1992-09-30-I Am Going to Salvington

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Topic: I am Going to Salvington

Group: Indianapolis TeaM


Teacher: Welmek, Makeah, Nigel, Raymon

TR: Michael Painter



WELMEK: Greetings to all those who have gathered here this evening. This is Welmek, your teacher and guide.


I have an announcement I wish to make. I will not be with you for two of your weeks. I have been asked to visit our Creator on the capital, Salvington. I am looking forward to this, as you can imagine. I have somewhat of an agenda, and I will also have time for rest and to visit this sphere. I have never been there before, so again, as you can imagine, my anticipation grows day by day. I will take leave of your planet in two days. I wish to let you know that there will be several who will be in charge and speak to you over the course of your next meetings. Norsen will be in charge, and I have been advised that there will be several guests who will be here with you and deliver messages to you. I will give you whatever I can upon my return as to what has happened. I doubt if I will be able to share much, but I understand your need to know and I will share with you as I am permitted to. We have several guests with us this evening; and if time permits, we will invite them to address you. However, I would like to engage in what our teacher last week asked us to.



First, I will share with you the thoughts that David has in regards to this assignment, and then we will ask others to share. That which he has read came from the paper on the crucifixion. When our Master was being nailed to the crossbeam, he reached out with his mind to the Father and said "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." This concept to David means that what mankind needs more than anything at this point in evolution is a better understanding of our relationship to each other as far as universe citizens and to simply forgive and forget all that has happened and make a new beginning. Indeed, your world would change rapidly if man could do such a thing. Unfortunately, this will not happen overnight. It will take time for us to help you make these changes. But as you all are aware, forgiveness is a key factor in doing the will of the Father; for our Creator, Michael, knew well of this when he spoke those words. Let us now share with each other some of your thoughts.



Q. I really couldn't pick out a favorite paper because I don't know the book well enough, so what I did, I'm in the process of reading the Jesus papers. The next paper that I was on was Paper 131, which was the world religions; and when I looked at this, I thought "Wow, I'm going to skip this." You know I thought it was going to be full of facts and this is really what I'm going to do. But I was really happy that I did. Jesus and Ganid had gone to Alexandria to the library and looked up all the different religions; and they found some similarities in these religions and this is what they wrote about. What came to me out of these papers was the fact that God being the Almighty, and as wondrous and larger than we can even imagine, yet He is active in our lives. He is with us all the time, and He is within us all the time. He is truly our best friend. I have always known, I have always said that God is everywhere, but now I really realize that He is active in my life, that all I need do is ask Him. All I need do is have faith and to reach inside of myself and He is there to guide me. A couple of things here...it says "The Most High is like a loving father and mother; he really loves us, his children on earth. Our God will forgive us and guide our footsteps into the ways of salvation. He will take us by the hand and lead us to himself." It just made me realize that He is here, that He is with us, and with me and that no one loves me more than He does. If I need guidance, all I need to do is ask Him and He's there for me. And it really brought it home for me, even though I think I've always known it, now it's more of a realization for me.

A. And so it is with your soul growth. As you become more aware of this fact, day by day, you will literally begin your morontial career. It is an everlasting truth that our Father is literally with us, no matter where we go or what we do.

Ascension Career

Q. Welmek, my name is Stan. I thought this week about my favorite paper. I think probably over the last 10 years, the paper I've probably read the most would be Paper 47 on the mansion worlds. I think that in my mind, the highest truth or most real truth to me is personality survival, that in spite of everything that happens on this planet, it's just beginning.

A. There is no question to this fact; for it is literally true that you all have your beginning here. Through faith, you will be saved; and by fusion with your spirit, you will be literally eternal in actual experience. It is indeed a wonderful gift that our Father has bestowed upon all of us, the possibility of surviving the flesh. As you realize this concept more fully in your daily life, death no longer seems to be such a terrible or horrible experience. You grasp that it is simply a transition from one phase of existence to another. Encourage your brothers and sisters with this thought, that life indeed can be everlasting. It is also interesting to compare your style of witnessing death compared to such a planet as mine, where on my world in our temples, we gather together in celebration as one of our family transits to the morontial worlds as they fuse with their spirit on the world itself. In time your world will experience this also. For now, the grief that is experienced at death, while it is true there is a certain sadness at the loss of one's association, you should rejoice in the fact that this person now moves toward a greater and even more adventurous goal.


Q. It's also hard to find a favorite paper. But I turned to the last paper, "The Faith of Jesus", because it contains one of my favorite one-liner quotes and that is "Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it."(196:1.3) I guess over time more and more of that becomes more deeply impressed upon my mind. It's a powerful statement to say "of all human knowledge". Also, just in reading that paper, to look at what he went through on this world and to see the undaunting faith and trust that he had in the Father, to get through all that he did, to me is very inspiring.

A. What is it about our Master's life that strikes you most significantly regarding his spiritual progress or attainment?

Q. Well, two things. Again, his faith that he could experience and go through all the adversity and difficulty that he did and yet still have complete and total trust in the Father; and secondly, to be over-all as balanced a personality, as balanced in character.

