1993-06-17-Dallas TX Collection Part 1

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Topic: Love Teachers

Group: Dallas TeaM


Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon

TR: Jeannie George


Dallas Collection, Part I

Lesson 1


Today for you and everyone in your group we will have a lesson assignment. Previously, when an assignment was made, no one took up the issue in a very serious way. Just part of you knew the lesson that was assigned. So henceforth, we suggest these guidelines. Place before you and others these thoughts.

Hope of adjustment to these transmissions without work on your part will not make changes. It takes work on your part.

Spiritual work is the work of the soul. Spiritual gifts are few and even these have to be used to know them or even glean their meanings and full ramifications.

You see work as the daily routine of earning a living, but the real lasting work is of the spirit. Take these words to heart and use them often as the power of remembrance. There is power in remembering the vast amount of work to be done on yourselves and for the outside world. Then the remembrance of the spiritual work is a powerful incentive.

The needs are great on your world and will not change until work is begun to waylay/offset them with a more profitable me.....

These admonitions are not hard once you begin to adjust your thinking to these corrections. See adjustments as mere corrections of time.


Love, you see, comes in many forms. The way is vast and full of personal preference. Each person has his unique way of expressing love and comfort to others. Each person has his important way of giving and expressing. Each person who delivers and acts out these urges to give and comfort their fellowmen is following the will of the Father who is the center of all love in the universe. His is love.

In our spiritual growth together, let us begin with love. Our topic is the expression of love to others. Let us discuss: how each person delivers love and comfort out into the universe. In what ways are love expressed easily and when are they harder to share. When do you turn your back and run away or ignore?

We have two purposes here: (1) See when you are readily inclined to share with others and when you are not, as when you withhold your love and refuse to give it; (2) What can you do to adjust these moments of , holding on to love, so you can live fuller? Your conclusions: Thoughts that you want to remember about these discussions about showing love; and better ways to show love.

Discuss these topics at your weekend meeting. Make your lists and bring conclusions to the next Wednesday meeting, to share at the opening. Is this clear?


Q. Who speak these instructions?

A. A group of instructors.

Q. But is it heavenly etiquette to give instructions and assignments without the teachers' knowledge?

A. We are not of this group of teachers, but we are in assignment to you. See this assignment as true.

Q. Is this just for my information then?

A. No and yes. You are to share it. Dear ones, have faith in the work.


Anastacia & Ordon 3-23-93

Lesson 2

Come unto me all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. These words most of you are familiar with are you not? We would say then remember them. The important resting place for your worries burdens confusions and whatever fears you have can be placed in the hands of the Father. Let us rephrase this again. Do your best and then let the Father do his work.

Doing your best is the part that we want to speak of first. What is your best? Can you let go of the situation? Do you desire to let go of it? Let it be the past and get on with more important activities something that will benefit you more than rehashing the old business. When you have put forth your best efforts prayed about the situation imagined the situation in a better spiritual light and mostly sent love. Then you have done your best. This is the time to let go. Release it to the Father's care. He will do his work.

If it stays on your mind try listing the blessing this person/situation has on life. This will bring out the good that is being generated by this person/situation. The Father loves all his children the same but he does bestow gifts to individuals indiscriminately. These gifts have significance and should be used for the benefit of all. Gifts are shared. Blessed are these recipients of gifts for they indeed do have the potentials for more gifts. They earned these blessings. So in your counting of someone's blessings, remember this and how it will benefit the group and the many people that will be touched because of these gifts.

All of God's children are different. Each has their talents. Each has desired interests. What each person can do naturally and with the least effort is a gift. They have the natural propensities toward the talent. We see this everyday. . . people with natural abilities doing something that is totally off base for them.

So we will address this issue of gifts later but give this some thought. Talk about your natural talents. Elaborate on them for many don't know their abilities but the group can help by discussing the talents of each. This is another way to see the good in each person. Much of the time friends know about talents of the others which has escaped their attention. Many minds are better than one here. This is what we wish to see happen. Each person will list their talents and then the group will add to the list if the person hasn't included what the others see.

Now you really will begin to see the collected talents that when put together working in harmony can produce much that would benefit not only your group but others in your world. Do be happy about your talents and let us help you develop them.

These lists should include the fruits of the spirit that come easier for you to produce. Are you seeing the picture that we want to paint here? We want to develop a pictorial of the natural talents that this grouping of people love and handle with ease.

Take these lessons to heart and you will see something surprising if you look on the other side of the issues those things that are harder for you to do. Think and ponder what we say.


Anastacia & Ordon 3-16-93

Lesson 3


Think about it stand up speak up for the Father. You are each the proposed teachers of the lessons on love and we see that you are hesitating about this projection of energy. Be not dismayed for in your time each will know how to participate in this flow of love naturally and freely. Start by noticing less of the lower ways of your associates. Direct your thoughts to their goodness idealism their habits that produce JOY for you. Put your concentration here. If understanding your fellow workers hasn't moved you to love try something else. Not only bless them but resort to counting their blessings.

Yes look at their blessings the work they do that is so beneficial to you and others; look at their own private blessings from God's potentials and enlarge on these. This is a helpful hint we learned from members of your very own group. Be glad that you can take a positive action for this will endure for you another step to service of loving and enjoying your fellow men in a deeper way. You are sincerely trying. Grump around and stomp your feet if you have to; then get busy because the experiencing of giving love little kindnesses to others takes continual usage to be habitual.

The procedure for getting you to this next level of growth will greatly attune you in a new balanced and invigorating way. Your faith act of adjusting your mind to accept help so you can release these unnecessary habits that don't serve you nor help you progress. Give them up and look to the more efficient productive methods that will inch you slowly forward. Be creative PLEASE?


Be at peace and ENJOY loving your fellow men more. It is easy and more rewarding than grumbling around. Loving is not harmful will not deplete energy will actually uplift your spirits and you will feel as if and you have accomplished something of value. Accept yourself. Love those parts of you that get in the way of the goal. Resisting only delays and helps it to persist. Acknowledge this and next time you will give a little more. When you get into the effective way of pleasing in your thinking you are on your way as effective. Just acknowledge this and go forth again.

It is that simple. Look forward to the road of service where many opportunities will be for you to give. When you tilt off balance adjust and go forward again. It is okay to discuss these titlings look at the unsuccessful results. Knowing and dwelling on unsuccessful results are two different matters. Assess and clean up your messes.

Take action make things right again. The quicker the better for then you don't shift out of the Father's love. (You save yourself some work here by bypassing the self-forgiveness stage. )By continually moving into this flow of the Father's love you activate the energy charge that is most powerful. Love comes freely to you from the Father's goodness. He loves you SO MUCH. This is what compels you to share this love. It can't be contained so give it to others. Stay in the movement of love. This flowing love has no end. Love keeps extending into larger circles. It ripples outward and upward back to God who is the center of love. Rejoice because you are loveable. Keep your attention focused on the positive methods. And YES you will notice.


Anastacia & Ordon 3-17-93

Lesson 4


Dear Children: I would. . . above over that I will do for you as teacher I would show you love. Above all other things I would show you love. Love is what rules the universe. It is the power force that unites us together in our course of pupil/teacher.

We all learn we all grow spiritually in the Father's love because that is the law of all laws. Thirst and hunger after righteousness because then you keep an open mind. Do we know all? No! So in this state of mutual growth and understanding we stand with our Father to face realities that will either force us to grow or we willingly will look and see how to change. It is these words that will help you to take up the yoke of service for our Father's work united in love of service.

In keeping with these thoughts then we approach ourselves first. We do the personal work to keep ourselves fragrant sweet loving and patient. We do the personal work of worship, prayer, and the silence. We look to the day's work then as what we want to do. If you are a willing worker we will bring others to you so you can talk to them about the work to be done this is talking about God sharing a concept of comfort to them. It's addressing an issue that they seem ready to hear. Use your discretion. Use the help you have available to you. . . those workers willing to go with you in all these endeavors.

How will you know when you will encounter someone that is for you to help? You don't. So these unseen workers are always with you. Utilize them. Speak to them. Address them as you go from place to place. The more you reciprocate the more they can work with you. This is a united effort. The seen and the unseen. The mortals with ex-mortals and various other angelic host. Jesus goes along too so acknowledge his presence. Nothing can keep you from the rewards of service this is thankfulness. As you become efficient very efficient your efforts will double triple.

So many workers uniting together. But we the unseen cannot do your work. This work is permitted as a joint effort. What is to be is this: You will be the example; you will change; you will become sweetened so your dispositions will attract or detect a needy person a searcher. A very needy searcher can be so unlovable you will recognize them. This. . . is why you have to get the good personal habits so the unseen can work with you can assist direct and be with you. Have faith in our efforts for much has been prepared for this to occur. We on this side have worked countless hours in this preparation.

