paper and pen. The interruptions have been constant, but I have felt the presence of your incredible love throughout the morning! It is a beautiful morning, a beautiful life, you have given me! Thank you, Father. Thank you for my friends... those who have come into my life in the last year with whom I can speak my heart's inspiration and my understanding of You and your constancy in my life experience without having to explain and set up a basis for the conversation and then defend against their skepticism. This is so wonderful. What I have prayed for all my life... is coming true with each new friend I find!

I thank you for the considerable reliable help of Julie who was nudged by Michael to come help me. It was quite humorous to discover her reaction to the amount of work I really do to enable the groups to have the transcripts - both locally and nationally. She couldn't talk enough about the quantity of what I was accomplishing. I remember this was Allene's reaction when she offered to help me. I thank you for "Doctor Mary" who has allowed the Chanti and Rayson to give me so much energy and love's healing power! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Praise God for so many things!

Father with all of these blessings, I am loath to ask you for more. My computer was "locked up" for over 14 hours this week while the printer was running. I went through three toners and 10 reams of paper. Time and money are at a premium right now. We "need" buffers for the printer, another dictaphone (new headphones for this old one) or a way to get the transmissions into the computer from the tapes - in order to be about your business. Welmek has asked me to put together a list of groups, teachers, contacts, and biography of the Celestials who are working or visiting us at this time. This takes great cooperation from the groups as well as time and equipment on my part. Another computer will be needed for the help which I know is coming. Perhaps another printer and copy machine would be a great deal of help. Roy spends so much time repairing this copy machine and everything has to be done by hand. Father, I sound so like I am complaining. I enjoy the work. I appreciate this opportunity to be of service. I just can't seem to control the frustration of being unable to do something because the machines are working or are tied up until a job is done. Jesus told me I could ask. So, I am asking for help. I await it with expectant faith and know the means will be provided. In the meantime I commit myself to doing what I can for you and for the fellowship of mortal believers with the equipment which I have. It is my pleasure to serve you with all that I am.

Now that I am through asking, I praise you for the answers to precious desires of my heart and reassure you that it is the "quality" help for my service I seek and not just new things I want. It can be 20 years old- if it works without constant breakdown. I am committed for life on this planet to service to you and know that you will provide the abundance which will enable me to continue to meet the financial demands to do this task for you. Thank you.

Father:My Child,Your good is even now coming to you. Even before you called I was aware of your need. Your diligent efforts are always valued and what you need will be provided. I thank you for your continued steadfast and reliable faith which serves me well. You are loved and not forgotten.

Patije:Thank you. I await any messages from you or from your unseen helpers! It is my everpresent desire that only your perfect energy and representatives of your Truth, Beauty and Goodness manifest or influence my life experience. I am free. I am unlimited. I am focused upon you and your Will for my life. I know, without any doubts, that you will continue to guide and help me and allow me not to continue in any mistakes or erroneous judgements. Thank you, Father! It is my desire to love and serve you in any way you ask. I am learning to put aside my perceptions and opinions and remain open to your suggestions and inspirations. It is not always easy to realize what is happening now to Urantia and to me and when I step back and look I am overwhelmed with the wonder of it all. However, my reliable service is nothing more than taking one step and looking just in front of me at the next step and no further into the future. I am ready and willing to do any thing you ask of me. I ask only for the discernment to know you and serve only you. Thank you, Father.

Thought Adjuster:My Self, it is as you say. Have you not been affirmed and confirmed in all that you do? Think not that any can distract you from your fixed spotlight on My Will. You do well. I am pleased. We are in service to Divine Will. Doubt not.

Patije:Thank you for that affirmation. I don't know why I am lethargic today...or sentimental...or just wanting to be comforted. I am willing, help my unwillingness. I believe, help my unbelief.

Christ Michael:Child of my heart, you are loved. Think not that I am with you always? Was I not there when you needed healing? Was I not there when you need patience? Was I not there when you needed reassurance. I am always here. You of much faith guide many others and still you ask? It is not lack of faith or doubt which causes your asking. It is the awe and wonder of your part in what we are about. This too, will pass. Be of good cheer and continue to move a small step at a time. Soon you will be amazed to turn and look at where you have been. Go forth in joy and knowing that all things work together for good and your good is even now coming to you. Have I not told you? You are well. You do well. You will be well.

Aflana:Rise up, Dear One and know that all you need will be provided. I am so pleased to have you on our "team" and know you will continue to be such great help. Let me thank you for your consistent service. You are much loved by us all.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana. I enjoy being of service and would feel quite left out if you could no longer use my services because I am so slow or too busy!

VanEssa:Greetings Cousin. I was present and heard Christ Michael tell you that help was on the way. Stop your concern about this and know that all is done. When you believe it, you will begin to see the evidence. Until you believe, you see only the need. When you believe the reality of it will be visible to you! Do you not know this?

Patije:Yes, VanEssa. I do. I apologize for becoming fixed upon the lack of what I need instead of the wonder of having so much equipment which I had no use for until now! It is a foolish thing I do, isn't it?

VanEssa:It is the natural tendency of the human mortal to see what they do not have instead of being thankful and appreciative for what they do have. You are no exception. Your focus at this level is short lived and most times is only a fleeting acknowledgement of your frustration when your sights are set upon getting so much done in one day and you are delayed by the malfunction of the equipment. May I suggest that perhaps you should discipline yourself to balancing yourself a bit more and limit your time in the computer room - then perhaps your equipment would run more smoothly?

Patije:Are you telling me that I am being slowed down and made to leave the work (out of frustration) in order to provide rest and balance to this body? Oh, no! Please don't do that. I feel ever so much better when the work is done, than when it is partially completed and people are waiting for it and I can't do it! I enjoy the work so much that it really is like play and recreation for me. I used to spend hours working crosswords and other brain teasers - now I work on transmissions and other Urantia book materials. I love it! I relish it! I enjoy it! Please, please don't send me away from it because you think I need to "rest" from it! Let my balance come from the joy of others who appreciate and support me in what I am doing. And, from the phone calls I get so much exhilaration and inspiration from! I will discipline myself for meals and sleep for my body. I am willing for this to be my social life as well as my avocation and employment and activity! I take time out when friends come and when my loved ones want me to join them in activities. I see my life as balanced - except for this great amount of "I should be transcribing that last transmission or get those things mailed as I promised" when my equipment fails and I am sitting in frustration. That causes stress! Not the work!

Aflana:We know, Dear One. Better equipment will be forthcoming. Relax and know that you know this to be so.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana. Is there any lesson you wish to give me today?

Aflana:LorEl has one when you are ready. However, at this time I suggest you prepare tasks for your helper who is even now on the way. Have it organized with a list for her and you can continue to work on your computer. You will accomplish much today. You will see.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana. I know that you are right. I am confused as what to do next when this much as accumulated for me to do!

Aflana:As you were told, do the thing in front of you and as you become aware of other things let these be your priorities. All will work together for good. You will see. Farewell for now.

Session 14

  • JANUARY 9, 1993 (3:30 AM on patrol)


Mary:I feel Rayson. He is with me.

Rayson:This is Rayson. I am with you, Dear Child of God. You recognize my energy. I am well pleased. You also hear me. I cherish your diligence.

Now to continue. When you think or feel with your heart, a request for love healing, it is done. The connection has been made. The door is open. The spiritual healing energy can spring from your fountain head.

We have long awaited this time, My Mary, for all had to be accomplished through your free will. Your love for God, man and the planet, Urantia is seldom seen and not expressed as selflessly and diligently in mortal man. A whisper to you about God's work evokes total selfless response. Your trumpets sound and all clear out of your way for that whisper sets you singularly about your mission to comfort and heal one of his flock.

How very dear and special you are, Beloved Child. You are humble and that is good. But now you must lift up your head and straighten your shoulders. You are no longer to remain concealed. That concerns you? It should not. You are safe and protected and when you become concerned you will feel me as you do this moment. Rest easy for no harm or ridicule will come to you. All of these years of honorable righteous living which you so freely chose with your dear loving heart, has paved the way for you to be your true spiritual self - free from doubt and impervious to ridicule. Trust the joy that you feel in your heart right now for you have earned it. Now enjoy it. As you have always experienced, those needing assistance who seek healing and truth and who believe will find you. You should enjoy knowing that many unseen to you - watch and learn from you - for you have accomplished much while living in this lower world with so much strife and pain.

You and Patije were able to see how the heavens opened in response to your open hearted request for healing. All who were present yesterday - as you assisted Dear Sister Patije - were overjoyed to be of assistance and because you were able to acknowledge more of them, you are learning rapidly and well. You leave the healing to us.

We love that you worked so hard to this end and to cleanse your physical body and energy body to assist us. How dear you are to God and to all of us. Hold your head up. Bring more energy to mankind with joy and pride in your accomplishment. You will feel my love and energy at all times. The Light of God encompasses you, My Mary. I cherish our love bond. --Rayson. I know you like my name, eh?

later...9 PM at home...

Rayson:This is Rayson. Good evening, Dearest Child of God. Today is a good day. We have done much work together. Thank you for being open and committed. Patije is perfect. We worked well and pleased all of our helpers.

It is good that you will share your journal. It pleases me greatly that you are so trusting and loving. Many doors will be opening because of your willingness to serve. You are a prize. You learn your lessons and apply them immediately.

Many watched and worked with your gentle heart today - with your son. Of course you excelled again, Dear Blessed One! It was a great lesson we learned from you. You did Michael Proud. For in not so many words, you not only turned the other cheek, in the man's petty behavior -you sent love and peace offering to him and you wisely withdrew before he could set up the battlefield. You cannot change things around in his life. You knew this and let go. What an experience. I saw how strong you became instead of "licking the wound". You, in fact, did not take this childish behavior personally. You kept your heart joyful and free and full of love - just as your teachers have taught. My precious one, you even asked for our assistance. Your son will get over his sensitivity - a small reward for your discipline. Another gift is for you to know that just as you are protected, so is the infant (your first grandchild). He will follow in your footsteps and because times change and has changed, he will not have to experience pain as you did. Another of your prayers answered!

Session 15

  • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1993 (11:00 PM)


Dearest Fathers and Teachers,

I feel so much love around me. Help me to keep focused on the path to heaven and to you, Father. Help me to keep an uncluttered life so I may devote more time to your work.

I love you all - are there any messages for me?



This is Michael. It is my love that you are feeling. I want you to know how much you are loved and you are precious to us. Learn to love one another, and plant the seeds of Love to everyone. Love and Light surrounds you. Go forth and don't be shy. give encouragement to all whom you know.

Love, love, love

Christ Michael

Julie, dear,

This is JoEl. As Michael has said, give praise and encouragement to all you know. It means so much to them. We are well pleased with your progress - the energies are getting stronger and more people are beginning to know the power of the heavens.

Your small group has much energy in it. Get closer to all of them. Let down your protective shields with them, and be more open Love them all.

Notice how beautiful the bouquet is becoming? Each genius adds sugar and spice. It would be boring if it were all the same. They all bloom at different times. Listen and you will hear the words. There is Truth, beauty and goodness in all good things.

Go in love.

Julie:Thank you, JoEl, I will try to learn my lessons.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 9, 1993 (1:25)

Dearest Father and Unseen Helpers,

I am open and willing to receive any lessons - missions - messages.


Dearest Friend,

This is JoEl. Are you beginning to see all the connections with keys - circuits - seeds in Love, Light, Life.

We love you and you are so special to us. You have always done the Father's work, but now it has a mission.

We want you to plant those seeds, and find the right keys to the circuits. Just keep thinking about it and you will see.

We are working with energies. Key into them for healing and strength. Just call on me. Talk to me. I want to teach you and meditate more.

Your unseen friend and teacher.

My Child,

You are so precious to me, and I am well pleased. I am also here for you, and I am always beside you. I am pleased that you are helping Patije. She is doing my work and needs you to get caught up. She would be a good friend for you. Love one another. I see you are understanding this, tuck it under your heart. I do know of the love you have in you. Do not let love drain you, but give you energy. If you work in Love, Energy, you can accomplish much.

Your, T. A.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 1993 (1:00 PM)

Dear Father and Unseen helpers and Teachers,

I am so thankful for everything. I am so full of love for you all. Is there anything for me today?


Dear Child,

Continue what you are doing. This is god's work. Just do this in Love, Light, Life and Truth, beauty and Goodness will be yours

We are well pleased with you and we love you.


Thank you, JoEl. I will do my best.

Session 16

  • JANUARY 10, 1993 (1:00 PM at home)


JaEL:Greetings, Mary.

Rayson:Good afternoon, Dear Child of God. I look forward to watching you during the imminent changes. You think the last week was different - just you wait and see. As we work with you and the healing energies, there will be healing with in you, Dear One.

Your hopes and prayers are about to manifest before your eyes. Your gentle heart will sing with joy and you will excel when you are about the Father's business. You have changed your thoughts about the privacy of your work. This is very good, Dearest One. For the more you open up and teach by your shining example, the easier you will find your work. Because you will then continue all your lessons and work about "Go with the flow".

You taught your children "Salmon" - we loved to watch you very much when you did that work. It was not lost. The energy you gave them stays with them, even if they do not recognize this. When you open the dam, My Mary, you will see results that you have not dared dream about! Your joy will then be a lesson to the flock.

You, Dear One, will teach by example, for you have lived in purity and love and others will learn from this. You do not take enough credit for your life's work, My Child. Hold up your head, throw your shoulders back and smile at your world -for you bring much to your world and soon all will see this and rejoice with you. There will be no jealousy. You have experienced and lived through much of that in your days. So it is passed. You will have a good peaceful life. So, still your timid heart. Do not be afraid.

You cannot perceive the protection you have, but, Beloved One, you have it! Your stalwart faith in the true living God has brought this forth for you. Your selfless devotion to be about his business has brought this forth for you. Your commitment to serving mankind from your heart without the need for compensation or gain has brought this forth for you. So, Dear Beloved Child of God, I will be working closely with you to give you the nurturing that you lack - at this time. You will feel love coming forth for you. You will shed your "alone" energy. You will feel safe and, Beloved Child, we will strengthen that gentle timid heart - so you can feel the love that you so generously give to mankind - and have not experienced before this time. - Rayson

Session 17

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 1993 (5 AM)


Dear Father,

I have missed my time with you so much trying to get all of the 1992 transcripts together, printed and photocopied to give out. There is so much work to do and I keep plugging away at it instead of spending time with you, lately. Is this why I was awakened early this morning? I yearn with all of my heart to spend more time with you. However, I am beginning to become aware of a constant presence even while I am working at my various assignments and living my life experience. Is this what is meant by practice the presence? I sense your presence at all times. Thank you.

I know that my needs will be met and have no need to ask. It is all so close to coming to completion. I thank you for that!

Yesterday I received quite a few phone calls - from Florida to Hawaii. All of the calls were special, but the one from Hawaii caused me to tremble with knowing that once again one of yours has been called and has heard! His first message was directly from you! It is incredible that once again a new TR is listening to the doubts instead of going forth in faith of the fruits of faith-filled service and Father love energy. Thank you for allowing me to verify this for him. It was my pleasure as it always is.

Since I am up, are there any lessons or messages for me from you, Michael or the unseen helpers?



My Child, you are uncommonly alert and come when called. I applaud you in your diligent faithful service. All is well. Do you not know them by the fruits? Doubt not, my Child. Many are beginning to be curious, many are hearing the call, some are frightened because they have not before considered direct revelation in their lifetime - although it is referred to often in the Urantia book, your textbook. It is not without purpose that the UB states that balance is needed - balance between intellectual meaning and feeling, Truth and knowing, faith and recognition, heart and mind - both are needed to find your way to Paradise. You will begin to see more and more interest and receive more and more inquiries. Do not ever "sell" your convictions to another... gently reveal your inner most belief and allow it to plant a seed of awareness. I will do the rest. All can be known by its fruits. I am with you...never are you alone.


Thank you, Michael. I know that you are with me. I know that the Father is with me. It seems that more often than not, I am called upon to offer my opinion of what is happening. Always my answer is spontaneous and un-thought-out. I trust you to allow that person to hear what you wish for him to hear and not necessarily what I say. My intentions are to keep ego out of it and project only Truth, harmony and value in service to you and the Father.


Your teachers wish to speak to you. You have been neglecting them lately! It seems that they certainly rely upon you to get their messages through to others. Heed them, Patije. They will not lead you astray. They, too, practice the Father's will.


Good morning, Dear One. Where have you been? I know you are working hard at getting previous transmissions ready to disseminate which is good, but do not neglect us so!

As you have heard, I have been very busy with new transmitters. Pati and Sonny and the others in Hawaii are hearing the call very quickly. I ask you to please reassure Sonny that it is indeed the Father's message that he hears. This is not his imagination! This is his intuitive knowing! Tell him this. His faith in the process will see him in good stead. Doubt only prolongs our ability to as you say break through his consciousness.

Faith is your hallmark. Faith is your energy. Faith is your state of attitude. Faith enables all things to work together for good - with "men and angels" cooperating in service to the Father. Doubt not what you hear from your faith-filled hearts. None will be allowed to stray in error too long. Only good will be recognized and followed. Did not our Creator Son release the power of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth to be among you on Urantia to help you discern the truth from error? Rely on this Spirit of Truth! Rely on your knowing! Rely on the Father to bring your good to you. Know ye not that the heavens are open and pouring forth goodness and mercy and love energy for the upstepping of Urantia. This is as it should be. The Father stirred. The universe responds. The quarantine of Urantia lifts and all of the universe is ministering to the little blue orb in the sky respectfully referred to as the World of the Cross and delightfully served as Michael's bestowal planet. This has been planned for a great length of your time. Could we give you the magnificent text book without coming to help you implant the seeds of Light and Life with love energy? Of course not.


We are trained to come here. Volunteers and proficient specialists heard the call in Edentia and came from every corner of the local universe and some even from nearby universes. Even those on fact-finding missions and personal errands from far distant galaxies and superuuniverses who are in the vicinity of Urantia are stopping by to see what they can add to the dynamics of the uplifting energy and surging wellsprings of faith which are occurring in this small corner of the universe!

Think not that you are alone on a quarantined planet. This is no longer so. Awaken and lift up your hearts and minds to the incredible events which are even now occurring on both your planet and throughout the Master Universe. Did you not hear that the Father stirred himself. Does this not cause repercussions throughout all of creation? You are not alone in this great resurgence of love energy manifesting in all reopening of all circuits and communication channels. Are you not already aware of the various circuits which are coming alive - as you say? The Son circuits enable communication amongst the sons of the Father in new and exciting ways for you who have been so shut off from life. The Spirit circuits - and there are many of them - are making the call to many mortals. Only the Archangel circuits of the spirit circuits were operative on Urantia during the quarantine. Now all are open! Rejoice! It is without precedence. Never before in the history of the superuniverse has anything like this happened before!

In addition to the circuits of the Sons and the Spirits, you have the circuit of Love energy which is the reality of all who lift themselves above the consciousness of the material mind. All will know of it, but only those who have traversed the spiral of higher consciousness will understand that this is a universal energy which is law and supersedes any material law in effect. As you grow in consciousness and awareness of your cosmic citizenship you will become less held by the material laws and move into this universal law which will compel you to live altruistically and serve willingly. No longer will any be taught to sacrifice, or deny, or withhold the Father's love. This concept will be freed from the shackles of mortal emotion and evolve through mortal consciousness into that which it is! No longer will it be adulterated and polluted and diluted and hidden. It is the fire which will light the lamps of the faithfilled. Once love energy is known, no longer can a mortal remain lost in the shadows of evil and error. Only that which is God-like can shine forth from the one who knows Love energy circuits.

All are called. Many are hearing. Some are answering the call. Few are resisting this call from the intuitive and instinctive centers of the material mind. More will hear. More will heed the call. Fewer and fewer will deny this call. Hidden within the genetic coding of your mortal form, and quiescent within the mind of each mortal is the ears to hear this call and a natural response will occur globally which will quickly move mankind through many millions of years of evolution in a few generations. You are seeing the seeds of this now. You will begin to see the fruits as the plants are ready for harvest. We must nurture with good will, honesty, sincerity, service and kindness.

Cast out all that is fearful. Fear filled thoughts are evil byways of true life. There is no need to fear anything in the universe or in all of creation - if you focus on Father's love and desire that your will be His Will for you. Nothing can separate you from the love of the Father! Nothing, I tell you. And so the Father is. Where the Father is, can there be anything else? Where you are, the Father is. I tell you truly, you are lifted in the heavenly arms of Truth!

It is our assignment to awaken humanity to this truth. It is your assignment to begin planting the seeds of the truth and love circuits in your daily experiences. It is as it is. Think on this.


Later.... (10 pm)


It is about time that you returned to this task. I have waited all day - and for several weeks in fact, to tell you that you must contact Byron and tell him I am trying very hard to contact him. Please ask him to go into the stillness and make time for me! He is so busy procrastinating that he hardly offers me opportunity!

Thank you. And you, Patije, fill your time with too many things to do! Delegate some of them and you will find relief from the frustration you have out of trying to do it all yourself.


What would you have me delegate - the transcribing from the tapes? Who will do it? Allene must work and others have refused to work with this old equipment. No one else seems to know how to type, let alone type from the tape. Should I delegate my receiving/transmitting? Should I delegate my husband? Should I delegate the newsletter for the (statewide organization) Florida Students of the UB? Should I delegate the numerous phone calls I receive which I enjoy the most of all? Should I delegate someone to eat my meals and get my exercise? Should I delegate someone else to make phone calls and coordinate Urantia activities in this home? RondEl, I would happily delegate if you will point out to me what I can let go of! Having Julie come 2 hours three times a week or more, is a real help! She can take care of mailing and filing and sorting and stuff. That saves a full day each week, I am sure.


I stand corrected, Patije. I see that you are really working alone much of the time. Aflana assures me as does VanEssa that help is on the way. You will see much improvement in quality of help offered to you.


Thank you, RondEL. I will surely take time out from my varied activities and let Byron know you are calling him! That will only take a few minutes - unless our enthusiasm causes us to talk for hours! Of course, I could just mail this transmission to him. Julie could do that. Perhaps I will do that.

Right now, I am going to turn off this computer and go to bed. I've worked almost all day Sat and Sun as well as every week day this week. I did finish one book - going through the Master file of all transmissions and verified that all the lessons and messages are on a floppy disk and ready to be mailed. I will tackle the other one tomorrow. IF you or my unseen helpers can do something to make time "stand still" for a few hours, I will finish and then Julie can make photocopies and we can get them in the mail.

Goodnight. Oh, I did want to tell the Father that I am grateful for the financial support I receive from some of those who receive these transcriptions. It is helping me continue this work without fear of running out of money to pay for it. Praise God for all who help me - in any way! Good night.

Session 18

  • MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 1993


(NOTE: something is very wrong with the sound system. It is full of static and humming so that it was almost impossible to hear the words spoken. The same static was on the backup recording also!)

TEACHERS PRESENT: Michael, Universe Mother Spirit, 3 Melchizedeks, Lorel, Welmek, KhyrEl (sp?), JoEl,

The group shared a letter from Marilyn Green regarding the appearance of Machiventa in April and discussed the "appearances" of beings near us that we are becoming aware of. The group held hands and went into the silence with prayers to the Father, invitations to the teachers and expressing willingness to serve.

Allene:Michael says that he is here this evening...

PatijeWell, I am willing. I am here, ready to be used and invite the teachers to come into our group and teach or be with us...I am ready to sit quietly if you (the teachers) wish to work with someone else...(static on tape overwhelms voices)I invite you. I have lots and lots of questions and yet, nothing I can put into words... a feeling... my expectations... an urgency? I don't know what it is. Perhaps you can tell us.

Julie:Let's start with a prayer...

PatijeWould you like to start?

Allene:This is always a good idea. (long silence)

Julie:...love, light, life and may we always know Truth, Beauty and Goodness.... We give our love to all the unseen helpers and Michael. May he be with us and we with him. Amen...

??? (Allene):I am love, I come from Love, and will be love... (fades out on tape)

Allene:This is Allene and as my prayer I wish to give thanks to our Father, to Michael and to all of our Celestial Friends for all the love and all the patience and all the efforts they are expending with each and every one of us in all the many groups and the hearts that are opened.

PatijeI agree with that prayer. I thank so much for coordinating all of the group and helping us coordinate communication. For there to be a feeling that we are all players on the same team. I thank you so much for letting time slow down today so that I could accomplish so much. Help me to remain focused, clear, and able to understand....(static interference)

Julie:This is Julie. Thank you very much for opening up the doors to me so that I may see partly light. Just send me where I am needed.

Allene:I am open, I am willing, I ask that I may be aware to know how I can best be of service. I ask for your help to stay in balance.

PatijeI am willing, I am ready, and I know you will enable me to do whatever you ask of me.

Julie:I say the same to everything.

Allene:I think we are in harmony and consensus. (short silence)

LorEL (Patije):The Light of the Father, surrounds, protects, lifts up and guides you. Fear not that you can go astray for all is in His plan. I am LorEl.

Group:Greetings, LorEL.

LorEL:I greet you this evening. It is such a pleasure for me to observe the coordination going on among the three of you, the way you help and minister to one another in a time of need.

It is a pleasure for me to see how all of your efforts are being coordinated with the efforts of others and even though you do not know them and are not in constant or even occasional communication with them, all is going well. You are definitely putting Sarasota's boxcar back on the track.

Group:Thank you, LorEl.

Allene:LorEL, I have a question for you. After reading this evening the letter from Marilyn Green, would it be good that we concentrate on doing this, this evening and should we concentrate on seeing you and our teacher, Aflana?

LorEL:Do not misunderstand. This is not the primary function and you need not concentrate on it. However, always be aware, as you have been of celestials around you. Begin to be aware and notice them, and speak to them when you see them. You will develop this. I don't want to use the word automatically, but it is part of the process of what you are doing. Already, you have seen. Already, you have been aware. In the group effort this can be enhanced so that you can see more details. When one sees while in the group -point it out to the others.

Allene:What would you like to teach us this evening?


Let me reverse that question. What questions would you like to have answered? What subject are you thinking about? Where are you "living" in your thoughts? (Pause) It seems that all of you have been very much preoccupied with getting "things" done. Those things are necessary for what we are about. Remember, as you are working on these things that enable this process to continue and go forth, you are not losing out or being left out of the overall plan. It is part of it. Even as Jesus had his apostles - each one assigned to a task or responsibility for the group, sometimes they were not present when the Master spoke so eloquently but they did not lose out because of their absence caused by the responsibility which they accepted. They considered themselves taken care of. You will not lose out either. There is a need for the communication, which you, the three of you, are working on. We are so happy and pleased that Julie is a part of this. We thank you, Julie, for your...

Allene:We thank you too, Julie.

PatijeYes by all means! I do too!

Julie:I thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

LorEL:Remember, it is individuals working together in a group effort that accomplishes things. Even when you talk , even when you are on the phone with each other, or socializing, these things are playing in your unconscious, and your subconscious, and your superconscious mind. And, when you attempt to work in coordinated effort then it seems things are remarkably completed. It is not necessary for you all to plan to be part of the same effort. It is necessary that you have consensus and that you are all working towards the same goal. Each of you have been given different talents, each of you have abilities that are being developed through your personal evolution. Each of you have experiences which enhance and enrich your ability to utilize your personality's abilities and talents. These are important to be blended. They are important to be added together and the strength of all will so much out shine any weaknesses of any individual that the group will shine as a light held above the table and not under the bushel basket. (short silence) There are times when you will aid one another in whatever unique task or ability they seem overwhelmed with doing so it is important to be alert to one another's needs as well as those outside of your community...(pause)

PatijeThis is Patije and it was cut off all of a sudden.

Allene:I'm not sure you are picking up on the speaker . ..(discussion of tape recording)

Julie:That was a wonderful lesson.

Allene:It was such a good lesson I didn't want to lose it because the recording wasn't working.

PatijeOne of the things came to my mind this week when I was thinking of Aflana as a Technical Advisor, is that she advises technically as to the legality or according to the Universal Law - which would be the law of love, the law of spirit, the law of personality, the law of the son...etc...as they put all of these circuits together. It is incredible what that opened up in my mind as I was thinking about that. I previously thought it had to do with the Free Will law of the universe and how much they could impress upon us. Where VanEl seems to be more interested in the details of the mechanics of the electronics, if you will, and other apparatus they are using. I don't know if this means anything or not, but I am still trying to figure out who VanEL is - where he comes from.

Allene:I'm not sure that is so accurate only because of the experiences I have had with him - when VanEl and Aflana are working with me. I don't consider myself a mechanical object. It is very, different...

PatijeAflana advises where VanEl probably does the actual adjustments... I am trying to figure out who VanEl is. Maybe he is one of the technical advisors also, but he is attached to them as a sort of "enabler." I don't know what the term would be called in the Urantia Book. (pause) I'll ask. If Aflana, VanEL or anybody else who is here who would like to answer my question, I am open, receptive and willing to accept the answer!

Julie:Something just dropped into my mind.

PatijeShare it.

Julie:You know what you know. (laughter)

PatijeI believe it. That's Aflana. (laughter)

Allene:Michael, I am aware of your presence this evening. You gave us such a wonderful lesson last week on staying in balance, I would ask if there is anything you would share with us this week. (long silence)

Christ Michael: (Allene)I am here with you. I have been watching all of you. You have been so industrious.. I am most pleased with what I see. Do you not think you have enough now with what you are doing, the lessons you have received. You must relax, Little Ones. (laughter) You are like busy little bees but they too, take time out. (Pause)

Allene:Michael, this is Allene. It seems to me that we all feel that there is so much to do. There is an urgency to do as much as we can during this time. (static on tape)

Julie:I pick up that the bees, in their busyness, produces very sweet honey. This honey as we are busy bees, we are producing sweetness of the honey . .. (fades out)

PatijeI affirm that. I heard that "as we are playing our keys of harmony a great composition is being written." Right along that same line... It sounds like we have an artisan and a musician with us... I was hearing the name AFONTA or something like that...

Allene:I was picking up:

Afonta:I am Afonta, and I wanted to come see this group for myself.

Allene:Well, we certainly do welcome you, Afonta.

Patije:Afonta, were you present when the musicians - Ranasthea and Racilee (or something like that) appeared in this group in the Spring? (Pause) Are they still on the planet? (pause) Did we pick up their names wrong? (short silence)

Allene:No, I pick up that Afonta was not here personally. She was aware of them.

Julie:Is it true that I am picking up sounds... different sounds...

Allene:You know what I am hearing? You know those sounds in those little musical balls - it is as if it is a little bit louder than that, but not very much.


Afonta:These tones are very pleasing and relaxing...

Julie:Also sending out colors...

Allene:They are all related.

Julie:All tones have different colors. Each tone has a different color. It creates harmony.

PatijeIt just came to me that VanEl is a Celestial worker. What does that mean?

Julie:He might put things in tune...

Allene:Like a celestial bee?

Julie:To find the right circuit.

PatijeHe connects things.

Julie and Allene together:Umhmm!

PatijeHe is not an artisan and is not a musician.


Julie:He is a connector.

Patije:Maybe he is one of those beings we've never heard of and the UB doesn't tell us about?

Julie:Maybe he is an angel working for his wings! (laughter) Sorry about that. a little humor added...

Allene:Yeah, they're nicer than stripes, you know. (laughter)

Patije A little humor in all things... What are angel wings?


PatijeThat for the transports. (short pause) Is Ham here?

Angelica:I am Angelica. I have a message from Ham.

Group:Welcome, Angelica.

Angelica:He does want you all to begin to visualize. With the help that you have with the artist among you, you will be able to see us. You begin this with your eyes closed and as you have the vision in your mind which we impress upon you. This can be projected and then when you open your eyes you will possibly get a glimpse of us...(static bad)

Allene:Angelica, whom should we be trying to visualize?

Julie:I have a vision of a ????


Angelica:Michael is the most light energy. Your midwayer helper, VanEssa, and those like her are the closest to you and you will probably be seeing her first. But all of us will be visible as your senses turn from the material to spiritual levels because it is on the morontial levels that we exist. You are being fine-tuned to that level.

Allene:They are actually working on us right now.

Julie:I felt that too. Is that why I keep seeing colors very strangely and in geometric forms and then the forms turn and pulsate?

Angelica:Why do you call these strange? This is the way all should see!

Julie:Strange to mortal eyes- but very beautiful!

Angelica:You will be a teacher to enable others to see these. Do you not already feel your calling?

Julie:Yes, I do. It comes from the heart first, in love and not fear.

Allene:It is interesting that LorEL tells us that this is not the focus - it just comes and then Angelica tells us to focus.

Julie:It just comes, but then all of a sudden it pulsates and it comes into being.

Patije:Don't you imagine that it is a little bit like being a receiver/transmitter? That, it just happens and they do all of the work and all we have to do is be willing. If we focus on our willingness and focus on the awareness - be alert to what is going on that it will just naturally happen? That is the way I picked it up. I don't see a conflict there.

Julie:If you see it in your mind...(hesitation)

Patije:LorEl was telling us don't let this be our whole sole purpose for our getting together...


Allene:That was really not mine . ...I was just trying to do something I was asked to do - it is not a focus of mine unless I am asked.

Patije:Well, I have felt like when I opened my eyes they were playing tricks on me - or there is a being standing here. It is like the light is making a silhouette and yet it is transparent so it is not there. I don't know how to explain it. It was like that night I was seeing right through Lise - I could see all of the books on the shelves just as if she weren't there at all! And yet, I could see her so I imagine that was getting me ready to see what I was supposed to see - kind of like a transparency or a trick on the eyes.

Julie:Of course, you are at a different level now. That is your work...

PatijeAnd, that is the beginning, yes.

Allene:That's like all of the things I've been seeing where everything . ...its a different reality, in the same room it seems like it is not the same room...

Julie:Do I get different lights!

PatijeI feel like I am upside down sometimes. That my whole chair and everything is upside down, just distorts...

Julie:I get like blowing bubbles, rainbow colors and they go different... different ways and all of a sudden I feel like I suddenly went into another space. And, I can't... I'm like... I'm neither here nor there. I can't explain it. It is like some things are big and then little. It's different... It is just like suddenly I am somewhere else yet I am still here.

Allene:I feel lots of times a sense of movement when I am sitting at my computer. I know that the chair isn't moving, but I am going this way and then I am going this way (Allene demonstrates a beacon light moving back and forth) I know I am not moving!

Patije:That's what I meant. When things gets distorted it is like looking into one of those fun mirrors in the fun house where you seem to be moving in funny not symmetrical and not whole...its crazy! (pause) I just had a thought: I saw our community begin to shape.

Allene:Oh, tell us!

Patije:I saw a visualizer, and a healer, and a teacher, and a like a choir director, and I was thinking: what is this going on? Then I thought: Drue - choir director, Mary- healer, Julie - visualizer, . .. I was just beginning to see this community develop. It is almost as if we are all being trained that we can pinch-hit or help one another as the pressure increases.

Allene:umhmmm that's what Rayson was saying the other night. We won't all be healers but he was telling us. Rayson said that he would be with our group but while we would not all be healers, that was not the focus of each one of us, but as we knew about this, it was good for us to all know exactly what you were saying. It meshes enough that I am not going to be a healer, but I will know...

Julie:You are to know about it and how to do it...

Allene:As much as Mary and Rayson share, we learn about that aspect. I wouldn't be surprised if sometime any one of us could be called to do any one of those things, although that is not our focus.

Julie:umhmm Exactly. That's what Patije said the other day...

PatijeI did?

Julie:Yes, you said that we are sort of teachers but then we also know about healing and other aspects of service although that is not our main focus. Like Mary's main focus is healing...

Patije:I see our main focus as our whole community as a teacher - teaching beginning teachers, teaching beginner readers, teaching beginner visualizers, teaching beginner healers, teaching beginner whatever...

Allene:Know what I keep seeing? I keep seeing Michael who has been with this Monday night group from the beginning who said several times - and he has certainly been true - "as you bring your lambs to me... Like, all we have to do is bring them to him...


Julie:And love one another...

Allene:And the teachers and all the rest of them will....all we have to do is see this. That's what I see.

PatijeI heard him say:

Christ Michael:That is so true.

Allene:I just know so well that when Michael said several weeks ago - maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago when we first started this additional beginning group - just to bring his lambs to him and he would take care of them. I just know that..

Julie:You know what just came into my mind? You catch more flies with honey...

PatijeWe don't want flies!

Julie:Honey. Yes, but honey is what we want to use.

(a group discussion about healing, Reiki, etc.)

Julie:I know Reiki.

Patije:You have a very strong mind. I don't think you have to use Reiki. Just know and state firmly that something is so and it will be! (laughter) Just say "Begone!" and whatever is in disharmony is going to skedaddle - quick! (laughter)

Julie:Take these issues from us now.

Patije"Anything unlike God, Begone!"

Allene:LorEL, or Aflana, or any of the teachers that are here tonight, are there any personal messages that you wish to convey to us individually, or anything you wish to convey to us as a group. Anything that might help us in our desire to serve?

KharEl:It is with great joy that I greet you with the word: Rejoice! Rejoice. You are doing everything that has been asked of you. You do it unselfishly. You do it without thought of how you will fit it into your busy schedules. You do it with total commitment, no reservations. You do it regardless of the consequences and you do it through your faith! This is how we wish all to join our efforts.

Julie:Thank you for your reassurance.

Patije:I am trying to pick up the name of who gave that message. It is different than what we normally have. Is it Carol? Karahryl? Charyll?

Allene:Yes! That's what came to me. KharEl!

PatijeThat Kharyel or whatever? (KharEl or Kahryl is a Wisconsin teacher)


Patije:Do we have any other visitors from other groups or from other locations that would like to greet us? We welcome you all.

Julie:I haven't heard from JoEl all week. I've been thinking about her. (short silence) She's given me up.

JoEl: (Patije)I have not given you up! (very indignant causes laughter in group) You are my special student. I have other duties and other tasks. One of which causes me to become proficient in long-distance communications and I must move away from you at times so that you can learn to communicate without my presence at your side. I am still with you. All you have to do is call upon me.

Julie:Thank you for telling me that.

JoEl: (Julie)We are all keyed, everything is keyed, musical keys and each of us when we are working at a certain pace it kind of sings, or when we are balanced we make harmony; when there is one of us out of balance it throws it off as discord. We each have these different sounds...think about the keys and the circuits and the seeds and the planting...the harmonies are in the plants as well - everything can get off and crete disharmony as well, when you plant the seeds that you do it in the key - think. Continue to think about it and you'll get it. When you get keyed into the circuits - electricity - the keys of the kingdom, to find the right key to open the doors. From our love energy produces a key and light energy is keyed and life energy...

