2000-06-09-Learning to Hear

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Topic: Learning to Hear

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Devina, Alana, Olfana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield

Session 1

I sent the following note to our friend Henry Zeringue re the Teaching Mission: "We began a spiritual group again and have introduced some of the teachings. We have all agreed to practicing the stillness and listening for teacher guidance. Would you please have someone speak to Jar-el about this? just to say that we are here, waiting and listening and practicing, and to ask if there is any message for us. Also please ask for me: Is understanding always necessary for forgiveness?

TR: Before I heard back from Henry, I "received" the following:

Forgiveness, Love

1. Listen, you will understand. Forgiveness is fluid, like love. You will see great empty spaces, like the blank page to the author. You will be the one to carve your forgiveness out of granite, as smooth as glass, so smooth you have difficulty seeing the fault lines through which all change is manifested. Your fear of understanding is different only in kind from your fear of truth. You have discovered the similarities, but not identified with them. Truth is friendly. So is understanding, because these twins, not identical, are nevertheless from the same seed, love. When the truth hurts, there must always follow a period of relief to this bending oneself to love. Do not despair.

But understanding without love, without that relief that pain will end, is worthless, no matter how true the understanding is. Truth can not stand alone. Love must filter through the truth; all intelligence must be struck thru by love in order to reveal the truth; all truth leads to love. My understanding may vastly differ from your understanding, but in this we agree and are the same, we do not exist without love. Love is the generator, the moving part to all forgiveness and growth. Forgiveness and growth are love¹s machine. We are grateful for all opportunities to grease the wheels, so to speak, to infuse your truth with forgiveness and love beyond your understanding. Be in peace, brother and sister.


2. Have faith in learning. You are wandering lost in the barren desert, but I am here and I will guide you. Never fear, we are watching over all your falls and mishaps.

When the call comes, you answer it. Each time you open yourself to listening, hearing our guidance, you are learning. You can only see one step at a time, here, in the here and now. We are with you and on the other side of the mountain as well. As you learn from one another, you increase your ability to be here and there. As we do. This is the importance of connection, listening, communicating in an exchange of effort to hear and be guided. Whether the thread you are following is thin, and you cling to it with faith and trepidation, loyally, but shivering in the dark, Love will prevail. You will reach the summit and see beyond the narrow confines of your self and the small spotlight of your earthly life. Let us show you how to spread that light, how to see into the darkness, which for all your fear is still fascinating. Shadows go slowly, you must be willing for them to change shape until suddenly they become your safe escape into light and the joys of unconditional love. Be not intimidated. Look with eyes unafraid to be open. Listen with ears patient for the truth. In between your conflicts and struggles to love one another as we love you, like the interstices of a strong foundation built to withstand the natural settling and shifting of the earth's faults, be content in who you are, human beings, limited in scope but gifted with the the capacity to love, and be loved. You are loved beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. Your power to love is limited only by your ability to know this is true, I am with you, the Father and all the heavenly hosts are with you, the Mother Spirit embraces you. The miracle of love on earth is founded in these beliefs. And re-created by each one of you, as fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. But the greatest of these is to know that you are one, one among many, one in all, each of you is precious in the Father's eyes, and the Mother is no less. That is all for now.


3. Pain. You weep because you fear you will not be loved. This fear of the future is because you do not believe that you are loved, or loveable. Whatever you believe love to be, begin to give that to yourself now. You are loved. By me who is always at your side. By the Father and the Mother, equal and equally.

You have done well, my child. The discipline of love is the mastery of the tongue; you want to speak when it is not wise to do so, and only love quiets the tongue. When you speak out with love, you are heard. Wait and listen before you speak. Even then, loving speech may bear hard truth, painful truth, and your words are flung back at you like dirt on a burial scene. You want to rise up, let the dirt fall, have your say. The dead can not speak. Only the living. We only live by love.

Misunderstanding in love is overcome only by forgiveness. Forgiveness exists as soon as you have the intention; it is not a solitary act, it must be done again and again and again. Your intention will guide you, and we, knowing now your intention is real, have given you support. Listen and your forgiveness will give you that feeling of love you so desperately seek.

Rest well, child of love, you are known as a divine mentor in heaven. Take these words and share them.


4. Your mind races, yet your fingers are cold and therefore stiff (TR types the transmissions as they come); do not be in such a hurry that you can not hear. You have been given what you asked for. A teacher. Information. The world is here for your pleasure. You struggle with this. What is wrong with joy? This sends you scurrying, you can not accept that you have been guided all along the way, that you knew this joy was given to the world for expression. The confusion is between selfish expression and that which expresses the love from God the Father to all his children. Therein lies the true joy, Real joy. Joyful all ye friends of God.

After that outburst, fireworks in the sky at the new millennium, balloons floating up in a celebration of peace, one draws back, backs off, curls up in the night and sleeps. So it is with your experience. At first you realize that you have been given what you wanted, what you asked for. Then you realize that you created it, or allowed your self to see and celebrate, and enjoy. Then you think you must do it again. Repetition ensues. Repetition is not alive, it is like the cogs in the machine that keep it going, over and over the same. Dependable in a mechanistic way, not loyal, nor real, living. You are like the trees that over and again make rings, new bark over new bark. This is a living mechanism, a repetition that changes with time, weather, and other matters of life. Once the changing bark ends, the petrified wood is inert. Dead. So you do when you allow tradition to become unthoughtful. Think joy. Your mind can not stand still with joy. Like a child jumping up and down with joy, your mind will always race forward. And so you must sit back, once in awhile, and retreat. Do not be afraid of that retreat, even when it is dark, like the darkness of a closet, reach up and pull the string for the light. Without that light, you will not know the way out. Do not suffocate among the old clothes, the heavy coats. These are blankets for the night, protection against the cold, not alive. Only you are alive. Only you can feel each item in your world. Touch these things tenderly. Stroke them for texture, to know and to understand. Then leave them be and go forth with love and therefore joy in your heart. We are here with you. We see too. In the dark, in the light, it is the same. Love only will make a living change, Love only will make the living change. All else is SS.(the transmitter shut down)

5. About anger: This is difficult for you. We understand. Anger is made up of many parts, like the puzzle, crossword puzzle. You want the right answer. You search and search. So many words are said and are wrong. So many meanings lead you down the wrong path and you must erase your efforts and start again. Patience is the background to success.

