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Topic: Socratic Method of Education

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: Heavenly Father, we open our consciousness in this moment to you, to your presence here with us, as you have always been with us. We are grateful for your unending, enduring guidance in our lives to fully reveal our paths in life, our growth, our challenges and the tools to overcome them and grow. We give thanks for your presence here today, as well, to help us grow as a family of mankind. Amen.

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson.

Group: Good morning and welcome again.

MONJORONSON: Thank you. It is good to be back in the fold of your presence after the holidays, and now we begin a new adventure of this year.

MMc: For us it’s a new year. I am sure that for you it’s a continuation of a much longer journey.

MONJORONSON: Yes, you are very right about that. It is a moment in the long journey of life and of bringing your world into the days of Light and Life, with your assistance and your co-creative participation.

MMc: I wish to thank you for your discussion on consciousness last time. I found it most informative.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome. It is a topic that will be never ending and always unfolding as you progress through the stages of your ascension. You will broaden your awareness of the universe in ways of which you have no imagination at the present.

MMc: Interesting. I have a rather eclectic mix of questions today, but before we get started, is there anything you would like to say to our audience?

MONJORONSON: I defer that for your questions. I have some topics I wish to see explored, but I will defer to your agenda and we will see how it develops.


Pedagogy, Dialogue, Growth

  • The Socratic method of education

MMc: Thank you. Is this question and answer format that we are involved in typical of the educational system beyond the finite level, the rest of the universe?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is. The Socratic Method is a wonderful example of “Seek and ye shall find; ask and you will have answers.” It is a process which is never ending, and even in the days when you are a member of the Corps of Finality, you will still have questions, and these will be answered in the moments of infinite time. It is difficult to speak of time or in the future from a perspective of the eternal. The juxtaposition between speaking of the presence in the eternal moment, and the presence in the moment here in the finite universe is much different. Here, everything is sequential, but in the eternal realm it is completely developmental.

MMc: Completely developmental? Can you enlarge that a little bit for me, because I’m not sure I understand what you are talking about.?

MONJORONSON: Yes. There is an “order,” a development where one step leads to another. You see this every year when you plant your gardens. You prepare the soil, you plant the seeds, you nurture them with water and sunlight and soon they begin to grow. You do not anticipate that you will be able to harvest the carrots when you first see the little stems, but you wait through the developmental process of growth and maturation to wait for the completion of that cycle. Some of the carrots you will eat, and some of the carrots you will leave to go to seed, and then collect the stems, dry them, prepare the seeds, and then store them for use next year. That is developmental. One step must precede another.

MMc: A few sessions ago I asked the question if you would please tell us if there was any way to make this venue better, or for me to improve my performance. You applauded my willingness to ask these types of questions. You told us that we are too “independent,” and I am sure there are many aspects to this. Is our unwillingness to humble ourselves and ask for help one of the reasons that you say we are too independent?

MONJORONSON: Yes. This question and answer process to learn the process of togetherness, of coming together of meeting minds at a common point, and though there is a vast difference between your intelligence and mine we come to a point of agreement during the question and asking/answering process. It is a means of teaching you to seek the teacher that is around you, in the events and developments that are around you. The old male paradigm of knowing what is true to you, does not apply to what is true to others. It is a process of wonderment, of curiosity, of being open and receptive to information. This allows you to be adaptive and to amend your behaviors, your attitudes, your thinking and your actions in life. You see, there is so much to be learned through this process and when you have your minds made up, when you are hard and fast in your opinions about something, then there is no teaching you or no means of raising you to higher levels. When you are open and receptive as little children, then we can lead you into the greatness that you wish to have in your life, but think that you can do it by yourself. It is much more delightful to know that your greatness was provided and assisted by those who love you—and we surely do love you—and we want each of you to come into your greatness, and you can do that through working with each other and with us.

MMc: It would seem that we are much “more” working together than we ever will be working separately.

I’ve been giving some thought to the equitable healthcare system for everyone. I can see that there needs to be some substantial changes in thinking, not only on my own part, but in the culture of society as well. Am I correct in thinking that you said these changes will come about in the next decade or so?

