1993-01-01-Rayson & Friends, Vol. 2, Part 1

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Topic: Rayson & Friends, Vol. 2, Part I

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Joan Levine


This is the second in a series of booklets of the teachings of Rayson and friends. It covers the period from January 1, 1993, to the completion of his "primary course" on January 22, 1994. It includes all formal lessons of Rayson during this period. The text of the lessons, themselves, has not been edited except to remove false starts, corrections made by Rayson, personal names of students, and messages of a personal nature to individuals. When appropriate, the name of a transmitter/receiver has been replaced by the symbol (T/R). Names of students have been replaced by the symbol (S) for student. When more than one student are asking questions on a subject, this is indicated by the symbols (S1), (S2), etc.

Within a lesson, all monologues by Rayson are included. Questions relevant to the lesson and Rayson's answers are included in the order in which they were raised and answered. Those of a personal nature and the answers of Rayson are omitted. The questions themselves have been edited to focus on the question asked. The answers by Rayson and friends have not been edited. Like Rayson and Friends I, this booklet is divided into three parts. Part I contains those messages concerning the Teaching Mission itself. Part II contains the lessons themselves. Part III contains prayers said at the meetings.

Also like Rayson and Friends I, Part II is organized and arranged alphabetically by topics. This increases the usefulness of the booklet, as one may discover the teachings of Rayson upon a particular topic without having to wade through a stack of transcripts filed by dates. The numbers after each entry under a topic indicate the date on which a message was given.

Rayson and Friends II is prepared and distributed by the students of Rayson.


Teaching Mission, Purpose

Q: What kind of cooperation is desired of us for the teaching mission to do the most good?

A: Yes. In your teaching mission, our teaching mission, the first major task is to achieve fellowship among the teaching group members themselves. As some of you have discovered this is not as easy as it may appear from the outside. Once this goal has been achieved, the next step will be to go forth - each person respectively - into your society and bring forth the same fellowship you have learned in your teaching group, following the example of Michael as much as you possibly can. Between these two chores, you will find yourself kept most busy. And this teaching mission, in its second phase particularly, will most certainly go beyond many of your lifetimes.

S: You know the problems I have with my health. Could you have the Life Carriers assess me now and see how I am doing? I am trying to follow the instructions you gave me on holistic medicine, herbs, trace minerals, and so on, and I feel much better.

R: A moment please,

(S). (Pause) I am sorry to inform you that I am no longer permitted to assess health issues. This decision was high level, for a myriad of reasons. It is not personal to you. (01/21/93)

Q: Rayson, a friend of mine is just beginning to read The Urantia Book. I went to see a movie about extraterrestrial abduction of humans the other day, and she is asking me questions. To the best of my ability I tried to explain that this was not possible. But she had done some little research on the subject and maintains that there's a great deal of it going on. Is that so? Is there in fact any kind of visitation happening other than the teaching mission and the celestial students?

A: We are not allowed to comment in this area. However I would not be surprised.

Q: Are these renegades?

A: (long pause.) There are many complicated issues involved, and I am not allowed to give further information. (03/28/93)


Q: [To Teacher BERTRAND] A thought has been growing in my mind since I first became aware of this teaching mission that the teaching groups serve a number of purposes, including protected practice areas where each of us can develop whatever skills are relevant to our personal missions. For example, healing skills, transmitting/receiving skills, and will also help us to accelerate our own spiritual growth. My sense is that, as the teaching mission progresses, people who have reached a certain stage of ripeness or maturation with respect to their participation in a teaching group will kind of graduate to start to serve their mission in the world at large, whatever that may be.

A: [BERTRAND] that is true. The Teaching Mission is designed to prepare students for their missions. Once they have reached a certain level of preparedness they will be coaxed out of the nest and with loving care and guidance of their Thought Adjuster and their personal teacher strike forth into the world bearing the banner of Michael in whatever way has been determined. This is, indeed, a practice ground for your future assignment. In our class we have been studying many different levels of service, of recognizing truth seekers, of spreading the love of God. The same has occurred here. And eventually you will go forth secure in the knowledge that you have the skills necessary to undertake the assignment you have been given. On the teaching worlds, the Melchizedek teaching worlds, you are given assignments and you are given full knowledge and full help to complete that assignment. The same occurs here. This is a Melchizedek Teaching Mission. You are given an assignment and you will be given all the tools necessary to complete that assignment. You are beginning the morontia lessons now.

Q: Additionally, as we progress with this, I have an increasingly strong sense that each of us has received clear statement of our mission at the time of the endowment of our Thought Adjuster, and that statement is finally seen by us when we reach a stage of ripeness or spiritual maturity such as we achieve in this teaching mission.

A: At the time the Thought Adjuster chooses you, he is given - as you have read - a projection of your life mission. Once you become aware of the presence of God within you, it then becomes your task - through the practice of the stillness - to discover what that mission is. You are correct.


R: If there are no other comments or questions, then I do have one final statement regarding the nature of the channeling that is and has occurred, is occurring. These lessons are not intended to be a reiteration of Urantia Book statements, nor are they intended to be a grilling opportunity for the one who has offered to channel. This is not an oral examination of the entity, nor of the human. Rather, the lessons are an expression of the understanding of spiritual principles by the entity as transmitted through the human channel with the understanding that the human channel attaches to these principles. It is impossible to avoid a flavoring that is added by the intellect and beliefs of the channel or transmitter/receiver. But it is not in the interests of the Teaching Mission to split hairs over such biases unless the group finds them so pervasive that they interfere with the material of the lesson, in which case a different channel should be sought. If this is your sense with respect to the present channel, then please take the appropriate action.

S: Rayson, every time I come here I leave with two things. I'm coming from a point of not being able to fit in here because as you know my background with the Urantia Book is very rudimentary at this point. However, there are two things that stand out for me. I always get something validated, either a belief system or a slight idea that's beginning to grow, and it always happens that you confirm that. And that's a great feeling. And the second thing that I always get is like a new jumping off point in terms of concept. It's like a giant - you talk about the stairs - but for me they're like big blocks, and every time I come here, I come away with a feeling of having jumped higher to a bigger block. And I take that away and am able to use it, and my sense of it is that if that's what I go away with then the mission has been accomplished for that one meeting. Is that accurate?

A: If those are your feelings, then yes, it is accurate.

S: Rayson, I want to thank you again and again, and I really enjoy the relationship you have with (T/R). It's wonderful, and I think everyone in the room should comment on this statement.

S2: Definitely, I would like to right away. I agree that splitting hairs can certainly get in the way of the objective of the mission. But I would also say that for me personally today the conversation ended up making me understand the lesson even better. But I am certainly concerned that it might undermine the confidence of the T/R or channel. I hope that it has not, because I believe the spirit of the questioning is always in the interest of understanding the ideas that you are trying to communicate to us. For me, at least on this occasion, it really did have the benefit of helping me to really understand the lesson even better.

S3: Yes, I'd like to echo that, and I understand, being a TR myself that sometimes something that someone says could hurt the feelings of the T/R who - even though as hard as he or she might try to stay out of the way - can't help hear - some of the words. My intent is not to split hairs but I have that kind of a mind that when something is not clear, I like to have it clarified or I like to clarify it myself. And any ensuing discussion which is brought about because of that, I feel, is good. It has been my understanding that the teachers welcome sincere discussion because that is what causes good relationships among peoples and beings. That was my intent, and I hope that you are not discouraging any of this in the future. I'd like (T/R) to become aware that I hold her with utmost respect and admiration for doing this, and that I really hope that she is not hurt in any way from any comments that I might make.

S4: I think it's very important - I am particularly bad at this and continue to try to learn to do this better - it's very, very important to learn to phrase a question or a comment so that it is completely nonconfrontive. And maybe you have to think about it for a long time before you come up with just the right wording, but it's all important in my mind.

S5: Rayson, I never thought of changing TR's. I feel so comfortable with (T/R) and you and the relationship you have. I really enjoyed the discussion, though I guess at the time it seemed a little confrontational. The results seem to have been beneficial, and I hope that both you and (T/R) are alright with that.


R: In answer to all of your comments, I offer this. It is not only the biases of the channel that may make a particular lesson or concept seem at variance with what you read in Urantia book, it is also the bias of the teacher. Not every teacher, including myself, sees particular items exactly as they are presented in your book, and you have all experienced this through this channel and other channels, if you recall. It is not my job as a teacher to this group to reiterate the book. That was already done quite well by many others, most of whom are at a much higher rank than I hold in the grand scheme. Rather, it is my job to try to present concepts at the human level through a human's brain and a human's mouth and respond to discussion. And that does seem to be happening adequately with the channels that exist, and the ones who are being prepared. This is not meant to be a legalistic exercise in theology, and it is important that you all understand that. There are other avenues that can be pursued if you wish to have legalistic discussions in theology. They are not in place yet, but will be offered in future. I am certainly not a perfect authority on the matters of the universe. I only offer my own vantage point.

S: Rayson, you are well-suited for this group and we do love you.

S2: Yes, indeed and we do appreciate and get inspiration and motivation from your lessons. They are wonderful, and I'm glad it's not a reiteration of the Urantia book. We have eyes to read with.

S3: I just marvel at how adept you are, Rayson, at coordinating different parts of the Urantia book which are not connected in the book itself. For example, the concept of worship is completely different from the art of living which is given in the Rodan papers, and I was marveling, during the course of the morning, how well you were doing with the different concepts in the Urantia book and in the Rodan papers. I congratulate you.

R: You must remember, my friends, that I too was a mortal being once, and not only do I have my own biases as a mortal being, but I have my biases from my existence beyond that life and I am not of the level of those who transmitted the papers.

S: We understand that. We sure do appreciate it.

R: Some of the mistakes are mine rather than the channel.

S: And let us not forget that without this group Rayson would not have a chance to learn and grow as well, which I think is part of this process, yes?

R: True.

Urantia Book

S: Rayson, I really thank you too for the fact that you continue to use the Urantia book teachings with which we are familiar as a groundwork for your lessons. Without that framework, which a lot of people don't have handy, you bring it in a very personal way, very understandable, coordinating the thoughts and concepts of the book usually in different ways that make it more and more applicable to our daily lives and to the mission. And for that I really, really appreciate what you're doing every day.

R: Thank you. This group will in the not too distant future receive a channel who has almost no knowledge of the Urantia book and so this issue of adhering perfectly to the book with respect to details will be even more confounded than it presently is with this channel. If that is not acceptable to some of you, you may wish to excuse yourselves when said channel starts to transmit because it may be very annoying to receive teachings that do not directly link to the Urantia book as you have become accustomed to. This is something for you to ponder on and discuss among yourselves. The advantage of such a channel is that there will be a completely different vantage point with respect to a number of issues that will be presented. The disadvantages I have already stated. But remember, my friends, that your mission is ultimately not to remain an exclusive group, but rather to take these teachings out to the great mass of people and spread them in the only way that they can be spread that will really persist through your behavior, through your actions. I must now leave. I bid you farewell. (08/28/93)


R: The director's of this Teaching Mission are most pleased. The benefits of the lessons go far beyond the individual participants - far, far beyond. You are all growing very much spiritually and are working hard. You are to be commended for your efforts as well as for your courage in going out among your fellows and serving. Thank you. Farewell. (02/14/93)

Q: Is it correct to say that, since the adjudication of the rebellion has been completed, there are no mischievous beings who would deliberately mislead our transmitter/receivers?

A: That is correct. Yes. (04/25/93)

R: If I spent years on the fundamentals, you could be seriously retarded in your own growth.

S: That makes sense.

R: Even in the lessons, as you have probably noticed, there has been a definite increase in complexity over the months.

S: Yes. I've noticed that.

R: Like the proverbial carrot before the nose of the donkey, we try to keep you moving forward at a steady pace.

S: Do you feel that you are succeeding?

R: What do you think?

S: I hope so. It feels like it.

R: Yes, we have all of the indicators to show that the mission is doing well. (12/18/93)

Teacher Contact

S: (A reader/believer) telephoned me some weeks ago asking how to get a teacher. He has a group meeting at . .. and they want a teacher. I told him they should get their group together and read the sermon on "counting the cost," and if, after reading it, they still wanted a teacher to let me know, and I would pass their request through Rayson to Prince Melchizedek. They have done so, and I want to do that now. I would like to pass on their request for a teacher.

R: I will do so.

Q: He said that (a member of his group) had a feeling that some entity was trying to contact her. She thought she might be losing her mind. Is this individual a recipient of a teacher who is trying to get through, or is this her own imagination?

A: One moment. It is both (chuckling). She will unbalance for a while, but the contact is real. You must understand that many individuals are contacted and then found not sufficient. So there will often be experiences which are indeed real, but do not bear fruit for many reasons. But she should try to stay centered and balanced, and not try to fixate on her sanity, and let it happen - which is, I understand - almost impossible for the human mind to achieve. But a clear pond reflects images back truthfully. A pond with a rock thrown into it ripples and distorts. She should keep the image of a clear pond when contact is attempted and try not to throw a rock in the water.

Q: He said the word "Ramon" was felt over and over again by one of the people in his group. Could this possibly be Rayson?

A: I have not contacted that group.

Q: He ask

S: "Does the name Hash-hem refer to a teacher?"

A: That is correct. (Is it?) Yes. (01/21/93)

Q: (S) of (Mission Group), who we were talking about the other day when you communicated a request for a teacher for his study group, called to thank you for passing his request on to Melchizedek. He said that shortly thereafter at least two people in his group began to feel that they were being contacted. He said that (S) thought she was being contacted, (S2) thought that she was being contacted, by teachers. (S) thinks that the teacher might be named "Racine." Do you have any comments?

A: One moment. Yes, they are in contact and need to work with the teachers. It would be useful for them to gather information from other groups - including tapes and transcripts - toward this end. We realize now that this Teaching Mission will meet certain road blocks we had not quite expected, such as the occasional rejection of a teacher by mortal beings - either by the transmitter himself or herself, or by others. We had hoped that this would not be, however, we shall wait and see how this new situation develops.

Q: He asks whether or not Hilson, or Loriyana, or both, are personal teachers?

A: They are both teachers, but both may not remain. That depends on the humans involved...

Q: You have heard our discussions of the transmissions of (S) as a T/R and his present teacher, Aneena. Do you have any comments that you would like to make concerning this matter?