Our lesson today will be on tolerance. This is not characteristic of all, nor should it be extended to all things and all people. Tolerance is a spiritual goal. Walking in the woods is a joyous experience. There is so much to see. Small things, larger things. The canopy allows light to filter through. Sometimes there are open meadows suffused with light and the peace of an untroubled place. Stillness reigns everywhere in the forest, even with the many small sounds, rustlings of life. Yet you must walk with care, attention, remain alert. The danger is to equate beauty and stillness and "peace on earth" with no harm. There is harm on your earth. Harm must be met with vigilance. Harm can be met with peaceful means, but it must not be tolerated. Even unintended, harm is something to be examined, not tolerated or ignored.

Your resistance to meeting harm¹s way is your resistance to meeting yourself, lost and not yet found to be trustworthy. Know this, we trust you. We guide you to every possibility to learn, and to understand harm¹s ways. Enjoy the forest, but study the trees.

Your concern for others is concern for your self. Not selfish, but a concern born out of your feeling. To assuage pain is our task. Allow yourself to be guided and let us guide those you love. Each person is loved. Your love will spread as you take in the love we have for you. We would take all your tears and spread them to the winds to nourish the trees, while you, a favored and favorite tree grow. The light, our love, comes to all in time. There are so many plants to water. Let your tears of love join the living waters of our compassion for you. Live in peace with your brothers and sisters, but do not fear to tread the path you are given and guided to follow. Have faith that even in the darkest of the forest realms, you will be seen and heard and given sustenance. Listen. We will speak to you along the way.


Your emotions. Treat them like flowers and blossoms, fragile when plucked too soon. Treat them like mulch, the forest bed that nourishes when left alone. Treat them like messages pointing the way, openings to new paths. But do not think your emotions, even the most glorious, are All that Is. They give you joy. They give you sorrow. They allow you to live fully in your realm. Yet the mind knows even in the most powerful hurricane of emotion, if you let it be still, there is more. Listen. Your Father is here. Pray, dear Father I know not what to do, but I know your way is good. That the love you have for me is given to all. Amen. That is all for now.

Sincerity, Transmitting

6. "Your words": are not in the way. These are my words, our words. Trust your intention is true to the line, that line between us and you. We will do the rest. You have understood the Mission well. We will guide you. Your trust is like the hand of a little child in ours. Your hand so small. Our hand so great. We are handing you up to God, nothing more, nothing less. And that is very fine, is it not?

Sincerity is the root of success. The root ferrets out the minerals and nutrients of the soil and bring these up to nurture a tree, or a plant, a life that is open to the sun, the light necessary for growth, the light that raises everything on high. Our task is not to grow you, that is God¹s. Our task is to show you the way by our teachings. You have this seed of knowledge already lodged within you. We allow this knowledge to come forth. You see it differently, just as new insights come to you when you read poetry, or a well-written novel. Just as when you are suddenly inspired by a painting done by one also inspired. You share these "lessons" because you are impelled by your own knowledge to do so, and because that is our mission as well. Not just to teach you, but to teach others. To reach as many as can be touched by this mission. So many are hungry and waiting, they need only to be given the story, the lesson, the image on the wall. An audience is nothing more than a community of like-minded souls reaching for the same goal. Do not be afraid of this experience.

Exposure can erase the camera¹s image on the film. Exposure can release the image to the world. Yours is simply to be the camera, not the interpreter. Each mind will process the results, the information, the lessons uniquely. That is not your concern. Trust that the will of God passes through each unique human being. You are not responsible for the results, only to share the results of your own commitment. All will be well. Even in this moment you are protected against your own fears. Fear is a natural element in life on your planet of Urantia, that which you call Earth. Think of all the years of history and pre-history in which life struggled toward consciousness. The awakening was both difficult and alive with joy.

I have said before, proceed with caution, but proceed with trust. Patience, my child. Take your "waking slow" as a blessing. Too rapid an understanding can release unfounded fears. Even your gentle ascent can seem like a rocket piercing the universe faster than your mind can consent. We are aware of this. The major leaps of mankind toward God have been the outcome of a snail¹s pace understanding. It is that once understood all things appear new. Newness appears to be sudden, like the birth of a baby, suddenly a new person is there right before your eyes. You had something to do with this, and yet you did not. You were the vehicle, the incubator, but the new personality, the new understanding, is fresh, alive with the uniqueness of God¹s idea manifested on earth. Revelation is like that. Sudden and even unexpected, yet once known always known to have been there waiting, nine months waiting, to be born. That is the meaning of your phrase "born again." Revelation moving through all God-loving and God-intending beings. Intending toward God is to do God¹s will. Goodwill on earth demands that each heart dedicate itself. Do not concern yourself with another¹s goodwill. Attend to your own. Share it and goodwill will become yours, given and received in full measure. Take these words, my sister, and have joy in your heart. For your intention is goodwill and this will be known, this is known.

All doubt is the process of learning to have faith in God. Be with your brothers and sisters in peace. We will come again. And again you will experience the discipline of love, to listen and to understand that love must be shared. We are satisfied, have no fear.