Health, Quality of Life, Euthanasia

  • Making major changes in our culture in regard to Healthcare

MONJORONSON: Yes, we anticipate that they will come about in the next decade or so, between ten to fifteen years. It is a culture-bending process, which means that it changes the beliefs and opinions and attitudes and perspectives and expectations of everyone who is involved. And of course, as every human mortal has a body, it involves every one of you. A major change will be from moving your healthcare system from profit making, as a profit center, to a service center, which is self-supportive and sustainable. We have spoken of that before. This will be the first and most important attitudinal change in this field for it to become sustainable. Profits tend to skew, change, or bend the rules of service to individuals. It is important that the healthcare system becomes sustainable so that it approaches the treatment of individuals and their bodies, minds, emotions and spirit in a holistic way, rather than the whole-ism being centered on the profit making centers. Do you understand?

MMc: Yes, I do. Are these changes going to be [made] out of necessity?

MONJORONSON: Yes, you will continue to see an aggravation [between] those who have and those who have not. What is occurring in the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomena is also part and parcel replicated in the difficulties of healthcare, where those who have means have opportunities to healthcare, and those who do not have means, do not have opportunity for healthcare or it is severely limited. You will find in the future that healthcare will take on a different hue to it, a different tenor. It will not be viewed as “life at any cost,” but focus on the “quality of life” that is reasonable for everyone. Those who are egregiously wealthy, of course, will have the options for extension of life at any cost, whereas everyone else will have quality healthcare that may not include those ultimate, extra-ordinary treatments to continue their lives. In the medical profession there has been a “head-in-the-sand” attitude towards death, and that it is “life at any cost.” This is unreasonable—unreasonable when you realize that approximately 80% of all medical costs are spent on individuals who die within two weeks. This is not realistic. Death is a natural process, it [can be] very welcome. It will come under great scrutiny in the future, and it will not be a mysterious, unknown decision process. Yes, there is always room for miracles, and miracles will be demonstrated perhaps on an even more frequent basis in the future in the medical services field. Questions of the morality of who should die and who should live will not be a question at all, but rather it will be a situation where those who have the capacity to enjoy quality life after treatment will receive that treatment. It is all about the quality of life and living.

MMc: Thank you. You made that much clearer to me.

Co-creation, Transmitting, Education

  • Can a co-creative design team function without a TR?

Is it possible to successfully work the co-creative design team process without a TR?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is.

MMc: I wanted to share that by utilizing the Schematic for Sustainability and the three core values, we are able to create a situation where most people that are looking for solutions, can actually find them. So, I believe that a TR wouldn’t necessarily be required for the process to go on. Each of the individuals involved should be able through their own guardians and Father Fragment to—if they are committed to actually doing the process—come up with some ideas that would be along the same lines as a teacher, as a celestial, in leading the group. You need somebody that will be perhaps in better touch than others, a facilitator, to keep the discussion moving along in the proper direction, and perhaps our friends will come to our aid here and help us move these ideas forward.

MONJORONSON: Yes, you are correct. Each team must be a team where there are individual roles. There are the individuals who ask questions, a facilitator, a recorder and a consultant. The consultant can be the consulting Melchizedek or it can be a mortal, acting in that capacity to backup the facilitator. You will find in the future that there will be sustainability design teams that have no God-centered individuals participating, and we hold no judgment about that, but encourage them to work the process. In some groups everyone is God-centered, but no one actually transmits/receives, and that will be fine, they can produce. As you suggest, they can go aside, consult within themselves, and go into the space of no thought to receive guidance from their spiritual advisors. Encourage this development, because it then raises the spiritual capacity of individual members and assists us in developing their ascendant career.

I hope you understand that we see every environment, every grouping, every process as a means to educate the populace of this world to grow spiritually, to become more prepared for their career in the morontial and spiritual realms. For us, this is an educational process, but also—and by the way—helps resolve many of the problems that you have on this planet. Sustainability is central to all existence now in your world, and it is the theme that we will use to educate millions, if not billions of individuals, in the ways of the universe. Having a TR on the team, of course, aids the team to rapidly develop results much more quickly. However, it is no substitute for individual development and contact with their spiritual assistants. Many people who do not TR are intimately connected to their spiritual guides. They receive great insights on a regular basis, but do not perceive this as conversation with the spiritual realm. You will find this to be the case in the vast majority of sustainability design teams as they develop. You will also find that if 25% of the teams have a TR of any capability, whether it is just budding or well developed, will be quite unusual. We anticipate that there will be perhaps less than 15% of all teams that have an operational, capable TR. Of course, this will develop in the future.

