1993-11-07-All Progress Is Traceable To God

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Topic: All Progress Traceable to God

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Will

TR: JoiLin, Eric

Session 1


Greetings. It is I, Machiventa Melchizedek. I come this evening to deliver to you a brief message from our sovereign, Michael. It is as follows:


It gives me great pleasure to speak to you once again. As always, I am filled with much love toward you, my children, and this planet of my final bestowal. I have watched this planet and you, my children, as you struggle to move forward in your understanding of the Father's will. I struggle these same struggles with you. I am filled with a parent's sense of pride as I watch you rise above your many life struggles, as I see you reaching for the Father and gaining a better understanding in your life. These lessons you are learning will carry you through beyond the here and now. As I watch you each individually grapple daily with your commitment and begin to succeed, one day at a time, sometimes one step at a time, my sense of fatherly pride knows no bounds.

I want you to understand that I understand always those times that you forget, those times that other commitments take precedence. The Father is always understanding, is always filled with love for His children, will always be available whenever you seek. Remember this always as you go about your day. We are always waiting at the open door. And now my little ones, keep my peace within your hearts and let His understanding shine forth always from within toward your brothers and sisters.


WILL: The love of the Father enfolds us, the power of the Father uplifts us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.



The fact of our coming together over these past two years has, on occasion, given rise to many questions as to the true purpose of these meetings. The purpose of education is foremost as it deals with your individual spiritual growth. I can safely say, if you are to distill the message to its most basic component, it would be that our purpose is to teach you methods and tools that will be useful to you to use as you journey on your path. It is not our purpose to try to influence the whole world, but, rather, to teach you to go out into this world as a changed and enlightened individual in service to the Father above. This is the way it must work. We do not possess any magical cures that would be able to be applied in a way as to affect the whole world. The Father's plan calls for individuals to be changed so that they may carry forward the work that He desires take place.

Your group, as assembled here and including those missing tonight, has answered the call to become changed individuals and you have shown great fortitude of character and much perseverance in your work. Our contributions are seen to be minor, while your individual efforts are what moves the plan forward. When you make sincere efforts to attempt to align yourselves with the Father's will, you can be assured that there are many who are willing to help you to the extent possible and that, through the Father's love and power, that you will accomplish much. Therefore we feel satisfied that the true purpose is being accomplished. At this point in the mission we feel that this method, for the most part, has been successful. You are all very aware of the inherent problems which may arise and, for this group, you have been able to weather these ups and downs quite well. I commend you for the work done so far.

I would take this opportunity to thank the Melchizedek for sharing tonight the message sent by Michael. We are all keenly aware of his interest in this mission and his continuing concern for your planet's evolution into the ages of light and life. You have already reminded yourselves of this fact tonight, of your group's stability and functioning as a family certainly puts you all in the position of being very lucky, indeed. You are able to draw strength and knowledge from each other, which is not always available in other groups. Therefore be of good cheer. You are all moving along quite nicely in your development and you will continue to do so as long as your eyes remain on the Father. Draw from Him the very things you need to be able to go forth boldly, lovingly into the world.

I detected earlier that there is a desire for more questions. I will take your questions now.



VINCENT: Will, I think that Helen wanted to know earlier and so had the rest of us, why the teachers feel compelled from time to time to make predictions on events that are upcoming?

WILL: [pause] I apologize for the delay in answering, however I, myself, cannot fathom a reason for such occurrences. It is true these things have happened. Predictions were made and the disappointments evidenced by all. There have been precautions taken more recently to take into account the effect such occurrences have on those who would believe. It is now thought best to avoid such predictions and, indeed, caution is exercised to the point of careful examination of information shared that may be misinterpreted. I can assure you that I will not be involved in making any such predictions in the future. Is this satisfactory.

VINCENT: Yes, that seems like a good idea.

WILL: It is thought best.


JOILIN: Will, this is JoiLin. I had a lesson from a teacher today and last Wednesday that didn't give a name, not that it really matters except that I feel better to be able to connect with a name. Would you happen to know who that teacher was?