A: Yes. Michael's sojourn on Urantia was intended, among other things, to serve as a model of behavior. He was the one and only human born of woman who ever so graciously expressed His spiritual virtues despite the strong draw of the animal. We all do well to remind ourselves, myself included, of how Michael would approach a given situation, striving always to express His actions with love, goodness, truth and beauty at the forefront. Throughout your ascension career, of course there will be conflicts among personalities. This is unavoidable. However, there are so many ways of acting given a particular situation or conflict, which way shall you choose? The animal way? Or the spiritual. That is my advice. As far as the question of the new teacher, the teacher came by invitation and is a genuine teacher. (S) has worked hard. More than that I cannot say at this time. (01/31/93)

Q: We thank you for being our teacher. When we were in Woods Cross we were told that Ham was sort of an organizer of the teachers, or a leader of the teaching group. Is that still what he is doing? Or is there a new person doing that position?

A: One moment. Ham is still very much a participant in the mission. Those of us who have direct contact with Urantia mortals through the transmitter/receivers are only a fraction of the total participants and some teachers will appear and then contact will be lost for varying periods of time due to a number of circumstances, including emergency missions elsewhere, calls to universe headquarters and other matters which we are not permitted to discuss. The mission is in certain respects taking form even as it occurs. That is part of the reason that there has been a degree of variability. However, Ham will reappear, possibly in this very group, if there is a receptive transmitter/receiver. The match between teacher and mortal is not always easy. Not only must the mortal be highly desirous of serving but there must also be a capability on the part of the mortal to receive physical energy forms without incurring bodily damage or emotional damage. Therefore it is difficult to predict where a given teacher, for example Ham, may next appear. That is the best answer I can give you at present.

Q: It sounded from what you were saying as though this mission were on other planets as well. Would it be likely that it's on all of the planets not in Light and Life?

A: Moment. I am not permitted to reveal the facts but basically you are correct. Are there other comments?

Q: How do the teachers get to this planet? Do they come by Seraphic transport?

A: Sometimes. Other times the transmission is done from beyond Urantia.

Q: In other words, you can be somewhere else and actually communicate through a T/R on Urantia, is that correct?

A: Yes. Generally we try to be in close proximity and there are generally observers present as well.

Q: I understand you were on Urantia and standing very close to Mary for a long time. Are you still close to Mary?

A: Yes, at her behest. But then I am close to all of you. Can you not feel it? (Yes.)

Q: Was that you who visited me last week, or somebody else?

A: I was with you . . ...

Q: I hear, Rayson, that you have been visiting other groups in the area. They are all sending back very good reports of the work that you are doing there. I want to say thank you. I feel that you must be a leader of teachers if you are able to do that. Of course it might be that we're not keeping you too busy here, but I just wanted you to know that you are loved and appreciated by other groups than this one.

A: Thank you, (S). It is an honor, as always, to be here. I would not characterize myself as a leader of teachers, but rather as a willing and grateful participant in an exciting and challenging mission for our Father.

S: You seem to have talents that are useful and need to be applied in other areas. (Thank you.) (02/21/93)

Q: We spoke last week of my ability and willingness to be a T/R and I would like to reiterate that. And if the process could be stepped up it might be useful so that the position of T/R could be shared so (T/R) could sit on the side as well. I just wanted to let you know that I am willing. I know you talked about fear, but fear is only until one does it. If you let the other side know I am ready, and if you think useful. Should I meet with you alone? If (T/R) is willing? Will I get what I need here?

A: Yes, my daughter. There are a number of ways that you can approach this. Most have found it useful to embark upon a series of practice sessions with a trusted friend, during which time in the safety of one's home or elsewhere you can achieve the stillness and practice contact with the teacher. That may well be the best course to follow for it has yielded much success in other situations.

Q: Rayson, would you be willing to practice with (T/R trainee) sometimes?

A: Yes, of course, at her request. Certainly. T/R trainee: I request it now. I feel you I think. I'm going through kind of a lonely time, but I feel you, and thank you for being there.

R: You are welcome. Each of the teachers is given special dispensation to spend extra time with the students of the teaching group, so your perception is most likely correct.

T/R trainee: Today, I was walking my dog and all of a sudden out of the creek bed rose this wonderful, wonderful heron. And in that moment I felt specially blessed by the Father's gift. At those kinds of moments I feel very - just aware of everything He has created and consider that a special blessing.

R: Yes, that is the right way. You are doing very well. (05/22/93)

Q: (T/R trainee) [Long commentary on her progress as a potential T/R. It ends by:] Is there anything else that I can do to facilitate? I've spoken with (another T/R) and gotten some background - but I know they are there and I am here. How do we come together?

A: Often our very desire to serve is the obstacle to the completion. Use relaxation techniques to quiet your desire, which is sincere but is getting in the way of receptivity, for it keeps you in the realm of the human ego and want, and it therefore becomes harder to make a connection. Relaxation techniques do not have to, necessarily, be metaphysical. It could be something as simple as a warm bath or a television show which relaxes you. Try to make your mind as a, clear pond so you will see the reflection more clearly. It will take time. And perhaps it will not always be totally connected, and it is just a matter of practicing . . ...

S: When there is a new person who is desirous of receiving a teacher, I'm wondering if that is something that Melchizedek or Ham do? They choose the teacher? Or can a person say "well I want (??) this teacher . . (End of side A of tape. Side B continues . . .

A: Brother Ham is the person, being, who assigns teachers to humans. However, much scouting has occurred with permission from Ham and Melchizedek for teachers to make connections or try out humans to expedite the Teaching Mission. They are more compatible, mindally, between individuals, teachers and humans, so the teaching staff has been allowed to have a trial with certain humans. But the assignment officially comes from brother Ham, although requests, of course, by humans are acknowledged and given priority. (05/29/93)

R: The substance of these lessons has been designed such that the important elements shall be repeated many times so that those who may be absent from a given session will not miss the teaching. But thank you for your consideration. And as far as the teachers, if anything there will be more teachers as the mission continues its progress and growth. As the first group of students goes forth as individuals and others are touched there will be greater numbers of persons requesting teachers. We are ready for the call. (06/19/93) My question pertains to a letter we got this week from a group, and I think it's in Delaware, that they ask us to write and give them encouragement because they have private teachers but apparently they do not have yet a T/R. I was wondering whether there was, other than encouraging them and giving them some of the experiences of our group, whether there was any message for them.

A: The message is to be willing to allow one of their members to serve as the human conduit without resentment or jealousy, for it is most difficult for a transmitter receiver to emerge when there is the natural mortal vying for position of leader. It is important to understand that your transmitter receiver is in no way the leader of your group but is merely one who has offered to participate as a conduit, not the surgeon or even the assistant, but merely the one who hands the instrument. This may be helpful to the group of which you speak. (Thank you) And remember, my friends, that while Melchizedek oversees this Teaching Mission, and indeed the whole Correcting Time, he is a busy, busy administrator, and like all administrators delegates very, very much to those beneath him, so to speak, including yourselves. There is as much work for you to do, each of you as an individual, as you are willing to do. (01/22/94)

Celestial Contact

Q: Teacher Bertrand, I have intermittently served as a transmitter/receiver for Rayson for some period now. Since near the time I began to serve in that function I've had a sense that I would get a separate teacher with a name something like Quin-ton. Now I sense that the time is very close, indeed, and that I may serve as T/R for both Rayson and Quin-ton. Do you have any comment?

A: [by Bertrand] You are correct in your understanding of your personal teacher. Personal teachers are generally specifically assigned to an individual and are not subject to group transmitted missions. Those are usually a part of the assigned teachers to teaching classes, such as Rayson and myself. Your personal teacher is assigned as a helper for you when your assignment has been given. They are your assistant, and generally will not require verbalization to others. It may occur from time to time that a personal teacher may indeed have something to say, but in most cases will be private. (05/12/93)

Q: Rayson, yesterday I received a list of over 200 ascendent mortals and other personalities that had made contact with human beings on this Teaching Mission. Could you comment on the accuracy of that, and whether or not that is only a small portion of the number of personalities involved.

A: That is only a very small portion! There have been many more contacts. However, many of these the human does not recognize as such, or discounts as imagination.

Q: What do you mean to say, that a person can be contacted without knowing it as such?

A: Yes. A person's mind cannot be used for transmission without free will consent by the humans, but there are many contacts between celestial beings and humans that occur daily. In many cases the humans disbelieve it.

Q: [Question too soft to be understood on tape.]

A: We do not teach the transmitter/receivers individually per se, although they do have access to more range of meaning than they are capable of expressing in words.

Q: Rayson, I've recently been thinking that, like you said, there have been many contacts between celestial beings and humans for a long time, happening daily - maybe even hourly. Since the advent of the Melchizedek Teaching Mission, people have used it as a context in which to base their thoughts of what the origin of these contacts may be. Maybe this shouldn't necessarily be the case. Maybe we should just open our minds to the possibility that its not a Melchizedek teaching mission teacher, but maybe an angel or Melchizedek, himself, or some other being, on a separate mission. It is not necessarily good to lock ourselves into that one mode.

A: Yes, of course, (S), for you are the recipient of all spiritual gifts on Urantia, and I have informed our group that there is at least one additional mission which is happening on Urantia concurrent with this one. And also that you have your helpers - Angels, Midwayers, Spirit of Truth, and Adjuster, and many other celestial guides - which constantly try to make an impression upon the human mind. So to narrow your interpretation to just this Teaching Mission would be to make invisible many other valid spiritual contexts which occur all the time.

  • 05/29/93

Q: Rayson, I have a personal question. Some of the evenings when I'm alone and trying to make contact or trying to reach the stillness the feeling in the top of my head is like steel brushes going around. Last night it came in from the top and was far more intense than I have ever felt before but no voices, and I can't make any sense out of it. Are the celestial beings trying to adjust my mind to receive messages or are they trying to adjust me for healing purposes or just what's going on?

A: The celestial beings have always been there. It is your will that is adjusting. If you would like to transmit, you may certainly do so at any time. Perhaps you would find it easier to transmit in written form by using a writing tool or a keyboard. Some find that transmission occurs most easily by drawing pictographs. This is indeed an effective way of conveying a message, when one has the necessary talent. Also, transmission can be done by transducing the signal into simple or complex behavioral terms. That it, receiving signal and then modifying one's behavior with subsequent human contacts. Does this answer?

S: Yes.) (09/25/93)

R: Before we start our lesson today, I'm going to give you a bit of instruction on transmission for those who wish to participate as transmitters. I know that many of you here have wished to do this, and have earnestly striven toward this end. That is good. It may be that for some of you at least, the final block is a matter of relinquishing complete and total control of your conscious mind to outside influence. This is not an easy matter for Urantia mortals. It engenders fear, and with good reason. Therefore it is of utmost importance, if you truly wish to do this thing that you call upon your faith and your trust in Father and His servants. Consider that your function as a transmitter is along the line of service. You will not be harmed in any way, nor will you be exalted, but you will help the cause of this mission on Urantia by your participation. You will not be weakened, certainly. If anything, by allowing higher mind to mingle with your own, you will be the stronger in your dealings with your fellow Urantia mortals. Now we will move on to our formal lesson for today. (See Lesson on GOODNESS)

S: Thank you so much for the sense I've had quite a bit recently, of your presence and the comfort that gives me even though I'm not talking to you.

R: You are most welcome, my dear. Have you sensed the upstepping of the energy that we discussed a few weeks ago?

S: Well, I haven't been as faithful in my working on this as I had hoped to be. I've been doing some earthly things, but I do feel more in tune and more comforted.

R: Good, very good.

Q: Rayson, you were expressing some regrets at your inability to communicate when the tape ended, and although I certainly don't agree with you, I think you ought to pick up there.

A: Well, as you know, I am an ascendant being as you are, and my understanding of spiritual matters and mota is far from complete so I am learning as we go, as you are. I welcome your comments and questions. They always help me to progress along these lines.


Q: Concerning the preliminary matter that you discussed, the matter of those who desire to become transmitter/receivers, is there any correlation between the physical ability of the brain and the ability of the teacher to reach the mind?

A: Well, in a sense, yes, but where there is a decreased physical ability on the part of the brain that can be overridden by faith and earnest desire to participate, if those two are present in sufficient amount. (Thank you.)

Q: Are there any, are there certain individuals in the room that would be able to do this?

A: You are all capable. The easiest route for each may vary, however. Some may find it easier to transmit directly from body to body and may channel spirit energy through direct personal healing. Others will find that verbalization is easiest. Others will find that artistic expression in song or in graphic display is best. Still others will find that the written word is most easily available for this means. Think of all the modes of expression that are available to mankind. Any one of them can be used as a medium of expression of spirit-channelled message. It does boggle the mind, does it not?

S: Wonderful answer, Rayson. Thank you. It really was expanding. I speak for myself, but I had more or less thought of transmitting as being more in a verbal one-on-one with you and another person. And thank you for that answer.

S2: Rayson, I request that you communicate - I know we can do it directly - but communicate to the Planetary Prince our appreciation and thanks for His allowing you to come here and talk with us on various occasions. We are extremely blessed by this particular phenomenon, and we would like for Him to know that we all appreciate it and we love you.

R: You are much loved in return, and the message is sent. You see, my friends, goodness is part of worship. Are there other comments? If not, then I shall bid you farewell. (10/09/93)


S: Pursuant to your advice to see a neurologist I saw one yesterday. I went over and had an MRI, a brain scan. I took the negatives to Dr. A_ head of the neurosurgery department, and he examined them closely. I also took them later on to the duty neurologist in the neurology department, and he examined them closely. They could find no evidence of any aberrations, tumors or anything like that except the scar from the original tumor that was removed. They were very pleased with what they saw.

R: That is wonderful news. So now you probably are curious about possible spirit involvement causing the phenomena that you have described. (S: Yes.) Yes, that is quite possible. Remember that communication with higher mind can occur in any conceivable fashion, verbal, visual, auditory, and so on. Have you discerned any particular patterns?

S: Well, it comes and goes, but the thing I talked to you about occurred during my meditations at night. During the daylight I - and this is what I saw the neurologist about - I was conscious of changes in intensity of light. It was as if you were sitting in a dark room with the TV facing the other direction, and the light intensity would go up and down, up and down, up and down. I was at various parts of the house when this phenomenon occurred on several occasions. Earlier this week during my morning shower it happened repeatedly. I was able to consciously study what it was. It was a change in light intensity from bright lights at daylight to the red shift of light bulbs. When it was appearing and disappearing, it was as if it were a light flashing on and off. That was what I talked to the doctors about.