Henry sent this teaching shortly thereafter:


Children of Time, patience is the eternal response to time. Time is the puzzle of eternity. Its answer is the pathway to eternity.

Willful decision is the key which unlocks the doorway to Time.

I AM Timeless, You are Timeful, We are Timeable.

Greetings, my friend. In answer to the question whether understanding is necessary for forgiveness, is understanding necessary to give or receive love. Understanding is the act of eternity, forgiveness is the act of Time.

Usually it is in retrospect to experience which yields understanding. Forgiveness is the ability to bring understanding to a situation. First, one has to forgive ones' self. This is possible by the fact that the Father resident within has already forgiven you. Forgiveness is a decision, a willful one.

If one had complete understanding, one would forgive automatically. The Master did and at the end of his life while on the cross was able to voice, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing". He certainly had complete understanding of the human condition.

Finally, forgiveness is more important than understanding as a value. Understanding becomes augmented by the act of forgiveness, eternal value acquired by the mortal act of time.

Session 2

  • Steps 7 and 8 continuing from the six steps above

Ascension Career

7. The reluctance to let go of something you have enjoyed is counterbalanced by our joy in leading you on; it is like pulling in the big fish. You will know our joy, and more, once you have landed on the shores of Salvington, the morontia world. Something dies for every trophy, but death is not unwelcome. Death, your death, is a celebration among those of us who have followed every step of your life. You have come home to a mansion world of love. Those left behind practice overcoming grief and entering into the kingdom of faith on earth. The Father in heaven resides in their hearts to give them comfort. Alive, you give everyone reason to love, to share the experience of communion with you, if that is your choice. In death you provide the opportunity for the discipline of love, which is faith, as you ascend into a world of so much light that you no longer doubt.


8. Violence, or violation of another, does not exist among us. That is because All Understanding is brought to each situation without doubt. There is no need for doubt because the light clarifies everything is love. When love dominates, violence may ensue. When love permeates all, violence disappears. There are no shadows to fool you, deceive, create mistakes. We do not achieve perfection in everything we do, because we are perfecting beings like your selves. We strive to communicate as best we can, cooperating with you, pleased with every gesture you make and every bell we ring. You can forgive violence with love, but you can not tolerate it. How to stop violence? With the understanding that it is generated from violation, of the law, of the inherent right of every being to be loved and to know what it is to be loveable. That is, teach love. Teach it in the schools, the prisons, the market place. Do not teach that love demands a rigid adherence to one God, but that one God loves through all. This is of utmost importance, that your planet begin to understand that God is not segregated into different kinds of One God. Rather, God permeates all with his love, and hers as well, and that God should appear to be one way or another is a differentiation between peoples, not between different aspects of God, or different Gods. Come to the table with you hands washed of all prejudice, yet demand that your food be clean of all dark spots. To exclude others from your religion, or your family, is like the rotten spot on your food, decay has set in due to the over-length of time you have given to it. All religions must grow at this time and allow the table to be clean from scraps of past meals. The banquets have been great. But let the digestion be thorough. Eliminate that which no longer need be consumed and enter into the communion. The communion of love embraces each and every one.

Do not fear to be loved. Whenever a trap door has opened, the perpetrator has suffered as well as the fallen one. Examine how the trap doors were made, but do not overmuch study the motivation. Set your sights on the goal of love and these things will be shown: goodwill is everywhere misunderstood, yet goodwill resides in each and every one. That is a puzzle is it not? Will it serve you to study why the puzzle was made? Or to solve the puzzle by your own experience of love and the fruits of your goodwill? The violent act can be understood, and understanding is the eternal act of forgiveness in your moment of time, your moment of grief, anger, surprise. Be surprised by joy and you will find the way. Joy overcomes all tragedy with love.

Once again you have trusted that we are here and you have asked for assistance. Assistance is communication, sustaining the connection is your assistance to me, Olfana. Yes, I am Olfana and I have come to you to surprise you by the joy of discovery, the discovery that you are connected to a stream of thought, a river of communication, that will never stop, no matter how strong your doubts. The ocean is vast and we ride every wave. Our goal is not selective. All are favored ones, here, and there among you. Open your hearts to this one truth, love does not abandon. Love can be seen behind the shadows of doubt. Beyond the shadows of death. Transcending the shadows of fear. Love is your faithful companion. I am here. And well so, Alana, and your beloved Devina.

This is Devina. My love for you is boundless. Allow my love to paint your heart with joy, the flowers dancing, the sunshine entrancing the butterflies and the bees. You come out of the rain cleansed. My robes sweep around your pathway as well as directly leading the way. Do not fear, my happiness in your success is complete. Thank you, for your faith and for your willingness to come, time and again to the table to eat with me. God blesses you and all of us with his love, and yes, hers is replete, the two are one, the parent is two. And so there are always two sides, are there not? Mine and yours, his and hers, yet the love energy is only one current, one connection resting in every heart.

That is all for now. We thank you for this opportunity to speak. Pray this: Oh Father let us hear your word. Dear Mother bless our hearts with your love. I surrender my limited vision to the guidance of the inner I. Amen.


Yes, my friend, this is another one speaking. Keep your journal, fill in the empty places. Your goal is to sit each day and wait. When you remind yourself that you have not given that I time to God, you increase your discipline by listening to your own reasons and forgiving them. Forgetfulness is the habit of non-communication. Continue to wait and listen, we are here and giving you every benefit of our love. The doubt is yours to pierce through like the airplane through the cloud that may tremble but does not waver from its true course. We will help you overcome those moments of doubt and fear and reluctance. Anger is no different than the self-destructive habit of forgetting and eating that which is not yours to eat, not beneficial to your body, not what your true choice would be without the forgetting to blind you to your inner I. Ten minutes a day. You have discovered the silliness of thinking that too much to endure. Now it is yours to discover the silliness behind failure to do this every day. Why turn away from such joy as you feel when you know your hands and your heart and your trusting mind are engaged in one of the most wonderful tasks on earth, the communion with the Father and the communication of the Father's love? Continue this path, my loved one, and those loved ones yet to hear these words: We are with you, always and forever, on your journey to Paradise, the true love of God be with you evermore, Amen.