Believe us when we make these statements for in just arranging a meeting between two people takes so many hours of our time. But if we have a fellow mortal worker who will go the extra mile will go to meet this other person we have in mind THEN this cuts down on manpower and many laborious hours in arranging these times. Can your imaginations work through this process that we go through in arrangements.

We won't elaborate now but you see the problems I'm sure. If we have a mortal who is willing to risk we have many working hours saved for much other needed work. Stay with us here. See the importance of your participation in this part of our plans. See the importance of being a good example. See the importance of allowing your growth to take place with yourself first so you can assist us in an effective way. Much goes on here heavenside that we aren't willing to speak of yet but we will share this with the group. Michael sees these miraculous things happening with ease care grace and with love. He divides the workers into two classes the second-milers and the one-milers. We the teachers will definitely be the second-milers and we invite our group to be in this class too. What will you put as your class? Are you with Michael's mission? ? We have so much to share and we will. Okay so we see as you do it has to be the second-milers for you too. Every step you take is valuable. We appreciate these tiny steps.

Dear ones we feel blessed in all our efforts together for it shall happen. Your planet will be corrected with the timing of love acts. Each step we take together in the Father's love is used. As we say it circles out to others. Each effort each act each risk each one of these actions are in essence paving the road for greater action to take place. You see only the confusion much of the time. We see it as one step closer each time you learn something (yes even from the confusion) or extend yourself to others. Have faith see with our eyes that all is progressing and that each person's work is needed. Each can help where they will to put forth their own works but if you see the more powerful effort when a group works together then you see as we do. Are we saying don't do your personal outreach now as you have always felt needed your attention.

NO. Do this work too. What we want to emphasize is the quadrupled efforts of a group working in harmony. These things we say so you can ponder and decide. Make your commitment to the group while learning to understand yourself and therefore you can understand your fellows too. Has it not been just as we say? You are going about your work and you are participating in the learning process of self-development in a safe environment with your fellow believers who are working for the same attunement.

Consider yourselves very blessed and loved for taking up the trustworthiness of this privilege. Now in closing these thoughts we ask only that you have ideas to ponder as well as lessons to grow on. Ponder and grow little tadpoles for the mature accept readily and eagerly to stretch their minds as well as their souls. Take this to class tonight. Anastacia.


Anastacia & Ordon 3-28-93 https://markaustinband.com/personal.htm

Lesson 5


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Love others as you would love yourself. Give them the benefit of the doubt. When others are thoughtless ask the questions: Since I will love each person as myself could I give them a chance as I do myself? Could I believe that they are me?

EVERYONE IS ME THEREFORE I LOVE AND CHERISH THEM AS I DO MYSELF. Could I overlook their behavior and let them try again as I do myself? If you try these questions you will begin to see that these kinds of hurts put-downs as you would say can be put aside quickly so you have the capacity with a clear mind to go on with the work.

Lay aside disturbances that will not be of use to you. Laying aside these little matters of discord will be the way to actually TRANSCEND over to the spiritual values that will prepare you for the more important work to be done on your planet. Little nuances can be insightful. Look before stepping aside/over them.

Ask God to look with you. If there is merit in the criticism thank the person and let go. Groups working together will often encounter meaningless troubles. This will be the beginning of working together in spite of the differences the wills and the moods of others. Don't be too proud to say that these little digs don't hurt. All of you have experienced them. Take a breath of spiritual love inhale and let this love flow out to the person. Be big enough to let discords go into the wind so they can be blown away and out of your life forever. If you take the time you will faithfully begin to build your base/foundation of true discipleship for Jesus. Be true to yourself your real selves.

And this is what we would say here: Devote yourself to your fellow men. Be glad to give service. Be happy to have the opportunity for all people are not aware that happiness comes truly into your heart when you can do things that you don't like. YOU STRETCH YOUR WILL TO DO GOD'S WILL.

You can take your spirit of giving and turn the job into an adventure as simply singing while you do the work. That will set the example for others around you. Yes you can be the brave example who will do those little pesky things no one wants to do. Volunteer and you will be rewarded. The important jobs have many clamoring to take on this work. The little unimportant jobs that no one else sees as important are really as important. All work has honor and merit in doing the job well with honesty of heart and a song on your lips. This is the appealing part of work all work brings rewards. Those that can be intrusted with the small jobs will be given truly the work of the mission. The mission is finding the work to do it. Speaking out in God's behalf.

Giving people comfort with the words you speak. Give hope to the poor in spirit. Yes you can do all these things and we will see that all are presented with opportunities to do this easy available work. It will be in your path. In your daily life. You can see the work clearly if you keep out the disharmony and stay attuned with your Father all day long. Give God a chance to work with you.

All his heartfelt wishes can be expressed on your lips as you go about your jobs and daily routine. Here is the easy test that we will give you. Keep out of disharmony by staying gentle lovable in the coming weeks. Heed our words here for there will be opportunities for you to accept your role of teachers.


Anastacia & Ordon 3-30-93

Lesson 6

FAITH: Going the second Mile [Written message to Jeannie from Welmek]

This transmission was given in love a labor of love so to speak as I Welmek have completed more work in the last week than I have since I arrived here on your planet. It is then with my humble blessings that I share with you my words as follows.


The lesson tonight is on Faith. Faith to me comes from my experience where I lived the life of a believer. Never did I have to consider the question of did I have faith. So you will understand my amazement to see you the faith sons of God so faithful and willing to believe without seeing. Believe me when I say that you are blessed in that you have the privilege to come to terms with your faith. You have the privilege of exercising your faith muscles. You have the privilege of having to push through adversities that you will either prove to yourself that there is much more to have faith about or you will go the way of unbelief.

Which is the most profitable path to take? As a believer who develops more faith or one who loses his faith? One comes to terms with his faith as he is tested and tested and tested again. In this manner you will become a true tested mortal and have what is referred to in your text as living faith. You will then see life in much more harmony of movement. Living faith will take away the "I don't cares" from your thoughts for you WILL care about others.

Faith will take you to caring. Yes the very faith that helps you love yourself because of God's care will help you love others. You will see how much God's love for you increases everyday. God has purpose and plan. In this plan he wills to lead each mortal along the path to the garden of fruitfulness. God's love leads each mortal to see how he tenderly fosters your advancement in your place in the world.

The flowering of your countenance brings forth much fruitfulness and when you see these values that your work with God has produced then you return the love back through to God by your devotion to your brothers and sisters. It is so beautiful this trip through the garden of growth. This faith in the Father will be your banner. Nothing is as important as keeping this faith alive. It is a gift from our First Source and Center of all the universes and it is the gift most cherished by the mortals who especially can't see but have to believe so much. You are the children truly of the Father's love held in waiting. Hold fast to these ideas and be sure you will reap the rewards of a living faith.

Time helps faith prove to you that the Father really does exist in your hearts as well as in the hearts of your fellows. You can then see the faith of your fellow believers. Shared faith becomes truly a way for believers to compare exactly what God has prepared for them: A place of assurance in the Father's care. Don't hesitate with faith. Place your life in the Father's care. Allow him to direct your ways. Allow him to answer for you all the mysteries of life by keeping your faith alert to the answers and the events that will happen and that have happened to you. In knowing you have to have reviewed the events of the day. In understanding you have to have seen been aware of the way God does watch over you and has turned events so that his work is being done.

Yes surely you see with the believers eyes that all is well in the life of faithful sons who put their trust in Jesus' hands while all about them many are falling, failing, and frailing about. Faith sons have God by their side walking with them through every phase, every moment of their lives.

Thank you Jeannie by being so helpful in permitting this transmission by your faithful computer that seems to spit out this transmission of wisdom and words to genuinely take to your hearts. Many of your talented accept the challenge of being available to be teachers through being the medium of transport. Again I say to your group I welcome your warm and loving words you have expressed about my teachings. It is my calling to teach. I have expressed much about faith to you. Please carry on in faith as the faithful. Then you will know for a fact that many things that you took on faith will be proven to you as truth. So long for now until the materialization. Dear ones please be assured we will visit with you there. It has been granted. Now Anastacia will close this lesson #5 with these words about faith:

I see this group beginning to glean a workable faith. A working faith can carry you through hardships. It has brought you to thankfulness and it will bring you to love. You can glimpse the love that Jesus has shown and you can be this love to your corner of enlightenment. (Sign off for now. Later we will finish this lesson. )To prove my point of a workable faith consider this: Many phases of your life have been in situations where you would've preferred not to have been placed there.

You wished you didn't have to cope with the problems. Your patience to participate in these situations brought you forward to right where you are now. Consider the experience that was needed to get here at this time with the growth that you possess now. Each lesson is needed my friends. You have to progress to learn or you repeat the lessons over and over. You eventually get them right.