R: Do you have the sense of message?

S: No, that's what I'm worried about. I don't get it.

R: Nothing comes into your mind. There are no dreams. You do not feel impelled to write anything down or transpose with your keyboard?

S: Well, I feel impelled to record the message that said "I'm fine."

R: Did your physician offer any electrical readings of your brain?

S: No, he did not.

R: You may wish to have this checked to be absolutely sure this is not a seizure phenomenon.

S: OK. Thank you.


R: Such a phenomenon can indeed occur in the absence of discernible brain pathology. It may be that your capacity to perceive spirit presence is being developed for reasons that are not clear to you or to me. Do you sense this?

S: I thought it might be the case, yes. Although I don't know to what purpose I would, see spirit personalities. I don't need to see them in order to know that they're real.

R: You have done any formal transmission? (S: No, no.) Have you attempted to write?

S: In the sense that I sit down with my computer and try to get inspiration about something, I've tried and it usually ends up in a letter to someone.

R: Are the letters spirit lead?

S: Well, I think they are, yes.

R: Are they to particular individuals? (S: Yes.) Would you like to attempt this sort of transmission now? Perhaps the time has come. I will work with you, if you wish.

S: I'm not sure it would worth your time. I do feel that - just as I have felt for the last two or three years - there's celestial guidance in my letters because I'm so un-(Student) in them. I used to feel proud of being able to write letters that would make people angry. And now I write letters that are peaceful, kind. I really appreciate the offer, but I don't think your presence is necessary for me to continue along these veins. I'm sorry.

R: As you wish. It could be very interesting for you someday to try this.

S: Yes, someday it could be very interesting, yes. I think I'm planning this afternoon to write a letter to an individual who sent me a very long letter pertaining to Gabriel of Sedona and his belief in the validity that he is the only representative of Melchizedek and Jesus on this planet. I have been thinking about the form in which this should be put, and I want it to be put in loving form, but I think I know what I want to say and it probably is because of spirit guidance.

R: There is probably a mortal who once was a man of high political rank as yourself who has taken you on as a student and is helping you in this form.

S: Well, I certainly do appreciate it, and I need all the help I can get.

R: I advise you since you ask regarding your light visions to attempt two things. One is if you have any drawing materials with color to attempt to draw them on paper or with paint. This will be difficult at first, but if you practice you should be able to achieve a close rendering of what you perceive. The second thing you may wish to try is when another such sighting occurs to sit with paper or keyboard and start writing whatever comes into your mind. You may put it in the form of a letter or simply write freely and see what happens. You may be very pleasantly surprised because there is a strong likelihood that you are being contacted by your own personal teacher.

S: Well, he or she certainly got my attention. I certainly want one.


R: Yes. So, you may try those two things. You are certainly very capable of transmission, although I sense you are reluctant.

S: I don't think I'm reluctant, but I don't know. I've always had a hard time letting someone else have control over my mind. Subconsciously that may be it.

R: Is there not as much control in dancing with another as there is in conducting yourself alone?

S: Did you say dancing?

R: Yes.

S2: You'd probably lead, (S).

S: Yes, that has always been the case.

R: You are very capable at dialogue, and the transmission is far more of a dialogue than it is a mind takeover. Certainly your own mind is always free to interject, comment, or even withdraw at all times during the transmission.

S: So it's just your voice box that you're surrendering, so to speak. (

R: Yes.) Would that be accurate? (

R: Yes.) Almost like a translator. If we had someone in the room from Peru and someone who knew how to translate for that person, that translator would be in the position of temporarily not voicing their own thoughts and opinions but voicing the opinions and thoughts of that Peruvian person.

R: Yes, very much like that.

S: Well, I certainly hope that I get a spiritual teacher.

R: Do not fear that you will not transmit the message perfectly. We do not seek perfect message transmission. It is the human translation of idea that is so critical to our particular mission, and actually by inserting your own imperfect style you help this mission be conveyed to yet more Urantia mortals. Do you understand that.

S: I think I understand that, yes.

R: There are many, many mortals on this planet who understand the form that your mind gives ideas and accept that form far more readily than they would accept the same message through another being.

S: I understand that.

R: You have lived life. You have experienced history, and your behavior is marked by constraint and judgment. And these things come through in ways that are subtle but definite in your own expression. This will be appreciated by those who read your particular transmissions, and there are very few who have your particular background who are actually transmitting now.

S: Thank you.

R: You are welcome.

S: I did want to tell you that your, the book of your teachings entitled Rayson and Friends prior to 1993, in other words for '91 and '92, the original last night was off the press, and it's now ready to be duplicated. And I will soon have copies of it for distribution.

R: Thank you. That will do much good.

S: I'm excited about it.

S2: I think it will, too.

S: Thank you for the lessons. They're just wonderful.

R: Yes, they have gone well. I appreciate your gratitude, and I remind you, my friends, that while considering becoming a transmitter may seem a little overwhelming to you, remember that it gives you a unique opportunity for spiritual creativity that very few Urantia mortals have ever experienced. Is that not marvelous?

S: That's why I'm so amazed at this whole thing.

S: Very intriguing.

S: Yes, I've lived an extremely exciting time and age, been given extremely exciting opportunities.

R: Anyone can be a court reporter, but who can be the attorney in charge?

S: Thank you for being with us today. I've run out of questions.

R: Well, let me remind you that once you become a transmitter, which you will surely do, your present belief about control will alter in the following fashion. You will believe that the one who lacks control is the listener in the group rather than the transmitter.

S: Thank you for that insight.

R: And I will remind you when that occurs. Never fear.

S: Thank you.) I bid you farewell.

  • (10/23/93)

S: Rayson, for a while during the past week I had a sensation of, I think the presence of celestial beings which gave me great joy. I thought it might be you. Could you confirm whether I sensed properly the presence of celestial beings, and if so whether they were you?

R: Yes, I have been with you very much these last many weeks, and I am, in fact, prepared to transmit through you when you are ready to channel.

S: Thank you. I have been looking forward to that.

R: Perhaps you would care to start practicing.

S: Thank you.) But are you comfortable having your entire being penetrated by another personality?

S: I think I'm getting comfortable. I have been pretty independent all of my life.

R: Have you not been subjected to x-rays?

S: Oh, yes.) Perhaps if you think of it in that vein, yet without any damage accruing to yourselves, it would be helpful - rather than resorting to sexual connotations. Yes or lying in the sun and receiving its radiance.

S: I think that's the way I felt.

R: Yes, we have been practicing with the permission of your Thought Adjuster, for you have indicated your readiness.

S: Thank you. I will practice with (S2) then.

R: Yes. We have also been working with (S2), and she has also expressed her willingness.

S: Would it be helpful if we practiced together and if whoever was trying to transmit were asked questions by the other one?

R: Yes, certainly.

R: Yes, and you are very much loved, my dear friends. Do you understand better now the nature of material life and that which is beyond it?

S: Yes, I understand why we're having to undergo imperfections. It's a mixed blessing, the imperfections.

R: That which even a Lanonandek Son cannot access has been freely and lovingly given to you for all eternity.

S: That makes us special. Even though we're behind. And we know a million years from now we're still not going to know it all.

S2: But who cares?

S: We'll be still in school, so to speak.

S2: We still have plenty of time.

R: Would you rather be a seraphim, frozen in your potentials?

S: Goodness no, this is exciting.

S: I'd rather be a son of God.

R: With no beginning and no end.

S: Yes, because I get my "no beginning" from my Thought Adjuster when I fuse with him, her, or it. *(12/04/93)


S: Does Prince Melchizedek still write the lessons, basic lessons?

R: Yes. We have certain guidelines established and goals to be met. We are given a certain amount of leeway in deciding how to proceed toward our goals. That is why you encounter much repetition and why there is variation from group to group. But you should be able to discern a thread of commonality that binds all. Is that so?

S: Yes, yes. I've been amazed at your consistency. Ordinarily when an individual or group of individuals speak about various subjects there are occasional, in fact I would say many, conflicts. And the views you give, the views other teachers give, although there are minor conflicts from time to time and place to place, there's tremendous consistency within each teaching.

R: Yes, it is interesting that you asked about patience, because it is an exercise in patience for the teacher to participate in this mission. It is delightful to be privileged to serve in this fashion, and I feel I have benefitted much in my own personal growth.

S: Thank you for telling us that.

S: Also, along those lines, Milcah has been tremendously patient with us, and particularly since she shows up and has only two of your students there. I know that the rest of them have what I consider to be legitimate excuses. They obviously consider them to be legitimate excuses. But I have a hard time putting myself in their positions and seeing how I would miss any of these sessions unless I were physically out of town. I enjoy them very much. (

S2: Yes.)

R: You are most welcome. Even one member present merits continuation of the lessons.

S: Thank you, Rayson. That's very gracious

S: Yes, and very, very consoling, since I had thought perhaps that the other side might think that two people showing up might not be worth the energy for a lesson.

S: Oh, but people do benefit later as well with the transcripts and the tapes. The lesson doesn't end here.

R: Yes, you have both been most diligent and patient yourselves in spreading the word from these lessons, and I thank you both on my own behalf and on the behalf of those who also participate in this mission. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and much good has come of this already. Believe me, much good.

S: Do I sense the presence of Prince Melchizedek?

R: There are high officials who come to our lessons, but because of the..., I do not wish to turn these lessons into a sensation seekers haven. I will defer in answering your question at this time.

S: I was not seeking sensations except to confirm my own feelings of celestial presence.

R: Certainly Melchizedek.

S: And you have answered that enough for my satisfaction.

R: Melchizedek is aware of all the proceedings of each lesson with each group and does drop in on occasion to observe.

S: Thank you. (10/23/93)


S: I have been curious for some time about how you are able to perceive of individuals in your class. I know you don't have eyes and I wonder how you sense the individuals that are around the room? If you don't care to tell me, it's all right.

R: Well, of course, I intertwine my presence with the mind of the transmitter/receiver, and so I have that cue. But, in addition, during these lessons there are others like myself who participate, and they post themselves among the human participants and signal to me with respect to their positions. This is very helpful to me and allows me to concentrate on the lesson, while still receiving feedback regarding its acceptance among each member of the group, or the members of the group.

  • (10/23/93)

S: Rayson, now that we're getting up close and personal, we were discussing you the other day, very fondly, by the way, and we were wondering can you see us in a physical form? Can you see only our spiritual essence? How do you perceive us?

R: I cannot see you as you see one another, it is true. I do have a certain capacity to perceive your spirit light which is less than I will have in 20,000 years, but more than I had 20,000 years ago. I have a sense of your appearance based upon the time I spend with you personally and reflections that I receive from others who are about you when I am present. This probably gives me a far more comprehensive idea of who you are than I would get if I were another mortal being.

S: Rayson, we see each other by light reflected into our eyeballs being changed into electrical impulses going to our brain. I understand that you probably don't have any eyeballs; therefore you cannot see reflected light. You can only see reflections of our spiritual component, or the absence of it. Is that somewhat correct?

R: Yes. I cannot perceive that as well as a perfectly created being, however, and so I am somewhat guided by their promptings.

S: Also, I would assume that you don't have any ears, so you can only comprehend what we're thinking. If we misstate a few words in asking questions, I notice that many, many times you've answered the question we were trying to ask rather than the question we did ask. Is this because you have a greater ability in this area that we call hearing?

R: Well, because your verbal communication has spiritual content and my perceptual array is geared to spirit frequencies, I am able to hear you, so to speak. It is not hearing as you understand it to be, or as I experienced it when I myself was a material being. When you pray, you send a complete spirit message to Paradise that is heard by all along the way by those who have spirit perception. When you speak, what I hear is something that may be called a prayer fragment. Does that make sense to you?

S: Yes.) I hear the spirit content of your utterance. I cannot very well discern intellectual or emotional content unless they have heavy spirit tracings impressed upon them, which indeed does occur. But that may help you to understand some of the answers that you receive.

S: Are we using the circuits when we do this or when we speak with you are we using the universe circuits?

R: All lessons on Urantia are transmitted on the universe circuits. That is why there are so many spirit personalities in attendance, like your baseball games where some watch on the television, some listen on the radio and some go for a front row seat.

S: So we're in the front row right now, I guess.

R: No, you are in the field.

S: OK . .. [[[laughter]]].) So just be sure you hit a home run.

S: Is it light where you are, as we perceive it, if you could reflect back to when you were a mortal in your material perceptions of light and dark? Is it light where you are right now?

R: Yes, very much so. There is much presence of Father. That is how we light our spirit existence.

S: I had this idea about it being dark and you'll look out in space and see the points of light, the stars. I think of the points of light, our fragments inside of us, as being points of light inside of us, and what else is around us is dark, and you can perceive those points of light like we look up into the stars and see them in that respect.

R: But the night sky that you refer to as seen by a perfect being is dazzling in light with pinpoints of darkness that reflect your stars.

S: Wow, that's neat.

Q: Rayson, when you're talking to us, do you receive the assistance of any celestial beings?

R: Yes, continuously, otherwise this would not be possible.

S: Are Midwayers helping with this right now?

R: Yes. Do you not sense them?

S: I think so, yes.

R: They can sometimes be mischievous.

S: They're pretty cool, I think.

R: Your leprechauns of ancient lore bear a faint resemblance to midwayers.

S: Where are you right now, Rayson, in relation to this room?

R: I am here.

S: Are you left or right of (T/R)?

R: I surround her and go through her like a mist or a shroud.

S: Does that seem to be I am not in my Father, my Father is in me?

R: Yes, yes. She must permit me to invade her being for this to occur.

  • (12/04/93)


[The discussion was about Jesus' cleansing of the Temple.]

S: Rayson were you at the time, were you present in that temple when those things took place?

R: Not on Urantia, but I have reviewed the records of this planet thoroughly and have beheld the details of which you speak.

S: Rayson, I was wondering, we have video tapes and so on. Do you have the ability to actually do a revisiting of it as though it were on video tape? Or actually - like in 3-D circumstances - actually re-live that moment and see it?