What you are doing is growing into both sides of yourself, your selves and God, the mother and the father, the son(s) and the daughters of time. Your journey is well tended, attended by all, teachers and providers. Come forth, little ones, and your hearts shall be fulfilled. My name is Legion, and my heart is one with the Father. You do not need to understand. Your faith will take you to me every time. That is my will and thine. Faltering steps are the characteristic of the growing child. Be kind unto yourself, as I am kind. Shalom.

Teacher Contact

Go in peace and tend to the little flowers, nurture the bed soil, the bed of your growth. We have said many times, do not fear to let it lay fallow, but attend to the time for resurgence. Even the stillness must be kept alive with your thought to turn to it. In every moment we are there, between the thought and the act of turning, the act of quiet. We slip in, as it were, between the stillness and the turning to quiet the mind. The parent relishes that silence of the child, as much the parent relishes the child's waking into the active life. Both are necessary to you and to me; your stillness and your forgetful tangles with life. Be forgiving of all your mistakes, your absences and denials. We await your coming with delight and only love resides here to greet you. (Smiling) This is pleasant news, is it not? Thank you, Alfana speaking.

TR: I started to settle back, thinking the transmission was done. But my mind stumbled over the similarity of Alfana to a combination, which I thought to be a mistake, of Olfana and Alana, and I began to change what I had written, thinking, it must be Alana. This was their response:

Yes, we are playing hide and seek with you, peek-a-boo games to rid you of your fear that names are important and you must name each one of us correctly. Listen only. That is your task and your pleasure. We are training you as you are training yourself to get out of the way of love. Does it matter what love's name? Does it matter through whom love comes? Give love and you shall receive. Your love for the mission, your love for us grows.

This is the end, but not the end of your practice which is, daily, hourly, to remember me. There is not enough memory to complete that operation, it is an active practice, on your knees, in your walking, and between every word you speak. Remember me and I am there with you. To remember Michael's message, love one another as I have loved you, is to remember him, the son of the Father, the brother to you, my sister. Amen.

You are tired now, and so we will leave you, until refreshed and newly determined you return to us to partake of the meal, the assimilation of love into all that you do, feel, see, and say. Quite a banquet, eh? (Smiles)

Session 3

  • Steps 9 and 10 and About Marriage
  • Pray For Guidance

9. It is perfectly all right if this is just for you. Jesus communed with the Father often, just for himself. Your nurture is as important as the nurturing of others. (TR had asked for some personal guidance.)

We were at your meeting and yes, we were gathered about you ready and waiting. (TR did not transmit at the meeting.) This is not a disappointment. All is well. Every moment moves according to God's will; in time this takes a start and stop action, choice being so important to the recognition of God's will and the respect of each human being.

You are overwhelmed by the number of human beings on your planet in need. You would change society to reward goodness more than innovation. But who is to decide? Keep praying to know your own path. One thing at a time, for you are but one important stream in the network of rivers that will some day flood the world with the message of goodness. One kiss at a time allows the baby to grow into a fully loving human being.

Our task is too great for you to try to comprehend; do what you can and be satisfied, content. Contentment is the bedrock, curiosity is the sandstone, love of God is the soil, and the lava of evolution slowly renews.

Practice is what you need now. You are not alone. We are with you. If others retreat for awhile it is to nurture themselves, to resuscitate their mind and heart, bringing themselves back up to snuff as you say. Be tenderhearted toward your absent ones. They do not intend you harm. It is your mandate not to allow harm to turn you against the ways of love. Unbearable grief is the recognition that some things are only known to God and your Thought Adjuster. Even your need to be understood can only be brought to them. That is why we say that you are not given that which you can not bear, because God is always with you to hear your cry and we are always ready to show you the way out of the darkness. The feeling of unbearable grief is just that, a feeling meant to push you, lead you, drive you toward the proper exit, the bridge across your troubles into a communion of light; be that light unto others.

Do not fear. Do not fear. We can not tell you enough about how fear is the distortion of truth. Your reality is one of love, but you see only the turbulence of natural forces working through the thickness of time; like dark soil so rich in nutrients, yet without moisture and light so useless. Let me say this again. You bend yourself to the wheel, daily making life's needs a matter of utmost importance. This is necessary and true to the task of survival. But making time for the light and the living waters to nurture the soul of your life is what makes the grief of living bearable. We love you. Our love can only be known if you choose to turn your hearts and minds toward the light that resides within. When you can spark another, or another can listen to you with our same attention, then you feel relieved, your grief is lifted somewhat, but always for the joy to be total, you must turn to me, your inner guide, your fragment of God within, your complete source of comfort.

There are indeed many comforts to be found on earth, but you will notice that these comforts are short and must be endlessly replaced. Thus you have the word consumerism. An ism that must be continued to exist. Our comfort is everlasting. This is puzzling to those who do not know it and so they create rituals and demand your obedience. We demand nothing, only give unto you the light that heals, life everlasting. If your friend (an atheist) believes there is only now, and nothing more, do not fear. The essential truth will be revealed and all you need to notice is the state of his heart, the expression of his love. If that is overflowing with the goodness that you know is ours, then what is there to be concerned about? Belief is only a barrier when it does not lead to love. When love is present, beliefs can be like Green Eggs and Ham, (Dr. Seuss book.) the enjoyment of children, the fancy of adult creation. Love is what matters. Be at peace with your friend, your brothers and sisters. Preach only love.