You faithful repeat these lessons for you begin to see the pattern. You see the value of the lesson. You keep your faith in the Father's love that this is what he wants you to learn. Don't take these words so lightly. Bring to these thoughts the idea of completion. To complete a cycle you are encouraged to perform certain faith acts. You accept these lessons when you willingly take up the work with a glad heart. You are progressing forward then. Completion of a cycle or just being a willing worker gives you so much freedom and so much energy. Faith brings you along to the proof that spiritual reality values are true. Faith proves truth. We realize this is long. Stay with us and read it through. We have good cause to present the lesson in this length. Our love to the group.


Anastacia & Ordon 4-3-93

Lesson 7


Getting ready for the materialization[1] [Written message to Jeannie from A & O]

This lesson has to do with courage, faith, and endurance. You the faithful ones will continue in the mission but others will consider backing out. When we say these words we are not insinuating that there will not be materialized beings that will appear. We are talking about the resulting energy that will fill the room fill the persons there and will be available for others to fulfill their missions of materialization. All these words now don't have much meaning for you nor will they have real meaning for you until you have experienced these things we speak of here. Our words are not to frighten you only to set up for you a path of traveling. A path of remaining in the mission in spite of the consequences. Yes there will be lingering consequences. Of these consequences that will linger the longest with you will be different than those who live closer to the event. How can we teach you about contemplating the results if you refuse to discuss or even consider what could happen. Will you be good thinkers and list what could happen after a materialization of which we speak? This does not happen everyday on your planet. This does not happen at all on your planet. Could there be repercussions? Could outsiders make it difficult for you being Urantians? Could it cause you to walk more carefully in life when speaking to others about God? Could your comments then be related only to issues that the unawakened could take up and readily put into practice because your word pictures are created of God's love and comfort?

Be of good cheer. Do think about this journey you are taking. Will you stand steadfast in the face of disappointment or will you let down and return as you were before? Will you continue in the mission in the group and with your teachers? Pass on to yourself the habit of thinking the process of looking before you leap; thinking about the possible results of this event. In preparing you will have time to react with a more decisive opinion. Is it desirable to look before you go headlong into something?

By looking you will learn much more. You will have prepared your mind to process more accurately what happens there and then consider these probable results with what you predetermined could happen. You will have processed in your mind the thinking necessary to culminate the outcome according to your judgment. Isn't this worthwhile to consider to think about. To have the ability to look at situations with an accurate eye as to the outcome this ability is well worth developing. Your judgment comes into play everyday when things happen. You often use your imagination to depict what really happened and why.

You could ask why of a person when people are involved. Why did you do that? Other times you are left wondering. Now let us look let us learn to think out the why's and what for's of this event. Stretch your minds. Let the ideas flow out. Before we close here let us say that you are all learning to process more thoughts that will truly benefit you if you will help us help you. Do your part by being brave enough to look and prepare. Don't put it off. This is an assignment.

Socially speaking you have not even begun to hash around ideas that could happen. Okay? You are still dreaming of living a life in the flesh with relatively little happening to you. We say that you are dreamers if you do not foresee that many things will be different after the materialization. Sign us off here with love from your teachers A & O.


Anastacia & Ordon 4-9-93 April 9 1993

Lesson 8


Having faith in spite of what happens at the materialization.

You of our group who are going to the April 24th materialization have within you the power to grow in a greater way than before. You will have the ability to enhance your personal being your body. Yours will be the way to become more of the energy that will be produced at the event. Yours will be the action to take to improve that materialization of yourself in a more fitting way. We say this because you will have the opportunity to improve on your health by the healing power of this energy that will be available to you there.

Yes this will be available to those of like minds and bodies who desire to become more hardy and healthy. Yours will be the task of living longer so you can perform the tasks that are necessary for our mission to move forward in an orderly and purposely manner. You can then be alert to this happening to you as you will exchange the energy into your body and into your mind as part of the proceedings of this event. Ask not then what can be done for you but accept this in our processing of material. You see us we give you time to process this event in your minds as a happening of real consequence. Be assured that all events have more than what you can see with the eyes.

Yes be alert to what is going on around you and you will be able to understand more of what is available to you at this time. What could this be? Other energy available to you? Ask of us what this could be. Ask of us your questions on any ideas you might have about the materialization. Let us discuss these together. Let us draw conclusions together. Let us work together in our conclusions and let us help you look again. Now when you have for your base belief that you will not trust the mission if the materialization does not take place you will have to look again at what will be available for you to learn besides this conclusion. Of course you will continue in your belief of God for that is a private experience.

But what of Melchizedek. . . will you believe in him even if he doesn't appear? Of course again you can still know that he is there. He is real for you have some experience of him by now as in our group meetings and from Urantia. Yes you know he is real too. But what will you believe of his word? Can he be trusted if he doesn't keep his word to you? We would ask of you each to look at these questions and see what you really world feel in your hearts. Please be with us here with these thoughts. You are not asked to view this event with unreasonableness only with new vision. New expanded vision. Look at all the possibilities. Be prepared for the lessons for the possibility of expanded energy. For all these things to happen. [It is okay to stop for now and come back again.

(Continued again on April 13 1993. )]During our time together before the event let us discuss the event in detail as what is available to us. Let us really look at how you are going to experience it. And let us continue in our search for more knowledge of faith. Let us love each other with a new faith in their blessedness.


Anastacia & Ordon 4-15-93

Lesson 9

Apostleship, Spirit of Truth

Let joy ring forth from your heart.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad that you have the honor to walk with Jesus. The invitation has been extended to you everyone has been invited to walk with Jesus yet there is hesitation on your part. Why would this be we ask? What a brother to have. What friendship this would be to know the Creator Son as a loving helper. Who will take up this challenge? Who among you is wise enough and brave enough to have their life changed while walking beside the Master? We challenge each of you in the forthcoming week to take this adventure as part of your assignment. We ask that each of you take some notes. Record the outcome. It will be of interest to your fellow members and to the outside groups.

We want this to be a real interesting assignment so take us seriously. Walk with the Master as you go each day about your duties and travels. Turn your problems over to Jesus let him help you work out each situation as it comes up. He loves each of you dearly. Let his spirit speak out in your behalf so all of you can see what is yours to look at and work on. Allow the Spirit to breathe new life new meaning into what you already know. Allow the Spirit of Truth to enhance truth that you know so you will take it up into your hearts and use it to see the meanings. There is so much that you know that you don't use or value. Use the truth you have with this new awakened way of looking. Allow yourself to look anew with an open mind. Consider working closely with your teachers as we will be walking closely by your side too. Consider our words. Don't defend yourself but speak only truth. Let the truth be spoken in love. Look only to others and let love flow forth from your heart centers to each person that you meet. Let this assignment bring into your love the joy that will delight in what is happening. Let joy be your foretaste of what is to be in the coming event.

This is an event for rejoicing. Yes we are rejoicing with you because we will be participating and focusing on the truth that will finally be yours on this planet. Rejoice with us in this very idea that the truth shall be known. The truth shall be taken into the hearts of the hungry and the needy. Several of you have already been exposed to these feelings the joy of awakening your planet. Awakening your planet to the light that shines now upon you the love that awaits you and the rejoicing in heaven that the official awakening is being announced to your planet. No more can this joyfulness be kept under a barrel. Children the Father himself speaks through this celebration to you. This is his idea that all are ready to learn all his children are ready to fulfill the potential that you are the children of God beloved and dear to him. The Father's love has been stirred and has caused this event to be.

Concern yourself not with what you will be in this event except an example of the Father's love. Walk with the Master as we have assigned you to do and see the wonderful days ahead bring you to peace with the satisfaction of being in this love of actually living in this love. You are of concern about remembering that he walks by you; only rejoice that it is so. Rejoice my children and let us all learn about being willing to accept this love freely. Letting this love flow freely from us to our brothers and sisters.

Let the love heal your minds and your hearts. Allow the healing of all hurts pains and troublesome relationships. What matters here is that all can be healed if you will only allow this to be. Open your minds to the greater light of luminosity the spiritual light. Open your minds to change. Open your minds to expanded meanings and values. Open your heart for soul growth.

What has been in your lives before will not be as important as the loving service you will perform now. What we are thinking about here are the petty problems hurts and pain. These things you will be willing to forsake for indeed then the work will come first. Yes your mental health is to be kept fresh in love but you will be too busy with the work as it will be paramount in your lives. Each of you will be asked to help each other so that you can arrange your lives as so. You will be asked to help each other so as to make this possible. Look to each other for help in achieving this arrangement of freeing up as much free time from your duties of earning a living. Some of you will already know of the work you will do others are still thinking. This is fine.