A. Does anyone in this group feel that this is something that you cannot achieve in your lifetime? (some group laughter and comment) I will tell you that each of you are capable in relative degrees, in achieving both a balance in your life as well as a faith that will transcend that which you now have. As you progress on your journey, as you practice those things which you are now practicing, in time these things will become more apparent to you. And as you become more aware of the reality of the teachings that you have heard our Master, myself and others share with you, you will be drawn even more into a consciousness of this saving faith and of gracious living. Do not ever let anything keep you from what you have started if you truly wish to know Him more fully than you do now. As I have told you, if you do this, many things will be added to you; and you will truly find that peace, happiness and joy that you now seek.


Q. Welmek, I took the paper "Going Through Samaria". Jesus and the apostles left Jerusalem and headed for Samaria; and the apostles were having a hard time with this because they had prejudice against the Samaritans. They were beginning to work that out, and then they went on to a couple of cities where they were addressing Greeks and Romans. The Greeks and Romans were not taking them seriously. They were pretty upset about this. The Greeks and Romans seemed to tell them that even though they liked Jesus, they really couldn't live a life like Jesus because this was a life for weaklings. So the apostles went to Jesus, complaining, and I would like to read what Jesus told them, the beginning of what he told them. Somehow it seemed to strike a chord with me because, to me, it is what we're going through right now. It says "I have come into this world to do the will of my Father and to reveal his loving character to all mankind. That, my brethren, is my mission. And this one thing I will do, regardless of the misunderstandings of my teachings by Jews or gentiles of this day or of another generation. But you should not overlook the fact that even divine love has its severe disciplines. A father's love for his son oftentimes impels the father to restrain the unwise acts of his thoughtless offspring. The child does not always comprehend the wise and loving motives of the father's restraining discipline. But I declare to you that my Father in Paradise does rule a universe of universes by the compelling power of his love. Love is the greatest of all spirit realities. Truth is a liberating revelation, but love is the supreme relationship. And no matter what blunders your fellow men make in their world management of today, in an age to come the gospel which I declare to you will rule this very world. The ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent recognition of the fatherhood of God and the loving materialization of the brotherhood of man."(143:1.4)

A. And so it is, as we who have volunteered to come here to help you to understand in your daily life, the meaning of what has just been read. Our Master clearly understood his purpose and his relationship to his Father. Now you are so charged to do the same. You can do it, and I have confidence in all of you that you will do it. It must take effort, it must take practice, it must take dedication on your part. Go forth each day with this thought in your mind about the fatherhood and the brotherhood as you have just heard, and soon your lives will be transformed. You will live a life dominated by love, motivated by truth-sharing and a life as Jesus himself lived, where many sought him out and found comfort within his presence.


Q. Welmek, I was studying the paper on " God's Relation to the Individual" and the theme of that paper I also enjoy in many of the other papers throughout the book; but this seemed to be more focused in one direction than any place, very similar to what Karla had mentioned before that with her recognition of the religions of the world that God is not far off, but has done everything in His power to make His love personal through His Adjuster and through the communion with Michael. It's a personal relationship; and through the everyday affairs that are governed by the personalities of the Infinite Spirit. It's very comforting to have such a vast ministry with yours added, to enrich our lives and give us a sense of direction and guide us in the paths of service.

Q. Welmek, I kept coming back to the papers on religion in human experience. In Paper 101, the very first section really kind of summed up where I am right now. I remember how impressed I was the first time I read it but most specifically now it seems it sort of explains where I am and what I want to do with my life and where others of us are and can be in relation to developing our religious belief and developing that further into faith and making that a living faith. It says basically that "Religion is not the product of reason, but viewed from within, it is altogether reasonable. Religion is not derived from the logic of human philosophy, but as a mortal experience it is altogether logical. Religion is the experiencing of divinity in the consciousness of a moral being of evolutionary origin; it represents true experience with eternal realities in time, the realization of spiritual satisfactions while yet in the flesh."[[[101:1 True Religion|101:1.1]]) It's the very last sentence that means so much now to me, that it's kind of a living faith in God is not something that you do on Sunday or on whatever the established sabbath day is, it's something that you can use and utilize in your daily life. While you change, and you notice the changes and others notice the changes, it's not necessarily something that's so demanding on you that it requires you to become someone other than what you want to be or what you are. It's like God knows how to take each one of us as we are and bring out the best in us. It's sort of like a spiritual air- brushing. He just makes us better inside than we could make ourselves and kind of eliminates all of our blemishes.

A. I would add this. As conscious beings we all are, it is not just the Father making these changes within us. It literally requires your decision, your conscious dedication to effect this change. For if one were to live a long time and not make these decisions, sooner or later something must be done. The individual will be given many opportunities to make the decision to seek the will of the Father and live this will in this life. But if this person decides, again, after ample opportunity, not to so seek, then the Father will not automatically wave this magic wand and this person will be awakened into the reality of the universe. The person will simply be made as though they never were. It is important for you to understand this. Do not expect the Father to change you without decision and effort on your part. The Father, as you have said, will be there in any situation, any day, any moment of your existence; and there will be help beyond that which you need. But if you do not take an active part, nothing can be added to you.