Allene:Keyboard keys, computer keys, door keys,

Patije:How many doors are now be unlocked by the voice... how many computers can now be operated by voice...

Allene:When we pick up the phone we know immediately who it is on the other end if we've talked to them before...

Julie:and a book is keyed... (long silence)

Allene:This is Allene. I've been sitting here thinking about all of the other groups and either picking up a feeling like we are connecting with them or a wish to connect with them...

PatijeI was doing the same thing!

Allene:Or the impression that -something about all of the groups that we know of and the ones we don't - or see them sort of no longer as separate groups but see it all as one whole.

Julie:I got: That's where the circuits come in.

PatijeIt is like the tinker-toy visualization we got... they are building the basis

Julie:umhmm, I just got a visual picture of all the circuits from hither and yon and everywhere and it's going into the master...

Allene:....I sort of see it in blurred colors all blended but no longer individual pinpoints of groups...

Julie and Patije together:Spider webs...

PatijeTinker toy connections become more like a spider web.


Allene:I see it beyond that even - all meshed as one, not even any lines between them, just blurs into the next...

Julie:Well it goes into that...

PatijeIt would be like membranes...connective tissues... but there are many pieces that are still missing which causes the blurring...

Allene:The pieces that are missing that I saw that each one that comes...what I sense is that now there are enough foundation that each one comes in comes into the whole, right? There aren't any separate pieces here anymore. IN fact there is a nucleus of one... and it just keeps growing. Each one that comes into this...

Julie and Patije together:Mushroom cloud!

Allene:Exactly, comes into it.

Patijeumhmm, It is the energy...

Julie:That is exactly what it is.

PatijeGroup energy...

Allene:I wanted to know that when I send out the Network news, I want to know what night these other groups meet on.

Julie:Not to be facetious but since I was in . .. Why not all groups meeting the same night on three nights during the week? That's the way they did it in Asidic (sp?) Yoga - then Thursday nights were considered "Guru night"

Patije:I think the idea here is not to isolate it to one night a week but to have every night covered with a meeting somewhere. Like in the beginning...I don't know where this is coming from, whether it is coming from me or from an impression... but in the beginning when we talked about all of us communicating with our Celestials at the same time everyday, we were allowed a 3-hour overlap there so that everybody could be involved. As we develop this and do it proficiently, then it stretches and pretty soon there will be a time every hour of every day that anybody - probably already is - that anybody can go into the stillness to worship the Father and find instant communication with not only the teachers but with other individuals that are practicing this - 100 % committed.

Julie:I see a woven network.

PatijeLike a piece of cloth...

Julie:Weaving, correct. All woven into this cloth to make whatever...

PatijeMaybe it is the love energy that is the woof or weft, and the willingness, discipline and diligent practice that is the warp . ..

Julie:That's what I got. a tapestry... with all the colors and as it is woven...

PatijeThe process is the cloth...the colors are the harmonious keys...

Allene:VanEssa, are you here this evening?

PatijeI don't feel her presence. I don't feel Aflana either.

Allene:I don't feel Aflana or VanEssa.

Julie:I feel something very heavy - very powerful - something...


Patije:That's what I immediately thought of too, and then I thought maybe Welmek is not that heavy - but he full of energy...

Julie:Heavy in power...

Allene:I told them in Indianapolis that when Welmek came through was the strongest we'd ever heard your voice. (laughter)

Julie:In fact, there are three!


Allene:Machiventa, Malventia...

Julie:I see three forms...

PatijeI hear Ruby saying:

Ruby:You're getting it! You're getting it! You're getting it!

Allene:Is it really Machiventa and Malventia and Manotia?

PatijeNot Manotia - Mantutia, Malventia and Machiventa. Manotia is a seraphim attached to the order of Melchizedek. (pause) My whole body is tingling...

Julie:So is mine..

Allene:I picture the three men like the three wise men.


Melchizedek: We have come from afar to see this.

Julie:Exactly. One is red, one is green, one is blue...

PatijeAre they giving us a message?

Allene:They are if I can just get it...

Patije:We have come from afar, I heard that with you...

Melchizedek:We have come to tell you that your efforts will truly be rewarded.

PatijeThat our efforts will truly be rewarded?


PatijeSpeak up a little bit

Julie:What a bright light!

Allene:I have the feeling that they came to see, I mean to pay us a visit,

Melchizedek:(Allene)...observation and recognition (or some such thing)

Melchizedek: (Patije)...recognition. We have come to observe. We have come to highly affirm you in your faith. We have come to assure you that what you hear about us is true. You will figure prominently in our plans after the materialization.

Melchizedek: (Allene)Your faith is so strong...

Melchizedek: (Julie)Your faith is so strong your presence in person is not that necessary.

Allene:And, we know that.

Melchizedek:(Patije)It is a delight for us to observe such willing faith, such willing unselfishness, such willing hard work. We have heard of you. We have been aware of you. Your work has been noted and acclaimed all the way to the headquarters world. Rejoice, My children. Rejoice to know this exquisite exhilarating extremely important epoch on your planet. Many events are transpiring. Many events are unfolding. Each one leads to the next. Soon. Very soon, in days as you number them, you will begin to see the manifestation of our forms. You will see them first in a morontia level. You will be aware of them as you are aware of our presence among you. You have done your practice well. You have grown beyond the level of the amount of time or events you have put into this process. It is as you stand on your faith, and rely on your spiritual senses that you progress rapidly, quickly. There are no short cuts. It is lengthened only by your disbelief. Only by your fears. (short silence)

Allene:This is Allene. I wish to thank you so much for coming to us, making your presence known. It is a wonderful reassurance that you have given to us this evening. It is so precious (static drowns out)

Malventia:I am Malventia, little ones. I will be working with your group... (static If the plans go as they are unfolding at this time I will spend much time in your vicinity. My little ones will be sent to you to be helped on their way. When they have stumbling blocks they will be guided to your expert abilities to dissolve those stumbling blocks. This is not something you do with an education in mind manipulation. This is not something you do with great power or great fame. This is something you do with faith and a willingness to practice, living... being... asking, . ..in the very presence of the love energy which surrounds you at all times. But you, My Little Ones, have learned to accept each of us, to clothe yourself with this love, to walk upon its pathways, to embrace it in all that you do, to permeate it throughout all of your experiences, This is why you are useful in our cause, this is why we can send our faltering ones, our frightened ones, our little lambs that need a little nudge, our lambs that are slightly fearful. You have such a loving way to enable them to reach the upper levels of their consciousness to touch the lower levels of the teacher's ability to talk to them, that have been assigned to talk to them. You will be our instruments in many ways. Guard your time, organize well, have faith, help one another, be alert, be what you are made to be and live up to your potential. Do not try to take on anyone else's talents. Do not try to vie for any kind of position. Each of you are unique. Each of you will find your place in the community of believers. We are pleased with your progress. We ever guide you. Your teachers are well prepared to lead you. Listen to them. They cannot lead you astray. They are... certified...(long silence)

PatijeI gulped on the "certified" and the energy just left me!

Allene:I wondered about the certification myself...I jokingly said to myself: "Well, we certainly are pleased that you are certified!"

Julie:I said the same thing.

Allene:It was a joke.

PatijeIt was funny.

Allene:Even though they aren't speaking. I am so pleased to hear from you. We are so pleased to know that you are going to be working in our vicinity, that you will be working with us and I certainly am willing to do what I can to serve...

Julie:I am in such awe..I am overwhelmed...

PatijeI heard:

Malventia:Overcome your awe.


Malventia:That is a detriment in working for us.

Patije: I don't know where it came from - who said it...

Allene:Yes, but I know it is right...

Julie:It's overcome...so (static drowns out)

Patije:But I do. When I sit back and I think about what is going on, I can get so overwhelmed by the very prospect of what is being suggested in my mind. I think: "Oh, come on!" and then, right away it is like there is no doubt. Total acceptance.

Christ Michael:(Allene)This is why you are so valuable to us. Along with all your other attributes and hard work, this is very important. It is very necessary and you will find this ahead, for without these anchors, chaos will reign. You will see much of this. It is not a time to fall upon your knees and worship. It is a time to . ..(pick up something)...and go forward. Take action. Be of service.

Christ Michael: (diff TR)Idleness is not . ..something...

Allene:Is this Michael talking?

PatijeYes. I kind of thought maybe he was mixed up in the last transmission, but it was identified and Malventia..

Julie:That was Malventia before. Michael now.

Allene: I get this picture and hear these words:

Christ Michael:"Do you not hear me often say "Take my hand" ?

Allene:I think my mind filled in those other words about "No fall on your knees" take my hand...That is all I get...it is there...I hear:

Christ Michael:We are here as brothers. I am one with you. I am among you, not above you.

Christ Michael: (another TR) Put out your hands and stretch them towards me...

Julie:OK. (she does so) I feel the energy.

PatijeI could feel a shape or form of energy but I couldn't see anything.

Julie:The shape of it! Exactly. I feel the hands.

PatijeYou can feel the aura!

Julie:Yes, my word...

PatijeMaybe we are supposed to see with our hands instead of our eyes!

Allene:You can almost visualize the form...

Julie:I see in my mind.

PatijeOh! A chill went down my back like I've never had before.

Ruby:You're getting it! You're getting it! You're getting it!

Julie:I've got it! I've got it. I've got it! (laughter)


Julie:Look, look, look. Push. It's there. Oh, my word!

Allene:Very large.

Julie:Oh my word...

Allene:The hands do pulsate with the energy don't they...



Christ Michael:My Children, this is just the beginning...

Julie:Oh my word...look, I'm getting goose flesh...

Patije:Another chill went down, not up my spine. Like somebody put an ice cube down my shirt collar (laughter)

Julie:Yes, from my head to my toes! ahhhhh!

Allene:What was it?

Julie:It startled...whooo, oooooh... does anyone wear a monks...

Christ Michael (Allene):I must come to you gently.

Allene:This is Allene. It is almost... you must have this experience...(can't hear)

Julie:You have to crawl before you can walk...one step at a time...

Christ Michael: (Patije)Believe Children, believe. this is real.

Allene:I know...(hushed)

Julie:I see the light . .. of Truth...

PatijeIt is like somebody turned a really bright spotlight on us.


Allene:You know what I feel.

Julie:Suddenly the Mother Spirit is here.

Allene:Too soft to hear...

Julie:Bright light...heavy... the anchor...

Allene:Are we rising?

PatijeYes! We are in that elevator again...

Allene:My goodness, we are in that elevator - ooooh!


Universal Mother Spirit:

I warmly embrace you, My children. I am speaking as the Mother spirit to you. It is so rewarding to see that you can actually understand what is happening to you and not run in alarm. It is incredible that your mortal minds can embrace this process. Far greater than we even thought could happen at this time. There is one among you who has not been bonded and is now being bonded to you. She is a part of your cosmic life, your cosmic family. You will do great work together. She has great talents to be used for the whole of the community. I warmly welcome you.

Allene: We welcome you...

Universe Mother Spirit:

I warmly reach out in loving nurturing, healing, energy to each of you. As I touch you, touch the aura and essence of you. You will feel this tingling as a healing energy. You will be enriched in your ability to speak for me, to express the Father, to do the tasks assigned to you.

Each seed on this planet will bring myriads of consequences and results. The fruits will be known far away. Be alert at the seeds you plant. Be aware of the seeds of what you speak. Think about the concept behind the words and the thoughts which you express. I am here, My Children. I am here to nurture you. Trust yourself to this energy. Trust yourself to the inner feeling. Trust yourselves to this law of love, this law will compel you to be about the Father's business, but it is your will to step into that law of love and trust it. It is your free choice to embrace and encompass all of the wonders that this entails.

Much will be asked of you but much will be given to you. As you accept each task, as you accept this love energy, as your right, as your benefit, as your release, you will move, you will move through so much of the chaos of your mortal world. It will drop away. It will be seen that it is unimportant. Even while you are living in this time and place and dealing with the challenges which are presented to you, it will be as if you are renewed and you are going as if in a dream state. Trust this. It is a process also. It is the process of becoming totally detached from that which holds you bound. It is with some of your planet called race, your choice to live this way, brings this grace on you...

I must leave you now. I never really leave you. My Holy Spirit is always enfolding you and uplifting you.

Allene:We thank you, very much.

Julie:Thank you. That was a wonderful message. (short silence)

Patije:I have tears on my face. I can almost see that lady in blue that the children of Fatima described. It is not a person, but it is an essence of the mother love...


Allene:I (can't pick up on tape???)

Julie:...apricot color...

Allene:It is interesting (too soft to pick up on tape)

Julie:This was sort of apricot with sort of blue undertones...

Patije:Like a transparent color that you can see the essence of the color but...

Julie:Umhmmm. Also I got full of bright lights in a square in multi-dimension. We have to go through all of these different dimensions to get to the enormous...almost like a diamond...(can't pick up on tape.????)...

Patije:Is that JoEl speaking? (short silence)

Patije:Right now I am seeing those rings of color I used to see coming over and wrapping me before I transmitted? Now they are coming off of my shoulders and up to the center and growing huge and coming down around all of us.

Allene:Yes, there is..

Julie:Someone else just came in...

Allene:I wondered about the Mother Spirit...

Julie:She left...

Allene:Boy, the energy from those three men (Melchizedeks) I still know they are here - right over here (she points to her left front)

Julie:umhmmm Someone else just came - stepped out

Allene:They are all here.

Julie:But then they take turns taking center stage.

Allene:This one is very tall.

Julie:can't pick up


Julie:Very bright light.

Patije:Ann used to see Gabriel among us quite often.

Allene:Very bright light.

Julie:Golden light, very gold, very tall, very beautiful

Patije:Very tall, very golden light...

Allene:I sense the strength that always . ....???

Julie:Someone wants to bring a message.

Allene:We are ready.

PatijeDo you want to transmit it for us?

Julie:I'm not getting words, just the feeling...not for me to say.

Patije:I hear that it is for you to say, for your first experience at for a different energy . ..

Julie:I do get the name Gabriel now.

Allene:Start with: "I am Gabriel"

Gabriel: (Julie) I am Gabriel. Daughters, I am among you.(pause)

Julie:I get a picture of an hour glass...

Allene:Try to hear the message...

Patije:An hour glass?

Julie:umhmm (pause)

Patije:Gabriel is outside of time. What would the hour glass have to do with it?

Julie:I know that!

Patije:Connect it...connecting process...go with it...don't get defensive, don't get fearful. Just connect the pieces and let it flow...(short silence) The light is standing over you Julie

Julie:I feel it. What am I to say?

Patije:Don't try so hard. Relax and go with it...speak the word in your heart or mind....as you speak one, another will follow...(short silence) I feel like we are rising again.

Julie:Yes! Yes! Yes!

Allene:umhmmm we are.

Julie:I feel tingly all over.

Gabriel(Julie):I'm not going to be hard. Relax. I love you. I have a message.

Julie:It has something to do with...

Gabriel:(Julie)...sound. Love has a sound. Light has a sound... we all have a sound... we have many sounds... ahmmm... the power is near... we are rejoicing...

Allene:I can confirm that.

Patije:I am hearing that...keep going...

Gabriel (Julie):We are rejoicing with our group, with each one. We are projecting a lot of love from Michael and that is being seen all over... and we are also messengers... (static drowns out quiet voice)

Gabriel (Allene):I am Gabriel. I come to tell you that the time is truly drawing near. There will be many changes upon your planet, Urantia. It is with great joy that we see these coming. It is with great joy that we see ones such as yourselves. For truly you are very instrumental in bringing these changes to your planet. We come tonight to honor you, to thank you, to encourage you, and to bless you. The time draws nigh. It is very near....(static drowns out part)... We need your faith and the steadfastness of those such as yourselves. You will be the anchor...and anchors will be very necessary I assure you. As you stay steadfast, you will have much help and support from many. You may call on them at any time. They are especially pleased to give service to you as you are to give service to the Father - for this is all the same. As Urantia moves into this beautiful planet that we know and envision, this brings joy to us all - all the way to the Father. We are truly united in this effort. (pause) And, we truly welcome you to the Corps. (pause)

Your service and your efforts are well appreciated by all those who are in service to the Father about the Plan for Urantia. There are more involved in this than you could even imagine. And the ripples of this not only will go throughout your planet, they will go much further. Other worlds will benefit from what is taking place here. This is truly a momentous time. It is with great joy that we share this time with you.

There will be much work in the days ahead but none will be working alone. All those working in true service will be (something), surrounded and supported. Know that this is so. Remember always, that this is so. None of you are working alone.

(static interferes with this voice throughout this message)..

Patije:Thank you, Gabriel. Thank you for your confidence in us.

Gabriel: You are most welcome. We thank you.

Patije:It is our will to have the Father's will. It is our will to be of service. We are unified in that desire.

Gabriel:And so it is...

Julie:I put my hand out to you, Gabriel. (short silence)

Gabriel:I must leave you now, but you will know more of me in the days ahead.

Patije:Thank you, Gabriel. (long silence) Welmek is here and wants to talk but he says he doesn't want to "boom out"...

Allene:Welmek, we'll take you any way you want to come! (laughter)

Welmek:(Patije)I am Welmek. I am well pleased in my Father's daughters here in Sarasota.

Allene:We are well pleased with you!

Welmek:You have heard my assignment. You have taken my tasks and you have run with it even before I had fully prepared you for it. This is good. This satisfies me deeply. I rejoice with you in a job getting done. It will take a concerted effort to keep this up as all of you are very much needed. There are those who can compose and create and originate and put together, but there are those who need to run the errands, to file and sort and run to the post office, so all of you, all of you are very much and highly appreciated.

Allene:Welmek, this is Allene. I thank you for coming to me personally and encouraging me to proceed further. I especially want to thank you for the beautiful lessons and guidance that we have been receiving through your group in Indiana.

Welmek:It is your faith and your asking which brings you the message. Some read the words, but you read the meanings. This group reads the meanings. This group understands what's going on. The words are unimportant, they are only ways of communicating. The real communication takes place in the faith of your belief. That is what makes you highly prized in this effort to get the spiritual train rolling again on this planet. To get all of the boxcars on track and begin to pick up all of the passengers waiting - some of them are waiting fearfully, some of them are waiting excitedly, some of them are ready to jump on and know not what they want to join. Some of them are hesitant and bashful and afraid, but all are waiting.

Allene:Well, Welmek we are willing...and we welcome at any time any of your guidance, any suggestions that you might have as we continue in this project. We are open, willing and very receptive for anything you want, or the others teachers have to share with us.

Welmek:This is known all the way to Salvington. There is no doubt among any of the teaching staff here on Urantia or in the headquarters worlds about your loyalty, your commitment, and your faith. It is well received. You are blessed. You are unique. You are special. You will lead many. (short silence)

Patije:He started to add something about not getting out of balance in sharing the work or something... and then didn't finish.... I don't know.

Allene:We thank you Welmek. We only wish to be of service. Sometimes we don't know the best way to be of service. We only try to follow our guidance and now the wonderful guidance of yourself and the other teachers.

Julie:My words, exactly. I am open and willing to do your work...

Allene:And yet you know, it seems as if this is only part . ..? While we are w=open and willing it all is also seems that we are not hand fed, we still have to look for the opportunity, see the opportunity. They are not going to say "Allene, if you would just do this, and if you will do this, and if this....


Allene:It is seeing a need, looking at it, assessing it and then accepting

Patijeand accepting your help.

Allene:It might be something you don't know how to do, but.. I mean I am not qualified to go out and becoming a healer. I can, but I'm not...????

Julie:And, to do it joyfully.

PatijeThe thought came to me as you said that, You may not be a healer but you are a healee. All is experience. Does it matter what side of the paper you are on? You are on the same piece of paper.

Allene:No, NO, I just mean that they don't suddenly say "Now, why don't you do this. Why don't you do that... we have free will.... They never tell us....only lead us when we start...????

PatijeIt is like you start, and they take over and help. It just happens!

Julie:Like in . ...I kept seeing the planet, but I, you know, healing...it was...the words didn't come. I got pictures.

Allene:Isn't it amazing that Gabriel...

Julie:Going to the son, the planet going to the son...

Allene:And Gabriel and Welmek comes through so much stronger than Michael, our Creator Son. He must be so gentle...

Julie:Yes! He is the shepherd...

Allene:I mean Gabriel, the administrator comes and . ...ahyuhyaa...and Welmek comes on like "I'm not going to waste any time"

Julie:Did you notice how Gabriel left? (with awe) With a great big burst of light.

Allene:I know.

Julie:There is somebody else here.

PatijeRayson is here.

Julie:He wants to talk...

Allene:Oh, Rayson, Thank you, thank you, thank you... (laughter)

Julie:Gee, I'm getting goose flesh all over!

Allene:Thank you, Rayson for all that you have shared with our sister, Mary, and with all of us. Your energy the other evening truly was an experience! I knew what you mean to see and feel energy in such magnitude...I hear

Rayson:(Allene)"My child, I've only begun to work with you all. (laughter)(Pause)

It is with such joy and pleasure that I come to your group and see such open hearts and willingness and yes, your Mary is included this evening.

Julie:I feel Mary too.

Rayson:You will speak of this with her later. You will see.

Allene:Interesting enough, Patije, he started to tell me something about Algae when I fell asleep...I did fall asleep. I was so tired I had to quit the other night.

Julie:I want to touch your hand... He wants to touch our hands... its like the . .. feel it?


Allene:Uncross your legs everybody, Rayson is here. (laughter) [Rayson told us to uncross our legs one time when he was here so he could send healing energy completely around the group's circle] I hear Rayson say:

Rayson:Well, you're catching on...(laughter)

Julie:It's coming in through the feet too. (short pause)

PatijeIs RondEl here?

RondEl:Yes, noisy one, I am here.

PatijeI heard that! Sorry! I scolded him the other night...

Allene:Isn't he the one who came through the other night that has this very different mannerisms?

PatijeThe funny one...

Allene:He was so funny, so flippant the other night...

PatijeAnd, last night he was telling me to delegate some of my work - I was in the right mood to just about take his head off about it. I asked him: What do you want me to delegate? My husband, my laundry, the transcribing? I can only do that because I feel free with him because of the humor which came through before.

Allene:Oh, my goodness. I still think he is ???? (laughter)

Julie:They are all sort of androgenous...

Allene:Maybe he just does that to make all human beings feel comfortable no matter who they are.....

PatijeMaybe he is Mother-fused instead of Father fused? That would be spirit-fused? Is there a mother-fusion? Father fused, son fused, spirit fused. Perhaps the Eternal-Mother Son???

RondEl:(Allene)I am different from you. I haven't had your experience.

Allene:That is the same thing that came out of what I just read the other night in the UB . .. I was wondering as that ran through my mind . ..and I hear him say: "I am different than you are. I haven't had your experience."

Julie:Someone just came in...

PatijeI think Rayson is still here and wants to speak. I heard that before.

Julie:You know that you know...

Allene:I had spoken to Mary about having a private session with Rayson sometime to ask a lot of questions I've been introduced to about nutrition and...and I hear him say:

Rayson:"Yes little one, we will have our session." ????

Allene:Rayson, what would you share with us this evening? Do you have anything to share with us this evening? (Pause) This to me is enough to.... something is very gener... (fades off the tape)

Rayson:It is a relief that I have found an expression, an outlet, a circuit, for the healing energy which I came here with. I have found one among you - your dear Mary - is selected, if she chooses to work with me. She must be encouraged to no longer keep her light under a bushel. She must be encouraged to share openly. She knows from whence comes the energy to heal. She need no longer be embarrassed or afraid to take the "thank you's" which will come. We know in her heart, that she knows that she is only the expression. It is up to each of you to encourage Mary. To allow her the room and the space, and the freedom, to be what she is - a very special healer. She has been selected and groomed since she was a child. The Chanti have worked with her. She has done so much in her own natural openness, natural ability, always learning, always striving to understand, and she is now going to make a break through of understanding - more than she ever dreamed of will come into her experience. Many will come to her. Many will come to her because she can teach, she can show, she can demonstrate, how the healing process can happen from within. She has many abilities she has not shared with any of you here. She has many abilities that she will not even admit to herself. Somewhere in her past experience, she has brought something, thinking she was abnormal, thinking that she must draw any attention to herself. Now she must learn to let go of that negative pattern and say: Here I am, use me. You are here family. you are her nurturing circle. Each of you are called upon to envelope her, to support her, and to encourage her with all the love you feel, all the love you know, to do what comes natural to her to do. I am so pleased, I am getting carried away. Mary doesn't always hear me, but I am there with her and she will hear me. You will begin to see this in her. Encourage her to be strong. Encourage her to put away her doubts, encourage her to go forth openly shining her star very bright. We are with her. The Chanti never leave her. I am but a call away.

Allene:We will do this, Rayson.

Julie:That's why I was compelled to bring her here.

Rayson:Yes, Julie, this is true. There was no other way to get Mary to this circle. And, you and Mary are each very important for this community! Do not ever forget this when your doubts begin to rise. Put them down and know that you are strong. This is the way. It is not a mistake. It is not imagination. It is real. You have made the choice. Stand fast. Stand in spite of the chaos for we have much for you to do. Your willingness is so appreciated. Your ability to live upon your faith is well known and rejoiced. That is my message.

Allene:Thank you, Rayson. ?????

Julie:Thank you, Rayson. (hoarse, tear-filled voice) I will really talk and encourage Mary. You have taught me much.

Allene:Very hushed voice, static drowns out...


Allene:I was sitting here like this and suddenly...

Julie:Is he a healer? I take it that he is...

PatijeRayson is.

Allene:Rayson is, yes.

PatijeHe is a spirit-fused being here, I think. He is a teacher for the Malibu, California group. He is now looking. He is sometimes up in Northern California and sometimes with other groups. So, I don't know if he is looking for another place to do his work or he is just interested....

Allene:I think he just wants to work with those like Mary.....???

Julie:umhmmm. yeah

Allene:???? With our willingness this could just go on and on and on.

PatijeYes! I know. I hear every now and then . .. I kind of got a little whisper that it is time now to...

Julie:Throw in the towel...

PatijeBut they won't cut us off. Ours is the only group that I know of that doesn't get a "well, it is time to leave now, farewell." or "One more question before I leave" Very seldom! Depends on what the energy is...

Allene:It is like we just quit...

Julie:I feel a lot of love... and energy around... but we have to tell them to go... (laughter)

Allene:I find it so interesting Welmek comes through and Gabriel and Michael...always...even when...never came across strong...

Julie:Very gentle... we are his sheep, his lambs...

(end of tape)

(Transmission was finished by the time the tape was changed...)

Session 19

  • JANUARY 11, 1993 (3 AM at home)


Mary: Rayson is here.

Rayson:This is Rayson. I am with you. Good morning, Beloved Child of God. The loving child that you are has developed out of difficulties. Yet you turned to loving instead of bitterness. You made a conscious decision and chose the difficult but narrow path.

I will be working with you to loosen the energies that you so nobly released. Together, we will complete the alignment of body, mind, and spirit energies, so that our healing will be on all levels when exercised. Keep happy. I love you. --Rayson

Mary:Thank you, Rayson, for being with me and sharing your energy. Much love.

Session 20

  • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1993 (2 PM at home)


Mary:Heavenly Father, I await your pleasure - or a message from my teachers and unseen friends.

Michael:Dearest One, you are learning my way so rapidly - you felt my energy with Allene this morning - this is only the beginning. Your eyes will see what they have not seen. This will enhance your ability to be about my business. bask in my Light that you bring to mankind. Feel the glory for yourself, My Precious Child. You are protected. I love you.

JaEL:This is JaEl. Greetings, Beloved Mary, what a time I am having working with you. You are so diligent and learned your lessons so well. It is a joy to watch you respond with your heart full of joy and love. You took a break today. You pick up messages but appear slow to act. You needed rest during the last waning moon, but you pressed forward. I am pleased to see more self love. This is such a joyous time. It is joyous to work with you. I love you. Feel my love surround you, My Dearest Mary.

Mary:Thank you, JaEl. I love you too!!!

Rayson:This is Rayson. Beloved Child of God. You not only hear me today, you feel me.

7:30 PM (at home)

Rayson:This is Rayson, My Beloved Child of God. I am with you. I am watching over you. You completed reading the Rayson File. That was pertaining to teachings presented by Prince Machiventa Melchizedek. An attempt was made to teach information that would heal by students acquiring the knowledge - in other words, by knowing, students would heal themselves. Since then, times and consciousness has changed. Energies have been raised and the entire Satania System is open to higher consciousness. Your helpers and teachers are elated at the result of work with you in your lifetime.

The face of healing has finally arrived at what it is supposed to be. Spiritual energy brought forth through an unconditionally loving heart. The way that Jesus's of Nazareth so called "miracles" occurred. The multitudes were touched by His love and teachings and for two thousand years the Unseen Teachers, Celestials and Mystery Monitors have worked continuously with the children of God to bring them Godward. Even through their confusion and unseeing in this lower world perceive what a celebration we experience when we have groups like yours, striving to walk in his footsteps with such willingness and dedication and commitment along with the knowledge we were able to impart. Can you understand my joy at being able to work with your energy and through you??

Precious Child of God, let this sink in. Allow yourself the luxury of joining in my celebration, for this is only the beginning. Already your prayers are being answered. I am working with loosening your release energies. You asked for lessons to heal yourself so that you could be the vassal for my healing energy. How noble and God like are your intentions, My Beloved Child of God. do you begin to feel my joy? That this was made possible only by your commitment and dedication and selfless devotion? Yes, Dearest Child of God, take credit. Know how blessed you are. Relax in the knowledge. Bask in the Father's love and light for you are very special - and together we have a long beautiful way to go about the Father's business. I am also working on your love record account. You have given with more love than any I have worked with.

It is your time, My precious Child of God, to experience the wonder for yourself. It has been joyous to watch you give love and peace in the face of adversity, to see your work harder to purify your energy after each onslaught and never a complaint against anyone, but yourself. Now you must release this self blaming. You have worked so hard you have activated mercy spirit and protection spirit. You are a perfect child of God and not beneath your brothers and sisters. You have excelled. It is time to reap your rewards. I am here to show you these things. In return for the wonderful gift you have given to God, Urantia, all mortals and me. It appears more difficult for you to learn to accept your success, so I will work harder, just as you did, when you found the lessons tough. Practice. Practice relaxing with the powerful love and joy in your gentle heart. Practice loving Mary as a precious Child of god. She more than deserves that love. Your teachers, the Chanti healers and all your unseen friends, join with me in sending you, Precious Child of God, perfect love. Now go into the silence for two minutes and the lesson will begin. -Rayson

You keep smiling at my name, eh?

Session 21

  • Allene’s Impressions January 11, 1993


Dear Father, Michael, Thought Adjuster and Teachers,

Thank you all so much for the wonderful meeting we had on Monday. I left there tired but feeling very happy and pleased. I thank you for all the affirmations you gave to us and all the help. It was a very special gift I received later from Rayson and Mary. I give thanks to both of them and for the continued help I have been given. I never expected such a wonderful healing to take place.

Is there anything any of you would like to share with me this evening?


You will find that as your body becomes more clear of the toxins, you will be able to tune into the finer energies around you better. Yes, dear one, this is Aflana. I am with you. What you experienced with Rayson and Mary has been interesting for all of us to observe. You can tell Mary how pleased we all are to see how serious she is about her work. As you all were asked to support her, we, too, are present to encourage and support her. We see her for the beautiful soul that she is. Her light shines brightly.

You have been doing well to stay so much in balance. Do you not notice a big difference between this time and the last incident with your mother? (YES, I do!) This has a lot to do with learning detachment and the lessons we gave you about removing all expectations. These are being absorbed by you on many levels and this is an opportunity to see your progress. As you release your mother from all expectations of her, you will free yourself. As you accept that she will never see you clearly, you remove the biggest expectation you place on her. Let her be. Let her find her own way in this. This is not unkind. This is simply something she must come to come to terms with and accept in her own way. Your way means nothing to her. Do not let her judgements pull you down or aside from the path you have chosen. Stay on the path. It is where you are meant to be. It is where you want to be. You have been working towards these days since you were young and many have been with you on the journey.

We tell you that you are truly doing well. Be gentle with yourself and move one day at a time. All will get done. You have the stage for the events to follow.

Session 22

  • WEDNESDAY,JANUARY 13, 1993 (8 PM at home)


Mary:Heavenly Father, I await your pleasure or a message from my teachers or unseen friends.

JaEL:This is JaEL. Greetings, My Beloved Sister. I am still working with you. I work joyously, for you are such a treasure. Keep that wondrous love in your heart. Feel my love surround you.

Rayson:This is Rayson. Good evening, Beloved Child of God. Yes, I saw that slight tremor of realization and acceptance. Try harder, My Precious One. Accept who you are. I will repeatedly assure you of your safety and my protection. We are on our way - the boy will come to be healed.* You were correct in your diagnosis. That was an astute observation. His problem occurred upon the separation of his mother, My Child. Mary, what an avid student you are. You are so beloved and so precious. I am overjoyed that we have joined to serve in this healing ministry. Through you, I can be of service to mortals. What a gift you give to me. I have long awaited this time and I celebrate your success at being about the Father's business.

I observe your selfless devotion and when you forgot to be timid you were self assured. You glimpsed that feeling, we all have worked with you. Now you need to help us and work at being self-assured. Trust yourself, and me. Go with the flow. There will be no obstacles. There cannot be any mistakes. You have nothing to lose and no face to save. So celebrate your arrival. Give way to your delight. You have learned to keep joy in your heart. Now, allow it to permeate your being so your spirit can soar. What a beloved joy you are! I will work with you as fervently as you work for the glory of God. You will reap a thousand fold what you have sowed, My Mary. It is so wonderful to observe your love for God and mankind. I can hardly wait to observe you loving yourself. Dear Beloved Child of God, your teacher , Chanti and myself all send you love.

Go into the silence for two minutes and feel love. We love and cherish you, Dearest Mary. -- Rayson

Ahh, that smile for my name, eh?

  • Inspiration: Rayson and/or I do not have to be physically present to promote a healing. Healing is done. Free will prevails. The mortal either accepts or rejects the energy on the necessary level required for the healing.

Session 23



We begin by going into the stillness to allow our energies to soften and meld, after we express our prayers of thanksgiving and our invitation to the teachers and unseen helpers, and our willingness to be of service.

Patije:This is Patije. I am enjoying the energy that is going around and around and around us. I want to invite the teachers and tell them I am willing to be used in any way.

Allene:This is Allene and I would like to welcome all the teachers. I would like to thank Michael and ???? I'd like to thank Rayson and Mary for they have given me ???? I am open. I am willing. I am ????

Drue:This is Drue and I give thanks to all of our unseen helpers and for everyone in this room! I, too, am willing and ready to serve in whatever capacity is right for me.

Mary:This is Mary. I am open and willing to learn and to serve in whatever service is necessary. (too soft to hear all) ??? to thank you, Father, the teachers and ???? (can't hear rest)

Roy:This is Roy. I, too, welcome the teachers and thank them for all ????(too soft to hear).

(long silence)

Patije:There is so much peace here tonight.

Allene:I don't know where this is coming from, but I hear "Little One, you are indeed different." (long silence)

Rayson: (Mary)This is Rayson and I am with you.

Group:Good evening, Rayson.

Rayson:You feel my energy? (pause)

Voice from the Group:Sure do.

Allene:Thank you very much, Rayson, for all the work you and Mary do.

Rayson:You are welcome. (pause then says something else too soft to hear on tape, which brings laughter)

Allene:I have been.

Rayson:You see, and you know how it really feels.

Allene:Is there anything that you would like to share with us this evening, Rayson?

Rayson:There is much work that is going on with you now. You are being healed.

Drue:Thank you.

Rayson:(too soft to hear)

Patije:Try to speak a little louder, please?

Mary:This is Mary. I sound like I am screaming!

Patije:I know, that is why I reminded you. I always feel that way too.

Allene:Well, you're not.


I have a very personal question for Rayson: Once upon a time I told God that if he would get me out of the rat race that I would work for him. Within a year I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. About ten years ago I said that if I could walk again, I would never again complain about my weight. Now, I want to lose some weight. Is there something wrong with me?

Rayson:God is all loving, all knowing and you have free will in your life.

Patije:I am happy to be healthy, but I would like to have more energy.

Rayson:And, so it is.

Drue:Something I thought of earlier, Patije was "Instead of looking at it as losing weight, it is getting rid of unwanted excess fat" because it just dawned on me that my claim to fame is that I never lose any weight. (laughter) I was trying to explain to myself what I meant by that has nothing to do with excess weight. Excess weight I am very happy to get rid of.

Patije:If you lose it, you will find it again. So, you want to give it away for good. (laughter)


I found out that the universe seems to be extremely literal. When working with the inner guide meditation, they are very literal. If you think you don't want to lose something, it makes perfectly good sense to me that the mind understands that we don't want to lose this. There is something very literal about this process that I don't understand why but it appears to be.


This is why I feel like I am trying to contradict a bargain I made once upon a time. I don't want to fool around with my health and the rest of that. I am very content to be healthy. But, I would love to be back in the clothes that I wore when I came to Florida.

Rayson:This is Rayson. What you are carrying is excess baggage. Let go.

Patije:I am willing to let go. Can the teachers do something about taking it. It seems to be stuck with me.

Rayson:You need to ask.

Patije:I ask. I've asked the Father if he could relieve me of this excess baggage.

Rayson:You have to work with the Father.

Mary:This is Mary and I was just trying to decide here not too long ago - that 2 years ago, I stopped dieting, stop talking about weight, I couldn't do anything about it. Now I am not dieting and the weight is just falling off of me. In the last couple of seeks I've just dropped. Dropped way off.


You know, Patije, when Rayson said about letting go, I equate that with not only letting go of weight but letting go of your past life. (too soft to pick up on tape)

Patije:I thought I got rid of it all. I have no emotional ties to that anymore. It cannot cause an emotional reaction in me anymore.

Mary:You still carry it. And, as she said...(too soft)

Patije:So how do I get rid of it?

Mary:We were talking about the Michael Rice forgiveness exercise - that is what started me off getting rid of the baggage. Doing his worksheets. (too soft to hear)


I don't under...I'm picking up because I am seeing it connected. I wasn't picking up that, I'm seeing it connected to a lot of other things that aren't let go. And, I keep seeing things like I see it and I hear, you know, start with the things ?????? I'm not saying this to tell you how to do it, but ?????(too soft to pick up)

Patije:That's what I am seeing and why I am trying so desperately to get the work from 1992 out of the way. (long silence)

Allene:But I am picking up that that is not what it is about.