WILL: The verification you seek is natural. Among interactions with mortals, most would agree that they would feel most comfortable with the knowledge of whom they speak with. Exchanges with celestial personalities are more tricky. The name may be provided or may be elusive to the hearer of the message. You have already stated that it is of no real importance and my answer shall be to not worry from whence the message comes but to pay attention to the message itself. This is where growth occurs. It truly does not matter whether the messenger be a celestial personality, your Thought Adjuster, or even the higher concepts of your own mind. What matters is the truth content and spiritual quality of the message. Is this sufficient for you?

JOILIN: Yes, thank you, Will.

DENNIS: Will, we were wondering earlier if you have any idea of the number of teacher groups that were on line?

WILL: There's been a natural increase in the number of groups as additional teachers were sent out. There are still additional teachers being prepared now for additional groups to be formed in the future. The figure that was quoted earlier of 200 groups is, perhaps, short of the true number, although when I say this I am speaking of worldwide, not just those contained in your country. There are teachers placed on assignment every day. All are finding a place. Therefore the number grows daily. We satisfy ourselves in believing the pace currently held is in line with the Father's wishes. His wisdom oversees all. It is His plan that we are carrying out. Is this satisfactory?


HELEN: Will, in the corp of teachers have there been any who have lived on this world as their mortal sphere?

WILL: It would be uncommon for a fused mortal to be reassigned to the planet of his origin, although, as you are aware, Machiventa Melchizedek and others of the Melchizedek order lived their mortal lives on the planet, Urantia. Their participation in this mission is thought to show that Michael's interest and concern to see this planet reach the ages of light and life is such that he will do what is necessary to bring this about. The plan includes many options, many plans of attack, if you will have that term, to do whatever necessary to encourage the peoples of Urantia to move forward along the spiritual plane. I personally do not know of any other teachers who were at one time mortals on this planet. Is this satisfactory?



WILL: The hour grows late and I would ask that other questions be held until we meet again. This has been a useful exchange tonight. Many will leave here with a greater understanding of our purpose and their place within this mission. I encourage you to continue the good work serving your fellow man and serving your Father in heaven. Until we meet next week, I bid you a warm shalom.

Session 2

November 14, 1993


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings and good evening to you all. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.


This old vehicle still has the same old rattles, dings and squeaks that it had when I sat behind the wheel the last time. [Will is transmitting through Eric tonight, for the first time in a while.] It is a good feeling.

Prediction, Future

Humans often ask questions about what will happen in the future. Without getting bogged down in allegory, I would like to present this picture, this picture of analogy. The marvel among sexual reproduction among the higher species relies upon soul division where one half of the necessary chromosomes are maintained and delivered, presented by the female's egg to which the male supplies sperm containing the other half of the necessary chromosomes. Both sides carry the spark of life, not yet activated but, upon fertilization, events begin to unfold.

We can analogize this event to the joining of the material and the spiritual within a single human personality. Both the human and the spiritual, the material and the spiritual, have their own independent vigor, but standing alone do not yet exhibit the spark of eternal life. Yet, even upon joining, things are not at rest for long, for the initial complete cell, the original cell, immediately reproduces itself through cell division and becomes two, which then divide and become four, which then divide and become sixteen, which then divide and become ninety six and so on until, from an exterior view, what was only moments ago a single cell becomes a complex mass of undivided tissue and then, following the normal course of mammalian development, when sufficient numbers of the cells have accumulated into an embryo, the cells begin to organize themselves into separate categories and different tissues begin to occur; one tissue becoming lung tissue, another skin, another becoming bone or brain.

Now, when you ask us what will become of me tomorrow we look at a situation analogous to this situation where one opportunity duplicates itself, then those opportunities duplicate themselves and so on and on and on until the number of events directly traceable to a single opportunity becomes, for all practical purposes, infinite. It is not possible for you, with your linear, rational minds to forecast not only those things which might occur, but those things which are likely to occur. That is why in your society and all societies on your planet prediction of the future is considered a psychic or spiritual phenomenon. It is not a logical exercise. Your brains are not highly developed enough to handle all the permutations and possibilities and still maintain the thread of likelihood. However, with experience, with knowledge, power, wisdom and common sense, it is possible to stand back and forecast those things which are most likely to happen, particularly when seen through the lens through a sequence of individualized events which have in fact occurred. But the truth is, that by utilizing this technique you are nearly as good judges or predictors of likely events as we are. So it is not possible for either you or us to predict that any particular thing will happen with any particular accuracy, but we all know that certain things are destined to happen with or without cooperation of independently minded will creatures.