Q. Welmek, I couldn't pick a favorite paper either. I have a lot of favorite parts of the book; but one thing they all seem to have in common, or most of them, is that they are a practical application in everyday language of the truths in the book, for instance, "As Jesus Passed By" or the religion papers that Mary talked about. There's a section in paper "Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon" that I go back to on a regular basis because Jesus is trying to explain . . I guess he's trying to put what he's teaching into a way the apostles and disciples can look at themselves and see if they've made any progress. I can't read the whole thing here but I guess this would sum it up.."Are your ideals sufficiently high to insure your eternal salvation while your ideas are so practical as to render you a useful citizen to function on earth in association with your mortal fellows?"(156:5.16) If you read the section, for me it's a way of saying, "Well, am I doing any better?", I guess because I'm a practical person, and if I'm going to have a revelation of truth, I have to be able to use it, or it really doesn't have the meaning for me I guess, that it should.


A. And so it is now with all of you. You have read this text, some of you for many years, yet the truth rang only softly. Now in your lives you are beginning to witness more of the reality of what has been already given to you. It is time for each one of you here this evening, in your own way, to take up the challenge and to move forward in your life. As I have said, never let anything get in the way of this goal. If you truly wish that which you are seeking now, by this consecrated effort on your part, it will be attained. It is not wishful thinking that will achieve it; it is hard work. But you must trust me when I tell you, for I have already fused with my spirit, that there is hardly anything that I can compare this experience with. All of the hard work that I put forth in achieving this fusion was nothing in comparison to the reward that I received upon such fusion. Know that our universe is filled with love and that you have everything to look forward to. Be not discouraged when you find yourself at times where you feel disappointed because you have not lived up to that which you seek, to these ideals or goals. Simply gain control of yourself once again, re-think what you did, learn from the experience and rededicate yourself to the will. You will not ever be forsaken. You will never be lost. You will be led in this direction more fully by the spirit within, and as time goes on, this spirit will, in more or less terms, be able to communicate directly to your mind.

I remember my very first encounter with my own spirit, as far as a conscious communication. While I had much training that led me in this direction, I must admit that I was still somewhat startled by this occasion. I was also comforted in the fact that indeed, everything that I knew and felt was now becoming real. And so it will be with you. The love that I felt by this communication is beyond my ability to communicate to you; but yet I know in your hearts you glimmer an understanding of such love. Rejoice in the fact that you are alive. Rejoice in the fact that the Father loves you and that you are all children of this Father. It is truly a wondrous time to be alive on your planet, for there is so much that you can do to help your brothers and sisters.

Self Realization

Q. One of my favorite papers is the Rodan papers. There is so much in that paper about how we can live our daily lives. The thing that rang fresh in my heart was taking those strivings that are really high ideals and incorporating them into a daily way of life and making that into a religion. That was just so appealing to hear after struggling with the organized religions for so many years, to read that again with a new eye. It's what everyone has been saying tonight. There's a thread of commonality, that struggling for the ideal, that faith, to feel the love, to know with faith what you can attain. It just made a very deep impression on me, that we can live our religion every day.

A. Would you share with us an experience that you have had that relates to what you have said?

Q. Well, I guess one of the things that I'm just finding is that I'm doing a lot that I've never really done before, kind of going around with a smile on my face and saying hello to people I never would make eye contact with before, and Jesus talking about being a good sharer. Sharing good cheer and sharing love is something that I don't think I've ever really done before, until I actualized the teachings of the book and the teaching groups.

A. I am curious of something. I wish that you would respond to why in your experience it more or less required the relationship of myself and other teachers with humans to make you more consciously aware of what you already knew?

Q. I'd like to know that myself.

Q. I think a lot of times, too, you know something but it's kind of put on the back burner. I mean, just like I said I knew that God was everywhere and God was within me, but I never really knew how to actualize that. I don't know. It just seems that your presence has helped me to make that more a reality in my life.

Q. The other thing, too, Welmek, is you know, you go up and talk with Michael, and I'm not sure whether you talk to the Father or not, but you bring back messages from him, from Michael, and I think that helps all of us because at least we have something that we can hang onto or something new that touches all of us, not tangible, but something that we can all look forward to, a new message, a new hope, something to raise our spirits. I think that's why, you know I've begun opening up since I've been here. I think that's why all of us began to open up and be more aware of one another and more loving, because there is something here. We don't have the same things we've had since the first time we went into Sunday school or to adult Sunday school drummed into us, beat into us and threatened into us. Yet we find when Welmek came here with all the messages and that, we found love and understanding and not the prejudice that's in each church or each home or anything else.

Teaching Mission

Q. But even in the Urantia Book you get an intellectual sense of the love and the faith, and intellectually you know it; but it really takes something a little bit more of a personal nature to really feel it in your heart.

Q. I think it's one thing to read it, but it's entirely another when you actually experience it and can feel it; it brings it to an entirely different level.

