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Topic: Elyon-December-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantia, Sharmon, Aaron

TR: Jonathan, Daniel Megow, Simeon, Gloria

Session 1


Elyon: Good evening to you all. This is your teacher and guide, Elyon. I will speak briefly about dedication before allowing my fellow teachers to interject their words of wisdom.



It is a great struggle to maintain a clear and consecrated focus on your higher ideals when life about you tosses you back and forth. It is easier to fall into an on-and-off-again manner where you ease your conflict by thinking, "This is all right now, later I will be such and such."

Dedication to the Father is an always situation. When you apply this dedication to the situations in your life you will find that there will be certain things you will desire to cast aside, things that do not promote your ideals as they can manifest here. By applying the will of the Father to your life you will notice activities that are entirely neutral, where you do not need to waste energy in conflict trying to decide if it is okay with God. They are simply those undertakings specific to the human environment, totally transient and temporary and have no significance in the eternal spectrum. They neither detract from your devotion nor contribute. Yet in the realm in which you are conscious, they exist and cannot be ignored. Most of all, the deeper you dedicate yourself to the truth and the reality of the Father as manifest to you, you will perceive the potentials in your life that come before you, that provide the way for you to be that light upon the lamppost, that allow you to be the hand for the Father reaching your brothers and sisters. Dedication is a form of heart desire that is wholly positive, it is not duty bound.

Dedication does not imply eliminating from your life as it does direct you toward manifesting in your life. That which hinders and separates you from God will fall away as you lose your taste in these situations. You will enjoy peace where your life does not conflict with the Father's will, even though the Father has no specific command in that regards. You will enjoy the exhilaration of being a representative of the greatest Being in all the universe, actively and actually letting His spirit flow through you, touching the lives of all around you, working in concert with His presence in each and every one.

Pause for a moment to consider how special it is to know that you, one simple human being, are working with many, many fragments of the Father Himself. You are like the batboy in the World Series, and you know that around you are the great players of eternity, those fragments of divinity resident in all. Through your dedication you come to the clarity of insight and the attainment . .. (some lost) . .. with these spirits. The rewards are innumerable and the joys unending.

Make it your purpose to always direct yourself to the Father. Devote yourself to the reality manifestation of Him, which you have come to know as truth, as beauty, as goodness, and, above all, as Michael. This dedication will give you the credentials to be enlisted in universe chores which at this point you cannot even fathom. As my students I congratulate you for your dedication to our mission, your willingness to span the gulf of doubt with your faith. The rewards of this effort you taste now. Utilize this same vigor of faith you have in every aspect of your life. It is my pleasure to make room for other teachers. Thank you for listening.


Simeon: I'm feeling a lot of presence...powerful...

Daniel: Me, too. (long pause)


J: I'm wondering if a teacher is present who would like to answer a question I have. We have all come to accept that the Urantia Book is our textbook for universe orientation, and that the Teaching Mission is an outreach of personalities where we can all gain greater relationship with our higher brothers and sisters. Recently it has come to my mind that the consideration of where the organizations that promoted the Urantia Book stand like the Foundation. It seems they don't take a stance one way or the other. Should we be concerned about the Foundation, the Urantia Book, and all the interrelations there with the Teaching Mission? Or is this something that is just an unneeded burden on our hearts?

(S as TR) Unidentified teacher: Send that out away from you the pressure you feel when organizational differences arise. What has that to do with why you are here? You are simply to come forward with the understanding of the Father in such a way as to enlighten those around you with His presence inside of you. If you are to be effective in ministering to your brothers and sisters then truly...Gosh, I'm feeling presence...

J: Don't duck out, it could be Michael.

S: It is. It's the pressure.

Truly the leading we must take is to proclaim His loving involvement within your lives. To spend long hours making rules and regulations for how you would go about doing such is the material desire for a stability, a list of commandments written in stone. If you are to minister effectively you must take into account that the only true...I'm having trouble with this one... (long pause)

J: Would it be correct to assume that our main orientation is towards spirituality as we have come know it and to not be too concerned about interlinking of groups. That may cause more fractions than unity. More or less just carry on with spirituality and trust that all things work out.

Teacher: Feel empowered to make your own way beyond the conclusions. You can come together in purpose, but in form your reach (is) as distinct individuals all..(inaudible).. presence of the Father.

Individual, Personality

(Daniel as TR) Elyon: As you read tonight, look not so much for uniformity of actions so much as uniformity of desire to do the will of our Father. Cross referencing with groups does not give you so much a better way to do His will as it does to show you the desires which you all have in common. You each as individuals have gifts from our Father, your own special ways of sharing His presence in your life with so many others. Uniformity is irrelevant. Individuality is the Father's gift of personality. That is what you share, the Father's message coming through you, through your personality. You will reach others through that spark of the Father that is in them. The recognition will take place. All of God's children are totally unique manifestations of the Father. By showing others that fragment which is you, you are allowing them to see at another part of the Father and in turn expect to see another unique fragment of our Father in each and every other that you encounter. Does this help?

J: Yes, it does. It seems like the phrase, take the splinter out of your own eye before you take the mote out of another's applies. In other words to be about the Father's business as it impinges on our own lives and not fret about the interconnections of people.