We know that certain things will happen because of God. All progress is traceable to God. The very fact of human interest in betterment or the ability to assess progress is due to the presence of the Adjuster voluntarily hosted by each individual on this planet. No Adjuster arrives unbidden. No Adjuster leaves voluntarily. The desire for knowledge, the desire to manipulate the environment or other creatures within the material life experience, companions, lower animals, are all directly derived from the fact of the presence of the Thought Adjuster, the Father's gift to each of you. Your presence tonight in this meeting is a direct result of the presence of the Thought Adjuster in each of you. By working together and concentrating your desire to improve yourselves, spiritually or otherwise, you are capable of narrowing the otherwise the virtually infinite number of possibilities which make up the future.

So, for those among you who are considering where you are going and how you will get there, I suggest that you attempt to structure your future in cooperation with others not limited to the persons present in this group but those with whom you already know you work well and amicably. Nothing goes to waste in the Divine plan. We can safely predict that the relationships of the future will be built upon the relationships of the present for it is not possible to skip any steps in the Divine plan. Skipping steps is a human fantasy.


This is my message to you tonight. The future is where openings and closings is all about. As always, we encourage you to take advantage of those openings between people and to do so in a clear minded fashion, not subjecting yourselves to sappy sentimentalism or foolhardiness. The persons graduating from your planet have a nearly unique quality - a capability to work in isolated environments without constant reinforcement. Successful spiritual voyagers from your planet accomplish this through hard headedness, a solid faith, and an ability to honestly interpret those phenomena which their senses bring to them.


Spiritual progress is a rugged business. There is a ditch on both sides of the road. Everyone ends up in the ditch sooner or later. The importance is to use the experience and not deny it, incorporate it rather. We do not teach that you are protected. You are subject to the same material hazards as all other persons on this planet. Therefore keep your wits about you but press forward in God's work as you have been instructed by the example of Jesus of Nazareth, the son of man and the son of heaven. He was thoroughly effective, yet at no point engaged in foolish behavior. While we do not say that you are protected, you are accompanied and guided and it is our mission, along with those of other celestials, to present you with opportunities for spiritual growth and decision making and opportunity to demonstrate those things which you have already learned regarding the path of spiritual progress and your ability to demonstrate it to your fellow man and women.

That is all I have to say tonight. Thank you for your attention. Until we meet again, shalom.

Session 3

November 21, 1993


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God upholds us. The light of God enfolds us. Wherever we are, He is. As always, it gives me great pleasure to be among you, my dear students. It is, as I'm sure you well know, I, your teacher, Will who loves you.



I would like to speak this evening about the possibility mentioned by one of your members of there being private sittings. In the past this was not something that could be accomplished without putting undue stress on your receiver. However, the way is now open that we might accomplish or fulfill those desires of individual members. I would suggest that you talk among yourselves agreeing upon a time that would work for JoiLyn that you might pursue this goal. You might utilize this time now to have such a discussion. I will be listening and will understand your decision.


Until next week, as always, I send you my love and look in on you each during the week to come. Stay in His light always my dear ones. Shalom.

Session 4


(Long group discussion regarding personal sessions.]


WILL: In listening to you this evening, I have heard you ask questions and immediately answer them yourselves. One person asked about money or the possibility of asking about money and another person answered that that would not be appropriate. They were quite correct.

Others spoke of affairs of the heart. Another answered that you would be guided to seek your own answer. That is also correct.

Those questions that you might expect to be answered would be those questions pertaining to your individual spiritual growth, questions that pertained to material life that you all must live on this planet, those things pertaining to your job, your family members, may or may not be answered in a way that you would hope. I can only suggest that you prepare your questions having put some thought into those questions. Endeavor first to answer those questions yourselves. If, in fact, you need guidance at that point, I would entertain hearing them and giving you an answer of some sort. If you have an individual question at this time, I will be willing to answer to the best of my ability.


JUDY: Will, this is Judy. I don't understand how you are limited by time. Do you need to know of individual sessions ahead of time? How available are you on call?