Q. It's also helpful to have a guide to help us through some of these things. That's the main thing with me, and to help us focus as a group more, and to discuss things that are more pertinent to our spiritual development instead of some of the tangents that we have been notorious for getting off on.

Q. I think these meetings have enhanced our faith so much that our hearts have kind of overflowed with the messages that you've brought us that we want to share with others. That just spreads itself around and I've certainly noticed a difference in my life.

Q. You know as far as worship and prayer, I think a lot of us maybe try to do that; but we really didn't know how to do it. Or we were thinking that maybe what we were trying to do was not worthy, or that we were not doing it the right way in communicating with God or really not even taking the time to listen to Him talk to us as you've taught us to do. So there are a lot of reasons why what you just said is what we're trying to experience and make more come to light.

A. Yet have I told you anything of a spiritual value that has not already been explained in this book?

Q. Welmek, you're a living example.

A. That's right.

Q. You're the next best thing to us dying and reawakening on a mansion world.

Q. Well, I think it's...I look at how we rear our children and it's by our feedback and the environment that they're in that they develop into what they are. I think there isn't consistent, positive feedback to correct our behavior and I think that's what gets us so confused. We can stumble on some of the right things and live some of those in our lives. I think that someone reaching out and loving all of us probably at different times in our life. I can think of several times I felt that was a big part of my life. But then when you find yourself in a new situation where that's not well-received, where even though you're projecting that, you're getting, you know, less or very blatant negative things back, then you become very confused as to what the real truths are at times.

A. Therefore, based on your comments, we can all discern the wisdom in the fact that on any evolutionary planet, there are Teacher Sons sent throughout the entire course of evolution. We can see the wisdom in the fact that indeed, all mortals need more than just pure instruction. They need to know of the living presence of the Father Himself.


Q. We need guidance.

Q. Other people have felt they've gone without it.

Q. Other people that I know who have an active religious life have felt the living presence of God within them through conventional religious experience, but it's still the same thing. They know when it's real, and we know when it's real.

Q. I've always wondered why we didn't continue on with the Material Son and Daughter even after the default because that seemed to be one of the things that we're lacking, and it could have fostered a lot quicker our spiritual and soul growth.

A. An interesting question. However, let's get back to the topics at hand. (group laughter)

Q. Welmek, it seems to me that you're pointing out to us the importance of us going out into our world and modeling to others what you're modeling to us.

Q. And another thing too, is I feel so much love from you, radiating from your words. And it's an unconditional love and you know we've only just met, and I know that you have been watching us and studying us for a while. But for you to love us as much as the love that I sense from you without really even knowing us really helps me anyway, to love my brothers and sisters on this planet that I don't really know.

Q. I understand Welmek's question, why did it take his revelations to move us in the direction that.. there's no additional knowledge, there's no additional truths that he is portraying to us than is already there and that we had already read. If I ask myself in my own mind why I did not act upon these truths before this, I simply can't come up with a reason. I feel like I've faltered in the fact that those truths were there, we knew them, but in fact it was knowledge, it wasn't really truth. I'm thinking indeed it's unfortunate that it took this type of revelation to inspire us to live and to practice the will of the Father.

A. Do not look at it as unfortunate. For your planet has experienced so many deviations from the norm that indeed the opposite is true. It is fortunate that we are here and able to help you in this regard. It is not so much your lack of desire that kept you from the Father as it is your real motivation to do this every day in a way that you can understand and appreciate. While it is true that everything you need in relationship to our Father and this understanding is contained within the text, there are levels of understanding this book beyond which you now comprehend. Part of what I can do is help bridge that gap, along with the fact that the reality of my experience, whether you wholeheartedly believe it or not does not matter, the fact that there is so much spiritual energy now being pressured upon this planet also facilitates your receptivity to these truths. There are other factors involved which I cannot elaborate on. In response to the idea of modeling, I could not have said it any better myself. But in order to be a model, you must first have all of your thoughts and emotions balanced, not as a perfect being such as our Master was, but better than what you have achieved now. This does not mean that you should not go out and do the best that you can, but it does mean that you must pay attention to yourself. You must become well-grounded in the truths which you are now beginning to understand; and as you do this, as I have said and others have said, the light will surely shine within you and will literally attract many to you. Let us proceed with the next comment on our assignment.

Reserve Corps

Q. My favorite paper is the reserve corps of destiny. This concerns "living men and women who are admitted to the special service of the superhuman administration of world affairs."(114:7.1) They are chosen from each generation as soon as they are competent and trustworthy to assume their responsibilities. This is such an exciting and such a blessing that it has become my favorite paper to read. The greatest truth I perceived here is the statement that our isolated world has not been forgotten in the councils of the universe. "Urantia is not a cosmic orphan stigmatized by sin and shut away from divine watchcare by rebellion."(14:7.14) To me this is the greatest truth as we have already been informed by Welmek that organizations have been set up on Urantia to speed up evolution and make tremendous changes, that millions of superior beings are already here for that purpose. Machiventa is coming back in the flesh to oversee these changes, and Jesus is making his second appearance on earth. Also he has told us that these activities have been in preparation for a long time.