Elyon: That is correct


J: I have another question. Is it okay to share with G. in Denver our sessions that have the presence of many teachers? Is it premature for him to be grappling with such a thing or is that well timed right now? I'd like to expose him to the presence of many teachers.

Elyon: He has some experience in this already. Use your leadings to answer this question for yourself. You are feeling that perhaps he will be turned off to the mission, or that perhaps it will help him to embrace it further.

J: I feel the second.

Elyon: It would not hurt at this time to let him know where you are coming from, that is... that they allow him to be open somewhat further for additional revelation through your experiences.

J: If I understand you, my first step would be to personally express my experiences with the variety of teachers sharing individual to individual then provide transcripts so he has an understanding from behind the scenes, so to speak, a participant's perspective that might help him deal with what looks like a circus of entities. He would understand it first before reading.

Elyon: Correct, share your experiences. You will be surprised that he will then come back and ask further for more information. If he does not, hold back. If he does, give him what you feel is appropriate to his responses. Does this help?

J: Thank you, it does. It helps me see the steps to take instead of.. I was wondering from the big perspective, I have some tangible process to go through.

Elyon: Do not overload him, give him a taste, give him two tastes. Save the dessert for when he asks for it.

Evelyn: That was a nice comment earlier about the batboy at the World Series. I know some who will read the transcripts and get a kick out of that.

D: Would it be appropriate to ask what other teachers are waiting for us tonight? What other personalities are with us?

(J as TR) Elyon: Naturally we have in attendance your personal teachers. (tape flipped) I have helping me beings who are skilled in the connecting process who know how to work with energy and mind to allow my messages to impress upon you. Sharmon is here. Your Melchizedek is here. There are new teachers watching.

I, Elyon, would like to clarify that my baseball analogy was intended as it was taken. I'm glad you enjoyed that. I would add one point, that we are comrades with you and do not hold ourselves up as all stars. and regard you as trivia. Yet I understand what it feels like to be a human in a universe teeming with beings who have vast amounts of experience. I am glad you could relate. Who would you like to speak with?

D: May I ask a question first? Elyon, was it you who was answering questions through me or was it another? I felt that I should answer for some reason when the questions were posed.

Elyon: I made response through you.

D: Think you. Does our Melchizedek have anything to say us this evening?

(J as TR) Malvantia: Michael is the one we represent. He is our Father and has provided us with a great purpose of demonstrating the reality of the Father here in Nebadon. He has created my order to instruct all who rise from the potentials spread about in this universe, to bring them to the point of full spirit status and offer them to our sovereign such that he may launch them toward the Father in the great adventure beyond. Know that my purpose with you is this very sequence of events. In your journey should you encounter confusion, clear the eyes with a prayer to the Father. Straighten your path by grabbing hold of the hem of the garment of Michael. I am your Melchizedek and my name is Mal...(pause)

J: I can't get it.

Teacher Contact

S: I see Myventra (?) (inaudible comments) I do have a question for you. I feel a negative attitude and I don't know how to displace it. I don't like it. I . ..it makes this process not so enjoyable. I can't clear the system, I don't know if it is what I'm feeling or what I'm sending and it is hard for me to... I feel a little bit stifling(?) in how I present my thoughts and views. I don't know how to surpass that. I guess I'm just sensing a friction within me that I can't place or control and finally(?) dissolve. I'd appreciate (?) your insight on this.

Malvantia: Take note of the hour of the meeting and realize that the physical organism often works against the mind and your hopes, making contact difficult, clarity uncertain, or even simply the formation of your own thoughts cloudy. At times like this my advice is to relax and to know that we are working with you always. Other times may be more optimum. Each session is not the end all. I have truly enjoyed my connection with you and find you fascinating. For your ease I would offer you an alternative name: Tanjor. Go figure.

S: Is that your middle name?

J: I don't know. I get:

Malvantia: This is to allow you to give up and fret not. It is not important that I be recognized by name as that you take what I offer to heart and apply it in your life. If I were not here and you were to enact all that I have planned for you, we would succeed and that is my highest aspiration; even an aspiration that, should I not be involved, I hold high. The only recognition I seek is for you to recognize the Father.

J: It sure felt to me like he was in jest. Give up, guys.

D: Take what you have, it's irrelevant. Listen to what I'm saying.

S: I guess the answer...(inaudible)... I appreciate from Malvantia, but on the side of personal feelings I'm getting, I just, I don't know, I guess I'm just in a quandary about expressing my feelings and I don't know, I don't know.

Malvantia: I would encourage you to direct your expression to Elyon or your personal teacher Aaron in a time of private instruction either through yourself or with your fellow contact so that you may delve into the intricacies and would allow you sometime for reflection prior to this exchange, and the time for you to pray.

S: I will move (?) that direction and try. I don't seem to be making much headway, but I'm sure the Father is working harder than I can see and Michael. Sometimes I, I don't know, I just feel the pressure rising and it won't go away. It started yesterday and it just, something is kinda there and I can't displace it. I will gladly take the time for a personal session. I'm not sure I can handle doing that myself and feel sure about my clarity. So, I may try that and if it doesn't work I may utilize my good friends. Thanks.

Malvantia: One comment before closing this evening. You have done well to discern the presence of Michael. His attendance here is strong...

S: You can say that again.