You have good minds that you can use capably when you work with others co-creatively, cooperatively. And you know that spirit will have guided the end results that lead to the days of Light and Life. You will see tremendous results bloom from the teams almost immediately, and to us, “almost immediately,” means within three to five years.

MMc: As you were talking, I got the vision that these teams at various levels of spiritual involvement, all doing—not exactly the same things—but all being involved in the same process. So the educational process will benefit the individuals in the group and the product produced by these groups will help educate and move the planet along.

It appears that we are looking at the destruction of many of our institutions and beliefs with the next few years. It is hoped that these beliefs and institutions when reconstituted will demonstrate the three core values of sustainability, the quality of life, the equality of persons and the necessity of personal growth. These three values seem to demonstrate ultimate values, that not only should govern the interactions between humans but should also govern the interactions between individuals all the way to Paradise. Is this correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is correct. Your insight is wise.


  • Are there more than the three core values in the universe?

MMc: Are there just three values? I am reminded that the finite universe is composed basically of just three particles. The Trinity is composed of just three individuals. Are there other values that we should embrace as well?

MONJORONSON: Yes, you will discover them after you find that the three values do not answer all of your questions. You will find this very similar to geometry, where there are corollaries and principles and truths and supporting developments, that you will find a structure of truth that supports these three main values. You will find that you may wish to call these other principles “values,” if you wish, but they continue to support the three main values. There may be secondary values, but you will find that once you get into secondary and tertiary values, that you will proceed in the realm of argumentation and opinionation between individuals about that. Therefore, we teach only the three principle values at this time, because they are Supernal; they are of such nature that they supercede all other values, that these are enduring and eternal, and they support the whole universe. They are the principles, the values that guide the development of new Creator Son universes.

Institutions, Population

  • Changes in our social institutions

I wish to go back to an earlier clause of your question: You stated that these three values would create the “destruction of the institutions.” I, however, beg to differ with you, that those institutions will remain, but the values will become recognized as core to the sustainability of those institutions, and from those three core values, there will develop a new set of beliefs and expectations and fulfillments that will necessitate a major revision, rebuilding, reforming, or restructuring of those institutions. The institution of the family will not change; the institution of education will not change, but the core values that under-gird their enduring and sustainable existence will be recognized as principles and fundamental to the development of a sustainable education system, and as an institution of human civilization. I suppose I am speaking in sociological terms, but I do perceive that you understand what I am saying.

MMc: Exactly! It was not my intention to say that these institutions would disappear entirely, but that they would be significantly changed.

MONJORONSON: Yes, were you to live another thirty years, and hopefully you will, you would hardly recognize many of the major social institutions in your society, they will have changed so much. Of course, your society is at the point in its existence, the fulcrum point, where it will either go down or will go up. It is our intention in bringing about these changes in your world, that the incline and the quality of life improves for everyone in your nation and the world. There is no need or necessity for the destruction of nations and societies to achieve this increase. You must recognize as well, that there will be a decrease in population, but the quality of life will improve. That may seem like a fatal irony, and in some ways it is, but in planetary management this development is always anticipated with known remedies for the process, before, during and after these population decreases.

MMc: The people of Urantia are not much like our celestial brethren.

MONJORONSON: You noticed?

MMc: Yes, I noticed! Celestials and the people of Urantia are quite distant at this time, yet you’ve said that in the eventually of time, there will be complete agreement between the people of Urantia and the celestials. What changes will we need to see in order for this to happen?

MONJORONSON: Eventually, there will be an agreement, but “eventually” may take centuries and millennia to fulfill. Along the way, mortals of this realm, of this world, will come to recognize that their world is just one of billions in the universe that are inhabited and managed by the spiritual realm. Of course, for that full recognition to come into existence there will be the visitation of a Divine being, an Avonal Son, who will make his presence known to the world population, at a time when there can be an appreciation of that by the vast majority of individuals of that planet. Your world has only recently come into that realm of possibility. That is why I am here preparing the way for my eventual manifestation.