Patije:There is not anything else I am holding on to. Just all that work in the computer room.

Allene:I was going to say, not consciously.

Mary:You are not aware...it is kind of like with Drue and her, the way she eats right and stuff? You are aware of everything around you consciously. Now you need to start dealing with the unconscious stuff. And bring that through.


But I thought I had done that with all the exercises and prayer work and balancing of my emotions and forgiving every wrong thing in my past life, before Roy came into my life and before this teaching communication and transmission/receiver began! I was so light of heart because all of the burdens were lifted off - until the tapes of these sessions began to stack up and I was the only one who could transcribe them. Having poor equipment caused me to spend many more hours on each than necessary... and once I got behind I fear I will never catch up.

Drue:I think this is a wonderful group to help all of us, and to support each and every one of us. As each one of us steps out and gets on with whatever it is in life that we need to get on with and get rid of whatever it is in life that is pulling us back and is not a benefit to us. Each one of us has a little different something!

Allene:We've all got something.

Drue:And, we've all got something, otherwise we wouldn't be here. (laughter) We'd be long gone! We'd be singing in the Angelic Choir.

Patije:Oh, you are the choir director, by the way. (laughter) You know what they told us the other night.

Allene:I am sitting here, Rayson - and Mary while you two were working on me, I am sitting here marveling not understanding, knowing how much was done. It is such an amazing fashion, with such rapture...

Rayson:We're moving too fast for you, eh? (laughter)

Allene:At this moment I was thinking about how much I got, something else is moving and nobody has even touched me.

Patije:Rayson must have spent some time in Canada! (finishing his statements with the "eh" sometimes.)

Allene:Rayson would you have anything that you would like to give us, perhaps to practice on or think about during the week?

Drue:In Accordance with our pact to share anything we think we hear, or see, or picture, I hear "work on myself" (unclear)

Mary:I didn't hear anything there.

Patije:You were trying too hard.

Allene:Yeah, you were trying too hard.

Mary:I was trying too hard.

Allene:You can see it - it goes right away to somebody else. Thank you, Drue. I think they will not let anything stand in error.

Drue:I felt it was good advice anyway. (laughter)

Allene:But if Rayson wanted to come in and say that's not what he had in mind, he would have overridden what you had to say.


Mary:Not only that but the healing energy is so intense right now, so I know he is with us.

Patije:I heard the little voice say:

Ruby:"He would tell!" "He would tell!" "He would tell!" (laughter)

Drue:That must be Ruby!

Allene:You know what Ruby reminds me of? Remember that program You Bet Your Life and a little bird comes down and repeats it "He would tell!" "He would tell" "He would tell!" like "Busy, busy, busy!" This little bird every once in a while comes down with his wings.

(Roy speaks but I can't hear it)

Patije:The thought came to me that we should send some supportive love to the Maryland group who is getting started.

Allene:Yeah, Seabrook.

(long silence while we do this)

Rayson:This is Rayson and I am back. The message was "letting go". (laughter)

Mary:I said "No, that's my imagination." He said "No, it is not!" (laughter)

Allene:Maybe he delivered that message to the Maryland group and got back already!

Mary: And, he's telling me: "Mary, Lighten up."

(Roy is talking but I can't hear him.)

Mary:He can do that I am sure.

Allene:I have the feeling that all of our other teachers are here this evening, sitting back and waiting. Now that we are so...

Mary:Rayson has told me that we have to sit back now and let the other teachers comer through but nobody else comes through.

Allene:Because we have been so enthralled with the new experience with Rayson.

(Roy says something but I can't hear it on tape)

Mary:Rayson is just sending healing energy to everybody. I can't get my hands off.

Patije:I heard Welmek say that they are well pleased with our carrying forth with the assignments.


Patije:I don't think VanEssa is here tonight.

Allene:I know something has been going on in this part of my head.

Mary:He is chuckling now and says - it is your baggage.

Allene:There goes my brain! (laughter)

(Roy talks but it cannot be picked up)

Allene:This is the same place that I felt when I got home the other night. When I started to feel . ..(fades out)

(Roy and Mary are talking about something while (and after) Allene is talking but I can't pick it up.)


You know what is interesting with this whole situation with my mother? I got those lessons from Michael...(fades out) acceptance?.. and some other lessons from Aflana. Then with Rayson the other night, working with the old tapes, when I went home the other night it's like I wasn't waiting for those things to hit the fan, I just walked in and said: "Ok, this is not my problem. I don't mean to be unkind. We made a deal and I have done nothing different than what our deal was." I came in . ..(fades out) Talk about unconditional love and you just throw that out the window. You want to be just half way decent (talking about the old way it was dealt with) I didn't do anything intentionally. I kept my end of the bargain and if she wants to go off and torture herself, then I don't have to get out of balance over it......(fades out again)

(Roy and Mary say something but I can't hear either one)

Allene:I'm not. I'm just observing it. I'm not experiencing....

(Roy says something, Mary answers, can't pick up)

Allene:Had this happened a couple of months ago, let me tell you, I would have been way off balance. Patije will tell you.

Patije:I've talked you through several of them. Your mother got me a little off balance about 3:00 in the morning this time!


Allene:You know when I don't accept it it has to go somewhere.

Mary:I think it was meant to be though, because she was not in a place where she could have talked to her. Because she was here going through this big old vacuum cleaner of healing.


At that point nobody can talk to her..because until she opens her heart you cannot carry on a conversation. When that wall comes up that is it! If you step in you are in a trap.

(conversation continues but becomes personal)

Mary:Does anybody else have any messages?

Allene:I did find out from Aflana the other night that a lot of this is coming through. (fades out)

Patije:Andrew is here.


Patije:He is just observing. Wanted to say "hello" but no message.

Group:Hello, Andrew.

Patije:Andrea is here, I think.

Allene:Andrea would make sense, because she is a healer. She is the one who has been teaching that other group about healing. I'll bet it is Andrea, not Andrew.

Drue:Well, Hello Andrea!

Patije:Maybe it is both of them. We are going to have somebody from Pittsburgh next Monday night.

Mary:Is this where Andrea is from?

Allene:Andrew is from Pittsburgh.

(Roy speaks but can't hear him)

Mary:Oh, ok.

Allene:Andrea was visiting the Indianapolis group and gave a wonderful lesson on healing.

Patije:I don't feel the energies from the teachers tonight as much as usual. I wonder if they are with us "in person" or only contacting through their long-distance apparatus? I wonder.

Mary:Oh, well, Rayson is here.

Patije:Yes, Rayson is here, I was talking about the others.

Allene:Rayson is here.

Patije:Welmek is here.

Allene:Yes, I heard Welmek before when you said he was pleased with our assignment, he said: "I am very pleased." a very positive statement.

Mary:Who is sitting on that chair? (she points to an empty chair)

Drue:Rayson, if you are still here, many of us need some more help.


Well, Rayson told me and Aflana....(too soft) . .. as he get's rid of the toxins you will be able to pick up and be more centered... (fades out). I received that when I am attuned and adjusted that they will heal all of us, whatever that is. But I tell you, if I get sick, I'm going to go to Dr. Rayson. (laughter) or Dr. Mary and Dr. Rayson.

Roy:Mary Rayson!



Allene:As soon as she said that, I liked the sound of that!


We were trying to come up with her spiritual name the other night and it is so close but we couldn't quite get it. (pause) "Mary" has been healing in this household. Now we don't automatically think of Roy's exwife when we say: "Mary". (laughter) (long silence) Well, teachers, if you are here, we would like to have a communication or lesson or a message.

Mary:I don't hear anything until you say something like that and then I hear "I am here!" and I say: "well do what you want to do" and I hear: "I am healing."

Drue:What I hear is that they are all sitting here in a circle with us and everybody is just so comfortable. It is like on a sunny afternoon and you are sitting around the lake and everybody is just sitting there peacefully together and you don't really have to say anything, because you are all good friends and you are all there together and sharing the same space. (long, long silence)

Allene:Well, I am just sitting here letting baggage drift (????too soft) I'm not trying to sift it out.

Rayson:I like to share your space.

Drue:You must be getting ready to do ??? because I am getting very light and I'm going up. (laughter)

Mary:Rayson says he is working on other levels. (too soft to pick up)

Allene:That is probably why the teachers are relatively silent)

Mary:And, I am whispering again. I am sorry, people. Can you hear me now?

Patije:I can now, but I didn't before.

Mary:You didn't hear what he said about levels? Rayson is here and Rayson is working with us on other levels - on levels that we are not aware of.

Patije:Ok, thank you.

Allene:Well, Rayson,I for one, I'm willing to receive all the help, all the love.

Drue:So am I, Rayson. Thank you. But I am really going up.

Patije:Do you go straight up or do you go in circles?

Drue:I'm going straight up.

Patije:It is like I am on a merry-go-round or spiralling up and around.

Drue:You know the ah..it is sort of like a little elevator, a little seat that you put on the staircase and it takes you up? I'm on one of those but it is going straight up!

(discussion between Allene, Roy and Mary that is not loud enough to hear on tape)

Mary:Rayson is not talking, but I am sharing what I am seeing. I don't think it is fair not too.


Mary said a beautiful thing to me the other night. I don't think she'll mind if I share it, but I was asking here to share some of her transcripts - being a new transmitter or journaler, or whatever you call it, I asked her if she would share those. She said: "Well, I don't think they are mine anymore. I think they were given to me to share." I thought that was so beautiful and so enlightened of her!

Mary:When Rayson works with me in a healing he is such a "Dear Heart " (too soft)

Drue:We think you are too, Mary.

Allene:You know I can begin to feel...(fades out)

Drue:You know, my spine is so straight now, it feels like all the vertebrae are stacked right on top of one another and stretched the way it is supposed to be.

Mary:There is a profound amount of energy coming into us right now! I've not experienced this before.

Voice:I'm finding when I put my hands out they are wanting to go in a North\South direction.

Mary:Maybe we are charging batteries. Patije, your baggage is letting loose.


Mary:He is working on levels you are not aware of.

(tape turned over)

Rayson:(Mary)You need to center yourself before your meals.

Patije:How do we do that?

Rayson:Go into the silence for a minute if you have to. Then you will know that we will be working with you.

Patije:Thank you.

Rayson:Go with your feelings.

Allene:I got "what you want to eat" is that what you mean?

(answer too soft to pick up)

Mary:This is Mary. I think this is what he is telling you to do.

Patije:I suddenly felt a pain right in here.

Mary:You got loose from whatever you were carrying around.

(everybody is talking at once)

Drue:When you mentioned the pain in your neck just now? What came to my mind is that you just got rid of the pain in your neck. (laughter)

Patije:Thank you!

Mary:In fact I saw like a thing going out the back of your neck. (long pause) Oh, Roy, I know you don't want to hear it, (laughter) and I don't want to tell you (laughter) but....

Patije:Roy, do you have enough courage to ask?

Roy:What is it?

Mary:I just keep seeing your lungs...and your....I don't know why. He's not saying anything. I don't know why.

Allene:I would think about it between now and next week. (laughter)

Drue:What are you looking at, Mary. Are you looking at black lungs? Or are you looking at healthy pink ones?

Mary:Well, they are sort of pink but they have a brown coating inside.

Roy:oooooooooh (can't hear the rest)

Mary:I can't quite describe the color - maybe take a little green and add a little black to it and slosh it around together, . ...maybe you needed to hear that...

Roy:What is it? (too soft)

Mary:Poison?....(too soft) . .... is fine.

Patije:Something different in the cigarettes?

Mary:I told him they are fine - just a horrible color.

Drue:See what happens...the whole body process is cleansing. Breathing in and breathing out is cleansing. When there is smoke, instead of bringing in clean air you are bringing in more poison so that you body doesn't have a chance to get this clean stuff that it needs for this cleansing process.

Mary:What I am seeing inside your lungs is (too soft) air pockets and a brown coat of...

Patije:Can you fix it?

Drue:I'll hold your cigarettes for you.

Mary:I don't want to interfere with him if he is not ready. I don't want that to happen again. She is right. What you say is what you get.

Allene:I said: "the decision has already been made." - But, I had made the decision for my birthday in March - I didn't intend for it to be immediately.

Mary:She didn't even get to finish the sentence. When she said the decision has been made - zap! I didn't even know what was happening. I am sitting there and the energy is coming through me.


I guess I probably was ready on an unconscious level because I was thinking about it almost every time I smoked a cigarette - except at night when I was busy and like that. I've known this was going. So, it was already decided. It may not have been decided -

Mary:Rayson says not to worry. We are not trying to frighten you. (laughter)

(Roy says something but too soft)

Allene:Believe me, if I wasn't ready I'd... I'm like the old alcoholic, I take it one day at a time. In my mind, I don't say I'll never do that again.

Mary:Are you (too soft) He is cleansing you at the energy level. (continues but too soft to pick up) laughter... I'm grateful that Rayson is doing this because I couldn't hold my hands up this long by myself.

Drue:Well, your little friends are under there holding them up.

Mary:I guess! (laughter) My Chanti! The energy just won't quit! Whew!

(long silence)

Drue:I get that even our unseen helpers - everyone is just bathing in this relaxed energy. Everyone is soaking it up. They are all sitting around saying "Thank you, so much." Like a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Patije:I see this too.

Allene:Yeah, I was going to say earlier I see that too.

Mary:oh, wow.

Allene:And here you thought you were just working with simple mortals...sorry about that.

Mary:Somebody is holding my hands and that's cool.

Allene:No wonder they are so quiet.

(long silence again)

Allene:Maybe . ..instead of having a roman bath, they are having a spiritual bath...they go in and sit and get a cleansing, and they don't have the same kind of body to go and take a bath.

(long silence)

Allene:(Says something else but can't pick it up.)


Can we work on my ears? I want to hear. It is not like I want to block it out. Rayson was here at one of the meetings in the spring and I had perfect hearing for about 6 hours. It was wonderful. Of course, everyone who comes to help transcribe can hear nothing on these tapes except static and buzzing and everything is too soft - I do hear a lot on these tapes but it is difficult disregarding the buzzing and static) So maybe I do hear, I've just convinced myself I can't!

Drue:Do you remember ??? who passed away late in her life. She was very very hard of hearing. She used to say: "I'm totally convinced that I am responsible for this because I would say to people I don't want to hear what they are saying."

Mary:I just heard somebody say that to me when you said something about your hearing. I saw you saying: "I don't want to hear it."

Patije:But I've never thought or said that though!

Allene:Yeah, but I was picking up the same thing because I thought this doesn't make sense.

Mary:this doesn't make sense because I haven't heard her say it.

Allene:I haven't heard her say that either.

Patije:I have never thought it!

Mary:I picked that up as you said that.

Drue:What I heard was not that you don't want to hear, but that "You have to want to hear."

Mary:Ahh, that's right.

Allene:(too soft to hear)


I notice that when I can't hear I tend to draw into myself and I don't do that in these groups. It is the only place I don't do that. I don't like large groups "out there" because I end up going into myself and I am only comfortable in small groups. Even when the 28 people were here...

Mary:Perhaps you have programmed yourself that way and when there are more than a few people you automatically go into that mode.


I try to be aware that I not do that. I am very aware of it and I have done a lot of work on it over the years - especially since I went to Unity School. I don't want to hear evil. I don't want to hear bad words. I don't want to hear violence or threats. I don't want to hear anger - I will admit that. Is the world so full of it that I am blocking out the world?

Mary:The world is full of it. (too soft to hear the rest)

Patije:I know I don't enjoy watching television. I don't want to see the violence and the ugliness. Even the romance is . ..

Rayson:This is Rayson, and I leave now for awhile.

Drue:Thank you, Rayson.

Allene:Thank you.

Patije:Bye, Rayson.

Allene:I was thinking you need to be aware but not attached to things that are ugly to you.


Oh, I am aware there is a war going on, I am aware that there is crime, I am aware that there are people who are starving but I am not emotionally attached to it. I just don't want to permeate my thinking with it so I don't bother to sit and watch television all the time like that. I think I've don't a pretty good job of handling myself and keeping myself healed but I don't understand the hearing. I can understand weight because I said: "Look, I won't ever complain about my weight again, if I can walk." I meant it with all my heart. I'm hearing myself complaining about my weight...

Allene:Yeah it is not a static universe anyway, Patije.

Mary:No, you see I got that that was not a thing . ..

Allene:Patije, . ..(too soft) (Mary and Allene talking at the same time)


Logically I understand it, emotionally...but the hearing I don't because I have never wanted to close my hearing off from anything. I've never had a reason to say: "Oh don't tell me that" because I've always said "tell me more" unless it is because I wanted to hear from the inner instead of the outer and I've concentrated on that so much that the outer has quit!?

Mary:Sometimes you don't have that problem.


I was going to say, I wondered if it is because you are trying to work on the computer and people are calling you and all. Maybe there is a part of you that says enough is enough?


That is not the way I feel! I love the phone calls! I love being in these groups. (pause) It is a symptom of MS - for the hearing to turn off when it is tired. However, I am not expressing any other symptoms of MS...


But you have been dealing with too much...and you haven't been yourself the last 3 or 4 days at all. So, maybe that is what it is. Well, I mean I notice it more the last 3 or 4 days. So maybe that is what is happening and the body has had enough - like that time I went home and slept for 2 days. When the body has it, it starts to shut down.

Patije:That is what it was doing 2 weeks ago, but I'm up again now with...


Patije:I know when I get caught up in the computer room I'll feel really good!

Mary:You're getting there.


So far the help that has come, is helpful but they don't type, don't know computers, they don't transcribe - and that is where I am behind - and then I have that transcribing machine which is just about useless.....

Allene:By the way, . ..(too soft too hear)

Patije:Everything works together for good. I know that. And, I've demonstrated it many times in my life experience.

Mary:I was going to say, you certainly do show that to work well for you.


I have this thing, Drue, about this letter...about whether to put it out on a subscription basis, and then possibly as a love offering basis. It is not a simple decision. After talking to Patije and then I talked to Roland who was here, and then it all came together and I said: "OK, I would do it as a donation" and then when this came in I thought "Well, ok that is the first seed money and I started an account for that." (gets too soft to hear)

Drue:(too soft to hear)

Patije:Well, I just spent $88 today for a toner. It is a never ending battle. (laughter)

Allene:Well, you know the other thing, Patije, is you really have to, you know, ask for what you want, you really have to let people know what it costs.

Patije:I tell anyone who asks, but I don't require money from anyone. Some people generously give.

Mary:I have always felt bad about that because "How much does she put in there?" I don't have any idea.


Well, you know if you break it down per copy, per sheet of paper, I don't know what it is - $.10 or $.12 but it is all those I throw away getting the complete one that hasn't been messed up by a used toner...

Mary:That is what I am saying. Find out the cost and let . ..

Allene:Yes, let people know what it costs!


There isn't any way to tell. I went through 3 toners since Christmas and they run $100. new. You can get them for $74 at Office Depot now. And, we found a place that will refill then for $44, but some say you should not do that to your printer, so I don't know if that is going to cost me more in the long run. (The one time I used a refill it only made 1100 copies - normally I get 8 or 9 reams of paper printed.)

Mary:What I am saying is that you should add it all up and see.


For 1992, I totalled up everything I spent on these Urantia things and with everything (donation) sent to me, I still spent $641 more than I received. That was subtracting my own 10% tithe from the cost and still there was $641 over. I spent a lot of money. When we had 28 people there were at least 20 copies times 30 pages, each week just for our group and then I sent some out...

Allene:And, coffee.

Patije:I didn't count coffee, or the Urantia "Mustard Seeds" and such that people took from the Urantia room. Sometimes people brought coffee.

Drue:I think it was very confusing because in the beginning, they kept saying "no money" and then one time when I tried to make an announcement to throw donations in a jar for Patije's expenses, boy, I was cut off like there was no tomorrow!


I think she missed the whole point of the whole lesson. I couldn't undo it because when I tried I was told that it was coming from me, not the teachers - I was being greedy. I understood the teachers to tell us we are not to charge anybody for anything spiritual. There was no directive not to have people leave a donation to cover the costs of producing the copies for them, but I gave it to the Father and knew that he would see that I had the money I needed to keep up his work. And, he did.

Mary:There was nothing wrong for you to say: "I spent x number of $ for toner, paper, whatever and you all need to help me pay for it.

Patije:I did! You know what they would say to me? "Your printer is not cost efficient, there are printers which do better than that." or "I wouldn't share your personal stuff if I were you. Then it wouldn't cost so much to copy them." or...

Allene:But, they were very happy to take it!

Mary:They accepted it, and didn't help you?!?


This is one of the reasons that I kept a list like when I sent out the newsletter to these people, I kept the postage, I kept how many copies I sent out, how much it cost to run off the copies, I keep all of this information then at some time down the road, either it is self-generating, or it isn't and in the newsletter I can say I've been doing this for so many months, I am so much ahead, thank you very much or I am so much behind, if you'd like this to continue I need help. But then you've got it exactly down. It is not an estimate, it is not a guess, it is like a real clear cut thing. And, I don't mix it with my money. That is real separate for accounting. Just like a business. Otherwise, for me, I feel badly if I ask people for money and I've gotten it all mixed up and I'm not sure how much it really cost or how much of my money and...I'm not comfortable with that so I keep it.

Mary:But she is into this now.

Allene:I understand, but I am telling her to keep track of it.

Patije:I know exactly what I spent. I just told you $641 more than my 10% tithe and the money I received last year.

Mary:Now you need a way of telling everybody. Hey guys, I need $20 from you and you...(fades out)"

Patije:I can't do that.


Patije:I can't do that anymore than you could take money for healing. It has got to be a love offering. It has to come from the person who is getting the value or it is not worth it.

Mary:But healing is different. I don't have to open my purse to do it.

Allene:That is an interesting point!

Mary:It doesn't cost me anything. I am giving of my time. I will get in my car and go over wherever I need to be if I am not working.

Patije:If you were doing it everyday, how much money would you be spending for gas?

Mary:I don't count that. I'm not having to go in and get my purse to pay so much for copies and whatever. I think that is very material.

Patije:Well, that is the difference. I get help, but not enough to pay for all of the expenses.

Mary:That is expensive stuff.


I guess my point is that I understand a lot how you feel about, you know, getting money for something. It is one thing to charge for something, it is another thing, you know, for what the expenses are, and what somebody is benefiting from. I mean I know I've run up a tab with Patije because I haven't been able to even pay my...

(Roy and Mary talking about how much is being spent for paper and cassette tapes and toners as well as the equipment needing to replaced) but it is too soft to pick up)


You heard me say this when I first came here. I belonged to a church and it is a very very wealthy community and had 3 services on Sunday. They wanted to build a new church and the minister would not let us ask for money at all in any form. It was going to be a church that love would build. I was on the finance committee. We had wonderful people on the committee for the ideas but we couldn't use any of them because they had to do with money. I went to the board meeting as a new member and I said I don't understand why you won't talk about money because it takes US dollars to go down to the bank, to buy the materials. We should get up and say this is what you want, what it is going to cost, and ask for what we needed. The minister wanted people to give the money without being asked. Because they had not been asked they assumed none was needed. As soon as you tell people it is going to cost 2 million dollars, and this is what we need, I guarantee you people would have written checks all over the place. But nobody asked them, so they assumed that we had the money. The point is the same thing. If you ask. It is one thing to say you had to buy toners, but that is skirting the issue. That is not coming out and saying: "Guys I need."

Mary:You should say: "It is costing me x# $ . "

Patije:Well, I brought it up one night...

Drue:We have to find people who are willing to foot the expenses because Patije has devoted her entire life to doing this work. She is giving all of herself, she should have help for the cost of it.

(Roy said something but tape didn't pick it up)

Drue:Absolutely everything! You people have people sleeping on your sofas! (laughter)

Roy:Everybody is coming down to get out of the cold...


No, Roy, they are coming to be taught about what is going on. We have been told we are a teaching center - and our first assignment is to teach new transmitters how to relax and flow with it. Anybody coming for that reason is welcome in my home. I will turn none away.

(tape ends. Another tape had to be hunted and by the time a new tape was put in, the session had ended)

(One of the teachers had mentioned something about enjoying our conversation and the healing energy. Then Drue led us in a song)

Session 24

  • THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1993 (11:30 AM)


Dearest Father and Unseen helpers,

I am pleased that I am able to help with our work. I need the strength to keep going forward. I m open and willing for any messages.


My friend, Julie,

This is JoEl. I know that you know that I am also busy, but I am always here for you. This is also my mission.

We are so pleased with you, and love you, and we are your friends. We want you to keep thinking about keys and circuits, and we do know that you are coming up with how this works.

We love you and you are so dear to us. we surround you with the Love Energy. You are thinking of the Little Red Hen, you are one of the helpers.


This is Aflana. We love you, and surround you in joy. We are still adjusting you. Keep helping Patije, she needs you, also Mary. They need love energy and reassurance. Send love energy to B...Rejoice!


My Child,

I am well pleased with you. You are truly one of my special ones. I know what's in your heart, you are so kind and good to everyone, and that never goes unnoticed. I know you don't want a reward, but you shall be rewarded in ways you never knew possible.

Send more love to Bill, see him slipping when you don't do that. That's why we always acknowledge your goodness.

Call on me. I am always with you. You are my child, and I care as a Father.

Your Father

Session 25

  • FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 1993 (12:30 PM)



This is Rayson. Good day, Beloved Child of God. Look forward to the future, for the changes are through the door, which you no nobly kept open. We did much work last night, you and I . I am overjoyed to see how well you work with the healing energy and with me. You worked so diligently at you lessons that you accomplish so much. Feel your success, Dearest One, for we have worked with many and not had results like with you.

Celebrate! Be joyous! Feel your self worth. Your diligence is inspiring. You continue to work with the healed. We have not observed this kind of faithfulness. Go about your duties.

LATER SATURDAY JANUARY 16, 1993 (3:30 am at home)...


This is Rayson. Good morning. Beloved Child of God. Remember that I am working closely with you. some of your lessons are incorporated with your daily life. Did you see human weaknesses today??? You were yourself, attempting to assist your SGT and his guest riding with him. You observed that he did not appreciate your efforts or assist you with the work load. the hand shaker has vast mood swings and lack of respect or consideration. You, My Precious One, should notice how noble you were. Even when you had all the work to do in the rain, even when he would not help you, you did an assignment for him. You were early for work. He did not care and you remained gentle. Can you see how special you are? YO make considerate moral decisions with kindness and love, everyday. even when others do not. You serve mankind so naturally that I am honored to work with you, My Mary.

You questioned my message to Patije. "Let go." We will be working with her on this. You heard me right.

Session 26

  • SATURDAY, JAN 16, 1993 (3:30 AM at home)



This is Rayson. Good morning, Beloved Child of God. Remember that I am working closely with you. Some of your lessons are incorporated with your daily life. Did you see human weaknesses today?? You were yourself, attempting to assist your SGT and his guest riding with him. You observed that he did not appreciate your efforts or assist you with the work load. The hand shaker has vast mood swings and lack of respect or consideration. You, My precious One should notice how noble you were. Even when you had all the work to do in the rain, even when he would not help you. You did an assignment for him. You were early for work. He did not car and you remained gentle. Can you see how special you are? You make considerate moral decisions with kindness and love, everyday. Even when others od no. You serve mankind so naturally that I am honored to work with you, My Mary.

You questioned my message to Patije. "Let Go." We will be working with her on this. You heard me right.

Session 27

  • JANUARY 17, 1993



Dear Father, Michael, Thought Adjuster and Teachers,

Thank you so much for answering my prayers regarding Patije and for helping our quest this evening. Michael, I especially thank you for sharing yourself so freely with all who come to us. Aflana, it is such a joy to know of your ever watchfulness over our group. And, LorEL, I did hear the seriousness of what you had to say. I know what you say is correct and ask for your guidance as to what we can do to become better "anchors" in the days ahead and to be of as much service as possible to all around us. I am trying to remember Michael's lesson of balance, for without this, we are not able to do much. This seems to be a main focus for me now regardless of what else is going on around me and what I have in front of me to catch up on and do.

Do you have any further messages for us this evening?


It was a pleasure to be with you this evening. You both have accepted your assignments with such enthusiasm and love of service. It is this that makes working with you such a joy for all of us.

You were wondering this evening if the reason I am working with you has anything to do with the Network News you are starting. This is an interesting connection as we are both involved in establishing contacts between the groups in different ways. However, this is not the reason that I remain your main teacher. It is because of the unusual possibilities that you present us with. We have put this aside for now as there is much to be done and your time is quite well occupied. We will return to these things at a later date. already much has been done to facilitate these contacts and future experiments and experiences.

For now, it is best that you continue to practice staying in balance. It will help you in all the work you have ahead of you. You are beginning to get more order in your life and this, too, will help you in the days ahead. Pay more attention to all those around you as you go about your day. You are truly never alone.

You have done well this evening. Much good will come of this. Mary's energies and awareness will be of much assistance to you in your efforts to stay balanced. You need not be concerned with how to give to Mary. She is very well pleased to have found the level of love and support that you and Patije offer her. All is balanced here. It is enough that each of you go about your special tasks and help each other whenever you can.

Pay attention to Julie this evening (now 4:00 AM) as there will be more to learn of her special talents. Let her lead the way and share with you how she sees. You will all learn from what she has to say.

Allene:Thank you. I will share this with the group.

Session 28

  • SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 1993 (5:15 PM)


Dear Father, and Unseen Helpers,

Are there any messages for me today?

Lovingly, Julie

This is JoEL. We are pleased and happy that you are willing to do your job for the Father. We love you and you are our friend.

You must rest more so we can adjust you more. continue to plant your seeds and find the keys that fit the circuit and hearts of all. Send Bill more Love Energy, and be the "Little Reed Hen" Watch your health this week, and call on me. I am there always for you. Your friend for life,


Thank you JOEl. I shall try to abide by your words. I love you.


SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 1993 (3:00 PM)

Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

Thank you for this beautiful day. Are there any messages for me today?

Your willing friend and child, Julia

This is JoEl. We love you and you are truly a friend. Be a friend to everyone, be that angel friend. Be there when you are called. Think about all kinds of seeds and how different one's need different kinds of nurturing, but all need life and light and love.

All this is done in joy and happiness. Love one another and these are the lessons to master. We surround you in Love and Light.

Your friend, JoEL

Thank you for coming to me with lessons. I shall work on them..

Love, Julie

Session 29

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 1993


Patije:We usually start with a quiet time, perhaps hold hands in a circle and express our willingness to be used as a transmitter before we start. One of the pacts of the individuals of our groups is to share whatever you are aware of in your mind - whether it is a word, a sentence, a sound, a smell, a feeling, a vision, a color, whatever you think you are being impressed with. Usually it adds to something someone else gets. It's authenticity is verified later - perhaps by someone else in the group. This reassures you when you first start : "Is this coming from my own mind, or somebody else?"

Allene:When we start... Now we just share anything. It may sound . ...Aflana started a lesson one night before Michael came, where we were to share what came to us as she impressed our minds. Each of us got a word, or phrase. Some saw words, some saw pictures, some saw sounds...and we put them altogether for a message. It is important that everybody shares everything. If we don't we don't get all of the pieces to the puzzle.

Patije:Now, this is the difference of having one teacher, one transmitter and more than one teacher and transmitter. Even if we have only one teacher present, different transmitters pick up that one teacher slightly different.

Bea:Wow. I guess that is true because I remember that they say they use the computer of our mind. They are using your computer, yours, Allene and mine.

Allene:They can only go by what we have in it and what we know. So if you read our papers and read Patije' LorEL and my LorEl - it is the exact same LorEL, but it is very different. First because we are asking different questions. They work with each of us, but differently. It still doesn't sound like LorEL does through Patije - but some phrases or intonations will be the same.

Patije:What we did in the beginning is let everyone in the group hold a pen and pad in their hand, but we don't have any here - but sometimes it is easier to read than to speak. With our group so small..

Allene:Well, Bea is probably able to speak it since there are only three people here at this time...

Patije:Tomorrow night we will have more. (pause) Sometimes you can ask a question in your mind and you will get the answer. Sometimes you can ask a question out loud and somebody else will get the answer. We don't have the same experience that Welmek's group in Indianapolis and Ham in Woods Cross have. We are totally different. We are a group for beginning transmitters so...

Bea:This is the right place for me. This may help me quite a bit because they did say that I am but a whisper away.

Patije:Well, it's just us. So share whatever is on your mind and we will help you.

Bea:I will be very happy to do that.

(a little conversation which is too soft for tape)

(Short silence as we go into the stillness)

Patije:This is Patije. I invite the teachers. I am open, willing, and ready to work with them. We are here for the purpose of helping Bea, perhaps realize (too soft for tape) We ask you for the opportunity of service if you can use us in any way.

Allene:This is Allene. I am open, and willing to be of service to you tonight. We welcome you. We ask you for your help this evening for (tape too soft) Michael I thank you for...(too soft)

Bea:I want to say (too too soft to pick up)

(long long silence)

Aflana:Good evening, Dear Ones. I am Aflana.

Group:Good evening.

Aflana:This is such a delight! This is an unusual occurrence. We welcome you.

Allene:And, we welcome you.

Aflana:What is it we can help you with?

Allene:Aflana, this evening we would like to assist Bea and give her experience and practice in transmitting...

Aflana:This is good! This is very good. We will be happy to help her. Is she willing to at least try our suggestion and play with our teaching methods?

Bea:I am very much interested. And, I think it is great because I feel great.

Aflana:We welcome you. We are glad you are here in this teaching circle. The purpose of this group is to enable others to learn to transmit our lessons and to begin to feel comfortable with transmissions, to experience and to practice. Have you practiced with the pen and pad? (pause)

Bea:Yes. I had that way suggested to me by Teacher Andrew. I don't know if you can tell me or not, but it was suggested to the group, and at that the time that it was suggested I thought that perhaps it was directed to me and some others in the group who have on occasion been, been accustomed to writing our prayers and meditations down. When he said it, it seemed to me that it might be directed to me.

Aflana:Have you felt this has been successful for you?

Bea:I felt that it was a direction I could take. I've had a problem when I sit in the stillness - I feel after ten or fifteen minutes, I become somewhat frustrated all the time, so writing is sort of a way of not feeling that I was just sitting there with an empty head.

Aflana:Let us try some new experiences tonight. May we scan your memory banks?

Bea:Please do.

Aflana:I see you were selected a long time ago. There was a space that you found where you could bring quiet and peace into the chaos of your life experience. At that time you expressed your willingness to serve the Father... (too soft)

Bea:I see. I remember that time. Very well. (short silence) There is a spot in my home where I told my friends in my prayer group this is where I feel... (too soft)

Aflana:I see the tendency to repeat many (too soft to hear on tape) Allow this to wash over this and become a part of you without trying to think for yourself. (too soft to catch)

Bea:Thank you.

Aflana:I am going to impress upon your mind, a word...and a picture. Sit quietly until you are aware of the word having dominance in your mind or a picture - and then share it. (several moments of silence)

Bea:I think I am seeing a picture of a tree and the sun and... (voice too quiet) . ..sunshine... With this is the word "ray".

Allene:I affirm this.

Aflana:What does this represent to you?

Bea:Jesus? (lengthy silence)

Aflana:Think about this. I have given this word and picture for you.

Bea:(too soft to hear on tape)

Aflana:Let us think of a quality. The tree might be life...(too soft); ray might be energy of Love, etcetera. Does this suggest something in your mind? (short silence)

Bea: I am getting this picture of a tree and the sun and . ..(too soft to hear) vibrancy, life,

Aflana:The energy of Life Circuits. You are receiving energy (too soft for buzzing on tape) Your perceptance... (too soft)

Bea:I am getting a picture of the tree, and I turn the sun . ... a very strong picture of the place where I... (fades out)

Aflana:This is good. Let us turn this around now and instead of trying to identify it with something in your history, try to identify it with a message that might be given to you.


Aflana:Only you know the symbol. These words mean something to you. If they mean something to you, begin to find that in your mind. And when this begins to happen it is very rapid. It is a process.

Bea:I will try.

Patije:Can you help us, Allene?


Well, I don't know. I got three clear things when Aflana said to do this. But, what comes to mind is as we've seen, I think it is important to shut down the left working part of the brain and listen. Forget about thinking. I don't quite know how to explain it. It's just being open and receptive - not trying to . ...(too soft)... left brain business starts to work, and it seems to block or something (very soft under buzzing on tape) When you just concentrate on what Aflana is asking and focus your attention on Aflana. I think you will have a . ..an easier access to what Aflana is impressing you with. (short silence) Aflana, this is Allene. Is there anything that you might share or shed light on, perhaps my explanation isn't correct or clear? (short silence)

Aflana:It is so. Let us begin another way. Let's each one of you receive a word and keep adding to the words until you receive the message. We will be impressing upon all of you at once. As you are aware of a word, speak it. (short silence)



Bea:Light, go??? (too soft)



Bea:now (?)

Allene:"Go forward in light now. Go with peace and joy in your heart." How's that?


Patije:It works!

Allene:Well, we have to ask Aflana.

Aflana:You know that you know! (laughter)

Bea:???? too soft


Bea: walk, a walk... walk in peace...

Allene:Aflana, do you want to do anther one?

Aflana:Yes, I will proceed You are being impressed in your minds.

Bea:??? too soft

Patije:??? too soft


Bea:??? too soft (fly)

Patije:??? too soft

Allene:I heard that.

Patije:What was it?

Allene:She said "fly". I just wanted to confirm that her word fly I also got. It is always nice when somebody confirms...

Bea:It is very nice. It is very nice.

Allene:Patije, when you said ???? and fly, it reminded me of the first phrase I learned in Latin . ..when confused, time flies... (group laughter)

Patije:This is true.

Allene:Time flies when you are balanced.

Patije:When you are out-of-balance it does too.


Patije:Bea, you need to speak up a little louder - for me and for the tape recorder.

Bea:I'm just mumbling because...I guess I'm mumbling fly....fly....fly...

Aflana:This is Aflana speaking. If I were to give a message to you, Bea, what do you think I would say, what do you hear me say? (pause) I would start out: "Good evening, Dear Ones..."

Bea:That is what I would write in my meditation...any sense that I was going into the directions, I would say: "You are going to . .. you will, and so on and so on....yesterday I said to myself: "You will be with Patije and it will be wonderful"

Allene:Can I just say something here? You are going back to the past.

Bea:Oh, I am already.

Allene:Aflana is asking you to direct it right now, as Aflana, if I were going to speak to you right now, what would you hear me say? (pause)

Patije:Aflana is....(too soft)

Aflana (Bea)

You are . ... you are...seeing the Light. You are surrounded by radiant light and you are resting in a radiant light. You feel great . .. to enjoy. You are home.