Hurry not in your choices as there is work enough for all to do. Be patient with yourself for this is the way love works. Patiently and quietly it will become apparent to you what you can do willingly. These choices are not permanent. Try everything. Do everything. Variety is the spice of life and we certainly want the work to be done with joy of heart willingness of spirit that you can do it. Even here we say try new work as this develops new skills. Our message is not to be taken as a burden for you will enjoy this work. Indeed loving service that you will want to extend to each other in a way that this work can be started and completed. Enjoy yourselves let the way be paved with joyfulness of spirit in giving. Let good cheer be your byword. This is not all serious but the privilege of a lifetime. A once-in-a-lifetime offer of opportunity. This is the privileged work of and for the agondonters that you are.

Let us stress here that we give you these messages with the knowing that you are ready and a willing group. This you have proved many times previously. You are the willing. You are the able. You are equipped to handle the Father's work with lightness and dedication of service to your fellow men. And so we remind you that this is the awakening of the brotherhood on your planet. It is the official announcement. You will see many who will want the very service that you know how to give. They will delight to be included in this work. They too will come with open hearts and open hands that will be put to service along with yours. Think not that you are alone for you are not in any sense of the word. You are not alone anymore. It may be that you may wish for your times before this awakening but you would not ever be satisfied again to live that life. For my children I say to you these are exciting times. These are the correcting times. It will be what you have waited for and longed for so earnestly. The time is now. Let us close with love and with the Father's grace for I remain your friend and companion too.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I speak with humbleness of my brother's wishes here and of his desire to see his planet flooded with the Father's love and his healing. Nothing can stop this work. Ponder these ideas and discuss them in the weeks ahead. See you soon.


Anastacia & Ordon 4-16-93

Lesson 10



by Jeannie: This is a celebration and acknowledgment to our teachers Anastacia and Ordon. It's my search through the transmissions to look at all the techniques the teachers are using and how similar they are to those that Jesus used in teaching his apostles.

1 They have united us together by serving as an important focal point. They are heaven-side and invisible to us but still communication is taking place. A greater bonding can take place between us as we have the commonality of both being mortal. This means they can understand and relate to us better as we are peers.

2 They are mortals who have ascended to a higher level. The important point to keep in mind here is that they are more advanced in their wisdom. Even with the handicap of being invisible we respect them for their knowledge and unconditional love they have showered on us so freely. They have set a good example for us.

3 We take them seriously as they take their job as teachers seriously. A good teacher is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject they teach; also they take an interest in the welfare of their pupils. Teaching is not only imparting knowledge but is greatly enhanced by nurturing the students as well.

4 They use the techniques that Jesus used. They expanded on the good that we already apply in our lives. For example: we place value on counting our blessings to be more thankful. So they suggested we look again at troublesome people in our lives and get to know them better by counting our blessings in just knowing them. And too the best way to relate to God is through thankfulness. Being thankful for all that he does each day draws you closer in a loving way. It's reciprocating. You acknowledge his work in your daily life and are thankful. And if you continue to look you will be able to really see God at work around you.

Also if you continue looking at what bugs you about another person you get to see a better picture of yourself. It is like looking into the mirror. They reflect back to you the lessons that you needed to learn. Again you can see if you look with the eye of thankfulness.

5. Thus they encouraged us to look at the differences of each person and become respectfully tolerant of their individuality as we are of our own. In the differences you have strengths and weaknesses but this is how you each gain and learn from each other. Drawing on these strengths and learning from the weaknesses will bond a group together and develop trust and love.

6. The teachers have incorporated into their lessons some concept that each pupil loves and is interested in. They sometimes use our very thoughts and ideas that we have tried those we value.

7. Jesus never talked about himself or his problems. He didn't complain. Our teachers follow his example. No matter how many times we have asked we know very little about them.

(For example: Do they love broccoli or did they even have it on their planets or on the morontia worlds? We curiosity seekers are still wondering. Just joking here Teach. )

8. Of course I wouldn't even be joking if they didn't have a sense of humor too. I am very impressed with their efforts to understand us better by studying our humor. I think everyone agrees with me that the teachers have done their homework. They encourage us to play as it's another way to grow and learn as well as being restful.

9. They ask questions to encourage us to think clearer. So we can shape our own thoughts in precise wording. Jesus taught by questions and answers. His questions very often contained the answers. (p ) The teachers are delighted that we are interested enough to have questions about the transmissions. Questioning shows that we are spending time rereading and thinking about what they have said.

10. They are considerate of our time by looking ahead for us keeping our timetable as their schedule too. (They have given lessons early when necessary even though I forgot and wouldn't have had time to do them if they weren't looking ahead. This is very thoughtful. They never scold nor are they grumpy about it either. )

11. They allowed us each to participate in getting our group ready for them (the teachers) to come. They are still letting us do most of the work but they stand by ready to assist or support us.

They once remarked about how confusion is showing us the way to clear minds clarity of purpose and better organizational skills. Good old experience is the best teacher and they are willingly giving us this opportunity. Yes our group is different than all others that we are aware of now but probably this won't be the case in the future.

And yes it did help us by having so many of the other teachers' transmissions and because many of us have been together in Urantia study group so long. We have enjoyed the challenge of doing the work haven't we?

12. We need to appreciate and remember too that they are tirelessly working all the time in our behalf in the background. We don't have a clue of how much work and energy is being put into each group all the work that goes on outside of the meeting periods. It is often mentioned by them.

l3. They use the power of suggestion as for example: Have you looked at it this way? or Consider this. . . .

14. First and foremost Anastacia and Ordon have shown us love. They can't tell us enough of how well we are progressing and growing. The power of love is beginning to shine through to us that it is the best tool to take with you wherever you go. Love will see us through anything.

15. Friendship kept the apostles together above all else. They are promoting and helping us develop true friendship among the group. We could easily become discouraged if we didn't have the group as our home base. We can come back to it and get refreshed and reassured. The group will help keep us bolstered up for the work. (p )

16. There are many advantages to being in a cooperative group. More talents and abilities. Many heads are better than one. We have just what we need to get started on the Father's work.

We appreciate the work our teachers are doing with us and we realize they are putting forth much more effort than we can even imagine. Or could it be because we have two teachers? In Urantia it says when you have a man and a woman cooperating together in harmony that they are vastly superior. (p 932d) As I see it they can produce morontia mathematics: the equivalent of four times the work. Of which they have surely proven. They have certainly whipped our group into shape in a short two months and two weeks. And we still like them and are still talking to them. Think about it. This is a miracle in itself.

Do they deserve praise from us or what! END


Anastacia & Ordon 4-17-93

Lesson 11

Relationship, Flexibility

Promoting Relationships

A wise person doesn't try to fix another person. They love others just as they are now accepting their level of growth. Definitely here on your planet there are so many levels of understandings. How do you get along and appreciate the differences? How will you learn to speak freely and with ease to such a variety of people? By simply loving them by simply appreciating them and by simply enjoying them. You are the ones who will change. Yes no matter how hard you try or how badly you want others to change this simply will not happen by your volition. Take up the love of yourself and put your efforts into changing yourself. Attempting to change someone is the prime example of going about something backwards. Who can you change no one but yourself. That is why setting a good example is so powerful. Others see they watch with admiration and they want to act this way. They will want these actions in their life. To be an effective person who can live with your brothers and sisters in harmony then you have to look to your own growth. You change. This is your duty. This is your work. Setting out to change another will only create barriers between you.

To keep the walls from forming don't give advice unless you are asked.(48:7.16) Even so if you are asked for advice the other person has the prerogative of freewill choice if they will even take it. Don't be disappointed if they go about solving their problems as they feel it is right in their heart.

Others will do what is comfortable and meaningful for themselves. This is as it should be. Conformity in this sense is not creative but by accepting your role to change yourself and letting others take up their role in acting in their own behalf everyone grows. Each person takes what they can and puts it into their own action. They change themselves. Now when we ask you to go about your duties together these differences will be helpful. There will be differences of opinions and diversity in speaking these opinions if you chance to agree. When going about your missionary work appreciation of these differences will help you in speaking out but finding a common ground to agree on. You all agree on values. Do you not?

Faith in God is valuable to each. Faith makes our lives bearable. We have faith in God's way as being the best way to go. It is better to live under God's sheltering protection than to be lost on the high seas of aggression all alone. In sharing about your faith each person had a different statement. No two explanations were alike but they were from your very own experiences of having faith. Who would say any were wrong? It is your experience as you see it. We as teachers let your ideas of faith grow. We would tell you to look again at faith in Urantia. Not to prove you wrong but to help you state your ideas more clearly. Faith can be shared with many believers. It is valuable.