WILL: My time, in regard to you, my students, is quite open. That is not to say that there will never be a time when I might be called away on other universe business, but, on the whole, I would say that my time is yours. Does that answer your question?

JUDY: Yes, I am glad that you are so available to us. Helen had some concerns about private sessions. Is there anything that we should watch out for?

WILL: I'm not sure I understand. What...

JUDY: Are there areas that we should avoid exploring?

WILL: Would this have to do possibly with referring to mediums or psychics or that sort of thing? I would certainly hope that those sort of questions would not be addressed within this school or mission. Our direction is certainly the spiritual direction.

JUDY: Is it important for us to share the content of our private sessions with the group?

WILL: That, I think, would be a decision that you and your group members would have to make.

JUDY: Somehow I knew you would say that. I appreciate your willingness to meet us in private sessions and I'm looking forward to them.

VINCENT: Will, since you brought it up, do you think that private lessons at this time in our progress are necessary to assist in our spiritual development or are you just responding to what you perceive to be our desires?

WILL: That question might have more than one answer. I, of course, when possible, endeavor to meet your needs. At least those needs pertaining to your spiritual growth and, sometimes, your curiosity, although not often. However it is my understanding that there may be questions of a personal nature that an individual may be a little reticent of speaking about or sharing. This is not to indicate that it is a deep, dark secret, but for whatever reason. I would respect an individual's privacy if it made them more comfortable in seeking answers that may help them in their growth. I do not see this as a necessary arena for your growth but I certainly don't see it as a detrimental one either. Is that sufficient?

VINCENT: Yes, thank you.


LOREN: Will, is the ability to transmit with you supernals related to the amount of spiritual growth that one has accomplished as pertaining to those that can transmit versus those who cannot?

WILL: Whether a person may or may not become a receiver/transmitter has nothing to do with where they are individually in their spiritual growth. One's ability to receive is not an indication that they are in any way further advanced in their spiritual growth than you are. Spiritual growth that may or may not be a part of your path does not open the way for being able to receive these transmissions. Some people have that genetic link that happens to be a part of their birthright, if you will. It has to do with the history of their ancestors and that genetic link that was passed down. All individuals, provided that the desire is strong, the commitment is also strong, these two things - desire and commitment- will gain you the goal. How soon? I cannot say that nor would I try. I can only tell you, "seek and you will find". Give your time always to the Father first. Do not neglect him or yourself, and the path will open. Is this helpful?


Teacher Contact

HELEN: Will, I would like to know if your individual knowledge of and contact with various members of this group go back the two years in which they have been aware of you or farther back than that.

WILL: I have known many members within this group for many years; others not quite so long. Some longer, some shorter, but I have known most members for longer than two years.

VINCENT: Will, do all of the members or most of the members in this group have personal teachers as well?

WILL: I am not aware of any member who does not have a personal teacher.

JUDY: If we cannot communicate with a personal teacher as yet, what is the function of that personal teacher?

WILL: Your personal teacher teaches you whether or not you are aware of that teaching.

JUDY: Through insight?

WILL: Quite often. Quite often through your own thoughts that you, in your humanness, take to be your own. Many times these thoughts that you take to be your own are thoughts given to you by your personal teacher.

LOREN: How can we tell the thoughts of our personal teacher from our Thought Adjuster?

WILL: At this point in your development, it would be most unusual to have verbal communication with your Thought Adjuster. If you have a thought that you understand, for instance, a conversation that may be the answer to something you are seeking. This is, in all likelihood, your personal teacher instructing you, helping you, giving you insight.

LOREN: Is my personal teacher Vera?

WILL: Verina.

LOREN: Close.

JUDY: Is there any advantage to making our relationship with our personal teacher more conscious?

WILL: Let me ask you a question. Is there any advantage to building a relationship on any level?

JUDY: I think so.

WILL: I think so.

JUDY: I guess my impatience comes because I want to get on with it. It seems like a vague relationship.

WILL: [tape turned] quite often a jungle of thoughts that are not correct.

JUDY: Oh yes, quite frequently I have difficulty clearing...

WILL: Yes, I understand. If you sat in a room with the television going, the radio going, three or four conversations going and your children asking you questions, how would you know who to listen to?

JUDY: Is there something I should be doing more than my daily meditation?