Patije:I can confirm every bit of that.

Aflana (Bea)You are as ???? for speaking to Bea, you are ???...

Aflana (Patije)This is Aflana. I have just made arrangements. Andrew will soon address this group and he wishes to use you, Bea, to address this group. He is not here presently with you, but his words will come clearly to you for transmitting. As you hear them in your mind, as you are aware of them, speak them to this group as if you are speaking as Andrew.

Andrew (Bea)

You are together. ????? (can't hear on tape). I greet you, ???? I greet you tonight. You are, you are in a circle of radiant light. You are joined, you are joined by your dedication to Christ Michael. You are enjoined . ...to a place where you have not been before.... you are you'll be together in a new direction... it will bring the amplification of your separate paths as you bring them together bound by your love for Him, the Creator.

Patije:Thank you, Andrew. This is Patije. Is there anything further we can do to help Bea begin this process...

Allene:Andrew, this is Allene. I appreciate your coming. I, too, am willing to ????message....(too soft) (long silence)

Patije:Can you take our greetings back to the group in Pittsburgh? (long silence)

Bea:I was listening to you, Patije. Let me listen now and see if I can here Andrew...(long, long silence)

Patije:(too soft to hear)

Allene:Yes, I was just going to say that I feel very clear that Andrew has more to say to us. (long silence) Are you aware of Andrew, Bea?

Bea: I am feeling very happy...here I wasn't...

Allene:Well, he is trying to speak through you.

Patije:You did very well, earlier.

Allene:You did very well! But, he has more to say to us. He wants to say it through you.

Patije:Something about we don't want....

Allene:In answer to your earlier question, Patije when you asked if he would take our greetings back to his group.He said it would bring him great joy to do that.

Patije:There is something in your mind, Bea, Just go with it and the rest of it will follow. You have to utter the first two or three words before the next two or three are given to you.

Andrew (Bea):

We are ??? be together. ????? for awhile?????. (too soft to hear on tape)

...tonight...before... through you....and I will guide you as you pursue this course. So you might continue as there is a direction that I ??? am leading you, to explain to you the main ??? which you are to interact which is the perfect of this time. It is a ??? . ..action... (short silence) /???????? for you to please him.. It is a sharing time but experience . .. and you may ask the others to continue to... now...

Patije:Thank you, Andrew.

Allene:Thank you.

Patije:This is Patije and I just saw a yellow color. It is a bright yellow color ???? (too soft)

Aflana: (Allene)

This is Aflana. Bea, we are so pleased with what you have just given us. This is the process. This is the interaction that Andrew is speaking of. This is a two-way process. We are pleased that you have seen what this is about, and that you will take this with you. We cannot impress upon you without your participation. As you cannot speak with us about our particular....? (faded out)

Andrew: (Bea)

Now, I have ???? way in this. You might want... you are dependent....? and this is???? You can learn from this and they are quite capable teachers because of their light in this process. It is their contribution to do this with and through ???? This is why they have been chosen and this is why they are effective. You will be guided by them and this will happen because of all their dedication. You have been let go and let them carry it which they are taking over and doing. You will soon see that this is an impressive method for you. You may not believe that at this moment but this will become very clear to you and in will be demonstrated to you. As you ???? You can truly relax under these ???? methods and with this method. This is using ????do not have ????? and with the possible for you not to feel that you are initial process (??? very soft and there is a buzzing noise on tape also) And that is why you can cry on the way you've done your friends. And, now you will be able to fly???... on their own....

Patije:Andrew, this is Patije. Does Corili or Corenili mean anything to you?

Bea:Andrew, you have called me Elizabeth and I want to thank you. I am learning to let go. ???? (too soft) You let me know ????? . .. some guidance... . ????.... (way too soft to pick up on tape - can hear Bea talking but cannot pick up words at all)

Patije:This is Patije. I was hearing Coralene, or Corali...Coralee... could this be a teacher, or her personal teacher or . ..

Bea:I have a sister and I don't know what her name is. But they did tell me I had a sister and I have been greeting her in my meditations. Andrew, I have been greeting you and my sister and I have been so happy to know that she's here. Corali might be . ...????....

Patije:Do you receive anything, Allene?

Allene:I don't know. I sort of hear Corali too, but I don't get who she is... almost feel her energy...

Patije:I thought maybe Corali was a personal teacher.

Allene:I think this too.

Patije:I tried Corell and that didn't work.

Allene:She's got light energy. Very light energy. Soft and gentle.

Patije:There is a glow about her. It might be the yellow I've been seeing.

Allene:I see the yellow. I think its a teacher, not... I was going to thank Andrew and Aflana for ??? and all working so well together.

Bea:Andrew is ????(too soft)

Allene:I tell you, Patije, your LorEL wants to say something. I picked her up and I said: "Is this LorEL? Do you want to say something?" and she said "Yes, I do want to say something!" and then I got the impression, you know, Patije's here. I don't know what she wants to say. She's here. She is rather serious.

Patije:I'm not picking her up at all. I know she is here. Maybe I was just too intent on Andrew's words?

Allene:I hear: "Yes, indeed I do want to say something.

Patije:Why don't you help her, Allene?

LorEL: (Allene)

"There are very important days ahead. It is important to listen ??? as all meetings at this time are important. For we need all those who are willing to work together. We need all those who are willing to give of their efforts at this time. Cannot coerce any one who cannot ????? we must wait for those willing individuals to come forward. Not only must they be willing but they must take action. For this we are very pleased with what we see this evening. This is important. I cannot impress upon you how important these things are at this time. Please share this with your group when you go home also. There are many events that lie ahead and the willingness of all who are open and aware are much needed at this time. I cannot impress this strongly enough. You are not yet aware what your intentions, efforts and actions mean at this time. I can assure you that they are most important. (pause) There are still few, not many...

Allene:I'm not hearing clearly, but something about the ???? (too soft)

Patije:(too soft to pick up)


The efforts that are expended at this time will be appreciated and supported. They are very precious and very valuable.

?Andrew:(Bea):You will . .....??? . .. at home. (too soft to hear) You will be able to overcome. Channeling ????in love. Now or there ???? You will ???? And, you can help everyone in your group back home.... fades out and gets too soft to pick up)

Patije:Andrew, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join us in class tomorrow night and address our group again. We would like to have you address us through Bea. (long silence)

Allene:I think he stepped back . .. Michael says: "I would like to come forward and address all of you...(too soft) . .."


Michael (Allene)

I bring you my blessing, Children. For all that you are doing at this time. It means much to me and to our Father, to all of those who are with us. (too soft to hear) The time nears when I will walk among you. I am with you always. Go in peace. Walk in Light. (too soft)

Patije:Thank you, Michael

(extreme buzzing and softness of voices to end of tape and it drowns out the next 3 or 4 minutes)

Bea:oh, wow.

Allene:I hear: "It is you, My children, ??????"

Aflana:This is Aflana. We could go on but we feel the time is past . ..????

Allene:thank you for your help.

Patije:Thank you, LorEL. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Aflana.

Allene:I just started crying when Michael came because I had the feeling ???? (can't pick up.) I just started crying - it was so beautiful. And, you did really well. In fact, Aflana was wanting to tell you, I don't know if she did. She was going to tell you how well you did. (fades out)

Bea:I feel good because it give me . .there is a feeling I got now, truly that I didn't have before. I feel inside somewhere that it was such a help to realize that you get a word and then you get another word after you speak it.

Patije:Did you notice that it came to you 2 or 3 words at a time?

Bea:And, I remember hearing David when he was first transmitting, he was almost in a cadence doing one word at a time.

Allene:You see Patije helped me a whole lot when I first started because the first time I . ..well... Michael was the first one I heard and I had a hard time believing that...but the energy was so incredible that I knew I didn't produce it... so I could accept that. But when Aflana came with her thoughts it was like ticker tape, but after that I kept hearing it and I sort of pause waiting to know what she was going to say and Patije said "You don't know what they are going to say. Just say the first word, and they will carry on from there.

Bea:That is such a help because..

Allene:And this is true, because if I waited tonight until I heard what Michael was going to say, or Aflana was going to say, I wouldn't say anything. I just start on faith when I hear the first couple of words and I know who it is. Patije is the one who taught me. Just go.

Bea:There . ..

Allene:When there is nothing to be said, you'll stop.

Patije:If you think it is, then it probably is.


Patije:Because you wouldn't think of it right then.

Bea:that could be so...

Allene:and the thing is you don't want the other thing is you don't want to be busy thinking. Just pay attention and the teachers are present and listen and...

Bea:I believe it.

Allene:When you....Patije can fill you in tomorrow about what happened with the healing in our group...

(tape ends)

Session 30

  • MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 1993


We begin by having our hands, palms facing the one next to us, and joining in a time of thanksgiving, invitation to the teachers and express our willingness to be of service as we go into the stillness.

Patije:This is Patije. I call us into the stillness. I invite the teachers. I am open, willing and receptive to be used as a tool of transmission.

Julie:This is Julie. I am open. I am willing to serve, to be guided, ready for lessons, and your wonderful presence here.

Allene:This is Allene. I welcome the teachers. I thank them for all the assistance that they have given each and every one of us through out the week. I thank them for their help and letting us know of their existence and presence with us. I am open. I am willing to be of service. I am willing for my energies and my abilities to be used in service. I hope that you will be among us tonight with our guest. I thank you.

Elizabeth:This is Elizabeth. I am grateful to be here and confident that I was supposed to be here. I am confident that soon we will all be empowered and I want to step aside and be a pure channel and servant in the mission of Christ Michael, always remembering him.

Lise:This is Lise. I am very happy to be here. I missed last week and I just wasn't the same. I'm very happy to be amongst the women that are my new friends and to participate with the Celestials. I'm open. I'm calm. I'm willing to be used as an instrument of communication if that is so. I have a request. I feel that I have been so judgmental lately I don't like that at all. I would like to work on very much of getting rid of this. This is the new thing at this time. I'd like to work against it and get back in balance and love. Thank you for coming to help us.

Christ Michael: (Patije)

There is only one source of all that is in the universe in creation in morontia, in spirit and in materiality and that is the Father. Good evening, My little lambs, I am Michael.

Group:Ahhh! Oh! Welcome, Michael. Good evening, Michael! Welcome.


I greet you fondly. I wish to tell you that I am very pleased. I am happy to be here with you to guide you as your sincere hearts seek me in faith. You of much faith, My little Lambs, will find what it is you seek.

Allene:Michael, this is Allene. Several weeks ago, you gave us a lesson on balance and I wanted to thank you for all the help I have been receiving in trying to learn this lesson.


Have you not found, Little Ones, that as you ask, you receive and sometimes the lesson is difficult, but you are enriched. You are uplifted. You have climbed up the ladder of your potential with each lesson that you complete.

We do not hand out lessons. We do not give you difficulties. We do not make the challenges difficult for you. You do this yourself. It is through your attitude and by your choices that each of these challenges become difficult, insurmountable or easy. It is your choice, My Little Lambs.

Lise:Isn't that interesting. They don't hand out the lessons. Part of what I have been writing has been that I am ready for a lesson or a message. So I'll approach my writing differently. Thank you. (pause) I think then this means we can set goals for ourself and ask for perhaps guidance for the goal.


You have a teacher who is there to guide you as you ask, as you make decisions, as you begin the first step of each action that you choose, you will be helped, accordingly.

Lise:Thank you. (pause) Isn't that cool!


Well, Michael, it may not be that we receive lessons but certainly the guidance that comes to us from the teachers certainly helps in our understanding and our application of what it is we are learning. For this I am very thankful.


It is your faith that makes it so. Do you not see this Little ones? As you cross the bridge which you build with your faith, new awareness, new heights of understanding, new levels of spiritual goodness, unfold - just as does your personality perfection.


Michael, I would like to grow in the appreciation in the way you did your work on earth. I love those stories so much, the story about how you put on your apron and said: "I will work until my father calls me." I want to learn how to be dedicated as you were to my work. I thank you for that wonderful example that you gave us.


You are precious, My Gentle One. It is well known your devotion to the faith which you have. You have accomplished much in your life experience. It is now time for to take a look at your choices. Make your decisions. Begin (static makes unclear) to own your decisions. It is your freedom to choose responsibly, loyally, and committed. Do you understand, My Child?

Elizabeth:Yes, I do understand. I...(???static) . ..your message to me now. I understand it and it is a very appropriate moment, Father, to thank you.

Michael:Quiet your mind, Child. Relax. You are worthy. You have been selected and tonight, your teacher, Andrew, will wish to greet the group through you.

Elizabeth:Andrew is..sent a message, Jesus. He sent us a message last night. It was kind and encouraging.

Patije:This is Patije. Could you speak up, please.

Elizabeth:I was saying, Jesus, we had a message from our teacher, Andrew here in this room last night, which was very encouraging. He could not be here, but he sent a message to us.

Michael:Tonight he is here.

Elizabeth:I am so glad.

Patije:Allene, I was hearing something else, but I lost it. Did you pick up on it?

Allene:Not right then.

Patije;I kind of lost my focus when I couldn't hear Elizabeth.

Allene:Well, I've just been sitting here. As Michael says it is your faith - however, I'm sitting here feeling that, that may be true, however, I am so thankful for all of the guidance that I have had and I don't think I could have this faith had I not had all this guidance. I am just very appreciative. I look forward to being worthy of receiving the help and being of service. And, I thank you so much for your presence in this group each time.


My Child, it is your faith which enables you to step out to act upon, to carry forth your knowingness. As you do so the help is there. It is as you say, automatic with each decision, each step in faith. The help is there. It is your thankfulness which helps you stay in balance with your faith, which can do mighty works - even as I did in my mortal body - because you have faith!

Allene:This is interesting. This is Allene speaking. This has been a most enlightening thing for me to realize because I always thought I saw the guidance and I followed it - not that I went on faith and the support went on behind. I always felt the guidance was there and I followed.


We can paint a picture, My Dear, but only you can interpret it. We can inspire, but only you can act. We can instill but only you can carry forth. You are our hands in the material world. You are our feet. You are our communications.

Lise:That's what they say, our bodies are for communication.

Allene:Doesn't this sound like tonight's class? I thank you Michael, very much. I will use this from here forward with those that I speak with. I thank you for your clarification.

Elizabeth:Christ Michael, I love to think of you the way you walked over the hills to commune with your Father. I think it is wonderful and I want you to please tell me about that. I too, love to walk. I feel that in some way I am growing spiritually at that time, somewhat.


In my day, in the mortal body, there was a scarcity of what you call writing instruments, and I had the added cumbersome commitment not to leave any written messages or any material possessions on the planet when I took my leave. You do not have this burden.

You can commune with the Father, with me, with one another, at will, amidst the clamor of your mortal lives, you can seek the shelter and the quietude of your personal space. Wherever it is and you can commune, you can go into the stillness, you can reap the richness of sharing the love energy with the Father. You can also record your thoughts at that time and you can bring messages back into your material life to benefit yourself and others as long as you regard them in a balanced emotional frame of mind.

You are blessed, all of you. You are blessed among many. You are my lambs. Although you are not special above any other, you are dear, you are special, you are unique, you are my lambs. And, I greet you as such.

Elizabeth:Christ Michael, how can I stay strong and healthy so that I can be here when you come? It's been my greatest dream.


Accept your health, Little One. Know that nothing, no power, no principalities, no energies, nothing, none I tell you, can separate you from your Father. If it is your desire, if you are favored among those on the planet and do not meet with any of the unfortunate consequences of other's poor judgement, and your actions and choices are of right motives, you will succeed in what you seek.

Elizabeth:And, Christ Michael, can you tell me how to be effective in reaching out to others as the teachers have told us we will be asked to do. You did it so wonderfully when you were on the planet.


Do you not see, My Child, that any action taken in love energy, anything you do rightly with love and service will plant seeds of light and life in your experience. those whom you encounter will respond to your sincere efforts to help them. And, as you help them, they will come to know you and love you. And, as they know you, they will want to know why you are as you are - balanced, full of love, joy, peace, sincere, honest, and helpful. Then they will ask. The door will be opened. You will not have to work at it. It will present itself as an opportunity to share this with them.

Elizabeth:Thank you, very much. I do want to say, Christ Michael, that I've had so much happiness in loving you, and I want you to tell me how I can love you more - because I want to love you more and more.

Michael::Go into the stillness. Sit in love. You will see.

Elizabeth:I'll do that. Thank you. I will do that.

Julie:I just got a burst of blue light.


Julie:Like lines like stair steps, a stair case.

Allene:A spiral one, I hope.

Julie:That's right.

Allene;How did I know that?

Lise:Michael, I have a question, if . .. its personal. When we had our proposed lesson to practice love and expressing love and giving of ourselves, for awhile that was very very easy for me to do. I could deal with many situations from that point and be very happy with the results and how I could see how it would be accepted and so forth. And, now I am having a situation that I thought was settled peacefully and with love quite a long time ago that is thrown me in some turmoil because on one hand I would try to like answer the situation as You would, if I could imagine and then the human side of me...I guess, is angry. I am quite angry. I need to answer a letter which I guess that I am sure you are aware of since you know everything that is going on. Is there any information you can give me in regard to this? One thing that keeps going through my mind if I think of your way - your way on earth - but it is I feel, almost presumptuous of me to say in a way would be a quotation -"your forgiven, go and sin no more." Can you comment on that, Please?


My Dearest Lise, where from does your turmoil come? Search your heart. Know your motive. See what energizes your responses. Are you reacting to the material outer? Are you responding to the intuitive inner? Only you can answer this. When your decision is made with the right motive and the right mind and the right heart, there will be no question of your success.

Lise:Thank you, I'll give it more thought.

(long silence)


My Daughter, Julie, you are doing well. You have learned much in the short time you have been at this and you have much to teach. You must rise above your insecurities and lay aside much of what clutters your thoughts. You have all the knowledge, you have all the tools. Let them sort themselves out and settle and keep yourself focused on going forward. Do not spend time in the byways of your past imaginations and you will find your goal.

Julie:Thank you, so much! I will try to do this.


These lambs of mine, will find much in your teaching but judge well what you share and do not repeat unless asked, for we have much to give you and if the cup is full, it can't hold any more.

Allene:While you (Michael) were saying that, Patije, I was picking up that as Julie unfolds we all have much to gain from her.

Julie:And, I see the cup that is full, that I have to drink more of it so it can empty itself so that it cam fill up again. I see you, Christ Michael.


Julie:In negative. I also see this golden light around you. And, I see these three dots - black dots to my left; just keep coming in and going out, coming in and going out...

Patije;Do they have a shape, Julie?

Julie:Yes, they are circles, they are like...

Allene:Yeah, I knew you were going to say that.

Patije:They are . .. pulsating.

Julie:That's right.


Patije:I saw a - more like a deep purplish blue . ..

Julie:That's it, very, very dark

Patije:It is like a pinwheel and it would grow real big and then get small again and it was swirling as it grew.

Julie:It is almost black but it is deep purple. There are 3 representations. There are three...a three representation. I'm not that intelligent to know what it is. There is also a golden light coming in. (loud buzzing noise recorded over the voices)

Lise:Something is buzzing over here. What is it? (conversation about it)

Allene:Something is buzzing in this corner. (time is spent trying to find the buzzing and in the meantime the tape is buzzing unbearably!) It is like a buzzing sound.

Lise:Like an electrical . ..

Allene:Unless Roy is running his electric shaver.

Julie:I got earlier that this is the circuits - we are in the circuits...

Lise:What do you mean, Julie:

Allene:...that 10 pointer up there...(referring to closeness of source of buzzing-turned out not to be)

Lise:You are saying these dots are the circuits?

Julie:No. We are into the circuits.

Allene:That wasn't what it was, Patije. That wasn't it. It was a real buzzing sound. I don't know if anybody else heard the same thing.

Lise:I did.

Julie:I always hear a buzzing noise . ..in my ears

Allene:You know what I associated with these black dots? I don't know if this is correct but I associated the three black dots with the 3 Melchizedeks but I don't know why (buzzing again)

Julie:This is what I...this is. Thank you, this is...

Allene:Maybe Patije picked this up too?

Patije:The three what?


Allene:The minute she said there was three black dots, I saw the three black dots between the two of us, is where I saw them, in my minds eye. I immediately said the three Melchizedeks, but I have no idea why. It is just what came to me. It may or may not have any relevancy.

Julie:ummmmm. There is a very large . ..ah...how can I...I would say it feels like an angel. It is dark but in the center of the forehead, is a bright light coming out.

Allene:Julie, this angel has something to say.

Julie:I know but it is not...I can't...I can see it...

Allene:"I come to greet you." Something like that...?

Julie:umhmmm. It is in shadow.

Patije:Has Michael left? Thank you, Michael. (short silence) I guess he already left. I'm embarrassed. Could that have been the buzzing sound? (short silence) Welmek is here waiting to greet us. And, Andrew is here waiting to greet us.

Lise:Is JuEl here?


Lise:Hi, JuEl.

Allene:Good evening, Welmek. We are delighted at your presence this evening.

Julie:I really enjoyed reading your papers.

Allene:We all do.

Lise:Very organized.

Allene:We think you should pay a visit to Andrew. We understand he has a large collection of jokes. (laughter)

Lise:From one engineer to another...(laughter) I didn't know they had a sense of humor.

Allene:Welmek, we understand you are developing one and coming along rather nicely so it appears.

Julie:I think we are his sense of humor. (laughter)

Patije;I feel a great energy around me. It feels like my whole body is alive with it.

Allene:Welmek would you have some messages or a message or words to share with us this evening?

Welmek: (Patije)

Good evening. I have no lesson for you. I choose to greet you and stand back at this time. Perhaps later this evening I will speak to you further.

Group:Thank you, Welmek.

Lise:Interesting. Why would he want to stand back?

Allene:Andrew, would you speak with us again this evening? We welcome you. (long silence)

Patije:You can put your hands down, Elizabeth if they are getting tired. sometimes we sit like this and we do get tired after a while. I jut put mine down. Can you hear Andrew? He wishes to greet us.

Elizabeth:Greetings, greetings to my wonderful teacher!


Elizabeth:Your lesson from yesterday was very helpful and wonderful as far as Susan could read it to me and I am anxious to read the transcript and pray about it. It was very wonderful.

Patije:I hear Andrew saying to you, Elizabeth: "My Child, will you transmit my greeting to this group?"

Andrew: (Elizabeth)

Greetings to you all. You are waiting for a message and you will not be disappointed. (long pause) Now is the time for you to accept your opportunity and to grow as you do. You have the capacity to grow very mightily at this time, if you will but step out and believe that. Your feminine energy is a healing energy and there is healing in this room. You can feel it if you try. You each can heal in one way or another and you each know that and you each know in what way you can heal.

Patije:Thank you, Andrew.

Julie:I see someone with a big hat!

Patije:Is that Andrew? Has he collected a funny hat along with his jokes?

Julie: A big hat . .. like what an Italian priest would wear.


Julie:It's male.

Patije:Lise, I am hearing JuEl say that she would like to greet us if you will transmit here. She will keep it very short if you will, intuit what she would say to us and repeat it.

Lise:I'd love to transmit for JuEl.

Patije:She says to begin with greetings...


Greetings, this is JuEl.

Group:Good evening, JuEl.

JuEl:I am here tonight to be with all of you. Many blessings and prayers are coming for all.

Patije:That was very good, Lise.

Group:That is good. Very accurate. Yes, good.

Lise:Was it? Thank you, JuEl. woooooo! (laughter)

Allene:She has really really fine energies, doesn't she?


Lise:JuEl is a she?


Julie:A very smiling she...

Allene:A very fine energy.

Lise:I feel very smiling. ooohhhh!

Allene:JuEl, we hope to hear more of you in the days ahead.

Lise:Does anyone know any background on JuEl?

Allene:That is for you to find out.

Lise:Oh, it is?? ok.

Allene:She is your teacher.

Lise:ok. ok.

Allene:She also answered when I said I hope to see more of you.

Patije:I heard her say something like: "As soon as Lise is ready...I will spend time with you."

Lise:Oh! Hot dog! (laughter)

Patije:JoEl is here by the way, too, Julie.

Julie:I thought so.

Patije:She is waiting for you, Julie.

Julie:I hear buzzings in my ear, but I cannot...

Patije:Begin as if you were greeting...and she will take over...

JoEl: (Julie)

Greetings, this is JoEl.

Group:Good evening, JoEl. (short silence)

JoEl:I come with much joy and happiness, and I am delighted to be here with all of you. Please call on me more.

Lise:Ummmm, how nice of them.

Patije:Do you have something to tell us about the lesson tonight in the earlier study group, JoEl? And explanation of something we discovered tonight?

JoEL:(static drowns out part of reply)

Keep searching for the right circuits.

Lise:ummmm. very interesting!

Allene:I heard: "Yes, I have much to tell you."(static drowns out some of the comments)

Julie:These may have to come through Patije or Allene...

Allene:I was just letting you know that she has much to say to us. My impression is to let go of your thoughts. don't get attached to them. When you see a line from any thoughts you may have, then you will hear JoEL.

Julie:There is a picture of shadows...is that from you, JoEL?

Allene:I have a feeling that she will tell you words if...what I am feeling from JoEL that why you see pictures and images which are to help you, they are wonderful guideposts, you must move parallel with this along...we will help you...and the words along with what you visualize will be so much richer to all of us. I also have very strong feeling that there is so much she would like to share with us...that we are all somehow waiting...perhaps not just this evenings, but we are waiting for much which you have to share with us. (static comes and goes and it is hard to hear words)

Julie:...something about the shadows. Shadows are...stops and fades away... Is this from you JoEL? Shadows are... something about shadows.

Patije:Speak as if you were writing this...

JoEL: (Julie)

Shadows are like duplicates of what you see. They are like the negative and positive.. the negative space and the positive space (static awfully bad)

Lise:Wow! ummmmm.

Julie:And the space in between that are the circuits.

Patije:Did you hear JuEL say that "You have thought this out well." I'm talking to you Lise. Did you hear JuEL say: "You have thought this out well." to Julie?

Lise:No, I was listening to Julie. I'm so fascinated...

Julie:I keep getting these symbols - mostly geometric but I got a lot of lines.

(Allene and Julie both share in this but I can't pick up the exact words.)

Allene:They are for you, Julie and I think if you can move beyond the symbols...I don't mean to eliminate the symbols, that the symbols are important, and they will connect much much to our understanding, but I hear: "Move beyond the symbols" and hear the words.

Julie:This is what I am hearing too, but the symbols are indescribable...

Allene:We need JoEl to translate what these symbols mean to us.

Julie:Ok. I'm going to try: It has to do with the love energy through the circuits - it is going to connect... what goes through you is your circuit and when you send out the love, (can't pick up)

Allene:JoEL what does this mean to Julie?

Julie:This seems to be connecting...

Allene:How appropo . ..the flowers, the snowflakes...in all the universe there are not any the same. They are made up of geometrical proportions but none are the same.

Julie:I've got it! the spiral, the snowflakes, circuits, dna... so they are adjusting our dna for the circuits so we don't blow our circuits...I'm not getting words, but I am getting pictures...

Allene:You are doing very well, Julie.

Patije:JoEl is quite pleased!

Julie:Each one is a different color... there's somebody else trying to come in - another big bright light...(static bad)...love is the energy that propels us all through the circuits

Allene:(can't pick up at all - too soft) As you work with these images, you will learn much...

Julie:Each is a different color....the right key, I keep getting this message over and over again: the dna is also a....way to heaven. I don't hear words, I just get pictures...

Allene:Julie, you are doing very well.

Patije:Corali is here again tonight.

Julie:Somebody else is trying to come in...I think it is the Mother Spirit. Bright light coming down firm.

Patije:I hear: "Yes, My Dear. It is I, will you transmit my message?"

Allene:I hear: "You know . .." (fades - too soft with static)

Patije:Is this Corali?

Allene:No, this is the Mother Spirit.

Julie:I hear: "Love. Love is the energy that fulfills us... all through the circuits

Allene:I hear: All things are.... (fades out under static)

Julie:... all circuits in the universe...

Allene:I think JoEl is going to be working with you this week.

Patije:Relax and let go is what I hear. Just speak your heart. It is...

Julie:I see an angel.

Patije:How are you doing Elizabeth?

Elizabeth:I am thinking about somebody is in my heart. Then I heard: "My heart rejoices. My heart rejoices at this moment."

Allene:Is this Andrew speaking?

Patije:I believe is it Corali.

Elizabeth:I don't know because I don't have anything about who that is?

Julie:I feel it is still the Mother spirit. Is that right?


Patije:I heard: "Corali is my daughter" Could Corali be your guardian angel Elizabeth?

Elizabeth:She might be that, but then they said there was a sister waiting... that is the way they put that, in the transcript. They said: There is a sister waiting for Elizabeth. And, I've been greeting her in my writings and I feel...

Patije:Maybe this is who Corali is?

Julie:An angel...a feminine angel...

Elizabeth:Personal teacher I think is what they were saying. I think that is what - because Andrew is not going to be a personal teacher. He is going to have each one of us have a guide that was in the transcript yesterday, I understood.

Patije:Corali is probably your personal guide.

Elizabeth:Yes, that's what I was thinking.

Patije:Wy don't you ask her?

Elizabeth:Corali, are you my sister, whom I have been greeting and to whom I feel a great anticipatory affection for that you would be there is so exciting and wonderful and comforting...

Patije:I heard: "You know it!" (laughter) It is almost as clear as Aflana's you know that you know

Allene:Yes, that's real clear! (laughter)

Elizabeth:I did at one point when I was writing about my sister, I felt that she might be impressing on my mind that this is the new sisterhood because she knows that I'm very mentally involved with trying to find a new sisterhood - a perfecting of the new sisterhood that has been evolving in the last 20 years. She knows that I...I felt that she did....

Allene:Did . ..(too soft to hear)...You know I suggest that you get out of the past and get into the present. They have said to you: "Yes I've come to work with you on that" Listen and you will hear them speaking to you. Corali what do you have to say to Elizabeth? (long silence)

Corali:Why don't you think seriously about this subject. It is in some way, your past.

Elizabeth:Now, I say that surprised me!

Allene:Yeah. I know it surprised you and I'll tell you what else I pick up on that You have told us since you came here and you talked about being impressed and what you do...(too soft) that really struck a chord with me and when Corali came through about the sisterhood "Why don't you think about this more, this is your path" I hear something inside that registers that this is....did you pick this up Patije?

Patije:I did.

Allene:For this is what you are going to be do...

Elizabeth:This is a surprise to me. Is that . ..

Allene:Well, we are always sort of sur...

Elizabeth:That's the whole thing is based on...

Allene:I'll bet you will find Corali is here to work with you on some...

Elizabeth:Yes...(two people speaking at once, could not pick up on tape)

Allene:...that's is why they call her sister instead of teacher to you. You know what keeps coming to my mind every time you say Corali? What is the American Poet that wrote Annabellee...Edgar Allen Poe...every time I say Corali, I think this poet would love the name, Corali. This is a beautiful name, Corali. Gorgeous...

Elizabeth:That is such a fun thing to think about...I am smiling about this whole thing...

Allene:That's really . ..??? because every time you said healing some part of me said: "uh uh" but as soon as you said that it just resonates as so right!

Julie:That's what I've been getting...

Elizabeth:That's been an issue in my mind. You know, I was bringing up to you...

Allene:A lot! And every time you did there was some part of me that said: "no....." but this has a totally different ring to me.

Julie:There is an... angel....

Elizabeth:That's so amazing!

Julie:It's very light! Very....

Allene:Totally light being, very

Patije:KharEl is here. Julie just picked up KharEl... K H A R E L, I think.

Julie:Welcome KharEl! (short silence)

KharEl: (Allene)It is my pleasure to be here among you.

Patije:It is our pleasure to have you!


KharEl:It is not my reason to come to teach this evening. I came to see for myself. this group has come to the attention of many and it gives me pleasure to be in your presence this evening. I come to observe. I wish you well.

Patije:Will you take our greetings back to your group?

KharEl:I will gladly take your greetings.

Julie:We are so glad you are here, KharEL.

KharEL:Much is known about your group.

Allene:I'm not sure she said this, but I get the impression that she will come again. Not as a teacher, but just to come.

Julie:To come as a guest. We invite you.

Allene:Which group is KharEL from?

Patije:Wisconsin, I think.


Allene:It will be interesting to see...

Elizabeth:I was in the Chicago meeting when she came. Barbara was there. She came down here, didn't she? She was there and it was an interesting moment when KharEL, because Barbara speaks very very quickly. KharEL has an accent or dialect when she is transmitted by Barbara. Probably it is such an unusual thing. You don't expect that. Then she talks a lot about it. She worked in the East, in India.

Patije:KharEL did?

Elizabeth:Yes. Many years and that is why she is so understanding of the deep religious division.

Julie:There is someone who wants to come in. It is a great big light with all bursts...

Lise:Is that the Mother Spirit?

Allene:No, it is a he.

Julie:It is a great big light like a... star. And all these rays coming from it...

Patije:Could it be Gabriel the Bright and Morning Star?

Julie:Doesn't Gabriel have gold? This is like . ..stands out by itself. It is like rays coming out...

Allene:What does he want to say Julie?


Patije:It isn't one of the Daynals, is it? A teacher son.

Allene:Are you going to tell us, Julie?

Julie:No, I was coughing.

Allene:oh, I thought you were getting ready to say "Listen..." and go on. I was listening . ..

Julie:It is very heavy and my head is bursting...

Allene:Perhaps you would feel better if you talked for him...(laughter)

Julie:I don't think it is going to be through me though.

Allene:I'm not picking it up. (long silence)

Julie:Who is here? (pause) Who would like to speak to us? (pause) We are ready to greet you.

Allene:Rayson is probably here waiting for Mary.

Patije:Rayson just told me that he was waiting for Mary to get here after work.


Allene:I think you...

Julie:This is Rayson!

allene:I'm not saying he is Rayson, but when you said: "Who is here" you know, another one announced themselves.

Julie:It is more like another planet or another star came in.

Patije:Maybe SamSON stopped by?!?

Allene:I'd recognize SamSON. I don't recognize this one.

Patije:It seems to be for you to discern, Julie.

Allene:Ask JoEL. That is what you have a teacher for. Ask JoEL.

Julie:JoEL, JoEL, who is trying to speak to us? (short silence) a Thought Adjuster?

Patije:The Personalized Thought Adjuster of Jesus?

Julie:I get buzzing, but... JoEL I'm listening. (long pause) It's not Oren? But...

Allene:There is a teacher by the name of Oren.

Julie:But it is not Oren. Could it be Orin? Is that right, JoEL? (pause) No. Do you pick up anything, Allene?

Allene:I'm sorry, but . ..(too soft)

Julie:He is dying to speak.

Allene:The only thing I get is that it is a he. I don't get anything further than that.

Julie:He is a high being. That much I know. Very high being. The radiance and the light is very heavy...

Allene:Do you pick up anything, Bea?

Bea:I'm listening, I'm listening very carefully, hoping that I will here who this being is.

Julie:Do you, Patije?

Lise:ump huh or I would tell you. I'm listening to JuEL.

Julie:This sounds silly but the name that keeps dropping into my head is there a Carmichael?

Patije:I don't recognize that name. It doesn't mean that it is not right. Let's ask. Who is Carmichael? (short silence)

Allene:You know, I have an impression, Julie. I have an impression that this lesson has something to do with what Michael said earlier to you about clearing your mind and gaining confidence.

Julie:Maybe this is it...

Allene:And, what JoEL was telling you earlier is to clear your mind, right? So you can hear. Put aside your ideas and words that...fades off

Julie:You know what it is?

Allene:No, what?

Julie:It's those three little balls that have just become these big circles. And they are the Melchizedeks... the three Melchizedeks!

Allene:That's what I said originally, they are the three Melchizedeks. What are those three black things I saw up here... don't ask me why circles are Melchizedeks, but there were those 3 black... fades off.

Patije:Three Concentric Circles were....

Lise:Hello, hello.

Julie:That's right, that's right. And the center one - see it was coming in, it was coming in, the bright one in the center -- like a bulls eye.

Patije:Do you know which Melchizedeks they are tonight? (long silence)

Allene:I know! (long silence)

Julie:Who are they, Allene? (short silence)

Allene:They are those three that came from over there before - why they show themselves as three black dots, I really don't know, but they are the three that came from over there.

Julie:That's right.

Patije:(shivers overwhelm and she laughs)

Allene:What are you doing?

Patije:Chills... like a cold laser down my spine. Remember reading that in the transmissions?


Allene:I remember watching you when they came before. (pause) And it doesn't matter whether they come as three dots , three wise men, three ???

Julie:Do you have a message, or are you just presenting yourselves?

Allene:or three energies.

(?)Melchizedek (3): (Patije)

I greet you, Children of the Most High.


Allene and Julie:Greetings

We are surprised, but pleased that your sensitivity picks up our presence when we do not address you. You will see much of us, or at least one of us in the days ahead during this preparation time. We are not prepared to speak at length this evening. We wish only to greet you and acknowledge your accuracy in identifying us. If you have any questions, we will try to answer.

Allene:This is Allene. I am only curious why we originally saw or had the position of the 3 black dots - is there any significance to this? (short silence)

Patije:I "heard": "Seek and ye will find." (laughter)

Lise:um - hmm-um-um

Allene:I almost had to speak . ..in the future sometime when we see these three black dots we know; sometime we will see that configuration and we will get an automatic coding to us or something.

(there is an interruption and Mary joins us)

Julie:Rayson is waiting for you.

Lise:Ahh, gee! It's good to see you! I wasn't going to go home. I was going to stick around a little longer to see you... gee.

Unidentified voice: Gee, I thought I smelled Roses...(laughter)

Julie:The Melchizedeks are here...

Allene:we are going to see three black dots in a row at some event and we are automatically know that one of the Melchizedeks, if not all three, are present even . .... Don't ask me how I know, or where this comes from because..

Lise:What did she say?

Julie:That's right...

Allene:When she saw the three black dots, there were three black dots in a row not concentric circles, I knew they were here. Three black dots! I saw them right in here (she waves her hands) It immediately came to me that they are Melchizedeks and then we were talking about other things and going on and then later somehow it came out that they were Melchizedeks when you were out of the room, and that's what she said: "Yes, they were." Then when they spoke greetings this evening for some reason I asked the significance of the three dots and at some point when some event takes place on earth that we don't know what is going on, right? We'll see three black dots somewhere and we will know that one or all three of the Melchizedeks are present. Whether we see them or not.