Communication, Acceleration

  • The non-electronic global communication system

Of a world that is fully occupied, you have international communication systems that are instantaneous. You have media which is available to the vast, vast majority of individuals, so that we can take advantage of those technologies. You have also, an ever enlarging group, who are involved in the conscious evolution of this world and their principle work has been to evolve the consciousness of the minds of participants in their efforts to reach out in the consciousness to those of the rest of the world. This is the non-electronic global communication system, and it is proving very capable as well as it grows and as individuals in that group do not seek personal adulation and aggrandizement, but to be of honest, authentic, genuine service to the good of the consciousness of your world. So do you see how these developments are coming together?

The beginnings of that “garden,” so to speak, were planted in the Renaissance, in the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution. There has been a great sacrifice in the quality of life during those developments, but they are ones that are anticipated and known. [The current revolution] is one that gives need for conscious amendment to develop these industries and your technologies and your societies into sustainable entities. So, when you begin to look at our efforts, you realize we have our fingers into every pie that is available to us to become involved in. We are here, we are established, we are not going away, we are not retreating and we are going to be here through thick and thin with you, through the times of travail and loss, through the times of jubilation and joy.

MMc: I can see that this is a developmental situation. We are taking this venue and others like it, and then the co-creative design teams, and what is happening now are the developmental steps that will move us slightly along the line that will eventually lead to the people of Urantia coming to complete agreement with our celestial brethren. As you say, that is going to be an eventuality that may be thousands of years in the future, but we are taking the first steps today.

MONJORONSON: You have to begin somewhere. You will see that in many ways, your nation and all technologically developed democracies in the world are poised—unconsciously poised—to take on this tremendous social change very rapidly, once it becomes revealed and known and developed. Most people had no idea about the rapid development of Google, or of Face Book, the social media. In many ways, what we will be doing will be a different form of media, but it will be no less global and no less active than Google and Face Book. To make itself sustainable is not an issue to us at this time as we are in the developmental phases of designing this so that this process itself becomes sustainable, authentic, genuine and honest.

You will see almost a similar kind of change as when the automobile or motorized vehicle began to replace horse-drawn vehicles and otherwise. The immense amount of change will be extremely rapid, then that rate of change will decrease, but it will become more extensive.

MMc: At your suggestion, I read “Government on a Neighboring Planet,” paper 72 from The Urantia Book. You are correct that their moral code is different from our own, but I anticipate that we will have to make some of the same changes in our moral code. Is this correct?

MONJORONSON: That is correct and that is in the process of being devised right now.

Global Economy, Profit

  • What causes the profit motive to go out of favor?

MMc: Section 5, paragraph 7 reads:

“Two hundred years ago the profit motive was wholly dominant in industry, but today it is being rapidly displaced by other and higher driving forces.”[1]

I have two questions about this sentence: What caused the profit motive to go out of favor?

MONJORONSON: Because it was not sustainable. When you explore a market and you saturate that market, and you increase your revenues by mergers and acquisitions, soon you dominate the whole global market. Then what? Then how do you grow? You cannot; you maintain. You become sustainable and that is what you will see within the next, less than 200 years here on Urantia. There is only so much product you can sell; there are only so many goods that you can make available to people. The problem is exacerbated by a world that is becoming overly saturated with people. Markets have grown in the past due to population growth and as individuals became more wealthy and acquisitive and had the capability to buy more goods. When these dynamic market and social processes begin to diminish or begin to be completed, then the amount of profitability decreases.

Many, many corporate and international corporate planners realize that this is what is in the future and that is why you see such aggressive mergers and acquisitions by large corporations and why you have seen the neo-colonialism that has occurred on your world. It is because it is a finite planet, and that the place to be is to dominate the market before the decrease of population, so that your marketing and your production infrastructures are established and so that they can become dormant or decrease, or you can close production as necessary as population decreases, but still remain in existence after the population becomes stabilized. The economy is finite; it is limited. It is a known factor and is little shared on your planet because very few people want to know about it and investors and boards of directors of corporations do not want to have that [as] part of their consciousness. They feel that there is still much to do and much of the market to work yet, to maintain high profits. The recent recession that you have seen in this nation and western nations offers a sample of what you will see in the future. The high-flying profitability of the “90s in the first decade of this millennium cannot be maintained—it is impossible. Those were the “good old days,” and you are seeing them now as you live them out.

MMc: I really do not know how to respond to that. Perhaps I am one of those that are reacting to this without realizing what is going on in the minds of the few, as I am still tucked in with the minds of the masses.