WILL: I think as well as your very active mind, you are so used to dealing with those thoughts, those creative thoughts - they are your life - it is perhaps more difficult for you to recognize those thoughts that are being given to you. I think that a continued effort and, possibility, an acknowledgment that you may already have had much guidance, may help.

JUDY: Thank you. These personal kinds of answers are just what I was seeking.

LOREN: Will, do we have guardian angels in addition to the teachers as well?

WILL: Most certainly. Did you doubt it?

LOREN: No, not really, it was just unknown.

WILL: When a group comes together to learn, such as this one, the members of the group whose heart is open to the Father's will receive personal seraphim within a very short order. There is being done all that may be done to insure, to secure the future of this mission, of this school, my students. I would like to hold any further questions until next week as JoiLyn is having a problem. I think this sort of communication is one that will prove beneficial to both of us. I have a need to know what some of your needs are that may not be being met.


So until next week, my dear ones, shalom.

Session 6

November 28, 1993


WILL: (Through JoiLin) The love of God surrounds us. The power of God upholds us. The light of God enfolds us. Wherever we go, He is. Greetings my students, it is I, your teacher, Will, who loves you. JoiLin did not want to receive my transmissions tonight, however I persevered and she finally stepped out in faith. I think I will open the floor for questions at this time.



VINCENT: Will, you've heard us talk about faith and healing and what that might have to do with this group and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

WILL: There are certain individuals that may have this ability. This ability would be along the same line as those who are able to receive our transmissions easily. These individuals seem to have this inborn, if you will, in them. This may be something that you or your members may want to pursue in the future. I would think, at this point, the burden of decision would be on your shoulders as a group or as individuals within the group. Is this answer sufficient?

VINCENT: Well it is pretty generic actually, I mean, how would you go about knowing if you are one of these people?

WILL: If someone within the group felt that they have a calling for it, are spiritually drawn to give service in the area of healing, we would find a teacher for that individual to work with. This might be something that an individual would want to address within the setting of a personal session.

Groups, Limitations

(Through Eric) Each of you possesses the power to do this and more. We are talking about greater powers than you can presently control. When you have reached a more practiced position where you are capable of bringing more constant attention and control to your pursuits, then will you be more capable of engaging in this type of activity. In general, when we above look upon mortals it is analogous to you looking upon the face of your pets because the inconstancy of your devotion and dedication shifts from moment to moment up and down the scale from adoration to hopeful anticipation to despair and then back up the scale and down and back up and down and back up. You must all learn to rule yourselves more effectively and when you are thus able to focus yourselves, great things can happen.

Working as a group and focusing upon the mutual purpose, it is possible for you to reinforce each other to the purpose, like, for example, a healing exercise. However, the results will still be inconstant because, at the present time, you are not capable of controlling the forces which you unleash. In saying this I do not imply that you are making mistakes, only that you are engaging in an activity that is somewhat beyond your capability. That is why groups who engage in this activity have names like "charismatic". They focus on the rapture of the forces which they have unleashed through their simple interest and attention. But these forces remain beyond their facile manipulation.

There is strength in the group. There is safety in the group. We say that you may safely engage in healing but only as a group. None of you are presently ready to hold yourselves out as healers. Celestial contact personalities have learned from experience that the answers to questions such as these are accurate only within the particular set of circumstances from which the question is asked. Because of human inconstancy the answer "yes" today will be "no" tomorrow. We do not change, but you change, faster than the weather. Therefore we are unlikely to say that this person is a healer and that person is not, but the group can bring singleness of purpose. The group, cohesively united and applying its attention, can cause things to happen. These things are still beyond your control. But by, as a group, focusing your attention on a single purpose, you allow us to take control for a moment and cause things to happen. You are not in control. This is presently beyond you. Now, the real question. Can you help each other? Keeping in mind all that I have said, the short answer is yes. But it will not be a casual event and you will not have uniform success and you will be skating on thin ice to portray yourselves as having this ability to others not members of this group. Does that answer?

VINCENT: I believe so.

JUDI: Will, about a year ago we had a couple of series on stillness which I personally enjoyed and in which we focused on one particular topic. Do you foresee another time in the near future where we focus on a particular topic and explore it in more depth?