Julie:Do you know what happened?

Lise:Cool, the coolest. I love it.

Julie:Do you know what happened just now when . ..

Allene:No, what?

Julie:Just now I saw these three dots and then there was like great big sun with the rays, but the rays were . ..

Lise:I'll be right back. I've got to make a phone call. Don't go away Melchizedeks...

Julie:What had happened and I am saying: "Who are you? What are you?" the three dots came into the circle - sign of the Melchizedek

Allene:the circle. all of a sudden the circle came into the big circle of the light that she had seen before.

Julie:That said that it was Melchizedek so I said" Who are you? What is this light? Who are you? and I heard Carmichael. I figured Carmichael is around, but that isn't it, but Carmichael is around. And so all of a sudden I keep seeing these three dots - spheres- and then all of a sudden the spheres went into this thing and became the circles.

Allene:Well, just remember the three dots in a row when something unusual happens that no matter whether you see them or not, the Melchizedeks are present. The three Melchizedeks said so you'll know.

Elizabeth:They are all here on the planet...

Allene:Well you will know at some point when you see three dots you will know. They are materialized but they are here... (3 people speaking at once and I can't pick it up then there was 2 conversations going on in two groups) - allene seems to be filling Mary in and Julie is still reporting what she is seeing and Lise is making comments about the wonder of it all. Most was confusing)...why would we go anywhere, if these things are happening, somebody has to be home to you know, handle the home front. If everybody gets up and goes to Chicago where are the anchors for Michael? My pint is we are asked to be anchors, be steadfast. If all the anchors get up and go to Chicago for this event, what good are we? If we are being trained to be an anchor then we had better be anchors and stay where we are.

Elizabeth:I heard too that they are going to come here...

Allene:Well, they will go to Pittsburgh, they will go to Utah, they will come here, they will go anywhere... (breaks into 2 or three conversations again)

Allene:Anything anybody needs will come to them when the time is right, when they are ready. Everybody will be where they are supposed to be. If you feel that there is someplace you are supposed to be then make the move. i didn't want to be here - most of the people in our group (before) did not want to be in Sarasota - I fought it, I tried so hard to get out of here, it was the last place I wanted to be in Sarasota.

Julie:I wanted to be here.

Patije:I chose to be here

Lise:I came here because I wanted to be here.

Mary:We came here...

Allene:I was sent here. I used to say to Mother, why am I here? (drowned out by other conversations)

Patije:Do you want to go back into the silence?

Julie:there are quite a few still around and I know Rayson is here...

Allene:Well, we know Rayson he already told us he is here.

Mary:Did Rayson speak? Tell me what he said.


Julie:No, he is waiting for you to come.

Allene:He said he was waiting for... Julie said "Who else is here" and Rayson let us know he was waiting for Mary. I'm here.

Julie:I heard it too.

Patije:He wishes to greet us.

Elizabeth:I am completely amazed at what I have heard tonight! (laughter) I was surprised. I didn't think that would be anything that would happen.

Allene:Well, amazing things happen here. I never know what to expect...

Lise:Let's go to work...

Julie:I can see him

Mary:Describe him

Julie:I told you. He is like a jolly...

Allene:I was going to say: He is making we laugh right now.

Julie:He has white hair and a white bear...

Lise:Who's this?


JulieAnd he is quite hefty but not overdone...

Allene:Not overdone! You didn't leave him any . ..(laughter)

Lise:Ah, sorry Rayson.

Patije:Rayson, we greet you. Do you have anything to say to us? We ar so pleased that you brought our dear Mary among us...

Allene and Lise together:umhmmmm. yes! We are!

Mary:This is Mary. I am happy to be here. Thank you, Rayson.

Allene:Rayson, I think of you often and thank you and Mary, so much for the healing you have done on me.

Patije:And, me!

Allene:I think I heard him say: "There is more to come."


Rayson: (Mary)This is Rayson and I am with you.


Rayson:You know that we are happy that you enjoy our healing.

Allene:We do

Rayson:We learn a lot from you too.

Allene:Well, you can experiment with me anytime, Rayson!

Rayson:We do.

Allene:Ah, ok...

Patije:Rayson, I am waiting for my hearing...whenever.

Mary:He's laughing.

Patije:I know he is! (laughing) He told me about 9 months ago I would receive my hearing.

Lise:Could I have a healing? Am I butting in front of anybody?

Rayson:there is enough time for everybody. There is enough healing for everybody.

Lise:Thank you.

Rayson:Patije, we will work with you...

Allene:You know what I am getting, Mary? I am feeling a warmth since Rayson came in here, I can feel it. Interesting enough all across the left side of my head...up


Patije:I feel a tingling up the back of my neck and head.

Julie:I feel it in my fingers and in my shoulders.

Mary:This is Mary and my arms aren't mine...not anymore... so you are getting a full energized healing...

Allene:We know. I am picking up . ..its just like be bathed in sunlight. We aren't in the sunlight.]

Julie:I see Rayson but then . ..here I go again in my left hand corner - there is a very bright, small rectangular light that is sort of in aurora borealis with ray in...and I have a feeling that is the healing energy...

Lise:Isn't it white light, isn't the healing energy white light?

Julie:But it is like a little rectangle box that you would see..

Lise:Is there a color?

Julie:Yes, it is like austrian crystal or aurora borealis of very bright shooting rays

Lise:Can I ask a question for Raison?

Allene:Not raison, Rayson.

Lise:Oh Rayson. It makes me think of this high school cheer my father used to do: Hasten, Racin' get the basin - whoops - get the mop. (laughter)

Patije:You were going to ask a question, where did that come from?

Lise:Now, what was the question? (laughter) What a neat thing that he's got a great sense of humor. (laughter) I wanted to know about the crystals here on earth. Do these crystals have some form of communication for us, or is this just like anything that we are using as symbols? This will make him roar. (laughter)

Mary:This is Mary and I can't stop laughing. My hands aren't mine and I can't put them down and...(laughter) I'm stuck. He's talking in my ear but I can't quit laughing . .. (short silence)

Rayson:The crystals have energy just as you do. The energy can be of assistance if it is necessary for you.


Rayson:But, we don't use them as charms and trinkets...

allene:I'm sure Rayson doesn't (laughter)

Lise:I don't' think so... that's what I was wondering if this was a misconception with us. Thank you for addressing that for me.

Rayson:You will help me to teach my Mary to laugh.

lise:Mary doesn't laugh? But she is wonderful.

Patije:I keep hearing: "My Dear One, My Mary" I don't know who is saying it. Is it JaEL? or is it Rayson?

JaEL: (Mary)This is JaEL. I am here too. Greetings to all.

Group:Greeting JaEl. Greetings and welcome.

JaEL:We are enjoying this healing too.

Allene:You know, Mary, it comes to me that this is the second time that the teachers have said that they enjoy your healing - there was the time with you and Rayson and me. I was wondering that it would seem to me that the teachers wouldn't need any physical healing at this point, what they must be responding to is the spiritual love energies which come forth from you and Rayson at this time. (pause)

Mary:I believe that that is a good explanation. This is Mary and I thought about that before.

Allene:Which is why we all enjoy it, even if we are not seeking a healing. We couldn't help but feel the energies the other night.

Mary:For me it is a feeling of well being.

Allene:I don't know if Rayson was present but tonight I thought it was ever so much better instead of holding hands when we did this, I felt the energy was so much stronger and I wondered if maybe Rayson was here earlier to give us this energy or if we were just getting more attuned to this. But that is much better than holding hands.

Patije:I think all of the Celestials stand in the circle with us that way...

Group:umhmmmm, yes, I think so.

Patije:We are allowing room for them to join us instead of standing behind or in front of us.

Allene:Reminds me of the other night when Michael said: "Take my hand" like he wanted to join the circle of hands...

Lise:Did everybody take his hand?

Julie:I felt it.


Rayson:Lise, you have a question?

Lise:I do? I-I-I don't know. I didn't have one in mind. Mary, can you help me? I don't know.

Mary:What was your curiosity about the crystals, Lise.

Lise:Oh, I asked already. I had wanted to know if that was, if there really was an energy from the crystals or if it was used...or if it was just trinkets or symbolic things and he answered me. He said they are energy.

Julie:Mary, I get the picture of Rayson with this, now this could be a very highly intense crystal, it is that... lets out that energy, but it is different...

Mary:What crystal, Julie?

Julie:I see Rayson. And then, I see him on the right. I always see the people on the right and symbols on the left. It is small, very very small, like a dial, so brilliant it is like a healing energy. Is this correct? Is this part of Rayson's energy?

Rayson:You are seeing a reflection of God's true light. It is merely a mirror for you. The light is not energy, it is a reflection so that you can see us.

Allene:That is interesting that the light is a reflection so that we can see them.

Rayson:We are working on seeing us, are we not?

Julie:That' right.

Lise:ummmmmmmmm! How are we attempting to work on seeing them?

Rayson:We are working with you.

Lise:oh? This is so cool.

Allene:Well, Mary, Rayson is doing more work up here again.

Rayson:You are now feeling it.

Julie:umhmmm. I feel something up in the center and it is like showering us. I am holding my hand out to catch it...

Allene:I feel that something is happening in my head. Patije, do you pick up that suddenly Aflana and VanEL are here?

Patije:The thought crossed my mind a couple of minutes ago and I was wondering where they were. It was like they just came.

Allene:Just recently. I feel that what Rayson is doing has somehow attracted their attention and they have come to participate in it somehow.

Lise:Wasn't Aflana in Hawaii?

Allene:It doesn't matter.

Lise:Oh, I know. It is just so interesting that, I thought she was helping the Hawaiian group...

Julie:Another bright light just entered.

Lise:Who is this?

Julie:Well, it could be the energies...

Lise:from Rayson's...does anybody know how to spell his name?


Lise:Oh Ray-son. Like Ray's son. The ray...Interesting that you all imagine him as a big jolly person. You know, when he is not supposed to have any physical form...

Julie:As we see it.


Allene:I haven't seen Rayson. I only feel the energy.

Julie:I see in the negative. Do you know what I am saying? If the negative is all white so what is white in negative is black in positive.

Lise:Isn't that interesting?

Elizabeth:I'm losing my concentration. I'm going to go into the Urantia room for a few minutes. I'm not concentrating like I was before.

Allene:That is because of the energy that we are being bathed in...

(long silence some filled with static as the microphone cords are moved)

Julie:I see all kinds of flowers. There is bouquet for Mary.

Rayson:I will leave in this form now and we will do healings.

Allene:Thank you, Rayson

Mary:Who's up. Who's next? Let's go while the energies are running, guys.

Lise:Are you ok?

Mary:I am ready to jump on Patije's roof now!

Allene:Here comes Santa Clause, Her comes Santa Claus...(laughter)


Mary:Come, Patije. I'll take you first.

Patije:Me?!? Take Lise.

Mary:You. Come. Lise will get her turn.

Lise:It is amazing what you see and hear!

Allene:this is the thing that I think will come to you because when I would work with people sometimes, I would see symbols and I didn't always know what they were.....and I had to learn to know what the symbols were.

tape turned off.


Session 31

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 19, 1993



This is Rayson. Good morning, Beloved Child of God. It brings much pleasure to work with you and to watch you, My Mary. You love your life and apply your lessons. Dedication?

I was not offended by Patije's guest and you should not be.

Session 32



CELESTIALS PRESENT: Christ Michael, JaEl, JoEl, Aflana, LorEl

3 mortals present

We have learned to not hold hands but put hands palms facing one another and leave room for the celestials to join us in the circle. This increases the energy tremendously! We started with prayer and thanksgiving as well as an invitation to the teachers to join us.

Patije:This is Patije and I invite the teachers to share with us anything that is pertinent, is truth, beautiful and goodness. And, I am willing to serve you.

Julie::I invite the teachers. Any messages? Or whatever? And, I am willing and open.

Mary:This is Mary. I invite the teachers to assist me in whatever service I can be. I am open and willing.

Patije:This is Patije. We have several things on our mind - healing, not only of our bodies but of our emotions and of our thought processessing - and some material mechanical items - and some of the activities and experiences of our life seem to be thwarted. Can you help us? (long silence)

Rayson:This is Rayson, I am with you and Mary needs to feel the light. (long, long, pause)

Aflana:Dear Ones, I am Aflana. I am pleased to be here as you seek answers. There is healing going on in your midst. The Chanti are here...but others are here also. You may ask your questions.

Mary:Aflana, please help me. I am in need to live to understand these energies so I can help the Chanti.

Aflana:When you have need to know, you will be told. The word "need" is extreme. You will know that you know. There is some emotional clean-out going on. These have been brought to the surface so that you can deal with them and move higher up the ladder - or spiral - of perfection. Can you not remove yourself from this chaotic emotional turmoil? (Pause) Can you not stand back and detach yourself? (pause) Can you not see from God's viewpoint? (pause) The petty, the comedy, the sadness, of the behavior in question? Think on this One as a child that you do not have any authority over but a child just the same. If this were a child in your neighborhood, or a distant relative, how would you handle it? (pause)

As you would handle it in that instance, you can do so in this, and as you step forth in the intention and the action of this decision, all of the energies of the universe can manifest help for you. (pause) Forgive them this weakness. This is temporary. Your strength comes from your focus on the Father. He that is in you is stronger than he that is without. Through the strength of the Father you can do all things that are asked of you. Is this not something we've asked of you? (pause) Will this experience bring you closer to the Father? (Pause) Will your overcoming and balancing the emotions of this experience bring you closer to the Father? (pause)

I assure you that it is so. You have bought into something that is not yours to buy into. Your ego has barbed something that is not yours. It has put out a little fish hook and has caught a fish! It is one you do not want and you need to throw it back. Whatever energy you can transmute this to, will be reflected to the one who perpetuates it. If you can rise above your human emotion and transmute it to love energy, good will come of this. Much good! Whatever you do, do not accept it. Do not put your fishhook in this water. It is polluted. It needs a healing touch. Do you not see that perhaps this is why you discern it, for the healing touch? (pause)

Mary:Thank you, Aflana.

Aflana: Julie, you have a question too.

Julie::I do?

Aflana:It is in your heart.

Julie::(cannot hear it on tape)

Aflana:How would you know if you did right, unless you ask? You know that you know!

LorEl:Good afternoon, My Friends. This is LorEL. I wish to greet you in the Love of the Father, in the knowing that His presence is in the midst you. Where He is, all are safe. Where there is safety, one is at home. When one is at home, one can share oneself. Home is supportive, affirming, creative, relaxing, stimulating, educational...

I have not worked with you too much. It is because I am allowing you to develop your cosmic family hood. Your trust of one another, your ability to share freely, your willingness to be a part of my cosmic family. The Father indeed, sees. There is talk today, of ego problems and challenges. Each of you has grown so much that the slightest, the barest, tiny bit of ego display is extremely disconcerting to you. You are sensitive, more sensitive than you have been - ever in your life experience. This is not the sensitivity of a dysfunctional human being. This is the sensitivity of an aspiring potential perfection. These are not to hurt you. These are to create an awareness within of the process of your moving upward...higher in your awareness, in your consciousness of the Father, of the universe laws, of your membership in the cosmic family of the Father and of Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit.

Julie::My question is personal and it concerns my health, . ... (can't hear all of it on tape) I'd like to be stronger, to be of service...

Aflana:Do you wish to be healed?

Julie::I certainly do.

Aflana:Are you able to recognize the form which you have is not only the shell of the material form, but also the beginning of your morontia form? (pause) Are you realizing that as you move up the spiral of consciousness that you become less aware of the physical senses? (pause) Could you have possible perceptions of when things don't feel the same there is something wrong? (pause)

Julie::Not wrong, but different. Where I am at - like I'm needed neither here nor there, like in between...

Aflana:You have many talents and there are many who can be helped with these talents, but first you must be whole. You must let go of the confusion and the chaos of moving from the life of the past to the life that you are now having. It is an easy step and yet it is hard. Change is difficult for mortals. Change is often fearful for mortals. And, when mortals fear change, the chaos is turned into personal manifestation of dis-ease and dis-comfort. This can be reflected in the material form. Rise up! Rise up and walk above these mortal perceptions. you are special. You are selected. You have a reason for being here. You are needed in this correcting time. If it is your voice, to be a part of it, let go of anything which distracts you. Know that by your faith you are whole. You have a very strong faith but it is easily distracted by your intellectual rationalization.

Julie::And my family ties.

Aflana:Perhaps it would be good to examine these family ties? Are they good? Do they make you feel closer to the Father? Do they bring the Father closer to you? Are they harmonious? Do they reflect sanity? Are they stabilizing? Are they real? It is a mortal's unbalanced state which clings to expectations of blood lines. It is the spiritual personality within which enables one to rise above the appearances of the material and serve the Father into levels of cosmic feelings. When you serve the Father and you are about the Father's business, you live in total honest sincerity. When you are honest and you respond to the Father, no mortal can be harmed. Does that help you? (long, long silence)

Patije:This is Patije, and I would like to ask about my computer. (It would not come on line that day - could not get it to "boot up" and work is stacking up. If I have to take in for repairs it is a minimum of 10 days it will be out of service.) Why doesn't it work? Can I fix it?

Mary:When you said that I asked about computer circuitry. It is something about "electro-magnetic..but I don't know what that means . .(can't pick up on tape)

Patije:I don't either...

Julie::I do. It is something going on in the air right now.

Mary:An electro- magnetic adjustment?

Julie::umhmmm. Is that right? Something in the air right now? My hand - somebody has my hand. (we are still holding our hands up with palms towards one another but not touching.)

Patije:Some more celestials have joined our circle... By doing this we make room for them to join us and not leave them outside of the circle.

Julie::I am welcoming them in.

Mary:(can't pick up on tape...) energy being neutralized in this place...???

Julie::Is that what I am feeling in my hands?

Mary:I feel it in both hands right now.

Julie::I do too.

Mary:Something similar to . .. like a sunspot...


Patije:But I have work of the Father's to do. When will I be able to return to it?

Julie::We may be able to help now.

Mary:I hear: Everything happens for a reason. Maybe Patije needs to be balanced because she works so hard so long and so continuously?

Julie::umhmmm. I see that too...

Patije:Well, the thought came to me in comfort that I have been wanting to increase the buffer capacity of the printer. The old printer needs a spring to make it work and maybe this is the chance to have everything fixed if I have somebody come to the house? I have been putting off buying a chair that I need because I didn't want to spend the money. It is almost like the universe is going to make me spend that money anyway!

Mary:This is true.

Patije:Which is a lesson Roy needs to hear, not me. I know that.

Mary:Why don't you speak to him about this.

Patije:I have been worrying about upsetting Roy about the money I spend for this operation...again that is dysfunctional behavior.

Mary:It is not focusing for you.

Julie::This was my question.

Mary:You've got to do for you what you need to do to do the work of the Father.

Julie::This is my question and you know everyone of the answers that came today, fit me, fit you, fit Patije and your family too.

Mary:This is how they help us all...(not clear on tape)

Julie::I'm not doing this (Julie's hand is pulsating and vibrating almost like she has extreme tremors) I'm not doing this! I can't change it...

Patije:My hands are really feeling different too.


Patije:There is an increase of energy between us!

Julie::umhmmm This one is starting to do it too. (other hand begins similar action)

Patije:Feels like little electric surges of energy...

Julie::Yeah, yeah, yeah...exactly.

Mary:I feel strong energy in my hands but as I watch your hand the energy is jumping...

Julie::Look at Patije's...

Patije:I'm not doing it either... for the record, Julie's fingers are moving back and forth like she is waving and pulsating and my two ring finger and little finger are kind of moving, jumping,

Julie::I think the energy is going out of my thumbs...I tried to stop that, but I can't...

Mary:Why? I don't have it. I'm jealous! (joking) there is energy coming out of my hands to you...

Patije:Are you accepting energy too?

Mary:I am open and willing.

Patije:You are a beautiful perSon of God!

Mary:Thank you. I have no ability except as a vassal for the Father...

(this continues for 10 minutes or so...)

Julie::Maybe Mary is going to get it somehow...

Mary:My pinky feels...

Patije:That's where it starts...


Patije:It is like having one of those jerks in your leg which you can't stop... automatic response...they are not coordinated in symmetrical action. You would think that both hands would be matching...

Julie::Yes, but they are not!

Patije:That in itself is proof that it is not us - I can't rub my tummy and walk and scratch my head at the same time!

Julie: and Mary together:Right!

Mary:They are different movements at the same time

Patije:Yes, if I were doing it, it would be very hard for me to get this kind of action - it's not even one forward while the other returns - they are completely different...

Julie::Right... It felt like somebody took my hand first... somebody is telling me it is electro-magnetic energy...

Mary:We also have an electro-magnetic field...

Julie::It has to do with the energies in the atmosphere...I might...

Patije:I have polarity rods all the way around the house...

Julie::Mine is subsiding a little...

Patije:I felt a rigidity go around the room...

Mary:Yes (laughter)

Patije:As soon as I felt that rigidity, I knew I was resisting...My hands are tired.

Julie::It is not as prickly. It is hitting my thumbs now.

Patije:But the energy was like a tornado almost.

Mary:Yes. It was strong energy. I could feel it...

Patije:Probably you are stronger than we are...

Mary:That is why I am not shaking? I'm not having the reaction that you are having?

Patije:umhmmm. I feel like a chill is going up my legs...like this leg got cold, like I took it out of the covers into a blizzard or something... (laughter)

Julie::I'm warm...

Patije:Well, thank you, Teachers for this wonderful experience. I will trust you with the repair of my computer if it needs it.

Julie::We are getting a healing. This is what is happening.

Mary:The energy was running from my hands like crazy when we were getting that... Rayson is here. He is just letting me go through the paces...Encouraging me to . ..? (laughter)

Patije:This is incredible that Rayson is here.

Julie::He has sort of a medium, not a short round face and it is not a long, long, face...kind of in between; very happy, yet he has a ? dignity... he has white hair, and a white beard...

Rayson:No ego!

Julie::no ego... oh! because of my description; he would be someone that I could love and have a friendship with and not be frightened of, be comforted, and to have him for a doctor, among the sick he would be a most comforting presence, kind of eyes with knowing and understanding and he is not fat and he is not skinny, but he is more the rounder side than he is on the skinny side. He is very pure...and he is I would say like a purple, except I don't know if I see in negative or positive form - I usually see things in negative appearance (like a photo negative) but lately I have seen a few things in the positive form.

Patije:If you see him with white hair, then he would have dark hair?

Julie::Or he would be black...if I am seeing him in positive, then he is very white; if I am seeing him in negative then he is black.

Patije:He could be a blue man...every planet has the red, yellow, blue, etc. races

Mary:I saw him with dark hair. A sort of semi round but longish face...I don't see a color

Patije:The morontia body may not reflect a color... but it might, because they do have separate resurrection chambers for the different races...

Julie::But as I say, if I am seeing him in negative then he is black or dark, very dark. If I am seeing him in positive, I can't tell - then he is very very white, white hair, white skin, white ears, white...lavender eyes... so the question is...

Patije:There is no black in the rainbow, so he might be a violet man?

Julie::Sometimes I see colors, sometimes I don't... I see colors of the rainbow now. I think JaEL is here.

Patije:JaEl and JoEl are both here.

Mary:Yes, I've heard from JaEL... and the Chanti is here.

Patije:the Chanti are here (laughter) It was funny last spring when I heard the name Chanti and one person thought it was a greeting of peace - like I behold the peace within you -- and immediately it was corrected as "Patije overheard something she wasn't intended to hear. It is a nickname, a loving nickname given to a group of beings who are just everywhere working so hard and we refer to them all as Chanti - a loving term for us to use." That's is what we got. Now we know they are healers. They work with all of the sincere healers on the planet. Probably a choir (corps?) of angels...a corps of cherubim or seraphim...


Mary:I see like a ladder with cherubim going up and down - I keep getting it..

Julie::Well, I tell you they look like nuns in white... and Rayson is here. They look like little white cloaked...

Patije:That could be a symbol of what that means to you too, Julie. Having been raised Catholic, nuns could mean something to you...

Julie::It is close to nuns but they don't look like nuns... but it is what they have on remind me of what nuns wear...very beautiful.

Mary:I am in a unique position. The Chanti are working with me. I feel... and Rayson is doing something.

Patije:I observe that Mary's hands are moving now... Are you aware of this, Mary?

Julie::It is starting up again.

Mary: . ..can't hear well... they are working on me to ??? (3 minutes or so is lost on tape because Mary talked so softly)

Julie::I feel something in back of and all around you, Mary. I feel some around me too... something big is here...

(we have begun to notice that many times beings come into our presence from a spot or "doorway" between the chairs that Mary and Julie are sitting in.)

Mary:(can't pick up because it is so soft..)

Julie::It is a higher, something tremendous

Mary:I was uncomfortable there and they were giving me energy to counteract this...

Patije:It is light

Julie::Every color of the rainbow.


Julie::It was a big flash like... whooooooooooosh (softly) Do you feel that, Mary?

Mary:It is wonderful. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate it.

Julie::It is all beaming on Mary.

Rayson:If we work together and support each other in all that we do...

Julie::I got it! Maybe this is what I am here for... to do?

(interruption when telephone rings)

Julie::It is going to concern one of our...I always got involved with people who were very out of balance and they tried to pull my energy into them, and it took me years of working to try to keep myself in balance when I was involved with other people.

Patije:That is true of all three of us.

Mary:That's true...

Julie::And, I would like to help ___, but (tape turns over) I don't want to become involved with someone so out-of-balance...who will call me and talk to me for hours and hours over trivial stuff..

Mary:Sometimes we are asked to make a sacrifice.....

Patije:We don't have to call it a sacrifice if we are willing to be of service to the Father.

Mary:Yes, for all things work together for good...

Patije:helping one who is stumbling...enables all to evolve...

Julie::That is what I feel like but I am thinking of my family's reaction to the time and draining of my energy again...

Patije:Why are you taking his problem onto yourself?

Julie::Does she need me?

Patije:I have this challenge with one who thinks I spend too much time on the computer... It seems that he doesn't have an interest in the computer, therefore it must be work to me too. He doesn't want to talk on the phone for hours therefore it must be an irritation to me...etc.

Julie::He is usually into his own thing...

Patije:When the tv goes on, I feel no guilt at retreating to the computer room to work...

Mary:You must be about the Father's business and allow each to fall into...

Julie::A partnership, a relationship, a marriage... becomes sort of attuned to the other person...

Patije:What I picked up when you said that, is that we are responding to who they were - and they are responding to who we were and not who we are now... all of us have grown and this can put communication out of sync.

Mary:Yes (speaks too softly to pick up)

Unseen Helper: Turn now to the Father, turn now to focus on the Father and do what you are guided to do. Allow this to pass from you.

Julie::We have someone else here...

Patije:I can see almost the shape of Jesus' head (like in a picture) and the top of his head goes from the top of that top shelf on the bookcase and the flow of his hair goes to about the level of the bottom of the second shelf...

Julie::That is Michael!

Patije:I don't know... but I saw the head - like a - I don't see it now - but for a minute it was like I could see the books but there was an outline superimposed over them...

Julie::It is in here now. It feels highly energized and charged right here...(pointing to the center of our group)...

Mary:(can't hear)

Julie::Something has happened...

Patije:Something is happening...I feel a pull right here.

Julie::It is right here!

Mary:I can feel it with my hands...


Patije:Between you and Julie . ..its right in that area...

Julie::yes...I feel an aura... very powerful. That is what came in that night... I see an aura... (long 10 minute silence)

(we realized we had been in the deep silence and felt so energized but relaxed when it was over)

Mary:That really touched me in the heart area...

Julie::(hushed tones) Yes. It was such a bright, bright, bright, light with such comforting and soothing energy... (continues but can't hear)

Mary:I heard: Know that I am with you...

Julie::I feel that all burdens are lifted (softly) (long silence again)

Patije:I smell... grapes... (long silence)

Julie::I am getting a sensation that . ..standing here... could have love energy...

Patije:I felt like I was on a circular elevator and going upwards

Julie: and Patije together:The love energy!

(some soft discussion continues but can't pick up on tape)

Christ Michael (Julie):I love you, My children.

Patije:Is that you, Michael?

Christ Michael (Mary):I am Michael. ( continues but can't hear Mary.

Patije:speak up a little, Mary.

Christ Michael:I am Michael. I am with you. You can feel...know rightly.

Patije:Thank you, Michael.

Christ Michael:You are all very, very precious to me.

Patije:How can we serve you?

Christ Michael:You are serving me. You are about my business and you are serving me. I love you all very much. Know my love in your hearts? You are ???? (can't pick up) It was I ???? . ..know that I am with you always. Through all your troubles. I am here to be with you. My energy is ???? You know my love... love is blessing you, Children. (about 2 minutes I cannot pick up on tape) . ..I hold each of you close to my breast...???... and if you need me, ???... look into the...???... feel me when I go by???...My precious ones, my precious ones...

Julie::(can't pick up)

Mary:(can't pick up)

(another 3 or 4 minutes of soft talking on tape which I can't decipher)

Julie::He is still here... there is an angel near by

JoEL: Julie, this is JoEl. I come to tell you that you need to read what angels and celestial beings are because you call all of us angels. We are not all angels.

Julie::Thank you, JoEl. I will.

Mary:can't pick up

Patije:I can't hear you, Mary

Mary:I am picking Michael up yet...fades out again... goes on for about 1/2 minute

Julie::I feel like I don't have a body. (long silence)

Mary's voice is very soft on tape, can't decipher

Julie::Power, there is so much power here... it could raise this house up more than 10 feet!

Patije:It reminds me of seeing movies of a tornado where a house is lifted higher and higher as it spins.

Julie::That is it!

Patije:I feel as if my body has been changed.

Julie::It has.

Mary:That is what has happened

Patije:You all sound as if you are coming from miles and miles away... my hearing is changing.

Mary:ah ha

Julie::I am suddenly in darkness.

Patije:The light is so bright I feel that we have a spotlight beaming upon us and everything outside the spotlight is total darkness.


Patije:I have a wonderful feeling like the universe is breathing me instead of me breathing air... we are all being changed... We ask that Allene be included in this and Ann, and Drue, and Wanda, and Roy, and Lise and everybody in the teaching...

Julie::And, even the doubting Thomases... and skeptical ones...

Mary:I asked that my grandbaby be included in this too.

Patije:And all of our loved ones...

Julie::And all of our loved ones...

Mary:And those I work with...

Patije:there is the brightest color - almost like a brilliant blue sky and bright emerald green all around it - like a . ..

Julie::I see that. I see that. Some wonderful things are happening to

Patije:The blue is Michael's color...

Julie::and green is healing...

Patije:and growing...

Julie::And, I also see rose, a vibrant rose. Everything is starting to pulsate...

( multiple deep sighs from all 3 people are heard on tape)

Patije:kind of intoxicating!

Julie::yeah -

Patije:While I am very, very relaxed I feel terribly tense too...

Julie::me too


Julie::I have a sort of metallic taste in my mouth.



Mary:here comes another energy...

Julie::my legs are tingling

Patije:Part of me doesn't want this to end and another part of me thinks I can't accept anymore! (laughter) The green in incredible. I've never seen that bright green...

Julie::Isn't that some green that is like a shocking green.

Mary:I've not seen these colors before...

Julie::vibrant green

Patije:and growing...

Julie::growing, there is a blue and then a vibrant rose, shocking

Patije:Usually I see purplish colors with the rose and the blue together . ..

Julie::Well this blue and this rose could make purple - beautifully. (short silence) there goes my fingers again, something is happening to my hand...

(all three of us begin to cough - almost choking and there is much clearing of throats)

Mary:Wow - the more we share the more we get. Did you feel that?


Mary:I would like to share this with everybody at work...(healing energy?)

Julie::I would like to share this with....?

Patije:I would like everyone to share this...

Mary:I would like to share this with everyone who is afraid...

Julie::I see a fire - beautiful flames of fire...starts blue on the bottom; now everything is purple..

Patije:A purple flame to put all of our cares into a purple flame and they vanish...



(more names of people are added to our consciousness and we ask them to be included in this healing)

(more coughing by all of us)

Christ Michael: It is as you ask, My daughters. Go in peace. Be of good cheer.

Julie::I just saw something leave . .. my mortal mind might say a space ship - of orange, energy, purple... ?(some too soft to pick up)...seems feminine... neat and beautiful... (long silence)

Patije:I can't focus my eyes...they are different... I can't focus. I can't even tell you what is over there.

Mary:Me either

Julie::my eyes won't focus correctly either

Mary:Patije, Your computer will work now.

(end of tape)

Note:After a few minutes of talking about what happened, Julie: said: go try your computer again. So I went into the computer room - approximately 25 feet away - and turned it on and it came up on line ready to be used! Except for some minor glitches in the "b" floppy disk drive, it seems to still work fine 3 weeks later)

Session 34



We begin by lifting our hands with palms open towards the one next to us and allow the Celestials to join our circle of thanksgiving, prayer, invitation, and our time of expressing willingness to be used as transmitters.


This is Patije. I would like to express to the Father, our Unseen Helpers and Michael, my gratitude, my awe at the healings taking place around me - physically and for the computer. I'd like to thank you for the ability you have given me to answer the phone calls, do the long distance "counseling". I apologize that I haven't spent my own quiet time for as long as I normally do. I invite you to come, fellowship with us tonight, giving us illuminating messages and affirmations. I express my willingness to be your tool of transmission.


This is Allene. I would like to give a special thanks this evening for the messages that Michael has given us in the last couple of weeks with me in this group. They have been extremely helpful to me. I have been giving them much thought. They are of very great value to me. I thank you, very much. I thank all of the teachers and Thought Adjusters for all the insight and help I have been receiving. I thank Rayson and Mary and all the other teachers. You have been keeping me very calm. I am open. I am willing to be of service in any way I can.


This is Drue and I, too, like Patije, like to thank the Father, Michael and all of our helpers for the healings that have taken place and for the peace, the support, the love, the companionship, the friendship that I feel at all times. I, too, am willing to assist in whatever way is appropriate.


This is Mary. I, too, like Patije, Allene and Drue, wish to thank my Heavenly Father, and all the teachers and all the wonderful workers who assist me and work with us. I'd like to thank from the bottom of my heart for all the healings and the care that is given to all of us. I, too, am open and willing to be of service for whatever is needed.


I, too, thank all the teachers for all they have done for us. I hope tonight, that they will pay special attention to our needs. Thank you. (long silence)


Father's Light and love surrounds, uplifts, and enfolds you. Good evening, My Friends, I am LorEL.

Group:Good evening, LorEL.


I have heard your prayers as have all of the teachers and unseen helpers and it is so. It pleases us that you do not forget to be aware of your blessings. Each day, each moment, each hour - step by step - you are being blessed.

Rayson tells me that he is quite concerned about the contact by Cristi. There are authentic contacts being made. Perhaps Rayson will tell you himself.

Drue:LorEL, this is Drue. Thank you for those comments about Cristi. I am sure she will find it a great comfort.

Rayson (Mary):This is Rayson and I am with you.

Drue and group:Good evening, Rayson. Good evening. Welcome.

Drue:Rayson, Cristi was wondering if you made contact with her - or if she was just imagining it?

Rayson: (Mary)

Cristi did not imagine it. I make lots of contacts and everybody is beginning to hear me after lots of work, with lots of wonderful beings.

Patije:This is Patije. Could it have been misunderstood because you did it through a distance apparatus rather than your actual energy presence?


That is so. As you know we can be wherever we need to be. Each one of you are individuals and I heard you speak earlier and you were right. Everybody has their own way, every person sets their own limitations, and their own freedoms. Both you, from where you are and I from where I am, can see shining examples of this lack, limitation, and freedom.

Patije:Thank you, Rayson. Do you have a message for us tonight?

Rayson:My message is one that maybe you are used to hearing but everybody forgets.

Allene:I heard Rayson say before, when you asked that: My message tonight is about Love."

Rayson: (Mary)Love from your heart. (laughter)

Allene:It is funny, when she started to say that, I heard it...

Rayson:Feel love in your heart.

Mary:This is Mary and I think that is funny!

Drue:Rayson, this is Drue and the lesson of Love is one we can never have too much because we really need to express it in this country, in this world, in this lifetime, we really need to express it. So, thank you for your message.

Rayson:Remember to express it in your heart.

Allene:We were amused, not at you, Rayson, we were amused at ourselves... any further guidance or comments that you can share with us about doing this, we would certainly be open to hearing, and learning.

Rayson:Humor. We are learning about humor. Those lessons are hard for some of us. Love in your heart has been given in lessons among this group. You have it in your transcripts, but you have to remember to keep love alive in your heart first. That will bring you close together. Your little family of networkers will be unified if you can learn that one basic lesson. Express love through your heart.

Allene:Thank you, Rayson.

Drue:Rayson, This is Drue and I just want to thank you for the healings this week. Allene:This is Allene. I, too, thank you. And, for all the energy and support I have been receiving from you.

Patije:I guess so. All of us. Even my computer if VanEl and/or you had something to do with it! If. Listen to that if. I know. I don't know which one of you, but I know. (laughter)

Rayson:The healings you feel and enjoy and my energy transmitted through Mary is coming from love in her heart.

Drue:How nice.

Allene:Well, we know that we like and radiate to that feeling.

Rayson:We are with you and the healing continues and Mary remembers.

Allene:Thank you.

Drue:Thank you, Rayson.

Rayson:There will be healings continuing now at this point. I leave the floor to someone else.

Patije:Before you go, Rayson, I have another question. May I ask it?

Rayson:Go ahead.


I have a feeling in my heart that there is much in California that needs to be healed. There seems to be a lack of faith or a lack of affirmation and confirmation between the groups out there. Is there some position that we are to play here in Sarasota when they call us? I don't want to get in the middle of anything which will separate our brothers and sisters from one another.

Rayson:You do as you have done here, in Sarasota. You will not be in the middle of anything. You work with each one person.

Patije:Thank you. I thought I had failed here in Sarasota. (laughter)

Rayson:You have not failed in Sarasota if you continue to work with each; one person at each time.


Allene:Rayson, did I also hear you say to Patije: "Confirm what you know?"

Rayson:Yes, you did.

Allene:Thank you.

Rayson:I leave now. The healing continues.

Group:Thank you, Rayson.

Allene:You know, Mary, several times tonight, I thought I heard Rayson before you said something. I heard Rayson and I thought to myself: "Why are you coming to me" and it was like hearing him say: "And why would you think I can't come to you." Then I hear something else when this was going on. I heard when Patije was asking the question about the woman in California or you were asking about the woman in California...he said: "And I certainly did." Not quite phrased the same way you phrased it. I am sure it was Rayson and when you were asking her last question, I heard that so clearly: "Confirm what you know."