Do not fear. Do not fear. You are there, we are here. But the reason for living is to pass love along, here or there, now, then and in the future. This is the song; Always always always think with love. Always, always, always breathe our love. Always, always, always remember love is the way.

Practice meditating in between everything you do. We have all the patience you need.

My dear beloved one, you must not think that you should transmit every day, nor that we have a counter in our hands marking off your successes and failures. Nor a time clock either. Time is your hang-up, not ours. We have been with you every step of your journey and we will not leave you now. Your husband is well, give him time to heal. Devina


10. Trust and you shall hear. All empty spaces between us are filled with love. You can not push the river, only go with the flow. These are thoughts you already know. Relax and allow. Devina

We come to all. We are present all ways. I am Legion. You struggle with my name, and the depth of my voice, because you are unfamiliar with the masculine. Devina is with you, here with us, but she has stepped aside in order for me to speak with you.

Marriage is the bringing together of two people of different strains, different tensions so to speak, different readings on life. Some marriages dance, others plod along, some trod the same path but look east and west, separately. The most effective marriage is one in which two individuals, two different minds, learn, as you and I are learning, how to communicate over great gaps of understanding. The peace that surpasses all understanding, is the peace that married partners often feel after the sexual engagement, if that engagement has been successful. Sexuality is important in a marriage for this result, it leads disparate minds and warring emotions toward love.

Success in marriage is like the cloverleaf in highway engineering; several streams of rapidly moving goal-directed energies are brought together and allowed to mix, weave in and out and in between each other, without mishap or the elimination of any one segment or member of the traffic. The "traffic" in marriage is many fold; family, career, self-fulfillment; fears, dreams, hopes, intentions; physical existence and insistence, death. Divorce is the abortion of understanding; that is, misunderstanding can not be bridged and a new route, or highway, must be taken. You liken it to a crash only because many do not let go in their minds, even as they move on in other ways. To sever such ties includes the ability to remain misunderstood. That is the purpose of prayer, to turn your misunderstandings over to God.

As a woman, your focus in marriage is bound to be different than that of a man. Men want to be comforted, women want to comfort. That is an over-simplification, for women cry out for comfort on your world, but I speak of marriage now, not the other facets of life in which men are required to do the comforting with their ability to protect and defend. In marriage, however, a man¹s memory of "how it was" to be loved and comforted by his mother in the confines of home are re-stimulated. And a woman, if she is seeking to generate family, will seek also to make the nest soft. There are, of course, many other kinds of marriage, but your need from me, Legion, is to understand the comfort your husband seeks and you so often fail to give. A warm hand on the shoulder, a touch to the knee, the stroking as if to a child without judgement that he should be "grown up" already, or different than he is. You can feel the strength in my "voice" and the pattern you feel coming from me into your body, yet I tell you that I too need comforting. It is how you understand strength. Even the strongest is not invulnerable on your world.

The partnership between you and me will be strengthening to your marriage. As you grow to trust me, you will expand in your marriage. You know you are loved by him, but you must also know that you are loved by him as you are, not as you would like yourself to be, or as you hope you are perceived to be.

My dear one, Legion and I will support your daily life of communion with God and man. Do not be afraid to wake each morning to a new day of unknown events. Wake like the birds. Sing the songs of entering the day, love in your breast, love tucked under your wings. You struggle with the ways in which you are not like others; does the cardinal attack the wren? wish to be an oriole? No, each makes with the other a tapestry of love. Complete the tapestry by being all of who you are, alone, only you, connected and connecting.

Devina: When your mind is tired you can not expect us to enter into the same dialogue as when you are refreshed. Your body needs care as well as your spirit. You see, even your hands do not want to type. I do not scold you, only caution. The physical body wears down. You think you must perform miracles in order to be worthy in our sight and in the sight of others. Miracles are for everyone. Your body is yours alone and only you can keep it alive. Spend time each day giving your body rest, treating your body with care and attention as you would give to that which you deem important, and take your body outdoors, into the elements that contribute to your well being as they do to the gardens of beauty that you appreciate. We can not save you, we can only guide you according to god¹s will. You save yourself by your willingness to respect yourself and love yourself as you love us. Can you not see? We are on the other side of the mirror, looking at you looking at me. Yes, I am a treasure in your heart and mind, as you are a treasure. Breathe in this reality of love. It is a two-way mirror and it is two way love. Alana awaits to speak to you.

Alana: This is Alana. My joy resides in your heart each time you take a step in the direction of love. This can not be only love that pours outside of you into others, it must also be the love that pours inside, filling up your heart¹s chambers and leading your mind to rest.

Nothing we do is forced. We can not make you, you make yourself, a self-made woman or man who loves God, yearns to know God so much that you choose to give us this time. Yes, it is a wonderful feeling is it not? For us as well.

This is Devina. Alana is by my side and Legion awaits your call. He accepts your reluctance, but he does not wander far away from you. He is your mentor now. You simply must learn to trust that because "he" is masculine is nothing to fear. He is as full of love as I. And always we are filled with the love of God. You have been taught that God is a fearsome HE who tromps across heaven sending down lightning bolts of correction. This is the Correcting time, but all true correction is made with love. There are those of your religions who would punish the evildoer. This is a mistaken idea born of a primitive misunderstanding. Mishap and tragedy are bearable lessons. You know my love. Would I send a plague upon your house? Nor would God for he is my mentor and he does not turn his gaze away when the lessons are hard, His gaze of love is always a warm bath of encouragement and confidence. Relax in his love and stand forth renewed.