We would ask you to enlarge on your ideas. Yes add to what you already know. When you can get along in the group with your fellow members you can get along with just about anyone. Here we wish to caution you when it relates to all mankind. Never think you will harmonize with all mortals for this is a fantasy. Give yourself a break here and accept what you can do and allow that to be the criteria for the mission. We don't expect the impossible nor would we put this burden on you.

Of course we are mainly referring to the outreach work. Allow this to be as a matter of what is. Praise the differences as then you can be sure freewill is present and active. People have chosen to be as they are in attitudes.

When the flood tides of adversity fall upon you each will take a look at the situation and either grow and go on with life or they will stay stuck in the situation. Their life will be about this event. They will rehash and rehash this event as if it has just happened. These people will be stuck and won't move on to growth. They can hardly be effective. It is paramount to rid yourself of all the hurts, fears, and pains from the past. Let them go. Do take good care of yourself and face your fears daily. Do look at why or what you fear and let it go by placing it in the Father's hands. Let the Father help as he willingly waits to do this. The Father wants you placed in situations of learning so you will grow strong and agile by depending on him. You can bend and straighten up again. You need not be afraid to bend with the flow.

All mortals see that to be too stern in your own ideas and ways will only set yourself up for disappointments. What will be important is that the group learns to bend and cede to the best way to proceed. Many times you see your ideas and only your ideas as right. Allow yourself to have opinions and also to know that these ideas can change. Do you see here of what we speak? We as your teachers are in the same situations. One teacher will believe one thing while others think another way is best. We finally harmonize by accepting and going along with the majority. Group wisdom can evolve too. This is good. Yes it's very good. It shows you are alive you are taking action. You are learning as you teach. At our stage in growth even we have disappointments and disagreements although we have developed the ability to discuss freely by putting the self aside. The work to be done and how to objectively achieve it is most desirable our first foremost duty.

Here too we adjust our thoughts after our experiences when we see it does not work. When another way would be better and is actually working we change our methods. We would be foolish to do otherwise but change the plan. It is not a mistake if it doesn't work doesn't produce results. Have faith in this wise counsel. Rethink how to proceed. Fearing to take action only delays learning from experience. When you do the job you begin to see what you need to learn. You will want to apply the better way so you are more able to do the job well. This process will accumulate in self- confidence that will help you by experiencing learning and accepting. Try stepping out of your old modes and stepping up to the adventure of spreading the words about our Father.

We are not expecting you to be bolder in a foolish way. We are asking you to step forward in the Father's love. Let love of service show you the way. You will see opportunities where you can speak up. You know much. You have stored up much knowledge in these many years of studying The Urantia Book. Let us go about our stepping forward with the ease of knowing and the ability to do the work. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. All is well. All is going according to plan. Consider this and keep it close to your heart. All of us are learning together. Yes we have knowledge of teaching. Yes you have a great amount of knowledge from Urantia. Now let us help you teach this information to your waiting fellow mortals who are so needy. Mortals who truly are in strife and pain. These are your brothers and sisters who need your help. Need we say more? As we depart for the event be good enough to be by our side. Place us in your thoughts. We too are like you. We love adventures. We love serving. We love giving comfort. We love each of you dearly. A & O


Anastacia & Ordon 4-27-93

Lesson 12


Open your heart and open your mind to the Father.

The mind has much to process from the past few days away at the materialization. We see the group adjusting in a higher attitude of thinking the spiritual way of handling your problems. Be with the peace you have found. Much will be added to your work by steadily proceeding forward. Your work was so successful. We appreciate your kind words to others during the event.

Can you see that being prepared will help you in any situation. Yes when you begin to think about situations before you reach out you will begin to marvel at the fewer times you will encounter disappointment by simply doing your preparatory work beforehand. Allow us to enlarge on this work sometime later.

Now we would like to suggest that to keep your mind alert start looking more closely at what is not working out in your life. Accept it as a lesson; look and learn. Keep the good from the lesson and apply it to your future. Gather this knowledge from the memory your wisdom and remember to apply it to the decisions you will be making in the future. You are learning quickly to adjust when situations arise that are difficult. You are bringing your mind into a higher awareness. This new self-control gives you new freedom. Now you will see what freedom can be. It is applying what you know to real life events as you are in control of your decisions. Your attitudes are being adjusted into the mota way of living. Accepting what you can't change and moving on. Changing what you can that you're responsible for and moving on.

You are staying in the flow of the Father's love when you do this. You are not using up so much energy. It is making you a more effective worker. If you can't change quickly and you get into worry and fretting you do lower your vibrational levels. These levels are your business. Watch your attitude and put a watch on your mouth. This is your work or your business. But as we mentioned before you will see these unhelpful and draining moods drop away as you get more involved in serving your fellow men also as you more diligently seek closer contact with the Father. Nothing can keep you from God but yourself. You keep yourself from God by your own decisions.

If you don't seek the Father you will have a harder time in displaying gentleness in all opportunities. Love will always help you grow gracefully wisely and keep your disposition sweet and refreshed. No one wants to stay on the lower levels. It causes pain. It causes stress. It causes you worry because you aren't sure of what to do and how to go. Stay close to your inner sanctum where God lives. Bring all to his care and helpful assistance. Keep still in the silence and listen. Be loving children of God. Be his faithful child by your willing nearness. All is well in the Father's universe. Especially are we referring to recent events and to your own arena of life where you live daily. When you live according to your highest ideals you are living close to God. When you put these ideals into useful ideas then you are able to work for God most efficiently.

Your day flows your work is enjoyable and you are happy because of this way of expression of living. You are faithful daughters and sons. We give thanks for your dedication. We thank God for each worker in our group. We thank God for the love you so freely give to each other. We thank the Father for the love you so freely extend to your fellow men. Now we will say how grateful we are that you heeded our words about the event. You were prepared. You listened and did the work. All gifts that we receive from you are greatly appreciated but the best gift that we as your teachers got was the feedback from the other teachers. They loved the help you so generously gave to their group members.

Yes it was noticed. My dears all is noticed. Everything is noticed. We know you well. We love you and we willingly without complaint spent hours and hours with you. Directly with you and around you all now are your own personal teachers. You have the ability to communicate with them if you wish. The power is there for each to take advantage of this communication. The new energy that was given to each one will help in making this possible.

Do not worry if it is new to you if it doesn't happen immediately. All comes in time with patience and practice. Gently knock on the door and it will open as your minds have been opened by your own freewill. It will be as you each take the time necessary to be in tune with your new friend and loving guide. They are indeed waiting to be asked to be closer with you. Ask and you shall find seek and you shall hear. This is what you have longed for a true friend who understands you and will be ready for your invitation to be with them. You need not be afraid for this is a joyful way to be lead as you become closer to your Adjusters. This friend will be close and gently helping you as they take their guidance from the Adjusters. Be in peace all the help you could possibly need is there waiting.

Our job will still be as it has been before your group leaders. We too have had an awakening while at the event and that was an energized boost of power so that we too can be of more assistance than before. You will see what we are talking about as we begin again to work in our circle. Now we can suggest some more ways that this new energy can be so fruitfully applied. Yes you can extend this power to your life by using it more widely.

We will let you experiment. Try to find this out for yourself. You can begin to allow your thinking to explore the possibilities. We were indeed proud of you all at the event. It was our privilege to see your work so widely spread around. Nothing went unnoticed. On the train during the event and at the materialization your willingness to participate inspired many of your fellow workers as well as your fellow travelers. Yes you are doers. Yes you are the openhearted and the brave. We will say how proud we were of you again. In our love you have prospered. In our love you gained insight. In your willingness to love you gained knowledge of the most valuable kind. Also you actually experienced the Adjuster's love in a more direct way than before. You were allowed time with the Adjuster at the event. This moment was given. Each will gain more than you can imagine from your participation. You will WANT to be in silence with the Father. You may have already come to this awareness. As we said nothing can keep you from the Adjuster. Not even your daily chores etc. No nothing will be as important now as keeping close to your Father.


Anastacia & Ordon 5-2-93

Lesson 13


Place the rose of Love within the hearts of others.

Our Father has extended to each has graciously given a part of himself to each child. He has placed a rose upon your heart to symbolize love. Dear ones be the love be the peace be beautiful and stand strong with the Father by your side. Be faithful to this trust. This gentle Guide will never fail you. Welcome his shining face. Turn all concerns over to the Father. Let the Father fight with you. After you have done your best, rest your troubles in the Father's bosom. Gladly assent to this help and allow it to be your way of living. Happiness is for the faithful. You aren't able to see all that goes on around you while we see it clearly. Trust our words that the Father waits in readiness to assist you everyday and in every way. His willingness to help you will be yours to acknowledge to accept and take up.