Mary:As you started to say this - this is a knowingness now because he is gone but I am open to the information. As you started to say this I get over and over: "Proceed with the teachings, the teachings are: "I appear wherever the people hear me." Now I am trying to catch his words because I listened to you and they went... the thing is he can come through anybody he needs to because now all the work is being done. We are open and by him opening we have opened channels here. The more we hear you've had this before in your groups, I don['t know this because I haven't read the transcripts. When he comes through one person and then all of a sudden pops up somewhere else, the next thing - then others complain and say I am the only one who transmits or channels so and so. That is not true. This is what his lessons are about at this time, I believe. This is what I am understanding from the knowingness now because I have not read...

Allene:I was very sure of who it was and I didn't want to interrupt...

Mary:And I think we are getting a lesson right now, by very virtue of that is how you hear him because you are Allene and this is how I hear him because I am Mary. Sometimes I have a difficult time trying to express things because I think in two different languages. Not foreign and English, but I think in police language and how I talk to you folks. You know. Like when somebody asked a question and I had "Proceed" and "go ahead" at the same time. It is like the words come into my mind and I have to make a mental choice as to which modem am I going to transmit. This is another lesson that I am getting because I have never paid attention to this as profoundly as I am here tonight because my brain is being flooded with all of this stuff. I was getting it in police language and the way I am trying to talk to you folks. And I think he is trying to teach us, through you or me and Patije or Drue...


I was chuckling because I knew he was talking and I knew that was what he was saying and that Mary was sitting right here, you know. So what is the point of my saying this. If Mary didn't say anything, then I could say: I know Rayson is here because I heard him say this. So I...

Mary:We are getting another lesson here...

Drue:This is a lesson for Cristi in California.


We're getting another lesson right now... I don't know...I'm sort of being impressed with something...it is sort of coming together with something else...that happened this afternoon. Julie and I were talking and I said: "You know I can see our community forming" - none of us have to be a leader; all of us are willing to take second place and yet all of us are able to help each other. Maybe I'm stuck in the office and maybe she is going to be the "enabler" and coordinator of all the efforts. You are going to be the healer and you are going to be something else... but we are all forming this community, our cosmic family, and it is all going to be necessary as we bring other people in it is important that we not get caught up on the ego level like: "I'm jealous because Allene and Mary talk all the time and I never get a chance to talk" or "Julie and I get to spend more time together than I have for anyone else." or "I didn't get to go to that meeting and they didn't tell me everything that happened." Whatever...we all have to get our priorities straight. We have to get this thing understood in the beginning and build a basis.

Mary:All right!

Allene:That's what we have been all about all along.


But we are starting to expand now. We are going to have two groups that will eventually come together. I'm sure we are all going to be one family. We may have two meeting times, but we are going to be one family. I was trying to explain this to Julie this afternoon. I just consider us all equal. We are all a part of the whole. You may be able to take one away, but you can't leave...

Mary:Like the messenger said. each one is unique and each one has his own forte, but when you put them all together boy we are dynamic. That is what it is. But it takes each person doing their one thing from the heart and honestly trying to help one another and support them where we can.

Drue:This also brings to mind something that Will taught: "What is important, is the message, how it is expressed really isn't important. Because each will express it differently - you will express it one way, you will express another way, you will express it differently." Just because it is coming through different channels. Even with my typewriter, I often ask: "Shall I say this, or shall I say that?" And it doesn't really matter. It is still the same message. And, this is what is important, the message. I know One was so hung up on words . I brought this to their attention. It is the message, not the words...


That's what happened in the group back in the summer at one point when LorEl started coming through and Aflana said "it is no longer necessary for you to transmit me word for word, because once you get the idea you can put it in your own words" but boy! most of the group was not ready for that idea because they thought a transmitter was getting word for word. They said that as long as you have the idea, express it. If you are off base, they are going to stop you. Go on and say it the way they want it said.

Mary:This was my problem in the beginning... I wondered am I gong to say the right thing, because I don't always get it verbatim. I know what I am supposed to say and the words come out, but it is not necessarily the way I would want to think it or say it or whatever and that is how I know it is not me...


It is interesting because lots of time Patije and I will be sitting here in a group and I won't always hear word for word, but often there will be a phrase in there that is the exact same one.


Or a word that is not a common word - like vicissitudes or something strange. You know, I was telling Cristi the other night that we are not repeating a telephone conversation like where you tell me something and I repeat it to someone not on the phone and they tell me something and I repeat it to you on the phone. That is not what transmitting is. You have an idea impressed upon your mind and you are expressing it in your own words and phraseology...

Allene:And, the other part of that is that...

Mary:You need to use my experience (sorry)here with my police language with my daily language when you talk to her to explain that I expressed that - because that will be something that somebody actually said and it was my experience tonight. And I really believe that is why they were doing that tonight. And then...


Well, there is something else to express to Cristi too along these same lines. I mean what you said about how they impressed something to you. Not only this, but there are times when they start to drop a seed they want you to think about it through your memory banks and what you know and your knowingness and tap into that and then if you have trouble they step in and guide you, right? -There is another process. I don't mean in a group, but in individual way.


Yes, I've been counseling all week. There was a person who called about a meeting the night before and the transmitter hadn't read the UB and isn't interested in it. She was asked about someone in the UB and she said all kinds of nice things but not the information in the UB. The one who asked the question got upset and left the meeting rather abruptly. He left and went into the stillness with the Father.I told them to read the message not the words. They have to use your memory banks and if you don't have them, then they can't use them. Begin to practice communicating yourself so that you o not have to rely on this person who has not read the UB...


You know it is interesting to me because you know there are a lot of us that have been reading this for a year - and have been through so many things, there is a lot in those memory banks . I mean if I could recall all the things I had read along spiritual years in the last 30 years. It is there but you don't have instant recall. this library is pretty empty here.

Mary:But on other levels you..they are still riffling through those cellular memory banks. It is there and they are getting at it...


That is why at night sometimes, I say to Aflana: I think this is me because I already know that - you know this is me talking to me. But then, in the midst of this me talking to me were a couple of new thoughts in there that they sort of wove in and as I was trying to think about things that come up in the UB and in class and with this whole group in general, as I think about it and go to write about it, a good bit of it I already knew and then all of a sudden they weave something fresh in there.

Drue:But in addition to the stuff you already know, you forget it and they have to remind you of it. Sure. We have to keep being reminded and reminded and reminded.

Allene:Drue, you are so right about that! You are absolutely right about that.

Drue:Yes you know, remember? Oh, yeah!


Drue:Who else is here tonight?

Patije;I feel lots of them here tonight...

Allene:I think your little VanEssa is here, Drue.

Drue:Oh, VanEssa, VanEssa, hello!

Vanessa (Allene)

This is VanEssa. I am delighted to be among you and to watch what your two groups are doing lately. You are both small groups but you are doing such mighty thing.s

Patije:We haven't seen you for awhile, VanEssa. Is there a reason.

Vanessa:I have been present but have you not noticed that your meetings have been very full lately?

Drue:Well, we are delighted that you are here tonight and that you are sharing with us.

Mary:Thank you for being here, VanEssa.

VanEssa:It is I who am delighted!

Patije:Did I pick something up that we have advanced to the point that we need other teachers? Sounds stupid...

Drue:But even if that is the case, VanEssa. We are just so thrilled that you spoke to us tonight. And, we're delighted to know you, to have this opportunity to get to meet you - I feel as if we are family. We are just so delighted to have had this opportunity to get to know you...

Allene:I pick up this little joyful little thing like: "You are going to get to know us a whole lot better."


Allene:In answer to what you said Patije, I picked up that we have had so many visitors lately in these two groups with what is going on and what they have been sharing with us that VanEssa has just stepped back and we only have so much time.


I read somewhere - maybe that is what is coming up, that in the beginning when contact is made sometimes you need a Midwayer present to contact mortals but after contact has been made and communication is occurring the Midwayer no longer needs to be present. That is kind of what I was asking but I didn't know how to ask...

Allene:Well, I hear VanEssa saying- sort of confirming that this may be true- but we are kind of special in her heart and I will always be present with you.

Drue:And you are special to us too, VanEssa.

Patije:Good! We will keep you at your word.


You have it. No she doesn't...may not be involved with us all the time, taking part but she is present and will always be present and I have a feeling that we were sort of her first assignment maybe in this group, she told us before she was assigned to us and had been watching us for a long time.

Drue:She told us one time, maybe last year, that she had been assigned to us for at least 7 years.

Patije:Was it Sarasota area, or us as individuals?

Drue:Sarasota area...she...

Allene:I also got the impression that she had been working with most of us for a lot longer like before we moved to Sarasota.

Drue:In most cases she could tell us when we made the decision to join this..because we all agreed and apparently it was a long time ago...

Allene:Before I knew any of you guys. That's what I do when I sleep maybe. When I was sleeping I made a commitment to you guys and didn't even know I made it...(laughter)

Patije:I heard: "No, it was not while you were sleep."

Drue:I think it was probably when we were rather young. I would assume it was when we were children...

Allene:I was thinking before I physically met you all.

Patije:Aflana told me last spring that it was when I was a little girl when I was sitting at my attic bedroom window and looking out over the treetops and yearning to know God a little better. I suspect when I was about 13 and taking Catholic catechism, Rainbow secret work, and teaching Presbyterian 4th grade Sunday school!

(some discussion about all of this for several minutes)

Patije:I've noticed when you ask a direct question, they often don't give you an answer. But, later on you receive the information as an almost aside to something else being transmitted.

Patije:Michael is here.

Allene:Michael,this is Allen. I certainly want to thank you so much for what you told me last time. That has meant so much to me and has really changed a lot of my thought patterns here..

Michael:Has it caused you to think?

Allene:It certainly has.

Michael:That is the purpose.

Drue:What I heard is "And so it should!" (laughter)

Mary:I heard that too!

Drue:I am so glad you heard that! (short silence) Isn't it silly that we are so delighted when we hear the same thing. Confirmation! Thank you! And I can hear them say: Oh, you are so ridiculous!

Mary:I don't think so...

Allene:"No, no, My Child, you are not ridiculous." (laughter) (long silence)

Drue:Michael is just showering us with love-- baskets of love.

Patije:I picked up Bea's name, but I didn't get a message about here.

Allene:Maybe we ought to put her in our circle.

Michael: (Allene)

Hi, Little Ones. I am so pleased with what I see that you are doing. Your work is very special to me, to all of those around you who are working with you and love you so very much! (short silence)

Allene:I'm not sure what this means but I hear:

Michael:"We will be many in the days ahead." (long silence) For as you join together there will be many in this great army of God that will march upon the land.

Allene:This is Allene. I tend to reject that as I don't like the military.

Drue:Well you know..

Mary:After that I got: "And I will be with you all of the days." which ended that sentence...

Allene:Thank you. I was having trouble saying it because I didn't like the military.

Drue:You know, allene, A few weeks ago we had this discussion and I was expressing it in militaristic terms too - and you two were jumping all over me for that. It really is - but it really is but it isn't a bad army. We have a concept of a bad army and this is a good army it is joining together to and spreading love and spreading the word and you know it is good...


It is an army if you look at an army as being coordinated - an army is very coordinated and moves as one and not as a bunch of separate pieces.

Patije:I think Melchizedek used that terms also...

Allene:Yes, he did and I had the same reaction.

Drue:Yes he did...but it is just in our programming that we think of army as bad...

Allene:We only think about army with killing and negative aspects.

Drue:We are armed, but we are armed with love, we are armed with incredible assistance, we are armed with good will and we are just armed to the hilt. We will never run out of ammunition.

Patije:Unless we fear or doubt.

Drue:The other way you lose is tripping over ego. That's a major failure. There is so much help out there. We are just beginning to tap into it.

Mary:I am hearing: "My dear children, my blessed army... (laughter) You know (now I am getting an impression and not words.

Allene:It is about... ah...

Mary:Knowing what you hear. Being reminded of lessons...excuse me, somebody was kind enough to say that. Being reminded of the lessons... you prefer the word family.

Allene:Over army, you mean? I guess we do like family over army.

Mary:Families are small.

Patije:Family, for me, is often quarrelsome.

Allene:Families don't always get along so well.

Drue:Some families do.

Mary:Families are small but armies are large and . ..

Allene:Families are usually organized to be affective. Armies can be very organized.

Patije:But you cease to be individuals and become a manpower.

Allene:Not necessarily. Schwartzcoff was certainly an individual! There are a lot of individuals in the army.

Patije:But armies to be effective and work as a unit must give up their individuality and work as a unit...

Allene:We don't give up your individuality...

Roy:I agree..

Patije:That is what my son complains about. They need a man and he gets picked- not because he is Bill but because he is a man and can fill the spot...

Roy:But he hasn't given up his individuality.

Patije:But in the army, you do...

Allene:in the hierarchy in the universe we never give up our individuality

Patije:of course not.

Drue:But in the hierarchy it is sort of militaristic. You do this, you do what you are told...

Allene;But we have free will. In the army you don't get to exercise free will!

Patije:That's my point...

Allene:Except that once you have chosen to be of service, your free will is to be of service, so while you have given it up... the point is that your free will is to do God's will and not...

Patije:Once you move into Love energy,and once you move into Love energy, you are compelled for altruistically service. You can choose to move out of love energy.

Drue:But even when you do go into the service, you do make that initial decision to go for the common good, and so even if you don't get your way for something, you are going for the common good which is really what it is. I think that really is the way it is in the hierarchy...

Drue:I am hearing something like: "I come before you in thanksgiving..."

Patije:I heard the word thanksgiving that is all.

Allene:Where is it from, Drue?

Drue:Well, it was when you started out with Michael I heard something like "You come before me with thanksgiving...I didn't know if anyone else heard anything like that or not...

(short silence)


I hear: "My children , you have much to learn about a new way. Much from the past will be dropped as you move into a..." --- I want to say a " new order" but it makes me think of Bush!) (laughter) It is a wonder how we have all of these preprogrammed ideas in our head.

Drue:Into a new way of thinking!

Allene:I was saying what I was hearing. I can do that too, make it sound a lot better. (long, long silence)

Drue:I don't know where this is coming from but I hear: "This is the dawning of a new age.,"


Michael, I would like to ask you a question: I could ask any of the teachers, but I would like to ask you. What specifically can I do to help new transmitters - especially by long distance and affirm them while not undermining other transmitters? For instance the experience I had this week.

Drue:What I am hearing is "Follow your heart."

Mary:That is what I get: "Speak from your heart....

Allene:Yeah, that is what I am hearing. Speak from your heart with each individual. Don't be concerned about the overall picture, just be a clear channel for what you are hearing from that individual. Don't be concerned, only need to be concerned about the individual with whom you are speaking up at the moment.

Patije:Ok. thank you.

Allene:"This will save you many difficulties" is what I am hearing

Drue:And, if anyone calls you to question you about it you can tell them that what you expressed to this person is what you heard.

(tape turned over)


...all of these beings do not understand with my understanding and sometimes the words I use are not heard the way I mean them. I have ben allowing these to stand knowing that you will enable them to hear what they are supposed to hear. But, I am concerned that my ego not get in the way and I not take over...


I hear: "Just concern yourself with one at a time." And, my feeling is that the ego stays out of it that way than when you start looking at all of them., then you risk manipulating it for the whole. And, if you speak just from your heart, sincerely honestly to each one at that moment in the present, this will be most helpful.

Patije:Should I telephone Cristi tonight and tell her what we have learned?

Allene:This will put her mind at rest

Mary:I heard yes too.

Drue:So it would be a good time to call her because at ll:00 because it will only be 8:00 our there.


This is a good lesson for all of you. In answer to Patije's questions this is something you should all keep in mind: If you all speak from your heart in sincerity and honesty directly to the person you are speaking to int e present, when this is done with love, much good will come from this. It odes not good to dwell on the past. It is usually a waste of time to try to solve problems when you speak honestly, openly and sincerely, you will often mirror for that individual exactly what they need. When this is done in love, they will receive it in love. This will be helpful. It would be good practice for you.


This is Patije and I have received a newsletter today, from someone I highly respect within the Urantia movement and they have picked up all of the erroneous teachings of reincarnation and etc. from Sedona. When Allene and I work on this newsletter how do we not include Sedona. Is there an authentic group in Sedona.

Allene:I hear "This is not your problem. You are only to deal with that which you know." All else (I'm hearing "will fall aside" but I think we should let it fall aside.

Patije:Should I take Sedona off the list of groups and not print anything in the newsletter? As I understand there are 2 groups there, I don't know if one is authentic or not. Who is Felecia? Felicia is a teacher out there. Are you known as Sanonda?


Patije:Sanonda says that he is Jesus or Gabriel....etc. but he is picking up the transmissions from across the US and making his sound authentic and it angered me... but one I knew from Lubbock has started teaching this now. One I corresponded with in Australia moved to Sedona, Arizona to be part of his group, and it makes me heart-sick...

Drue:You aren't sending them our stuff are you?

Patije:No, I'm not. But they are sending us their stuff.

Drue:Well, you know what they say: "You cannot stay in a lie, you cannot stay in an error...


Well, if you are on an ego trip, yes, you can stay in error, right? But these will be corrected in the total movement. You know, just as a conflict between the teachers and those who don't believe in the teaching ministry- this will be corrected. I have the feeling that the answer to your question is, you know, basically "we don't need to give it any energy" and we don't need to give energy to avoiding it - that gives it a lot of energy too. It just is and people can read what they want and if it went into the newsletter as another location which is transmitting, fine, if people want to read those transmissions, they read Welmek's, ours, and about 3 others and they will realize that this is way out of the ballpark. Because they will see the similarity that runs through out all.

Patije:I am afraid by even putting the name in mine I am giving authenticity, but who am I to not put it in if there is a group there?

Allene:Well maybe it needs to be exposed?

Patije:There are two groups in Sedona. I'm not sure which one Felicia is with.

Drue:Don't put it in, and then let the rightful group step forward.



Mary:That's right. Like you are agreeing, you're not going to give it any energy so don't utter it...

Allene:That's right...

Mary:Don't utter it...


...include it when I do the newsletter if they both want to be included, then they will be included. Transcripts are available, let anybody read them. There will be some new readers that will read those but anybody who basically is getting into this will read 3 or 4 of the transcripts and they will see immediately that there is a similarity that runs like a river through this and then there will be this one over here. That's all. It takes care of itself.

Mary:The new transmitters who read it won't be able to transmit anyway, because it's not true. They won't hear...

Allene:Well, that's true. They won't pick up the same thing.

Mary:That's right.

(Note: there was about a 10 minute discussion of the information received so far - how to counsel, how to judge, how to deal with those who differ in opinions, etc.)

Allene:Do we have any other visitors here this evening who would like to speak to us?

LorEL:We are enjoying your humor so much!

Allene:Who ever thought we would go down in history as comediennes? (laughter) Do any of you present have anything which you would share with us about our seminar on Sunday?

Drue:I hear: "It will be wonderful and enlightening."

Allene:I hear: "There is not much to share with you. You know what you are about." Well, I certainly appreciate the confidence! (laughter)

Patije:I heard: "We wrote it, didn't we?" (laughter)

Allene:As a matter of fact...the only thing we are missing is the music! (laughter) They did. They told us exactly how to do it, but the only thing we don't have is the music.

Patije:We have it.

Mary:What music?

Patije:Julie bought a tape the other day - the one that Welmek had the Indianapolis group listen to - we can use it. Or we can use the one about awakening on the Mansion worlds.

Allene:No, we don't want any words.

Patije:The end of it, the last 20 minutes, doesn't have any words.

Allene:Oh, ok. (pause) I am presuming that you all will be present there on Sunday?

Patije:I have a question. Can you give us some names of some personal teachers who are waiting for students so that we will know that if any of these people choose one that it is authentic, or do we need to know that? (pause) I heard: "Have we not just gone over this, before?"

Drue:I heard: "That it doesn't make any difference."

Allene:I'll tell you later, Patije, I just added another part to the end of this seminar.

(5 or 6 minutes discussion of the seminar)

Allene:LorEl, I know you have been listening to all of this conversation. Is there any lesson or message or anything you wish to give us to think about in the coming week?

LorEL: (Drue)Follow your heart. Don't trip over your ego. Follow your heart. (laughter)

(much discussion about diets, etc. for about 10 minutes)

Allene:Patije, do you pick up any other Melchizedeks?

Mary:I am picking up that somebody else is here.

Patije:No, I don't. We've run out of tape!

Drue:They can still visit - tape or no tape! (laughter)

Mary: Oh wow, there is some wonderful energy here.


Yes there is. I have the feeling that the Melchizedeks have come back. What I am picking up is: "We have enjoyed your light-hearted conversation but we have a serious message for you." (pause) Patije, it isn't the same, but remember when we had the feeling of the 3 wisemen? I have something similar. That one of them wishes to come forward and speak. And, like Mary said, Michael is standing beside them. (long silence)

Drue:Did anyone else hear: "We are watching and waiting."

Allene:No, Drue, I sort of think that is what we are doing at the moment!

Drue:I get that they are watching and waiting.

Patije:I picked that up. They are waiting for a balance or somethi...


Well I've been hearing several times, I don't know who it is - it is not Michael but I've been hearing someone say: "We are pleased to see that you are so light hearted, and your joy in this process. You're work is very serious and we are pleased at your level of participation in it. There is truly much work to be done. Those with broad shoulders will carry much weight at this...during this beginning? At this time? But, you may rest assured, you will be given the strength to do this. As you proceed in faith there are many who move with you and among you. Their numbers are great."

Drue:I get that a lot of this message is directed towards you and your meeting.

Allene:I feel that it is directed to all those at this time, you know, who are committed in putting forth much effort.

Drue:I think they are also letting you know not to be concerned about Sunday.

Allene:I wasn't even thinking... Thank you, I was so busy trying to pick up...it seems to be that it is one of the Melchizedeks.. I don't know why but I sense that there is Michael and 3 of the Melchizedeks and maybe 8 or 9 other presences... "Each of your efforts are important at this time. What may seem to you to be too small to be of consequence, may not be that way. (pause) Is anybody else picking up anything?

Mary:I am just picking up energies.

Allene:I just have this feeling that there are 8 or 9 men present with the Michael. 3 of them are Melchizedeks, but I am not sure who the rest of them are.

Patije:There are 12 Melchizedeks on the planet. Three of them are going to materialize...

Allene:When you said that, I heard: "Maybe more."

Patije:3 that we know about.

(end of tape - back up tape ran out just before this one did and by the time we got another tape in, it was over.)

Session 35

  • JANUARY 21, 1993 (3 AM at home)


Mary:Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await your pleasure or a message from my teachers and unseen friends.

JaEL:Greetings, Dearest Mary. What a treasure you are. Each day we work with you and watch you develop. You are a wonderful reward for your faithful friends, the Chanti, who have worked with you since Childhood.

JANUARY 22, 1993 (1 AM at home after group and healing)


This is Rayson, I am with you. Good morning, Beloved Child of God. What a time we are experiencing. You do me proud. It is a joyous time for me. You allow forth my energy and it is great work that you permit us. Chanti is rejoicing. They have worked long since with you and what a joyous reward you afford. They sing and shiver with glee and pure joy each time you call on us for healing. There is such excitement and pleasure. You, Dearest Mary, are so special and precious to us. You allow us to accomplish much. Notice that we/you heal the group: Patije, Allene, Drue and Roy. We/you take care of our unity (nucleus). Your commitment is inspiring. You are always prepared to heal when opportunity is brought unto you.

Session 36

  • Allene Impressions
  • January 23, 1993


Dear Father, Michael, Thought Adjuster and All Teachers,

Thank you so much for all the help you have been giving me. I am so looking forward to the seminar tomorrow. Please help me to keep a clear focus on the highest intent, to avoid letting my ego get in the way and to lovingly steer the group clear of any distractions to you and to discovering what we have learned to love so well in communicating with you.

I ask for your help and that Patije and I will function clearly and well together with balanced energy and open, joyous hearts full of love and acceptance. May Your will be done and may tomorrow be an afternoon devoted to loving service in Your name.

I thank you Rayson for your words that Mary shared with me this evening. They were such wonderful and supportive words. I thank you for your presence and welcome your assistance

Do any of you have anything you would like to share with me this evening?


Allene, my child, know that I am well pleased with you. I have heard your prayers and your expressed intentions this week. It will be as you have asked. I will send my spirit among you to unite you on this day.

Thank you Father. I shall do my best this day.


I will move among you and I will send many others to assist you. Move forward in love and confidence. You will not be alone on this day. Have I not told you that I will take care of all the lambs that you bring to me? (Yes - and you have) And so I will continue doing. How this happens is not a concern of yours. It is enough that you bring them to me. As you do this and help them to open their hearts and minds, I will reach out to them.

Yes, and Michael, I will remember your lesson to me on faith. This I will try to keep ever in front of me to remind me to keep taking the next step.


You really like that lesson of mine, don't you? (Yes, I do) I am well pleased. Have you not known this before? When you really stop to think about it, you have known this. Now you are ready to absorb things on a higher level of meaning. It is going beyond the level of the intellect to the level of the heart. As you move to the next stage and put these lessons into action, you will be amazed at how quickly you progress.

Thank you so much.


Lor-El and I are so delighted as we watch what is unfolding. This is such a fine example of what happens when you follow your hearts and move in faith. From this you will learn much. You are wondering if we will be there to assist you. You can be sure we will be there. We, too, will do our best to help each one. There are teachers standing by. Do not be concerned with appearances. Each will be contacted. Each will know. Not all will prove as dedicated as you. The opportunity will be presented. The rest is up to the individual.

Rest now and let us work with you on other levels.

Thank all of you. I love you.

Session 37

  • SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 1993 (1:40 PM)


Dearest Father and Teachers,

I am so thankful for all the abundance that I have. I love my unseen helpers and do you have any messages or lessons for me?

Your willing mortal, Julia

Greetings, this is JoEl. We are well pleased with our friend, and we are so joyous to work with you. Keep planting the seeds and living to your potential. We know that you are helping Patije and that is good. She needs you now and hold out your hand to her. She won't sting, and needs your strength.

We are still working with your adjustments. Do you not feel different?

Your unseen friends and JoEl

Session 38

  • JANUARY 23, 1993 ( 1 PM at home)



This is Rayson. I am with you, Dear Beloved Child of God. Greetings and salutations. Everyday you show us great results from our working with you. Chanti and I are overjoyed at what we find works with you. You are a precious being and we love you so much.

You accepted our offer of advancement then proceeded to advance greatly the next opportunity. I speak now of your total commitment to assist your sisters - Patije and Allene.

Tomorrow will be momentous, for all of us and all of you. Your energy alone, through Chanti, has developed beyond any expectation, or knowledge. Your allowing my energy is a great advantage to mankind - those in your presence at all times - and a very special gift to me.

My Mary, my treasure, be assured you will not only reap what you sow. I am dedicated to assist in your receiving your very just rewards. I see your need for a companion. I also see your fears. Fear not, you will be protected and he is being prepared.

I see your valiant work with your children. Fear not, Beloved, you are protected. They cannot overwhelm you. I see your experiences at your work place. Fear not, My Precious, they cannot overcome Michael's very own emissary. You have long since been the beacon - the apex of the entry of Light that was needed for this time of change. Your love and dedication and commitment allowed universal healing to enter the corruption. Your purity of heart permitted the entry for the cleansing light to that place. You, Dear Heart, have succeeded in your mission there. Now it is all rewards. Action begets re-action.

Your actions were in Truth-Light and how beautiful, Dearest Child of God, the choirs above you sing - especially when you sing in your home car "Nothing can tear me aware from my God." See, My one, we are with you and see all - every noble devoted act of yours, your work and effort has become your nature. How beloved you are. go about your duties. We all truly love you and see how you love us. -Rayson

Soon you will have another name to smile at...

later..... 7 PM (In patrol car)


This is Rayson. Greetings, Beloved Child of God. Through the use of my energies with yours, Precious one, we are able to raise the energy of the group at a faster/hastened pace. Also, the higher the energy, the lessons are hastened. Hence everyone is having to experience the issues in their personal lives at this time. It is not comfortable. You, My Mary, experienced this with your daily study and forgiveness worksheets so you understand and can explain if necessary.

Chanti are Beaming at mention of this. That was hard work Thought Adjuster excelled - so feel good, My Precious one, for without your willingness and commitment there would be no progress. You give us joy, so often. Your energy and commitment is greatly assisting the energy balance of the group members.

You are sowing excellent seeds and your rewards are great. But your lessons step up in momentum. do not be afraid. We all work with you. Chanti wishes you to be assured of their love and assistance during this time. Know your self worth, My Precious one. Know what you are. You are treasured because of the loving open heart. You are treasured because of your gentleness and humility. We greatly cherish these qualities in one who has earned so much success. remember these things tomorrow when you share your energy space and time with your beloved sisters. Know your worth for you will greatly assist - even in your silence.

The Masters and teachers and all who are interested will be there to assist Allene and Patije and you will share your energy and light with all. Remember, everything will be as it should be. There will be no mistakes. All energies will be shared and joined so you all should relax and enjoy the event. there will be much unseen help and guidance. Feel our love with you. Feel my protection and energy. I love you, precious child. We are working to assist you in loving yourself. Know your self worth. -Rayson

Session 39

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 1993 (Seminar)


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for being with me. Thank you so much for letting me see your light. Thank you so much for my health and regeneration process that has started. Thank you so much for the assurances of your love that you give to me daily. Thank you so much for giving me Chanti, Rayson, Carlotta, Thunder Bow, and all my little helpers who personally have shown me love and assisted me in my daily life and with my spiritual lessons. I am so grateful for the piece of God in me - for this enables all of the help and assistance I receive daily.

Thank you for the path to the Urantia reading group. Thank you for the wonderful healing energy that comes from you, through Chanti, through Rayson and through me to mankind. I am truly honored and humbled by this special gift and blessing and most thankful for the healing afforded to me through this process. I Love you, Father.

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your letter to me. I am with you. Know that I am God. I am with you all of the days. I know it is difficult for you to understand this process but knowing that I am with you will help.

Do you feel my presence? Mary this is Michael. You now experience my touching your heart, Dear Beloved Child. Always ready to be about my business. Always being committed to the great good and that mostly for all. I love and cherish you. - Michael


Michael:Except in a few instances and now you have worked through those inert energies that you have carried since childhood. You did well today and the put upon energy assumed as an infant are gone. Know this and rejoice, My Beloved Mary. You have well nigh worked to this end and now you have succeeded. Now your assignment will be more fruitful because the negative trappings have been released. I say to you, Dear One, rejoice for you day has come. Your eyes shall see as never before. Your ears will hear as never before. Your tongue shall speak as never before you reflect my light. -Michael

Mary:Dear Heavenly Father, I am open and I am willing and I would love to hear form my teacher. This is Mary.

JaEL:Mary, this is JaEL. It is good to watch you about the Father's business. I am your teacher. You bring us great joy. It has been a pleasure working with you. I am with you. I love you.


Mary, this is Rayson. I am with you. We do wondrous work, as promised. I had to speak after that good request to the Father. Even though I know you are aware of my presence, Beloved Child of God, it is such a joy to be with you this day and the days we have shared. I will tell you that you shed that negative energy pattern that concerned you so greatly.



This is Rayson. I am with you, Dearest Beloved Child of God. That was wondrous work we did yesterday. The group light shined brightly. The work was done. Michael's willing lambs were tended to. The ones who made the choice to only look on - looked on. You, My Precious, did very well.

Your lesson and energy about offending others is over. Your heart and life is free of that burden. We so enjoyed observing you take the final steps. You will find your heart lighter and will not have to deal with feelings of inadequacy which was only "old tapes" as you call it.

We send you love and joy, Precious One.

Session 40

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 1993


Patije:Dear Father, I participated in today's "seminar" through faith that all things work together for good and that there was a need for someone "out there". I often felt as if I was not "on the leadership team". I don't like these feelings. At one time I sensed expressions of non-participation while hearing words of flattery. I ask that this was an error of my fatigue and not my discernment. One time I thought I heard "Don't get that out here, we'll do it at your place" and I know that for the week leading up to the seminar, I could never get a completely straight answer about what was expected of me and I did not get the agenda until just minutes before the start and had no time to comment about it. I felt extremely uneasy with the last part of the seminar - and sincerely pray that my name is not associated with "teaching channeling" in the community.

Father, if this is your plan for us to teach this way, then I certainly want to cooperate. However, I feel this is not the way to go and I am very uneasy about it. What do I do about my feelings?

Christ Michael:My daughter, you heard right. You are on the borderline of psychic. Spiritual energy is not what you can teach, but rather experience. All transmitters move through the psychic - some rather quickly into the levels of love energy. Do you not see that the motive and intention must be love? Nothing less. Move in love energy and you will not err.

Patije:Should I not do any more seminars? Is this a prostitution of the process? Am I unequally yoked with Allene?

Christ Michael:This is your choice to participate. If you do participate and keep yourself in love energy some value can be found for those who are ready. Many of my lambs have discovered psychic powers and have been led through the byways of their imagination into channels not of love. Perhaps you will show some the light.

You are a candle in the midst of many sparks. How many do you light? It is not quantity, but rather quality which is considered success. Each spark which is lighted is valued only in love energy and willingness to serve freely and loyally. If this is not present in the consciousness of those whose sparks begin to glow as candles, then the effort is as naught.

Step carefully to remain upon the path during this chaotic correcting time. You are counted among the teachers.


Session 41

  • MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1993


(We begin with holding our hands palms out towards the next one - but not touching - in thanksgiving, prayer, offering our services and an invitation to the teachers...)

Lise:"I am here to be truly helpful, I am here to represent Him who sent me. I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do for I know that he will direct me. I will be content to go wherever he wishes, knowing he goes there with me. I will heal as he teaches me to heal." (long, long, stillness)


This is Allene. I am open, I am willing, willing to be of service in any way I can this evening. I thank you for all of the assistance that all of you have been giving me. I hope that others can come to realize all these gifts that are available to all of us. I am willing to do my best to help others discover this for themselves. Thank you.

Julie:This is Julie. I am open, I am willing, to do anything that my Father in heaven and unseen helpers need me to do. Thank you.

Lise:This is Lise. I am very relaxed. I am open and I am willing to participate, to be a good soldier for whatever mission is asked of me.

Patije:This is Patije. I am open, receptive and willing to be a transmitter or to sit quietly, as needed. I invite the teachers, our Unseen Helpers, and I thank you all for all you have done, all of the support, all of the love, and all of the affirmations we receive.

Allene:This is Allene. I also invite the teachers and I would like to ask that included in our group will be our sisters Mary and Wanda and Ann.

Aflana: (Allene)

The Love of God surrounds you, the Power of God protects you, uplifts you, enfolds you and is ever present wherever you are. Good evening, Dear Ones, this is Aflana.

Patije:Hi, Aflana.

Group:Welcome, Aflana.

Aflana:It is a pleasure again, to be here with you this evening. We have seen that some of you have been very busy.

Patije:Do you have anything to say about what happened yesterday and who was present?


Oh yes, we were very pleased to be of assistance to you. As I have told Allene, do not be concerned with appearances. Do not judge by appearances. As you have done your work well, it is now up to each individual. We are ever present to work with those who are ready. As there hearts have been opened, they will become attuned to us. You, My Dear Ones, have done your work well.

Lise:I have a question for Aflana, if you can answer it. This is Lise. Aflana, when I am writing almost every single time now, I fall asleep before I've completed writing and sometimes I try to put off writing so I know I won't fall asleep for a long time and not be productive. Then I try to write later at night. Is there any...is it just me...is there any reason for this? It seems like it takes...like an energy zap or something like that.

Aflana (Patije):Your adjustments and attunements are being made...

Aflana: (Allene)...Do not worry about this.

Lise:So just keep writing and letting it happen?


Lise:ok, thank you.


There are some things that it is easier for us to work with on levels that you are not aware of.

Lise:Fine if they want...

Aflana:This is not uncommon.

Lise:Ok, I said if they want to work on my unconscious at night, go right ahead if that is possible...

Allene:This is Allene. I found that suggestion before for myself, I say personally before I go to sleep at night: "I am open, I am willing, I..." right?


Allene:In fact, it was just the other night, Lise, that I was told by Aflana: ``Rest now, we want to work with you on other levels.`` That was given only 2 nights ago, something like that.


Allene:I think maybe it was right before the seminar. And, by that, I had the same feeling you had, all of a sudden I can't finish...

Lise:I can't finish a word I am writing, it just comes so fast...It is every paper.

Julie:When I am reading the UB, all of a sudden my eyes just close - I want to read but I am just so tired!

Patije:That is why it took me 3 years to go through the UB the first time. I fell asleep every time I read anything but the Jesus papers. But I now know why - but I didn't' then. I kept wondering "What is the matter with me. I really want to know this but..."

Julie:I'm doing what I was told. I'm trying to learn about the angelic beings, I think I am about 6 pages in for the whole week and I'm asleep...

Allene:That's what I had with the Course of Miracles. I am a very fast reader. I should have finished that book in no more than 2 weeks and for 6 weeks I am reading this every single night for 3 hours and I just couldn't...I had to go back and reread it and reread it...

Lise:That is a lot of heavy material though too...

Allene:Yeah, but even so I realized that I had read 2 pages and I didn't read it at all... I'd tripped out somewhere on another level.

Lise:umhmmm. Are we allowed to share any of our papers? With people outside of this group?

Allene:umhmmm, sure!

Lise:Outside of this group, it doesn't matter, they don't mind that?

Patije:It is alright with me...

Allene:Its alright by me.

Patije:...we are protecting you and Julie and Mary as beginner transmitters. As long as it is ok with them, then go ahead. Mary has started sharing her things now. Julie has shared. So it is really you if you want to share... (buzz on tape which drowns out all speech)

Allene:Yeah, we'd like to share what was in the Monday night group whenever you all are comfortable with that.

Julie and Lise together:Yeah!

Patije:I'm counting on you to come over Friday and type that...

Lise:You know I have to go to a Tampa seminar so I can't come...

Allene:Aflana, I think, is asking if we would like to . ..to try something this evening again.

Lise:ummmm. uhuh.

Julie:Yes, I'm willing.

Patije:I'm willing.

Aflana:Last time you left off with coming up with ideas and words and phrases and you did very well. Let us start this way again for a warm-up.


Aflana:I will . ..I will...(I think it's) being... impressing several things. Please share what you pick up.

Patije:Quality of light...

Allene:Joy is the reason... (long pause) was that life or light, Patije?