WILL: By your question, if I take your meaning at face value, I understand you to say that you do not presently detect a theme in our meetings from week to week. This is somewhat of a disappointment to me. [[[laughter]]]

JUDI: I only speak for myself. [additional laughter]

WILL: I had thought we were doing rather well in that regard. Perhaps we are too subtle sometimes. Our discussions and interchanges, as you know, evolve with the complexions of the group. Because we are in the correcting time, it is a necessary function for us on a regular basis to engage in didactic instruction and set out, in some detail, those topics we think are of most application to most members. Short answer, yes. Next question.

Relationship, Language

HELEN: Will, we have talked about saying to persons, "I'm praying for you" and different reactions to that phrase. Can you tell me something of the appropriateness, or how you relate to someone that you care about and whom you would like to be involved in what is happening to them?

WILL: You are not responsible for how people react to the words that you say to them. You are not responsible for the feelings which your intentions evoke within them. You are not responsible for the transgressions and excesses of their past history with which they have freely indulged themselves or which they have been subjected to by outside forces. What you are responsible for is to measure your words carefully with careful solicitude for the feelings and most likely [tape turns] To rephrase, [What you are responsible for] are the predictable feelings and obvious predictable reactions to persons with whom you are engaged particularly where you possess special knowledge of their sensitivities. Where most people run afoul in their relationships with others is when they adopt a stylistic approach and set of vocabulary which they intend to uniformly apply to all persons without proper regard for the individuality of the people with whom they are speaking. Plain language is usually good enough. It is irksome to many, offensive to a few, when well meaning truly religious people adopt a vocabulary and a manner of speaking to others which seems to imply that they possess some holy knowledge, some special spiritual favor which then becomes a barrier between people. If it is sufficient to say that you care for another person, what profit is there in aggravating them and invoking deep seated prejudices by portraying your concern for them as a religious expression? Your responsibility to yourselves and your demonstration of the Father's love is fully discharged by the simplest and most efficient expression of humanity and loving concern. Plain speech is best. Does that answer?


Teacher Contact

LOREN: Will, at Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday at my son's house I sensed a presence. Was it you?

WILL: I am present in that time. I am not alone. We are blessed with a stream of visitors who pass through this program as observers and occasional participants in their individualized training as teachers and guides for their own present and future assignments, not limited to service on this sphere. I do not mean this to sound harsh, but we are not limited in movement in a way you understand. When you ask if we are here or we were there, your question is meaningful in human terms but is not quite so meaningful in our terms for, among us, to attend means to go. To attend to a concern means to be there. And so if you were to watch us with human eyes, I think the word that you would use is "flit about" from one thing to another. It is necessary for us to divide our attention, therefore must we be in many places but we cannot be in all of those places at the same time. We cannot be even in two places at the same time. We must go back and forth. So the short answer to your question is, yes. But not like you think for we are there one moment and in the next moment we are somewhere else and we will return. That is how we must apply ourselves. Even when you should see some one of us that you feel you can recognize and identify, our comings and goings are so spontaneous and so fast that within your vision you do not detect our coming and going. We have already been and returned without you being alert to what has transpired. I mean this as an instruction to you and not in a criticism in any way. I hope that the knowledge will be useful to you. Next question.

JUDI: How do you sense that a mortal has a concern that needs attention?

WILL: Do you wish me to answer in the framework of how a mortal senses such or how we sense such?

JUDI: How you sense. You mentioned before in your answer to Loren that you attend to a concern. I was wondering how you knew about the concerns that needed attention.

WILL: In my answer I used the word "concern" in an antique fashion, perhaps not applicable in your modern day vernacular. I meant in an event or a duty. However your question is valid and raises a good point. You are mortals, we are eternals, most of us. Even among those of us who are not yet eternals, our time line is tremendously different from yours. When I earlier this evening described the shifting emotions and shifting attention which is typical of humans, I failed to point out that because of our peculiar time line in relation to yours, it is glaringly obvious to us matters to which you return time and again. You may think that you have but a single thought on a matter, but it is not so. Your minds produce a broth of impulses loosely and usually disorganized. Those impulses which coalesce, you recognize as thought. In your minds there is only room for one thought at a time. That is the nature of a temporal being. Our minds function in a similar fashion. But our time line is different. From our perspective we see you returning to the same impulse again and again and again and again. You generally are not aware of the return. You generally are aware of the thought only from time to time. For us it is like reading a newspaper. This does not mean that we read your minds or that we manipulate your thoughts or even that we discuss your propensities or your character. It only means that we have a fairly sturdy readout of those things which are uppermost in your attentions whether or not you are conscious of the same. Does that answer?