R: The Ancients of Days guard the records of the cosmos and may permit one to review historical features when it is deemed appropriate. It is far more than the visual record to which you allude. There are spirit qualities recorded as well.

S: How far would one have to advance through the mansion worlds before one would be capable of viewing these and receiving any benefit from them?

R: It all depends on need, actually. If you are needed, it can happen early. If not, it may never occur. Your unique and individual personality is known to those at high levels and if it can be useful to them, they will appeal to you for service.

  • (12/18/93)

Teaching Mission

Visiting Student: Since our teacher Ham has gone, could you give us any directions for our group? His departure was so sudden we were dumfounded and wonder what our future mission assignments may or may not entail. Could you comment on that, please?

A: Yes, your mission at present is to maintain your faith and group identity. This is difficult, however, necessary. Look at it from this perspective. It is much more impractical to have as a living inspiration a group of mortals who continue to believe in a teacher who is absent than to have a group of people who sit at the feet of one of our group. In a larger scope of the mission, this is necessary, not for yourselves personally, but on a larger scope. For it shows a true faith and demonstrates the reality of the teachers and the teachings. While personally disappointing, nevertheless it will serve to convert many non-believers to our cause. Consider the Apostles after the death of Jesus. The devastation and loss and feelings of abandonment overtook them. Their faith was weakened. See how much nobler it is to accept without understanding, and continue to radiate joy, love, faith, and light without the blessings of a teacher. This shows the true integration of Ham's lessons and the upstepping of your character. It also shows eloquently, and without defensive words, the reality - spiritual reality - and truth of the mission. For if a group can maintain higher values of identity, continued service, dedication to God and the will of God, and the internal reliance on Adjuster, angelic, higher mind, then we have succeeded in transmitting the individual into more morontial modes and actions. This is quite an honor. Humans are unconsciously subverting spiritual gifts. Reliance on external guidance is acceptable to a point, but when that becomes dependency, you are no more than mere puppets. My suggestion is to use your free will to clearly choose the higher path instead of feeling abandoned.

You were graced with many lessons, and now that the seed has been planted, a time of waiting precedes new growth. We know that eventually you will see the benevolence and blessings of this event. Often the offstage character in a play exerts the strongest influence. What are you? Or what have you become without him? That is the true litmus test of the teachings. Are you now less than you were? Or more? These are questions your study group should be praying on and discussing. You are not alone. You have many, many celestial helpers both involved in this mission and not. How has Ham's commingling affected you? Has it left you directionless? Then he has failed. Your mission is to live without Ham for now. He will return within the year. But first you must mature. You must show that these teachings are a part of you, with or without the teachings.

If the teaching of Jesus had died with Him, where would Urantia be? You have much to work from. Have you actually applied the magnificent lessons of one of the greatest teachers on Urantia? Have you actively worked to change and upstep yourselves? Have you re-listened to the hundreds of transmissions and worked on transformation? I think not. Emotions are human and forgivable. But now is the time to dedicate your group to this task. A teacher imparts concepts. The students must make them part of themselves. This is the period you are in, hearing words is not growth. It is merely the first step. If you believe in your teacher, where is your part? Everything needs time, and this time should be fruitful for you.

This should be joy-filled - the application of the lessons, for no one - (S), and please tell my brothers and sisters - can do that growing for you. We can merely shine a beam on a possible path to God. You must put your feet on the path and trudge along. This is your time of trudging. And this should be viewed with great gratitude. You are not abandoned. You are left to grow in the only way that true growth can be achieved by agondonter mortals in a world of uncertainty and faith. And that is my reply for now.

S: Thank you very much. That was beautiful. Ham's teachings have made us all grow. We recognize that. I really don't think we feel abandoned. Maybe some in the group do. We are wondering, is this the start of our mission calling as apostles? Should we be our proselytizing? Or do we continue our Monday meetings as usual and study the book? We are listening to tapes. We've listened to the one of yours on forgiveness. We've listened to some from Daniel, and others from Ham. Our group has fallen from roughly around forty to about twenty. We hope we don't lose any more. We are confused as to what our active role is right now. So during this period of digestion time that Ham spoke of will there be a falling away? We were told that the trunk that is our tree will be beaten upon, and that leaves would fall, and maybe even some branches. We are confused more than anything else.

R: Well, it is sad when fellows depart. They were there on the more superficial levels of receiving something rather than dedicating their lives. And that is - everyone is different and we do not judge. In terms of proselytizing, that is a free will decision. My personal feeling is that the time is not yet correct for that, because you must figure out what it is you want to communicate. Opportunities will present themselves for more public proclamation, but to view this in merely human concepts does not really grasp the full implication. This idea of defense against external criticism, or attack, is not the heart of the matter. One does not need an enemy to believe in a cause. That is a babyish, immature, means to solidify group mind. Better to look at proselytization as the light which emanates from transformed lives. What greater proselytizing can do than to live with so much light which will act as a magnet to draw others. That is true proselytizing. To argue, to defend, to seek to convert, really does not serve much constructive need, for one cannot force another to see. And if you do, through the bribery of greater knowledge, enlightenment, etc., it is not very real, and is rooted in shallow soil. So proselytize through your lives, Simply live! We don't need this drama that humans crave. If someone throws the rock of anger into the hornet's nest, your choice always is to not be a hornet. (01/21/93)

The nature of the teaching mission has shifted, not only in this geographical area, but worldwide. We cannot continue the lessons indefinitely week after week. As one goes from childhood to adolescence, so the mission grows and changes. And as we change, we are caught in awkward stages of not knowing where we are headed. But Prince Melchizedek has a grand plan and we must trust his judgment and in his close relationship with our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. (05/12/93)

S: Rayson, I believe sometimes teacher Ham or some other teacher said the tour of duty for teachers with groups was about two years, more or less. We started having our group lessons in December two years ago. I certainly hope that enough of us fail the course that you'll stay with us for a while.

R: Well, we do have a mixed class of newcomers and ones who have been present longer, so your wish will most likely be granted.

S: I have one more question. Would it be appropriate for us, as you draw to the end of these lessons, to start up new groups in other areas?

R: What do you think?

S: I think it would be great. Might as well spread all this wealth.

R: If you undertake such a step, you may very likely acquire a teacher.

S: Thank you. Say hi to Brother Ham, will you?

R: He is among us today. (12/18/93)


Q: As you know, there is a General Council (of the Fellowship) meeting in February, and there are Urantia Book readers who are urging some strong stand against the Teaching Mission. And I know if I have to make a choice between being an officer of the Fellowship or participating in the Teaching Mission, the Teaching Mission will prevail. It is the most important thing in my life right now of a spiritual nature, and the place I feel I can serve the most. But what I want to know . . .

S: is there anything that we can do there that would avoid this sort of a show-down type activity?

A: The opposition to the Teaching Mission is based mostly on pride of individual persons. There is - of course - jealousy, anger, ego considerations. The Teaching Mission will thrive despite the opposition. In fact the adversity will strengthen the Teaching Mission for those who are not truly faithful will fall away and the adherents who remain will be the strongest. (S), you must follow your own feelings on this matter. Does this answer?

S: Yes, thank you, I'll just love them and hope they will be generous. (01/31/93)

S: My heart is burdened, and so is that of (S2), with the attitude of some leaders of the Fellowship, the membership organization for the Urantia movement on this planet. We have heard and read and seen that some of the leaders are proposing, or will propose, that the Fellowship take a stand against the Teaching Mission, and that it - in effect - remove from office those who are believers in the Teaching Mission. We find ourselves in a position where are forced, simply by our offices, to respond one way or another to this. I wonder if you could give us some advice as to things that we should be aware of, the attitudes we should take, some general advice about this?

R: (S), I sense your sadness. This is an earth institution, and all earth institutions pass away in time. It is unfortunate that those who have been associated so closely with the spread of the teachings of the Urantia Book for these almost forty years have been blinded by their supposed duty. But you are called to a higher plane. And when the Father has a desire, and the Son also has the same desire, then you must act. One moment. This can be viewed as a situation where the old will pass away in preparation for the new. We have foreseen that such an end occurrence was potential. It seems to be becoming actual. But with their refusal to accept the Teaching Mission, implicit in this is their denial of living truth. Their denial of growth. And with that denial eventually becomes death - figuratively. As you know through your connection with that body over the years, it has been moving closer and closer to self destruction because of the control of certain humans who are ego attached to their supposed mission. There is little difference in the outcome when compared to the Foundation from which it was born. Sometimes we are called upon to make heroic statements in the face of supposed difference, but your stand on this issue will stand the test of time. Theirs will not. Does that help?

S: It is encouraging. I get the feeling that (S2) and I have been put in this place for this very hour, and I think I can promise you that we will defend to the best of our ability the Teaching Mission. Our first goal will be to see that the Fellowship does not adopt any position adverse to the Teaching Mission. Is this the correct goal?

R: Two things. We are certain that you are both dedicated servers. We have absolutely no doubt of your ability to put forth your efforts on behalf of the Teaching Mission. And secondly - and this may be difficult to accept - but it truly matters not whether you are actually able to sustain your desire to maintain either neutrality or acceptance of the Teaching Mission - or not. If they do accept the Teaching Mission, eventually they will change. And what they are today will pass away, because the Teaching Mission is dynamic. It is powerful. It requires action on the part of the believer; not action as dictated from above, but action that has welled up in the heart of the believer. This is not evidenced within the Fellowship at this time. And so, if they accept the Teaching Mission, what is now the Fellowship will pass away in favor of this new light. If they accept neutrality, they will also pass away, because of the powerful movement that is now unstoppable on Urantia. And thirdly, should they deny the existence of the Teaching Mission, their demise will be only sooner.

S: We received a letter from a lady we know who now calls herself Delphius and who is associated with a group in Sedona led by a mortal who calls himself Gabriel, my cosmic brother, and refers to a Celestial Overcontrol as the person or being guiding him. I have never heard of this name before, nor have I seen it in the Urantia Book. Is there such a being?

R: No.

Q: Is this Gabriel, whom we know by this name in the music publishing world, a person truly dedicated to serving Michael? Or is he on an ego trip? or are we not to try to judge that?

A: I can tell you that he is not part of the Teaching Mission.

Q: I would like to write her because I like her. I do not wish to say negative things, nor give the impression that I support what they are doing - other than to wish them well in whatever activities they are doing that are in service of Michael. Do you have any suggestions or are guidance I might follow?

A: You may share our teachings with her. And hopefully the light of the beauty of our teachings, or are of the teachings of other teachers of which you have transcripts, will supplant the negative views that she may be acquiring as a part of that group. By no means should you make reference to their teachings.

Q: Versus somebody else's?

A: Correct.) Then I have no need to go there and observe their activities and their organization?

A: Not unless you have some personal need to.

S: No, thank you.) It is not required. (05/12/93)

Celestial Contact

Q: Are ascendent mortals properly classified as celestial beings? Or are they...

A: (Interrupting) No, they are not. (Laughing.) (01/21/93)

Q: Rayson, I have a question on the seraphic guardians, etc. I feel I'm talking to somebody all the time. It's been suggested that I hear a lot from my Thought Adjuster. When I'm talking, is there a way to address other beings rather than just "hey you guys?" Do they have names? Or how could I call on them? Or, in particular, how can I not get it mixed up with what's coming through from my Thought Adjuster? How do I gather them closer with some kind of greeting or . ..

A: It's not necessary.

S: Not at this point. They know.

S: I'd like to know if they have names? Anything?

A: The Thought Adjuster has a number that's so big you can't comprehend it.

S2: He will get his name from you when he fuses with you.

S: Sometimes I think of them as a conglomeration or something.

R: They have identities but not the same as you would assign to a pet dog or cat.

Q: When thinking in the sense that you're communicating with a celestial presence like yourself or with the seraphic guardians, when you're expressing the thought in your mind, just you and me, is that thought going out like a radio transmission so that anyone can pick up with a receiver? Or would the seraphic guardian, alone, pick that up?

R: Your mean your own personal thought?

S: If I were, for instance, right now thinking I really love and care about you Rayson, would you pick that up? If I weren't verbalizing it?

A: It's not the verbalization that is transmitted, but the feeling itself.

Q: Then you do pick that up then?

A: If it is there, yes.

Q: Ok, so you don't really read a person's mind without permission, but on the other hand when we're worshiping or sending kind thoughts your way or are toward other relationships we have with our seraphim and so on that they can feel and pick up on those messages.

A: Yes, that is true. They come through as pinpoints of light.

S: That's interesting. Thank you very much because I was concerned that maybe they weren't getting the messages.

R: No, all that is positive is received and appreciated. And the pinpoints of light, are they coded by frequency to reach their destination? It's a crude way of putting it, but they reach their destination.

S: I remember your saying one time, Rayson, and I was very touched by it, that there is almost an instantaneous reception of prayer at Paradise level.

R: That is true.

S: And that was such a wonderful, revealing and heartwarming thought. I would like to also have you thank the other celestials that might be around watching at this time visiting with us. I presume there are other celestials.

R: Yes, that is true. (08/28/93)


Q: Rayson, (S2) and I are closer to resolving our choices on our future home, and we have accumulated a lot of information, and have reached the conclusion that we are available for anywhere the mission wants to send us. Our options allow us to go anywhere at this time.

R: Where is it that you prefer to be? Where are you comfortable?

S: A great many places, most any place that the mission would be something that we could continue actively and not be in an environment where it would be antagonistic.

R: There will always be some antagonism.

S: Oh, I understand. We encounter that even in Urantia Book readers. No, I was thinking more in terms of areas where there's no openness to other religious thought than a single view, such as a fundamentalist Baptist community or something like that. But even there, we are finding there are people who are desperately searching for more spiritual alternatives.

R: So you are asking for my advice.

S: Yes, or are volunteering for assignment.

R: You are already assigned, of course, but geographical location is not particularly important. At this point in your lives, when both of you have certain physical limitations, you may wish to consider your own medical needs, physical comfort, the less physically arduous forms of daily living compared to others which might be so demanding that you could become ill or are even die. Does that help?

S: Yes, that helps a lot. It's leaning toward (S2's) inclinations.

R: There is no requirement for the participants in this mission to go to jungles, or ice caps, or prisons, unless, by chance, you find yourself there and your spiritual helpers have so assisted the situation that you are easily able to function. That will be the key for you, if you wish to heed it. Where you find yourself is probably where you have been guided.