Patije:I think it is light, but I'm not sure.


Julie:I keep seeing Love energy.

Allene:Are you picking up anything, Lise?

Lise:I don't think so. Nothing was clear.

Allene:Keep thinking.

Patije:Toy with anything that comes into your awareness...

Aflana:I am impressing in your mind, Lise.

Lise:Mountains? Stars?


Julie:I see a universe...

PatijeAll of creation.

Allene:Green fields and gentle valleys!

Lise:Moonlight on the water.

Julie:I'm seeing, I'm not sure if it is...it is a white energy, like a movement... so it could be life energy, light energy... (pause)

Patije:Joy is the reason love energy is a quality of light upon the green fields and gentle valleys of the mountains and the stars and moonlight upon the water in the universe and all creation?!?...

Allene:waters of the mountains and the stars

Julie:in the universe

Patije:in all creations... including the moonlight reflecting upon...

Julie:How was that, Aflana?

Aflana:You are doing very well. It was not my intention that you string these together. It was my intention that you got strings of words. Like mountains of stars and quality of light... you know...

Allene:This is Allene now. What she was thinking was the 3 word phrases.

Lise:Oooooooh, I feel better about it now...

Allene:And, we picked up mostly three-word phrases.

Lise:Oh, good...

Aflana:We were thinking that we . ..

Allene:This is Allene, you know, I know what she is saying: We were thinking that we were supposed to string these together. That was not the exercise.

Julie:You know what I was seeing? A heart.

Patije:Valentine's day!

Julie:Just like that. Exactly!

Patije:Does anybody know how Valentine's day originated?

Allene:St. Valentine.

Patije:I ran across a beautiful story today. (long pause)

Julie:I knew at one time, but I don't remember.


Valentina...valenteena.. was arrested by Caesar somebody the third, for being a Christian and practicing his religion. He was put into prison and sentenced to death and while he was waiting, the jailor brought his blind daughter to him to be taught - because Valentina was so wise and educated. As she began to trust and learn and believe this man and be comforted by his peace of mind, she was healed. And the night before he died, he wrote her a note and signed it "from your Valentine..."


Patije:So she planted a pink almond tree that is still blooming 1800 or more years later...

Lise:In Rome?



LorEl? (an unseen helper?): (Patije)

Your traditions of holidays are interesting in how they originated. So many of them are originated from miracles and unusual happenings which have been misinterpreted...

Allene:Aflana is waiting to go on with us...

Julie:I know LorEl . ..

Allene:Why don't you pick it up then, Julie?

Julie:No, I feel like there are several that want to speak to us...

Allene:I was picking up from Aflana that she was going to go on with her exercises. And, what she was just waiting for us to resume and now perhaps we can move around the room. Would somebody like to pick up the next part of our exercises this evening?

Lise:I'll try.

Allene:It might be easy to start, Lise, when you are ready by saying: "This is Aflana" or "Dear Ones" or whatever, whatever starts the thing rolling for you...

Lise:I'm going to go off on a tangent. Somebody else better...

Patije:Go ahead...

Allene:No, go ahead, this is for the exercise! For the night's...fades out... (short pause)

Patije:Whatever you are aware of thinking...

Lise:Yeah, but I think I make it up in my mind.

Allene:Lise, go ahead. That's what it is!

Aflana: (Lise)This is Aflana. We are trying to reach you, Lise. Please be still... Aflana:(Allene)...You will hear my words... (this is Aflana) (pause)

Aflana: (Allene)

Know that you are loved. All that you say will be accepted... you cannot speak in error.

Lise:I can't, I can't...all of a sudden I can't get anything out. I can't... we'll try another exercise?

Aflana: (Allene)Be gentle...do not work so hard, just let it flow...

Lise:I keep hearing: "Hello to all of you..."

Allene:Yeah! Go ahead...

Aflana: (Lise)This is Aflana.

Allene:Good evening, Aflana.

Julie:Welcome, Aflana

Aflana: (Lise)Think of things you would like to suggest... for peace and love...


Lise:Oh! That's good. That's very good. I've been trying to practice that and I haven't been doing very well.


Lise:I was going to say: Active listening



Lise:Truly caring



Patije;knowing that you know

Aflana:(Allene)This is Aflana. Now, Lise, do you see how easy this really is?

Lise:I'm shocked. Aflana, I wish I could say it was easy. It is a little difficult because I think I make it up... but then...(pause)

Patije:You're not maki...

Allene:When you have given yourself to this process, it will not be yourself.

Lise:I know with writing now, I just do it and actually read it later - like hours later.

Patije:This is the way you will be with the oral transmitting too. When you think about it you tend to block the process. If you just state the next word that comes to you without thinking about it...


This is Allene and I share with you the lesson that Michael gave us, I think maybe you weren't here or it isn't on tape yet. It seems most appropriate. It has stayed with me so much the last two weeks. I thanked Michael for all the help and assistance from him and all the teachers and he said: "It is your faith that has brought about these things." And, I thought about that for a few minutes and later I said to Michael: "But it seems to me that my faith comes to me because of all the things that have happened that lead me to be faithful confirmed this." And he told me: "This is not true. Faith comes first...

Lise:I think so too...


"...and when one moves forward in faith, then comes the support." And, since then I've had this clear vision of somebody stepping forward with their foot not knowing where it is going to land, with the full understanding that as they take that step not knowing that all the support comes behind and it is the same with this, Lise. As you take that first step even if you are unsure but the word comes to your mind, the idea comes into mind, if you just express it the teachers and the full support will come behind you to confirm the process.

Patije:Have you ever walked or driven in total fog where you can't hardly see in front of you?


Patije:...and in faith you kind of grope your way, putting your step out there and then you try it to see whether it is going to hold you. This is kind of like that. You just say the words or the impression that you have the next word is there. As you do it, it will come 2 and 3 words at a time.

Lise:Ok. Are there any other visitors here, Aflana, watching what we are doing?

Allene:Well, Aflana is still trying to do her exercise...and everyone wants to move her off of it...

Lise:I beg her pardon.

Allene:It is ok, if someone will just..

Lise:Yeah, if someone's picking up what...is it the same one? For peace and love? I noticed that you referred to Mary as your sister. I thought that was very - I don't know,- very, very nice.

Allene:After awhile, I can consider all of you as my sisters, my family.

Julie:We should be family. That is what we are here for. I...

Allene and Lise together:You know..

Lise:Oh! Excuse me, Aflana. Go ahead.

Allene:You go ahead.

Lise:No, you go ahead... (short silence)

Julie:There is terrific energy. I don't know... is it you, Aflana, taking my hand? I'll try it.

Aflana: (Julie)This is Aflana.

Allene:Good evening, Aflana.

Lise:Good evening, Aflana

Aflana: (Julie)

We will try to (I am seeing a cloud that's raining and the impression is that every cloud will have a silver lining and if you will) keep working or attempting to communicate, it will come through.

Allene:Very good!

Aflana: (Julie)

If you will have confidence in yourself, that the words are not from you but from we, that we love everyone of you. You are all very special as everyone is in his own way.

Allene:Thank you.

Aflana: (Julie)We want everyone to be happy and joyous and be connected in the circuits.

Lise:Oh, great! Me, too. I'll never forget Julie's description.

Aflana: (Julie)And you know that you know when you hear that, that is Aflana.

Allene:Well, Aflana, a few others have picked up your phrase (laughter)

Lise:Thank you, Aflana, for telling us that.

Patije:That was very good, Julie.

Lise:You're not kidding. Super, zuper.

Julie:She's adorab...

Aflana: (Allene)

This was very good this evening. We know that your energies...you have been very enthusiastic this evening. We are pleased to see that you were able to quiet these to participate in this exercise. It has been quite good for us to see. (pause) Are you able to pick up other visitors among you this evening? There are some.

Lise:Let's see...

Julie:There is a very powerful energy here.

Allene:And, who is that?

Julie:I see like a sun - not son, but sun.

Lise:Is Rayson here? I had forgotten his name and it came to mind...


Rayson is not here personally, but he is tuned in wherever it is that he is. (short silence) I would like to ask a question about the Midwayers. Do we have assigned one to each of us or to each of our groups by any chance? (short silence)

Lise:Ok, I'm just going to tell you all this to see if anybody can confirm it: "There is a Midwayer for each of you." Can anybody confirm that?

Julie:umhmmm, I can.

Lise:You're kidding...oooooh! That's wonderful.

Patije:Can we hear the names of our Midwayers? (short pause) I got Lutzia right away.

Allene:I got, I picked up the L part. I couldn't pick up the rest of it. Lutzia?

Patije:or Lut-Zia...L-U-T-Z-I-A. Lutzia usually works with healing researchers. Maybe that's . ....

Lise:Not, Louisa?

Allene:Lutzia might be....?(couldn't hear on tape)... (pause)

Patije:I was going to say: Lutzia might be Mary's...or Lise's...

Allene:That's what I was thinking. When you said you...

Lise:Why would you suggest that? That he would be working... Well you know, I have to say something about something amazing going on. It has been going on for quite awhile with my work. It is something very special that happens.


Lise:Oh, I didn't know... (laughter)

Patije:Don't open a door without telling us what is...

Lise:The react...I mean first of all, you think about the position and you think what a kookie position. Well I usually work with people who are neurotic, that are having appointment to prevent them from going to a periodontist, so it is like a pre-surgical appointment. That is my specialty, I think. But , actually, I guess my specialty is in . .. just there just seems to be a bond created and ah...there's not much time to create it either, but I'm very calm, that's one of the calmest places I am, in my operatory and the reaction from each of my patients when I am done, and I don't so much take it personally, I mean it is flattery, but I've just never heard people give so many exclamations - I think I told you of one person who paid me extra money one time. Still this goes on. It happened today. A woman said to the doctor: "She is more gentle than you are." (laugher) I said "Wait a minute, he's the king!" But, it is just I've worked in offices for years and not in this capacity and I don't ever recall hearing this stuff go on. My employer seemed a little - happy, but bewildered too! And, I always feel it's something to do with the hands, healing hands. I feel when I touch their faces whether it is just another human being calmly touching their face...

Allene:Why don't you ask Aflana?

Lise:Well, Aflana, I had sort of looked at this as possibly one way of my abilities to give to another person, a small contribution in my profession. Is this gift helped along by the celestials, or by . .. I don't know...

Allene:Listen quietly for your answer.

Lise:I'm dying, I'm so embarrassed. It just . ..

Allene:Get your answer, Lise.

Lise:this is...

Unseen helper (or Aflana?):(Allene)"My Child,"

Lise:I didn't hear that! I heard: "You'll notice..."

JuEL: (Patije) or Aflana:It is as you give forth in loving energy,...


JuEL or Aflana:(Patije)

That you will receive affirmation of this gift...as you choose to give freely, we can increase and enhance . ..(long pause)

Patije:Go on...

Lise:I just....the situation...and I was thinking in my mind as you were saying that: "Yes there is definitely a feeling of love and of this giving freely. It is hard to explain."

Allene:Now put your feelings aside and listen... pick up where Aflana left off. Aflana is still talking to you, Lise.

Lise:I heard: "Love is the gift you are given" I don't know if that is correct.


Lise:I don't mean to be doubting. I feel that we are in a work group.

Patije:We are. Keep going.

Allene:We are practicing.

JuEL or ?Aflana:You are moving into the levels...

Lise:I've got: "Use it to the best of your ability. We will be by your side." I hope so. That would be wonderful!

Allene:What do you mean, you hope so?

Lise:I think...

Allene:You think? (laughter)

Lise:You know...(laughter) I've been very lonely recently. Very lonely. That is one thing I thought was so strange. I couldn't wait to come. I've just been very lonely and I've been talking to them about it...


I guess what I am speaking from is after doing this seminar, and listening to them, I am so aware that when you say "I hope so" like when people accept, when they just accept - like "thank you" immediately accept when they say: "We'll be with you" like "thank you" instead of "I hope so" and I saw a perfect example with my dentist today - because I was sitting there explaining the feeling that I got. Now my, everything had changed and after that we were sitting there talking for a moment, talking about what was going to happen on the planet, the changes...

Lise:Who do you go to?

Allene:A dentist in Gainsville...


Allene:Dr. Hawk. Anyway...


Allene:Dr. David Hawk.

Lise:I know him!


I was sitting there, as an example of what I was just saying to you, I was sitting there talking to him and I said to him: "Well, I think the thing is if people would just be willing and open - right - open themselves up and put their limitations aside and be willing to accept what they receive and act on it and go forward with this, it is so simple. And he stopped, and he looked at me so intently and said: "Would you say that again exactly like you said it?" I said: "Ok, if everybody would just be willing to be unlimited, to open up their thinking and accept everything that comes to them and be willing to act on it, everything would be so easy." He said to me: "Thank you. Now, let me see your mouth. It came to me while you were talking exactly what I needed to do."...and then, he went ahead and did this. When I left he gave me this huge hug and he said "Thank you, so much."

Lise:He's young, isn't he?

Allene:Maybe 38 or so...

Lise:umhmmm. He was our neighbor.


He said: "Thank you so much for sharing for giving..." (buzzing began to drown out Allene's voice for about 2 minutes)

Lisa:I just wanted to clarify...

Allene:I was just picking up: "I'll be with you" and you said "I hope so" which to me doesn't say: "I believe you" It says only "I hope"....where a totally accepting statement would be "Thank you, very much."

Lise:I see.

Allene:If you say: "Well, I hope so..." it is almost like in the restaurant when a you ask somebody . ..(buzzing drowns out words)


Allene:All I am saying is that total acceptance after they come to you...

Lise:When I am alone, I do. Coming here strengthens it, but I guess that is the unusual thing of loneliness that I have...(about three minutes drowned out by buzzing)

Lise:Yes, I can buy that. All of a sudden...

Allene:(couldn't pick up)

Lise:Someone touched me with some beautiful words, and I guess I am such a romantic that it hits me.

(Note: about 20 minutes of tape has an extremely loud buzzing which makes it impossible to pick up what was being said - even if one could listen to it long enough to figure out what the words were)


... We can't judge. We are not at the level of being able to judge. Just know that when you read that part of the UB about the weaknesses and the strengths of the apostles, that you will become aware of your own. Things that you never thought of as virtues and strengths may suddenly make a totally revere flip-flop. But you must keep the emotions out of it or you will get out-of balance and may become a fanatic and increase the negative influence of whatever it is. (pause) I don't know what I am now talking


Lise:That's a real good assignment.

Patije:Well, I felt that, that was coming through, but then I thought why would they give that assignment again? I thought maybe because the two of you are new...

Lise:I hadn't heard it and it is excellent assignment because I kept trying to stick with our love assignment and there are a lot of problems coming up with it.

Patije:Even this is a Love assignment, because you are going to learn to love the very things you hate about yourself...

Allene:And this is the key, because until you can love yourself, you can't receive the love that is coming to you. And, this is

Lise:that is true...


And, I can speak from my own experience because a lot of love was coming my way and a lot of times . .. until I began to love and appreciate and value myself I was not able to receive this. When I began to do that, it just opened up the floodgates. It is a lesson that every individual has to learn. Because there are certain things that we all must go through. We all need to walk. We need to learn to talk. We need to learn to write. We need to learn to do many things. And, along our path, we all come with varying degrees of lack of self-worth and opinions of ourself which are not positive as the Father would see us, and have us see ourselves. We need to overcome that in order to receive this love. When you receive this love you will never feel alone - partner or no partner. That's what you are working towards right now.

Julie:We can be lonely in a crowded room.

Patije:And, being lonely in a relationship is worse than being lonely alone...

Allene:That's what I was trying to say earlier about you're not able to receive it yet.

Lise:Who am I receiving or trying to receive it from?

Allene:Everywhere. God, the teachers, us,..

Lise:Well, I didn't feel loved by my parents - I do now...


But there is somewhere in there where there is a sense of self-rejection, not worthy to receive all that is coming to you and it is blocking you from receiving this healing that is available to you, the love that is available to you. There is a block in there. We all go through this. There is nothing unusual about this. I don't think there is anybody in this room or anybody I know that hasn't either gone through this or has yet to go through or are going through it. Because this is what we are...

Lise:I thought I was beyond this.


Well, as you keep moving, you are going to find that as Patije was telling you, you make this wonderful step. The lessons will keep coming to you but eventually you will overcome all of them. As you work you get to stumble where you are at so you can see. Because your interest and your desire is to overcome these. They will be presented to you. The best one I can think of is one the Unity minister who I loved a lot in Virginia, said: "I want to caution you out there. You all think you are doing so well and you are so pleased with all of your wonderful progress. Let me tell you, as you do well with each step, you will have all this elation and joy and everything else. I caution you, you are going to stumble and fall..."

Lise:That's true.


"... because each time you achieve a level of understanding, there is, you know, another pitfall in front of you!"

Lise:Well, I guess it is worth anything, a lot of things.

Patije:There are some things you...

Allene:But is this escalating for you because of your desire to do this?


Patije:You can't let it get you down. You know one of the...

Allene:This is positive, not negative either.

Lise:Yes, I understand what you are saying. I just am really surprise when you know how you were searching for Urantia for so many years, I guess it was a very private thought of mine. I've been saying for a long, long time: "What am I supposed to do in service?" Let me get healthy so I can be of service.

Patije:Bloom where you are plant...

Allene:Be of service.

Patije:Bloom where you are planted.

Lise:Oh! I see that makes all kinds of sense...

Allene:But see,t he first thing is as you reach out and learn to love yourself and receive this, you are so much more able to nourish everything around you.

Lise:Yeah, I had moments where I felt good...

Allene:All your task is, is to just love yourself. Receive all the help that is coming. Open yourself to it. Be gentle with yourself when these stumbling blocks come up. Because this is a major, major step. You know, we sort of go across the bridge from mortal to you know, morontia. This is a major step in growth.

Lise:I can tell you all though. It is amazing that when after I told you about being so please about my apartment, it is amazing now how I think this is nothing and I think of the next step after earth. There is so many times, even when there is conflict in the office, I think: This is nothing. There is another step. This is nothing.

Patije:You are looking at it from a detached, higher viewpoint. It no longer hold you. You are no longer in it. You are in the world but not of it.

Lise:I seem to be reading that from your papers or something... or miracles.. or that isn't helping a bit. It seems to that I am practicing unconsciously and its coming out now and it is nice.

Patije:You make the choice with your intentions. Then, as you do it...somebody said one time: "Act it until it become real" You think you are acting it but in reality you are getting the ego out of the way and letting the inner child come out. But you are acting as if until it is real. Another thing that I learned form the UB that between the time that you are given the lesson and the time it becomes an automatic like response in your nervous system is sometimes 18 months to 2 years. You are becoming. You are deciding right now what you are going to have in your life 3 to 5 years down the road.

Lise:This is it! There is not question!

Patije:But, we get impatient. We get into the time space thing and...

Allene:It happens by events. It doesn't happen by time.

Lise:I am very content to have come across this. No matter what anybody says to me adversely, I am so at peace with this material.

Allene:That fits all of us!

Lise:You know...

Patije:What does your therapist say about it?

Lise:I haven't really discussed it with him because he is so brilliant, I don't know if he is a religious person - I talk to him about when I am at my depth now - if I have a fall into depression about praying and so forth, and he doesn't say anything negative. One time he said: "What are you doing socially?" He was on this for awhile because he said I was not doing things socially and I needed that. I said: "I am in two groups and I consider that my social." He wanted to know a little bit about them. I started to talk about them and then he said the word that was like Midwayers - he used a word like Midwayers. I think I have talked to you about it. He said: "Wayfarers" and I stopped him and I said: "What, what? What did you say? Where did you get that word? Because this man knows Hebrew, he knows I believe, Chinese - he was given an honorary degree from Tokyo University, taught at Brown, graduate from Harvard for one degree, and he is the most human, wonderful....anyway, I just at one point started to explain a little bit of it to him. He is so intelligent I said to him: "You are so highly educated I can't relate to you about this. Just take it that it amuses me and lets just leave it at that." (buzzing gets too bad again to listen)... . .. he saw the Dead Sea Scrolls in person...you know...and this man knows so much. I really respect me and he is a year younger than me and I didn't realize it.

Allene:What is his name?

Lise:Dr. Edlin. He is now the head of the sleep disorder center at Palms. I believe he is head of...

Note: there is no transmission for over 45 minutes... only discussion between Lise and Allene and then the rest of the group... Buzzing goes on and off during the time.

Lise:Did we leave Aflana hanging somewhere?

Julie:I'm getting something for you, Lisa. I am getting: "What you want, you have to project." Like if you want more love, you have to project more love.

Lise:I don't know how I can give more love...

Julie:It depends what kind of love you want. Quality... I keep getting "Trust, learn to trust and have more patience with yourself. Trust yourself. Trust your own mind. Trust your patience. Have more patience. Give out what you want."

Lise:That's interesting. Thank you.

Patije:A name I was trying to get was LouinEssa.

Lise:LouinEssa. That's a different name. That is pretty.

Julie:I see the bright light on, so that might be the name.


Lise:This chair is really comfortable.

Julie:There is some healing gong on.

Patije:I was receiving another one that starts out Abicor- but I didn't catch the rest of it.



Allene:laughing...I was just being funny. I said Abico for tuna - Charlie Tuna. I was being funny.

Patije:I was hearing Abicornia and I didn't think that was right.


Julie:Now we are getting fishy... (laughter)

Allene:That's right.

Julie:I got that. I got that. That didn't come from me.

Lise:You are kidding?


Patije:Abicorsa? (short silence) A-B-I-C-O-R-T-I-A How would you pronounce that?

Allene:A-B-O-R- what?



Patije:Well, Urantia...Abicortia...

Allene:Abicor-TIA like sha

Patije:Is Abicortia a Midwayer?

Lise:I keep thinking of a map. The Mediterranean.. (long silence)

Abicortia (Allene)I am Abicortia. I am a Midwayer. I work with Allene. She doesn't believe this at the moment.

Lise:Abicortia, what a pretty name!

Julie:Hi, there. Welcome.

Patije:I'm trying to get the name of my helper. Why do you give me the name of everybody elses?

Julie:I would love to have my Midwayer helper's name.

Lise:Shall we think of Julie's?

Allene:You see, I kept hearing that but I just didn't believe it...

Lise:Let's talk to Abicortia. What about it?

Patije:I was hearing something like - now I've lost it. Marinlily, or something like that?

Allene:Something ending lenia, marilenia?

Patije:Could be, I thought maybe it was lili or I could be wrong.

Allene:Marilenia or Abilenia?

Patije:Abilenia -= that rings. That resonates!

Julie:That rings true.

Patije:But, I am still getting...

Allene:Why do I think I don't have a Midwayer helping me? I guess I never thought about a Midwayer.

Patije: Well you don't have a midwayer, but one is assigned to help you. We were all using VanEssa and we all just took it for granted that she was it. There is a Mara - something. There is an Abilenthia. And an Abicortia.

Lise.Does Lilian mean anything to anybody?

Patije:Lilian? I was getting Marilily


Patije:Abilenia is right. It resonates.

Allene:Abilenia must be yours, Patije.

Julie:I am getting goose flesh...

Patije:Somebody pick it up - there is still a Mari- something. Marilily or Marililian? Does that resonate?

Julie:Yes that gave me chills. It is close.



Patije:Marilania? Marilonia, Moralenia?

Allene:My body feels different since you told me that.

Julie:I've been different all night.

Patije:Lilianna? Lillyanna?


Patije:Marilena! That's it!

Lise:Good for you. Unusual names. Where do they get these names?!?

Allene:I wonder what they think of your name?

Lise:But their's all seem to rhyme.

Patije:Do you get Lilianni? Could that be your helper, Lisa?

Lise:I don't know.

Aflana:This was the experiment - to see if you could pick up the names of the Midwayers.

Patije:Oh, this is why they wanted us to converse, because as we talk, these things begin to come through...

Julie:Yes, this is what I got. My skin is just tingling all over.

Patije:Aflana, can you give us the name of Lise's Midwayer helper? ( long, long silence) There was instantly the sound in my head something like: now I lost it... Aneestia or Laneestia. I left the first consonant out.

Julie:Anetia, I think

Patije:Ein-eineestia? See if you can work it out, Lise. E-I-N- or A-N_N- she is impressing it upon your mind...

Lise:Einsha? I don't know how to spell it but I am pronouncing it like sha.


AlleneWell I bet you I know who it might be because I heard this a long time ago. Is it Anetzia.

Patije:Anesia? How do you spell it?

Allene:E- it would be pronounced like the Russians pronounce cia - Anetcia. Z sounds like a T.

Patije:Spell it


Patije: Yes! That sounds about right.

Allene:That Russian z - tia...

Lise:Let's get it confirmed. Is it confirmed?

Allene:I just don't know. I heard that some time ago. I heard it when you were doing those names. I said to myself, I bet it is Enizia.

Patije:Why didn't you say something?

Lise:I keep getting Einsha again.

Allene:That might be the way she pronounces it.

Patije:Here again, when a name comes through we hear it in something that is familiar to us ofttimes and not necessarily the way they would pronounce it.

Julie:I forgot mine now.



Julie:Does anybody feel different tonight than they did last night? A stranger. I felt this big.

Allene:I just felt slightly different in my feet since you said the name of my Midwayer although I've been really putting that one on reservation. I don't know why but my feet feel differently. I mean...

Julie:Yes, something is different.

Allene:But I tell you... they are different.

Patije:If I say to you that they are communicating through our discussion it sounds frivolous - yet I feel there is (buzzing again) I have also noticed in the past two weeks that there is more going on with the lights up than when they are down. I see more. Yesterday, at the meeting with the lights on, it was wonderful and I thought that it might not be. Our lights are up a little more tonight. I didn't notice it when we started but I have been more aware of something...

Julie:Something came through the door

Lise:I used to get that on my own - a dark figure, but I didn't know what it was... I was distressed.

(end of tape. By the time we changed it, the transmissions were over.)

Session 42

  • MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1993 (1:30 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Helpers,

I am happy that things went well yesterday for my mortal teachers. I hope all does well with the real estate deals. Please have all TA in communications. These things are out of my hands.

I hope all goes well with Bill. Work with his Thought Adjsuter. I am willing and open to do good for the Father - also for any adjustments.

My love to all, Julia

This is JoEl.

Greetings. We will dot he adjustments for all involved. You will be pleased with how well everything will come out.

We were pleased how you worked with the group yesterday. You will hear more about it tonight. We are pleased how committed you are, and we love you very much. You are one of the special ones. I will work with you tonight. As these questions that you need answers to. Continue to plant the seeds and be an example to all. We love you. - JoEl

Session 42

  • MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1993


Patije:Dear Father, I love to serve you and my fellow brothers and sisters in service to you. I delight in the giant steps in faith I have experienced these last months in your service! Thank you. Thank you!

I wonder, however, why there is so much work backed up when I am working 80 + hours per week and now the computer's "b" drive is not working correctly. Please help me to understand this. I remain committed to your work regardless of lack of help and challenges to my frustration levels with the equipment I must use until replacements are received.

Do you have any messages for me? I have gotten so steeped in work and all that I have X my time with the teachers - I've done the requested 15 minutes three times a day in the stillness and all, but I've not spent hours just listening as I often did last year. I miss this. My time with you and with your helpers is most valuable to me. Help me find more time to do this.

Christ Michael:My Child, Heart of my Heart and faithful one of great faith. You are blossoming - even amidst your fears of falling behind in serving your study and transmission groups. Fret not. You are asked to do much and you do in excess of even that. All works together and true value is always compensated with more value - never with evil. Remember this and know that you are Mine. None can separate us. I am with you at your highest peaks and during your lowest walks among the shadows of life's evil experiences. Hold up your head and know that you are strengthened from within and without by love forces which even you cannot fathom. Your loyalty and your commitment are well known. None can ever doubt this. It is as I say.

Patije: Thank you, Michael. I have little affirmation among mortals lately and your words lighten my heavy heart. I love you and desire with all of my heart to serve you in faithfulness. Always. In all things.

Christ Michael: Your sincerity is your badge. Your faith is your bridge. Your service is your God action permeating and touching the world around you. You do much. Any would do well to watch and follow your faithful, sincere actions. I am well pleased. Thank you, Patije.

Aflana: Dear One, I am here with you. Your work is important. Do not forsake it because of mortal brush-offs of its importance. You have been selected because of your abilities and your willingness to labor alone or within a team. Whatever you do, we know you will do it to the best of your ability and will not forsake it because it is inconvenient or difficult. We know this of you.

Patije: Thank you. How can I solve this problem about the B drive and getting these 50 disks formatted and copied to mail out?

Aflana: Ask Allene. Her computer is compatible with yours and she can help considerably. Her willingness to serve the Father will cause her to come to your aid as soon as she is aware of your need. Let her take the disks and format and copy them. Julie can mail them and you can get on with the newsletter you now need to give your attention to. Call Allene now.

Patije:Allene is so busy and works such long hours. Besides she has been distant as if she is no longer working on a team, but rather has other agendas lately. I suspect it is nicotine withdrawal? I don't want to bother her. She has enough to do.

Aflana:Why is it a bother? You have been brought together to work as a team and cosmic family. Each will rally round the other when need arises. Ask her. You will see.

Patije:I just called. She is not home. I forgot she had a dentist appointment today. Perhaps she will come early tonight and help. Although we seldom get anything done except when working alone at the same project.

Aflana:She will help. You left a message, she will hear your call. Why do you doubt?


later --- after midnight

Patije:She did not enjoy being asked. She resented and even remarked that it was a waste of her time. Why was I asked to ask her for help? Now, I am angry as well as disappointed. But I trust the process... so why do I feel so rejected? I feel my time is considered unimportant and waste-able by her. Am I being used - aren't we playing on the same "team"? Why, oh, why? Help me to transmute this frustration to love energy and know that all works together for good.

Aflana:We cannot usurp free choice of any human being. This too will pass. There are pressures she will find herself able to deal with. Do not judge. No one is allowed to continue in a mistake. There can be no secrets. This too will aright itself. You will see. Focus upon your goal and allow this to pass without taking personal offense.

Session 43

  • TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1993


Patije:Father, guide us and help us to know and understand one another. The excuses we make for ourselves and for each other are so often such illusions of our imaginations when all we are doing is denying our willingness to help with something we don't want to do. I choose to go forth in service regardless of the uncaring attitude I perceive in the one to whom I looked for emotional support even when she was unable to give me actual help in doing what I have been called to do. My computer floppy disk drive has a glitch - her response is to spend the money to fix it, not thinking of the days out of service the computer will be and the expense which I have not funds to cover. She has a computer and could very easily format and then copy these disks for me to mail out. I don't understand her unwillingness to help. Help me, Father, to not judge according to the appearances and continue being supportive to her and others even when they seem not to be supportive to me. I know none can be in service to you without desiring to do all they can to help the other members of the team. These appearances must be false.

Christ Michael:I am here, Child. You are loved beyond comprehension. Be what you are and look not to the appearances of those around you. Do not judge by what appears to be true. Allow me to judge. Open your eyes and see for your own experience. Team work does not require all to see the same way how to do what is asked; only to see what needs to be done and help do it. Give your attention and energy to what is asked of you. Allow Me to judge what is asked of others. You have moved into higher levels of consciousness than many and you will often see what others fail to see. Do not let this distract you from your purpose. Let it only be an education and experience for future assignments.

Do you not already see the fruits of the seeds you have planted? Do you not already hear the voices calling to you to enlighten? Have you not already seen beyond the present into the core of the Correcting Time? Open up your eyes and ears and serve with assurance that all support comes from me, through me, and because of me. Your faith is a beacon to those around you. They look to you for assurance that "it works" and you unfailing live it. This is what I ask of you.

Seek not gratification to your ego desires to be appreciated. Seek not immediate rewards of help from your team. Each of them, too, must deal with egos and life-long held patterns of behavior. One teeters on the brink of deserting and further rationalizes each time you give her a pep talk she does not want to hear. Let go. Let me. She must make the choice according to her choice of destiny.

Do you not now see the rewards of living experiences in what you now attempt to do in service to The Father and I? Parenthood is a great reaper in unconditional love with loyal and supportive service where there are no immediate gratifications. Parenthood prepares one to see the needs of those nearby who are overwhelmed or floundering in attempts to mature and be of service. Parenthood enlightens one to see beyond the appearances of defiance and rebellion and continue to love and serve in response to Love. Parenthood experience enables one to rise above defeat and failure and move into faith and expectation of Truth, Beauty and Goodness when all seems to be lost! Parenthood is a nurturing comfort when the child is sick, or emotionally out-of-balance or tired and defeated. Successful parenting is the ability to be a hero, an angel of mercy, a true and tried friend, a comforting presence without ego fanaticism or selfish harvests. The experience of parenthood enables one to develop an awareness of unselfish dedication to the physical, mental, emotional and imaginative support and comfort to another without personal gain and selfish interests. Are you not aware of others discomfort and needs even before they ask? Do you not rally to help even without being asked? Are you not able to suppress your goals and work on a team to attain progress in a process or an effort to accomplish? Are you not able to restrain your ego emotional reactions to encourage and help another develop their potential? This is the experience of parenthood manifesting in the world around you. None can come near you without benefiting from the experience you have had, but none can attain the experience of natural response without the experience of parenthood themselves. Temporary custody of a dependant child helps, but it never supplants the need for the actual experience. Love continues through the resentments of abusive behavior, frustration at non-cooperation, not being able to walk away and leave a helpless infant in frustrated reactions - these are the experiences of parenthood and unconditional love. You know them well. You are there for all - children, and any other in need.

There is a response to responsibility and an automatic supportive attitude regardless of what it costs you in time and money and emotions. Your responsibility has developed and expanded to include more than your self, your spouse, your immediate family, your clan, your community and has begun to embrace all of mankind as you move into levels of cosmic citizenship and the community of mortals invited to work on the team of the Corps of Destiny each has an ability and a talent which is useful, but never play down the importance of the parenthood experience in learning to cope and enhance the abilities around you. This is not done through chicanery and manipulation. This is not done with flattery and criticism. This is not done by accusation and salesmanship. This is formed by continued supportive encouragement to live up to potential and the attributes of Truth, Beauty and Goodness through coherent healthy intellectual meaning, attractive sane physical harmony and stabilizing loyal happy reality of spiritual values. None can resist this balance. None can refuse forever to seek the stabilizing harmony of righteous living. Many are being gathered together to live this truth so others can become aware of it. Know that you know this and go forth shining brightly in your recognition. You will not be thwarted long if you focus on the goal of serving Father and not the immediate appearances of this service.

Lift up your eyes unto the hills of life and light and love. Lift up your thoughts to higher consciousness. Think not that any can divert or distract you unless you choose to join them in their unwillingness to serve when the service demands more than they want to give. This service for me demands more than you want to give, it demands giving even when you don't feel like it. Remember this and it will give you freedom from the frustration when others refuse to help. This is not a self-protective service of guarding your time and your money and your abilities. It is a time of giving freely of all that is asked in time, abilities and money. When you freely give, you will receive all you need to continue. When you begin to value in dollars, the value in spirit dissipates. When you begin to value in time, spirit dissipates. When you begin to value in abilities, talent fails. Remember this always. This is your truth. This is the goal of the selfless server. When you put limits, your limits grow ever narrower. Remember this and do not succumb to the advice of those who tell you that you have to have expenses covered, and must find rest and freedom from service. This is a testing time. This is a choosing time. This is a time of moving out of comfort zones and those zones are defined by how readily you are attached to them. Only you know your comfort zones and how to break yourself out of them.

As you give freely without expectations and without personal comfort, you will see many join you in service to the Father. Light and Life will begin to permeate your immediate environment and your needs will be met. Build up your treasure for cosmic benefits. Gather your talents and abilities and character attributes for your cosmic citizenship and act upon this world of which you are in but not of. Light and Life is coming! Perfection is upon you. The time is nigh. Set aside personal agendas and answer the call to higher thinking. Happiness comes from following the bliss of service to the Father! Even the petty annoyances of the daily routine of experiences is of the purpose of honing your abilities, giving you practice, living up to your potential in perfection. Do not let these distract you from your purpose. Let them only enhance your abilities! Use them for practice. Live what you are. Live who you are. Live as a child of God, as a child of Mankind, not a child of ignorance and judgement and evil perceptions. Lift up your thoughts. Allow judgements of appearances to be set aside and move into higher realms of good. Your good, and the good of those around you!

I must allow you to get back to your work. It will take care of itself as you take one step at a time and know who you are and what you are doing! I bid you to think thoughts high in potential and be through with these thoughts of lack which cause frustration and grief. Allow the others to gather their emotions into control and defuse them with love and light and knowing. Do not belabor their faults and shortcomings. Take note and pick up and fill the cavity caused by them with love and light and unconditional service. They will fade in importance as you take your attention from them. Evil can only flourish when you give it your attention and energy. This is a waste of energy and attention. Cast not your pearls of faith before swine of greed and ignorance. It is your choice. Choose well. Go forth in trust and faith and light with love for goodness, love for stabilizing truth and love for sanity and balance. You will find your potential. It will enhance your abilities. It will enable you to serve well. Think not of other's sins of omission. Look not to other's misguided perceptions. Seek not in mortal realms for that which sustains you. Ask the Father, Seek the Father, Know the Father. Accept your lot in service, search the lessons in experience and grasp the ultimate goal to know your value.

Be of good cheer, my daughter. I have not forsaken. All works for your ultimate and eternal benefit. Clear these annoyances from your mind and know all who desire the Father's value will come to serve with no reservations.

Patije:I stand ready to serve with cleared perceptions of my mortal friends and their abilities. I trust you, the Father, the universe, with my needs of financial support, mechanical support, and time to do what is asked of me. Thank you for this gentle reminder. I know. I forget when I get emotionally involved in a project in service. I go forth now knowing that all things will work together. These who come to help will be able to help. Those who refuse to help will be comforted and replaced by those who can. I accept this. I offer myself to you in further service. I am ready, willing and able.

Aflana:This you can live with emotionally. Your help is coming. One who is directed has not yet heard the call. One who was called as chosen not to answer at this time. Remember, we stand by helpless unless one asks for our help. When one asks and then acts not when given the opportunity we again are helplessly standing by waiting until a change of heart, a change of mind, a desire to be of service rises into the consciousness of that one, then another opportunity can be given. However, when one is given a great gift and refuses to be supportive of others, that gift is taken away. Remember the parable of the talents. If you keep the talent to your self and hide it, it will be taken away. When you step out in faith to glean the potential, all will be given unto you.