A. Some challenge the authenticity of this mission by the fact that you are mustered into this corps. I would tell you that anyone on your planet or any planet in isolation who wholeheartedly chooses to do the will of the Father, while this actualizing may be imperfect, is indeed granted their own guardian angels. For it is the desire of our Father as well as Michael to encourage the mortal of these realms to further advance in spiritual understanding, not only with God but with their brothers and sisters. If you as parents had children who dedicated themselves to pursue any course of activity that was noble and worthwhile, would you not help as wisely and as much as you could? Why then expect anything less from our Father? Just because you may think that there are only a select few who may be asked to join this corps, in no way whatsoever validates their rejection of what is happening now. There is no mystery about this reserve corps of destiny. Humans are as I have perceived, so inclined to make more out of that which really is. While it is true for many of your years there were only a few that were mustered into the corps for certain reasons, things have literally changed. There is much need of your help; and as a result, as well as a reward, you are given this additional ministry. These beings are virtually unknown to you now, but in time you will be fully cognizant of their existence, and you will be able to completely communicate with them. It is my prayer and my hope that this happens to each of you in your life in the flesh. However, if it does not, as your text tells you and as I can attest to, when you are resurrected on the first world, these beings will be there to greet you and to guide you for an age to come.

Q. Welmek, I had a hard time picking just one paper. The one focus I had is from the "Personality Survival" paper. I think the last paragraph probably sums it up, what's most important to me: "True it is, you mortals are of earthly, animal origin; your frame is indeed dust. But if you actually will, if you really desire, surely the heritage of the ages is yours, and you shall someday serve throughout the universes in your true characters--children of the Supreme God of experience and divine sons of the Paradise Father of all personalities."(112:7.19) I feel like in my life my biggest grief has been not feeling like I've been able to fully live my true character and it's inspiring to think that I'll have that opportunity if I don't succeed here.


A. Do you know of any mortal who has achieved that in your association at this time?

Q. I guess I really hadn't thought about it. Probably not.

A. Indeed, for there is much in those words as far as a realization of one's true and full identity. This is what you are becoming aware of, and there is much for you to learn.

Q. I think in the learning process we have to achieve a certain contentedness about where you are in order to go on. I think that's been hard for me at times.

A. If by contentedness you mean that you have to be patient and allow time to run its course, then I agree with that.

Q. I think there's also self-acceptance that we're doing.

A. Indeed, you must always accept that. You must be aware of where you have been, where you are now, and where you hope to be. But in a spiritual sense, you are not conscious as you grow. It is only in retrospect that you become aware of some of the movement in this are...

A. Do not be concerned about your spiritual growth. Many of you have asked me in private "Where am I in my spiritual growth?" I am here to tell you all tonight that this question does not mean much to me. The reason why is, it is your relationship with the Father that determines this, not my comments about it. Do not be concerned wit where you are, but more, what you strive to be. Think upon this, know the truth of what I say, practice each day what you know you should; and more meaning, more understanding will be added to you. I would like to comment here that there is much that I am permitted to share with you about universe experience and my relationship with not only the Father and Michael, but also with other personalities. I can share with you certain group dynamics that I have experienced so far, but obviously it is not time for me to engage in such discussions. My first priority, as with any teacher on this mission, is to help each of you become well-rounded and well- grounded in your religious daily living.

Q. Welmek, I have selected from the last paper a section called "Jesus- the Man". "To 'follow Jesus' means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master's life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it."(196:1.3) If that sounds familiar, it's because it's the same selection that Michael picked.

A. Would you elaborate more fully on what that means to you in your personal experience?

Q. My understanding of this is that Jesus earthly life purpose was devoted to finding or doing the Father's will, loving your brother and sister, and to serve them.

A. And do you feel that this is becoming more meaningful to you in your life now?

Q. Yes.

A. Do you feel that in the area of intolerance these words give you insight and understanding?

Q. Definitely. I sense more a loving attitude toward my neighbor, and I now, although not perfectly, try to assess from his point of view or her point of view and any of the actions I try to respond to why they are acting as such, when I feel that it's been unneighborly.

A. As I told one of your sisters yesterday, I will now tell you all. If anything that I have done or said has helped you become closer to our Father, to realize the love that is within you already, to help you communicate with the spirit, to help you in your relationships with your brothers and sisters, or to help you with your own self- awareness, then I am honored. I am humbled by the fact that I, Welmek, can do such things, can help contribute to the well-being of you, my friends. It is truly an honor to serve our Father, for in so serving our Father's will, we serve ourself. We learn by doing. We learn by sharing with each other. I cannot tell you how much my association with you has helped me, and I am truly humbled by the fact that I am able to help you. This is why, at least in part, my love for you continues to grow and that I only want what is best for you.

I do not look upon you as my children. I look upon you as my brothers and sisters. While I am indeed beyond you in understanding and spiritual awareness, you have so much potential within you; and I see this. And I respect it greatly.