Malvantia: ...and yet it need not be like the road to Damascus, blinding. I am pleased to see the respect that you give your Creator, that you do not take it lightly. There isn't any reason, however, to be overwhelmed. He embraces you as a brother and as a friend, though yet he be the very source of your life, existence.


I will close this evening for Elyon by saying, walk with the Master always, be of good cheer, and be about the Father's business. Good night.

Group: Good night.

Session 2

December 08,1993


Evanson: This is Evanson. I'm going to speak briefly about our relationship together, teacher and student. I have observed your discussion and would like to offer comments of my own.


Moment, Manifestation

There is a similarity between our presence with each of you to your entering into a relationship like marriage. By this I do not mean that we are wed to you, for as time unfolds, our assignments may shift, and you may be assigned elsewhere. I mean that the similarity is in trust and faith. When you enter into a relationship like marriage, you hold in your view the hopes for a long term experience, and yet you are faced with the reality that you can only deal day by day.

This is what I would term the healthy perspective when seeking our guidance. We can only work from episode to episode, where you are now, each time. It is not our concern to teach what is far down the road, but to be with you as you need our assistance. If you were to enter into a relationship of love with a fellow creature and could foresee a separation a certain amount of years down the road, it could color your efforts to grow in the bonding. You know that it is best to not consider that possibility and to give it your all in the here and now.

I am expressing this to encourage you to flow with the events that unfold and to not be concerned for the great extent of time ahead. Your involvement now with our mission is but one small project in the great adventure before you in ascending to Paradise. It will be one task on your history chart. So, where you are greatly admired for your discernment and caution and care, realize also that the events you are in, grandiose as they seem to you, are still only small regional activities to the many spread far and wide in the universes. Enjoy your engagement. Be mindful of the Father, and all will work out to your heart's delight. That is all.

Evelyn: Thank you, Evanson.

Evanson: You are welcome.

(Simeon as T/R)

Elyon (assumed): For your efforts of attainment, there are reasons that you should not be too concerned about the procedure. (T/R- I am saying this because I was fighting it for about 30 seconds.) To begin your understanding with the air of excitement there is established a pattern of involvement. When you accept what is happening beyond the...

(Gloria as T/R)

Truth, Discernment

Unidentified teacher: Awareness is a human factor, do not elude from hearing the words, risk and allow. If they seem to be not of a true nature for you, discern and sort out; for we have told you many times that if errors are made corrections will be made. We wish to be your friends of the day as well as your teachers and will converse with you whenever. And at times we will pull tactics to get your attention when something needs to be brought through.

Your progression to attainment is through truth. When filtered down through your belief systems, your illusions, [truth] sometimes gets flushed by the wayside and ends up to be an illusion itself. When something is `clicking' for you, pull it in through your heart. Allow it to come to you through the true part of your being, rather than through the intellect; all the things that you feel should be your description of things are not always what they truly are. So, begin to read things from the trueness part of your being, and then discern and decide if it is in fact truth for you and goes along with what you read in the book this evening.



Simeon: I have a hard time letting go with my mind when I am trying to send forth a message. Sometimes when I do [let go of the mind], it almost seems to work against me, because I will go for a sentence or two then it stops mid sentence, no words. I'm kind of lost in the flow. I guess I am wondering if you have advice. When I take a little beating, how can I continue to set my mind aside, instead of being more fearful next time? And, if you were playing a test with me-a double whammy?

?: It may be that you need to control. There may be a fear that you have of losing control by setting aside your mind; fully realize that you are in awareness and are in control. To put the control factor, it may be subconscious for you, up front when beginning, would get in the way of what is being transmitted. You sometimes look at this as a whole new process, again and again, and sometimes being your performance gets in the way, creating more control. To have faith in yourself is the key. Trust and let go, knowing full well that you can shut it off on your own anytime that you choose, and knowing full well that you can verbally, mentally, telepathically, communicate with us as the transmission is going on may subdue the fear of losing control. There may be a fear of us taking you over. Things to look at, and in the future possibly to practice - faith, love, and trust in your self. Does this help?

Simeon: Yes, it does. It speaks to the point. I will continually try to work hard on this. It seems like a never ending process, and I'm sure it is a never ending process for a long time. Thank you.

Elyon: Also know that discernment is good, and awareness is good, for you are the one that is giving the permission and allowing, therefore you are the one to discern what is transmitted through you. We are fully aware of what you do and do not wish to have transmitted. We honor this, and through our integrity would not pull something through without your full permission.

Jonathan: I've got this visual burst in my mind that the teachers are like the surfer, and our minds are like the surfboard. Sometimes the board can go in a direction that the rider isn't aware of, and he is then in the water. I think the teachers find our minds doing that a lot. There are other times when the surfer is trying to steer the board in another direction and pushes too far, goes against the current and finds the board out from under his feet. I get the impression that not only can our own functions, our own inner dynamics, de-rail the teachers, but that the teachers might even de-rail in their attempts to do what they are doing through us, not understanding us as well as they might.

Elyon: Yes. Many times, also, when questions are asked, it is a natural thing for the T/R to want to, himself, answer the question. He will many times be formulating his own answer as we are answering. Especially if it is something he feels he is understanding and knows a lot about, he can find difficulty in put-ting himself aside. This sometimes can create a passage from the T/R within the answer, for he simply cannot keep himself from it. This is not a problem if it goes along with the truth and is what the person needs to hear. However, if it gets to be a habit there would definitely be a private session.