Patije:Help me to comprehend the truth of today's lessons from you and Michael, himself. I feel quite supported in my faith and can let go the human need to condemn and judge another's actions towards me. I give them to the Father and pick them up not again. Help me look above and beyond this action and the appearances of one who seems to have forsaken me in need. All of my good comes from the Source of All - Father. I need not worry for lack. I will have as I need to be about the Father's business. I trust that truth. Thank you for your help!

Aflana:And so it is, Dear one. Always. Think not it can be withheld from one of great faith.

Session 44

  • THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1993


We started by holding our hands palms facing one another around the group - not touching -to allow the Celestials and teachers to join our circle to blend energies before transmission starts. We then started with invitations to the teachers, thanksgiving, willingness to be of service and stillness.


This is Patije. I wish to thank all of the teachers, Father, Michael, any of our unseen helpers for all of our help. Thank you for the love, the service, the angelic qualities of all of the helpers and I thank you for supporting and affirming us. I invite you now to join us in this circle. I am already aware that you are here. I express my willingness to be your vessel, your transmitter.


This is Drue. I want to thank all of our helpers for their assistance with my earthly father this week. For their support and their love and their strength and I'm so grateful to all of you because I really feel your love and do appreciate it! I want you to know that I, too, am willing and open to assist in any way that is appropriate.


This is Mary. I wish to thank everybody - all our unseen friends and teachers, all our wonderful helpers for the assistance that we have perceived this last week. I, too, am open and willing to serve in any way that is necessary.


This is Julie. I am willing, I am open to serve in any way. I want to thank all of the heavenly hosts for being there for us and to help us see our way clear in all situations. I invite you all. Friends among friends.


The Light of God surrounds us, the Power of God protects, the Love of God enfolds us, lifts an encircles. Wherever we are, the Father is and all is well. Good evening, My Friends. I am LorEl.

Group:Good evening, LorEL!


I have waited excitedly for you to return. It has been awhile since I have had time to talk to you. Many many beings have been here in the weeks past and are here tonight again. I find that what I have to say is of less importance than what your visitors have to say to you, but I wish to assure you that I have not forsaken you. I have not gone away. Do you have any questions for me this evening? (short pause)

We were listening to your conversation and we know that you have many things to discuss. (long pause)

Julie:Does that concern our heavenly beings? Or is it for us to figure out?


This is one example of your team experience. It is not easy to become a full-fledged inter-related team...

Patije:I don't know what happened...

Drue:Team member

Patije:Team member - ok! It was like somebody pulled LorEL away from me. Like she was going to talk through somebody else or something.

Julie:Umhmmm, I think so.


...each of you talents, abilities, expectations, and each of you are unique. Each has been given the opportunity to serve together for the good of the whole. As you can meld and melt and blend your talents you will become of more use to the expanded Corps of Destiny. There is much you do not understand because your viewpoint is limited. There is much to be revealed yet, as you move up in consciousness. There is much work to be done to alleviate any chaos which may manifest itself upon your planet. You are not all to do all of this. You are called to be but one tiny seed, planted at the right time, in the right place, for your fruits to be ready when the time is ripe. Your diligence in pursuing your quiet time, your time in the stillness with the Father, learning to worship, learning to balance and control your human emotions, learning to transmute all that is not love into love, to mirror all of it from a perspective of love energy - this is the purpose for readying you at this time. The time grows near, the events unfold rapidly, and you must be made ready.

We are pleased at your progress. We are pleased at your willingness to discuss among yourselves anything which disturbs, anything which causes conflict. And, we know that many life-long habits, many life-long thought processes must be adjusted and attuned for this new correcting time. This is being done. Each of you, in your own way, are taking the step necessary to move into the place that we have reserved for you. You must not think alike. You cannot be alike. But, you can be of one mind, one consensus, one goal - to serve the Father, and submit yourself to do this in anyway you become aware of serving.

Many will make mistakes. All secrets will be revealed. This is not to enable you to judge one another. But, rather to help one another. To enlighten, to correct - gently show, gently light the lamp of truth, allow harmony to manifest. Reap the benefits of eternal value. As you work together moving in coordination, moving in patterns, there will be fewer and fewer holes, fewer gaps and none can fall, none can leave the circle of the Father's love which holds you close, which comforts you in sadness, which encourages you in defeat, which enables you to rise up. Know that you know and go forth in peaceful loving service.

I am impressing upon all of you, my lessons for tonight. Each of you are responding differently and this is good. Converse, discuss, and think about what it is I have said to you. Know that you know what the Father would have you do. And, so it is.

Drue:Thank you, LorEl.

Julie:Thank you, LorEL.

Mary:Thank you, LorEL

Drue:I haven't been at church for a long time, but I have to tell you, LorEL, that was better than any sermon I have heard in years! Thank you, so much! What a wonderful lesson!

Julie:I have to agree! This is our church!


The church is where the people are and you are the people of this place, this place where you gather where the Father is, this place where you gather for the purpose of the Father. Know ye not that you are children of the Most High and you are held in great esteem, in much love and supported in your efforts to be about the Father's business?

Drue:Yes, LorEl. We feel that! And, thank you for reminding us.

LorEL:It has been my pleasure to speak with you this evening. I know there are others here to speak, and I laugh at Rayson. He has so much fun with Mary! (laughter)

Julie:I see him.

Drue:Well, we can understand, Rayson having so much fun with Mary, because we have fun with Mary too!


Patije:JoEl is here, Julie.

Julie:Hello, JoEl. This is Julie. I am still waiting for that lesson you wanted to try to talk out to me.

Patije:Well, I hear that she is impressing it upon your mind to speak for all of us to hear.

Julie:Really? I am getting these pictures, but none of it comes through.

Patije:Begin to interpret those pictures. Each of those symbols mean something to you.

Julie:They are... it is just that I can't see a form...it is just colors going through and a pyramid here and a bubble there... and ah...I see the form of Rayson and lots of lights, but I can't get a picture. (Pause) Ok, JoEl, I am ready. (long, long silence)

Rayson:This is Rayson and I am with you, Beloved Children of God.

Group:Welcome, Rayson. Hello, Rayson.

Patije:Thank you, again for my healing. I am so excited about it. I am completely free of all symptoms!

Julie:Is that why I am coughing a lot lately?

Rayson:Julie, you cough because you do not speak.

Julie:I can't find words to say.

Drue:You will.

Rayson:You have the words, you need to share them.

Julie:Except that I love everyone, truly.

Rayson:Your impressions, Julie. They are the lessons.

Julie:I get the feeling of heaven, of nothing substantial...

Patije:Try greeting us from LorEl or JoEl, and do it as if she were greeting us and she will take over, I think. Just kind of say: "I am..." whatever comes to you to say, whatever you are aware of in your mind...

JoEl:Greetings, this is JoEl.

Group:Welcome, JoEl. Greeting, JoEl,

JoEl:I am very joyous to be with every one tonight.

Patije:We are happy to have you here.

Mary:Thank you,JoEl.

JoEl:There are many beings among you and they all want to be part of this. What is happening is happening for this good, good will come out of everything.

Patije:Thank you.

Drue:This we know, too.

Mary:Thank you and I can affirm it. I heard that, Julie!

Julie:I am getting buzzing in my ears now.

Patije:That means that it is authentic. Keep going.

Mary:Keep going...

Patije:Something about trust...


We have to trust our inner selves and trust in the Father. Truth, trust truth, goodness, happiness, and most of all love and these are the seeds to be planted. We know you want to do God's work and everything that is done in goodness is God's work. And the examples are you yourselves because you are also God's work.

Drue:Thank you,JoEl.

JoEl:There is much chaos going on in the world at this moment of time and everywhere. WE need stabilization of this group and others to be the spiral for the step up. (I am getting such buzzing in my ears!)

Patije:Aflana is here, but she hasn't started to say anything. Does anybody else pick her up?

Drue:Is VanEssa here tonight? (long silence)

Patije:I don't think so. short silence)

VanEssa: (Patije)Yes I am! Yes, I am!

Julie:Hello, VanEssa. Greetings.

VanEssa:I would not forsake you.

Drue:VanEssa, may I ask you something please?

VanEssa: Of course!

Drue:When my earthly Father makes his transition to the morontia worlds, will you be there to help him, or will you send someone? Can I tell him that my friend, VanEssa will be there?

VanEssa:I will be present at the time he makes his transition, but he will not be aware of me on the other side.

Drue:OK. Thank you, VanEssa.

Julie:I see Rayson wants to talk to Mary.

Patije:To Mary - he probably already is!

Mary:He is roaring away! (laughter)

Julie:I see . ...

Patije:Perhaps he would like to speak to the rest of us! Let him through, Mary!

Drue:Mary, before you start, may I just ask one question? I am sitting here with my legs crossed at the ankles and I am sort of....am I cutting off my . ...


Drue:ok (uncrosses her legs)

Mary:We are being healed at this time. He is sending energy to each of us but I have had to learn to "ground" which is why I pick my feet up now - otherwise I cross my feet at the ankles. He heals us on other levels.

Patije:It shouldn't matter because it keeps the energy moving....

Mary:Not physically.

Patije:I cross my legs too.

Mary:Yes, I have that problem too. You see why you have the thought is because they are trying to tell you.

Drue:Thank you.

Patije:What are we healing, Rayson?

Drue:Emotional healing! I've had emotional healing all week, Rayson, and I really appreciate it. I need more and I really, really appreciate it.

Rayson:And, all you have to do is ask. All you have to do is ask.

Drue:I've needed help all week and I really feel that you are there. I feel that I am getting so much help.

Rayson:And the message is: If you ask and then recognize, it is done.

Drue:Thank you.

Rayson:And there are healings on levels that you (I am doing dual language now - laughter) on other levels than which you are unaware, likened to as you understand subconscious, by these energies.

Julie:Rayson, I feel as though something has left. Is this what you are talking about? Like my body has left. We were all raised on a different level, is this what you are talking about? You don't feel your body, something happens.

Rayson:We work with you on other levels and assist you for even with healing, there has to be free will.

Julie:I am willing.

Rayson:And, we work with you and you, by your own choice, let loose or let go, then you can be healed.

Drue:So in other words, we have to consciously -- not only consciously let you work on us, but consciously accept it, and consciously let go of whatever the blockage is?

Rayson:We work with you and you then see that you need to let go.

Julie:Well, I let go and I felt something happen...

Rayson:Or, feel that you let go.

Drue:I've had such a tremendous healing this week in emotions and I feel as if I am being more balanced in my emotions and I really appreciate that.


All in this group get emotional healings upon request of my Mary. All have been working through personal issues and the request has been made daily numerous time for this assistance for all your beloved. We are joyous when this happens, and we see healing like we have not seen before. You all are learning to feel and acknowledge this healing and this is a joyous time.

Julie:Rayson,I have a very dear friend who need healing. She was very ill now and she is also very old, but I know she is willing and her name is ____.

Rayson:So be it. (Pause) And, so it is.

Julie:Thank you.

Drue:Rayson, as you know, my earthly father needs some assistance and I...

Rayson:Your earthly father received this assistance of mention of the issues at the beginning of this session.

Drue:Thank you. (short silence)

Rayson:Emotions run high in this group, eh?

Patije:(laughter) Yes, Rayson! (Laughter)

Julie:We feel things deeply.

Rayson:As we see.

Patije:Do you have any lesson on how we can rise above some of these things that hold us to the material emotional level? (pause) I heard: "Go into the stillness"

Julie:I heard that too.

Patije:It was like an echo - several times I heard "Go into the stillness"

Julie:You know what I got the sensation of? Dropping into a dark deep pool.

Patije:What dropped? Us or...

Julie:Us - like we go down deep where...

Rayson:The hardest lesson is coming through from love in your heart.

Julie:umhmmmm. Love one another.

Rayson:If you come through with love from your heart, the emotions are always lightened.

Patije:Will you be able to tell us if Ann and Wanda will be returning?


This is Mary and I saw before you mentioned that or talked about these people - I have not met these people, I'd wondered about whether I would see these people and I got at that time that I would not share their energies. This was before.. when you first were talking about them at the UB study on Wednesday mornings. I asked if this is somebody we've gotta heal, is this somebody we've gotta work with? That's my main thing. I got that I would probably not see that.

Patije:hmmmmm.... I talked to Wanda last week and she hoped that she would be back next week

Mary:I won't be here next week.

Drue:None of us will be here next week.

Patije:We will be here Wednesday morning thought.

Mary:I don't know, I can't know what to say, only what I was told before.

Patije:I got a call from a lady in California, whose husband helped start the Pittsburgh group and she will be in Sarasota for about 14 days in February and she would like to visit us around the 15th, but I don't know what the Thursday date is.

Julie:Well, the 9th is Tuesday.

Drue:The 14th is Sunday.

Patije:She said she would be arriving around the 11th, so she would contact us the following week.

Drue:She is from the Malibu group, in Chick's group?

Patije:No, they started there - but they live 60 miles south so they now have their own teachers, and they don't drive up to Malibu anymore, from what I understand.

Drue:What happened to the Hawaii people? Did you talk to them last week?

Patije:I talked to one about midnight just after I had gone to bed and the other one the next morning before 7 AM before I got up! (laughter)

Drue:Which was the person who said that Rayson talked to them?

Patije:That was Kristi in California.

Drue:Did you tell them what we received?

Patije:I called them that night right after you left and let them hear the tape of our transmissions. And, I sent them a copy of all of our 1992 stuff - or Julie did.

Drue:Thank you, Julie.

Julie:You're welcome. I got a little note in my ear when Patije was asking for a secretary and I said: "No, I have too much work to do" but this little thing in my ear said: "Oh, no you don't!" (laughter) It made me volunteer.

Patije:Julie is my angel... she is my angel, and Santa clause and everything all rolled up together!

Julie:Thank you, but "no no" - I made all these mistakes, I'm just learning. I always...as soon as I reach the top of a mountain, many many times I always am knocked down to square one and I have to begin again.

Patije:But you do it!

Julie:You know what I am saying, Mary, she's laughing!

Mary:I do. I do. (laughter) Trust me, I know.

Julie:So I am beginning in all of this again.

Mary:I hope you all are feeling Rayson's energy because it is tearing me up!

Julie:I am dizzy.

Mary:My hands are not my own.

Julie:It is almost that feeling we had that Wednesday afternoon. I am out of it again...

Patije (to Drue)

They come on Wednesday to the study group and one Wednesday there wasn't anybody but the three of us so we invited the teachers to fill it up and we had a wonderful time that morning. We read the decisions of Jesus when he was up on the mountain for 40 days.

Drue:Gee, I'd like that class much better.


Monday night, we were inspired in the study group, to read the bestowal commission and a Midwayer said that he was the Midwayer assigned to the apostle Andrew. When we had our meeting afterwards, we asked is it possible that everyone of us - or those in the reserve Corps of Destiny - has a Midwayer assigned to us or to help us in our work? We were told: "Yes" and the one that is working with Julie is Maralena...and Lutzia...Lutzia has visited our group before last spring when Chris brought that doctor - Lutzia works with healing research...

Drue:Oh, the lady from Tarpon Springs?

Patije:She was told that Lutzia would be working with her, so it looks like Lutzia has come to work with Mary too. There was an Abicoratia for Allene and she got Abithenia for me? Then there was another one that wasn't connected somehow?

Julie:Maybe it is Drue's?

Patije:What was it, Lilliani? or Lilianna?

Julie;Wasn't that one for Mary?

Patije:It could be for Mary, but Mary heard Lutzia and her heart responded by pounding and Lilianna didn't do anything like that.

Mary:Yes, I wrote them all down as she told them to me...

Julie:You know what I got a picture for us? The 4 of us here is a Corps of Destiny.


Julie:Willing, able,

Mary:That's not all of the message.

Julie:I'm floating. I'm so dizzy, I can't see straight.

Mary:I got that that is not the whole message. Are you picking up her message? All I got was: "That's not the whole message."

Patije:I'm still waiting.

Julie:I'm getting stuff, but...

Patije:What about the Corps of Destiny and the 4 of us or something...I didn't make the connections...

julie:I see that like spider legs . .. going to plant something in 4 other directions from here - soon!

Patije:This is your version of the tinker-toy picture we got last spring...

Julie:It doesn't look like a tinker-toy, it looks like a circuit. Oooooh! My hands are getting hot and heavy.

Drue:Gee, thank you Rayson. I am feeling so much better.

Mary:It is just pouring out of me for both of you guys.

Julie:Mary, me? Something is happening to me.

Mary:I know. There is something pouring out.

Julie:Something left me. I don't even feel like me. I am somewhere else.

Patije:Are you riding an elevator up?

Julie:Yeah! I am like a spiral up - up looking down.

Mary:I am looking into Drue's back and all the muscles are straightening out.

Drue:Thank you, so much. I can't tell you how much better I feel!

Mary:They were all knotted up or something, now it looks like a baby's back.

Drue:Thank you.

Julie:My dear friend, Betty, needs healing too, Rayson.

Mary:Look at her face, while the energy is going through you, Julie.

Julie:Yes, I am. I see it. She needs strength to go through what she is going through right now.

Patije:Allow it to pass through you to her right now, Julie.

Mary:See her face and let it go. Man! Whew! (sigh) (long silence)

Julie:Where am I?

Patije:I heard, "being bonded."


Mary:Each other because you come from the love in your heart. All are unified in love.

Julie:I see that. I see strings like a cats cradle.

Drue:I see the strings coming out of our fingers.

Julie:This is it!

Patije:Like that game that children play with strings...

Julie:That's what I said: Cats cradle.

Patije;I didn't know that was what it was called. (laughter) I do now that you reminded me.

Julie:Do you get that too, Mary?

Mary:No, I just saw your whole chest just open up as if Michael is here.

Julie and Drue and Patije together: He is!

Patije:I heard:

Michael:Hello, My little Lambs. (Patije)


Patije:I didn't hear anything to go with it, so I didn't say anything. (long silence)

Christ Michael: (Mary)I am here, My children. I am always nearby when you call.

Drue:Welcome, Michael. And, thank you.

Mary:Thank you, Michael, for being here. We love you.

Julie:We love you, Michael.

Christ Michael:(Patije)Your faith... (laughter over tape ending right then )

Mary:I can't tell you how the energy is running now. Let's see if Michael will continue through Patije... (long, long silence)

Drue:All I hear is:

Christ Michael: (Drue)Your faith has made you whole.

Mary:I heard that too!

Drue:Oh, you did? I am soooooo glad! (laughter)

Julie:I did too! I also heard:

Christ Michael:(Julie)"I love you, My Daughters"

Drue:Michael's girls! Michaels girls!

Christ Michael:(Mary)My Precious Daughters...

Patije:But there is a son sitting over here too.

Drue:Oh, Roy, are you back there? You are lost in the midst of the bears.

Mary:You need to come here, Roy, because there is a bonding energy that is going on. Come join our thing here.

Roy:I am.

Patije:Come over and be in the middle and maybe you won't smoke anymore! (laughter)

Drue:It's hot, hot, hot!

Julie:I am not even here - I feel like I am somewhere else.

Patije:Well, you did. You joined the Thursday night group. (laughter) You've become an impressionist instead of a discoverer!

Drue:Well, you know the reason I think we are getting so much energy tonight is because it is going to have to last us for a few weeks. So, thank you very much!

Julie:Also it is positive energy.

Drue:It is always positive energy! Always!

Patije:Positive, affirmative...

Drue:Loving. supportive...


Drue:Supportive, I think is really the key word. They support us no matter what - when we forget about them, when we go off doing our own little stupid thing, they are still here! They are so supportive and they don't forget about us and they support us all the time! It is amazing!

Julie:Somebody joined us again. I feel the build up of energy.

Patije:They joined the circle with us.

Julie:That's right.

Drue: We needed that male energy...(laughter)

Patije:When JoEl was trying to get a message through I was hearing something about supportiveness and trust and how to go forth, but I thought you would bring the message and I didn't try to put it together.

Julie:No, I wasn't... my pictures are running around in circles tonight. They are going in all different ways and I'm not seeming to be able to make sense of them tonight. It is like...really can't see it. You know what I see, those 3 circles!

Patije:3 Melchizedeks are here.

Drue:What did you get, Mary?

Mary:I got a . ..gone again...

Unseen Helper: (Jesus's personalized Thought Adjuster) (Mary)

This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

Mary:Did anyone else hear that?

Julie and Drue:umhmmm, yes.

Unseen Helper: (Mary) (Jesus's personalized TA)

And, I am with you all of the days.

Patije:Who is speaking?

Mary:I have no idea. these words are just floating in a group... Thought Adjuster?

Julie:I verify that.

Patije:Jesus' personalized Thought Adjuster is here again.

Jesus Thought Adjuster: (Mary)

Know that I am God. Know that I am with you. You are my light.

Julie:You are my light.

Drue:That is an interesting concept - we are his light?!? Isn't that interesting?


Drue:I always think of it as going the other way, but isn't that interesting.

Mary:He can't come through unless we let him. (long silence)

Julie:Mary, I verify that now with these colors. It is the energy...

Drue:Perhaps we are his light into the darkness? (laughter) You know, to light the way for others.

Patije:Yes, yes, it just sounded funny... walk through the shadows...

Julie:Well, here we go with the mirror image.

Patije:We are the mirror, or the reflections?


The reflections.. (short silence) I'm catching: "Do one step at a time." I am seeing spirals all over. That we are a spiral and we have to ascend up a spiral... we go to different levels on spirals. The DNA have spirals. (short silence) I keep seeing a symbol for a long line, other lines, the only thing I can put it close to is the sort of a line with a straight line, with horizontal lines across it - just like what is on a stamp sometimes around the holiday time. Do you know what I am talking about?

Drue:You mean the lung association symbol?

Julie:Yes! I keep seeing that. All the time in different colors, and I am trying to figure it out. ( long silence)

Drue:Maybe it means to breathe it in?

Julie:Possibly. Lungs are...breath of life.

Drue:We forget to breathe a lot. You know?

Patije:I keep holding my breath so I can hear better. I can't hear you all when I breathe.

Julie:That might be it. Lights went on when Drue said that. I keep seeing that symbol all of the time. You know sometimes we can communicate better when we take deep breaths.

Mary:Drue it is going through you, to Patije, is what we are doing. (long silence)

Patije (to Drue) Put this pillow in your lap and you can rest your arms.

Drue:I feel great!

Aflana:(Patije)Good evening, Dear Ones, I am Aflana.

Group:Good evening, Aflana.


I have come to great you. I was not here earlier, but I did send word that I was on my way. I wish to impress upon you that there is a reminder of the truth which has been taught that none can continue in a mistake. And, there can be no secrets. You are aware of something which does not fit well with your thinking. I ask you now to lay it aside, being aware, but do not carry this with you. Do not give it any energy and do not promote more discussion and more feelings about it -at this time. Be aware, and if there is something which the others should be aware of, then discuss it. For now, know, be reassured that there can be no mistakes. They cannot continue for one who is following the Father's will. Does this help you?

Drue:Thank you, Aflana.

Mary and Julie:Yes, thank you.


There can be much done in an atmosphere of friendly cooperation. There need be no criticism, but rather the ability for each to express their concern and each to allow whatever will be to be. This is imperative in the groups which you are forming, in the teamwork that you are developing, in the family which you are growing into. Support one another. Encourage one another. Help one another. Be what you are made to be, and as you step out in faith, as you begin your journey of service, all of the Father's universe will be there to help you. Do you not know this? (pause)

I tell you truly, you are loved. You are supported. And, I am even now arranging many, many communications from around your wonderful world. There are some dark spots but these can be eliminated, alleviated, and upstepped by much good thought, by knowing that light and life is coming. In this correcting time, each little bit you promote will be enhanced, multiplied, and will mushroom into light and life for your planet. We joyously greet each of you. We tell you, we support you.

Know. Know, without any doubt, that you no longer have to allow the petty little experiences to distract you from your purpose, which is to begin to plant the seeds of light and life everywhere you are. Wherever you go, in whatever activity in which you participate, know that as you plant those seeds, we can impress and nourish and help them grow forth into fruit.

It has been awhile since I have given you a lesson. It was fun! (laughter)

Group:Thank you, Aflana. We enjoyed it too! (Laughter)

Patije:That felt so silly! (laughter)

Drue:Once a teacher, always a teacher! Right? Thank you. That was terrific. Thank you so much! Thank you Rayson!

Patije:Thank you, Rayson, Thank you Aflana. Thank you LorEL, thank you Michael...

Julie:Thank you JoEl, . ..

Patije:Jesus' Thought Adjuster... and the 3 Melchizedeks and all the rest of you who have been here with us tonight. Thank you for this evening and all of the energy we received and the knitting together of our diverse personalities. We appreciate that. Thank you.

Drue:I think we should have a standing ovation for all of our helpers.

Groups: Absolutely! (applause)

Patije:Then, I think we should sing a song of praise. The teachers are ready to allow us to go...

Drue leads us in song:

We are lovingly in the hands of the Father, we're lovingly in his hands. We're lovingly in the hands of the Father, we're lovingly in his hands. (Repeated twice)

Drue:See all of our friends can join in because everybody is lovingly in His hands! Gee, what a night! What a session! Thank you, all of you, so much everybody. I am ready to leap a tall building in a single bound!

Julie:I am still somewhere in space.

Patije:Come down gently.

Mary:Count to ten

Julie:(counts in Italian)

Patije:She is speaking in tongues!

Mary:Yes in tongues!

Julie:No, in Italiano!

Mary:Open your eyes now. Are you better.

Julie:I'm not focusing yet.

Patije:Julie got a healing tonight. Thank you, Rayson.

Mary: Drue did too.

Patije:Whenever you have a symptom, immediately affirm that it is not longer true. It may take a few days for the appearance to dissipate. Every time you become aware of it, affirm that you are healthy and a perfect child of God and you no longer manifest anything unlike God! Listen to me. I act like I know what I am talking about! (laughter)

Drue:You do!

Patije:I used to go around all the time saying: There is only one power in me and in my life and I refuse to accept any other. I do this over and over anytime any symptom of dis-ease or illness tries to enter my consciousness. It works. Sometimes, quite quickly!

(end of tape)

Session 46

  • THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1993


Patije:Dear Father,I am here. I am waiting. I am stunned. I excused, denied, self-blamed and am now in the grieving process. I've given this grief to you. I am almost back in emotional balance. I give this experience to you for any learning quality you wish to show me for my enlightenment in your service. I am expecting relief. I am in service in any way I can be of use to you. I love you. I love being in service. I choose to see my good coming from you as my source and will try hard not to expect anything from the mortals "on the team" because it hurts to find they are not there for me when I need them and ask them for help which they are able to give me but choose not to. Their choice is between them and you and I will not question that choice. I only ask that the help I need comes to me as I need it and I trust you with this. I choose to put service to you a priority in my life and if the house doesn't get cleaned or the errands don't get run, or my sleep is interrupted, then so be it. I know you will give me what I need to be in service with all that I am and all that I hope to be. I give that gift of myself to you. I am here for any who desire my help in any way for your service.

How can be of service now, today? I am waiting.

The Father:My Child, I am well pleased in your continued goal of service. This which bothers you is but a distraction and as you continue in your faith, leaning not on ghostly crutches for help, but on ME, you will be supported in your service. Know that not all of my children are as able to turn to me in total trust as you are.

Aflana:The one which perplexes you at this time has a lifelong pattern to deal with. We are watching to see what choices are made at this time to enable us to further help her. Have you not seen our help dwindle in quantity as the hopes and expectations of this one runs ahead of what is offered in service? Remember, words of willingness must be accompanied with actions of cooperation. Team work is imperative. Participation on all levels is a must. One cannot reap the benefits of this great work and think they know all if they cannot do the work. They will delude themselves.

LorEL:Your abilities to see beyond the obvious is well tuned to higher consciousness. None can fool you. You can choose to ignore and deny what you see. It is your choice to hear what is being said to you. It is your choice to continue in service to the Father even when those around you are non-supportive or you can choose to also "take a vacation." Do you not see that few can remain as intense as you do. You cannot carry them. They must walk on their faith. If their faith cannot surmount the petty challenges of daily experiences how then can they be of service in the Corps? If they cannot be a part of the team and respond when someone on the team needs help, then how can they be trusted with the importance of the work of the Corps? Not all handle the frustration of overwhelming hours of work as you do, My Friend. Not many will give 15 or 16 hours a day - and then counsel by phone even during your sleep period. This is not balanced living, and it will be alleviated as soon as we have allowed ample opportunity to see who picks up our call and comes to your aid.


Session 47

  • JANUARY 29, 1993 (3 AM)


Dear Father, I can't sleep. The tapes which remain untranscribed in the computer room and all of the sorting and organizing needed has me concerned. There are already 68 tapes which represent more than 30 meetings which remain off the computer. In addition I have all of the personal impressions which have been typed and shared but are not in the computer. On top of that I have all of my personal notebook writings in a notebook during the times we had company and I was not at my computer.

Instead of helping me, the people coming here for the transmissions tell me to forget them...let them go...they will get done...get some rest. Now, I know every week that passes, I am gathering another 2 to 8 tapes to transcribe later. They are snowballing and nobody sees it! They say they know the work I have, but if they did, wouldn't they want to try to help someway? If one of the other's was this bogged down in work, I would be there for them! I would be there for as long as it takes and no matter what toll to my health, or what sacrifice in personal pleasure I had to make. I don't understand. Is this a lesson for me - or for them?

I've been told I am healed. I know that I am, but some minor tingling symptoms have not yet passed. Perhaps this backlog of work is to keep me so busy that I have no time to think about the symptoms? Whatever the reason for my inability to catch up, I put it in your hands and ask for relief. I love doing the work. I love being of service. I just can't seem to keep from getting emotionally out-of-balance over the back log which is creeping larger and larger every day!

I realize all of the others work 8 hours at a job. But they don't seem to realize that I am working 13 + hours everyday plus the study groups and the transmission groups and the phone calls and all. Except for the weekends when I only devote 4 or 5 hours to the computer room, I am here almost night and day. Couldn't each of them give me 2 hours per week? That's not asking for much, is it? I've asked, but everyone has a reason why they can't. Rather than thinking they think my time is less valuable than theirs, I am going to know that my time is more valuable to you in service to them!

I've been called stubborn and foolish for staying on the job when I am sick. I've been called stupid when I send Roy up in his airplane and I stay here and work. I've been called too hard on myself when I decline offers to go out to lunch and stay here and work. I've been pitied when I allow the house to get too cluttered. But I can't do all things and still work for you, can I? Help me see what is out-of-balance in my life. Help me know how to correct this. Thank you. Father.

I love you. I want to be of service. I am willing to do anything asked of me. I am open and receptive to all suggestions. I am ready to welcome any of your lambs. I am yours. Use me. Send me. All that I am is yours. Allow me to serve you and this Correcting time in any way I can.


Well, I see you are having a Pity-poor-patije-party and inviting us to attend. Why do you do this to yourself. Gather your courage and your knowingness and cross over the bridge of faith which you have built, and use your devotion to the Father and to your tasks as more building blocks. Do you not know that trouble will invigorate you, disappointment will spur you on; difficulties will challenge you and obstacles will stimulate you. Arise! Lift up your eyes. Say farewell to these pitiful whimpers of victimization. These old tapes of being used are no longer true. Anytime you wish to leave the service of Michael you may do so.

Patije:Oh no. I don't wish to do that. I will serve in any way I can.

LorEL:Then you must do it cheerfully and faithfully and joyously.

Patije:I will try. Can you give me some perspective on this to help me control the emotional roller-coaster ride I am on. I feel resentment that I have often dropped all I am doing for ___ and when I asked her for help she snapped at me, refused to help and I overheard what she said to others about not wanting to help. I can't seem to let go these feelings of resentment.

Aflana:We ask much of you because we know we can rely on you. We have asked of others. Not many have the devotion - which you mortals erroneously call stubbornness - to tackle these with consistency and come back and ask for more. Your diligent devotion is widely known among all the teachers. But, Patije, even more precious to us, is your kindness and your gentleness with those who abuse you. You know not how we use your sincere willingness in ways you would never imagine. The fruits of your work are widespread and nutritious for those who pick them up. Think not that you have been forsaken. We are with you and your path is cleared so that you can carry the load we have given you. Did you not say that you were willing to follow Truth wherever it led you? Did you not ask to serve the Father and your fellows? You have much courage. This strength of character comes from the consistent devotion to doing what you can do to alleviate human suffering on the level of those close to you. It is your diligence at doing whatever work is in front of you without complaint. It is balancing your emotions from reaction to response when confronted with frustration and disappointment. And, you know that you have earned your patience and worked in loyal devotion without need for recognition. You know the importance of the work you are asked to do. There is no doubt in your mind nor in your heart. You see where others are blinded by the glitter. You know where other's knowingness is clouded by self-protective interests. Not many have suffered the pitfalls of relationships and altruism in the way that you have and arose to volunteer for such an assignment. You also know that your pleasure comes from the satisfaction of doing your best at whatever you have to do and doing it promptly and efficiently. We know this too.

You truly have the spirit of self-forgetfulness in the midst of the clamor of many voices hammering at you to leave your work and go into the world to play. Your healing is the consequence of your unselfish giving of yourself in devoted love to any who need you. Your ability to accommodate the needs of others makes you very valuable to us. Think not that the evil neglect of many around you can harm you or separate you from your perfect potential. It is not success, but the intentions and faithful active love which you display in all activities you undertake. It is valued among those of us who know.

We know that you often think how much you could do with the material success of your career. Do you not know that your prayers to know and serve the Father took you out of that field of endeavor and placed you in a strategic position to know and serve the Father? Do you not see that many of your talents and abilities have come not from schooling, but from the desire within your heart to serve and help those around you - church, organizations, individuals, whatever the need you have been there. In return you have acquired many talents. During the past years your aspirations to acquire the skills to help others has been fulfilled in order to prepare you for the tasks ahead? This has been a long undertaking and you have taken one step at a time, not even knowing where you were going to serve. Think you not that this was by accident or unexpected fortune? It was as a result of your devotion to duty, your distress at seeing someone in need. You have often answered the call of assistance. You have often run to the aid of those who tried to serve and fell short. You have picked up many who have fallen on the wayside and firmly planted them back in the middle of the straight and narrow pathway. Yet this was outside of your consciousness. You responded without wondering why. You just do it. This is why you are so valuable.

You have taught yourself to type rapidly. You have taught yourself the computer. You have taught yourself to transcribe since your group joined the active Corps of Destiny. You have learned to stand before crowds when necessary. You have learned to transmit many different personalities with very little mistake. Why is this? Because you are naturally talented? You know that you know that it was because you have a devotion to doing whatever is asked of you.

Cry no more, Dear One. Laugh and fill your heart with love and merriment! We love you. The work will get easier. We ask that you implement your patience and continue as you are for awhile longer, if you will to do so.

Patije:My will is to do the will of the Father. I am stubborn enough to do that regardless of appearances, rejections, frustration and disappointment. You can count on me. I will not desert the Corps.

LorEL:This we know. But drop the word stubborn from your thoughts - your are devoted and diligent in your responsibility and you have prioritiezed your work. This is good. Your health will be safe guarded and your accomplishments will continue to flourish as you efficiently discharge each task. Farewell, My dear Friend. You are loved.

Patije:Thank you, LorEL. I love you all too and I really am glad to be doing my work. It will be much easier with your encouragement. Thank you.

Session 48

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 1993 (9:00 PM)


Patije:Dear Father, Things seem to be crowding in on me and I don't play the role of peacemaker very well anymore. What do I do about the personality clashes in our transmission groups? Ride them out until they settle themselves? It is my will to do my Father's will in all things with no exception!

This was another wonderful weekend studying the benefits of cranial-sacral healing and I certainly dedicate anything I learn to the upstepping of the planet in any way you can use it - or me in service.

Are there any messages for me tonight?

Christ Michael:My Child, concern yourself not with the purification process now working through those in the Corps of Destiny. All who are dedicated and committed to doing My Will will survive this purging. If there are any weaknesses among the personalities called to do My Work, they will now show up. The time is nigh and much must be done to prepare the way. Be of good cheer, You of much faith! None will be lost.

LorEL:Any whose motives and intentions are not balanced will find themselves in a place which will challenge them to make decisions to be honest with themselves and with the other members of their team, find balance or move away in the direction they wish to go. We cannot allow any sincere seeker to continue in a mistake, but we do allow them to make free will choices to not participate in this correcting time. The goal of the "team" must be priority over personal agendas; the goal of the individual must be their cosmic citizenship in following the Father's will. Many team activities will arise in the days ahead and the past must be completed and put away. Each member of the team is asked to do what they can to alleviate the undone activities and projects of the consensus of the team. No one member of the team is to be left with all of the work, or all of the fun, or all of the transmissions, nor all of the inspiration and enthusiasm. Each has a part to fulfill and each piece contributes to the whole. Your team has a boxcar to put back on the track so that the spiritual engine can pull it and gather up the harvest of all who are ready to join the ranks of the ones who have been given the opportunity to participate in this Correcting time.

Patije:Do you have a lesson for us tonight? Is there something I can pass on to the team?

LorEL:You must stand guard at the doorway to your material mind and emotions. Allow none to usurp your focus on your purpose to do the Father's Will. Many will come to drain you of energy and to beg you for attention to minister to their material ego wounds. This is not your purpose. You are to stand ready to go forth at a steady pace in the march towards your destiny. Many are being called. Many are hearing the call. You are like a banner for Michael, a light in the shadows of doubt and skepticism. Lend your name not to anything questionable and keep your flame of truth, beauty and goodness steady amidst the winds of change in the world around you. Think not that you are immune from the times of chaos and uncertainty. You are but one in the world but not of it who will be as a guiding light for those who choose to hear the Truth. I tell you truly, do not forsake your trust. Your honesty is relied upon. It is a steadying force in the midst of the rampaging storm of discontent and misunderstandings of out-of-balance egos just outside the circle of the light you carry for the Father. Go forth in faith and certainty that none around you can cause you to fall if you remain focused upon your goal of doing the Father's will. None around you can continue the evils of lies and deceit of non-focused intentions without your knowledge. Do not close your eyes and ears to this evil. Many see and many know. You must also know. All things work together for good and even that which is begun with evil intention is influenced and transmuted to good in the long run. However, the sting of their bite can deter you if you are not alert. Be aware. Be what you are made to be. Be what you pray to be. Look up unto the hills of righteousness and honesty and avoid the shadows of darkness and treachery. You will be guided rightly. It is your task to remain in the Father's light. All will follow as you move forward in this Light. I tell you truly. Think upon this.



The Celestial Discovery Group superseded the Celestial Impressions Group of 1992 & The Englewood Florida Group broke out of the Celestial Impressions Group 1992]