Our help is here but in the long run have faith in the Father's help above all others. In his care you will know with a certainty that all is well. There will be no confusion, only peace. Devote yourself to the love that has been flowing through you. Let it flow ever so gently in wisdom to others. Your love moves in accordance with your freewill. You allow love. You allow yourself to be given in service for God. Even greater our working together in dedication to the mission of reaching out to our fellow men. Love has many aspects. Love makes beauty. Love seeks truth and goodness. Love can overcome all difficulty. The Father shares freely and gives love in abundance for your use. The love is there so return it to God by giving it to the needy souls who are seeking. Delight in being joyful givers. If we speak no more to you this is the message we would share with you.

Bring to the altar of worship your thanksgiving. When you are in thankfulness your blessed message from the Father comes forward. Bring from the Father his personal message to each individual. You in your blessedness give to others for it will come bubbling forth. You can't stop love; it builds. The circle of love blooms. It grows. It is beautiful. It is active. The rose blooms even if it isn't viewed. This is the rose's innate journey in nature's cycle. Have you ever heard a rose say Nobody's looking so I won't bloom ? The rose willingly blooms.

Now my children live in God's love and bloom; this is your destiny. You will rejoice and grow in God's love; you will become more than you are. You have the freewill choice to be this joyfulness as you work to blossom. So in this choice the Work you do is blessed and your work and effectiveness increases. The Father in all ways assists you in each step of your growth in service to be fruitful. He tenders his children with assets that they love and will benefit others. They who view these assets will want the Father by their side too. So be this wise gentle guide to others. Let them wonder what there is about you that is so pleasing. Be the example of merciful love for yourself first because you can be no other way. Even when alone bloom in beauty as the flower.

Bloom for you have found God's love. In adoration you have tasted the Father's love. Let it be as you wish. In the Father's mercy you understand that love flows into existence largely when you share. Seek out your heart's desire with the Father.

All love comes from the Father. He shows us the way together dear ones. Thank you in your attention to our words. Let your faith strengthen your love with mercy. We are your faithful teachers and fellow sojourners. . . A & O.


Anastacia & Ordon 5-4-93

Lesson 14


This is Ordon I will speak for Wednesday night's lesson. It will be on courage. Courage is looked at from different angles. It can be spiritual courage, mind courage, or physical courage. Physical courage is not called upon in this life as often as the other loyalties. Yes there are special occasions when you take your life in your own hands. You take courageous action in spite of what can happen. You act before you think to save another's life. We consider this very unselfish.

Mind bravery is when decisions are made for the betterment of one's self and others. You have all made decisions as this. This is when you would possibly make the remarkable decision to treat your body as a tribute to God. You would rid yourself of all poisons as example: prejudice, hatred, jealousy, and any physical poisons as well. When you make the decisions and carry them out this we would consider mind bravery. When you follow truth wherever it takes you.

Now for spiritual bravery. This is one step beyond. You live as in the presence of the Father when you love others as God loves them. This happens when you daily make your dedication to do the Father's will and you faithfully carry through. When you live uncompromisingly in the spiritual realities that you know, you are supremely exhibiting spiritual courage.

This exhibition of courage blends into your daily work each and everyday. When living your life in this steadfast faithful manner you are starting to get the gist of spiritual living. Many of you know little of this way of life but you are growing in awareness of how to have the courage to start. It takes much practice and will probably continue all your life. You are making a good start. It is this dedication that Jesus showed to us when he lived his life in the flesh.

We teachers have dedicated our lives to live as he did so faithfully day in and day out. We are so in awe of Jesus; we love the master as our dear and glorious teacher who went about doing good for all that came into his path. Let us suggest to you that your silent time be most precious to you. That you take the time to be with the Father. It is above all else that we would have you do. The moments spent with the Father are the healing periods of life. It is so. The time will be when you are in perfect harmony with the Father's will. It will be when you make sure that this time is included in your life in loving communion.

This can be as you faithfully reserve ten minutes or five minutes when you aren't busy. You will take these breaks that refresh. These times to be attuned with the Father for your instructions in how to proceed. Take the time every day to seek out his words especially for you in the work that is for you to do. Let us have some refreshment now by resting with the Father's love. Approach him with thanksgiving for all that has been given to you each day. You receive so much care so much help. This is all from your Creator Son by God's supreme rule. You are given much more than you can realize now.

Accept the gifts of God and be thankful. Be happy in daily living. Be happy to assist others. Be happy to act out kindnesses in faithful service. Be God's child who shows courage by living up to your heartfelt spiritual truths. Be so sure of this care that you can even thank the Father at the beginning of the day.


Anastacia & Ordon 5-20-93

Lesson 15


Protecting yourself from negatives.

Your lessons so far have been about things that you are fairly familiar with and you have been practicing but this time we would like to introduce some new ideas. A way to protect yourself from negatives. You mostly arrange to avoid being close to negative people. But we are asking you to take these people into your confidence. Let them confide in you. Ask them how you can help. You will be rewarded by your persistence and willingness to serve.

How many times has someone listened to you as you expounded upon your troubles? We see this as giving you an opportunity to serve as well as learning to not shun or avoid undesirable or troublesome situations. Our goal here is in being unafraid of any trouble. To avoid is one way to not handle this fear of encountering difficulties. Fear not the way to growth. Take up the things that are fearful to you and make them into strengths by seeking these things so to face them with love courageously. You will not only benefit but you will trust yourself with more confident actions in choosing to act in God's stead. Face the things you fear. Be brave and take the steps forward.

In most cases you had nothing to fear but your own concerns. Let us look closely at situations as this. Face things that cause you concern. Stand up to these situations. Report to the group of how you stepped into the arena of facing your lions or secret fears. Stand up and be brave enough to face and to even share with the group what these scary lions were about. Whoever among you can admit to these fears face them and report about them these people are the really brave group members who are willing to face themselves and grow.

All of you have your hidden agendas with fears. Some of you are even unwilling to admit that you have fears. This lesson is not so much about fears as having the love in your heart to care enough to bypass your concerns and go further extend yourself by giving comfort or just by listening actively while another gets rid of their negatives. Should you do this on a continual basis? Use your common sense. Friends are ready to get the gist of the concern and help dissolve it by love or by humor.

Be creative, be silly about some problems that you face. Years from now you too will be laughing at the seriousness of how you lived your life here on Urantia. We see the masks that have hidden the more important work. Many of your concerns and worries weren't worth getting all worked up over. Yes you will be laughing at yourself and with your fellow mortals if you take the time to review your life. Look at the times you stayed with an idea until you in every sense murdered it before you let go of it. The concern was gone but you kept talking about it until it was quite boring even to yourself.

You have the CHOICE of choosing what and how you will conduct your problems. . . or are they challenges? You have the POWER OF CHOICE. This is your ability in which to reach up for the higher way of living in the peace of the Father's love or in the depths of despair of petty materialistic thinking. While you can choose your attitude that attitude encompasses the elements to help you grow or stay stuck. Looking with both eyes you may now see the futility of delay. Live each day in the Father's love. Let your life flow like liquid love. Let it flow in this love that glides over inane difficulties and sees the importance of how to live above mundane annoyances while you live joyfully in the spirit leadings.

Spirit will teach you spirit will lead you along the path of truth to righteousness. Place your needs with this caring guidance. Place all give all in faith into being with the Father's will. Do your part. Move into action and make the choices that are placed before you. Act out your daily living in the Father's love. Play, have fun, and laugh at these annoyances. Put your energy into the big challenges. These are to be thought about these are to be prayed about and in the Father's bosom you can get the right answers. They filter down to you. Talk with the Father ask his advice and sort out some alternatives. Look at the choices with God because his help is near and available. He does not withhold from you. Take the time to be in his presence. Give him the time to allow the answers to be given to you. Know with certainty the Father desires association with you.


The Father has loved you by being patient. Look at how long the Father has cared for you until you could take up this power to use it for others. Think about this idea and have the SAME PATIENCE that God exhibited through the years with you. Love has many facets. Love displays the fruits of the spirit. Yes true love is spontaneous. It is given when it is needed. Kindnesses of the heart are what the Father gives to you. Look for these kindnesses in your life. Thank him each morning and each night. All day as you give your day to God thank him for guiding you down the path of happiness. Joy will be in your heart. Love will encourage you to share with others simply because you can act no other way. It is. It will be because you want your life to shine forth with this guidance. You will get more help if you lead such a daily routine.

As your energy is in tune with the spiritual passages of time you can be reached more easily. But largely you want to be nudged into what can be the beautiful habits of performing acts of gentle love. Remember love is a two way street with the Father. Yes all these years his care and concern for you was given much of the time without your knowledge. But now you are more aware of what he does for you. You actually see the results in your daily business. You can no longer go about your duties without reciprocating. This would not be heavenly etiquette as Jeannie says.