MONJORONSON: My suggestion to you, Michael, is that you begin to explore those people in your community who are spiritually oriented, but who have expertise in areas that you know need to be explored. You will become a facilitator in your own team, so to speak. You will develop a multi-disciplined, multi-area, multi-talented team of individuals, who are leaders in their industries or in their areas and who have questions. You have asked expert questions in the realm of education and medical and services, which you have been exposed to all your life. You may wish to broaden the breadth of your question asking by engaging knowledgeable people in your vicinity. This will require you to become more socially facile and integrated into the community, which would give you a good project, now that you have more time. We do not want you to get bored, Michael.

MMc: I have been anything but bored!

Guidance, Governance

  • What are the higher driving forces?

MMc: The second question—and I’m not sure if you answered it or not—will you tell us what these other higher driving forces are?

MONJORONSON: Yes, of course. The higher driving forces are your co-creative partners, one of which I am. As a planet prepares, develops in its societies and its social evolution and its maturity, it is necessary for planetary management to become much more directly and effectively involved in the guidance and development and inception of new social, commercial and cultural ideas and concepts that become woven into the fabric of belief systems. The material necessities of thinking in terms of sustainability runs [an] individual’s thinking to areas which are not material, and they begin to contemplate the non-material sustainability of their world. Of course when this happens, then there are open minds, and when we find open minds, we become more spiritually active with those individuals, who are cultural creatives in their own right, in their world. We work with these individuals, whether they are God-believers or not, to broaden their thinking and continue the inception of new ideas, so that the culture becomes more expansive and can include ideas and thoughts and beliefs about the continuation of their world in new ways. This is a conscious transformative culture changing initiative and not simply just developmental, but it is innovative. There must be new ways of engaging your material reality in spiritual dimensions that infuse every aspect of human activity.

MMc: Thank you. In reading the paper, I became interested in how did they come to the conclusion that they did, in order to make the transition that they had. One of them is their “industrial court.” (72:2.13) Do their industrial courts set the legal compensation for every one there? (Monjoronson: No.) How does that work?

MONJORONSON: This is not necessary for you to know for the context of our discussions, as it would be unproductive and divert your attention from your reality on this planet to another reality on another planet. Remain focused on the issues at hand.


  • The new morality

MMc: Okay. Sometime ago, you spoke about the new morality. When I searched through the transcript for the essence of the new morality you spoke of, I found what is called for are “behaviors that have the focus of contributing to sustainability of the individual, the family and that all decisions for the future of behavior are made with that in mind. This is the essence and core of this new morality.”[2] Would you like to comment?

MONJORONSON: Yes, certainly. I am taking an aside to begin with: The first is that the morality of your world is very primitive. It has served individuals and social groups quite well. However, there are four levels of morality which must be differentiated and appreciated and applied in time. There is always the morality of the individual, and there is the individual at the second level within the social group. You have a social group, which may include a whole state; it may be a large city; it may be a region. There is then, a national morality, the larger social group, which has an identity. Then there is on the fourth level, civilizational morality. And as you see, the morality begins with the individual. There are certain moral behaviors that support sustainability and certain moral decisions which detract from sustainability.

The individual is part of a social group. His or her morality must contribute to the sustainability of that social group, whether it is the family, a neighborhood, a community, a city of ten million, or a state, which in turn has moral behaviors that contribute to the sustainability of the national level, national sustainability. Nations in turn, make moral decisions that contribute or increase the sustainability of the civilization. If you examine your whole world at this time in these four perspectives, you will find that, yes, [there are] individuals who are conducting themselves in immoral ways, that detract from the sustainability of families, of their community, of their city. There are whole communities that detract from the sustainability of the state or larger moral group, and you will find whole nations that behave in immoral ways, which detract from the sustainability of your whole global civilization—or threaten to. Are you with me so far? (MMc: Yes, I am.)