Ascension Career

This is Elyon. I would like to instil within you again that you are in an ascension, a progression. Do not get caught up in your limitations. Rather always look to the broader picture, the bigger view. Have your viewfinders focused upon the bright horizon of what is to come, rather than on how you feel so limited in what you want to accomplish within your desires. For as you broaden your picture and your horizon you will also raise your limitations, what you feel are your limitations. Once again I remind you not to dwell upon the `should of', `would of', `what if', and `if only', rather, see what you can do in order to make the world a brighter place to live each day.

In your doom and gloom times find that light switch that can brighten your day, and commune with the Father for answers. Do not allow the weather to get you down, for there is sunshine within your hearts. Find the sunshine and the birds singing each day, for they are there. Sometimes you may have to go deep within yourselves to find this. It is there, my friends, for you to unfold each day with new clarity and new understanding, new abundance within you of what you can accomplish. Think not of the limitations, rather do a polarity switch for yourselves, and think of the unlimited possibilities that you have each day to uncover new insights, to climb higher on the ladder, to seek new mountain tops. This is all I have. My love to you.


Evelyn: Last week Elyon spoke about dedication. This week we are given the idea of comparing this relationship with the teachers to marriage which implies dedication. I was thinking about our assignment to practice telepathy, and how we practiced that for a while, and we let that drift away. Would you like to see us do that some more? Should we revive that exercise?

Sharmon: It is a procedure we encourage you to undertake. The minimal reward you receive is the commonality shared between you, time spent focusing on a brother or sister with the extra emphasis of sending or receiving, which is more potent than the mere casual thought. However, it is only the minimal gain. As time unfolds for your planet in its process of encircuitment, this activity will meet with greater success. It is not to be expected, (the success) in immediacy, but rather, now is the time to prepare for the greater manifestation that will follow. This is the time of being a toddler, where walking is a great endeavor. It takes all concentration and is not always successful. So, it is not a demand that we place upon you, rather an encouragement so that you may strengthen your mind and sharpen the intent of your will and become prepared for new chapters in planetary life.

Gloria: Did that work how we were doing it where we took turns sending and the others would receive? It seemed to take a matter of communication [[[coordinating]] the time] when we did that. Is that a good way to do it? Do you have any suggestion?

Sharmon: The techniques you develop are for you to choose. The guidelines we offer settle upon simplicity. Your description now of choosing a sender fulfills that desire for us. It helps your focus. It helps receivers to concentrate, to clearly hear. It is far too difficult to open for reception and not know who is sending. There is a certain amount of connectability in your heart knowing that the two or more of you are focused this way. It removes vagueness. Therefore, I say your technique is good and would not limit you to this experiment. Enjoy.

Gloria: If we don't choose who will send on any day, yet we each practice at quarter to noon as we have, sending and receiving, it might not be as effective but not a loss. It is a workable thing also?

Sharmon: Yes. From my perspective it looks like your rush hour freeway, and yet all do manage to find home.

(After a pause)

Gloria: Did they have to go get you? Are you still here?

Sharmon: I am. I am always here during communication. It is my expertise, and I attend at all times. When I am engaged elsewhere I have others sit in and fill my function.

Gloria: Great, so if we have questions along those lines we can always ask.

Sharmon: Yes.

Failure, Transmitting

Simeon: On second thought I don't like that answer you gave earlier. You didn't answer my question...(tape noise) The communication process: It is easy to be aware and go through the communication process at times, and that's all hunky dory, but sometimes there is a blockage but...I guess my question was...I asked if...when I do finally decide to go forth and just communicate whatever comes into my mind, let it flow, and try to maintain an air of togetherness with that, those times when you do that and then end up drifting off into nothingness...(tape flipped)...supposed failure is still there. The next time you go to try there is increased burden of pressure. I was wondering how, when you blow it, how you can come back the next time and relieve that, or go through that? I guess it's just a...I don't know.

Elyon: When one falls off the horse, one must get back up on the horse. If too much time is taken before we again try to ride, our confidence level deteriorates. Know that you do receive communication. Be not so worried about what communication comes through to you. Merely get back on and ride.

Gloria: Does it also help to take a deep breath and re-center?

Elyon: It always helps to know where you are. Whenever you fail do not give up; do not dwell on the failure, so much as look forward to the opportunity of surpassing that episode. This is true in all things, in all of your daily dealings. It always helps to go forward with the confidence that your Father will guide you. At times we all fall. We must all get back up and continue on. Perhaps it is just one of our lessons which we need to learn. At times we will have a tendency to repeat those things that it is important for us to discover. Remember always to go ever onward. Do not let past failures inhibit you in your search for growth. Does this help?

Simeon: Yes, it does. In the area of getting back on the horse and trying again, I would ask if Aaron or who ever would like to talk to me...inaudible...

Jonathan: While Simeon is re-centering himself. I'd like to comment. The idea came to my mind that whenever the apostles were perplexed or disturbed by events that took place in their lives, the Master would often times take them apart for a while so they could re-focus as a group, as a corp, but he always had them right back in there with the multitudes again. So, if I draw an analogy from that I think that perhaps when we feel like we've lost clarity or our connection isn't strong with you teachers, that maybe we could take time to seek the Father, to go through the stillness, and seek the source, and also to make more time available for communication in the same way that the Master always put the apostles back to work with the multitudes.