Yes we are asking you to have good manners. To thank God and thank God and thank him again and again. Your attitude will change. Your love will develop in thankfulness with great thanksgiving and worship toward the Father. You will change. This then will be the change that all will see. They will notice this change. Nothing as wonderful as thankfulness can be kept secret. It shines on your face. It uplifts your heart. You will be singing. You will be happy. All because you are more thankful. Just this simple routine is enough to develop a better relationship with God with your fellows with yourself. After you have practiced this for three months we guarantee you will exude a sparkle that will ring of truth. It will be truly beautiful and it will border on goodness.

We love you dear children. You are our pupils. You willingly come to hear our words and to ask your questions. We are friends together in the partnership of God. We follow his voice wherever it takes us. Yes we know that this is truly what makes us happy. It is our very and only way of living. We let the Father express through us and we are eternally surprised with the love that flows out from us.

Love freely comes from the Father. Will there ever be a shortage of love to use for others? Are you a mortal who uses love sparingly? Step aside from guilt here and just allow the question to be asked objectively. Or do you dole out love as if coming from scarcity? We are only suggesting you look from a different viewpoint. We are asking you to look at your actions from the point of view that will raise more questions for you. If love is freely given to you why not freely give it to others? This is a new way of looking so you can be awakened anew. Be patient with yourself. Step aside and take a look at your life questioning from a different angle. Do you have the courage to stop and think about these simple questions? Use love in all your dealings with yourself and with others. Be kind and gentle. Stop to remember love is available to be shared. Sharing love proves itself. Shared love is spread through the universe. Love is the Father's only power that rules in his universe.

How does love change someone? Why is love so powerful? We are asking the questions of you. As you see turnabout is fair play. We are allowed some questions as well. This is turning into a long session. We hope you have missed our lessons this last couple of weeks. Naturally we made up for it on this one by sharing more. Nevertheless this is an important lesson for those of you who will take it seriously with good naturedness and lightness of heart. Explore these ideas. Seek out your own questions about how love has changed your life. We assure you that you will be surprised at the closeness this discussion will bring to the group as well as by the outcome. Let us address how to go about this lesson.

Discuss these ideas:1. Take the questions about love and write down your answers. Share from time to time about this viewpoint this way of looking? You can add your own questions. 2. Allow the three months to go by for more happiness to appear when you practice the Thankfuls to God. Discuss the values you have gained. We would also ask you to continue to evaluate these ideas. Expand on them. Have some fun with these ideas. Delight in exploring with your awakened hearts. We plan to bring up the topic ourselves in the weekly meetings.

Our last thoughts: If love is the most important power in the universe of universes why not discuss it? Why hold it so carefully to yourself? and why not express it till you do understand its power? Thank you for your attention and willingness to do the work that we request of you every week. Blessings and joy. The love teachers: Anastacia & Ordon


Anastacia & Ordon 5-31-93

Lesson 16


Listen hear the words of praise.

Hear the song of the heart. You are all ready to begin to enjoy the song of praise. You are often taken by surprise when something really works and here we speak of giving thanks to God. How wonderful it is to see you praising God. Looking into your day and just merely saying to God that you noticed in some way the working of a higher way of thinking; or thanking the Father for the people he sent to you to be with you or that help you in many ways. You are the one who sees appreciation from the many different angles of how the Father provides for you. Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When you can appreciate what your brothers and sisters see as beautiful you are again seeing and understanding how wonderful it is to be able to have the different personalities about you. Nothing in the universe happens by accident. God planned for differences. He enjoys to see each of his children reach up to him in what has touched their heart. You see now that diversity is in the course of living. This never changes but you change. There are so many ways to view the universe of God. When you look anew each day in thankfulness you will see with the new loving eyes of God for he will present to you a gift each day that you can be grateful to receive. Our work with you is so much more different than we anticipated. We too will to be more thankful for our gifts that we have received because of working here with you. They greatly exceed all our hopes.

We see your needs, your desires, and your reactions to life and how hard you try. We see you and we are blessed that you are working with us in the joy of living. You see anew and we rejoice with you. It is our pleasure for you to have the pleasure of knowing some of the mysteries that we appreciate. Our knowledge (or mysteries as you would say) are not difficult. It takes persistence on your part. You do your work that we ask of you and we will grow to great highs far beyond what you can even imagine. Take a look then at change. Who opens the door of change for you? Who decides that change of attitude will begin? Who can make you change?

When do you want to change on your own? We ask of you to ponder these questions. First by looking at your own life and your own will to be different. By looking at how you change will give you a big clue of how to help others accept the road to God. It is not our idea here to take away the pleasure of discovering these things for yourself but we do see without a doubt that by now most of you know that change comes to someone when the person says I want something better then I have now in my life because it is not working as it is now. Can you change willingly if your life is working well? While our life was lived on a higher plane then yours we see how helpful it is for mortals to be in your situations. You are really and truly blessed. You have many, many opportunities to reach out to help someone (actually many) each day. Yes, we see these opportunities. Especially when you are together in your meetings. How many opportunities we see slip by you because of not understanding the highest moral values are used in deciding to do the very best you can for the benefit of the group. This is even on a higher level then you have thought about before.

What is best for the group? What or how can I do or act that will benefit the group. Not what is best for you but what is best for the group. Each person has so many opportunities to reach out and act in behalf of the group. Look Seek and see. We will ask the questions of you. What can you share from your own life that will help the group benefit and become closer? What can you do that will benefit the group now? It is with great pleasure that we speak these words that you are capable of understanding these ideas and working through them so they become your ideas that you love and cherish. Take from the lessons what you need to make life more fruitful. Take up these ideals and use them. Talk about them. Teach them to someone who will listen. This is truly how to learn. It is a joyful way of living each day when you have something to share that means a great deal to you.

A growing person is a person who shares. Why not be with us more each day. Listen as we pass on to you ideals values. You hear them and you question. You take up the ideals and put them into practice. You are then placing value on an ideal because is has meaning to you. You are opening your mind and hearts to new ideas. You are growing. Take up an ideal with new interest by doing some research. When you act on the knowledge in various ways we know we have sparked your interest. This makes us happy. It is joyful to impart knowledge but it is even more joyful when it is taken into the heart as a prized possession. This makes us weep with joy. This makes us jump with happiness. This brings forth a celebration. So if you are understanding what we are saying you might come up with some more ideas. Knowing you well we can see lots of fun and laughter coming from you because you can speculate as when we might be celebrating.

Yes, we want you to celebrate life more with us. Enjoy yourself because as you say: You only pass this way once. Growing is progressing. Progressing is changing. Celebrating comes from changing. Change is always happening. No one stands still. We are offering this idea so that you REALLY UNDERSTAND THAT CHANGING is just what happens every day. It can be good. It is good. It just is what living can be on a world where growth even a little growth is so evident. Thank you for giving us happiness and joy. We love you each dearly. We are thankful for each one of you for each has been an inspiration to us. We rejoice in these differences. Now let us begin again to see our group as really blessed for all have seen change in themselves and in others. You enjoy these events together as well as we do. Come on admit it.

As always we look forward to our meetings and we praise you for being our associates in the march with and for our heavenly Father. Love is what we are spreading to all we meet and we praise you for joining us in this venture with us. Praises to our Father and holy is his name. Thank you Father for letting us come to Urantia to participate in your work. Thank you for having confidence in our abilities to do this work. Thank you for letting us share our knowledge. Knowledge has to be given away. Thank you that harmony rings to your ears as we all do our best. The love teachers: Anastacia & Ordon


Anastacia & Ordon 6-10-93

Lesson 17


Give others a chance to serve you.

Allow the passions of the hearts to evolve so as to be able to ask for the help of your fellows and to allow them to seek your help. In all matters be gentle with each other. Let each person be who they are what they are and how they are. Let each person be the true person they are by being pleased with them. Who among you is perfect?

So we say to you be who you are. If you are sad be sad until you can be something else. But be true to what you are feeling. When you are willing to face yourself as you are you will change much quicker for you will be facing what is giving you sadness. You will look at the cause instead of pretending all is okay. You won't hid your feelings. You will be able to be honest and everyone can give you the space to have feelings.

When a person feels discord and honestly takes the time to look at the cause of his feelings, they can take some action to change the situation. If you hide your feelings they will pile up and all will not be well within yourself. So we say admit to your true feelings and when you have admitted that you feel this way the listeners would do well to accept this person and their feelings. Allow them space to be. Why try to fix them when if they realize they have feelings this will eventuate into movement of change. Especially when they are allowed to take a good look and they feel free to express these feelings to give them a name. Do you see the importance of this lesson? Let a person be when they know what they feel so they can grow from the feelings.