S: Thank you, Rayson. That's very enlightening.

R: I will never be gone from you, but I will be more like a professor helping a post-doctoral student than a first grade teacher teaching you to read. Do you understand the difference? (

A: Yes.) (12/18/93)


S: Year 2000 - Jesus' Birthday.

S: This is the beginning of the two thousandth year since the birth of Christ, culminating with the celebration of his birthday on August 21, 1994. I'm excited about this. I personally have dedicated myself to think about this all year long and to act upon it in accordance with my own limited capacity. I feel that all of the study groups should emphasize that this is the beginning of a new millennium and that the teachings of the Urantia Book probably are more relevant now than they were at the time Jesus spoke them. Do you have any comments on this?

R: Yes. You are right in understanding that a new time has come in the history of this planet and the more perceptive on this planet - even those who are not yet consciously aware of the Urantia Book - are commenting to themselves and others that there has come the time for new spiritual leadership on this planet. There is a great hunger, a great thirsting, among the masses on Urantia, and you, my friends, are being trained so that you may help to fill those cups. It is no accident that this mission was timed as it was, and it is our earnest desire that soon we shall be very close to starting the first steps toward light and life on this planet.

Q: Yes. I see that the higher an individual gets, the less concept of time he has. For us who live here on this earth, we think that time is so short. I personally feel a great urgency to complete my task before too many years are gone. I wonder if you feel the same urgency, all in all, on the same basis that I do - if you feel the same urgency about time?

A: Time is a most interesting concept, truly worthy of a lesson or are two on its own. I will make an analogy that may be helpful to you. Imagine yourself a very tiny fish in a tiny container placed on a beach, and some distance from you an ocean which is eternal breaks on the sand. With your material death you will awaken having made the transition from your tiny cup of water in terms of time, to an eternal sea. The pressing concerns of the limitations of time that one experiences during the brief but critical period in the flesh are for the most part left behind once you have awakened on the mansion world and have grasped a morontia concept of time. My friend, you have accomplished much already, spiritually, during your stay on Urantia. Yes, of course, there is always more that you can do, just as in a building you can always add another coat of paint or are another ornament to the top. but your house is sound. You have worked hard to build it from its solid foundation, its first floor, all of its beams, walls, doors, windows, roof. Anything more that you do certainly will beautify what you have created and accomplished during your life on Urantia, but it is not as if you must now begin to build the house from the ground up. (01/02/94)


[The group discussed whether or are not guests from other teacher groups should be invited to attend the sessions. Also, how to add new members to Rayson's group.]

R: This is Rayson. As always, it is an honor and a privilege to be here. I believe we have business at hand prior to the lesson.

Q: Yes, Rayson, are you aware of the conversation we had before the lesson? (Yes,) Could you give us some advice concerning each of the matters that we discussed? First should we invite guests from other study groups?

A: Certainly. Guests are most welcome. And you are advised to screen them as you have in the past, with any modifications you may wish to impose as required by the needs of the group. I have been constrained from interfering beyond a very limited area in the conduct of your group. This is for your good as it will help your spiritual growth, and that of others whom you affect in large and small ways. The second matter?

Q: Yes, the previous custom has been that we would ask you first then send the applicant before the gatekeeper, (S). I understand that we should continue this process "as we have amended it?" I would like to clear up the amendment. Are you saying that any of us can act as gatekeepers?

A: If that is the consensus of the group then it shall be. The conduct of your group is a matter to be decided among yourselves. I would not interfere unless it were an emergency matter, which seems highly unlikely.

Q: The second phase of this, then, we have discussed specific individuals whom we should and shouldn't invite, including (persons) Are we at liberty to decide individually on those?

A: Yes, although if the group grows too quickly it may pose a burden for (T/R) as she is still a novice in the technique of group transmitting/receiving. I cannot disclose the details of how the transmitter-receiver interacts with me, but I can tell you that this interaction also involves any and all persons present. With each added person there is an extra amount of effort required by the person you call the T/R or transmitter-receiver, and in a large group this can be quite taxing for that person. Therefore, please try to keep the growth in the size of the group slow. It may be steady growth, but small increments would be best at this time. (01/31/93)


Q: Would you help us with a spelling lesson, briefly, for our transcripts? How do you spell Adnon and how do you spell Aneena in our planet's language?

A: Adnon and Anina or Aneena. Either may be used.

S: Thank you.

S: And how do you spell Rayson? I'm just curious if there's a second spelling for Rayson. We've been spelling Rayson "R-A-Y-S-0-N." Is there another spelling for your name?

A: That is as good as any. The point is, the name, the spiritual name of an individual is carefully selected in such a way as to reflect one's origin, one's mission, and one's level of spirit attainment. Thus, it is entirely possible and certainly does happen, that names may be altered during mortal ascent toward Paradise. This may be a surprise to some of you, but if you think of a name as a designation that provides information, it really makes quite a bit of sense that this would be the case.

Q: Is there a connection between the spiritual names that have been given to some individuals and the character traits that are in the Urantia book of people who have the same name?

A: Sometimes. Sometimes the name is one of the individual's own preference. For that reason.

Q: Rayson, my name's . .. and I'd like to know if I have a spiritual name.

A: It is delightful to have you here participating. As far as spiritual names go, my own personal decision is to not assign any further names due to some misunderstandings that have occurred. This is not intended to glorify those who received names prior to now, or to belittle those who have not yet gotten such names, but rather to simplify communication. Part of the misunderstanding has been that there is sort of hierarchy in this Teaching Mission based on names that are shared with beings of higher repute in the Urantia book, the Bible, the Koran, other writings. This was never intended and has caused wasted energy in the mission. Better for energy to be spent on spirit growth than on petty quibbling and ranking that has no meaning.

S: I understand and thank you for the explanation. (09/25/93)

Materialization, Sensationalism

Q: (S) and I received invitations to Naperville, Illinois, for an event that is supposed to occur in the 24th of April in which a Melchizedek - I don't know whether it is Prince Machiventa or another Melchizedek - is to be visible to human eyes. I know that there are different types of visibility such as the imagery that occurs in ones mind, and the second level is that which was used at the transfiguration where the apostles were allowed to see celestial beings, and then there is downright materialization such as Melchizedek did when Abraham was allowed to see him - and all the other people on the world. Do you have any comment, first of all, as to whether or not the Naperville meeting will be blessed with any one of those three forms of seeing a Melchizedek?

A: Don't spend your last dime on the plane ticket. (laughter) (02/14/93)

Q: Rayson, we have heard from several sources that Melchizedek is going to make an effort to visualize himself to students in various areas of the country on the 24th of next month and thereafter. Do you have any comment on that? Should we make an effort to visit one of the groups? Or to hold a meeting ourselves on that day to help Prince Melchizedek with his plans?

A: That is for you to evaluate individually and take your action. I have no more comment on this issue of visualization. I have commented about it before, and have not revised my opinion. (03/28/93) (Prior to the lesson, the students discussed the fact that three or four groups of students of the Teaching Mission met in various parts of the country the previous day [April 24th] in an effort to "visualize" Prince Machiventa Melchizedek. So far as we knew, no one had been successful. Three of Rayson's students attended the meeting in Orange county and reported that although no one visualized Prince Melchizedek, most - if not all - had a very spiritual experience and none expressed disappointment.) Today's lesson was to have dealt with perseverance, but in light of your discussion I shall give a short impromptu instruction on the post resurrection period as illustrated for you in The Urantia Book. In particular, on the Spirit of Truth. [See lesson on Spirit of Truth] The need of the humans to see is something which I, as my own individual personality type, have very little understanding of. I am simply bemused after all this time that it continues to be so important, and have tried to refrain from commenting because it is something I cannot fully understand. However, it appears to be so universal that it is obviously built into the mortal.

Very few appearances have happened: the [Paper 190 - Morontia Appearances of Jesus morontial appearances of Jesus], the appearance of the angel to Mary, to Joseph, the voice in the garden, to name a few. But appearances are unpredictable, and are not the first choice of communication on the part of the beings of the non-material realm. Because of the confusing rebellion on this planet where Midwayers often appeared - rebellious Midwayers appeared to primitive mortals and misled them - we have tried to not engage in this type of activity for fear of building up the superstitious and cult type religions that proliferate here more so than on other planets which have not undergone the rebellion. I urge you, brothers and sisters, to take advantage of the sound spiritual helpers which do exist and are here for your benefit, who love you and only want to serve your needs. The lesson was not planned, therefore not as well thought out as usual. For this I apologize. Do you have questions?

Q: Rayson, I wonder why it is that some of the T/R's have become impressed that a teacher has told them that there would be a manifestations of this sort. Do you care to comment on that?

A: I do not understand it, (S).

S: Neither do I.) I really feel that this has not come from the teaching staff. In fact I know it has not. The need to see, touch, understand on your own level, is so - apparently - overpowering that it is a consistent projection on the part of the human minds involved with the teachers to hear, believe, what has not been promised. This is getting into a somewhat delicate area of psychology, but it is a problem we have debated and discussed for many, many, many hours amongst the staff of Machiventa.

A: how to separate the Teaching Mission from the wish projections, fantasies, and unconscious longings of the humans - who are still looking for miracles, how to separate the spiritual from the psychic, how to foster faith - true faith - while discouraging the need for instant confirmation that all this is true. This is a dilemma, for we have come close to tipping the balance with our means of communicating to you. To you this must seem like a miracle or a supernatural occurrence, but it is not. It is a mere circuit for us that is as second nature as your circuits of gravity. This is not spectacular. And, because to you - perhaps - it seems spectacular, you expect other paranormal manifestations. That is some of the thinking that goes on in our discussions of this phenomenon on the part of the humans. I cannot tell you that Machiventa will never appear, for I do not know that. But I can tell you that if he did appear it would not be because a small group of you wished to have your faith confirmed. You will see him one day. Perhaps not here. What we find hard to understand is when you speak with the Prince why you find it so hard to accept that he is here. The most real things on this planet are things which you cannot see. The most unreal are those which seem the most solid to you. These are the things which shall pass away. It is a reversal of thinking - from our perspective that - humans suffer from.

Q: My question relates to our discussion about the human need for seeing things. I was thinking on the way over, that I find it disturbing in myself that given the fourteen or fifteen years of reading The Urantia Book, and being involved in the Teaching Mission, and knowing you, and developing a personal relationship with you, and also being more aware now of the Spirit of Truth, my angels, my Thought Adjuster, and all these gifts, that it can become such a mundane part of my life. I question whether that represents a failure on my part to respond to the gifts I've received, or it represents a balance of the spiritual and the material in my life. To me it seems like I failed here, because I should be more awestruck or something.

A: Well awestruck? No. To integrate the spiritual and have it become part of your daily life is a good goal. It should not be - you do not want to be Paul or Saul on the road and become fanatical. Spiritual experiences do not have to be visions like John had. It should be part of the daily life the way Jesus lived. However, only you can answer if you have become jaded or unappreciative of these gifts and this ability. If you practice your spiritual work daily, I think you will not, because you will deepen in your understanding and communication. As in everything, we all go through periods of greater practice or more dedicated practice, and then some other areas take our attention for a while. All I am asking you to be aware of is to make an effort every day to communicate with your spiritual guides. For if you do you will be rewarded for this. And your attention will come back to that eventually. (04/25/93)


R: It's so good to see all of you gathered here. This is a very special day. I want you all to know that on this day the power circuits for the transmission of universe messages to Urantia have received an extra power boost in the name of the present mission. This has been done after careful evaluation of responses to previous transmissions since the reopening of the universe circuits. As you may be aware, once the circuits were reopened each and every mortal on Urantia was capable of connecting to some extent with the communication system. The extent to which this occurs in a particular person is dependent upon many factors including of course personal desire for such knowledge first and foremost, also inherent capacity for electrochemical transduction of the signal which is dependent upon one's particular physical properties. The degree of quietude in that part of the individual's brain which is most receptive to the signal is also an important determinant of your capacity to receive signals. There are other factors also, but I am not permitted to discuss them at this time, however be aware that the signals have been coming and since a favorable response has occurred and there has been demonstration of hunger for more signal it has been determined that the power of the signal will be increased and this has happened just today, my friends. This has been an occasion for joy and celebration. (See Lesson on Forgiveness)

Q: I have questions about the announcement that you made to begin with, the upstepping of the power. Is there any way that we can be affected by that in our everyday lives?

A: Yes, indeed. There most certainly is. By continuing to practice the principles that have been taught in these lessons and your Urantia book and in other religious teachings. You will find that your personal effectiveness will be enhanced, and this will be gratifying to you. You will see.

S: Thank you very much. I am extremely pleased to hear that.

Q: Does this opening, or empowering the circuits with greater power, mean that more people even with weaker chemical receptivity could then receive messages from the teachers?

A: Yes, among other things, that is true. Also the influence of those who are participants in the mission, such as yourselves, will be felt that much more strongly.

Q: You said a lot of our circuits are opening up to the universe's offerings, which is very encouraging, but that there are also those members who aren't as capable because of their physical state or emotional state. I was wondering if you could give an example of that? And also, tell us if their circuits are being worked on, too, and improved.

A: I can give you an example by analogy. There are those whose vision, those beings who can see as well as they need to see without glasses. There are others because of irregularities in eye structure require spectacles to function in your culture. There are those who can hear well enough to function without assistance, and there are those who require a hearing aid. The same applies to individual capacity to receive signal.

Q: But aren't all individuals capable?

A: Yes, but some hear or sense the signal less clearly when it is at the level that it has been prior to today. When the universe circuits were opened, the signal was intentionally set at a rather low level because with it having been off for such a long period of time, and because of the nature, the unique nature of the experience on Urantia, there was concern that a higher level signal might be overwhelming for the population of this planet. Therefore the decision was made to start with a low level and observe carefully to see whether those with the most inherently clear reception of signal would respond in an appropriate fashion, rather than follow some foul negative response patterns. Since this has been demonstrated to be, it has been demonstrated to be the case that the signal has been received appropriately, the decision was taken to increase the amplitude of signal. You should also be aware that the increase in signal does not yet raise the signal to the level that it obtains on other planets. There will be yet other upsteppings of signal amplitude in the future. Does this answer?

S: Yes.)