What has existed heretofore is a lack of central focus for the logical, rational development of systems of morality for your world, until the thought of social sustainability comes into play. Social sustainability is the focal point for the social/moral development of your world. It provides a fertile seedbed for your world to become much more spiritual and have the capacity of entering even the earliest stages of Light and Life. So, when you draw back from that huge scope that may be two millennia away, and you draw back to the focal point of today, now, we—you and I and our readers and listeners—are participating in the development of a moral consciousness of your world that will have tremendous repercussions in the future. We are not so concerned about writing moral codes to control negative behaviors—that will come by itself. We are far, far more concerned and interested in developing four moral codes for your global social systems that contribute to the sustainability of your world, for it is the focus on the positive that will lead your world into the Light and Life, and eventually negative or detrimental moral decisions and behaviors will diminish over time. That will be a topic for another much more difficult discussion in the future, and I leave that for the months—and perhaps next year—to discuss that with you.

Your question is well poised and well given, for this very important, momentous development in your world. You are, through our conversation today, becoming much more aware of the major elements at play, as we have already become deeply invested in your social developmental processes. You are beginning to see how we are leading you into the thought of planetary management, how this is done and developmentally, slowly, carefully, deliberately and, above all, co-creatively with you.

MMc: Thank you. Hopefully, as I am being led, we are leading our audience along that same path.

MONJORONSON: That is our hope as well. There will be individuals where it “goes over their head,” as you would say, and others who will be impacted directly and awaken within them, a consciousness, an awareness of what their Thought Adjuster has been implanting in their minds for ages, and they will become much more active and rise to the occasion. For them, it is necessary to ask serious questions about their own involvement in these projects.


  • Discovering the “God” particle

MMc: The last time we met, you said, “Your scientists are on the cusp of revealing that they have discovered the Higgs boson particle, the God particle, as it is called by some people, the ultimaton as it is mentioned in The Urantia Book.”[3] Did you mean that the Higgs boson “is” the ultimaton?

MONJORONSON: No, I did not mean to say that. I said that they were on the verge of discovering it. Your scientists have a new tool at CERN, and it is giving them much more accessibility to what they call, “the secrets of the universe.” They, through this particle development, have begun to unravel the last knot of those secrets, and that they are about to find that. If you follow this through scientific articles, you will see the wonderful work that they are doing. They are very much like hounds on the trail of a raccoon, and will soon have this particle treed and identified in its location, and how it behaves and how it, in part, contributes to the universe. Once they discover this particle, then they will have the other side of the mirror to look at. They are right now looking in the mirror trying to find this particle. The other side of that is how it contributes to how the universe is put together. This will be the greatest of all discoveries, after this particle is identified.

MMc: The Higgs particle is supposedly a force carrier for mass within the laws of particle physics or the standard model for particle physics. Would you like to comment about that?


  • Expansion of the universe

MONJORONSON: Yes, one moment, please. There are three attributes of this particle, which need to be brought together. One is the particle itself, another is the development of mass, and the last is gravity. Simply identifying the particle is just part of the puzzle. The other parts must be, as well, put together in that puzzle. When that occurs—and we anticipate that will occur within the next 10 years, your physicists will then understand why your universe seems to be expanding at such an increasingly rapid rate. Many of your scientists have wondered how it is that the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing. This, as you know, is quite a simplistic question. If you understand Newtonian physics, the rate of increase of an object falling in gravity towards earth, is a 32 feet/sec/sec. [or 32.174 ft/sec2,] and continues to increase. For you to apply that to the universe, you have to come to the conclusion that your finite material universe is falling “out,” for it is something outside itself that is causing the ever-increasing rate of expansion.

Your scientists have not conceived of the magnitude of the universe and the outer space dimensions that go on for several layers outwardly. What they have not realized is that there is undifferentiated mass that is forming, that exists outside your known universe, and that your material universe is attracted to it. It is undifferentiated at this time, but has mass. It is as though it were a halo around your finite universe as mass, but has not differentiated into suns and planets and nebula. That has to do with the infusion of gravity, which is a God-given attribute. Divisions have not been made yet to differentiate the first outer space levels into suns and nebula. Expansion of your material, finite universe is not complete. It will not go on forever, but it will have a pulse, it will have a collapse and expansion. Collapse does not mean the collapse into a ball that will explode later, creating another “big bang,” but simply a pulse—expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction. The expansion of the finite universe is caused by the eternal source, while its contraction is caused by the attractive gravity from the center of the universe. You might say that the “breath of God” exhales for expansion, and inhales on contraction.[4] Expansion is now going on and it will approximate a region just before the outer space level circuit. What you will see when these three elements are put together by particle physicists and astrophysicists, is a unified theory, which will literally drop their jaws onto their chests. They will come to the realization that they have grossly underestimated the vastness of the universe and its age as well.