JUDI: Yes and I appreciate the explanation. Thank you.


HELEN: Typically, Will, an answer stirs more questions than it should probably, but the "broth of impulses" from which a thought is formed. I really can't quite comprehend the local, the impetus; what determines the color, if you will, of this broth? Where do we stand in what these impulses are? Do we have any kind of control? When these thoughts are formulating I know we can discern whether it is a profitable or a nonprofitable thought and file it appropriately, but do we have the ability as these thoughts are forming to block, maybe, some thoughts or is that not advisable? That is kind of a jumbled question.

WILL: This will be a difficult question to answer in a fashion that might be instructive. In your lives, today is greater than yesterday. Yesterday is greater than the day before. Notwithstanding that, certain events are so pivotal in your lives that their resonance continues practically forever. Take that existential experience and have it inhabit a simian animal mind primarily concerned with search for food, search for mates, hierarchy and battle conquest. There's the rough scheme for production of "broth". If we limited the review of human thought process to only those factors, I think we would all see that we had very fertile ground for producing shifting and inconsistent impulses which occasionally coalesce in the form of thought.

One more question. [pause] Well then, there is no better dedication, no better example of the wavering dedication to this kind of pursuit than JoiLin's attempt to assert on my behalf tonight she boldly stepped out but then wavered and retreated and worried and self examined. And all for naught. She has spent minutes worrying about her own performance and, yet, I love her for her boldness and willingness to initiate this transmission even when she suspected that she was not fully ready. While Eric sat here tonight turning his own thoughts over with a spade, JoiLin was ready even when she was not ready. We admire her for this.

But it does serve as a good example how difficult it is for the human mind to stay locked on anything even for a few moments. No one need be embarrassed by events such as these. It is part of being a human. Regular stillness practice will temper your minds, subdue your animal impulses, cause you to turn your eyes upward to the Father's path and help you to walk in the light. Therefore we recommend it to you. That is all I have to say.



Session 7

December 5, 1993


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The thought of God supports us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is. Good evening and greetings to you all. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.


Agondonters, Divorce

Many times we have spoken about the openings and closings between people but the path across the heavens is also filled with the meetings and partings between people. It is a part of the price of the path of progress. We have called you Agondonters because you act without seeing the consequences and rewards of your acts. You love without any reasonable expectation of having that love returned. You believe where there is no basis for the belief. We value you because you are capable of working alone unlike most other orders of beings. And when we say alone, we mean alone.

Because of your setting, your background, your experience and the numerous negative influences which are a part of the formation of your character, each of you is of particular value to the Father and His eventual plan. Each of you, at some point in your spiritual progress, can face one or more postings in which you will receive no support whatever, no communication, no encouragement beyond the product of your own activities. We think that you will be well schooled for those postings because of your experience here.

Your poets call this life a "veil of tears", but that is an incomplete description, for with disappointment and mistakes, the path becomes more clear to those capable of learning the lessons which this life has in store for them. Not every road is a productive road and the partings are as many as the meetings. Learn what you can. Do no harm to one another. Contribute for mutual benefit. Seize what opportunities arise in the Father's service and you will not long stray from the proper path. The only thing foredestined for all of you is success in your attempts in spiritual achievement and growth in spiritual attainment. Those who part will meet again. Isolation is an unusual experience. But the skills gained from operating independently are valuable to your future progress. Just as the equanimity of the general group is not seriously jeopardized by this parting [editor's note: Will is talking about the impending divorce of a couple who are members of the group, both of whom are loved by the group and both of whom desire to continue to meet with the group despite the divorce], neither is a more spiritual and complete self jeopardized in its equanimity by similar and later occurring partings. In the end, all is perfection. That is all I have to say.