Q: Exactly where does the signal come from, what part of our universe or creation? Does it come from Nebadon or does it come from Paradise or superuniverse, different places?

A: My understanding of universe communication is imperfect, but as I understand the main signal comes from Paradise with input as appropriate from all sectors of the universes. Of course, not every single incident that is of merit can possibly be included in every transmission, so there is necessarily editing that occurs.

Q: Can you explain how its encircuited?

A: No, I am not privy to that information, although it is a most intriguing area to contemplate.

Q: Rayson, I have a follow-up on that area. Now based on our ability to - let's say for instance we wanted to listen to a broadcast. We might determine we'd like to hear something on music or sports or this or that. Now, if we wanted to hear something in the area of love or caring, would we sort of pick up on that part of the transmission? Would it be kind of differentiated so that as you're open to certain areas, certain areas are coming into you? Does that make any sense?

A: I believe I understand what you are asking. You are asking if one can selectively receive signal according to topics desired. No, this is not true. You will either receive the entire signal or not. And in order to tune in, as you say, to signal the first requirement is your own earnest desire to receive. But you will not be disappointed by any of the topics that are discussed, for they are truly of universal interest.

Q. Is this something like a volume control or a dimmer switch on the lights that's been turned up a little bit rather than the sources changed?

A: Yes, you could make that comparison.

Q: I've a question about the power boost that's taken place today. Will that in any way affect the work of spiritual healers and the connection between those Urantians who are spiritual healers and the Life Carriers who work through them or are other entities that work through them?

A: That is a good question. I am not certain of the answer. I would surmise that any healing work that is undertaken would be enhanced by this recent development.

S: Yes, that seemed that way to me, too. I'm also curious, I don't understand how this works, but does the signal getting stronger in any way affect how we are perceived? In other words, does it work both ways? I mean, if the analogy is like a radio, it doesn't work both ways, but does the person on the receiving end send out a stronger signal? Do our requests and prayers get heard with any more clarity than they were before?

R: You mean by higher entities?

S: Right, by higher entities.

A: There has never really been an impediment to the reception of prayer from this planet. That was intentionally left in place. We would not abandon Urantia because of an unfortunate mistake.

S: That's comforting, but what about, for instance, an appeal for a contact with a teacher, that kind of thing? Is it just that the signal, is that also an area that has always been just, or are at least since the adjudication, been as strong as it will be in terms of teachers hearing us appealing to have that?

A: What is most likely to change is that as more and more beings on Urantia receive stronger signal, there will be more appeals for teachers. There will be more spiritual growth of more individuals, and there will be a greater awareness of each person's spiritual light on the part of all individuals dwelling on Urantia. (09/25/93)

S: Rayson, with respect to the Teaching Mission at large, are planets that were isolated and have evolutionary life on them, are they all recipients of missions similar to this?

R: Yes, although the missions are at various stages of development, not coincident with this mission necessarily.

S: But just in the history of that planet, if it was at one point isolated at some point is it bolstered and fostered by a Teaching Mission similar to this?

R: Yes, of course. Father does not abandon His children in distress. Yes, whatever is required to restore an appropriate setting for eventual light and life is done. Yes, that is true.

S: I also have a spontaneous question, one that I didn't plan. As you were speaking I remembered during the most recent remembrance supper there was an allusion to the fact that by next remembrance supper, the 2,000th mortal celebration of Joshua, that there would be some type of occurrence or some type of event. And that seemed to be a departure from what we've normally heard from the teaching staff, I mean it sounded like something visible and tangible. I was wondering if you care to comment on that.

R: Well, at least one such event has occurred already in the sense of the upstepping of the energy for the signal of the universe circuits to Urantia. That is a very significant event indeed. It was not expected to occur as soon as this, but it has already had profound effects on the social life of this planet.

S: As we've observed.

R: At a future time it will be almost as if a line was drawn in the history of this planet with a before and an after. It may not be quite so clear right now because you are living in it. As far as visualizations and materializations and such, I am not aware that anything along this line is planned because of the still primitive condition of Urantia. There would be much misinterpretation of such an event, unfortunately.

S: So then it's safe to say those with eyes will see, and those with ears will hear, and those that don't, won't.

R: Well, that would be one way that you could state it, yes. All of you who are here today are more attuned in your perception of things spiritual, and that is why you have heeded the call. You are the sensitive ones, and you will note as the mission proceeds there may be others who are newcomers who are somewhat less sensitive. It is important that you be kind and gentle with them. (10/16/93)

Teaching Mission

Greetings. This is Rayson. I'm delighted to see you here today, my friends. Today's lesson will be somewhat complex, for we shall be joining the threads of three separate subjects together, intertwining them. I shall be doing this increasingly in the remaining lessons, for my time with you grows short, regrettably. [Later]

S: One more question please, sir. You said your time was short. Does that mean another will follow you?

R: I am not at liberty to discuss this. As far as I know the plan is still being discussed.

S: Do we need to be at a certain level when you're finished with us in order to get another teacher? Or is the question are we doing OK with your instruction?

R: You are doing extremely well. The original plan, as I understand, was for the students to grow into teachers, each and every one.

S: When you say your time is extremely short, can you give us a time concept of that?

R: Not at this point, but we are not quite there yet.

S: Rayson, this is (S). Is your limited time with us related to the August 21st millennium culmination of the rebellion, whatever's going to be happening, birthday party, I guess, yes?

R: No, it is more closely related to the extent of progress in spiritual growth that has occurred among the students of a given group. This group has done well, and it has been determined that the requirement for a teacher is becoming less and less as you proceed forward. Our goal is to help you along until you are sufficiently advanced to become an independently functioning unit in conjunction with your indwelling Adjuster. This is the way in which all of the universes function. It is the most efficient way. I sense regret.

S: Sadness.

R: But why be sad when you have something that so few others have been privileged to share?

S: It's to be in the dark for 350,000 years, then to meet a new friend, and then be told that this friend is leaving is a great, is a human emotion for sadness. That makes me want to cry.

S: But you're not leaving, are you, Rayson? You'll be with us individually?

R: Yes, of course, and I will be available for questions.

S: Oh, I feel better. (12/18/93)

Greetings, this is Rayson. I am delighted to see you, all of you, gathered here today. This is a special day for we have very few lessons remaining, and I would like to announce that we shall be allowed to continue a second phase in this particular group. Originally, my plan was to give a set number of lessons to the body of this group, not constrained so much by time as by content considerations. We have nearly completed the course of study, so to speak. However, some in this group have expressed the desire for an extended period of work with this group and teacher; therefore I have been given permission to embark upon a higher level of study with this particular group. I am very excited and enthusiastic about this prospect and we believe that this group is well suited for a higher level study course. Are there any questions about this?

S: I wonder if this is also because we have several newer readers, newer members of our group?

R: That was a consideration, however not a major one, for, as you know, during the course of this mission many have come and gone and because of efforts at transcription of the lessons, the core content is available for review by new members of the Teaching Mission. The major consideration in allowing an extension with this group was more related to the fact that there is a great hunger for knowledge and a great willingness to participate in the business of incorporating these lessons into every day life on the part of the main body of participants in this particular teaching group. Does that answer?

S: Yes, I would also like to say that I am extremely happy that you are proceeding to a second phase. I'm looking forward to that.

R: It will be much hard work for you.

S: Rayson, I want to also say I'm so excited about the fact that you're willing to continue on. The hard work I think we'll welcome, so thank you very, very much. That's exciting.

S2: Rayson, I have one question that you may not be free to answer, but it is thi....

S: What is happening with Bertrand's group, too, that's being allowed to continue?

R: Yes. That group, too, has prospered and made good progress. Remember, my friends, that one of the goals of this Teaching Mission is to produce a core of human teachers, meaning yourselves and the others who are involved with other groups, who will go forth and continue this most difficult task of uplifting Urantia and disseminating not only these teachings but ongoing messages that each of you will be receiving through the universe circuits as transmitted to you by your indwelling Thought Adjuster.

S: Can you tell us, do you have any ideas about how long the second phase would last in terms of numbers of lessons or a time frame?

R: That has not yet been determined, but I would guess something like a year of your time, more or less, depending on the response of the group to a slightly different modality of interaction. There will be a requirement for greater participation among the members of the group than is presently the case.

S: Within the context of the session itself?

R: Yes. At first this will be difficult for you, but as you progress you will find it to be less so.

S: What sort of increased interaction would be required?

R: Well, as you are being prepared to become a teacher yourself, there will eventually be lesson preparation and presentation by the members of the group. Prior to that there will be mostly group discussions of a variety of topics. This is in keeping with the preparation of outstanding spiritual teachers on Urantia.

S: Sounds exciting.) (01/15/94)

R: Friends, today's session will be a bit different from the usual, for this will be our last formal lesson. In addition to the lesson, I am going to explain the next phase of this group's educational experience in the Teaching Mission. Do you have a preference as to whether you would care to hear the lesson first or second?

S: I prefer the lesson first.

R: Very well. (See Lesson: Work and Love) I have used this last lesson as a model for our next phase of education. What we shall do beginning next session will be to start with basic concepts, and I will serve as the moderator while participants in the group offer components of the lesson. It will seem random to you at first, but your unseen helpers will be working with you during the interim periods between meetings in such a way that the final product of each session will fit together and form a cohesive unit as if uttered by one being. This will serve many purposes. This will help you to see how a loving attitude enables you to cooperate together and produce something of real and lasting value. It also enables you to work at your own speed while you are alone preparing and set your own pace for spiritual growth. Additionally, you will be learning skills which will enable you to duplicate this teaching group when you go forth at a later stage in the mission and form your own separate groups among new members of the mission. I sense that you are all excited and enthusiastic about this prospect. [[[Enthusiastic]] assents.) I will receive questions and comments now.

Q: Rayson, is there an intention as this second phase progresses to prepare us for transmitting and receiving in our future study groups?

A: You are already prepared. You need only to take that final leap of faith in order to function as a transmitter receiver. There is a publication circulating which will be helpful to you in this regard.

S: I look forward to seeing that.

S: Rayson, are we going to be assigned topics of homework so that we can all bring thought-out concepts to these sessions?

R: If you prefer, we can do that. Otherwise, one or are another member of the group may pick a topic and a consensus may be reached.

S: Should this consensus be reached in advance or are after we arrive?

R: In advance. For example, at the end of today's session.

S: We would simply agree on a topic for the next session? (Yes) I would prefer that we would do it in advance so that it would be something we are really interested in instead of trying to guess the things of interest.

S2: Maybe a combination would be nice.

S: No, our interest may be more in discussing earthly catastrophes right now than they might be three months from now.

R: That is fine.

Q: I understood you to say, Rayson, that we would be discussing basic concepts. So would we, then, in our preparation during the week, apply these basic concepts to whatever topic we choose? Is that the way you perceive the program?

A: Yes, that is one way of doing it. Some have suggested that the basic concept itself be the basis for discussion, but the other is appropriate as well. And during your period of preparation you will find yourself reflecting on basic spiritual concepts and values heavily which will be a very useful exercise for you and will assist in your growth and development as a teacher.

Q: So actually we could take any one basic concept and apply it to any topic and have a whole lesson on that, couldn't we?

A: Yes, certainly.

S: I did not mean to preclude other suggestions as to whether or not you should dictate the lessons or we should select them. I notice that there's been almost no comments on that or suggestions, either affirm or deny.

S2: I personally would like to see a mixture. I think it might be nice at times if we could say as a group that we would like to talk about something, but I also would like to think that Rayson would be contributing his ideas of what we might be covering. Also, if I'm perceiving this properly, we're going to end up more and more getting the advantage of our celestial contact to help us with our program through ourselves. It will be as though we begin to learn how a transmitter receiver actually works, that is, we'll get guidance mentally as to how we're going to say things and so on. Is that right?

A: Yes. You are exactly right. And you are also right in understanding that this will be a period of weaning from the previous situation in which I have done all the leading and you have done all the following. You will be learning to become leaders yourselves which you will find strengthening and gratifying.

Q: Rayson, does that mean eventually, as we go along, we'll basically have more or less a guide not unlike yourself - that would be available for each of us? Like, for instance, Rayson is very available and can work with (T/R) at this time. Would that mean that maybe, for instance, (Student), or myself, or any of us, would have someone not unlike yourself, as a teacher who would be present?

A: You already have those teachers, but you may not yet be consciously aware of their presence.

Q: Or conscious of them but not as conscious of them as (T/R) is of Rayson at this time - we're all very aware of you - but as real as that, right?

A: Yes, yes, you understand it exactly.

Q: Would it be appropriate for us to select one of our group to lead the way in the discussions from lesson to lesson so that we can get experience leading discussions of this sort?

A: Well, that would be one way that you could approach this process, however you would want to be certain that it would not always be the same few people leaving the others out. It would be in the best interests of the group to have a rotating schedule, if that were the way that you elected to proceed. However, the manner in which you all contributed to our lesson today was a useful and instructive experience which should show you, particularly on relistening, just how powerful it is to include all group participants in a general discussion working toward truth.

Q: Rayson, earlier when you started to describe this new phase you were saying that you would serve as the moderator while we would participate by offering components of the lesson. It sounds to me as though by having you serve as moderator while the participants in the group would offer various components of the lesson, we can learn how to be moderators. And so the suggestion that we take turns being moderator, while it has value and certainly is something to do later, it seems to me is one that we might wait a while on and have you be the moderator for a number of lessons first. Now I don't know how anyone else feels about that, or if you feel strongly about it. Could you comment on that?

A: My role as moderator and participant in the next phase of this educational exercise will be more as the relationship of mortar to stone in the building of a wall. You shall supply the stones, select the 44 shapes, sizes, colors and other qualities, and I shall function as needed to help pull your contributions together. As you become more experienced however, this will be less and less necessary, and it is my sincere hope and wish that by the end of this phase there will be no real need for my presence, and you will be able to function by yourselves. Is this agreeable to you? [All agree.]

S: Rayson, perhaps, if people want to decide on a topic for next week we can do so now. If someone feels a need to talk about something they should say so. Or, if no one feels a need to name a topic, perhaps you could. Of course, waiting until next week to choose the topic is all right, too. Or at least, we should be willing to change next week. If someone has an experience during the week that needs to be addressed that is different from the topic but includes another topic, we need to be willing to be open to that, also. Those are three different options really. If anyone has a need to assign one today, if someone feels a topic is dear to their heart, they should name it, and we can discuss it. If no one does then you could name it. And we could always be willing to be open next week, if there is another greater need. I'm comfortable with you moderating and with us all participating because I think we do all participate fairly well.