MMc: I have several more questions that have been posed by our readers, and we are at an hour and twenty minutes, roughly. Daniel, do you feel that you can go on, or do you want me to stop here?

Daniel: I feel pretty good! I don’t feel spent. This morning I haven’t had breakfast, but I’ve been drinking a 50:50 mix of lemonade and water, so that keeps me clean, but keeps me energized.


MMc: Good deal. Monjoronson, you have said several times that the powers of darkness are scattered and unorganized. In our popular literature there is a group of individuals known as the “Illuminati.” They are said to have as their goal, control of the world’s governments for their own gain. Does such a group actually exist?

MONJORONSON: Yes, but under a different name. They are not necessarily evil; they simply see themselves as god-like and needing to be present to organize the chaos of the world about them. They recognize in many ways the positiveness of their presence and the necessity of their presence—at least for the time being. They realize that for them to retain a growing empire, if you want to use that word, that they need individuals, people—ordinary people—to behave in an organized manner, so that economies are profitable, so that there is social harmony. This group has been seen as “evil” but they are evil only in the capacity of being selfish and acting in god-like ways. They see greater profitability in the maintenance of peace than they do of war. War is ultimately destructive and uses up huge amounts of resources and creates social chaos, bubbles of prosperity and then recessions and depressions.

The even flow of a good-working world economically benefits all and keeps the “gears working,” so to speak. We wish that those of you who think in terms of the illuminati and similar groups would become discerning about these groups, that you identify truly, what is evil about them. Do they subvert the minds of children? Are they into illegal activities? Do they sell children? Do they have world gambling? Do they wish to have whole societies collapse? What is the evil about these individuals? It is important that you identify that, because as you project your consciousness into the world, you—as individuals—must be very, very careful about what you are sending forth. What is the message that you are sending out? And who is it to? It is important that you become much more facile in the use of your consciousness for you to become more powerful using it.

MMc: You said that they are selfish and god-like. I’m not sure how those two go together. Is it that they see themselves as god-like and they are trying to pose greater order on the world?

MONJORONSON: They are acting in god-like ways, with a small “g”. The gods of Greek mythology were god-like, with a small “g”. You must, in this process of discerning, discern whether these are behaviors and actions are detrimental and immoral, whether they are neutral, or whether they are positive and contributory to the good, moral development of your world. Many people who have been castigated as evil are simply neutral and selfish. They act in selfish, god-like ways that are self-serving. They are mini-tyrants in some ways, having tantrums and so on. You see them in politics, some are very wealthy entrepreneurs and otherwise. You see some who are in politics and very wealthy, but who are very God-like, with a capital “G.” It is important to be discerning, rather than casting stones of condemnation towards people who are otherwise not causing obvious harm.

MMc: I can see the difference. There is a group that I’ll call, “conspirators,” that think that there is a conspiracy among certain groups in our world to create wars in order to garner natural resources or to make money. These people thought that World War I, and to a smaller extent, World War II, were caused by the people that run the munitions factories, so that they might make profits due to the wars. The conspiritists think that this type of thing does exist in our world. So what you are saying is that we need to be more discerning about whether or not the people we are looking at are truly acting in a god-like way with a small “g”, or a large “G”, whether or not they are actually causing problems or simply seem so. We need to be more discerning in the way we look at our world. There isn’t a huge conspiracy going on to completely control us, by a group of individuals who have nefarious aims for our future.

MONJORONSON: I do not find this line of discussion useful to our ends. I wish to move on, if we could.


  • Random questions from readers

MMc: Okay. A reader has asked me to pose the question: “Since I am absolutely sure that our Universal Father is perfect, and all of his creations are also perfect, I am beginning to think that those rebellions, one of which affected our system, Satania, are actually well intended events towards the final creation. The purpose of the rebellions are similar to the purpose of a vaccine against some sort of contagious illness. Is the rebellion a vaccine against evil?”

MONJORONSON: No, they are not. This is a continuation of your conspiracy theory.

Chakras, Thought Adjusters

MMc: Are the seven Hindu chakras our Divine Thought Adjuster?


MMc: Is the Thought Adjuster of a seven-fold nature?

MONJORONSON: Yes, within the limitations of its existence.

MMc: How big is the Thought Adjuster?