Soon arrives the ritual celebration of Michael's incarnation in human flesh. Notwithstanding commercial exploitation, many human minds are open to the suggestion that there was in fact validity and meaning and a special purpose in the birth and life of the teacher of Nazareth. Your job is to recognize those openings and, when they occur, to respond as though Jesus of Nazareth were standing by your side silently and, by your actions, you demonstrate to him your understanding and grasp of his message and all that he lived for and, in so acting, you abandon thoughts of yourself and serve as a conduit for the light of the Father's love to flow through you so that the Father may interact directly with the person and that you allow the Father's light to shine neither filtered nor refracted by any inappropriate attempts at levity or deprecation. When you can do this, then you are doing something worth counting. That is service.



Session 8

December 12, 1993


WILL: Good evening my dear ones, it is I, Will, your teacher who loves you truly. We are gathered here this evening embraced by the very Father, Himself, as are all those spirit-led individuals throughout the land. All of His children are held within His embrace.



We, your teachers, are always filled with such pride when we watch you as you go about your day throughout the week taking those opportunities to shine forth the Father's light. This plan that you have to feed those members of the brotherhood that are less fortunate than yourselves is one we both appreciate and thank you for. [Editor's note, the group discussed plans to cook and serve a meal at the local homeless shelter.] You will come away from this offer of love understanding that you are gaining much more than you are giving. We think it unfortunate that this sort of effort is not put forth by more people even at other times during the year. It takes a remembrance of the day you celebrate Michael's birthday to put you in a frame of mind wherein you seem more inclined to do these kinds of service projects. Do not mistake this, my dear ones, as recriminations. I was speaking more on a general frame - all people in your world. Would it not be lovely were this to happen on a daily basis across your land? We see this as a probability at some time in the future and you, my precious students, are workers at this grass roots level. It will be because of the work that you do that this effort will gain momentum.

There is nothing within the scope of your lives that goes unseen by the Father. Those efforts made by you, both large and small, are all properly recorded and given their due.


I would ask you, in your spare time, to reread some of our past lessons and rekindle some of the energy you all exhibited at the beginning of our mission work. Each lesson building on the one past and, brought to light again, helps to rekindle the flame in the heart. This would be all I would ask, keeping in mind always to give the Father His time first. I love you my dear ones and I am with you, each and every one, as you go about your week. Shalom.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: Greetings to you all. It is I, Machiventa Melchizedek, to greet you this evening. I like to visit each of my classrooms on occasion. Visiting yours always fills me with such joy. The reports I get from Will as well as those I fill out myself, if you want to use that terminology, are always such uplifting ones.

You are all so steadfast, even those who seem to be falling away. We know in their hearts they have not left us. We ask that you allow them this space and we believe that they will, one day, reenter the fold. But we all know in the end it matters not. You know how many paths there are to the Father - as many as there are people to walk them. This willingness you have as a group of allowing each of your members to grow and change and step out in life is a wonderful thing for us to see. A love we wish we could infuse in all of our members.

I won't keep you, I simply wanted to share with you our appreciation for the service you do both among your group and among your community. You are not overlooked. We see and appreciate. And now, my children, I leave you with my blessings giving you the understanding that you are all in my thoughts and in my heart. Shalom.

Session 9

December 19, 1993


WILL: Greetings, my students, it is I, your teacher, Will, who loves you. I would like to welcome our guest. We like to see new faces among the old.


Family, Home

I would like to speak today of those kindnesses that are so oft time neglected toward our own families. Many people, in beginning the spiritual journey, put more energy toward helping others outside the family and completely forget that that charity and love by rights ought to begin within one's own home. How many times we take offense from a family member over small issues that, when coming from someone else outside our own family, a stranger, we would so easily overlook. This is sometimes difficult to understand with hindsight why it is. It seems so easy to hurt those we love. It is also easy to take those we love for granted. With a stranger this doesn't happen for we have no history with them.

Over the next week I would like to ask all of you to look within your family and try to recognize those times when you become short, when you take for granted or hold back considerations that you would give to a stranger. Change those times into the loving, into the giving, into the understanding times. Family is so important. Family is the foundation upon which your future spiritual life will flow. He doesn't only work through you to strangers. He works through you to all people. More often with your family members if you but give Him a chance.


The hour grows late so I will leave you now with my blessing, admonishing you, as always, to seek the Father first. Let Him fill you from the fountain that knows no end. Shalom.