R: Are there any other comments in answer to this comment?

S: I'm perfectly willing to go with any format that is agreeable with everyone. I'm excited and interested and anxious to hear what I'm going to be taught during this week in preparation.

S2: I was thinking of a topic that might be of interest would be cooperation.

S3: Interesting. Since we're all going to be in a new phase of cooperation and interdependence in a relationship, it might be a start. I mean that's just an idea.

S3: It's a really good idea. I like that. S4: I like cooperation, too.

R: That certainly is an excellent first topic for this group. Since all seem to be agreed, we shall make this topic of cooperation the basis for discussion next week. I thank you all for your acceptance of me as your teacher and for your loving participation in the lessons to date, and I enthusiastically and excitedly look forward to our next set of experiences together.

S: Rayson, I feel some sadness at losing the wonderful lessons that Prince Melchizedek is writing and you are delivering so artfully. They will always be cherished by me. I ask your permission to make a publication to supplement Rayson and Friends which will terminate with this lesson and circulate it among the readers as the Rayson and Friends II. This seems to be an appropriate point to end it instead of January the first. Do you have any comments on that?

R: Yes. First, you certainly have permission to proceed with your publication. Second, whatever made you think that Melchizedek would be abandoning your group at this early time?

S: I don't think I thought that. I thought that He was writing the lessons. I've been so lazy that I really wanted to be spoon fed, and I think probably I'll be missing that now that I'm going to grow up a little bit.

R: You give me so little credit? (laughter)

S2: That's a joke, right?

S: I also feel that way about your delivery and your changes in the topics of the lessons that have been prepared. You've been very responsive to our needs. But I can sincerely say that I regret this losing you as a teacher and I'm excited to have you take over as a moderator.

S3: Rayson, I want to echo (S)'s comments and also want to thank you for putting him on the hot seat a little bit and see him squirm. (laughter) He's so articulate he squirms right out of those things. But thank you so much for everything you've done. These lessons have just been wonderful, and I'm so glad I'm continuing in this framework. I know I speak for everyone here, but I want everyone else to say something, too.

S4: Rayson, first I want to say we love you dearly and we hope we continue this relationship eternally. I really look forward to closer and long duration relationship.

S5: Rayson, I want to thank you personally for all the wonderful lessons, inspiring lessons that you've given us over the past two years. I'll never forget them, and hopefully will more diligently apply them. And I think that that's the way that we all are inspired to show our thanks for these lessons is to more diligently apply them in our lives.

R: Yes, yes, you are right. Remember that work is worship. Spiritual work is a very fine and much regarded means of showing your sincere love and worship for our Father, our dear Father, who created us all and who loves us very much.

S6: Rayson, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to continue in the new format that will enable us to grow, to grow even more. Thank you.

R: You are welcome. Are there any other comments or are there questions?

S: Rayson, I imagine there are a few special visitors here today, this being our last lesson. Is there anyone visiting here who would like to say anything or are would you acknowledge their presence for us?

R: (S) you are correct in your perception that there are many present today, a huge gathering, in fact, including all of your personal teachers, as well as a high level emissary from your Planetary Prince who sends His love and greetings.

S7: Rayson, I'd like to thank you personally for all the lessons and the growth that I've felt over the last couple years of participating and reading the Urantia Book and being involved in the Teaching Mission. And I'd like to know if, now that we've made a decision concerning our topic for next week if there's anything we might be able to do to prepare other than cooperate, I suppose.

R: Some have found it useful to think much about the topic and apply it to all of one's interactions during the interim time. For example, should you go forth by means of your vehicle and make contact with another mortal in a vehicle, there will be opportunity to participate in a cooperative as opposed to an antagonistic interaction. That is just one example, but do you understand?

S7: Completely. (laughter) You've just nailed it, yes. You know my driving habits.

S8: Rayson, could you convey greetings to my personal teacher for me, please? Or are maybe I can just do that. Hi there! I'm excited. I want to get to know you better. And I really mean that. I don't mean to trivialize by acting goofy here, but I am excited and appreciate it if you could convey my greetings to my personal teacher.

R: Yes, of course, And you know, of course, that you are the best one to communicate with your teacher. In fact, you already have been in communication, although this may not yet be evident to you consciously.

Q: Rayson, does my teacher have a name that I know or would recognize?

R: The name has been given to you. (S: Ah, thank you.) (01/22/94)

Teacher Contact

Q: Do you have a message for any of us from any other celestial being?

A: The outgoing message is that you are all loved, including those who are not here. On a planet such as Urantia it is almost unfathomably difficult to strive to do the Father's will. Despite the fact that the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated, there is still much of what you would call clean-up remaining to be done by the nonhuman entities on Urantia. And this is proceeding as quickly as possible - but it will take time. It is most admirable that you have responded to your promptings to participate in this Teaching Mission, and we - -the teachers and the architects of the mission - thank you deeply for your faith. We, of course, cannot know how difficult it is for you, and we - among ourselves - often marvel at your continuing efforts. Thank you, all of you, for the good work. You are much loved. Farewell. All: Farewell. (01/31/93)

Message from Melchizedek (T/R Jacob) Greetings, ascending Sons of God. This is Machiventa Melchizedek addressing you today for a brief message. Much love to you all and a heartfelt thank you for your jobs being done. We wonder with awe at the Father's plan, purpose, and destiny, and its outworkings in you. Right now I would like to inform you of Aneena's part in the Teaching Mission. She is not necessarily Jacob's personal teacher, but she is a personal teacher for all of you. You all have a mission on this earth. Some of you have an idea of what that is, some of you do not. Aneena will assist you in ascertaining or confirming the part you must play in the unravelment of the Paradise plan. Whether this mission - which is your own personal mission - is of a service nature or if it involves the daily evolvement of your own spiritual nature, she will guide you if you ask her. It is not necessary to confide or to be outpouring of personal matters to her, but in order for you to grow spiritually you may ask her those questions which are pertinent and which can help you in your journey.

This mission of Aneena's - and yours - will be done in a slightly different format as compared to the other teachers. There will be more interaction more questions and answers, and an interplay of words, ideas, and concepts much like in a classroom situation. I hope that you partake of this gift and that you benefit greatly from it. That is all. Now I leave you to (T/R) and Rayson who has prepared a very delightful lesson for you all. Aneena will be available later on. Farewell. [Later]

S: I wonder if Prince Melchizedek is still around?

A: Yes. Yes, he is here.

S: I would like to thank him very very much for giving us this message and for assigning Aneena to this group instead of simply to Jacob. We really do appreciate that. I think I can assure you that several of our group will attempt to utilize the talent of Aneena to guide us in our ways.

R: Melchizedek is much pleased. Those in this group are well motivated and most willing to learn and work.

[Still later] Visiting T/R, Re: Messages from Rayson, Abraham, Melchizedek & Jesus/Michael

Q: It's been a long time since I've been with you (Rayson). I have some "thank you’s" that I wish you would pass on for me. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to transmit you back several months ago when the group here was without a transmitter/receiver. While acting as a transmitter/receiver its very difficult for me to pass along these messages from me. I'd like for you to pass along my "thank you’s" to Abraham for coming and visiting our group some time ago, as well as to Prince Machiventa on occasions. All are welcome including yourself. I know that you have been at least an observer on several occasions, and should you ever wish to have a few words, you certainly may. I also would like to ask for any type of confirmation or understanding of the transmission that came through me last Monday night from Jesus. Was that the Spirit of Truth, or what was that? 'Cause it certainly felt different from any other personality I transmitted.

A: One moment. I am told that many were present at that time, including Michael who did indeed give you a message. And yes, the Spirit of Truth was present. Michael supervises this mission from time to time, and is fairly well pleased with its progress. He plans to visit each group on at least one occasion in the future, some groups more than once. Some of the mortals who act as transmitters are not physically able to bear the electrochemical demands of transmitting higher entities. In those cases He will, that is Michael will, be sensed by certain members of each group. You, (Visiting T/R), are strong and therefore able to withstand the increased demands of your mortal body and because of this there will be more visitations to your group. (02/14/93) [Rayson advises that "there are many beings in this room." A student asks if any of them would like to speak.]

R: I will check. One moment. (pause) It just so happens, (T/R) is fighting this, the teacher Ham is visiting and would like to speak. (T/R), however, is reluctant. And is trying hard to subdue her anxiety. We will take a moment for her to make up her mind. (Long pause) 48

HAM: Greetings, children, this is Ham. I bid you hellos from our revered Creator Son, Michael, and his heavenly Divine mate, Creative Mother Spirit. I have had much to attend to at the local headquarters and have been away. I ask that you reassure my study group that I will return, and to urge them to use this time constructively, without squabbling over ego, and to absorb all of the lessons which they have been given for their personal growth. The emotional reaction to my abrupt departure was unfortunate and I had hoped that they would have had grown more, but we have certainly learned much from this experience. And it is hard for me to relate to human emotions. So, I did not mean to be insensitive, but it was just not considered that it would hit so hard. Everything will be revealed in time for the good, and please give much love to your human brothers and sisters in Utah as they need it and will appreciate it. I will return to their group by winter, Urantian time. Until then they are to act as if I am there - in a manner worthy of students. Admonish them of this, for some are perilously close to error. They are loved unconditionally by me regardless, and must see through higher mind now. This is being asked of them for much has been given to them spiritually, and they are not without the ability to grow through and to this challenge. That is my message, and my commendation for your loyalty through your own murky and confusing times. You are to be held as an example of loyalty in the face of the unknown. You are commended and continue, and should continue, on your present path for it is quite correct. And as (T/R) is tiring, for it is not easy for me to use this human to speak through, I will bid you farewell. (Several: Farewell.) (02/28/93)

Q: First I feel a very, very, very powerful presence here today. I don't know if that presence would like to speak or not, or if it would just acknowledge that he is here, because I think that it would be nice for us to know. I would like to know.

A: Yes, we are observed today by the Prince, himself, who watches with an air of much love for his children. Also, many other teachers from around the world are here. There is an event transpiring in your state which is of much significance to our mission and we expect broadcast noon tomorrow. So, many have gathered to travel and retreat together for a seminar. I took the liberty of inviting them to observe our little group even though (T/R), herself, forgot that we were meeting. The only reason Prince Machiventa will not speak is because (T/R) does not wish to transmit him as this would exhaust her and she has not had a good week physically, is in poorer physical condition than normal. So, I will transmit the message from the Prince.


Message from Melchizedek: He wishes you to know that in spite of much confusion about the nature of the Teaching Mission and much upheaval in the Urantia movement itself, and (S), in spite of the dire conditions on Urantia, that we are enthusiastically progressing in our task. Much progress has been made and we are extremely optimistic about our successes. We continue to grow quietly human to human, group to group, country to country. We have great cause for celebration as more circuits are opened daily and Urantia is almost a full member of the local universe. You will see over the next decade a shift in the energy, the spiritual energy, of this planet which will make you realize that we are indeed progressing towards light and life. The shift in economics, health, and national boundaries is violent right now, but will result in a much more aligned and democratic world government. The Melchizedeks working on the world issues predict a period of peace and growth starting 2005 to 10. This does not seem attainable now, but rest assured that the alignment of the world while - as it shifts in this earthquake, mountains will emerge. Solid ground will emerge which will stay in place for centuries. You are seeing a great historical moment in time: the early formation nationalistically, racially, economically, of the world which will some day be the basis for light and life. These things must occur, must be broken down, so that we can gain a global consciousness to solve and overcome other problems which will lay the groundwork for true brotherhood on this planet. The announcement tomorrow concerns new - a further unfolding of the world plan that we wish to implement. Some reservists will be activated during this next decade. We hope to gain more details tomorrow, but we are excited for we are entering a new stage. Our Teaching Mission proceeds well. You must accept on faith and using your spiritual tools that this is real and serves the purpose of the Father's plan. We limp along, human and celestial together, really not knowing or are seeing as the Father sees, but just knowing that God's plan is good and that we are partners with Him now. So, my children I commend each of you for your diligence. There is no right or wrong, there is just God and our commitment to serving Him, and worshiping Him, and loving Him. And you and I are equal in that commitment. I commend your teacher, Rayson, who - in spite of his own personality flaws continues to do an excellent and objective job of working with his brothers and sisters. And I wish you to continue to ask your questions, to live your lives, to stumble, to rise, and to progress as you have been doing. In the light and love of our Father, I remain your Prince and servant, Machiventa Melchizedek.

R: And that is the message, brothers and sisters, from Prince Machiventa today. (04/25/93)

Q: Rayson, before you go, do you have any messages for us collectively, for any - or for any one individually, from either yourself or are any one present?

A: One moment. (long pause.) Yes. The message from above is that the mission is maturing and presently the time will come for the seeds to disperse on the wind. There are may germinating foci of knowledge and wisdom scattering even now, waiting to be carried to their destinations near and far, to plant a new crop of hope for mankind. The Father's love shines down on this field as the sun on a cornfield, and the growth is most wonderful to behold. Each of you are to grow ever stronger in yourself as a single individual being and draw on the whole of creation to enhance your strength. For it is there now. The circuits are reestablished. You have only to reach out, to receive. You are much admired and respected for your ongoing struggles in this difficult situation. We are here to help you. Do not despair. The road has obstacles, yes, but you all know that ultimately you will stand in the presence of the Father on Paradise. What greater incentive than that could you have? What greater beacon to guide you through the difficulties, to spur you on through all of your lessons, to give you hope rather than despair? You are much loved and much guided. And we all stand ready to serve you. I now bid you farewell. (ALL: Farewell.) (05/22/93)



Today brothers and sisters, we continue to study love. God is love, but as we have learned love is not the only attribute of God. Today we turn our attention to a facet of love which is often not considered. It is acceptance. Acceptance is self-tolerance. It is also the tolerance of the will of God. First to the self. As we have learned, tolerance for loving, kindness, mercy, and compassion towards others is necessary to love your fellows. It is also equally necessary in order to love yourself. For, if you are not self-tolerant you can fall into the traps of negative thinking, encompassing judgment, criticism and ego traps of self-obsessiveness. You are the creation of God and the experiences and decisions of your free will and environment. All the factors were created to foster soul evolution. You were not created in perfection as members of the first universes were, therefore you must learn to love your imperfections as well as your spirit victories. Your imperfections will be the greatest source of learning you will experience. Many of your flaws will take centuries and centuries of time as you know it to even understand, let alone transcend.