Q. Welmek, this is Peter. The one, not paper so much, the one part of the book that meant the most to me is "Rodan of Alexandria". He's talking about Christ's coping with things, which to me sounds strange. Coping is important to me in an effort to control my own epilepsy as well as my own spiritual growth, realize that. One phrase "Not my will, but yours, be done."(160:1.11) strikes me as by far the most important.

A. While I agree that indeed this statement is of great importance, it is not so easy to always discern the meaning. It takes repeated decisions on your part to allow the greater understanding and wisdom of what you said impact our minds and become a reality in our experience. Do not expect more of yourselves than you are capable of giving. This is a human fault that I find very often; and when you do not achieve that which you set out to seek, you are unrelenting in your lack of forgiveness for yourself. And as a result, you fall short of your real potential. As one as already said, expect yourself to do good, but learn to live with what you have achieved for the day. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Q. Welmek, I don't have a favorite paper. I don't know all of them to pick one. I can make an observation. I know that I've been in the group about a year, and the last two months that you've been around I have had the following experience with growth within myself and wondered where I was at. Of course that's not what we're supposed to worry about. I have noticed that since we've been on vacation and come back that my daughter asked me what's wrong with me, I'm changed. I think that's the greatest comment I believe I could ever have. She's very difficult to get along with. I've noticed that in the last 3 or 4 months in this group that everyone has got a purpose in mind, and we're all gathered together, we're all one, almost, and difficulties that were between one another have sort of faded out or are non-existent, or it just doesn't matter anymore. I know that the love that's in here I feel a lot more now than I did when I came, about 8 months ago.

A. Indeed, so have I. I believe this is a common denominator amongst all of you that truly wish to know more and will act upon that which you have been given.

Q. Welmek, this is David. I think the part of the book that I enjoyed the most was the last section on the life of Jesus. The part that I've found myself going back and thinking about in my mind more than any other is the section on the Thought Adjuster. I heard someone say one time that God is the best lover we'll ever have, and it really came to light in this section on the Thought Adjuster, the concept that there's this fragment of God living in our minds, that's totally devoted to us, totally attentive, totally committed, and totally loving. It's something I've really thought about a lot, and it's really enriched me. It's helped me to feel closer to this big concept of God that's so hard to get a handle on. It's much more personal, more meaningful, much more to me.

A. Indeed, and all should listen well, for our Father is at hand. He is your friend. He is someone that you can reach out to and know more fully than you do now. Do not think of Him, as we have discussed, as this entity far beyond. He is literally within you and only awaits your decisions and your dedication to reach to Him so that He may reach down to you, and in time you may be joined. (Tapes are turned here, and Welmek comments that perhaps our scientists could come up with a more efficient solution to this. Group laughter.

WELMEK: . .these tapes. Perhaps you can suggest this to them, since there would be a profit in it for them. (group laughter)

Urantia Book

Q. Welmek, I can't say that I have a favorite part because I love the entire book; and when it was given to me, I was told this book has more truth in it than anything you'll ever read. I've read extensively, searching; and this is true, the book has more truth in it than anything I've ever read and probably will ever hope to read. I love the entire book.

A. I agree with your assessment. There is no other book on this planet that is as concise yet so informative as to the nature of God, the nature of the universe, the organization of the universe, your participation within the universe, and your relationship with our Father. It is true, as the author suggests, that the life of Jesus is the most important knowledge that you can have. This is another reason why all of us have been mandated to focus specifically on the higher concepts of Jesus' teachings, to share and encourage you to move forward in your life, to pursue a greater understanding and application of these teachings.

Having said that, part of the purpose of this assignment is to illustrate the fact that our mission in no way whatsoever has been supported, thought of, followed through, by one such as Caligastia or any of his associates. Whether you believe in the fact that he has been removed from your planet, once again, is not as important as the fact that what you have witnessed tonight is something beyond which one who wishes the demise of the teachings of Jesus to ever be witnessed. Here we have heard many of you share your favorite part of the text. I have made comments throughout the course of our relationship. Nothing that I or any of our visitors have said has ever, in any way whatsoever, been contrary to what you have read from this text or shared with us tonight. How is it that one could believe that what we witness here in this group could be motivated by one who wishes only the destruction of your real self. It is not so, my friends. And you are now asked, when confronted by those who claim that what they think they understand of this mission to be instigated by Caligastia, to share with them this discussion in the hopes that they will now perceive more fully in their mind that we are desirous of you to have a thorough understanding of this text as well as any text that will bring you in greater awareness of our Father and your relationship with him. We are all dominated and motivated by love.

Caligastia was not. He was self-serving. He was not in the process of attuning himself to the higher truth. He perceived, as Lucifer, that he was more or less the higher truth. As you know, this is an unholy and unreal concept of self; and accordingly, since he did not seek forgiveness, he did not seek rehabilitation, he did not seek salvation, he is now as though he never was. His experience, the worthwhile part, has now become a part of the Supreme. Indeed, it is sad for us to witness this, yet as I have said early on, it is also a time to rejoice for now that these people are gone, we can get on with the business of helping your planet reach the stage of Light and Life, to turn it into the sphere that it should be, the home planet of our Creator Son. If you will wait a moment, there are a couple of visitors who wish to make a statement.