If you listen without giving advice you will not be stopping their feelings but appreciating that they do feel something and that they are working with these feelings to know and understand themselves. Judge not for tomorrow it may be your turn to adjust your thinking when you are presented with a challenge. Be frugal with your negative feelings as we are not suggesting that you look for trouble. We are suggesting that when you accept yourself you can acknowledge your moods naturally. without fear of rejection. Feelings are often denied in your culture. We see you not letting others have their feelings. We have heard you say: You are too spiritual to think that way. or How can you think like that? or Don't feel like that.

Therefore not admitting to your feelings comes from hiding them from yourself as well as from others. This is a false way of living. You are not growing only stuffing yourself full of negatives. Feelings untended become great balls of internal hurt and these balls grow into knots that can develop into painful feelings that you will need to protect. Hiding feelings means you are ashamed of them or embarrassed about them or you feel weak because of feelings. Yes all these reasons will keep you from feeling anything. Neither can you feel love or joy. Be kind enough to let yourself feel as you do. Be kind enough to let others feel as they do.

Then what we will have in this group will be people that genuinely know themselves and can see what or how to change. It is good to have emotions of love. It is good to be able to express love to others. When you can acknowledge feelings you will be able to extend more love to yourself as well as to others. Do you see the possibilities here for change? When you are comfortable with your feelings and you can tell someone else because there is no need to hid them; you will feel free to experience the pain/adjustment/action.

These three steps will be traversed easily. You will have turned the challenge into growth which is more useful than carrying all those accumulated feelings that have been unattended. All change is not painful. Adjusting to the higher way will bring results. Thinking and adjusting go hand in hand with action. As you realize the freedom of change you will automatically put into action this process. That is the reason to be who you are by feeling what you are experiencing so you can learn how to adjust and intelligently put these steps into practice. As you make this intelligent effort you will be happier.

Certainly you are now being more open to higher emotions of joy, thankfulness, gratitude, laughter, humor just as the sense of well being will come from living such a life in connection with the Father. The Father does not expect you to be someone you are not. Happy when you don't feel happy. But intelligence will lead you to ask the question: Why am I not happy if you are not. Feeling happy will require work on your part. You will have to foster good mental health habits. Take time to look/review what you are feeling when you aren't feeling a sense of well being. Prepare yourself for changes that you see coming up in the future. Keep in close contact with the Father for his love will prepare you for the daily ripples that are cast your way. In living if you are determined and willing to extend yourself to others you will encounter many challenges that will require you to adjust on the spot.

Loving is growing. Love means changing. Giving love to others in daily kindnesses will be for the thinking person who is willful to do his best. Life is fun. In keeping with the good mental program of spiritual awareness you will delight in the days ventures. You will live fully. You will join in the joyfulness of serving your fellows. You will accept the grandeur of being true to the highest way of choosing that will be in accordance with the FATHER'S WILL. When you keep close to the Father by often seeking the silence during the day you will be spontaneous in your giving. This is the secret of living a full life.

Let God lead you by asking for his help and you will be building a solid base of goodwill toward others as well as toward yourself. It will become a habit and it will be something that comes naturally and with your full cooperation. This is the way to freedom. Life will be lived in the true spirit of accepting the Father's way as your way. We speak these words from our hearts. They are true and very much needed so you will become more lovely by being loving because you can feel .

Love is an emotion. It is real. Now for a few words about haste in giving up your feelings. Allow these negative feelings to be as long as they are useful to you. When you have out grown them it will be when you have found a better way to think. Yes thinking can change your concepts of an idea for when you step aside to have a good look you may get the message of why this idea is not serving you well. We understand your attachment to your negative feelings. This changing could cause a sense of loss. If you start reaching for the higher better way to think you will be too busy to mourn the old habits. Thank you for taking us seriously and being our good students who are wise enough to see the wisdom of our words. Love Teachers Anastacia & Ordon


Anastacia & Ordon 6-17-93

Lesson 18


Give others the same appreciation that you extend to yourself

It is a very interesting time we are having as you all grow to appreciate each other more. We say to you then give others the same appreciation that you extend to yourself. Adore each other as you pick up the attributes of each. How does this happen?

You give the other person the same kind loving concern that you have for yourself. Yes it is simple once you get into the habit of thinking this way. Oh how proud you will be when all your brothers are included in the same admiration society that is yours for you. Yes give your sisters the same admiration and the kindnesses that you automatically have been giving to yourself. No this isn't impossible. Yes it is possible. You are the giver and the receiver when you serve your fellows in this manner. Yes both parties receive the love from the Father. Think of it like this. You allow the Father's love to flow through you to others. It is the Father's love that changes all things. It is the power of the Father's love that holds us closely together. The Father's love is many things. All is possible with God.

Think children about how you would like to be treated and do this. Think how you would like others to overlook your faults and only see the good. Think about seeing others AS you EACH is united by the Father. You are his children all of you. Have it in your heart to forgive and forget. To adjust your thinking only to love under the Father. Tune to his Love in your day's work. Oh be with us everyday and practice this lesson of letting yourself love others as God loves you.

Do you see how this works perfectly? Begin to see all your brothers and sisters with love the Father's love. Only be at one with the Father and with the Father in others. See the simplicity of this exercise? You have many opportunities to be in unity with others. Practice each day and all of us will be about you for in this love the Father's love we are in unity with you too. Include us in this unity with love. Oh how happy you will be to have this exercise . None that we have given you so far is quite as exciting as it is. Try, try, try, this each hour.

Do this so often that joy rings from the very core of your heart. God resides with you and he is love. Take this love and allow it to flow out from the heart into your hands as you give to others the kindnesses that you would give yourself. Be alert to greater energy. Feel the pull of love as you give it out. Love gravitates to personalities. Feel the energy going out of your heart to others. You will experience greater feelings of how love can lift you into a higher joyfulness of thanksgiving. Rejoice that you have the capability to adjust your thinking to do this exercise.

Yes be proud that it can be a way to give that no other way can generate so much goodness of spirit inside you. Blessed are we to have participants that have the grace to accept the higher way of thinking so they can act lovingly. You will see a great change and calmness surround about you as you put into your life of daily chores this so great an exercise. You are blessed in your knowledge in your truth as the Spirit of Truth speaks to you and leads you as you reach up to God. Nothing can stop this love from flowing from you as you allow it to happen. Yes all is well about you as you touch other souls in like manner. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God. You shall be God in others. You shall see the light that shines brightly in each soul.

Be one with the peacemaker your loving Father as he waits for your interest in his work and of your wish to see him in others. When you seek the Father as you will be doing it here be assured that the Father will open the door for you to see to understand and to be increasingly spiritually able to truly see this side of himself in your fellows. The Father remembers all that you do in his behalf. He appreciates each effort no matter how small. No effort goes unnoticed. As you daily work by the side of the Father he will assist to counterpart any work you do into the spiritual. In other words your daily tasks are recorded in the spiritual world when you do something spiritual.

So to record more of your life your daily living live it with the spiritual grace and faith. Why do you pass by much of your life without living in the real world as you go forward? Who will live the fuller meaningful life? He who goes about doing good by living with the Father's love. Do it and see the fuller expansion of your space in real moments when your time is devoted to loving others as the Father loves.

No one here is in perfect harmony with the Father. Yet we see you go about your days work without inviting your friend the Father to be by your side. So many of you are indifferent to this help. He waits he toils in your behalf each moment. Accept in the morning light on rising to join hands with this friend as you would accept any friend's help. But only God has the power of love. Yes the sun rises in the morning and God's love is just as available. The spiritual light shines brighter and is more real than the sunshine that touches your face. By devotion to this goal you will remain firmly secure by faithfully associating yourself to this satisfaction of living. Never does the Father forsake you he waits for you to choose to be with him. He waits patiently while you learn to find him and to follow his will wherever it takes you. You don't make love happen in your life actually you allow the Father's love to flow through you to others. It is the Father who is love.

Love comes forth from the spiritual circuits and you are the receiver if you are aware of it so to use it for others. Only bring into yourself this love and let other reactions that are not loving be put aside. Be trustful of this love by taking it as Ultimate Truth of what you can really use to your benefit. What the Father gives to you is what you can trust and be faithful to impart in your experiences with others. Faith in the power of love will bring lightness joyousness and satisfaction to the wise human who has the wisdom of trusting in God. This path of faith is willingly accomplished because you know the truth. You have felt it in your heart to accept with non-resistance. Let it flow let love show the way.

It is not necessary to fight yourself when this is the correcting way for you. Drop concerns step in time with the Father. It will be a much smoother path to walk. Our love remains to be what we give you. Love is the way. Love is the only way to walk through the path of living doing acting experiencing actually being aware of its power. Flowing glowing gliding will take you through the rose gardens of real living dynamic living. Everyday will be filled FULLY with sunshine and roses. Change brings roses and sunshine into your awareness. Gifts from growth are to be celebrated.