Aaron: So, this isn't so hard to understand if you just allow yourself to believe that we can come through your presence. Truly it is an empowerment that has been offered you in your . .. (inaudible) . .. and as you hold up your end of the bargain, just to remain open, sincere, and searching for the truth, then you must realize . .. (inaudible) . ..these are not yours; they are in our arena. It is so simple and so profound, if you just allow what is given to come through. You will be amazed, and you have been amazed beyond your conceptions. Is this good enough for you?

Simeon: Yes.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Yes, I am teasing you. Truly you allow too much on your shoulders, and you try to satisfy the burdens of too much. Just go about in your days sharing the love of God as you have learned it, and in your reaching then you will be accepting of what has been given to you.

Jonathan: Don't stop now, Aaron. You have got Simeon all warmed up!

Aaron: He is a treasure to work with, but not so easy to control in his emotions. The slightest air of turbulence brings his guard high. I guess my job is to place him on a cloud, for his concern is only for...(T/R- This one is beyond me, Aaron.) So be it. It is not so important anyway. Go on with your struggles. I am not concerned. You would be much better served if your concerns were given to your faith in the Father.


Jonathan: I would like to thank Simeon for his boldness to come forth and provide the teachers for our group, and to you, Aaron, for your initial work with us too.

Aaron: Thank you, and I appreciate your comments. I take this `flattery' well to show that Simeon can also accept a compliment. He uses flattery as a wall as any other obstruction.

Session 3

Dec. 15. 1993



Elyon (probably) In your relationship to your understanding always be mindful of the other and what they need. It is complex,.. at times these seeming rules and regulations that go toward creating a good and perfect being but in reality it is still simple. It is to love your Father and to manifest this in your relationship with those in your existence. . .. careful in the steps you tread at times for fear of how you will affect; rudely in your manner, at times oblivious to the needs of others. I caution you as friends that neither approach is necessary. It is a (new?) without fear to face the problems and desires and opinions of those who are within your realm. It is when you look with interest upon the opportunity you have to share, when you are balanced in your approach, when you are aware of the feelings that those who are around you are feeling that . .. (TR: I think I missed that.) My point is to stay away from the fringe when responding to the needs of others and with sincerity to go forth and pursue the relationship instead of ignoring it. (? faint)



Evelyn: It sounds to me like you are pointing out that we have been insensitive or self-centered in our interactions. Can you be more specific? You have given us good advice generally, to be more sensitive.

Elyon: Awareness. Try to be aware of how you can affect most positively those around you. Sheltering feelings doesn't create a positive affect. Ignoring the problem doesn't solve the feeling. As you relate to each other and to those within your lives, you must certainly find ways to express how you feel because it is the only way that you may be freed to serve without worry and self thought. As you relate, as you create these bonds within a relationship, then you grow stronger in that bond. It is when you close the communication that you stifle the growth. This is my response.

E: What is the difference between feelings and emotions? Emotions seem fleeting. I'm reluctant to convey an emotional response because it seems impulsive. Five minutes and it's gone. I don't want to indulge anger, why convey it? That's emotion, is that feelings? I'm usually glad I refrain from sharing things like that. Maybe I'm not understanding the feelings that you are encouraging us to share.

Elyon: Share you, who you are as you feel in response. It was to you all as a group to learn how to be expressive of your feelings, not to criticize or attack but to share in your process of understanding. If no one understands what you are feeling, than how can it possibly be addressed? If you take shelter in fear of offending, then how can the problem be solved?

My assignment to this group is to address how you can most effectively serve. The first step toward service in a group is to serve each other by your trust, fairness, loyalty, and love. The first step towards being cohesive in your actions is to first understand who you are acting with. This cannot be done as effectively when you yet cannot relate your feelings. The egos for a large part have been set aside, and now must your fear of having to allow yourself in such a manner which exposes the source of fear. This is not an easy lesson to know within. It is a step towards bringing you forward, if you are willing to come. If you put your relationships under a microscope and see the bacteria which clings, then if you can expand your vision and see the glow of this sphere, this world, how everyone relates arm in arm. It is dysfunctional. To function properly we must first start with the few who are willing to risk hurt feelings, worries, and risk yourselves because, as you develop this understanding, you will manifest it and carry it forth. You already know how fast the seed grows. I would like for you to relate what you are feeling now, each of you.

Simeon: I'm shivering, that's what I'm feeling now.

Jonathan: I'm feeling calm, myself, peaceful. My mind is at rest without agitation.

Daniel: (His ears were giving him trouble and wasn't sure he'd heard the question.)

Evelyn: He asked us to share our feelings of the moment and not to hold back for the sake of possibly offending. I surmise there is still room for tact.


(The rest of the session was not recorded. We exchanged personal notes on how to improve our communications.)

Session 4

December 25, 1993


Elyon: Good evening, my friends. I am Elyon. I am pleased to be here celebrating with you the day of considerable significance to many of you on this planet. I am always excited by the opportunity to provide the service I have been enlisted to offer you, and when you welcome my presence, I respond.