MAKEAH: Good evening. I am Makeah (Ma-key'-ah). I am pleased to be able to address you. This is my first contact with mortals. I arrived on your planet four of your weeks ago. I hail from another local universe. I requested to come to your world as a representative of my particular constellation. We have heard much about this mission. We receive reports almost daily. I and many throughout the superuniverse have been granted permission, as representatives of our constellations, to come here and witness these events. I do not know how to express myself very well in your language. Words such as remarkable, amazing, do not seem at all to be adequate to express what I am witnessing. But I can tell you this much. In my universe, although somewhat different than Nebadon, the constant theme of the Father's love and mercy is throughout. You have the spirit fragment as I have the spirit fragment. It is literally true that God lives within you. If only you knew more of the relationship that this spirit has with you, you would not hesitate to each day more fully attune yourself to it. I have been fused with mine for thousands of your years, and yet each day I am brought into a new experience. Life with our Father is wonderful. There is so much love throughout all of His creation. While we do not always agree on concept, we always agree on intent. And so we hope it will be with your planet. As a representative of my constellation, I have been asked to tell you this; all of us pray for you. We pray that you will be successful in your attempts to attune yourself to God and to help your spirit ministers in this mission.

We have no doubt that this planet and the others will be successful. Be patient, be prudent, be forbearing. Allow yourself the time that it takes to attune spiritually. It does not happen over- night for any of us; but if you so will it, it shall be given to you, as our creator, as your creator, has so said. If I may, before I leave, I look forward to spending some time here for many reasons; but one of which I find most peculiar is your sense of humor. (group laughter) I have never experienced something quite like this before, and I am looking forward to taking back my experiences to my brothers and sisters and share it with them.

Teaching Mission

NIGEL: Hello, I am Nigel. I am a teacher waiting an assignment in the state of Texas. It should be forthcoming shortly. This is my third opportunity to speak to mortals. I too am pleased to be here, and I am looking forward to engaging my group as Welmek now engages you.

What you are witnessing is quite something, and so it is for all of us. We know of your human curiosity to know more about us. I can tell you that I come from this local universe. I am over 40,000 of your years old. I have spent time on the constellation headquarters and would like to tell you that this experience is something which is wholly remarkable. There is such glory and yet I have only witnessed a small fragment of what has yet to be made known to me. And so it is with you. We are experimenting with cross-communication. We hope to be able in the relatively near future, to be able to link up groups so that if my group chooses to meet on the same evening as yours, I may be able to speak to you and Welmek will be able to speak to my group.

This will be able to facilitate communication; for as you are surely aware, what I may instruct my students may be somewhat different than what Welmek is doing with you, although the spiritual truth will always be the same and uniform. There are certain facts, certain ways of presentation, that are unique to the teachers, themselves. This expression has been permitted by Machiventa, and I believe you would experience a great benefit by knowing more fully of the other teachers' personalities and how they convey their universe experience to their groups. I want you to know, as you already do, that our Father loves us all, that He is forever by us and that I will be with Welmek when he travels to Salvington. I too am looking forward to this mission. I hope that when we return, I will be able to come back here and share with you what I can.

RAYMON: My name is Raymon. As you have been told, I hope to be assigned permanently to a group close by. If this is accomplished, we will get to share much; for your group and my group will have many opportunities to get together. And Welmek and I will be able to speak to all of you. I look forward to working with my group also. This is an experience for teachers such as ourselves that we never dreamed of ever having. But then one never knows what tomorrow will bring, do they? And so this truth is the same for you. Look forward to tomorrow with great hope and anticipation. Look forward to the manifold opportunities that you will have to serve the Father. You never know who will be presented to you. You never know if indeed, one presented to you is actually who you perceive this person to be. Act as though this person is Michael himself, and you will not be disappointed. Go in peace, my friends, and I hope to be able, as I said, to speak to you again.

WELMEK: This is Welmek. Before I leave you, I will entertain ten of your minutes of questions if you have any general questions, after which time we will adjourn. You will all be with me in my thoughts and in my heart. I will not be far from you. I will get reports as to the progress. I will be back I believe two weeks from this evening. I will think of you and I will pray for you.

Q. Welmek, this is Marv

A. You asked me in one of my personal sessions to pray for you, and I've been thinking about that the whole time I've been on vacation. What in specific terms can I pray for to help you?

A. Can you elaborate more fully on the context in which I said that?

Q. Not really. You asked me to pray for you and the only thing I can figure out is that you need help understanding us, understanding our humor, help with the mission. I don't know what else to pray for.

A. What I ask of you is that when you pray, if you wish to pray for me, then pray for the success of this mission. Pray that I may be able to muster all of my abilities, all of my energy, and direct them to you so that I may be effective in enabling you to achieve the wisdom that you seek in order to attune yourself to the Father's will. Do not concern yourself with me, however, for I am fine. .