MONJORONSON: As big as a thought.


MMc: Another reader asks. “Dear Monjoronson, can you tell me something about the new nature of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Most High and the influence it has in the new structure of creation?”

MONJORONSON: This question needs further delineation to answer. The “new nature of Jesus Christ”—Christ is unchanging. The Most Highs are a body of individuals who are interested in the development and bending of organizations of humankind towards the good development of your world. This question contains fragments of thoughts and concepts that are not necessarily incongruent, but which could be better answered in a much more simplified manner.

MMc: There seems to be some confusion in terms here.


  • Messages of the decimation

The intent of your reporting the various social upheavals in the past, the loss of our institutions and population before these events have actually taken place was not meant to spread fear, was it?

MONJORONSON: No, it was not. We are not fear based; we do not generate statements that are intended to cause fear, though when some of the things we say are read by readers, they become “alarmed,” and being alarmed is definitely a positive response to some of the things that we say. We know that the statements of the “decimation” of earth’s population caused a great deal of alarm, and for other people, the alarm changed to fear. It was an alarming statement to make, with the intention of being alarming, because as each of you know that in the morning when you have to go to work, you have some sort of alarm clock or alarm device which wakens you. The statements are intended to awaken you to the realization that your world is now in rapid flux and change, and that the alarm is to awaken you to the necessities of devising your societies to become sustainable.


  • How to prepare for the coming lack of food

MMc: Being we have been forewarned, and being we as a world community have given over our food to a system that will no longer be here after the coming cataclysm, what should we be doing to prepare, to avoid the survivors starving to death?

MONJORONSON: The heart of your question is deeply, deeply disturbing to many people on your world. You are already, in fact, seeing the destruction of your food supplies on your world, due to mass changes in weather patterns. There is either too much rainfall, or too little. Huge swaths of arable land are being brought into desert conditions. One end of Australia is now undergoing its first decade of drought. Areas that were once highly profitable for agriculture are now no longer existent, but dormant. It can be once again reclaimed as farmland in the future, when the rains return. [Other areas have received many times their annual rainfall], to cause destruction of farmlands. You are now, at this moment, seeing this great difficulty.

How to prepare for that time when it increases even more? My friend, it is far too late for that. The world has come into its present situation unconsciously, unthinkingly, without ever a thought towards sustainability, but rather towards growth. The world population is wildly out of control. Density far surpasses your world’s capacity to have it sustain any larger population. And because your world’s social/political/economic [policies] are so unorganized, it will be incapable of feeding those who are here now, though it could if it were completely organized, but it is not.

Friend, I wish you to think about the city of Shanghai. Shanghai has millions of people. It grows absolutely no agricultural products. It is 100% dependent upon water from other sources. It will be an exceedingly sad time when you see that city collapse. Agriculture lands will decrease, as they have, for decades. There are literally millions of arable acres of land around the world, but in places that are inaccessible or receive not enough moisture to cultivate. How to prepare? First, you must think in terms of sustainability. Think of designs for a sustainable world, after these great difficulties have swept through your world’s populations. You must have models and designs for establishing sustainable communities in the future, and you can begin that process right now.

Lastly, you must have a global conscious morality that is very much aware of population control. Not through famine, pestilence or war, but through conscious processes of birth control. In the future, having a child will be a highly esteemed privilege, an honor, and the parents will be honored and assisted in ways which are almost unbelievable to you now. Educators and healthcare givers will also occupy positions of tremendous honor, as they prepare these infants, these children, these young adults, for responsible co-participation in your world’s management. You see, it is not too late to prepare, but it is too late to do anything about your incredible situation now. You can only prepare for the future. We engage you, we urge you to conscientiously begin this process now, in your communities. We will be of assistance to you in ways which you are unaware of at this time. Be prepared for much serendipity and coincidence, divine order and development when you approach this sincerely, authentically, genuinely. Thank you for your very sincere and meaningful question.


This is Monjoronson. I leave you for today. You have much to think about; you have plans of immense nature to think about and develop, and to begin invoking your will and your actions to assist your world and your planet, co-creatively with you. We give great thanks and appreciation to our ever enlarging group in this fold of believers, who help to bring about the development of Light and Life in your world pragmatically and spiritually in your lives and in your communities.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson. You’ve given us much to think about today. And thanks to Daniel, as well.