Legion loves too. The masculine and the feminine are so well linked on this side of the mountain that we are a dance of joy, every step so well timed it would take a crowbar to pry us apart. This is the cooperation we would teach you. The communion between man and woman on your planet evolves. We see it bearing fruit. Do not let the sluggish mishaps of daily life turn your face away from the magnificent opportunities that are in your path. Your partner¹s heart is as strong and yearns for growth as you do. Keep your eye on the goal, connecting with love to further love. Let both your hearts strengthen each one and give this strength to those who come to hear us and learn with you. Legion would speak now.

The history of men on earth is one of striving to achieve an understanding that can only bring them satisfaction if laced with love. I use that word well. Laced is a term of your drug mind, is it not? It means something hidden has been slipped in. But lace is also the gentle doily placed on the table by woman. The frill that lies across her breast, rising and falling as she goes about her daily tasks, ruffling at her chin when the breezes pass. Man¹s knowledge and power yearn to be laced with the softer wisdom of gentle love. Your leaders are confused when such wisdom is rejected or turned against them, yet they continue on, stumbling perhaps, but hunger does not allow for table manners and ignorance will make mistakes. Your men are still ignorant of the love of God as equal between man and woman. This is not a social concept, as your world would have it. This is the state of your inner realm untouched by all history. To thread the needle, to pull the curtain aside, is a silent approach, a quiet task, the effort of contemplation and love. Pray for all those in the seat of power as you do for those suffering the consequences of power misused and misguided. Every lesson leads us along the path toward God¹s manifestation of love.

I am Legion. You almost forgot, did you not? Yes, you can "forget" your arbitrary rules and demarcations when led by love. My love for you is total. Suffer not your fear of men with me. I am here that you may know a "man¹s" love as you know the love of Devina. This is an important task on your planet. We have come to you to teach love, nondiscriminatory love. You must discern the subtleties, yes, to allow love to pass through, but you must set aside your false walls and allow the curtain of love to blow freely, the infinite patterns of love to be seen. I too pass through the lace curtain with you hand in hand as we enter the anterooms of God¹s chambers. The burden of manhood is on my shoulders, I do not carry it lightly, but the joy of our communion in love sends all burden away. I thank you for this opportunity to dance with you. Legion.

This is Alana speaking. You are beginning to discern the different quality of vibration that is he and me. We will continue to work with you at this. That is all for now. Pass through the lace curtain of love each time you greet another being on your planet. We ask no more than that you give love where love is missing. Alana.

Session 4

  • June 11, 2000
  • Open Group Meeting With Stillness

Faith, Love, Understanding

11. Open the meeting softly, with welcome, to those who attend for the first time, to us eagerly waiting, listening. Take time to listen for yourselves, for the group, for each individual to search into their own heart and mind within the stillness provided by the group stillness. Yes, it is good to commit to the goal: to love and growing into love via the regular practice of stillness. We will be there with you every time. It does not matter if words are heard or spoken, what matters is the intention to listen for the word of God’s love to pass through you toward others.

My love is with you S. I was pleased to be with Legion in your morning lesson of obedience to God’s will that you mend your body. Legion is quite a sergeant master, is he not? Boot camp with love. He noticed your attention wandering away from the tight constrictions which he would have you learn by choice, and so he willingly stepped aside and lovingly watched your detour into my lane of activity, the stretch and the longer breath reaching with your body’s stretch. He welcomed you back, did he not? When you remembered him. Both modes of body building are required; we dance together, call us the army of yoga, the yoga army. The discipline of the military is to be strong. The discipline of yoga is for the body to be strong while breathing love. Alana

You must be able to tolerate being misunderstood in order to carry on with love. Understanding is so vast an enterprise, that even I do not pretend to understand All. Yet it is a consolation to you that I understand more than your mind, which accepts what I have to say with faith.

Faith alone will take you through the turbulence of misunderstanding that is the white water of harm’s way. Every mind must surrender to the unknown. This can be done with fury and rage, the attempt to control that which can not be controlled, or with love. We advise love, of course, but that is every individual’s human choice.

The inability to tolerate being misunderstood tightens and strengthens the barriers to understanding. It builds the walls of accusation and ridicule. It turns intelligent thought into rigid judgement and condemnation. Even the truth becomes suspect and subject to denials. Every friend you know suffers this malady, the intolerance of misunderstanding. Have compassion and patience toward them and toward yourself.

The only solution to this malady is love. Allow yourself to love. Allow your heart to be filled with our love. Soon the misunderstandings become minor, then minuscule, then they disappear into the tapestry of love. That is not to say that misunderstandings never need to be cleaned up, for sometimes this is a good lesson, a rich source of material for growth, and even, sometimes, the final opening of the door to love; but rather that understanding is an eternal thing, a matter of eternal mastery, and you do not have that kind of time in your lifetime on the planet Urantia, earth. But you can grasp at this understanding with your faith. Faith always opens the heart to allow love to flow through, be that our love or yours is not the difference that matters, only that it is love. Whether we are the motivators of that love, or you, is not a matter of concern when the primary act of necessity is to love. We, however, will always be there to soothe your fears that to love without being understood is foolish, or dangerous, or not your due. Love carries the understanding that transcends everything you know or fail to know, and, I think you have already had this experience, it is often the only bridge available to you. Love brings joy, into your heart and into the hearts of those who receive your love even as they have failed to understand you, or the source of your love. Stand tall, strong and firm in your present understanding. The rest is God’s to give, yours to learn, ours to encourage. That is all. A collaboration of Alana and Legion

12. There is always a need for a healing center. What you will have to do is examine, each of you, what your talents and capacities are for establishing such a mission project. You are doing fine. We want to encourage you to continue on the path you have chosen which is to take one step at a time, clean things up one person at a time, looking through our eyes, if you will, upon the scene at hand. Yes, we speak to you when, in the course of your daily contemplation of these matters you ask our advice, our guidance, our teaching on the subject. This is the ultimate goal, the ultimate teaching, to listen for the word of God, the direction of love, in everything you do. We will come to you every time you call. We are there every time you ask. Our task is to communicate the Father's love. Your task is to listen to His message, love one another as I love thee. Your goal is to manifest this love and caring in every relationship, and every movement you make, every gesture, every thought, word and deed that contributes to your relationships becoming more loving is a victory, for thee and me.