How can you experience the joy of fusion and the ultimate joy of perceiving the creator without the recognition of the validity and honor of the struggle for a godly character. These flaws must be perceived as blessings to humans, as markers on your path as ascendent children of time and space. Self-tolerance is often a forgotten virtue. Without self-tolerance issues of morality rather than spirituality take the fore, so to speak. You have been created in this fashion because it is the Father's wish for this universe. It is therefore God's will that you be thus imperfect.

How do you understand the will of the Father? You cannot understand His will totally for He is the Creator and you are the creation. To understand His will for you, you should simplify: one, you are created this way; two, God creates good; three, because God has created you with love, who are you not to love this creation. So, acceptance - self-tolerance - is necessary to evolve a truly spiritual human and not a judgmental human from which divisions must spring. It is an error to approach imperfections with a vengeful heart or an arrogant intellect. Rather, weaknesses, imperfections, should be viewed lovingly as opportunities for soul growth, and should be viewed in long-term ways of their eventual outworking into more desirable or mature spiritual qualities. Every flaw has an evolution and can either be ignored, be rationalized into a good quality and therefore pursued into possible error, or can be seen as a lesson for soul growth tolerantly. If one views the final outcome to be not only the absence of that quality but the victorious spiritual shining of light which ensues from the struggle, that is the benefit that is permitted only to those who actively and lovingly desire to mold their characters into more evolved souls.

The benefit of this spiritual plus does not (seven seconds of silence on tape). Many religionists have made the error of thinking the moral struggle is between good versus evil within the individual human. It is not. It is between acceptance of who you are today - knowing who you will become with faith in God's will - and who you fool yourselves into believing you are. This is the struggle of the spiritually dedicated mortal. So acceptance is necessary in order to perceive spiritual realities within your own evolving being, for without acceptance you will, children - rest assured, fool yourselves, or judge yourselves too harshly, or misperceive your status.

There is no competition for first place in the spiritual race. There is only the motivation spurred on by a thirst for God-knowingness that thrusts us forward to become better and better sons and daughters of our eternal Father. If God can love you unconditionally now, the way you are, why can you not love yourself? Think about that in your daily meditations and prayers. For is it not an ungrateful act to not love what such a supreme creator has made and loved so dedicatedly? If you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot forgive others. If you cannot accept your humanity, you cannot grant your brothers and sisters the same gift of this humanity. Self-acceptance, self-tolerance, is necessary in order to: one, be more open (next few words unintelligible) and two, to be able to bestow Divine love through your life and interactions with others. You cannot be loving in the world or to the Divine without also feeling love for the miracle of your beingness and uniqueness. You are a part of the tapestry of time surging forward into eternity, the tapestry of imperfection becoming perfect, the tapestry of the mortal creature becoming one with a creator. If you do not celebrate and be humbled by such a gift, you will not fully participate in this wonderment. Acceptance also encompasses the will of God which we talk much of when we pray "thy will be done," "It is my will to do thy will." But do we really understand this?

First, it is God's will that you exist or you would not be here at all. So therefore, if your prayer is sincere to accept God's will, why not accept yourself as you are today? This is God's will. Two, you pray to know God's will, but children, you cannot fully know God's will until you stand in the presence of the I AM. Until that day some amount of partiality is necessary in terms of understanding and acting. So, the idea of understanding God's will in totality is therefore unachievable. Simplify again. Acceptance of the mystery of God is part of worship. There is no momentous handing down of tablets of stone for us. There is only common sense, filtered through the desire to do good, be loving, see beauty, speak truth, and continue to learn. How simple it is - when one rises - to thank God for this day, to get out of bed, to love those around you, to have a cheerful word, to take time out to lend a hand to others, to service. You can rest assured that when you drive in traffic, that it is God's will that you smile rather than be angry or yell. If you simplify, it is quite easy to do God's will. Would God prefer you to be kind and loving towards your family or to be withholding and mean? Would God prefer you to take time to listen to another's suffering or to busy yourself with tasks? As you go through your day look at the simple things. It is God's will for you to work and earn your daily bread or is it God's will that you steal? These are simple things. There is not confusion. Is it God's will for you to try always to reflect the inspiration of Jesus in your daily tasks?

Yes. This is not something one should meditate on for years and discuss in forums. Your will enters with choices. You are tired, you would prefer not to listen to a friend, but you do service because that is the higher value. That, then, is God's will, and your free will is to accept it. God in His wisdom, and through the ministry of the celestial beings on this planet, throws into each life millions upon millions of opportunities for soul growth, millions upon millions of situations to choose higher values. Rather than question what is the will of God, what is the will of God for me, which gets you no where, accept all of the opportunities that come your way as gifts from the celestial overcontrollers.

The people who ask for your love, and kindness, and attention, and time, are sent by angels and social architects, and by the spirit - Divine Mother - as opportunities for soul growth. The will of the Father is for you to choose always to do higher values. There is no mystery here, or great theological discussion. Some days you may choose better than other days, and that is where self-tolerance enters. But always be dedicated to doing the will of the Father, which is to shed more spiritual light as you go through your life in very simple ways. When the book says "love acts," that is what it means. You need not have a grandiose, dramatic, epiphanal moment for love to act. Rather, love acts in the tiny insignificant moments of time which will one day add up to fusion for you. So, you must accept God's will.

Life is but a days' work. Do it well. Your work is of a spiritual nature, and it is not involved in the historical moments that will be remembered here in Urantia. It is involved rather in the moments which are recorded on high. The actions which constitute your survival and soul evolution, the things which you so often forget to pay attention to, this constitutes a life of loving service. That should be your highest consecration to God. When you look back on your life weave a wonderful memory all the tiny acts of love will make. What a shining soul for the rest of the world to see. For this is what creates you. Acceptance is something you may pray for acceptance of who you are, acceptance of God's will, and - between the two in the act of daily living - the birth and growth of your soul, and the metamorphosis from a physical animal being into a spiritual perfecter. This is what it is about. It is a slightly new way to look at truth.

We can reject God's will. Therein lies soul insanity. We can pretend there is no choice - as many mortals do on this planet - or we can actively choose in our actions to do the will of the Father, knowing that we will not always behave correctly, and we will forgive ourselves for the lapses because that is part of the Divine plan. This is not a world for perfection; it is a world of recognizing imperfection and doing the best we can with our imperfectness. Please keep in mind that these choices, all of them, contribute to the Supreme, and even when you have not done your best you are creating the God of experience. You are also allowing your Thought Adjuster to participate in imperfection, which is a gift. So acceptance, self-tolerance of yourself, first in your imperfect state, acceptance of God's will that you are created this way and what awaits you is perfection, and acceptance that you will never totally understand God's will, are part of living a spiritually dedicated and conscious life.

My advice again, simplify, for it is in living faithfully as tadpoles that we become frogs. (100:1.4) You are tadpoles now, as I am, and one cannot expect your life to be more than it is. We make tadpole decisions and we do the will of God by recognizing what we are. And that, brothers and sisters, is the formal lesson for today. Do you have questions?

Q: Yes. We talked about self-acceptance, and there are a couple of things I think you said, prayer, and recognition of who we are, and willingness to live as a tadpole each day. As I think of ways to achieve self-acceptance I find that I have particular intolerance of my flaws. That, I see is sort of arrogant in the face of God. I understood you very clearly to say that it will take possibly centuries to get rid of some of these. On a daily basis when things come up, do you know any ways or methods to work on that, you know, one day at a time?

A: To think of yourself as a child, which is what we all are, to apply the same understanding patience as you would to a struggling toddler falling and learning to walk. To understand that you cannot skip this stage, and that you will fall and become bruised, and bruise yourself many times, but will rise again to continue walking the path, that the love should come for the miracle of the human spirit in rising again, that although you are flawed now, look to each day for the moment when you acted in a God-like fashion. And every day there are those moments a smile, a caress to a child, an illumination or feeling of unity with God, a comfort for a minute inside yourself, a peace bestowed by the Spirit of Truth, observing the beauty of nature, putting your feet up and relaxing from life's anxieties - are all God-like attributes which you humans overlook, concentrating only on the moments when anger or fear or doubt got the better of you. Faith pulls you through when you have not acted in the highest fashion: faith in God's acceptance and love for you, which you should mirror to yourself; faith in the fact that flaws are bestowed in order for you to grow past and from; that there would be no growth without this struggle, and that if it were easy and your flaws could disappear it would not be God's plan. Stretching your time sense to a more eternal one will help you to develop acceptance. A sense of humor also eases the times when you grow critical or impatient with what you see as regression.

Q: When you talk of faults and flaws in human terms, I guess that's just a point of view. It might be other person's likes or dislikes would differ; a fault from another person might be a virtue to another person. But I guess from a cosmic point of view, from the Father's, the main faults that we should be concerned about are evil, iniquity and sin. Should we be tolerant of our own sin just as we are tolerant of our own error?

A: We should forgive ourselves for sins if we feel we have committed them. Remember, it is not for us to judge even ourselves, but merely to evaluate. If you feel you have committed a sin which is fairly extreme - most people fall into error - you must pray to forgive yourself as you ask for the forgiveness of the Father. But you must also ask for growth to learn from these sins and to resist them, to resist taking those actions. Flaws are not errors or sins or evil, but can lead one into errors. Flaws are anger, fear, faithlessness, lack of love - which are all relative - those are examples of spiritual flaws rather than the actions. It is the inner soul-scape, so to speak, that leads one into actions that would constitute error, sin, and evil. It first starts within the human, the conflicts, the trouble. It would help to read the analysis of Judas as he fell into grave error and sin. First started in his personality flaw of isolation, and then his inner conflict as his wrong thinking took hold, and then finally the action. Does that answer?

Q: Yes. So basically the flaws, once we learn how to deal with our flaws, then we will not enter into evil or sin.

A: Probably not.

Q: But to do that, one has to be tolerant and resistive.

A: That is correct. (Thank you.) . ..

Q: Rayson, greetings, I heard you saying in the beginning of the lesson that there's a difference between spiritual or moral, morality or spirituality. My concept, or my understanding, in order to be spiritual we need to have morality. Would you help me to understand what you meant to say?


A: Yes. Spirituality is unchanging truth, the attributes which will eventually make you Godlike. Morality, while sometimes the same, is a man-made concept of behavior which changes culturally and timewise. Morality is necessary for the organization of families, tribes, and nations. But does not necessarily add up to the highest spiritual traits. For example, morality has sometimes dictated that people have many mates, sometimes dictated one mate. These are societal values. The spiritual value would be a partner and relationship between a man and a woman that is loving, service oriented, tolerant, and that encourages spiritual reality in the raising of children, which forces the humans to experience unconditional, give unconditional love. Many mates, one mate, things change societally, but spiritually values are the same. (03/28/93)


S: Financially, for me now this is a very frightening period. And instead of the usual panic that I feel - and in the past when faced with a situation like this, I used to get frightened by just the idea of lack of abundance - and now that I am experiencing it more on a daily basis I find that my panic and fear has been replaced by a peacefulness and a stillness. I don't know if that is a function of the spirit of courage, the fact that I really understand that everything is really okay and everything is taken care of, but whatever it is, it’s not what I expected it to be. I really expected this to be my flip-out time. And it turned out to be kind of a beautiful experience, and I'm enjoying it. And I know that the angels at times teach through adversity. One of the lessons that I have learned has been my friendship with [a woman with AIDS] and watching how she handles what I considered to be an unnatural human burden. So I'm enjoying this challenge - I think. But I do understand and feel the terrors that - my usual panic has been replaced with something that money couldn't buy even if I had it.

R: Well stated. Yes, yes, your perception of peacefulness as an aspect of personal spiritual growth is most accurate. Why attribute it to a Seraphim when you have done the work yourself?

S: Well, I've killed so many bugs I want to give credit where credit is due. [[[Laughter]].] You know come judgment I get a little bit of leeway.

R: Even bugs have bad luck. [More laughter.]

S2: I just need to rearrange the financial aspects of my life. They are such a burden and pressure.

R: Every adverse event that occurs during your universe existence has a lesson in it for you, and part of your mission is to find those lessons. At times they are readily apparent, and at other times you must dig deeply and search hard for meaning. But it will emerge if you are assiduous in your search.

Q: I'd just like it to change. I ask for help from the other side, just in terms of maybe a bit more strength or something to do what I need to do to clean up my life. Sometimes I just feel like I don't have it all by myself to balance that cheque-book or to do those things. Could I have some inspiration, please?

A: We ascendant mortals are much esteemed throughout the universes for our great capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, a necessary quality to have in order to survive. And most survive. Non-survival is a very, very rare event. We are also much respected and - not exactly envied - but I would say that other more perfect beings sometimes yearn for our - for the change that does occur during our lives. Change is an inevitable fact of existence and is multiplied by many orders of magnitude when one is created imperfect. From the moment that you came into being you have been undergoing change with every fragment of time that has passed. As you listen to this lesson you are changing. It is an inevitable and irreversible process. And we call ourselves ascendant because as we change we also ascend simultaneously. There is no turning back. The change that you seek is difficult to measure by your standard physical means, for you cannot put it on a yardstick, or hold it in your hands, or leave an impression on a film with it. It is measured instead in terms of peacefulness, confidence, awareness, that ability to be in the world but not of it, joy in the creations of the Father that abound so wonderfully on your planet. That is how you can discern the change within. And also by an increasing awareness to the promptings of your Thought Adjuster, which you, in particular, are very well attuned to. Does that help?

S: Yes, it helps. It reminds me of a line from the movie called "Star Man". It was to the effect that humans are at our best when we're at our worst, our very worst. And I do like that part of being a human. And there's nothing like it. I'm proud of that part. And I guess it all fits into what we were just talking about now. Resilient. And I am grateful for that. I thank you, and Father.

R: Yes, how can we ever settle the outer universes successfully unless we experience all there is to be had at all of the levels of ascension?

S: Right, clean one's own closet, I guess. (05/22/93)