Nebadon, Growth

It is a remarkable event to have bestowed upon you one of the caliber of a Creator Son. You have benefited greatly from the revelation of our sovereign ruler during his sojourn here in the attainment of his supremacy status. Though your world acknowledges the significance of his presence, few you among you, and I count you as those, recognize the universal importance of his coming. Prior to this spectacular occurrence, Nebadon was a different realm than it is today. It has begun an unfolding which, until now, was in a sense prohibited, for Michael had chosen to limit his power until he discovered directly the perspective of his children in his incarnations. Now, having full knowledge of life at all levels, he is enacting measures necessary to propel this universe into a new era. It is an exciting prospect for all, even up to the headquarters, for it is new to us. The rules have changed. It has been but a short while since the ascension of Michael. It is an adjustment we are making. We welcome you into this knowledge and encourage you in the outworking of his new purpose.

The eras of distortion have closed. There will be no more rebellion. I'm sure this is a relief to those of you who have grappled so long with the consequences of such. But now as Michael is "king of the hill" many, in fact all, recognize the value that he embodies. There is no longer confusion among administrators as to who this Creator is. We will no longer witness pandemonium. There is but one task to accomplish; and that is the mastery of your own center, will. Here lies the only element of error left in Nebadon. You each have the responsibility to uplift yourself through soul growth in order to provide your universe with the increased attainment of its goal: light and life.

This does not mean that where you are now is incorrect. Your attainment here is precisely what your Master desires, and I convey this to you authorized by him. You are, nonetheless, always encouraged to pursue, to grapple with, the as yet un-attained levels that really are not that far away. It is a freedom of choice that you make.

I have been through a multitude of experiences that would baffle you. I wish that I could convey to you the adventures that are just ahead. They are thrilling from the perspective of ones like yourself, in body. I look back and treasure the moments but realize that these are but the beginning of the great vista before me. I perceive the attainment of superuniverse status as would be likened to your attempt to stand at the edge of a great canyon and touch the other side. It has become quite comfortable being a mid-phase morontia being. I rather like this. Yet it is not long before I will step out to that unrealized realm beyond Michael. There is no way to attain this status without fully dedicating oneself to the manifestation of spirit directly at the level where you are and I am now stationed.

You long for the realities that are perceived as attainable in the afterlife, and you will have these. They are to be received by you through dealing face to face with what is presented to you now while material. The morontia realm must be attained by mortals through living the material life. Your makeup requires experience here as well as there. It is not the design of Michael for you to be an angel. They were born morontia, you are born material, and it is for you to absorb and experience this reality. If this were not true, the Master would not have been born among you. He took this life of flesh very seriously and embraced it as the great opportunity in his career to discover God at the borders of the realities of personality.

(long pause)


Michael: My peace upon you, my children. Upon you I bestow the light of our Father, the One who loves beyond what love is conceived to be. I am your keeper, and I am your friend. I am the light within you. I am the way for you to discover the purest and absolute presence of all. To live your life in service for me is to live for our God. As I reveal to you the Father, so do you reveal myself to others. There is no greater accomplishment in life than to perceive and experience within the soul the reality of God, to become a committed son and daughter of Him, and to present to your brethren a living link, a vital connection, the touch of the spirit for them to grasp. As I love all in my realm, I would encourage you to do likewise. Go forth and proclaim the gospel. My life is the very embodiment of the truth, the proclamation of the reality of the Father and your belonging to Him.

You can be assured that I am with you in this endeavor at all times and everywhere. Place your burdens upon me. Release them. I have toiled with insurmountable difficulties while on this great planet. I know exactly the feelings. As you grapple with these difficulties that arise in your life, you can rest assured that I and the Father are with you. You can gain strength in knowing that in facing and overcoming you have fulfilled the will of our Father. To place your burdens on me is not to escape but to find the assurance, guidance, and camaraderie from your Creators. Upon you I bestow my blessings. Within you is the gift, the miracle, of creation, the Father. My children, I give you my blessings. I am your sovereign. Peace.

Elyon: I pray these words sink deep within your hearts, and that you endeavor to let them permeate the many dimensions of your being and manifest physically about you. I am greatly pleased to have received this message from Michael and have it presented to you. I will receive your comments and discussion, questions, before I depart, if that is your desire.

Evelyn: I wish you and all the teachers a merry Christmas and thank you for talking to us.

Elyon: You are welcome. And I receive greetings from others to you as well. Darid says, "Hi."


Mark: Welcome to our home, Elyon and Michael and all those others. Thank you for your wonderful message tonight. Besides what Michael suggested tonight of giving over our burdens to him, what can I do to facilitate my complete recovery, as I am having a difficult time of it? Medical science doesn't offer me much at this point.

Elyon: Your best course of action is to relieve yourself of stress, for this weakens the neural network within you much as strenuous work tears down the muscular structure, thus creating one more factor for your body to overcome. The biological invasion you are experiencing is surmountable. It is a full-fledged battle on the part of your cellular structure to remove this. The conscious effort you can make is to simplify the elements that compound, that increase, the weight on the healing process. Therefore, as you allow the medication to run its course, as incomplete as it has been developed at this point, you can improve its effects by alleviating any other drag. There is a (tape flipped) . ..arbitrarily prevent you from experiencing your life for the sake of making things all so nice. So, I offer to you the encouragement to provide medicine within, through the careful execution of mental and emotional patterns, such that you do not compound what the body must overcome. Do you see what I mean?