You struggle, you procrastinate, you rag on, but we are not displeased. Continue to practice the stillness and we will tell you each time, go forth little one, loved one, your path is straight and narrow but encompasses all time and embraces everything. Love is that wide and that eternal. Your singular, individual, experience of love is troubled by your small scope of understanding. We can widen your sights, you can fling yourself into the depths of horror and we will still be there to show you the light of love. The way of love is the same in the darkness of nights howling, in the vast echo across frozen mountains, in the simple exchange between a common person and an ordinary friend. Love is simple. All it requires is choice, the choice to love.

Yes, it is time to post your messages, to allow that expansion into eternity to draw you further toward your destiny, bring into your space, as you call it, those opportunities that you long for, seek, and can fulfill. Do not be afraid. Stand steady and firm on your present course. Take time out, we are not going anywhere. Relax, we can speak to you in many ways. But listen, always listen, for each time you hear and put our words of love into use, you further the planet toward that day of light in life that is your due and your saving grace, your joy. Joy is the natural friend of love. Joy accompanies love like the wake of a boat in which dolphins dance. Even under the most tragic of circumstances, when love is felt, joy is not far behind. It may be a brief glance or spark of light, but it is joy, and you know it.

It is possible that someone will want to create a Melchizedek Gardens, a healing center for growth and grief, a place to relearn the lessons of dance and faith, yoga and strength. But that is not our task with you. We are here to love you into loving yourself. Legion would speak with you. Olfana

My thoughts are heavy on you tonight. Why, my little one? Why do you anticipate stern words, cross purposes maligned? I have no complaint, only encouragement. Yes, each time you breathe me in you feel my presence and you fill your body up with your belief in my goodwill for you. My breathing is yours to practice, lifting up your chest, pulling your body into an alignment closely linked to images of Amazons and tall trees. My boot camp of love is asking only this, 10 minutes a day, strengthen your body. Thank you. Legion.

We do not need to give private messages if these make you uncomfortable. We can work indirectly with each person who reads what you have transmitted and by these words are entered into that stillness, the kingdom within. Good night. Thank you for giving us this time. Alana

Session 5


  • Transmitters Must Practice Their Own Stillness;
  • Those Who Do Not Transmit WE Speak To Their Adjusters

13. Alana - Your ego is entitled to take pleasure in a job well done. We have no objections to the ego's desires, only excesses of indulgence. For example, pride is appropriate for any one who has overcome hurdles, obstacles gargantuan or Swiftian small, and have done well with all the resources at hand. To indulge in pride, to take pride when it is not due, to inherit pride without fulfillment of prides role, well, that’s a whole kettle of another fish. (Smile. In fact uproarious laughter over the TR's difficulty typing that malapropism.)

To approach this from another sidewalk in life. There are people on your planet who will never see beyond their nose, so to speak. They will never climb mountains, swing from tree branches, eat an apple, walk a mile in your shoes. Should they be deprived of the great blessing of pride in themselves? Yet even they must beware false pride or pride without merit, for they will not know the joy that is their due. Yes, I repeat, the joy that is their due. The same holds true for any other of the many functions and attributes of the ego. You are human beings walking on the planet earth, Urantia, and you must deal with that as human beings do. You are not expected to be God, only a facet of God on earth walking miles and miles in your shoes. When we say we love you, we speak directly to your gem within, the Thought Adjuster, your stillness place, and to your ego.

Love has always been difficult to explain. Why does the ego do some things and not others? Why does the beaten child love the father? The suffering of human kind is equally incomprehensible to me. You must turn yourself within, inside out, to even understand to a small degree how much love is out there in the universe for thee.

Devina - I am showering you with the stars and sprinkles and showers of light that are my love for you. I wash away your sorrow, bless your happiness. I am here to listen to your mind and heart working together with my others and me. Whenever you need a rest, a breather from what you have suddenly seen, or continue to do because love leads you relentlessly, the joy is so pure, take one. Your friends will grow many hearts right before your eyes. Their faces will gather around you to smile. They wish to share their love with you, my others, and they want you to know that they enjoyed a good laugh this evening and continue to smile.

Here comes Legion, you say. Here comes Legion as if you have mixed feelings? Your ten minutes (of strength practice) today stretched to thirty, did it not? Yes, and as with the stillness practice, you did not immediately notice that stretch because you were so in joy doing what you were doing? Yes, and you also discovered that the stillness practice was part of your practice of strength? Good, Yes on all three. That gives you 100 per cent. The boot camp of love teaches strength as the power of love to do good in this world. It takes a strong mind, body and heart to work with love. The power of love has a force beyond your capacity to imagine, even comprehend. Your body must be fit to tolerate the power, which by the way is joy, too.

You are learning to take direction, to appreciate the direction, and to surrender to interruption with love and without forgetting. Although we will agree that forgetting is the next step for you, is it not? So it is important to understand why one forgets. Your wish to know often stands in the way of love. Your fear of love often stands in the way of knowing. Surrender to a discipline, any discipline, is a surrender to knowing love, which can be found to exist in the most unexpected and strangely encountered places.