Q. I didn't think you were wrong, Welmek. We just thought you needed some extra help.

A. Indeed, I can always use your love and your thoughts, for this helps me. It also indicates to me your level of love and understanding for that which I try to bring to you.


Q. Welmek, this is Stan. I was wondering. There are probably millions of people that have been mislead by the Book of Revelations in the bible, because according to the Urantia Book, we only have a part of that book of revelations, causing a tremendous type of misunderstanding, misinterpretation. I was wondering if it would be possible that if sometime in the near future we could get the full book of revelations that John had received so that we may impart it to our brothers and sisters to help them understand the book of revelations as it was meant to be.

A. First of all, this is not permitted[1]. Secondly, that which John understood and others understood are not nearly as complete as that which is explained in your text or that which you and I can discuss. We together must determine how we can best lead our brothers and sisters into the greater truth and understanding that is contained within the life and teachings of Jesus. Within his life, within his teachings, are all of the answers that we all must understand and practice in our life. Our Master lived this life in the flesh for all of his universe to witness, to teach all of his children the better way, the righteous way, the only way of seeking and finding the Father. Let us not be concerned so much with a book of revelations, but rather in our life how we can learn and show another the way to the Father. Interesting to note, however, that others have asked me similar requests. I cannot produce such materials for you. This is something that we are particularly prohibited in doing.


Q. Welmek, I have a question that I think several of us discussed after our last meeting last week. We had some visitors from out of town who had picked up a hitchhiker, a homeless man who came into our meeting; and we were put into a situation where this man needed a place to sleep. We all felt like we were put on the spot. Here we were speaking of our love of Jesus and love of the Father and caring for each other and acting as if our neighbor is Jesus, and this man was asking for a place to stay, yet we were all hesitant to let this stranger stay within our midst. We felt somewhat hypocritical. Several of us talked about it after the meeting and as the week progressed. I guess maybe what we need is a little bit of guidance from you as to where the lines are drawn. Should we let this man stay in our homes? Is it un-Christian like to not let him stay in our home? Can you give us some guidance in this area?

A. Did you not provide shelter for this person that night?

Q. During the meeting. Yes, we did. Dee provided him with a room, I understand.

A. I understand that several of you contributed to this fact. And so it was. I will never ask you to do anything which you are not comfortable in doing. There are many who need help; yet you must, in your wise judgment, determine what you should and shouldn't do. The fact that you were desirous to help says much about your development to this point in time. Yet there are situations on your planet, that while your intention may be to help, the person whom you are trying to help may not be so motivated, may indeed turn your good intention into harm or destruction. Each situation must be assessed according to your best judgment. How can I give you guidelines other than to say this: if you're motivated by love, if your desire is to do good, if your assessment, your better judgment tells you that, as in this case, it is better to let this person sleep by themself, somewhere else, then so be it. You are not hypocritical in what you did. You allowed this person to come into your house, you shared food, you shared money, you shared friendship, you shared concepts of the Father. Whether this individual understood what happened or not, is not for you to concern yourself with. For if you were to take this individual into your house, then would you not feel compelled to take all those who wander about the planet such as he into your house? This is impossible, obviously. What I am concerned with for each of you is your motivation, is your desire; but as I have said, you must be wise as the serpent[2]. You must ascertain what will hurt you and if you have determined that there is a potential of harm, you are not asked to harm yourselves. For I would not do that, and Michael would not do that. Indeed, we have things that we wish for you to do in the future. Therefore, we admonish you to take care of yourselves and not put yourself in a situation that could jeopardize or become injurious. But, what happened that day was most interesting to several of you. And I believed that some of you did learn something about yourself. As to the reality of this person, I will not comment. Each of you must decide for yourself what it is that you learned and what you might do in a situation similar to this in the future.

Q. Welmek, I have a question. As a human on this world, there's much concern about the environment and the ecology. I think about this quite a bit. I wonder, since humans have free will and we seem to be doing a lot of damage to this world, are there any...is the administration, if you will, managing this problem? Are we going to be allowed to continue this cycle of destruction?

A. We have things under control. (group laughter) I will take one more question.

Q.Welmek, I was just curious about your trip to Salvington. How long will it take you to get to Salvington?

A.Finally, the curiosity question. (group laughter) I must say, I anticipated it much earlier. As a matter of fact, in somewhat of jesting with my associates, if I were a betting man, I would have lost my bet. (group laughter) I cannot comment really on this, for it is not really important. I know of the reason now more fully why you ask such questions. However, I will be able to tell you a few things upon my return. That much I will promise you.

Q.So are you all packed? (group laughter)


A.Most interesting...(more laughter) It will be a pleasure to take my experiences with me. (Laughter) Indeed, they are packed. (group laughter) And I know that my conference with Michael will be much more enjoyable for me for I will understand him more fully than I ever have before, because of my association with you. This is such a wonderful thing, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. May you all go in peace. I will look forward to my return. God loves you and I love you.

Group: Have a safe trip. We'll miss you. We love you too, Welmek. Say hello to Michael. Bon voyage.