Mark: Yes, I think I see what you mean. I wonder if there are any specific medications, vitamins, or something that I need that I'm not getting besides reducing my stress level, which I know I need to do.

Elyon: I am told the neural network is more electro-chemical than the other systems of the body. It benefits from mineral supplement like a battery. Other aspects of your physical vehicle are more pliable and less rigidly controlled. The only other structure in you that is more rigid is the static chemical system of your bone structure. The delicacy of balance is a fine one. It is suggested to me by the Life Carrier attendant that you ingest elements that increase the formation of compounds that strengthen this network.

I am treading delicate ground, as this is not my level of understanding, and my assignment to you is not in this field. With assistance I provide this to you and express difficulty in conveying this through Jonathan.

Evelyn: I was thinking, aren't seaweeds a good source of minerals? I notice that you often stop short of specifics when volunteering information. If I were to ask, "Are seaweeds a good source of minerals that you need?" would you then be able to answer because I asked, but you can't necessarily volunteer the information unless we ask?

Elyon: I am not at liberty to prescribe your remedies. It is because I am not assigned to this activity. I would offer that there are many sources wherein you can acquire the nutrients required for many aspects of your body. You have illustrated one. Each individual assimilates differently because of racial background and, in the case of Urantia, biologic diversity and weakness is widespread. It is hard to say, but you can intake what appears to you to be proper and observe the results. I am not to say any more than this. I'm sorry.

Evelyn: The other part of my question wasn't to get medical particulars. Sometimes it seems that you won't approach some topics. I don't have a definite case in mind so much as you seem to not be at liberty to discuss some things unless we ask about them. I know this sounds vague but maybe you know what I mean.

Elyon: I understand. It is true that if I were to offer you advice at a time when you were not seeking, it would fall flat. As I am not at liberty to invade, to manipulate your growth or your mind, it is important for you to reach out to me. Then I can give in return. The barriers I encounter are in what I comprehend and will offer advice you ask for only as I am able. Though I come to you as one from a great stretch away, I am not a finaliter and have much yet to discover. Does this help?

Evelyn: Yes. It helps for us to do some digging on our own. It would help for us to have more thoughtful questions, and we would be more inclined to listen to your answers if we do our homework.

Mark: Thank you for your efforts, Elyon.

Elyon: You are welcome. I extend my sympathy and compassion, for I, too, dealt with an extended illnesses in my beginning life, one that was extremely life threatening and did overcome, though I did suffer some permanent effects. This has been long forgotten, it is a reach resurrect this memory as you would to remember a sickness in your early years. Things do pass, time does heal, faith is the greatest power. Be strong, my friend, hope is a powerful force. Anticipate recovery. Sink into a feeling of peace as you rest. This will provide the mental abilities to cope during this interval of recovery. I know you are capable.


It is time that I remove myself from contact here due to some fatigue within Rick. If I may, in jest, say that even today the angels sing glory, hallelujah. Merry Christmas to you all.

Session 5

Dec. 29, 1993


Elyon: This is Elyon. I will open our meeting with a few pats on the back. You are doing very well in initiating our directives even as you recognize your resistances. The underlying motive you hold dear helps you go beyond the difficulty and enact what is inspiring. I am pleased by how you take my words seriously. I am also going to remind you that I am here for your guidance. That means that when you act on my offering, you are acting on what are your own desires, for I provide for you what you ask of me. Therefore, when I or my fellow teachers nudge you beyond your comfort, realize that you can surmount the difficulty, for you have requested our nudge and are, therefore, already primed to receive the transformation. I am willing to be of assistance in the group process that you are undertaking to provide a gathering for all who are involved in this outreach ministry. Have faith that as you seek my counsel, I will offer. I am now going to watch and listen to what follows. I am here at your call.


Evelyn: Thank you, Elyon. (long pause)

Well, I will go ahead and ask a question. What do you have to say about our plans so far for the (TM) conference? Would you like to draw our attention to anything?

Morontia, Action

Elyon: At this early stage, I would only offer the support that it is extremely significant in your growth that you have chosen to act out your experience with us by providing this gathering for all that you have heard about who reside afar. By putting your faith into action, you create morontia realities that are significant beyond the date that you set to gather. So, I would say that I encourage you to go 100% forward. It will bring many rewards. Continue to share, continue in this spirit of togetherness. Be willing to receive ideas from beyond your planning circle, and remember the teachers have established their own planning committee to organize our efforts with you. Have I provided you with enough?

Evelyn: Yes. I'm intrigued by your remark about the morontia experience. If I understand correctly, the morontia aspect of our acting on faith is the fact that we're exhibiting the faith we have in you morontia folk and, in that way, we are participating on the morontia level. Am I understanding correctly?

Elyon: I understand your perspective and I do acknowledge the validity. Your working, as you are, knowing full well that you are working with us, is a definite demonstration of your belief in us. You make plans acknowledging our presence without ever having our validity demonstrated in your physical realm. You are thus interfacing with us morontially. I, though, indicated in my statements the significance of morontia realities referring to your personal soul growth. As many times as you take your faith, couple it with your ideals, and act as an idea in your life realm, you have provided your side of your soul potential. The Father Within seizes this action, and your soul expands. In this regards it matters not so much what you do, as that you lift your faith out of the realm of passivity and go forward.