Surrender is a complicated word, enough to require a paragraph all it's own. You hesitate to surrender because of the unknown, and because you fear you will not find love. Such a puzzle. And so you often find yourself going down a rabbit hole into the dark under layers of your earthly experience and often think you are lost until suddenly you have surrendered the idea that you knew which rabbit hole you were in and where you were going. And suddenly, you then, but only then, in the moment of surrender, realize that you did know all along that you had faith, faith you would know love, faith you would know the ways of love, even when in fact you did not know love, or only did know love to a very small degree. Because following the way of love is an ever widening path, even when you may spend quite some time thinking the way is narrow. Practice surrender, ten minutes a day. You surrender in the practice of stillness. You surrender in the practice of strength. You've got that practice (of surrender) covered! (Chuckle)

Now to speak to your Thought Adjuster, your heart of stillness within. We fill that space with everything we have, so much you can not imagine. And that is why it is important still, to give yourself ten minutes a day of stillness practice without the task of transmitting. This you are accomplishing. We mention it so that anyone who may be reading these words, those who transmit and those who don't will know the importance too.

Transmitters must continue their private stillness time for themselves. And those who do not transmit, or do not hear our words, must know how important it is that they allow us to talk to their Thought Adjusters every day. We are a life line for them as well as you. We keep the machinery of connection in tune. Everyone's stillness practice is of the utmost importance. That is the privilege that nourishes us, for each time we speak with your Thought Adjuster, we too are spoken to. That is the nature of our love. It flows through All, You will open into that stillness when you die. You will surrender to it with a smile, if you can remember, of course. If not, your forgetting will be short lived. Joy is your destination.

So we come back to our discussion of forgetting. It has to do with faith, as well. Have faith and your faith will grow. Stay focused. The fruits of love are many and will remind you, as well. Continue to practice the stillness, the more quiet the pond the more sunlight it reflects for your eye to see. The stillness practice will enhance your memory, for each time you practice you increase your understanding of how to live peacefully with your brothers and sisters and you bring this knowledge of the stillness into your world. It is your only refuge.

Keep on. Thank you.

Session 6


The discipline of love involves focus. Any discipline involves focus, intense focus. Yes it is like putting the needles on the right groove, threading the needle, following the tracks of a squirrel, managing to put the electric pencil, the wand held between your teeth, in the right place. You cannot avoid discipline if you want to accomplish something, for your self, or for others. It is this hard focus, this single minded effort, that takes you through the squeeze box of accomplishment. You are driven on by love, love for the sport, love for the goal, love for what you believe will be the results of this effort. That is why strange bedfellows can be found in the House of Love. Yes, a bit like the Fun House at your carnival; you may see most distorted faces and bodies there. Some because they are distorted by disease and have overcome their limitations by discipline. Some because their faces are distorted by making wrong choices, yet holding to them fast like the boat cuts the edge of the hurricane. Your worst fanatic experiences a love for the chase. Your torturer has gone through the eye of the hurricane and, gently presses to extract the last piece of information, the love for that extraction, that informative result is real. It often does not matter to them if the information is correct, their love has transferred to getting it.

You are experiencing the vagaries of discipline now. You are not always sure, you doubt, you practice with doubts spilling from your mind. It is only your love that will keep you at this task. Love for the message we have to give you, the information, and love for the results. If you loose track, you are protected by me. I will always be here when you put the needle in the groove. Yes, anyone who reads your information must go through their own groove to understand it. You need not worry, they are responsible for themselves, you are responsible for your self.

That is the responsibility of choice. Choice plays the greatest part in your reality. You must choose love. That is the same as you must forgive him. Your choice will determine everything. I ask you to choose love long before you have understanding, for understanding grows out of experience, trying, effort, mistakes, staying in the groove until suddenly the groove takes you out of itself into another groove altogether. Each leap is the result of choice and the discipline that choice requires to put it into effect and to enjoy the results.

The fruits of the spirit are many and wonderful. They bring joy, into your heart, into your world. You can know another¹s choice by the fruits of their spirit. You can know your own choice by the results of that choice. Does it bring more joy into your heart? If disappointed in the outside results, are you satisfied, happy, joyful with the inner results of your labors? Encourage everyone you know to choose love, and acknowledge every choice to love that you encounter, in yourself, in others. My others, said Devina. Thee, said Alana. The personal relationship that evolves from the practiced choice to love is an experience of oneness that is difficult to convey in words for it is an experience. The TR used to have a goddaughter in her care quite often; that child referred to the TR as my Suzi. She expressed the relationship rightly; not the possession of something all hers, but the possession of a mutuality, a duality that in spirit was one.

You will notice that many things will cause you to forget, procrastinate, avoid practice. Simply bring yourself back to that center point within which will lead you instantly where you need to go. Always expect joy and love to follow. Well, in your time frame you think it follows your choice. For us, it is always waiting for the choice to be made. That is the value of patience. Knowing that everything is on time in time. We are here, and as soon as you open up to that experience and keep the faith under all circumstances by remembering, you experience all the love you think you lost, or thought was missing. That is why we say to you, give love where love is missing. Everyone deserves the discovery. Their choice from there on is not yours to make, but you can teach that it is better to give than to receive because it feels good, and you know the joy is unending.


Once again I remind you that discipline is not rote. Discipline can take many pathways, hold many deviations from the pattern. What discipline needs is practice, and with practice you will know what I have told you is true. As you feel better, as you body begins to hold more power to love, you will begin to experience an inner and outer joy that is unmistakably the fruits of the spirit, our love. If you are not experiencing our joy in you, then go back to your practice of stillness and make the choice to begin again to choose love for ten minutes a day. Legion