Daniel: Is this conference any kind of a milestone for the TR's in general, or our particular area, or for the teachers, themselves? Is this something that was planned? Is it something beneficial to the mission?

Elyon: The support derived from this gathering will be very helpful for the transmitters who have not had opportunities to meet and experience others. Some forms of doubt are alleviated by this commonality. It is quite significant to us, the teachers, for it is an outworking in you of our in-working in you. We know that your order of being tends to congregate. When you have designed such a gathering with the perception of its magnitude, we know that this mission is rising above the grassroots and establishes the potentials to reach into the global arena. We are happy for this attainment, and your actions are what make the future realizable. The other elements of significance are in relation to each individual as they experience what transpires on the occasion.


Simeon: How much feedback...It's good to have feedback and have everyone working together. There has to be some balance in coordinating, organizing. I'm wondering where do we stop between wanting to take (control?) to allowing the random flow? A lot of people like the idea of this conference and want to be involved if they are going to come to it. How much do we look to them in setting up the conference?

Elyon: It is the will of your Father in heaven to share all that He is with all of us, and the entire universe is organized with the purpose to pass on to another as one attains, such that the other grows. In the spirit of this manner, I encourage you to embrace all who are willing to participate and who can contribute positively to the progress of your purpose. Be not concerned about the teachers and stifling us, for we are observing what you want to have happen and will fill that need. If it were us hosting the conference, we would have many hurdles to overcome, as we would need to manifest. (laughter) You are doing much of the work that we need to have accomplished in your realm. Your plans are your statement of your desire for us. I repeat, do embrace the help of those around you. The burden is light when carried by many. The only screen to place before you in your acceptance is the recognition or discernment of the positive quality that the contribution would bring. Do not hesitate to dismiss distractions and disruptions in order to bring about a smooth process. I anticipate this to be in reference to your curiosity about some groups.

Simeon: Yeah. I worry that we can ask for so much input, you can have so many committees and subcommittees. At some point you have to put it down and go with it. It seems that if this event were in Arkansas, then others would have organized it, and we could give our input. Since it will be here it is our responsibility to coordinate it wisely, understanding others' needs and realizing we can't spin our wheels too long over conflicting needs.

Elyon: Make a list of your needs and purposes and note the types of skills required to fulfill these. Then observe the population of willing contributors and enlist those best able to serve. Feel at ease when you have met those positions to close the door, in a manner of speaking, and work with that group. Many are willing to help, some are quite expert in what they will provide. Make your selection wisely.

There will be only one time in all of finite existence when everyone will agree, that is in the personalization and formal revelation of our Supreme. (laughs) Prior to this the balances will tip back and forth continually. Do your best, and rest assured knowing that you have done your best.

Simeon: Thank you, Elyon. I don't know if the teachers have any input on the dates. If you have any overview on this, whether June or July would be best. It may be irrelevant to us, but maybe you know which date would work best for the most people. Do you have any input on that?

Elyon: I am not at liberty to provide a vote tally. Many who are interested have not solidified their plans. It is a task for you in your realm to collect a consensus. All teachers are ready at any time. The date is a human affair. I thank you for asking. I know that when the date is concrete to all of you, the work will go on with the individuals involved from our side to encourage as much participation as is accepted freely. I hope this has been helpful.

Simeon: Yes.

Rebellion, Correcting Time

Evelyn: This is a change of topic. A couple times recently you have brought up that not only is the rebellion over, but that there would be no more rebellion. What is it about that that you want to convey to us. Would you like to comment more on that?

Elyon: There is a great celebration occurring in Nebadon, rejoicing over two significant events; one being Michael's full status attainment, the other being the end of a rebellion that had not only consequences among a few planets in one system, but directly affected Michael. These two events, the termination of the rebellion and Michael's sovereignty, make for a new day. Michael has greater leeway in action. For we who have observed prior to his embrace with the Father and now watch subsequently, it is quite noticeable. You, coming out of quarantine, have not had opportunity to observe the workings of the universe to compare what you will know as all circuits open and you rejoin in full normal status. It will be at least an age before we settle down in the joy. Have I provided you insight?

Evelyn: Yes. When you spoke of that before, I thought, Michael did that 2000 years ago. What is different now? But to you, or to anyone other than us, Urantians, it isn't that long ago. But you are also saying that the rebellion being over and adjudicated not only connects us back in, but it sounds like it affectsMichael's sovereignty, his capacity to do things. It's more than a technicality in the books, it's a weight off his shoulders as well. So, I understand you're saying that makes the celebration more current.

Elyon: I will add that our Creator Son effectively halted the rebellion while in human form. This has greatly impressed all beings of all levels in the local universe. To observe one mortal, Creator Son that he be, accomplish this causes us to look anew at the potentials within all ascendent creatures. We are renewed in our enthusiasm to draw you toward us and offer you forward in your ascension, for, again, we discover the amazing aspects of the mortal being. There is renewed curiosity of what we will accomplish as the ages unfold. Without the resistances of the rebellion, all of us are freer to expand.

Evelyn: Thank you. That gives us a lot to ponder.


Elyon: You are welcome. I will take my leave. Live your days with light in your minds and love in your hearts. Ever be watchful for when you may transform your faith into living action. As this continues, (tape flipped) (...always be thusly motivated). Take care, my fellows. Good night.

Group: Good night.